Victoria Monét on Working with Ariana Grande & Empowering Women | Grammys

– [Interviewer] We are
here with Victoria Monet. So what can you tell us about any secrets from working with Ariana Grande
on her back-to-back albums? – You know what? The secret is greatness. It’s magic, it’s hard work, and what you see is what you get with her. You know, as amazing
as she is on the stage, she’s just the same in
person and as a person. So I think, you know,
it’s her night, I feel. – [Interviewer] Absolutely. And you know, we were just
talking about the camaraderie between songwriters right now who are all gettin’ some shine. Why is that so important? – You know what, I think it’s
important for us to share to change the narrative. There’s been a lot of guys
in power for a long time, and I feel the female empowerment, the reign of us right now,
so it’s just very honorable to be mentioned alongside other women. You know, Ariana, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, these people who I feel
naturally would have back in the day been underdogs. So and we’re here. So I feel like I’m very proud
to be a part of the group. You know what I mean? (laughing) – [Interviewer] Absolutely. Thank you so much. Congratulations, and have fun tonight. – Thank you, you too.

Rosalía Reveals She’d Love to Work With Kanye West & Talks Singing With Penélope Cruz | Billboard

– Hi, I’m Rosalia and I’ll be Fishing for
Answers with Billboard. (upbeat music) What is your favorite dance move? Can you show us? (giggling)
Okay. So I like a lot I don’t know if it’s a
dance move honestly, but I like a lot.
(clapping hands) You know?
Or use my hands. (laughs) Kind of like that. If you were invited to a costume party what would you dress up as? Put like that? I mean (laughing). First celebrity crush. Come on. For real, really? Frank Ocean.
You know I love his music. He’s amazing. Who is your style icon and why? My style icon, Lola Flores. (speaking in foreign
language) I love Lola Flores. She was amazing back in the days like the way she used to dress. Her attitude, everything.
I love her. Or Carmen Amaya.
She was a flamenco dancer. I loved her, she used to
wear masculine clothes in a moment of no any other women was dancing in masculine clothes. She used to dance amazing,
with a lot of strength. Camaron also, with his rings, his tattoos. What is your guilty pleasure food? I have too many.
(giggling) I have too many. Pizza, pasta, chocolate. All kinds of chocolate. Cookies, you know. These type of things that
I am not supposed to eat. What is your favorite fashion accessory? My favorite fashion accessory I would say I love glasses, sunglasses. Crazy ones.
Rings. Earrings, necklace.
Everything at the same time. A lot of jewelry. Who would you love to collaborate with on your next album? I’m gonna tell you. It’s supposed to be a surprise. So, I won’t say. But I would like to say that
I love Kanye West Productions. I would love to work with him. I would love to write with
him, produce with him. Make music with him. It would be such a dream. I love him. Next. What was the funniest, most
memorable moment on set with Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas? (speaking foreign language) I didn’t shoot with Antonio Banderas. It was with Penelope, just Penelope and other actresses from Spain. It was kind of funny that
we had to sing all together. Penelope was asking me to
rehearse together, to sing before the scene. We were beside the river singing. (singing in foreign language)
Like that. (singing in foreign language) I remember they were asking come on come on, show us how you do it. And we started laughing,
it was very funny. It was a great moment. What is the last picture
you took on your phone? Five minutes ago I took a selfie. I loved the outfit and
I just took a selfie. Took a selfie? Do you say it like that, right? Yeah.
(chuckles) So, five minutes ago. That’s it. (upbeat music)

Billie Eilish Teases Upcoming Documentary, Working with Finneas & More! | Grammys

– [Interviewer] We are
here with Billie Eilish on the Grammys carpet. You have said that you have
grown up watching this show. Now that you’re on the carpet, is this what you expected it to be like? – Kinda. I mean, kinda. It’s crazy to be on the other side though, which is something I never
would’ve expected in my life. It feels like I’m in a movie right now. Or, it feels like I
was let in by accident. That’s, like, the vibe I got. I’m like, “Wow, I’m not meant to be here. “This is like, ‘No one wants me here.'” That’s how I feel. But, I’m so grateful to
be here at the Grammys. I’ve watched this every
single year in my whole life with my family in my living room, so it’s literally like
completely surreal to be here. – [Interviewer] That is so wild. You just said, “It feels like a movie.” You have a documentary coming up. Are you gonna watch it
before it comes out? – Girl, I hope so ’cause
I better get some say in what’s in it and what’s not. Dude, they have filmed
some stuff that I’m like, “Please don’t put that in there.” (laughs) Like, just me being annoying or whatever. But yeah, I’ll watch it. I’ll watch it, for sure. I’m excited. – [Interviewer] Do you
feel like there’s anything that we don’t know about you yet? – Hella (beep). Hella (beep). Dude, hella (beep). – [Interviewer] So I know you and Finneas, you’re working on your
next album on the road and he was telling me a little bit about how that creative process
has changed things for you. How does that feel compared to working on your parents’ home? – It used to feel really different, but I think now it’s pretty
the same, all around. It really feels genuine and
natural when we work together. I think for a while it was, like, we only could
make music in our house, in the bedroom that we grew up in and now I feel like we’re at this place where it’s like we could
just do it anywhere. We’re, like, I don’t know. It feels good, it feels good. I’m ready to go on tour and make an album. I’m ready and I’m excited. – [Interviewer] That’s so awesome. In between now and then, do you plan to release more one-offs? What’s your strategy looking like? – If I have them, sure. I don’t really know what’s coming. I’m kind of just doing what I feel and while doing that thinking
about making an album, but it’s not done at all. It’s, like, a couple
songs, maybe, maybe not. So, I’m just gonna go with
whatever happens, you know? – [Interviewer] I love that. The last time we spoke, you told me that you don’t really feel
like anything is off limits. Is there a major goal you have for 2020? You mentioned designing a car, but I’m wondering if there’s
something on your mind. – Listen, I would love to
do that when the time comes, if that ever happens, I would love it. I got a lotta goals. I think they’re mostly goals
within myself, you know? Instead of actual,
achievable, physical goals, I think they’re more mental, one being just be in everything. I realized a couple months ago that I’m in the period of my life that I’m gonna miss, I think. I’m kind of, I don’t know, life is kinda perfect for me right now, to be honest with you and I
feel like I can say that now because it wasn’t for a really long time and, like, now I’m not lying, you know? So, yeah. – [Interviewer] Why do you
think it’s so important for you to be really open about mental health and especially being on the road and having this crazy life that you have? – I don’t know, I haven’t
really thought about it. I kind of just, I just share what I feel like I would wanna hear and I think people are really
ignorant about mental health and about age with mental health and I think people think
that a lot of younger people can’t be upset about life (chuckles) and I think that’s
super wrong and I wanna, like, teach the world
that it’s, I don’t know. I don’t know, it’s hard. It’s like you gotta do
what is right for you. I’m not gonna tell you to go
tell everybody how you feel and I’m not gonna tell
you to not tell anybody. It’s just, like, whatever you feel is the right thing for you,
you gotta do that for yourself. Like, whatever makes you
happy, that’s all you gotta do. Don’t listen to anybody else. – [Interviewer] Well,
we’re all so appreciative that you bring that
mentality to this industry and congratulations and
have so much fun tonight. – I will. Thank you, you too. – Of course.
– Thank you guys. – [Interviewer] Yeah. – [Billie] Hey! (women laughing)

Finneas on Working With Billie Eilish v. Other Artists, The New ‘James Bond’ Song & More | Billboard

– [Interviewer] We are here
with Finneas O’Connell, artist, producer to the stars. This year, you have worked with obviously your sister Billie Eilish, but also Selena Gomez,
Camila Cabello, Tove Lo. What is it like to work with an artist that you’re not related to? – It’s harder to tell them that what they’re doing is not good. Yeah, when it’s your sibling, both of you can just razz
each other all the time and you can just be like,
“You could do that better.” And I think it’s part of my goal, whenever I work with a new collaborator is to get to a place
where we are close enough that they can be totally honest with me about what they don’t
like, what they do like and I think that’s when
you’re the most effective. When you’re both just, like,
unfiltered, being super direct. You save a lot of time that way. – Absolutely.
– But obviously Tove, Selena, Camila, huge inspirations of mine and artists I’ve loved
the work of for years and it’s a huge honor to
work with all three of them. – [Interviewer] Yeah,
speaking of collaborations, our dear friend James Blake,
who’s over there next door, he was just saying that he
would love to work with you. Do you think we can make that happen? – Yeah, I’m focusing on
just being his friend first ’cause I’m such a fan– – [Interviewer] It seems
like you’re already in. – That I think if I got
into a room and he started, like, singing and playing
piano I would pass out. So, like, at a brunch
table it’s much more easy to just try to pretend that’s
not going on and just hang. It’s just easier. But, I mean, I’m the biggest James fan. I’m a big fan of that,
I ship that couple too. I ship James and Jameela, big fan. – [Interviewer] Oh yeah. You and Billie have obviously been around at a ton of events ahead of the Grammys. Is there anyone that
you’ve been starstruck by or that you would still love to meet? – Really good question. We had an encounter with
Billie Joe Armstrong at a show of ours and he’s
been so meaningful to me, musically, in my whole life. That was a huge, huge moment for me. The coolest part about seeing
people at these events, if you’re a fan, is just
getting to walk up to a person and tell them how much their
music has impacted you. That’s so cool. So, I’ll do that to anybody. – [Interviewer] (laughs) Yeah, of course. I know, Billie has told
me that the two of you are working on music on the road now– – True. – [Interviewer] How is
that a little bit different from working in your parents’ home? – You know, it’s actually great, especially, Billie plays
a lot of arenas now, which is amazing, but we have
really big rooms backstage and if you’re not putting ’em to good use, you feel like you’re wasting space. So I put all of my studio
gear in the room every day. And, you know, arena tours,
in their actual day-to-day, you don’t see a lotta sunlight, it’s easier to get seasonal depression and so it’s a coping mechanism of mine to just be making music all day, which is what I really
love most in the world is recording and writing music, so it’s definitely really wonderful to get to do that on the road. And it’s been really effective. We did the whole James
Bond song on the road. – [Interviewer] So awesome. Congratulations on that, by the way.
– Thank you. – [Interviewer] You wanna
give us a little teaser on what it sounds like? – (laughs) I am so legally
obligated not to do that. (interviewer laughs) All I will say is I think
the movie’s incredible, I think people are gonna love it and I am so excited for people
to hear the song we made. – [Interviewer] Yeah,
I’m excited to hear it. – Thank you.
– We have to talk about your upcoming debut, of course. How do you decide what
songs to keep for yourself and give to Billie? – Well, everything,
everything sounds better when Billie sings it. So the only ones that I’ll keep for myself are ones that really
feel just super personal to me in their content, they really just feel
like, this is my life story and maybe not anybody else’s. And then, also, especially
with Billie’s album and moving forward, Billie and I pretty much
write everything in tandem. With few exceptions like,
“When the Party’s Over” or “Ocean Eyes,” everything
else has just been 50-50. We’ve just sat and
written it all together. So, more and more we just
write everything together. – [Interviewer] Yeah, incredible. Well, congratulations.
– Thank you. – [Interviewer] So happy to talk with you and have so much fun tonight.
– Nice to talk to you too. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
– Yeah, of course. All right.
– Nice to meet you.

Nicole Scherzinger on Working with Meghan Trainor & Pussycat Dolls Reunion | Billboard

– My actual first Clive
Davis Grammy party, I ever got to go to Puff
took me as his little date. I was his little sister and
I love him like a brother and I’m just so stoked,
he’s being honored tonight. – Alright and I heard
Genetics with Meghan Trainor. What was it like to work
on that amazing song? – Oh, my train is annoying. Yeah, it’s awesome, I love Megan. That’s like my sister right there. And she’s so talented, such
a beautiful genius writer. And that was just us. That was so fun just in the studio, with her we’re just goofing
around the whole time. So it’s just fun. – And the last one at
least what’s exciting you the most about this Pussycat Dolls return. I’m so excited to see you guys on the road and hear your new music. How’s it been to see the
fans and the reaction? – I think just to get
back out there to do it and really be present in the
moment and actually enjoy it. You know, sometimes you don’t realize when things happen so fast. People pull you to so
many different directions your put under so much pressure, not able to really enjoy it. We’ve all lived enough life
now women all grown up. We get to be there for each other and lift each other up,
build each other up. And like I said, be present in the moment and enjoy it and go and you know, we got our faithful fans
that have been there. And then we got a whole
new generation of fans to have fun and rock out with. – I can’t wait to see
you guys on the road. Thank you so much Nicole. – Thank you.

Subjects to avoid in British small talk: Salary

Neil voiceover: I’ve been working at the BBC for a long time now. I’ve met lots of people. And I sometimes bump into them… and make small talk. They call it small talk, but that doesn’t mean it’s of little importance. Neil: Hey Callum! Callum: Hey! Hey Neil, how’s it going? Haven’t seen you in ages… Neil: It’s been a while. Callum: Yeah, yeah. How’s the kids? How’s the family? Neil: Yeah, yeah. They’re good, they’re good. And you… I heard you’ve got a new job. Callum: Yes I have, yes. Started a few weeks ago, yeah, yeah… Neil: So… What’s the salary? Callum: Um… It’s OK. I’ve got to go… Neil: How much exactly? How much do they pay you? Callum: Um… some. Enough. Neil: What’s the figure? Callum: Sorry, I’ve got to run. See ya. Neil: OK. Nice to see you. Bye. See ya. Neil voiceover: Let’s see what our experts have to say about that. Sam: They seem to know each other; seem to have a little bit of knowledge of each other. Kee: Absolutely. He’s obviously found out that he’s changed jobs. Sam: Yeah, yeah. And he reacted really nicely to it. Kee: Yeah, absolutely. Until he decided to ask how much he’s earning. Sam/Kee : Yeah. His salary. Kee: Why would you not ask that question? Sam: It’s just not a common question. It’s considered very rude to talk about money generally… Kee: It is, isn’t it? Sam : But specifically money you make. Kee: Right. Sam/Kee: It’s just not done. No, you wouldn’t ask that, would you? Sam: So, what do you think he could have done instead? Kee: I think the obvious question is, ‘How are you finding your new job?’ Sam: Yeah. Kee: Are you enjoying it? You know, like, what are your colleagues like? Sam: Yeah Kee: Or even just asking about the job itself. ‘What are you doing in your new job?’ I think that’s a standard thing to do rather than… ‘So, what’s your salary?’ Sam: Exactly. Kee: And I think most people will want to talk about their new job. Sam: Yeah definitely. Kee: They’ll want to tell the other person about what they enjoy and what they’re not enjoying. But not this guy. Money. Neil voiceover: Thanks for the tips, guys. I’ll try harder next time.

Eva Mendes Net Worth! – Lifestyle, Work, Career, Income

Eva Mendes is not just an actress, she’s also
a model, and a businesswoman! Now let’s have a look at her net worth! During his career, she has worked in 27 feature
films, as well as several TV films and series. she also played in blockbuster successes like
2 Fast 2 Furious or Hitch. For her movies, she was nominated 15x and
won a Capri Global Award in 2005 and a Giffoni Award in 2009. Let’s see how much she made with her most
successful films: Her first blockbuster hit was 2 fast 2 furious,
but though the movie was a box office success, Eva earned only $ 400 000. In Hitch, she had $ 1.5 million, as she already
was a famous actress and model. In the Ghost rider, she got $ 2 million for
the role. In The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call she played
with Nicolas Cage in 2009, but only earned a modest $ 1 million. Her biggest success was The Place Beyond the
Pines, with her husband, but she barely got $ 750 000 for the role. But as we know, she is not only a successful
actress but also a popular model. In Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 issue Mendes ranked
many times, she even reached the 7th place two times. She also appeared many times on the cover. In FHM magazine’s she was said to be among
the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Of’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women
she was voted number four in 2008 edition, and number one in 2009. People magazine announced her one of 2011’s
Most Beautiful at Every Age. I think we all can agree, that Eva is a lucky
woman. Her marriage with the famous actor, Ryan Gosling
is happy. But let s see, what else she has? She has many amazing cars, among them a Lexus,
which is worth $47,120, a Toyota Prius which is worth $26,380 and the Audi Q7 worth $56,900. Her house in Los Angeles worth $8 million
(she has it with her husband) So, Let’s guess, how much is her net worth? Although she hasn’t worked in a movie since
2014, she still has $ 18 million This was the Eva Mendes Net Worth, i hope
you enjoyed it! ! Thanks for watching us! If you like the video please subscribe and
ring the bell! See you soon!