Dolandırıcı Gözüyle Bakıyorlar Ne Yapmalıyım? (Network Marketing Soruları)

Fraud in network marketing
If you do not want to fall to primarily sector
We have to understand well. So the sector
What is your expectation from us? Commissions in the sector
How is it distributed? What is its purpose? If we start knowing these things well,
we set our expectations accordingly. Latter; of course true and legal
start this trade in a company. Really
Does it have quality products? Really
Is there a fair earning plan? Analyze them well
have to be. The third one is completely
it’s about ourselves. We could be in a very good company,
we can be in a very strong sector. But this company,
services, products How do we introduce people? So to make the right presentation
Do we know? How to make the right invitation
Do we know? Attend trainings and meetings
do we improve ourselves? our communication
Do we strengthen? With the people in our team
Do we pay attention to our relationships? These are important. If we did these things, still people
prejudice, Here, too,
learn to close It is a necessity of entrepreneurship.

Coca-Cola’s London Office | Office Envy

Hi. Welcome to Coca-Cola HQ here in
London. Let me show you around. This is our amazing reception. One of the first things you notice is the
huge four meter-high light installation. You might have noticed our balloons. We’re actually
celebrating our 132nd birthday this month. This is our huge heritage
wall, spanning three stories, featuring art and pieces
throughout our history at Coke. The heritage wall combines
the old and the new, featuring some of our first
adverts for the 1940s, right through to the specially
new commissioned art pieces. Here on our first floor is our
marketing and comms teams. At Coke GB we have
20 brands and over 80 drinks. Tucked in the corner of the office
is our secret formula fridge for samples or products that
have not yet been released. This is one of the 21 meeting rooms here
in the office, all fitted with latest technologies so we can video conference some
of our colleagues around the world. We have loads of fridges throughout the
office all full with drinks from the portfolio and they’re all free. Food is a huge part of our day too. You have a huge variety of subsidized
food options available every day, from pot dishes, pastas, sandwiches,
as well as some delicious fresh salads. Let me show you something really cool. This is our Coca-Cola freestyle machine,
full of our drinks and international flavors that you can use to create
your own version of a drink. My favorite is Coca-Cola
Zero Sugar Cherry Vanilla. We offer a range of activities
in and out the office, such as circuits, yoga,
Pilates and stretch class. We also have great changing room facilities
for those who choose to cycle in or work out at lunchtime. Need to de-stress and relax? Treat yourself to a massage
in our peaceful library room. On a day like today, our roof terrace is an
amazing place for you to catch some rays, enjoy your lunch or just do
some work in the sunshine. One of my favorite parts of the
office is our living green wall, specifically planted to
attract the bees in London. At the end of our roof terrace
we have this amazing orchard, filled with five different apple trees. We then use the apples to make pies, crumbles
and chutneys which are all used in the cafe. We don’t get very much sun here
in London so to celebrate this, we’re going to be finishing
off with a barbecue. So thanks very much for
joining us here at Coke HQ.

Unlocking the Advantage to Improve Your Business’ Payments | J.P. Morgan

[MUSIC PLAYING] Our people are strategic
partners with our clients. The payment expertise
of the people that we employ at
JP Morgan is really original in the industry. We truly become an
end-to-end solution provider. Over the past four
or five years, our partner JP Morgan has
helped us grow tremendously with our payments. They’ve made sure that we are
on the cutting edge where we can be with payments in our stores. One thing we’ve talked
a lot with our clients about is that wholesale
payment space. And everything from
the APIs and just the digital transformations
that are happening will help us better serve
our clients in the future. Analytics done the
right way can really help you transform data into
actionable insights, which is what you need to actually
meet the merchants’ goals. Optimizing payment in
our business priority is significantly important. We want to meet the customer
in all form of payment. There have been many
changes in the industry. And trying to
understand and dissect the impacts of those changes
has required a partnership. JP Morgan has been
really instrumental. International expansion
is something we talk about with almost every client. And as we’re talking about
our expansion and our growth, where we’re targeting in
terms of new locations, this is something
that the clients want to talk about
in terms of what is their long-term strategy. I would say the top
challenge is fraud. How do they mitigate fraud? What tools do they use? What investments do they make? And that just
continues to grow as we move into this digital world. We work with our
merchants to understand how to protect their own
business, how to stop fraud, and how to make their
own ecosystem better. I think, like a
lot of merchants, I’ve experienced a huge
shift from our present fraud to online fraud. We’re no different
in that regard. The greatest challenge
is, again, it’s identifying those good
customers versus the bad ones and trying to keep
the bad ones out. So the investment that we
have in our people really goes beyond just the
training and the onboarding, but it really is
around the diversity and the inclusive
culture that we create. Everybody has their own story
and their own perspective on things. And while it’s great
for me internally to have a diverse team
that I get to work with, but they bring that
to the customers as well because our customers
are diverse in nature as well, and it lends itself perfectly. [MUSIC PLAYING]

“Shavuot in the Age of Occupation”

Today, on Shavuot we Jews celebrate G-d giving the Torah – the central moral text that records our struggle for freedom – to Moses on Mount Sinai We are IfNotNow A movement of young American Jews who are working to end our community’s support of Israel’s 49 year old occupation At the start of the 49th year of occupation our observance of Shavuot must meet the great ethical demands of the moment Judaism does not need occupation. It needs our voices. Our Torah. Our dedication to living out its values. We are here studying Torah all night with you all because we believe it is vital to act on our Jewish values and make Torah relevant for our lives today this Shavuot, as we confront the 49th year of occupation we call upon our community to align their actions with sacred values and stand with freedom and dignity for all Singing: Olam Chesed / We Will Build This World With Love / עולם חסד יבנה We are here to say We will be the generation to end our community’s support of the occupation and we ask you to join us This Shavuot we will not just renew our acquaintance with our sacred values we will take a concrete step towards bringing them into the world let’s do that together, right here, right now IfNotNow, when? IfNotNow, when? IfNotNow, when? Subtitles by the community

Free dropshipping course: start your business IN 7 DAYS!

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Minutes for Mission 2018: Hope Under Occupation

About 1300 Christian Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip, enduring three wars in five years along with their Muslim neighbours.
The Near East Council of Churches, or NECC, works in Gaza with both communities, focusing on providing education and health care to a population under blockade. We offer a humanitarian assistance to needy people in Gaza and
that is our belief that we should be an active people in our community. In Gaza City, the NECC operates apprentiship programs for young men and women, to develop skills such as fashion design and aluminium engineering. Yet even these programs are adversely
affected by the blockade. For example, not all materials needed for aluminum
housing are allowed into the Strip. The NECC also operates
three primary health care clinics in Gaza serving over 150,000 people. This
clinic in Shijaia was built with contributions from Canadian churches and
the Canadian to national development agency. In 2008 it was destroyed during
Israel’s Operation Cast Lead and rebuilt. In the war, during the Cast Lead operation, we lost all our records and our files there. and we could not collect our data. So we developed our print information system by this way. In order to keep data and accurate statistics and to save time and effort. At NECC’s clinic, dermatology services were recently introduced due to
the high prevalence of skin diseases as a result of the effects of war and the
poor quality of water in Gaza. Patients also received primary health care
antenatal and postnatal care, on nutrition and anaemia treatment,
psychosocial support, particularly for children, and family planning services. It’s nice to feel that we are
not alone as Christian in this area without the support of our partners,
United Church of Canada we cannot do this good thing to our people.
Your gifts to the Mission and Service of the United Church of Canada give hope to a
civilian population facing blockade unemployment, poverty, and frequent wars.
Thank you, and please continue to give.

Our exclusive partnership with Virgin Media | Vodafone Business UK

Hi, I’m delighted to let you know that today we’re announcing an exclusive partnership with Virgin Media which is fantastic news for both of our companies. From 2021 Virgin Mobile’s 3 million customers will be able to enjoy our state-of-the-art network that we’ve spent over £4.5 billion on in the last few years. They’ll also enjoy our market-leading range of Unlimited tariffs and, our blistering fast 5G network. So this is a really exciting 5-year deal between two iconic British brands. And, together we really are looking forward to create a world without limits for all our customers.

A Work Force to Reflect Our Community

Hello I’m Hazara Coleman University relations manager for Fifth Third Bank I had the distinct pleasure of working with universities like Tennessee State as a part of our historically black colleges and universities Strategy which is ingrained in our university religious programs Why is this important because Fifth Third Bank has a very strong commitment to diversity and inclusion as? An organization we recognize that our workforce must reflect that of our community We want to ensure that when our customers come in our doors Or have any means that we have people who are engrained in the communities that reflect their various interests That reflects their various needs that knows their communities and are committed to making those communities better Therefore we want to have strong relationships at universities like Tennessee State and other HBCUs In addition to our overall relationship without HBCUs as part of our strategy We want to ensure that when students are hired into our programs the leadership programs have opportunities to abide them very unique experiences to ensure that their trajectory as Leaders is very fast and that our culture is one that is very welcoming Peer mentors are signed We also have a very strong focus on our business resource groups Which ensure that the culture of simulation takes place? We want to ensure that we also focus not only on hiring, but retaining top talent