What you need to know about HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation)

A House in Multiple Occupation, for it to
require a licence, it has to be occupied by five or more people, forming at least two
households. The main things I’ll be looking for today
are fire precautions, so we need to make sure that all the fire alarms are working, they
have fire doors, safe escape routes. If I do find issues in the property today
then I have several options open to me. I can either serve some form of notice, which
may involve a penalty of some sort, forcing the landlord to actually carry out the works
to put it right. That could also lead to prosecution or civil
penalty notice, but 99% of the time – thank goodness – the landlords are compliant, which
is exactly what we all want to work together. It makes everybody’s life a lot easier – especially
the tenants. The first point of call for a tenant with
an issue is obviously the landlord. Now if they’re not satisfied with the response
from the landlord, then they could go online and report it to Manchester City Council.

Custom 6.5 CREEDMOOR – The JTac Industries PILUM T-1

hey Sandra motor with gy6 vids and in today's video we got a full review of the PMT one from J tech industries let's take a peek gy6 business mainly feeling supported I want to say thank you so much to our fans who have jumped on board to help out for future content support it means a whole lot to me so I want to say tip of the hat to you guys right out of the gate let's jump right into this rifle this is the PLM t1 from JTAC industries now this thing is custom made down in Plant City Florida it's a fantastic rifle these guys are not only a good group of people but also they're putting in a lot of work hands on building these things from the ground up obviously they're taking the solid XLR chassis system and using that and building off of it they're using a 22 to 26 inch barrel on their builds and they have multiple different calibers that they can chamber this in this one is actually chambered in six five Creedmoor I love this round it's a whole lot of fun there's a lot of different types of bullets out there right now for it and it's becoming more prevalent this setup right here is 22 inches overall length I personally like that more compact feel to it plus with this Griffin armament muzzle break it allows for an attachment for a suppressor through Griffin my current Griffin suppressor is still in and if they lock up right now waiting for the clear so a little upset about that but when I do get that in I will be using it on this platform and I can't wait for it the coating they do in-house as well so if you want a different type of a camo pattern they can do that custom made rifles are obviously not for everyone there's a large group of people that do not care about custom rifles they want one over the counter they buy it at a local sports store they're okay with that but then there's the group of people that want to have extreme precision they want to be able to really hone in their abilities and hit the smallest margin of error and that's where custom rifles come in you want to see this thing get shot a thousand yards out you can click on the link on the screen right now or in the description of the video long-range shooting is very monotonous very methodical and it takes some time and it's not for everyone not everyone wants to watch that type of video so I'm not going to put it in this video I'm gonna do a separate video that's released the exact same time is this one so if you want to watch that the link is in the description go check it out right now combined with the fact that they hand bed all their right himself in house and they're using like I said the rock-solid XLR chassis system this thing is a tack driver down range they're using very high quality point nine-30 contour barrel so you're gonna have a heavy barrel system here it's gonna allow for better harmonics which means as that barrel naturally flexes when you shoot it's gonna minimize that greatly so you're gonna have better proficiency with your accuracy downrange now moving back to the back side of the gun obviously they do a lot of hand lapping inside the action of the firearm very few rifles that you get your hands on there you don't feel a single snagging point through the motion of the bull throw it's so nice detachable box magazine so this bolt is dlc coated and they've also included an oversized bolt handle so you can grab on to it and crank out rounds a lot faster with minimal effort on your part moving to the back of gun so you do have an adjustable butt pad on here so your recoil pad can go up or down according to where you're naturally sitting in your rifle where you get comfortable you also have a cheek rest that adjust up and down for better cheek weld on your rifle to make sure you're lined up with your optic properly does that comes in handy if you're not lined up properly your shots aren't gonna impact where you think they are and that also comes down to your parallax and your optic as well this piece of an optic that I'm using on top of this rifle today is the PST Gen 2 from vortex optics this is the five to twenty five by fifty first focal plane optic which means as you zoom in and zoom out your Center stays the same with a second focal plane optic when you zoom in or zoom out your point of impact shifts I've attached a bubble level on here but bubble levels are huge for overall accuracy on the front we do have an atlas bipod this allows for adjustment and canting slightly to make sure you're level and in the back side we have an Atlas monopod that fits to the bottom of the stock itself trigger there installing on this rifle is a three pound single stage Tim knee trigger which allows for a very crisp break in a solid wall on the back slide which will mitigate your overall rifle disruption and when you're shooting it's important because if your trigger is kind of wonky or if there's a little bit of a lag at the end of the trigger pull the gun moves ever so slightly and it throws your shot so and there's solid wall there's no over travel with this trig which is nice that way you can control your trigger squeeze it'll break around goes off and you pump the next round into the gun they have a custom firing pin system in here which allows for a locking time of down to 2.3 milliseconds which means by the time you pull that trigger and that firing pin hits that primer on that bullet and that bullet goes out the barrel which allows for less disruption once again in your rifle as you're shooting which gives you more accuracy downrange there's just a lot of things that go into a custom-made rifle guys you got to keep an eye on it if you're gonna be dropping some good money on a rifle you want to make sure that the company is doing what they need to do to make that rifle proper this is a system obviously put together with an XLR chassis system with the Timoney trigger so it is in other companies making these parts they're not making everything from the ground up but they are installing these things to make the proper functioning unit to be sending rounds downrange in a very precise way so you're working yourself back from not only good stock good cheek well and good positioning you also have a good grip good pulse well fantastic trigger with three pound single stage you have that DLC straight fluted bolt which is butter smooth and you combine that with the 4140 chromoly hand lapped receiver going into the 0.9 3-0 contoured barrel for better harmonics and then mounted on top of the hand bedding XLR chassis system you're getting a very very high-end rifle enough talking about all the details but this is the PMT one from JTAC industries down in Florida fantastic setup let's start shooting some targets let's first see what the groups look like and then move on from there shooting some a little bit more dynamic targets all right 100 yards ready to rock and roll let's uh take a poke down at that target we have five pieces of duct tape four in a little square and then one in the middle I'm going to be shooting the grind hard ammunition 65 Creedmoor custom ammunition and I'll be shooting the Hornet II match eld M 140 grain ammunition as well they're both considered match grade so let's see what happens they form a group to see how well the rifles doing aiming the exact same spot every time and let those bullets appear in group for you and you measure it from there I know I'm preaching to the choir for a lot of people but for those of you don't know how to do that aim in the same spot don't try to chase the bullet aim in the same spot to form your group we're gonna do five shots on the upper right hand corner of the center piece of duct tape for the grind heart ammunition and then the upper left corner of the central piece of duct tape for the match-grade eld M Hornady ammunition okay hittin left in my point of aim but let me keep the same holdover spot upper right-hand corner last one ah breaking wind makes a little tough let's go take a peek of that group real fast with the grind hard ammo impact points there's five shots within a thumbnail size section of the target I'll do exact measurements and put them on the screen for you guys in post-production what you got to do is measure the farthest points of all the impacts you can't just take your two favorite you got to take all five it's a five shot group you gotta take all five and answer the distant point of both the longest impact points so the furthest spread and then you take that and you have to subtract the overall diameter of the projectile in this case six five Creedmoor and then it gives you your actual MOA group I'm a little upset as I can tell that there's a vertical shift and granted it could be on me but I also think that that target is blowing like this just a little bit with the wind and that could slightly shift you up or down so we'll put a little asterisk on that but it's still a phenomenal little group let's do the horn of the ammunition now we're gonna aim for the upper left-hand corner of the duct tape so I'm guessing the group's gonna form the left of the duct tape because it looks like we're having about a quarter to a half MOA shift five more rounds aiming for the left corner of the center duct tape left upper corner not bad so with those groups it actually it's pretty impressive the fact that the Hornady ammunition is just outside of the size of a dime if you're going off the center point of each impact point and then the group of the grind hard ammunition is staying with inside the size of a dime which is incredible even though I know there's a slight wind shift with that target wobbling back and forth now so much the effect on the bullet the fact that the targets moving just a little bit so let's use the grinding hard ammunition for rounds let's go at a pretty quick pace not super super fast but I named for the upper right piece of duct tape upper left piece of duct tape bottom left piece of duct tape bottom right piece of duct tape transition from shot to shot shot and see if I can see if I can impact that so I'm gonna go over to quakes weight my impacts shouldn't be so far to the left upper upper right first upper left bottom left I pull that one a little bit bottom right that's quick let's uh start shooting something a little bit more dynamic let's get this thing set up that was bipod okay so this is what we're gonna call one shot one kill so I've been trying to think of a situation with targets that when I review rifles the rifle review isn't so boring but I have five rounds I'm loading them up in the mag I have one shot each target I can choose to reengage that target if it's safe spinning better than the rest of them it gives me a better chance of getting it or I can move to the next target but I only get five rounds so this will be a way of dictating you know this rifle did five out of five in one shot one kill test and move down the line obviously it comes to the shooter the elements the wind blowing these things and spinning them the rifle itself there's a lot of things that come into play it's not scientific but it is fun and on days that are super windy right now it's slightly breezy so those targets are spinning and if you catch them when they're bladed to you your target is very thin and you have very little room for errors so you want to wait till it broadside faces you and see if I can get that shot of a high-speed camera down there and we're gonna capture the last three if I can if I hit them it's a lot of work guys this stuff doesn't just happen the targets don't set themself up I don't have a Keebler elves or minions running around I have to do it myself I've set it up I'm running a ton of ethernet cable down running it down to generators I'm a high speed camera and then back to a computer system which is right next to me right now which I trigger when the shots get cap so it's a lot of work it doesn't just miraculously happen and in post-production to make it all look good and seamless and cinematic I do that myself as well and I want to take this moment to say thank you so much to our fans support I'm only at one video a month right now because these videos cost a lot of money and time to do and I can't sink my own ship just trying to make everyone happy so the fan support is very necessary now I want to say thank you so much to those who have jumped on board if you like what you're seeing you want to be part of that and help out for future videos to get more content out link is in the description hope you enjoyed that quick little look about what goes into setting it all up any time you see a long-range shot or any type of high-speed shot this same setup has to happen it's very tedious very time-consuming very costly but the shot and the end result I hope you guys appreciate if you like the slow-mo let me know in the comments section right now and leave a like on the video alright one shot one kill we got five rounds in the mag let's see what this thing has going for the left target first that wind got it ha ha there's one moving on to the next one just next to it slow down slow down oh forget it you know what I'm a yep I thought I missed so I was like gosh dang it put her round right through the center of it I think yup I only have my high speed on the last three targets I think so couldn't capture that one the duct tape on the backside holding in place kept it all together didn't even shatter that's that's cool next one number three that's so cool this is a lot of fun if you like this part of the test tell me let me know number four oh wow he's a wacky one use a wacky one come on slow down slow down he's all over the place got him that's so cool yeah the center I saw up my optic hopefully I caught it on high-speed the center goes pop pops the backside of the center out and then the thing Falls as the donut maybe will push this test out to 200 300 400 500 down the line but right now that takes a lot more Ethernet cable and more boosters to drive the signal this distance I already have to use to boosters to get the signal from there to the computer here number 5 there you go yeah yeah just the center this is a fantastic training situation you slow yourself down to think before you shoot and take your time for patience for that perfect shot specially for hunters you got to take your time for that ideal shot because you sometimes only get one and in this case one shot one kill that's exactly the point of this test so five out of five on this let's hang something a little bit more volatile down there and see what it looks like she's floating targets by sonicboom targets you actually can use discount code gy6 bids I believe they're giving you 25% off or 20% off I'm almost certain that codes still working you can try it out though sonicboom targets comm these things are great let's hang this right right there I wonder if they'll split this paracord we'll see hanging out of a gangster lean so hopefully I'll get a good shot on it let's see it's gonna get toasted by the shockwave but a single clay pigeon right there to see what the heck happens to it it'll fragment that way now back towards me see what that looks like okay it's been a little bit of time but I got it set up good to go yeah cows coming into my left hope they don't get too close because they're about to get freaked out here in a second they're far enough away they're not gonna get hurt but this blast this thing and see if we can capture it in high speed the cows to my left are just taking off they're not having any of that okay so walking down to see the aftermath the line survived there's a little bit of a singe right about there but toasted the clay pigeon and the ground is just Mahan it's shaved everything else has got green so for the people who wanted to see this gun reviewed this is a review video if you want to see the thousand-yard shot with this gun click on the link pop it up in the corner right now or click the link in the description of this video and you'll go right to it it's gonna be released at the exact same time respect you guys of time so you wanted to just see the rifle and you wanted to see things get blown up see some high speed see some details that's what this video is for if you want to sit through and watch some long-range shooting at a thousand yards click the link on the screen or in the description of this video and I'll see you over there thank you so much to those who are jumping on boards to be fan support to help make this whole crazy train run and make it possible much more coming just Andrew butcher with gy6 vids I'll see you guys soon letter

Investment Fundamentals #1 – Take personal responsibility

well it is my pleasure to welcome you along to a new themed week here on property tribes it's called investment fundamentals week and who better to join me than Graham Rowan investment consultant and Graham so great to have your input for this week you're going to be here the whole week and actually I have to thank you for coming up with our topics and I think you know a good place to start is to say that to build a solid investment portfolio whichever entity you're building that in whether it be property or shares and you've got to get the fundamentals in place and that's really what this week is all about isn't it yeah so I'm delighted to be here Vanessa and yeah I think it's it's one of the reasons I run you know the investor code myself is to try and help people to put some kind of plan and structure together for how they're gonna build that wealth and how they're gonna protect their wealth because let's be honest you don't learn this stuff in school or university they don't teach it in the workplace and despite loads and loads of new regulations all the time you never hear anyone from government or the FCA saying hey let's do something about financial education so yeah you've got to do it yourself absolutely now the starting point for this week is actually your story because that's really going to guide the week of how you became I guess financially aware and you know worked yourself towards your own financial freedom so perhaps if we could start off by saying you know give us your backstory and how it triggered that desire to start taking responsibility for your financial future yes certainly I guess you know people just need to get a box of Kleenex ready so that when I get to the appropriate point you know that they're prepared but for me I had a great job in the corporate sector I I was a director of a big American company called Texas Instruments and we were selling multimillion-dollar billing systems to telecoms companies all around the world so I'd be jetting off all over the place and you know the good news is I was making a lot of money but I really didn't have that at the time or frankly the inclination to manage it from a sort of investment viewpoint so one of my colleagues said why don't you get yourself a professional wealth manager like I have southern seems like good idea so when met them they came up with this fancy plan that said my freedom figure was 2.4 million pounds and this is how they were gonna get me there and they put my life savings into something called a Nasdaq which I have to say at the time seemed like a great idea because every morning I would wake up two or three thousand dollars richer than when I went to bed the night before and every June I'd go along for my annual valuation with these guys and the figures just went up and up and up then we got to June 2004 at the sky and computer systems didn't crash but you know the Nasdaq had gone down about 10 percent so I said hey guys you know should we take some money off the table and do something else and they said don't be such a wimp can't you recognize a minor correction in a raging bull market when you see one we're staying in ok you know best I went away to my busy lifestyle again came back in June of 2001 and it had crashed and burned and they'd lost me a hundred and fifty one thousand six hundred pounds in 18 months ouch and then they take me into a little side room and say unfortunately mr. Rowan these losses take your net worth below the level at which we look after clients so I'm afraid we're gonna have to let you go so I was fired by my own wealth manager because of the losses they had made on my portfolio so you know I was angry I was confused I was embarrassed had to go and tell my wife Daphne that we'd lost a huge chunk of our life savings and when I kind of reflected and processed a bit I thought you know it's easy to be angry with those guys but in truth it was my fault because I haven't just delegated my wealth management to these guys had abdicated it and just gone off on my merry way and at the lesson I learned expensively and painfully was that nobody else cares about your financial future you are not top of their agenda I don't care smart they are how many advisers you've got accountants IFAs none of them have got you at the top of their agenda the only person that has you at the top of their agenda is staring back at you in the bathroom mirror each day the biggest message I need to get across to people is that no one else cares you've got to take ownership even if you have a team around you you've got to be the orchestra leader absolutely as we always say on property tribes similar to yourself the best person to look after your money is the person that you see in the mirror every morning as you said and I guess what this week you're all about then miss cryptogram is that you had to go through that horrendous financial pain to have this wake-up call and really we're now giving the wake-up call using I guess your hindsight for other people's foresight well I hope so I think the hard part is that you know for me I'd gone through the pain then it became an emotional decision not just a logical when I was angry with myself and I think what I want to try and convey to people is that you know if you're not where you want to be at this stage in your life don't look for other scapegoats don't look don't blame the government don't blame the weather or the economy you know it's down to you you've got to take ownership and if you can do that without incurring that sort of losses and the pain I had to because you're watching this on properly tribe that's great you know you're so far ahead of where I was and you can avoid the pain and the grief and the cost that I had to go through absolutely and the sooner that people start to take responsibility for their own financial situation than this you know they've got a longer time to actually enjoy the benefits well that's right I mean what we're going to go through and the rest of this week is the specifics of how you go about this but I think it's important to just emphasize that there has to be this decision you know it's a little bit like you hear people saying about wanting to lose weight or something that's all well there are also full of good intentions but unless you really really really feel it and you're one that and you've got a strong reason why you want to make this happen you're gonna just let it all slide and life gets in the way you'll be too busy doing a B and C so my plea to people watching us is is to really sort of look in the mirror make an emotional decision that you're gonna take ownership and then you will take action on the stuff we'll cover in the rest of the week I think it's really about making a commitment to yourself and to becoming educated which indeed is the topic of our next video and then you know just taking sustained and intelligent action on a regular basis and that's really how people are going to build a kind of solid foundation for their future wealth no absolutely it puts me in mind of in one of my favourites of mentors was the the late Jim Rohn and yeah one of the things he used to say was that you know the difference between success and failure is small decisions you know repeated each day and if you make the right decisions over a period of time you'll see a phenomenal result if you make the wrong decisions over a period of time you get a very different outcome so it's really all about just those little things you do every day that are furthering your your whole process towards financial independence and once you take that decision and you start doing these little steps day-in day-out for weeks months and years you'll be amazed at how you can transform your financial circumstances and indeed people do have to take a long-term view and there's not really any get-rich-quick unless you win the lottery or something of that nature so people have to have a very long event horizon yeah I think unless you're gonna marry it divorce it or inherit it then you've got to go about creating and it's gonna take a long time but I tell you what you know what once you start the process you know you'll see some results quite quickly and I always tell people to celebrate those little results you it might it might be the first thousand pounds that you save or something but just you know celebrate those baby steps along the way and it they become habits and once they become habits you know then you're on the road you're on the journey and the rest will start to happen and even if you make the occasional mistake within that context of owning your financial future and taking steps every day it doesn't matter you know you will get there it really is a case of kind of like almost like a switch being flicked where somebody just has to have that realization that they now to take responsibility and just you know start moving forward and almost that kind of switch flicking on is the most important part and then you're away that's right and then that just gets reinforced with all the other actions and all the other topics we're going to cover for the rest of the week well I hope that has whet your appetite for the upcoming week of content that we are hosting in association with Graham Rowan of elite investor club I've got lots more really great stuff to come it's going to delve deeper and deeper into this topic of investment fundamentals and I guess Graham it doesn't matter what level of knowledge people have already there's good whether they're an absolute beginner or somebody very experienced we hope there's going to be something for them within the week no absolutely and I think you know that the fundamentals as the name implies are always true and so it doesn't matter where you are on the journey it really helps and it really pays to take a fresh look and yeah we all have our biases that some people are only in the property some are only into the stock market I want to try and broaden people's thinking a bit because if you want real firm foundations for your wealth you've got to understand the whole marketplace all the opportunities are open to you and you've got to understand you know how you're going to build wealth across a whole range of different assets absolutely so that's what we're going to be looking at for the rest of the week if you're watching this video on YouTube I invite you to hit the subscribe button and if you want to join our conversation and also where Graham will be interacting please click across to property tribes comm but stay tuned as investment fundamental week continues

Investment Fundamentals #2 – Get educated!

but welcome along to day two of investment fundamentals week here on property tribes where my guests for the entire week is elite investor chairman Graham Rowan and Graham and we're moving on to day two of our content and today we're going to talk about the importance of education and of course this is a topic very close to our heart here at property tribes because we believe that you can never learn less and actually the way to success is to actually make a lifelong commitment to get educated and that's something you subscribe to isn't it oh totally I mean my whole sort of mission has become to try and end financial illiteracy you know this is something that I I see everywhere and it's it's a mission that's taken me to the UN in New York to Harvard Business School in Boston houses of parliament you know Singapore yeah I just really want to get on my on my soapbox and talk about this because yeah we briefly touched on this in the first day's episode but you know you you you just don't learn this stuff in school or university or the workplace so you know once you've made that fundamental decision that you're in charge of your financial future you've got to start looking for where you can learn a bit more and it's it's a double-edged sword because there's so much out there now with the internet you know I mean when I was growing up you know you just had books in the library and whatever you know these days you've got you're bombarded with it so as much as anything it becomes a process of narrowing down and selecting what you're going to look at but really you've got to start with a fairly broad view of what's going on in the financial market so I I subscribe to a magazine like money week which is a nice succinct way of seeing what's going on the financial times especially the weekend edition I think is particularly helpful so just just starting to read those will put you ahead of ninety percent of the population in terms of having an awareness of the economy of stocks and shares of property of bonds what's going on in the marketplace then you can start selectively reading some books by people who are obviously in those fields and then you can start looking at content obviously you know property tribes is one platform where you can learn a lot there are similar platforms from stock market type investments you know for us we have specialized more an alternative investment so you start to learn about those through through elite but the idea is that you can go to some seminars read some books regularly read magazines the sort of thing I would avoid frankly is the kind of 24/7 CNBC kind of TV stuff where the stickers going across the screen and it's real time yeah nanosecond you know none of that matters that's just noise and distraction but if you can just have a perhaps a couple of hours a week of just dedicate that time plus occasional seminars that you go to I mean I I mean obviously been around this world for quite a while now but I I still probably spend ten thousand pounds a year going to seminars in in Britain and America to keep myself sharp you know and to see what the latest thinking is now I'm not saying everyone has to start at that sort of level you think a lot of these events are much much cheaper than that but you know go along to a few see what you learn see who you meet because another benefit of this and you know because those of us who are real into staff and onto a future we are weird you know I mean our friends and our family don't understand us sometimes your spouse doesn't understand you know so it's really nice to go somewhere where you've got like-minded people one of the best bits of feedback we get is the events we run I love to meet other investors who think like me because you know no one else in my circle does so so you'll find that it all becomes kind of reinforcing because you're starting to learn a bit more you're meeting other people who want to learn a bit more and you kind of help each other along that process and you know the main thing I would say is to start but don't get too many sources of knowledge or else you'll just feel overloaded and pressured by it so you only need a handful of things you know two or three books and magazines couple of seminars and a platform like like the property tribes that's enough you know but just regularly consume it and start growing your knowledge week by week indeed and I think you know when you're choosing a source of advice I think it's important to understand if there's any kind of agenda behind it and one of the great things about property tribes it's a hive mind of knowledge it's not a singular opinion it is a mass of opinions that people reading can take in and take away from it what they like Mull it over form their own opinion and that's a very very healthy way to learn but unfortunately a lot of people tend to get sucked into what I call the wealth creation industry which is where they're told they can be a millionaire in a year I can see the look on your face already and they don't need any money and you know once they get into those kind of marketing funnels they can actually end up paying thousands and thousands on education and maybe even end up with nothing to show for it and what what's your view on on those kind of property gurus that say you can be a millionaire in a year oh it really it really pains me to be honest I mean you know one of the places I at a couple of times a year is the property investor show I think it's where we met actually and it does pain me there I see gurus there peddling the same strategies that may have worked ten years ago and we know today from all the recent changes that they're not going to work and there's an awful lot of gullible people go to those events thinking they can get rich quick in real estate and they sign up for these programs and some of them are thousands and thousands of pounds deposit on a house actually indeed you know so so you know please so yeah be very very careful you have to have a bit of discipline about what you're doing you have to you know just by all means gather information but but don't be too quick with your credit card or your checkbook I mean I had a member in here the other day who's in this kind of education phase he went along to his first property auction the other day as part of that and he bought the property and I said really wouldn't have done that you know you were there to learn and you couldn't resist you got emotional and you bid on something and now you own this property that's 300 miles from where you live what exactly you're gonna do with that you know so you've got to be careful not to get then but the the idea that you can get rich in real estate or anything else I see the same in kryptos I see the same with financial trading of the stock markets oh yeah I'll remind people of the the nineteen ninety ninety rule on financial trading which is at ninety percent of people lose ninety percent of their money in the first 90 days when they get involved in this sort of day trading and so on so be careful this is the education of phase yes shouldn't be spending too much money at this point maybe a you're buying some boots you're subscribing to some papers or magazines and you're going to the odd seminar that doesn't mean you're signing up for the top-end mastermind program here whiz-bang whatever and and remember that you know a lot of people go for the things where they think they'll get rich quick back where I come from in Georgie land we have an expression which is fur coat and no knickers you know which really means you're going for that sort of top-end yeah Shoei high risky stuff but you haven't got any other fundamentals underneath you haven't laid the foundations this week's all about foundations and that stuff ain't foundation laying so don't come at this with a get-rich-quick attitude in fact I often say I reverse it and say look get rich slow that's the way that will last no I agree 100% and I do get very concerned when I hear these property gurus recommending that people go straight into HMOs for instance and I've been to those kind of seminars and was very concerned that they never once mentioned the word tenant and that's the person that's going to be paying your rent and servicing your mortgage and they they don't even mention them so you know I totally subscribe to what you say and you've mentioned quite a few sources that are free like property tribes or you know a few few pounds a week for a magazine or a subscription and maybe a couple of hundred pounds for a good day out at a seminar or indeed the landlord investment shows are free to attend as is the property investor show so there's lots of good sources of information out there but then do you also you know we need to talk about paid advice as well because paid advice is insured advice is this at the stage that you start thinking about working with a broker finding your tax advisor and starting to build those relationships well the thing I think that really should start you off depending where you are in the journey I appreciate we've got people at every different level that will be watching us but in the very earliest stages I always encourage people to open a bank account that's separate to their main bank account often with a different bank and call it your name wealth account so the John Smith wealth account and then get into the habit every time you get paid whether that's a salary or dividends from your company or whatever go and put a percentage of that money into your wealth account once you get into that and I say don't do this online do it have it as a physical branch in the high street so you've got to walk there and the only reason you're going there is to make a deposit in your wealth account you're not doing this for convenience you're doing this with a psychology of it the habit-forming side of it so then you've got money that's accumulating first that gets you into the habit of saving and frankly I don't care what you earn if you can't save on 20,000 a year you won't save on 200,000 a year it's a mental discipline and all the wealthy people I know we're saving money when they're on 20,000 a year so so you've got to get into that discipline first so once you start accumulating the wealth that sort of takes the pressure off your urge to sort do something quickly because that you know that's going on in the background so that just keep the saving going whilst you're educating yourself when you come into the point where you know I'm gonna pay that veiss I think certainly it's worth looking at perhaps getting referrals or recommendations to people from people that you know have been successful with them and you know obviously there are good and bad mortgage brokers good and bad tax advisers so the more you can find the right people who have already achieved success and see who their advisors are that's a great way into that and also you need to really get start to get some clarity on your strategy you know I mean this may be be heresy on on a property platform but you know that there are other investments out there apart from property that people should educate themselves on as well and the whole point about this it's a bit like you know whenever I meet somebody who's got all their money and buy to let or all their money in the stock market I I say well you know basically you're riding a unicycle you know you are kind of wobbling around on a single whee here and all your wealth depends on that one asset class if you start investing across multiple asset classes you've got a bike quality a trike quad bike or multiple legs on your table you know so so you need to learn about the whole market and real good long-term investment strategies are well diversified so there'll be property in there but the loss would be stocks and shares there'll be precious metals that commodities you know there'll be currencies and all the rest of it so we'll go through this later but you know you've gotta have a breadth of investments and then start looking at where you might source them from including advisors including sourcing deals and all the rest of it so you're building your network at the same time as you're building your knowledge and your education well fantastic so that is part 2 of our investment fundamentals week and we've been talking about the importance of education and Graham I think this week's just going to get better and better as we go on I'm so really just find the way you explain everything it makes it really really easy to understand and it's very engaging so thank you very much for that tomorrow we're going to be looking at your income engine and why you need to turbocharge it so we've got another exciting day tomorrow haven't we go to it so if you're watching this on a youtube I invite you to click the subscribe button and if you want to join our conversation we're gray and will also be interacting with property tribes members please do click across to property tribes comm that is where the conversation is hosted and if you pop over there you'll see that we've got over 45,000 members who contribute to our discussions and you can tap in to all their knowledge experience contacts and as we like set prosti tribes none of us is as smart as all of us so stay tuned and we'll be back tomorrow you