Monsters At Work – New Series (2020)

Get ready to scream with Mike & Sulley again
in the just announced animated series coming exclusively to Disney+. Monsters At Work reunites the hilarious and
lovable monsters Mike Wazowski and James P Sullivan in the upcoming animated series and
best of all the original voices for the characters are reprising their roles as well! Billy Crystal and John Goodman. The series takes place six months after the
storyline for Monsters Inc. and the monsters are busy at work making kids laugh on the
factorys Laugh Floor. The entire power plant is now harvesting laughs
instead of scares so we really get to see Monstropolis and the monsters in it in a whole
new light. It’s not just Billy Crystal and John Goodman
who are returning, the original voices of the Yeti and Celia Mae are back too. We also get to meet Roze who is the twin sister
to the original, always happy, smiling and joyful Monsters Inc character Roz. Monsters at work will follow Tylor Tuskmon
voiced by Ben Feldman, who you can see on the hit series Super Store. Tuskmon is an excited and talented young mechanic
who works in the MIFT department. that stands for Monsters Inc Facilities Team. His dream is to one day work on the Laugh
Floor next to his idols Mike & Sulley. Other characters include Kelly Marie Tran
as Val Little Tylor’s bestie and confidante. Henry Winkler as Fritz the scatterbrained
boss. Lucas Neff as Duncan, a plumber at Monsters
Inc. Alanna Ubach as Cutter, who does not break
any rules and follows them to a tee. Needleman and Smitty are back too who are
sure to bring the laughs and Aisha Taylor will voice Tylor’s mom Millie. No word on if we get to see Boo again. Disney hasn’t released any images of the series
yet or the new characters and we aren’t sure if it will be CGI characters or 2D animated. Producers for the series have previously worked
on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Planes: Fire & Rescue movie. Being that it is a Disney+ exclusive series,
Disney might be throwing more money toward it and it might actually be CGI like the previous
films or it might end up being a 2D animated show along side the looks of the Mickey Mouse
and Ducktales series. Monsters at Work is just another reason fans
are going to run over to the Disney+ streaming service which is set to come out this year
but you will have to wait for Monsters At Work, which won’t come out until 2020! I am really excited to see More monsters in
the new series. What are you most excited to see in Monsters
at Work? Leave your comment down below!

Family Fun Night Scene – THE BOSS BABY: Back in Business (2019)

Oh what was that for I didn't want you to miss the exciting part boys we have an announcement wait is it another baby oh no not another baby not even a chance trust me oh I've got a coupon for tonight's grand opening of a new family restaurant and since it's been a while since we left the house we figured our widdle baby might be wet it's the baby ready to leave the house without making a big fuss ready to leave the house for what templeton family night wait you're not lying are you because sometimes people talk about roller coasters but there's no real roller coaster just oh we're leaving soon so get ready family is the best mom and dad just relaxing me to joke around and have an awesome time I'd love some family cutesy but it's not a good time you think Bootsy calicoes taking a night off no he's out there plotting which means I have to counter plot to keep babies number one is just business let's duel in this fun night for another day fiscal October maybe but it's the grand opening I bet there'll be balloons I love balloons we have to go tonight I don't have to do anything Templeton you have to do everything we do you're a baby and like all babies I'm trained in the art of obstinate resistance fun fact did you know a baby can add 50 pounds of weight just by going limp it's mighty weighs an extra 50 pounds we are back to work Templeton hello you beautiful baby car yes reporting for duty I bosses brothers are they always this friendly I can't have my own brother ignorant to the art of business it's embarrassing I make sure the world loves babies more than puppies more than kittens what cats don't play by rules fate of the companies in your mashed potato hands don't blow it just kidding of course you will what's up this meeting is making me uncomfortable I'm gonna bag the tiger this is my job on the line you made a choice to join a family we can fix this what if you broke nothing leave it on the cat just spoon star for Stacey in fairness sir the cat thought of it first you can't kill what you can't see time to go invisible mommy is a dirty liar [Applause] [Applause]

Take That, Boss Baby! Scene – THE BOSS BABY: Back in Business (2019)

talk to me Oh am i interrupting nappy nap time calico wait you're a baby Corp Oh fancy goodness hey how did you I'll tell you a story of course I can babies love silly stories now I told you I was out raised back kittens well one day my mama kitten was climbing her favorite tree praying for his prance Oh No she's now she's dangling from a tree branch 10 feet off the ground oh now now mama was more embarrassed than anything it was fine until somebody boss baby decided to capture the most humiliating moment of my mama kittens life and turn into an amusing offense bouncer oh yes that was entirely boss baby's idea I remember pre-bedtime laughs baby courtesy of mine come on say it six well-placed kittens you know you two think it had no even better I want you out there helpless to stop it wait he can't get out there looks like he got grounded maximum security then I guess the baby's better form a posse and bust him out beat bossman right you're assigned to head the rescue team I know I'm the chief executive I don't do things I criticize the way others do things yeah allow me to tell you what I'm gonna do to you it's in you don't yeah my mind has changed and now my diaper needs to be we are back to work Templeton hello you beautiful baby car yes reporting for duty I bosses brother are they always this friendly I can't have my own brother ignorant to the art of business it's embarrassing I make sure the world loves babies more than puppies more than kittens what cats don't play by rules fate of the company's in your mashed potato hands don't blow it just kidding of course you will what's up this meeting is making me uncomfortable I'm gonna bag the tiger [Applause] this is my job on the line you made a choice to join a family we can fix this what if you broke stuffing blamed it on the cat just spoon star for Stacey in fairness sir the cat thought of it first you can't kill what you can't see time to go mommy is a dirty liar [Applause] [Applause]

MANUFACTURING GUILT – A Short Film About Mumia Abu-Jamal's Case

people really don't understand what the climate was in Philadelphia in the years before Mamiya was arrested because if they did they would look at his arrest and his trial in a different fashion in 1982 Philadelphia journalist Mumia abu-jamal was convicted of first degree murder in the killing of police officer Daniel Faulkner on the July 4th weekend he was sentenced to death in 2001 Federal Court Judge William Yan overturned abu-jamal death sentence as illegally imposed and unconstitutional yet abu-jamal remained on death row for more than ten years while the Philadelphia district attorney continued to pursue his execution in 2011 the DA's office conceded defeat and after 30 years on death row abu-jamal was transferred from solitary confinement and joined the general prison population where he continues his appeals Mumia abu-jamal has said numerous times my only crime that night is that I survived in fact the effort to legally execute a Boojum al has only recently ended but the first attempt to kill him may have been made on that fateful night of December 9th 1981 Abu Jamal was also critically wounded shot through the chest and found near the prone body of Daniel Faulkner and the evidence that convicted him for the murder well it doesn't exist it's been well established over the years that abuja miles trial was patently unjust for instance the Philadelphia DA trained prosecutors to exclude blacks from juries in abuja miles case 11 out of the 15 preemptory strikes were made to bar blacks from his jury what this short film will document is how countless due process violations began just moments after the shooting of Daniel Faulkner and Mumia abu-jamal when members of the Philadelphia Police Department began to manufacture abu-jamal is guilt and perhaps more importantly conceal his innocence in the culture wars that have punted Noumea the effigy back and forth across ideological fields of politics race and class the attempt has been made to diminish the relevance of abu-jamal as a journalist in 1981 but this man who was elected president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists was already well-known throughout the city as a fiercely independent up incoming journalist in fact by the age of 15 the FBI was tracking the young writer for the Black Panther Party through their draconian and illegal program known as COINTELPRO not for violent behavior but because of his quote inclination to appear and speak at public gatherings also in 1981 he was well known to the Philadelphia Police Department as an outspoken journalist who reported on police corruption and brutality in particular with regard to the Philly PD s hostile relationship with a controversial move organization culminating in a year-long police siege of the move house that ended in 1978 with the shooting death of police officer James ramp nine members of move were charged with the murder and during his coverage of the trial abu-jamal strongly criticized the actions of the police and the prosecution including the implication that the officer was most likely killed by police crossfire the move trial concluded just a year and a half before abu-jamal and Faulkner were found shot on that fateful night and it was only four months from the federal trial of move leader John Africa whose acquittal on gun charges left the police and DA's office infuriated when they saw who they had this was number one I mean wow you know look what we don't ran into we got a panther and we're gonna kill this bad we're gonna kill this nigger here right in the early morning hours of December 9th 1981 police officer Daniel Faulkner pulls over a rundown blue Volkswagen Beetle in the bustling red-light district of Philadelphia at 3:51 a.m. Faulkner reports over his radio that he has stopped the car at 13th and Locust Street at the same time Mumia abu-jamal is parked in his cab just around the corner he fills out his log anticipating a new fare just as the clubs are closing he's moonlighting as a cab driver after his uncompromising approach to reporting began to cost him work as a journalist he had recently started carrying a registered 38 Charter Arms revolver during his late-night cab runs after having recently been robbed at gunpoint from the DA's office – abuja miles most ardent defenders all agree that abu Jamal's brother Billy cook who ran a street vendor stall nearby exited his Volkswagen and had an exchange with Faulkner but what happened next has been the subject of heated debate ever since what is certain is that the version put forth by the prosecution in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police Department at Abuja miles 1982 trial is a complete fabrication and a wilful fabrication at that after being denied his constitutional right to defend himself at his original trial and after heating legal advice not to testify at his appeals hearing in 1995 abu-jamal released a declaration in 2001 in which he details the events of that night I did not shoot police officer Daniel Faulkner I had nothing to do with the killing of officer Faulkner I am innocent I was filling out my log when I heard some shouting I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw a flashing dome light of a police cruiser this wasn't unusual I continued to fill out my trip sheet when I heard what sounded like gunshots I looked again into my rearview mirror and saw people running up and down Locust I recognized my brother standing in the street staggering and dizzy I immediately exited the cab and ran to his screen as I came across the street I saw a uniformed cop turns award me gun in hand saw a flesh and down to my knees now the prosecution claims that abou Jamal's brother Billy Cooke was alone in the Volkswagen officers James Forbes and Robert shoemaker testified at the 82 trial that they were the first officers to arrive on the scene and that they immediately found a Boojum Al's gun as well as Faulkner's gun inspector Alfonso Giordano would arrive three minutes later and take control of the scene as the ranking officer at pretrial hearings Giordano testified that abu-jamal confessed to the murder when Giordano asked him where his gun was and abu-jamal replied I dropped it beside the car after I shot him cab driver Robert Cobert testified he was parked just behind Falconer squad car witnessed the shooting and identified abu-jamal as the shooter prostitute Cynthia white also testified that she saw the shooting her testimony matched that of Robert Joubert's all of these claims most of which formed the foundation of the prosecution's case were manufactured let's first look at the claim that Billy Cook was alone in the Volkswagen after Faulkner radio that he stopped a car he followed with quote on second thought send me a wagon this request for backup clearly indicates that there was more than one person in the car then in 1995 Captain Edward D'Amato admitted that a driver's license permit for a man named Arnold Howard a business partner of kooks was found on Faulkner again strong evidence that there was more than one person in Billy Cook's Volkswagen in 1982 the police and prosecution illegally kept this evidence from abu-jamal and his defense attorney why were they suppressing this evidence of other potential suspects in the shooting of Daniel Faulkner now what about the immediate recovery of the weapons radio transmissions from the scene to Central Command over the next 15 minutes contradict the testimony of officers Forbes and shoemaker no officer reports immediately finding any weapons in fact nearly five minutes later officers on the scene report that Faulkner's gun is missing it was 14 minutes before it was reported that the suspects gun was recovered and that they had the doer in custody there is no report that abu-jamal confessed there is no report that a witness or witnesses identified anyone as the shooter prior to the arrival of the police mobile forensics unit freelance photographer Pedro Polikoff arrives moving freely through the crime scene and snapping off more than two dozen photos these photos show contrary to police regulations that the area was not properly secured to preserve evidence the photographs also show officer Forbes walking around carrying both guns in his bare hand this lack of regard for forensic evidence looks more like willful intent to manipulate a crime scene when you consider the following police reported no fingerprints on the guns no tests were done on abuja Mouse hands for gunpowder residue contrary to police regulations officer Forbes failed to immediately turn over the weapons to the mobile crime unit in fact the weapons were not turned over for two hours later the police falsely described the bullet from Faulkner's head wound as too damaged and deteriorated to do a comparison ballistics test with a bullet fired from a Boojum Al's gun but photographs of the bullet clearly show the identifying characteristics its twists the number of lands and grooves and the relative widths instead the prosecution claimed that the bullet was quote consistent with one fired from a Boojum Al's Charter Arms 38 revolver although police ballistics expert Anthony Paul admitted this is true of quote multiple millions of guns during appeals when abu-jamal and his legal team demanded independent testing to determine if the bullet was fired from a Boojum Al's gun their request was denied first by Judge Albert Sabo and then later by Federal Court Judge William young what all of this clearly illustrates is that in fact there is no physical evidence that abu-jamal shot Faulkner or that his gun was the murder weapon but what about eyewitness testimony what about Cynthia white a prostitute whose testimony was the linchpin to the prosecution's case several times after the shooting she was arrested only to be let go after she signed updated witness statements each time the story changed to make a stronger case against the Boojum all by the time the case went to trial her statement fit perfectly into the prosecution's case witnesses Pamela Jenkins and Avett Williams swore that white said she was scared for her life under police threats if she didn't testify as they wanted witness Veronica Jones blurted out on the witness stand at the 1982 trial that the police told her Cynthia white was given a deal to say that abu-jamal was the shooter Jones testified that the police threatened her to idea Boojum all as well what's more all the civilian witnesses both for the prosecution and the defense testified that they didn't see Cynthia white on the scene or only later after the police arrived and what about eyewitness Robert Cho Burt his testimony was arranged most likely by inspector Alfonso Giordano the official police photos as well as Paulo cops photos show Joubert's cab was not parked behind Faulkner squad car as claimed by Joe Burt and the prosecution in fact Joe Burt was driving illegally that night on a suspended license while on probation after being paid to throw a firebomb into a grade school during appeals Joubert admitted that in exchange for his testimony the prosecution said they would assist with his probation what's more Joubert later admitted that he was parked elsewhere and that his testimony was false the prosecution offered two more eyewitnesses Michael Scanlon and Albert Mann joltin both men said that they did not see the shooting Magellan only saw a man run across Locust Street Scanlon explicitly described the man he saw as having an afro hairstyle and not dreadlocks there are yet more troubling questions about what happened that night questions that continually underscore the innocence of Abu Jamal as well as the effort to frame him six witnesses including Robert Cobert made statements that one or more people fled the scene there is no evidence that investigators ever pursued this person or persons and according to these witnesses they were subjected to police threats coercion or offered favors by the prosecution William Singletary a local businessman said he was standing on a nearby street corner and witnessed the shootings immediately after he tried to give his statement to police that abu-jamal arrived after Faulkner was already shocked homicide detectives interrogated and threatened Singletary with bodily harm as well as the trashing of his business if he testified in favor of abu-jamal and then abou Jamal's brother Billy cook later swore that his business partner Ken Freeman was in the car with him and participated in the shooting of Faulkner cook said police threatened him with his life and that he too would be charged with Faulkner's murder if he testified for his brother at trial also factor in that eight people including two officers and two prosecution witnesses identified the shooter or persons near Faulkner as wearing a green army jacket but Billy Cook was wearing a blue Nehru style jacket and Abu Jamal was wearing a blue quilted ski jacket with wide red zigzag stripes in 1999 a career criminal and self-described hit man Arnold Beverly confessed he shot Faulkner in the head and that abu-jamal arrived after Faulkner was shot and had nothing to do with the shooting without providing any reason except that the confession was too late the Pennsylvania and federal courts have refused to even admit this confession into evidence now while the prosecution supposedly had four witnesses to the shooting none of their witnesses ever said they saw Abu Jamal get shot the prosecution argued that as Abu Jamal came across Locust Street he shot Faulkner in the back and as Faulkner turned and was falling down he pulled his gun in shot Abu Jamal and upwards shot through his chest while the prosecution tried to explain the clear downward trajectory of the bullet as a ricochet off his rib cage medical evidence is clear the bullet moved cleanly into abu-jamal chest through his lung and lodged near his liver in an uninterrupted downward line the prosecution's rendition of how Abu Jamal was shot is physically impossible but perhaps the most striking fabrication of the case presented to jurors in 1982 a falsehood that formed the emotional foundation of the prosecution's case and its success in securing a death sentence is the testimony of Cynthia white and Robert Hobart at Abu Jamal shot Faulkner execution style standing directly over him and unloading four rounds somehow three myths and only one strikes Faulkner in the face now what this claim actually shows is the clear intent by members of the Philadelphia Police Department and the District Attorney's Office to frame all for a crime he did not commit bullets from a 38 caliber weapon hitting the sidewalk would without any doubt leave divots as they tore into the concrete as shown by this photo analyzed by Robert Nelson an expert in photo enhancement and analysis at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory the concrete was as Nelson determined quote completely smooth this photograph proves that white and Cho Bert could not have seen as they claimed at trial anyone stand over Falkner and fire this clearly supports along with the other evidence of police intimidation that their testimony was arranged to support a patently false physically impossible rendition of the crime this execution-style account invented by the police and prosecution was a key part of their concerted effort not only to get a guilty verdict but the death penalty Mumia abu-jamal arrest for this murder was shocking to all who knew him or knew his work the headline of the Philadelphia Enquirer the next day was unusually sympathetic stating the suspect Jamal an eloquent activist not afraid to raise his voice Philadelphia Inquirer December 10th 1981 arrested and charged with murdering a police officer abu-jamal from the very outset acted on his innocence twice requesting a police lineup a direct challenge to prosecution witnesses to identify him he knew the real shooter or shooters must have fled the scene but the court denied his requests for a lineup just as they would deny his request for funds that would pay for defense investigations as well as expert ballistics witnesses what's been presented here is evidence of a concentrated effort to frame a man who had been the object of hatred among members of the Philadelphia Police Department for more than a decade though it was denied by police the admitting doctor at Jefferson Hospital where both abu-jamal and Faulkner were admitted noted injuries indicating that abu-jamal took a serious beating in addition to his critical gunshot wound supported by civilian witness statements abu-jamal himself recounts being punched kicked and rammed headfirst into a pole by officers arriving on the scene after being thrown into a police van inspector Alfonso Giordano assaults abu-jamal in the head with a police radio while hurling racial slurs a former commander of the Philadelphia Police Department stakeout cops Giordano was in charge of the raids on the offices of the Philadelphia chapter of the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s when abu-jamal was a prominent member jord on was also in charge of the year-long police siege of move in 1978 which typify dray shal tensions in the city at the time and resulted in the subsequent trial of the move nine when Giordano arrived on the crime scene to find the wounded journalist Abu Jamal he knew exactly who he was and from that moment on all police attention was directed to producing evidence of abou Jamal's guilt and nothing else as the prosecution built their case Giordano was the prime police witness during pretrial hearings and his account of Abuja Mao's confession was a cornerstone but without explanation he was pulled from the case and did not even testify a trial unknown to Abu Jamal and his defense Giordano as well as the commander and deputy commander of the Center City area along with the head of the Homicide Division in fact the entire chain of command and Naboo Jamal's prosecution were all under FBI investigation for corruption at the time of Faulkner's murder Giordano was removed from his post as a command inspector and relegated to desk duty after the FBI and the Justice Department apparently informed Philadelphia district attorney ed Rendell that Giordano was under investigation for corruption and his testimony at Abu Jamal's trial would undermine their case Giordano resigned from the police force at full retirement pay the first working day after Abu Jamal's conviction his previously publicized report that Abu Jamal confessed to shooting Faulkner was not even introduced at trial but the prosecution would still get their confession the DA's office convened a roundtable meeting and asked police witnesses did anybody hear his statement officers Gary Bell and Gary walk show along with Jefferson Hospital security guard Priscilla Durham suddenly report a second confession by Abu Jamal at this point this dramatic second confession is being remembered and reported more than two months after the night of the crime officer walk show assigned to Abu Jamal from the crime scene through his admittance to the hospital along with officer Bell and security guard Durham reportedly heard a Boojum al say I shot the motherfucker and I hope he dies but less than two hours after supposedly hearing this confession walk shel completed his report to homicide detectives with the statement that during his entire time guarding Abu Jamal quote the Negro male made no comments when walk Scholl was questioned during appeals why it took more than two months to report this supposed confession he explained that he was too distressed to remember and then later claimed to quote I only then realized it might have some meaning security guard Priscilla Durham who had aspirations to become a police officer herself later admitted to her stepbrother that she lied about hearing this confession and what about dr. Anthony Caleta who was with Abu Jamal from the time he arrived in the emergency room until he went into surgery and stated that he did not hear nor hear of any confession made by Abu Jamal in the hospital when abu-jamal attempted to call walk show to the stand during the 82 trial to counter the report of his confession he was told by the prosecution that the officer was on vacation and was denied even a phone call by judge Sabo to see if the officer could be reached when abu-jamal protested this blatantly unreasonable and unjust denial Sabo's response was your attorney and you goofed a comment of such cruelty is no surprise given the obvious bias and racism of judge Sabo who promised to a fellow judge in the presence of court reporter Terry Marr or Carter that quote I'm going to help them fry the nigger but while Sabo was infamous for his hostile behavior with defendants and was actually nicknamed the prosecutor in robes it was a corrupt Philadelphia police force empowered by the DEA that clearly manufactured abu-jamal guilt and suppressed evidence of his innocence beginning in those early morning hours of December 9th 1981 in 1998 from the bowels of death row Mumia abu-jamal made this statement a statement that reaches back into Philadelphia's unquestionably racist history and shines a bright light into the darkness even after their legal legerdemain I remain innocent courts cannot make an innocent man guilty any ruling founded on injustice as not justice the righteous fight for life liberty and for justice can only continue

Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later

The Green Bean Battle Scene – THE BOSS BABY: Back in Business (2018)

you expect me to talk I will never betray planet Earth to you ever cave new tentacle mouth do your worst well for criminy sakes him they're not gonna kill you your baby brother likes green beans don't you you have a whole afternoon to play but I need to see a clean plate first okay Oh make me proud Timmy I'm already so proud of you Templeton Templeton they're just parents you should be playing them like a kazoo it's easy for you you like green beans hmm high-fiber with a smooth grassy flavor what's not too late wait you could eat my beans chicken mmm good beans so what's in it for me what oh I'm happy to eat the beans but for free was there a fire that burned down the rules of business this isn't a business we're a family I don't live in sposta Tufton I live in the free market it's all business quid pro quo aka I do Z you dizzy I ate your vegetables you owe me a favor what favor we'll leave it open but know this I will collect we are back to work Templeton hello you beautiful baby car bosses brothers are they always this friendly I can't have my own brother ignorant to the art of business it's embarrassing I make sure the world loves babies more than puppies more than kittens what's the threat what cats don't play by rules fade up the company's in your mashed potato hands don't blow it just kidding of course you win what's up this meeting is making me uncomfortable boss what do we do I'm gonna bag the tiger are you and your brother this is my job on the line you made a choice to join a family we can fix this what if you broke something blamed it on the gas yes spoon star for spacing in fairness sir the cat thought of it first Odie you can't kill what you can't see time to go invisible mommy is a dirty liar [Applause] [Applause]