Amazing LifeHack – Dual Sim and MicroSD card working Same time (simultaneously)

Amazing Life-hack – Dual Sim and Micro SD card Working simultaneously For This You need A SIM , SD card, Gas Lighter, Super Glue, Forceps Cut The sim card If you have a micro sim or nano sim you don’t need to cut it Marking on the sim for the direction I need to glued the sim. If you do it wrong. It will not work Burn the sim card for 1 – 2 second with gas lighter Don’t over burn it might fry the SIM card chip. Remove the plastic with forceps SIM chip successfully removed. Glued the SIM chip with SD card. Remember the direction of the sim card. Its time to check the sim card if it is working or not Follow this diagram Glued the sim with the SD card as shown in the picture Glued the SIM chip wrong way sim card will not detect by the phone. You can use super glue. But you will not able to remove the SIM chip without breaking the SD card and SIM Use some alligator clip to hold the sim tight So there will be less space between SD card and SIM CHIP and it will help you insert it easily inside the phone You can use super glue but I don’t recommend it. Check the SIM Chip. How good it is glued with SD card DISCLAIMER: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, WE SHALL NOT RESPONSIBLE ON YOUR LOST OF YOUR PHONE or YOUR NANO SIM CARD or INJURY I am using using XIAOMI redmi 3 phone I will works it any other phone too Push the sim tray genteelly Both SIM card working With SD card Thanks for watching Like Subscribe

How To Create a Clean & Simple Audio Spectrum in After Effects Tutorial

hey what’s up everyone I’m Ignace Aleya
from and today it’s the first motion graphic Mondays if
you enjoy my videos be sure to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon
to make sure that you get notified when I upload new videos alright so today I
will be talking about something really cool! We’re going to be creating a really
simple and clean audio spectrum in Adobe After Effects, many of you want to know
how its created. We’re going to create something awesome it’s going to be a
two-part tutorial but first let’s see the preview doesn’t that look cool? So today we’re
going to take a look on how to create everything in general so the basic setup
of the titles the audio spectrum the background and stuff like that and then
in the next part we’re going to take a look on how to add fine details like in
the background the particles and things like that so I would suggest that if you
don’t wish to follow this tutorial you can always go ahead on our website and
buy this template it also helps to support a channel so if you enjoy this
tutorial go and check out our website we have a bunch to offer so all the links
will be in the description the template actually includes a simple to follow
tutorial where you can adjust everything like the course and stuff like that
everything is optimized so it’s a little bit more advanced than what we’re going
to be seeing in this tutorial just so you know anyone that has any kind of
experience in Adobe After Effects can follow this tutorial so without further
ado let’s get started alright so here we are and it will be off your effects and
I actually prepared a few things that I already import it right here so first of
all is a music file which will everyone need if you want to use an audio
spectrum the audio actually comes from levite Oh beats he’s a great friend of
mine and he actually runs his own channel where we collaborate on frequent
basis so go and check it out he creates some really awesome beats and if you
want to use them you can actually use them for free and return that you credit
him in descriptions or even in your video if you’re that kind of nice guy so
I go ahead links will be in the description and then I also have this
image right here which I actually took when I was on a vacation in Spain and
this is Benny Durham so yeah without further let’s get started so I created a
new composition we can actually delete this so we can get started create a new
composition and this is going to be our main composition make it full HD in
resolution and 30 frames long make it as long as you want to and then click OK
then the first thing that you want to do is just drag in your audio file in that
composition you can actually see that our composition is a little bit too long
so we’ll just drag it right over here press M on the keyboard and trim comp to
work area okay and then once you’ve done that we can actually apply our image
right here to our composition and as you can
see our image is a little bit too yea big so what we will do is press s on the
keyboard and just kill this down like this right here
okay perfect a little bit bigger and there we go so we have our image now
what I want to do is kind of stylize my image a little bit more make it more
like a music kind of vibe like Spotify likes to do like a duotone effect and
what we’ll do is actually use a pretty cool effect and this is called Kurama so
we’ll create a new adjustment layer right here and this is going to be our
grading and our exposure okay so first of all we want to fade in our image so
we’ll go to effects color correction and apply a exposure effect to our image and
then just lower the exposure until you don’t see anything anymore like this and
click on the stopwatch ready exposure to create a keyframe you can now play a
press you on the keyboard to reveal that keyframe right here and then if we’re
going to move a little bit more in time we actually want to zoom in to our
timeline a little bit so we have a nice close-up 5 seconds 10 seconds and like
over 3 seconds we want to kind of fade it in back to 0 then 3 frames forward
I’m doing that with the page down key on my keyboard you can move ahead and just
decrease it a little bit move 3 frames for it again increase it a little bit
maybe this is a little bit too much for frames a little bit less and then a few
frames forward and then 0 desert and maybe a little bit less than 0 because
we actually want to work with text which will be white in the audio spectrum so
we want to kind of de expose our background a little bit so everything is
going to be a little bit easier to read afterwards perfect okay and now for
grading and this is on the same layer we’re going to apply the effect color
correction and color AMA and this is actually a really really cool effect you
can do a lot of cool things with this and but we want to open up the output
cycle right here and just and delete everything in here for the course and
then for the red we want to change that red color to a nice dark blue blue
ok click ok then we’re going to click over here and go to the pink color and
just create a nice pink color and we’re going to close this like this and
actually instead of pink let’s go for something a little bit warmer maybe more
towards this core and the blue can be even darker okay pretty cool so this
really creates something kind of a creative it doesn’t work with every
image but if you use like people you can do some really cool things it’s really
important that you kind of change or shift on the colors a little bit more so
maybe a little bit of blue here that we can add in right over here and maybe
darken it a little bit more there we go and then right here maybe a nice kind of
tinted orange let’s see beautiful look at that boys and girls isn’t that
beautiful so it’s so simple to create something really cool with Colorama you
can of course go ahead and do that in Photoshop but yeah we’re in
after-effects now and this is really simple to create okay so we can close
everything and now what we want to do is create our audio spectrum so we’ll right
click and create a new solid layer rename this to audio spectrum click OK
and then we’re going to go yeah effect generate audio spectrum for the color
for the audio spectrum we’ll changes to white so we can actually see it clear
right here we can actually see it already and the softness we can set this
back to 0 welcome back set this to say 0 the
frequency bands will change this to 175 and now what we want to do is go to our
audio layer and select our source which is the audio about that we already added
to our timeline the video waves it’s really important that you already have
it in your timeline otherwise it’s not gonna work then for the side options
we’re going to work with side a and that’s going to choose the top part and
yeah perfect so let’s see how that actually looks we can actually see that
well if we go a little bit more in time and in the beginning I think this is a
little bit to hide kind of D except a little bit
I don’t think that fits in my audio spectrum so what I will do is hold ctrl
and just drag the start frequency a little bit more to the right the reason
why I’m holding ctrl is it affects it a lot slower because if I’m going to hover
it immediately hits a thousand with control it’s going to move a little bit
slower actually shift is going to do the opposite thing where it actually is
going to move a lot faster then free and frequency something like 1500 and there
we go so now we have the nice animation our audio you can also go for the arm
maximum height and increase it a little bit if you want and I think that looks
pretty good okay so now what we want to do is actually move this start point and
the end point and a little bit more to the bottom so it actually is right here
but as you can see we have to move them individually which I don’t want to do so
I will do a quick solution and create a new null object and then just hit the
return key this is going to be our position Y for the spectrum so this is
just a reference we’re going to press B on the keyboard to reveal the position
for this one and then click on the audio spectrum before we continue this video I
would like to present you our website designed for filmmakers and video
editors to improve their workflow we offer templates presets high-quality
pre-made packs soundscapes essential graphics and much more if you don’t have
time to create something of your own or you just want to speed up your workflow
definitely check out our website with a link in the description below
and we’re going to hold alt and click on the stopwatch for the position of the
start point so I’ll click on the stopwatch right here now we’re going to
open the brackets we’re going to write a simple expression and enter value open
brackets 2 0 close brackets comma and now we want to just take our Y position
of the note and then we want to close or break it again so really simple
expression and open bracket value open bracket 0 close bracket comma equip the
Y position not to know itself but the Y position of no and then close the
bracket we want to copy this code to control C and just hold all the click on
the stopwatch for the end point and paste it also right here and now we’re
gonna you know what we can do actually is click on that middle we can actually
reposition this very easily like this for the audio spectrum I want to go back
here and a start point for the X I’m going to move it a little bit more to
the right because on the left side we’re going to add our timecode so for the
timecode I’m going to click on my text tool click over here and add a few zeros
like this and then just select your text and make it a little bit smaller if you
want to maybe irregular or medium text and now we have our fine code and for
the time code we’ll also need a little bit of a expression which I actually
already prepared for you guys you can download that also with the link in the
description it’s just a bunch of text that you need to paste in the right
position oh I already have it copied in the background so what I will do is
click on this arrow right here open the arrow for the text hold alt and click on
the stop points for the source text and paste the expression right here now we
can actually see immediately it works with seconds and minutes and yeah
perfect so just paste it and you don’t need to worry about a thing about code
or whatever so you can reposition this and there you go very simple okay and now we want to add our title
also so this will be the beats player and we want to make this bold and a
little bit bigger and position it maybe right here and now we want to duplicate
this text layer by holding ctrl and pressing D on the keyboard and then move
it a little bit more down go to the text tool select all of our text and now this
is going to be video waves with a which is the actual name of the song select it
and change it to a regular and a little bit smaller so we have a little bit of
variation going on maybe also make it a little bit wider like this and there you
go okay we also want to add like in nice vignette on the sides here so right
click new and add an adjustment layer and this is going to be our thing yet we
will rename this and very quickly and go to effect color correction curves and
just lower the curves so it darkens everything go to and the mask options
here ellipse tool and double click on the ellipse tool that’s going to add an
ellipse right here subtract it from the mask and then press F on the keyboard
and just increase the feather until it’s a nice soft blur and as you can see
right here this looks really cool we can actually put this below the grading and
this is going to give us a different kind of effect it depends on what you
want I think this looks pretty cool yeah now we want to animate our text in right
here so we’ll go to the beginning of our timeline and press T on the keyboard
click on the opacity set it to zero and over 5 seconds are actually over let’s
say 2 seconds we want to change this back to 100 okay then we’ll go to
animation and just to add a little bit of variation we’re going to animate text
also opacity and we’re going to do the exactly same thing so zero and then five seconds 100% and this is
going to be a different kind of opacity but we can actually manipulate this with
something different right here you actually see an arrow if we click on
this we can go for it selector and add a Wiggly effect to it and this is going to
wiggle or text a little bit as you can see it Wiggles on like so pretty cool
select all of these keyframes ctrl C to copy them and go to the beginning of the
timeline and click on the beat player and just paste it as well and now we
have this kind of animation we want to offset our libido a little bit so it
actually comes in beat player first and then the video comes in after there okay
perfect now we want to add our logo so let’s go back to our project manager and
import our logo to the composition go to align and center it right here press B
on the keyboard and click on the stopwatch for T position and go all the
way to the beginning and actually move down like this move to frame and two
seconds as well and then right click reset the position so we actually have
this kind of animation and it’s actually it has to be straight and that’s
actually the point going straight up like this press T on the keyboard and
we’re going to click on the stopwatch for yo pasady right here and in the
beginning set the opacity to zero press U on the keyboard to reveal all these
keyframes and line them up like this select the last keyframes and here we’re
actually going to add a nice easy in which is actually going to soften the
animation so go to keyframe Assistants easy ease and go to the and graph editor
right here and zoom in a little bit make sure that you’re working with the Edit
speed graph and we want to drag this in like so so now it’s going to speed up
and then slowly come to a stop like this and actually you want to do it a little
bit faster but that way you have a nice pop effect on our logo which is
riku afford a background I actually want to fade it in a little bit faster so
let’s go to our exposure keyframes wishes here in degrading and exposure
and we want to just drag this in a little bit okay here we have an
overexposure actually we’ll set this back to 0 and of course if you press you on the
keyboard for keyframes in particular you can select all keyframes hold alt and
drag them in to make them a little bit faster if you want to so that’s an easy
way to kind of tuck it in altogether and cool
okay so we’ll reposition my titles a little bit better closer to the spectrum
but that’s basically it on how to create the basic setup of the audio spectrum we
also need one more layer and this is going to be a solid layer this is going
to be our stroke and here if we go to effects and presets we can apply our
stroke to that solid layer that we just created as you can see you need a path
so what we’ll do is just in stand check this layer go to the pen tool click over
here and click over here holding shift so now we have a nice line and a mask
and if you go back to your stroke we can now select that mask right here so if
we’re going to check this back on solo the layer maybe we can actually go here
to the paint style and change this to on transparent and now you’re going to see
a nice line right here which you can make thicker if you want to but I won’t
do that so at the beginning of your keyframes and while the timeline we want
to go to the start and set this to 50 in the end also 250 and click on a
stopwatch for T start and and then at 1 second or plus/minus 1 second we want to
change this to 0 and this to 100 and now we’re going to have like a nice grow
effect from the center out first you want a keyword select the landscape
frames and again apply the easies effect and go to the graph editor and maybe
ramp it a little bit so if we zoom in here we have something like this going on and
this is going to be our beat player start up okay
as you can see it’s not perfect for the mask so what we’ll do is zoom in and
click on the mask and actually move it down a little bit and there we go okay
another thing that we want to do is actually fade in our actual audio
spectrum and our text here so click on the audio spectrum layer go to on the
text go to the timecode and press T on the keyboard change it to zero go to the
beginning and create a keyframe for both of these layers and then right here we
want to fade it in at 100% and this is fading in while this line is now growing
and now it’s really going to not attract its kind of an effect okay
I think we’re done here apart from that we can just duplicate this audio
spectrum and press s on the keyboard and change the size is something like
insanely high something like 500 and then move it up until we actually see
our spectrum again then move it in a nice composition and press T on the
keyboard change this to 50 at the last opacity when it’s faded in right here
instead of 100 change it to 50 then go to effects blur and sharpen Gaussian
blur and increase the blur so now it’s like out of focus we still have
something going on in the background okay pretty cool and that’s it so this
is the first tutorial on how to create a nice audio spectrum next week we’re
going to take a look on all the particles like I said in the beginning
of this video if you want you can go ahead on our website we have a template
ready to use you can easily change the cores and stuff like that so it’s all
prepared to be user-friendly it includes a tutorial on how to change everything
link is in the description and I’ll see you in the next one if you like this
video give it a like subscribe to the channel for more and I’ll see you in the
next one and good bye

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How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

So how many of you How many of you were raised perhaps like me where in your family? So how many of you How many of you were raised perhaps like me where in your family? Maybe there was some split How many of you were raised perhaps like me where in your family? Maybe there was some split mentalities around money How many of you know what I’m talking about? You know like maybe mom had a certain way of thinking and dad had a certain way of thinking So how many of you guys know who my dad is? My mom and dad got married when they were like 22 years old, my dad flunked out of college Right as a speech and communication major which is pretty awesome considering he’s like one of the greatest motivational and real estate training speakers ever right and His mindset because his mentor this is what his mentor said to him you want to make a lot of money go buy a rolls-royce Go get a big fancy watch and go get a really expensive car and a real expensive house And you will be motivated like crazy And you will go do whatever it takes to be successful and guess what my dad did He went up a big fancy car big watch. You know rolls-royce the whole nine yards and every day He was like this. Holy shit. I gotta make money My mom on the other hand Grew up in an environment with a few more kids my grandfather. My mom’s mom passed away when she was very young and she Immediately had to go to work at like 14 years old by the time. She was 16 She was working at Disneyland as a Mouseketeer You know Orange County, California, and she’s doing great But all of her money went back into the family So she would work only to basically have no for herself benefit from it so in her mind Every cookie in the cookie jar mattered you should be very mindful with every single dollar Imagine growing up in that house This one is like it’s not how much money You just need to make sure there’s at least one cookie in the cookie jar we could divide it up six ways and my dad’s like we should start a cookie factory and finance the entire thing Well, no surprise that relationship did not last long right my dad actually ended up marrying somebody who was ridiculously financially savvy And I think she’s somewhere inside the room who are you inside the realm? My my other mom somewhere inside her maybe you’re running around the room The bottom line was this I grew up with a completely messed up psychology when it came to money And it wasn’t until in my mid-20s when I met one of my mentors who he showed me something which I’m gonna Show you, the bottom line is this guy’s money is a tool nothing more nothing less say that out loud Money is a tool nothing more nothing less, listen if you’re a jerk money makes you more of a jerk if You are mother Teresa money makes you more mother Teresa It is just a tool, but this is what I know how many of you know someone that doesn’t have enough money, I Don’t know about you guys. I don’t want to be that person and Not that I feel bad for them or less them all I think to myself is That person was never taught what I’m about to teach you They never understood that your money is a tool and just like an app on a phone if you don’t use it and play the game right and follow the steps. You don’t get the results. It’s not how much money you earn It is what you do with the money that matters, you guys with me on this So I want you to write in your notes the following There’s been a lot of research on this and you’ve probably seen something like this before Especially if you’ve ever met with a financial planner, or you know you’ve watched CNN financial. They all say the same thing write down 5, 15 and 80. 5, 15 and 80. 5 percent 15 percent and 80 percent Five percent 15 percent and 80 percent and as all the studies show it Says five percent of the planet are basically generational wealth They have created generational wealth It’s not the top one percent guys somebody who is worth five million dollars Who has paid off their home and when they pass on they Transfer all that wealth over. That’s generational wealth you with me on this Some of them are worth millions some of them ten some of them are hundreds some of them are now billions But that’s the 5% the 15% write this in your notes. You ready. They are the middle class They got a house They got a little savings. They go on a few vacations, and they’re comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with that 15% But where do you think the 80% sets? Darcy the 80% 80% 80% look around the room potentially 80 percent of this room I don’t think so, but potentially with the numbers 80 percent of this room when they are older either A have to work to make money or B are dependent upon the government or their family to subsidize their lifestyle 80% 80% 80% some of your think to yourself my kids better be successful 5% generational wealth and it starts at five million dollars and above fifteen percent comfortable my in-laws are 93 and 90 years old they have a million dollar net worth there in that 15 percent, house is paid for that they bought for $11 300 years ago right in Anaheim, California on Bruce Street Paid that sucker off Every time I talked to my father law you see my Ford stock Right he’s not he started buying Ford stock like in 1948 You with me like I had a dollar that I had two shares then three shares, but over time guess what he’s in that 15% How many of you know someone right now though? That based upon their money behaviors, and their money psychology They’re clearly going to end up in the 80% Don’t point out him if they’re in this room and don’t like you know make them wrong, but I’d like you to consider Maybe they just never heard what I’m about to share with you So I’m gonna show you guys a business strategy for your money you guys have for that a business strategy I’m not gonna tell you what to invest in that’s not my role I’m going to show you ideas of what the very best people do, I’m gonna put it up on the big screen Which means the team’s gonna keep it here the whole time? And you’re gonna take detailed copious notes, so here’s the first thing. I want to show you This is what 80% of real estate professionals do 80% of real estate professionals They get a commission check and that check goes into their personal account their personal account 80% they get a check and it goes into their personal account they go home And maybe they say here honey, or here on by myself, and I put it in my account But this personal account is not an LLC an S. Corp a limited light You know limited partnership. It’s not a corporation. It’s a personal thing now. I’m not gonna Ask you to raise your hands if that’s you But I am gonna say this to you I would like to thank you for paying lots in taxes Thank you very much. I really appreciate you overpaying what you should be paying keep up the good work So what’s rule number one? Should I have a corporation yes, or yes? Yes, or yes? so check this out guys if you answered this, don’t feel bad I will teach this stuff at conferences And I’m blown away by ten people in the room 10,000 people in the room the number of people that go Yeah, I thought about doing that but like I don’t know like which one do I pick I’m no expert Here’s what you do you call your Accountant and say I think I need to get incorporated, which you recommend based on where I live What country what state etc? But rule number one is no one leaves this conference in 30 days if you are not incorporated And you don’t own your business and now your checks come to blankety-blank LLC not you personally Cuz now you get all the tax advantages yes or no guys But I got to tell you, this is what the 80% does and this is clearly bad. Let me show you What the 15% do. I Want you to draw this out I Want you to imagine a world, where and by the way? Did you guys notice the subtle little difference? This one says check this one says checks Because people that get checks Understand the following, I get the check it goes directly into my business account Right I get it wired in from escrow. I don’t get physical checks anymore the money Just gets transferred over, you with me Oh my a escrow company my title coming up won’t do it great get the physical check But it goes into a business account, which means now as you can see I’m gonna have four different Accounts at my bank Four different accounts at my bank. I’m get out my business account I’m gonna have my tax account to me three accounts Tax account business account and my home account my personal account Here’s the reality my friends if I if I can encourage and inspire You know every single one of you to just do that and then Follow the rule you ready write this in your notes above the tax account I want you to write down let’s let’s do an imaginary check and I want you to show you how much money goes where so at the top, let’s say, that’s a $10,000 check, just for easy numbers $10,000 check so all of a sudden $10,000 hits my business account and the first thing that happens is instantaneously 3,300 of the 10,000 goes directly into my tax account 3300 automatically into my tax account because some of you think when you get a check for 10 grand that you actually have 10 grand How many of you are in the state of California or New York or in the country of Canada You get a check for 10 grand, and you’re lucky if you get 4,500 That’s the real deal now you’re an entrepreneur you own your own business you’re gonna start taking better write-offs You’re gonna pay more attention to your accountant You’re probably gonna have your uncle Larry who’s done your taxes forever stop and actually hire a CPA who’s gonna pay attention? But 3,300 bucks automatically goes there then 3,300 or less goes into your business account and This is where I run my business a check comes in I’ve got marketing a check comes in I’ve got expenses a check comes in I’ve got my MLS dues Everything that I need to run my business every check 3,300 3,300, and then what goes over here 3,400 bucks to my home Now it sounds like you might need a home budget. What do you guys think? Because many times what do we do we get a check and we just start spending the money? By the way if you look at this the very first one. This is the the cardinal sin this is what poor people do they get a check and They just start spending Who knows someone like that say I? matter of fact the bigger the check the more they start spending and they never think about Debt reduction because they’ll do that later Because I’ve worked so hard and this was such a challenging transaction And that’s why I’m going to overindulge and over and spend on myself, and we know the financial rollercoaster. You’re actually putting yourself through this my friends is What the people do that take care of their money they know Uncle Sam or Revenue, Canada or Mexico? They’re taking their money. No matter what so when I commit that Check comes in I don’t say to myself I get it all it automatically goes there I leave a piece here, and the balance goes here makes sense so tell your buddy. Are you gonna do this yes or no? Yes or no Now here’s what I know look up here guys The number of clients that have done this and then I see them a year later And they go I have $15,000 and my savings kind of never had that but more importantly I paid all my taxes Like I’m on time and I have money inside my business account and it’s the end of the year and my accountant said I need to take a Dividend so I’m getting a big chunk of change at the end of the year. This is awesome Now I don’t know about you guys, but I like is anybody like nice things You know family trips vacations memories, holidays, you know maybe a new outfit The challenge is if you keep that psychology without requiring or putting in the discipline You know what you end up with a bunch of nice things and a shit ton of debt So do me a favor tell your buddy. Do you know someone personally that has too much debt? Anybody’s anybody inside this room Now listen there’s smart Debt. There’s bad, debt, and I’m not gonna go too in depth with you on this But you know the difference you know credit card, debt at nineteen percent is dumb Debt buying a house and getting a mortgage with three-and-a-half percent is really good debt So we all know the difference, and I just want you to be mindful I want you to take care of your money, but now did you guys get a photo of this? Did you capture it are you sure? Are you promising to do this? Okay, do you want to know what the wealthy agents do? This is what the wealthy agents. Do it’s a little more complex It’s a little more complex I would get it up on the big screen over there guys and take a photo of it, but more importantly I want you to draw the whole thing out in your notes Draw the whole thing out on your notes, this is what the wealthy do This is the stuff that no one taught me so all until Bill Mitchell Pulled me aside and said what do you do with your money? and I’m like I don’t know I just get the check and I throw it inside my account and I spend it like crazy and I never have any cash, and I’m always in trouble Draw this out So play a game with me you get a $10,000 check The $10,000 check goes to what account? to what account and 33% of it goes automatically where To my tax account because I don’t really have 10,000. I really have like you know 6,000 and change that’s the real deal so 3300 automatically here then I take another 3300 over here or less because I don’t know your business expenses But by the way guys here Marketing costs should be no more than 10% of your expected gross revenue Your marketing cost should be no more than 10% of your expected gross revenue So a percentage that 3300 is gonna go for your direct mail and your Marketing and your email and your Zillow leads and your Facebook ads and the prints and the brochures and everything else But no more than 10% No more than 10% got it? Because you’re incorporated now your car and a piece of your house and all kinds of other things get written off into or from this account so we like that but you might also have inside there ready guys a Virtual assistant an assistant well, where is that person gonna be paid from you got a check for 10 grand You didn’t actually get 10 grand you got 6730 3300 goes inside here now I can pay my assistant it starts to work like clockwork you with me, but you can see This is where it gets interesting Some people call this other account your investment account. I like to think of it as my financial hub It’s where the money comes in and then it gets divided again Now I’m not a financial planner nor do. I you know even would even attempt to be, but I’m giving you just an example Of what that extra thirty four hundred dollars could go towards So maybe you need because you do two deals a month you’re like I need Four grand a month to come into the home expenses So I’m gonna take you know two grand of my thirty three hundred or the thirty four hundred. Where does the rest go? Do you have a retirement account? Do you put money in the stock market or in bonds or whatever you believe in 401 K Do you have an account where you just put cash? to buy real estate Why not on every check take five percent of every check put into an account called cash for real estate And you just watch that sucker grow like crazy over time I’n two years, and also you’re like I got 185 thousand bucks in cash sitting inside that account I should go buy a duplex. I should go buy a four-plex. I now have the money to go do these deals retirement account real estate cash account I use this because I did it you know with my kids a 529 B account which is a college fund Cash account since we did real estate cash. What do we call this the fun account? The fun account you know the I’m gonna go spend this money on stupid stuff and Throw it away later and not care or I’m gonna take this money, and I’m gonna use it for vacations and holidays What action are you going to take in the next 30 days around this conversation? There’s no more information. That’s it? Tell your buddy What actions are you gonna take in the next 30 days do it right now? Okay thanks so much for watching we have a number of events coming up and we’d love to have you there Visit tom ferry dot com forward slash events and reserve your spot today

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Overview: Exceptional Optics & Smooth Pan/Tilt

logitech® What does simplicity mean in the context of technology. Simplicity is elegance. Simplicity means obvious answers to tough problems. Hi I’m David Zhai product manager at Logitech. In designing the PTV pro 2 we set the bar high. To improve one of our most popular video cameras. To do this, we manufacture our own lenses to create a camera with exceptional optics, brilliant resolution and outstanding color. The mechanics were we re-engineered to enable direct preset preset movement for an even smoother pan and tilt that captures all the action. Video quality was improved to achieve greater clarity whether up close or across the room. So every person in the room is shown naturally and accurately PTZ pro 2 is the smart choice for conference rooms,
classrooms,auditoriums and medical facilities or as the ideal complement to your existing audio conferencing system. Using the PTZ pro 2 couldn’t be easier, a power adapter and USB cable is all you need to get started. Just plug and play. And at half the price of comparable models, the PTZ pro 2 is surprisingly affordable. Simple yet elegant, PTZ pro 2 is the answer to all of your video needs. logitech®

Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR — Apple

Jony Ive: We have created
a new high-performance Mac for our professional users. It’s designed and engineered
to enable a wide range of uses, and virtually
unlimited possibilities for customization. Central to the Mac Pro design is a precision,
stainless steel space frame that also functions
as handles and feet. It is the structural foundation
for an architecture designed for absolute flexibility
and uncompromising utility. The space frame provides 360-degree access
to the interior as well as multiple
mounting points for a variety
of different components. Dan Riccio: To meet
the diverse demands of our professional users,
the dual-sided logic board is built for configuration
and expansion. ♪ Music playing ♪ The new Xeon processor
has up to 28 cores and can run continuously
at maximum frequencies without constraint. 12 DIMM slots accommodate
up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM for the most demanding tasks. And eight available PCIe slots allow users to build a system
that fits their needs. For many pro workloads, graphics performance
is critically important, so we’ve created
a new graphics architecture, the Mac Pro Expansion Module
or MPX Module. With two GPUs
in an MPX Module, it’s the world’s most powerful
graphics card. And Mac Pro is designed
to accommodate two modules with up to four total GPUs. To transform video editing, we’ve developed
Apple Afterburner, a programmable
accelerator card. It boosts the performance
of ProRes and ProRes RAW video, eliminating the need
for proxy workflows. For maximizing the performance
of every component, Mac Pro has
a 1.4-kilowatt power supply and advanced
thermal architecture. Three large impeller fans
quietly channel air from front to back, while a blower pulls heat
from the memory. This system eliminates
the need for fans on individual components, keeping sound levels
remarkably low. Jony: The thermal system
is enclosed by an aluminum housing
that slides over the frame and completes the architecture. Its unique three-dimensional
vents are machined on both internal
and external surfaces. The resulting
lightweight lattice pattern maximizes air flow while creating
an extremely rigid structure. Our preoccupation
with utility and function defines the design of Mac Pro. The stainless steel handles
and I/O ports are easy to reach, and optional wheels
help enable complete access while also making it easy
to move between workspaces. To complement the capabilities
of Mac Pro, we’ve created an equally
uncompromising new display, Pro Display XDR. A 32-inch, edge-to-edge panel is housed in a machined aluminum
unibody enclosure. The same unique and functional
lightweight lattice vent pattern also acts as a heat sink
for the system. Dan: With over 20 million pixels delivering extreme
dynamic range, Pro Display XDR
is the first 6K Retina display. The backlighting system includes
a large array of blue LEDs that generate
exceptional brightness and modulate independently
based on the content. Along with an intricate series
of custom lenses and geometrically-optimized
reflectors, this system literally shapes
and controls the light, achieving industry-leading
brightness while dramatically reducing
blooming. In addition to
a P3 wide color gamut and remarkable
contrast ratio, Pro Display XDR also has better
off-axis contrast than any LCD. Jony: The display magnetically
attaches to a stand made from a single,
solid, aluminum extrusion. A precise mechanism
in the arm counterbalances the display, making the height
and angle adjustments feel almost weightless. Allowing for even
greater adjustability, the display works in both landscape and portrait
orientation. With Mac Pro
and Pro Display XDR, we’ve created a system defined by utility
and flexibility. They represent two very new,
very powerful, highly engineered
professional tools. ♪

MARSHMELLO?! (Minecraft Build Battle)

hello hey welcome back bill battle Oh Baba's further on baby don't forget there is a like button that can't be smashed do it crab photos pyramid oh let's just make a big-ass pyramid because I want to win I feel like winning yeah and this is going to win yeah look at the comment we're using I recall that we did this once and we did not win there's someone else at the same thing and then I recall doing this like three times and winning every time I recall us doing this but then someone else did the exact same thing with a different color I think that you are remembering that we did not win is when you did not make it this simple you made it like – two blocks out skips one and then you put a stand okay it's unnecessary if you're just calculating just calculating the belt sure like I could just do this simple one block up pyramid there's a pretty low effort on the creativity-wise no I want to win the great pyramids impressive stuff definitely the Egyptians what happened I'll tell you what happened yeah what happened what happened to the Romans and Greeks they were so strong yet the Roman Empire fell why cuz Caesar got stabbed and then the Empire Falls I don't know man there have been many empires throughout the ages of time that all super powerful and then they fought such as the British Empire was super powerful well then why didn't they get up the British Empire was the biggest empire in the history of Empires and look at Britain now China brexit now they've got Boris Johnson you know what they say the bigger they are the harder they fall that's true that's true yeah what civilization is gonna be at the top this century imma give the 20th century definitely gonna give that one to the US definitely they see the power of the world biggest economy in the world they are killing and still are killing it but literally killing if you look at the numbers and the predictions I believe China is going to take over number one spot what does this mean I don't know I mean in GDP and stuff yeah they're gonna have more GDP as a country of course they do have way more people so it's not surprising that 1.3 billion people would have more GDP then 350 million yeah and what is the GDP gross domestic product and what does that tell us that's just how much money they have oh but what China does not have is a cultural impact no music no movies true yeah I don't know much that comes out of China besides tik-tok videos so then we want a beacon yeah at nighttime okay do it and some torches how do you make a beacon thingy again this has to be a pyramid three blocks under it just the 3×3 and I made it yellow smart fix the color bond okay pretty good feel like we've done this before we have yeah this exact same block – no same block okay maybe it was clay I don't know I believe it was red sand yeah but yeah cool great you think it's a yellow clay legendary color is gonna do anything oh yes you think it works oh yes proven after 700 episodes of build battle yeah it has now a psychological effect yeah so if we made this red we would get poop yeah made is purple we even get epic yeah yeah okay it has been confirmed the subconscious mind first one so small oh my gos we got a trap I mean it's a grave cool mummy dad is terrible Oh what is that where is the pyramid it is funny now let me give it to you that's true ah Homer why is the Homer here that is okay this is Fink's ah that's ours I hope no one's spawn under it let me see I don't see any nametags here and isn't working I don't know I think I saw one guy holding legend this is good nice let's go inside hello come here often no hello we got poop poop we're in the pyramid nope we do have a horse standing here beautiful that's a nice one let's go inside Oh lots of cobwebs hello come in off and loot the chests get it we had two moons with a bunch of characters well cool nice one that's a my own person and there's a sheep well pretty cool we got a version Sam temple well hey Cole Wow mixing up the two types of sands both normal and red sand and sandstone and red sandstone impressive and we got second place okay nice yep nice second round baby here we go hammer beanstalk card marshmallow train-station marshmallow i absolutely do not feel like making a little marshmallow on a stick so we are making the DJ well TJ marshmallow the last time we did this it actually got a lot of views yeah because coincidentally they decided to host a event in fortnight so that was a pure luck got a nice million views on that I believe the YouTube algorithm works in mysterious in the Konya we just make that video and then it happens to be just when they hosted a fortnight event and we got millions of views well let's hope they're hosting another one right now that's for tonight doing great they just had a world championship the winner won three million dollars Wow three million that's crazy three million dollars to one person I believe it was a team of two Jesus you can retire easily you can quit for tonight and just just retire why quit continue win more no you got a and hi always an hi haha leave a legacy yeah want to be remembered now you have a good point there there are a lot of athletes that keep playing though they're already old and then they end their career sucking yeah no one's saying and that's not a good that's all you remember or you know yeah that time you messed up and cost us the game that's not your legacy now you have a good point there Thanks but I don't think a 20 year old fortnight athlete needs to retire no no what are you gonna do anyway when you retire I heard a research that said that they concluded that people who retire early or die earlier yeah that's true yeah what do you attribute that to I guess if you no longer have work and you have nothing to do all day then you you have no reason to live why boredom kills possibly gotta keep busy sure so this build is not looking great Oh corner of the mouth needs to go up and do it there sure are a lot of DJ's that don't show the face yeah that Mouse who else mmm Punk ah well I'm sure they've shown it they just don't show it on stage yeah we all know what that must looks like yeah even streams on Twitch sometimes and now marshmallow excuse me so how's the build the mountain needs to smile more yeah and the eyes are too small or is the bucket too tall could be the case I'll shave some of the top we have 50 seconds oh no dang it it's not looking great oh oh and I don't know why let me see let me see from the front I mean it looks I think the eyes are too low or something well too late yep yeah good enough yeah I think people get the memo the mallow marshmallow please save us another for 90 cents just as we upload this please first one it is not a DJ I don't know that is epic and yeah actual marshmallow being roasted on the campfire that's good really nice I've never actually done this I should try it sometime wooden a cheese melt no we got DJ marshmallow he's tiny why is he so small well I spelled nice build another what another it seems that everyone is doing DJ then we are not going to win right I don't know another one not as good thing everyone's doing it there's only been one actual marshmallow so far that is not the DJ yes it is it could be it could be look at the white clear is him I get it from now this isn't a Mazda baymax No then who is Michelin oh the Michelin tires that is ours I think this one might win not nevermind I see poops they got tired of it oh man we got away this is poop this book yep holdg set checkmark oh another one with a disco floor yeah cool cool not bad huh finally another real marshmallow a real marshmallow cool bonus points for originality this is boring I'll never mind there's a DJ we've done it oh yeah I think there were only three real marshmallows around baby baby baby fridge crocodile penguin you see tennis you was late let's make the white house and not not the flag again for a billion time yep or white house it's white very original name that's why it's called the white house very smart clever clever Americans the white house was actually rebuilt at some point Oh because there were damages or something well restorations happen all the time yeah but it was damaged so they had to repair damage by what I don't know not by 9/11 right no a building did get damaged in 9/11 and I'm not talking about the World Trade Center Oh which one the Pentagon right people often forget that there was another plane that hit the Pentagon crazy scary moment crazy so who do you think it's gonna take the White House next election 2028 well I can really only be let's not start on the Republican side well the Republican side obviously Donald Trump yeah who else could possibly please all the time you get elected for a second time yeah I miss all the time no there's simply no other other person that could possibly take it then on the other side we have a couple of contenders couple mean like two billion yeah they're like 2030 candidates but most of them don't stand a single chance Robin yeah we got Bernie Sanders we got Elizabeth Warren we got I think Joe Biden either Joe Biden is gonna win or more Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side I'll have another one hey I forgot an aide she cost him an world of hurt when she confronted him Oh accused him of being racist okay yeah okay it cost him a lot of numbers in the in the poll well it's dangerous to be fighting in your own party because then the other side will win like what happened last time you know you know the requital backed by the DNC and then she won but then she's gonna take the White House right what I'm saying is if you destroy your other candidates so hard in the own parties then it's also gonna fire back when it comes to the real code yeah definitely I agree that was the move mrs. mrs. I forgot your name no but really though that was move accusing him of being racist come on man chances are very high Trump is gonna win again yep I agree but then after him you get a Democratic president again that was every time huh yeah first you get eight years of Democrat you get eight years of Republican and then they just keep reversing each other's changes so in reality nothing happens so some windows what color I don't know a gray light gray wool wool okay so we don't put a flag on it put a garden you're only in one minute though gotta hurry up I'm just making the flag boom put a yard in front of it in 40 seconds yeah I'm just a bunch of leave no bushes some flowers boom man this is pretty mediocre more roses and these economies okay we're done that's not very cool okay first of all we got a guy with the cheeseburger yeah the Big Mac the famous never mind it's just a burger epic technically this burger came out of Germany we got ROM true okay that's a pixel art yeah that's good he is the President of the United States that's the White House what the hell is up with that flag why do you don't like France huh yep next I got a delicious I could use them right now what is that a ruined flag and three heads who are these heads pop fly flag butchered cool okay dad says hi hi buh buh uniquely American isn't it hi America a bald guy guy with a gun okay is this what the rest of the world thinks of Americans hamburgers and guns 9/11 Wow and the guy who made his his name is Jung bomb and he looks like this we have 6-iron of America flag that's good nice picks all right we have Trump with the mic flat or sound Washington Washington hares did look something like this now as Donald Trump okay good we have the border you you we need you cool cool Donald Trump on top of a flag fused that's epic that's gonna win nice nice a bald eagle or the Eagle flag little garden epic freedom famous landmark everyone recognizes it that's it for this video thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed it be that matrix about it I don't have a nice day bye

MTG Arena: Constructed Bronze To Mythic – Episode Ten – Platinum Tier 2 to Platinum Tier 1

what is up my friends welcome to episode 10 double digits of bronze to mythic our series here on empty G arena where we are grinding through a ladder and we're really grinded and plants an arena trying to get our way up to mythic we're currently at platinum tier two five notches John was a home over the holiday break obviously last stream and he was hungry I had to make some lunch so he couldn't finish up our run to Platinum one but I'm feeling good about today you know I'm good about today even new deck to try out this is a green-white tokens deck that was shipped over by Yaga Moth 87 I think it was watching apparently yakima is mythic and he had been playing this deck up to up to mythic so we don't have a deck like this in our repertoire yet a march of the multitudes deck so we're gonna add this one to our our large group of events events of decks and keep playing working our way up on the ladder here of course we will be playing our turbo and admit that we like a lot mono red I'm gonna play a little dredge Jessica Drake's is great mid-range Boros all the decks here like to mix it up here on the bronze to mythic series so let's jump right in let's re-roll these right try and get our 750 s cool and then let's uh hop on in with the token deck first time playing mystic yack moth 87 apparently even got mystic 1 cool sup 94 so everyone how's it going my friends welcome can not to hire Jack Lord Regan Bruce oral how's it going everyone welcome and here we are I said it's fine right Prada conquerors perfect kind of best of one card typically terrible inside board games but in best of what and where they don't like I'm not gonna have sleepers and stuff pretty good pretty good you should always be role for 750 I believe yeah because why not get 750 instead of 500 right but a mulligan is Fry's bottom is landing I haven't dried green stop it yet I'm gonna try that next to the next tree him to main deck settles a miss deck which is pretty weird in my opinion but best to one stuff just the best of one life you know all right thanks following that one y'all read their hands a little clunky but that's him can Voki stuff mirror cool I like pleasure spiked with pain I've seen the other song I like pleasure spiked with pain and flower let's be fetched up planes here's my Mara all right um yeah we a mirror first year for sure scars are really good the graphics in arena cool it's my magic gone yesterday and I'm not gonna lie I kind of miss playing arena a little bit they have two ways to turn casting tribunal to kill this or we get to start making tokens spot we got to tribunal their tribunal get it back to so that's a good drug one short of casting tribunal look nothing Wow interesting I mean it could be a small March maybe kind of a weird weird nothing here they like just getting back are our Ameri and then as far as its packing goes I mean I guess we could trade with them are there they're gonna wanna not block because they have legions landing and the attacking is fine yeah all right say devil have Marsh works for me look at the flip landing but we'll get to eat a creature with our Ameri we're setting up for our own March the multitudes we have I settled the counter there March and a private conquerors to also win on March battles so it's that it's my my RB video mood ambience you like it it's all right dude dude dude dude all right all right um they did nothing again interesting I mean I guess we were saying go yesterday I'm sorry it's for my migration go I'm not gonna it's a can do a March we have four it would eat things I just get its act we could attack into March and then pride of conquerors yeah it's kind of cool actually yeah actually like us a lot proud of how yours looks pretty good here heater is on March the multitude for 3/8 be justice resub thanks my friend I could do some amsr whatever it is there's taking it sure ain't do a little like the weird noises and click things and stuff history banal yeah sure they chose to to March but not block just kind of interesting it's pretty good all right that's fun so we're on our ship here with the plan to march we have marched into pride of conquerors and also have sell the wreckage if they want to swing all out so I'm feeling pretty good saying go you're nice amount of options you want to use the pride of conquerors offensively just take this huge hit here and then fire back with pride good just settle – honestly eats almost their entire board yeah sure just pride next turn sure we take ten here and they gain eat which makes our our pride worse are we in a huge rush in that's pretty good I'll be playing that visit don't worry name is they visit NIV MS it is our buddy alright so we just marsh here and then set up a pride a conquerors attack for a million this is fun morning iron it locks it on – did I have lethal Nagaya be sure three six seven eight we can't leave whatever you leave us turn to right for you why pray for you night of conquerors a little bit overkill there sweet thanks it's kind of cool kind of cool Depot Priya and uh elite thanks the resells my friends first game with the deck I like it miss Leith only once they got to overkill a lot of damage is a lot of damages here I'm Bronston mythic we're trying out new decks we're exploring also playing some modern later today to practice my tour this weekend try better than flower it's cheaper sounds like pretty bad but you just keep Mountain go okay we draw the second pride of conquerors Jesus drawn both brides it's a little annoying all right well it's time for one I guess my won-won they've killed my won-won whatever will I do mean actual green cards are my deck I like whatever cast two green cards in one turn probably not just get a Plains I guess pretty bad pretty bad not a great start for us obviously wanted to draw any creature of add I consider to be a second copy of pride a conqueror saddle loose key but we're playing the big red deck sure and we are doing nothing nothing nothing nothing the our plan hunter witness links him in the stream becker legion war boss yikes this is probably the worst end of all time so not a big fan of his card like in normal decks obviously in best of one you're looking to kind of just do your thing and kill your opponent so it makes a lot of sense there it's been bad spats bad no yeah little eat you it's up my friend that's a good draw for that chain will err in their hand but no chamber please god damn it no this is been a pretty ugly game maybe we'll get him a million little story starts soon I don't even saying that forever but there's never enough time in any day ever there's a pretty bad settles probably put me at Bane fire their deck but what are you gonna do look at them thinking about settle the wreckage and non-attacking into it or whatever yes the SG is always on twitch and coverage improvements this year time walk matches double double coverage teams new coverage people less downtime Timmy sweet I'm sure when still playing this game honestly let me draw like another side beat over settle to beat this communiques bein fire my face awesome elegant echo pretty loose on there ice cream lieutenant dad ice cream ah something bit me I heard they called that a million-dollar wound but I never see a dime of that money but no chamber Lord icon oh that's super awkward I actually can't cast migration I'm an idiot uh I want to guess history anyway so all right we'll just I think I like flour over landing yeah what's setup fortress Thani in turn five I said you get up you just do both yeah I'm an idiot all right houselights a plan now yeah sure okay I was thinking a girly pipeline sacred foundry railway steam kin interesting another sapling migration I mean Poste restante it's like okay but they kill my Tristana enantiomer luring me ivis it's terrible so I'm just attack here probably not blocking so got him all right that's fine he kills one thing – that my fact that by our brand just fine – this is fine I got the to kill my token I still have landing and they said they traded my night for the firebrand which is also fine ride of conquerors maybe like migration will leave up pride of conquerors that was a pretty dress by a pretty aggressive chain wheeler it's possible to have a second chain were ler okay I like that and then if they don't have chain well or we can flip this legions landing next turn hopefully and set up for Donnie Pyromancer thank master like wasn't working so I didn't set it up and now it might be working again but I still haven't set it up so bird I got away the bird got away hmm maybe Wizards lighting any sort of block here or shock make sure to block your as a disaster let's take it I had not seen the spoiler i7 streaming so some of us about something about shrine and stuff on really note it is alright yeah they definitely have chakra wizard which is lightning here bird they are lightning targeting my night we have two three four five we have nine permanence so I guess that is fun pretty bad for us today we're devil in trouble now all right with your blonde for sunny at least that's good we are at 8 though some blockers it's Prada conquers – you know like we got stuff to do we're gonna need these to block some stuff probably like depends on how good their turn is here they have a lava coil can never win they kill Tristana you probably can't win but if we can untap with just Donnie and it's a KO probably right maybe we have you know four for life linkers coming in next turn possible landing flip out of their migration so question is if they attacked what do we block with probably sending both the saplings to their deaths bird Shamer mother is very good t'ankin land shock chain whirl or GG I would assume it would have happened already although they are slow rolling us I'll be very sad they're adding mana casting lava runner and one spell on the graveyard there on the rope aah scream mama always said that bob was laka what is this intervention the lightning he likes us okay are we dead I mean we got blocks I play limited not a ton but I'll be doing a limited to mythic or a bronze to mythic series after this I don't write a block with both nothing they just like shock a token instead it should've been anyway right you know whatever make him make him you I'm gonna make a mutant or whatever they have but yeah I used to buy limited all the time when I was younger and playing the Pro Tour and stuff I haven't played much limited in the last like five years but I'm gonna do a plus two plus two sure all right okay sorry yes I'm an idiot I didn't play on Columbus spell because I want to keep these in play I don't wanna block with anything else I want to sell it these things that lives and next turn I can attack with private conquerors flip my landing migration I have a witness to play to so at five six seven eight nine playing witness first is a little telling to be of pride but morning Chris yeah animations block with one interesting card all right it's act let's go limited his way harder to get mythic I don't see I feel like it'd be easier for me I feel like I'm a fairly competent limited player and there's just like less variance because you're the drafting of your deck is a big part of it that can't be replicated and like a best of one game you know alright so yeah product conquerors kill that gave much life go to 13 play migration now I feeling pretty good you missed it I did a video on a YouTube yesterday I emailed once like it spicy used to be retro video games a video yesterday at my 2018 kind of a wrap-up for the year and a preview for 2019 I also go over why we're not moving in stuff that link will be in chat I check that one out if you're interested in that all right migration is a good drum we gotta kill our opponent with flaming Keld looming and I'll answer Yolo and one second let's figure out what we're doing here I want to slam honestly slam slamming kick and we have one good blocker we're getting much of life it's just good I like this just kick migration and then they get two other three cards they draw have to beat me as far as um question was about books on magic strategy or in general but I recommend yeah if you're very serious about penitent magic you need to buy the book the mental game of poker it is the most important book on competitive gaming I've ever read and I've never just super good now they now they got a draw a chamber and a way to kill this or they're dead I mean if they draw that work we're dead but also I gained control of all the things that are mine just gonna throw it out there it's gonna be chain world or plus burn spell or two chambers no that's not gonna work yeah it does work they drool and I think it's card is so bad like comically bad you have to work so hard for a chart of course lightning strike us yeah so I thought cool came back that game if they're a pretty rough start all right telling all my secrets here this book a mental game of poker by jared Tendler all yeah I'm not showing it again that's a coin woo one more when we're moving on up one more win feel pretty good is this exome suite actually I should have an affiliate link for that Bram is on or something I'd be a smart idea how about that smart then hey Locke sit on Santa's like not great but we'll keep on the draw we draw any like to menace spell or what why – Melanie for fun there's a number – yeah I have it I've only kind of gone over it a little bit I haven't really focused on my own personal game in years after I won the PC my focus became much more about like streaming and stuff like that so I'm not a this year's enemy kind of reimagining myself a little bit and remembering that I'm still competitive player wants to win things and working on my own game a little bit and not just walk a walk out on the keyboard like I have over the last few years Napoleon Hill no idea what that is flower flourish I've never seen next level no neck never seen next level magic before this sounds kind of bad they have a chain ruler it's really annoying I'm not gonna cast flour I don't think though you know play doesn't say go geom ruler me don't do it that's fun okay about that all I did was a little fuzzy going on you got a little fuzz going on I don't know why honestly these tribunals are really gonna cut our hand up this is like a gaming Robbie but we've had a hand like this we just have all like all crap and can't do anything now I'm gonna cast flour cuz we have nothing I guess you need to make our next tool and drops to win no tilt me and now I have two cards left now three I was holding flower for you know brighter days but don't have which is lighting Wow okay their hands kind of bad that's good for us um flashcard might be frenzy you draw any any burn spell we're just dead as a doornail but I think we're stuck has history and pray what the foes would be honestly brick brick brick brick brick brick brick honestly if they have frenzy I'd be great because I can just tribunal it firebrand Happy New Year my friends you're sitting in welcome to the stream like a lava on urns take two-for-one a plant rest on Enix turn so I actually want this firebrand dead because that way my Tristana if they have a lightning strike or something they can not kill it although we're gonna be in lightning sure greens anyway I guess they block like this two four five yeah we're dead dude I mean if they had a burnt smell they would have cast it over the last two turns so they don't have a burn spell so on a block like this make them use their firebrand and just hope trust on ease enough next turn I think they have one turn to drop burn spell and kill us before this game is over so we'll just hope they don't they got seven eight outs probably you know I mean you're sunny don't kill me okay look I'll do it I don't hear anything there's sound effects in this game it's not like a magic online oh come on it's the savage slow roll my game is over we untapped unreal unreal unreal thanks Kent I appreciate that unbelievable burnsy it's unbelievable you believe the nerve of these people we had that game Scottie's really good god these hands just been on a real I haven't seen any spoilers Ivan's German just been here about him secondhand from you fine folks we draw any land his hand is so good was it keep nights it's not my friend thanks up much anymore your friend welcome welcome welcome welcome there's five games in a row or something I love the outline cuz I can overlay to me appreciate the your feedback then so I'll draw any land next turn wow that was aggressive alright that plays play Mara and they kind of have to kill it just lovak well two one one so it's kind of weird sure it's fine I mean like we're not really getting clocked our hands still pretty good history is looking great landing not as good but let's get with our locks it on how do you flip to another view with an action I'm a stack what what do you mean steam can sure act for – we're not gonna block here we're at 17 and I want things my locks it on so sure this is good for us can I kill the steam can I don't need you though I'm just like a tack if they trade it's fine just play landing and locks it on they trade it's fine so it's fine just go landing locks it on new sub is Carl from Wyoming now stationed in New York playing island off since 96 spam Knights of thorn 96 championship white weenie at the old school sausage link Knights thanks my friend what's happened lava coil my locks it on and strike me that's bad I struck something else all right that's not good for us but they said I might be good now yes they give your service my friend frenzy perfect it's actually well they've steamed getting it's not perfect but play a stir and attack oh the old Bester ones these get foggy in here we got a night and a dream so we got right now migration Tribunal how about it wait to kick it that's greedy accepting ruler trying at landing flips not too shabby let me have you've had some bad hands against mono red and we just keep kind of like getting out of it obviously the last game like we went we would we were in the last game like you know a large amount of the time risk factors pretty sick um I mean they got a draw three year pretty good nothing backstep Wow the three cards were that bad he's they're going to have a lot of cards and a lot of mana next turn we're gonna flashback disrespect her nope they're gonna strike me he's dead good luck Chris sand seems fine a Johnny of it a Johnny in our neck to those tuning in welcome to the stream my name is Jan Davis bronze the mythic didn't follow this him at that followed button of course watching on YouTube makes me a bow on their episode 10 of our series bronze to mythic this deck is a deck that player Yaga Moth 87 has been playing to mythic and if we try it out because we don't have a don't have a green/white deck in our repertoire so nothing you have a cast down yeah I'm gonna move the combat there in a cast down something we're gonna say go probably no works for me pluck my Stern no idea Janny bump him up this job the giant is coming on to me live I heard him say if you would see in yourselves what I see news he's coming on to me Johnny and I'm engaged I'm also not really down with the whole cross-species thing so you got chill out all right take it easy well it's not doing anything that contempt imagining what have you used on the Johnny it's weird I mean palm up I guess yeah I think it Johnny I want you just eat wants to eat burnsy that's what I think it is I great burns you don't worry I'll not let Johnny eat you I'm gonna hold this for a kick I think just plays to have to make a token I can make one token or two tokens you know what's the what's the big deal blue boy I'm not really sure I don't we discuss my decks that I'm playing I'm playing in tournaments anyway so I'm flying some modern later on stream and you can extrapolate from that which would you like can't give too much away you know it's been the contempt so they said there's have a finality ever trying to get through looks like yeah battle wits is sweet all right I'm expecting a finality next turn so let's just do what we can to make it so that doesn't matter that much make me just pump them up and swing and just probably say go I couldn't make it so we could like tribunal the Jade light Ranger but that's pretty aggressive I mean imagine we're gonna kick step kick the migration next turn anyway set up migration into private conquers um good that's that's a pretty hard topic to hit and like one video good it's you know it's a lot of stuff at once it's like pretty aggressive but make them have it we have a good post post plan there are 12 to so be strong and like they they want to find out and keep this in play they can't block the good they go to for so it's pretty good yeah there's no reason to blow our pride just to save these two creatures I don't think we except for four more in our hand you know like this is fine they finality they kill a few things and then we it with your locks it on – that's a good draw haha okay what a draw tips for a new player trying to make the climb mid ms/ms 'it is very good make sure your deck is very proactive and be ready for aggro decks yeah see trying to counter finality with pride just it isn't it turns our pride and delight the two features again you know we could just be better than that tips for new player top leg locks it on perfectly on curve yep works for me I mean it would have been a lethal because my opponent didn't do anything else otherwise but flappy picker play we're already ahead in our play she's a lot safer that sounds great can I get a guy's mustache shark you try and build one of the good mono colored aggro decks if your uh haven't built it back yet mono red or mono white just a good place to start they're good they're fast they're good for loitering yeah Tristana just better than tenders for you dinner shoots really good but it's very fragile better way to lock sounds looking pretty good here basic deck building advice huh okay we're an attack I'm sorry where's I with this America Tremblay so just make sure your deck is all right all right the biggest mistake people make in deck building see you in it what's up my friend Risa kids can't play to five drops with each other so the biggest mistake people make in deck building y'all ready for some hot advice you're ready for some hot advice put some raise your hand in chat we're about to lay some lay some real real shits on you turbo name is great mystic is great I gotta slam trading is fine and slam a mare is like cool but like tell like that important and like we should have flourished in two turns just kill him all right the biggest mistake people make in deck building is they don't properly assess the floor and the ceiling of their carts so for example people like to play like cute one of a lot of cute cards that are like like tennis shoe Dryad perfect example I'll use that right now so tender sure Dryad is a powerful card the ceiling of tender shoot Dryad is quite good it's definitely good you know when to the game if he turns unopposed the problem is the floor is so low that it's a 5 minute creature but dies to shock and doesn't do anything so your goal is a deck builder is to try and make sure that the floor of your cards is never that low unless the high you're getting off of it is literally game ending on the spot like world breaking people have far too many cards in their decks that are good sometimes but not good a lot of the time and they lose a lot of those games there they remember the games where they drew that tender shoe triad and their pawn didn't kill it and it made ten tokens and killed them and they forget the games we're like their pont just shocked it and they died you know so that's a big one that's definitely a big one um we're gonna flourish next turn most you try and sell them to settle in to flourish but I'm gonna lock Citadel block probably not we're not blocking this either right so there you go thank you for the a donation I appreciate that hoping that advice was to your liking it's the most common fly – I do like $10 $10 DECT X on the stream people show me their decks and I give advice on it and stuff and I would say that that's the most common thing I have to say is like why you playing this you know like the charms are really good examples in modern like Bant charm is it charm salty charm like just like the like what does so many things like the problem is that the well that's what got sealing car property the whoa willow that's one of a ceiling issue I guess but alright well I can I settled here some weird background noise yeah I mean the heaters on behind me I don't know why it's why it's doing that but I'm pretty happy selling here just kill three things they have no good blocks BAM Trump's going to be opposite ban charm is a is a a low ceiling kind of card that's also the same idea as properly assessing the floor and ceiling of cards them well we haven't drawn very well but never should win the game anyways so space bar they pride it conquers all right well place them did miss it don't worry all right good you saw what's your name we from welcome my friend yeah what is that I hear about you now what is that it goes away when I turn the sound effects down but I want sound effects it does sound like a scratch that's very weird I turn sound effects off them there's not gonna be cool like card explosions and stuff though right back for like I got a smash here there's no cool sound effects that's Music Group's that's weird all right well I sought the restart arena it's a really weird little little bug um I kind of not a great spot because they just have like infinite blockers every turn or find them all right I already saw the client after this game and we'll take a short little break and we'll fix this this weird vinyl effect issue sort of beta so beta what is this what the hell was this is aggressive and ideas I'll be coaching again probably not it's just not worth my time honestly it's just it's too time consuming and not enough money streaming is that shimming is a very compounding thing the more you stream the better it gets for you you know as far as like what you get out of it and coaching is it's fun but it's hard I may do it at some point in the future but it's gonna be very expensive I think it's worth it I think I think I'm a very good coach but I just timewise it's just not really worth it coming in yeah magic all I never had sound bugs because there were no there were no good sounds on it all right they go to one you know right back where we started from remember watching like an old movie with like an old record soundtrack you know all right they're gonna to Dokdo is pretty good I would like to draw some sort of actual card a temple garden that place a place where you get actually merits so good leggo like I check out my dredge deck that I played on my YouTube plans about plays Raiders it's a fine card BAM I'm gonna in ameri is pretty good here Ameri breaks this stalemate pretty nicely you wanna one pass on the turn once trying hard get out here damn why did I Conclave the token to turns before to win I don't think he has a small record of one if it had Anto this whole time but maybe you know gonna win anyway so here's I don't think there's a spot right I could have tribunal to to win the game they've had a donto and at least one block or every turn and they've also been gaining life here and there so let's probably only block one thing yeah there's mission to die I like it I like it can I'm a bit it's tough it's tough to find people who actually wanted to get better you know there's a market for it but I don't know that's the more thought and do it honestly it's been a pretty busy year and I'm looking forward to things eventually finally ever calming down and get to work on more stuff like that if you watch my video like I said about the year and stuff I'll restart ah I'll swim fast don't worry I just want to get the next level try on a level up you know like the record player thing it's cool right it's like we're an old-time movie stitch your supplier might see that Gagarin Raider right now yep this match that seems good for us it was also an insane draw so no blocks what a terrible kid was fine have a little faith your deck you know alright only on two undergrowth it's good for us flowers not bad either yeah let's make some tokens I guess I don't understand ask em AMS whatever are either but hey it makes people happy makes people happy Who am I to uh the judge it's fine draw your damn card yeah deck master isn't set up for me history Banali yeah fine turn it off op IV crowd talking it's like how it's off my head patek pulse inside I've done examine something-something I was not listened to I be in a while another Reaper they are so dead aya played this match up from the dredge size before and the board gets really gummed up if you have two Reapers in play you just die it's pretty great for us actually I mean we have pride of conquerors we just march here it's March 4 5 the untapping attack I would you kill them right yeah this is pretty great I know the math but master losers oi oi oi oi oi chupacabra all right what's it let's just do some actual math we're gonna have five six seven eight attackers that are all three power or greater they can block four of them we'll have four unbought on but every block kills yeah they're just super dead five Oh take warning take warning that's all right I mean doesn't matter if they swing or don't swing because every creature that dies for them does them to damage so there's the honey telling it matters honestly back whatever your dad cares Soundsystem gonna be back home yeah one thing that I can depend on sound system going up for me back right yeah one thing that I can depend on your dad sup Tristan yeah the YouTube I put up each episode like every other day so YouTube's on Episode five right now you missed any past episodes check them out on the YouTube and oh my god pick it up platinum to your one awesome and with that we're gonna take a short 1 minute break to restart this up this arena program because it kind of sounds like an old record player so back in a minute here on the stream sorry for the short break episode 10 at Bronston ethical be right back for the restart everyone's yelling at me I know I'm gonna do it I just maybe who looked like the record player then hit like a scratched opposite like a late DJ while we're doing it but alright I'll be right back folks you get it bernzy get it you can do it I know it's expensive but you can get it it's only one blue mad at bernzy you've always wanted to draw three cards haven't you Coburn to get it get it bernzy you can do it AMS a madness mor whatever stuff yeah you can do it you can do it go he's going lunch is the wild burnsy censuses bread there he is and he strikes Oh what sort of a row just beautiful creature striking at his prey watch as he destroys his target with unrelenting fury what what a monster the animal is sensing he's being watched bernzy heads for the hills only to come battle once again at some point soon oh wait he spells something I think he realizes that this might not be a true ancestral recall it might actually be faked ah frenzy is angry when she destroys the world an angry gerbil raging against the idea that he's been given a fake magic card unless it is real and maybe he's blending for the choices he's made and the damage that he has done so now I don't think Jim could never bring himself to destroy a beta recall yeah I mean I would imagine giving a $10,000 magic card to my gerbil would probably not be a good idea just gonna throw it out there you know Birds he doesn't care just beta power just be in his cage doesn't even care arena's almost we started folks we're almost there folks just hold on one more second all right getting loaded up and get rid of this record player sound and get back to work here on bronze to mythic all right burnsy good job well done nice recall alright we're back sorry for this short delay everyone had to restart the stream or out the stream in the arena because um because frankly it sounded like a record player all right bottom tier one let's go we're doing it I like this token deck because he's really good bronze the mythic is a series like well I don't wanna make my opponent draw three cards you know all opening hands it looks so bad modern being a little bit a little bit later on the stream on the draw yeah like we're a little light on two men of plays like any team at a play of his hands insane without a to amount of play it kind of sucks I was there man is super awkward ten needs to draw like a to land or a to drop if it draws all and these draw something else too I like keeping what's up move yeah it's tough matchup I've played your side of it before it's pretty tough Jess guy control this is good or bad for us how's it good draw boop boop doop duped don't know how this magic is for us honestly I have no idea oh and it's the land drop they're dead they're dead I'll be the counter for this history otherwise you were dead nope you're dead hope you have land deafening clarion where you're dead there's land no clarion that's tempting you go i mereloc sit on promise that they counter verlox it on and then untapping cast clarion so it's pretty devastating maybe hold it we're already like really good shape here which is smash and post combat we will play he locks it on already a good shape at the landing too so I think they kind of have to sure I kind of have to cast what's a call next turn clarion at the habit sure three drop can I get a booped might fire the Ameri alright history that place my place slam jam also good playing the French Jeff Skydeck with the firefighers expansion explosion no creatures just fine for us kill a charm thanks my friend you missed it check out the do they are playing creatures ok that's weird interesting so good just like Playland caste tribunal yeah I guess who's doing that that seems fine it's hard caster I'm you know those made no need to really be fancy here we're gonna attack for I'm sorry I hold those like that's not really this is sunny psych I'm stupid oh yeah I took two I need to take I'm dumb dumb we could like March and then tribunal but that they have a definite clarion just like a disaster we already have a really good attack next turn anyway all right let's do this if spell Peter Scott bless him I guess unreal alright it's very weird out good spell Pierce isn't his best of one games and it's like pretty unplayable and best of three I got any consider spell appears like I've played spell Pearson little bottom my next – I didn't even consider it interesting spot they're gonna eat it token I mean I guess both just attacked the e – fairy a weird spot sure so probably a deafening Clarion set up just bad it's definitely bad we can't March in response to Clarion obviously hey rich playing locks it on kinda sucks but they said it's something they ever talk again lit up like Clarion last term we didn't we didn't have a token last earner this is fine I guess I mean pretty similar last term's I'm gonna kill two fairy and say go yes okay we'll put leeches landing but they get to eat my tutu it's varies dead at least possible has have more two fairies in their hand I mean we may have marched for one n step we'll see what they do now ideal but they want to counter or spell pierces I'm more than okay with that we draw the land all right two cards left I think I like Tristana here the counter at the counter at will tak flip landing lose lose a creature set up for March they've settled spine to like Sal just allows for a big March later so canisters insight yeah definite Clarion's annoying here but not even that bad cuz looser Sahni lives we have a tanto flip now to we're better as much better shape we're too healthy 26 we have the board we have a marching our hand they have a map it some cards too it's not in great shape you're in fine shape our record player sound is gone right awkward daddy's home he's playing for the wrong team oh my god and I think we're dead yeah resolved it's fine it's all fine do it it's pretty bad for us say if nip in sight in the graveyard seven it's just probably going to end before us it's up Dana missus Yaga moth 87 was watching the stream apparently he's in he's in mythic he's shipped a list some pretty good so far it's a little weird but we get a name is it so good we've played we've had our success primarily with nip visit on this entire series why would they do this I mean they're digging for a counterspell but like they could just a machine gun down all the creatures with the chemistries in sight and now they're not doing that so they know to work counterspell here and we on tap and draw like Ryder conquers like maybe there's a chance to win probably not but okay all right that's kind of cute so you're saying there's a chance they have two insights in the graveyard oh my god poor token resub thanks friend I will happily take your money I appreciate that three-month three subscriber all any better than the new sub as a returning sub welcome back yeah I mean we're gonna rip it again sir I mean this March might actually be able to overcome the Nibin is it targeting us all right they have anything were dead but I mean we have an actual chance to win so they are shooting us maybe I just resolved this March yeah I got to resolve the March they probably have an answer but actually just make sure I resolve it now it takes the counterspell off of their out of their equations of seven eight nine ten eleven they have it they have it is it it is you can't beat it anyway so it's all like we're winning the games if they if they don't if they have it and we like wait so whatever they shoot us again then we're probably dead but what do you do Melvyn the best chance to win dope I thought 18 for one was like two cards it was 18 for four – it was a twofer one fun fact oh gee diablo butcher gave me nightmares as a kid when Diablo launched Oh for sweet that's great legions no landing the old white land fixer yeah the hablo yellow ones one of the best games of all time of all time you like the hablo one I did a stream of it like a year ago for the 20th anniversary it's on my YouTube on the way bottom but no one's ever really seen it before because I put that up my YouTube before my YouTube is actually a YouTube all right here's my caste yeah no history here I mean this that'll probably be good you can do it rabid I think I Windows 7 I guess but you can never do it oh my god well right I need bit of trouble here just pray they'll play around it I guess y'all best the onesies play those sideboard cards in your main deck and win your best 2-1 games I'll never see it coming I don't know it's totally obvious we had it because we did five cards in the end and just said go on turn four without doing anything couldn't be more obvious but not sure why there's memorial to glory I'm gonna keep again another Lucy one because I could use like another cheap creature or two good job burnsy I have spoken about no spoilers so I have not seen the spoilers can I get a this next seems good and best of one it has enough of a linear plan with like pride of conquerors and stuff it is good a good universal answer in tribunal and then it has a few like silly blowout cards like settle our turbo did miss the decks have also been very good invested one that's a bad draw our bet keeps making my ketchup as a catch-up with it our bad heaps might catch up with us here burnsy ever escaped he did once yes we first got him no divine visitations no my card seems pretty movie he's fine I was a kid gerbils escape yeah when I was a kid my parents were selling the house he's draw kind of my parents were sent we're selling our house and and the job my gerbil the time escaped as someone was coming to visit the house my parents were terrified that like they were gonna see that see the gerbil and they it was a rat and like not buy the house it's pretty funny ambition punishing me for my aggressive tribunal Numair is good you're a reasonable shape here like I have to have a few counter spells settles okay March is pretty important Dana so doesn't isn't quite good this next seems pretty good chunky but uh so jellyfish Hydra beasts got it short of course okay I mean you gotta have SN scatter now the counter locks it on this is adorable look at our opponent making the 10000 IQ plays it's my reply very smart play draw lent no while I play it now so we can't locks it on that was a very smart play all right um mush we have pride of conquerors to win this fight if we have to just fun no yes I would happily pride of conquerors to terminate their tricks too right now so history is pretty important Tristan alrights they have five spells in hand counter spells are bad for us I'd say settle seems at its worst in this matchup misses a grizzly bear I'd be happier because there's no way is he ever gonna resolve alright our turn this one doesn't seem as good for sure you target the Ameri do I get a token or no oh no if you taps it and then it loses the ability so I would say no all right what's the play here they have a counter spell – were in big trouble it was pretty good problem is like they just have counterspell dive down it's a million cards that can have here I'm gonna locks it on I think I'm gonna counter it they probably just kill us but I'll be back to witness I'm sorry I gotta focus on never mind yeah all right they're probably gonna counter this and I'm probably gonna die but I mean if somehow we can make this tribunal resolve next turn seems pretty difficult that'll be pretty big game probably not gonna happen but we draw a land we can go like tribunal and settle might be kind of cool makes them have to have to counter spells which they probably do but slowly version age well now it has to be dived down only basically there's our land it's just knowing that you don't counter the settle it's so sick I like if we tap all of our creatures to Tribunal the tempesh in then we can't block everything else they counter of a subtle yeah baby we just can't wait I don't think if they have to have another retort this is it's just I can't talk today it is such an obvious settle to him or whatever right they have killed this we're still dead you know what let's just say how does a point in doing this if I tap everything and can get a tribunal it becomes exceedingly obvious we have settle this way they might think it's March and like I don't know they have to not have a counterspell obviously maybe lose the spell pierce or retort here all right I mean damn it's kind of loose – all right let's wait every deck let's play our October nave deck I love our turbo nip decks so much I mean we can't beat strong camber we can't beat a lot of things you know it is what it is like MTG pro 69 sounds like a real professional player all right back to turbo NIM is it love this deck it's great it's all about casting didn't is it really fast sailor means etc etc we're currently in mythic one we're trying to get up to diamond necklace for dredge so I'm at YouTube I will show the decklist for this after the round you can type in it's on my necklace you can just go like that here it's on there somewhere your plat one where did I say for mythic one you heard it here first we did it we're done fine that's what they're doing but I have to have a shock because they've been priority pausing yeah I mean that works for me which bronze the mythic video has the first appearance of turbo native I think episode 4 I think I'm not sure exactly though one Highland Lake because you got to have your got a cast in visit to NIM is a deck and so casting then visit is very important across a lot of load a lot of rent as you can see with this hand here if I were to draw a mountain I cannot cast NIM is it effectively I could with treasure but goblin chain were ler you got it treasure map nice draw that's a good one yes Highland lake has infinitely superior art – is it guild gate and a place is it Gilligan it's an idiot hye-won Lake is awesome like the art on Highland Lake is like one of my favorite arts in the last like five years hmm a block damage damage damage damage sure I'll take this trade all day sailor means in a shock for a chain ruler and a mug fanatic II boy cry chart a course well now I'm sad and I'm not a one for and play I guess but if I had the one for our to keep this thing about I think I'm in a bottom it nothing in my hand I want to discard another shock that's fine sure I'll take it you got Mapple up in next term you got spell pierce for frenzy you got shocked for random poopers thanks for my friends getting followed to shoot that ball button of course what you're gonna youtube make sure you follow on there this is bronze the mythic episode 10 we're currently Platinum one or over half the way there why is spell Pierre so good in best of one it's not a real stop guard sharda course don't want it it's all false god damn it all right I mean what a pretty healthy sixteen so with Halle maíam for the next four turns plans Walker County no problem my friend Happy Holidays those who don't know all my sub Christmas cards this year are the ones that you know gave me their information I sent out ninety-six Christmas cards so because you all so great all right never land on top dope alright how about we actually kept charter course I think there's gonna be scary we're like a Ruis table spot but they have frenzy now so like who knows what's gonna happen I haven't gotten to see this dream much hope your holidays were great for lava coils in our deck a lot of mana – I'm gonna hold this shot but right if I'd run hit miss it is also insane if I keep shock so upkeep's cry dive down no we need nib nib nib daddy here for raw island love of God Mary mystic or NIM visit I'm sorry what what was that what did we say daddy's home daddy's home what we do with it we just say go baris new sub butcher name where you from welcome my friend and then I got a resub – Derrick another resub you're all awesome so they did we can kill the Phoenix we can block the Phoenix which is not as good but we would draw a lot of cards off the exchange so we're 12 I was gonna shock the Phoenix right now let's see we draw off the thing – and then we're not going to block the Pyromancer I don't think your sailor means they have to have exactly Wizards lightning or lightning strike on top of their deck to punish us and we'll still draw a card off of it and I'm gonna block I'm gonna block as we block they cast a spell to kill it and we kill the the elemental and we're just like still pretty far ahead on cards we have a draw a map a draw I'm blocking I'm not gonna look blues to expose on the top here and they have to have the actual strike on top – all right that's fine so we kill this and draw card which have so many cards right so we also gain three off the strike essentially – we should we just gain five life we have four-day visit in our deck you have tons of stuff going on we have card draw and sailor means and everything so we take two there they strike us and we're seven we could just die it's not bad sailors great how good to stay where look right now all right well we are drawing infinite lens let's draw again sup dorky dad media how's it going my friend welcome happy to have you here let me draw three cards next turn so cards in the deck steam Ken Jesus Christ currently in platinum of one bronze the mythic over a thousand viewers you all great thanks Janet and welcome okay we we've hit a pretty insane chunk of lands here I'm not gonna lie all right you win Jim D salt and Shapley's unreal if we block you're dead anyway so back down to platinum to your tube get the stream Decker updated for y'all turbo nib MS it um it sounds great what's turbo about it we're playing for kosher map and for Sailor means sorry three sailor means overlay is not on I'll fix it at some point bottom organs to five I'll take it siren storm camera I'll take that too nice hand Jim thanks well shoemaker isn't loading right now so no stream Decker for you I'm gonna shock those right now dorky dad media thanks my friend I appreciate we're so good we've already leveled up we're not gonna play the song I really really hate when you lose back down and go back up again and it plays the animation again like feels real bad feels real bad we've got a card whoo it's a mythic everything better all right folks I think it's gonna do it actually for this episode of bronze to mythic we're in a nice even spot here or a platinum to your one we got one more Platinum rank to go before diamond alright I had a practice in modern because I got playing a tournament this weekend s e-g Columbus team tournament can't let my teammates down so I don't put some modern to practice so that's to do it this episode of bronze to mythic extreme will continue I'm playing some modern after a short bathroom break so all you folks watch it on YouTube if that sub button involve a channel all you folks on Twitch make sure you follow if you missed any bronze to manic episodes they're all on YouTube I believe you toots up to episode 5 now one bronze the mythic episode every other day on the YouTube cool sweet so all you YouTube folks bronze to mythic I'll see you guys next time for episode 11 alright Avila