Rise of Industry Ep 1: GLASS APPLES & TRUCKS FOR DAYS! – (Alpha 3) – Let's Play, Gameplay

greetings and welcome to rise of Industry I'm Katniss Kai and I am thrilled to be playing alpha 3 for you yes the next major update is out today and it's super exciting for me because I've been following this game through its entire lifecycle so far starting with when it was not called arises if in the street it was called project automata if you remember I played this game last year in the demo stage and then when it graduated to having this new logo a new name we played it in alpha 1 and now we're gonna play and see what has changed since then in alpha 3 and I can tell you there have been glorious changes so where do you find this game just to let you know it is not on Steam just yet there's a wishlist button for it though but you can buy it on H dot IO and the link is in the description below so if you have the game already please play along with me we'll have a grand time and if you don't have the game just watch along and see why you want it because it's ok alright let us go ahead and start a brand new custom game and we have all kinds of options for generating a new world I'm gonna go with medium world right now I have tested and I did get a little bit of lag with the large and it does say large me lag so for this series we're gonna be playing a medium world mountains are a new feature so I would like some of them at least maybe like Canadian mountains Hills medium yeah sure why not lakes medium coast is how many sides of the map it is about two square how many sides have water on them I think we'll go with maybe should we have three we could no let's do two that's you there's a new option it's called rivers rivers are amazingly insane rivers Wow I would have high rivers because I don't want to insane I want to be able to build something I haven't tried in say but I'm just guessing I the the map I generated for my practice play had a lot of rivers so I think high is just right for a smoothing medium resource amount I think we want like less resources let's have medium resources and richness let's have high riches why not and City generation yeah I don't know let's have medium cities now we're having a medium matte beams okay let's generate oh there's an advanced column as well okay so this is gonna have us give us the ability to adjust our world with a lot finer grain of stuff so you can see where you can adjust these things very very specifically here let's just generate thing is it gonna save our options right no it didn't Oh No alright what I have to change this again right we want a medium C medium size mountains will have medium mountains hills and lakes close to me to frequency highest-flying resources will go with low was the other option very low let's go with low of those resources high if you like any if you like factorials this will definitely appeal to you right here yeah that should be fine our map has been generated and it literally takes your breath away it is so beautiful look at the rivers and the oceans the colors are so so pretty at first I kind of panicked when I got this because I I have to had to restart my recording and f11 happens to be the button for removing the UI but it's awesome to have that option that we can take the UI off and just take a nice screenshot of all of the beauty of if you so desire alright let's take a look around our map we have a tiny village here called Sam which is a very funky name but it has a wonderful space around it I'm liking that a lot we have orange orange set or unset okay and then we've got bigger town over here gar firs green and sure Dale and tol okay we are going to look around the landscape and figure out which one of these towns we're gonna play with first over time what happens is you need to deliver materials to the town in order for it to grow so to do that you need to supply the goods that are demanded so they have a farmers market and if you see there's a bar here for requested goods we need to supply them stuff that they want in order to grow and just fill up the bar and over time this town will produce more houses and stuff like that and hopefully grow into a nicer sized city we're gonna try to encourage the city as well with roads and have it grow in a specific way that we want so looks like they demand apples which are pretty set in orchard and they will pay a premium for them so this makes these apples a very lucrative product for us to look into providing now they also have a construction goods store where they demand rubber die glass and steel we can produce any of these things the game has a built in recipe book which is fantastic you can click on this and we're gonna say what do we want to find out how hard is it to make rubber because that's what they demand agar to pay a premium you can select the thing the recipe here and it tells you exactly where to get all the things so the rubber is produced at a petrochemical plant and it needs gas which comes from a gas pump and then oil which is needed to add an oil drill so we can look around the landscape and figure out if we see gasp anywhere around here let's turn it on one speed because it kind of bubbles out of the ground it's green and it comes out of the ground I don't know if there's any near ish here though near is not necessarily a bad thing I mean or a good thing or some kind of near is is not a requirement that's what I meant to say because you can have trains shipping it from far away but for initial products like I don't like to have them nearby there's oil which is not gas unfortunately oh my gosh we need to pause look orchard has already been built by the town to supply their ever-growing needs for stuff alright I don't think we can build that I think we need to look for another good we can get dye about glass glass should be fairly easy let's look at our recipe book what's the other thing steel one thing about the product is the more time it takes to make a product the more complicated a product is the greater the selling price so it is very advantageous to actually make more complicated products right now this town requires kind of two low level products which is food and also construction goods but higher level products like clothing and other stuff like fancy books they require money more manufacturing facilities and therefore give you more money let's look at what do we got here glass let's look at glass another glass from experience is pretty pretty okay to build we need to need sand sand and it makes glass three sand per one glass that sounds pretty darn easy which might be very advantageous for this particular thing because we could set up a sand factory or sand gathering right over here and then ship it to the town directly so we don't even have to ship it in by train or anything it's gonna be really good all right I think we have what we want to do let's organize this I kind of want to put my sand over here to kind of prevent the AI from getting too far let's go to F building construction and then we have our gatherers now there are several types of buildings you have your gatherers which are raw resources that you can get from the world we have your lumberyard which you need to put in your trees coal mine iron mine oil drill gas pump and then there's coastal gathers which is water and sand those have to be near a river or the coastline and then there's offshore fishermen pure offshore oil gathering and then you have your various farms and plantations and orchards and you have your building construction light and heavy industry and then we have our logistics buildings which we have the truck Depot warehouse and train their terminal and we'll be using all of these during the course of the game and and I'll kind of talk about them more but it's good to know that there are several different categories from the raw resources that you get from the ground then to other processing so let's go and pick a sand collector and put this near the coast let's rotate this guy I'm gonna rotate it with our and oh this has the road on the side right I think this is okay to put can we override their roads can I can I just yeah no you can't oh no no that's sneaky can I delete their roads no all right I see I see all right okay well then mm-hmm we'll make our own Road that's okay we're just forge your own path right let's get our sand collector shut it down here okay and we have our road on the right and we want to get our harvesters now the way this works is you have a main collection building where all the stuff is stored it's like a warehouse sort of for each resource and then you have a harvester and the harvesters you put near the the near the actual resource in this case sand and you can place them anywhere you want each of these costs a specific amount of money to maintain so the less you have myyy if you're looking for ratios and efficiency the less of them you have kind of the better off you are unless you need all of them so we're gonna put these guys down there and I think that's gonna be enough for now I'm gonna what do you call this going to connect select connect many words are existing today with a road here with the urban road and then I want to have them processed by I believe it's a petrochemical plant we're gonna build as many plants as we need to to use up this amount of sand in fact we could build more stuff over here let's see what we need because the town will pay for all the last we can get it it will be thrilled to pay for glass I think there's steel we have any cold around this is iron ore for steal we need coal there's coal right there that's kind of tempting but that farm is right next door and it's gonna build fields as well all right it'll be fine so we need to go and get our and let's look let's use a recipe book again here's glass and we it'll tell us that glass is made at a Glass Works and smelter so we'll go to our building construction thingy and go to our processing plants our industry plants here and we know go with Glass Works uns so right there and we need to rotate this well that's perfect one two three and four how many does this cover for already for there and four there I think we'll put it there right yes could be sort of boxing them in right so let's get our road here and we can actually turn the map around there we go actually I don't really want to connect there let's just get that out go this way we're gonna have to look at the ratios of how this is gonna work because I don't know if this is enough or not enough right so man I should connect it there should Knight all right well connect it to this road and we'll just share their road but I am tempted to go and get more of these guys so how do we set this up we got our sand collector these will automatically start harvesting with trucks and they're going to want a destination and we're gonna have to send them to these Glass Works but we need to choose the product so we click on the Glass Works and smelter go to production oh and it's already set to have to be producing glass so both of them are have been set and it's really handy that it names the building for that that's a new feature and it requires three sand to produce one glass and it takes three days to make glass now here we don't know yet how much it's gonna take I feel like I should set up more production of this glass over here so let's just do that I'm pretty sure that this can supply like maybe two factories maybe more but I really don't want this area to get taken over by that farm so we're just gonna put these guys down here and if we need to add more sand production we'll do so on this Coast right there okay so these are all good we need the sand collector to send it to the destination so we're gonna choose our factories we're gonna send it to one and two okay choose number two now each of these kind of that when you build a building it defaults to having three trucks but you can buy up to nine so we're gonna buy three more two three and we're gonna add them to our second smelters we're gonna have three trucks going to each of these smelters all right let's go ahead and go and what happens is that these resources they produce stuff over time and that's what they're doing and once they get to be filled the trucks that are waiting here are they waiting you can't see them but they do come out of this area there they go and they deliver to the sand collector now these guys these trucks are the outgoing trucks remember we bought several of them and they come out of this and then they deliver to where our destinations were which is the last melters and hopefully we'll have enough now the tricky bit here is trying to make sure that we have sufficient trucks delivering what is being brought in and if these guys are producing too much we need to add more delivery to go out and send them on their way the way we can tell this is this number right up here it says we have one sand now that's what's being stored and as the trucks come around from their collection things the harvesters this number go up and hopefully we want to keep this number at a very low number otherwise we're just stockpiling it and it's not getting to where it needs to go so now we have these two smelters working we did not actually set a destination so we need to have these guys set a destination of the commercial thing the construction goods store within the town so let's select that we'll have our three trucks assigned that sounds good okay and you also go to the same place with three trucks assigned I don't know if we'll need three trucks or not it's a bit of a distance compared to here here to there and then there – there we go oh my gosh look um so when I started playing this game or practicing I was like wow there are so many different trucks oh I thought the goods store was over here anyway it's a nice short distance and um and I thought oh it looks like there's there's a truck for every every product surely this cannot be I asked the developer there is a truck for every single product in the game which is a lot of trucks there are many many many products and it's it's absolutely adorable because you can see you can tell when they're empty when they're full when they you know what they're transporting just at a glance very very handy and very nice detail there so what we weren't what we're looking for is we want to see you know how fast this operates and we want to see how that compares to our actual glassworks it looks like we're not getting enough sand in these guys to keep them going yeah probably not so we should well I want to wait and see I want to see exactly how much we're producing here and we're in February 14th at the moment so we're gonna have to wait till the next month to see the full excuse me production of that thing now in the meanwhile remember that we also need to deliver stuff the farmers market food what's being delivered is from this farm here but they are not producing as much as we would want because we want the town to grow a bit faster and stuff like that so I think it would be much better if we've produced some apples and get that going because as you saw the the market demands Goods and then there they're consumed over time you saw the bar being about halfway from the other farm delivering and then it just disappears as they're consumed we need to have a steady supply of goods here and as you can see our construction goods are going very very well and and we're making them quite happy with this amount of stuff there okay actually zones the end of February let's go ahead and go to the end of the month I'll speed it up just a bit and we'll see like how much sand we're producing and how old February 30th I love this game you never see that in real life okay what do we got here sand clicked it produced 28 units over the month ok now these guys these guys have a production of three days so every three days we need three sand and you can use ten production cycles a month it takes three days so that means we need 30 sand per month and it only produces 28 units a month so we are way overkill with four of these guys so I think we're going to delete these two here get those deleted and get our roads back in place hey there we go and I think we can have another sand place over here and possibly even over here if we really want to I think that's a good idea to have a thing of it there all right so let's get that going on we need more collectors so if we're at full production with this collector that means that we can supply one of these smelters I had forgotten how much sand they Perdue or consumed at these smelters so we need to just look at this and try to figure it out and and get it going okay let's go here the sand collector think maybe flea oh we can't put it one two three four five all right that'll be fine I guess add harvester it does not fit on this diagonal Coast at the moment you cannot wait one two four five okay that's gonna fill up that entire Coast I was gonna say that at the moment you cannot edit the landscape so you have to be very careful about how you plan things all right so let's go and take this this away I'll go a little bit squiggly on the road here which is just fine and yeah there we go we're gonna have this deliver to you no I mean how to deliver to the closer smelter this one I want you to just deliver to the further one take everything to smelter to please and put all the trucks on that one as well this one we're gonna deliver to Glass Works one oops we need to go to our factories there we go and almost five more trucks you three and with the trucks we can make sure that they are all getting used right now we probably could use more trucks let's let's buy a couple more because it's starting to build up there we go and if those need more and it's closer we're gonna have you can bet we're gonna need all of the trucks here one two three right there we go nice okay so there we are very nice now of course we could build a bridge over here and also get more sandy collectors there I'm kind of feeling like maybe I should even move this smelter closer in but I'm hoping it'll be okay I don't really fit right now but anyway okay so that is our glass thing taken care of and we are gonna get we're getting paid for all of the deliveries that get to 2453 for every delivery of glass here look at these beautiful grapes trucks going to the farmers market it's absolutely lovely and I love the market look at how beautifully detailed is it's just they have just selling all the foods and things look at this oh that's so cool it's like the the what do you call it like the capitol building of the town or mayor's house order one call it there's the dapper penguin statue Oh hot adorable alright so um oh my god this oh there's another farm cropped up over here right so how do these farms survive now I believe they are buying water from the town I thought I've been seeing some water trucks going back and forth see today's sell wholesaler yeah you can get water from the town and you can also get grapes right now from the wholesaler I'd love to build a farm myself so let's figure out where I want to do that let's pause the game a little bit look at this we actually made a profit last month that is fantastic or was that because we sold yeah building deconstruction okay we don't want to count that in our profits not yet right what we want to do is that we want to make a water siphon to get water and bring it to a farm can I build farm here I can build a farm here do I want you that's the question I think it's okay to build a farm here an apple orchard we need because that's what the town wants here is the orchard building I forgot is that grape orchard kind of looking at the fields and seeing how big the fields are okay it looks like it's exactly the same size as the fields for one two three four can do this here actually we could put it down here so 1 2 3 4 1 2 it's alright for there and for there I think that's right right apples alright it's already preaches and apples for us which is fantastic because that's what we want and they are beautiful come on I think we're having an autos say there it is there's the autosave does cause a teeny little delay but we're just fine okay alright and we're gonna have one more Apple Fields put it right we want that there um actually I don't think we want that there I think we want to delete these guys here and I think we want a road like this way that goes back to the city cuz this is where excuse me this is where we want to connect up like right there this is gonna come this way we're gonna try to add some roads here that makes sense to us this will go this way around we want to do that can we delete this room yeah it's okay if they go one square I'm not that bothered about it right let's get back to our orchard it's add a field or two you take these they can be there and then we'll put this field maybe here kind of out of the way all right we can do that okay and we have this beautiful beautiful orchard look at how pretty the graphics are oh my god the graphics art it's just low poly is the new standard for cute and this tops the charts of low poly oh so beautiful look they have even like fences and gates everywhere it's so just this game is just so so lovely to look at okay I want to build we need to build our water siphon and make sure that we can get some water into this farm I hope we can it's gonna be a bit far we could however could put it on this side this might actually be better all right so we can put this here let's get you know what let's make a bridge I've never made a bridge before but we're gonna make a bridge today so let's get our urban Road bridge so oh there we go there we go okay you just put your mouse on the shore can you rotate like this one oh yes you can awesome and it automatically builds a bridge for you is that not beautiful or what Wow I like very cool right let's go ahead and connect that up I will put our water siphon out here all right there we go rotate there goes and our collection collectors now water siphons are so much more forgiving than than the other than sand collectors and collectors are the harvesters are two by two these are only one by one so I'm gonna put them on all of this janky coastline over here so that we could add another harvester right here if we should desire to do so which we might we might actually want to do that in a bit so let's get there the road connected up to all of these little harvesters here and they're gonna collect stuff and you're gonna send all of your produce to the apple farm there we go to the apple orchard pardon me let's yeah 3 sounds ok ish no let's it let's have one more cuz it's quite a distance away so we'll add 4 there and you guys are going to share your beautiful produce with the world and send it to our local commercial farmers market right three trucks yeah let's have like five trees ok let's go let's go play the game lay the lovely game and there they go so good I love seeing all the little trucks do their thing we're gonna have water come from here so these guys take water and store it in the building of course and then as it's stored the outgoing trucks leap out and they go to our orchard all right there they go as the water arrives here the fields get watered as you can see right here they will have the production progress going on which is nice ok what is our competition doing they're still building stuff and while all of this is going on in them there are other farms being built in other places so I feel like where we want to concentrate maybe on one place at a time and then later we will go and get to these other cities or towns and provide them with products what's kind of nice is it seems to like leave a little bit of this an interesting thing and it seems to leave a little bit of space for us to sneak a train station in and I'd be able to deliver things better so I'm gonna concentrate on that happiness we got here we have almost being produced let's go there they go our happy Apple trucks leaving here and oh my god I love seeing the different colors of the trucks this is just gorgeous just totally gorgeous over there going this way all right it's just fine you can go which ever way you will oh they're going into this building what is this its autosave okay okay farmers market right this is the wholesaler oh so these guys are delivering to the wholesaler I thought that was kind of like I don't know building attached but it's not it's a totally different thing okay so we're gonna get paid a premium for these apples what do we have at the waterside we have tons and tons of water and I feel like we could build another farm why don't we go ahead and do that mmm they need how much do they need per month now see these fields they take 18 days to produce stuff so it's not quite divisible in our 30 day thing but what do we got for water production they produce 32 units a month so these can these can definitely support another farm okay let's go ahead and build another one we could build a different one if we wanted to but these guys are producing grapes and look we get $2,000 well not two thousand but twelve hundred dollars more for producing apples let's just produce apples it makes sense let's look at grapes does it tell us how long they take to know it doesn't say I think it should be the same right turn this round we need to have one two three and four though actually we don't need we'd rather have this building closer and could put that fields around here all right let's just shut that down there more apples apples for the people there we go right and we put this I'm gonna leave a space for a road they're just beautiful all right orchard Chu go ahead and choose your destination sell it to that farmers market please let's have six trucks there we go and let's see we need to get water there of course how much are we using here we need we have four trucks assigned there to apples let me a quick thing that you can do back is if you buy more trucks like say nine trucks and then you choose another destination it will automatically assign all of these and you don't have to click again which is kinda nice ok so we have more trucks and they're all going to leave right now whose beautiful water trucks I love this is like like the culligan man or whoever it's like the little water bottles stacked up there I remember when I was a kid I had this little toy was a coke truck actually and I'm not endorsing any brands here or anything I'm just mentioning that I had this when I was a kid and it had like little slots like that to put the little boxes of bottles on it's adorable anyway so yeah we're gonna have apples for days I'll be building this we're gonna be getting our are things going there is more Apple trucks coming along and there we go very nice how are the Glass Works working they are they have a little bit of buildup of goods which is okay so I think I think we're gonna do all right how much does this one this is doing 25 units missouri 28 we decided that these could use 30 units a month so this shouldn't ever be too far ahead I don't think hopefully not right but I'm hoping that we'll see by the end of July we should have a bit of a profit here now we need to get past the building construction phase of last month and we'll see if we're making any money probably I think we've been playing in July with all of this that was last month okay so but we do need to make sure that we have the production cycles going we already are in the green fantastic houses water siphon doing they are still building up items so if these guys are going short of stuff which it doesn't look like it is they have a buildup of water here in both places Wow we might be able to support another another farm but anyway I think this is a good place to stop for today because I think in the next episode we're gonna try to take on another town and maybe have more innocent what a funny name alright eco friendly town they have a bookstore farmers market and home goods wow these are very very complicated products and we're gonna try to make a production change it's gonna give us a little bit more money oh look at this the income already so far this month is we're actually in the green this is so good very very good I'm excited okay alright so anyway that seems like a good stopping point for us today thank you so very much for joining me if you want to discuss this this game there is a discord a public discourse or rise of industry so make sure that you check that out it's linked in the description below and also there's my discord because I know I love to talk about the game as well so if you like to chat just check those things out the game is on H dot IO right now if you want to pick it up and in the meanwhile I will see you guys next time so take care of yourselves and each other and I'll see you in the next episode bye

Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later