Renting: Employed, Single Parent With A Guarantor

By the sound of your question you’re currently
employed, the fact that you’re a single parent is irrelevant, no landlord should discriminate
on that point. You have a guarantor as well, which is great.
So, if you’re not earning particularly good money at the moment and the rent’s quite high,
the guarantor will sign to the affect that they’ll cover any shortfall in rent. Just remember of course anything you don’t
pay they will be asked for, so it’s very important to keep up with your rent, if you possibly
can. Some agents are not going to like your situation
because it’s not that straight forward but just persevere and should find somewhere in
the end.

Ask The Experts – Mortgages for the self-employed

Another question came in on Facebook, it said
“me and my girlfriend are self employed, what can we do to enhance our chances of getting
a mortgage?” Is it harder if you’re self employed? It must
be? Well, it’s slightly more difficult. The thing
you’ll need if you’re self employed, most lenders will ask you for two years of account
verified to prove this is how much you’ve earned, this is how much the profit of the
business has been. Normally how much you’ve earned and they will take a view based on
that. Clearly there’s a huge amount of self-employed people in the UK and you know they do get
mortgages. It’s just again the same as everything else really — it’s all about being planned
and organised, thinking it through, making sure you get good advice; you ask lots of
questions and kind of have a quality discussion with either your broker or the lender.

Last Will: The Deal

Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table, and
this is Last Will, a worker placement, set-collecting, economic management game for 2-5 players. Here’s The Deal. In Last Will, you and your friends have a
rich, Victorian-era uncle who has recently died. In his will, the uncle expressed regrets about
not enjoying his fortune to the fullest, so he’s bequeathed you all a small amount of
dough to burn through as frivolously as possible; the player who spends all that money the fastest
will inherit the lion’s share of your uncle’s money. And yes, before you ask, this IS the exact
premise of Brewster’s MIllions. In order to blow your wad as quickly and irresponsibly
as possible, you’ll be going out to dinner, taking boat rides, and chumming around with
some right deplorable people, as well as buying property for the sole purpose of trashing
it and selling it at a loss. If you can find a way to bring a few friends
or animals along for the ride, you’ll burn through your uncle’s money more quickly. The game lasts up to 7 rounds, and the player
to run up the deepest debt without owning any property is the winner. A round consists of a few different phases. In clockwise order from the starting player,
everyone picks a turn order slot, which may give them extra cards, workers to place, and
actions to take in a later phase. After that comes the worker placement phase
where, in the turn order that’s been established, you place your errand boy top hats on various
spots on the board to pick up more cards, fiddle with real estate prices, blow a bit
of cash at the opera, or extend your player board. After that, you spend the actions you gained
on the turn order track to either fritter away your uncle’s money on one-off day trips
on these white-bordered cards, or commit the black-bordered cards to your player board
to build a longer-term engine, to help you lose money faster. After everyone has spent their actions, if
no one is in debt yet, you tidy everything up, discard down to two cards, take your pieces
back, deal out fresh cards, and advance the marker for another round. And now you’re ready to play! If you’d like to know more about how to play,
click the link at the end of this video or in the description below to watch my complete
How to Play video, which includes the setup segment you just watched. And if you like what i’m doing, click the
badge to subscribe, and the bell to get notifications. And now, we dance!

My Property Business Plan of 2018 | Samuel Leeds

Hi, my name is Samuel Leeds and, in this video
I’m going to do something absolutely crazy that I don’t think any other property investors
are doing. In this video I’m going to expose and reveal
my 2018 property investor’s business plan. It means that you will get to see exactly
what I am planning and strategizing to buy myself. Now, a lot of people would pay thousands of
pounds to have this information, and you might be thinking, “Are you crazy? Why would you
reveal your business plan?” People have tried to tell me not to do this. I’ve had close
friends of mine saying, “Don’t do it. If you reveal your property investing business plan
everyone is going to copy you, thus you will create competition for yourself. You will
push the property prices up, and it just doesn’t make any sense. What’s the point?” So, let me explain, firstly my reason for
doing this. The most successful businesses in the world reveal their business plan to
the world. Let’s take Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is one of the largest businesses in the world.
Believe it or not, do you know what they make most of their money on? Property investing.
That’s how they make their money, and their business plan, Mcdonalds is revealed online
for the world to see. The book of Ezekiel says write down the vision,
make it plain so that all can see. Why? Why do that? Well, I believe that when you speak
it out, write it down so that all can see suddenly it just begins to happen easier. So, most property investors are pretty secretive
about their businesses. They keep their cards close to their chest. I am not going to do
that in this video. So, stay tuned and you’re going to get to see exactly what my business
plan is for property investing in 2018. So, in 2018 I am going to buy 10 houses in
total. Two of those houses are going to be lease option agreements that I’ll be keeping
for myself. A lease option agreement is a property where you buy now, pay later. So,
you fix the price now, and you pay for it later. I believe that right now we’re having
a massive expansion and property prices are on the rise. Lease option agreements are no money down
deals, and in the time where you are waiting for completion, you will benefit from all
the rent and all the capital appreciation, regardless of not putting any money down up
front. Lease option agreements are something that
I’ve been doing for almost a decade and if you’ve been to my Property Investor’s Crash
Course, or even just read my book you’ll see it’s something that I’ve been teaching openly
to people for probably about five years now. Two of my properties are going to be straight
forward, buy low rent high HMO’s. HMO’s standing for House of multiple occupancy, where you
rent the property out on a room by room basis. Again, this is something that I’ve been teaching
at my Property Investor’s Crash Course. It’s also in my book for quite some time, and I’ve
been doing successfully for almost a decade. The five rules of HMO’s and certainly for
the way I want to be doing it for these two is going to be one, make sure that it’s close
to a city centre. I’m going to be buying two HMO’s in Middlesbrough. Two, it needs to be
in good condition, because if you’re going to be having to do a refurb then that could
be a deposit on another house. The bank will not lend you money to do up
the property so, it needs to be in good condition. Three, it needs to be in an area whereby there’s
a power team and an HMO manager. Four, you need to have a minimum of four lettable rooms.
Five, you should never pay more than 25,000 pounds per lettable room. So, if there’s five bedrooms, you shouldn’t
pay more than 125,000 pounds for the HMO. The other six deals are a little bit more
interesting. Buy and refinance. When I started out property
investing, in fact the first house that I ever bought, I bought at 25% below market
value and then I refinanced it back up to its true value that same day. Now, this was in 2008, 2009 where the recession
was just about to hit the country hard, and what happened when the recession came, is
they changed the rules, they said, “You can no longer buy and refinance the same day.
You’ve got to wait six months,” which was the first problem. The second problem was
when you waited six months, the value would come and they would undervalue it. So, you
wouldn’t be able to pull your money out at all, and the reason that was happening was
because the recession was on the way. Things are beginning to get a bit easier in
this area now, and things are beginning to shift. So, because house prices are going
up considerably and lenders are laxer than they have been previously as well in a lot
of areas, my plan is to buy a cheap HMO property. It won’t be a current HMO, it’ll just be a
big derelict property and to come and buy it for cash. I will then spend six months doing it up,
renovating it into a nice, big, professional house of multiple occupancy. After six months
I will then refinance the property and I will pull out all of the money that I put in, and
potentially even some of the refurb costs as well, meaning it will be left with a very
little money down deal, and of course, I’ll even be generating a high rental income from
it as well. Now, this type of deal always comes with its
risks, because whenever you’re expecting builders to stick to budgets and stick to time scales,
and surveyors to be in a good mood, there can be problems, but fortunately now, at this
point in my journey, I’ve got full-time builders that work specifically and exclusively for
me, I’ve got a full time project manager, and I think I’ve got a team, and I think the
rules in the economy are at a position where I can now continue to pick up my journey of
buying and refinancing. Exciting times! Property six, title splitting. This is pretty
fun. They call this slice and dice, and it’s where you buy a big property, maybe an old
house, and you convert it into two apartments, a minimum of two apartments, and you split
the title, and then sell each apartment leaving you with a nice profit. An example of this would be if you bought
a big old derelict house for 70,000 pounds, you spend 20,000 pounds doing it up, and you
converted it into two apartments, which would be a very good cost, but when you’ve got full-time
builders and the right team that would be possible. So, so far you’ve spent 90,000 pounds and
you’ve now got two apartments. You then sell each apartment separately for 65,000 pounds
each, bringing you in 130,000 pounds, leaving you with a gross profit of 40,000 pounds,
which is not a lot of money, but it’s not bad if it’s just one deal in 10 over a year’s
period. Property seven, seaside apartments. Now, I
know I teach that property investing is not about feelings, it’s all about formulas, but
you know you can actually make quite a lot of money from seaside apartments. There were
seaside districts some years ago and you could buy apartments there for 80,000, 90,000 pounds,
but what happened was the council regenerated the area and suddenly, you’re talking 150,000
pounds minimum just to buy a one bedroom apartment. There aren’t many seaside resorts in the UK
that haven’t now been regenerated. So, typically speaking you’re going to spend about 150,000
pounds minimum for a seaside apartment. However, there are a couple of areas in the UK whereby
they haven’t regenerated the areas just yet. So, what I’ve done, is I’ve found an area
which is a seaside district where they haven’t regenerated the area just yet, but they are
about to. So, prices, I believe are going to go up very,
very highly, however capital appreciation doesn’t pay the bills so you can’t rely on
it. So, this particular area that I found you could buy a nice apartment for less than
100,000 pounds, and the rent that you can demand is around about 750 to 800 pounds per
month. So, even if they don’t regenerate the area like they are going to, and even if prices
don’t go up in the area, which they are going to, you still are going to be making a very
healthy return on investment from these type of seaside apartments. So, I’m going to be buying a seaside apartment,
hopefully for around about 85,000 pounds, renting it out for 750 pounds. Where am I
going to do this exactly, what’s the area? I probably shouldn’t tell you this. This is
a thing people are being telling me not to do because of competition, but I’m going to
tell you where I’m [inaudible 00:09:34] buy my seaside apartment and it is going to be
in Western-Super-Mare. Property eight will be a HMO flip. What do
I mean by HMO flip, and how will that work? In the last 12 months I have traded over 150
HMO properties to my students and investors. They’ve bought these HMO’s for around about
80,000 to 100,000 pounds. They’ve spent about 5,000 pounds getting them looking pretty,
and then furnish them as well, and a lot of these HMO properties now are worth 120,000,
130,000 pounds, sometimes even more. So, because they’ve done them up, and they’ve
put furniture in, and they’ve put tenants in suddenly the value of the property has
shot up. You see, if you’re a London investor and you see a HMO opportunity, but you’re
going to have to do it up, you’re going to have to furnish it, you’re going to have to
put tenants in it, you might think, “It’s 80,000 pounds. I’m not sure if it will work.” But, if someone comes and does that for you,
and tests it out, and buys it, and puts the furniture in, puts the tenants in, and it’s
generating 50 and 100 pounds a month, suddenly as this busy, rich, maybe London investor,
or Dubai investor will say, “Oh, I’ll pay 130,000 pounds for that, no problem. Here’s
cash.” So, my strategy is going to be next year,
and I have done this before, but I’m going to be doing it again this coming year is going
to be to buy a property very, very cheap, maybe around about 60,000 pounds HMO to renovate
it cheaply, perhaps spending 10,000 pounds, plus furniture, and then to sell it as an
up and running HMO to a wealthy, busy investor and make, I want to make a profit, a gross
profit of a minimum of 30,000 pounds doing that, which again is not bad for just a little
bit of work, especially if you enjoy it. Auction property. Auction property is something
that everybody thinks is a great thing to do, and lots of people attempt. However, if
you don’t know what you’re doing you can fail miserably. So, what I would suggest is stay
away from auctions unless you know what you’re doing. If you know what you’re doing you can
make good money. If you don’t you can get burned badly. So, that is my business plan for next year.
I’m sure I’m going to go on to do a lot more than that. I’m still going to be finding deals,
and packaging them, and selling them on, I’m still going to be doing a little bit of training
as well. So, I hope that’s been useful and interesting. If you want to go and copy me,
go for it. In fact, if you want to copy me, and you want me to help you copy me, I will
even do that. So, just get onto one the training sessions or find out my mentoring packages,
I’ll happily help you to do the exact same. If you found this video interesting and you
want to see me doing these, you want to see me in the auction room, you want to see me
at the seaside negotiating, buying the properties then please do subscribe below, and you’ll
get to journey with me through the year. Also, I would love to know what your strategy’s
going to be. What’s your business plan? What are you hoping to achieve? What are you hoping
to buy next year? So, please do comment below and let me know what your strategy is, and
I will read with great interest and cheer you on all the way. Oh, and I almost forgot number 10. Number
10 property will be a serviced accommodation property. So, I’ll keep you posted on how
I get on, and do get in touch. Come along to one of my programmes. I’m very happy to
help in any way that I can. So, subscribe right now, and I’ll see you very soon. God

Insider photography hints and tips for real estate

hi everyone Dave and Amanda from open to view and Wellington I look after Central City and Amanda is our lower house we just wanted to talk to you today about photography and getting property photo really I know there's plenty of stuff out in the media about this kind of thing but we just want to throw just to have a little bit of an informal discussion and throw some ideas around some hints and tubs with photography in houses and what we've come across Amanda what do you think in terms of the properties that you go into are they ready for photos when you get there well the majority are the majority everyday most agents are pretty proactive it's getting their vendors to have the property ready yeah and the occasional ones aren't ready yeah which is quite frustrating you say aren't really what kinds of things kind of come up again and again the main issue would probably be the ones that are being renovated and you've still got tradesmen there Frances things everywhere those are the frustrating ones because you can't just quickly tidy that up and and be good to go those are the ones that you're gonna have to probably reschedule and come back to which is frustrating I live but our time yeah I had one of those yesterday actually down on the terrace and it's a whole complex and they're all getting repaired and stuff and there was tradesmen's vehicles everywhere there was an absolutely you can't shake them in the night nice so I did what I couldn't like and the agents you know we're pretty good in that respect and but I'm expecting to have to go back and do shots so probably in that situation the agent could have made contact earlier or talked to the vendor and just got an update before so yeah or even even if the agent gets there an hour before us and then they can actually bring us and say hey it's not ready and save us the time from yeah you know getting to the property and then yeah yeah it always seems to be a rush so from home cellar perspective always allow that extra amount of time to get your place ready because we turn up and there's always somebody red-faced like exhausted and a little bit nervous about you know what's going to happen next and whether the property is ready yeah what type of things get must or need work generally if it's not really so we've got the the renovated ones but then you've also got the the tenant at once yeah tenancy funds are always an issue for us for the age and a good tip I've been told as to say to the tenants if they're not happy about the property being sold to actually have it really tidy because in the person buying the property you know I actually keep them on as a tenant yeah so that's a really good tip to get them to tidy up because otherwise they go I don't want the house sold I'm just going to leave this and then we get there and have to just take it as it is what do you suggest – and landlords who's wanting to sell that they just hold off and get the tenants to move out well I clean I did it present ideal I've said it myself I got the tenants out freshened it up staged it and that's the ideal situation the house is really well presented there on you can end yeah you're going to get any access is easier for the agents the house can be cleaned correctly you're not have to work around tenants who might be a little bit untidy or not happy with the you know invasion and to the enzyme right I mean we did one last year where tenants moved out ten days later we hit on the market so if you can time it right you're not gonna lose a lot of time no ante and I would have thought that in a tidier position especially if you take to the next level and get the place staged there you're gonna get way more money than you are losing in a few weeks right I think so I'm never letting with us more I've seen examples of houses sold then staged nothing else done and they go next for $60,000 so I mean for the sake of my writer yeah thousand dollars or two thousand dollars even in law streams yeah absolutely and then it's probably and the the vendor houses that are they're almost ready but they're just not quite you know it's and then that's when the agent kind of needs to come in and go right you need to declutter them quite often if they am the product of agents will get in there half an hour before us they'll have moved the rubbish bins put the toilet seats down fix the curtains make sure the beads are nice there is definitely a difference between those that the style of agents when they're at work and especially in their pre marketing period there's a lot that needs to get done now compared to how it used to be in some vendors just their idea of Tidy is not the same as their idea so that's up to the agent use we actually have a pre-sale Niclas yeah we can provide to agencies and vendors that just has all those things on there so it's it's also a part of our process to educate our agents the people that work with us to get the marketing going so that they can unturn you know pass that knowledge and educate the home sellers because the home sellers that this might be the first time they've been on the market and seven to ten years they don't know the process they don't know the expectation and they may have decluttered yes their idea is not quite the same as I always say this I always say that to people I said now I'm walking in the door and please you know because I always got to be respectful that this is somebody's home and it is quite an invasion for an agent in photographers and media people videographers to come through but it does warm them up a little bit to the marketing process and there's going to be a lot more people through the property at that point you know so I think quite often vendors at home Venis about agent and myself we just have free rein to know a few things put them straight back and then it's not insulting to the V do you mind the vendors being home I don't mind yes some of them are really helpful and I come along and they go right what he want me to both write others kind of hover and that's yeah and you feel a bit like you're in training on your face so I think it's up to the agent to kind of gauge whether the vendors really happy about moving things or and if they're not then it's probably best they go for a walk yes yeah I I yeah I think for me the ideal situation is an empty staged home absolutely when no vendors no chokes people no agent so that's an empty house in its state having an agent there because sometimes you want to say hey do you want this because you don't want them to come back to you the next day and say hey I want a bitch the door was open yeah yeah I prefer an agent being there I always feel like I do my best photography work or videography work if the place is completely empty yeah yeah and you're not under any pressure under any pressure and you work it through you're not being sidetracked or having to work around people and come back and do rooms because you can start missing stuff especially in bigger places if there's if there's an agent having a conversation about marketing with the vendor which should have happened outside at this time but they kind of wrapping it all up and someone or getting paperwork signed I don't think that's the time for that process but that's just me and you kind of miss a room and come do the whole house and then remember to come back and do that space you know although I have been to a few houses where or maybe not a few but they did hasn't been there and I've completely mustard on sweet yes and that was an upstairs he's like there's little narrow staircase and a room up there in like a cupboard so you know sometimes you need those pointed out yeah some of the agents that I work with who provides a lockbox on the property they're generally empty and staged will send me an email saying now don't forget to open the door at the end of that puzzle is actually an ensuite in there so you get some of those clothes yeah yeah but generally I think it can be a little bit stressful for owners with a photographer or videographer there so I would call it and say generally if you're an agent get you like the indoor to clear out for an hour or so if your home seller don't be offended if we ask you to kind of stick back or hidden to hidden to the garage for a while or you know a study or something like that and just so that we're not catching especially when we're doing video or 3d virtual to us cameras rotating and sweeping and you're gonna get caught you're gonna be in the videos there's nothing worse for us to come back look at the footage we've got and there's a reflection of some person looking out the window at you yeah and that that's also with the drawing so the drain is working outside and there's always a tendency for homeowners and agents to try and spot it because it's quite interesting you know you're not gonna get in the shot yeah that's a good call in terms of externals and dealing with drawing shots and exterior of the property and what do you think are some of the things that needs to be shut shape you know see for me closes I hate poses besides a property specially manifests the front of the property rubbish burns and driveways no no Zach put those into your garage or use that back part of the house you know is not going to be photographed you know it's always a part of the house that is kind of like not the best side that's the place you tuck all that dog dog bowls toys kids buycks if they're not in the garage toys in rubbish buns and close up the washing line piece pigs off the washing lines no not necessarily no washing on the washing my own photography day it's the worst nightmare yeah we have to take it down and we have to try back up in the same way yeah which is a nightmare yeah Interiors toilet seats down toilet seats down and we're in the bathroom do you move much stuff quite often if there's a lot of people put nice colored townsend yeah but then you go to take the shot and they're right under in the way and they come out big in the foreground so we're here to remove them so so general rulers as minimal as possible yeah toothbrushes away oops away anything in the shower yeah away of course were especially bright colors yeah bright colored puffs yeah yeah put them away what usually happens for me is that the hallway generally outside of bathrooms and that kind of thing is generally not photographs so that becomes like a staging area I was gonna say dumping area but staging area for all of the stuff so generally I would go into a house and at least it's been staged already by professionals there's too much stuff and it's dull so everything of personal effects comes out of the bathroom for me that vanity has to be clear clean the taps clean the surfaces very clean clean the mirror always shows and make sure that all the light bulbs with and bathroom scales out major scales out sirens anything under a vanity you can say anything in a shower at the end of the shower and the cubicle take it out yeah and give it everything you complain all the glass work a clean yeah same for the kitchen yeah clean the tips and yeah take tea towels and they stab pretty yeah dish cloths dish breakfast dish washing detergent should be a way that we really get to properties hands they've just done the dishes and it's sitting on the dish rack just been magnets on the fridge oh and give it a plane he gives the oven door a plane in the stove tops and all services are clean including the Basin area I would say as minimal as possible so make it minimal walk out of the room walk back in and make it more men or again and a lovely fresh bunch of flowers or whether it yeah yeah some of the agents that I deal with bring them bring their own flowers which is lovely I've got a few gray white agents that always try to find yellow well so green color indoor/outdoor mm-hmm so especially at this time of the year things can look a little bit more sea and cold and damp and yeah and looked after if you like and it's just winter but we've trying to photograph and give buyers a bit of a vibe so think about tidying met courtyard even if you're not using it yeah outdoor sitting have that there but just don't even beer you know put some cushions on the chairs and maybe something on the table even if it's a couple wine glasses and a bottle that's quite often say it's freezing cold outside but let's open the doors put some blue sky in and pretend it's funny yeah yeah and the barbecue you clean the barbecue and get that barbecue cover off mm-hm so we are setting it up like it's the height of summer we can lighten the photos and make them nice and bright and work so don't worry about this that's a winner yes yes right so we can do a lot more than you think when it comes to weather and illicits or absolutely trench rain and even trench for rain we can work in mm-hmm if we really really have to it's a go so don't be put off because the winner is not perfect the only thing we can't get rid of is the wet ground no sometimes that can make it look nice and dry and shiny yeah I can actually enhance the photo the blue sky and lighten up the photos it's fine so when you say Papa blue sky and what are you doing there yo photoshopping some blue sky in into a great photo yes right yeah so one of our points of difference with open to viewers that it's always blue and open to view so we lighten those photos we use a technique that allows layered exposures to be able to get all the detail in those shadow areas straighten all the verticals so you don't have bendy walls and and allow the detail and all of the windows with window poles so that's quite an important difference for that every time thing a house for the view you want to take a photo where you can see the view you don't want an overexposed window we get this bright blob Bernard that's right we want to be able to say that view of the harbor yes so open to view will always you'll see that see okay yeah is there any other kind of tips or anything that you can think of that you could add to this and thanks for watching and if you've got this fan we're having to do a few more of these kind of informal chats just to give you an idea of the process and behind real estate marketing because I think a lot of it is hidden until you actually come to put your house on the market and then suddenly it's all in front of you and if you've got anything you want us to talk about last night and leave a message or communist or more and feel free to share this video with your friends and anybody you think would be final interests thanks a lot see ya

$12k CASH House – One Man DIY Home Renovation! – #26

hi everyone thanks for joining me in this video I'm going to be installing the brackets that I made in a previous video that will support the overhangs that I added to the house for those of you that are just now I'll kind of get included into these at videos about six or so months ago I bought a house for a little under twelve thousand dollars I'm doing a full renovation on it in the description of this video there'll be a link to the entire playlist of that whole project and also be a link in the end of the video I've got a little bit of work to do before I can install these brackets so let me get that done and then we'll jump in into doing the install the brackets already painted but I want to brush a quick second coat of solid stain onto these and again the stain that I'm using is Olympic maximum this is a solid stain it differs from paint just a little bit and you can look on Olympics website for those differences if you're interested I've got a couple of them down the ground they're ready to go and here are the overhang so this is a before shot it's ultra bright out here today so you have to deal with that but there'll be one here one in the center and then one that supports the peak and of course mirrored on the other side intended to use five brackets on each end of the house so you've got the one here the one at the peak and then I had it enough made to put one here in the middle too and I just didn't really think that through completely and once I got here and I'm kind of getting everything figured out on this side that I'm filming the other side and I had one mounted here and then I didn't have the one mounted here this side looked better than this one that one was mounted so I'm just gonna go with this mini for now so just one in the peak and then two down at the ends of the roof and I think this is to a better scale to this house it looked a little bulky a little gaudy before and I really don't want to do that basically that distance between those brackets was reduced by putting that one there which made the brackets then looked too bulky I think with him spread out this far they look appropriate so that's what I'm gonna go with on the other end of the house so let me go ahead and show you how I actually installed those I'm gonna start up in the peak of the roof that one is pretty simple I just use screws screw it into place in a square to make sure it's sticking out square from the house and drop in some more screws then we're going to move down here and put these in but you can see that that sheathing that covers the gable wall up there above the block sticks out a little bit so I'm gonna have to notch out the top of the bracket to fit around that here's a close-up of that bracket installed so it's just screwed into this wall for now and then I'm probably gonna go on the inside and make sure that there's some framing actually behind that so somewhere up here I'm gonna have some sort of preventing and getting a lot of questions about that so the plug be event right up under this or somehow or might up going a ridge vent on the house and not sure yet this bracket comes down far enough where it's sort of eliminate some of the space that you would use to put that vent there but it's screwed it into the wall and then I'm going to screw up through that top piece into the overhangs as well I marked out the area that I'm gonna be notching out on the wall instead of measuring I just put it up there and put a little tick marks and then connected the marks on the back with a square and then draw a line up the side to indicate how deep this notch has to be I'm going to use my table saw for doing this with the blade set up to the depth of that notch and I'll take a bunch of a cutting side by side and then chip out the rest and smooth it out with a chisel if necessary I've got the screws backed out where I don't hit those after I get everything cut out I'll put those screws back in let's take a closer look at this one and the other one on the opposite side will be the same so I've got that notch down around there it's a little extra clearance I can come in here and do some caulking a lot of the stuff you're not looking at up close so it's not that big of a deal got two screws run up into some lovebirds behind here screw there goes up into the overhang more screws on the sides down here I used the powder nailer ended up splitting this it's not too big of a deal what I'll do is out countersink a screw here and I'll put a long screw in there and that'll pinch that back together and then these holes will get filled in and then front on the leading edge of the bracket two Spurs going up into the underside of the overhang so that's one corner down Peaks done now get the other side done you know I've excused noise in the background got the people hollering and jumping on a trampoline right now it's a warm day but the brackets are installed it's hard to film this kind of stuff with the backlight from the sky but I'm liking the way they're looking again I went with just the three on each side of the house so that's the whole look or I think just I mean one in the middle on each side I think would have just been a little too much there's the one at the peak little dark again but you get the idea everything went in smooth it was easier to notch all that then I was thinking I was thinking that was gonna be something really kind of slowed me down installing these but that went smooth as well so that's it for me for the evening and I'll be back in the morning which will be seconds from now for you early well thank you all for watching another one of my videos if you'd like to see more and watch the entire series or click subscribe and you'll get notifications of future videos I've also got a lot of links in the description below for things you can click on that you may be interested in if you'd like to support the channel be sure to subscribe leave a thumbs up leave a comment and share my videos with your friends and for those of you who don't know I have a whole other youtube channel called the homestead craftsman where i make all kinds of things in my basement workshops such as furniture and other handmade items thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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I've done very well of real estate news and my career and property both residential and commercial I have been involved in over half a billion pounds worth of transactions that has billion with a people that's right in excess of 500 million that's not as an agent or broker but as a state builder the purpose of this series is to allow me to share my expertise and my acumen to help you that's right you'd become a successful real estate investor or developer I've had an incredible journey as a real estate entrepreneur there have been highs and moves along the way and I'm ready to pass it all on to you and the base bet I'm not after anything in return I'm not sailing I'm not asking you to part with your money I just want you to watch and listen to what I'm saying run from it and ultimately start or grow your real estate business I do however have one request please hit the subscribe button and the bill icon on my youtube channel now we you will be informed whenever I upload a new video

10 Common Property Investment Mistakes New Investors Make In Today's Buy To Let UK Property Market

today let me share with you ten big mistakes that I think lots of new property investors are making hi my name's Tony though from your first four houses and my channels all about helping you achieve financial freedom food property if this is your first time here be sure to subscribe to the channel and click the bell notification icon so you don't miss out on any of the free content that I give you each and every week so in preparing for this video I had a list of about was nearly 50 different mistakes I think new property investors tend to make when they're just starting out but I'm not gonna put you through that list I've trimmed it all the way down to just ten big mistakes that I think new property investors tend to make so let's get started the first one is not knowing your investment objectives before you start investing are you looking for cash flow today are you looking for long-term capital growth are you looking for a mixture of both you need to decide what your investment objectives are before buying investment property number one and you then look for properties that align with that investment objective next one waiting for the perfect property to come along I am so guilty of this that's what I started to do when I first started out I had a bit of money to invest and I was looking for something that was a perfect deal and I found something that was really quite good but he wasn't perfect so I didn't do the deal I let it go six months and went by without me finding anything that compared with that so don't make my mistake don't wait for that perfect deal to come along because you might be waiting for some time a lot of similar vein but on the other side is don't become a motivated buyer and buy this what I mean is sometimes people have a lump of money in the bank they've realized that property investing is where they need to be and they become a motivated buyer they're there looking to buy anything frankly that's what not what you should be doing having the money in the bank is wonderful it gives you an opportunity to go out there and take lots of action and find a really good property maybe not that perfect property is we would just talk about but find a really good property then do the deal don't think that you've got to spend that money today next one letting emotions overrule Investment logic you're never going to live well hopefully not you're never going to live in this rental property so I think that what you should be doing is using investment logic to decide whether you should buy that particular property what do the numbers look look like is the big thing of course but also look for other factors as well and I've done videos on this kind of thing by for investment logical reasons rather than emotion next one doing insufficient due diligence now I personally think I can now research any property in the UK in about 15 to 20 minutes but it's taken me quite a long time so to be able to do it in that shorter amount of time what you should be doing initially is doing loads of due diligence bit of a tongue twister about due diligence maybe taking a few hours to really research that first or second property before jumping in and putting your money on the line here so you've got to get good at doing that and then only in time can you start to refine down how long it actually takes you next one not getting appropriate financial advice now again I've talked about this before you should have a a competent tax advisor on your power team something you can phone up and he'll give you advice on how you should be buying that property you need to have a a competent independent mortgage broker that you can that you should be speaking to and he'll give you advice that's appropriate for your set of circumstances and last but perhaps most important you should have an accountant go and sit down spend the money that it's required and get his financial advice and then and only then should you be taking action next one paying too much now it's ever so easy to find a property there's on Rightmove it's already on the market it meets pretty much all of your needs and you go in either close to or on the actual what they're asking for the property but you know what just because they're selling their advertising it for that that doesn't mean that's what you should actually be paying for it work out what the deal is actually worth for you based on your experience and I appreciate it takes time to build up that experience that's what you should be paying and no more if it doesn't work for the seller that's ok put it in some kind of a follow up system and if they haven't sold in three six months time or even four to six weeks time then you go back to them you say how you doing are you interested now can we do something with this property now don't pay too much for that next deal next one under estimating refurbishment costs now Wow a vice paid too much for the refurbishment of properties over the years now I I kind of think I've got a pretty good handle on what the costs should be and when you do property number one or two let's be honest you're probably going to overpay for some of the refurbishment costs but note down all of the costs all of your expenses in property number one and two and three and each time you do that next property you can go back over those costs and say well actually what did it cost me to build that acoustic wall what did that ensuite bathroom actually cost me let me look back at my figures next one keeping up to date with rent Rises now know that's a bit of an odd one but when you start to build a bit of a portfolio and you've got a few properties and maybe you've had them for a few years what you'll realize is that sometimes tens keep very very quiet because they know they're paying less than the market rent they don't want to bother you they might not want to bother you because there's simply lovely people that's absolutely wonderful but sometimes tenants look at the market rent around them and they were aware that actually they're under paying slightly so they keep very very quiet what I now do every single year is I look at my properties on a specific day and I go and look for comparables out there if I was renting this property today what would I actually be renting it for and by that I mean I don't automatically put the rent up I look at comparables and if it is actually slightly below where it should be then I'm gonna be speaking to that tenant now and sadly unfortunately the price is going to actually be and lastly investing for the long-term I personally think lots of people are making short-term decisions when they're building their property portfolio where I where I now come from is I think I look at a property and I think to myself do I actually want to keep that property forever and the art if the answer is yes then that's a really big tick in my book and then I will probably be buying that property I hope you found that helpful for more tips and tricks like this be sure to subscribe to my channel but also make sure that you take away this 50 point checklist which feels it will really help you the next time you want to buy my name is tony law from your first four houses and i look forward to seeing you