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Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based
story where we always share new videos regarding
work from home. So if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing. For today’s video, I will share with you a
website or portal where you can get work from home opportunity. This is something I shared with the students
that ask me often “Mimi what’s a good work from home job?” or “what online job can we start with?” where you don’t need any experience and it’s
suitable for beginners. One of them is ESL or Online English Teaching. ESL as English as Second Language Teaching It has already given many people online jobs. Actually, I’ve partnered with one of the top
ESL company in the Philippines which is Acadsoc. Since 2011, Acadsoc has been providing opportunities
for Filipinos like us to teach English to Chinese students. It’s an online platform where Chinese students
and Filipino teachers can all come together in one place. It’s not only open to students, Even if you are already 90, if you can still
teach properly Then go for it! If you still have the energy and the willingness to teach students the English language Then you can go and apply at Acadsoc. I really like their goal that they want to
provide stable job opportunities for English educators not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Actually, in the Philippines alone they already
have 8,000 teachers, so imagine that guys. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you
the benefits working as an Acadsoc Online English Teacher. How to apply for them, the step by step process,
I will share that with you. What are the requirements in applying And how you’ll get paid. And what are the extra benefits – aside from
salary – that you can get if you’re working as Online English Teacher. So stay with me until the very end of this
video to get to know about all this. Since it is work from home let’s start with
the salary. Acadsoc pays you every 1st and 16th of the
month. The average salary of an Acadsoc teacher is ranging from Php 20,000 to Php 40,000 While you are improving your skills, then
your salary can also go up. It’s gonna go higher. And their Payment is either through bank transfer
or Paypal. Like I mentioned, if you are working online. It is important that you have a Paypal account. Apart from your base salary you also get additional
bonuses. Like class completion bonus, referral bonus,
perfect attendance bonus, and enrollment bonus. The average salary of an Acadsoc Online English
Teacher is ranging around ₱40,000 So guys you can do this as a full-time job. And another good thing, another benefit in
working with Acadsoc is that you can be flexible with your time. So only when you’re available–if you’re not
ready to commit full-time, you can start part-time. They have class times, which we’ll be discussing
later. To the viewers that love kids or not even
if you love kids, if you just love teaching and sharing your learning then Online English Teaching is perfect for
you and you can try it with your personal schedule, flexible time you’re working at home so you’re in the comfort
of your own space and you can earn actual money by doing so,
like from interacting with multi-cultural students. And the nice thing is that they provide a
training and they also provide certifications or the TESOL certification which is Teaching
English to Speakers of Other Languages so you’ll be able to use that to broaden your
horizon and also for your career to solidify your
English knowledge. So, that’s a nice certification to have. Okay guys let’s talk about the requirements. Number one, of course, is your excellent English
communication skills. how are you going to teach English if you
don’t know English or if you can’t communicate in that language? That’s very important. Number two, you need to have a bachelor degree
or higher it doesn’t need to be specifically related
to education but you need to at least have a college degree. And then you have to be at least 20 years
old. The reason for this guys is that they want
to solidify their quality services to the Chinese, but it’s also good for us. Because if we can continuously provide quality
education or quality services then there are more chances that these kinds
of jobs will last longer here in the Philippines. Number four, you have to be capable of teaching
kids from kinder to grade 12. You need to have a lot of patience, you need
to be able to talk to kids you know kids get distracted easily, they
have lots of distractions, they don’t just listen. So you have to be able to hold the kids’ attention. Acadsoc has teaching hours. I mentioned that it’s flexible, so you can
choose any of these time slots. But you need to be available during these
teaching times. From Monday to Friday it’s 6pm to 10pm any of those times you need to be available. Also during the weekend, when the students
don’t have school you can choose any hours between 10am-10pm. It’s up to you on what to choose. Just make sure that you’re available during
those times. Number six, English certification exams are
a plus, but they are not required. So it’s okay, as I said before they’re going
to provide a training. Number 7 is important, especially during the
interview, they’re gonna look at the space behind your camera. As you can see here, I have a lot of clutter
like my pc and everything. because this is a distraction, especially
if you’re teaching kids. The space that they look for is clutter free a simple background and it needs to be quiet. So if your location is quite noisy, you have
to find a way to make it quiet. It’s important to them that the surroundings
have to be quiet during the teaching times. And the place where you’d be working needs
to be a well-lit space not like that you’re in a crime scene The student shouldn’t think that they’re talking
to an eye-witness. So the student needs to see your face, your
emotions while you’re teaching. It’s very important. Now let’s talk about the device requirements. Their device requirements is simple. You need to have a pc or laptop, that is running
on windows 7, minimum of core i3 and you need to have at least 4GB of memory. About the internet connection, your speed
needs to be at least 3 mpbs, upload speed of at least 2 mpbs. And it needs to be at least DSL, broadband
or fiber. And of course the last requirement as someone who’ll be teaching online you need
a good quality headset that has a noise cancelling feature so that if for example if you have white noise
in the surroundings, like this motorcycle that has just passed they won’t hear it or rather your students won’t hear it, they won’t get
distracted You need an HD webcam so your students can
see your beautiful and handsome faces, right? So those were the requirements, now let’s
talk about the application process. So if you are ready to apply, all you have
to do is click the link down below, I made it easier for you click on it in the description box and pinned
comment. It’ll take you on their web landing page that
you’ll see in the screen. That’s what you will see. All you have to do is fill in your information
together with your resume. Make sure that the resume you’ll put is updated,
not a resume that hasn’t been updated for 5 years. So make sure that’s updated. Once you submit your resume and information,
they will screen it. They will look into your skills, make sure
that it doesn’t have any grammatical or punctuation errors. So be careful about that. Make sure that it’s well-presented, simple
and direct to the point. They will look into qualifications. As long as you’re 20 years old, have a college
degree and can speak or converse in English excellently. Then the next step is the interview. In the interview, you need to show the best
of yourself. Usually, it’s just a background check on you. Of course, they’re going to look at how you
speak, if you can handle the conversation in English properly After the interview, the further step of the
application process is the training. They’ll train you in the teaching process. They’ll teach you about the tools, the nice
things to do, tips on how to handle a class better. Once you passed that, the next step is the
demo class. The demo class is the moment of truth. Get all the confidence you get muster. Because they’ll be judging you, checking you they’ll check if you absorbed what they taught
you in the training. If you’re ready to be an online teacher. As simple as the term demo class sounds, you’ll
be doing a demo class. How you would handle a session or a class
with your student. Okay. And of course, after that is the TESOL training its purpose is to maintain the quality of
their online teachers and after that, you will be able to open a
class. Once you opened a class your students can book a class with you. And of course, the more bookings you have
the more cash you’ll earn. The good thing here is that there isn’t a
limit on how much you can earn as long as you can work And apart from that as I said before they
have bonuses that you can get. And actually– why it’s good to apply now,
is that they’re having a 1 million referral lottery game. that is open to all their Acadsoc teachers It’s one of their first large scale referral
activity. Every time you have a successful referral,
you get a chance to spin the wheel! If you are interested to join the 1 Million
lottery game, I will put the link in the description box for their full mechanics So if you have friend who also wants to be
an online English teacher Then this is a great time for you and your
friends to start applying in Acadsoc this month. Actually, it’s best to do it now because this
will only run until March 31, 2020. So it’s really the best time for you guys
to apply in Acadsoc. So click the link at the bottom. Share it with your classmates, friends, family
members that want to work from home and want to earn
money without really leaving the house. You won’t get stuck in the traffic, you don’t
need to think about what to wear or have an allowance for the moment. All of that in the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to start the application
process and start earning from home. And that’s it for today. I will see you again on the next video, thanks
for watching! Bye!


Before starting our video, let’s first pick the winner of the previous video My question was When you were a kid what were you happy the most? Let’s pick our winner Alright. Congratulations to Amal Maute! When I was a kid, having my whole family in the whole table eating meal is the most happiest day of my life Congratulations because you won ₱50 worth of GCash For you to claim your prize, look at the description box below If you want to win this video’s giveaway Just wait for my question and put your answer in the comment section and we’ll pick the winner on our next video Okay, so hello guys This is Jhazel de Vera Welcome back to my channel So if you’re new to this channel click on the subscribe button and click on the notification bell so that you can watch all types of videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online In today’s video, I’m going to be introducing to you a USD faucet This application is called FiatPay Faucet This is the proof of payment Thank you so much to Angie since she’s the one who recommended me this application If you want to sign up for an account here, just click the link in the description box below The application is very simple This is how it looks like Its main token is the CR Yes! It really is CR! Just tap the “Get 5 CR” You then have to match the captcha with the correct answer. That’s it. And then an ad will appear The faucet refreshes every 13 minutes It has a speed up the timer for 40 minutes option Just watch the ads And now it’s only 9 minutes And my current balance is now 213.02 CR Just get back at it every 9 minutes If you’ve accelerated the time 9 minutes if not 13 minutes Let’s explore the application Let’s go to games Their games are very entertaining You can also earn CR here My favourite is TETRIS Every time you clear a line, you earn CRs It’s very entertaining if you’re into these types of games These are the other games. Let’s go to the Pyramid. You have to guess where’s the money in which block is the price So yeah just guess The price that is written there is what you’ll earn Ah I won! Let’s go to the roulette How does this work? Spin the drum Shoot Oh! You won! The bullet shouldn’t go out That’s what my stepdad said to me I don’t know why he told me He said that this is what the gangsters in the western countries do Fascinating! If you get the bullet, you’re dead There you go I lost because there’s a bullet Let’s go to Flappy coin This is my least favourite The Jumping Fan is one that I also like Based on the shape you have to change it This would be nice to livestream So everytime you gain in these games points you earn CRs But we also have a CR in our house That’s why it’s called faucet because it’s a CR Let’s go to our account In our account, we’ll see the different payment methods We have PayPal and Payeer Now let’s go to the payout section Oops! First commercial This is my question for this video’s giveaway What is your biggest regret in 2019? Comment down below your answer and we’ll pick the winner on our next video Here you’ll find the different payment methods In Payeer the minimum payout amount is 900 CRs But for PayPal, they require 43100 CRs That’s why our subscriber payouts with Payeer because the amount they ask is lower If you want to earn more feel free to use their referral program This is my referral code It is mandatory to put a referral code upon signing up Comment down below your referrals so that you can earn faster here at FiatFaucet Thank you so much for watching this video If you’ve enjoyed it, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel Click on the notification bell so that you’ll get notified whenever I upload And don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel JhazeldeVera VLOGS So, have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!


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Because when you open this, you will see your balance in USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and Dogecoin. For example, you have invested using USD, you will tap this USD. You will not see anything, if you didn’t invest. As you can see, it’s zero because what I used was BTC. So, just tap BTC to show all your transactions. So, I have 0.0072 BTC for withdrawal. That is my total earnings. I haven’t made any withdrawal yet because I’ll show you a live withdrawal today. And if it will be received in my wallet. My total earnings here is 0.0412 BTC I have already withdrawn 0.034325. All my withdrawals here were successful and were received in my Bitcoin wallet. Now, I will show you how to make a deposit here in If you want to deposit, just tap this ‘Make deposit’. Actually, this website is easy to use, not so complicated. First, you have to select the currency. Don’t forget to choose a currency. If you want USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and Dogecoin. After selecting your currency, for example, I selected Bitcoin. 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7 REAL Work From Home Jobs That Pay $100 Per Day Or More (2020)

What’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I am gonna share with you seven real work from home jobs that
pay hundred dollars per day or more. To find out all the details here all you
have to do is stay with me but first if you’re new around make sure to subscribe
to my youtube channel because I upload videos about how to make money online
work from home opportunities entrepreneurship and much more and make
sure you also hit the notification that so you can be notified every time I
upload a new video. Alright so as I said I’m gonna share with you here today
seven real work from home jobs that you can get started with as long as you have
more or less an internet connection and any kind of a computer and/or a mobile
device there as well. Now what you need to do here is pay attention I’m gonna
share a few tips and ideas and tricks here recording these sites so make sure
you don’t skip on anything here because you might miss out on anything that is
important so watch the whole video here so you get the most out of these
opportunities here also if you’re interested in making a full time passive
income online build a sustainable online business
I do have my number one recommendation right here below that I highly suggest
you to have a closer look at when we finish this video of course but for now
let’s see the seven real work from home jobs that pay hundred dollars per day or
more let’s get started okay so the first thing that we can apply for is to become
a virtual assistant one of the sites here I’m showing you right now is remote
dot co and you can apply here for any kind of remote jobs alright so I just
came here you can do a search of course if you have any specific skills I don’t
know your skills there but you can see your virtual assistant writing is one
health care for example marketing and so under lot of opportunities inside here
so go to remote dot Co there is another site very popular also which is flex
jobs calm you can go in here and you can say you can search
the full-time part-time job category and say that there is for customer service
for example 217 jobs available here so you just go inside and check out the
details some are worldwide some are only located
in specific countries they want you to so do your research here and we have
another one which is also one of my favorite sites its virtual assistant
jobs you go to the job section and you can search with a category pretty much
the same here also you can search for flexible full-time and so on I just type
data entry flexible and full-time and you can see that it founds 265 matching
records a lot of opportunities here look at this for example executive assistants
that pay you up to 49 thousand dollars per year here okay it’s not bad at all
we have here virtual travel coordinators up to 40,000 per year so a lot of
opportunities just go here and get stored to do your search here or
research let’s move on to the next opportunity and that is to do some micro
tasks and we can actually do a lot of other things also MTurk Amazon’s
Mechanical Turk here we go to enter comm you go to the section where it says
learn more and you can see here you can make money in your spare time you get
paid for completing simple tasks here so simple tasks can be anything as tagging
objects for example helping companies here select the best picture audit user
classifying and identify objects found in satellite imagery and so on here it’s
a great way has a lot of opportunities inside here just go to Amazon Mechanical
Turk you go to MTurk come here you sign up and you get started with whatever you
feel that you are you can do actually more or less so the next site I’m going
to share with you pretty similar also is clickworker calm and click worker you
can see here they always look for in users worldwide who can for example
create a correct text participate in surveys or search and categorize data
for us so they do have a lot of different tasks here you work more or
less as a freelance on this site here you decide of course how much you want
to work and all you need is a computer mobile device and with an internet
connection of course you can see here text creation categorization copy
editing proofreading Research Service mystery visit and so on there so there
is actually one site I wanted to share here also that you can do some micro
tasks doesn’t require any specific skills at all I mean if you just see
you’re for voting on a YouTube video you get ten cents here follow someone on
Twitter twelve cents this is not much but it takes you actually less than a
minute to do this kind of tasks so if you do get stored to do a lot of these
tasks you can end up earning pretty good amount of money actually with rapid
workers here so that is a good tip also to get started with very easy it doesn’t
require any specific skills actually okay let’s move onto another opportunity
and that is to become a web search evaluator or actually a social media
evaluator also now happen is the most popular site for do this kind of job but
they do have also a lot of other opportunities so I do recommend you
actually to go to this site if you see here they do have experience working in
hundred and thirty plus countries and 180 plus languages now this is a
worldwide company has a lot of jobs here okay what you need to do is go to the
section where it says jobs here and you can see that you can actually do a lot
of other things here also a good example would be a rater language jobs micro
tasks that you have micro tasks here also and of course corporate jobs so I
just went to corporate jobs I typed here grace remote ok which is available and
you can say social media evaluator and web search Evalia
waiter and that is companies they won’t help actually to see if they rank for
specific keywords so they tell you to see or if their ads are shown in
Facebook and so on so that is what you do as a social media
evaluator for example have a look at the details here for yourself see what you
can apply for and get started with it all right the next opportunity is to
become a transcriber this doesn’t require also anything that is hard to do
I mean you just need a good pair of headphones and get started typing
actually scree be calm is the site that we’re having a look right here now and
you go to the section where it says transcribers and you can see here that
you can earn anything from five up to twenty-five dollars per audio over here
okay for transcription but you do need of course to sign up for a few more
sites you can’t just wait for scree be calm and Rev calm is definitely one of
the most popular sites there you go to the bottom where it says freelancers and
you will arrive to this site here and you can see that you can earn up to 90
cents per audio video minute here and of course if you are a captioner which is
more or less the same as being a transcriptionist you watch the video
here and you get started to type and you need to sync of course the tight audio
and so under so you can earn up to 75 cents per audio video minute and if you
happen to know a foreign language then you can see it you can learn much more
you can anywhere from one dollar and fifty cent up to three dollars per audio
video minute here so this is a great site and I’m actually going to share
with you here soon some other sites that you can apply for as a transcriptionist
or a captionist also so I hope you like what you see so far make sure to smash
that like button if you do so let’s move on to another opportunity and that is
writing now writing can actually be like a proofreader it doesn’t have to be only
that your articles but you can be a proofreader
editing so keep that in mind as well one of the sites that is popular is
eyewriter comm of course it is good if you can write articles and
you’re interested in that you can apply here and another site is text broker you
need to go to the section here to get an idea where it says payments I’m right
here right now so the acceptor but what I wanted to share with you is this here
if you are a good writer let’s say for example that you get started with as a
four star rider 4,000 or words Oracle you can unfold in dollars but if you are
really good and you have an expertise in something and you are a five story
writer you can see that you can earn 50 dollars per thousand words
Oracle okay so it’s not bad at all but as I said don’t limit yourself for only
writing articles press releases or whatever you like to write but it can be
proofreading editing and so on there let’s move on to another opportunity and
that is to teach online I’m going to share with you two different ways here
the first one is to create an online course it’s super easy to do this I have
done two to these days I have audio video mastery where I teach people on
how to edit audio and video like a pro this is my background I have produced
over 20,000 radio commercials with my team together to this day this is where
I got started two decades ago actually more or less as a known on and offline
entrepreneur I would say and the other course that I created was good I’m sorry
daily list profits where I teach people how to make hundred dollars per day
online now what I did is I actually had to write sales copy video sales letter
and so on so this is a much better way to get started in my opinion it’s
totally free to get started with and all you have to do is upload your course
more or less and udemy will help you to promote it afterwards there when as soon
as you have uploaded the course there and if you get if you get started here
on your MA you can search for anything at all that
you can imagine there are so many opportunities here that you can get to
other people or hungry to learn a lot of things information of course that’s why
they come in the first place online and they do save themselves a lot of time to
go here and learn specific things look at this for example here let’s go the
ultimate drawing course for example you can see our seventy six thousand people
has enrolled in this course and it sells for twelve dollars here so imagine what
this person has made here alright we have a look at this Microsoft Excel
something really simple twelve dollars for the for this course and we have
eighty-seven thousand people that has enrolled here a lot of monies that you
can earn here a lot of them honey I’m sorry that you can earn on
now a tip here is when you have created your online course
which is super easy to do you can actually upload it on other sites like
Skillshare com for example this and there is teachable and there is other
sites there as well that you can upload the course so once you have your
original work done there you can upload it on other sites there so you can earn
more money with it now another way of teaching is to become a tutor you can
teach English online for example here VIP keep teachers you can earn up to
twenty two dollars per hour but you can also be a tutor in overall for anything
can be solving math problems or something like that check is this site
here where I am right now so they do have a lot of tutor jobs also available
here but you can of course just do research just google it to the ring and
so on and you will definitely find more sites that you can apply for all right
let’s move on to the final opportunity here and that is to become a freelancer
in overall if you come here two people per hour calm this is one great site
that has a lot of freelance jobs I will say in overall I just type call center
here to give you an example but let’s go
for a virtual assistant ok if I type virtual assistants and let’s see here
let’s go in all categories but you can search here for example for writing and
so on there but look at this I need virtual assistant experts this is
in euros it is approximately around $85 here this is hundred dollars virtual
assistant for business portfolio project virtual assistant for two hundred and
fifty dollars approximately here and you just go inside and see and check out all
the details here and see if you can apply for it now what I would recommend
you to do is sign up to a few of these sites actually go in on a daily basis
see what you can apply for bid low in the beginning until you get a good
reputation when you get a good reputation people want to hire you
definitely if you are good at your job there and you will get more and more
jobs so that is how it works another site is you can see I did
the same here I’m just typed let’s say for example data entry here on line 135
dollars here there are 69 bits so if you go and beat it for example hundred
dollars I can do this job you can see it’s data processing could be Excel or
whatever you can definitely get the job there alright so you see that there is
tons of opportunities here as well another site is also upward comm you
have here mail three sites already which is freelance sites and there are so many
things that you can apply for here and finally I would say you can
see here I just typed transcription if I open this up for example you can see
here there is over thousand people that has actually trusted this lady here with
this gig here and it’s not only about five dollars because let’s say for
example that you have twenty five minutes it will increase to 14 this is
fifteen dollars and for one hour this lady charges thirty three this is
approximately around 40 US dollars here so I mean you can apply for anything
okay I just let’s take something really simple here video editing for example I
will make video editing of 360 videos you can see it starts four hundred
dollars here one hundred and twenty five thirty dollars and so on so there are no
limits really one of the best ways to work from home is to become any kind of
real answer it depends of course a little bit on your scales here but you
can also apply for simple like data entry jobs and so on there
so there you have it seven plus I think I share some more opportunities here
actually on the real work from home jobs that pay hundred dollars per day or more
now as I said in the beginning I do have my number one recommendation to make a
full time hassle income online till the sustainable online business
you find it right here below in the description so make sure you check that
out if you got some value here I really appreciate if you smash that like button
below make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel make sure you hit the
notification bellow so you can be notified every time I upload a new video
and you’re going to find another make money online video recommendation at my
end screen here right now thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in
the next one

HIGHEST PAYING ONLINE JOBS + PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS 2020 | Make $100’s per day from home

if you want to learn how to earn income
while you sleep then this video is for you no this is not clickbait in this
video I’m gonna show you how to earn passive income and also great online
jobs that you can do to work from home if you want more freedom in this twenty
twenty more financial freedom then this video is for you
welcome back to my channel and if you’re new my name is Mary Kate I’m a mindset
coach manifesting expert online entrepreneur and founder of MK magic if you’re new I’d love to have you subscribe to my channel just be
sure to hit that little subscribe button down below my channel is all about love
attraction manifesting money good vibes and just how to consciously create your
life and live the life that you want on your terms so if that’s something you’re
interested in be sure to hit the subscribe button below and also hit the
bell notification so you never miss when I post a new video so now that that’s
out of the way I wanted to jump in to today’s video where I will show you how
to earn passive income and also show you different ways you can earn money online
working from home so if financial freedom is what you’re
craving then be sure to stay tuned so if you’ve been around my channel for a
while or if you’re on my email list you know that I’ve been saying lately that
2020 is your year and I truly mean it this is going to be your year the year
that you go after your dreams the year that you realize that you can have be or
do anything that you want and that there are really no limitations except the
ones you place on yourself this isn’t just a little motivational speech to get
you going I really want you to fully comprehend that in 2020 you can have be
or do anything that you want 2020 is your year it’s time to let go of what
held you back in 2019 and really take charge of your life I feel like in this
day and age there is no excuse to not be able to earn the income that you want it
doesn’t matter if you’re you know stuck at a job you don’t like or stuck at a
dead-end job that really has no room for advancement or you know not being able
to earn potentially the income that you want because it is in your control to
earn the amount of money you want there are so many different ways to earn money
so many different ways earn passive income so many different
ways to do online site hustles or work creatively to actually earn the income
you want and deserve so 2020 is your year to align with your purpose and
figure out what you are meant to do and I promise you the money will just start
flowing in when you follow your purpose so like I said at the beginning of this
video this is going to be part of a new money series I’m doing on my channel so
if you want to see all the videos in this money series there’ll be a little
playlist down below that you can click through and watch all the videos my
number one piece of advice on how to earn the income you desire is to align
with your purpose sounds easier said than done I do have a whole video on
alignment how to get into alignment how it works I’ll leave a little link up
here and a link down below so when I tell you to align with your purpose in
order to earn more money you need to figure out what your passions are what
are you good at what are your gifts that you can give back to humanity that are
unique to you what drives your passion what excites you what makes you want to
get out of bed every day things like that help you align with your purpose so
to start off get clear on what your passions are and what you’re good at and
what excites you you can write down anything don’t limit yourself if going
to the beach is what drives you and excites you and makes you want to get
out of bed every day write that down because I guarantee you there is a way
to earn income doing that and doing what you love
so for example if you like waking up and going to the beach every day why not get
a job as a lifeguard or find a nature conservation group who patrols beaches
or join a beach cleanup group or start teaching paddleboard lessons or start
teaching surf lessons or take up a hobby or teaching swim lessons there are no
limits if the beach is your thing go for it full force and you can earn an income
and align with what you’re meant to do that was just one specific example but
I’m just showing you that way you pick things that excite you and you enjoy and
things that make you want to get up out of bed every day then you can really
find a job in a way to support that passion and when you support your
passions you become an energetic match for more more abundance so just keep
that in mind so here are some side hustle in
some ideas that allow you to work your own hours or work from home or just be
flexible to earn money on your terms so the first website I want to talk
about is care comm on care comm you can sign up to do a child care pet care
senior citizen care housekeeping business services and so much more it’s
a really great website because you can create your own hours you can do
something you’re passionate about if you really like babies or pets it gives you
an opportunity to do something that you enjoy doing well helping out people that
need it I’ve heard tons of amazing things from care comm it’s easy to sign
up I think you can make your own schedule online you can decide what
hours you want to work how much or how little you want to work you decide your
rate you are in control of all those different aspects and you get to do
something that you enjoy doing and on that note there’s also a website called
sitter city comm and at sitter city comm you can sign up to be a babysitter or
nanny and I think they might do housekeeping as well so on that’s just
another opportunity to sign up make your own hours find babysitting jobs nannying
jobs local if you happen to pride yourself in being a type a and organized
why not provide your services as a home organizer it’s the new year and
everybody wants to get their lives organized so why not jump on that
opportunity why not organize people’s houses their kitchens their closets
their bedrooms people don’t want to do things that don’t excite them so that’s
where you come in a lot of people don’t really know where to start when they get
organized and if that’s one of the skills you have why not provide that
skill and something you’re good at and make your own hours and on your
terms and decide your rate it’s such a great opportunity because it’s flexible
and you can charge what you want based on what services you provide and if it’s
something you’re good at you’re giving back a service that helps other people
and makes everything convenient for everybody so if you want to be a home
organizer that’s another great opportunity if you’re more interested in
working from home there are a ton of great websites and so many resources
available I wanted to start off with Rev comm Rev comm is an online transcription
service so if you’re really good at typing
and really good at dealing with audio is a great opportunity so how
Rev works I think you sign up and there’s a couple of paid online
trainings and then from there they send you audio and you transcribe what you
hear and type it all out and then send it to them and then you get paid so you
can work as much or as little as you want and the more you work the more
money you get paid so rep comm is a great opportunity if you’re a night owl
if you just if you’re a stay-at-home mom if you’re someone who just wants to earn
a little extra income on the weekends rep comm is completely flexible there’s
no minimum I think amount of work you have to do you literally just can pick
up and work whenever wherever I think once you start a project they do have
time limits for certain projects so you just have to stay within that time limit
but it’s just such a great way to earn income whenever you feel like it you
don’t have to make any kind of schedule you get to work from home you can stay
in your pajamas if you want so that’s I’ll leave a link down for all
of these down below so you can just click on them and access them something
I’ve actually been using a lot lately to hire people is up work comm on up work
you can find people to do so many different things you can hire social
media managers you can hire people to do your website you can hire people to do
video editing you can hire people to do virtual assistant work so I’ve been
hiring people on there and having really great luck lately so if you have
interest in being a virtual assistant if you’re really skill oriented if you’re
really good at social media there are so many different opportunities to jump on
with up work then also there’s fiber so fiber comm I think I talked about one of
my other videos fiber comm is really great if you’re a graphic designer video
editor you know pretty much almost the same as upwork if you have really any
online skills to share fiber is a really really great way to earn extra income
doing things that you’re good at doing projects you’re good at so many people
are looking for virtual assistants so many people are looking for online help
they do copywriting there are just so many different opportunities online on
Fiverr and upwork to get hired doing something that you are good at when I
tell you to align with things that you are skilled at do it because you never
know what opportunities are available you never know if you could start
working a full time from making your own hours and making the
same money or making now you really never know where the road will lead you
so start off doing projects see how you like it see what work you can get there
are so many different opportunities I know I’ve said that so many different
times in this video but I just can’t stress it to you enough in this day and
age there is no reason to be stuck at jobs you hate or not earning the income
that you desire if you enjoy cooking why not offer meal prep services or personal
chef services so many different people it’s the new year like I said are trying
to be healthy this year they want someone to meal prep for them they want
someone to take the guesswork out of healthy eating so if you’re really good
at cooking why not offer these services to other people and if you’re good at
cooking why not create an e-book with all of your recipes you can now create
ebooks and sell them online you can even sell them on Amazon Amazon now has a
thing where you can self publish your own books they print it and send it out
for you so make your own eBook make your own book with all of your recipes there
are just so many different opportunities where if you follow your skills you can
make money on your terms doing exactly what you were meant to do it’s giving
back your skills in exchange for a service that people need and want I also
talked about it in one of my other videos if you are skilled at making
crafts making furniture making beautiful artwork why don’t you start opening an
Etsy store and selling things on Etsy that you create I won’t even get into
all the opportunities available on Etsy because there are just so many different
ways to make money on Etsy but if you’re good at making things or if you have an
idea to make things candles artwork furniture paintings clothes embroidery
if you have a Cricut machine you can start making money on Etsy so I’m just
gonna leave that there if you’re really good at art if you have an idea go for
it on Etsy this is the year that you get out of your comfort zone and you go for
it what is stopping you there is nothing stopping you Etsy is a great way to earn
passive income because once you make the object or once you make whatever you’re
gonna make it just gets bought online and all you have to do is ship it that’s
it sorry for the lighting change I feel like this video could go on forever so
I’m going to quickly end it with some passive income ideas I talked about
this in one of my other videos but I can’t stress this enough there’s this
website called Rakuten comm if you haven’t signed up yet be sure to use the
link down below and you get free $10 for signing up so Rakuten used to be this
website called ebay it’s where you just earn money from purchasing things online
you don’t have to pay any fees it’s nothing like that it’s honestly just
this miraculous way to earn money already buying the things you buy online
so when you sign up use that link down below you get $10 automatically I
personally buy everything online I’m not a big shopper so you know groceries
Amazon makeup clothes everything I buy everything online so when I make these
purchases I just go through the Rakuten website and click on the retailer and
just purchase things as I normally do and I get cash back from Rakuten for
doing absolutely nothing it is the perfect passive income source so like I
said if you haven’t signed up for Rakuten you are just missing out on free
money they don’t make you they don’t charge you anything there’s no loopholes
there’s no like weird back and things it’s literally just earning money for
things you’re already buying online so if you’re an Amazon addicts like me
definitely sign up for a q10 because you automatically get so much cash back and
it adds up like really quick so if you haven’t signed up yet be sure to use the
link down below and you get $10 automatically and once you sign up
you’ll get a link that you can share with other people and for every person
you refer you get $25 so it’s just honestly a no-brainer it’s free money so
such a great passive income source Rakuten com use the link down below
another great way to earn passive income is through teaching online courses there
are tons of different ways and platforms you can use there’s websites like
Skillshare com I think you’ve got two weeks free I’ll leave a link down below
for Skillshare but you can teach online courses and make passive income and what
I personally use is kajabi com I’ll leave the link down below for that too
and you get a month free trial coach ami calm is a place where you can
host your website you can build your email list it’s basically an all-in-one
you they host your website they you put your courses up there you get your email
list up there it’s all in one so instead of
– you know – a wordpress thing here in an email listing here kajabi is an
all-in-one I have a length I’ll share with you for a month free so that is
income you can earn from doing one course and you just keep making or
income over and over again so that’s passive income so end this video quickly
with how to manifest money I have some really great money meditations that
people have amazing results with I’ll also link some videos on how to manifest
more money I’ll put that all in description box below but I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to
my channel hit that Bell notification leave me a comment below I love hearing
from you and I would love to know if there’s anything specific you want to
see in this money series that I just created and be sure to check out my
instagram @ MK magick mindset and my website and k magic mindset calm and I
will see you in the next one

Best Work From Home Jobs in 2020 🏠

This past year I lived in six different
countries and traveled to over 12 different cities and that would not have
been possible if I did not have the ability to work from home, from my
internet connection and my laptop. And in this video, I’m gonna talk about the best
work from home jobs in 2020 so that you can get your online income started from
the comfort of your home, from the comfort of an air B&B, a mountainside, wherever you are, wherever you want to work, so you can free up some time and
you don’t have to travel to work and back and you can get your online career
started at home. If that’s something that interests you be sure to stay to the end
of this video, because I have some good ones coming up in this video. So let’s
get right into it and job number one for best work from home jobs in 2020 is a
content re-purpose manager. And you might be thinking, “What the heck is that?” It is
actually a position or a job that is in a very high demand for business owners,
entrepreneurs, and creators who put their all into creating some type of video
content, imagery content, audio content, maybe a podcast, and they can only manage
to create that one piece of content and your job, as the content repurposer,
would be to take that content, whether it’s an audio file, and maybe you would
transcribe it and make it into a blog post that they can post it on their
website. Or maybe you’re working with a business or creator who has a YouTube
channel, like this one for example, and you would take their video, help edit their
video, and maybe make it into an IG, more of a shorter form video, so that you
could play it on IG TV on Instagram, or you could play it and repurpose it on
Facebook and maybe even create some type of post for your Facebook group. So
there’s really a lot you can do as a repurposer, to help someone repurpose
long-form content as I was talking about for an example, a YouTube video that’s
longer form sometimes, the videos are between 10 minutes and 20 minutes and so
it’s really cool because from one video you can pick a quote, like a really
powerful quote from the video, you can create a quote card with it on
Canva you can go on, which is a free resource, You can grab a quote,
make it nice and pretty, there’s a ton of templates on canva where you can create really nice content for Pinterest, for Instagram,
whatever you want to, and so there’s so many ways to repurpose long-form content
and make that content last so that the business, or the creator, the entrepreneur,
whoever is creating the content, you take a lot a lot of hours and stress off of
their back because they only have to produce one type of content and not come
up with something for their Twitter, not come up with something for their
Pinterest, their Instagram, their Facebook stuff that takes a lot, a lot of effort.
Instead, one piece of content can go a long way and it could be repurposed in
many different types of forms and so that’s where your job comes in. And so
what I would do if I was getting started in the US for example, I would go and
post a job listing on and I would actually put together an
example project that you do where you repurpose content. And you wouldn’t
charge the business for your first project. So you would take a video or
something, show them what you can do to repurpose it and you would do it for
free, and it’s almost guaranteed that they will continue to work with you
because people and businesses like, a lot of times, when you can showcase your
stuff for free. And they’re like “Ok, I really appreciate that work, yeah let’s
work together” and so as you make your way up, you can continue to post your job
services on,,, to get more traffic to
your services and of course as your reviews go up, your pay goes up, your
hourly pay, and then as you get more and more clients you could even take your
business off of those platforms so that you can get 100 percent of profit
instead of having to share a percentage of the profit with one of those websites.
So a content repurposing manager is a great new opportunity that hardly anyone
is even talking about and businesses don’t even know that they
exist, that this is possible. So it is an excellent skill set that I would highly
recommend you learn and that you can easily do from home or anywhere in the
world. Alright, so coming in at job number two
for best work from home jobs in 2020 is a new phone app that I found the other
day called Steady. And the reason it is called Steady is because it stands for a
steady income from home. That’s kind of the mission and the goal of the company.
In a second, I’m going to show you how it works on the phone but the point
is this is actually an application that I am experimenting with myself and my
mother and I are working together to see if this application really works. And I
know it does because I was researching it and the application, on average, people who
are using the app are making an extra four thousand dollars per year. Just this
is very part-time, picking up a couple of hours here and there. And they
have over a million members on this application so it is really cool. Now,
let’s take a look on my phone right now, how it looks once you download that app.
Okay, so I just downloaded the application on my phone, on the iPhone
App Store. So you would click “Get Started” it says “Welcome to Steady” and then you
would click “Your zip code” so right now at the moment I’m in California, so I
type in my zip code you go “Browse Jobs,” and it says anytime work, part-time, and
full-time work, work from home, recently added, financial stability, income
boosters, your income. So the cool thing I like about this is you can track your
income, and whether it’s a part-time, a side hustle income, you can keep track of
everything on this application, how convenient is that? So you have your
profile, and you would set that up later, but let’s check out anytime work in my
area. So, as you can see, there’s food delivery, anything delivery with Postmates, food delivery, Uber Eats, pet care, housekeeping, tutor e-jobs, baby
sitter, nanny, so there’s a lot of really cool ideas. And if we go back, we can look
at the part-time and full-time work. And what I love about this app is everything
is right here in front of you so you can collectively see all the opportunities
right on the application, you don’t have to go searching on so many different
websites, it’s all right here and so we’ll look at this one, it’s
pharmaceutical sales representative, food delivery, dispensary driver, laundry
delivery driver, multiple positions, senior caregiver, and so if we continue
to look, we see work from home, which is really cool. Rent your car for cash on
Getaround, put your extra space on Airbnb, make money from your pool, what
does this say? “Pools are expensive to maintain, let your pool pay for itself and then some.” And so there’s some really
interesting opportunities on here, really cool opportunities for you to look at
for picking up different jobs from home. And you can see this one here, earn
cash for your receipts, get paid to share receipts with CoinOut. I’ve talked about
this one on my channel before, transcription, caption, and translations,
when you go to, and you could do any one of those types of jobs. So
definitely take the time to download this app, see what different jobs are
added in your area, so this is a recently added, this category, this is a retail
sales consultant at AT&T, housekeeper, department manager at McDonald’s, so all
different types of jobs on this app, that was only five minutes of research,
or less than five minutes, and so imagine what you can find if you just keep an
eye on this new app off for your phone called Steady. Right, so coming in at
number three for best work from home jobs in 2020 is a sales funnel
specialist. So what exactly is this? I’ve got over in a previous video, but let’s
check out the definition of what a sales funnel is: process that everyone that has
an online business has, hands down, period. Everybody has traffic, everybody has a
lead magnet or a freebie to give away, everyone has email marketing or a follow
up series that they do, and everyone has a product that they are selling, most
likely 99% of the time there is a digital product that they sell that is
involved in the whole funnel, sales funnel process. So now that we understand
what a sales funnel is, we know that every single business on this earth
needs some type of funnel to make money. That is the only way that a business
will stay in business, is to continue to sell things. So when we talk about sales
funnels, there’s so many different types of sales funnels. I mean people need
sales funnels for a webinar, for an application for one-on-one coaching,
if you have an e-book you’re going to need a sales funnel for that, whether
it’s a free giveaway or you’re charging 14 dollars for your ebook, there
is a sales funnel needed to go along with that product that you are creating.
And that’s another thing, whether it’s a physical product or a
digital product, it will still need a funnel. So in the beginning of the funnel
where yo have your traffic, whether your traffic’s coming from
social media or another type of source, that is going to funnel people to a
landing page, or a website where you are going to capture somebody’s name and
email. And so this is, as I mentioned, a landing page and this is
going to capture someone’s information so that the company or the business can
start building their list, right? A list is a very valuable asset to a company,
but it is very hard for a company, an entrepreneur, to create entire sales
funnels and make sure they function just by themselves because there’s a lot of
moving parts, there’s email follow-up series, there’s upsells, there’s downsells for a webinar, there’s different parts, you have to know what to
do when someone leaves a webinar. And in that type of funnel alone there’s a lot
to learn, but my point is there’s so much opportunity for you to become a sales
funnel specialist. It is not something that’s impossible to learn if you
dedicate between a solid month or two, depending on how fast you learn to build
up this skill, you can learn this pretty rapidly and start putting together
simple sales funnels for people, then you can start making more complex ones and
start charging more and more for your services, because I know for a fact the
sales funnel industry is always going to be in very high demand and many startup
companies will advertise when they’re hiring: “We’re looking for a
sales funnel specialist” and so how can you learn how to do this? There’s no
degree for it, you don’t go to college or anything like that,
what you would do is pick a program to learn first. For my sales funnels I use
Kartra, and my team member that helps me with sales funnels uses Kartra as well
because it’s an all-in-one business platform that has sales funnels, that has
membership sites where I can build my digital courses, it has webinar
integration, it has email marketing, so all these things may seem foreign to you
right now but if you were to pick Kartra to learn, it isn’t that hard to learn
if you’re learning it step-by-step. So, for example, if you go into the Kartra
platform, you’ll see that you can navigate through it very easily, all the
categories of the different functions in the platform are very clearly laid out.
You can easily pull up the sales funnel builder, create beautiful landing pages,
there’s already made-for-you templates. All this stuff is very figure-out-able
and you know I’m stealing Marie Forleo’s word, but it is super figure-out-able, when you
come into this platform and start learning these high income skills. By the
way, if you are interested in checking out Kartra to learn how to build sales
funnels or to use for your online business I do offer a lot of bonuses if
you were to sign up through my link which will be in the description.
I even offer a few done-for-you funnels which have the landing pages, the
“Thank you” pages, the email follow-up series, so if you want to present
something already made for you to a business, you have it right there if you
were to sign up through my link in Kartra, which will be available in the
link in the description below. Alright, so coming in at number four for
best work from home jobs in 2020 is voice overs. So what is a voiceover?
Exactly what it sounds like, if you’re not somebody who likes to get in front
of a camera and create content and you’re kind of camera shy, but you’re
confident with speaking, and you’re not shy to talk, like to
have someone hear your voice, you can do a professional voice-over for somebody
else’s content, whether it’s a video or maybe even a narration, or a podcast, or
something like that where somebody needs a voiceover. Even, sometimes somebody
needs a narrator to read their ebooks out loud, this would be a good
opportunity for you to read their books out loud and narrate their content, so if
this is something you think you could do, there’s a lot of different websites and
opportunities where you can do this, so if you’re looking for voice-over jobs
you can go to a website called VoiceBunny, Voices123, and also
Voices, so I checked out these websites and they’re great websites and if those
websites don’t work out, you can go to SnapRecordings and Voices Online Now, so
those are five different websites where you can check out voice-over
opportunities and also, as well, you can check out Fiverr and and
create a listing of voice-over narration, So an average hourly paid for this job
is around sixteen dollars per hour, of course you can make a lot more than that
as you have more jobs, more reviews, and more results. Okay, so coming
number five is a YouTube channel manager. So what is a YouTube channel manager? It
is somebody who operates and helps the YouTube creator actually manage the
backend or the SEO on their YouTube channel, so if you have a business
YouTube channel, which a lot of big creators do, they can add different
managers to their channel so that people can help them upload thumbnails, optimize
their description, write their description, and once they write their
description, they have to have somebody help them email out the video to their
list, also there’s on-video SEO; you create the tags for the different videos,
and there’s so many more things to do like titles, cards, endscreens, there’s
really a whole entire upload checklist when you create a YouTube video and a
lot of creators don’t have time for that, they want to just do what they’re good at
doing and create and then hand off the editing and the management to somebody
else. So this is why a YouTube channel manager is a job that is in high demand
and it’s only going to become inn even more high demand, kind of like how a
project manager or a social media manager for Facebook and Instagram
became really popular in the past five years and no one really knew about it
before, that it’s the same thing with YouTube. With YouTube you are now allowed
to have an entire team help work on your channel, and trust me this is going to be
something that is in very high demand and here’s the thing: if you know how to
manage a YouTube channel, that also means that you know the basics of YouTube, SEO
or search engine optimization which is a very, very high income skill because SEO
is something that people don’t want to learn on their own, so if you’re somebody
who knows how to manage a YouTube channel you can easily learn how to do
YouTube SEO and make your skill set more valuable and get paid more and more as
you get more clients and more YouTube creators that you’ve done really good
work for. So as an hourly rate it’s really hard to put a number on it
because it is such a new job but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make
up to $100 per hour or more. You have to be very careful with what you’re doing
because it’s SEO, you’re working with people’s titles, you can’t mess up on a
youtube title, that could affect the optimization of the
entire video, but this is definitely a job where you can charge a lot more for,
maybe lower in the beginning, but again, as you get better you can raise your
hourly rate a lot easier. Alright, so coming in at job number six for best
work from home jobs is a virtual hiring recruiter. Now, normally in the corporate
world you do need a degree and all these certifications and stuff so that you
could be a professional in the HR department, however with this position
for different online businesses it is definitely not that strict. You don’t
need qualifications and a degree and all that, what a virtual hiring recruiter
does is they help different businesses hire people, create postings, create the
job listings of the positions that they need in their business that the
companies do not have time to do but they need to hire somebody, so a small
business like aka me, if I’m looking for somebody to hire and I want to get a
high quality person, it is really hard for me to spend an entire week
all day, every day, posting a job, writing up the description, figuring out exactly
who I want, interviewing people, getting people’s experience and stuff like that.
So I want to hire a hiring manager to do this for me because it is something that
takes a lot of time but it actually is very, very important to the growth of a
business and so in the research that I’ve done on Fiverr and UpWork of
people that are hiring and also offering jobs you can make anywhere from fifteen
to thirty dollars an hour of being a virtual hiring recruiter. And so as a
recruiter you would need to come up with creative ways to find different people
to work for the team so you could even go into Facebook groups and see what
different types of people are talking about the business that you’re hiring
for. You could even go to different areas where college students are looking for
work and they have specialties, like if the business is hiring a graphic
designer you could reach out to college students to see like, “Hey, who is
looking for an internship at this business” and so it really is finding the
best person for the team of the business who’s looking for that person, but also
making sure that the person getting hired is well qualified for the job. So
if you are liking this video give it a big thumbs up and join the family,
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and if you’re liking this video
I know for a fact you are going to enjoy this video, where I talk more about
high-paying jobs that you can learn and do from home and that video starts right
now. In this video you’re gonna learn ten
high-paying jobs that you can learn and work from home so you can dump that
alarm clock.

Legit Paying Sites 2020 – Paano Kumita ng $4 to $50 in 1 Hour Sa Online Jobs Phillipines

In this video, I will share legit online jobs where you can get income online this 2020. Hi guys, is it your first time here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and Bell to get notified for new uploads. Let’s divide these online income to 4 categories. First, full-time with clients with required hours. Second, work with flexible time, log in anytime and log out anytime. Third, just an extra income that requires no skills. More on survey sites. Fourth, cellphone applications that really pay and are legit. Just an extra, online investment that I recommend and affiliate marketing. The top website I recommend is, I was recommending FreeeUp before. A lot of our viewers already got a client here to work with. A lot of them are now working stable online. OnlineJobs PH, Upwork, FreeeUp, and We’ll discuss all these altogether since they are all freelancing platforms. Freelancing platforms are where clients abroad are posting their job openings and these are where we can apply by registering on the website first. We can see their job openings here where we can apply. Once a client hired us and we worked for them, that’s when they’ll pay us. Samples of freelancing jobs you can d here, 1. Telemarketer – placing calls Here, you’ll call clients. 2. Content writer – writing articles 3. You can also work as a customer service representative That can be via chat or email or you can also answer phonecalls. It depends on your client’s needs Those are the jobs you can find here. What are the differences of OnlineJobs, Upwork, and FreeeUp? In OnlineJobs PH, there’s no fee, it’s direct to the client. But then the payments are not recured, there are chances that clients wouldn’t pay. That usually happens at first. But once you receive payment, it will go from there. Number 1 advantage in OnlineJobs PH is there are lots of job posts and there’s no fee. The fee is on the client’s side. Another legit website where you can find work is Upwork. The only difference from OnlineJobs PH is in Upwork, there’s 20% Upwork fee. It goes down in the long run of working here. Unfortunately, to be able to apply here, you will have to pay for “Connects” But that’s affordable, so don’t worry. The payment here is more secured compared to OnlineJobs PH. I always mention about FreeeUp because this is where I’m a freelancer at. There is no fee and there’s not much competitors in jobs you can apply for. In the first two, OnlineJobs PH and Upwork, in a single job, you can have as much as 50 competitors. Here, there’s just one or two in one job offering. So these are Client 1 and 2 who hired me. They have different rates too. By the way, your earnings here depend on your rate. We have another full video about online jobs, watch that. This is just a shorcut. So here, Client 1 and 2, also you’ll see my login times. 3 hours, 5 hours, and here 1 hour and 40 minutes login time. It’s prorated on your rate. Here, for 5h and 36m i earned 77.38 USD My rate here is $14 per hour and here, $18 per hour. Freelancer is our fourth website. It’s also free, you don’t need to pay their monthly membership here. It’s almost the same with the first three, but there are more cons here. You can earn in two ways here: Freelancing jobs and contests. A client will post the contest For example, logo. Freelancers will send their sample logos and client will choose one he’ll use and that’s when the client will award the money. Fiverr is also a freelancing platform but it’s the other way around. Here in Fiverr, clients will be the one to look for freelancers. Normally, they’re the ones posting job offerings and us applying to them, but here, we’re the ones posting our services and the client is the one browsing for skills and will look for a freelancer they’ll like. We are selling our services here where clients can choose from. Another full-time or part-time you can do at home is Acadsoc, ESL teaching company. There are lots of other sites, but this one is what we’re able to try. We have viewers who are currently working here. This is trully legit and paying. For now, we’ll talk about this. In ESL companies, you will teach English. basic, advanced, or business English to kids, adults, businessmen, but mostly to kids. In Acadsoc, students are Chinese. There are other websites who have Japanese students. It depends on the ESL company. Here in Acadsoc, they have Chinese. I have read some negative comments about Acadsoc in Facebook that the rate went down to 40 pesos per hour I don’t like that personally but I’m not sure because I have asked my viewers and none of them gave a feedback. There are also negative comments about the leaders and many more. Maybe it really depends on the leader or teacher’s attitude. Also on your work ethics and behavior. Our viewers have positive feedbacks anyway. Now, we’ll share part-time or free-time online job websites. This is where you will only log in when you need to work. And log out if you don’t. No client that will require you to log in or log out on a specific time. Just free time or flexible. Whenever you want to work. Number 1 (When I posted this the 1st and 2nd time, a lot of our viewers are already earning $100 to $200 per week) We have a certain student viewer who earns $3 per hour She’s working before and after going to school and earning $3 per hour here. What is Remotasks? It’s doing annotations. What they mostly promote is boxing cars, that’s called annotation. But here in Remotasks, the number 1 source of income of our viewers is what they call lidar tasks. I am not sure about what Mamoth is from the comment section, but I think that’s under lidar too. This is where we are helping self-driving cars about the ways ahead, if it’s a car in front, is that a pole, sidewalk, or a person… We are identifying it for the car’s AI or self-driving cars. Remotasks pay via Paypal every Friday or Saturday. Next is Directly where you work as chat support. You can work for Samsung. Here, this is Rock City I think this is for GTA. They also have one for League of Legends PostMates Also Shopify. Us experts will answer customer’s questions. We get $1 per answer we provide to them. You are a chat support for certain websites here like Samsung. Another legit and paying website is Appen. I asked for feedbacks from our viewers and they said there are only a few tasks here but they are regularly sending tasks at least twice a month This is where we are helping Facebook search engines The task I got from Appen is about Facebook’s search engine. It’s just more about if you saw what you’re looking for or if the search results are sufficient. We are helping social media search engines here. There are full-time online jobs here where you work 15 to 20 hours. That’s minimum $3 per hour as a social media evaluator but only few from our viewers got accepted there. Only 1 to 3 viewer gave feedback to us. Second website will be for transcription websites. We have two videos: GoTranscript and You will register on their website, they’ll see if you passed or not. Once you’re hired, there’s a list of files that you can transcribe. Each file transcribed has a corresponding pay. What’s transcription? You will type what’s being said in the audio. It’s not that easy, it takes time to do it. The longer you’re workking here, the faster you become. The primary difference between and GoTranscript, pays more but it’s harder to get in here, in GoTranscript, it’s not easy to get in, but easier compared to Rev. And the pay here is lower than Rev. In 2018, I tried 10-minute audio for $2.33 I’m not sure if it went up, but it says here upto $0.60 per video minute. Another legit website where we got proof of payment, Humanatic. Problem is, a lot of cheating happened so they temporarily closed the registration. I’m not sure when they’re opening again. Once Humantic doors reopen, this is a good opportunity. This is non-voice, you’ll just listen here and there’s no talking. You’ll listen to the call and categorize it if someone answered the call or not, what the call is about, is it just an operator who answered, depends on the category, you get $0.10 per call. They pay via PayPal. This is where I started sharing videos on YouTube because Usertesting is really good. Other viewers don’t know how it works and how to takke advantage of this How can you take advantage of this opportunity? Usertesting is where you’ll be testing websites. You get $10 per each website you test for 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t worry about testing the website or if it has codes or anything, you will just test the website as a normal user. For example, Facebook submitted a test to Usertesting for this first page of the group “When I scroll down, I think this is really not necessary I think you should put more content or you should stretch this upto here.” You don’t need to have perfect English here as long as it’s conversational and clients can understand. Don’t mock my English earlier, that’s just a sample. You will just test products as a user. $10 per 10 to 20 minutes website testing. That’s a fixed $10. Just always pull up a tab for this whenever you’re on a computer. You can do Appen, Lidar in Remotasks, or Directly and it will ping you if there’s task available. Next category are for extra income online. This is both for PC and cellphone users. This is just an extra 500 to 1,000 per month income. These are survey sites or so called microtasks. You don’t need a skill here, but you can only earn like 40 pesos to 50 pesos per survey. Here, clients will send out surveys and once you’re able to take it and get qualified for it, you’ll get points that you can exchange for real cash. This is the first one we shared in 2017, Lifepoints. It was Global Test Market before. This is legit and paying since 2017. Another legit survey site that we have a proof of payment of, Mobrog. It’s instant payout. Minimum withdrawal is 250 pesos Once you cash out the money from their site, you get it in PayPal in jusst 20 to 30 minutes. Toluna, almost same with the first two and we also have proof of payment. It takes 15 days to 1 month to get your payout here. SurveyTime is the recent one we shared about. SurveyTime has no minimum payout, $1 instant per each survey. You will receive it in your PayPal within 15 to 20 minutes after finishing the survey. $1 per survey. InstaGC is good too, but if you don’t have a fully verified PayPal, you can skip this. InstaGC also sends out survey like Toluna and Survey Time. They also pay instantly. Once you request payout, you’ll get it in your PayPal within 30 minutes. Another website that is legit and paying, Shopback. It’s not an extra income online. It’s rebate when shopping in Lazada, Shopee, and booking with Agoda. They give cashbacks for that. If you paid 10,000, you may get 600 rebate in your Shopback which you can withdraw into real cash via PayPal or bank transfer. This can be your extra income online if you will invite users that like to shop. If you know someone who always shop online in Lazada, Shopee, or Agoda, send them your referral link. After you invite spent a certain amount, you get 100 pesos. That’s when it becomes extra income online if you will invite shoppers. I personally use Shopback when using Lazada or Agoda. Another legit website where you can earn online, but here you also need to do invites, it’s not a requirement, but that’s how you’ll get income. This is really legit. Every invite, sometimes it’s 75 pesos, every successful referral, you get 50 to 100 pesos. It varies per month because sometimes, they have promos. You can also buy and sell Bitcoin here. Buy if it’s cheap, then sell a a higher price of BTC. Fourth part of our video is more on for cellphone users. I am not recommending it that much because it’s just a small income. These can be applications to kill time that are proven to be legit and paying. First in the list is Kumu Livestream. How can you earn through Kumu Livestream? They have major games here like QuizMoKo and other games where they give real money prizes. For example, answer 10 questions correctly gives you 10,000 pesos jackpot sometimes it’s 20k, 50k, and one time it was 1 million. If there are multiple winners, they’ll all have a fair share of the prize. Another way to earn here is through livestreaming. When doing a livestream, your viewers can send you diamonds. Those diamonds can be converted to real cash. Another legit application is Tangere Pinoy Survey with Prizes. This is not like the first survey sites where you get cash, here, you get raffle entry. You can win iPad 6th gen, 500 coins, cellphones, flights… Those are sort of their prizes. Once you finish a survey, you get a raffle ticket to win phones or sometimes, cash prizes. I went to SM on one of their live draws and they really have a DTI representative during the live draw. You don’t have to shell out any amount here. Load Rewards is another legit and proven paying application. You will have to spin here and you can get from 10 load up to 100 load. I already got and received both 10 and 100 load. These are applications you can use to kill time and get rewarded. Premise also offers surveys, mostly quick surveys. They pay like 5 pesos for that quick survey, they’ll ask you to take photos, like missions from this place to this place, they will ask you about the transportation, take a photo of it, all in exhange of payment. Premise is proven legit and paying. Another way to earn is called affiliate marketing. What’s affiliate marketing? If you have an item that you want to share to your friend or cousin, or even sharing it to anyone using your affiliate link, you can get referral commission if they used and buy that using your link. You can go with Lazada Affiliate Program. Last one we’ll share is about investments online. “Sir James, where’s the best place to invest online?” Stock market is the only recommendation I can give to invest online. This is where you will buy stocks of like Jollibee, Puregold, SM, Globe, PLDT… Those stocks can either go up or down through time, if you invested and bought stocks here, your money can goo up or down. If it went up, then you get profit for investing. In stock market, you can get profit or deficit. Your 100 pesos can be 200 or 50 pesos the next day. Investment, you can get profit or deficit. In buying stocks, you will need a broker. COL Financial is a broker, but there’s many more. It’s up to you to choose. Make sure that your broker is legit because this is where you’ll deposit money. COL Financial is the only one I’ve tried and their services are good. You will deposit money here through bank that you’ll use to buy stocks. You will do both buying and selling stocks here in your broker. Once you sold it, it’ll come to your cash fund and you’ll withdraw it through bank too. You will request it within COL Financial too. Those are the legit sites where you can earn online this 2020. Make sure to click the like button if you liked this video share this to your friends if you they want to find real online and typing jobs. Not the fake ones, so they won’t be misled to other things. Thank you for watching, homemates. See you next time.

Arise IBO – Start Working From Home

HOST: Hey guys welcome to Andvaris Virtual
Solutions, today’s Sunday I’m really going to go off on a rant here, That’s really this
video is going be about there’s a Sunday rant on the work at home industry. I feel like it’s underrated, undervalued and
not spoken about enough. I feel like people really have to know you
know what’s out there, what they can do and really make a choice and stop going into these
office jobs, these brick and mortar buildings, doing these 9 to 5 that completely control
their lives you know. If your choice is to do that fine, that’s
your call but have the knowledge that you don’t have to do that, there are choices and
you can do something else. Now let’s get into it, it’s not about Arise
here a little bit, Arise have started since 1999 and it’s still going strong, actually
stronger than ever because of how strong our work at home industry is. Now they have countless government awards,
they have an international reach, Europe, Canada and all across the United States here
now. Let’s see here some fun facts, work from home
industry facts; one-third of companies these days are permitting their employees to work
home, one-third of all the United States companies are permitting their employee to do some kind
of work at home position. That’s big, that’s very big you know, just
10 years ago, 20 years ago I’m sure that didn’t even exist. I’m sure that wasn’t even possible you know,
technology is growing and so our jobs and the type of jobs that we could do. I mean even flex jobs, one of the world leading
career sites saw 36% increase in the number of remote listings with computers and IT jobs,
field surging operations, followed by medical health, sale, administration’s, customer service,
education and training. I mean a 36% increase in remote positions,
I mean positions from home, that’s huge, that’s huge! They just let you know how big the work ecology
industry is and how fast it is growing and you know guys, just like any other industry
or anything else in life and it’s growing so fast, so new and fresh to everyone that
there are going to be some setbacks. I mean you guys recently heard that Yahoo
the company took back all their work at home positions. They stopped every single employee who had
a home; you know work at home position and brought them back into the office, now everyone
has to come into the office. Even with that step back, they say that 20%
of the United States currently works from home. In the next 5 years ,that number will triple
to 63% and some new statistics show that 47% of every single person who does work from
home is not only happier and more motivated and more productive than anyone else who wants
to go into a brick and mortar office or 9 to 5 position. There’s one more thing that I really want
to go into here and I’m , really been bothering me a lot more lately and just build I’m getting
more emails about it. it’s been getting more you know attention
on that and I hate to even have to say I hate to even bring any light to it but work at
home scams you know. just think about it guys look out what they’re
offering you know they’re saying 40 dollars an hour for you know some simple mindless
tasks that you might do at home you know . Earn three thousand dollars a week; do you want
a thousand dollars a week in your PayPal account? Just when you look at those things, when you
see those things, you know that has nothing to do with telecommuting work at home industry,
those are scams! They you know as light as day, they are scams! That’s all that those are you know and I hate
to even bring your attention to it to be honest but I feel like a lot of people you know tempting
makes the work at home industry with these people who are taking advantage of the growing
up you know just the fast-growing of the work at home industry itself you know. When you’re when you’re asked to do things
like data, when you’re you know solicited to do something like that, just think about
it, does it make sense ? Does it make sense that someone pays you 40 dollars plus an hour
to do a mindless simple position or task at home? Does it make sense someone will pay you 3000
dollars a week to do a home position? Does it make sense that someone would deposit
thousands of dollars into your PayPal account for nothing; for doing nothing at home? It doesn’t make sense you know, to pursue
that we hire for that we offer or work at home positions for fortune 500 clients they’re
not mindless. You have to be smart, you have to be educated. You have to pass tests, it’s nothing easy. it’s not easy as you said if you do want to
do it or not able to do it, you have the luxury of being able to work at home and take control
of your own schedule .Well that’s going to be it for me guys, I’m going to let it sign
out here. If you like the content that we’re putting
out, go ahead and like and subscribe below, if you have any questions or comments leave
them below. I want to see your questions and your comment
and I will get back to you guys. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
we are everywhere on social media. Alright guys I’ll catch you guys next time.