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Hello All..This is Elsa from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career options that you can have in Multimedia When we see a movie or television program,
we often come across certain scenes which require lots of efforts or money or manpower
to show in reality. Such scenes can be shown by using special effects. For example, in
old epic television serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat, the battleground and wars, the
shooting of arrows on each other, human beings flying in air, showing men or women of gigantic
heights like Hidimba or Ghatotkach, Maruti lifting mountain for getting sanjeevani for
Laxman etc. Here, multimedia and animation comes into picture. In order to ensure that
the scenes are made in a way which gives justice to the story, multimedia, is used! Growing needs of entertainment through animated
movies, movies and televisions, the field of multimedia is growing enormously. A multimedia
professional creates special effects for films and television programs and animated films.
In case of animated motion picture, multimedia professionals generally make use of computer
to design a series of images which are rapidly shown in a sequence to create a motion film. There are various institutes and schools in
India which provide Diploma programs and graduation courses in multimedia like Web design & development
program, Multimedia Design program and Design & Publishing program. There are short term
certification courses available too. The focus of these courses is to train candidates in
multimedia fields like web designing, digital composing for videos and movies, 2D-3D graphics,
photoshop and visual effects. To name a few well known institutes, they are School of
Art & Animation, Delhi, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune and Southern Institute
of Art and Design, Chennai. Many jobs and work opportunities are waiting
for Multimedia professional in India and abroad. After gaining the required qualifications,
multimedia professionals can join film industry, production house and advertisement industry
on full time, part time or hourly basis. After gaining sufficient experience, one can also
set up his or her own multimedia and animation company and work independently. He or she
can also work as freelancer As the multimedia field is growing enormously,
the pay scale for candidates in this field is good. Fresher candidates start with not
less than a five figure salary per month. As he becomes rich in professional experience,
the salary, perks and other amenities shall surely increase accordingly. The multimedia
industry will grow endlessly as the technology is advancing. Out of India, the multimedia and animation
companies that are positioned with high ranks are Smashwords, AudioMicro, Levitate Media,
Motivational Press, Refinery 29, PureWow, Content Marketing Institute, Second media,
Solomon group, Sun Broadcast group, N2 publishing, Livestream, Restoration Media, Kalisher etc. In India, the list of well known media companies
include Anand Bazaar Patrika Group, Eros International, Fox Star Studios, Indian Express Limited,
Zee Entertainment, Asianet Communications Ltd., Cinevistas Ltd. Creative eye Ltd., The
NDTV Imagine Film Company, Saregama India Ltd. Pritish Nandy Communications, Ramoji
Group etc. We hope you got a glimpse of career in Multimedia.
We shall be back with more career options. Ideally, you should stay connected with do not forget to hit the subscribe button

When Your Friend Works for the FBI – Sonia Denis – Stand-Up Featuring

– I’m in L.A but before this
I was living in New York. Yeah, lots of New Yorkers here. He lives in
Manhattan, I can tell. Kill him, no. In New York, I feel like when
I first move to New York, my family was so
impressed they were like, “Oh my God, how do you
like the big apple? Are you taking a
bite out of it?” And I was like, “I love it!”
(laughing) But I really hated it
for a long time, so long. Just as like teenagers, rats,
my biggest fears everywhere. Everywhere.
(laughing) I was on a subway once and there’s two groups
of teenagers got on and they were engaged and it’s like really
heated back and forth and it was like a lot of people, it’s really crowded and
everybody was scared that it’s going to get physical but no one was more
scared than me, ’cause I look like
one of these kids. I’m in my 30s, this is my face. I’m a book bag away
from someone going, “Hey, it’s that bitch from
Emerson Middle, get her” (laughing) These kids are wild. They’ve seen too much. But I’m not telling these
stories to my immigrant family, I’m just making things up,
stealing other people’s story, “Oh! We saw “The
Nanny” in Time Square!” and I have only seen one
episode of that show. (laughing) My ex-boyfriend, it
was his favorite show. He’s white but you knew that when I said “The Nanny”
was his favorite show. (laughing) Also want any other people
of color in the room to know that I started that
relationship in the Obama Era, I will never to
that now, come on. Two Muslim bans, get
the fuck away from me. (laughing) No thank you. It was a different time, it was post, post,
post, post racial Try out a white man, try
out hot yoga, it was crazy. We’ve all learned,
we’ve learned a lot. (laughing) Towards the end, Black
Panther came out, I felt like “This is a lot pressure to me” It felt like a
sign, when we went, I went with two of my other
friends that are black and him and in the end I was doing
that Social Media thing and taking the picture, you
know with the ‘Wakanda Pose’ in front of the movie
poster and I was like Oh God, what would
he do? (mumbling) please don’t do
it And he was like (laughing) He’s a good person, I
still crop the shit out of that picture but, I send
him one, just for you, no one else, no one else. Now my boyfriend is
black, we love each other, we love Martin,
seasonings, Meryl Streep. It’s very black. (laughing) But I’m Rwandan, I moved here
in late 80s with my family but my mom moved here and she
was already in her late 20s, early 30s. She’s been through a
lot racism, xenophobia, she was pregnant with my
siblings when we came, but she’s endured all that
which is so much strength and grace but she
raised me in the west and weekly I’ll call
her and I’m like Mom, I wake up sad this
morning and I don’t know why? (moaning) It’s gross. How dare I? But, she’s so supportive,
she’s a great mom, a devoted catholic,
she’s always like “Oh no! Have you prayed?” (laughing) I’m always like “I’m
agnostic so maybe” (laughing) She fucking hates that joke. (laughing) But you know who does love it? God. (laughing) And I know that cause
I’m not dead yet. I don’t swear by the bible
for the pilgrims out there, but if God doesn’t like
you, you fucking know. Old Testament, is that
cotton and wool, you’re dead. That’s how it goes. But I went to a psychiatrist
and for those who feel like “I’m happy, what’s that?” It’s like shut the fuck up. No you go to a person, you tell them all
the deep dark secrets you can’t tell your friends,
they throw pills at you and some days you feel alright. It’s pretty tight, would
recommend, if you can get there, Out of your bed, out the house. But first question he
asked me, pretty early, he was like “Do you have
a boyfriend, girlfriend, in a relationship?”
I was like “Yeah!” And he’s like “Do you
love him?” (chuckling) what did he say, I’ma
say it first (laughing) He didn’t think
that was amusing. So (murmur) I’ll take him back. He’s like “That’s a little
inappropriate given the setting” And I was like “But doctor,
all the worlds will (murmur), Okay inappropriate, Yep” And he was like
“Do you do drugs?” and I was like (laughing) “It’s inappropriate
I’m getting this.” Yep, yep, yep, yep, I
paid a lot of money. Towards the end though,
he got really serious. We were having a good
time and then he was like “Do You suffer from
suicidal thoughts?” and I was like
“Yeah like honestly, that’s a big part of why I came. I have those thoughts but
whenever I think about what It would do to
my friends and family, it makes it something that’s
impossible to go through with.” And this man looked at me and
then looked at his note pad and he was like (chuckling)
“Not if you’re determined.” (laughing) What? (laughing) “Now I’m going to kill
myself so fucking bad!” I was in Queens recently
cause I do like to travel and it’a great. I was standing in front
of this restaurant and I was waiting for my
friend and someone was like “Excuse me momma.
Sorry to interrupt you, but can I take a picture of you? It’s just I like,
I love your hair and I want to show my
hairdresser exactly what I want my hair look like.” Which was like really nice but kind a weird because
she was a white woman. Very straight hair. And I was like “Aaaahh” (laughing) Are you racist? (laughing) Or am I racist? Who’s racist? But I took the picture. (laughing) (mumbling) I tried, I really did try. But then later when I
told my friend that story She was like “No,
that’s a porn thing, that’s a known porn thing. They’re going to Photoshop your
image into some weird porn” and I was like “Wooow!” (laughing) How bad is the porn
industry doing. Like really? What porn entrepreneur was like “Get (murmur) to Queens. We found a tiny black
woman, bad posture, hair like Sideshow
Bob. (mumbling) Yuck! I just feel like if
anyone knows me they know any realistic depiction of me in a pornographic film
it’s just like (coughing) (thudding) (laughing) The microphone was a dick,
did you get that ‘ACDC’? Did you get that? I developed a drinking problem
moving to Chicago, surprise. (laughing) I remember before
I moved to Chicago, I feel like I was like a very
much more a social drinker and then when I got to Chicago, I became the type of
person who wakes up to Facebook notifications
that I’ve have been tagged, in pictures I don’t
remember taking with people I don’t
remember meeting. I’m not even
longing on Facebook. What the fuck is happening? But I think it’s just
’cause when I drink, I’m very impulsive. I’m very gregarious. I
took the SAT, shut up. (laughing) Example of that, I was hanging
out, one of my friends, we were celebrating her
recent promotion to FBI Agent, I was like “Wow, Get it girl.” Like “You past the shit out of
that drug test girl, get it!” (laughing) I don’t want to snitch
on her, but it was a lot and we are all celebrating
this little (mwah) miracle and she tells us that
she gets to carry her gun with her everywhere she goes. (laughing) so armed with that knowledge
an hour later this (murmur) bumps me, steps on
my shoe, I was like “excuse me, you
stepped on my shoe.” He’s like “calm down sweetheart” I was like “sweetheart,
Michelle shoot this bitch!” (laughing) We work for the F.B.I (laughing) Surprise you just became
an enemy combatant. She stopped talking
to me after that but. (laughing) worth it I have comedy
and she has so much money. (laughing)

Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

– Pinterest is a place that people go to discover, to be inspired. And if you’re the type of photographer that creates inspiring images, well, then it’s kind of where you need to be. A lot of people think that Pinterest is only for mommy bloggers
and DIY craft experts. However, it’s incredibly misunderstood. 250 million people use the
platform every single month to create mood boards and to curate ideas for their next photoshoot. For a lot of photographers,
what’s blocking them is that they don’t understand
how marketing on this channel could help them grow their business. The secret of Pinterest is
that you’re using images you’ve already created. It’s only gonna take you
a couple of hours a month, once you set up your strategy. And that’s what we’re gonna teach you, how to market your
business with the platform. First, we’ll sit down with
a commercial photographer. We’ll show you how to take
your existing content, and show you how to connect
it to your target market to what they’re looking for
when they go on Pinterest. We will also sit down
with an event photographer and talk to them about the
successes that they’ve had on Pinterest over the last year. We’ll define all the confusing terms. We’ll talk abut how to
use a scheduling tool so that you don’t have to
be pinning every single day. Pinterest was made for photographers. It rewards imagery at its core. For you to gain more
visibility for your brand, more traffic to your website, to continue to grow and
expand your presence. I encourage you to take advantage of the step-by-step process
we put together for you.

A Real, Working Linotype Machine

– Hey guys. So I am here and I am standing
next to a linotype machine. If you remember, from one
of my previous videos, I talked about this documentary, which is Linotype the film and since I was gonna be in New York this week, I figured I might as well e-mail Devin, who works at Woodside Press, which is a print shop in Brooklyn and he has a working linotype machine and after seeing this movie, I just really (buzz noise) So after seeing the movie, I really wanted to come see one in person and so, here I am and this is so cool. This is like, the coolest
machine I have ever seen in my life and add that
to the fact that they completely revolutionized
printing and graphic design and I just kind of really want one. But, a lot of you are
probably fairly young or just have no idea about
the printing business and so you might even not
know what this machine does. So for a full detailed
history, you can watch (buzz noise) So if you wanna check out the
whole history of the linotype, you can watch this wonderful movie, which I am not being paid to promote. I bought this DVD with my own money. I just think it is a fantastic movie. But, if you want a quick
intro, here’s Devin to give you a really quick
history of this awesome machine. Oh, there we go. Alright, cool. – What was really revolutionary
about this was that mechanical typesetting tools up til now had attempted to sort the handset type into lines to print from. This took brass mats and assembled them, then cast new type. – Oh, it’s warm. – Yeah, it was 500 degrees
about two seconds ago. – Wow. – Which solved two problems,
it kept the type fresh. So, you were always
printing from brand new type and you didn’t have to have 400 E’s. You only had to have about
15 or 20 mats that were E’s. Each magazine holds
one typeface, one size. So, this is a condensed six
point Gothic of some sort. Whenever you wanna change typefaces, you have to pull this whole unit off. This holds 91 channels of mats, lowercase letters, special
characters and uppercase. You then type on the keyboard down here. The mats are assembled here. And then they’re cast in
this part of the machine here in front of the mold wheel. In the back is the top,
which has molten lead. After the line is cast,
it’s ejected and trimmed. The assembly arm comes down
and picks up all the mats. And sorts them back into
their correct channels. – Quite complicated. – It is quite complicated. And it all happens in about, – A couple seconds. – Maybe a second and a half. – Right. (80s style music) So, thank you so much
everyone for watching. Thank you to Woodside Press for letting me come in and make this video. Thanks to Linotype the film, down below if you wanna
check it our yourself. I don’t know exactly when
I’ll be posting this video, but I will link my two
previous videos here and here. So, thank you all so much for watching and I will see you all next time. (buzzing noise) Ahh, noise! (theme music)

BLI MED 1 UKE TIL SPANIA | Winther-Vlog #31

♫ Scumbag Marcus – Tropical Missions ♫ [Nico]: Hei folk, velkommen tilbake til en ny Vlog! Nå er jeg i Spania med Christian. Så, vennen min, Christian. Han bare kort forklart… Vi var på en grillfest hos Preben
for en liten stund siden. Også spurte Christian meg tilfeldigvis
om jeg ville bli med til Spania. Fordi han skulle være der i sånn 3 uker, og han lurte på om jeg ville
komme ned den siste uken. Så… Jeg reiste ned hit igår. Det er sykt varmt.
Vi har nettopp vært på stranden. Jeg vet ikke helt om dette blir
1 video per dag, eller noe sånt. Eller om det bare blir 1 vlog, over flere dager. Men jeg skal prøve å filme litt her og der, i og
med at jeg er på ferie og at det er vlog innhold. Men jeg gidder ikke å filme absolutt hele tiden
heller, fordi jeg vil på en måte bare nyte ferien min litt. Hvertfall nå, før jeg skal starte
på et litt sånn stort prosjekt… Jeg skal prøve og filme litt her og der. Legge
ut litt bilder på Instagram, og sånne ting. Vi får nesten bare se litt hvor mye film det blir, egentlig. Men nå skal jeg stikke bort i bassenget en tur. [Christian]: Filmer du meg?
[Nico]: Jeg må jo det. (Christian svømmer under vann) Oi. [Christian]: Skal jeg hoppe uti? [Nico]: Ja. [Christian]: Jævla vann… Jeg skal stupe, og tryne. [Nico]: Ok. (Christian stuper ned i bassenget) (Nico hopper ned i bassenget) [Christian]: Ah, søren. [Nico]: Nærme nok. (Nico vinker til kameraet) Ok, så jeg filmet ikke egentlig noe særlig
mer igår enn at vi var med bassenget. Men vi gikk ut, og det var egentlig
en ganske innholdsrik dag igår. Så, jeg angrer egentlig litt på at jeg ikke tok med
kameraet, men… [Christian]: Åh ja, må jeg være med? [Nico]: Eh… Ja. Vi dro på stranden. Vi leide en sånn
tilbakestående båt som bare driftet vekk. Dere vet, en sånn trøbåt-ting. Ja, vi dro opp igjen, badet litt i bassenget,
spiste litt og sånt. Også dro vi ut til Altea… er det hva det
heter? [Christian]: Ja. [Nico]: Og vi var på en sånn indisk resturant
der, og indisk mat slår sånn faktisk aldri feil. Det var sykt godt. Jeg bestilte… Chicken Tikka Masala, tror jeg. Jeg ville bestilt Tandoori, men det
var på en måte en “forrett”, så… … Jævla bilstøy … Men ja, vi skal på butikken nå. Som sagt, så kommer jeg ikke til å filme
sånn hele jævla tiden heller. Men jeg har tenkt
å prøve å filme hvertfall litt i løpet av denne turen da. Sånn at jeg får lagt ut noen videoer. Vi er på et sånt jævla forlatt hotell eller noe sånt… For å slappe av litt. Vi har vært ute en god stund nå. Det er sykt varmt. Jeg vil egentlig helst bare
tilbake igjen til huset nå og bade i bassenget, men… [Christian]: Nei, nå må du sette deg ned og slappe av. [Nico]: Vel, dette er et forlatt hotell, så som jeg sa… Jeg setter meg ikke på en benk her, fordi det er
sikkert et edderkopp-reir, om jeg noen gang har sett et. Så, jeg er veldig seriøs om å ikke gjøre det. Ja, så vi var på butikken og gikk rundt i byen litt. Det var ganske avslappende.
Vi kjøpte en god del ting. Alt er jo sykt billig i Spania også, så det er
veldig greit. Hva skal vi gjøre resten av dagen da? [Christian]: Nei, det finner vi vel ut… [Nico]: Ja…
[Christian]: Terra Mítica? [Nico]: Ja, det var en sånn
fornøyelsespark-ting? Fortell litt om dette stedet da? [Christian]: Nei, det er jo et forlatt
hotell da. Eieren gikk vel konkurs. Det har vært forlatt i rundt 6-7 år, vil jeg tro. [Nico]: Men jeg skjønner ikke hvordan de
bare kan kjøpe et helt hotell, også bare… går det konkurs, også er ingen der. [Christian]: Du, det er jævlig fint her, egentlig. Også har de biljardbord der borte, og… [Nico]: Tenk om dette var åpent da? Dette hotellet. Og om det ikke var sånn… skittent overalt.
[Christian]: De har basseng der borte, og… [Nico]: Ja? [Christian]: Du kan ikke gå
i det da, fordi da går det av en alarm. [Nico]: Nei, nei, men det… Det er et skikkelig stort område også.
Det er sikkert dyrt å holde det i drift da men… Det er litt vanskelig å se for seg at ikke
nok folk hadde vært her da. Sånn egentlig. [Christian]: Nei, det er jo et
jævlig behagelig sted da. [Nico]: Ja. [Christian]: Jeg føler dette på en måte har blitt litt “vårt”
sted da. Vi som bor i La Buena Vida (Spania huset). Det er helt stille her. Vi kan spille
basket… Slappe av maksimalt. [Nico]: Det er egentlig litt sånn brudd på
privat eiendom å være her da, men… [Christian]: Ja, ja…
[Nico]: Men det går bra. [Christian]: Det er helt stille.
[Nico]: Jeg gleder meg til å bade. [Christian]: Liksom, du vet at eieren bor her, ikke sant? [Nico]: Ja? [Christian]: Sånn i hele dette
hotellet, så er det liksom et lyst vindu man ser. Helt seriøst. [Nico]: Bor han
her på hotellet? [Christian]: Ja. [Nico]: Så, han er her nå? [Christian]: Mhm. [Nico]: Vel, hva skjer om han ser
oss da? [Christian]: Da stikker vi, da. ♫ Simon More – Tropical Love ♫ [Nico]: Hei, folk. Det er nå… torsdag? … Tror jeg? Jepp. Torsdag. Det er nå torsdag. Vi skal til å gå ut snart. Jeg bare innser at jeg har filmet alt for lite i løpet av de siste få dagene. Jeg og Christian, vi skal bare gå litt ut nå. Vi skal egentlig bare gå rundt og… Jeg vet ikke,
prøve å få litt mer innhold til vloggen antar jeg? Jeg skal prøve å ta noen bilder til Instagram…
Kanskje vi kan ta noen bilder sammen. Christian trenger kanskje et nytt profilbilde. Også skal jeg bare prøve å filme
litt mer av byen og sånt, generelt. Fordi jeg har prøvd å slappe av litt mer,
og ikke vlogget fullt så mye denne ferien. Men nå er vi i huset, jeg tror jeg
så vidt har vist frem dette før. Jeg laget en annen video i… 2017 tror jeg? I Vinterferien, da. En ‘musikkvideo’ på en måte. Når vi var her. Men dette blir en faktisk vlog da. Så, det blir jo litt mer interessant å se på. Men, ja. Vi er i huset nå. Christian er på
do, så jeg bare venter til han er ferdig… Også skal vi gå ut og (forhåpentligvis)
filme noen flere interessante ting til dere. Her er bassenget… Utestedet. Det er et lite bordtennis-bord rundt her… Stuen… Kjøkken. Soverom. Fremsiden av huset. Bad… Soverommet til meg og Christian. Et annet soverom. Og det var stort sett det. Skal vi ta oss en tur irundt huset her da? Hvorfor ikke? Så, ja. Som sagt, så tror jeg at
det kun er vi som er her nå. Alle andre er ute og gjør et eller annet. Om det så er lunsj, eller bare å gå rundt,
eller om det er noe mer spesielt enn det… Vi er ute igjen nå. Jeg tok med 2
volumer av en tegneserie jeg leser. “Thief of Thieves” Som jeg har lest ferdig nå, endelig. Jeg har fortsatt et par tegneserier igjen
hjemme, som jeg ikke har lest ferdig enda, men jeg skal fullføre dem også, når jeg er tilbake. Også har jeg Harry Potter boken min (den 6.),
som jeg har kommet… i gang med, hvertfall. Ish. Christian, du begynte jo å
lese, du også. [Christian]: Ja? [Nico]: Hva er det du leser,
egentlig? [Christian]: “Imperiumet” [Nico]: Og hvor mye har du lest, på hvor kort tid? [Christian]: Jeg vet ikke… 300 sider? [Nico]: På sånn… 2 dager? [Christian]: Ja. [Nico]: Det er faktisk sykt. Jeg er så latterlig lat. Sånn, jeg kan faktisk bruke sånn 8 måneder på en
bok på 500 sider, og det er ikke litt kødd en gang. [Nico]: Vi er nå her med et svært anker,
som tydeligvis er et “monument”. Står det. Jeg liker hvor jævlig alvorlig de tar seg selv, bare sånn: “Forbudt å klatre på… monumentet!” Heftig. Hva skal vi gjøre nå da, Christian? [Christian]: Vet ikke jeg, slappe av? [Nico]: Er det
noe mer spennende vi kan filme eller ta bilde av? Eller skal vi bare gå og bade? [Christian]: Det er mye du kan filme/ta bilde av da, men… [Nico]: Ja, men er det et sted vi ikke har
vært enda? Noe som skiller seg ut litt, liksom? [Christian]: Altea. [Nico]: Ah. Faen, det er sant, det. Vi burde egentlig dra til Altea da. Det er sykt fint der. Det er liksom der gamlebyen
og sånt i Albir er, er det ikke? [Christian]: Nei… I Altea. [Nico]: Åh ja. Det er en egen ‘gamleby’ i Altea? [Christian]: Ja… Det heter “Altea”, og dette er “Albir”. [Nico]: … Så, det er sånn som
Moa og Ålesund da, egentlig?
{Bruh} [Christian]: Nei. [Nico]: Jeg føler at hele dritten er Albir, men ok. Yo, dude. [Christian]: Yo, dude. [Nico]: Vanligvis filmer jeg sånn 40 minutter
til 1 time av en vlog, også tar jeg med sånn… 10 minutter, liksom. Christian… Jeg tror dette er slutten av vloggen. [Christian]: Du tror det?
[Nico]: Jeg tror det. [Christian]: Fordi at det er trist og mørkt? [Nico]: Ja… Vi må… ende det på en depressiv tone. Fordi at nå skal vi hjem igjen om et par dager… Det er ikke så alt for mange
måneder igjen til skole og sånt. Ikke sant? Ikke for meg da, men for deg. Sommeren er snart over, det blir
kaldt igjen, vi må tilbake til Norge… Depressive tider… [Christian]: Ja, ja. Skikkelig
trist. Fordi jeg vil “ikke” tilbake til Norge, nei. [Nico]: Nei…
[Christian]: Nei. [Nico]: Alt vi kommer til å ha igjen etter denne gode
stunden her bare ekkoer gjennom evigheten som… På samme måte som bølgene slår inntil land… [Christian]: Jeg tenkte på det samme. [Nico]: Jeg skal på hytten nå, så neste vlog blir mest sannsynlig at jeg bare reiser
fra Spania til Oslo, Gardermoen. Fordi… På hytten jeg var på i Påskeferien,
dere husker vel de vloggene? På Østlandet. Mamma og Tore, og dem er der nå. Jeg tar fly til Gardermoen fra Spania… Også skal jeg være der i hvertfall et par dager… Også skal jeg hjem igjen til Ålesund,
og bli hjemme alene i 2 uker. Så, jeg tror nok at vi skal få filmet en
del ting når jeg er hjemme igjen, da. Takk for at dere så på, trykk “Abonner”
og bli med i Winther Armeen idag. Også snakkes vi i neste direktesending, eller video. [Christian]: Hade, vloggen! (Outro) [Tekstet av Nicolai Winther]

Model Testing | How To Build A Fashion Portfolio With Talent Agencies | PRO EDU Photography Tutorial

(upbeat music) – A model test is an
opportunity for a photographer and a model to build
their portfolios together. If you start in model testing, it’s gonna open doors in the
fashion photography field. The end result that needs to
happen in a great model test is that that model looks
their absolute best. When photographers fail at this, it’s not because they’re
bad photographers. It’s because they just don’t know what agencies and agency
represented models really need. In this tutorial, you’re gonna learn who to shoot and how to shoot them. I think we might do a hair and
makeup change at this point. Exactly. That arm can even like, yes. One foot bent that way, and
turn this foot this way. You’re gonna learn about
working with modeling agencies to shoot quality models. I love that ’cause that
lengthens your lengths, which your agents will love,
so bring that back out. Kick that foot. Good. You’re gonna see me shoot two
different types of models. We’re gonna take one model
that’s considered editorial. Go for it. Yes. And another model that’s
considered commercial. So let’s do that hand. Wrap it around your neck and then we’re gonna lean
in and gimme a little laugh. Perfect. Love that. We’re gonna use simple lighting, some natural light, some strobe. And then you’re gonna
open up your body to me as you come in here. Let’s try it. Perfect. Yes, perfect, good. And simple camera techniques. I love when I come lower with the model and they look like above me. It just exaggerates that. To get the quality that you want in as fast as possible time. Good. I think we’ve got that. With this tutorial, you’re gonna get my
Comprehensive Posing Guide. This is a great resource
to see what types of poses agencies are going to wanna see from a successful model test. Oh gosh, I love that! I’m gonna give you an
email template to send to modeling agencies. It’s gonna have the right
tone and the right language that’s gonna increase your success rate. My favorite thing that you’re gonna get from this tutorial is my
top secret packing list. It’s gonna make your
process so much easier, and it’s gonna give agencies
exactly what they want. Whether your goals are
to build a new portfolio, monetize model testing
or take that next step in your fashion photography career, these resources are foundational so that those things are easy,
seamless and quick for you.

VEIENE SKILLER SEG | Winther-Vlog #29

[Nico]: Yeah, ok. I just had my exam, guys. It’s probably windy as shit here,
but that’ll just have to do. There’s my school, behind me. I have finished my second year of high school. There’s an “end of the semester day”
tomorrow, but I don’t really need to attend that. So, that’s a wrap on my exams. I’m done. Ok, nice. I quit. Literally. I’m quitting school now. I’ve got my third year left, but
I’m going to take a year off now… I’ve briefly told you about this
earlier on streams and stuff, and after I’ve published this video, I’m going to post a pretty serious video, actually. That I recorded a while ago. It is time for you to see that now. It’s a very real and raw video, so to speak. So, you’ll get to see that video soon. But I’m done with school now, and it’s just like… Where do I go from here? Like, this is a good school, but some
shit has happened to me here and… I just need to get away for a year. So, a year off. And then my third year. We’ll see where the road takes me after that, but hey… I’m going to keep walking for
a bit, before I keep on talking. Yo, what the fuck? Ok, so… I don’t even fucking care if somebody
sees me vlogging right now, because this will basically be my life for the next year. Ok. Never mind, I can see people. I do fucking care. Awkward. Ok. This will end up being the most noisy video ever. I’m sorry about that. This won’t be the standard for the next year, but I just feel like I need to film this now, as it is so fresh. But, yeah. Now… This… will probably be the most
awesome year for my channel yet. We have already started growing
a lot fucking faster than before. Like, my channel has grown
ridiculously slow in the past. I’ve had it for almost… It will be 7 years in Mars. So, I’ve had this channel for 6 years. I mean, not that I’m complaining. 600 subscribers. That’s pretty
nice, but we will keep growing… A LOT faster this year. See where I’m at, by the way. This looks fucking gorgeous. Growing the channel… That’ll happen. Now that I’ve got an entire fucking year off… Believe it or not, as stupid as this may sound, (Not that I’m going to try and live of off this,) (Not that it is realistic to live off of this,) But simply because I’m going to do what I want to do for once in my life, now that I’m not tied down. I’m going to do YouTube for a WHOLE year. I’m going to act like I’m doing YouTube as a job. I might get a real job as well. (Not that YouTube isn’t a real
job, but I don’t earn shit on it…) For now, at least. Get me to 1000 subscribers, and I’ll
be able to earn revenue again. Not counting the stream donations. Anyways… Jesus Christ, why are you
guys even watching this video? I mean… These cars are probably ear raping you to hell right now. 1 year of YouTube. There will be streams, every fucking week. Multiple streams a week. Possibly even daily streams sometimes. There will be videos, (at least 2-3
videos a week, I assume) Daniel (A friend of mine, Quais), He suggested that I shouldn’t push
myself too hard now to begin with, given that I’m not used to this yet. So, it could be that it’ll go a little slower, but definitely, way faster than before. Just for starters. Just to see How… the learning curve will be, I guess. Not that I’ll be uploading regularly and stuff. Yes. As I said; YouTube is a lot of fun for me. I’m going to be doing it for a year. A whole fucking year, that I’ve got. Nothing else to distract me, no other things I have to do, no more school assignments, none of that bullshit. I’m just going to take a year off… 2019 has been the worst year of my life. Honestly. So much shit has happened at school. And… You guys are probably confused
by now, but you’ll understand gradually. There’s a pretty serious video, where I explain a bunch of stuff. I think I’m going to finish editing it, so… It will be out tomorrow, after you see this video. The day after I publish this video, I’ll post the other one. I’m honestly a little scared to post that video, but… If you hear me saying this, and
I included this part of the vlog, it means that it is going to happen. So… That should clear up some of the things… Yeah. Ok, but… Do you know what? I’ll film
some of this at home as well. I can close off the vlog there. I’m done, it’s just so… It sure took its time, but it’s just over now. It’s fucking strange. But I’ll pick the camera back up at home. I’m home, guys. (Nico turns on the lights in the kitchen) Oh! It’s fucking over. Never going back there, with those people. Nope. When I one day do return, there will
be new people, and a new class. Without people who stab me in my back (Hopefully). I can’t believe that it’s over. WHOO! Finally! Do you see this bed right here? I’m going to sleep here until 3 PM every day for a year. Stop me then, try and stop me. Hm? Hm?! Go ahead, try and stop me! No,
nobody can stop me. I’ve got a year off. Some fucked up things have
happened for it to lead to this point. Where I drop out of high school. And where I need to take 1 year off. Messed up things that I would
much RATHER have been without… But nothing is going to take away
from how awesome this year will be. I mean, actually. 1 YEAR. 1 fucking year, where I can do whatever the fuck I want. For once. I could get an actual job.
But that’s tiresome, so fuck that. I’m not doing that. If I feel like getting a job, and
I actually want one, then fine. I’ll apply for a job then, and probably get one. I guess. BUT… Working with YouTube, something
that is unachievable in Norway… (For the most part, at least.) You kind of just need to have another job on the side. There’s just not enough money to take from. At least if you’re as small as I am. Not that I’m not going to grow the fuck
out of my channel this year, though. I get to live here for a year, so that’s fine. No problem. I’ve got a source of income as well. I don’t need to tell you guys why I’ve
got an income, but I do have one. So, I’ll manage. I’ve got enough to manage. So, I’m going to act like YouTube is my job now. I’m going to be taking it very seriously. And do it more professionally. Make it into… More of a job than a hobby, really. For the first time. It IS a hobby. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but… Doing YouTube makes me happy. It gives me purpose. I really, really enjoy it. There’s a bunch of upgrades on its way, a lot of shit, good shit. 1 year. And once we get into that grind, it’ll be… Not just this year, and then the channel ends… But it will be improved permanently during this year. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ll probably elaborate more on this on streams, but… I just feel so fucking free. To put it mildly. What the fuck even is this vlog? I just walked around outside… I just finished my exam. I got a 5/6, by the way. They acted so fucking negatively, as if I failed majorly. And I was just like; “Oh, shit…” But I did get a 5, and they were like: “Yeah, so you’ll only be getting a 5/6”.
As if that was bad, and I was just like… I just thought; “Pfft!” That’s way better than I expected.
What the hell, I got a 5 on my media exam. Good enough! That’s actually good enough for me. So… I thought my exam went very good. It wasn’t even all that stressful. It was a little stressing, but it could’ve been worse. Very good. Let’s get to work. The green screen… Time to hang the green screen back up. Time to… Ok, I need to hang it back up properly. But the concept here is that it will be hung back up. And YouTube… That starts for reals now. I’ve said enough. This vlog is probably very messy,
but I don’t fucking care. There’s a serious video coming out tomorrow, where
I’m really not in such a good mood as I am right now. Probably one of the most
serious, real videos I’ve ever made. But do you know what? That is my choice. I have personally
chosen to walk into some sort of spotlight. Not that I think I’m
some “big deal” or anything, but I’ve chosen to expose big parts of my life on YouTube, the internet, and… I’m fine with that. That is my choice, right? So, I’ll have to deal with the consequences
of that, and the positives of that. There are both pros and cons to it. But I’m 18. I can do and say whatever the fuck I want on
YouTube now (as long as it’s legal) And I’ve got a year off. I don’t got to worry about school either. Given what I want to do on YouTube. My only… my only hinder is myself. What I am willing to do. New series starting soon. I’ve been writing it for a couple
of months. It’ll be awesome. Lots of good shit on the way. I’ve basically said all of the essentials. But a serious video tomorrow. I’m kind of scared to post it, but I chose to share my life to this extent with you guys. I hope you can appreciate that for what it is. Thanks for watching. Click Subscribe and join the Winther Army today, and I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. Bye. (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]


[Nico]: Hei folk, og velkommen
tilbake til en ny smakstest video! Idag skal vi smaksteste noe som jeg har
hatt lyst å smaksteste lenge her på kanalen. Egentlig noe som jeg har hatt
lyst på lenge i utgangspunktet, og det er faktisk G Fuel! Jeg tipper at G Fuel… Det begynner å bli et
ganske sånn relativt husholdlig merkenavn nå. Og det er FORDI… at det er så mange store YouTubere som
driver og promoterer G Fuel høyt og lavt. Både PewDiePie, KSI, sånn circa
ALLE som er med i Faze Clan… Keemstar fra DramaAlert… Det er så mange YouTubere
som blir sponset av G Fuel, og… derfor blir det bare mer og mer populært. Og da er det sikkert mange i Norge som har prøvd
og gått inn på for å bestille det…
{} Men …
{Men….} Som mange (i tillegg til meg selv) sikkert har funnet ut, så er det på en måte ulovlig med G Fuel i Norge. På en måte. Det er mange som tror det er komplett ulovlig.
Men du kan ikke bestille det i og med at de ikke… De sender ikke til Norge fordi at det er noe med at de har litt for høyt tilskudd av et eller annet… (Jeg har ikke studert nøyaktig hva som er
grunnen), men det er hvertfall litt for høyt
tilskudd av et eller annet av det som er i G Fuel, som går imot noen regler vi har i Norge. Og Norge er faktisk et av de FÅ landene i
VERDEN, hvor G Fuel ikke er lovlig på den måten. Men det mange også ikke vet da (inkludert meg selv), (Jeg brukte faktisk MÅNEDSVIS på å finne ut dette), er at du KAN bestille G Fuel fra ENKELTE nettsider. Jeg skal linke nede i beskrivelsen der jeg bestiller det. Fra de nettsidene hvor du kan
bestille det, de som sender til Norge… Det KAN VÆRE at dette ikke er nøyaktig riktig, men jeg er hvertfall ganske sikker på
at de bruker en “Europa Formula” da. som gjør at ingrediensene er
akkurat nok til at Norge er sånn: [Norge]: “Ja, ok. Det er greit hvis dere kutter
vekk akkurat det vi ikke synes er greit, liksom.” “Med mengde og sånt på ting.” [Nico]: Så, ja. Jeg skal linke i beskrivelsen der
hvor man kan kjøpe det, men nok om det. Dette er da den første G Fuel typen
jeg bestilte, og den heter: “Blue Ice” Det er mange G Fuel typer som har sånn “Inspirert av”
da, også en eller annen YouTuber/Innholdsskaper. Men dette er en av de 4 originale G Fuel smakene. Så, den er ikke inspirert av en YouTuber eller
noe sånt, den er bare en ren G Fuel smak. Så, “Blue Ice”. Det sier ikke egentlig
så masse om hva den smaker, egentlig. Jeg har også en G Fuel blandekopp her. Denne her er fra bokssettet til smaken “Bahama Mama”, som jeg også skal anmelde i en annen video. Det kommer til å bli ganske mange
G Fuel smakstest videoer her på kanalen. Jeg har tenkt til å prøve å samle alle
sammen, og få tak i alle smakene etter hvert. Men vi starter hvertfall nå med Blue Ice. Da har jeg blandet litt Blue Ice
inni denne. (Rister blandekoppen) Så, for dem som ikke vet det;
G Fuel er jo pulver da, som er inni her. Det du gjør, er at du tar en skje med
G Fuel, (Det er en skje nede i boksen.) En full sånn skje, det burde være nok til 1 blanding. Også tar du det ned i… Jeg tror det skal
være 500 ml, om jeg ikke tar helt feil. Hvis ikke, så står det på skjermen,
i så fall. Om jeg køddet det til. Men det som er da, er at G Fuel blandekopp,
som jeg faktisk anbefaler veldig å skaffe… Jeg drakk litt G Fuel før jeg fikk meg denne, men da må du måle opp med litermål
og alt mulig, og det er styr. Å fylle opp en hel sånn med vann,
det er liksom… Det er AKKURAT nok. De er laget sånn, blandekoppene. Også tar du 1 skje (en G Fuel skje, altså) med pulver, så tar du det ned i en hel sånn en (med vann). Også skal man riste den i… (og om legenden
stemmer), så skal det være i sånn circa 1 minutt. Noen rister i sånn 2-3 minutter også. Men det er egentlig
alt ettersom hvor godt du vil ha det blandet ut da. Også er det litt sånn: Tar du mer G Fuel enn det er
meningen, så blir det sterkere smak. Om du tar mindre, så blir det svakere smak. Så, du kan liksom blande litt sånn
her og der, hvis du føler for det. Jeg bruker å riste den i sånn
circa 1 minutt da, eller litt mer. Ok, så la oss smake på… G Fuel: Blue Ice. Om det er et lite sånn lag med skum på toppen, så… Du har stort sett ristet den ‘bra nok’ om det er et
lag med skum på toppen, hvertfall. Det er meningen. (Nico smaker G Fuel: Blue Ice) Ok, folkens. Men hva den
faktisk smaker? Den smaker blå is.
{Blå is} Drep meg. Det er ikke morsomt. Jeg er
ikke morsom. Hvorfor lager jeg videoer?
{ 🙁 } Den smaker… Det er veldig
ubestemmelig smak egentlig, på G Fuel. Sånn, alle G Fuel smaker har på en måte
en type “G Fuel smak” til seg. Sånn at du
kjenner at det er G Fuel du drikker. Men alle smakene er også veldig
sånn originale på en måte. Du får liksom en sånn god type smak fylt i
hele munnen din, etter at du har tatt en slurk. Omtrent alt blått godteri du har smakt i livet ditt, circa. Det er stort sett hva Blue Ice
smaker. Sånn, stol på meg, liksom. Jeg synes denne er en veldig grei G Fuel smak. Den er ikke favoritten min, men jeg liker
Blue Ice. Den er veldig grei å starte med, så jeg anbefaler å kanskje kjøpe den først hvertfall,
om du ikke er helt sikker på hva slags smak du vil ha. Men ja, den er god. Blått godteri. Det er stort sett det. Den smaker veldig søtt. Ikke for søtt, fordi det er faktisk ikke sukker i G Fuel. Og det er heller ikke sånn aspartam dritt, som er i Pepsi
Max og mange andre sånne brustyper uten sukker. Men, ja. Av ting som er negativt med den: Jeg føler at den er veldig sånn
syrlig. Den er litt VEL syrlig til tider. Så, det er på en måte et lite hint til surt. Men liksom, du kjenner det nesten ikke i det hele tatt. Det er veldig sånn pirkete å prøve å
komme på noe negativt med denne. Det verste med Blue Ice smaken
i min mening, det er at den… Ikke alltid! Det kan være at det bare er meg
som blander det litt for dårlig noen ganger,
{IKKE ALLTID.} Men en gang i blant, så har
den en litt sånn rar ettersmak… Ettersmaken man får av hver slurk
liksom, den er god. Men sånn… EN SJELDEN GANG, så kommer det en
ettersmak som på en måte varer en liten stund… Og den er litt sånn… til en viss grad kvalmende. Jeg vil ikke si at det er et stort
problem som er veldig negativt. Men en gang i blandt, så får jeg den ettersmaken
som gir meg lyst til å ikke ta en ny slurk, liksom… Og DET er veldig negativt da. Og det er egentlig det som tar G Fuel:
Blue Ice veldig ned i poengsum for meg også, så jeg tror jeg har lyst å gi denne… Jeg tror jeg gir G Fuel: Blue Ice en 6/10.
{6/10} Nei, vet du hva? Heller 5/10.
{5/10} Fordi det er så mange andre
smaker som er bedre, liksom. Og Blue Ice er veldig god, ikke forstå meg feil. Men på grunn av den ettersmaken… En sjelden gang, en gang i blant, så kommer
det en sånn rar etter smak av Blue Ice. Men mesteparten av tiden ikke.
Så, det er på en måte veldig negativt, MEN… Sånn i all hovedsak,
er smaken i seg selv god, liksom. Men ja, dette var bare en kjapp liten smakstest video. Jeg har lyst å gjøre flere smakstest videoer på G Fuel. Det vil komme masse mer “G Fuel innhold”,
om man kan kalle det for det, på kanalen.
{G Fuel Innhold} Om du vil kjøpe det, så er det link i beskrivelsen. De sender til Norge på den siden. Det er litt dyrt til tider, men samtidig så tror jeg det
er den billigste nettsiden du kan få kjøpt det på… for øyeblikket hvertfall, som sender til Norge. Takk for at dere så på, trykk “Abonner”
og bli med i Winther Armeen idag! Også snakkes vi i neste direktesending eller video. Og skriv gjerne i kommentarfeltet hva slags G Fuel smaker dere vil at jeg skal sjekke ut i neste video. (Outro) [Tekstet av Nicolai Winther]