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-I can’t help but be scared that, I’m gonna look back and, you know be like, ‘huh’. -If a couple from our group doesn’t make it, it would be a loss. -I wan’t Tyyawdi to know that we support her. -I’m still trying to figure things out. -So you thinking about dating again? -I’m not shutting you down, just telling you how I feel. -I have been working with a recruiter. -I want to propose to him. -You do? -This is not starting out the way I hoped. MUSIC

Tamela Was “Engaged” to Another Man When She Fell for David | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

But she had been
dating this other guy. Well, yeah, but– yeah, prior.
I was– You’ve got to go
back and tell that. Yeah, prior I was
dating this other guy. And– But he– he went
out of– he moved out of town to go to the service. So we had started– we were
spending more time together– Yes, as the friends,
the best friends. –just hanging out as friends. And the friendship, like
I was saying earlier, that I was really falling for David. And so we had this
one problem, though. She was in engaged. So it was like– Well, I was asked
if I would marry him. You– see, you
can’t ever get her to admit that she was engaged. So you’re gonna be the first– Well, it’s not that
I was– because we– he was out of town, and it
happened over the phone. Were you engaged? He asked, and I said yes. So that means you– I’m just going to let you–
however you want to fix it. No, you got to
say, I was engaged. So– but it happened. And, OK, I fell in love with
David, long story short. [LAUGHS] I was engaged. But when he came home– The guy came home. I decided that I would want
to be with David versus him.

First Look: “Engaged and Enraged: A Couple in Crisis” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey Network

-I wanna be taken care of. -I think a lot of women want to be taken care of. -Provide. -Can you do that right now? -Right now, no. -No. -He had to have his leg amputated. And ever since then he’s been shut down. -I don’t want to feel like I’m going to be a burden for her. -I want to know why you don’t tell him that you resent him! -I feel like you’re trying to separate us. -This is what you’re taking into the marriage. -And this is what he has to deal with. -You think I’m a fool? I know how TV works. -We gonna cut this right now. MUSIC

What Would Oprah Say About Attracting Love| Engaged at Any Age | Jaki Sabourin

I want to ask you a question what would
Oprah say to you right now about attracting love well if you look at
everything that she’s created in her life her level of commitment to growing
and to creating consciously an amazing life is is unparalleled if you look at
her super soul Sunday how she’s created this platform to help raise the
vibration of consciousness on this planet what do you think that she would
say to you a woman who has that level of commitment to her purpose to following
her path and to being conscious what do you think she would say to you about
attracting love hi I’m Jaki Sabourin thanks for joining me and I want to talk
to you about what would Oprah say about attracting love well I feel like that
she would say work on your own soul first I think that she would say look in
the mirror and I agree with her 100% and I hope that that a hard pill for you to
swallow because you know I always come from love but if your soul needs
cleaning up and and if you’re still wounded then you’re going to attract
from that place of of a wounded place or an angry place or an unhappy place
you’re gonna get exactly what you’re putting out by the law of attraction so
I want to help you to avoid that and give you some signs that you need to
look at to see if you maybe need to tune up a little bit before you get out there
and start attracting love so let’s go into the first sign so the first sign is
if you’re still saying negative things about your ex that’s a major red flag
for you so if you’re still saying things about your your ex that are negative is
is is going to be work that you need to do around so if you still have contempt
or anger for your ex and your you’re going to be attracting a man that’s
angry and you don’t want that you don’t want to repeat that pattern to that
cycle and so you’ve got to start working on forgiving and you’ve got to start
working on releasing that that emotion around the anger and so that’s a tune-up
that you need to do in that area and so the second tune-up you need to do
is if you haven’t learned boundaries boundaries is such a big part of healthy
relationships you really need to to look at your boundaries and and and ask
yourself am i am i speaking my truth am i saying yes when I really mean no and
that just leads to being abused and used by men and so boundary mastery is
important skill set that you really need to to acquire because when you have
healthy boundaries you have a healthy self-esteem and you also have the
respect of men so want you to learn to set healthy boundaries and so the next
the next tune-up that you one look at is if you are ignoring your own intuition
are you ignoring your own intuition and I know that sometimes we get these these
these feelings these knowing but we ignore them and we we we just don’t want
to listen to it because we really want what we want something happens we meet
this great guy we’re attracted to them right away and we feel all this
attraction and we’re like I want to follow that we don’t listen to our
intuition or we we pursue men and we reach out to them or and maybe they
don’t call us back so that we we call them or we over text over give whatever
it is for you if you’re not listening to your intuition you’re really missing out
on the biggest part of life so much intelligence wisdom is there for you
just to reach out and connect with so if you’re not listening to that you’re
going to be experiencing so much more heartache and pain and suffering you
don’t need to don’t want you to tune up and and connect with your that soul
energy that we all have that you have access to so that you can start making
good decisions coming from love and not fear and that’s what your intuition does
it has the the it has this love based energy that you just have these knowings
that you know the decisions that you’re making are right for you and your your
going for the loved germination not the instant gratification and so and so the
bottom line is I really want to have the opportunity to teach all of you these
these these skills and this tune-up that your soul needs and I can do that
for you in my new bridge solo program that starts November 21st and the
biting you cordially right now to join me for a five-week accelerated course to
help you to tune up your soul and to get more connected to your intuition to
create more intimacy within yourself to create healthier boundaries all of this
is going to be covered in a five-week accelerated course where you get to get
coaching from me and live calls five weeks in a row starting November 21st
there’s so much more to this program I don’t even have time to go into it right
now and I don’t want to waste any of your valuable time because I appreciate
you so much being on my youtube channel thank you so much for being here and
that’s why I created the this program so that you can connect with me I’m getting
so many emails and a lot of comments are Jackie how do we work with you and
people are reaching out and contacting me through my website this is how you
can work with me this year and it starts November 21st it’s a very low price
point made it affordable to everyone so you can have a you can connect with me
and you can get a feel for the type of coaching I do and you can see how
effective it is and and I really focus in on the application a practical
application of these if sometimes it would sound like really esoteric
teachings but I’m going to give you the tools in a very practical way so you’re
gonna start applying them right away and attract your soul mate before the end of
the year the holidays is the hardest time to spend alone so please spend it
with me go to WWE to love WWH to love and sign up for my
accelerated a program bridge to love and we can connect there we can start
connecting right away soon as you sign up you’ll have access to so many bonuses
and our private Facebook group where we can connect you can start getting
coaching from me and my love coaches thanks for being here don’t forget to
Like share and subscribe to my channel so you never miss another episode and
I’m just sending you so much love today bye

First Look: Babies, Birthdays and Unfinished Business | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

-You may feel like this is going to save us, but that’s not how I feel. -Maurice told me some plans he was trying to make for his ex-wife to move her here. -Oh no. -Kimmie, Kiowa, Kiowa, Kimmie. -Tell me the difference between a father and a dad. -I went to the office the other day to holler at you, Mel told me some stuff, dawg. -There go Mel, putting our business out there. MUSIC

How This Couple Ended Up Engaged Before They Were Boyfriend and Girlfriend | Black Love | OWN

– So we went on a picnic,
and we had a good time, and we started talking
and everything. We came back home
and I told her, I say, well, you know, I’m– I’m going to Japan. I had orders to go
to Japan, right? And I picked those
orders before, you know, this was like,
beginning of the year. The fact that he was
going to go to Japan, and be gone for another
eight months possibly– – No, it was longer than that.
– 18 months. – Yes.
– Yes. It really made me sad. I was like, at this
time, I’m like, I’ve invested a couple
of months into him. Now, I’m like, I’m really like,
feeling like I love him now. And so it really made
me sad ’cause I’m like, he’s going to be gone again. Who knows– 18 months. Who knows what’s going
to happen in 18 months. So it really kind of, you know–
that’s why I started to tear up that night, ’cause I couldn’t– I just couldn’t think
about losing him. You know, at this point it
started getting very emotional. You know, and she started
to cry and everything. So I got up– and you now,
we was sitting in the bed– and I got out the
bed, I say, OK, I got to go to the restroom. I went to the restroom and
the ring was in the next room. And so I came back, and
I stood outside the door. I started doing
some jumping jacks. I say, forget this.
I’m fixin’ to do it, right? And so I walked in the
room and it was dark. And so I got down on one knee. And she didn’t see what I was
doing, and I opened the box up. And I say, I have
two reasons why this relationship will work. And I asked her to be my wife. And she flipped. She flipped. So this was like– this
was the beginning of July. And we wasn’t even
boyfriend and girlfriend. This was June.
That was June– – Yeah, that June, excuse me.
– The end of June– –end of June. So we weren’t boyfriend
and girlfriend. And she looked at me,
she’s like, we wasn’t– we’re not even in
a relationship. How does this work. I said, forget it. You know, we cut
out the middle man. Cut the middle man out. And then a few weeks later
we went to the courthouse and we got married
at the courthouse. When he proposed, I’m
like, Tony, like, I’m not even your girlfriend. He was like– I don’t know if
you remember saying this– he was
like, well, I don’t want you to be my girlfriend.
I want you to be my wife. Come on, somebody. And I was like, OK. So this is the part
that you left out. Two weeks after our
engagement, we found out that we were pregnant. Oh yeah, that’s right. Yeah, that big part.

Alfonso Cuaron Signs Deal With Apple to Create New Series | THR News

Oscar winner, Alfonso Cuarón is making big moves in the TV world. Following a competitive process
of multiple outlets bidding, Cuarón has signed an
overall deal with Apple. Under the terms of the multiple year pact, he will create and develop
new television projects exclusively for Apple’s
forthcoming TV plus. The deal could be considered
a big win for Apple. Especially after Cuarón
delivered a hit for Netflix in the form of “Roma.” Cuarón, of course, wrote,
directed, and produced the film that was nominated for multiple oscars including best picture. (soulful music) As part of the new pact,
Cuarón will still maintain his nonexclusive deal
with Anonymous Content, and will partner with
them on select projects, while also continuing to
produce other projects with different collaborators. The “Gravity,” “Children
of Men,” and “Harry Potter” grad becomes the latest
A-lister to sign a content deal with Apple. Apple TV Plus launches November 1st with original “See,”
“Dickinson,” “For All Mankind,” and “The Morning Show.” – Ahhh! – Ahhh! – You walk out that door, you
are never gonna get back in. – For more on this story, head to Until next time with The
Hollywood Reporter news, I’m Tiffany Taylor.

At Work With Reese Witherspoon | BTS

– Hi guys! So this is day one of the
Big Little Lies press tour. Wait, where am I supposed to look? Here? Oh yeah, that’s where the camera is. I wanted to show you guys what it’s like to promote a tv show. Let’s have some fun! Who ordered all the food? Notice how much coffee we have. Is this how you take mirror selfies? This is how she does it. I’m excited about this trip, but I’m more excited about this. It’s a pop socket, I love pop sockets! – Why do love pop sockets? – Please welcome Reese Witherspoon! I’m not spoiling that part, but then Meryl comes in as a mother. – Should I tell you who? – No, don’t tell us! – This is what its like to be backstage at Good Morning America, it’s early in the morning. – Now starring in Big Little Lies, welcome Reese Witherspoon! – We have words. As my southern grandma used to say. We had words. It is only as good as the
group of artists that make it. Whenever I get a minute to just lay down and take a nap, I have to. What are you doing? – Oh I’m sorry.

This Car Wash is On a Mission to Employ Individuals with Autism | The Hero Effect | OWN

[MUSIC PLAYING] So Tom, why a car wash? People with autism are
great at detail-oriented, process-driven tasks. They excel at them. In fact, they’re
better than most. But as a society,
we look at autism as a disability that
requires sympathy instead of a potentially
really valuable diversity. So we decided we wanted to build
something that could not only empower people with
autism, but also could explain that message,
that people with autism are really capable, that can
be huge assets to a lot of different businesses. So the car wash
kind of does that in a lot of different ways. We can employ about 50%
of the autism spectrum. So there’s a wide range
of people with autism that can be successful here. So we put them through a
really structured program. And what we see almost
immediately, usually within just a few
weeks, that our guys tend to– they open up, they
want to learn new things. They want to talk to customers,
which at first a lot of them are really skittish about
wanting to talk to strangers. The idea of getting a tip
after a job well done, a smiling customer after
they leave the car wash, that type of small
satisfaction really just opens our guys up and opens
up a whole world of opportunity up for them. So what’s next? So we’re in the process of
opening our second location here in Florida. And we’ll be employing
about another 50 individuals of autism there. Also built into that location,
will be a classroom environment where we’ll hopefully
really be able to bring a lot of other families from
all over the country, maybe even all over the world, show
them what we’ve done, and help them do this
in their communities, whether that be a car
wash model or taking this and adapting it to a
bakery or a laundry service or whatever. We’ve had hundreds of
families just like us that have a loved
one with autism, that want to do similar things in
their communities, that kind of see starting a business– really the best, if not the
only opportunity for their child to live a full and
independent life. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, nice teamwork! Great job, [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, the burn!