WEEK IN MY LIFE | Work, meal ideas, + dealing with stress ✨

Welcome to a week in my life I am so
cozy and bundled up right now it is quite chilly in Florida let’s see how
cold it is for a reference and again this is a very relative term for us
Floridians cold is a lot different for us and it is for people up north it’s
currently 43 degrees so it’s chilly I’m under my heated blanket just in my quiet
time but I’m so excited to be filming a week in my life video this week it’s
only gonna be Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday because it’s already Tuesday
yesterday was MLK Day and so Britt and I didn’t work in observance of it which
was really nice and a great day and then Friday we have something really exciting
happening and I’m gonna do a separate vlog for it so you’ll see that soon but
that’s why I’m only doing Tuesday Wednesday and then Thursday but I’m sure
it’ll be jam-packed and we’ll have lots of fun hanging out the next few days so
this weekend was really special because I got baptized it was so incredible and
Brandon was actually able to baptize me so it was so so sweet I’ll insert a
little clip of it here and I’ve had like a strong faith for
most of my life but I never got baptized so it was a really special thing to do
on my church and it was really meaningful and now we just are stepping
into the week and today I have a lot a lot a lot of a work meetings so I need
to check my calendar and see what time they start because I can’t remember on
the top of my head what time they begin and then my friend she’s coming over to
have some coffee and just catch up and then Brandon will be home and I’m gonna
make some ramen for dinner tonight which I just posted in Allison’s eats
video where I shared how I make my vegetarian spicy garlic ramen and that’s
what I’m gonna make again tonight because I don’t feel like going to the
grocery store today because there’s nothing that we mean oh and also before
I start my meetings this morning I want to clean our apartment not do a deep
cleaning by any means but just vacuum and sleep and maybe Swiffer in the
kitchen and bathroom because I haven’t done that in a while
and I also need to clean our appliances because we have like stainless steel
appliances but they get like fingerprints and whatnot so I’m gonna
like wipe those down so I’ll probably like put in a meet some music or a
podcast and get that done but that’s kind of the plan for today and like I
said it’s gonna be a work heavy day and week but a course will squeeze in some
fun and and I’m excited to spend time with you all right I got my day kind of planned
out and time blocked I get a lot of questions on how I change the colors of
my Google Calendar and basically you have to just create different calendars
with different colors so I have like my personal one which is just Alison and
then I have my dis ting work calendar and I made the color blue and then I
have my Instagram calendar and then I have travel and I have YouTube so I just
made a different color for each one and to change the colors you just click that
and then you can add a custom color and that’s how you can make it all nice and
pretty and right now I am also sitting down to plan my YouTube videos for the
week so I have this like big list of all the videos I want to make and
highlighted ones are the ones that I already did and so now I’m just looking
at my calendar and the weeks to come and I’m gonna play in it it’s time to clean and get stuff done
but I’m so cozy on the couch with my coffee which I always take literally
like five hours to drink my morning coffee but I’ve got the heated blanket
on literally the highest degrees I’m so so so warm and I just do not feel like
cleaning at all anyway we are all clean and I wanted to show
you guys the cute little cactus I got yesterday I went to the cactus farm with
my friend Haley and snagged this cutie I still need to get him a little pot but
oh my goodness I think he’s just the cutest thing wrapped up in the heated
blanket again thank goodness that was my reward for cleaning but oh my goodness
my cramps are just crippling me quite a bit today but I do have a lot of work I
really want to get done so I’m trying to think of like what can make me more
comfortable of course like my blanket helping me I don’t want to take a
painkiller cuz I actually took two yesterday um because it was super like
way worse than it is today so and I don’t love to take painkillers I try to
avoid them because I just like don’t believe it’s good for my body of course
every once in a while it’s fine but I like want to be strong too
so I might make some tea or something or have some orange juice actually this
one’s really good like some iced orange juice I think I’m gonna go do that and
then we are going to start on my Disney work because I have a lot of tasks but I
need need need to get done this week because last week my work computer was
actually broken for like three days so I’m really behind and need to be
productive there is a life Valley City Lavigne cup
Matty it’s time for a little lunch break so I just have a side of veggies
cucumbers and carrots and then I have this leftover pasta which is so
convenient to have it’s just a veggie pasta alla voya
and they have green beans in there and some garlic and I just put some oregano
and Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes and ground black pepper it’s
super yummy and it’s nice that it’s warm but I just realized I will be having
pasta for lunch and then ramen noodles for dinner so it’s a very pasta heavy
day special my work meanings and I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed I know I
know everybody has the moments in these days and stuff but it’s just like I’m
PMSing also so any little thing just like melt down but yeah it definitely
gets hard to juggle everything sometimes but I really am just so thankful for
both of my jobs um so I never like wanna lose sight of my gratitude and
thankfulness and I know it’s all gonna work out and my co-workers are amazing
it’s just everyone is so busy and I want to help out as much as I can but of
course I’m busy too with this whole thing the YouTube world and I’m just
navigating all of that it just definitely is overwhelming sometimes and
Brandon and I have a lot of life stuff going on so she’s a busy time and I
really don’t like the word busy that much because I feel like it’s a very
negative word and I am so guilty of using it a lot and I feel like every
time I complain about being busy I’m complaining about like blessings in my
life like my amazing jobs that I got are my dream jobs and you know my amazing
personal life and you know the great friends I have
time to hang out with even though sometimes I feel like I don’t have time
you know so I really have been like challenging myself trying not to use
those words but sometimes it’s just like really I guess overwhelming isn’t okay
word but I just have to start crossing things off and then I’ll feel it’s so
much better that my friends my excuse me know your friend Katie is about to come
over so I’m gonna make us some coffee now can have a little coffee break and
then Brandon probably will need to work on some grad school stuff tonight so
that’ll be good I can kind of work while he’s doing his grad school life is a
winding road no telling where it goes driving through days and nights won’t
stop for traffic lights even if I will keep on searching for you can sale online anymore I mean today
I am feeling I sound and look very tired but I am actually feeling so motivated I
woke up like energized and ready to just tackle everything I feel like I was so
whiny yesterday I am sorry about that again I never want to whine or complain
about the blessings in my life but I was just feeling overwhelmed and behind
because of my whole computer situation last week but we are getting stuff done
I’ve been working for Disney and getting some stuff done ever since I finished my
quiet time this morning so I’ve been working for about an hour and a half now
it’s like 7:15 right now um so I’m really knocking things out and I gotta
go grocery shopping later so I’ll probably leave for that around 10:00
because I’d like to just wrap up a few things go grocery shopping get a coffee
and then finish the rest that’s kind of like my plan I’m not gonna do like any
YouTube stuff today besides answer a couple emails and of course vlog but I’m
really gonna focus on my Disney work today to really just knock it out and
catch up from last week so that feels good and I’m just praying that I stay
this motivated and energized and I don’t get distracted because we don’t have
time for that today okay so you kind of already saw Brandon’s breakfast that I
made earlier this morning but I’m making myself banana peanut butter oatmeal as
well I do make mine a little different than his though I like to add chia seeds
so I just kind of like dump a few I like a lot honestly so he doesn’t he doesn’t
love them so I don’t add them to his oatmeal and then I also add peanuts to
mine just a little though cuz the peanut butter we have is crunchy so it already
has some peanuts oh my came out a little quicker and then I also add some honey
so that’s all I do for mine it’s just oatmeal banana peanut butter peanuts and
then chia seeds and honey but Brandon he likes raisins and his which I am just
vn of raisins they didn’t do anything to me I just am not that big of a fan but I
do like the chia seeds instead and then I just washed I washed these
strawberries with my fruit and vegetable wash so I’m gonna eat some of them now
oh my goodness I love strawberries so much this is my super yummy breakfast now connected to Allison’s iPhone yeah I’m off to Walmart and she do the
grocery shopping and I’m bundled up because it’s 40 degrees outside and you
know how I feel about being cold no this is what I’m wearing I’ve been wearing
this sweatshirt in these leggings for like 42 hours now
I did shower last night but then I just change to the same exact clothes I was
wearing because they’re just the warmest things so yeah but here we go
gonna conquer the cold and our grocery list
oh these cute little succulent stop my Walmart has five for ten dollars okay I
am actually really impressed with their garden selection like they have these
plant stands it doesn’t come with a pot but like this pretty cold plant stand
for 6 bucks I made a pot sets in between this size and that size but
unfortunately I don’t really see anything this could be perfect and only
250 oh my goodness and it’s new I want to get that I want to get that I
want to get these finish up at Walmart and they also got a latte and ice watch
a British guy ordered a hot one and it’s freezing but he gave me an ice one and
I’m just like I’m still gonna be delicious and I’m just not in the mood
to like waetford I’m doing another one and it’s I like was deciding which one I
wanted more I wasn’t married to the hotline so no biggie but yeah I’m gonna
drink that later give me some more fuel but my Walmart greeter is like the
sweetest older gentleman ever it makes my day when he’s working so it was a
pretty good Walmart grocery run but I am NOT looking forward to climbing up to my
apartment with like a hundred pounds of groceries probably even more cuz we get
so many groceries so it’s always like such a trek to get them all up to our
apartment we have an elevator but I like refuse to take it it’s my workout for
the day enjoy looks so cute it’s such a perfect
size but my little cactus isn’t sitting flat because he has some roots growing
out the bottom so I don’t really know what to do and I don’t have like rubber
gloves to pull him out and I already got like his little prickles on me I’ll show
you in the light do you see those little hairs it’s that’s the prickles so I need
two tweezer them out it doesn’t hurt it’s just like stuck on my skin but yeah
I really like the pot a lie I think it was a great fit and great buy but I
don’t have potting soil to like unpause I guess I think I’m just gonna try to
take him out I can use like some tongs and then I’m gonna place him in the
bottom of the pot and hope it works okay nice car for some extra warmth but also
to kind of diversify my outfit because I’m about to go into a meeting and I
totally wore the same thing yesterday for my meaning but the hat and scarf is
a new addition to my outfit so I’m kind of an outfit repeater but I don’t think
anyone will notice okay Brandon got home like 45 minutes
ago and he was trying to convince me to go to the gym with him but I was like in
the middle of work and I was like a little crabby because I was just like in
the middle and focus he was like go to him but he went to the gym and I just
wrapped up my work and I looked up this like I do not feel like it would be my
apartment again so I just looked up this little booty workout that I can do I can
do a 10-minute one or 20-minute one so I think I’m gonna do two 20-minute oh
there we go and I’m just gonna do that at home because I really like I do want
to work out but I don’t want to take that much time because I want to get
dinner ready cuz I am hungry it’s only like 4:30 but I could eat a whole dinner
right now so I’m just gonna do this and start cooking and I don’t get my little
workout but oh my goodness he’s I’m the worst gym buddy for Brandon ever oh my gosh guys I just finished the
workout amazing I feel so good that’s like just
what I needed but like I said was a booty workout and I just found it on
YouTube I literally just googled booty workout
and then it’s by Pamela Reef but I’ll link it down below but that was such a
good workout like I’m sweating and it takes a lot for me to sweat honestly and
my apartments sixty degrees like that’s how you know it was a good workout so I
think I’m gonna I’m gonna ponder in the shower but I want to like put together a
more concrete workout routine for me because I do work out like three to four
times a week but I don’t have any sort of plan it’s usually just like what I
feel like doing and I feel like when I go to the gym I’m kind of a lost puppy
still no matter like how hard I try but this is like having a personal trainer
it’s like yoga with adriene like they tell you exactly what to do and they
have it all timed out so I’m gonna try to do this every other day and I’m gonna
look at the other workouts she has oh she has a 10-minute six pack workout
let’s go home so I’ll let you go I’ll let you guys know like I’ll keep you
updated on what I like establish your my routine but wow it really did just give
me so much energy by doing that workout I love friends like you put on some
makeup and did their hair and got dressed for work I am leaving my
apartment today I know it’s a miracle actually I did leave yesterday too
but I’m going to work I’m actually going to a Disney Resort because we have like
a big ballroom booked for a large team meeting so I’m headed to the Disney’s
gotten beach club resort I’m gonna park there and they have lunch for us and
then I’m gonna have a meeting it’s an hour and a half meeting so after that
I’m actually headed back here I have one more meaning after that but it’s not
until 3:00 and the meeting that the the person who is in charge of the meeting
and talks the most is on the west coast so we just all do it virtually so I
might as well just come back here so I’m gonna do that and then after that
Brandon will be home and then we’re gonna go to Epcot with a couple of our
friends so that’ll be great it’ll be like a triple date get to hang out with
them and get out Britt and I are gonna go a little early they’re not gonna meet
us until around 7:00 or 6:30 so we’re gonna go a little early have a little
date this week it’s been – it’s in the shortest week ever because I’m only
working Tuesday Wednesday Thursday but it’s felt like it’s been seven date I’ve
just been going going going but it’s been a good week I’m just feeling a
little like low energy so gonna get that energy up it’ll be nice to kind of get
out and see some people and kind of feed off their energy but it’s gonna be a
good day I did want to share my outfit so I am wearing this just black
turtleneck it’s from forever 21 it’s actually a turtleneck dress kind of
looks like a body suit but turtleneck dress but I just kind of tucked into my
pants and these are from Express but I just checked and unfortunately they are
sold out so I won’t link them below because that’ll just be a disappointment
to you but I am gonna do a video with them soon and I ordered a couple other
work pants so I’ll show you those soon and then I’m just wearing these black
booty from JustFab and I’m gonna also take
this jacket that’s from princess Polly just to kind of keep me extra warm
because you know I’m a baby I haven’t even tried that on yet I might wear that
or I’ll wear my pink blazer maybe a little more professional okay just got home from the team meeting
at the yacht wait what is it boardwalk yacht in Beach Club there’s a microwave
because I’m making some afternoon coffee but the meeting was incredible it was so
so inspiring it was just a team meeting with like the top executives so they
actually pulled in the director of marketing for Disney Plus and that was
just everything to me he talked about so many of the films and projects that they
worked on and just the whole marketing thought process and creative thought
process that went into the release of Disney Plus so super fascinating and
interesting so that’s really got me riled up and ready to go and tackle the
rest of my work for today but yeah I’m just gonna grab me a coffee it’s raining
it so I am getting cozy I got rained on a little bit but it was just like
spinning rain it’s not pouring or anything but Brandon should be home
shortly and I have my meeting at 3:00 and then gone back to Disney the time has come we are about to leave
for Disney I changed to just my little loungewear set from boohoo it is so
incredibly comfy and I just want me comfy and warm because it’s so kind of
chilly thankfully it’s not raining anymore but it is super cloudy but I
stuck on some mini areas naturally and a coat and Brandon he’s finishing up his
dinner say hi and then we’ll leave but I am going to sign off now but I hope you
enjoyed this week in my life video it was only a three days long but it was a
long short week I really hope you guys enjoyed it I’m so thankful for you and
can’t wait to see you super soon bye jumping from Cliffs oh hi Justin Oh
insta fire sometimes a crashing down

Good News 😄 A Study Plan that Works

If you’re not learning English as quickly as you would like to or if you feel like your Fluency is stuck at the same level then It is partly because of your study routine in this English lesson I am going to share with you how to improve your study routine to Facilitate your English learning so that you can learn English easier and much faster The best thing is that it’s actually enjoyable to have a good study routine and it’s free Creating a good study routine doesn’t cost anything So follow my advice if you’d like to improve your English speaking skills. I’m going to share my own suggestions for your English study routine I’m going to share a special formula that I’ve created for my own study routine and what a study routine should be and should not be if you’d like to learn more with me in the complete go natural English course for Fluency and confidence in English. The wait list to join is now open. You can join the waitlist at gonaturalenglish.com Pre-reg you’ll get information about the benefits of the course and a notification when registration opens now Let’s talk about your study routine. What’s really interesting is that study routines are? Really not talked about in most English classes or any kind of classes at all Yet they are so critically important to successfully learning any subject So this is a very important thing to master a study routine Means time that you set aside to study Consistently a routine means something that you do over and over so it’s not a one-and-done Activity a study routine could refer to how you study by the hour The day by the week the month the year, but hopefully you’re studying more than once a year So we’re gonna talk more about how to develop your daily study routine It’s proven to be more effective to study a little bit Every day than to cram once a week or before a big event The idea is to make your routine consistent over time so that it becomes a habit Something that is easy and automatic for you something that becomes part of your lifestyle Let’s talk about what a good study routine is and is not you might think that a study routine is painful and boring but it’s not a good study routine is actually enjoyable and easy Something that you can do consistently over time So it’s actually better to commit to less study time That would be easy for you to meet and exceed Rather than trying to commit to too much study time and set yourself up for failure So let’s set you up for success if you think that you could dedicate 30 minutes per day to studying English well Let’s start with 20 minutes a day because that’s something that I know you will be successful at and then if you exceed 20 minutes and study for 30 You’re gonna feel really good about yourself. So it’s better to start shorts or small with your study time and develop consistency so that each day builds on the last a good study routine means you’re focused on one thing only you’re not checking social media or email or Reading something while you’re listening to something else multitasking is Really bad during study time. So make sure you’re not talking to a friend on the phone or Unless they’re helping you study, but you really have to be focused on one thing and the really interesting thing Is that the more you focus the last? It takes to master that task your study sessions should be building up Towards a larger goal over time one big mistake that I’ve seen a lot of English learners make is that they just sit down at their desk during study time without any real goal and they say Okay. I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes. That means I’ve studied for 20 minutes. Why am I not learning? Well, it’s because you don’t know where you’re going with your studies. You don’t have a goal in mind And so that’s why you’re not really learning Just having your butt in your seat at your desk is the first step, but after that We really need to have a plan I’m gonna talk more about that towards the end of this lesson and really your study routine should be enjoyable Some people think that studying has to be difficult. It has to be painful has to be a challenge Yes, it can be a challenge. But how about a good challenge? Have you ever enjoyed? Achieving something that was difficult I think actually we enjoy achieving things that are more difficult if it’s super easy Well, we still can enjoy them, but maybe not as much So anyway, you should make your study time enjoyable by having some Consistent enjoyable thing that you do while you study for example I enjoy having a cup of coffee or tea or maybe you start your study session with some music that you enjoy Preferably music that does not have lyrics in it because that can distract your mind while you’re studying so maybe some some classical music or electronic music that you enjoy a good study routine is not Actually super ambitious because this sets you up for failure Don’t write down in your calendar that you’re going to study for three hours every day when you know, that’s not realistic Make sure that your study time is super realistic and achievable For you in your present life Don’t try to do too much at once Because you might get burnt out and that is not the result that you want a good study session is not Just sitting at your desk. Remember we have to have a goal and a good study routine is Not painful. It should be something that you actually look forward to doing as I mentioned You can help train your brain to look forward to your study routine by involving a cup of coffee or tea or a song that you enjoy or Always have a special space that’s consistent for your study routine Maybe you make your desk really pretty by putting some pictures on it that you like for my own study routine I’ve created an acronym that spells used Too because I get used to my study routine and that makes it a habit. I Understand my bigger goals. I Schedule my studies for the same time each day that helps me to build a routine. I Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I develop my skills over time I try new materials to challenge myself and I own my Results, I understand that I’m responsible for the outcome of my study sessions that spells used to So you could use this acronym if you find it helpful for you to here’s an example of how I would suggest You set up your English study time first write down your big English goals may be something like you want to be fluent in English so that you can give a presentation at school or at work or Whatever your big goal is don’t be shy write it down to break down that goal into weekly and daily Study sessions that will help you reach that bigger goal over time. Take your time with this again It’s better to write down your study sessions moving more slowly Than to rush yourself and maybe not give yourself enough time third choose materials that can help you reach your goals Watch go natural English videos or outside of go natural English. You could find TV shows movies Podcasts songs or other media in that help you to develop your vocabulary and fluency next test your understanding How much of these materials are you really understanding 5 try your own? Examples, of course when you’re learning English You don’t only want to be able to listen and read right? You want to be able to write and speak to express yourself as well? Now this is where you need help from someone else But there’s one way that I do suggest getting feedback on your own which is to record yourself Speaking because often when you listen to yourself on playback, you can catch your own mistakes similarly with writing you can Proofread your own writing and you often will catch your own mistakes This is a great way for you to give yourself feedback even before consulting your teacher next give yourself time to reflect on your Accomplishments how far you have come in English so far how much you have learned and then decide? what you want to learn tomorrow and Finally number 8 build each day after you reflect on your progress You can decide what you want to work on more tomorrow as you build a really successful great study routine be patient with yourself and Understand that when you enjoy the journey of building your English skills, you will be more successful More easily much faster it all comes down to building a good habit and a good study routine So, I hope that this was helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching Let me know if you have any questions if you’re watching here on youtube, and you haven’t yet? Subscribed to go natural English then click on that big red subscribe button So you don’t miss another great image lesson here. Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now


Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be giving you loads of mommy motivation and show you how I get everything
done in a day. I’m just going to take you through what I’m doing in terms of food shopping,
cooking, cleaning, decluttering, fitness, the kids, just life and everything I do really,
on a day where the kids are at school and nursery. Obviously, some of these tasks I
do have to do it with the kids around, but today they are… We’ve literally just done
the school run and I’ve actually been inspired to make this video because my friend Tiffany
Beaston, you may know her, she makes videos like this and I watch them and I find them
so motivating. I just love seeing how other moms do it and just getting ideas for recipes
or meal prep and all of that. So, I thought I would try one. So, yes.
I’ve just done the school run and now I have just come to Sainsbury’s. Normally, we would
do a food shop online, but Frasier has to do some homework tonight and he needs to cook
an autumnal dessert. I’m going to get a few bits that we need, something for dinner as
well. So, I will take you with me. Yeah. For the crumble, I got some apples.
These are Granny Smiths because they didn’t have Bramley apples anywhere and I really
wanted a sour apple for the crumble. So, I’ve got that, got some blackberries, got some
ice cream to serve for us at home and then we’re going to send some of the crumble in
as his homework as well. Also, got some butter for it and then all of the oats, and flour,
and sugar, and stuff I have here at home. Then I got some more caramel Snack a Jacks
because we’re all obsessed with these. Also, got these little, what are they? Angel slices
because they were on special and the kids really love them. Also, got some fat-free
cottage cheese. I love this on toast or on crackers and stuff as a snack. So, I’ve got
that. Also, got two new cereals to try Fruit ‘n fiber. I think the kids will really like
that. It’s like a nice healthy one. Then I got this… How do you say it? Country
Crisp. This has hazelnut and almond in it. So, if Frasier did want it, he could have
it. It’s not got peanuts or anything in it, but this would be really yummy on yogurt for
the boys or if they want it with milk, they can do that as well. Also, got some bread.
Then for dinner tonight, I’m going to make a chili in the slow cooker. I have quite a
bit of the ingredients here, like onions, carrots and stuff, but I did need some kidney
beans, some chopped tomatoes, some chickpea. I’ve got the 5% fat minced meat. Also, got
some red peppers and then some smoked salmon because I really like smoked salmon with scrambled
egg in the morning sometimes. So, yeah. Just a little foodie hall, but I’ve got the dinner
and I’ve got the homework and the dessert. So, yeah. It’s going to be really yummy.
So, I’m off out now for a run with my friend Laura. Some of you will know, I’ve been training
for a half-marathon and now that half-marathon is just 10 days away. We really need to get
a little bit more training in before we take a break before the actual race day. So, going
provide in a local park. This is Laura there and she always… She’s so funny. Every time
I put the camera on her, she was like, “I always wave like this and I hate it.” And
she’s just done it again. It’s actually been so brilliant training with Laura. If any of
you guys start running, it’s so good to get a running buddy because they just make you
go out and I don’t know. It’s like you’re accountable to some someone. So, yes. We’re
going to do a little run and then I’m going to go home, put dinner on, do some cleaning,
all of that stuff. I’m back from my run now and I’m just going
to put dinner in the slow cooker. As I mentioned, I am making slow cooker chili. It’s a really
old recipe that I’ve just always used. I have no idea where it’s from, but if you’re interested
I can put it in the description, but yeah. I’m going to put that on and then I do have
to do a little bit of work. I need to voice over one of my cleaning videos, but I’ll show
you how I’m doing dinner. I thought I would do a little voice over for
this part of the video. The first thing that I’m doing for this recipe is just frying off
the minced beef. I probably don’t actually need to do this because I did buy the 5% fat
beef and not loads of fat is actually cooking off of this, but it’s the way I’ve always
made it, so I’m kind of like frying that on the hub and then coming over and chopping
some onions and kind of like running back and forth. I’m chopping up two medium sized
onions and then also two medium sized carrots. If this is for very little ones, you can grate
the carrot in and sometimes to be honest, that is actually quicker as well. Then I’m
roughly chopping in two red peppers. Then I’m just going to add all the ingredients
into my crock pot or slow cooker. So, I’m throwing in at the minced that I actually
fried, the onions, the red pepper, the carrots, and then there are loads of beans that go
into this dish, which really bulk it out, make it healthy, add some protein as well.
I’ve added in chickpeas, kidney beans, two things of chopped tomatoes and even as some
baked beans, which I know some people will think is really weird. Then I’m adding in
coriander, chili powder cumin, and a tiny bit of cinnamon as well. Then I’m just going
to give it a stir and I tend to fill up one of the cans of water and then throw that in
as well because it is obviously going to be cooking for a long time in the slow cooker.
So, yes. Now, I can just leave that and all of that took me 15 to 20 minutes and then
we’ll have a delicious dinner. This chili actually will do about 10 to 11 portions.
So, it really does go a long way. Now, I’m just going to quickly tidy up the
kitchen after all of that. Then while I was tidying, I actually took a picture of me tidying
and I’m going to put that onto Instagram as well. I’ve just quickly edited it and then
put that on Instagram just for a bit of content. If you don’t follow me over there, feel free
to come over and follow me. I would obviously, love to have you there as well.
Now, I need to get on and do some work. I filmed the cleaning video the other day, but
I need to voice over it and add some music. It’s 24 minutes long, this video.So, I think
it’s going to take quite a long time to do, but the reason I’m in my bedroom is over the
years of doing voiceovers and stuff, I find that when I do a voice over in my bedroom,
the acoustic is better because I think there’s so many cushions and things for the sound
to jump off of. If I ever do a voice over in the kitchen or actually at my desk, it
just sounds a bit echoey. Anyway, I’m in my bedroom to do this. I’ve
got my microphone. This is all I use, this fluffy thing and I just plug it into my laptop
and just talk into it. That is how I do it. So, yeah. I think it’s probably going to take
me about an hour or so to get this done, but it’s a video for tonight so I really need
to get on and do it and I’m excited. My cleaning videos, they do really well for views. So,
it’s like worth the effort. Right. So, the edit and upload took about
an hour and a half in the end, but it was a really long video. I really wanted it to
be good. Sometimes it takes me ages to find good music. I really like funky house music,
but trying to find nice music that is also a copy free that I can use on YouTube can
be quite difficult. I think I found some good ones, but now I’ve just got time to have a
cup of tea before I need to go and do the school run and get Kaleb. Kaleb finishes at
three today, but Frasier who’s at the same school, finishes at four and then Jackson
we need to pick up as well. It’s all happening, but yeah.
Okay. All right. So, the chili is smelling really good. I’ve just stirred it a couple
of times. You can actually make that recipe within just an hour on the stove, but you
have to stow it quite a lot. Using the slow cooker I feel, is really nice and easy. Got
my cup of tea and I’ve just received two deliveries, so I thought we’d show you. They’re not that
exciting, but I got this KidzLab Magnet Science thing as one of Kaleb’s birthday presents.
It’s his birthday this month. He’s going to be six and I actually put on Instagram like
what would you guys recommend for a six year old? So many of you said magnet play and stuff.
I think he’ll really love this. So, I’ve got that.
Then I also ordered some washing up liquid refiller. What is this called? Yeah, it’s
the refill sachets. So, basically you just pour this into your washing up liquid bottle
or into this thing as well when it runs out. I tend to use a little Molton Brown hand wash
holder for my washing up liquid because it gives such a small amount when you press that,
that I really like that because you don’t need a lot of it. When this runs out, I’m
now ready to refill it up. How exciting is my life? I also forgot to mention that Kaleb’s
birthday party invitations have come. I’ve got these super cheap on Amazon. He’s going
to have a crazy golf birthday party just for the boys in his class. So, I also need to
fill these out today and get them out because it is in about four weeks time.
Okay. K.K. is now home from school. Say, “Hello.” My pajamas. In your comfies. Straight away when he got
in, he put his comfies on and he wanted a little snack, so he’s got an apple to have
and then we’re going to get Frasier in a minute. Then we’re going to do some homework with
him. Both of the boys are home now. Frasier’s back
from basketball club and he needs to quickly do his reading, eat his dinner before it’s
back out to football tonight. Tonight, they’re having sausages and carrots, and Frasier wanted
rice. I quickly decided to do the boys sausages because there are still half an hour left
on this chili and it is a little bit watery, so it does need the extra half hour, but they
obviously need to eat now because Frasier has to go back out to football. It’s a total
juggle, but because there are 10 portions in this huge chili, Matt and I can have some
later on tonight. Then they could have it on another day this week because I’ll put
it into Tupperware. It’s been great. It’s great for meal prep because we can have chili
on chips, jacket potato, rice, on its own with tortilla chips. So, so many different
ways. So, yeah. I’ll definitely keep it for other nights or for lunch as well.
Once Frasier is done his dinner and his reading, we’re now quickly going to do some homework
before he’s back out again. His schedule is not normally this crazy. This is just a particularly
busy night because he does have two clubs, but that is not the norm. Yeah, we’re going
to quickly do this and it was homework that he really enjoyed because we’re going to get
a delicious dessert at the end of it. We literally just chopped up some apples and then threw
in some blackberries, sprinkled some sugar over the fruit, and then Frasier weighed out
all of the ingredients like the flour. Then we also used golden castor sugar and we mixed
butter into that. Oh, yeah, a pinch of salt as well. You kind of mix all that together
with the butter until it’s like a breadcrumb consistency.
Then all he had to do was put that on top of the fruit and then put that into the oven.
Then we’re going to enjoy it, but then he’s also got to take a piece of it in to show
his teacher just to prove that he’s done it. I took some photos as well. I’ve got this
little Polaroid thing, which is great for homework. I took some photos of him doing
it to stick into his homework book. So, Frasier has made the crumble. Now, we
just have to pop it in the oven for half an hour. Matt has just gone to pick up Jackson
from nursery, which is a massive help and he’s also going to take Frasier to football
tonight because it’s from 6:00 until 7:00. It was quite late to drag out the other two
kids, so it’s been amazing that Matt can now help me with the football and he really enjoys
it as well, but Jackson started doing full days at nursery twice a week. He started that
a few weeks ago and I was dreading it. I thought, “How’s he going to cope or how’s he going
to like it?” But he had given up his nap. So, I was finding doing any work was just
impossible. He started and he’s actually just loving it. You think, “Maybe we could’ve done
it sooner than three years old,” but it’s been brilliant now. He’s really enjoying being
in the big boy room and all that stuff. The homework is in the oven. Now, I’m just going
to try and tidy up from dinner and from this baking we made quite the mess.
Hello. Yay. You’re home. How was nursery? Yeah, good?
Then I’m going to follow some laundry. Frasier has just gone off to football and Jackson
and Kaleb are happy in the background watching Monsters, Inc. as you can probably see. I
need to complete at least a load of laundry today to keep on top of everything. Then I’m
going to run upstairs and while I’m running the bath, I get their clothes ready for the
next day. I’ll lay out their uniform on the banister like this and I’ve just noticed that
we could probably do this dark load of washing. So, I’m going to run down and throw that in
and that can be running while I’m doing bath and bedtime. Then I can put it in the tumble
dryer if it needs it or it can be drawing on the dryer overnight. You know how it is.
Then I’m also, once they’re in bed, once they’re all asleep, I tend to get their bags ready
for the next day. I’ll just lay out their bags and then anything they need for any clubs
and tomorrow is swimming. So, we have this giant swimming bag and because it’s now getting
colder, I bought the boys, these really nice fleecy animal onesies. As soon as they get
out of the swimming pool, they can put these on and they love it. They’re super cozy and
then they can make their way home. It’s now about 8:30 at night. All the boys
are in bed. All my little jobs and cleaning things are all done. So, I’m now going to
sit on the sofa, watch some Netflix and edit this video that I’ve just filmed, but I hope
you enjoyed this video and just seeing how I juggle all the mummy duties in a day. I
had really wanted to declutter something as well, but I didn’t get a chance because my
video edit took so very long. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did let me know in the comments
or give it a big like, and then I’ll know to make more like this. I’ll see you in the
next one. Bye, guys.

DAY IN MY LIFE | Work, my struggles, Disney, & meal idea ✨

Hello friends it’s Allison I hope
you’re having a super happy and cozy day so far I know I always say cozy this
time year why is my voice like this do you hear this you see today I am filming
a little day in my life video I absolutely love doing these they just
feel so chill and I feel like I really bond with you guys but today is gonna be
extra fun because we’re about to pop over to Walt Disney World for a little
bit um I’m meeting my friend Caroline and she helps me take a lot of my Disney
photos for my Instagram and stuff so we’re doing some outfit photos and just
gonna walk around look at the Christmas decor so I’ll show you some Christmas
decorations the park looks so so so beautiful this time of year so I kind of
want to give you a little taste but we actually have to leave soon and I’ll
have my phone near me so I don’t know what time it is but I think it’s about
8:45 and we need to leave in 15 minutes and I still gotta put on my lipstick and
stuff and brush my teeth so we got to get going and I’ll show you the outfits
I have it’s kind of hard this time of year because it’s actually chilly
outside and again that’s a relative term for
this Floridian I know it may not be chilly to you um it’s about 60 degrees
here and so lots of my outfits I have like these big chunky and cozy sweaters
and stuff but that’s gonna be really hard to fit in a backpack so we got to
do it we got to cram it in I like to think I’m pretty good at packing and
rolling my clothes up but I also like to keep all the outfits together so that
when I’m changing I have everything I need so we had off at 1 2 3 4 so that’s
what we’re gonna do a little behind the scenes today but basically I just like
to go I love to take photos I just think it’s one of my favorite places and
relators take photos because truly it’s so picturesque like there’s a freakin
huge castle like it’s hard to be but I like to just get photos like when I go
it honestly is a little bit of a hassle to go to Disney again very relative term
but like for Magic Kingdom for instance I’m leaving and
our before we’re even meeting just because it’s only 20 minutes away from
where I live but to go through the security and take the monorail and all
that stuff it actually adds up so when I go I like to content batch with which
means you know just taking multiple photos at once so that is what we’re
doing today and I only have scheduled like two and a two and a half hours with
Caroline because I have lots of other work I need to get done today so it’s
gonna be a busy one but it’s gonna be fun
we’re gonna have a good day be productive and just make the most of it
last night I was feeling awful like I just was feeling uninspired and drained
and anxious like I was crying before bad sweet brand baby was so so sweet to me
and really like talked to some truth into my heart but I was like uh it was
just kind of like a funk you know and I just was not like I wasn’t looking
forward to today but I’m feeling way better this morning one of my favorite
things about like my faith is just how much hope I feel in the morning like God
really just helps me feel refreshed and renewed when the morning comes and I’m
just so thankful for that because if I still felt how I did last night like I
would not have makeup on right now I would be curled up in that bed right
there so I’m really thankful I’m feeling way more inspired and motivated this
morning so let’s make it a good one Kenny are off got my big backpack full
of clothes and the tote bag security is probably gonna be like hey you know this
isn’t a hotel right like and what are you doing with all this clothing but who
cares we gotta go Bernie Madoff uh continuities forever we change it out in retail and I feel so
extra in my my bank boot without Maltese numerals but you know we’re having
ourselves day and I’m trying to fix this big thing
but I just don’t know is it fucked okay we are on the way home now it’s not
super loud but we had so much fun we had a successful little photo shoot this
morning with four different outfits it was so funny all of the stuff that I
squeezed into my backpack it was kind of crazy I had so much stuff but we did it
and now it’s already almost one o’clock by the time I get home it’s gonna be one
o’clock already which is craziness this day is truly at 45 but it’s good we
solve a lot to get done today so we need to be super productive and I need to
clean up the apartment a bit because I was kind of like I was having a slow
morning and I scrambled to like run out of the house so I could get to Magic
Kingdom on time because like I said it takes forever and so I have like clothes
everywhere in all just a mess so we’re gonna clean up get some lunch I’m hungry
thankfully I have some leftover Starbucks coffee like I got a cold brew
yesterday so I have some leftovers so after lunch I can get some caffeine and
I don’t to make anything so it’s gonna be good but we need to just be
productive before it’s day okay guys I just practice in the mean
and now I’m about to hop into another one so 34:30 usually I don’t have
minions asleep but it’s someone on the west coast because we have Disneyland um
folks that we work with as well so I’m about to do that and I’m honestly
feeling so overwhelmed these past weeks I’ve just been busy but it’s of course
my camera dies as soon as I’m like opening up to you guys but yeah I’ve
been super busy like I’ve been all good things that I’m super thankful for but I
just need to cross things off my to-do list and I tend to kind of like get too
overwhelmed over small things so I’m just trying to navigate that and trying
to get better about that and trying to like pray for peace and comfort even
when I am so busy but yeah my camera is about to die again soon so I’m gonna
charge this while my camera died on me yet again as I was talking but I charge
it and Brandon’s home now yay and I’m about to make some dinner before we head
over to our friends house so let’s do that tonight I’m making Buddha bowls I
mean another night for the first time and I was nervous because it was my
first time making them but they should not really yummy me and it actually
sounds super good tonight as well I I would say the level of effort isn’t
crazy but you do have to chop some things up and it’s just a lot of
ingredients it’s all easy ingredients but it’s just a lot of them so and just
kind of take a minute but I have the airfryer ow I’m gonna airfryer some
sweet potatoes and chickpeas to go in it that’s kind of our like courteous piece
of it and then for a sauce the sauce is key I have this avocado to Zekey dip
that I bought from Trader Joe’s other day that I put on mine but then I also
made sauce out of Greek yogurt and cayenne pepper and hot sauce and some
other spices like garlic powder and onion powder
and it was really yummy and spicy I actually liked it with the bowl more
than this to the key dip I just made it first of all because Brandon doesn’t
like dill and dill is always into Zeki dip so I knew he wouldn’t like that but
the homemade sauce actually turned out better because it was spicy and you guys
know how we feel about spicy food stuff I’m gonna make this real quick and then
have a nice nutritious meal to help ease my stress and spend some quality time
with thank you okay dinner is served and we have the
garlic and naan bread from Trader Joe’s seriously so yummy I just love how
colorful this meal is so we are about to leave for our
friend’s house and I meet this little desert board with some of my Trader
Joe’s goodies that I got looks super yummy there’s so many yummy treats so
much fun but now what time is it it’s so late grandma and grandpa we stuck to
like shower make Brandon blond she’s gonna make his lunch I’m gonna shower
but I’m ending this vlog here thank you guys so much for watching I hope you had
fun watching and I’ll see you soon bye

working and cleaning and planning ☆ weekend vlog

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. From websites and online stores, to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence. ♫ soft piano music ♫ Hello friends, good morning. It is still indeed morning. It is 11 a.m. on this cold Saturday. I have been busy busy busy for the past couple hours packing orders. I, erm— [chuckle] It’s always fun admitting your failures, publicly. I, um… I fucked up. I scheduled poorly. I planned poorly. I procrastinated, and so I wasn’t able to send out all the orders that I needed to before I left for Thanksgiving holiday. Now, I’m basically just playing catch-up. [to Sophie] Hi ‘goph!! Hi Soph!! Hi~ Hi!! Um, so, been packin’ the past few days We got back yesterday at like 5:00 and I stayed up to like 2:00 last night packing orders and then gonna be packing orders today, but then I also have this like zine thing that I need to work on because the final draft of that is due today, but what I will probably end up doing is emailing the like, curator of the zine and be like “Yo, is it chill if I email this to you tomorrow?” And I have a feeling that’ll be okay. But if not, I can probably get it done today. [in a gentle voice] Hi Sophie. Hi my little angel darling. Hi, baby. [normal voice] Yeah, so I’m basically just packing orders like a madwoman. I…got so many orders with the shop update and I’m so grateful and so thankful. And it’s made me realize that I’m probably going to [sing-song] need to hire someone in the springtime. Which is a scary thing to think about as a business owner because it means that like I have to think about, like, I probably need to like register an LLC, I have to think about benefits, if I can even provide those, and what, like, legal and, legally and financially what is this entail and all of these things and w9s and [sigh] Because suddenly I won’t just be self-employed. I will then become an employer which is weird to think about but that that’s for 2020! I don’t have to think about that right now. Today, basically, all I need to do is pack orders. So Basically pack orders and then I need to reorder some stickers that I’m running low on ,particularly like freebies and stuff. [to Soph] Hi !! I will probably need to make a trip to Staples to get printer ink because I realized that I ran out of printer ink yesterday and um.. I ordered some online, but the fastest it can get here is Monday and I need it today, so I can print prints and things. So. I will probably need to do that. You can probably hear Soph sniffing around, she’s a very sniffly baby. Hmm? [in the special voice I only use with Sophie] Hi. Hiiiii. [in Swedish] Hi, little darling. What’s up? Hi, hello. [in Swedish] What are you doing? [English] I’m gonna take this first batch of orders for the day to the post office, and then I should probably get food. I also need to get milk for tea. Connor and I had a lovely holiday. We were down in the bay, the East Bay, celebrating with his family for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. His family is so cool!! And it was just such a delight!! to, like, experience, like, a fun Filipino Thanksgiving, which is very different from like a typical, like white person Thanksgiving, where it’s just a lot, where everyone you know kind of sits down and has like a meal. This one was really fun, because basically just everyone brought stuff, we set it out on the table, and then people were just milling around and chatting and it was so fun and so lovely and I made friends with a baby! And, um.. Like, his family is just really cool, and I’m just really happy that they like me! And uh, it was lovely to get to see the spot where like Connor, you know, grew up and learn about more about that part of his life. Um, It was, it was a good holiday and now we’re, we’re We’re back! to it! friends! So. All good. Where’s my darling? Oh, she’s back in her little, she’s back in her little cubbyhole. I think I might pack orders for a little bit more? I’m gonna pack orders for a little bit more, and then… Ugh, but I’m so hungry. I’m gonna pack orders for a little bit more, and then I’m gonna go drop this off, and then I’m gonna go get food. ♫ chill wintry jazz ♫ [sing-song] We’re making dinner! I’m in charge of dinner today. You’re gonna have to pardon my kettle, I’m heating up water for tea. But! I’m in charge dinner today. It’s going to be~ It is, this… phenomenal cauliflower orzo pasta salad. I will post the recipe link down below. It is phenomenal! It only has like 3 stars, as far as the reviews go, which personally I think is preposterous. Also it is, (what time is it?) It is 6 p.m. But it’s been dark for like an hour and a half because it’s The Pacific Northwest in the winter. But this is a really easy This is a very easy pasta salad. And it’s good hot or cold and it makes so much and I just eat it for days. It’s great. 😀 Also, I would recommend—she uses sherry vinegar in her recipe. I would recommend red wine vinegar instead. Also, this recipe is vegan. So yaaaay! um Let me see, so we need red wine vinegar. We need olive oil. We need cauliflower. We neeeeeed… pine nuts! We need orzo. We need… Where are my raisins? So you roast the cauliflower, orzo, pine nuts, raisins, parsley, and you just throw it all together, and it’s—you just roast up the cauliflower then make a dressing and then you just kind of let it marinate for a bit and it’s uh, it’s phenomenal. Also, I just feel I’m so used to filming when there’s daylight out and now since it’s just this time of year, uh Filming at night’s gonna be brutal. I hate filming at night just because of like exposure and white balance like this. For instance, my kitchen looks fine now, but the light in my living room is really pink, because we have different light bulbs in different rooms. So. [stammering] [sigh] It’s fine, it’s just, it’s just bothersome, but now I’m gonna make tea and chop up cauliflower, so. 😀 ♫ chill jazz music ♫ Okay—I’m sorry honey, I know, I know. You’re so cute [kiss] and I love you so much, but you gotta be careful, okay? Connor: Goddammit. [curious Sophie meow] Chey: Way to go! [Sophie meows]
Connor: I fought a particularly scary-looking… [LOUD Sophie meow] Chey: What?!
Connor: Whoa! Chey: What do you need?
Connor: ..Yiga dude. Chey: Oh, the big buff one?
Connor: Mmhm.
Chey: Yeah, those guys are frightening. What is up little one? [small laugh] Chey: How’s it going? Connor: I got a little bit owned just then. Chey: That’s okay! Are you trying to climb the tower now? The scary one? Connor: Yeah, look at that one. Chey: I know, it’s-I mean, I can’t really see it, this- Can I? Yeah. He’s trying to climb the tower in, um… Oh gosh, I forget what this region’s called. Connor: Death Mountain!
Chey: Akkala! [to Connor] No.
Connor: What? Connor: It is time to—
Chey: Hey, there’s a stable! Chey: Nice. Yeah, that’s-this is-yeah. He’s in Akkala. So. Are you having fun, darling? Connor: I am! I’m gonna play video games for- [Sophie trills] I say 10 more minutes but we know that’s not the truth. Chey: No, we all know that’s not the truth. What do you need, Goph? What’s going on, darling? Chey: We’re gonna play soon okay? Mama has to tidy. Chey: [high-pitched] MERP! [Sophie trills]
Chey: Yeah, I know. Chey: Hello. You’re so pretty. I see your tail! You want to play. We will play soon. Soph: [inquistive trilling sound]
Chey:You’re mama’s favorite girl! Chey: I love you. Soph: [tiny meow]
Chey: [small chuckle] ♫ soft jazz music ♫ Okay, so, um, Every Sunday, or like, there’s lots of farmer’s markets all over Seattle, but there’s this one bakery called Seawolf and they do these lye rolls which are basically like pretzel rolls, but they’re They’re like, oh my god. They’re just so good. And since I don’t go to the farmers market so often anymore, I never get them. But then sometimes Connor wanders in to the farmer’s market on the weekends and he’s able to pick them up for me!! Connor: About like once a week, I’ll go on a walk and usually I walk by a Seawolf opportunity.
Chey: Yes.
Connor: And so, I make it a point. These are my favorite things in the world. I get half a dozen and I eat them all in about like, I don’t know, 30 minutes?
Connor: You love ’em! Chey: I do love them. [Connor coughing] You good, baby?
Connor: Yeah, just hydrating. Chey: [with joy] MMMMM! mmmMMMM!
Connor: [laughs] Chey: [triumphantly] BREAD!! Happy Monday! I have just been tuttling away at my computer for the past, like, two hours, organizing my emails. Um, I went to therapy this morning, I went to Miro for lunch and tea, my typical Monday routine. And I wrote in my planner, and so now that I’ve got all my emails sorted, I’m going to organize my commissions and then I’m going to pack orders. I’m running out of little freebie stickers, but I’m gonna cut out a couple so I should be able to get through like another probably 30 or so.. ..tonight. Actually, before I do that though, I’m going to–oh, my battery’s about to die. Please hold. Okay, we’re good. Um, fresh battery. But yeah, so I’m gonna organize my–I have a couple like family/friend commissions, so I’m going to organize those and then I think that the orders are more pressing, so I’m going to cut out my stickers, pack those orders And then after I’m done with that, I’m going to sit on my couch and work on this zine piece that I have. And that… I think, I think that’s all I have for you for this video. Um, as I said at the beginning, this video, this little weekend vlog, was very very kindly sponsored by Squarespace! So for those of you that don’t know, I actually use Squarespace for my online shop. I have been using them for over a year now, and I love them to bits. Squarespace is amazing, whether you want to sell art or use it as a portfolio website, they’ve loads of different templates to choose from that are super easy to customize, you don’t need to know anything about code. Heaven knows I don’t, and my website looks great. I was actually just scrolling through it the other day and I was like “Wow! This looks so good and professional!” You can sync up Squarespace with your different social media platforms, that way everything posts at the same time You can also schedule when like–I use it for shop updates. So like, I schedule when certain products go live and things like that. They also have 24/7 email support. Their customer service is *chef’s kiss* top-notch. So if you’re interested in a website, portfolio, shop of your own, head to squarespace.com for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to squarespace.com/cheyennebarton for ten percent off your first purchase. I hope that it helps you make cool things. I will see you very soon. I love you very very much and, um.. Yeah, I think you’re the best. I hope this, I hope.. You’re gonna be seeing this on Friday. So I hope you have a good weekend. And I hope you’ve had a good week. I– Time is a flat circle. It’s all fine. I love you. Bye! Stay brilliant! I always forget that.

DAY IN MY LIFE | Busy work day & big life update! ✨

Hello, friends, it’s Allison I hope you’re having a super happy day so far so today we have a busy but fun day so I thought I’d
be fun to take you along for the ride and do a little day in my life video you
know it’s gonna be a busy day when your calendar your Google Calendar house just
like block after block after block after block so it’s gonna be fun we’re gonna
make the most of it outside it’s looking kind of like cloudy and wintry and
clearly I have all my decorations up so that has been making my days so much
happier but the first thing on the agenda today after I get ready is go to
work so I’m going to my Disney job I have like a end-of-year conversation
with my leadership today so hopefully that goes well and then I need to film a
video and then I woman I eat lunch first and then I’m gonna go to a coffee shop
and get some work done and then I have a meeting with Brandon I’ll explain more
about later I’m kind of crazy kind of exciting but we have a meeting and then
we’re having friends over tonight so brandon has tomorrow off of work so
we’re gonna like sample easier than usual you know we’re Grandma and
Grandpa’s we go to bed so early but my friends are coming over tonight
um yeah do you really think in garden okay bye here is my work outfit of the
day I have this sweet little thin turtleneck on from Express and then I
have this fun polka dot wrapped skirt from boohoo just notice I need to like
straightened out my turtleneck but I really love this great super fun and
then for shoes I just put on these Express mule slide heels um they’re just
so easy and effortless a lot of a lot of different shoes would look good with
this outfit but I just need something quick because I gotta go also of course
I have my blue light glasses because it’s gonna be a lot of staring on a
computer today except I am filming so that always helps break up my day so my
eyes don’t fall out I was literally there for as long as it
takes me to drive to and from work but I picked out my birthday buddy surprise so
at work we have a birthday buddy and and on your birthday buddy’s birthday you
bring in like a little gift and you decorate their get their desk or office
area but obviously I don’t have an office at my I might work because I’m
barely there in person and I work from home mainly but I picked up my birthday
buddy surprise so I’ll open it when I get home but my year-end meeting with my
manager went really really well so super happy about that because I mean I didn’t
think it would go badly cuz we’ve never like there hasn’t been any negative
things that happened at work but you never know maybe there’s been something
that I’ve been doing wrong and they were disappointed in me I don’t know I’ve got
like a little nervous because I hate disappointing people but it went super
well so now we’re just gonna go home probably get some snack or lunch I
always get hungry around 10:30 and it’s 10:30 7 right now so we’re gonna get a
little food and then film our video ok let’s open up for a little fruit day
buddy oh I need to picture it so that I can like send a thank-you and include
the picture baby you back I love it little balloon I love my birthday like
the lids on you know I hope this comes food items oh you get
what you wish for oh my god be careful what you wish for
dangerous I love Reese’s so much oh my goodness
dangerous dangerous I’m gonna need everybody coming over to our house later
to eat some of these because I will eat them all
if people don’t help me so it sounds so fun um when you sign up for the birthday
bunny thing in our office you tell you feel like a form where you say your
favorite candy you favorite snack and all that good stuff
so that’s how people know oh my gosh how stinking cute are these there’s Babies
Minnie Mouse string light oh my goodness that is so precious ooh oh oh my
goodness so you I wonder if you got those that’s so fine andwell cocksure you think rapidly but
also I know who it is you don’t know who it is but I asked someone to tell me if
I can think they’re properly Oh oh my goodness
it says sip sip hooray oh my gosh they love those and I I’m like always loving
these glasses too you can never have too much okay oh how cute is that
birthday girl head man oh my gosh that is so cute I need to save it for next
year I love it did I have a Reese’s on Halloween there’s a little mini ones too
I like my snack size Oh smell heavenly oh my goodness
I’m so excited amen hallelujah so good I think it’s
totally ok to have to because their stock size right because I’m doing a
winter outfits of the week or offered ideas video they’re usually just five
outfit ideas but I like to say outfits of the week because I don’t know it just
makes more sense than just saying outfit ideas cuz then you kind of know there’s
gonna be five or seven I don’t know that’s just what I like to do still
figuring things out but I just did the intro and outro which I do like on my
big camera and then I think I’m gonna do like a little mirror outfit overview I
guess like how I always do it but I’m kind of like hitting a lull I guess you
could say where I’m kind of getting low energy usually I have my coffee I had
this time that I was planning on like after I finished filming this going to
the coffee shop but that probably won’t be until like 2:30 or 3:00 so I might
just need coffee at home but also I think Starbucks sent me a thing where
it’s like buy one get one free day I have to check because if that’s the case
I’ll probably and I’m going to Starbucks and then getting a coffee for Brandon as
well we just finished filming and this is the
results of filming an alphas idea video just like a crazy mess of clothing
feelin nice and cozy and it is chilly outside so it’s a good thing that I
changed into this even though my outfit before it was pretty like warm and cozy
too but a lot has happened in the last 10 minutes I feel like so I told you we
were gonna go to a meeting after I filmed my video um and our meeting I
cancelled bring this meeting and basically what the meeting is for is we
are in the stages of learning and figuring out everything we need to know
about buying a house super crazy if you’ve been watching my videos for a
while you know like this is a dream you’ve been working on and like working
really hard to save money for it and all that good stuff because obviously it’s
like the most expensive purchase you’re gonna make in your life so you gotta
have that good town payment um but you’re gonna have a meeting today with a
Builder actually so so we’re not gonna move into a house in like a year we have
our lease renewed for a year so it ends next January so we have over a year but
we’re just starting to kind of learn about all of our options and if we want
to do a new construction or if we want to move into an already built house so
today we had a meeting with a new construction developer but it actually
got cancelled so I was really bummed but then I talked to kind of the salesperson
I guess or the leader I don’t know exactly her role but um we chatted on
the phone and basically she wanted me to look over the floor plans and kind of
which I have already but she wanted me to pick out the one I wanted most
because basically they need to start building the houses but since we’ve been
kind of talking to them she wanted me to have a say in which houses they built
like which floor plans so yeah I need you to take a look at all these floor
plans and guys this leg might not even happen we might not even build a house
we might just to one already built but like it’s crazy
the home-buying industry is wild to me like we’ve only started talking about
this like we’ve been talking about it for a while but only started like
reaching out having meetings with Realtors and you know different
developments and whatnot like two weeks ago and everything moves so fast it’s so
wild so I’m gonna you know her um but it’s crazy I was really excited for the
meeting though because I’ve kind of been doing everything while Brandon’s been
working so I was excited for him too he’s been looking over everything but I
was excited for him to kind of like hear from the woman I’ve been talking to you
and all that good stuff um way out we’ll just have to reschedule
so yeah life is crazy life is crazy I’ll keep you guys updated with everything
going on but again I’m like try not to get too excited or anything like that
because we don’t know what’s gonna happen so yeah to be determined but that
was thinking we’re supposed to go to now that plans changed a bit it’s probably
for the better because I have a lot of work that I want to get done but I’m
gonna take a little coffee break I’m gonna run to Starbucks I think I’m gonna
clean up now we’ll be at Starbucks and then look creative the cuts um I’m gonna
go get Starbucks because it is happy hour like I mentioned so I’m gonna get
buy one get one and then I’ll save one for Brandon and then I’m gonna clean on
my clothes and then do some computer work oh also I need to stop by Publix or
Target to get some my Starbucks I got two of them because
it was happy hour and I got the same exact thing I got the Nitro cold brew
with sweet cream and one pump of peppermint because Morgan means that
it’s really yummy and I wanted to try it and I wanted something Christmassy but
not like terribly sweet it might be sweet I’m not sure it’s gonna be sweet
but hopefully not like two overbearingly sweet it’s good I feel like it doesn’t
taste like peppermint at all Oh yep it hit me it hit me I got the pepper I’m
yeah I like it I actually really like it it’s not like my favorite thing in the
whole world but yeah I mean the Christmas cups are super cute they’re
sweet cream was kind of like not that I feel like it’s usually thicker but it’s
kind of like watery but it’s good I don’t know I’m feeling kind of like not
super I’m happy but I just feel like a little anxious right now this happened
to me yesterday to where I just felt like in the morning I felt fine and
great and then in the afternoon I just started to feel anxious and kind of
overwhelmed and like my juju this is too long and just kind of like it’s grumpy a
little bit and it’s kind of happening me happening to me again this afternoon so
I don’t know what’s going on with me but hopefully this little caffeine boost
will help me put on some worship music go get some sense Oh shine
like a fresh country for the angels are okay now it’s time to start cooking it
dinner before our friends come over so the plan for tonight is we have two
other couples coming over that are our friends and we are going to have a
spaghetti dinner night and we’re gonna watch the new lady in the Tramp movie
that came on Disney Plus that just got released one Tuesday so really excited
to watch it and I figured spaghetti would be the perfect meal to have while
we watch it because the classic spaghetti scene with laying in the trip
so I’m gonna start cooking it’s about 550 now and they’re coming
over at 7:00 so just gonna start prepping everything so let me already I don’t think I’ve ever cooked for six
people at one time before so hopefully I make enough but I’m nervous hello friends we had such a fun movie
night and spaghetti dinner with our friends the movie was so adorable I
absolutely loved it and it was cool because they filmed part of it in
Savannah Georgia which brand I recently traveled to so it’s kind of fun to like
recognize familiar spots but thank you guys so much for watching I hope you
enjoyed this little day in my life log I’m always so appreciative of your
kindness and your support and I’ll see you really soon

How to Journal + 30 Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Lavendaire. A couple weeks ago I made a video sharing my journal collection, and I got a
lot of questions like, “How do I journal?” or “What do I journal about?” Today I wanted to share different ideas on
different ways you can journal. And also: I created this PDF list that you
can download and print out, with 30 questions for self discovery. These are essentially 30 journaling prompts you can use to guide yourself along in your
journaling to help you find yourself and discover yourself a little more. And I think a lot of journaling is asking
the right questions, asking quality questions, so then you can
respond and flow out what is really inside you. Before I begin, I have to say that there are
no rules to journaling. You can really do it however you want. It’s so open to any creative possibility. It’s really just a relationship between you, a pen, and paper. So for me, journaling is a way for me to spill
my thoughts, kind of capture my thoughts and see what it
is on paper, and also a way to organize my thoughts. I’ll start with morning pages. Morning pages is something that I’ve shared
so many times on my channel before, but what it is: it’s
three pages of stream of consciousness writing in the morning. I use a composition notebook. I’ll do three pages like 1, 2, 3. And I don’t always write three pages. I don’t always write every morning either, but it’s just a system that helps you brain
dump in the morning. Stream of consciousness just means that you
just flow from your thoughts onto paper. You don’t analyze what you’re writing. You just flow. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be complete sentences. You just literally don’t filter yourself and
just go. That’s my favorite way to write: just flow. And that’s what I’ve gotten used to, just flowing, flowing, flowing, not really
making it look perfect or try to make sense. Morning pages comes from a book called “The
Artist’s Way”, and if you’re interested, definitely read that book. But for me, I don’t necessarily write every
morning anymore and I don’t always do three pages. Sometimes I do one or two, sometimes I even
do more. It really just depends on how I feel. But I like to consistently write stream of
consciousness, whether it’s morning, evening, or night, just
all the time. At least like a few times a week, I have to just brain dump. Outside of morning pages, I also like to journal
in the evenings before I go to bed. This is because I always have a lot on my
mind and I like to get the thoughts out before I go to sleep, otherwise I might not
be able to fall asleep. If I’m feeling emotionally stirred up inside, whether it’s
in a good way or a bad way or whatever, I like to just put that down on paper so that
I can get it out of my system in a sense. And also, if I’m confused or if I feel stuck
or lost, that’s when I like to journal as well because I feel like I work through my problems
through journaling. Usually I start with asking myself: how do
I feel at the moment? Or something will be on my mind that will come out. So a lot of this journaling is just assessing
my mind, assessing my life, evaluating what I’m going
through, and even spending time dreaming, envisioning what I want in the future. I’ll also journal things that I’m grateful
for, things that I appreciate in my life right
now, what’s going right in my life. My goal when I journal is just to be as honest
and authentic as possible. I try not to filter anything, but at the same
time I always do try to see a positive side to things. So if I ever start off journaling in a bad
mood or if I’m sad about something or mad, whatever, I’ll go through it. I’ll face it. I’ll be honest about it. And then at the end, I’ll be like, “What’s on the brighter side? What’s the positive? What am I grateful for out of the situation?” So I always try to shine that positivity on
whatever I’m going through because I realize that yes, I want to be honest and authentic when
I’m journaling, but–I don’t know if you’ve ever heard–thoughts become things. So your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions. I realize the power that thoughts and words have on shaping your reality, shaping your
perception. So I always keep that in mind. I never let myself spiral into negativity
because that is also possible as well. Always understand that, you know, your thoughts
are powerful. Be honest with yourself, write down what you feel. But also: always try to keep love and light
at the center of everything. Another way to journal that’s been really
effective for me in the past is to write a letter to someone. And this is a letter that you do not expect
them to read. You’re not going to send this letter. This letter is for yourself. So if you’ve ever had a grudge against someone, if you’ve ever felt mad at someone, or if
someone’s ever hurt you really badly, it’s so, so effective to write a letter of
forgiveness to that person. So I know some of you might be like, “Ugh, I don’t want to forgive
them. Why do I have to be nice?” But honestly, forgiveness is so key to being
happy because when you’ve been hurt or if you’re angry with someone, whatever,
that’s some negative–what’s that word– negative baggage and burdens that you’re holding
in your heart. So if you can be able to let that go and forgive that person (even
if they don’t deserve to be forgiven), forgive them anyway because it makes you feel
better. Try writing a letter to that person, a letter of forgiveness. That’s something I’ve done maybe a couple
times in the past, and it’s really emotional. Trust me. Try it and hopefully that can help you work
through that pain and be able to heal and learn to
forgive. Another way I like to journal is to just organize
my thoughts on paper because in here, my thoughts are so messy. I can’t really tell what’s in there. So putting it out on paper, organizing, planning my career, planning my
goals, planning songs to write, planning my branding for my YouTube and my
website, everything that I want to plan, everything that I want to do, I have to physically
write it down and organize it visually in some way. There are so many different ways you can visualize,
maybe with graphs, bullet points, diagrams. For example: this is a notebook I forgot to
show in my journaling collection video. But in here, I just have a lot of business
ideas, designs for an app that I wanted to build. This is a mindmap of everything I wanted to include in Lavendaire, kind of
all the moving parts of an online business. It’s really helpful for me to put all these
ideas and organize them on paper, otherwise I just don’t recognize them in my
head. Another fun way is to scrapbook as you journal,
just journaling your life and adding kind of mementos from whatever’s
going on, whether you go to a concert, you keep a ticket stub and tape it into your
journal. Or someone wrote you a letter that you really like and you keep that in
your journal. I think that’s a really great way to capture your memories, especially if you’re
traveling or you’re going through a very interesting time in your life, who
knows. This is the journal I kept when I was studying
abroad in Italy. But nowadays, I don’t really journal like this anymore. I think it takes a little bit more effort. The way that I capture and record my memories
is I do it digitally through my phone. I use an app called Day One where every day
I’ll write a post just summarizing key things I did that day because I have such bad memory. I will forget what I did yesterday, if I don’t write it down. With those daily entries, I’ll also upload
a couple photos I took that day. So it’s a really nice way to visually look
back on my life and see a photo a day. That’s how I record my memories now and with
my journals, that’s kind of just how I access my mind,
whatever’s going on up there. So if you ever feel lost or stuck or you don’t
know what to journal about, maybe you’re uninspired, I’ve created a list
of thirty questions you can ask yourself, thirty questions to help you dig deeper and
get to know yourself on a deeper level. And these are essentially journaling prompts
that, when you don’t know what to write about, you can look at a question and be like, “Okay,
let me answer this question,” because like I said, it’s all about the quality
of your questions, the quality of what you ask yourself, and then you’ll get quality
answers. I made two versions of this, depending on
what you prefer. There’s a PDF you can download and print out, and then there’s a graphic
that’s on my blog that you can save and pin on Pinterest. So everything is down below. By the way, I’m trying to level up my Pinterest, so it’d mean a lot to me if you could just
follow my Pinterest or check out this graphic. If you like it, then just pin it so you can
share the love. So yeah, I hope this PDF and these journaling
prompts can help you in your journey to get clear about yourself, what you want,
where you’re going, and all that good stuff. Let me know what you think, let me know if
you have other questions or other resources or ideas that you are interested in. I’d love to help you in whatever way that
I can. Alright, thank you so much for watching. Love you all, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel and to another
Get it All Done video. You guys seemed to love the last one, so here’s
another one. It’s basically just me going about my day
trying to do all of the tasks that I need to for my family of five. So I’m starting out with breakfast, and today
we’re having the boys’ favorite. We’re having pancakes. I’ve shown my protein pancakes before, but
this is actually just like an American pancake recipe. These are Fraser’s favorite and it’s very
much a treat, but it is a Friday, so we’re having the pancakes, and then I’ve also got
some fruit for them, some strawberries and some blueberries. I normally cut these up using my pizza cutter. I think I showed this before, but it’s just
the easiest way to cut toast and pancakes. I literally use this for so many things, so
I’m going to cut all of those up and then I’m going to serve it with maple syrup, and
then I’m not going to forget the boys’ vitamins. They’re actually really good at reminding
me that they need these because they love them so much. They’re always like, “Mom, you forgot our
vitamins,” so I’m going to give those out and then the boys are going to have breakfast. Today, my youngest is at nursery. He goes twice a week, so he’s there in childcare
and my two older boys are at school. This is the type of day where I get loads
done around the house. I’ve also get lots of work done, and I’m going
to be doing a slow cooker meal, so I have loads to show you. Obviously not every single day is as productive
as this one, but I really hope this motivates you, and I personally just love to see how
other moms do things and juggle everything. So this morning we got up, had pancakes, as
you may have seen, then I got myself ready, got the boys ready, got them all to school
and now I’ve just got home. It’s about quarter past nine and I’m going
to put dinner into the slow cooker so that it is ready later on in the day when the kids
come home starving, and tonight I’m doing a sausage casserole. I’ve probably shown this one on my channel
before. It’s one of our favorite simple dinners. You just get a sausage casserole, Colman’s
sachet like this, and it tells you what to include in it. It’s basically mushrooms, pepper, onion, sausage,
and this yummy sauce, and then you serve it with mashed potatoes or rice. So I’m just going to get all this ready and
then at least I know that dinner is ready later on in the day. It’s funny. When I was younger, I used to make fun of
my mum for being so obsessed with dinner. It was literally the first thing she would
talk about in the morning. But I get it now, Mom, because you just need
to know that later on in the day when your kids go from zero to 100 in hunger, you need
to know what you’re doing. So anyway, to start out, I am browning the
sausages in a frying pan. You don’t actually have to do this. Obviously they’re going to cook in the slow
cooker, but I personally like to brown off the sausages. Then, I’m going to cut up one red pepper and
loads of mushrooms. It doesn’t actually call for all these mushrooms,
but I tend to just do the whole lot because it makes it really yummy, and then I’m also
going to cut up and chop one onion as well. I think this recipe calls for two onions,
but the last time I did that I was like, “Wow, there is a lot of onion in there.” So you just put all of that into your slow
cooker along with the sauce, which you just make by using the contents of the sachet and
300 mil of cold water, so you just put that in along with the eight sausages, and that
is pretty much it. I just give it a stir and put it on low for
eight hours. You can actually make this in your oven in
like an hour, but I just find the slow cooker is such low effort and I just know I’ll be
ready later and the house will smell amazing and then all I have to do is make the mash
later on, and that is obviously going to be very low effort. But then I’m just going to quickly tidy up
everything that I’ve used and then get on with a little bit of work. So dinner is in and it’s about 9:30 now, so
that just took me 15 minutes, and then when it’s done later on I’m either going to make
mash or the boys also quite like it with rice. But now that that’s on, I need to get on and
do some work today. I have a few briefs to read. I’m going to be working with a couple of new
brands, so I need to read the brief and just think about what I’m going to do, how I’m
going to include it in my content, and then I also need to edit a video. I need to do a voiceover for a video. It’s basically like I have so much to do because
we’re going on holiday on Sunday, so we’re going away for two weeks and I’m really wanting
to have some of the videos done before I go so that I can actually relax while we’re away. So that’s the plan today. I also needs to try and pack, and later on
tonight, I’m having some beauty treatments for this holiday. You may have noticed my nails. Some of them are falling off, but I’ve left
it a bit later because we’re going away. I tend to do that, and then the week before
a holiday, I just look like a mess and I’m falling apart, but tonight I’m getting my
lashes, manicure and pedicure done, so I can’t wait for that. Anyway, I need to get on and do as much work
as I can. Yeah. All right, so I’m all done with work now and
I got quite a lot done. I answered some emails, planned a few videos
and Instagram posts and I also edited and uploaded a video for tonight, so I’m feeling
productive. But now, I’m going to go upstairs and try
and start packing for our holiday, and quite good timing. I just had a delivery at the door. I ordered these sandals on Office, I believe. They’re Teva sandals, and I used to wear these
as a kid and they’ve come back into fashion now. So I got the Teva platforms, and I wasn’t
sure about the back, but I quite like them, so I’m going to pack these as well. Okay. So all of my summer clothes are under the
bed, so I’m just going to go through what I want to take. We go away quite often, so I have a good idea
of what I want to bring. I’m pretty much going to bring 12 dresses
and then some caftans, swimwear and stuff like that, so hopefully this won’t take too
long. I’m hoping to just make a pile of what I kind
of want to bring and the night before I’ll pack all my toiletries, check it and put it
into the suitcase. So yes, we’re going away for October half
term in the UK. We’re going to Punta Cana, where we go pretty
much every year. We just love it there and we basically spend
all of our spare money on going on holiday, and it’s just a place that we love. We know that all five of us enjoy this resort
so we just keep going back to the same place and I know it just be really lovely family
time. So actually, when you’re watching this video,
we are actually there, because I’m pre-filming this so that you’ll have some content while
I’m away, but I actually will relax while we’re there. So yes, think of me, and if you want to see
what we’re up to, I will be on Instagram probably posting a photo a day of our holiday because
that’s kind of the only work that I want to do when I’m there. It’s not really work because I just love taking
pictures anyway. So yes, if you want to follow me over there,
I’m mrsemilynorris on Instagram. So yes, I’m just going to get on with it,
really. All right, so the packing is all done now. All that’s left to do is iron everything before
I put it in the case, but I feel like that’s the type of job that I can do mindlessly in
front of the TV one night, so I’m going to do that maybe tonight. Anyway, now is the school run. The days just goes so quickly, and although
my two big boys go to the same school, it doesn’t mean that they’re ever picked up at
the same time. Pretty much every night they do different
clubs. So tonight, Fraser’s got basketball club,
so I’m here to pick up Caleb and then I’ll be back in an hour to pick up Fraser. It’s like a constant juggle. Luckily, Matt is really good. He helps me with school runs and stuff. But yeah, I’ve actually worked out with my
three boys, I’m only ever going to have one year of them being at the same school because
they’re all nearly three school years apart. When Jackson starts school, Fraser will be
in year six. So anyway, I’m off to get Caleb. I’ve got the little monkey, but instead of
going home and and doing homework like we planned, we’re actually going to go to our
local little park because we have to go and get Fraser soon anyway, and although we normally
do homework on a night like tonight, because he’s got one-to-one time, one of his homework
tasks is to take a photo somewhere in our town. Caleb, that’s gross. What do you say? Pardon me. Thank you. So we’re going to take a photo here and then
we can print it, can’t we? And that’s some homework. Okay. Right. So we went from the park to then get Fraser. All right. So we’re home now and I’ve just put the potatoes
on, so I’m making mashed potato, and I also made rice because Fraser prefers it with rice. And then I’ve got some carrots as well, because
my boys really like having like raw veg, so I’ve got that. And then yeah, this is pretty much good to
go. I’ll show you it. Smells amazing. So yummy. Okay, so my toddler is going to be home in
about 20 minutes. My husband is going to collect him, so before
he gets home, I’m quickly going to try and meal prep some breakfast muffins. My boys really like these and they’re great
to have in the morning. If my children have cereal, they might have
one or two of these on the side and they’re really healthy and they’re really yummy and
simple to make. So basically, all you do is mix up all the
ingredients like the milk, egg, vanilla extract and then some melted butter and then you mix
that with the dry ingredients, which is the flour and the sugar and the baking powder,
and I’m actually putting some chocolate chips in today as a special treat, and then you
grate up one apple and then you also mash up one banana and then you mix all of that
in and then yeah, they make a nice healthy … Obviously there is a little bit of sugar
in this. That’s why I tend to make these as mini muffins,
but my boys, they really love it as either a snack or like I said, alongside breakfast
in the morning. I will say if you try these at home, they
don’t rise loads. They kind of just rise a little bit, but they’re
still really yummy, and the banana and the apple make them really moist as well. And then these just go into the oven at about
180 for 25 minutes or until they’re golden brown, and then I’m going to also fold up
some laundry. Look at the state of our utility room. Unfortunately, this is a very normal scene
to see, but I wish it was that quick to sort out. Everything’s folded, and then I’m going to
quickly try and just tidy up after dinner and baking and everything. It’s actually the next day now, but I forgot
to outro this video because it was a mad rush to get the boys ready for bed, and then as
soon as I put Jackson to bed, I went out to the salon to have all my beauty treatments
done for our vacation. I had a manicure done, and I went with this
color, which is called pink bikini. I pretty much chose it completely on its name
because they have so many colors. I was like, “Just go with this one,” so I’ve
got that on my hands and my toes. And then I also got my eyelash extensions
as well, so that’ll be nice to have on holiday because I won’t have to think about mascara
or anything like that. But yes, I’m feeling much better. But anyway, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this
video. I love doing these Get it All Done in a Day
videos. So yeah, let me know what you think in the
comments and I will see you in my next one. Bye guys.


(gentle relaxing music) – Hi everyone, how’s it going? It’s Ann, welcome to another Plan With Me for October 2017, for this theme, I wanted
it to be a balance between what October is about and also a little bit of Halloween, I didn’t want to make
it all about Halloween, so I did add in a little spook with you know, the tree branches, I’ve also wanted to play around
with painting a full moon and I did it in this front spread, which I really liked how it turned out, I love the fact that it’s
like as if you’re walking and you’re looking up and all the branches are kind of like hovering over you. Also thank you all so much
for tagging me on Instagram of all the recreations,
that you have been doing, I really enjoy looking at all of them, I’ve been trying to like every single one that you guys tagged me in on, I can’t wait to see more of that and let’s go ahead and get
started with today’s video. Alright, so to get
started on the front page, it was quite difficult to blend the paint, the watercolor paint, because the paper was just non-absorbent, so I definitely had to improvise and just play around with what I can, so this is all experimental for me, right now I’m just trying to
create a gradient blue effect, having it darker near
the edges of the paper and then lighter as it goes
inside toward the moon. Now I’m painting the texture of the moon, what I’m using is a dry
brush and a paper towel, every now and then I would
dab in a little bit water and then I take my paper towel and just try to blend
the paint into the paper. After the paint dries completely, I am using my pen to
write in the word, October and then I draw in the
bigger tree branches with my thicker marker. (gentle relaxing music) Now with my smaller ink pen, I’m filling it in with
the smaller branches. After I finish with my front layout, I realize that there are still leaves on the trees during October, (laughs) it’s been a long time since
I lived on the East Coast, but I like it, I like the
way it looks this way, because the branches gives
it a nice spooky look, but if you want to add
in leaves, please do so. So after I’d drawn my branches, I thought that I wanted to
give my moon a warmer ambience, so I add in a little bit yellow, since I forgot to add in my
stars, I am doing it right now by just using a small, thin brush and then I’m adding in the white dots. The stars almost kind of look like snow, but I’m just gonna go
with the flow of this. I really like how I did my weekly planning by breaking up into wide
rectangles in the past, so I’m bringing that back,
just keeping it very simple, breaking up my months into weeks and then I have a work side
and then a personal side, I find this more conducive to my workflow and toward planning,
than the other styles. After putting in the rectangles, I’m just adding in some
fall leaves just for fun, you know, for a little design element. Now I am moving onto my Mind Spill page, this used to be called the Mind Dump page, but somebody requested for me to change it to a more pleasant word and I really like the sound of Mind Spill, let me know what your thoughts are and leave a Leaf emoji on
the bottom of this video, if you’re watching this
far into the video. So for this Mind Spill page,
I decided to make a leaf bag, you know how every fall time, you have to pick up the leaves, well, back then you had
to pick up the leaves and put them all in paper bags, so this is something that I
thought would be fun to create, a Mind Spill like as if
your mind is this bag and the leaves are all your thoughts being spilled out all
over the place. (laughs) October’s going to be a
super busy month for me, so I thought about creating this page of important dates and
important reminders, this way I can have a visual outlook of everything I need to get complete and accomplish for this one
month all on this one page. (gentle relaxing music) Alright, so this is the
final look for October, I really love how it turned out, the stars kind of look like
snow, (laughs) but that’s okay, you know, that’s coming soon anyways and I’m pretty sure it’s snowing in some parts of the
country or the world, yeah, the tree branches were fun to create and I didn’t have the number
box on the side this time, just because I wanted to showcase the moon a little bit more, for the weekly planning page, I feel like this is more productive, compared to the other experiments
that I tried in the past and for the Mind Dump page, I
thought it looked really cute, I didn’t create a lot of
space this time, (laughs) but that’s okay, sometimes I
don’t use all the space anyways and then over on the right
side, I really love this idea of just highlighting the important dates, especially when you know, I
have a super busy, packed month, I know that I’ll be filling
this up with other tasks, that I need to complete. Thank you all so much for watching, give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it and also if you have any
suggestions for next month, next month is my birthday month, my birthday is right after Halloween and it’s so easy to forget, when your birthday is after a holiday, but yeah, my birthday is next month and right now, I have nothing in mind of what I want to create
for my next month spread, if you have any ideas,
comment below this video and I will see you soon, ciao.