Attempting My ‘Ideal’ Workday · Working From Home Day In The Life

Tomorrow is my first full workday back
in the new year and I have an idea- I’ve had an idea for
a while now- of how I’d ideally like to structure my days to get the most out of
them; move more slowly, more intentionally, potentially do less
but still get more done. And I know that when you’re implementing new habits, it’s
best to do them gradually but I thought it’d be a fun experiment to see just how far
I can get, how doable, how effective my ideal work day can be for me. If nothing
else, I would love to use it as a way to kind of pinpoint anywhere that I might
be tripping up, any part of my routine that might need changing,
any parts of the plan that don’t quite add up so I can set myself up for
success going into the future, adjust those goals and habits where
needs be – really set myself up for the best success going into the new year. Now
what I’m looking for ideally is balance, more focus, just working when I’m
supposed to be working, moving around more and being more creative, having more
time for art. So it sounds really simple, it should be. But somehow, it never is.
So off the top of my head, my ideal day consists of getting up early-ish (for me,
that’s about eight), having a really filling breakfast and then having some
time to read, to sketchbook, to spend some time in my journal, all before I get to
actual work. I’d like to have that time to myself, to be creative and just
express myself a little bit before I dive right in. Because after that, I
really want to stick to a focused day of work; sticking to one to maximum three
main tasks, not going here, there and everywhere as I normally do, just really
having a set goal for the day and doing everything I can to achieve it. And then
the only other thing within that would be having a regularly timed breaks that
would ideally involve some movement. So I’m going to kind of write out a
roughish schedule of what that day might look like, sticking to the
structure that I know works for me focus-wise which is 45-minutes of work
on and then 15-minute break, and then repeating that as many times as I need
to. I’m looking at an 8:00 a.m. start,
I think tomorrow might be a bit more of a challenge just because
Ozzy’s home from work and it’s always really difficult to get out of bed when
someone else is staying in it but I’ll do my best. And I want to spend some time
reading while I have my breakfast. Then about 8:45 I would have a shower and get
ready and I only really anticipate that taking 15 minutes-
aha, being a bit ambitious there but I think what’ll help will be planning my
clothes the night before so I’m actually going to do that now-… Okay so that would
take us to nine o’clock when I would do some journaling maybe for about half an
hour and then after that would be about an hour of sketchbooking. So that would
be my chunk of morning without my phone on, without emails, without any
distractions or anything else. Just time to myself and then I would jump straight
into work at half ten. And, as I said, I want to stick to just a few meaningful
tasks. It’s an admin day- Monday as always an admin day for me- so I know that I
have a video to edit, I have my taxes to pay and I have some orders to package up
and send out. So those will be my three things for tomorrow and I feel
like I could do that. I feel like if I just stick to that and nothing else,
I’ll be good. Also in there wanna look at taking some breaks throughout the day
and really use those breaks to do things like maybe go for a walk, do some
stretching and I have a few other kind of habits and skills I want to build
this year, so maybe squeeze in a bit of practice on one of those during one of
the breaks. And then the only other thing would really be to end my day by tidying
the studio, getting the slate clean for the next day, making sure my plans all
laid out, making sure that I’m just set up to have the same success the next day,
and the next day, and the next day. Should be quite simple. As I said, I am
using this as an opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t, what I can spend
more time on or less time on. But yeah generally I’m feeling hopeful
and hopefully it could be the start of a more balanced way of working and living.
So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning. So far, so good. My morning routine
is solid. It’s calm, it’s creative. The getting ready portion- as expected- took
a bit longer but the journal portion took shorter than expected so it
did balance out. Having my clothes ready was great, that really helped. But one
other thing I think I’ll prepare in the future is just having a few ideas of
what I might do in my sketchbook, just coming up with a few ideas the night
before so that in the morning, if I don’t know what I’m doing, if I’m not feeling
inspired, I at least have a backup idea of what I can do for that hour. Today
I just went through my phone and found a picture I wanted to paint but in the
future it’d be nice to have kind of a backup for what I want to do especially
if there’s something that I want to practice and maybe I’ll make a list of
things to work on in my sketchbook in that nice little creative time in the
morning. But that was really, really nice. Now, I can turn flight mode off. I was
thinking last night that I need a bit more flexibility, the routine is feeling
a bit rigid. I was lying in bed thinking about it. So what I’m gonna do is use
Google Calendar to map in those chunks of work and break and so I’ll be able to
move them around if I need to if unexpected things pop up, but I’ll still
be able to keep track of making sure I’m getting to do that amount of work. It also
means I can set notifications for when the work starts and when the break
starts so I’m not constantly setting timers on my phone which makes a lot
more sense. I’m also extending the work period by
about half an hour. 45 minutes is just the thing that’s always worked for me
but I do think it feels a bit disjointed, it feels like as soon as I get deep into
my work I’m taking a break. And it’s on and off and on and off. So I’m gonna see
if an hour and 15 minutes works for me. It’s all an experiment, we’re
gonna see if I can stay focused for that long. I think I’ll be okay. And
hopefully that’ll be the new rhythm that I can set my day to. So I’m gonna start
by just checking some emails really quickly, if there’s anything urgent I’ll
respond to it and then I can get started on my editing. Editing is something that
I can really get sucked into and I end up spending hours hunched over my desk
not moving, not getting up, so it’d be good to see if I can really commit to
sticking to those times I’ve set myself and really making an effort to get up
and move around. Alright time for my first break. That
first chunk of work went really well but as I said, editing is just one of those
things I can get sucked into. But the hour and 15 minutes worked really well.
I’m going to spend the next 15 minutes just having a walk around, maybe water
the plants, take the bins out… and then probably have a quick stretch before I
get back to the next round of work. It was good actually. I got to give my eyes
a break from the screen, that stretch really helped to wake me up a bit so I
think that’s something that I will keep doing as regularly as I can just to give
myself a bit more energy. Got another hour and a bit of work now and I’m going to
finish this edit, probably move on to the next task while that’s rendering and
after that I think I’d scheduled in 15 minutes for a walk but I don’t think
that’s enough time to really get the most out of it.
By the time I put my coat on etc. I’ll have lost like half that time so I’m
thinking 45 minutes to walk and have lunch- we’ll see how that works- I’m going
to pop out to the bakery with Ozzy and get something for us to eat. And in the
future I plan on having a walk to the library at least once a week and that’ll
be my regular thing because I need the activity and I need to get outside. This
is actually the part that’s been giving me anxiety. I don’t leave the house
enough because I don’t have to but that needs to change. I’m desperate for a bit
of the outdoors I’m sure I’m hugely deficient in vitamin D and the longer I
spend inside, the more anxiety-inducing the thought of going outside becomes, so
on top of trying to stick to that nice morning routine, my top non-negotiable
for this year is going outside and going for a walk. And I’m aware that this might
sound so over the top for people who go out and walk every day, I used to be that
person, I walked half an hour to and from work every day, but three years of
working from home plus my underlying anxiety like bubbling up that was there
anyway… it’s it’s made it quite a thing now and I want to normalise getting out
and about again. So I’m easing my way back into it. Glad I’ve got Ozzy
with me today. And it’s almost exciting having the library is my regular walking spot
in the future. So I can’t wait to see how that goes. It was nice getting outside! Now I am a
little bit behind schedule. I kind of expected that. Lunch took us a
little bit over, but I do think I’ll be able to catch up because I am kind of
ahead of where I thought I’d be with my tasks. So I’m just here to pack a
couple of orders then head back home and carry on with what I was doing there. Right I’ve done all the things on my
list which is good! It’s great. Other than making some cashew milk, but that wasn’t
on my top three and I can just do that later on in the evening. I finished all
my work which is a big big achievement. I think I still have another break and
work sprint left so I think I’ll spend that one…. I’ll probably make that one
just 45 minutes and spend it working on some stuff I didn’t finish yesterday and
the break I think I will use to do some touch typing practice because that’s a
skill that I want to work on this year and I don’t need a proper break because
I’m gonna finish my day soon anyway. I think that will be an hour, that’ll take
me to like half five. And then that’ll be my workday completely done and I’ll have done
everything I set out to do. So yeah, pat on the back for that. I was hoping to fit
in a workout- I never can find the right time to squeeze one in-…. no, no, I’m gonna
do it! I’ll find like a short video, something on YouTube that I can follow, and
just get it done. And then that’ll be everything that I set
out to do today I will have achieved. But you have to take my word for it because
I think I’m gonna end the video here. I will finish my ideal work day by tidying
the studio, making sure that I’m clear on what I’m getting up to tomorrow,
planning my outfit and an idea of what I want to work on in my sketchbook. This
routine needs work for sure. I thought it would feel like I had more time but
somehow I felt like I had even less than usual. But I’m glad I gave it a go, it
gives me somewhere to work from now on. And the morning routine was spot-on. I’m
really looking forward to carrying that on for the rest of however long it lasts
me. It’s just the rest that needs figuring. But but I suppose I have from
tomorrow onwards to do all of that. For now though, thank you so much for joining
me and I will see you soon. Bye!

Office 365 ProPlus Introduction

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An Organized and Masculine Home Office Tour

Hey it’s Abby and as promised I’m
excited to be back today with the reveal of Donnie’s organized and very masculine
home office. I was so excited for this project because I wanted him to have a
space that was all his own. In our townhouse his office was this dark
cramped little 8 by 8 corner of the basement so now he finally has his dream
office that he’s always wanted. He would ask me for opinions here and there but
for the most part all of the design and organization ideas and everything was
pretty much Donnie’s. I had very minimal say in it so let’s go ahead in and I
will let him give you the Grand tour. After I cleared out my office I thought
it was a good time to upgrade the window and door trim. With our new house build
all the windows came with a basic window sill but nothing around the edges and
the top of the windows so I added Craftsman style trim around the windows
and doors and painted them white which I think really stands out next to the gray
paint we used in my office. The paint color is called Chain Reaction from
Behr. It ended up being a little darker than we thought it would be but we
really like how it looks in this room. I also installed bamboo shades that match
the ones we have in our sunroom and living room. Before we get to the new
organized shelves I’ll show you my new desk area. Years ago I built a standing
desk out of pipes and an Ikea desk top. It was nice but there are just times when I
really wanted to sit I did a lot of research and decided to get a motorized
standing desk from a company called Fuli and my model is the Jarvis. It’s a 60
inch wide desk and has a bamboo top. The legs and frame are the natural color
which is just unfinished metal instead of metal that’s been painted. The best
thing about this desk is that it has programmable positions and can move up
and down to the right height just by pushing the buttons so over the course
of a day I’ll move it from standing to sitting multiple time so I’m really
getting great use out of it so far. Now moving over to the wall of shelves we’ll
start at the bottom and work our way up one thing we really like about these
shelves is that they don’t sit on the floor getting everything up and off the
floor just makes the somewhat small office feel a little bit bigger it’s
also easy to keep the floor clean this way. For the bottom row we use 16 inch
deep shelves. So the idea for this bottom row is just have a place for all of my
video equipment. We just started making YouTube videos a few months ago but it’s
amazing how much stuff we ended up with from lights to microphones cables
batteries and just all sorts of other stuff. We need all of this equipment to
be somewhat mobile and easily able to move from one room to another or
wherever we are shooting so I organized everything into these Bosch L boxes. The
boxes are actually toolboxes but because they come in so many different sizes and
snap together I thought they’d be perfect for organizing the video
equipment. I also used Abby’s label maker to label
each box so I know exactly what’s in everything without opening them up. I
can’t tell you how much better it is having all this equipment organized this
way. No more searching around for little parts or cables. Everything has a place
and when it’s time to set up for filming it’s easy to just grab the boxes I need
and head to the right room. Also with kids, it’s nice that the equipment is a
little more protected and not just laying out. The bottom row is also where
I have the wireless router and a little hard drive bay that we use for video
storage. I did my best to bundle up all the cables and zip-tie everything nice
and neat so it looks a little more organized. Moving up I have two rows of
wire mesh drawers deeper drawers on the bottom and then a row of shallow drawers
above. These drawers are about the greatest thing ever. They feel really
sturdy and roll in and out very easily. It’s nice that you can see into the
drawers through the mesh to get an idea of what’s in each one just at a glance
without opening it. You can buy these little label holders made specifically
for these drawers that snap into place. I’m still changing things around a
little bit so I haven’t labeled everything except for the ones that I’m
absolutely sure of. Now I have to say at first I wasn’t convinced about being
able to organize things in these drawers but that was until I found these drawer
dividers made to match these wire mesh drawers. The dividers are really great
for the shallow drawers. In one drawer I keep all the little office supplies and
a few other things and without the dividers it would just be a big mess but
dividing it up into four little rows really makes a big difference. Above the
drawers I use a row of 16-inch shelves again just like on the bottom row. This
is the right depth to cover the top of the drawers I decided to use this row of
shelves for commonly used things. It’s at the perfect height to get to easily. So
on the left side I have a row of little clear document holders from the
Container Store. These were actually recommended to me by the person at the
store who helped me design my shelving unit because they come in so many
different sizes and are really inexpensive. I think they’re a great way
to organize documents but I also organize some magazines and notebooks in
these. The little clip on labels help me know where to put
things. Right now I even have a couple empty containers. Nothing wrong with
having some extra space for the future. Then right next to these clear containers I have a little spot for my two cameras and lenses. There’s only one
there now because I’m using the other one to film but I really like having
them right there kind of on a little display shelf but it’s also nice to be
able to just grab them really quickly if I want to film something and then for
the rest of this row and the next two I have nothing but books. These are 12-inch
shelves so they’re recessed a little bit compared with the drawers and the bottom
shelves and I think that’s really the perfect depth for books it’s nice with
alpha that you can buy little bookends that snap into the shelving uprights and
you can also buy bookends that slide over the front of the shelf. The ones
that slide over the front of the shelf are a little more versatile because they
can move back and forth on the shelf whereas the other ones can only clip
into the operate so you’re limited on where you can put them. On the second top
shelf it’s another 12 inch shelf I have some boxes with pictures and a few other
boxes that some of my electronics came in. It definitely doesn’t look the best
to have a row of boxes up here but for me it’s more important for my office to
be organized and functional than just look a hundred percent perfect and I am
really excited about the top row of my wall of shelves. It was really
challenging for me to figure out where to store all the long and heavy video
equipment like lights and tripods and mic stands. Before I redid my office I
just had everything piled up on the floor because they’re so big and bulky
and they didn’t really seem to fit nicely anywhere so I actually went into
my design meeting at the Container Store and told them about the issue and she
recommended I use ventilated shelving for the very top row. So the ventilated
shelving are just metal wire shelves. I honestly think this is a perfect
solution. I use a little stool from Ikea to get to this stuff and then the stool
can sit nicely out of the way when I’m not using it. Because the shelves are the
wire ventilated type they’re super durable so I don’t have to worry about
scratching anything up and I can also see from below what’s on the shelves. At
both ends of the top shelf I use a little row of
hooks that snap into the brackets so this space is a bit high but the hooks
are a good place to store my backpack on one end and then in the other end I have
my fly fishing rod. So that is the main wall of shelving in my office. It really
is crazy how much I can fit into this space I think we did a pretty good job
maximizing the space but at the same time I don’t think it feels too cramped
or crowded or anything like that. Now I’ll show you what we did on the other
side of the room. So this is where I sit and read and drink my coffee and look
out the window so what we decided to do here was use alpha just to kind of match
everything but we used a configuration where the bottom shelf acts like a
little end table with a lamp this little shelf was perfect for the books I’m
currently reading and also a great place to set my coffee while I’m in the chair.
So with this new setup I use the platinum color metal alpha grate that
just snaps into the uprights and then from this grate I can hang little
shelves and little clear storage containers as well as hooks and all
sorts of other things I’m sure this arrangement will evolve
over time but it’s really super easy to move things around on this grate. And
then the top of this little reading area I have a narrow 8 inch shelf just with
some decorative books. To finish things off in my office I hung up some pictures
that I already had. These two pictures I took years ago the top one is from when
I went backpacking through Denali National Park in Alaska and the bottom
one is a picture I took while canoeing through the Everglades with my college
roommate. Above my chair I have a reprint of a topographical map from Denali
National Park and then on the other side of the window I hung these two pictures
I made when I was a little kid. My mom found them a few months ago and had them
framed for me which was very nice. I think the bright colors look nice in
my office. I can’t tell you how excited I am about my new office.
I’m realizing now that when a space is organized and set up the way you want,
you just naturally want to spend more time in there and so far I’ve been
spending a ton of time in my office and I just feel so productive and organized
when I’m in here. So if you couldn’t tell Donnie is just a
little bit excited about his office. I think we hit our two primary goals for
this space which was for it to be organized and for it to be masculine. I’m
so glad that Donnie has a space that’s all his own that is functional and
perfectly meets his style. Before you go be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a
video and head to to get our exclusive bonus for
newsletter subscribers! you

How to Achieve Your Goals: 3 Science-Backed Strategies That Work

Hey, what’s up, party people? It’s Marie Forleo, and welcome to another
episode of MarieTV and the Marie Forleo Podcast. So today I want to talk about how to achieve
your goals, and specifically three science-backed steps to help you achieve your goals so that
once we get past all this “new year, new you” hoopla, you’ve actually got some solid
practices in place to help yourself stay on track. Why? Because here’s the truth. The stats around making lasting change from
New Year’s resolutions are pretty dismal. In fact, one study by the Journal of Clinical
Psychology showed that about 54% of folks who make a resolution fail to keep it up past
six months. And then guess what? Most people make the same damn resolutions
10 times without success. That’s sad, isn’t it? That’s super sad. So to combat those odds, here are three simple
and science-backed strategies to help you achieve your goals more consistently. So this first one is pretty simple, but I
got to say hardly anybody does it. So strategy number one is this. You want to write it down and write it down
daily. So Dr. Gail Matthews, who’s a Professor of
Psychology at the Dominican University of California, she did this amazing study on
goal setting, right? And she discovered this: that we human beings
are actually 42% more likely to achieve our goals if we simply write them down. Look, I know y’all, I know this sounds basic,
but people still don’t have their top goals written down, and I got to tell you, they
certainly don’t look at them every day. So here’s what I do. This is my own personal practice. Whatever my top goals are for the moment,
I actually write each one of them down. I do this every day, and I write them down
at least 15 times. This is exactly what I did when it came to
my book, Everything Is Figureoutable. I literally wrote, I am a number one New York
Times bestseller 15 times a day, every single day for 18 months. Now you can say what you want about that,
whether it’s voodoo. I think it’s all about focus. So if you think I’m nuts, I’m fine with that. Most people do. But once I did this every single day, it helped
me keep my top focus top of mind. Right? So you can do this too. And if you’re truly serious about achieving
your goals this year, please make sure that you actually write them down. And I would encourage you to write them down
daily. So strategy number two is this: you want to
schedule the time and the place that you’re going to take action and have a backup plan. So check this out, y’all. Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, who’s a social
psychologist who actually studies goal setting and motivation, found this. Deciding in advance where and when you’re
going to take specific actions to reach your goal can actually double or triple your chances
for success. Did you hear that? You can double or triple your chances for
success in achieving your goals? I don’t know about you, but I like those odds,
don’t you? Now, one of the things I’ve shared with my
B-Schoolers for years is this: if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real. So I need you to make sure that you schedule
time in your calendar to take action towards your goals and also include where you’re going
to do it. So for example, let’s say it’s a workout,
right? Schedule the time you’re actually going to
work out, plus put in the place. Are you going to do it at the gym? You’re going to do it in your living room,
you’re going to do it in your local park? Doesn’t matter. Just put it down. And if you really want to dial up your chances
for success, do this. Make a contingency plan too. What does that mean? It means you actually think ahead and you
plan for problems or setbacks that you already know could throw you off track, and then you
solve for them in advance. And finally, strategy number three is this,
send updates to a friend. So check this one out. The American Society of Training and Development
did this study. And they found that you actually have a 65%
chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And then check this out. If you actually have a specific accountability
appointment with another person, this can actually increase your chances of success
by up to 95%. You guys, 95 freaking percent. I think that’s amazing. That is like real, real good. And look, you don’t have to make this complicated,
right? For example, you can actually just set a standing
date with your friend that every Thursday y’all are going to send each other an email
or a text with a status update by, I don’t know, 5:00 PM, something like that. Boom, done. You just jacked up your odds of success by
95 damn percent. And with that, you’ve now got three science-backed
strategies to help you achieve your goals in the new year and beyond. And if you want even more help bringing your
dreams to life, can you do me a favor? Can you just get this book? It’s called Everything Is Figureoutable. And don’t just read the book, y’all, do the
book. I promise you on my life that if you actually
do the work in this book, it will change your life. Guaranteed. Now, in fact, you know what? I actually really want to help you achieve
all your goals this year. So we’re going to give away three signed copies
of this book. And guess what you’re going to get? You’re going to get a limited edition, Everything
Is Figureoutable journal, y’all. This is so beautiful. And guess what? This is vegan leather, vegan leather. And you know what else you’re going to get? This Everything Is Figureoutable water bottle. Because guess what? You can’t figure shit out if you’re not hydrated. That’s right. You know what else you’re going to get? You’re going to get some fun stickers, because
who doesn’t love stickers? Everything Is Figureoutable. You can put that on your computer. Some cute little oranges. If you know the story, you know what’s up
with that. And then a little Jersey Marie, and she’s
saying no more bullshit excuses, which is perfect for this time of year. So all the details to enter this giveaway
are on the blog post that goes along with the episode over at Now this is time sensitive, so go over and
read them all now. Okay. So now I want to hear from you. So tell me, what’s the most important goal
that you are committed to achieving this year and why? You got to remember, reasons come before results,
people. Come chat me up on social @marieforleo. Or tell me about it over on the comments at Now, once you’re there, be sure to subscribe
to our email list and become an MF Insider. You’re going to get a jolt of love and positivity
and action-based learning every damn week. Until next time, stay on your game and keep
going for your dreams because the world needs that very special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for tuning in to MarieTV
and the Marie Forleo Podcast and I’ll see you soon. Hey, are you ready to bring your dream business
to life? Is it finally time to make the difference
you were born to make? Good, because we can help. Get started now at

10 EXCELLENT time management tips that work

What’s up, everybody? Welcome to the video. And hey, consider subscribing if you haven’t
already to see my beautiful face pop up in your news feed every single week. Today I’m giving away 10 time management tips
that actually work. But first, let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you ever feel the need to be more organized
and more productive? Do you spend your day in a frenzy of activity
and then wonder why you haven’t accomplished much? If you answered yes to either of these questions
then these time management tips are for you. They’ll help you increase your productivity
and stay cool and collected. So, let’s get started. Number 1. Realize that time management is a myth. This is the first thing that you need to understand
about time management. No matter how organized you are, there are
always only 24 hours in a day. Time doesn’t change. All you can manage is yourself and what you
do with the time that you have. Appreciate this. Internalize it. And move on as soon as possible to the next
tip. Number 2. Find out where exactly you’re wasting time. Many of us are prey to time-wasters that steal
time we could be using much more productively. So, what are your time bandits? Maybe you spend too much time net surfing,
or reading emails, or scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, or Snapchatting, or texting,
or just making personal phone calls? Whatever it is, figure it out. Number 3. Create time management goals. Remember, the focus of time management is
actually changing your behaviors, not changing time. A good place to start is by eliminating your
personal time-wasters. So, for example, for one week, set a goal
that you’re not going to take personal phone calls or respond to non-work related text
messages while you’re working. Number 4. Implement a time management plan. Think of this as an extension of the third
time management tip. The objective is to change your behaviors
over time to achieve whatever general goals you’ve set for yourself, such as increasing
your productivity or decreasing your stress. So you need not only to set specific goals,
but also track them over time to see whether or not you’re actually accomplishing them. Number 5. Use time management tools. Whether it’s a Day-Timer, a software program
or a phone app, the first step to physically managing your time is to know where it’s going
now and planning how you’re going to spend your time in the future. Number 6. Prioritize ruthlessly. You should start each day with a session prioritizing
your tasks for that day and setting your performance benchmark. If you have 20 tasks for a given day, how
many of them do you truly need to accomplish? I don’t know. Ask yourself. Number 7. Establish routines and stick to them as much
as possible. While crises will arise, you’ll be much more
productive if you can follow routines most of the time. For most people, creating and following a
routine lets them get right down to the tasks of the day rather than frittering away time
getting started. Number 8. Get in the habit of setting time limits for
tasks. For instance, reading and answering email
can consume your whole day if you let it. Instead, set a limit of one hour a day for
this task and stick to it. Number 9. Be sure your systems are organized. Are you wasting a lot of time looking for
stuff in your room? Take the time to organize your room, dammit. And lastly, number 10. Don’t waste time waiting. From client meetings to dentist appointments,
it’s impossible to avoid waiting for someone or something. But you don’t need to just sit there and twiddle
your thumbs. Technology makes it easy for you to work wherever
you are. And here is a quick bonus tip; your time belongs
to you. So, use it wisely. And remember, you are an amazing person, and
I love you.