6ix9ine Inks New Record Deal With Former Label 10K Projects | Billboard News

(Tekashi 6ix9ine rapping) – So, it looks like 6ix9ine will indeed be making his return to
music upon his release from prison. Billboard can officially
confirm that Tekashi has landed a new record deal with former label 10K Projects. TMZ was the first to break the news with their report claiming that 6ix9ine has scored himself a nice payday, worth an excess of 10 million dollars if he upholds his end of the contract. As part of the deal re-upping with 10K, the Brooklyn native will be on the hook a pair of albums, one in
English the other in Spanish. (Tekashi 6ix9ine rapping) Now the final hurdle for
6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, is securing his release from prison. As part of his plea deal,
Tekashi has been looking at a January sentencing,
but his reps reportedly moved the sentencing
date up to December 18th. He was previously facing
47 years behind bars on an array of racketeering
charges for his involvement in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Tekashi has remained locked up since being arrested in November 2018. For more on this story, you can head to Billboard dot com, and until next time, for Billboard News, I’m Chelsea Briggs, and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Discuss New Album ‘Bandana,’ Working With Pusha T & Killer Mike | Billboard

– Yo, this Freddie Gibbs, man. – This is Madlib Beat Konducta. – And you watchin’ Billboard. (Madlib beat) (laughs) Describe the chemistry
that we had on this album, as apposed to the last
one, ain’t nothing changed, actually, I don’t think, we
still doin’ the same thing we did in the first album, just
havin’ fun, tryin’ new shit, takin’ risks, you know what I mean. – Another chapter continuation, basically. – Damn man, we can’t give you
all that, you’re gonna have to listen to the album man, damn man. There’s definitely some
significance to it, you gotta hear all the
titles together for you to really make it make sense. Nah, not really, there’s
never really pressure to be recording anything, cause uh
who am I gonna compete with, compete with myself? So it’s all good, there
is never any pressure, it’s all good. I’m just glad that we got
the chance to do it again. It coulda been a one
and done type of thing, but y’know, I’m glad we’re done. I’m glad they wanted another one. I didn’t want any features
on the album at first, when I started working on
it first when I came home, I was just like nah, I’m
just gonna do this thing. I ain’t really feelin’ like, y’know, reachin’ out to people and
goin’ through the motions, so let me just do this
thing and wrap it up. Y’know what I mean, just
make another classic, this time just do it all me. But I got to a point where
I was hanin’ around people and I just couldn’t say no. (laughs) It’s like how do you
tell guys like that no? Nah nah, like, and then
it was just like a’ight, then a conversation about
doin’ a song come up, and it just be like, a’ight
I got these Madlib beats, and they were like c’mon let’s do it. And so it was a rap. It worked. It was timin’, it was all about timin’, everything in this game is about timin’. – Uh, Mac? Yeah, people think I have
an album with Mac Miller, but it’s just we recorded
a bunch of songs, we didn’t really turn it into an album. It’s like a bunch of rough,
I dunno, I guess rough takes, y’know what I mean? First takes and stuff over
raw beats, one minute songs and stuff. But if I get the permission
I will put it out, y’know? But that’s up to his family, y’know? – I had him on the
first one, I don’t mean, I’m not really into like the
posthumous type of feature type of thing, especially
if I work with you for real, know you for real, y’know,
it’s all good I know. I’d rather it be a more
natural type of thing, I’m just not into that personally. And I got, y’know, he
was on the first one. So it’s all love. – He killed it too. – And so it no thang,
y’know I’m glad that uh, y’know, he in a better place. So it’s all good.

Rihanna Signs Worldwide Deal With Sony/ATV Music Publishing | Billboard News

That new Rihanna album might actually be on its way. On Monday, it was announced Rih just signed a worldwide deal with Sony/ATV, covering future works, plus her entire songwriting catalog, including her Hot 100 top 10s “Love on the Brain” and “Needed Me,” as well as her No. 1s “Rude Boy” and “Work,” her multi-platinum collaboration with Drake. The Barbados-native – and the world’s richest female musician, who was previously signed to Warner Chappell, is the first superstar to follow executive Jon Platt to Sony/ATV since he took over as chairman/CEO back in April. And while Rihanna hasn’t released any music since lending a verse to N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” last year – despite the Navy’s pleas, the new agreement has many speculating the ‘Anti’ follow-up she’s teased for years, is soon to come. For everything we know about it, plus a look at Rihanna’s career highlights, head to Billboard.com. And until next time, for Billboard News, it’s your girl Jordyn Rolling.

Maluma Talks Working With Madonna, The Infamous Toe Licking & New Album ’11:11′ | BBMAs 2019

We’re at the awards with the very
charming and very handsome Maluma Hello and thank you, thank you,
thank you very much Yeah, we’re here enjoying my first time at the Billboards Having an amazing moment and you look spectacular, as always so trendy Thank you, I love changing you know like I used to dress like super formal for every award and now it’s the opposite I’m just having this beautiful vibe and, I don’t know, my album’s gonna be full of colors too so I’m feeling like that beautiful vibe too which we’ll get to your album in a second
but first we need to talk about the fact that you got married to Madonna Madonna also licked your toes so what is like to have Madonna,
an icon, lick your toes? Not everyone could say Madonna
licked their toes, so That was amazing, that was an
amazing experience being there recording and shooting with Madonna This is beautiful and it’s thanks to her
that I’m here right now performing Medellin Was It and impromptu toe-licking
moment or did you guys plan it? I’m just curious You wanna know everything? Well, I’m gonna be very honest she told me She asked me, she was like oh do you have a problem if I do this
and I was like no, I don’t really care let’s do it I don’t care and then she did it and I was like kind of weird the first time, but then I I don’t really care, it was nice She got consent to lick your toes
I appreciate that Do you like having your toes licked
in general? Well after that, I started like it
you know like I’m making you blush What? We’re both blushing I feel like right now I want to talk about obviously working
with Madonna What was- I mean like she is such an icon What was the best part about working with her
or how is it being on set with her? Well, it’s a nice experience, you know like so many years that she’s been in the game and I’m learning every day She’s like master for me uh, she’s actually my teacher in a bunch of things and I would say that Madonna, she’s very special and very sweet with me so yeah, I’m feeling very grateful to
be part of her project so awesome and your album 11:11 comes out very soon what can you kind of tell us about,
a tease to the fans give us a little sneak peak of what’s going to come Well, there is something amazing right now Today’s the pre-order of my new album 11:11 I posted on my instagram and I showed all the track list, so on May 17th, it going to be the release of the album and you guys can’t miss it 11:11, May 17th and what’s the story with the album? What’s the story of it? What are you telling? A lot of things, wait for it you’re gonna Okay Well, it was so good to see you, as always Thank you very much Bye Thanks for hanging out with us


Traveling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady she made me nervous She took me in and gave me breakfast And she said Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover Buying bread from a man in Brussels He was six-foot-four and full of muscles I said, “Do you speak-a my language?” He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich And he said I come from a land down under Where beer does flow and men chunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover Lyin’ in a den in Bombay With a slack jaw, and not much to say I said to the man, “Are you trying to tempt me Because I come from the land of plenty?” And he said Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover Living in a land down under Where women glow and men plunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover Living in a land down under Where women glow and men plunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover

How to Fix One Radiator Not Working – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Plumberparts.co.uk,
honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by heatandplumb.com. Hi, and welcome to another
plumberparts.co.uk video. Today, I’m going to give you a
quick bit of advice about how to get your radiator working
if only one’s working. Now I’ve seen a few other
videos on the Internet about how to do this, and
some of them are plain wrong, and some of them could
actually cause leaks in your house if you do it wrong. Here’s the radiator in question. All the other rads in the
house are burning hot, the boiler’s on, the pump’s running, and the thermostat in the
room’s calling for heat. But this one radiator
here isn’t getting hot. We feel these pipes here. There’s no heat coming down here at all, and as I said, all the other
radiators are hot in the house. So the first thing we do is check that the lock shield is open. All you need to do is
remove the lock shield cap. You’ll find the lock
shield valve bit here. Get a set of adjustables on there. Open that fully up. Turn that all the way
you can anti-clockwise. Okay, keep going and keep going. Now you never know, now you might find that you’ve got heat
coming into the radiator. To get the earliest
affirmative answers to whether there’s heat going into the radiator, instead of feeling the
radiator itself at the bottom or the top, feel the
two pipes going to it. One will be a flow pipe,
and one’ll be a return pipe, and if now you’ve opened
up your lock shield, and you feel one of these
two pipes getting warm, then you know you’re getting flow. However, that might not
have solved your problem. You could still have air in the radiators. The symptoms of air in your radiators are quite simple to describe. If you already have a hot flow and return going to the radiator, if
you felt down the radiator, it should be warm at the bottom, and at the top it would be cold. This is always a sign of
air being in the rads. But before you get mental
trying to bleed all the air out of the radiators, I strongly recommend you turn the boiler and the pump off. Anyway, here’s how you bleed a rad. Right, so here’s how
to bleed your radiator. Your boiler and your pump are turned off. Both radiator valves are open. Even though we haven’t
looked at the TRV yet, so that could be stuck shut. We’ll look at that in a minute. Just get a little bit of cloth, get your radiator key in there. Open that. Fortunately, you can see
we’ve got water there already. Just let that run for a few seconds. That’s great. Now usually when there’s air in there, obviously you have a lot of air coming out before you get to water. Obviously, if the radiator does have air in the top of it, you
will get air coming out. You’ll be able to hear it really easily. It’ll be a nice, slight hiss,
and you can control easily the rate at which it
comes out using this key. As soon as you get a
bit of water come out, just tighten it up,
wipe up any excess water that might have spilled on the floor, or something like that. And then you should feel the radiator at the top getting nice and hot. The next problem you can have
is the fact that your TRV, or the control head for the
radiator, is stuck shut. This is where I’ve seen
a few of the other videos on the Internet telling you how to do this sort of thing have gone wrong. Now, let’s just go over it very slowly, and if you follow our
instructions, you should be able to get it working just fine again. If not, we’ll give you a quick
guide on how to change a TRV. So here’s the thermostatic
radiator valve in question. First thing you need to do is make sure it’s fully turned on. So at the moment, it’s on
setting number five out of five. Next, you have to be able
to remove the TRV head. Now there’s a few
different ways to do this. This one here is just a screw-on collar. Some of the other ones, like
by manufacturers like Danfoss have a black plastic
lug that you have to pop a screwdriver into, pop
that out, and then you just quarter-turn twist it, and it’ll lift off. But this one’s a collar-screw one. You put that there, and that means there we can reveal the head here. Now this one I know works. The way you can figure that one out is you just press this pin down like that. Some of them, the pin will be stuck down. On this particular type,
the best way to do this is to, while it’s stuck
down, just pressing it a little bit and see
if that’ll bring it up. The best way to deal with
these is to be gentle. Don’t hit them with a hammer. Now this particular model
won’t have that problem but if you got a tradition pin-type TRV, if you hit it with a hammer,
often the pin will just fly out and you’ll have a lovely
fountain of water just come out. The best way to deal with the pin types, is to get a very small
set of long-nosed pliers. This is a set of long-nosed pliers, and what you do is you grip the pin itself and you just wiggle it upwards. Just pull it out yourself, and pull it up, and that’ll get it working with any luck. Sometimes you’ll find
once you’ve got it free, you can push back down the pin,
and it will stay stuck down. At that point, you’re probably
going to be looking at getting a new TRV for
that particular radiator. This particular type
here, fortunately because we don’t have that problem with it being a traditional-type
pin, the best way I find to deal with these, would
be to get a large-ish, if it’s stuck down, get
a large bit like that, and then to slightly tap it. Just to shock it. That’s all you need to do. You’re not trying to bash the
hell out of this so it moves. All you need to do is shock the tension out of what’s holding it in place. And then it should pop up
and then if you’ve bled the radiator of air,
you’ve undone the TRV, and the lock shield,
you’ve got a great flow. You should then have a hot radiator. I hope you found that video
helpful in telling you how to get your one radiator
from working again. If you find that you’ve
got two or three radiators on a long run that aren’t
working, the potential problem for this system could be
that it is not balanced. We are going to do a video
for balancing radiators, and if you check our channel, or you if check our related videos, you should find it there. If you have any more
problems, you can contact us, or visit our website
at plumberparts.co.uk. Thanks ever so much for
watching, and I’ll see you soon. Bye bye. Plumberparts.co.uk,
honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by heatandplumb.com

Madonna On New Album ‘Madame X,’ Working With Maluma & Swae Lee | Backstage Interview | BBMAs 2019

– Nice eye patch. – [Interviewer] I don’t
know if anyone can see it. But I just
– Are you– – [Interviewer] I swear,
she gave me the eye patch. – Well, we’re Madame X-ing together. – [Interviewer] You smell lovely. – Thank you. – [Interviewer] Is that
some sort of MDNA scent? – It’s called Portrait of a Lady. – [Interviewer] Really? – I know. A girl can dream. – [Interviewer] Let’s talk about tonight. – Mmmhmm. – [Interviewer] You just
finished performing Medellín? – Yes. – [Interviewer] With Maluma – Yes, Maluma baby. – [Interviewer] Crazy,
fantastic, hi-tech performance. – Thank you. Yeah. – [Interviewer] When
did you start planning and prepping for this? – Um. Many many many months ago – [Interviewer] Should be
like a year ago. (chuckles) – It wasn’t a year ago, but it was a long time ago. ‘Cause the technology had
to be explained to me. And I couldn’t figure it out. I kept saying that wait a minute let’s get this straight. And there were options. – [Interviewer] Mmmhmm. – So, you know there’s augmented reality. There’s virtual reality. There’s combination of the two. But they take a lot of
time and preparation, and filming and yeah, so. – [Interviewer] So much. How long were you in
rehearsals specific for this to get all the dance move down and – Well, rehearsals for
the personas for the on the green screen, – [Interviewer] Yeah. – couple of weeks. – [Interviewer] Mmmhmm. – And then rehearsals for
the actual performance by myself without Maluma for couple of weeks. And then with Maluma, about a week, yeah. – [Interviewer] Okay. And the Medellín is
the first sort of taste of new music from the Madame X album? – That is correct. – [Interviewer] I feel like there’s more taste coming before the main course am I correct in thinking that? – There are. We’re gonna give you a
little smorgasbord of – [Interviewer] Series
of appetizers (chuckles) – Delights, some appetizers
from around the world, yes. – [Interviewer] Amazing – Mmmhmm. – [Interviewer] There’s a Swae Lee track. – Yes. – [Interviewer] Crave. – Crave. Yeah. – [Interviewer] Why did you
wanna work with Swae Lee? – Because I think he’s really talented. – [Interviewer] Of course. – He is. I think he’s a very good writer. I think he’s a great singer. And he’s so cute. Kid’s important. – [Interviewer] Kid’s important – Yeah he has good energy. – [Interviewer] What was
special about the track, like how did the track come to, was a collaboration two of you writing? – No, I wrote a song with Starrah. – [Interviewer] Okay. – And it was something that I’ve written when we first, when I first start putting the record together. And then I kind of put
it on the back burner when I started working
with all the musicians I was working with in Lisbon. – [Interviewer] Mmmhmm. – And then I went back to the wait, let me revisit all
the first songs I wrote. And I listen to Crave. And I thought I need I need to sing with a man on this song. ‘Cause it’s the song about desire and longing. Longing. Desire and longing. I just. I like the tone of his voice. So, I ask him to be on it with me. – [Interviewer] So it started
out sort of as a solo song and then you thought
– yeah – [Interviewer] you need a male
voice on here to counterpart – Yeah yeah. – [Interviewer] Was it was it hard for you to kind of narrow down the number of songs that
you had going into the album or you just kind of going to there with a concept of like
– Oh – [Interviewer] Here are
specific tracks I want. – No no. I had no idea how many songs I was gonna end up with. I just. The record was born in Lisbon. And I was, originally I work with a
lot of Portuguese musicians. And sang several songs in Portuguese. And then it kind of expanded to different countries To Brazil. To Colombia. And then intersperse, you know working with Mirwais, the French producer. So the song kinda, it’s really a global album. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – So. – [Interviewer] Do you sort of consider it like a concept album in a way? ‘Cause like with the Madame X personas. – I don’t really know what that means. – [Interviewer] Well,
in a sense of you know there’s all these different
personas, you know the equestrian and the teacher. – But they’re all. They’re all extensions of me anyways because I do all those things. – [Interviewer] Right. – Believe it or not I do clean my house. So I consider myself a housekeeper. – [Interviewer] Really? – And I ride horses and I love it. And I can teach you to do
the cha-cha if you want. – [Interviewer] I might fall over. – So, it’s saying that
I am all these things. but also the other reason that I
named the record Madame X is because it was given a name given to me when I was 19 and I
first moved to New York by a woman who I looked up to and admired and she gave me that name because she said she couldn’t recognize all my different personas ’cause I kept changing the way I looked. So, and that was in the beginning of my career when I didn’t think about who I should be or what I should be I was experimenting. – [Interviewer] Mmmhmm. – And so, I felt like I had come full circle and gave the record that name. ‘Cause I’m in the same frame of mind. Does that make sense? – [Interviewer] Yeah. Who was the woman that gave you the name? – Martha Graham. – [Interviewer] Good lord. – The great Martha Graham. – [Interviewer] You went to – Do you know I I danced in her school – [Interviewer] Yeah. Yeah. – Yeah. She was alive
when I studied there. And I danced in Pearl Lang who was one of her
proteges’ dance companies. – [Interviewer] You’ve
eventually met Martha Graham in person at some point later.
– Yes, I did. And we met she was mad at me then she gave me the name Madame X. And then years later when I was successful, she asked me to give her an award. And we traded stories about those days when I was a bad girl. – [Interviewer] You’re working
with Mirwais on the album. – Yeah – [Interviewer] He produced Medellín. – Many of the tracks, yes. – [Interviewer] He produced
other tracks as well. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] What
was it like going back and revisiting, working with him after kind of a little bit. – It was nice. It was refreshing ’cause he’s a real deep thinking philosophical existentialist intellectual. And he likes to argue. And debate. And pontificate. – [Interviewer] Do you
like having him in studio when you’re writing. – I do actually. – [Interviewer] Okay. – Because it provokes thought which is rare these days. And And then it gives you idea for songs and then you dig deep and you start to learn about characters like I have a song on
the called Dark Ballet. – [Interviewer] Mmmhmm. – Which believe it or not, is about, is inspired by Joan of Arc. So, when we were writing the song, we start doing all these
research on Joan of Arc that I never knew about. And I mean I learned things about her that I didn’t know about beyond the broad strokes
that everybody knows. – [Interviewer] Right. – So things like that come up. You know, then we start selling setting filmmakers or or philosophers or you know quantum physics or you name it, so. – [Interviewer] This totally
translates to pop music. Right?
– It It does eventually. – [Interviewer] It does? Eventually. – Yeah, so somewhere in that pop music is deep metaphysical thinking. – [Interviewer] I’m assuming
there’s gonna be a tour maybe at some point? You’re probably not allowed
to say anything right now. – It’s been spoken about – [Interviewer] Okay. – In such a deep way – [Interviewer] Okay. – That I’m actually having
a production meetings. Yes. – [Interviewer] So it’s
probably happening. – Yes. – [Interviewer] May I make a request? – For a song you want me to perform? – [Interviewer] Just to consider – Just a teeny one the tiny one. – [Interviewer] A tiny one. – What do you. What do you
missing from the repertoire? – [Interviewer] Okay. So you’ve had 38 top ten hits on the
Billboard Hot 100 chart. That is a record. – I’d like to have more. – [Interviewer] We can work on that. – You don’t like me anymore. – [Interviewer] Lady, come on. – Man! – [Interviewer] You’re my queen. – Well, prove it. – [Interviewer] I can’t
just make you do something on the charts. – You can do whatever you want. – [Interviewer] Okay. Let’s get back – You’re wearing a patch. – [Interviewer] True. The
patch can do everything. – Yes. – [Interviewer] Back
to my question though. – Yes. – [Interviewer] 38 top ten
hits but you haven’t performed 3 of them live yet. – What? – [Interviewer] I’ll Remember, This Used to Be My Playground, and Rescue Me. Just consider! Those were top 1 hits? Top 10 hits. Top 10 hits. I’ll Remember was No. 2, Rescue Me was No. 9, and uh, what was the other one? This Used to Be My Playground was No. 1! Because they’re very laid back, dreamy songs and they don’t usually go in my like Rahh Rahh Rahh ahh, you know. – [Interviewer] True. Interlude. I don’t know. Rescue Me is kinda punching. – Rescue Me is kinda dope. I’ll actually. I’ll consider that one. – [Interviewer] Thank you Madonna. – Okay. Your love has given me hope. Okay, to quote the song. – [Interviewer] The song? To quote yourself? – Yes. Yes. – [Interviewer] Well Madonna, this has been lovely. – Mmmhmm. – [Interviewer] And I wish you nothing
but the best with the new album. And look forward to seeing you on whatever that tour is that may or may not be announced soon. – Whatever dressing room I might be performing in. – [Interviewer] Sure. Interesting. – You’ll come anywhere right? – [Interviewer] Of course I will. – Small cabaret. – [Interviewer] Of course. – A stadium. – [Interviewer] There’s Starbucks down the street, I’m there. – Okay. See you there. – [Interviewer] Thank you Madonna. – Thank you.