MSP Databalance Case Study: Business decisions in real time based on fast data-driven Analytics

In our modern datacenters, we prefer IBM infrastructure. For our environment we have a mixed platform from Intel, Linux, Power i and AIX.
For this we use the various IBM Power P, Power i and Intel servers. All these systems are linked using the capabilities of the IBM San Volume Controller, FlashSystem V840 and V7000. As central storage solutions we use the V3700, V7000 and V840 storage systems, because of their excellent speed, reliability and low operating costs. The San Volume Controller is used to easy tier, real time compression and mirroring. With these standard techniques present at our systems we are redundant and thus high available. To insure continuity, we are using Tivoli Storage Manager software on most platforms, fully integrated with our SVC solutions. Together with IBM we can offer all possible cloud solutions for our customers, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. The SAP platform used by Beeztees is hosted by Databalance Services. Databalance advised Beeztees to put the database servers on IBM Flash Storage. This IBM V840 Flash Storage delivers more than 400 thousand IOP’ s. The other servers have been placed on Easy Tier Storage, resulting in an optimal mix of speed and capacity. In practice the generation of reports, lookup jobs and batches are processed much faster. Databalance is a key partner of Beeztees in the field of automation. Throughout the whole migration Databalance has been involved and has advised and supported us. The result of the last months is a very modern and “state of the art” ERP platform based on SAP software and IBM hardware, which enables Beeztees to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. IBM Spectrum is based on software-defined storage and it enables users to obtain increased business benefits from their current storage products whether from IBM or another vendor. IBM has pioneered in this field since 2003 and supports more than 265 storage systems from several brands. This give you more value from earlier storage investments. Databalance is making use of the IBM Spectrum family in serving its clients. The IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a giving maximum flexibility and reliability by virtualizing the storage. You can also get more benefits by using features like Real Time Compression and Easy Tier. And of course you can create a disaster recovery environment by implementing remote mirroring. With IBM Spectrum Protect you enable a reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Ubiquity to enable IBM Spectrum Storage in Containers (Docker & Kubernetes) by Robert Haas

As the CTO for Storage Europe in my previous update I had mentioned I had mentioned that we intended to deliver a way to integrate our Storage in container environments such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Well, this is now a reality, and it is called Ubiquity, thanks to the hard work of a team involving our Research and Development labs across the world. Ubiquity is available as open source, in experimental status at this time. Let me briefly explain here where we see the adoption of containers, and what is this Ubiquity technology enabling in a bit more detail. Many surveys are showing that the adoption of containers, and more specifically Docker, is accelerating, also in the enterprise environments. You may have noticed the announcements by many large companies intending to adopt container for most of their infrastructure. This covers many use-cases, such as traditional applications, HPC, cloud, and devops, for instance. In HPC, the portability of containers ensures that a workload can go from the testing laptop of a scientist to the big supercomputer without changes, that is from quality assurance, to staging, to production, with the same code. In a cloud environment, whether on-premise or not, containers are attractive because they deliver the best resource utilization and scalability, with the smallest footprint and the highest agility. Finally, for devops, containers simplify and accelerate application deployment through the reuse of components specified as dependencies, encouraging a micro-service architecture strategy. In summary, containers are a standard way to package applications and all its dependencies; they are portable between environments without changes; they isolate unique elements to enable a standardized infrastructure; all of that in a fast and lightweight fashion. Now, with the adoption of containers increasing beyond just stateless things such as a load balancer or a web application server, there is a need to provide support for persistent storage, that is, storage that remains after containers stop, so that data sets can be shared, so that the output of analysis can be retrieved by other processes, and so on and so forth. For many adopters of container technology, the persistent storage and data management are seen as the top pain points, hence storage vendors have started to support ways to enable their products in the Docker and the Kubernetes container environments using what is called plug-ins. With the technology we call Ubiquity, because it is targeted to support all of the IBM Storage, in all of the types of container environments, we have now released this ability as well. As I said, it is available at the moment in experimental status, so we’re welcoming feedback, and you can download it as open-source from the public github. In a nutshell, Ubiquity is the universal plug-in for all of IBM Storage. With this plug-in, and the underlying framework, storage can be provisioned, and mounted directly by the containerized applications, without manual interventions. This is key to enable the agility in an end-to-end fashion. This allows you to take advantage, for instance, of our Data Ocean technology such as Spectrum Scale in container environments. This way, you can also take advantage of the unique capabilities of Scale, in terms of performance, scalability, and information lifecycle management. And you can also seamlessly integrate our block storage such as Storwize. We are convinced that containers are going to play a role as important as VMs, if not more. Containers are already the norm in the IBM Bluemix offerings, and have been adopted by our Power and Z products. With Ubiquity we’re now able to close the loop with Storage. We’re collaborating with a number of clients testing Ubiquity already now, so that we can develop this technology to match our clients’ needs. Among many other things, we intend to adapt Ubiquity to the rapid changes occurring in the container frameworks such as the CSI (for Container Storage Interface), currently worked on by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) storage working group. To conclude, with this you will get the best of new generation applications with the performance and enterprise support of IBM Storage.

Изготовление источника питания с применением неодимовых магнитов серия 2

вот этот лист бумаги который я лепил он уже просох я видел здесь останавливал а то скажете о том что показал одно лист бумаги взял другой вот чтобы этого не было я тоже сейчас это покажу это устройство у нас работает обрежем ровненько иначе здесь короткое замыкание бой не ровно обрезал иногда бывает короткое замыкание если неаккуратно это все делать ты отрезал кусочек как мы давайте его тоже замеряем алюминии подкладываю потому что здесь алюминиевая часть им неудобно будет складывать показывают напряжение таким образом 077 а теперь кусочек меди положим сверху из больше площади энергии будет больше хотя нет то же самое в любом случае все работает вот здесь видео и много остановил поэтому это собрал под столбик мне пришлось разобрать свою старую установку потому что никак магнитиков не хватило чтобы вам показать сколько здесь напряжение часто столбик стал даже побольше вот сейчас замеряем вот мы видим в районе 9 вольт 90 получилась вот эта штучка вот и тут обязательно покажу что батареек здесь не было это магнит и тут мне обязательно же спрашивали о том что там по-любому по любому дому батарейки но сами видите тут батареек никаких нету каждый открою думаю принцип работы здесь всем понятен вот ну и за одно запустим светодиод который подготовил светодиод светится также тусклое так как ток там очень маленький видно не видно в темноте будет яркость намного выше нагрузка здесь конечно будет проседанием 2 и 3 вольта то есть здесь микро impero спасибо за внимание кому понравилось видео ставьте палец вверх дерзайте ребята все элементарное просто теперь каждый из вас может собрать данную девайсе ну если ему очень сильно захочется советую обратить внимание на zamboni iv столб устройство работает zamboni вас столба уже около ста восьмидесяти лет по данной технологии

Cities Skylines – How To Industries (Updated for 2019)

what's going on move the mouse here back in city skylines with another episode of a how-to series and in this episode we're talking about the industry's DLC now this DLC is perhaps the most complicated out of all of them so I'll do my best to give you a quick recap in this how-to series but if you want a lot more behind-the-scenes and in-depth footage check out my latest let's play season 6 where we build the city of wood garden from the ground up we started with some basic farming added in some forestry set up our ore industry and even though there isn't any oil on the map we were able to import oil and upgrade the industry that way first things first though we need to define an industry area very similar to the way that we did parks in park life DLC this works very similar to the district tool but it can overlap multiple districts or no districts at all to define an industry area next the type of main building that you drop in will define what type of industry area it is and if you're planning on pulling resources from the ground make sure there are those types of resources in the area where you want to build your industry to check that out we can go to the info views and natural resources tab to see where the best places are once you define an industry area and dropped in a farm main building you'll be able to grow crops fruit and animal products these can be stored at factories or grain silos sent off the processing buildings in the form of the flour mill or the cattle shed and eventually those goods can be shipped off to factories to produce actual goods to sell off into the market forestry industry works the exact same way you define a main building drop-in resource buildings like tree plantations and sapling fields drop-in sawmills and log yards to process those goods which again will get shipped off to factories later on your playthrough or industry can pull or out of the ground process it into things like metals and glass to be used later on in factories the map that I'm building on is called wood garden and that's also the town's name that comes with the industries dlc but one thing the map does not have is oil what you can do in those cases if you don't have a natural resource on map or maybe we want to build an industry area away from where that resource actually is you can create storage containers or rare houses to import those goods too you can interact with one of these buildings with the inspector tool on and if you ask it to fill it's going to try and keep that filled as best as possible in this case with oil from off map so even if you don't have a particular resource you still can get those Goods onto your map build processing facilities to turn it into things like petroleum and plastics and again those can be used by the factories to create goods to sell off to the commercial marketplace with the inspector tool out you can interact with the main building and bring up industry area info now you can also do that from the industry area inspector tool and that can be really useful if you don't remember where your main building is from here you can get a look at the production chain to see how much you're producing of various products and what those get turned into to level up industry areas you need to meet a certain number of workers as well as hit a number of produced resources as you level up each of the industry areas you'll unlock various unique factories that will use those components created within the areas you can interact on factories of the inspector tool to see what it needs for goods from a production standpoint and what it's actually producing going out the production rates ladder can be adjusted to encourage these factories to produce even more at a higher production value cost but also providing more benefit to your bank account when those goods are actually sold off and exported off map another new addition to the industry's DLC are toll booths and these can be used to charge cars and trucks money to pass through various interchanges on your highway now they do slow traffic down a little bit so keep that in mind but if they're placed in the right spot it shouldn't matter what I've done here is move it just far enough away from the highway to make sure there's no back up onto the highway itself from the cars slowing down to the toll it's a nice way to generate some extra income for your city and it has a nice aesthetic appeal because you'll generally see these in real life industries also brings with it a cargo Airport where the regular Airport handles passengers this handles cargo so you'll have a lot more truck traffic coming to this one there's also the cargo Airport hub which is an airport for cargo with a train station mixed in so this can be great for adding the certain industry areas to get goods in and out without having to hit the highway an interesting mechanic that can contribute to the happiness of your citizens is the post office so you can drop these it'll send out post trucks to deliver mail the post sorting facility is a larger version where local post offices will deliver mail could then be passed on further along down the chain it is kind of a neat idea but anything that adds traffic to your city without a real tangible benefit is something that you really might want to consider before you dive in and start dropping those all over your town but that's a quick look at industries hopefully that gave you an idea how to get started or just an understanding of whether or not the industry's DLC is for you it's by far the most involve DLC though so we can't really cover everything in a quick video like this if you have questions let me know in the comments down below or better yet check out the step-by-step building of this entire city from the ground up I started let's play season 6 for the town of wood garden on the map of wood garden which is an industries map on the day that industries was released on consoles so check that series out for much more in-depth information and to see me learn along the way piecing all these different mechanics together for the first time if you did enjoy this video likes comments and shares all helped the channel a lot and are greatly appreciated if you're new here subscribe and consider hitting the bell to get notifications so you can see updates in this and other series follow me on Twitter and join the discord if you want to get involved in the discussion but until the next one this is move the mouse signing off you

ABB Power Transformers – A guide to manufacturing

during the last ten years alone the companies that together make up a BB power transformers have supplied over 25,000 transformers worldwide each has been designed and built to meet the individual customers exact needs and it is this experienced attention to detail that lies behind ABB power transformers worldwide success it is in fact the little things that make us be and this approach is carried throughout our manufacturing process listening to our customers individual needs abbs highly qualified designers evaluate the relevant data and generate transformer designs and design comparisons for every new transformer we could draw on our computerized records of thousands of installations the results are tailor made designs to meet the individual customers exact needs at the heart of the transformer designs both from an electrical and mechanical point of view is the core made up of steel laminations for these laminations ABB uses a wide range of high quality steel grades this enables us to choose the exact grade suited to each customer's individual needs our computerized cutting of these steel sheets ensures the highest levels of precision indeed care and precision are vital throughout this stage of construction since the core is critical in determining such factors as iron losses vibration sound levels of thermal stability that's why so much care is also taken in stacking the laminations expert workmanship ensures that the caused electromagnetic properties are not impaired the call will later be assembled with the windings from the Transformers active part the construction of the windings illustrates once again a V B's attention to detail in quality as well as the flexibility of our manufacturing operations high quality insulated electrolytic copper conductors wrapped in special insulating paper are used for the windings the exact choice of conductor and winding configuration is made on the basis of abbs vast wealth of experience it takes into account an array of factors such as economy and loss expectation as well as dielectric and mechanical stress the work is carried out in an environment where every precaution has been taken to avoid any kind of contamination and thanks to our highly trained staff and advanced manufacturing facilities this critical and intricate stage of construction is carried out to the highest standards with both speed and cost efficiency once the windings have been completed the first of two main drying processes is carried out ABB places great importance on these drying operations since excessive moisture in the active part can jeopardize transformer performance Moisture degrades for example the dielectric strength of the main insulation system the first drying process is performed on the complete winding without core after assembling with the core the entire active part is moved into a vapor phase drying chamber additional drying operations can be performed by ABB to meet any special customer requirements tank designs affected by many variables these include non technical factors such as the method of transportation as well as for example the type of overhead connections will type of cooling system ABB has the experience and manufacturing facilities to meet all these variations where it is more practical or cost-effective the work is subcontracted out in either case the design is always hours production is closely overseen by us and our stringent standards of excellence are always observed to ensure the highest quality regular tests verified the welders workmanship of stress resistant welds which are vital to transformers construction the welds themselves are also typically subjected to penetration x-ray ultrasonic spot checks all the people involved in the work with an ABB transformer starting from design exercise responsibility for their individual contributions this dedication to quality is one of the principal reasons why customers come to ABB in the first place they expect the best all our manufacturing operations are on target to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and all are underpinned by a rigorous quality assurance program within the ABB group every operation right down to the smallest detail is signed off for a quality assurance record card by the person doing that job in a baby's 24 factories worldwide the assembly area is where the detailed care skill and experience going into the various parts of an ABB transformer all come together for the first time in this assembly area where special standards of cleanliness apply the assembly process is accompanied by the assembling of all the quality assurance cards to provide a detailed record of the transformers construction the proven technology of our comprehensive range of parts and accessories means an ABB transformer can have ABB quality built in throughout at the same time our flexible manufacturing operations mean that we can accommodate whatever specific accessories customers require such as cooling systems fans control systems various indicators on load tap changers and bushings the list goes on after oil filling the transformer is now ready for testing a typical test sequence starts with lightening and switching impulse tests after that comes an exhaustive range of other possible tests such as induced over voltage and short circuit tests all the accessories are also tested in short on every ABB transformer we carry out whatever tests are required to ensure not only that the transformer meets the customer's demands but that it has been designed and constructed to withstand conditions far beyond those it will ever face in actual operation the transformer is now ready to leave the factory the impact recorder placed on the transformer at the factory verifies that no disturbances take place during the transportation to site moving an object the size and weight of a transformer is no easy task but ABB has unparalleled experience of delivering transformers to all corners of the world by road rail ship barge and when times of the essence even air freight when on-site tests and all other procedures have been carried out to ensure a long and trouble-free life the ABB transformer is finally handed over to the customer a baby's local presence worldwide has many continuing advantages for the customer within 24 hours for example we could have a representative on site anywhere in the world spare parts can be ordered for immediate delivery through any of our subsidiaries or ABB service offices throughout the world preventive maintenance is readily available and our local offices will keep you in touch with worldwide advances and techniques and technology developed by ABB power transformers in short we are committed to keeping each ABB transformer running smoothly and efficiently wherever it is installed in the world

Enigmatica 2 #3 – Construct's Armor and New Tools (Modded Minecraft 1.12.2)

you so Himmler is and welcome back to Anam mad at you as I mentioned before I would collect some terra cotta and that's all I'm doing right now and at the same time I'm collecting a lot of experience it's not Lots but there it's it's actually a decent amount considering how little work I do and I'm doing that because I used copper for my hammer and that will give me experience more importantly I'm gathering material to build myself a better base the larger base better looking or at least a colored base instead of just dealing with cobblestone as I could have done this is purely decorative yeah I don't think there's any reason to build with terracotta instead of cobblestone that looks better and I've had this small idea of having the base in in different colors for different purposes or perhaps different mobs or we'll see and we'll see for how long I can do this because there are only that number many colors and I'm not sure if this will last for a long time in in my ABS I was a so let's go back and go over some details back at home straight north and by the way thank you for the information I needed regarding the water with disappearing water I had to seal it off because the animals probably the one who said Moo we'll go here and drink the water and it will be well it will be yeah it'll be gone for the for my farm so this will keep everything hydrated and growing I will not put much time into this right now by the way nice if you can climb cobblestone walls so at least that mystery is solved thanks yeah and this is how it looks right and now I have this is orange terracotta lyric and red no I didn't forgot that I was I needed red so this is how I will divide the base as of now of course this is also temporary most of these bases are temporary until you build the large and final base so say so here I have one room and back this one room everything is color-coded so you can keep track of it pairen if that helps it looks like a different to what i've done before so let's let's try it now see how it looks I just need to go through some tedious work on moving everything each time I move everything from here to the proper rooms in here only this military so far and well we'll see we are moved bit of space in here I will not make that room right now and answer and I I was about to move the dragon egg that I had here but of course I couldn't touch it actually teleported away but with the piston classic minecraft trick from Manila it it was possible to move it again it's now I can place it somewhere else also with the dragon heads and I probably have my bedroom behind this wall we can have bed the Android dragon head and the egg and other stuff all right so what habitat well the armor I'm not try it before so I just made the very very basic stone version so that will be quickly can i damage it with i doing i meant to jump into onto land will it be damaged by full damage doesn't look like it but for mobs it will and the only positive thing is that i can repair it where the stone the the downside with repairing it with stone is that it's made from stone so durability and armor is really really but you can upgrade them part by part going into the armor station i tried it already yeah it's like this going in here removed or repair it just as you do with normal tinker's things and but you can go in here and upgrade it yeah i think you do it here anyway so stone helmet and then you place your how are they called the armor plate and the and the other thing and the core i don't know if you can upgrade the core i think you can so upgrading with with these trims and plates and then the core ii has a freedom whenever having new materials and lots of it right now the only thing I haven't got some is copper so that's why I used copper for the elamite stone copper hammer and with one piece of stone I can actually repair this with stone so just going into this one can we all right so I can repair to the stone it will have its downside durability and speed and so on is slightly lower but now in the beginning this is actually quite decent so this is made from elamite which also means that I can my cobalt so I can go through the nether and like in mind as far as I know everything this is the highest minor level but in a mod pack like this I'm not sure I use the same one for the pickaxe and I don't remember what I used for it I think those stone and what's this stone let's see no no stone right writeable I used paper and wood for this so this can be upgraded in a few steps it has five modifiers this one has also five I will not upgrade them right now but I guess pretty soon and I will exchange all the other tools as well step by step l my broadsword ecological it will auto repair very very slowly and it's cheap but I can repair it with the stone so let me put these on because it's nighttime and I will sleep and I will move everything so I have some work here to do hopefully in the next or not hopeful but in the next episode everything will be finished up so it will look decent and I shouldn't have to be ashamed of the base anymore this is a lost episode of shame I guess alright if you have any questions how I built these things I try to cover most of it and it's not very deep into the mod upgrades make it more interesting later and I have done I have done tutorials on this a long time ago so but perhaps they are quite old but it still works pretty much the same right great that's it for now and I hope I see you in the next one take care and bye bye you