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Luxury car Dealership wants to treat customer
like dirt, ends up washing his car instead This isn’t my story. It happened to my ex
classmates dad but it’s too sweet of a story to not share. His dad is a pretty wealthy guy and owns his
own construction business. My classmate always showed up in fancy clothes and cars. One day,
dad walks into a car dealership. He was interested in buying a Mercedes G Wagon. He went inside
and was ignored for almost an hour while other cuts were treated. Eventually a couple of
salesmen approach dad and ask him what he’s doing here. Sad starts asking about the cars. The Salesmen
were very dismissive and sarcastic in response to him. It’s clear they aren’t taking him
seriously and begin to leave. Dad becomes irritated and asks what their problem was.
They argue for a minute when the manager comes and tells dad to leave. Dad had just come
from work and was wearing slightly dirty jeans, boots and a Tshirt. He’s also a dark skinned
individual. Both of these factors probably made him look lower class in their eyes. Little did they know. A few weeks later Dad
ends up purchasing the car at another dealership. He negotiated free car washes for “life” as
he traded in one of his luxury cars. Apparently he was able to go to other Dealerships in
the area who Authorized the same thing regarding car washes. Dad ends up going to first dealership and
throws the keys on the front counter. He demanded a car wash. The same manager eventually came
by to object but dad showed him all the paperwork. He looked a bit shocked and begrudgingly got
the process started. Dad has been going back almost every day for car washes. He always
cheekily smiles at all the staff members with a crap eating grin as a greeting, especially
the two salesmen. They now just hang their head in shame and walk away whenever they
see him. Don’t become irate over 45 dollars.
I was renting a condo from a guy who at first didn’t seem too bad. I am in the military
and he was flexible on when I could move in and hours he would show me the place. I was
there for about a year and had to break the contract early due to new orders in the military
sending me out of the city I was in(which in the U.S. is mandatory for all landlords/rental
agency). I moved out of the place over a month ago now and as we agreed upon he would deduct
a cleaning service and the last months electric bill, so I get about 135 dollars less from
my security deposit, no problem, end of story. But this morning I get a text message from
him saying he needs 45 more dollars for last months bills. I’m at work so I see and and
quickly respond that we agreed to the 135 dollars and I’m not just going to give him
more. I’m busy at work mind you, and he gets back to me with screen shots of the invoice
for the bills and requests the money on venmo. About 10 minutes of me not responding because
I’m busy he proceeds to send several text messages saying ‘fine be that way’ and ‘I
should of kept the security deposit you GI blah blah blah’ the one text that actually
got under my skin was “I can’t wait until companies look your rental history up, I’m
going to strike you for non-payment of last months rent, that’s going on your credit report.”
All these texts came in under an hour after my first response. Well once I finally checked my phone I surprised
and quickly upset, I’m not a liar and have always paid my debts. So I take my lunch break
to send screenshots to the condominium board/property agency to report him for harassment. And the
women who was working is amazing. She was disgusted with his attitude and we talk about
my stay at the residence. I mentioned the floors were warped and in the kitchen is was
pretty bad in particular. So this is her idea really but she then emails me the city laws
on landlord-tenant relations and building code. So far I have filed two different complaints
with the city, one on him as a landlord (and human being) and being I’m already out of
the area don’t know if it’ll go anywhere. That second report is now going to a city
inspector to survey the condo on keeping up proper flooring, which to be honest I should’ve
reported to someone while I was there but I’m a busy/easy going guy who didn’t want
to take the time to start a formal inquiry and have to possibly move out for repairs.
He in all likelihood will have to replace a good amount of floor space and spend way
more money. If someone owes you 45 bucks, at least give
them a little while to get you the money. It may save you more then just what’s owed. Was five minutes worth 30% of your global
market? So I used to live in Deutschland, and upon
returning to fair Blighty (the UK) I began looking for work. Being a simple man of simple
needs, I quickly found employment in the marketing department for a medium sized industrial manufacturer.
It was a little below my experience level and qualifications but I take what I can get,
because I am a simple man. At the final interview, I mentioned it would
be top banana if I could arrive five minutes early and leave five minutes early on most
days, so I could catch my train. With a smile, my new boss (hereafter referred to as Mentirosa)
said of course – it’s only five minutes and I’d still be working the full eight hours!
Sin problemas, Anpassungburo, and welcome aboard! My first day comes and I ride the choo-choo
all the way to my new workplace, eager to begin. I quickly learn that the lunch room
is pure stank, senior staff put their name instead of mine on any trade article I get
published, and that our job mostly consists of extorting money from our own sales staff,
but that’s life. I am a simple man and so I set about my labours, glad to earn a crust. What really flogged my noggin, however, is
La Mentirosa calling me into her office on my second day and telling me I can’t leave
early again because it is unprofessional. I remind her of the conversation we had in
which she said, with her mouth, the words ‘it will be no problem for you to arrive and
leave five minutes early.’ She smirks and replies ‘maybe I said that, but is that written
in your contract?’ Touché, you big ol’ Mentirosa, touché. I
shrug and get on with life, because that’s life, but of course I start looking for other
work. By making me stay the five minutes, La Mentirosa makes me miss my train and turns
my two hours daily commute into a four hour one. Nyet друг, I do not want this. I
am a simple man and need my downtime. About two weeks later, the company goes on
a firing spree. One of those people fired is me, because I have been quite openly looking
for for other work. I am given two weeks notice and smugly told I am not good enough for this
place, and that I will never work in the area again because of La Mentirosas ‘contacts’.
As she snapchats this news to the rest of the team (I joke not) I reflect that she is
probably right, as I am a simple man. Among the other victims of the purge is the
regional sales manager for Germany. This is more important to the company than my meaningless
departure, since the company also decided to end the contract with their biggest German
distributor and so suddenly a huge part of the company’s core market is not active and
they have no salesman to find them a new distributor! Management panics until La Mentirosa remembers
that her despised marketing bandit is a fluent German speaker, and so the fun begins. She
asks me to step up to the plate. “Be a buddy ol’ pal, I didn’t mean it when I said you’d
never work in this town again!” I am a simple man, so rather than point out
that I am not being paid anywhere near what I could earn as a translator, rather than
remind them that they have just fired me and I am not their friend anymore, rather than
asking “is it written in my contract?” and then smirking like an obnoxious dingwall on
a high horse made of douche, I instead swallow my pride and agree to help out. It is here that the twin revenges, named Inadequacy
and Abandonment, make their entrance. Firstly, Inadequacy. During every conversation
I mention my job title; Advertising Assistant. When the friendly Teutons politely ask why
a lowly assistant is negotiating this kind of deal, I simply explain that the regional
manager was let go and there is no formal replacement. This is entirely true, but is
also a huge red flag for any serious company, especially well-established German manufacturering
firms, and combined with the temporary uncertainty regarding Brexit (which had been announced
only a few days prior) was enough to end any interest they had in becoming our next distributor. Secondly, Abandonment. As I am a simple man
I forgot to tell La Mentirosa that I had already received, and accepted, another job offer.
She was thrilled at the praises she was getting from management for finding a stopgap solution
to the catastrophic damage they had done themselves, and she asked me if I could actually stay
on with the company until they secured a new distributor, since I obviously had nothing
better to do with my time, being fired and all. I assured her there were no hard feelings
over my firing, and that I would stay to help as long as I could. On the day I was originally due to leave,
I held my calls, drew up a summary of where we stood (it was effectively a sad emoji followed
by a poop emoji), handed it to La Mentirosa and explained I was leaving to enjoy a week
of holiday followed by starting a new job in a different field. She sputtered. She couldn’t believe it! She
thought I would stay longer to help clean up the mess! They still had no distributor
and no sales manager for Germany! They were haemorrhaging money! She called me out, reminding
me that I had said I would stay, but I am a simple man and so my only reply was; ‘maybe
I said that, but is that written in my contract?’ Try to take away job? Quit in glory
This is the story of my wife getting pro-revenge. At 7 months pregnant, we knew my wife wasn’t
going to return to work after maternity leave. But, she had planned on working right to the
day her water broke. A few months before her due date, there was
a re-structuring of the organization, she actually got a promotion and a small raise.
But, her new direct manager was at the corporate level, and had never treated my wife with
respect in her previous role. Over the next few months, as my wife started
a very major project, she kept detailed notes of everything, to make sure that there was
a smooth transition when she went out on leave. At this same time, her new boss started being
excessive with micromanaging. It finally got to the point that the director,
we’ll call Patrice (because God dangit Patrice!), started slowly pulling responsibilities away
from my wife. To us, it looked like she was trying to position my wife’s role to be eliminated
when she was on leave. By law, they only had to have a comparable role when she came back,
not the exact same position. It finally reached a head when Patrice called
my wife into HR to formally reprimand her. Allegations included bad attitude, unprofessional
conduct, and out right lying to co-workers. After talking it over, my wife and I decided
to say “freak them”, and she gave her 1-week notice the next day. Crap hit the fan, and
there was a lot of questions, especially from co-workers, and management above Patrice.
My wife just said that with her upcoming leave, she felt it best to exit now. Then there was the transition meeting. She
called in Patrice, her co-workers, her leadership, and the vendor that was involved in the project.
During that meeting, my wife went through all the project plans to date, with a very
specific timeline of the project. This timeline included things like notes from
previous meetings of what was stated, validation emails from Patrice, requests for meetings
to which Patrice declined or simply no-showed. There was the introduction of the new processes
that Patrice put into place which proved to drastically delay many checkpoints. My wife told me that after the showing the
third example of late delivery due to Patrice’s lack of response, or sudden need to include
her friends in the project for “feedback”, it was apparent to everyone in the room that
Patrice was the reason that everything was running behind schedule and over cost. The last slide my wife presented was the last
update: the official complaints Patrice had filed with HR, with refuting evidence. My wife told me that Patrice was equally furious
and embarrassed, and leadership decided to pull the project from her. My wife left her contact info, and let them
know she would be available for consulting at “competitive rates”, finished her 1-week
notice, and left.

r/prorevenge – “Don’t pay what you owe? Okay make that DOUBLE!”

hey everyone and welcome to story time
my name is Jake and today we are gonna be looking at the subreddit Asajj pro
revenge where people tell us that best stories and when they got revenge on
someone or something they didn’t like if you know around here please do hit
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let’s sit back relax and enjoy some pro revenge stories father-in dangers his
kid to tell me off pins up calling the police for himself a few weeks ago I was
driving in my neighborhood playing Pokemon girl not while driving obviously
the end of my neighborhood has a poky stop that I collect items from everyday
as you get bonus items if you collect from stops every day this particular day
was my seventh day meaning I would get even more items and would start over
from day one the next day I drove to the stop got the items set my phone on
passenger seat and went home the road I was driving on was 20 miles an hour but
I was going about 12 to 13 miles an hour I Drive up a small hill and turn a
corner when a wild family appears including the douchebag dad
the wife her friend and the three kids walking by them stepped off to the side
of the road to let me pass but as I was going by
douchebag dad who had a young boy about 3 to 4 years old in one arm and holding
a Budweiser ball in the other important later actually stepped closer to my car
and yelled something at me being as I had gotten into an accident recently and
was trying to be as safe as possible I stopped the car rolled down my window
and asked if he was alright the conversation went as followed are you
guys alright why did you do that you see my family right yes what about them you
know you were driving too fast for this neighborhood right I should point out I
live in Illinois and while my car was being repaired from the accident I had a
loaner car with Wisconsin plates sir I was going only about 12 miles an hour
and the limit is 20 here I wasn’t driving too fast
well you almost hit me and my son yeah because you’ve stepped close to a moving
vehicle the only one putting you guys in danger
was yourself the douchebag dad looks at my phone in the passenger seat I don’t
know what the laws are in Wisconsin but here in Illinois you can’t be on your
phone while driving I’m calling the police
I don’t know their laws either this car is just a loaner I live here in Illinois
then you should know the laws I’m calling the cops have fun with that and
with that I just laughed I know I probably should have stayed but since I
didn’t actually do anything wrong I wasn’t taking his threat seriously I
went home and made some ramen to eat as I was sitting in my dining room I look
out the window and nearly choked on my noodles the douchebag dad followed me
home he was on his cell phone with the dispatcher and I thought I was screwed
about five minutes later two cop cars with three police officers po1 bo2
appear three who didn’t really talk throughout the whole thing I stepped
outside thinking I was done for the officers started to question the two of
us Opie do you know why we’re here I have a pretty good idea of what you
think you’re doing here but why don’t you let me know this
gentleman called us saying he were tempted to run his family over after you
got caught texting while driving and going way over the speed limit my mind
went blank for a few seconds this dude actually said that I had tried
to run them over my mind started working again and I said sir that couldn’t be
farther from the truth I was driving home from playing Pokemon go on my phone
when this man stepped close to my car while I was driving my phone was on the
passenger seat the entire ride home he’s lying
he nearly hurt my family arrest him now sir calm down we’ll settle this Opie
what was this man doing when the incident occurred
suddenly an idea popped into my head and right there on the fly
the revenge started he was walking with his family along the side of the road
carrying a young boy on one arm and holding a beer bottle in the other
that’s not true you piece of garbage sir control yourself as I drove by them the
rest of his family went to the side of the road but he actually stepped closer
to my car I think he got within an inch of me this is Bees he’s just trying to
protect himself sir if what he is saying is true you could actually be arrested
here not him are you sure that’s what happened
positive he got way too close to my moving vehicle holding a child and a
bottle of Miller Lite it wasn’t Miller Lite it was bud white
he cut himself off and tried to backtrack but it was too late all the
officers looked at him he tried to defend himself but then police officer 3
said something I thought I would never hear a cop say in my life sir have you
had anything to drink this evening the douchebag dad now very less confident no
they move him to one of the cop cars and gave him a breathalyzer test point 12%
just over the limit gotcha douche bag douche bag dad ended up
confessing to them that I was right and was arrested for public in fox and nation and
child in day German he is yet to go before a judge to determine if he is a
danger to his family the officer asked if I wanted to press any charges but I
told them no since he already had enough on his plate to deal with if I was the
dude driving the car I’d probably get like a restraining order on this guy
because he knows where he lives now cuz he followed him home and you don’t want
him coming back after that refused to pay the $600 you owe me guess what now
you owe me double as I transitioned out of the u.s. Navy about three years ago I
decided to sell my beloved Saturn view which was on the decline and bought a
much newer rav4 when I returned home I now had my shiny new car and wanted to
sell my old one to someone who I thought would take care of it I’m sappy like
that my cousin si was dating a guy who we will call ex douchebag I had met him
before and he seemed chill so i verbally agreed to sell him the car for $2,000
up front and payments when he could do so an important fact I’d for later is
that when you transfer the title you tell the state what you’re selling for
and get taxed on that we were discussing telling the state that I was selling to
him for less to lessen the tax I don’t remember why but last minute I decided
to tell that notary the full price I was selling for good thing I did after a few
months of sporadic payments and a really nasty breakup between my cousin and ex
douchebag turns out he was a serious douchebag surprise surprise the payment
stopped now I was hopping between my dad’s house near my cousin and my mum’s
8 hours away and college in between and takes around 10 months out of the year
he had missed months before so I wasn’t too concerned but after three months I
messaged him about the payments the conversation went basically as follows
hey Edie sorry to hear about the break-up how did you want to give the
money to me now now that see isn’t acting as a go-between I paid the money
if she decided to take it for herself that’s not my problem
the car is illegally titled in my name so it’s your problem now delete my
number have a nice day uh okay very dubious hi Anne and see did
Edie give you the remaining $600 yeah no hi ad me again they say they didn’t
receive it how did you send it I can track it down I gave her 600 it’s not my
problem anymore don’t text me again well alrighty then since he can get me for
harassment for continuing to contact him I decide for a little malicious
compliance I take all of the texts get a and C to agree to testify if needed put
together a list of his payments and dates the car title receipt which says
how much it was sold for and take his book to the local district call now as I
said I was bouncing around a lot which is why this took so long to be honest
but it took about a year for this step in which a lot of research was done and
apparently a year was the lowball estimate on the statue
of limitations anyway the biggest pain in the rear was making sure his address
was up-to-date he used his grandmother’s as a mailing
address and after he was served he moved again likely trying to get rid
of mail all I know when he was served because I received a message from him on
the day he was this conversation was as follows um excuse me
but I thought we settled this a year ago well sorry but there is still 600
missing and you told me not to contact you
so I already told you I paid I have to deal with 8,000 from my Dee and i and 7,000
from my motorcycle accident I can’t deal with this petty stuff if you take me to
court I’ll countersue you for stress and garnish your wages for missing work at
this point he’s trying to get me to tell him what I have on him that can prove
he’s in trouble I tell him he can find out in discovery
he repeats that he would be happy to pay if there was a discrepancy which please
if that were true we wouldn’t be here now would we then he started ranting you
have nothing on me it’s obvious you have no proof isn’t suspicious that si got a
new car it’s obvious where the money when I’m
not concerned about going to court at all I was just trying to save you the
time and money and blah blah blah eventually I just give up talking to him
and say that the court will handle it see you then he made it clear that his
ace in the hole was the fact that we had a verbal agreement show me I was signed
agreement huh huh where is it fun fact verbal agreements are
enforceable and si was there to witness her now he gets a month to respond to
the summons guilty no guilty etc then a second day is set for the hearing but if
he doesn’t respond it’s default judgment last day he shows up and agrees that he
owes the money and does not intend to fight her awesome the court enters
judgment for the 600 plus all my filing fees I did get slightly confused when I
got the news of default judgment because I thought he just didn’t
show up not that he didn’t contest it at this point he gets another month to
appeal the day after that day is past I gleefully message him again hi Edie it’s
been a month since the judgement and I haven’t heard from you how did you want
to proceed judgement was wrong I’m fighting it in core I never signed
anything that’s my defense and I will see you in car you didn’t show up you
didn’t respond to the letter which the court knows you received and you didn’t
appeal within the 30 days remember I thought he didn’t even show up I did
show up and told her I was fighting not my fault they processed it wrong I lost
a whole day of work and will be suing you for that too plus whatever else I
lose over this my parole officer and I discussed it what you’ve been told is
severely wrong I just stopped responding my next step was to file my judgment of
the county car make sure it would get signed after the judgment by the judge
learn from my mistake then file for a writ of execution remember again that
all these fees just get added to the total amount he has to pay turns out
that he moved some time in all of this so the sheriff just subpoenaed his
address from the post office turns out he was living with his new girlfriend
and finally the conclusion just last night my dad says guess what you got
mail it’s from the sheriff I’m like oh oh gimme gimme now I was expecting
something about that he was fighting the rare they couldn’t find him what my next
step was something what I didn’t expect was to escrow checks for the full amount
owed me I squealed in absolute delight I told my mom my cousin my aunt and will
gleefully have the checks cashed on Monday thanks y’all for reading that’s
why you’re just gonna pay straight up don’t wait for it because otherwise
you’re going to end up with trouble and make that double hey everyone I hope you
all had a really good day and that you enjoyed that video if you want to check
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Checking Out Microsoft Office 365

(bouncy, rhythmic music) – What’s up, guys? Lew
here from Unbox Therapy. Of course it’s Unbox Therapy! – [Jack] (chuckling)
What the hell was that? – What else would you be watching? What’s up, guys? Lew here
back with another video, and today it’s something
a little bit different. There is no box in front of me, that makes me very uncomfortable. I have the new Surface Pro 4, ’cause Microsoft sent it out to me. They said, “Hey, we want you to talk about Office. Microsoft Office.” I was like Office? What do you mean? Everybody knows about Office. You got Word, you got Excel. What else you got, Jack? Powerpoint. You got all these
different things in there that many people know and love, but they’ve changed a little bit. This device is kind of a unique, hybrid type situation. A keyboard and a trackpad,
but also this tablet. And you can yank this off and then, look oh, it becomes a tablet. Like some other stuff on
the market right now, a pen. Compared to some of that other stuff, you know what I’m talking about, this one has a place to go. It can just, look at this,
let’s try this out right here. Here we go. (clicks) Oh! It doesn’t only have to
attach to one side, either. (clicking) You see how much fun I’m having here. Maybe you’re left-handed. Boom! You’ve also got forward facing speakers, something that is
surprisingly rare on tablets. Located up at the top here, so when you’re holding it, they are
shooting at your eardrums. A bunch of cool accessories, like this keyboard and trackpad here which turns it into almost
like a laptop situation. And you can see there, that
connects via magnets, too. It’s a whole magnet extravaganza here. Pretty decent tactile feedback here. (tapping) Boo yeah. Around the device you’ll
notice a USB port here, so peripherals are welcome. You’ve also got video out. This is a fairly unique
power port that’s on here, as well, hold the charger
up to it, clips in. And on the other side,
we have a headphone jack. The volume rocker lives right here and the power switch is in
that location right there. The cover is a kind of soft, microfiber type material. As you can tell, I don’t mind touching it. Jack, give it a touch. But anyway, this isn’t the reason that Microsoft asked
me to make this video, it’s actually not about the Surface 4. It is, instead, about the magical world of Microsoft Office, specifically 365. You can collaborate on various documents, it’s not tied down to a specific device or a specific piece of hardware. Maybe you’re on your desktop at work, or maybe you’re on your laptop, and those files remain available to you via both the web or the native app which is actually on your device. Maybe you’re like Jack and you’re typing out a recipe, Grandma’s Old Chili. You got to get tomatoes in there, you got to get the kidney beans in there. He’s gonna get it down in Microsoft Word, and then his friends,
only his best friends, will be invited to that document. Grandma’s old recipe for
chili shared with friends. Are we off the rails? I hope so. In front of me, I have Word open and I have a template there, which is the beginnings of a
resume for yours truly. I go over here, I go New, now you’re gonna see featured templates,
they’re loading up. I mean, there’s a variety
of them to chose from here. Maybe you like to kick it old school, and you like to start out blank. That’s where I start when
I’m writing rap lyrics. Head bobbin’, lyrics flowing. Now if I start typing something like, “This is Lew from Unbox Therapy. Need your gadget unboxed?” Question mark. Who wouldn’t sign up
for something like that? (laughs) Jack, on the other hand, on his screen– You may not have known,
but he’s collaborating with me here, and if you look over in the side pane there,
you’ll see that I’m editing in real time and Jack is
also editing in real time. Say something to the people, Jack. “Updates are available. Save
your document to refresh.” It looks like Jack is
using my cover letter as a place to store his grandma’s recipe. So, as you can see here, two 29 ounce cans of tomato sauce, some diced onion, tablespoon of Italian seasoning, see that’s news to me. But it also happens at
the same time online. If I launch my browser,
you’ll see it’ll be the same. So you see, you’re prompted here when they go ahead and open the document in Word, you either can
continue working online or you can go over to the local app. Now the reason there are two Jack McCanns over in the little pane there, is ’cause Jack McCann is editing online as well as locally. That’s the whole agenda here, let people into your document, let
people into your life. One of the cool functions,
that’s new to me, is something called Tell Me. Well here are some
suggestions: leave a comment, change how table looks, edit a header. What if I said, insert
picture. Oh! Really? And I can do an image
search right from there, or I can insert from Facebook. Okay. We have the chili pepper. How dare you! Okay, so now we’ve got a picture of me inserted, eating pizza. Let’s say I want to look up a term, and I’m gonna select the word unboxed. How about that? We’ve got something here
called Smart Lookup, you get a little more
information without leaving the document or what I’m working on. I’m a have insights over
on the right-hand side in it’s own, kind of, section here. Unboxed was an album by Sammy Hagar. Unboxing on Wikipedia,
and if I select that it’ll just launch me straight
into the Wikipedia article. Many places claim that
the first Unboxing video was of the Nokia E61 cellphone in 2006. Wow. We’ve come a long way. Single tear. So there you have it,
Microsoft Office 365. As you can tell, some cool
things built in there. Hopefully it can make
you more collaborative, maybe help you make a couple friends. And probably most importantly, help you make a better bowl of chili. If you guys enjoyed this content, make sure to leave a thumbs up down below. Thanks as always, for watching and I will catch you on the next episode. Later, guys.

How Overwatch teamfights fall apart after small engage mistakes – Seoul Dynasty vs. LA Valiant

Overwatch teamfights in Quick Play, they’re brainless free-for-alls
but in the Overwatch League, they demand precision engagements. Pro players are experts at punishing mistakes,
so if even the smallest thing goes wrong in the engage, the entire fight can fall apart. Let’s check out a map between Seoul Dynasty
and LA Valiant, where a bunch of fumbled teamfight engages cost Seoul fight after fight after
fight. It’s Seoul’s Attack on Anubis, and they’re
facing a Valiant treehouse defense. Fate anchors the top right while Kariv stays
safe in the back left. Orisa and Zenyatta lack mobility, but the
other four Valiant players can rotate between the two points as needed. It’s a strong, flexible setup, and keeping
the high ground is the key. Seoul’s plan is to sneak an invisible Sombra
onto the point to split VAL’s attention, before engaging together to break the defense. Timing is the key here! Seoul send their tanks and supports around
the side while Sombra runs down the middle. They need to hit it together, but Munchkin
runs in way ahead of his team, tipping VAL off to the play. Miro and Xepher throw themselves in to catch
up, but they leave behind Gambler and Gido – huge mistake. With no tanks to shield them from the Widow
and Junkrat, Seoul’s supports can’t push out without risking death, forcing the tanks
to fight alone. Without any healers, the Seoul tanks quickly
fall to the Valiant in the first teamfight. Should’ve stuck together! Because Seoul fed so much damage in the first
fight, Valiant already have two ults. Seoul have to wait out both Infra-Sight and
RIP-Tire before they can engage. Luckily, they have a Valkyrie and EMP coming
up, because that Valiant treehouse HAS to come
down. This time, they’ll have Gambler hit Valkyrie
for the chain heals so Xepher and Miro can dive Fate together. But on the engage, Xepher slips up. Miro jumps right on top of Fate, but Xepher
doesn’t boost far enough to actually reach the fight. This prevents Gambler from safely bring his
chain healing, leaving Miro to fall alone. Gambler’s forced to split off from his team
to Res Miro, wasting a ton of his ultimate’s value. It’s falling apart fast for Seoul, and their
only hope to salvage the fight is a Sombra EMP flank! Welp, so much for that! All right – this is the big one for Seoul. They’ve got a few big ults banked, and they’re
running out of time fast. They’re going straight for the point for
a big EMP engage, with a Transcendence ready as backup. As Seoul push onto the Point, Munchkin looks
for clean angle to EMP, but THE Valiant are too spread apart and hidden. Unable to engage, they wait on the point for
Valiant to drop down and contest. However, Gido somehow catches a ton of poke
from the Valiant and, to save himself, burns Seoul’s backup plan. This is SO BAD for Seoul Dynasty. Seoul popping their Transcendence starts a
countdown. As soon as Gido’s Trance ends, LA can safely
engage with their own. Space drops in and Munchkin finally pops his
EMP, but it doesn’t catch many. Fleta got picked right before the EMP even
hit, so Seoul don’t even have any followup damage. LA reengage with their own Trance, and the
teamfight is chaos. Seoul actually win the advantage at the start,
with Munchkin de-meching Space, and Xepher finding a big bomb on Fate. But, while the LA tanks are down, the DPS
are still safe on the high ground, and are still dealing a TON of damage. Munchkin gets picked by Soon, and Agilities
finds a huge RIP-Tire on both Seoul supports. At this point, the fight’s lost for Seoul
and they need to regroup with the little time they have left. But instead of retreating, Xepher and Miro
choose to dive after Valiant’s backline. They completely ignore Custa, letting him
walk up for a free Res on Fate. At this point, it’s a 6v3 for LA, and they
proceed to brutally stagger the Seoul players, burning their time bank into the single digits. Seoul had plenty of chances to engage a clean
teamfight, but after a bunch of fumbles, they’re out of chances. They’re forced to throw themselves onto the
Point, but with only seconds left, they get wiped one last time and fail to ever break
Valiant’s defense.

Why the Oneplus 7T is a far better deal than the Oneplus 7T Pro? Unless.. | Pros and cons explained!

September 26th is the date that Oneplus
is going to announce the Oneplus 7T and 7T Pro along with the Oneplus TV. Just within three months from the launch of the much-hyped Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro, here we are again ready for the launch of two more Oneplus flagships. But this time, I think the Oneplus 7T makes a lot more sense than the Oneplus 7T Pro. Here are the reasons why! To understand why I say that the Oneplus 7T would be a far better deal than the Oneplus 7T Pro, we need to look at the Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro. That’s because, the ‘T’ lineup of phones from Oneplus have very few incremental updates from the regular lineup that they launched in March of every year. The 7T and 7T Pro are no different with updated Snapdragon 855 processor and slightly different camera design. Now, comparing the 7 and 7 pro, there were three distinct advantages that the 7 Pro had over the regular 7 for the higher price tag. The design, the higher refresh rate screen, and the camera. The Oneplus 7T and 7T pro are going to retain the design of the Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 pro, with minor changes to the back camera layout. In my personal opinion, this would mean that the Oneplus 7T is better than the Pro model because there are no curved edges and also no moving parts in the 7T which is going to be far more durable than the 7T Pro. So, design-wise unless you absolutely want the fully bezel as display and ready to give up on the durability, then the 7T is far better. There rumors have suggested that the Oneplus 7T would have 90 Hertz refresh rate screen along with the 7T Pro. This is a much-anticipated move but takes away yet another important distinction from the 7T Pro. Now, coming to the camera, as per the official tweet from Pete Lau, the CEO of Oneplus, the Oneplus 7T will have a triple back camera with ultra-wide and 2x telephoto lens. The only upper hand that the 7T Pro has above the seventies camera is the 3 times zoom telephoto lens. But anyway, the camera was never the strong point of Oneplus phones and if I had the budget for the Oneplus 7T Pro and wanted the best-in-class camera I would rather go with phones like Pixel 3A or Galaxy S10e. So let’s do the windup. the Oneplus 7T is going to be priced somewhere around Rs 35,000 and will be released later in the European Union for an equivalent of 500 to 550 US dollars. The Oneplus 7T pro, on the other hand, is rumored to be priced at the same price of the Oneplus 7 pro. As explained earlier, the distinctive advantages that the Oneplus 7 Pro had over the Oneplus 7 are diminished in the 7T Pro and 7T but the 7T Pro still does have certain advantages over the 7T like the 3x zoom telephoto camera, a slightly larger battery and a variant with more RAM and storage. That definitely makes the Oneplus 7T a
compelling option especially at that price. But the question is is the Oneplus 7T Pro worth spending the extra money? Hey, did you feel that the names Oneplus
7T and 7T Pro sound like Oneplus 70 and 70 Pro?

r/prorevenge | Refuse To Pay Me? Lose ALL Your Business…

You signed the lease, you have to follow it
– Malicious Compliance and Pro Revenge OCXL
This will be a long one. It involves both r/MaliciousCompliance and r/ProRevenge in
one story. The compliance and revenge were not my doing, but it was done in my name.
I just kind of sat back and watched the events unfold around me when a government employee
stepped in to assist me. A few years ago, I lived with a roommate in
a small house. It was a cozy home in a nice area, but the crazy landlady didn’t like to
do repairs. This led to a lot of small issues around the home. Crazy Landlady was also,
well, crazy. We would find notes and boxes of chocolates in our kitchen every holiday
or occasion, times when she would just walk in when nobody was home and without notice.
(Nice and creepy at the same time, sums up how we felt about her our first year) She
would limit all personal contact with us, and stayed about five or more feet away anytime
we met her. She also demanded that we travel to the opposite side of the city to pay rent
in cash without a receipt at her home. I obviously objected to this, but my roommate was the
leaseholder and didn’t want to “rock the boat”. Her lack of repairs eventually led to flooding
issues that could have been easily fixed. The drain was clogged with roots and the toilet
perpetually filled with water due to a broken bobber. This combined to two separate major
floods. First one, it rained water into the basement. The second flood, the drain gave
out altogether and two feet of water flooded the basement. I woke up to being electrocuted,
smoke filling the room, and I had to fight through shocks to unplug everything. Here’s where things went downhill. We received
a water bill for around $3500, saying it was a final notice after failing to pay any of
the bill in the year we had lived in the house. Our water was shut off the same day. We didn’t
even know we had to pay water and had never received a single bill. My roommate found
a note in the kitchen, presumably from the old leaseholder, with the water company phone
number listed on it. We figured we missed it and prepared to take the financial blame
for it. We still had no water though, and it couldn’t be connected with an outstanding
bill. The bill was in my roommate’s name so we made a plan. Switching the lease to my
name (lease renewal time was upon us) would let us put the bill in my name, giving us
both running water and time to pay the old bill. We called Crazy Landlady, and she told
me just to sign the lease papers she sent my roommate. Unfortunately, my roommate had other plans.
He decided to take off, leaving me with a lease I couldn’t afford on my own. I did the
math and realized I would be bankrupt in a few months on my own without a roommate. I
went to the government agency in my area that deals with these sort of situationsand explained the situation. They said they would look into it and I left. They
called her and it shook the hornets’ nest. Halfway home, I started getting voicemails
from Crazy Landlady. (Note, I only text, so my voicemail was never activated. It just
says my number, then the beep, no name.) Crazy Landlady -“Hello 555-5151, too scared
to put your name up? How many people are you hiding from? You’re not hiding from me you
f***ing piece of s**t. I know Roommate didn’t leave, you just want to stick me with that
f***ing flood bill again. Well, guess what? I just called around and I had all of his
debt put in your name. Since you went to theto get out of your lease,
you’re f***ed. They’re going to make you give me both nickles you rub together… You want
out? fine, but pay the entire thing off. You owe me $12,000 by tomorrow. I’ll own you when
this is done you f***ing low-life. Now be a man and pay your f***ing bills!”(Exact transcript
from her first message, minus my real number and roommates name) The messages continued, each starting with
angrily repeating my phone number as if it was somehow evidence of my corruption. I doubled
back to theand played them the messages. This is where the hero
of the story comes in, I’ll call her the Maliciously Compliant Hero (Maliciously Compliant Hero).
Maliciously Compliant Hero called the water company on speakerphone, discovering that
Crazy Landlady had, in fact, tried to have them switch my roommate’s debt into my name.
They obviously couldn’t do that. (If debt worked like that, everyone could just pick
the richest person and offload debt to them without permission or authority) Crazy Landlady
even tried lying to the water company, telling them I was the actual previous leaseholder
but backpedaled after being asked to provide documents stating such. Maliciously Compliant
Hero called Crazy Landlady, wanting to try to negotiate a deal between us. Crazy Landlady
kept it brief and to the point before hanging up. Crazy Landlady -“You signed the lease, you
have to follow it. The lease states that you have to pay the entire lease out
if you want out. Either way, you owe me $12,000 and the water company another $3500.” I was upset, but Maliciously Compliant Hero
seemed even angrier than me. Maliciously Compliant Hero collected my paperwork and sent me on
my way while she went over it all. She warned me that the situation was in Crazy Landlady
s favor at the moment overall, but of course, I had nothing to do with the water bill. I
had already called them myself the day my roommate left, only to be told I wasn’t even
authorized to pay it if I could. Only my former roommate could pay. Still, Crazy Landlady
seemed heck-bent on transferring it. I think Crazy Landlady confused them telling her the
bill was in my name going forward with it was transferred retroactively. A few days
later, Maliciously Compliant Hero called me back to her office. When I arrived, she had
the biggest S**t eating grin on her face. Maliciously Compliant Hero-“Is this the only
documents you signed? Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive?” It turns out that the documents I signed were
not a lease. They were a lease renewal agreement. (I was young, it was my first lease, and I
didn’t know any better) As Crazy Landlady used this as the main lease document, without
attaching the original for me to read the terms, it was considered a vague contract
with no stipulations attached. All vagueness in a contract goes in favor of the one signing
it, not the drafter. Maliciously Compliant Hero looked at the lease Crazy Landlady gave
them from my roommate, same thing. Maliciously Compliant Hero called Crazy Landlady, while
I sat with my own s**t eating grin, watching in awe. I will skip Maliciously Compliant
Hero explaining the situation to Crazy Landlady and jump to the good parts. Maliciously Compliant Hero-“As the original
lease is not considered a part of the agreement, it appears that both of your former tenants
paid into various things that were not required of them. All of these fees will need to be
refunded. Key deposits, security deposits, the deposit of the last month of rent, fees
for use of the garage, and all utility fees. There is also no penalty for your tenant negating
his contract, though you are still entitled to keep the payment you received for the first-month
rent on the new lease as agreed.” Crazy Landlady -“What the heck is this? The
other agent said I won! Put your boss on!” Maliciously Compliant Hero-“I’m sorry, but
I am the supervisor on shift today. The other agent you spoke with didn’t have access to
all of the paperwork needed to understand the situation.” Crazy Landlady -“I’m not paying that low-life
a dime. This is f***ing criminal!” Cue the glorious line of malicious compliance
from our maliciously compliant hero: Maliciously Compliant Hero-“You signed the
lease, you have to follow it. The lease states that your tenants only had to pay rent. You
owe Mr.just over $2000, plus an additional $3000, as he has provided receipts showing
that he has been paying your electricity bill in his own name under false pretenses for
the past year. Since the lease is about to go into effect, you are also required to ensure
the home is in a livable state. By tomorrow, it needs to have the mold damage found by
our inspectors fixed, the water needs to be running, and various other health and safety
concerns need to be addressed. You’ve had nearly two weeks to address the concerns we
sent you, so we trust the will be fixed by now. If the home is unlivable at the start
of the lease, you will be required to pay for accommodations at a hotel for until the repairs are complete. ” And cue the pro revenge. Remember how Crazy
Landlady was so insistent on switching my roommate’s water bill debt to my name? I was
able to sit and listen in while Maliciously Compliant Hero called the water company to
do the impossible to Crazy Landlady. My roommate’s debt was transferred to Crazy Landlady after
thegave them the appropriate documents justifying it of course. Crazy Landlady was livid but reimbursed me.
She only paid me back what I paid her directly, I never ended up getting the rest back from
her. Honestly, it was water under the bridge to me and I felt she made herself suffer enough
already anyway. I knew she could afford to pay me back what I had just given her, but
I didn’t want to risk hurting her family over the rest either. The water bill needed to
be paid in full too, or it would risk her service at her own home. Though I skipped most of it to save time and
space, Crazy Landlady harrassed me numerous times during the two weeks leading up to my
lease taking effect. By the end, police warned her to avoid harassing me, the water company,
and the agent she spoke with at the, as each was Close to filing charges
against her. I never saw anyone in this story again. I assume Maliciously Compliant Hero
is still running things like a true hero at her office. Crazy Landlady never contacted
me again but told the neighbors and new tenants I was a lowlife who ran out on my bills (Funny,
since she still owes me money). I haven’t seen or heard from my former roommate since,
though I do hope he is doing well all things set aside. Crazy Landlady owes him money too
if he ever checks up on it though. I’m doing fine. Found cheaper rent, used the difference
to pay for college courses. Another layer of revenge, improving your life when others
want nothing more than to see you fail. Refuse to give me my money I refuse to let
you make any. I owned a sign company. I received a phone
call from someone at a local mall. He was opening a restaurant in the food court, the
catch was that he wanted to be open in two weeks for Black Friday, the busiest shopping
day of the year. I met with him and mall management at the same time so that we could discuss
ideas and get approval at the same time to speed up production. Got everything okayed
from his big, overhead backlit menu sign, smaller signs on both walls, and signs for
both registers. All in all it was going to be a pretty large order. I typically get a
50% deposit but the customer said something about international money transfers and the
mall management jumped right in to explain that payments were taking a couple of weeks
to process but everything they’d charged him had been paid. Because I had been doing a
lot of work in the mall and I was trying to help them get this guy open I agreed to do
it without the deposit. I did layouts, he approved them, I showed him samples, he approved
them. I got everything finished and installed the Tuesday before he needed them….that’s
when things went downhill fast. He immediately started complaining that the
material was wrong (even though he’d seen samples) and it wasn’t what he wanted. Then
he complained that the graphics were wrong (even though he’d approved them). He complained
that the prices were wrong even though they all matched the menu he provided. Wednesday
afternoon I called him again and his wife answered. She cheerfully told me that I could
take down my dang signs, they weren’t paying for them, they had ordered signs cheaper from
someone else but they couldn’t get them ready in time and as soon as they other signs were
ready mine were going in the trash. So…realizing that I’d screwed myself by
doing the job without a deposit I hung everything on the her little side comment that I could
“take down my dang signs”. Thursday I had a delightful Thanksgiving lunch with my family.
We watched football, we laughed, we enjoyed the day. I took my wife and kids home, loaded
up a ladder, and joyfully went to the mall. I’d done enough after hours work at the mall
that I knew there would be a door open somewhere and people in the large stores getting ready
for the Black Friday crowds. I went in, tossed my ladder over the restaurant counter, and
started taking down the signs. A couple of merchants in the mall asked me if the place
was already closing, I told them the story, and the next thing I know they are helping
me take down the signs. In 30 minutes the place went from looking like a fully opened,
ready to rock restaurant to looking closed. I went home and slept like a baby. When I
turned on my phone at 7:30 on Black Friday I’d already had 15 missed phone calls from
the restaurant owner, his wife and the mall management. I called the mall management and
they weren’t happy. I told them the whole story, they still weren’t happy with me but
they understood. I waited 15 minutes before the restaurant owner called screaming in the
phone demanding that I return with the signs. I politely told him that I needed the full
amount, plus the cost of reinstallation, plus an extra $50 for working on an off day. He
screamed at me….I hung up. He called back once more and demanded that I bring them back
and he would pay me the next week. I said no, I needed cash. He screamed at me again….I
hung up. I avoided the mall because screw Black Friday
but from what I hear it was comical. His entire backlit sign was nothing but lit up bulbs,
he’d handwritten a menu on an old box and taped it to the front of the counter. Every
restaurant in the food court was slammed all day and nobody would even take his free samples.
He closed mid-afternoon after realizing nobody was going to buy. He went through the entire
shopping weekend with no signs and no business. The best part was that two weeks later when
his new signs from India finally arrived….they were the wrong size. Screw you, Mr. Restaurant owner, for ordering
signs from me that you knew you weren’t going to pay for because you’d already ordered them
from someone else.

The Chairmen at Work

my name’s your sister they’ve been saving their house and equal in central forums alone my name is Ricardo sub-layer and I’m the head of leadership and organization development here for the group we’ve been persistent in here her life that the doctor had and archaic Eric good news after world of the Katie needs pigmentosa had oxy the bar the console’s anesthetic Blaine’s worth and yet addition enorm have the processor based organ delicious exact on factor percent and optimum and Sigma 3 percent but here at belong egg issue based is that it may have a focused of Minecraft and neato grandma barking the data can ears instance evil because to Tao focused on man oxy to develop our Cephas and or the focus of minecraft benek Vietnam and Linda Han and ornamental enter the found epic film me reduced in in life and full of my beer fillet and on a fan club and that is show could fool if it held that positive he died at my Soho open it bends of act of mercy station and a motivator hope the globular doorpost if supply – salmon women partner havoc the Chairman Oh cliff and that is a platform for selecting the mention the ignore couch an image here and you got involved in this initiative for a couple of reasons most importantly to help show to our employees that we care it’s part of our effort to give back for the extra effort and dedication that our employees have been given to this period of crisis they’ve been working extremely hard long hours under a lot of stress so this is our way to help them in one small way manage stress new leak on a phone click been and where it’s due in the master pay basic who belong Edition dimension platform to Haven so that’s we’re in a master baker mid individual to understand and being able to – in quality and in talent Acuna lat regime and that was – don’t get the Chairman applicable one of the key things you know with people with visual say disability or impairment you know they really cannot see too far and likewise we’re in a period where we are not so clear about our future we can’t see too far ahead and still we need to find our way followed and so I think there’s a good relationship between what they do and where we are currently and I’m sure there are many good lessons we could learn from them linked of the chairman Hill food inch PVC concave and being able to – and that’s there on the fungal accorded dementia and that’s oak earth come on we’re an exchange gonna feel that feeling mine

Amazing LifeHack – Dual Sim and MicroSD card working Same time (simultaneously)

Amazing Life-hack – Dual Sim and Micro SD card Working simultaneously For This You need A SIM , SD card, Gas Lighter, Super Glue, Forceps Cut The sim card If you have a micro sim or nano sim you don’t need to cut it Marking on the sim for the direction I need to glued the sim. If you do it wrong. It will not work Burn the sim card for 1 – 2 second with gas lighter Don’t over burn it might fry the SIM card chip. Remove the plastic with forceps SIM chip successfully removed. Glued the SIM chip with SD card. Remember the direction of the sim card. Its time to check the sim card if it is working or not Follow this diagram Glued the sim with the SD card as shown in the picture Glued the SIM chip wrong way sim card will not detect by the phone. You can use super glue. But you will not able to remove the SIM chip without breaking the SD card and SIM Use some alligator clip to hold the sim tight So there will be less space between SD card and SIM CHIP and it will help you insert it easily inside the phone You can use super glue but I don’t recommend it. Check the SIM Chip. How good it is glued with SD card DISCLAIMER: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, WE SHALL NOT RESPONSIBLE ON YOUR LOST OF YOUR PHONE or YOUR NANO SIM CARD or INJURY I am using using XIAOMI redmi 3 phone I will works it any other phone too Push the sim tray genteelly Both SIM card working With SD card Thanks for watching Like Subscribe

How To Create a Clean & Simple Audio Spectrum in After Effects Tutorial

hey what’s up everyone I’m Ignace Aleya
from Toleratedcinematics.com and today it’s the first motion graphic Mondays if
you enjoy my videos be sure to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon
to make sure that you get notified when I upload new videos alright so today I
will be talking about something really cool! We’re going to be creating a really
simple and clean audio spectrum in Adobe After Effects, many of you want to know
how its created. We’re going to create something awesome it’s going to be a
two-part tutorial but first let’s see the preview doesn’t that look cool? So today we’re
going to take a look on how to create everything in general so the basic setup
of the titles the audio spectrum the background and stuff like that and then
in the next part we’re going to take a look on how to add fine details like in
the background the particles and things like that so I would suggest that if you
don’t wish to follow this tutorial you can always go ahead on our website and
buy this template it also helps to support a channel so if you enjoy this
tutorial go and check out our website we have a bunch to offer so all the links
will be in the description the template actually includes a simple to follow
tutorial where you can adjust everything like the course and stuff like that
everything is optimized so it’s a little bit more advanced than what we’re going
to be seeing in this tutorial just so you know anyone that has any kind of
experience in Adobe After Effects can follow this tutorial so without further
ado let’s get started alright so here we are and it will be off your effects and
I actually prepared a few things that I already import it right here so first of
all is a music file which will everyone need if you want to use an audio
spectrum the audio actually comes from levite Oh beats he’s a great friend of
mine and he actually runs his own channel where we collaborate on frequent
basis so go and check it out he creates some really awesome beats and if you
want to use them you can actually use them for free and return that you credit
him in descriptions or even in your video if you’re that kind of nice guy so
I go ahead links will be in the description and then I also have this
image right here which I actually took when I was on a vacation in Spain and
this is Benny Durham so yeah without further let’s get started so I created a
new composition we can actually delete this so we can get started create a new
composition and this is going to be our main composition make it full HD in
resolution and 30 frames long make it as long as you want to and then click OK
then the first thing that you want to do is just drag in your audio file in that
composition you can actually see that our composition is a little bit too long
so we’ll just drag it right over here press M on the keyboard and trim comp to
work area okay and then once you’ve done that we can actually apply our image
right here to our composition and as you can
see our image is a little bit too yea big so what we will do is press s on the
keyboard and just kill this down like this right here
okay perfect a little bit bigger and there we go so we have our image now
what I want to do is kind of stylize my image a little bit more make it more
like a music kind of vibe like Spotify likes to do like a duotone effect and
what we’ll do is actually use a pretty cool effect and this is called Kurama so
we’ll create a new adjustment layer right here and this is going to be our
grading and our exposure okay so first of all we want to fade in our image so
we’ll go to effects color correction and apply a exposure effect to our image and
then just lower the exposure until you don’t see anything anymore like this and
click on the stopwatch ready exposure to create a keyframe you can now play a
press you on the keyboard to reveal that keyframe right here and then if we’re
going to move a little bit more in time we actually want to zoom in to our
timeline a little bit so we have a nice close-up 5 seconds 10 seconds and like
over 3 seconds we want to kind of fade it in back to 0 then 3 frames forward
I’m doing that with the page down key on my keyboard you can move ahead and just
decrease it a little bit move 3 frames for it again increase it a little bit
maybe this is a little bit too much for frames a little bit less and then a few
frames forward and then 0 desert and maybe a little bit less than 0 because
we actually want to work with text which will be white in the audio spectrum so
we want to kind of de expose our background a little bit so everything is
going to be a little bit easier to read afterwards perfect okay and now for
grading and this is on the same layer we’re going to apply the effect color
correction and color AMA and this is actually a really really cool effect you
can do a lot of cool things with this and but we want to open up the output
cycle right here and just and delete everything in here for the course and
then for the red we want to change that red color to a nice dark blue blue
ok click ok then we’re going to click over here and go to the pink color and
just create a nice pink color and we’re going to close this like this and
actually instead of pink let’s go for something a little bit warmer maybe more
towards this core and the blue can be even darker okay pretty cool so this
really creates something kind of a creative it doesn’t work with every
image but if you use like people you can do some really cool things it’s really
important that you kind of change or shift on the colors a little bit more so
maybe a little bit of blue here that we can add in right over here and maybe
darken it a little bit more there we go and then right here maybe a nice kind of
tinted orange let’s see beautiful look at that boys and girls isn’t that
beautiful so it’s so simple to create something really cool with Colorama you
can of course go ahead and do that in Photoshop but yeah we’re in
after-effects now and this is really simple to create okay so we can close
everything and now what we want to do is create our audio spectrum so we’ll right
click and create a new solid layer rename this to audio spectrum click OK
and then we’re going to go yeah effect generate audio spectrum for the color
for the audio spectrum we’ll changes to white so we can actually see it clear
right here we can actually see it already and the softness we can set this
back to 0 welcome back set this to say 0 the
frequency bands will change this to 175 and now what we want to do is go to our
audio layer and select our source which is the audio about that we already added
to our timeline the video waves it’s really important that you already have
it in your timeline otherwise it’s not gonna work then for the side options
we’re going to work with side a and that’s going to choose the top part and
yeah perfect so let’s see how that actually looks we can actually see that
well if we go a little bit more in time and in the beginning I think this is a
little bit to hide kind of D except a little bit
I don’t think that fits in my audio spectrum so what I will do is hold ctrl
and just drag the start frequency a little bit more to the right the reason
why I’m holding ctrl is it affects it a lot slower because if I’m going to hover
it immediately hits a thousand with control it’s going to move a little bit
slower actually shift is going to do the opposite thing where it actually is
going to move a lot faster then free and frequency something like 1500 and there
we go so now we have the nice animation our audio you can also go for the arm
maximum height and increase it a little bit if you want and I think that looks
pretty good okay so now what we want to do is actually move this start point and
the end point and a little bit more to the bottom so it actually is right here
but as you can see we have to move them individually which I don’t want to do so
I will do a quick solution and create a new null object and then just hit the
return key this is going to be our position Y for the spectrum so this is
just a reference we’re going to press B on the keyboard to reveal the position
for this one and then click on the audio spectrum before we continue this video I
would like to present you our website designed for filmmakers and video
editors to improve their workflow we offer templates presets high-quality
pre-made packs soundscapes essential graphics and much more if you don’t have
time to create something of your own or you just want to speed up your workflow
definitely check out our website with a link in the description below
and we’re going to hold alt and click on the stopwatch for the position of the
start point so I’ll click on the stopwatch right here now we’re going to
open the brackets we’re going to write a simple expression and enter value open
brackets 2 0 close brackets comma and now we want to just take our Y position
of the note and then we want to close or break it again so really simple
expression and open bracket value open bracket 0 close bracket comma equip the
Y position not to know itself but the Y position of no and then close the
bracket we want to copy this code to control C and just hold all the click on
the stopwatch for the end point and paste it also right here and now we’re
gonna you know what we can do actually is click on that middle we can actually
reposition this very easily like this for the audio spectrum I want to go back
here and a start point for the X I’m going to move it a little bit more to
the right because on the left side we’re going to add our timecode so for the
timecode I’m going to click on my text tool click over here and add a few zeros
like this and then just select your text and make it a little bit smaller if you
want to maybe irregular or medium text and now we have our fine code and for
the time code we’ll also need a little bit of a expression which I actually
already prepared for you guys you can download that also with the link in the
description it’s just a bunch of text that you need to paste in the right
position oh I already have it copied in the background so what I will do is
click on this arrow right here open the arrow for the text hold alt and click on
the stop points for the source text and paste the expression right here now we
can actually see immediately it works with seconds and minutes and yeah
perfect so just paste it and you don’t need to worry about a thing about code
or whatever so you can reposition this and there you go very simple okay and now we want to add our title
also so this will be the beats player and we want to make this bold and a
little bit bigger and position it maybe right here and now we want to duplicate
this text layer by holding ctrl and pressing D on the keyboard and then move
it a little bit more down go to the text tool select all of our text and now this
is going to be video waves with a which is the actual name of the song select it
and change it to a regular and a little bit smaller so we have a little bit of
variation going on maybe also make it a little bit wider like this and there you
go okay we also want to add like in nice vignette on the sides here so right
click new and add an adjustment layer and this is going to be our thing yet we
will rename this and very quickly and go to effect color correction curves and
just lower the curves so it darkens everything go to and the mask options
here ellipse tool and double click on the ellipse tool that’s going to add an
ellipse right here subtract it from the mask and then press F on the keyboard
and just increase the feather until it’s a nice soft blur and as you can see
right here this looks really cool we can actually put this below the grading and
this is going to give us a different kind of effect it depends on what you
want I think this looks pretty cool yeah now we want to animate our text in right
here so we’ll go to the beginning of our timeline and press T on the keyboard
click on the opacity set it to zero and over 5 seconds are actually over let’s
say 2 seconds we want to change this back to 100 okay then we’ll go to
animation and just to add a little bit of variation we’re going to animate text
also opacity and we’re going to do the exactly same thing so zero and then five seconds 100% and this is
going to be a different kind of opacity but we can actually manipulate this with
something different right here you actually see an arrow if we click on
this we can go for it selector and add a Wiggly effect to it and this is going to
wiggle or text a little bit as you can see it Wiggles on like so pretty cool
select all of these keyframes ctrl C to copy them and go to the beginning of the
timeline and click on the beat player and just paste it as well and now we
have this kind of animation we want to offset our libido a little bit so it
actually comes in beat player first and then the video comes in after there okay
perfect now we want to add our logo so let’s go back to our project manager and
import our logo to the composition go to align and center it right here press B
on the keyboard and click on the stopwatch for T position and go all the
way to the beginning and actually move down like this move to frame and two
seconds as well and then right click reset the position so we actually have
this kind of animation and it’s actually it has to be straight and that’s
actually the point going straight up like this press T on the keyboard and
we’re going to click on the stopwatch for yo pasady right here and in the
beginning set the opacity to zero press U on the keyboard to reveal all these
keyframes and line them up like this select the last keyframes and here we’re
actually going to add a nice easy in which is actually going to soften the
animation so go to keyframe Assistants easy ease and go to the and graph editor
right here and zoom in a little bit make sure that you’re working with the Edit
speed graph and we want to drag this in like so so now it’s going to speed up
and then slowly come to a stop like this and actually you want to do it a little
bit faster but that way you have a nice pop effect on our logo which is
riku afford a background I actually want to fade it in a little bit faster so
let’s go to our exposure keyframes wishes here in degrading and exposure
and we want to just drag this in a little bit okay here we have an
overexposure actually we’ll set this back to 0 and of course if you press you on the
keyboard for keyframes in particular you can select all keyframes hold alt and
drag them in to make them a little bit faster if you want to so that’s an easy
way to kind of tuck it in altogether and cool
okay so we’ll reposition my titles a little bit better closer to the spectrum
but that’s basically it on how to create the basic setup of the audio spectrum we
also need one more layer and this is going to be a solid layer this is going
to be our stroke and here if we go to effects and presets we can apply our
stroke to that solid layer that we just created as you can see you need a path
so what we’ll do is just in stand check this layer go to the pen tool click over
here and click over here holding shift so now we have a nice line and a mask
and if you go back to your stroke we can now select that mask right here so if
we’re going to check this back on solo the layer maybe we can actually go here
to the paint style and change this to on transparent and now you’re going to see
a nice line right here which you can make thicker if you want to but I won’t
do that so at the beginning of your keyframes and while the timeline we want
to go to the start and set this to 50 in the end also 250 and click on a
stopwatch for T start and and then at 1 second or plus/minus 1 second we want to
change this to 0 and this to 100 and now we’re going to have like a nice grow
effect from the center out first you want a keyword select the landscape
frames and again apply the easies effect and go to the graph editor and maybe
ramp it a little bit so if we zoom in here we have something like this going on and
this is going to be our beat player start up okay
as you can see it’s not perfect for the mask so what we’ll do is zoom in and
click on the mask and actually move it down a little bit and there we go okay
another thing that we want to do is actually fade in our actual audio
spectrum and our text here so click on the audio spectrum layer go to on the
text go to the timecode and press T on the keyboard change it to zero go to the
beginning and create a keyframe for both of these layers and then right here we
want to fade it in at 100% and this is fading in while this line is now growing
and now it’s really going to not attract its kind of an effect okay
I think we’re done here apart from that we can just duplicate this audio
spectrum and press s on the keyboard and change the size is something like
insanely high something like 500 and then move it up until we actually see
our spectrum again then move it in a nice composition and press T on the
keyboard change this to 50 at the last opacity when it’s faded in right here
instead of 100 change it to 50 then go to effects blur and sharpen Gaussian
blur and increase the blur so now it’s like out of focus we still have
something going on in the background okay pretty cool and that’s it so this
is the first tutorial on how to create a nice audio spectrum next week we’re
going to take a look on all the particles like I said in the beginning
of this video if you want you can go ahead on our website we have a template
ready to use you can easily change the cores and stuff like that so it’s all
prepared to be user-friendly it includes a tutorial on how to change everything
link is in the description and I’ll see you in the next one if you like this
video give it a like subscribe to the channel for more and I’ll see you in the
next one and good bye