Angela Kinsey Originally Auditioned To Play Pam On ‘The Office’ But Was ‘Too Feisty’ For The Role

– You found a photo from your first table read that you all did? – Oh, yes.
– Oh yes yeah. – Yes, our casting
director, Allison Jones, brought her camera and
she took a Polaroid of us and she gave one to each of us. And I’ve saved mine all these years. – That’s so cool, we do
Polaroids on this show. I love it. It just looks vintage and cool. – I didn’t get one because
I wasn’t there that day. – She hadn’t been cast yet. – I hadn’t been cast yet. – [Kelly] That is so. – I’m okay with it. – Wasn’t it funny though? Aren’t you, Angela, you tried out right, when everyone auditioning, you auditioned for her part, right? – I auditioned for the role of Pam and I went in you guys, and I thought I did so great. And it was a big room. – You did, you got the
job, just a different one. – I got a different job. But, it was a room full of people and there’s a moment where
Michael is fake firing Pam in front of Ryan the temp,
to like pull a prank. And Pam starts to cry
and calls him a jerk. And I called him like a jerk, and everyone started laughing. And I was like, “I don’t
think that was supposed to be “a laugh, I think I missed something.” And then of course, you
see this vulnerable moment that Pam, as much as she
hates that job, she needs it. And Jenna did such an
amazing job portraying that. But, so they said I didn’t get the part because I was a little too feisty, too feisty for Pam. – You were raised a bit in
Texas, so it’s understood. – I know, listen, I’ll call someone a jerk if they’re a jerk. – I’ll call someone something else, yeah. – [Angela] Maybe. – It depends on the moment. – But then they brought me back they said, “hey, we got kind of a judgy,
snarky lady in accounting.” And I said, “OK”. – That call’s amazing. “Hey, you know who you’d be perfect for?” – The snarky lady.
– The snarky lady.