Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later

Rise of Industry Ep 1: SO MANY THINGS HAVE CHANGED! / TUTORIAL – Full Release! First Impressions

greetings and welcome to rise of Industry I'm Katherine of sky and I have been playing this game in very very early access since pretty much the beginning I think it was just a demo when I played at the fair first time anyway I have called my series a sort of first impressions first look because it has undergone so many changes since I played it last time I'm actually gonna play the tutorial for you because there are many many things that have been added many things have been changed and I've been excited to read the devs dev logs about what has been going on so let's go ahead and start with a tutorial and figure out how to play this new and improved rise of Industry first of all I'd like to thank the devs for giving me a key to play this game it has been really a fun journey since the very beginning and the game is releasing out of steam early access tomorrow so it's gonna be kind of exciting all right let's see what we can do here welcome to rise of Industry a game about testing your entrepreneurial skills here are some instructions to give you a head start first of all can I change the options hello aha settings want to change the UI scale okay let's go to a hundred and fifty percent I'm playing 1440p so hopefully this is gonna be a little bit more readable but there are a billion different options that you can change here which is very nice all the things and all the stuffs there we go let's resume okay all right it's I think it's a little bit bigger there we go there are 53 steps in the tutorial but hopefully they're all short okay so to start off let's learn around how to move around schoo WASD to pan WASD + shift okay for faster right mouse button Q and E okay great scroll wheel to page to zoom right all right open chap Wieck town centre open pace to build in a region you don't control you need a permit it's not as easy as just buying it as there's a free market you can start an oxygen and bid enough to gain control of it all right so this is chap work town centre we need to click the region tab there we go let's start an auction and keep building bidding until your competitors give up allowing you to earn ownership of that region be careful to run out of money Wow okay be careful to run out of money all right we shall do it bid on the auction okay plus 20% currently bidding a hundred million okay adding more a hundred and twenty-five million okay looks like we want it all right close chap wick town such a panel there we go once we start an auction other companies will be able to pit bid on the permit if you place your headquarters it automatically gives you the region's permit at no cost if you scan the map a little you can find other companies on the map they have the same abilities as we do and are trying the same thing you're doing so be careful okay so that means we're actually going to have real AI competitors I can right mouse button to move around as well very nice okay I don't see any other companies but they're probably they're hiding in the trees or the shadows or something all right next now let us start building our first production line first we need a water siphon to collect the raw resource water so let's open the gatherer tap that's here there we are a water siphon like other gatherers collect raw resources to be used in farms and factories to generate their products press R to rotate the building all right so here's our water siphon oh it's oom this all the way over here okay if you notice it is opposite here so we're gonna press R to move it round there we go and it's green underneath the aid Wow lots of well it's a fluffy fluff I mean smoke as we or dust it's not smoke it's dust okay after placing the water siphon it will need a few harvesters placed a harvester collects a raw resource and brings it back to the gather you may need to rotate the harvester to place it yeah Road on this side would be good excellent another one now we need to place roads to get the water to the water siphon rows are the only way trucks move across the map if a road is not connected it will have a road block at the end oh that's good that's really a nice feature I think okay so when you build here I was gonna build this way thing alright fine all right fine oh oh this is great look at this this is the road block it shows you that it's not connected I like that that's a really nice quality of life feature because sometimes it used to be kind of hard to tell if roads were connected or not but this is nice okay and connect here yay the water siphon is running raw resources like water and sand can be collected in it infinitely as long as you keep paying the upkeep now so these guys have an upkeep which we can probably see later I can't click on them right now some other resources like coal copper gas and iron and oil have a limited amount of Units available for collecting we will have to be careful how we use them okay alright gather is for these raw resources need to be placed near their corresponding resources but do not need roads to connect their harvesters and hubs to function really that's new okay we'll put the coal mining thingy here ok place three coal mine harvesters oh you place it directly on top now oh that's new ok that's interesting well done ok we can close the thing Oh building efficiency you can change building efficiency now oh all right lumberyard harvesters have an area of effect where it will select up to four trees closest to them for their exclusive use for each tree reserved it will increase its production rate by 25% okay that makes sense all right so let's cool it go to the lumberyard click yes there we go ok and we'll place it here where it tells us to thank you ok so place three lumber harvesters Oh does this need to also have these must need a road ok one Oh one here two and three that's interesting that's interesting I wonder if it actually shows which trees it picks okay so we're gonna close this I kind of didn't get that bit like which trees does it pick and all that kind of stuff okay trees and fish will deplete but they are renewable fish will respawn over time and we can plant trees and wait for them to grow oh that's new terraforming panel plant trees two and a half thousand Wow okay place ten trees near the lumber yard okay let's play some kind of nearby that's three four five six seven eight nine okay that's ten right close to terraforming menu all right we will do that the warehouse acts as a hub for small areas on the map once placed it will coordinate the collection and distribution of products amongst the buildings within its radius so let's open the logistics thingy click on the warehouse okay I'm gonna place a warehouse in the highlighted area great not that this is actually a useful spot huh but it'll be fine let's see there we go and that's green oh it has an in and an out that's new well then I like this this reminds me very much of like I had I had some Hot Wheels cars when I had Legos too I had a car wash in my Legos and they had like little signs to go in anyway I don't know just for some reason reminding you must be the low-poly beautiful beautiful graphics here anyway there we go so like the dirt road okay well when a building generates a product it will send that product to the warehouse the water siphon for example will send water to the warehouses to be stored okay let's go ahead and connect this now these harvesters of course are gonna go to the water siphon alright so we did this oh and we need to circle back apparently oh okay so that's how this is going to work that's fine okay once stored the water is transported to where it's needed like a crop farm which uses water to generate farm produce that can be sold or used for other recipes open the tech tree alright that's up here at the beginning of the game we get three free unlocks after that we have to spend money and time to research and unlock after we select some unlocked sentence let's place the crop farm okay so we'll do unlock wheat vegetables and flour okay vegetables and there's the flour okay we can place make food at the make flour at a food factory we can plant veggies okay great so then open the basic distribution tree and select truck Depot okay can build truck depots I wonder what if they have a different functionality now okay logistics and administration select one weight Wow one-way roads interesting and then air purifiers okay ah this must relate to the pollution expansion or the pollution update thing alright let's close the tech tree now that we're researching truck depots the research progress bar appears in the upper left hand corner oh okay I didn't finish reading that go back it usually takes a bunch of time but for the sake of learning let's speed that up okay so we waited for that finish now that we selected some unlocks let's place the crop farm open the farms tab in the construction bar there is our crops farm okay great aha place three fields in the designated areas I like the little bell sound that's quite sweet okay let's see we'll close this oh did I miss something is the crop farms like all farms are like gatherers except they use fields instead of harvesters which don't need roads to operate all the require is water or wheat to generate goods next once we place a road between the warehouses on the crop farm the warehouse will begin sending water to the crop farm automatically I wonder how the roads are how the truck system works now okay our crop farm is ready to produce something if we check the farmers market we'll see the vegetables have a higher value than wheat so let's set our crop farms production to vegetables so if we look at the farmers market here's these they are sold at 28 point or 22.8 k and these are 22 point 6 K no they're not no oh no average price nine point six nine and this is nine point eight K mmm-hmm game you're trolling your tutorial okay so we need to set this to veggies okay and then we can close both okay open okay congratulations we now have a working vegetable production line so let's start making some money by selling our vegetables right Ken I can't click on this I wish I could see like how many trucks we have because I know that was a huge part of the games before but maybe not anymore okay we can place road connecting the warehouse to chat wick alright so this one goes here all right I connect it there that's a little interesting way to connect this products can also be moved between other warehouses using the logistic system we can place one warehouse and one Depot of each type in a region even if we don't own the build permit Wow ok so let's place a warehouse near Newton farmers market okay or Newtons I think let's click this oh it's oom this automatically this is very handy ok shove it down there we go place a truck Depot near Newton and Chapel ik warehouses all right there's a truck Depot okay rotate it around plop it down and I think again I hope it'll zoom us yes it will there we go and we'll shove it down here okay now we're gonna open the Newton warehouse once Depot's of the same type are placed near each relative warehouses we can make requests between warehouses let's make a request all right so want to select vegetables farm produce and we'll select that I love the icons I love them they're so cute select amount to 10 units okay 10 there we go if there are multiple trade Depot types within range of a warehouse we can limit which vehicle will move the good we can also adjust our current requests using the logistics routes panel okay I have to read that again multiple trade Depot types okay so if you have a train station here you can choose whether you want to be a truck or train I think okay so we need to close this open logistic routes panel there we go select farm produce and then vegetables this is interesting it's very interesting we can select any product category and see our requests dragging a request higher than the other requests will adjust when that request is fulfilled compared to the others so basically a prioritization that's really good okay store up to ten okay so they want ten that makes sense and then I guess they'll automatically sell is that how it works I guess we'll find out when we send product to a shop within the settlement or the state the product will be sold for money this funding can now be used to expand our product lines and research new tech so open the chat WIC warehouse kay destinations okay I remember this part so veggies choose a destination we're gonna go – yes commercial farmers market yay note whenever assigning a destination we will only see buildings that will accept the chosen product with the destination at the top of the list being the closest choice yeah I like that that's a really good feature of the game after assigning a destination we can choose the maximum amount stored we can leave the value at infinite which will keep sending the product to the destination until its storage is full okay so here's the the infinite max amount stored at destination and then okay there we go next we can also set a specific amount at the destination to be stored allowing us to fine tune our production lines okay so use the plus button to change the amount stored to five hmm I wonder how that effects look I'm clicking it thank you okay I clicked the wrong button it was this one the max amount stored to five okay so let's close the warehouse building panel we can use the same method of micromanaging destinations to any building but we also forego using the warehouse to automatically district distribute products okay so we can micromanage or we can use our warehouses eventually we will want to start processing higher to your products to generate higher profits factories are buildings that allow that follow a selected recipe to generate a product similar to farms let's open the factory construction bar their products can be sold to the state and to settlements depending on the shops they build they built but be warned they have higher upkeep and will produce pollution so we can place a food factory here let's rotate this to the way it wants to go there we go place a road between the firehouse and the factory there we go pollution is the poisonous effect that harms land and water tiles if left unchecked pollution will slow the production of water and farms and caused settlements to shrink and die oh that sounds bad so open pollution management construction bar there we go didn't we get something like that the air purifier yeah pollution is represented as a graying of the map we can use trees to stand the tide a little but the more efficient way to remove pollution is to use a cleaner building all right place an air purifier near the food factory what if these need any products to operate another aspect of rise of industry we should cover is traffic as we add more buildings to your production lines there will be more trucks on the roads which will cause delays ok to alleviate this problem we can use the logistics system and utilize different vehicles or we can micromanage our street network using one-way roads there we go one-way roads are like urban roads except both lanes go in the same direction the direction is determined by the direction we drag-and-drop the one-way road into place ok so if we start here then it will go this way yay oops I should go over those tiles okay there we go air purifier to the warehouse go oh do we really need this many things ok sure there are also land bridges to pass over roads oh that's cool if managed right we can prevent traffic coming to a screeching halt preventing our products from getting delivered on time if traffic does become a problem we can use map layers to see where our trucks are getting jammed and then alter the traffic patterns to fix the problems open map layers that's up here click show traffic heat map Oh our veggies are I love the veggies look at this gigantic carrots and lettuces so good ok show traffic heat map oh there's this this spot here that's kind of rough math lawyers also give you access to a variety of different information about the map if you notice to see these paved roads are faster that's kind of cool if you need more specific data about the map we can use the query tool ok we can close the map layers select query tool which is the info little thingy-majingy the query tool is used to whoa look at this Wow used to tell you the detailed information about the tile your cursor is over it will tell you the tile type pollution rating building type and much more okay so this is a road from my corporation speed 50% what does this 150 hundred percent this is quite slow seventy-five percent traffic there this one has 86 percent traffic this looks so tiny this little thing in box here but yeah this is a cool tool I have to say that's really neat that's very new okay close the query tool bye bye bye bye nope come on ou have to go here okay there are some other tools we have at our disposal if we hit the tab key a series of labels will appear displaying the name of settlements shops resources and the name of our buildings okay so I'm pressing tab to kind of cycle through these there we are cycling probably we want to have this I don't know there are many things that we want maybe like this I like the stores pressing the alt button will cause production bubbles to appear above each of our buildings that show the production progress of each building it will fill up when the green with green when working right so it's alt oh I like this whoops they need some flour here or they're making flour but they don't have any deliveries yep veggies here okay that's great press the alt button again to make the double bubbles disappear congratulations you have completed the tutorial and know the absolute basics go start a new game maybe start slow with the newcomer difficulty and get rich alright that's pretty great so this has been very informative so many things have changed so what I'm gonna do is thank you very much for joining me for the tutorial and we will start a new game so take care of yourselves and each other and I'll see you next time you you