Teamwork makes the dream work – Sharing

All right guys gather on me get around me. All right. It’s a little quick pep talk That’s what I talked about these last few games, right? They really haven’t been quite working out first and I think the reason for that is lack of teamwork we really we’ve been treating it like we’re kind of for solos in a squad game and That hasn’t really been working out for us. So I think your team workers is paramount here today. *team mumbles* Ben if you spot an enemy don’t just engage them, you know You can call the team over 4v4 is better than 1v4 so typically we’ll work out a lot better and we’re here to help. You know, that’s fair That’s what we’ll come over and help if you want. Yeah, it’s cool. I just get trigger-happy Adam Communication is key. All right, so if you spot any enemy don’t just say enemy spotted. Okay ping him. Be sure to ping him No, I’ll try to do better Yeah, Rowan, maybe if you just loot closer to us You typically seem to be looting quite far away and we can’t help you if if you’re really far away and get into trouble Oh, really? The reason I do that is because I don’t want to take other people’s loot No, I-we appreciate that But yeah, no stand at close proximity. If you’re in trouble we can we can help. Okay, I’ll stay close by if you want, all right, but other than that guys, let’s have a great game. All right teamwork teamwork. Let’s go Oh Rowan what are you doing? I’m looting close by like you said. No. This is my house and my loot But you said- ROWAN GET THE F*** OUT OF MY HOUSE! WHAT THE F*** YOU DOING? I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE TRYING TO TAKE MY F***ING LOOT! GET THE F*** OUT! GO! GO!!! Hey guys, thank you so much for watching follow us on Instagram. We have constant amazing stories. They’re always amazing They’re always top quality stories. They’re always good like this and this And then is this Okay, so they’re not all great but yes, do you know follow

Marketing Gimmick? Gaming Phone questions answered! – (Red Magic 3S)

This video is brought to you by Dashlane. Protect your online life with the link down bellow. Here is what happened. Phone brand Nubia, a sub-brand of ZTE is releasing a pair of phones on “international” markets
this week. Somehow as part of the launch, they contacted
me to the among the reviewers getting samples. I know right? And I thought. Cool! Since both phones they are releasing has very
similar price point but very different target consumers I thought it a great opportunity to go more in deep in a practical way on a
conversation I started with Marton from Tech Altar on the way phone makers are experimenting
on weird ways to differentiate. Problem is… one of the phones was lost in
the mail or something?? Point is, I won’t be getting it before launch
as planned but I still had a pretty weird and interesting device on my hands: a next-generation
“affordable” gaming phone. So I decided to ask you, dear viewers, what question would you make to someone with
a brand new gaming phone? And boy did you deliver. On this video, we
will answer or discuss those questions. Also, say hello to Victor who is helping me
record this long video. Say hi Victor! Let’s with the best one. “What the heck
is a Gaming Phone?” So, competition in the Android phone space
is having some weird effects on the market. There are so many companies selling smartphone
now that it is hard to track even the medium and bigger ones and since at this point even
the most basic phones, including the ultra-cheap ones, are pretty good in fulfilling basic needs
for messaging and content consumption companies are getting pretty fricking wild in trying
to differentiate, trowing every gimmicky idea they can think
of while still maintaining a format that is familiar enough not be alienating. As mobile gaming continues its meteoric rise
the market went from purely aiming at casual players bored
in the bus to a middle class of “serious” mobile gamers that
now even have mobile focus eSports leagues. Since this phenomenon has mainly been happening
in Asia and developing countries gamers in the US, Europe and other developed countries
might still be adjusting to this weird new gaming world. I am sure there will be enough comments at
this point accusing me of blasphemy for pointing out there are eSports leagues for mobile games but marketers and salesmen, those, my friends,
never stop looking at trends they can sell with. Seeing an opportunity, gaming brands and phone
brands started experimenting with gaming-specific phones and what initially seemed like the
mother of all marketing gimmicks transformed into something that apparently is selling
enough because we are 3 generations deep on gaming-specific phones now. Razer has released 2 gaming phones, the creatively
named Razer Phone 1 and 2. Asus has released two phones of under their
Republic of Gamer brand, the ROG Phone and their ROG Phone 2. Yeah, everyone is oozing
creativity with these things. Xiaomi finally comes up with a name for their
Black Shark and Black Shark 2. And Nubia Released their first Red Magic,
which I own and did some content about and that I do use almost every day. Since then Nubia released the Red Magic Mars, Red Magic 3 and Now the Red Magic 3S that should be coming
out outside of Asia this week, and that new phone is the one I will be using for this
video. It competes with other gaming phones positioning
itself in the more “”affordable”” tier of gaming devices. Maybe that’s what
I got sent one? Next question and by far the most popular
one: No, for real… What makes it “Gaming”? What features distinguish it for just a regular
high spec phone? So, in theory, a phone that is centred around
gaming on its most basic form (and I mean the most basic stuff, I will get to the special
features later) is supposed to prioritize things like: • A powerful SOC, usually the latest most
powerful snapdragon • Larger than average RAM and memory
• Larger than average battery • Decent quality High Refresh screen On that front, I see what they were going
for on the Red Magic 3S. It is sporting the very recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ which
is basically an 855 with higher clocks and the same chip inside the Black Shark 2, and
Asus ROG Phone II. The version I have here the 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage model but this can be found with up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage and I just
want to stop for a second to reflect on the fact that officially now there are phones
out there with more RAM than my laptop and PC. What is my life? It has 5,000 mAh battery with fast charge
support which is just very good. Larger than a One Plus 7 Pro , a Pixel 4 XL or a Note
10 Plus. The screen 6.65-inch AMOLED high resolution
display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Most phones use 60 Hz the higher refresh rate does
mean a higher level of fluidity. In theory. I could talk about how that puts in a leg
over the cheaper black shark 2 that only does 60 Hz but not as high as expensive ROG Phone
with its insane 120 Hz but if you are scratching your head wondering what is the point of that
when Android games rarely support 60 FPS and are often locked to 30 FPS… congratulations, you saw the obvious problem
that I will be discussing later on this video. I will get to that. Another feature which can be found on other
phones but it is still nice to have is stereo front-facing speakers which allow enjoying
the audio of any games without headphones. However, many of your questions correctly
zero in on the fact that besides the refresh rate things like AMOLED screens, powerful
SOCs or lots of storage are stuff that also are on expensive flagship devices so… why
should anyone care about a gaming phone over those? The answer is supposed to be: • Better than average cooling
• *Sigh* gamer aesthetics • Some extra physical buttons for games
• And gaming-specific OS features Now. The real answer is what I was planning
to do on my original video since the second phone Nubia is releasing this week is very
similar in specs and price but it is not focused on gaming so that analysis should raise some
interesting question. IF that phone is ever found you will see that video but in the meantime
let’s dig into those to see what comes out. Cooling is one that a hundred people asked
about. And it makes sense. In phones, performance
is not usually a matter of pure specs but how well the phone can sustain certain clocks
before overheating. This has been one of the few features that
gaming phones have consistently boasted over regular flagships as they take extra steps to make sure the phone was cool and using the SoC to its maximum power. The older Red Magic One boasted about this,
and while measuring thermal throtelling accurately is notoriously difficult to do I did feel
it managed to keep cool even on long play sessions. The red Magic 3S takes this and goes the mile
by incorporating active cooling. Oh yes, phones are getting weird. Inside the phone, there is a tiny fan that
fires up to keep the phone cooled during the heaviest moments. I remember reading this
on the back of the box and being very surprised. I had never seen a phone with active cooling
before and I was initially expecting this to cause a bulkier and heavier phone. But
not really, the red magic is as thin as any regular phone while still sneaking in intake
and outtake vent that does actually work quite well keeping the phone significant cooler. I have
no idea how they pulled this off but this is one of my favourite weird cool things about
this device. Ok, so fine I guess I have to talk about the
aesthetics. You know the type, at some point we picked this association of gaming with
a certain visual identity. I personally have… opinions about the whole thing and have a
preference for simpler more elegant designs, something that the original Red Magic was
fantastic in delivering. Just like everything else the Red Magic 3S pushes it all the way
to the top with this very industrial design that some people will probably love and others,
well it definitely has a lot of personality. And yes, as some of you asked. It does have
RGB. The good thing is that there is actually a
fair amount of customization so you can play with it to your heart’s content… this is
not everyone’s cup of tea but it is certainly cool to have. Now the next change is actually useful. The
3S has a couple of capacitive buttons on the side One of my biggest gripes with the first generations
of gaming phones, as I expressed on past videos is that none of them featured the biggest
improvement lots of mobile games required… physical controls. This is something that Sony was doing in 2011. What we got in 2019 is not exactly what I
had in mind but measurable improvement. On a previous video I took a look at a bizarre
Chinese accessory that added physical shoulder buttons to a phone and was surprised at how
useful it could be for stuff like PUBG mobile, this… is basically that but incorporated
on the phone. I have been trying to get more serious bout PUBG mobile for a while and these
two buttons, along with the gyro controls that are becoming more common on mobile shooters
means that I finally, almost completely feel comfortable playing shooters on my phone. Now if we could only great joystick it would
be perfect. There are accessories that the phone is pre-configured
to use but that does not replace the thing Sony did more than 8 years ago. Come on. The other way more unexpected improvement
is what they call “Game Space”. The first Red Magic could trigger a game mode
that would mute all notifications and allegedly dedicate all resources to the game for a smoother
experience with… arguable results. Honestly, I use this phone every day and I keep forgetting
that function is there, even while playing games. But not any more, as now Game Mode actually
does something. When Game Mode is off the 3S behaves mostly
as a regular powerful phone, with your usual navigation bar and so. If you enable Game Mode your launcher is replaced
by a landscape grid were you can add different games and where you can control the fan to override
the automatic fan behaviour to have it working at full power at all times. More important, while in game mode the navigation
bar is replaced by this set of useful tools. First and foremost you can get real-time reading
on the phone’s temperature, CPU clock and GPU clock. As a tech nerd, this sort of data is painfully
hard to get on mobile so I really, really like that game mode shows it in such an easy way. This is one of the smallest things this phone can do that I really like as it allows
me to snoop around at how resources are used by different games and the temperature readout, assuming it is
accurate, actually does let us know if the fan is working. Two important things are missing one is RAM
usage which would be useful to know per game and an FPS counter. Getting a basic FPS reader on-screen on Android
is notoriously complicated to do. For all my performance measurements I use Game Bench,
linked in the description, which requires activation on a PC per reboot and is as far
as I know the only good way to get any accurate results so an integrated FPS counter would
have been nice. Apparent from that it is from here that you
can map the shoulder buttons, block notifications to avoid interruptions and record gameplay with just one button…
a feature that I would had loved if the resulting footage did not look terrible with
no option to improve it and no audio for most games. I have no idea how this could be so
bad. Why is this here on the first place? There is also a performance functionality
that theoretically allows focussing on CPU or GPU for better performance or both at the
sacrifice of battery life. But I am going to honest, I have been experimenting with
this and I have not seen an increase in clocks or FPS in any mode. But this is a hard
thing to notice due to how hard it is to find games that trully push the phone to the limit. There is 4D shock functionality that gives
the vibration feedback a bit more spice but it is only compatible with a handful of games
which is a bit disappointing. Worth noting is that the translation on this
game mode leaves a lot to be desired. You get the idea of what this settings do, but
it is a bit rough. The bad translation is probably a clue as
to something that I feel we often miss on discussions about gaming phones, which is
that they are primarily geared toward asian markets. Europe and the US are a secondary
consideration. I keep finding reports and evidence that the
stigma that we apply on this side of the world towards mobile gaming as a purely casual en
devour is not a thing in Asia, specially in China and this might explain who is buying
these things in numbers large enough to justify all these software and hardware revisions. Quick question: how is the accessories situation
looking like? Nubia usually has a dedicated accessory store
for each of their phones, but it is interesting to note that the Red Magic 3S joins other
Gaming Phones in having a specialized port for stuff like docks that allow ethernet access
to your phone. Yep Important question: Having all these gaming-centric
features on a “budget” comes at a cost so… what its biggest compromise? And that’s easily the cameras. The back sensor
itself is not bad, it is a completely passable high-resolution camera but there is no multiple
camera array or fancy composition software here. Something had to suffer to get this
phone at the price level, and it seems the camera was it. Are any of these features actually useful
in day to day, not gaming use? After all, a phone is a multi-purpose machine. I would actually say yes. The very large battery
has made my life much easier, the ample storage these phones tend to include has spoiled me
to the point that I am having difficulty going back to my regular phone and the increased
cooling is very beneficial and comfortable on way more than gaming. However, the high refresh screen is supposed
to bring a new level of fluidity to day to day app usage but I just… don’t see this
as much of an improvement as everyone else seems to and this is supposed to be a big
thing for games but here is were we run into what might be the biggest problem with gaming
phones… the android game ecosystem. This is a bigger question and I will address
the other parts in a moment but this section is.. are there really that many games that
support high refresh rates on Android? Android Police put together a list with high
refresh rate supported games which is longer than I expected (link in the description) and while I did have success with Mortal Kombat
the support is still a bit wonky as I could never figure out how to enable them on games
such as Need for Speed or Ark, which is 100% the game that would
push this phone to the max if I could unlock it. So while the landscape for high refresh
rate support is better than what it was a year go it is still far from ideal. Some of the biggest growing games out there,
such as Pubg mobile are still limited to 60 FPS and Fortnite, which continues to be extremely
popular and would be an ideal performance testing, is on lock to 30 with no option to unlock
it even all this time after release. Same goes with RAM. Is there any reason to
have so much RAM on a phone? At present, the answer is no, or rather not
an obvious one. Just like refresh rate, the ecosystem seems to be running behind these
devices. The only thing that comes to mind is future-proofing
but… at the rate new models of these phones come out and the fact that they rarely get
updates puts that a bit on doubt. Which connect fantastically with the next
question. Do gaming devices need to exists when the mobile space is so focused on low
end first to the point that even very popular games go through tremendous efforts to work
well on as many phones as possible? One thing that has been so fascinating about
mobile gaming is that even for the heavier games developers take the complete contrary
approach than they do on PC. On PC games are often designed for a future
set that takes a gaming PC or Consoles in mind and then optimized for a range of systems. On Mobile, a lot of the games start from the
basic feature set that should work on a large variety of phones and scale from up there. This means that while on PC the people with
the higher specs undoubtedly get the deluxe experience and everyone else gets to discuss
if it is even worth it… you know my answer to that question… on mobile, a lot of people get the base experience
and in theory gaming devices get some extra features. In theory. I think there is a point to be
made here about this sort of phone providing a better experience because of the physical
buttons or the superior cooling but it is still not quite there. But a problem remains, is the quality of the
games offered by Android worth this effort. Is this worth it? Or as this question put it: What does the
future look for mobile gaming? Is there a future at all? So, the way Android games tend to be built
bottom-up in terms of spec requirements is likely an artefact of the dominance of the
free to play system. Oh yes. The extreme and painful system that
forces you to grind or to pay for an ounce of fun. The way free to play works requires a large
player base so the economic incentive is for developers to have the game run on as many
phones as possible. Even with problems inherent to the model the
quality of a lot of the mobile offerings has been increasing over the last few years, partially
as new studios experiment and older publishers more accustomed to premium experiences in
console or PC start playing more seriously on mobile. This has lead to stuff like the very complete
port of Fortnite that is still paradoxically still locked to 30 FPS and that the Red Magic
3S still just runs perfectly, to the fantastic and super popular Pubg Mobile
which has its very active eSports scene which does at least get to 60 FPS and once again
is completely aced by the 3S. And just like in PC some of the older and
savvier developers to the ways of the free to play are able to provide experiences that
are worth it at many budget levels, such as Wargaming that has versions of World of
Warships and World of Tanks for mobile which both works at great performance on a variety
of devices and are just a blast to play with the physical triggers. World of Warships is
my particular drug of choice and I suspect this phone will get a lot of that in the rest
of the year. And even Nintendo which, while I am entirely
sure are not the sort of games that makers of these phones are targeting have created
pretty nice versions of properties like Animal Crossing and now Mario Kart which runs out
of the box at 60 FPS while looking stellar. But here we see the other side of the coin,
which is how the overreliance on the free to play model has damaged the quality of the
experiences that could get in mobile. Nintendo tried their traditional strategy
of a premium game for mobile and they did not quite stick the landing and
the fallout and criticism were so vast that the market sort of pushed them to this direction to the point that Mario Kart World Tour is
a bit of a gacha nightmare, I am not going to lie. Ask any developer working on mobile and you
will hear similar stories. People don’t buy premium games, and investors are not interested
in them so the only way to get the budget to build a big experience on mobile is playing
the microtransaction game and this over-reliance on that model has definitely negatively impacted
the true potential on this industry. Recently Call of Duty, the big cheese of all
shooters made its mobile debut and it is actually not a bad experience. It is a very competent
shooter that runs with a 60 FPS cap and is not bad at all to play with the physical triggers
of this phone but the microtransactions are… a bit much. I am not an expert of Call of
Duty so I will leave it to more qualified people to discuss if this actually ruins the
game but it is a bit much on the face of a casual player. Although most AAA shooters on consoles and
PC including Call of Duty have tons of microtransactions and monetization as well, that is on of the
$60 price point and the mobil game is free so… maybe this one is the superior version? Now I have said in the past I like the idea
of mobile gaming, and I desperately want it to move past this phase and flourish. Due
to the extreme popularity of Phones, mobile gaming has such great potential for extending
the world of gaming to so many people. Take Pokemon Go, that I intentionally did
not mention when I was talking about Nintendo. Like many people I have fallen back into its
black hole and why would I not? It is a terrific game to play with friends,
the microtransactions actually not extremely obtrusive to the point that the basic free
gameplay loop is very enjoyable and since now I am part of a Telegram group used to
coordinate raids with absolute strangers for legendary pokemon I have met so many people
who had not played games before that now pursue this game with a ferocity that puts some of
my WoW friends to shame. When done well, mobile gaming has tremendous potential for community
building and passionate new players. It is worth mentioning that many people did
start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the over-reliance on free 2 play
model from… of all places, Apple, when they announced a subscription service for a set
of curated high qualities games including some stuff that I properly wish I could borrow
an iPhone to play. So, many people hoped Google would copy the
shit out of the idea so we could get the ball rolling on more complex games and… they did not leave us waiting. While subscriptions have their own set of
problems they at least represent n alternative to getting games across that are not aggressively
monetized and that is my biggest hope for the future of mobile gaming. So that leads ultimately to the mother of
all questions. Is it worth the price? At its current price, the Red Magic 3S finds
itself in an interesting position. It is not a cheap device but its screen, SoC,
Memory etc are on the level of the most expensive flagships out there and it even stands next
to some of the super value phones out there. At the end of the day, you should ask, is
stuff like larger battery life and the active cooling worth a non-impressive camera? Do
games like Fortnite, Pubg Mobile, World of Warships, entice you? Or the growing number
of older games being ported to mobile? Do you have positive expectations about what
subscription services can do for mobile? Ultimately the answer lies with you. I am
for sure considering using this phone as a daily runner from now on so if there is one
thing I can say is that I am very surprised on the evolution there has been since the
last Red Magic I tried and how, even if slowly, I am starting to see the features that can
finally add value to these devices. I just wish it was a bit more polished, the
weird translation issues on the interface did leave a bit of weird feeling considering
the price of the phone. And while the whole game mode thing has been greatly improved
I still do not understand why the boost modes seem to do nothing or how the screen recorder
is so bad. Now while I requested your questions and you
guys absolutely delivered I tried strategically picking the more common ones so I could cover
the most ground with one exception. Many of you wanted to know about how it did
on emulators. While there is very little on how these phones are marketed or packaged
that suggests this is anything but a secondary use case that is possibly a way to push the
phone’s resources to the max. But as you probably noticed the length I had
planned for this video got completely out of control so I might have to leave that for
another video, depending on how much demand there is for it. In the comment section, you will see a comment
by me regarding this topic. If you want to see that video in the future give it a thumbs
up, that way I can get a measurement of your interest. And since I will be making this my personal
phone I am going to need to go through the gruelling process of copying over all my accounts
but since I want to make it convenient while also being secure and avoiding using easy
to hack passwords the very first thing I installed on this phone was Dashlane, this video’s sponsor. Dashlane is a security suite that combines
several functionalities in one software. The first is that it helps generate a unique safe
password for all your accounts and help autofill and keep track of them on desktop and mobile
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use on desktop and mobile to secure your communications on public wifi or make sure websites and malicious
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region-locked content, as I did for pubg mobile lite. And they have a leak alert system that tells
you when any of your accounts have been part of a major hack and tells you if your password
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a leak is reported to warn you to change your password immediately, something that has saved
me from several mayor password leaks already. I use Dashlane every day and it has been a
major contributor to making my life calmer, and at less than 4 dollars a month it well
well worth it. And if you go to
you get 30 days of free trial so you can verify all of this yourself and if you use the code
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so… use the code! Thank you to them for sponsoring this video
and you for watching!

Personal life vs work life – Bad Boy

Oh just a reminder – I am just working a half-day today. I don’t care. I got Adam to cover so I don’t care Who is that badass on the bike? Hey guys Hi Hey what what what’s going on? Working oh, okay He – that was very cool. It was very very – that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen He made smoking cool I think I’m gonna buy a pack of cigarettes After this Here ya go bro Brought to you by Brought to you by Marlborough gold

Playing immature games at work – Staring Contest

Rowan – I’m not going to engage in a staring contest with you. I’m not. I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m an adult You’re an adult okay? this isn’t a playground. This is work. So… I’m just gonna get back to it. I’m not! I’m not going to do it I’m better than that I am! I’m better than that I am not going to stoop to your level So, you can just… Stay there and keep staring. I’m not going to engage. nope… damn it see… Hang on I need to blink that was seamless That was seamless. I doubt people will notice you went past me there.

Passive aggressive arguments at work – Lucked Out

Argh damn What happened? Ah my program crashed, I just lost a few minutes of work Ah lucked out No I got unlucky – my program crashed – I got unlucky Yeah So you lucked out No I did the opposite of ‘luck out’ I got unlucky. My program crashed Yeah, you had bad luck So you lucked out Rowan have you been using the term ‘lucked out’ wrong your entire life? No I’ve been using the term ‘lucked out’ correctly To say that something is unlucky Lucked out means lucky It means to be lucky Lucked out doesn’t mean you got lucky Lucked out means you got unlucky It absolutely doesn’t You know what? Fine. Don’t worry Agree to disagre This argument is stupid It is a stupid argument **under breath**
It’s just funny that you think it meant lucky **under breath**
It’s weird **under breath**
Well. I think you’re the stupid one mate **under breath**
I think if you were to ask anyone in the world they might actually agree with me mate **under breath**
Just think about what you’re actually saying **under breath**
Just think about the words you’re saying **under breath**
Ask anybody. Ask any single person in the world and they would agree with me **under breath**
How long you been using that expression that way? Uh oh **under breath**
I think you’ll find that I have won the argument Just think about it. Maybe once in your life read a book It’s done. It’s finished. It’s in the past and I won. Tick. Tick for Alan for winning I don’t think you quite understand how the English language works It’s quite embarrassing you’re still arguing You’re like claiming it so righteously Righteously like he knows What you been doing? You been living under a rock mate? Living under one of those big rocks It’s just quite embarrassing you’re still arguing the point Well. Well. If you’re going to talk about things you don’t really understand… Do you actually know how the English language works? You are completely out of touch with the world. The world has moved beyond you. Think about what the word is mate: “Lucked out” Out. Of. Luck How do you live 35 years and not know what ‘lucked out’ means? How do you live 35 years and not know what lucked out means… Uhmmm okayyy Alright mate Let it go I’m not going to get into this with you It’s just kind of funny It’s actually kind of funny if I think about it I don’t think you quite understand Wrong wrong wrong. You are wrong wrong wrong. Alright mate let it go Obviously I win No I won I won this argument Think about it – “lucked out” Lucked out – out of luck Lucked out means lucky Out of luck – look Lucked out means lucky Rowan That’s not how the world works mate Ask anybody Rowan – lucked out means LUCKY Nobody used ‘lucked out’ for lucky!! NOBODY USES LUCKED OUT FOR LUCKY ROWAN – SHUT THE F*** UP! Looks like you let your emotions get the better of you Lucked out

How to handle someone crying at work – Crying

Adam? yeah Are you alright mate? Yep. Yeah, no I’m fine .Have you been crying? No? No I’m not crying You certainly look like you’re crying. Look that is not okay mate. We’re gonna talk about this. We’re having a meeting What guys we had a bit of an incident on the shop floor Adam was crying Adam were you crying are you okay? No… I just feel so overworked at the moment were working so hard and so – yeah, I’m gonna have to get a new rule No crying at work Rowan do you really feel that’s the best solution for this? Absolutely yuck. He was crying Oh, it was disgusting like if you should have heard I was on the shop floor I was playing Street Fighter and suddenly I’m hearing this Oh *imitates Adam crying* *evil mocking crying* And I’m like “oh” God Is that Adam? is he crying? Oh God, I’m gonna – has he stopped. No, he’s still crying. I’m gonna have to deal with this. Oh, here we go Yeah, so it was pretty disgusting Rowan instead of creating a blanket rule where we like not allowed to cry Why don’t we try and foster a work environment where we don’t feel we need to cry Uh, how do you suggest we do that Alan? Maybe by creating a safe work environment where we can talk about our feelings I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t Care, I don’t want to hear about it. Don’t bring that s**t to work. Yuck. Just keep it away Lock it inside or lock it or just whatever you need to do it so that it’s not part of the work Kind of environment, okay Okay. Well, what are you gonna do about it? I’ve got a solution that I think will appease everyone New rule You can cry in the bathroom. Oh wow I think I need to use the bathroom You need to use the bathroom? Don’t be long Do you want me to close the door? Adam Yeah, are you right? Yes, I’ll say that like a proper human. Yeah, we can’t be come on man. Blah blah blah blah blah blah Come this way – what side of the line are we on?

When sales go wrong – Great Deal

Hi sorry I’m just after these Two USB’s? Yep two USB’s Oh actually you’re in luck. Today we’ve got a Playtech special on Oh great Um so yeah normally $20 they’re two for $50 I’ll put that through now Sorry Sorry something seems to be wrong with your sign I think your math must be off a little bit. Shouldn’t it be like $30… Hang on I’ve got another copy here ahhh What seems to be the problem there Ah the it’s $20 for one and so two there should be $30. That would be a special. No so the way this special works is it’s normally $20 but because you’re buying two and this is the special, there’s a $10 difference Oh I see yeah yeah no that is what I am talking about. Yeah because like two would be $40…right So if it’s a $10 special then you’ve got like these little piggies then you take one piggy away. You take one $10 piggy away and that makes $30 So thats a $30 special I should have Ah just in case…it seems like you’re not quite understanding the special so… I’ll just repeat it for you one more time just in case you’re struggling with math a bit there… So like I say normally $20 just for one okay? Yep I follow you Follow me there? Yep I’m absolutely with you on that one Okay so what makes this a great deal is that because you’re buying two there’s a $10 difference bringing it to $50 thats a great deal Yeah no I am totally following you there with the $20 it’s just that maybe your calculators broken maybe it’s not you Like I’m sure you can do math but what you’re doing is actually adding $10 rather than taking it away Which is not how specials work I see what’s happening here great You think that this is a good deal for you Yes yeah But this is a Playtech special like I said at the start a Playtech special Meaning we get some special treatment So we get to make an extra $10 on this sale It’s a Playtech special… Ooooh It’s a Playtech Special… It’s a great deal for Playtech We make an extra $10 on this sale Otherwise we’d only make $40 on this We make $50 on this Riiight Okay shall we process the transaction? Yeah okay so it’s not a special Oh no sorry just um oh it’s crazy I’ve just changed my mind just one would be great Okay you’re just after one yeah just after one would be great thank you righto Um yep $20 great thank you Just swipe your card I’ll just swipe my card for $20 for one That is yours Great that was a sale yup Yup I think we can both agree that was a transaction from start to finish Yup It’s just good to get clear about these things yup Oh Actually um while I’m here Couldn’t grab a USB stick could I? yup Yeah no problem Just a singular one would be great yup I’ll just grab you an extra USB stick there Oh I wouldn’t call it an extra one I’d call it a different one Okay that’s $30 there No no no no I’m just buying one I’m buying now a new transaction one USB stick please No no like the sign says I’ll bring it up again for you there Ah you’re buying two so that’s $50 total there so I’m just making up the difference there No no it’s looks that way but it’s actually a new transaction Like let the past be the past You know what I see what’s going on here You wanna get a special for yourself don’t ya Yeah on the same page good Like every single other customer that comes in here trying to take advantage of Playtech Ooo can I get 50% off oo I want 2 for the price of one. Oooo what can I take from Playtech I’ve got staff to feed. I’ve got families to pay How are we supposed to make a business run with customers like you coming in here Do you want us to shut down Do you want us to shut down? Is that what you want? I’m really sorry I didn’t realize I I yeah $30 for that one would be great Yeah $30 right No that’s fair Alright swipe your card thank you And that’s complete there you go Thank you I really appreciate it How’s your family? I lied I don’t have a family Thank you I’ll see you next week Remember to tell people about the special Yeah know I will I’ll tell Terry Thankyou

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new video. Special thanks to our
friends at PUBG Mobile for making this video possible. Click right here
if you want to play the mobile game for yourself. If you want to see some more
DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!