Bajaj Finance Pocket Personal Loan kaise le | Eligibility, Documents, Fee and Charges All Details

Bajaj finserv pocket personal loan What is Bajaj Finserv Pocket Personal Loan How can we take Bajaj Finserv Pocket Personal Loan Which documents should we have for take Bajaj Finserv Pocket Personal Loan And by following which terms and conditions, we can be eligible for this loan What is the maximum amount of loan that we can take under this pocket personal loan If we get a pocket personal loan, how will we get it back? Or Repayment? How many months will we get to repay the loan The most important thing That in the personal loan of Bajaj Finance How much percent interest will we have to pay And what are the extra charges other than interest What are the hidden charges of bajaj personal loan We will know all these things in this video So let’s know pocket personal loan is a financial service of bajaj Under which Bajaj gives its customers Gives some money as loan And that too with very little interest So friends from here, you can take a loan under a pocket personal loan With very little interest So now it comes to know how to be eligible to take a loan here That is, who can get this personal loan To avail this loan, you have to follow the 4 conditions. The first condition is that you should be a salaried Indian citizen That is, you should also get salary and you should also be an Indian citizen Both these conditions fall under the same condition The second condition is your Age limit To avail this personal loan, you should have a minimum age of 20 years And should be at least 50 years old If you are less than 21 or more than 50 years ahead Then you will not get this loan This is the third condition of this loan. This is your take home Monthly Salary Should be 20000 You cannot get a loan even if you have a salary since 20000 Because as soon as you fill your personal details, then all the grating will go on And then they will tell you that you are not eligible for the loan That which is its fourth condition is what Bajaj people have done Cities in India have been told in the 3 Tier So here comes the list of cities in the list of Tier 1 & 2 Only those people will be provided this loan And the rest are cities Those people are not being provided this loan right now. So this is all four guys If you want to see the names of the cities in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 lists Then you will find the link to those list in the description of this video From that you can know which cities are named in Tier 1 and Tier 2 So if your city has a name in that list Then you can get this personal loan So if you are following these four conditions only then you can get this pocket personal loan So now it comes to how much amount of maximum loan you can get under this pocket personal loan Under this loan, you can have at least 10000 You can take a loan amount of up to 50000 So if you get this loan amount, how will you get back from it? You don’t have to do much to return loan amount The bank account you file at the time of taking the loan Money is deducted from the same bank account in every EMI form of your money That is, here you get Manly 2 option to refund the loan amount. 1. 1EMI 2. 3 EMI So in 1EMI you who has taken the loan amount That loan amount and the interest Both are combined And the day you got the loan A month after that You have to pay a totalof money in one go The same happens in 3 EMI That the loan amount you got And the interest which is engaged in it is added to both And it is divided into 3 parts And to divide it into 3 parts The first part of which is a month later Second part two months later And the third part after 3 months Company has to give This money that you have to pay, friends, you do not have to pay in cash or in any other way it is that you make a deposit in your account before time Than company deduct his emi amount form your account So in this way you will be able to repay this personal loan So now it comes to know how to take this Bajaj finserv pocket personal loan How will we get the loan You don’t have to do much to get a loan Normally you have to install Finserv Market application in your smartphone You will find the link to that app in our description You will also be able to see on the screen what the logo of that app is and how you can install it So, you have to install that application in your smartphone After installing, you have to open those applications Such an interface will open when you open it Waiting for a while, then a column will open in front of you Because the process of registration will start as soon as it opens In the first column you have to fill your contact number Then you have to fill the contact number and click on Next As soon as you click on Next, the column to fill the date of birth will open Clicking on Date Birth When You Click Next Then you will be asked full name That is to say full name So you have to fill the full name After filling the full name a box will be below the term condition then you have to tick on the box After ticking you have to click on Verify As soon as you click on Verify So before coming here a OTP will come on your number

What happens when you stop paying credit card bills

What happens when you stop paying your
credit-card bills? With overall US household debt increasing by 11% in the
past decade debt is a way of life for many Americans. While don’t spend above your means will always be sound advice it can be difficult to put into practice
since household debt keeps increasing while income just doesn’t keep up. The
cost of living and rapid growth in medical and housing costs is dwarfing
income growth making it challenging to meet obligations without leaning on
credit cards and loans. But, if you are overwhelmed by credit card debt you may
wonder what happens if you simply stop paying your credit card bills? Well your
minimum payments will increase because you have to make up the payments you’ve
missed plus late fees are added making your balances rise even faster your
interest rates can increase the penalty rate after your account become 60 days
past due each month your minimum payment gets larger as more late fees added to
your balance. When the penalty rate kicks in your finance charges will also
increase the result is that your outstanding balance and payments you
need to catch up gets larger every month you’re late it gets more expensive to
catch up the more behind you are. Even after you catch up the penalty rate will
remain in effect until you’ve made six consecutive payments on time. After that
the interest rate must go down for your existing balance but can remain in
effect for new purchases. If you have multiple credit cards with the same
company those interest rates may increase too, if you wind up in
collections due to non-payment it will stay in your credit reports for seven
years from the date the account originally became delinquent. Unpaid
collections accounts may eventually land you in court or at least with the court
summons. Lawsuits for collection accounts are a common and efficient way for
collection agencies to get payment never ignore of court summons about
debt. These lawsuits can result in wage garnishment a bank levy or lien on your
property if you are struggling with debt we have solutions that can help you
simply fill out our form or better yet call us now and we’ll match you with the
best solution for your situation we are A+ rated by the Better Business
Bureau and have helped thousands of people become financially stable and we
can help you too. So don’t struggle any longer give us a call when life happens
we’re here for you.

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt FAST (3 Proven Ways)

In today’s video I’m going over how to
consolidate credit card debt with three proven ways because if you guys do have
credit card debt I want you to get out because even if you’ve got just a little
bit of credit card debt that still sucks because you’re gonna be paying interest
on it but the real big problem is when you have a ton of credit card debt and
that’s because you’ll be spending a ton of money on interest and on top of that
you’re gonna be jacking up your credit utilization score as well so in this
video I’m gonna teach you how to consolidate credit card debt but I’m
also gonna teach you why you should do it in the first place and if you just
found this channel I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on
different topics that’ll give your life and your finances more value so feel
free to subscribe if you guys want to or just give this video a like
but now let’s start talking about debt consolidation now before I start talking
about how to consolidate credit card debt I first need to go over why you
should do it in the first place because there’s mainly two reasons why you need
to get out of credit card debt and the first reason is called your credit
utilization score this controls 30 percent of your credit score which is
255 points and it all has to do with how much you’re spending on your credit
cards versus how much their limits are so basically if you’ve got three credit
cards with a total spending limit of $20,000 but you spend $8,000 during the
month then your credit utilization score is gonna be 40% which is not good now
I’ll explain why it’s a bad thing in just a second but in order to do the
math all you do is take 8,000 divide it by 20 thousand and then that gives you
your utilization score you want your utilization score to be below 15%
because that’s going to give you the biggest boost to your credit score and
if you can get the score between 1 and 5 percent then that’s going to be the
absolute best utilization score that you can have towards your credit score and
obviously if you have a ton of credit card debt then your credit score is
always going to suffer because of the bad utilization score and if you do want
to know more about how your credit utilization score works then you can
watch this video up here where I’ll teach you quite a bit more about it so
if you want to improve your credit score then you’re gonna have to get rid of
your credit card debt and maybe one of the only ways you can do that is through
consolidation now the second reason why you should consolidate your credit card
debt is simply because of how much the interest is actually costing you I mean
let’s say that you owe $10,000 on all your credit cards and the average
interest rate is 22 percent well with those numbers you’re going to be wasting
about a hundred and eighty dollars in interest
per month just based on a $10,000 balance but if you consolidated all of
that debt into just one loan that was 8% then you’re only gonna be paying about
$65 a month in interest which is so much better now those are the reasons why you
should definitely get out of credit card debt but now I want to talk about how to
get out of credit card debt so let’s get started on that and if you’ve made it
this far into the video could you please just comment down below and say I’m
still here that way I still know who’s watching the video
Thanks the first way to do it is just by taking out a debt consolidation loan and
then paying off your credit cards and then you’ll just have one monthly fixed
payment now highly advise that you only do this if you get a good rate and terms
and then you make sure that you pay off your credit cards and you never go back
into the credit card debt again because if you just keep your same spending
habits then you’re gonna rack up another credit card balance and you’ll be paying
off the loan at the same time so just take my advice and stop all of your bad
spending habits and get out of debt for good now as far as lenders go you can
check with your local credit unions or you can check online for some of the
best rates and just stick with reputable lenders because there are a lot of
really bad personal loans out there and I don’t want you guys to get into any of
those I especially don’t want you guys paying any origination fees because
those can actually be up to 5% of the total of the loans value that you have
to pay up front right when you get the loan so let’s just say that you take out
a personal loan for $10,000 with a 5% origination fee well you’re gonna have
to pay an instant 500 bucks and then when you actually take out the loan it’s
only gonna be for ninety five hundred bucks all because of the stupid
origination fee a lot of the big lenders even charge origination fees like
prosper and Lending Club so I would definitely recommend going with someone
that doesn’t charge an origination fee because it’s just a waste of money
that you don’t have to pay I’d recommend checking out light stream loans for debt
consolidation because they’ve got some of the best rates in the industry and
they don’t charge any fees they don’t have any dirty origination fees and they
don’t have prepayment penalties as well they’ll also beat any competitors rate
for the same loan by a tenth of a point so you’ll always know that light stream
is gonna have the best rates from anyone now I’ll leave an affiliate link in the
description which means I may be compensated if you click through it but
just keep in mind that I want you guys to check out light stream loans because
I’m only gonna recommend companies that I think are the best value for you now
the next way you can consolidate credit card
is by actually finding a new credit card with a zero percent balance transfer
offering because that way you can move all of your debt into the new card and
pay zero percent interest they’ll usually give you about twelve months
with zero percent interest so it’s a really good way to just quickly tackle
your credit card debt but there are some cons to it as well for instance you’ll
most likely have to pay an upfront 3% balance transfer fee which is just a
total waste of money and then on top of that your credit utilization score is
still gonna suck because you’re just moving the debt on to another card so
honestly it’s not always the best option to move your debt from one credit card
onto another credit card but it is a solution if they offer the 0% transfer
and that’s because if you’ve got a little bit of credit card debt at 0%
interest for 12 months then you probably have enough time to tackle the debt and
then not worry about it ever again now last time I lists of debt consolidation
is called cash out refinancing what this means is that you can either refinance
your car or your house and you can actually take some of the equity that
you’ve built up in them and then you can use that as a cash out refinance so that
you can pay off your credit cards so if you refinanced your car for $20,000 but
it was actually worth $30,000 then you could actually take some cash out on the
loan and make it a little bit bigger like 25,000 and then you can use that
extra money to pay off your credit cards this is a great way to get rid of credit
card debt because the interest rates probably gonna be a lot cheaper than it
is on a personal loan but I would still warn that you’re taking money out
against your equity which is not a good thing because if you take out money from
your built up equity then you’re just gonna owe more in that particular item
just to pay off your credit cards and on top of that you’ve still got to go
through the hassle of refinancing and trust me if it’s a home just the closing
costs alone are not going to be worth doing that option so I would only look
into this option if you were gonna refinance anyway and then you can pay
off your credit cards at the same time now these are the ways that I’d
recommend you guys can use to get out of credit card debt there are definitely
more ways that you guys can do it but these are the three ways that I would
recommend trying first because they work credit card debt totally sucks but you
can get out of the hole if you consolidate responsibly just pay off the
debt and make sure that you don’t get into the same situation a second time
once again I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different
topics that will give your life and your finances more value so feel free to
subscribe if you want to or you can check out some more of my videos here
that’s all

Homebuyer Workshop 201: Finding the right real estate agent!

hi I'm Debby Marku host of the mortgage mom radio show and what are we doing today well we're getting into the second set of our home buyer workshop series so we're gonna start at 201 but if you haven't caught homebuyer workshops 101 through 106 go back and watch those right here on YouTube at the mortgage mom radio channel if you haven't subscribed to our channel do it what are you waiting for you're gonna get all the education that you need to become a homeowner and then we're gonna start our refinance series so it's something that you want to stay with us throughout your adventure of being a homeowner so again subscribe to the channel go back and watch 101 through 106 if you haven't done that already or stay right here with me and let's get through 201 what are we gonna talk about today well we're gonna talk about how do you choose the right real estate agent for your transaction so we want to make sure that we're getting you through your very first home purchase with the very best experience so let's go ahead and get started and you guys are gonna see some of these PowerPoint slides and only hear my voice and that's okay because we want you to learn we want you to see what we're doing so once again what are we talking about today contacting a realtor how do you find the best realtor for you so one of the things that is the most important piece of the puzzle is making sure that your real estate agent knows you and your family and what your needs are this is very very important they need to understand what how much can you afford what do you need do you need a three-bedroom do you need two bathrooms do you want to fix her do you want something that is move-in ready how much money do you have available if you go back to the old workshops we talked about down payments how much cash do you need getting a credit from the seller towards closing costs if your real estate agent isn't working with you on those things that are important to you then you're not with the right real estate agent there's no reason to delay buying a home because your real estate agent tells you I can't negotiate closing costs or I can't get you a house in the neighborhood that you need let's find you a different real estate agent so one of the other things that is really really important for you is school districts your Realtor has to understand your family like I said those are the most important things to know that your real estate a real-estate agent is doing for you are they taking all of your needs and necessities into mind as they are pulling out the properties that they're going to take you and show you some of the other things is your budget obviously you're gonna work with me I'm gonna get you pre-approved I'm gonna tell you what your maximum budget is that doesn't mean that that's the budget that you're comfortable with monthly so we need to work backwards and determine what is that right sales price for that correct amount of money monthly in that payment and that is the number that your agent should be working for towards so if they stop and they say well you can qualify for six hundred thousand and they start selling you homes sending you listings at six hundred thousand but rear payment that you're comfortable with is at five hundred you need to make sure that that real estate agent is working for you that they are looking in only the area of price range that you are comfortable with so these are some of the things that are really really important to know about a real estate agent another way to pick a real estate agent is knowing that the agent that you're working for is an expert in the marketplace that you want to be in they need to know what homes go to what school districts where are the boundary lines if you were to look at this house what school will your child go to these are very very important pieces if you're looking at a condominium are those condominiums FHA approved if you're an FHA a buyer they need to know how to pull that list if they need help they can call me I'm here to help them but they shouldn't be showing you properties that you can't buy or that you can't qualify for very very important they shouldn't be fine showing you homes that would be in a district or a school district that you don't want to live in again something that's very very important to you and your family so these are all things that I would say are very important pieces that you need to make sure that you're talking to your Realtor that you are interviewing them and that you are making sure that they are working for you remember you do not pay for the real estate agent when you are a buyer the seller pays for the real estate agent it comes out of the sellers cost of selling the home someday you're going to be that seller and you're going to pay for that real estate agent to take care of you to sell your home but to also take care of the buyer who is buying your home so they are going to be paying for two real estate agents on as a seller on a sale if you are a buyer why would you not work with your own representation one of the biggest mistakes that buyers will make is that they will actually go into an open house walk through that open house love that property and then decide to write an offer with that listing agent that listing agent took that listing for that seller they did their fiduciary responsibilities and sign that contract first with that seller they no matter how hard that they try to be equal to be 50/50 to help you just as much as the seller they're always going to have that first obligation to that seller that they sign that contract with make sure that you are actually getting your own real estate agent you're not paying for them it's like taking an attorney for free and say nevermind I don't need it you do need it so make sure that you have representation and make sure that it's your own it is your own real estate agent now you find the real estate agent on your own and they happen to have a listing that they took and they want to introduce you to that property and to that seller and you're gonna get some sort of great deal because there's going to be some commissions cut out okay another story you're gonna call me on the side we're gonna discuss that and determine if that's a good idea but these are some really really important things so again make sure you have your own representation make sure that you have your real estate agent has a vested interest in you and all of the things that your family needs make sure that they are an expert in their market place you're looking at condominiums make sure that they understand which ones might be under litigation right now that you can't get financing in make sure if you're an FHA buyer that they know which complexes that they can show you it would be horrible for you to fall in love with a place and then find out that you can't get the financing so make sure they're an expert in their market place make sure that they have a vested interest in you and make sure that you have your representation so that's the end of this workshop nice quick fast one if you have any comments at all that you'd like to give me put them in the comment section below I'd be happy to respond feel free to call me you can always reach me at my office at eight four four nine three five three six three four email me debbie de bebé ie at mortgage mom and hey realtor's I hope you guys like this and if you want to be part of my team reach out I'm always looking for a great partner to work with and I want them to be an expert in their marketplace so if you're in an area that I don't already have a contact let's talk and see how we can get you know get you on our team watch out for workshop 202 what's next well workshops 101 through 106 got you guys into the loan and how to get pre-approved workshop 201 just got you through how do you pick that real estate agent workshop 202 well we're gonna be talking about what do you do after you've signed the contract you found the home you wrote the offer you're in escrow now what so stay tuned for that one it'll be out shortly have a great week you

Malaysia SME Business Loan Interview

Emira the issue that we are going to get something it's about SME financing problems small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia the companies with the number of employees ranging from five to fifty workers and five to 150 for the manufacturing sector examples of these companies are cafes cart workshops or factories and so on in Malaysia our government provides some fun schemes to help those small and medium enterprises however there are still a lot of small companies and medium-sized enterprises in this industry that are complaining about how they find it really hard to apply the loan so that's the main factor which causes this kind of problem in Malaysia where the 90% of enterprises are small and medium-sized and are owned by Chinese ethnic merchants even though they have been contributing to the country's economy but due to their small scale companies the banks do not have much confidence with their business that's why it causes their corporate loan requests to be rejected although our government has established the SME Corp in 2004 to provide a variety of financial resources assistance until now there are still many applications of these small and medium enterprises for various government scheme loans could not be approved so how can they break through these barriers to obtain loans in the shortest period of time today I invite the real expert in this matter to give us answers to the problem of the financing issue of small and medium sized enterprises welcome to our guest mr. Alex Chen the founder of magic consultancy all right so to develop a business of an enterprise money is one of the key factors as we all know therefore financing institutions banks or loaning service our savior's for these enterprises however these saviors sometimes can't even save the situation as we understand our government also provides some schemes scheme funds to help the small and medium-sized enterprises industries but why are there still a lot of complaints saying that they are not eligible for the loan what's the main reason behind all this normally we're a small media and the press Comerica lisa sm economy the field to apply for loan is due to many reasons sometimes the SME company they assume the Vista and even the bank never told them the real new real research why they're being so normally the reason behind is maybe is their commonly personal problems or they may have some bankers is not so experienced to have that financial cases well that means back institutions also are the cause to the problem I mean what is the common problem generally the most common problem in financing is the documentation to Sammy for not for example the the SME company yeah auditor report not erupted they were founder or didn't report him to the SSF secondly most common problem is that the main data management account so that the company do not be any working capital miss cash for the community for daily operation or even worse since there it yeah manage miracle so that is a negative net profit so good so what are the other reasons for these SMEs problems that causes them to fail when applying alone well the other is a lot the first is some company they have to kind of tough the first account is for internal management use the second account which is manipulated this one lembaga has to miss our income tax and bang boom so when different account reach to the back in submit mr. bang it will cause the application to be rigid that the bang you feel that either because of fraud case there are two kind of different campuses this is the Bengal curious how can hide is the second reason mostly is that the company or the company director yeah own personal bank loan repayment not on time you may also Costa not be initiated and may be the director of a company hair and soft lawsuit policy yeah people worry about that too they would not go anywhere tell people I be icon and also I being someone well I I got a late payment so normally mostly this kind of thing is denied because again the pain will find out the reason they being law so it can be fine so basically what you're trying to say now is that the unsuccessful loan the financial institution can also be a pop yes based on my experience you have three types which is most common number one is a transparency of the lewodan approval criteria is my high the bank would tell you how to approve a loan secondly the entity of the loo 200 case sometimes yeah yeah busy about getting the documents may be a delay the documents or something that one is a pain processor layup business business SPD the only based on the documentation and then the company future plan marketing bay there is just for supporting so there are people telling that you must have a good relationship with a person working with the bank in order to get the smooth loan process is that true no the SME company always mystical that they need to have a very good relationship with the banker into the thing with the banker and to be honest it is long you stay are wasting time to create a good relationship with the bank well not you better use the time for preparing the document cost nowadays the Bengal is based on the company credit scoring and the respecting to determine the loan amount as well as the interest rate so can you talk more about credit scoring and restricting critically is including the property ot for business with this in the nature of the company existing facility and then we pay malacca so it will generally are risk off to determine the blue yes this way bank can no doubt be really helpful about our borrowing success they're actually a lot of finance advices that help us easily get some loans they always say that they can help you with 100% success what is your opinion on this in my opinion many people saying that the party can help to like a good purpose two hundred percent catalan and he is not a complainer it's the professional financial advisor they only kept increased their loan approval and reduced illegitimate because they are they are damn understand the bank system how to improve so in my opinion no one no one finance advisor you hundred percent state that the SME committee can follow the law and the loan will be now we need to know when once companies loan is approved what will happen next when the loan is approved the pain without an offer letter and you pass to the borough world sign and the board we need to really carefully and all the term and condition whether they are for Fiona so after they sign the in southern mode the opinion or your firm to prepare for a long document and when all the document is is ready and information is correct the kernel is popular so the final signal will be released very soon so that's why just think that efficient lawn your firm is very important in global processing so not approval for SME the most important thing here is to check whether the regulations before signing otherwise it will affect the loan so after they successfully get alone will they face the problem after that and also I've heard that the loan will be reassessed back by the bank every year is it true generally is very hot for the bank when we come back the north in this order to pay under Lucas elite package so unless when they let the bank assess the assistant director assist from the company we are no longer the director of a company lack because they are the one who becomes a corrector for the loan oh yeah yeah the alone pay man is not on time maybe they have a lawsuit so that the bank may consider to return leak opened a lot and then the to reveal the loan is not easy some of the package they like OD they reveal annually will be maybe SME company very to use the the credit facility like VA they are less using so sometimes the bank you consider to cut out the credit limit and the second reason maybe there a booster rule let's say the the loan is paid for the supplier to purchase stock but they collaborate with the supplier correctly with the supplier and then to get the test back from the supplier so the initiative a booster ok so I understand that some requirements are too high so sometimes those SME find a finance consultant so that to make sure their loan goes a bit smoothly Wi-Fi a financing consultant will make low smoothly how can they help in my personal view I think professional consultant they are more understand the problem of the SME company as well as the internal problem some internal problem which cannot disclose to the bank secondly yeah most no they are very understanding about the bank lending system assess the non package how to approve for loss so here you see CD in crystal low success rate okay for the last question what are the important matters for SMEs to focus on when applying for business law as I mentioned earlier documentation in the processing is very important before submit a new application to cook the company documentation must be ready besides customer and the company loan repayment must be all time and last the time the director of the company the accreditor utilization try the best of the water so if not the live will easily being rejected all right after our discussion what we can conclude is when we SM alone filled SME is not necessarily at fault but it can also be the bank's financial institution for lending units therefore if your SME faces the same problem we suggest that you find the financial advisor to see the right things to do next if you have no more about Malaysia finance information you can access wwm at a consultancy com