VEIENE SKILLER SEG | Winther-Vlog #29

[Nico]: Yeah, ok. I just had my exam, guys. It’s probably windy as shit here,
but that’ll just have to do. There’s my school, behind me. I have finished my second year of high school. There’s an “end of the semester day”
tomorrow, but I don’t really need to attend that. So, that’s a wrap on my exams. I’m done. Ok, nice. I quit. Literally. I’m quitting school now. I’ve got my third year left, but
I’m going to take a year off now… I’ve briefly told you about this
earlier on streams and stuff, and after I’ve published this video, I’m going to post a pretty serious video, actually. That I recorded a while ago. It is time for you to see that now. It’s a very real and raw video, so to speak. So, you’ll get to see that video soon. But I’m done with school now, and it’s just like… Where do I go from here? Like, this is a good school, but some
shit has happened to me here and… I just need to get away for a year. So, a year off. And then my third year. We’ll see where the road takes me after that, but hey… I’m going to keep walking for
a bit, before I keep on talking. Yo, what the fuck? Ok, so… I don’t even fucking care if somebody
sees me vlogging right now, because this will basically be my life for the next year. Ok. Never mind, I can see people. I do fucking care. Awkward. Ok. This will end up being the most noisy video ever. I’m sorry about that. This won’t be the standard for the next year, but I just feel like I need to film this now, as it is so fresh. But, yeah. Now… This… will probably be the most
awesome year for my channel yet. We have already started growing
a lot fucking faster than before. Like, my channel has grown
ridiculously slow in the past. I’ve had it for almost… It will be 7 years in Mars. So, I’ve had this channel for 6 years. I mean, not that I’m complaining. 600 subscribers. That’s pretty
nice, but we will keep growing… A LOT faster this year. See where I’m at, by the way. This looks fucking gorgeous. Growing the channel… That’ll happen. Now that I’ve got an entire fucking year off… Believe it or not, as stupid as this may sound, (Not that I’m going to try and live of off this,) (Not that it is realistic to live off of this,) But simply because I’m going to do what I want to do for once in my life, now that I’m not tied down. I’m going to do YouTube for a WHOLE year. I’m going to act like I’m doing YouTube as a job. I might get a real job as well. (Not that YouTube isn’t a real
job, but I don’t earn shit on it…) For now, at least. Get me to 1000 subscribers, and I’ll
be able to earn revenue again. Not counting the stream donations. Anyways… Jesus Christ, why are you
guys even watching this video? I mean… These cars are probably ear raping you to hell right now. 1 year of YouTube. There will be streams, every fucking week. Multiple streams a week. Possibly even daily streams sometimes. There will be videos, (at least 2-3
videos a week, I assume) Daniel (A friend of mine, Quais), He suggested that I shouldn’t push
myself too hard now to begin with, given that I’m not used to this yet. So, it could be that it’ll go a little slower, but definitely, way faster than before. Just for starters. Just to see How… the learning curve will be, I guess. Not that I’ll be uploading regularly and stuff. Yes. As I said; YouTube is a lot of fun for me. I’m going to be doing it for a year. A whole fucking year, that I’ve got. Nothing else to distract me, no other things I have to do, no more school assignments, none of that bullshit. I’m just going to take a year off… 2019 has been the worst year of my life. Honestly. So much shit has happened at school. And… You guys are probably confused
by now, but you’ll understand gradually. There’s a pretty serious video, where I explain a bunch of stuff. I think I’m going to finish editing it, so… It will be out tomorrow, after you see this video. The day after I publish this video, I’ll post the other one. I’m honestly a little scared to post that video, but… If you hear me saying this, and
I included this part of the vlog, it means that it is going to happen. So… That should clear up some of the things… Yeah. Ok, but… Do you know what? I’ll film
some of this at home as well. I can close off the vlog there. I’m done, it’s just so… It sure took its time, but it’s just over now. It’s fucking strange. But I’ll pick the camera back up at home. I’m home, guys. (Nico turns on the lights in the kitchen) Oh! It’s fucking over. Never going back there, with those people. Nope. When I one day do return, there will
be new people, and a new class. Without people who stab me in my back (Hopefully). I can’t believe that it’s over. WHOO! Finally! Do you see this bed right here? I’m going to sleep here until 3 PM every day for a year. Stop me then, try and stop me. Hm? Hm?! Go ahead, try and stop me! No,
nobody can stop me. I’ve got a year off. Some fucked up things have
happened for it to lead to this point. Where I drop out of high school. And where I need to take 1 year off. Messed up things that I would
much RATHER have been without… But nothing is going to take away
from how awesome this year will be. I mean, actually. 1 YEAR. 1 fucking year, where I can do whatever the fuck I want. For once. I could get an actual job.
But that’s tiresome, so fuck that. I’m not doing that. If I feel like getting a job, and
I actually want one, then fine. I’ll apply for a job then, and probably get one. I guess. BUT… Working with YouTube, something
that is unachievable in Norway… (For the most part, at least.) You kind of just need to have another job on the side. There’s just not enough money to take from. At least if you’re as small as I am. Not that I’m not going to grow the fuck
out of my channel this year, though. I get to live here for a year, so that’s fine. No problem. I’ve got a source of income as well. I don’t need to tell you guys why I’ve
got an income, but I do have one. So, I’ll manage. I’ve got enough to manage. So, I’m going to act like YouTube is my job now. I’m going to be taking it very seriously. And do it more professionally. Make it into… More of a job than a hobby, really. For the first time. It IS a hobby. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but… Doing YouTube makes me happy. It gives me purpose. I really, really enjoy it. There’s a bunch of upgrades on its way, a lot of shit, good shit. 1 year. And once we get into that grind, it’ll be… Not just this year, and then the channel ends… But it will be improved permanently during this year. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ll probably elaborate more on this on streams, but… I just feel so fucking free. To put it mildly. What the fuck even is this vlog? I just walked around outside… I just finished my exam. I got a 5/6, by the way. They acted so fucking negatively, as if I failed majorly. And I was just like; “Oh, shit…” But I did get a 5, and they were like: “Yeah, so you’ll only be getting a 5/6”.
As if that was bad, and I was just like… I just thought; “Pfft!” That’s way better than I expected.
What the hell, I got a 5 on my media exam. Good enough! That’s actually good enough for me. So… I thought my exam went very good. It wasn’t even all that stressful. It was a little stressing, but it could’ve been worse. Very good. Let’s get to work. The green screen… Time to hang the green screen back up. Time to… Ok, I need to hang it back up properly. But the concept here is that it will be hung back up. And YouTube… That starts for reals now. I’ve said enough. This vlog is probably very messy,
but I don’t fucking care. There’s a serious video coming out tomorrow, where
I’m really not in such a good mood as I am right now. Probably one of the most
serious, real videos I’ve ever made. But do you know what? That is my choice. I have personally
chosen to walk into some sort of spotlight. Not that I think I’m
some “big deal” or anything, but I’ve chosen to expose big parts of my life on YouTube, the internet, and… I’m fine with that. That is my choice, right? So, I’ll have to deal with the consequences
of that, and the positives of that. There are both pros and cons to it. But I’m 18. I can do and say whatever the fuck I want on
YouTube now (as long as it’s legal) And I’ve got a year off. I don’t got to worry about school either. Given what I want to do on YouTube. My only… my only hinder is myself. What I am willing to do. New series starting soon. I’ve been writing it for a couple
of months. It’ll be awesome. Lots of good shit on the way. I’ve basically said all of the essentials. But a serious video tomorrow. I’m kind of scared to post it, but I chose to share my life to this extent with you guys. I hope you can appreciate that for what it is. Thanks for watching. Click Subscribe and join the Winther Army today, and I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. Bye. (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]


[Nico]: Hei folk, og velkommen
tilbake til en ny smakstest video! Idag skal vi smaksteste noe som jeg har
hatt lyst å smaksteste lenge her på kanalen. Egentlig noe som jeg har hatt
lyst på lenge i utgangspunktet, og det er faktisk G Fuel! Jeg tipper at G Fuel… Det begynner å bli et
ganske sånn relativt husholdlig merkenavn nå. Og det er FORDI… at det er så mange store YouTubere som
driver og promoterer G Fuel høyt og lavt. Både PewDiePie, KSI, sånn circa
ALLE som er med i Faze Clan… Keemstar fra DramaAlert… Det er så mange YouTubere
som blir sponset av G Fuel, og… derfor blir det bare mer og mer populært. Og da er det sikkert mange i Norge som har prøvd
og gått inn på for å bestille det…
{} Men …
{Men….} Som mange (i tillegg til meg selv) sikkert har funnet ut, så er det på en måte ulovlig med G Fuel i Norge. På en måte. Det er mange som tror det er komplett ulovlig.
Men du kan ikke bestille det i og med at de ikke… De sender ikke til Norge fordi at det er noe med at de har litt for høyt tilskudd av et eller annet… (Jeg har ikke studert nøyaktig hva som er
grunnen), men det er hvertfall litt for høyt
tilskudd av et eller annet av det som er i G Fuel, som går imot noen regler vi har i Norge. Og Norge er faktisk et av de FÅ landene i
VERDEN, hvor G Fuel ikke er lovlig på den måten. Men det mange også ikke vet da (inkludert meg selv), (Jeg brukte faktisk MÅNEDSVIS på å finne ut dette), er at du KAN bestille G Fuel fra ENKELTE nettsider. Jeg skal linke nede i beskrivelsen der jeg bestiller det. Fra de nettsidene hvor du kan
bestille det, de som sender til Norge… Det KAN VÆRE at dette ikke er nøyaktig riktig, men jeg er hvertfall ganske sikker på
at de bruker en “Europa Formula” da. som gjør at ingrediensene er
akkurat nok til at Norge er sånn: [Norge]: “Ja, ok. Det er greit hvis dere kutter
vekk akkurat det vi ikke synes er greit, liksom.” “Med mengde og sånt på ting.” [Nico]: Så, ja. Jeg skal linke i beskrivelsen der
hvor man kan kjøpe det, men nok om det. Dette er da den første G Fuel typen
jeg bestilte, og den heter: “Blue Ice” Det er mange G Fuel typer som har sånn “Inspirert av”
da, også en eller annen YouTuber/Innholdsskaper. Men dette er en av de 4 originale G Fuel smakene. Så, den er ikke inspirert av en YouTuber eller
noe sånt, den er bare en ren G Fuel smak. Så, “Blue Ice”. Det sier ikke egentlig
så masse om hva den smaker, egentlig. Jeg har også en G Fuel blandekopp her. Denne her er fra bokssettet til smaken “Bahama Mama”, som jeg også skal anmelde i en annen video. Det kommer til å bli ganske mange
G Fuel smakstest videoer her på kanalen. Jeg har tenkt til å prøve å samle alle
sammen, og få tak i alle smakene etter hvert. Men vi starter hvertfall nå med Blue Ice. Da har jeg blandet litt Blue Ice
inni denne. (Rister blandekoppen) Så, for dem som ikke vet det;
G Fuel er jo pulver da, som er inni her. Det du gjør, er at du tar en skje med
G Fuel, (Det er en skje nede i boksen.) En full sånn skje, det burde være nok til 1 blanding. Også tar du det ned i… Jeg tror det skal
være 500 ml, om jeg ikke tar helt feil. Hvis ikke, så står det på skjermen,
i så fall. Om jeg køddet det til. Men det som er da, er at G Fuel blandekopp,
som jeg faktisk anbefaler veldig å skaffe… Jeg drakk litt G Fuel før jeg fikk meg denne, men da må du måle opp med litermål
og alt mulig, og det er styr. Å fylle opp en hel sånn med vann,
det er liksom… Det er AKKURAT nok. De er laget sånn, blandekoppene. Også tar du 1 skje (en G Fuel skje, altså) med pulver, så tar du det ned i en hel sånn en (med vann). Også skal man riste den i… (og om legenden
stemmer), så skal det være i sånn circa 1 minutt. Noen rister i sånn 2-3 minutter også. Men det er egentlig
alt ettersom hvor godt du vil ha det blandet ut da. Også er det litt sånn: Tar du mer G Fuel enn det er
meningen, så blir det sterkere smak. Om du tar mindre, så blir det svakere smak. Så, du kan liksom blande litt sånn
her og der, hvis du føler for det. Jeg bruker å riste den i sånn
circa 1 minutt da, eller litt mer. Ok, så la oss smake på… G Fuel: Blue Ice. Om det er et lite sånn lag med skum på toppen, så… Du har stort sett ristet den ‘bra nok’ om det er et
lag med skum på toppen, hvertfall. Det er meningen. (Nico smaker G Fuel: Blue Ice) Ok, folkens. Men hva den
faktisk smaker? Den smaker blå is.
{Blå is} Drep meg. Det er ikke morsomt. Jeg er
ikke morsom. Hvorfor lager jeg videoer?
{ 🙁 } Den smaker… Det er veldig
ubestemmelig smak egentlig, på G Fuel. Sånn, alle G Fuel smaker har på en måte
en type “G Fuel smak” til seg. Sånn at du
kjenner at det er G Fuel du drikker. Men alle smakene er også veldig
sånn originale på en måte. Du får liksom en sånn god type smak fylt i
hele munnen din, etter at du har tatt en slurk. Omtrent alt blått godteri du har smakt i livet ditt, circa. Det er stort sett hva Blue Ice
smaker. Sånn, stol på meg, liksom. Jeg synes denne er en veldig grei G Fuel smak. Den er ikke favoritten min, men jeg liker
Blue Ice. Den er veldig grei å starte med, så jeg anbefaler å kanskje kjøpe den først hvertfall,
om du ikke er helt sikker på hva slags smak du vil ha. Men ja, den er god. Blått godteri. Det er stort sett det. Den smaker veldig søtt. Ikke for søtt, fordi det er faktisk ikke sukker i G Fuel. Og det er heller ikke sånn aspartam dritt, som er i Pepsi
Max og mange andre sånne brustyper uten sukker. Men, ja. Av ting som er negativt med den: Jeg føler at den er veldig sånn
syrlig. Den er litt VEL syrlig til tider. Så, det er på en måte et lite hint til surt. Men liksom, du kjenner det nesten ikke i det hele tatt. Det er veldig sånn pirkete å prøve å
komme på noe negativt med denne. Det verste med Blue Ice smaken
i min mening, det er at den… Ikke alltid! Det kan være at det bare er meg
som blander det litt for dårlig noen ganger,
{IKKE ALLTID.} Men en gang i blant, så har
den en litt sånn rar ettersmak… Ettersmaken man får av hver slurk
liksom, den er god. Men sånn… EN SJELDEN GANG, så kommer det en
ettersmak som på en måte varer en liten stund… Og den er litt sånn… til en viss grad kvalmende. Jeg vil ikke si at det er et stort
problem som er veldig negativt. Men en gang i blandt, så får jeg den ettersmaken
som gir meg lyst til å ikke ta en ny slurk, liksom… Og DET er veldig negativt da. Og det er egentlig det som tar G Fuel:
Blue Ice veldig ned i poengsum for meg også, så jeg tror jeg har lyst å gi denne… Jeg tror jeg gir G Fuel: Blue Ice en 6/10.
{6/10} Nei, vet du hva? Heller 5/10.
{5/10} Fordi det er så mange andre
smaker som er bedre, liksom. Og Blue Ice er veldig god, ikke forstå meg feil. Men på grunn av den ettersmaken… En sjelden gang, en gang i blant, så kommer
det en sånn rar etter smak av Blue Ice. Men mesteparten av tiden ikke.
Så, det er på en måte veldig negativt, MEN… Sånn i all hovedsak,
er smaken i seg selv god, liksom. Men ja, dette var bare en kjapp liten smakstest video. Jeg har lyst å gjøre flere smakstest videoer på G Fuel. Det vil komme masse mer “G Fuel innhold”,
om man kan kalle det for det, på kanalen.
{G Fuel Innhold} Om du vil kjøpe det, så er det link i beskrivelsen. De sender til Norge på den siden. Det er litt dyrt til tider, men samtidig så tror jeg det
er den billigste nettsiden du kan få kjøpt det på… for øyeblikket hvertfall, som sender til Norge. Takk for at dere så på, trykk “Abonner”
og bli med i Winther Armeen idag! Også snakkes vi i neste direktesending eller video. Og skriv gjerne i kommentarfeltet hva slags G Fuel smaker dere vil at jeg skal sjekke ut i neste video. (Outro) [Tekstet av Nicolai Winther]

HVOR VAR DU I 3 MÅNEDER? | Winther-Vlog #30

(Nico knocks on Preben’s door) [Nico]: Ey, Smoky…
{Ey} {Smoky} Yo! Pre– What the fu– What the fuck, man? Smoky.
{Smoky.} [Preben]: Smoky! {Smoky!} He left. [Nico]: Is he coming back? Oh, well. [Preben]: It was nice having him. [Nico]: It certainly was. Yo, Preben. Where have you
been for the past 3-4 months? You know, since the last time. When we dyed my hair. [Preben]: Nico, I hung out with you
yesterday. No, the day before that. 3 days ago, Nico. [Nico]: Yeah, but I mean on YouTube.
They haven’t seen you in months. Have you seen all of the exciting
things that I’ve been doing? I traveled the Southern Norway, and
hung out with Daniel and Madshaven. I lived with my sister and stuff.
(Nice voice crack) [Preben]: Dude, I’ve seen the vlogs. [Nico]: Ah, you have? Oh, that’s good. (Bro high five)
[Preben]: Of course. And then I went to this cabin in Eastern Norway, which should’ve been really lame, but was
actually kind of fun, since Kayzen was nearby. And we went on a trip to Sweden.
I traveled to Stavanger for a wedding. It has been lit as fuck. But I haven’t had a cameraman. [Preben]: Nope… Can you take the camera? [Preben]: Boom.
{Cameraman activate.} [Nico]: Yeah. I haven’t really made any plans for today. [Preben]: I haven’t held the camera in a long time. [Nico]: Yeah, have you even
used that camera before at all? Since… We borrowed one of these
the last time. [Preben]: Like once. [Nico]: It is basically the same camera. But are you familiar with DSLR cameras? If not, we might have to do some training? I don’t know. The zoom is… [Preben]: Some training would be good. [Nico]: The zoom is here, right? Here’s the
focus, but that’s not really necessary. [Preben]: How do I adjust the brightness? [Nico] Well, you would have to set it manually, but like… It is… What, is the lighting bad in here? [Preben]: Mhm. [Nico]: Oh, ok. Let’s go somewhere else, then. [Preben]: Ooo, there’s some sexy lighting here. I won’t film any of my mess. [Nico]: Ok. [Nico]: As I mentioned earlier…
(Preben films his mess) I don’t really have any specific plans
for today. But I am pretty hungry. And this guy that we know,
Driveklepp… Zalty Music. Shoutout. He works over at Circle K, nearby. So, I was considering going over there to get some food. Because why not? Vlog content! So…
I don’t know what you think about that? (Preben approves) What a good boy. Have you started filming? [Preben]: What do you think? [Nico]: Ok, I guess you have. [Preben]: – I need to make sure that I don’t burn them. Watch me cook. [Nico]: Mhm. Preben, the Masterchef. Don’t you want a series of your own on my
channel, called “Cooking with Preben” ? You need to show off the delicacy
food that you cook for Lovise. [Preben]: I think she just wants my burgers. [Nico]: We’re outside of Circle K, right now. We bought some food here. A burger that was a
little overpriced, and kind of small. But that’s fine. Preben bought a 1,5 dollar hotdog. (10 kr) And this is actually a backpack that I
brought to a party that Preben hosted. It was a “going away” party for a friend of ours. And of course, I managed to leave my backpack there. But we’re using it to carry the camera, I guess. And I found a bunch of soda in it. So, I didn’t have to buy anything to drink here… I guess, thanks “Past Nico”, for
leaving the backpack at the party. Before we left, we filmed some “Behind The Scenes”
footage, where I showed Preben the new series. That we’ll start shooting in not too long. That
you guys don’t know anything about as of now. Preben has been informed and stuff, so
we’re getting ready to start shooting… To start filming it pretty soon. I should probably stop talking about it all the time. Because I keep saying that it’ll
start without any warning. And that people won’t know when it
begins. It’ll just begin out of nowhere. But it will be obvious now, because I keep
talking about it all the fucking time. I don’t really know what we’ll do for the rest of this vlog. This vlog wasn’t really specific,
was it? It’s kind of a chill vlog. Do you have any ideas? [Preben]: As long as we don’t vlog inside of a store. [Nico]: Nah. That’s fine. I guess I’ll finish eating this. I’m going to Spain pretty soon. With Christian. So, that will probably
be the next vlog after this one. I’m actually ahead of schedule with the vlogs, for once. I’ve got like 2-3 more videos filmed already. That I haven’t posted yet. I just
need to edit and publish them. Plus some gaming content,
and stuff. And I’ll stream a lot. Now that I’m taking a year off.
YouTube is basically my job. So, there will be lots of content coming
to the channel. Which is nice. But we will pick the camera back up… Nearing the end of the vlog. So, I’ll see you guys soon. [Preben]: Bye… [Nico]: Oh, hi there… (Kidding) We’re currently at Hatlane
Elementary, is that what it’s called? [Preben]: Yes.
{YES.} [Nico]: Yeah. And Preben went to this school. At least for a couple of years. Do you have anything interesting to say about… Your childhood here? [Preben]: Nope.
{NO.} [Nico]: That was fucking exciting. So, while I’ve been having these
amazing vlog-adventures, that I’ve been filming for the past couple of
months… What have you actually been up to…? [Preben]: I have been working. I got a girlfriend. [Nico]: Who’s very nice, by the way. [Preben]: And I’ve hung out with you. [Nico]: Yeah, but we haven’t filmed any of it. [Preben]: Nope. [Nico]: Yeah, so he hasn’t been entirely gone. But we’re back at it now, aren’t we? So, we’ll be filming ReLaTiVeLy often…? [Preben]: We’ll see. [Nico]: Relativelyyyy ofteeeen, yees… Yeeees? Yeees? {Preben, PLEASE, be
available to film 24/7, thanks.} This was just a short little vlog to like… Update you. Pretty chill. We’ll do something
more interesting for the next video. I’ve already got something planned. I’m going to
Spain soon. So, you’ll probably see that in the next vlog. Or… It might even be a couple of vlogs… Follow me. Let’s go for a walk. I do have an entire year off now. So, there should be new videos
out relatively often, as I said. I’ve got a lot of ideas and so on.
New series soon. Exciting stuff. This vlog was just kind of chill.
So, I figured I’d just do an outro now. Do you want me to do one of
those “Slav Poses” up there? Yo, can we take some pictures for Instagram,
by the way? When we’re done filming this vlog. [Preben]: Sure. [Nico]: Ok. Have you seen how
inspo my Instagram is?
{ @WintherOfficial } [Preben]: A little too inspo…
{ @WintherOfficial } [Nico]: Thanks for watching. Click
“Subscribe”, and join the Winther Army today. And then I’ll see you guys in
the next stream or video. Bye! (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]


♫ Summer Walker Type Beat – No feelings involved
just another night (PROD. YUSEI X SEPH) ♫ [Nico]: Hey guys, and welcome back to a new vlog. I just got off the plane. I’m at Oslo Airport. I walked into
a parking garage or something… I’ve got no idea where I’m supposed to get picked
up, but I’m going to call up my mom soon. They should be in the area. I just got back home from Spain,
as you saw in the previous vlog. I’m feeling very tired and kind of dead. I’ve gotten like… maybe 4 hours of sleep. Because I was basically just up all night. My plane… We had to leave at 5 AM. My plane was leaving… at 07:30 AM, approximately. Or close to 8 AM. It is 11:30
AM right now. I just got here. Yeah. I’m going to find my way out, call my mom, get picked up… And after that I’m actually going to the
cabin. You’ve seen our cabin in past vlogs. I won’t be staying there for long, so
there will probably only be like… 1 video or something from the cabin now. After that, I’m just going to go back to
Ålesund. I’ll be home alone there for like 2 weeks. (Nico is calling Mama Winther) [Rigmor]: Hello.
[Nico]: Hi. Yeah, I’ve landed. I am… I thought it’d be logical to walk towards “parking”.
So, I ended up in a parking garage or something. [Rigmor]: Did you get ahold of
your baggage yet? [Nico]: Yes. I’ve got my baggage. [Rigmor]: Yeah, ok… We’re not there yet. [Nico]: Where are you then? I mean, how far away? [Rigmor]: No… We might be another 20 minutes away. [Nico]: THAT far away? [Rigmor]: … Yes. [Nico]: Alright… Why?
{…} {WHY} [Rigmor]: No, see… We got up at
the right time and everything… Well, we might have miscalculated the time
it would take to drive there. Because the
drive does take a while, you know? It is like 1,5 hours. To drive to the airport from the cabin. Well, 20 minutes is quick. [Nico]: … Mhm.
{…} Let me know when you’re nearby. [Rigmor]: Yeah. We’ll do that. Alright, good bye. [Nico]: Bye. 20 minutes away.. That was… some excellent planning. And I am already so tired. (Nico eats at Burger King in the meantime) (Around 2 hours later, when Nico arrives at the cabin) Yo… ! (cringe) Guess who’s back here? Me.
{ME.} Obviously. This was actually kind of unexpected. Like… The fact that I was randomly
going back to the cabin, right now. After the trip to Spain. But that’s where we’re at. If you saw the vlogs from last time I was
here, you probably recognize this place. This is where I’ll be for the next few days. Before going back home to Ålesund. Which will be kind of fun, quite frankly,
to be home alone for 2 weeks. So, I’m pretty excited about that. But yeah, I’m just going to chill here first… I don’t think I’ll be as active
with the videos here this time. I know that Kayzen HAPPEN to also be
down here again. Now as I’m here as well. He is visiting his parents, and he
has already been here for some time. But he is going home around the same time as I am. I don’t know if Kayzen and I will
really bother to meet up this time. We… might. But I don’t think I’ll
actively be doing videos and stuff now that I’m here, anyways.
I do however have a lot to edit. So, there will be content coming out
frequently, almost all the time, anyways. So, I think I’ll chill with the filming for now, until
I’ve edited all of my already recorded footage. And by then, I will be home in Ålesund again.
Where I can film even more stuff, you know? So, yeah. I’m going to speak with a friend of
mine, Eskil, on Discord right now… Just relax… I don’t think I’ll be filming
anything else tonight at least… I think I’ll just pick the camera
back up tomorrow or something. At some point? Yes. This has been a very consistent vlog so far .. Hey guys, guess where I’m at again? I am here, where I filmed (many months ago now) … The video where I update you guys on my life, that was just posted on the channel. I shot that video last time I was here at the cabin. A couple of months ago… during
the spring break, wasn’t it? Yeah, it took me a while to publish that one. It was partly due to timing as well. I felt that I actually… I concluded that I actually wanted to have
finished my second year, before I were to… publish it (for multiple reasons). Just in general. It made sense. I don’t know. I was kind of scared to
upload it as well, really. Because… I was really concerned that
it would seem fake, and that… I mean, I did state in the video, that it wasn’t
made to achieve those kinds of things… But I was afraid that people would think that I made
it to get sympathy, and those sorts of things. And all kinds of bullshit. But I have gotten good feedback
on it. A lot of views, and… The channel has grown a lot,
actually. Just in the past few days! While recording this, we’re at 660 subscribers. Which is great. A car is driving by. I won’t bother to talk. Because the audio will be shitty.
{Sheit} So, I did get good feedback. A lot of people told
me that I handled “a video like that” very good. So, that’s good. I was scared to upload it, but I did do it eventually. I just said “Fuck it” and I did it. I edited
it long before uploading it as well… It is out, never the less. It is kind of random that I happen to be
back here now, just as I decided to post it. It is summer vacation now, and not spring break. It’s a little warmer here now, and… Well, the place had it’s charm the last time
as well. There was ice all over the lake. I don’t know. I like the “summer edition” of this place. The cabin is over there. We’re going to eat now. I don’t know if you see it, but I’m sleeping there now. I used to sleep in the garage behind there,
but I moved to that little house over there. So, that’s fine. I like it there as well. My neck is kind of fucked up again. I seriously think that… Because I slept in that garage for a couple of days. And there has to be something
with that bed there, because… My neck got like MEGA-fucked
up, the last time I was here. And I thought it had nothing
to do with the bed, but just after a couple of days here now, my
neck is just as fucked up (if not worse). And it never really stopped being fucked up either. It must be the bed. But now that I switched over… I switched over to the “Annex”, as
we call it. One of the smaller cabins. So, that’s where I sleep now. Random people on that boat… Don’t stare at me, please. I just wanted to give you guys an update. Have a chat.
I won’t be filming too much here, this time around. As I mentioned, Kayzen’s around here as
well. He’ll be going back home soon, but… I don’t think any of us want to meet
up, to be honest. We’re both too lazy. I’m well into the edit of the Podcast episode,
where we talk about Avengers: Endgame. Which should’ve been out A LONG TIME AGO,
but I’ve had other things to upload, and… Vacation and everything, so… But yeah, it will probably be out by
the time you see this… at least.
{It is out! Link in the description} (I HOPE)
It should be. I have edited 45 minutes out of 2 hours. So, it should get done pretty soon. I don’t know when I’ll be
filming again, but I’ll see you. (Retarded sound effects) The cabin life… Hello. So, this is where I’m currently sleeping, guys. There’s no lighting in there, but that’s where I sleep. I think I was… Down there. Not that you guys can see shit right now. But that’s where I was, the last time you saw me. So, yeah. (Visibly impressed) The lighting isn’t too bad at all here… Anyways; This is what has happened: I have been at it for 3 DAYS IN A ROW, with
the editing of that goddamn podcast episode. God, I have… Half an hour left (to edit). So, I will try to edit 15 more minutes early
tomorrow, and then 15 minutes during the evening. That should get it done. I have seriously barely been doing fucking anything… (I mean, I slept for a fucking while, sure) I watched some videos as i ate. I made some food. I was out for maybe like… 10-15 minutes. (where I just relaxed on the porch) Apart from that, I’ve spent… ALL freaking day inside (in the darkness), (unsocialized, and away from everybody else), in front of my monitor… and edited, and edited, AnD eDiTeD,
aNd EdItEd, AND EDITED. Non-stop! So, you guys SHOULD watch that
fucking podcast! You better enjoy it… It will be out before this vlog. But I’m just saying… for future reference… If you haven’t seen/listened to that fucking
podcast yet, then go and do so. Because… I put way too much effort into them,
compared to what I’m getting paid. Oh, wait. I don’t get paid at all. I think it was entertaining. I don’t think I’m waisting your time,
when I tell you to go and listen to it. But even if it’s not entertaining,
I still expect you guys to listen to it, just because I put so goddamn much effort into it. It is our longest podcast episode yet. We usually only do 1 hour episodes. This one in particular became lengthier. Will I bother to tell you this? Long story short: Yesterday, I was having a blast in my
bed, with some YouTube videos. I just relaxed after a long day of editing. I like how I basically WORK with
something that I’m not even getting paid for. When I’m on VACATION. I care THIS MUCH about you all, ok? Appreciate it, damn it! But what was I saying… Yeah.
I had fun with watching some videos. But the thing is that I’m getting my phone service from… We don’t have Wi-Fi here, so I’m
getting internet from my mom’s phone. It sends out 4G or whatever, to everybody. But then my mom’s phone run out
of battery. And I’m just like: “xD” I guess I’ll just charge it then, right? And then connect to its internet again? (Nervous laughter) No. It was absolutely not that easy. Nope. I needed to type in its pin-code,
to get it working properly again. I didn’t know the pin. I went through
all of the notes on her phone. Out of all the fucking shit she had in her notes … (Which was a lot of things) Not the pin-code. Nope. So, I was like: “Oh, well… No more
videos to watch for me tonight.” So, I went outside, to go to where you guys last saw me. Down by the lake, where I go to chill sometimes. I brought my book, it was bright
outside. It was at 5 in the morning. So, I was like: “Ok. I’ll just sit down by
the lake, relax, read, and then go to bed.” BUT NO, there was a fucking tent there! Somebody decided to SPECIFICALLY
camp out at that very spot. I mean, there’s a fucking camping site
right next to that lake. It… it just is. But instead of being at the actual camping site, they
went outside of the camping site, to put up a tent at EXACTLY where I like to be at. So, then I was like: “My disappointment is
immeasurable… And my day is ruined.” I just started to walk… Along the car road. I just walked, and walked, and walked…
without end. I was so fucking frustrated. So, I called up Jessica, hoping that she would be awake. She was not, but I woke her up, apparently. So, we spoke for about 2 hours. So, she entertained me a little, at least.
Thank you, Jessica, for that 🙂 After that I went to sleep. I feel like all of my vlogs lately are
just me talking to the camera. I will do more specific stuff for the vlogs. I’ve got a lot of things planned, but I kind of
need to get the hell back home first, so… Yeah. See you… (Lots of little fish) (Nico goes for a swim) (Uncomfortable Tore, getting filmed by Rigmor) (Nico travels back to Ålesund) [Nico]: Ok, guys. I am finally back home, after a… Ok, not really that long of a flight… I would say that it’s one of my better flights, given that on every fucking plane I take,
there’s some crying child … There was one now as well, of course. But
it was far away from me this time, at least. I’m back home now. I did a little stream earlier today. I will mostly just relax right now. Or.. Preben and I will film some stuff.
Maybe already tomorrow, we’ll see. But, yeah. I will just relax for the rest of the night now. We’re watching Black Panther. Jessica’s here. If the lighting wants to focus on you… (Jessica waves) I know you’re a little camera shy, so I will push
it into your face. (Reluctant Jessica-sounds) So, it’s ok when Charlie does it, but not when I do? Hm? Hm?! [Jessica]: It’s not ok when Charlie does it, either. [Nico]: No, ok. But he does, so I will
allow myself to do the same. Jessica’s staying over, we’re going to chill and stuff. I’m not vlogging more for a couple of days, at least. Not until I’ve got something more specific to do. So, I guess I’ll just close off the vlog here? Thanks for watching. Click “Subscribe”
and join the Winther Army today. And then I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. And YES, my wallpaper is just
casually falling off back there. So, we need to have that fixed.
I think it’s because of the heat. Or Jessica said so, at least. [Jessica]: Mhm. [Nico]: I’ll see you. (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]

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[Nico]: Yo. Hey guys, and welcome back to a new vlog. It’s been a while since I’ve done this. To just pick up the camera just as I woke up. I didn’t just wake up though, I’ve been awake for a while. But… It is Thursday. I have the day off. I just basically passed out last night. Because I just… got so tired that I had to end my stream. I streamed parts of the first
episode from Life is Strange 2. And I did want to finish playing it… But I think I’ll just have to finish the episode
during another stream today or something? Because seriously, I was just so tired.
I had to abruptly end the stream. And that does not happen often. But, yeah… So, I just laid down on my bed and passed out. I have barely eaten anything either. But, yeah. And then I woke up now, at 6 AM.
{06:00 AM} By myself, obviously.
{06:00 AM} So, that kind of says it all. Anyways, I just grabbed my phone and watched
some McJuggerNuggets videos on YouTube, and on StoryFire. And after that I did some
reading on my Harry Potter book. I’m currently reading the fifth book. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. I have legit been reading this book for over half a year. For a shit load of months. It’s not that I read rarely either, but this book is too fucking thick. Like, unnecessarily long. There is way too much filler in it, honestly. It is still a 1000 times better than the movie, but yeah. I have been reading this book since before I created the Oculus Series. That is kind of sick. I thought that today’s vlog… would be one of those vlogs where I just update you guys a little. This is pretty much just a work day for me. I don’t HAVE to work today. I can actually just do whatever the fuck I want to. I’m going down to Volsdalsberga
(The Volsdals Shores) later. Not my school, but the actual Volsdalsberga. So, there will be some drinking and stuff there tonight. I’m 18 now, so I can speak about this on
YouTube without it being a problem. This is… It is May 16th today, actually. The night before the 17th is tonight. So, there will be quite a lot of
alcohol down at the shores. So, we’re going to be going
down there to have some fun. Hopefully not have too much to drink. Because I’m going to my friend’s
birthday party the day after. Yes, I’ve got a friend who’s
birthday is on the 17th of May. You guys have seen her in vlogs
before, but it’s from a long time ago.
{Shoutout to Sunniva} I don’t want to be like super-hungover. For her birthday party. But yeah, I’ll update you on some information today. New things that are coming to the channel and stuff. Some general information. While I’m doing that, I will also show
you just how I spend my day. This will mainly be a work day for me. I’m going to edit a new podcast episode… And some other stuff. Design some thumbnails, perhaps. Edit some photos for Instagram and stuff. I’ll turn that off. Because that doesn’t need to be on while I’m not here. There’s my phone. As you can see, the time is currently… 07:43 AM. So, I have been awake since approximately 6 AM. I feel like you should give me some credit for that. Ok, do you know what? I should get dressed first, but… This is just one of those days, where
I don’t really bother getting dressed. I ate some taco’s there, yesterday.
I’ll have to clean that plate. There’s my greenscreen. Look how naked my wall looks. (without the greenscreen) What happened is that I was having a party here, some time ago. And somebody managed to spill
alcohol all over my green screen. And then I thought (I was drunk)
“Fuck, I need to clean that up.” So I grabbed the closest paper source
which was this black paper here. So, I used black paper to try and dry off alcohol from a green, light-colored, green screen. So it ended up making a fucking… dark spot all over the green screen. And I was like: “Shit, now there’s going to
be some dark spot on my green screen forever.” But what we did was to put
it into the washing machine. And it disappeared. But I have yet to put it back up. I need to get that done at some point. I think everybody has left. I don’t think there’s anyone else still here. Just showing off naked on video. Always fun. I’m not really naked, I’m wearing a boxer. This cable is a little retarded. Dude, what? There it is! I haven’t worn this in forever, but I saw that it had been newly
washed, so I guess I’ll wear that. (Nico washes his hands) Ok, I put on this robe. Great. I see that the camera needs some charging. But I guess that can wait. Ok, I’m just going to make some food now. Something simple. I’m going to make burgers. … I think. I’m going to cook some breakfast, then I’ll charge up my camera battery for a bit. And then on to edit the new podcast episode. I spoke about it in the previous vlog as well, but it’s still not out. Because I’m lazy, and I work slowly, and yes!
{Back when I filmed this, that is} I had to edit the rest of the other vlogs. I had to finish… some other stuff. The video where I
tested out new soda flavors etc. A school assignment… I will begin the editing now though. The new podcast episode has been
recorded, so I just need to edit it. … 2-3 days. That’s how long it’ll take (probably). With my working speed at least, but
I’ll try to be productive today. Let’s cook. Ok, guys. There were people at home still, apparently. My mom and Tore hadn’t left yet. But they have now. I charged my camera for a bit. I found out that we’re having
burgers later today, apparently. (Grilled burgers) Which is better than just frying them on a pan. So… I’m going to make something else.
I’ll cook some chicken now. I guess. Ok, let’s just grab some… some chicken. Wait, no. This one has already been opened. Ok, let’s cook. Ok, guys. And my food is ready. As you can see here. I filmed most of the progress making it. Here I have my last can of iced tea. For those of you who remembers the trip to
Sweden with Kayzen during the Easter. Where I bought a lot of iced tea. And this is the last can of iced tea… What a tragedy this is! I love iced tea. It tastes so fucking good, and it doesn’t stop tasting good either. Nothing stops that train. There’s no way back now. I need to order
some more iced tea soon, that I do. Ok, so I figured I could keep the
camera rolling while I’m sitting here. So that I can eat my food. I don’t really like it when people
watch me eat, but oh well. This is why you never see me eat
during live streams and stuff, guys. I just don’t feel like it most of
the time, so I don’t bother to either. Even if I have to starve myself and
wait until the food becomes cold, I’ll still finish streaming before
I go and eat. So, that’s me. But yeah, new things that are coming to the channel: (at least from here on out) What is coming, and how highly prioritized will it be? First and foremost; I will be working with another episode
of the NordicBros Podcast today. That podcast can be found on its own YouTube channel. (Link down in the description) Also on Soundcloud and most likely
other platforms as well in the future. That podcast is hosted by myself,
Kayzenhyuga and Quais. We just recorded a new episode, as you guys
heard nearing the end of the previous vlog. I will start editing that one today. It will most likely be the next thing to come out.
{The new episode is out! Link in the description.} After that, I’ve still got a couple of… a couple of episodes (parts) left of me playing Season 2 of the Batman: Telltale game. So, I need to at least upload those before
recording anything else gaming related. I’ve also recorded quite a bit of footage from SpeedRunners. You guys have seen us play it on streams. But we also recorded some
rounds of SpeedRunners as well. After I had recently downloaded it. Quais, Kayzenhyuga, Joma and I… And that was actually a lot of fun. So, unless I decide to scrap that idea, I
will make a funtage out of that footage. Kind of like my old funtage videos,
as some of you might remember. Such as “GTA-Fun with Nico & Co” … “CS-Fun with Nico & Co” … “Overwatch-Fun with Nico & Co” … (Even though we only ever made
1 episode out of Overwatch-Fun…) But anyways. Those types of videos. I enjoy making those, You guys respond well to them. And I’ve got an even larger audience now than before, so more people are able to enjoy them. It’s just a lot of fun to make those types of videos. So, there will probably be a SpeedRunners
funtage with all of the guys that I mentioned. Apart from that, I have a couple of other video ideas… I will not tell you about those ideas now, because I don’t know the order
of what I’ll make first and so on yet… There will also be a lot more vlogs coming out. Because I’ve been very active and productive about making vlogs lately. It has been a lot of fun. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback on
them from both friends, acquaintances,
and my viewers here on YouTube. And in the comment sections and everywhere. The last 20 videos… Actually, there was this one stream,
where I got a couple of dislikes. I think there was somebody botting me or something. Because I got like a lot of dislikes all at once. But before that, legit. The last
20 videos I uploaded before that. Zero dislikes, and only likes. And usually at least 10 or
more likes on everything, if not more. So, I had a very good like/dislike ratio,
that got kind of fucked up on that stream. But anyways. I think I’ll interpret that as that you
guys generally enjoy my content, so that is good. But yeah, we’ll film more vlogs. And now that I’m home again, I’ll try to
get Preben on more of them as well. So that we’ll get our beloved cameraman back. We haven’t seen him in a long time now. Also… The time has actually come. I will begin to upload “Behind The Scenes” videos from the Oculus Series, that premiered on my channel. A series that I put a lot of work into,
and that I’m pretty proud of. So, go and check out the Oculus Series by
the way, if you haven’t done that already. But yeah, for those of you who watched that; It went from October to December approximately. And we’ve got a shit ton of
“Behind The Scenes” footage from it. I just needed some distance from it and to be
able to upload more regular YouTube videos again. Typical YouTube videos like this,
and not just a narrative series. But now as some time has passed by,
and I’ve gotten some distance from it, I’m ready to revisit the Oculus Series and post
all of the “Behind The Scenes” footage from it. So, there will be a couple of
“Behind The Scenes” videos coming out very, very soon now. So, look forward to that. Ok, I will eat my food now. And I will watch some YouTube videos on my phone. I don’t really sit out here as often. I don’t think you’ve seen much of this room at all since the Oculus Series.
Or I mean, you have seen the kitchen, but not as much from the table where I’m sitting now. I will stay here and finish my food now. And then I’ll start working on the
podcast, and yeah. That’ll be fun.

{I kind of hate to edit really, because it’s so time-consuming. But I like the feeling of a finished product.} So, I’ll see you guys in a bit. Ok. Hey, guys. I’ve gotten some clothes on now. I am wearing a shirt and some pajama pants. My hear is kind of messy. I haven’t done my hair at all. I’ve only brushed my teeth, really. I’m going to be taking a shower soon, and then I’ll shave my beard. But it could be that I shouldn’t, actually. We got a new assignment for our media class today. The final assignment of the year. I study Media and Communication, for
those of you who doesn’t know that. At Ålesund Highschool, department: Volsdalsberga. As you can actually see right down there. That building. Between the stadium and the crane. That brown building, right there. That is my school. That is Ålesund Highschool. Volsdalsberga. So, yeah. We just got the final
assignment of the year handed out. I went and checked it out. Lighting, hello? It was an optional task, really. But my group chose to… I on the same group as my other
YouTuber friend, Charlie Eikås. Jessica, who you’ve might have
seen in some of Charlie’s videos. I don’t think she’s appeared on my channel,
at least not yet, but I’ve mentioned her. And possibly one more girl, we’re not entirely sure. But anyways. We decided to recreate
a scene from Breaking Bad. From the second season. It is one of my favorite series’. It could be pretty cool to do that. I think that’s something we could pull off fairly decent. I’ve written an e-mail that I will send in and
ask for permission to film somewhere. We just need to get our assignment idea
green lit, before I can send that e-mail. But that should work out fine, really. I’m rambling. What was I going to say? Yes. I will play Heisenberg. Walter White.
{This video is out. Link in the description!} When we film that scene, when we recreate that sceen. And he has a mustache there. So, I either have to find a fake mustache, or just let mine grow out. We’ll see. I did think about shaving today, but… I will ask the others what they think. Anyways, I will go and shower now pretty soon. But what I’ve been doing for the last few hours… Is that I’ve basically set camp here.
I finished my food here earlier. Here is my new WintherOgames mug, by the way. I did have an old mug with my old logo on it. But I recently ordered a new one, with the new logo on it. Yaaaas. It just arrived. I’m just having some water. Because I was thirsty. It is partly orange as well. The theme color of both myself and the channel. So, if that’s not great, I don’t know what is. I’m just sitting here, working. (I just need to type in my password…) As you can see by this retard format, I am editing an… As of filming this, I posted (yesterday I think) a video
to YouTube, where I tested out 4 new flavors of soda. (or 4 new flavors) from Coca Cola. Basically 4 new Coca Cola products. I’m pretty happy with that video, it was something new and different. But I enjoyed making it, and it could be that I’ll make a
few more if people wants it. I’ve gotten some good feedback on it thus far. So I just figured that I haven’t posted anything to Instagram TV in a while. On my Instagram: @WintherOfficial.
{@WintherOfficial} So, I was like, do you know what? This is the type of video that could be on Instagram TV. That’s what I thought all along, that videos such as
that one could be on both YouTube and Instagram. I don’t think there will be any exclusive… Exclusive content for Instagram, but the
videos there will be a little differently edited. So, there will mostly be YouTube
videos posted on there. In a downscaled form. But it could be that there will be some
Instagram TV exclusives as well. I don’t know, but… It would have been cool if you guys checked it out. I’m trying to post some stuff there as well. So, right now I’m just sitting here, while doing
some minor changes here and there on the editing. Adjusting some fonts and sizes. Framing, and so on… So, that video should be ready soon. And this can be done fairly quickly. So, I’ll finish this before I work on the podcast. I was just wanted to give you
guys a little update on that. I need to shower after this. And then I’ll start working on the podcast. Maybe I’ll write on my series for a bit. I’m currently writing a new series, for
those of you who doesn’t know that. It should be coming out… I’m not telling you when it’s coming out. I’m assuming that you’ll know when it has started. But I’ll just jump right on into it, so when it starts, it starts. If you don’t know me well enough to know
when I’m in character and vise versa, then… I don’t know, it might be more interesting if you don’t know that I’m in character, in fact. It starts when it starts, nevertheless. But I’m working on it. Ok, I’ll just put the camera down here in the meantime. While I’m putting the finishing touches
on the Instagram TV video. I just went and got some earbuds, because those can come in handy while editing. Don’t edit without a headset. Or earbuds. You’re just not going to be able to hear how
the audio will turn out, if you don’t use… Earbuds. Pro tip. Preferably headphones, really. But I’m editing mainly on my MacBook, here. And not on my computer. I feel like it’s more practical to use a MacBook. And the Mac is great for editing, in fact. And I just don’t bother to put my gaming headset into it. Into the Mac. It’s kind of messy, so I just use these. But iPhone earbuds works just fine. As long as you’re hearing the audio through something. And not just from the Mac’s internal… (heheh) speakers. Ok, I’m going to regret this video file getting this large. Because my MacBook barely has any storage left. And I’m always struggling with transferring the files, while editing. But what the hell? We’ll just make this video file way
larger and longer than it has to be 😀 (Autistic snapping) So, I’ll just do a little… I’ll just keep the camera rolling,
while I do some more work. And then I’ll make a little timelapse out of it. I’m going to finish editing now. Bye, guys. See you all in a bit. Ok, guys… It is a bit later during the day now. I have finished editing the Instagram TV video. It is on YouTube as well, but this is
just the Instagram TV version. But I assume that you’ll never get to see it on Instagram. BECAUSE it is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to
upload it on there for whatever reason. {I managed to magically do it eventually. It is out on
Instagram TV. But I was very frustrated at this time 🙂 } I have uploaded stuff there before without any issues. But I don’t know. I’ve done everything right. The dimensions are correct, the size
is correct, the file format is correct. It is a .MP4 file. That is A-ok. I’ve looked into all of this. So, I know this stuff. The length of the video is correct. It is under 10 minutes, and
10 minutes is the maximum limit. The file size is correct. It is actually even a fair bit smaller
than the maximum limit is. So, everything checks out. Is it possible to upload the video
onto Instagram from my MacBook? No. Is it possible to upload the video
onto Instagram from my iPhone? Nope. Is it completely impossible, no matter what? Yes. Have I already tried like a million times, without getting anything else than an error message? Yup 🙂 So, fuck uploading things onto Instagram. I mean, I want to. But I guess that that
video will never see the light of day. Because it just won’t work, I’ve tried everything. I have seriously been at it for HOURS now. And it just… No. It won’t work 🙂 I don’t fucking know what the issue is. If anybody has any suggestions to what I
could do differently, feel free to write it
down in the comment section. But I think it’s just Instagram TV being crappy. On letting you upload videos to it. I wasted a whole lot of time on that. I will shower now, and most likely shave. And then I’ll start editing the podcast. I have wasted so many fucking hours on this
Instagram shit that didn’t lead to anything. I have the file on my MacBook, but I guess we’ll see. I guess I’ll have to try a million more times and hope that one of my attempts will succeed. Because it’s– I don’t know what
else there’s left to do about it. Plain and simple. It’s not working. It can’t be done. Getting that error message is inevitable. It just… No. There’s no way 🙁 At least the weather’s nice… It is the day before the 17th of May, so I hope it’ll be as good at this on the 17th. Here are my emo-skulls that I bought during the trip to Sweden with Kayzen. Guys, I just got out of the shower, and my hair ended up looking like this and… I realized that it looks kind of awesome. So, I think I’ll just keep it like this for the rest of the day. Truly something new. It sort of stands out in the back. But in a good way. I look like fucking Bradley Cooper.
(No, he does not) I’ll just keep it like this throughout the day. I hope that everybody else thinks
that it looks as good as I do. And that they won’t think that it looks retarded. Maybe this is a new thing, who knows? {2 hardcore days later.} Hey, guys. It is now the 18th of May. I had to head out eventually, because I was going to this
party that I was telling you about. Down at the Volsdalsberga. Or “party”, you guys know what I mean. I got a little busy, and then I just had to head out. And all of May 17th went without me filming anything. … Yeah … I got pretty wasted both of those nights. Especially on the 17th of May. I had way too much to drink. I feel pretty reduced today. I don’t think that there will be any more alcohol… for a while. No. This vlog was a little awkward, it was just all over the place. I hope that you guys found it
somewhat entertaining at least. It was pretty much just an “update vlog” as well. About my life in general and the channel. What’s to come… So, I hope that it was informative at the very least. But, yeah. It is now Saturday. (May 18th) It’s my mom’s birthday today,
by the way. So, I went to the mall. I hung out with Jessica. And I bought… I bought a gift for my mom. And now I’m back here. But this vlog turned out to be so fucking inconsistent. I’m just going to… Fuck it, I’ll just close it off. I posted a new Instagram TV video. I actually managed to post it in the end. I don’t know how I did it, but it just let me after a while. I did everything right all along though, but oh well. Nevertheless, it is out now. Check out my Instagram: @WintherOfficial.
{@WINTHEROFFICAL} It is the same video as the flavor test video. But in Instagram-format. I shorted it down a little. It’s a little differently edited. Yeah, check it out. Like it. Whatever. Ok, thanks for watching. Click Subscribe and join the Winther Army today. And then I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. I’m going to go live pretty soon now, by the way. But this vlog will be out in… probably like a week or so.
{Over 1 whole month*} I have started to edit the new podcast episode. It is… I’ve done a fair share already, but I’ve
already done an outro for this video. I will just say “Goodbye” now… Yeah. (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]

TESTER NY MONSTER ISKAFFE! /m Norweeegianprincess

[Nico]: Are you ready? [Stine]: Yes. [Nico]: I need you to bring your most thorough reviews. And them hardcore descriptions. [Stine]: Yeah, with like the texture and everything? And the smell. [Nico]: Mhm. Yeah, you’ve got to–
[Stine]: Because you can’t smell. [Nico]: No, I’m going to need
you to do the smelling for me. Hey guys, and welcome back to another video. I am doing a collab on my channel
for the first time in forever. A new person here on the channel,
you don’t get to see that too often. You’ll usually just see the same
people over and over again. But this is a friend of mine
that I met during middle school. We haven’t hung out in like 2 years prior to this.
{2 years.} I think? [Stine]: Yup. [Nico]: Since 10th grade. This is Stine. She has her own channel, and it’s called… [Stine]: “Norweeegianprincess” with 3 E’s. [Nico]: With 3 E’s, that is very important. And we’re back here to do
another generic flavor test video, because they get a lot of views, and I’m out of ideas, ok? Ok, so what we’ll be testing out today is: 2 new products from Coca Cola. They are both Monster energy
drinks, as well as iced coffee. You wouldn’t really think that the
2 would go together like that. But I don’t know, what do you think? Are you skeptical? [Stine]: I am skeptical, but it can be good. [Nico]: Maybe so. Should we start off with this one? [Stine]: Yes. [Nico]: Ok, so this is the “Espresso Monster triple shot”. “Espresso & Milk”. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the 2, but I’m guessing that there is a difference. The design is tweaked a little at least. I’ve got some empty glasses
here. Do you want this one? [Stine]: Sure. [Nico]: It is very important which glass you chose. Ok, but before having a taste of it, what do
you think– Actually, you know what? No. People don’t like that I take too long before
actually tasting things, so let’s do that first. [Stine]: We need to smell it. Because Nico
here can’t really say anything about the smell. So, I’ll do that for him. [Nico]: Yes. Stine has to do the
smelling for me. That’s why she’s here. [Stine]: It smells like iced coffee. There’s something retarded about my camera today. I think that it might be overheated or something. Because it is very, very hot in here. Either that, or it is just out of space, even though
it shouldn’t be, given that I spent a lot of money on a big SD-card. But it stopped recording for a bit. We
started it back up, so I guess it’s fine? You said that it smelled like iced coffee. [Stine]: Yes. It smells similar to every other iced
coffee that you can buy in the stores. [Nico]: So, the smell doesn’t stick out? [Stine]: No…
{…} [Nico]: Cheers.
*Clink* [Nico]: I don’t know how to feel about this one. [Stine]: It was a little scary. [Nico]: a LitTtLe ScArY – You did not hear my voice crack! [Stine]: Not at all… [Nico]: A little scary? [Stine]: Yeah, in a way. At first, it tasted like iced coffee, but then it got a new taste?
{It got a new taste?} [Nico]: I feel like this was exactly what you’d expect. This literally just tasted like
somebody had poured some Monster energy drink into an iced coffee. [Stine]: Yeah. [Nico]: Because iced coffee is sort
of thicker than energy drink in a way. And it was as if it gradually thinned
out as it came into my mouth. If that makes any sense? [Stine]: Yeah. It had the texture of
iced coffee with some extra… [Nico]: The taste in itself, did you like it? [Stine]: Yes? I could actually buy this again. [Nico]: I mean, I like iced coffee, but I
prefer a pretty regular iced coffee. And I don’t know, I can imagine… at least if you’re generally into
coffee, I can see you enjoying this, but there was something off with this flavor. I got kind of like a… As soon as it got into contact
with my tongue, but I don’t know. But that’s me. You liked it though? [Stine]: I liked it. [Nico]: Ok. And would you spend money on it? [Stine]: If it didn’t have lactose in it, then yes. [Nico]: I assume that you’ll get
even more energy from this than from regular coffee or regular iced tea. No, I meant regular energy drinks. Since it’s both things in one. [Stine]: It is a triple shot + some energy drink, to be fair. [Nico]: Yeah. So, if you want to have
a heart attack, do buy this one! [Stine]: No but like, if you’re a gamer
and you want to sit up all night, this would be perfect for you in my opinion. [Nico]: That makes sense I guess. We should try to actually finish drinking this before moving onto the next one. {Ratings:
Nico: 4/10
Stine: 8/10} But the next one is called… “Espresso Monster” as well. “Vanilla Espresso”. And it still has a triple shot. The difference is that the first one contained espresso and milk, while this one contained vanilla and espresso. It can’t be that that big a difference.
[Stine]: That one probably contains milk as well. So, the only difference is the vanilla. Maybe… [Nico]: Yeah, I guess so. So, basically exactly the same, but with a vanilla flavor? [Stine]: So, it could be that you’ll like it? [Nico]: It could be. Do you know what, this has been starting
to grow on me, as I drank more of it. Kind of. Like, I can in fact drink it. Although, I think I’d rather have a
regular iced coffee from Tine. But hey, taste and comfort. [Stine]: But I would strongly recommend it. Personally. [Nico]: See, this is what’s good about having
other people in these types of videos. Because I mean, I’m not some mighty
guru who’s right about all flavors either. So like, taste and comfort can variate a lot. [Stine]: Personally I’m one of those “coffee bitches”. So, I’m addicted to coffee. [Nico]: I do like coffee as well. But I’m kind
of picky with what type of coffee though. And I don’t like black coffee, I hate black coffee. [Stine]: For real? [Nico]: Yeah, that’s the worst thing ever. I mean, I can drink it, but I would
kind of have to force it down then. I am one of those “white girls”.
Who likes frappuccinos and stuff. [Stine]: You’re just like “Starbucks
pumpkin spice latte” … [Nico]: I have actually bought that before. [Stine]: Really? [Nico]: Yes. [Stine]: How did it taste? [Nico]: Not like pumpkin. [Stine]: If you don’t like your coffee too sweet, this one would be perfect for you. [Nico]: I thought it was a little too sweet. [Stine]: It was a little sweet, But not as sweet as the coffee we had earlier. [Nico]: No. We went to Wayne’s earlier. Wayne’s Coffee. Ok, next flavor. This one is called “Vanilla espresso”. Still triple shot. I don’t– You were supposed to–
{The camera shut off again…} open it up. [Stine]: Oh, yeah. Yes. [Nico]: Because you’ve got nails and I don’t. Wait, do you have nails? [Stine]: I do have nails, but not on
these fingers, because they just break. [Nico]: You probably have more than I do at least. AH, YEAH. [Stine]: Like this? [Nico]: Yes. [Stine]: This one actually smells completely different. [Nico]: Did it actually? [Stine]: It smells a lot sweeter. [Nico]: I can’t smell a thing. Ok. But it does smell sweeter, so I
assume that there’s more sugar in it? Or maybe the vanilla makes it sweeter. Ok, let’s do the mighty clink. *CLINK* [Stine]: Yey. [Nico]: Dude, this tastes exactly like… I don’t know what brand it is or what it’s called, but those iced coffees that comes with the green straws. Do you know what I mean? In the stores. It is a little bit like Starbucks. [Stine]: Yeah, but Starbucks do
sell the ones with the green straws. [Nico]: In the stores? [Both]: Yes. [Nico]: Yeah, that one. I didn’t know that it was from Starbucks. [Stine]: You can’t call yourself a
“white girl” and not know that. [Nico]: But I feel like it tastes exactly like that one. [Stine]: Yeah, it did taste kind of similar, but it had a different aftertaste
that regular coffee doesn’t have. [Nico]: Ok, but I did like it though. It was a little thinner in a way. If that makes any sense. But I would say that I liked this
one better than the previous one. So, I would’ve gone for the vanilla flavor. [Stine]: Same. The other one was
good, but this one was better. [Nico]: This one had more of a fresh taste in a way… I’m just using fancy words, I don’t
even know what they mean… No, but I don’t know. I did like this one at least. It just slides so easily down my throat. [Stine]: That’s good. [Nico]: I keep on saying these appropriate sentences… When I do these videos. [Stine]: And both of their textures are pretty… What you’d expect when you drink iced coffee. [Nico]: Yeah. I would say that this is more
of an iced coffee than an energy drink. [Stine]: Yes. [Nico]: Like, I wouldn’t know that
this contained any energy drinks if I didn’t read it on the can. [Stine]: No. I would’ve just noticed some
other unrecognizable flavors in it but an energy drink would not be
my first guess to put it simply. [Nico]: I think it’s more of a promotional thing. Like: “Oh, cool. Monster AND
iced coffee combined” you know? It is probably for the sake of
selling more, I would assume. I’m going to have some more actually. It tasted good. Do you want some more? [Stine]: No thank you. [Nico]: So, we objectively agree that
the vanilla flavored one was the best? [Stine]: Yeah, so if you’re going to try this, maybe try the vanilla flavored one at first. [Nico]: I would’ve gone with the vanilla flavored one. {Ratings:
Nico: 7/10
Stine 9/10} Because you might like the other one as well, but given that we both agree that
the vanilla flavored one was the best it would statistically be the safest option. At least if you don’t want to waste your
money on more flavors than you need to. [Stine]: Yes.
[Nico]: Yes. [Nico]: So, I guess that’s all. Which one had the best design in your
opinion? Although it’s very similar. [Stine]: They are very similar, but I feel like the one with espresso and milk had the best overall design with its patterns and essence around it. I liked the red one better than the blue one. It just looks more natural. [Nico]: Yeah, kind of. But I feel like they go very well together though. You can definitely see that they’re 2 types of the same brand. If you’re one of those who likes to post
pictures of your drinks on Instagram together with friends, these 2 would be a great pick. [Nico]: I feel like these cans have
got a lot of inspo potential. But I guess that’s it. Check out Stine’s channel. Norweeegianprincess. Link in the description.
{Norweeegianprincess} And if you’re watching this on Instagram TV…
(I’m most likely going to post this to Instragram as well) If you hold your hands up like this, I’ll edit in one of those rad tag thingies. Hold up… { @Norweeegianprincess } If you look down in the description,
you’ll find both her Instagram, and her YouTube channel.
And everything else Stine has. So, yeah… Do you have anything more to say? [Stine]: Yes. Thank you for inviting me on
your channel and letting me try out iced
coffee mixed with energy drink. [Nico]: Thanks you for inviting me on your channel. We filmed a video for Stine’s channel earlier as well. She does her videos in english,
so we speak english in that one. But yeah, check out her channel. We did “The Whisper Challenge”. Because we struggled to come
up with any better ideas… I thought that video turned out
pretty entertaining, to be honest. Thanks for watching. Click Subscribe
and join the Winther Army today, if you haven’t done that already, And then I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. Bye!
[Stine]: Bye! (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]

Fake Tilt Shift for Real Estate Photography

hey there everybody its Nathan Cole with Nathan cool photo calm and in this tutorial I want to show how you can get by faking a tilt shift without using a tilt shift lens now if you're wondering what I'm talking about here's the example this is a very large grand entrance and just shooting it straight on would have not included the chandelier at the top some of those beams and other features now I'm going to show what this would have looked like without doing this trick of a tilt shift lens what then all the steps were to go through this through the editing process to get this to where everything is vertical but yet it looks like we used a tilt shift without losing any of the composition at all now there's some shortcuts you may have seen other tutorials where you shoot really wide you put up your camera or shoot it down and then you play around with verticals and you have to crop things down I'm gonna have to do any of that we're gonna do something using some photoshop techniques to be able to then get the correct geometric composition now one of the first things you might think of it's like well why don't I just use a tilt shift lens well if you've ever shopped for one you know that there are very expensive lenses they typically don't have autofocus you would yet maybe get by with manual focus and it used to be back in the old days before we had digital photography this is the way that you needed to do it now you might be still a purist and I you still respect that if you feel that tilt shift lenses are the only way to go then you can stop this video and probably move on to something else but this will show a less expensive way to do it and if for instance even the example that I'm showing today this was done for a 2.4 million dollar house but even then the time on site was constrained just to get one shot of the grand entrance with this tilt shift wasn't worth it there was about 40 other pictures of great selling features throughout the property that we wanted to capture and so once again I used my standard Tokina 16 228 f28 lens just like I show throughout all of my books in my real estate photography series which by the way you won't need any of those books today to be able to go through this particular example but if you are interested and haven't seen those yet there is a link to my series in the scription for this video but anyways let's go through the all the steps that it took to compose that particular shot so that we can use a fake tilt-shift and then what the editing steps are to make it happen you ready to see how this is done let's get started here is a shot of what it would have looked like if we wouldn't have gone with the fake tilt-shift now I'm showing a lot of the floor here and I'm up fairly high also to be able to capture this shot in fact I'm up at eye level with the camera but it's still not enough to get up into that grand entrance and show the chandelier and some of the other beams so what we're going to do is something a little different now I'm gonna tilt the camera back it's about 15 20 degrees so this is now it's a little bit brighter just a different exposure setting and this was the ambient shot but you can see now that I'm capturing more of that feature up near the top capturing that chandelier capturing all that stuff up there but the geometry looks like a funhouse because I tilted the camera up not using a tilt shift lens once again if I had done it correctly it'd have been like this and of course the even out the exposure so you can see kind of the comparison between the two and this is with me pointing the camera up so I've done a typical composite where I've you know I go in after now I'm doing my flash no flash in one side flash the other excuse the middle-aged belly they're sticking out but that's the same thing that I would do for just about any other type of shot so besides having the camera tilted back everything was the same for now but we're gonna correct all this and preserve every bit of detail so typical to what I do is I first shoot a repair layer shoot a window pull and then without getting into all those steps I already have this open for you in Photoshop now if you aren't familiar with those other steps to get to this point of the pre-processing and all that there's a link up here look in the top right and you can go to that video that tutorial and that'll guide you through some of the steps but just wanted to cut to the chase here on everything so we can see that all the layers are loaded up here and if I go to the very bottom one there's me with the one side of the composite here's me shooting the other side of the composite and then I added just enough ambient in there that flambéing technique added a window pull and then my window pull repair layer so that would basically be it if all the geometry was correct now if I tried to do just a vertical adjustment we'd have some problems let me go back to Lightroom and show you an example first so let's say that I had and will use the the ambient shot for an example if I just use the vertical adjustment in Lightroom okay the automatic vertical adjustment does go wonky and it leaves some stuff off to the side and it's not really correct and of course we'd have to fill that in that might work I don't trust it so let's shut that off use the manual vertical adjustment and you can see as we're correct our verticals those features in the top are starting to go away and we'd still have to crop this down because we have this extra space down here so instead of doing all that what we can do is back here after we're done with our Flash ambient blending is I'm going to go to select all layers and you just go select all layers from the menu up there if you want make it quick I'm going to do a ctrl J to duplicate all those layers and then I'm going to merge those layers a lot of ways to do you can right click over here for instance and say merge layers now I've got one layer than one image basically that I can edit so let me just turn that on only by the way I did that with just alt and then clicking that little high now here comes the fun part we're gonna crop this so I'm grabbing my crop tool but you want to crop first just way outside if here's some cropping a whole bunch of extra area here that I can play with okay and that's good just long as you have this extra area because now the next step it'll start making sense now I want to take this layer and put this into Adobe Camera Raw so you go up to the filter menu then select Camera Raw filter now if you've never seen this before this looks a lot like Lightroom because it uses the same engine so we can use through now the geometric tools that are in Lightroom here by going up here to the top left and clicking on this that's called the transform tool so we click in there and now you can see over here we've got our vertical horizontal all the adjustments for the geometry like we'd have in Lightroom so now I'm going to go ahead and adjust those verticals and sure enough you can see at the top and is going upwards and of course that's where it was getting cropped in Lightroom we're going to take that vertical all the way up until I feel it's fine and it's vertical okay now that's good and I can say okay so you can see before that the the moving it up it was like this and now it's like that and of course with the crop before then you can see how much higher that went so we able we're now able to preserve all that top now let's go back to the crop tool and let's crop ourselves down so crop down to the very top of that image okay Lightroom because you make photoshop is really good at locking that in place bring up the bottom to the very bottom as well just like that okay now at this point too you can correct anything I'm not actually exactly Center so if I wanted to I can see where my little center point here is I can go ahead and start correcting some of that now I've got plenty of pixels to play with especially for the next step that I'm going to show you now what we want to do is grab the magic wand tool so up here now a lot of times especially I'm using quick selection tool so a magic wand tool though that's what you want because you want to select this blank area around the edges so select that and there's a little bit you can see that was actually at the bottom here because I didn't crop it all makes it a little bit faster by the way to do this and then you can go I like to go to expand that so select modify and I'd like to expand that by about 20 pixels it really gets into the area to try to then do the next step which is then to do a content-aware fill so if we go up to the Edit meta excuse me edit menu and then we go to content aware fill excuse me we go to edit fill content-aware fill and then make sure on your fill that it is selected as content aware select okay and then let that do some of its magic now this isn't going to be accurate all of the time but it gets you fairly close as a starting point so I'm deselecting that now over here you can see it didn't quite get it so there's a little bit of something going on here so just take the clone tool and take something from over here and then just clone that in okay done same thing over here for the wood beams you can see it got really good on the top one going across here but this bottom one is all hosed up so I'll just do a clone once again just do with the clone tool a sample a spot here go up and then just paint some of that in to do it down here on the bottom two on that bottom edge and there that's done get this little edge down here too so that that looks all normal and there we've got it so there we've got then a fully content-aware filled area where we didn't then really have to lose any details from the picture by doing this tilt shift then we go ahead we'd save it like normal take it back to Lightroom and when the final process is all finished the final product looks like this so you can see with just a few added steps in post-processing to do just that geometric distortion cropping and content-aware fill that were able to preserve the entire area get our verticals correct and make it look like we used a tilt shift lens now how far could you do that to what extent I tilted the camera back maybe about twenty thirty degrees at the most if you tried to really go up high you might start getting a lot of distortion one way or the other now something you can do though to still get your verticals fairly correct while doing that is getting your verticals correct at the bottom and then you can do a distort tool on the very top to bring in some perspective and still do your content-aware fill once again if you use the tilt shift lens you wouldn't have to worry about any of that but there are some downsides of doing that as well so this is a cheaper alternative and once again if you haven't seen how I did all those other steps prior to doing this there are other videos online doing that and of course I cover a lot of that within my real estate photography series as well but I do hope that you did like this video in this tutorial and that you can use some of this in your photography as well if you did like this video you can subscribe to my youtube channel it won't cost anything and as soon as one of these videos is posted you'll be the first to know thanks so much for watching until next time take care be safe and get out there and shoot something

This is why you don't feel beautiful: Beauty Industry Insights from a Model.

I was hesitant on making this video just because there is so much to this topic and the reason why this is even relevant to everyone not just models is because our understanding of beauty and the impact of the beauty and modeling industry is way bigger than we might think so to understand beauty we need to take a closer look on the industry that's actually responsible for it the reason why I decided to share this information is not to bash the models trust me I know that they're incredibly hard workers and I have a very deep love and understanding for them but in order to get a better understanding of what it's like behind the scenes we need to demystify the image of the model the first time I ever heard about modeling was when I was 12 my mom hired a photographer who took our pictures she usually only does really big campaigns but she agreed because she's a friend to the family and when she saw me she told my mom I think your daughter is really talented and you should think about signing her to an agency she didn't at that point but the thought about becoming a model was sort of planted in my head so when I turned 18 I applied to different agencies 18 is actually quite old to become a model but I would just wanted to make sure that I have a school education before I go into the industry I then found my mother agency which until this day I still work with and they're incredible they're very very special they don't follow the normal procedures that is why my personal example for this video is not necessarily the best I stopped modeling after about two years and now will only do jobs that fit a very specific list of criteria now because my path was so different I decided to give you an example I heard the story over and over and over again I was with the girls I talked to the girls I heard stories about the girls so in order to give you a very real-life example we're just gonna talk about a model named Anna and let's say Anna is 16 years old so the way it usually goes for pretty much all models you will be scouted or you will apply to an agency and that is usually at a very young age anything between 12 to 17 years old you apply to the agency and if they like you they take you on this agency is most likely now your mother agency and their game plan is to have you do as many shoots as possible so you can build up a portfolio and then you will be sent out to clients and to castings to make sure that you get your first jobs what will eventually happen is they will try to get contracts with agencies all over the world fashion is really a global industry and the whole traveling is because you will literally have to hop from one country to another to get as many jobs as possible now what will happen to our 16 year old Anna is she will start working a little bit and eventually probably will be sent off to China or New York or Milan or wherever in order to finance that trip her agency in Milan or New York or China will pay for her flights they will pay for her apartment and they usually also have a pocket money system in place all of that money that is being spent on Anna from that other agency is a credit and Anna will have to work that off before she starts making any money now that agency obviously wants to you know make money which is totally fine they're not a charity their business the people that work tour will need to be paid as well so they sent her off to a couple castings they might go well they may don't go well but what will eventually happen is that Anna will have the talk this can be with your agent or client doesn't really matter who it is it doesn't really matter if it's right in the beginning or you know after a couple castings or jobs some mole will sit down with her and say the client liked you but they didn't really consider booking you right now because they feel like you should lose a couple inches on your hips first so if you lose those couple inches of your hips you might have a bigger chance on getting booked for that job eventually someone will tell you that you are not good enough that there is something that's wrong with you and you need to fix it and because models are really really hard workers they get in very young and they are very determined to make this work and to prove to everyone that they can do it they will skip dinner or start eating less chocolate they will exercise more they will try everything in their power to reach that image to reach a certain standard that their agent or the agency or the client put up on them and that is a common thing that happens with pretty much anyone and just to give you an example of how real this process is just look at the 2% of the most successful models right now the ones that get booked for all the big campaigns the ones that make the most money the ones that are the role models for a whole generation if we look at kendall Jenner Bella Hadid or Gigi Hadid and look at pictures when they started modeling and were there now you can tell that something has changed they either lost weight or they changed their facial features they mmm when plastic surgery in order to book more jobs so I can guarantee you that they also had the talk again just to make this really clear I think they're beautiful I think they're doing an incredible job but this video is really to point out the mechanism behind things so if the biggest models have to change everything about themselves in order to book jobs just think about all the other models in different positions that are trying to get there so what happens is a cycle of I am NOT good enough I have to try everything in my power to reach that image that someone put up so I might have the potential to become successful to book the jobs to get the lifestyle to get the admiration that these girls seem to have and when you put all of this in the head of a 14 15 16 17 year old you will probably realize that this is not a healthy process it sounds stressful it sounds like you have to constantly count calories constantly workout and try everything to become someone else and the more you hear it the more you internally crumble the sad truth is that the industry actually rewards you for trying your best to stay skinny or to be someone else I heard a billion stories of girls models being really really sick and not able to you know eat for a week and then have their pictures taken at the end of the week and all of a sudden they booked all these jobs so the reward is immediate which means that you will try everything to stay this way now why is all of this even important information we all kind of knew the modeling industry is crappy right what does you know Anna 16 year old from somewhere has to do with me in my life the reason why this is important information is because this very industry dictates how we view beauty every single ad that you see anywhere every cover of every magazine shows you a model that is supposed to sell you the dream the cream that will make your skin amazing the genes that will make your butt look great the car that sells you the perfect lifestyle just like they did in the ad so you are constantly surrounded by models and with social media you don't have access to so many profiles of perfect people and you look at them and then you look in the mirror and you see a different image you are not as skinny your skin doesn't look like there's your hair is maybe earlier or more straight or just thinner so you ask yourself is there something wrong with me my nose doesn't look like their nose but apparently this is beauty right this is what everyone celebrates as to what everyone puts a spotlight on maybe my nose is wrong so even if you've never really thought about it that way this thought will eventually be transported through these images it's this very small thought that enters your mind while you look at the picture or look at the ad and then we'll eventually pop up again so the next time you look in the mirror you feel like your thighs are definitely too big and your nose is definitely a little too weird and just doesn't look right so you might start contouring your nose and you consider using things like face tuned or you discovered a Photoshop and you do a little of tweaking here and a little of different angles here and you upload a picture and all of a sudden that picture with the fake nose gets way more likes and five more comments and everyone tells it you're beautiful so this has to be beauty done right this is a very subtle process it starts with one thoughts that is planted at one time grows into this whole plan and eventually will become second nature to the point where you feel like you never like your thighs before and all of a sudden this industry is a part of your life it tells you what food to consume it dictates how long and how often you have to exercise it pretty much tells you what filter to use for your pictures the same voice that the model heard when the agent told her she's not skinny enough is the voice now talking to you a industry that builds up on young models not feeling good enough and trying everything in their power to become better influences a whole generation it feels not good enough and trust everything to become better there is a root to everything and the roots to the beauty standard is in modeling okay how do we get out of this mess it's actually quite simple it is pretty much done within one step and it is all about breaking the cycle let's just assume just for a second that every negative thought you ever had about yourself isn't really yours and it's also soon just for a second that there is no modeling industry there's no Instagram there is no nothing okay how would that change your behavior how would that change your everyday life would you maybe start making decisions differently would you maybe stop feeling constant pressure and actually started enjoying things that sounds like a really cool experiment I mean if we could choose we would probably all want to wake up and feel beautiful so just for a second let's assume you have the choice let's just assume you can think whatever you want I mean it's your thoughts right why not implement different thoughts so the next time you're in front of the mirror and for a second do you feel like my thighs are too big they're just too big turn around and say I love my thighs or this is the advanced version just for everyone who wants to speed up the process say my thighs are my favorite thing about myself but that will be lying right I mean I can clearly see that my thighs are unbeautiful can you really see that your thighs aren't beautiful or do you just think that your thighs aren't beautiful because all you've seen are a billion images of different thighs maybe all we know about beauty is false so why not challenge your point of view okay right that sounds way too easy to be true and if that's a solution to every insecurities I ever had why is not everyone doing it kind of sounds like bullshit it is very easy the hard part is believing yourself truly believing that what you just said about your thighs is true so what we actually need to learn is believing ourselves and how do we do that by a telling that ourselves every day every minute if it's necessary and be shutting down every voice that tries to tell you otherwise that voice can be in your head or it can come from someone else and that's about it there is no crazy 10 step plan everything you need to know is that you were born perfect you're beautiful the way you are and you just have to remind yourself every single day and at one point your voice will become louder than the voice that tries to tells you otherwise and just in case you hear that different voice once again it tries to tell you that something is not perfect about you you will immediately realize that this is not you speaking and you must have just picked up something from somewhere and oh well I might as well just remove it right oh okay I see you're one of the girl is a tries to tell everyone that they're beautiful by quite frankly that is not how the world works and it's very unrealistic and I have to agree that is not how the world works if we wake up tomorrow all thinking that we're beautiful who will buy all of the creams that are supposed to help you with wrinkles or with cellulite and who will buy all this Spanx there is a whole industry built up on the fact that you think your thighs are not beautiful and these industries will try everything in their power to make sure you think that your thighs are not beautiful that's why it might feel impossible and it might feel very bold to love yourself because everyone around you tells you something all I can say is that it might feel challenging but at the same time it is the most liberating process you will ever go through all of a sudden your whole outlook changes on beauty and you will still put a make up you will still straighten your hair you will still love fashion and love working out but you do it for completely different reasons reminding yourself every day that you're beautiful you're worth feeling beautiful and you have the right to feel beautiful really puts you in a completely different place and that journey in itself is so beautiful that I can only cheer you on and encourage you to try it out for yourself if you're still watching this video I wanted to include a little outro message I felt like it doesn't really fit within the main video but it might be information some people are interested in let's say you are in a relationship with someone who tells you you are not beautiful or who makes you feel like you're not beautiful why exactly are you in that relationship only are you telling yourself you're not good enough no you no have a second voice telling you you're not good enough and you also are making love to that second voice and I would never ever suggest anything I would never tell anyone to break up with their partner I mean what am I Who am I to tell you that right all I'm saying is that maybe when you dumped his ass and you know you get a new haircut you go shopping cute cute outfits if you do your thing maybe you start traveling maybe you start your own company maybe you start a new job maybe you just live a glorious life and then all of a sudden you run into this billionaire and he has apps and he's like really cute and he buys you all these shiny things just just letting you know that there are options