How to Deal with Morning Sickness

How to Deal with Morning Sickness. For some expectant moms, it might as well
be called morning, noon, and night sickness. But there are ways to quell the queasiness. You will need Prenatal vitamins Crackers or
dry cereal Plenty of fluids Bland foods Ginger root or ginger candy Lemons or lemonade Peppermint
tea Salty potato chips Teeth brushing Vitamin B6 (optional) Acupuncturist (optional) and
a hypnotist. Call your doctor if you have a fever, or your
nausea and vomiting persists well beyond your 13th week, and check with them before taking
any medications. Step 1. If you’re trying to get pregnant, start popping
prenatal vitamins now. Some studies indicate they can help prevent
morning sickness if taken at the time of conception. Step 2. Set your alarm clock for a little earlier
than usual so you don’t have to jump out of bed. Nibble on crackers or dry cereal before you
get up. Step 3. Sip fluids throughout the day – but not
with meals. Have a beverage half an hour before and after
you eat. If drinking makes you queasy, try eating foods
with a high water content – like lettuce, melon, and citrus fruits. Step 4. Eat small meals throughout the day so you
don’t get too hungry – or too full. Step 5. If you can’t stand the smell, get out of the
kitchen! Let someone else do the cooking, or turn on
the exhaust fan over the stove to draw out odors. Whoever’s cooking, make sure to prepare bland
foods that don’t smell strong. Step 6. Try remedies that have been found to relieve
nausea: ginger root, ginger candy, lemons, lemonade, and peppermint tea. Just sniffing them can help. Salty chips also calm some stomachs. If you’re vomiting a lot, brush your teeth
more often. You’ll feel better with a fresh mouth, and
you’ll reduce the chances of tooth decay. Step 7. Talk to your doctor. They may suggest vitamin B6, a supplement
that sometimes helps with nausea and vomiting. Step 8. If all else fails, try an alternative route. Acupuncture and hypnotism help some women. Did you know Did you know? Some expectant fathers get morning sickness,
too. It’s a symptom of what’s called “couvade syndrome,”
from a French word meaning “to hatch.”

How To Deliver a Baby At Work

♪ ♪ Hi Depotec employees. By now you’ve learned
the phone system, and how
to fax memos like it’s 1999. [ giggling ]
Your next corporate training video
is about working motherhood. But first, we’re gonna
need some help. Say hi to Amy, one of our
top L.A. office managers. Hi. I’m excited to help out. As you may know,
the United States has
no guaranteed policy of paid maternity leave. But here at Depotec,
we respect working mothers, and also want to
save a little money.
[ chuckles ] Which is why we train
our employees to deliver
one another’s babies. Wow!
What a great company policy. It is. Because remember,
no paid maternity leave means
that a hospital birth counts as break time. Now Amy, why don’t you
hop up on that desk,
and pretend to be in labor. [ grunting, breathing heavily ] [ glass clanks, water splashes ]
Ooh. Sorry. Made it. Now remember employees,
before you help another
employee give birth, you got to make sure they sign the
Infant Consent Liability forms. And moms, please,
try to keep the noise
to a minimum. Some people
have calls to be on. Now let’s talk about
your water breaking. But wait, Dan,
isn’t that unsanitary? It is. So mothers, please do your
best to keep your bodily fluid inside your body
at all times. We’ve got to keep
this office clean. No problem… buddy. Now let’s talk
umbilical cords. Using company property
to cut the umbilical cord
is an absolute no-no. These scissors
are useless now. And remember,
if you’re lucky enough to give
birth in front of Brian from finance, you can thank the
government for the policy that
made that possible. ♪ ♪

Full Interview: Howie Mandel on Returning to ‘Deal or No Deal’

God, I am so embarrassed. Yeah, what a coincidence. I am so embarrassed. It’s good to see that I am a
role model for the children. Yeah. That’s what it is. That’s what it is. That’s what it is. I mean, I am a trendsetter. Yeah. So do you know that this is your
28th appearance on the show? 28! Wow! Wow. I love this show. I love you. I love you. I love everything
about this show. Can I tell you something? And I talked to the
producers before. So I just did Deal or No
Deal, which is coming back. Starts next Monday,
a Christmas special. And we’ll talk about
that a little later. But the stage manager that we
were using on Deal or No deal was a guy named DC. Do you remember DC? Yes. He was a stage manager here. Yes. And one of the reasons
I wanted to come on, besides promoting the show,
is, I think I have an apology. I’m such a guilty person. I have an apology to make. In your second season– I think the producers
pulled a picture. I’ll ask for it
in just a second. In the second season, I was on. You were doing the show in
the park someplace in Burbank. And you had– that’s me and you. And look at my bangs,
they hang me on my lip. And you head on, at that
time– this many years ago. Do you know the show Stomp? Do remember it? I love the show Stomp. I’ve seen it many times. I saw it on Broadway. Stomp is a show where these
dancers, and percussionist, and performers with
garbage cans, and street– they did an amazing, musical,
dance show, which was amazing. And you had them on the
show, but before I had ever seen them. I didn’t know. So let’s show a picture
of them wide on the stage. Show me the picture wide. Because I want to show the– so these people come on stage. And so they’re all– I don’t know this. I was on right before them. So right before them,
DC, the stage manager– I just heard this story–
said, Howie, you’re on now. I was eating a tuna salad
sandwich just before I went on. I was eating a tuna– now, give me the closeup
of this lady, right here. This lady, right here. OK. As I was walking on, I didn’t
know there was a Stomp. I just saw a lady walking
by with a garbage can. This is a tuna salad sandwich. And they had to
do the whole show. So I apologize. I don’t– Stomp. And the lovely– I saw it. I didn’t mean. Stay on one camera. I need to apologize. Where do I apologize. I’m sorry. Next time you see me, you
could stomp on my head. You can do– I feel so bad. That’s my sandwich in your can. That’s your sandwich in my can. That’s what you said. If somebody just tunes in right
now, that’s coming out wrong. You have to look closely. I don’t think anybody
would have seen that. But now we do know that. She knew. And when you listen to it–
they did just a picture. If you listen to it, the tune
is– it’s a little out of tuna. See? Do I have to explain that. I didn’t have to
explain that, one. No, I didn’t have to– they got that one
all on their own. I didn’t have to
explain it at all. Are you working
for the holidays? Or do you ever take time off? Because I know you– I’m getting ready. What I do is family time. I do family– I’ve got grandchildren now. I went and got my
holiday pedicure. I did. Why do you laugh at that? I do. I swear to you. It’s not even a joke. Look! Uh-huh What? Why do you laugh? That’s your holiday– That’s not what I was going for. That’s your holiday pedicure. I go with my granddaughter. And she picks the colors. It’s a grandfather-granddaughter
bonding thing. That’s sweet. It is sweet. And then I– [AH-ING] Thank you. Oh, that’s her. Yes. So she picks the colors. And we get pedicures every week. You know what happened, though? No. This is– I got to tell you,
I’m a germaphobe, right? Yes. And somebody was sitting–
it’s in a public place. I’m surprised you
go get pedicures. I’ll do anything for
that little girl. So I’m sitting there. And the woman next to me
is getting a manicure. And there was a clip. And I heard the clip. And the clip, it
landed on my tummy. There was– it’s not funny. No, this is not funny. Explain why it’s
not funny, for me. Tell them. I had a hard time. There was a clip. And I don’t want to say, ma’am! I’ve got so– I
started panicking. And I had an anxiety attack. And I texted my son. And he had to drive there. And I was just sitting there
with my colored, pedicured feet, going, I can’t get up. Because I didn’t
want to touch it. Yeah. I don’t know if you saw this. I’m on Instagram, @HowieMandel. My daughter took me. I went to a drugstore. And she said, this’ll
be funny, Dad. Put the plunger on your head. So I put it on my head. I put it on Instagram. You could– look, look. But wait, wait, wait. It doesn’t come off. What you don’t see on
Instagram, I had to go buy– I’m not plugging it– but
we bought Nivea cream. I had to, so that
I could slide it. So you could get it off. I had no money with me. I had to go to
the cash register. With that on your head! With that on my head! It’s not a joke! Don’t put a plunger– if you’re bald, don’t put
a plunger on your head. You’re going to take
advice from a man like me. I don’t know how this happened. But I’m so excited. So Deal or No Deal
is coming back? Nobody is more
excited than I am. And all kidding aside, 10
years ago, it changed my life. I think it changed
television, game shows. And I’ve been scratching
and clawing to get it back. And the lovely people at CNBC
were nice enough to buy it. It is bigger, more exciting. And then, before it launches
on CNBC, which is the 5th, this coming Monday, NBC is
doing a big Christmas special. It’s the 26 models, $1 million. There’s some twists. It is so exciting. And I don’t know if it’s because
we’re in a different time, now. But just to watch people
who have to make decisions, and people are screaming,
and men are crying, and people are falling
on their knees. Look at the set! It’s even more beautiful–
well, so am I– than it ever was. All right. And you brought a clip, right? I did. Let me set this up. Because you have
to watch the show. But this is the one
that’s airing Monday, on NBC, the holiday special. I’m just going to give
you a piece of it. And I hope you could feel the
intensity that this show is. So this is a young
man who just got married, doesn’t own a home. He’s a young kid,
him and his wife. He’s playing the game. He has just got offered a
1/4 of $1 million, cash. They said, you could
take the cash right now, and we’ll buy– the banker–
and we’ll buy the case. He says, no deal. Took 1/4 of $1 million. There’s only three
cases left in play. One has 3/4 of $1 million. One has $500. And one has $75. [GROANING] I know! If he’s going to open one more
case, if he opens the $750,000, the most he can go
home with is $500. And he just turned
down 1/4 of $1 million. That’s crazy. Isn’t that amazing? Yes. Watch this! OK. 17, let’s see what you got! Ashley, I can’t
stand up anymore. Ashley, open your case. Come on, Ashley. Come on, believe! Come on, Ashley! Come on! Come on. [GROANING] You’re going to have
to watch, Monday! Oh, no! I mean, well, yeah. That looks very– I loved it when it was on. And I’m telling you, it
is bigger, and better, and more exciting. So we have a big
Christmas special on NBC right after The Voice on
Monday, followed on Wednesday. And it goes into
a series on CNBC. And it’s the same amount of
models, and all that stuff. Well, Chrissy Teigen is
no longer a model on it. She said she was
busy making babies. And Meghan Markle, also. I guess it’s contagious,
making babies. She would have shown up
if she wasn’t pregnant. Now, there’s new models. We have some of the old models. Whoa, there she is. Look how excited she is! Yeah. Do you remember her? No! I don’t! I swear to God,
I have no memory. And I don’t even remember
what number she was. And neither does she. Look at that! There’s no number on the case! Never seen somebody with
a case with no number. It’s very exciting. I’m excited. I can’t wait. But yet, I will. Deal or No Deal returns
on December 5th on CNBC, but by Monday night on NBC. Big special! All right, we’ll be right back.

What’s Inside A Kangaroo’s Pouch?

At first glance, a kangaroo’s pouch looks like nothing but
a built-in baby sling. But if you peeked inside, you’d see it’s far more
complex than a simple pocket. It has to be, because the joey inside is not your average baby. An adult male red kangaroo can stand over 1 1/2 meters tall and weigh 90 kilograms. That’s larger than a grown man. But the newborns start out
the size of jelly beans. They’re blind, deaf, and hairless to boot. After all, they only spend 33 days inside their mom before birth. That’s like a human having a baby when she’s two months pregnant. So the underdeveloped
roo isn’t ready to face the harsh Australian wilderness. That’s where the pouch comes in. It’s a pocket of skin that
acts like a second womb, giving the joey a safe,
cozy environment to grow. And, like a pregnant belly, the pouch can stretch to fit
the baby as it gets bigger. It’s lined with powerful, but flexible, muscles and ligaments. To keep the joey safe, mom
can tighten those muscles to shut the pouch flush against her body, just like pulling a drawstring bag closed. And it will need the extra space, because over the course of eight months, that bean-sized baby will reach the size of a large house cat. That’s thousands of
times its birth weight. That rapid growth is thanks
to the pouch’s four nipples, which spout milk that contains
germ-fighting antibodies to keep the little roo from getting sick. But that’s just the start. You see, the nutrient levels change to meet the baby’s needs as it ages. For example, sulfur, a major
building block of hair, peaks around three months in. That’s the same time the
baby starts growing fur. The best part? Mom can produce multiple types
of milk at the same time, each squirting from its own nipple. So she can suckle two babies in different age groups simultaneously. Another special feature
about the kangaroo pouch is that it’s lined with sweat glands that release antimicrobial substances, which help protect the baby roos from harmful viruses,
bacteria, and parasites. But there’s one more
way that pouch’s design keeps the joey safe. It’s totally hairless, and
that skin-to-skin contact keeps the baby warm and cozy. Basically, it’s the ultimate nursery. But nothing lasts forever. Eventually, the joey will
need to leave the pouch. At about 5 months old,
it pokes its head out. And a month later, it
takes its first tentative steps into the world. There, it will explore
for a few short seconds before high-tailing it home. But as it gets older and
bolder, it stays out longer, until eight months in: It’s ready to leave the nest,
well, the pouch, for good.

Cesarean Section: What to Expect

(soothing music) – [Julia] Whether your Cesarean Section was scheduled or unexpected, it’s helpful to know about
the process ahead of time. In this video, we’ll discuss: Why a Cesarean Section might be needed, what to expect during
your Cesarean Section, and what it means to have
a gentle Cesarean Section. There are many reasons why a patient may need a Cesarean Section. There may be factors identified during your prenatal care
that prompt your provider to recommend a Cesarean Section. Such as a placental abnormality, or if the baby is not
positioned head down. Alternatively, it may become indicated during labor if there
is a concerning pattern on the fetal heart rate tracing, which is a monitor used to access the babies
well being during labor. Another indication is if there is not sufficient dilation of the cervix, or if the baby does not seem to be descending normally through the pelvis. Your provider will fully
inform you of the risks, benefits, and reason for
your Cesarean Section. You will meet anesthesiologist who will be caring for
you during your procedure. Most Cesarean Sections will be performed with regional anesthesia. Meaning that you will be awake, but be given an injection in to your back, also called a block, that prevents you from feeling pain during the surgery. You’ll be brought back
to the operating room where you will be prepared for surgery. After your block is placed, your team will place a urinary catheter to drain your bladder, as well as prepare the
sterile field and drapes. Everything in your surgery will be done using careful, sterile protocol to ensure that your risk
of infection is minimized. And you will be given breast
feeding safe antibiotics to further reduce your risk of infection. When everything is ready,
your chosen support person will be escorted in to the room to be with you at the head of the bed. You may feel pressure, pulling, or a stretching sensation
during the operation, but you will not feel anything sharp. Upon delivery of your baby, there will be a window in
the curtain that is opened. Or the drape will be
lowered so that you can see your baby in the first
moments after birth. The pediatrics team will
then assess your baby, and if there are no complications, or additional care needed, will bring him or her over to you. Many hospitals now practice
gentle Cesarean Section. Where the focus is on reuniting the mom and baby as soon as possible. Here at UC San Diego Health we routinely bring baby back to mom on the operating room table right away. And if she feels well enough, help her put baby skin to
skin, or hold her baby. Some patients even start nursing while the Cesarean Section
is being completed. Other components of a
gentle Cesarean Section may include classical
music and dimmed lights. Aside from the operating
lights, of course. Recovery for a Cesarean Section does take longer than
for a vaginal delivery. Immediately after your Cesarean Section, you will be in a special
post-operative recovery room for a few hours before
moving to your private postpartum room with your baby. Most women will spend three
nights in the hospital after a Cesarean Section,
and will require pain medications containing a
small amount of opioids. It will still be safe to breast feed. Sometimes it takes slightly
longer for your milk to come in after a Cesarean Section. Your lactation team will help support you and your baby to meet
your breast feeding goals during this transition. Once you are home, recovery will continue for four to six weeks. Avoiding lifting anything
heavier than 15 pounds during this time is important
to help your body to heal. It’s important to ask questions or voice any concerns or
requests that you have before, during, or after
your Cesarean Section. Your treatment team cares that your experience is
as smooth as possible with the ultimate goal of healthy mom and healthy baby. (soothing music)


– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen,
and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a
different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my
pregnancy announcement. But for those of you
who are not interested in the pregnancy announcement of it all, we’ll be back to our regularly
scheduled programming very soon. So today I’m gonna be
showing you the footage of me telling my family,
and then I will show you the footage of me telling my
friends, either on my blog channel, or some other time
on this channel, I don’t know. So this video is just
me telling my family. I was so nervous, every time
I told anyone I was pregnant I was so so so so nervous. So I did a really bad
job when I was filming, explaining what was going
on, so I’m gonna tell you now so that you understand later. But the first thing I
wanna let you guys know is that I did tell Cory and Eric first. Cory’s my best friend,
Eric is the love of my life and the father of this baby. I told them but I did not
film those experiences. I did him pretty much
immediately after I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t
worried about filming it, I was worried about the
fact that I was pregnant. Maybe Cory and I will reenact
those moments for you later. So there are a lot of
reactions to me being pregnant in this video, but I
definitely saved my favorite and the best for last,
so watch till the end to see the cutest reaction
ever, it makes me cry every time I see it. But first we’re gonna start with my sister and my momma. My sister, I told her I was
doing a what’s inside the box challenge where you had to
stick your hand inside a box, and my mom, I told her that
we were gonna do a challenge where she had to go
shopping and buy me clothes, and the store I chose
for her to buy clothes for me at was a baby store. So here is my sister and my mom finding out that I’m pregnant. Okay guys, so I’m about to
tell Rachel that I’m pregnant. I invited her over, she
has no idea what I’m doing, but I’m gonna tell her I
wanna film a video with her, and it’s what’s inside this box. And she’s gonna sit
here, and I’m gonna put the pregnancy test in
here, and she has to guess what it is. I’m so excited. Don’t peek. – Okay, this is difficult. – So wait, okay, so- – Can I look now? – Yeah you can look now. – Ew, I don’t like it. – Okay go for it. – Is it gonna hurt me? – I don’t think so. – I don’t like you. It’s gross, it’s slimy, okay. I hate you so much, I’m
gonna throw it at your face if I hate it, is it an animal? Is it a spider? – No, it’s not a spider,
I’d never do that to you. – Is it cat poop? – No it’s not cat poop. – Is it a, a birth, a pregnancy test? – You got it. – Oh is it used? (squealing) – I’m pregnant. – Are you really? Oh my god, congratulations. Oh my god, oh my god. – I know I’m freaking out. – Oh my god you’re so pregnant. – Where did it go? – I don’t know, I’m
sorry, I got too excited. – Hey guys, today I’m
with my mom and my sister, and we are at the mall, because my mom is gonna pick out some
outfits for me and Rachel, and Rachel and I are gonna
pick out outfits for my mom. – You’re gonna look so good. – I know, so it’s mom’s turn
first, to pick out an outfit for us, specifically me, so this way. I’m picking this store. – You’re picking this store for you. – Yes. – Okay I won’t be able to
find anything for Rachel. – No, well I’m not
technically picking it for me. – Oh okay. – I’m picking it for a baby. – Oh my god, no you aren’t. Oh my god. Oh my god are you kidding me? Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. – So I bought every
pregnancy test on the planet, I have a collection of like
20 on my toilet right now, and they all say positive. – Yay I wanna see this collection. – It’s been three days. We’re not doing a video,
I just wanted to tell you in a fun way. Right but that’s why I’m not
supposed to tell anyone yet so. – May June July August September
October November December. – It’s December, early January. – A Christmas baby? A Christmas baby? It’s what I want for Christmas. – I have to say that
editing that was so hard. My mom’s and my sister’s
reactions were so sweet, and adorable, and I just, I love them. The next reactions you’re going
to see do need a little bit of explaining, you’re going to see my dad, Eric’s parents, and
Christopher and Jessica. Christopher and Jessica
were a playlist in Florida, and they weren’t gonna be home for weeks, so I couldn’t wait that
long, I needed to tell them as soon as possible, so I FaceTimed them. Eric’s parents live on the
other side of the country, so we wanted to tell them
as soon as possible too, so we of course told them
through FaceTime as well. And my dad, we got a
little revenge on my dad. My brother Christopher
and his wife Jessica had a little girl first,
so it was a really big deal when they got pregnant, it
was the first baby of that generation, and they
had a really special way that they wanted to tell every
single member of the family, but my dad blew it for my sister Rachel. It was early in the morning,
Rachel was eating cereal before school, and my dad
came in and grabbed some milk out of the fridge, and while
he was grabbing the milk he said, isn’t it crazy
that Jessica’s pregnant? And that’s how Rachel
found out that Jessica and Christopher were having a baby. Christopher and Jessica
could not believe that my dad totally spoiled such a huge
surprise, so we got payback on dad, and we told him the same way that he told Rachel about Bailey. – Oh wait, I need milk. Dad isn’t it weird that Coleen’s pregnant? (laughing) Whoops. – Wait, really? Are you serious? Oh my god. Oh my gosh, wow. Congratulations Cory. (laughing) – Hi. – Hi angel, oh you look so cute. – Thanks girl. I feel like I’m seeing things,
and I need you to tell me if you see things, you ready? – I’m really good at this. – Okay. (squealing) I wanted to wait until I
could tell you in person, but I can’t wait two weeks. – Okay, oh I’m so happy for you angel. – Chris needs to get over
here right now though. – Hey what’s up? – Wanna show him your test? – Um, yeah. – Wow. (laughing) – That’s what you say? – Congratulations. – I wanted to think of a- – Does Eric know? – Yes Eric knows. (laughing) Guess how we told dad? We were filming, and Rachel
goes wait hold on a second, I have to get some milk,
and she opens the fridge and she goes, isn’t it crazy
that Coleen’s pregnant? – (laughing) gotcha. – I just wanted to get
the six of us on FaceTime, you guys, Snax, me,
Coleen, our unborn child. – Ah. Way to go. Oh way to go guys, congratulations. – Thanks, we wanted to tell you in person, but we didn’t know when we’d be out there, and we were just too excited. – Oh man this is so exciting. – Uh Coleen’s parents are here too. – Yay, grandparents together. – Our plan is working. (laughing) – Yup. – Whoa my god. – Oh my god, way to go guys. – My little heart is all a flutter. So the next people you’re
gonna see are our brothers. Eric’s brother and my brother Trent. We got to see Eric’s brother
while we were traveling recently, so we got to tell him in person, and then my brother Trent I
got to tell at my childhood home, and he was so sweet. – What the (bleep)? (laughing) Whoa, holy (bleep). Congratulation, oh my god. Oh my god dude. – I’m in Santa Barbara, say hi. – Hello. – I wanna show you something. – Okay go for it. Oh so cool, that’s awesome. – You’re gonna be an uncle again. – Woohoo. (laughing) – It’s tiny tiny tiny,
like an orange seed. Tiny little tiny seed. Who do you think the dad is? – Why would I wanna answer that? (laughing) – Congrats. – Thank you, you too. – Thanks. And now it’s time for my favorite reaction that just makes my heart explode. My niece and nephews,
my whole heart, my soul, these children are my everything,
I’m obsessed with them. They’re literally like,
my favorite little kids in the whole world, I was
so excited to tell them. So I decided to pretend
like I’m doing a little YouTube video with them,
and got the reaction and it’s so sweet, Bailey was so excited. Today I have my four favorite little niece and nephews here with
us, and we’re gonna play a little game, okay? Okay so it’s a math
game, you guys like math? – Yeah. – First question, how many
cameras do you see in the room? – Two, three. – No. – Four. – Four, Jake got it right. Jake got the first one. – Aw, four. – Next question, how many
people are wearing jackets in the room? – Two. – Two yeah, I think Parker said it first. – I said it too. – Next question, how many
kids are in this room? – Four. – Four. – Nope. – Six. – No. – Seven. – How is, it’s not seven. – How are you counting seven? No how many human kids,
how many human kids? – Four. – Nope, there’s five. – How? – Can you find the fifth one? Dunky, do you wanna know
where the fifth one is? – Yeah where where? – Well it’s a baby, and
it’s inside my tummy. – Actually? – Actually. Can you believe it? – No I can’t. – I’m having a baby. There’s a baby in my tummy right now. – (clapping) yay. – Do you wanna feel it? There’s a baby in there. – How big is it? – It’s as big as a large plum. – Awesome. – Are you excited? You guys get a new little cousin. Are you excited? – Yeah. – So there you go, that’s
the majority of my family’s reactions on camera, and
I have tons of footage of me telling all my
friends too, like Joey and Lily and Heather
and John, and Cory and I really wanna reenact our experience, so if you guys wanna see that,
let me know in the comments I guess, but I’m doing
good, I’m feeling great, and I just wanna say,
thank you so so so much for the positive and wonderful reaction to my pregnancy announcement. I was so nervous, I was so
nervous to post about it and tell you guys that I’m
pregnant, and the reaction from the internet was
unbelievable, everyone was so supportive and sweet and just like, I was not expecting that at all. I just feel so lucky and I feel so loved, and thank you thank you
thank you for supporting me and being just sweet
and kind about all this. I’m so excited and I’m so
scared and I’m so nervous but I’m mostly just unbelievably excited to have this baby and for
you guys to experience this journey with me. That’s it, okay, I love you
guys, thanks for watching, see you next time. Oh come see me on tour, I’m
going on tour next week. I’m really excited, come see me on tour, my book’s coming out, I’m so excited. Okay I love you guys, how many
times have I said excited? I love the word excited,
cause I’m excited right now. Okay bye.


– And what’d he say about my food? – That you’re overeating. (laughing) That you’ve gained so many pounds and after every meal
he suggested you walk. (upbeat music) – What it do, baby? Back in the A. Just dropped off LaToya and Debbie Snacks. And I’m about to connect with them. I miss my kitties. And, face timed with
them a little earlier. It was great talking to them. But yeah, we’re at this mall. I dropped them off so I can go park so I’m about to connect back with LaToya and I’ma catch you guys in the mall. Hope you guys are having a great start to your day. Hit that subscribe button, and I’ll catch you guys
in the mall in a second. Okay, so I found LaToya and
she’s losing her mind right now. – I want this sofa. – [Adam] We’re at this, what’s this place? Z Gallerie. – Yeah, Z Gallerie. Look. – [Adam] Mama Snacks, Debby Snacks. – Hey. The galleries a treat– – We’re gonna give my sofas,
our current sofas to my mom. – [Adam] Okay. – Right, and then…
(laughing) – Yes. – We’re gonna get this one for us. Right Adam? – [Adam] Potentially,
honestly I’d rather get– – He wants to get some gray leather. – I’m not even talking about sofas, I’m talking about the side
tables in our bedroom. The dresser. – [LaToya] I know, I haven’t
found anything that I love. – We need that. – [LaToya] Where they at? They have them here? – [Adam] I don’t know I just– – Night stands. – [Adam] Night stands,
night stands exactly. – Can you take a picture
of me to see how I look. – [Adam] Yeah. (camera shutter) Again? Do you eat candle wax? – Listen they burn all day in
the house, so they run out, within days. Oh my gosh, I love Bath & Body Works. – [Adam] I’m not convinced,
I think you eat it. – Cause seriously I’m obsessed. And I know it’s amazing.
– That’s actually a good idea. – I know it’s amazing. I know what is amazing for
a household to smell like, welcoming, warm, beautiful,
like it’s not too strong. When you came to the house, you walked in and the first
thing that my mom said was, “Oh it smells nice in here”. It smells good, yeah. I know, cause I’m not like a scent person but when I smell like
something really good, I always have to get it because my nostrils are set up weird. Adam.
– Yep. – So I’m gonna buy four candles but I left my wallet at home. – [Adam] You left your wallet at home? – Yep. (laughing) I need your wallet! – [Adam] I’ma give, I’ma
give you Canadian money. – Your entire wallet, can I have it? – [Adam] Canadian money. Ask if they take Canadian. – Oh my gosh, hurry. – All right. What’s good y’all, I’m here with Josh. What’s good Josh? Little Josh. – What’s up? – That’s what’s up. Got some new kicks, you getting
ready for school or what? Where the shoes at?
– Yeah. – Damn, how much were these? Like 200? – Man, let’s not get into numbers. – Trust me. You look good though. Anyway, I’m about to catch up with LaToya. She’s been asking us
where to get bubble… What’s it called bubble tea? Are you guys into bubble tea? You ever had that? – Never. – [Adam] This is it right here? – See I can’t get
anything with milk in it, because I’m lactose and they
don’t have almond milk, guys. And this is too sugary, it’s sweet. (chill music) Hello hunties and huncles, so I’m at my prenatal appointment
with my beautiful mother. Hey mama. – Hey. – What’s up? – I’m good, how you doin’, I’m so excited I’m here. – [LaToya] You are? (mocking and sluring speaking) We’re not getting an unltrasound, bet. – [Debby] I want one. – You want ultrasound. – Yes. – [LaToya] You’re pregnant? – For my grandchild, I wanna
see my grandchild in the womb. What she doing, what he doing? – Oh my gosh. – [Debby] Cause as of right
now, you don’t know the gender. – I know, Kiwi has been so active. My mom has been kissing Kiwi up, loving Kiwi up, rubbing Kiwi up. Kiwi has been so spoiled. We are missing the kids though Samia and Zayn are in Toronto having the best time of
their life, with the family. Yeah, it’s a great break. I woke up this morning
at seven thirty and I’m, “oh gosh, I have to get the kids ready, actually I don’t have
to get the kids ready because they’re in another country”. Anyways you guys, so one of
the main reasons why I’m here, is because I need to ask my
doctor if I can go to Mexico. Okay, I wanna go to Cabo. And if I can go to Cabo, I
then need to call my resort and ask them if they have
epidural because I swear to God, I swear to God, I’m not
having this baby naturally. And, yes, so just in case I
do have this baby in Mexico, I’m gonna have a Mexican baby. Right mom? – No you’re not, because
they’re gonna be in the camp, Trump said every Mexican person, Spanish person to the camp, okay. – So we’ll be at the camp then? – [Debby] Yeah, so I need
you to have the child right here in America. – Okay. So we’ll see, we will
see if the doctor even, you know suggests that I, or
allows me to go to Mexico. Because I’m 31 weeks, you guys. – [Debby] Almost there. – No, but I mean 31 weeks
sounds like it’s close but it’s actually not because
usually I deliver at 36 weeks. So that’s like one whole month – Yeah but look at you, you look like you ready
to deliver right now. (laughing) That belly is so big. – Record it for me. Yeah, do I look really big? – [Debby] Yes, you look like you ready to give birth right now. – Yeah, right.
– My right hand to God. – My belly–
– Is humongous! – Doesn’t, okay it gets
so much bigger than this. With Samia and Zayn my
belly was out to here. – [Debby] Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. – I know.
– That’s a big belly. – I need a break though. – You look like you’re ready
to give birth right now so that’s my concern about
you traveling on a plane right where there’s so
much pressure in the air, carrying this child up in
the air and then landing and all kind of thing and
then coming back again. It’s just too much
stress on my grandchild. And when you get pregnant you
no longer think about yourself you have to think about the baby first. – The baby needs to relax, we need to be on the beach, relaxing. – [Debby] Why can’t you stay local? – With a virgin cocktail in her hand. – [Debby] Yes, that sounds so nice. You need that so much. – I know. – [Debby] But we’ll see
what the doctor says cause the doctor is the expert, I’m not, I’m just grandmother but I’m very concerned for my grandchild. – Okay, well we’ll see. – [Debby] Okay. – So, we just got some Zaxby’s,
we got traditional wings and I got the sweet and spicy wings. Sweet and spicy right? Yeah and then you got, what’d you get? Original?
Wimpy. – Yeah, wimpy. – Oh my gosh, and it came
with fries, of course, some celery, coleslaw. I love the garlic bread,
it’s so good, some dip. I’m out of breath because
I ran to the bathroom. This baby, every hour. I have half sweet, half unsweet tea. Mom, what drink did you get? – I get a peach lemonade and
it’s so good, nice and cold. – Anyways, what did my doctor tell me? Just now mom? – Yup so he doesn’t highly
recommend or recommend at all that she travels to Mexico because of the Zika epidemic over there. – And what he say about my food? – That you’re overeating. (laughing) that you’ve gained so many pounds and after every meal he
suggest that you walk at least a mile or more.
(laughing) This is ridiculous, every time we stop she’s ready to eat something,
my grandchild just wants food. – I’m ready to eat. It’s not my fault, I said I’ll try to make
better eating choices but honestly we passed
Zaxby’s and I was like we have to go there and get the wings. – So good. – Let’s eat, you guys. – Yes.
– Bon appetite. Kiwi about to be thick thick. – Thick thick! – They call mama, or his mama. – You want some more chicken? – I’m full. – You have no leftovers. (laughing) – Tell them about me when
I, when we went to LongHorn. – When was the LongHorn right? LaToya had no leftovers. She ate steak, potatoes,
veggies, fresh garden salad. – Soup.
– On two occasions. – Oh no. – Big steak, no leftovers. – I never have leftovers
anymore, usually… – You have none here. – I have leftovers and I can’t eat it but I just have to eat everything. And then after we went out to eat and got home at like eight thirty. – She still asking for food. – At one o’clock in the morning, my mom and I were watching
a movie and I’m like, “mom can you get me
some food, I’m hungry”. (laughing) – Oh my God.
– Yay! Kiwi, are you full?! I get full.
– He be slung for a while. – Yeah, the doctor said I have
to walk, after every meal. – After every meal.
(laughing) – So I’ma start walking,
this is the time to walk. I don’t know, Adam,
should we go to Mexico? – And he also said. – What happened? – The doctor also said, there’s certain things you
have to cut out of your diet, as well as walking. You know he said that? – Yeah. – Oh my gosh, that’s serious. – I know, but I don’t wanna listen because after this baby, I might go vegan. – Guess what guys,
she’s 32 weeks tomorrow. – Yeah.
– So that’s four more weeks. In comparison to Zayn and
Samia, 36 weeks with them right? – Yeah, 36 weeks Zayn and Samia were born. (deep exhales) So yeah, the kid is gonna come in a month. Oh my gosh, I’m so full. Anyways what do you think,
should we go to Mexico? Comment below. Comment below, I need a vacation! Mom, should I go to Mexico? – NO! – Why?
– Cause Zika there waiting. (laughing) Zika there waiting, and they say no Zika. – There hasn’t been Zika in– – It’s the summertime,
mosquitoes are everywhere. They love your blood. They love pregnant women. Don’t go. – Paranoid people. – What up y’all, I’m
just here at the crib. LaToya and Debby Snacks are out and about, I’m about to wrap up today’s
vlog, hope you guys enjoyed it. The house is super quiet without
the kids, really miss them. It’s gonna take a lot of
time to get used to this. Comment below, comment below
on how long you guys think we will last without the kids. Anyway, thanks for tuning in, I really do appreciate it when
you guys, you know, pop in, you guys can be watching
anything or doing anything but taking some time to come check us out, I really do appreciate that. So thank you. Comment, like and subscribe, and hit the bell to get notified. Planning on doing a
giveaway later on this week so you don’t want to miss it,
hit the bell and subscribe, anyway I’m out, catch y’all tomorrow. (upbeat music)

Renovation Vlog Part 3 – has Steffan lost the plot?

so if you're gonna do your work pyridine am jack vote right you gotta swipe everything make sure there's not saying not dirt anyway this is what I have gotten from this small pattern all this year it's not good zero tolerance for dirt in a word roofing of a bathroom right noted [Applause] yeah how are you going oh sorry America we're apart so we got all the just like you see Game of Thrones with that army Oh dad don't focus just you got to see what that allows doesn't work okay we're gonna she's moving so much yeah he's a new plumbing drainage / strange drainage so it's inside the ceiling here and I can run it into one of the walls the reason why I wanted to change the pipe work with because it was coming out of heat down the wall and obviously no one wants ugly you can see down the wall and it's gonna go inside putting the corner in the cupboard where you can't see they'll be a cavity there under the house and I'll connect it up underneath that's just to delete the pop outside cover those holes the fibroids nothing falls through and I can waterproof yeah so obviously now it's all hidden and it's gonna be in a cavity under the house the first time I've come to the house since savannas and birth she's now a weight rended wolves have now got a wife feeding come true blue building channel time if I put your box straight on the timber choices it won't be completely flat ceiling so we get a nice flat and yeah so all of the electrical has been done as well and our bathrooms been tiled but there's no lighting in there so 600 by 600 dark grey tiles that we chose and if it is because the grout is not completely washed off with our nation that we put in the mixer will be here some nice light color for tolsey yep yep not figure up yet the ceiling hasn't been finished as you can see need some cornices I mean kind a hole for the light and fan okay so we aren't renovating the kitchen but we are gonna get rid of these yeah so Savannah what do you think of the house oh do you like it well maybe when it's finished you'll like it better yeah yeah

Museum of Science and Industry Chicago Tour & Review

hey everyone when out on the south side of Chicago check out the Museum of Science and Industry which is housed in this amazing beautiful old building I believe it was built for like the eighteen 1893 Columbian expedition exposition or something like that but inside is one of my favorite museums in the world and different my favorite Science Museum in the world we're going to show you around so here's how the futuristic big Lobby section of the museum is where you come to enter and I there's a million different ticketing options for this because they do have five different pay for exhibits the big fried brick is their current special exhibit which is a lego exhibit there's the on board tour the submarine the full mind towards and a couple other different things so uh they know what you want to do here in the museum is going to cause for some different things also in the lobby area is the golden separate room so I love the golden Zephyr exhibit here because it things like this you walk into the actual train and then you might see a button here like this so push to start and then what happens Wow oh yeah this guy could predict on a frame and those are all about how it works like Eric apparently very much a thematic and experience also from a CG guy humor experience you know here's the toilet for what do you think like how do you get to the toilets the sink is in your wife distinct if something falls into the wall that's cool cause the manatorian option huge because I didn't even pack cleanup time to check on one of these museums no more asleep you 5:05 relationship and here do you five-o five-o the German world world it's own giant hangar here here in the museum now for an alternative limo bucks is going on take a walk through tour of this thing nothing we're going to give a tour at one time here into a summary you know or artifacts definitely something I would like to do no we just don't have the time today and it's all really wrong and it's a shiny pavilion for this exhibit here neat and again something you would not see any other reason the owners that I have know that has no anything closer if you don't think I could even think of the similar is like the Space Shuttle exhibit at the Kennedy Sciences for having something so large this is probably a really good so they have a giant torpedo right here and I have no idea like you know what's the movie but stuff like that they are not nearly this big because this thing is a good 20 feet long and what do you think marty difficult event is the coal mine the coal mines other ones for exhibit so start here you pop down the elevator shaft there's a train part of it so you get a train ride you get to see all these giant machines it is enough torture this is one I highly recommend this is back to probably for me the highlight the museum but we seem to a lot of highlights but definitely definitely highly recommend that up so we're near the numbers here exhibit which is a an exhibit and there's a mirror base here in the middle is when you need a time to get entry so for a little busy day you might not be you get written but it is free it's entropy is the genomic exhibit which is all that DNA kind of stuff but the highlight of it is the chicanery let go who would like a fencing if you're here the right time it's the only newborn baby chicks that's very cool moving around a little bit waiting for one to pop out like that guy there I cracked it getting ready for a little chicken that is really cool not every day you get to see that that is for sure and then you come over here and when the baby chicks become adorable baby chick they were really crazy because everything's fun for me and they're the cutest things ever murkily picked it another also gets raised main street where you going to go to the amount of my assuming the nineteen fifty percent you have an old toy ice cream parlor over there that's not married today but the winter makes cream and it's cool again we talked about immersion and things like that it does kind of doesn't that you know big meal and he'll if Main Street was both indoors and wasn't all get jobs in Starbucks either typing down here Nickelodeon sure like old comments I love dogs very cool again 96 later you going to walk through the sass board inventing the future exhibit here real a because they have an awesome fog screen effect right here in the beginning you know very similar I got a deviated own desires the Derby and things like that you think this one actually working like ours dimensioning you those are really cool the other side nearly Hitler the f5 tornado two fingers God this might be one of the cooler things in the entire museum's avalanche exhibit which is this giant spinning gift I mean this thing is 20 feet by 20 feet and they pull how fast it goes could stimulate an avalanche like when I walk by I diligence are like orange it's an attack it is most certainly not done you know fan molecules and he it's mesmerizing to watch and you can change it too big man that is so also I'm gonna get its IBEW to show you how big this thing is it's kind of on a here's Molly and if it is a fantastic how does it give it here science degree baby yeah this is really cool personally from 1851 rape French this giant pendulum to 1250 earth in October the defense I think as the day goes on as you kids knocked over all these and next up is that one there and the other side over there it's really cool things hanging from the ceiling check out the little tornado all these missions to stuff here okay this one here comes tornado what zametov now you can adjust them all oh and you can adjust the wall to make all sorts of different tornados I wonder which wall you have to move to make it a sharknado and fountain here back soon ah we're cool period the very title is phenomics way to take a very very large detailed model being towards all different fairy tales and things like that I think it's kind of neat because as you walk around of the different parts and you look in you'd be going and see all the details it also if you can look above and hear the narration I'll tell you all about the details in their story and things like that very calm all the DP on this thing is really really spectacular everything interact build tiny dungeon type rooms to shine throne rooms and just a real house it does all connect it's a misprint I'm pretty mean lots of detail again something if you're wearing a very simple thing like that I'm for golf now spent a lot of time on the third floor here they've got a great visual thing all about the history of flight on this side we've got all these different airplanes hanging from the ceiling everything from a you know at 7:27 you know heated plate to all these super warplanes it's really really cool and with the 727 here using built-in side if you never been on a plane before you find out one right they don't make it the realistic in nineteen spirits where somebody comes through and playing speaking of screaming but a you do at optical sight and also two things to tell you about flying it really cleared it clean by moving the data was a long time it has been cool here in the plane area you can look at and try with the al cricket angels by really kind of figuring out how things work and they've got the Wright brothers plane well not the real party up here on the third floor there the museum is going to a couple uh older very older style you know very early generations simulator right there's two different types the interval of charge attractions this one over here do you apply yourself in some sort of a jet plane and then you have B here which you just ride and they sort of show you the history of of like pushes them they say it's a very a technology for the cool ride film for a museum as it guys I absolutely loved the exhibit this is a torturous trip I jolly well a giant Rube Goldberg I'm a machine where you followed your ball here as it goes on all sorts of crazy adventures throughout this giant worth it it's mesmerizing as you appear and watch the paper forever anything took a long voyage data quite a good time for its both clean and you watch that one just turn on a machine then put a baby warning and other guidance like roller coasters in the season stuff like that now the pole is permanent early they're continuing its adventure oh cool I get to sit here and watch this all day I'm not going to because in Molly weeks early is said about the $30 we could of the museum but I've heard but it's that mean come here and between there girl so cool anyway don't miss it on the over here by the Museum cafe right when you came in to go up those stairs there behind that awesome something I'm going to miss out on my visit page and it doesn't open till May 11th robot revolution a new exhibit here at the same sponsored by Google the featuring like some of the latest and greatest robust I'm a huge fan of like robots and technologies I'm sure that's something I'm going to love I guess pops come back one sec to the museum you have not been for you day the children's area design free content under an embassy idea factory which is down here we're also interactive games designed for the younger set and it's kind of sad because it looks like I could probably have quite a bit of fun down there become a child and machines are needed these calls company little and then at some point that feeling you know jump hell cool don't try this out this is we whispering gallery which is a holster part the footprints what sounds like the points in my hand know that conclusive pretty sure if you're not it so next up is using spirits and this is weird so you walk by these people laugh at you and apparently the more you move the more they laugh it's very bizarre very bizarre weird they've got a human into real so this is really to check your pulse on the plate to put on the diamond mine will let you go and try to tell so it's going to take the ball which is reading now reading now reading go keep it there kid flatlining head back another ago alright really she's very excited and then Ressler front look like a billion times fail and then from this computer over here here we go and see like different types of parts for their the electrical script or internal oil it's really really cool pop you back to dead anyway this is enough awesome museum is home to a bunch of rotating exhibits olivine your flight you know three four five six months and then the move on right now it's brick by brick which is a certified Lego professional kind of exhibit but these are pants or things so we're not going to do them but if you have some of them globes Legos and one steel whole bunch of models of Legos go check that you've got another exhibit here that's fantastic that the district Chicago's and a railroad then Angela for the chine biggest model railroads ever seen this thing is going on forever and ever landscape in the city over here the giant mountains over there if you are a model right here just oh you are absolutely in heaven and then over here you got full-sized kind of steam train thing which you could go in and check out it's completely spaced a minute all sorts of different things from the most recent and Mars rover to the history it seemed a different space types of things like that you know you've got this space shuttle here come up with that is life over the like when the Apollo kind of stuff like the avec capsule driven from backing of a flash plan in our water or the would land on the movement so it's kind of cool if you're in the station right here also this is where the Omnimax beer is if you never seen one of these big awesome dome movies they do have them here again another thing the reason that is that they give an extra charge and all right now their science think about great white folks and drink big engineer my backgrounds in here honey you see that Spectre that's feast em all right it was fun and fuel up time you get the log so I think Molly is better at the electrons than I am yeah much much better possible and you can amuse here without space can right so in the space area there's a cafeteria thing with like a vending machine but very disappointing there's no space food yeah you got have space food right you don't it's just um this is food there you said everybody ate space food that's why probably not here yeah no I think you've gotta have it if there's some space provide Wi-Fi some space food I'm not going to buy some view you got a pawn technically accurate you go sometimes stuff about farming including soup oh yes you learn all about how the cows eat and then plop it comes out and you also have soup to power so we're here we're going to do a milking c3 here we go we got to get started timer sprays your teeth if you 40 foot forward to cook off I give you the word tea cups and the stop time all right 11 second which appeals right here we have the master milker so they have a giant I guess combine me later okay a full-size John Deere combo here we see Molly living your dreams of becoming a farmer we'd have a me here not Alberto how about a dumped on a dearth of the West right for dinner yeah dinner and here in the islands Rizzoli look at all world able to do this on friends for the 360 protection from Angelo's zero and I'm gonna hold it with something coastal areas here's the extreme I think it has a couple different things it's all about finer tunes and stuff like that so these great pictures of you don't keep with the glaciers were like in 2000 I thought the glaciers are like now and then the most fun part it's just like a tower like SeaWorld Orlando they are a big giant ice ball you can stick your hand in and freeze and make holes and stuff like that so it sounds sort of like the important meaningful stuff in the pump some time for me to picture myself that did not go as planned Caroline yeah that's not good here I'm not going to picture myself in business they've got an exhibit in the corner here for the art of the bicycle all discret types of bicycles you can bike you know what I wish this exhibit had was like a hands-on area where you could try one of these ridiculous like giant see tiny giant wheel tiny wheel bikes that yeah my figures they can finally make it safe because I mean who would want to run out unique out on a track yeah take your launch speed in your angle so I'm going to go let's say we're really high really slow and then I get long going to launch the ball all the way across so cool they've got a maglev exhibit we could keep it cool your old little kind of maglev monorail car so I'm not really sure what this exhibit does but you get the player fliers that's cool I just fuel to get started adjustments Mormon okay I'm not really sure the supporting just Blazers quite nice just fuel okay we got a bigger flame Molly Molly Paradis I just laid there turning the Ostrom lasers on only no one lasers off I'm guessing the mist effect it's not working but I think I've sold fire but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to be a scientist if you don't have one of these things but don't worry they have one of these things and here we got racing cars which as well it's exactly what you think it's going to be it's it's the racing cars showing from various like Indy cars for you know all sorts of cars with old-timey cars so give a kid or like cars might be good a good for you I I mean really we talked about the different ring gusto right now the elders in yoga oh then they might go and talk about the horses or do something good here right right no that's what this is me as a strong man tripping some snakes name again this one it also your breath your your call person who's holding guns with a large March there they've also got one for the bike show people going in very kind of light show fair ladies gentlemen boys and girls the reporter right here people think lurking like here is the chips gallery which is how much like model ships and nautical stuff to stuff my hips we probably be good we are into cruise ships which I only don't seem to have any of those it's probably not the real legend mine they got the crystal film this ship still not sure what this exhibited they were into a tiny page coated like a tepee Oregon tail just when you think you see a tall here's a bear we're in a dress a whole bunch of penguins dressed up in 20 costumes the sinners doing the zoo the museum is iSpy you come over here you read a little and you trying to figure out the answer to ask after my story kinda thing I also love that they have old-school mold aramas all over the museum so you can get you know when the locomotive area to get a locomotive but he'd get a submarine or all sorts of other things that it's really cool old school makes it right there in front and that will do it for our game here at the Museum of Science in English game Chicago I love this place it's one of my favorite museums ever definitely my favorite Science Museum it's gigantic you can easily spend all day there we were here for three and a half hours and I really don't feel like that was enough time I think it's great absolutely wonderful and great for kids great for adults and a very repeatable tickler so much Simplot a tamale will be like we're your favorite food favorite I really like how interactive is one for a lot of interest so we're friends yeah it doesn't even on the traditional diet creamy stuff I really like this ask me to a coal mine for me was definitely a favorite normally I really love the different grain I need talk to somebody yes the different rates close today they are in the process of switching it over tour guided experience to a self-guided experience so that's not operating today but I like that a lot of gonna sort of some animatronics hang stuff in there and you get on the big diamond or coal mine for me is my personal favorite it does take that very very immersive experience you've got the adorable slope of the baby chicks got incredible group Goldberg machine and just as a submarine there's so much – enough of the love to come back and do what I'm going to see a different IMAX movie if you want to go back and you know do the submarine tour I will say my one complaint about the museum I would say it's got too many up charges it does kind of feel like you're being nickel and dimed where you either need a ticket to get into something that's free or you need to pay an upcharge to go so that that's my one complaint here so if you come and you see the tickets are 18 bucks be prepared to spend a lot more than that with all the different on charge stuff but I love this place got any questions either by in the comment section below and I'll do my best answer yeah guys thank you and that it can be strengthened