Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland

We love Christmas in Poland! Hey guys! I’m here at the Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland. This market is enormous. There are so many things to see, lights everywhere,
so I’m going to wander around and see what I can find. Hello! How are you? Welcome to Wrocław. The market here in Wrocław feels like a carnival
and there are actual rides that you can go on. This is Santa with his sleigh. You can get on a sleigh with reindeer
so that’s what Marc and I are going to get on right now. That was so much fun. That was so fun. I didn’t think it would be that much fun actually
‘cause it doesn’t look like that big a ride. But it was really sweet and you got a good view and there was a pedal where you
could control how high you were. That was my favourite part. I just put the pedal to the metal the whole time. Obviously I knew you’d like that. I loved that. I wanted to tell you about
my favourite Polish Christmas traditions that I found out about since arriving here in Poland and they all revolve around Christmas dinner, which here in Poland
happens on Christmas Eve, December 24th. And the first thing that I love about it
is actually to do with how and when they start the meal. So on Christmas Eve they don’t start eating
until the first star appears in the night sky. How lovely is that? It’s so poetic. They also eat twelve courses –
twelve different dishes – and that goes back to the twelve Apostles
or the twelve months of the year. Nobody seems to be quite sure but it’s one of those. They also set an extra place setting
at their table for Christmas dinner. No matter how many people you have invited, every household sets an extra place with an extra chair in case somebody comes in at the last minute, or knocks on the door looking for somewhere to eat,
you already have a place there waiting for them. And it’s meant to signify welcoming and inclusivity
and I think it’s just a really nice idea. Just came across something
I’ve never seen at a Christmas Market before. At first I didn’t know what it was
but there are these little huts or booths and you put coins in and the curtains open like a stage and there are these little puppets –
kind of animatronic-type puppets that move around and there’s this narrator telling you the story
of all these different fairy tales. So they have Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella,
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the most popular by far was Hansel and Gretel
and it’s very charming and I feel like it just really
complements this Christmas Market. Is this the small and the large? Yes. Small and… Ok. May I have one small please? Thank you. We found a stand selling mini Polish donuts
or paczki – hope I’m saying that right. These are the miniature version. They’re fried bread with a filling inside
and this is a small, if you can believe that. They had a size bigger than this and I asked what was a good flavour to get on top and so she said the berry syrup she put all over
was really good with, of course, powdered sugar. So I got two forks so that Marc and I can share
but, Marc, do you mind if I have a bite? Dig in. All right. That is definitely a treat. It’s definitely fried. There’s no filling inside so maybe the filling
is on the outside with this berry stuff. It has a nice crunch. The powdered sugar is kind of a nice look. Yeah, you like that? It kind of looks like snow. You know what – I probably have powdered sugar
all over me too and I don’t even know. I think I just inhaled powdered sugar. Say cheese! Cheese! Cheese! If you want to stay an extra night I found a great place. I’m in. How much is the rent? I don’t know but it’s very close to the Christmas Market. Great location. A bit cold but… Hello from the Polar Express! I absolutely love the Christmas Market in Poland. We’re going to keep riding this train. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already
and we’ll see you in our next video! Bye!

WOW | News-Update Maart ’17 | HOBIJ, Pioneers at Work

Good afternoon! 2017 has already began Time to look back at what we have achieved together in 2016 2016 was another successful year for HOBIJ A year in which we have grown and grown At times we even had more than 2,500 people (a week) on the workfloor and we’ve taking big steps towards our grand goal in 2020 So what are other things we’ve done in 2016 we’ve implemented new software Many new colleagues have started Our technology department is growing rapidly “I’m working for example at a location like this” We want to be a competitive player within the technology branche One of the objectives towards 2020 is.. be the most inspiring flexworker of the Netherlands This is what we will be focussing on in 2017 Another point, is the so-called WOW program the “Way of Working” The recent growth requires improvement of processes and systems We continue to communicate about this.. .. so follow us on our social media channels Together we will make another great year of 2017! “I like to work with the people from around the world” “I found this job and I’m very happy!” Thanks in advance for all your commitment and involvement.. .. and if you have any questions, please contact us!

Rejestracja self-employed w UK

Cześc kochani Zapraszam was dzisiaj do obejrzenia naszego kolejnego poradnika. Dzisiejszym tematem będzie jak zarejestrować firmę w Wielkiej Brytanii. Skupimy się głównie na Self-Employed. Zapewne wielu z was słyszało, że Wielka Brytania w porównaniu do Polski nie rzuca kłód pod nogi początkującym biznesmenom. Oraz to, że starają się im ułatwić życie. Tak więc ilość aktywnych firm w UK nikogo nie dziwi. A jest ich prawie 4M, jeśli mówimy o firmach Limited (Ltd) oraz 4,6M Self-Employed. Self Employed oraz Private Limited Company należą do najpopularniejszych rodzajów firm w UK. Największą różnicą jest to, że w firmie Ltd odpowiadamy za błędy do wysokości wniesionego wkładu. A przy SE całym majątkiem. Wybór rodzaju firmy jest bardzo ważny, i powinien głównie zależeć od sektora, w którym zamierzamy prowadzić działalność. Wielkości ryzyka oraz od dochodu jak uzyskamy. Więcej o różnicach SE a Ltd opowiem w kolejnych odcinkach. Najszybszym sposobem rejestracji jest rejestracja online. Za jednym zamachem otrzymamy UTR oraz zarejestrujemy się do Self assessment online services. Który to będzie nam potrzebny do corocznego rozliczenia się z podatku. A więc do dzieła !!!


they're coming along the shelves and the rest is all white I'm ready for day two of Reynolds just finishing up my coffee we already had a slight change of plans this morning but that's okay because I've been here getting a lot of things done I actually edited a vlog but besides that I did bunch of like moving things that I needed to do I needed to like finish booking the elevators at my new place and just like different coordinating so I got all of that done and then I'm actually starting to pack I'm getting a little bit anxious about how overwhelming it is and how much I think I'm under estimating its going to be to move all of my stuff my parents are on their way down again this morning because today we're actually starting to paint last night was just like cleaning and prepping so today is gonna be the big day while I'm waiting for them to get down here I'm gonna start clearing out some things in here I have a bunch of old furniture on my balcony which actually wasn't even mine and was already here when I moved in so I just kind of kept it out there I don't use my balcony I don't think I really talked about this but this current place faces and other buildings so if I'm on my balcony people can see me so it's not really a place you want to like go and lounge anyways so I never really went out on there and so now I'm just gonna clear out that furniture it's all dirty and old and like starting to rust does never mind to begin with and not worth any like resale value so I'm just going to bring that down to the garbage room here and I think that'll make me feel better about like starting to clear things out then I'm gonna pack up the rest of my things there's a few more things that I need to bring over so I got like my chandelier delivered here so I need to bring that over I'm really excited to open it up and check it out hopefully nothing arrived broken that's like my big fear and we're gonna dive right in we've been here for a little while and we are making progress what I'm doing right now is my light bulbs that I got for my pendant light switch my dad is working on installing right now they have writing around the ball and when you screw it and even still see that writing so what I'm doing taking a really sharp blade like this and going around like all them scraping it off it actually works being very careful not to scrape the glass so you can see I guess it's hard to really see because it's clear but this side doesn't have any more writing and this side is all about attention to detail we still need to do this to two labels and that's the finished light bulb number rating we have so we're here for day two and half of Renaud's these are some of the updates in here we got the closet all kind of like built-in so there's gonna be two shelves and then the whole things are the shelves here not too much in the bedroom here if that is different over here is where we've made the most improvement so now we have pot lights there and two pennant lights here good morning welcome today for renovations it's coming along but I I feel the way I look like exhausted and so tired and my body is so sore but today is officially move-in day so most of the renovations are done we're just finishing up some things this morning 9:00 a.m. I'm waiting for my internet person to come install I guess this is my first time being here by myself but most of the painting is done we're cleaning up today finishing off a few things and then moving all of my stuff in which is the most stressful part in my opinion but I'll give you guys a quick tour and update of everything so far so starting from the door we have the pendant lights that are up they look so pretty and makes such a big difference in the kitchen and the pot lights are officially installed so there's five of them and this side is all white the walls and then when we move on to this side we have the gray and then the gray follows to here the entryway and the rest is all white everything was like a yellowy cream color before it looked not as fresh and then in here the washroom is just white as well so my new faucet showerhead is being installed later today the shower you won't really notice but this part got redone not that you really care and then in the closets we installed new shelves and new bars in the bedroom here there's not as many updates the walls are all painted white but this wall here so this was what the color was before you can tell it's like so much more cream this wall wasn't painted because it's going to be wallpapered I don't think we're gonna get to it today so this will probably be a weekend project these are the doors that go in the closet so again new shelves and a new bar in the closet here and the doors go back on at the carpets getting ripped up and installed later this week and then these blinds here these are all cleaned they were so gross and they're not that cute I don't love the texture on these blinds they're expensive to replace so for now they're staying I just clean them scrub them it took me so so so long yeah that is about it for updates I'm so excited everything is coming together nervous for the actual move like I said but I'm excited that everything is coming together one more thing I wanted to show you in the kitchen here I cleaned all the cabinets and wiped everything down really really thoroughly so I'm ready to move all my stuff in today but look I got I got new dishes and they're so nice they are like a low plate like this and then they just have a little rim so that is the end of this renovation vlog much more to come in the next vlog I move out of my apartment and go back and clean it and say goodbye and all of that many more vlogs to come I hope you guys all enjoyed I do just want to say a huge thank you to my family for helping me through this move and all of the renovations because they are champions and it was a very tight timeline I should have planned differently but that's what happened so thank you so much to my loving family I am so so so grateful for all of their help and just for everything that I have I'm just so lucky and very grateful so I hope you guys all enjoyed this video thank you for all of your positive feedback and congratulations and everything so thank you so much for your sweet comments I've been reading every single one on these vlogs hope you guys all enjoyed and I'll talk to you guys very very soon bye