Guys Talk About Dating Deal Breakers

– You’re a nice person. Give me something really shallow. Impress me. – For me, if they
haven’t seen “Star Wars,” it’s just like, “Nope, nope, sorry.” – If you start picking
on the stuff that I like. – If the other person says that they think video games are for kids, I’ll probably just pay for
the check and just walk out. – People that are too into, or into at all, even, reality television. I just don’t get it. – I think you can have different tastes than the person that you’re dating, as long as you respect each other. You don’t need to break up because, “I like country music,
and I like dubstep.” – As long as you’re talking
“Top 40” contemporary country, you’re at the bottom of the barrel and you’re stage-coaching it. – Bad fashion choices, I just think, is a big red flag for me. When someone thinks they look really nice in something when they don’t. Is that mean? – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s kinda mean. – I don’t date short guys. I’m like, “Oh, he’s hot. “Oh, he’s five four? “Not so much.” – I have dated a couple girls
that were taller than me, I’m okay with it. – A small deal breaker for
me is not having nice teeth, ’cause I had to go through
a few years to get this. – You have beautiful teeth, by the way.
– Thank you. – No, I don’t care about hygiene. – Oh, I care so much about hygiene. – You know when you’re
a little, like, (sniffs) “Ooh!” Like a little spicy. – No. – I can’t deal with spacers. Aren’t those what they’re called? Gauges? – Oh, gawl! What do you do with your
ears in the future, you fool? – If a guy has a small
dick, it’s like, “hmm…” – What if his heart is big? – If I see a girl who has problems, or is gonna drag the
ex along, it’s baggage. – It’s baggage. Also a problem when they physically bring baggage to the date. – I was with someone, very
briefly, who loved cocaine. The things that you have to go through when you’re with somebody
who really likes cocaine, it’s the biggest pain
in the ass in the world. – How do you compete with cocaine? – You can’t compete with cocaine. – Sure, drinking, drugs,
sometimes they’re fun, but when you have an obsession, “Oh, you’re not going to work now, “because you’re doing too many drugs?” That’s an issue. – [Man in Blue Shirt] Also if
you hate gays, that’s no good. You have a lot of other problems if you’re racist or homophobic. – I would say no to a racist. – I mean, if they’re
hot – I’m just kidding. – I really hate when people try to tell me about my own culture before
I say anything about it. Don’t tell me how much
you know about kimchi. – [Man in Gray] When they’re
not nice to their friends. – It’s a good indicator of how they’ll be within the relationship. – I’m a very social person, so I like somebody that is just as social. I have a few tests that I do
with guys when I’m dating them. I’ll have dinner with a bunch of friends, and I’ll take him along with me, and then I will excuse
myself to the restroom. If they’re not talking and they’re not conversing with somebody, it’s a turn-off. – I don’t like people who are constantly on their cell phones, like this. Do not keep your cell phone
on the table during a date. – I don’t like if a girl expects me to pay for every single meal. I’m not a millionaire. – Not a sugar daddy. – Yeah, I’m not a sugar daddy. I can’t even sugar myself. – Something I have
experience out on the field is something I’m calling
“emotional catfish-ing.” Girls are looking, so
smiley, in their photos, and then I’ve been on a date with them, and they’re just completely detached. You have to be a little vulnerable. – I also don’t like it
when people touch my belly. – Do you know what that is? – Testing to see if my belly’s strong. – Yes.
– Which it’s not. – [Man in Gray] I don’t
think I have that many deal breakers. At the end of the day, you’re not gonna find someone that you made up. – The things that I think that
I may not like in someone, I’m open to be proven wrong, except for the reality TV one. – Everybody needs a little bit
of love, that’s what I think. – Unless you have a small
dick, don’t call him. – Unless you have a small dick. – Deal breaker. – That’s a deal breaker.
– That’s a deal breaker. – That’s a deal breaker.

SPECTRUM ARTISTS || ATLNTS STUDIO – Spectrum Aurora Ring Light

Hi, my name is Emily. Hi, I’m Damon. Hi, my name is Dylan and
I’m a tattooist at ATLNTS Studio. It’s a quiet little environment. Well, I’d say professional
and yeah it’s just a happy little joint. The clients choose ATLNTS pretty much
because of the artists that work here. We all have our own style
and we have our own following each so they pretty much use this
just to meet up with us. People travel all around
to just come and see us. We’re pretty easygoing
and make it very comfortable for the artists and the clients. I enjoy most about tattooing
is the flexibility working whenever you want
and just to do art everyday as a job
is really good and really satisfying. I just like doing my job, I guess,
like drawing from a young age. The flexibility I think is amazing
and we get to meet all different people. Social media has been a big player
specifically for me because I started drawing
and posting that on Instagram about three, four years ago I think
and it has pretty much given me a career so that’s how much it has influenced
my style and business. We get pretty much tattoo people
from all around the world and they see our artwork
basically for free over the Internet. The Spectrum Aurora light is perfect
for a real small studio like this with very little to no the natural light.
It covers a big surface. It takes a little glare out
out of the tattoos and you can bend it
and work it in different angles. It is amazing to bring the brightness
and to be able to adjust it to be right on top to avoid shadows
and everything like that. It’s very flexible,
versatile for tattooing in any–pretty much
any spot on the body.


*Intro music* Hi Sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel. Lately I’ve been travelling so much, doing so many fun and crazy things but because of that I have not had time to sit down and do a crazy makeup look in a long time I’ve gotten really great at this point at doing my everyday makeup routine and this is the look right here that I always go for It’s very very similar to my normal glam, just less of each product and it’s a lot more simplistic. I went with dewy skin, fluffy brows, light on the eyes, simple liner and lashes, and of course a nude lip. I also popped on my clear aviators which I’ve been rocking a ton lately and you guys have been loving them. They’re certainly my favorite accessory right now. If you guys would like to see how I created this look right here; make sure you keep on watching. So first, I’m going to start out as always priming my face using my Benefit porefessional primer I’m going with a lot of primer today, I just got back from a long time being away from home. I was in Punta Cana with Rachel. You guys saw the vlog that I was in California for a few weeks. Then I went to Maui for Tati’s wedding. It was so much fun. Now I’m back home for just one week to finish up high school. Then I’m finally done. Thank god and I get to move and start my career out in LA. I am so freaking excited! But my skin is not enjoying being back in the New York weather. I think I’m just really stressed out, but I’m getting a pretty bad breakout and I’m really not to happy about it. We’re gonna conceal don’t feel Don’t let them know Not today at least So glad to be home. As always I’m gonna prime my nose using my Morphe R-32 brush and my Mac Studio Finish Concealer You guys should know I do this by now my nose contour tends to slip and slide around because my nose is super oily So putting an extra layer on there even on my everyday makeup routine really helps everything to stay in place For foundation I’m gonna grab my Makeup Forever Ultra HD stick in the shade Y-315 and I’m just gonna start drawing that on my face I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately saying like James you use all the same products and you just switch up and at first I was like Bitch this is my channel and then I was like mm.. You’re kind right though and then I thought about it some more and I was like you know what I am not someone who does reviews I am not someone who tests out new products very often I kinda do a lot of crazy makeup looks as you guys know. Occasionally I do simple glam like this. I have been traveling so much lately, which is why you guys have been seeing so much simple super easy kinda boring glam on my instagram page because I haven’t had time to really set out new crazy looks, But I really like the products that I work with and I tend to not switch them up Just because that’s what really works for me, Occasionally new things always make it into my routine like brushes, eyeshadow palettes and stuff like that. But for the most part my base remains the same, because this is what really works for my skin type I have pretty complicated skin and I know it will look good every single time So I tend to not switch it up very much, sorry their are plenty of other youtube channels out there in the world If you want to look at some new products Going in with my shape tape concealer from Tarte. I’m going to highlight my face Anyways moving on I’m just blending this in with my damp beauty blender Then I’m going to grab just a tiny bit on the Kat Von Dee white-out concealer and just make a few dots under my eyes and the inside of my forehead Same place I put the concealer obviously not using as much of this because we don’t want to look to pale But I’m pretty pasty already so much add as much contrast to my face as possible If you are a new subscriber from Tati’s channel. Hello. Hope you enjoyed our wedding makeup video together I just came back from Maui and I got to go to her wedding which was so much fun Literally one of the most beautiful and fun experiences of my entire life. It was just so crazy, because i’ve been watching Tati for like probably three years now almost and three years ago I called myself one of her biggest fans and now after doing makeup for only a year and a half I got to go to her wedding and do her makeup for her wedding which I feel is so crazy so it’s so cool how the internet like brings people together. I don’t know It’s a cute story okay. So quickly I’m going to blend out the creases underneath my eyes. Then going with the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder I have not used this in a long long time I’m next gonna grab my Mac Studio Fix foundation powder and my morphe E-48 and put that in the same place as I put my concealer Basically my super easy wearable glam makeup routine is the exact same as my full-on glam crazy makeup routine I just use a whole lot less of the same products To balance the face today I’m gonna be using the Kat Von Dee shade and light kit Shocking I’m gonna use this new brush from the Morphe copper collection These brushes are so freaking pretty actually I have yet to use them. I just got home like I said So I just got a chance to open up all my PR packages omg i’ve been in love with copper lately. You guys have no idea how excited I am to move out and decorate my own place Literally walking to my house is gonna be like walking into a pinterest board and I literally cannot wait This brush is actually so good for contour and bronzing I’m kind of shook right now It’s much more dense than what I’m used to but it puts on the color like really really nicely What is the name of this? Oh it doesn’t have a name, okay maybe you actually have to buy the entire set together. Either way you can always use code “James” for 10% off all products at Morphe. Y’all know they’re one of my favorites. I’m really lately gonna be using my JadeyWadey 180 brush to contour my nose I’m still gonna slim it down using the middle shade of the palette like always but i’m not gonna go as heavy as normal, because this is everyday makeup and not something so intense and drag gy yeah Next to bake my face I’m going to take more of my Laura Mercier translucent powder and this brush from the Morphe copper collection and dip it in an tap on the powder So while I leave this on my face for a few minutes. So I’m gonna go ahead and get started on my brows. Now my eyebrows are one step that actually does drastically change from my super glam routine to my everyday makeup routine Usually you guys I would go to my Anastasia dip brow , but today I’m going to be using my benefit processing eyebrow pencil in the shade number five to slay these brows I’m gonna start of by lightly combing through the hairs and brushing them upwards in the direction that I want them to go. As you guys can see I have super thick natural brows. I’m gonna start off by kinda sketching in the tail. Because my brow stops abruptly here and I wanna make sure that we leave some definement and that’s the only thing I really like to find so after that i’m gonna go through and create little hair like strokes Just to kind of build up that shape a little bit and add any areas that are more sparse. Then if there’s any where that I made too heavy or a mistake I will just go in with the spoolie on the other end and i’ll just kind of brush through that to kind of erase and blend it in a little bit As you guys can see this is much lighter than my normal pretty heavy brows and also it’s a lot quicker so this is just the return I like to do. I’m next going to grab just a little bit of my Shape Tape concealer and my Morphe E-49 and begin to sketch out underneath that brow I left a little bit of a sparse area right up in here. So I’m just going to add a few more lines with that benefit pencil and to finish off the brows i’m gonna go in with my Benefit gimme brow gel in the shade number five and just brush those hairs upwards to kinda create that bushy but still natural brow effect and you guys could totally stop here if you wanted pop on your favorite mascara, highlighter and some chapstick and just walk out the door but you guys know me even for my everyday glam, I still gotta be a little bit extra So for my eyes today I’m using the brand new limited edition Morphe bronze mocha palette. I’m pretty sure this did already sell out unfortunately but all of you guys did ask me to do a tutorial on this so I’m gonna use it today. If you don’t have this the 35k also from Morphe is a wonderful alternative with similar shades At first I’m gonna grab this neutral- toned orange shade on my M-441 and use that in my crease as a transition shade Then on my M-433 I’m gonna grab this cool tone brown shade two below the orange we used before, then I’m going to deepen up the outer v Then I got my M-514 I’m gonna grab this dark brown shade right in the bottom row I’m going to deepen it out a little more. Then I’m now gonna grab my M-441 that I started off with and just go over these shades to make sure they are nice and blended out I’m gonna add a quick wing using my LA girl line art matte liquid liner ohh my god I have a huge pimple over the spot where my wings usually end so this is making things very very challenging today and this LA girl liner is sucking for me I don’t even know how I’m gonna address this situation mmmhmmm 🙁 Anyways it’s usually not that deep I need to go to bed soon because I have school tomorrow. So I’m just gonna move on to the lower lash line I’m gonna grab my M-433 and same orange shade from before and start that lower transition shade. then grabbing the medium brown once again on my M-514 I’m going to blend and darken the outer corner and then with my 213 and the dark brown shade I used before I’m going to really lightly hug the lower lash line and the last time I’m gonna use my OCC pencil in the shade feathered to open up my eyes and make them look super bright You know those days when you are doing your makeup and literally everything is going wrong That’s whats happening to me right now, my liner got messed up I tried to line my upper waterline and my contact got black on it then I had to take it out and then I was crying then I had to wipe my foundation off. It has been a night to say the least, but I’ve pulled everything back together, wiped my tears, put on some translucent powder and we’re gonna keep moving on Because I don’t have the energy to re-film this video For mascara today I am going to be using my Benefit roller lash. For lashes today I’m gonna pop on my new favs the house of lashes iconics If you had stopped earlier on and didn’t do eyeshadow or liner but still want a little bit of drama with your lashes I would totally recommend the lily lashes in the style of Miami They’re another one of my absolute favs Shocking we have a issue my inner corner wants to fly up can one thing go right today, one thing that’s all I ask one thing oh my god oh my god oh my god the lash is freaking on The fact that I’m this excited about a eyelash on the first try should just put you into a perspective how crappy this makeup day has been so far So I had line the upper waterline again since I already cried it all off I’m going to use the Nyx jumbo eye pencil in black bean. Alright my next step is going to be to add some fake/faux freckles just in the nose and cheek region. You guys know me and you know that this is one of my favorite things to add to a everyday makeup look and then with my beauty blender I’m going to go over those freckles to lately blend them into the skin Since this is everyday glam, I feel like we need to make up what we were lacking in eyeshadow lips and all the fancy fun stuff with highlighter! To get the glow on today I’ll be using my Morphe M-501 as usual and the Ofra Highlighter in the shade blissful, remember you can use code “JAMES” for 30% off all over products. Girl oh wow! Suddenly I’m blind I’m just popping this on the top of my cheeks as always and I also like to pop it right above my brow bone when I do want natural glowy looks. Welcome Back! I know it’s only been a second for you guys, but it’s been a hour for me because my camera just died. Literally at this point what else can go wrong! Just throw it at me because at this point I’m ready. Anyways to finish off this look finally I’m gonna go with my Kat Von D Bow and arrow liquid lipstick this is my all time favorite nude shade I always wear it when I do like light makeup looks and you guys always ask and it stays on all day I would definitely recommend. Holy crap I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever done my lips in my entire life *Tongue noise* and we’re going to finish this look with the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray after all the mistakes we made today I would never ever want this makeup to leave my face *Spray noises* and this is the completed everyday glam I just popped on my denim hat and my clear aviators both from Laura’s Boutique and I’m looking like a glam grandpa As I said this look can totally be customized in any way or any products you like this is what I choose to do when I want to have a quick makeup that I know will look good every single time You know for the amount of things that went wrong while filming this video this look really did not turn out that bad, I’m kinda shook Speaking of being shook by the way you may want to check out the Instagram page Sisters Apparel if you got a second what could it be? hmm you have to wait to see what it is. If you guys did enjoy this video don’t forget to give it a bigs thumbs up down below, subscribe if you have not already. I post videos every single week and I would love to have you join the family. If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, follow my Instagram and my twitter they’re both just @JamesCharles and snapchat is more behind the scenes type stuff is James Charles with an extra s after Charles Alright guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time, bye!


they're coming along the shelves and the rest is all white I'm ready for day two of Reynolds just finishing up my coffee we already had a slight change of plans this morning but that's okay because I've been here getting a lot of things done I actually edited a vlog but besides that I did bunch of like moving things that I needed to do I needed to like finish booking the elevators at my new place and just like different coordinating so I got all of that done and then I'm actually starting to pack I'm getting a little bit anxious about how overwhelming it is and how much I think I'm under estimating its going to be to move all of my stuff my parents are on their way down again this morning because today we're actually starting to paint last night was just like cleaning and prepping so today is gonna be the big day while I'm waiting for them to get down here I'm gonna start clearing out some things in here I have a bunch of old furniture on my balcony which actually wasn't even mine and was already here when I moved in so I just kind of kept it out there I don't use my balcony I don't think I really talked about this but this current place faces and other buildings so if I'm on my balcony people can see me so it's not really a place you want to like go and lounge anyways so I never really went out on there and so now I'm just gonna clear out that furniture it's all dirty and old and like starting to rust does never mind to begin with and not worth any like resale value so I'm just going to bring that down to the garbage room here and I think that'll make me feel better about like starting to clear things out then I'm gonna pack up the rest of my things there's a few more things that I need to bring over so I got like my chandelier delivered here so I need to bring that over I'm really excited to open it up and check it out hopefully nothing arrived broken that's like my big fear and we're gonna dive right in we've been here for a little while and we are making progress what I'm doing right now is my light bulbs that I got for my pendant light switch my dad is working on installing right now they have writing around the ball and when you screw it and even still see that writing so what I'm doing taking a really sharp blade like this and going around like all them scraping it off it actually works being very careful not to scrape the glass so you can see I guess it's hard to really see because it's clear but this side doesn't have any more writing and this side is all about attention to detail we still need to do this to two labels and that's the finished light bulb number rating we have so we're here for day two and half of Renaud's these are some of the updates in here we got the closet all kind of like built-in so there's gonna be two shelves and then the whole things are the shelves here not too much in the bedroom here if that is different over here is where we've made the most improvement so now we have pot lights there and two pennant lights here good morning welcome today for renovations it's coming along but I I feel the way I look like exhausted and so tired and my body is so sore but today is officially move-in day so most of the renovations are done we're just finishing up some things this morning 9:00 a.m. I'm waiting for my internet person to come install I guess this is my first time being here by myself but most of the painting is done we're cleaning up today finishing off a few things and then moving all of my stuff in which is the most stressful part in my opinion but I'll give you guys a quick tour and update of everything so far so starting from the door we have the pendant lights that are up they look so pretty and makes such a big difference in the kitchen and the pot lights are officially installed so there's five of them and this side is all white the walls and then when we move on to this side we have the gray and then the gray follows to here the entryway and the rest is all white everything was like a yellowy cream color before it looked not as fresh and then in here the washroom is just white as well so my new faucet showerhead is being installed later today the shower you won't really notice but this part got redone not that you really care and then in the closets we installed new shelves and new bars in the bedroom here there's not as many updates the walls are all painted white but this wall here so this was what the color was before you can tell it's like so much more cream this wall wasn't painted because it's going to be wallpapered I don't think we're gonna get to it today so this will probably be a weekend project these are the doors that go in the closet so again new shelves and a new bar in the closet here and the doors go back on at the carpets getting ripped up and installed later this week and then these blinds here these are all cleaned they were so gross and they're not that cute I don't love the texture on these blinds they're expensive to replace so for now they're staying I just clean them scrub them it took me so so so long yeah that is about it for updates I'm so excited everything is coming together nervous for the actual move like I said but I'm excited that everything is coming together one more thing I wanted to show you in the kitchen here I cleaned all the cabinets and wiped everything down really really thoroughly so I'm ready to move all my stuff in today but look I got I got new dishes and they're so nice they are like a low plate like this and then they just have a little rim so that is the end of this renovation vlog much more to come in the next vlog I move out of my apartment and go back and clean it and say goodbye and all of that many more vlogs to come I hope you guys all enjoyed I do just want to say a huge thank you to my family for helping me through this move and all of the renovations because they are champions and it was a very tight timeline I should have planned differently but that's what happened so thank you so much to my loving family I am so so so grateful for all of their help and just for everything that I have I'm just so lucky and very grateful so I hope you guys all enjoyed this video thank you for all of your positive feedback and congratulations and everything so thank you so much for your sweet comments I've been reading every single one on these vlogs hope you guys all enjoyed and I'll talk to you guys very very soon bye

How to Play "Mute" by Native Construct (Guitar Lesson)

in this lesson I'll be showing you how to play the song mute by native construct if you question the accuracy of this lesson or would just like to see a demonstration of the song there's a link in the description that leads to my playthrough video so you might have noticed that I have a six string guitar and native construct uses eight string guitars but fortunately the majority of the songs just triads on the a and E string so I really only had to make about three or four modifications for the six string guitar so it doesn't matter if you have a six string seven string or a trinket are you can learn the song and I'll be sure to point out where the modifications are at another thing you should know is that this song has a lot of chords and it's a pretty difficult song so I'm going to assume if you're trying to learn it you're a pretty good guitarist and you don't need me to go through every single little detail in the song so to teach it as fast as possible I'm just going to call out the shapes of the triads and what fret they're coming off so for example all for the sixth fret here I might say diminished triad a minor triad a major triad diminished first inversion a minor first inversion a major first inversion and then there's other variations that I'll be sure to point out when we get to those so let's hop right into it so the song starts with a diminished chord on the sixth fret of the a string to the five six and then that was a major first inversion suspended so that's six three three five three three and then a diminished on the five next section minor on the six diminished on the eight back to the minor on the six a major first inversion on the five then we repeat that but instead of going to the major first inversion we're going to go to a diminished on the seven major first inversion on the five to a diminished on the six seven when we go back to the six but with some variations we're gonna place and then we've got this six six four four and then next section major on the seven major on the eight six six four okay minor on the seven major on the eight major on seven okay made your first inversion on the six back to the seven but with the twist seven six three seven four three seven seven five five from their little instrumental break and then we're going to have a chromatic descent from the 13th fret of the g string that last bit was and then minor triad on the 11th on the e so the courts here I'm just going to go ahead and show you them all and then I'll play it for you so there's the minor triad on the 11th fret of the E major triad and then we have 13 11 8 and then a regular diminished on the 13th so that section goes like this little descent there and then that's eight six two nine eight major first inversion on the 10 major on the 14 and then this is the first modification for the six string we're going to play the open D string and then go to a minor first inversion on the second fret through seven and eight string guys you can play the fifth fret of the a string and play your minor first inversion on the seventh fret of your B string I believe that is next section and diminished first inversion on the floor and we've got three for four to a major seven on second fret and we've got six for six to a major first inversion and a chromatic ascent this next section is kind of weird but your ring finger is going to stay planted on the seventh fret of the e-string and we've got a bunch of chords based around that so this first one is a minor with the major seven lifts up to go to a regular minor then you go back lift up to do a diminished first inversion major diminished and finally a minor on the major on the seven major on the nine major seven on the three major seven on the two and then it starts over but for that chromatic ascent instead of going to the third fret and instead of going up we're gonna go down so that's four three four three one three minor major seven on the four minor first inversion on the six then we're going to do a diminished first inversion to a regular diminished all right and then this variation here so that's five three five same shape to move down a fret so we have a chromatic ascent from the second fret minor descent and then here's the modification for the six string we got to play inverted power chords on the sixth and fourth fret just like that for everyone else you're just going to play that diminished first inversion on the second fret two and one minor on the four diminished on five and then four five three little ascent here to a diminished first inversion on the six same shape going down major on the six and then at this point in the play through I actually go to the other guitarists part which is this just because that's fun to play so that starts on the tenth fret of the g string down a half step but the other guitarist at that point after the major chord plays a diminished first inversion on the seven come up to the 8th fret with your pointer finger I think right here is where switches to is clean tone you're gonna play a major seven and you're gonna keep your pointer finger here but you want to stretch your pinky to the twelfth fret you're gonna pick the twelfth fret and use your ring finger to pluck the g string to play the eighth fret and seven nine then end with a minor triad on the 11th fret and then down to some kind of minor seven major sound I don't know okay so at this point it starts with eleven ten – ten nine and then the seventh chord this 12 11 and 10 10 8 10 strum that again and then eight seven nine nine eight nine ten you come back here but instead of going down we're gonna come up to twelve eleven eleven and then the whole thing starts over then there's a melody that plays over top of that I'm just gonna play it really slow for you but it starts on the tenth fret and does a major seven descent ten to twelve and tend to octave 11 okay then you do the major set and descent again 10 12 octave and a chromatic descent and then we're gonna slide up to the 16th fret to the 15 and then it starts over you play all that and then when it ends we're gonna play that 9 8 9 7 and then we're going to pluck the open D string and use our middle and ring finger to pluck the B in the E string then we come down and play this melody for three for three and we're gonna play octaves on the g string starting on the 11th but we're gonna pick the root note with our pick and we're going to use our ring finger to pick the high E string to that point ten twelve ten nine seven nine eight nine eight six and there's a really long instrumental and you're gonna come back in with octaves on the first fret of the E string second fret third fret so now you want to put your distortion back on we're gonna play from eight to ten and then we're gonna string Bend from the nine to the eleven and then we're going back and forth from nine eleven and thirteen to eight this next section I'm actually not 100% sure if this is right it's kind of one of the messy sections but I think this is right it's second fret on the E and third fret on the D second on the e second fret on the D and then third and third on the E and octaves on the a one three one two we've got a minor second inversion on the sixth fret at the pinkie to make it a major minor first inversion on the seven and then an inverted power chord on the six six and eight alright and then the solo I'll just go ahead and play really slow at this point there are two different licks that they play here the first one repeats the riff it goes like this and it leads back into the the solo again the second one ends it and it goes like this so then we're in the finale this last bit is really tricky for you seven and eight string guys it's basically a diminished pattern that's sort of rising oh you want to play that an octave lower so you got to go from that to D but since we don't have that lower D on the sixth string guitar we're gonna simulate that by playing the a and the D with the palm you and then we have a series of triplets 4 – 5 4 3 2 1 and another triplet 5 2 3 then this descent 5 3 and a chromatic ascent from the second fret and another descent and speed picking starting on the third fret you 2 & 5 3 & 4 4 2 4 inverted power chord on the fifth fret and then for a six string guys we're going to end for the seven and eight string guys I think you're actually supposed to add your pinkie to that fourth fret on the B string I don't even think you need that there you just need the first and third yeah that's how you blame you

How to Make an Attractive City

كيف نصنع مدن جذابة المدن لها أهمية كبيرة بشكل عام، كلنا بحاجة للعيش فيهم يجب علينا أن نسعى بشكل دؤب لنحسن بنائهم هناك عدد قليل من المدن على مايرام قليلة جداً .. جداً من الآف المدن هي المدن الجميلة بحق بشكل مخجل، المدن الأكثر جاذبية تيمل إلى القِدم شئ غريب لأننا أفضل بصناعة الآشياء الآن سيارات .. طائرات .. أو هواتف لماذا المدن إذاً؟ من الجنوني الرضى عن هذا الشئ وترك شئ بهذه الأهمية للفرصة يجب أن نخوض بشكل علمي ونعرّف المبادئ التى تحدد كيف يمكن لمدينة أن تكون جميلة أو قبيحة إنه ليس بلغز بأننا نفضل بعض المدن عن أخرى هذا بيان عن كيفية بناء مدن جذابة؟ هناك ستة أشياء رئيسية تحتاج أي مدينة النجاح بتحقيقها ١. ليست فوضوية جداً … ليست منظمة جداً أحد الأشياء التي نحبها في المدن هو النظام النظام يعني التوازن .. التناظر .. والتكرار يعني أن نفس الشئ يحصل بشكل متكرر وأن الجهة اليسرى تطابق الجهة اليمنى النظام هو أحد الأسباب أن عدد كبير من الناس يحبون باريس ولكن معظم المدن الأخرى عبارة عن فوضى عارمة عندما تعم الفوضى يظهر أن ليس هناك مسؤول وهذا شيء مقلق إنه مروع عندما يكون كل شئ مضطرب سقف مائل بجوار سقف مسطح صندوق بشكل هندسي صارخ بجوار مواقف سيارات مشوشة أبراج عالية تظهر كأنها وضِعت بشكل عشوائي كالأسنان في فمٍ متثائب بشكل عام، نحن لدينا رغبة داخلية لتقويم الأشياء وعندما لا نستطيع، نشعر بالإحباط هذا الشعور يتكرر عندما ننظر إلى المدن في الغالب، نحن لا نمانع ناطحات السحاب في المدن بل نمانع ناطحات السحاب التي تُسقط بدون أي تخطيط كما نرى بشكل متزايد في لندن بعكس نيويورك أو شيكاغو اللتان تُظهران الأسلوب المنظم الذي نحب لكن، يجب أن نأخذ شي آخر في الإعتبار النظام المفرط قد يمثل مشكلة الإنتظام الزائد قد يكون مدمر الإنتظام الزائد قد يُشعِر بالجمود والغرابة يمكن أن يظهر كئيب .. متصلب .. وقاسي لذلك فإن الحالة المثالية التي نبحث عنها هي التنوع و النظام نجد ذلك في الساحة الرئيسية لمدينة تلتش في جمهورية التشيك حيث أن جميع المنازل متساوية في العرض والإرتفاع لكن في بوجود هذا النمط المنتظم، تعطى الحرية بإختيار الشكل واللون أو في جزيرة جافا في أمستردام حيث أن النمط صارم كل المنازل متساوية بالإرتفاع والعرض ونطاق الألوان مقيد لكن خلال هذه الشبكة، كل وحدة قائمة بحد ذاتها مما يجعلها في نقطة المنتصف بين الفوضى والملل وهذا ما يعشقة البشر هذا ما يجب على مزيد من المدن الحصول عليه النظام و التنوع وبالتالي كقاعدة عامة: إذا إزدادت الفوضى تصبح غير مرضية وإذا زاد النظام تصبح مملة ما نصبو له هو التعقيد المنظم كما يمكن أن تراه هنا كما هنا الآن، الأمر الآخر الذي يجعل المدن جميلة يجب أن يحظوا بحياة مرئية هناك شوارع ميتة وشوارع حية وبشكل عام نحن نميل للشوارع الحية هذا شارع حي في هونغ كونغ هذا مشهد حي في البندقية في القرن الثامن عشر، الرسام كاناليتو تخصص في رسم المدن التي أحبها الجميع لأنها مليئة بالحياة كانت الكثير من الأنشطة تحدث في هذه الرسمة نرى ساحة حجارين ظلال العمل قاسية لكنها جميلة إنه لمن المذهل أن نرى ما يقوم به الأشخاص كيف حملّوا تلك الكتل الضخمة على متن القوارب حياة المدية تحت العرض ونحن تكيّفنا لنعشق ذلك قارن ذلك بشارع ميت لأحد مدننا المعاصرة اليوم في الأماكن التي يتم فيها معظم الأعمال تبدو مملة وميتة منتثرة على نطاق طرق سريعة ضخمة حيث لا تذهب إليها إلا مضطراً لأنه ليس هناك شئ يمكن رؤيته كما أن معظم المباني المكتبية مخفية الهوية الأشخاص الذين بالداخل قد يعملوا على أكثر الأمور مثيرة للدهشة ونحن لا نعلم وهذا أمر مربك وخالي من الإعتبار لذلك مستوى الشارع ميت قارن ذلك بالشوارع التي نحبها جميعاً حيث يمكنك أن ترى أموراً حدث مخبز .. إسكافي .. بقالة التي تبيع سجادات .. حانة تبيع البرغر .. مكتبة هذه شوارع نحبها لأنها مليئة بالحياة بشكل متزايد في المدن المعاصرة أخفينا الحياة أصبح لدينا الكثير من الأكواخ والأبراج الميتة مرتبطة بطرق ميتة حيث بالكاد تتواصل مع بشر آخرين على العكس من الأزقة القديمة حيث ترى أشخاص يعملون تتواصل معهم بصرياً وهم يمرون من أمامك وتشعر بالإرتباط معهم المخططين المعاصرين أصبحوا مهووسين بإخفاء التكنولوجيا بدلاً من جعلها جميلة للناظرين اليوم، سنكون غاضبين إذا سمعنا أن خط أنابيب سوف يبنى فوق نهر جميل سنكون مليئين بالغضب لكننا نحجز رحلات لرؤية جسر غارد الروماني في جنوب فرنسا ذلك لأنه بُنيّ للجمال والعملية نظن أننا نكره الأنبوب، لكننا في الحقيقة نكره القبح لذلك دعونا نحرص على أن تكون شوارعنا مليئة بالحياة مليئة بأشخاص يقومون بأعمال يمكن رؤيتها من خلال النوافذ هذا ما يجعل مدن معينة جذابة للمشي الحياة تظهر للملأ الأشخاص فخورين بما يعملون وسعيدين بجعل العالم يلحظ ويقدر الجزء العملي من الأشياء هناك مبدأ ثالث للمدن الجيدة وهو أنهم مدمجين في الماضي، قدرتك على أن تكون وحيداً مع رفيقك أو عائلتك كان إنجازاً عظيماً مفتقراً على الطبقة العليا، أما الفقراء فكانوا يحتشدون مع بعضهم وكان أمراً مشيناً بمجرد حصول الأشخاص على المال الكافي، أرادوا بالإنتقال للخارج وإمتلاك أراضيهم الخاصة في العقود الأخيرة من القرن العشرون، إزداد عدد الأشخاص اللذين أخفوا أنفسهم بعيداً في فراغات خاصة وذلك كان كارثياً لقد أصبحت مميته، خالية من الإعتبار، مملة، ومسرفة جداً بحق البيئة مدينة مدمجة مثل برشلونة تستهلك جزء بسيط من الطاقة التي تستهلكها مدينة مترامية الاطراف مثل فينوكس في ولاية أريزونا لقد بنينا عالماً لا منتهياً من الضواحي الخاملة والميته مرتبطة بطرق عريضة غير مثمرة كل ذلك لأننا نؤمن بالإنطباع الخاطئ بأنه يجب أن نكون بعيدين عن الأشخاص الآخرين لكن في الحقيقة إنه الجميل الحصول على توازن يعدل بين التأثير بالعيش بالقرب من الآخرين في نطاق مرتقي لهذا السبب نحتاج مدن مدمجة عالية الإنتظام مليئة بالساحات والفراغات العامة حيث يمكننا التجمع جميع المدن الجميلة المدمجة تحتوي على ساحات لكن فن الساحات ضعف بشكل مريع نحن نستمر بتسويق التطورات بالهواتف النقالة، لكن لانرى أحداً بنى ساحة جيدة على سطح الأرض منذ عقود إنه ليس علماً خاصاً ببناء الصواريخ إنظر إلى ساحة القديسة ماريا في روما إنه فراغ عام لكنه حميم ومغلق بشكل كافي ليشعرك بأنه إمتداد لمنزلك يمكنك بالإسترخاء هنا .. بإحتساء القهوة أو البيرة .. بقراءة الجريدة أن تكون حول أشخاص آخرين لهم تأثير معيد للحياة على عكس الفراغ المغلق داخل المنزل هناك فن للساحات الجيدة يجب أن لا تكون كبيرة أوصغيرة بشكل مفرط أي فراغ بقطر أكبر من ٣٠ متر يعتبر كبيراً نعني بذلك أن الشخص يصبح صغيراً مقارنةً بالفراغ المحيطي مما يعطى إحساساً بالعزلة والضياع في الساحة الجيدة يجب أن تكون قادر على رؤية وجه الشخص المقابل لك في الساحة يمكنك عند الحاجة، منادات شخص يمشي في الطرف الآخر الساحة المثالية يجب أن توفر إحساس بالإحتواء وليس رهاب الأماكن المغلقة هناك مبدأ آخر للمدن الجيدة يتعامل مع التوجيه والغموض من الطبيعي أن المدن كبيرة لكن المدن التي يحبها الكثير، لديها أيضاً شوارع خلفية ومسارات صغيرة تشعرك بالحميمية وتسمح لك بالضياع نحن ننجذب للإحساس بالغموض والإنغلاق التي تقدمها هذه الشوارع إنه في الواقع من الجميل أن تضيع بشكل بسيط إكتظاظ الأزقة يُشعِر بالحميمة في سرديجون أو كولومبيا الشرفات بالكاد تتلامس يمكنك أن ترى جارك يتناول الإفطار تعرف متى يذهبون للنوم متى يقوم أطفالهم بعمل واجباتهم في مساء الأحد حقيقة أن كل أحد تحت المجهر بشكل بسيط لفترات طويلة تجعل الأشخاص ودودين بشكل أكبر لا يتخاصمون بشكل كبير يضعون وروداً على الطاولة بشكل متكرر هذا الشي يعجبنا، لكننا ننسى ذلك ونجهل كيف نطلب الحصول على هذا الشئ المخططين والمطورين المعاصرين يعطونا خصوصية عالية لأنهم يظنون أن هذا هو مانريد ولأنهم يصرون أن السيارات والشاحنات، التي بحاجة لمساحات أكبر، هم أهم الأشياء بالعالم بالتاكيد نحن بحاجة للتوازن بين الشوارع الصغيرة والكبيرة للأهمية، المدن كبيرة نحن نحب الشوارع الصغيرة ولكنا تتحول لكوابيس إذا أردنا التنقل لمسافات بعيدة لذلك فإنه من المثالي الحصول على جادات كبيرة، فراغات عريضة ومستقيمة، وأيضاً شبكة من الشوارع الصغيرة نريد مدناً تقدم لنا متعتان مهمتان متعة الغموض ومتعة التوجيه دعونا نفكر بالمقياس الآن المدن المعاصر مهووسة بالأشياء الكبيرة جوزيف كامبيل كتب: "إذا أردت أن ترى ما يؤمن به مجتمع ما، أنظر إلى الغرض المخصصة له أكبر المباني في الأفق" أكبر وأكثر الأشياء هيمنة تخبرنا بالأولويات الواقعية وليس المعترف بها في مجتمعٍ ما نحن لا نعترف بشكل جماعي بأننا نمَّجد شركة للأحذية الرياضية، مسؤول للضرائب، شركات النفط، أو شركات الأدوية مدننا على النقيض تخبر قصة أخرى هي مليئة بأبراج ضخمة مُسخرة لهذه الأشياء فقط هذا مُحبط قليلاً كبشر نحن لا نمانع الكبِر في الحجم بحد ذاته لا نمانع أن نشعر بالتواضع طالما أن الأمور التي ننحني أمامها تستحق الإجلال كمسجد جميل، أو كثدرائية، أو متحف نحن سمحنا لمدننا بأن تختطف من أهداف تجارية عدوانية بأبراج لا تجل الرب، أو الحب، أو الإنسانية ولكل تمجد شركات البيتزا وشركات الإستثمارات المالية ظهروا للوجود لأننا وبشكل جماعي قمنا بخطأ فادح لقد ركزنا على من يمتلك الأرض لكننا لا نفكر بمن يمتلك الفضاء من لديه حق السماء وإتضح في النهاية أن من لديه حق السماء يحدد ما ترى من نافذتك نحن نقترح أن الإرتفاع المثالي لأي قطعة داخل المدينة هو خمس طوابق لا أكثر أكثر من ذلك، يشعر الأشخاص بأنهم صغيرون وعديموا الأهمية لذلك نقول، قلل من إرتفاع هذه الأبراج وإجمع كل شئ بخمسة طوابق إجعلها مركزة، مدمجة، ومتقاربة كما يفعلون في بعض أجزاء برلين، أمستردام، لندن، و باريس تلك الأجزاء التي نحب بالطبع من حين لآخر يمكن أن يمون هناك مبنى ضخم لكن دعونا نخصصه لشئ مميز بحق شئ يمكن لجميع البشرية أن تحب الأبراج يجب أن يكونوا مستحقين لهيمنتهم يجب أن يكونوا متوازنين مع أفضل طموحاتنا وإحتياجاتنا بعيدة المدى أخيراً، إجعلها محلية هناك أشياء يجب أن تكون متشابهة في أي مكان نحن لا نتوقع أن يكون هناك هاتف فنزولي فريد أو دراجة أيسلاندية مختلفة لكننا لا نريد أن تتشابه المباني في كل مكان إنه محبط بشكل كبير عندما تسافر ساعات لمكان لتهبط وتشعر بأنك في مكان عديم الهوية المشكلة ليست بأننا نريد التنوع لذاته لأنه بسبب المناخ، التاريخ، والتقاليد الإجتماعية كل مجتمع لديه إحتياجات مختلفة، خصائص قوى وضعف مختلفة هناك أنماط مختلفة للسعادة طرق جيدة ومختلفة لإدارة حياة جماعية تشابة المدن مضر لأنها تظهر أين يجب أن يكون الجميع من الإرتباط بهوية محددة لفراغهم الخاص هذا يماثل إرتداء نفس الملابس في جميع الفصول أو التحدث بنفس الطريقة بغض النظر عن المتلقي يجب للمدن تكوين شخصية قوية مرتبطة بإستخدام مواد وأشكال محلية فريدة الأحجار الشاحبة في الجزء الجنوبي لقوس ملبري في مدينة غلاسكو عبارة عن مادة محلية ذات ملمس متوسط من حجر أشقر تكونت عندما إقتربت الطبقة الأسكتلندية من خط الإستواء أو حول كامبريج حيث الطوب المصنوع من الطين الأصفر الذهبي يعتبر مادة محلية تقليدية أو فكر كيف وجد المعماري غلين ميركت طريقة يعكس بها الشخصية المتميزة للحياة الأسترالية لذلك يجب أن تكون القاعدة هي أن لا تضع في مدينتك مباني يمكن أن تأتي من أي مكان أوجد أسلوباً معمارياً يعكس موقعك بالتحديد العواقب لبناء مباني جملية ليست إقتصادية مجتمعين، نحن لدينا المال الكافي نحن نواجه مشكلتين أساسيتين الأولى، إرتباك فكري حول الجمال والثانية، نقص في العزم السياسي الإرتباك الفكري هو أننا نظن أنه ليس لأحدٍ الحق في تحديد ماهو جميل أو قبيح نقلق حول من لديه الحق في التحديد نظن أن الجمال شئ شخصي غير موضوعي على هذا الأساس لا يحق لأحد التحث فيه إنه نازع ضميري يمكن تفهمه لكنه وسيلة فعالة للمطورين الجشعين إنه مصدر للراحة لهم عند التحرر من المبادئ الجمالية هذا يعني بأنهم قادرين على الإفلات بقتلهم للجمال قد لا نتفق إلى أبعد حد حول ما تمثله المدينة الجميلة لكن يمكننا التعرف على المدينة القبيحة عندما نراها ليس هناك من أخذ إجازة في فرانكفورت أو ماين أو برمنجهام بكامل إرادته وهناك أسباب جيدة لذلك لها علاقة بالإحساس الشخصي للجمال لذا دعونا نتوقف عن كوننا نسبيين بشكل خطير بالفعل هناك جمال، كما لدى سدني و سان فرانسيسكو و بارث و بوردوكس على عكس بعض الأماكن الآخرى الحقائق تثبتها إحصاءات السياح دعونا نتوقف عن القول بأن "الجمال في عين الرآئي” هذا عبارة عن هدية للثري للأحمق القادم الذي يريد أن برج قبيح العقبة الآخرى هي نقص في العزم السياسي لقد هجرنا تصميم المدن وأعطيناه للأغنياء الجشعين لقد تخلينا عن التصديق بالديموقراطية لقد واجهنا وخسرنا المعركة بين الحق العام والفرص التجارية كان هناك دائماً مجموعات تأثيرة قادرة تحارب لصالح التطوير القبيح لكن يمكننا أن نقول لا المدن الجميلة ظهروا عندما وضعت الحكومات قوانين صارمة وطموحة لتبقي المطورين الجشعين تحت التقييم إنظر إلى المدينة الجديدة الرائعة في إدنبرة والتي ظهرت للعيان بعد أن وضعت الحكومة قوانين واضحة لتقوّم عمل المطورين لقد كتبوا تشريعات دقيقة تفصل إرتفاع المباني، جودة التشطيبات، عرض التبليطات، وشخصية خط السماء هذه هي الطريقة الوحيدة التي تحصل فيها على الجمال لم يتركوها لحرية السوق، لأنه إذا فعلت ذلك ستحصل على فوضى عندما تتخلى الحكومات عن الجمال يبدأ الأشخاص بكره جميع المباني نصبح جزعين بشكل جماعي نظن أننا نكرة جميع المباني وأننا غير قادرين على بناء أماكن جميلة نصبح مهووسين بأعمال الترميم ومضادين لأي شي جديد وهذا شئ خاطئ لأننا بحاجة لأماكن نعيش فيها البشرية لم تبني مدينة جميلة واحدة منذ عام ١٩٠٥ عندما تم بناء البندقية لم يندم أحد على القوارب التي إبتلعها البحر الهدف من التشييد يجب أن يكون بناء أشياء لا تجعلنا نندم على الطبيعة التي تم خسارتها لأن العمارة مساوية لتصاميم الطبيعة يمكننا بناء مدن جميلة لكن يجب علينا مواجهة المطورين الباحثين عن الفرص وإرتباكنا الفكري الحكومات يمكنهم صناعة الجمال فقط إذا كان لديهم دعم كافي من العامة العزم السياسي في النهاية عبارة عن مانطلبه نحن المُنتخِبون لذلك قمنا بعمل هذا الفليم بأمل تنبيهك بقوتك كمواطن للمساعدة في تشريع مدن جميلة للمستقبل هذه هي القوانين الست والآن هو الوقت للقتال لتطبيقها

how to use construct 2 ep 1: basics

hello everybody my name is guzo 9000 and I'm going to talk about this software construct – because it is the best software on the porridge for making video games if you're a newbie video game designer who doesn't like doing this watch you don't like doing this wait for it wait for it you don't like doing wait wait for it wait opening wait a sec stuff in it yeah okay open up open up open the document okay okay yeah and when you don't like doing exactly this oh that's stupid a flaw doesn't make sense huh so Tommy closed us if I was ever like reminding okay discard so it's very easy to crazy Oh games custom doing so first off all you want to do is going to open up the coach for you because that's extremely obvious hopefully you're still here because I'm going to teach you some pretty useful things so I'll construct – I forgot to tell you this so if you deconstruct – on Steam just search up construct – on steam or you can somehow find on the internet I heard you can do that out on ourselves this is disturbed sheet right here it does not matter my wannabe properties bar add the property bar after I start with properties ball with you were here so well you I'm project examples it show some pretty cool project examples like whoa all this examples and these are two good example denying that so all you will do is you want to exit out that open up a new project or open you can name it i'ma call this one blob Wars so Catholics on garibai 0.1 or kids 0.1 okay so description dude you don't have to follow this you can just do whatever you want to this you know 9000 cuz that's my name there at because that's not my gmail it isn't believe me correctly and then burn and blah blah blah so first off with the basics windows sighs oh yeah this game so when you click background you can go to the main layout so if you're confused and stuff blah you can add or edit effects which you're basically blah blah doesn't matter we don't care about that Le'Veon do is view you can name everything but blah you can you can do you see these lines right here these are the windows size basically what the window is what people are seeing on the window and when you click the background you can do the size of the whole like level just pretty cool so the event sheet is basically like the sheet of code it's basic like any codes like very easy to do code so what you want to do first is enter to insert a new object a sprite a surprise very part because you can use characters or something so if you already made up like a picture record of the character on some weird website or like pink dotnet or something you can upload it or you can draw it literally from the software so I'm gonna draw a huge blob i'ma call him Bob gggggg Jude looks like a a slime I could do like blob blob moon because he's very green and bloody voila there you go blob man is right funny so double-click it to open it Perth tell you that crop it right there is very important so crop it so first off I'm going on this video I'm going to talk about main you know objectives of the like basically how to use it so first off when you click him you can actually add a behavior you want to add scroll to which is very important so the screen Scrolls along with your character you can add platform and if you want to do like a little slick a fighter where you have to clears I mean I'll get to that later but basically this is how you want to make it like a scroll along Mario type game so once if you like objects to nosh like a floor just do another sprite blah you have a green floor boom and lots of green floors that you can hop around on or come again boom okay so now that you have an area to jump on you want to click the floor and you want to add a solid behavior cuz you know so your dude is solid so like the floor solid so after that you can actually click play and guess what happens everybody it opens up in a new tab on up for some reason it doesn't work for me on a internet my internet explorer so it can or your an explore that maybe other newer computer denying I do but you know that's good for you but I use Firefox because it because internet different okay so after you did that I have like I got five minutes left actually I got like four minutes left so that's enough time to show you this real quick so if you want to make your character turn around and face the other area while you're walking to the left instead of just backing up this is what you do because this is also a basic movement so once you've got this is what this isn't one we're gonna start using the avenches even cheats extremely easy so you want to add an event by clicking that one right there you're gonna click sprite I mean you're actually no my dad forget that right now you want to insert a new object and you have to insert this before you can do what I was about to tell you keyboard and then you have to wait for seconds as you can see on the top two one boom now you can go to the event sheet and now there's a keyboard inside of the event sheet so open keyboard just click next and on key pressed do exactly this click to the right okay done because my characters facing to the right you have to do on right key pressed you set mirrored to not mirrored done this is very important because because I'm better do that to the opposite and it's going to be weird and if you try turning to the left then so you'll undo the same thing but then and you have to do left arrow okay done you're gonna add action to that sprite set nerd to mirrored so what that basically did was when you press the right arrow it doesn't mirror but then when you press the left arrow and it starts all walking your left and mirrors the reason we did the right arrow is because after you press left arrow if if you don't have the top one right here right here then you wouldn't be able to turn back so what that basically did is exactly this I'm walking I'm walking circles like jars around go the other way turns around goes the other way which is very very good when you want to make a fun platformer so that's basically all I'm going to show you in this video I hope you liked the video don't rate that stupid I feel like saying rate but basically subscribe that's all I really want comment if you can say cool though use this software someday my views right now please don't hate me for summary and the reason I didn't do anything bad to you you're the one who felt like watching my video so I really hope you enjoyed and all I really want is a loss of Skyler's so that right now currently I have zero subscribers you I don't know how you be able to to to watch it so that's basically it if you wanna make a game like lose hop hop up hop up go ahead and download this lucky papa make a boss so hope you enjoyed