How he made $100,000 his first year as a Real Estate Agent

what's up you guys it's Graham here so I'm actually all the way in London Ontario for the next week visiting family and I got linked up with Jeff why vote here and Jeff and I actually go back pretty far almost like yeah it's been good it's been almost a year I think when I first started making YouTube videos Jeff was one of the first people that reached out and this is when I had like a few hundred subscribers and reached out to me I think he was just getting in real estate at the time where he had just started doing it a few months and we've kept in touch this entire time ended up meeting up a few days ago and he tells me his first year in real estate he's made over a hundred thousand dollars which is absolutely incredible let alone for just like the first year in real estate so I'm with him now and I figured we'd make somewhat of a spur-of-the-moment video here where he explains his story how he was able to do it and hopefully that brings some experience and some knowledge to you guys you might be interested so anyway this is Jeff what's up guys we're just driving around checking out some properties today while grams in town and yeah 100,000 in one year was tiring yeah that was every single day answering the phone getting out there so if I want to go back to how I started very early on when I was taking my first test I just started telling people I was gonna be a realtor I think that's really important so whatever your network is just tell them so that when you have your license maybe you already have some clients lined up so and if not just team up with someone in your office and tell them you got a ton of clients let them take it they'll hook you up later on so why real estate like why did you want to get into real estate what was the because you could be I mean you could be anything really so I have a military background in the military you meet a few different type of people and and just like how we're hanging out now same kind of finance type guys that are in the military and like we wanted something bigger and it was 2008 I read Rich Dad Poor Dad because read that book you guys have read the butters book it's good and that just changed my mindset because the Canadian dream or the American dream of like you're supposed to be going to school and doing everything that they talked about to make money and have a job it just didn't seem fun to me the military it was fun because we were traveling all around the world I kind of wanted how can I recreate that in passive income kind of stuff so then I started reading like Tim Ferriss and Tim first is great what the 4-hour workweek is one of my favorite books if you guys have not read that read it yeah so then these became like the Bibles I don't want to be just there for my seven day trip to Cuba or Mexico and then have to come back and work the nine-to-five so real estate became that vehicle that could fund my travel basically got home from couple tours overseas came home with a lot of money now I originally wanted to buy a penthouse unit and have a BMW but that was a fantasy that I kind of wanted a thought I wanted and then I looked at the numbers and I said I can't recreate in a job buying these at the moment they ever cost two three thousand dollars a month in operating expenses and there was no job in London Ontario that I could get they can pay that so despite I didn't want to have to go back to Afghanistan or anything like that so I went the opposite I bought a triplex a multi-family building and I had no car downtown and lived in a basement so so I went from thinking thinking I wanted is this playboy lifestyle condo and to just getting a 2-bedroom apartment in the basement had six tenants above me paying my rent they were University students and then learning how to be a landlord that's the way to do it to is just to live like you make nothing is always living like a broke college kid especially when you're in their 20s it's the best time to do it and nobody questions it like if you're living in the basement having six 10s and like living on the ground in a sleeping bag people are just like no it's 20-something guy exactly I remember getting shoes I plugged my blackberry into the wall it sat on the ground yeah on the carpet you're like oh and the thing is that's okay in your 20s but when you're like 40 years old people just think you're weird but when you're 20 it's like nada you're 20 it's cool it's amazing yeah the older you get the less socially acceptable that becomes and then you're then you can't do my tenants were pretty much close to my age and then yeah so slowly I get a bit older yeah I can't do that so then then I had the triplex go and learned how to be a landlord yeah and learn the rules and I was part of real estate investment Network is a Canadian national landlords kind of group of Realtors and investors and I and I always okay now how do I get more capital so anyways I have a joint venture out in Calgary that was my second property I don't do anything I get a check in the mail and I have all checks for a year and that is an easy passive way to be a landlord to team up with somebody you got the money team up with the brains and then so they wrote there and that that seemed the easiest for my second one then life got in the way a bit and I ended up wasn't socially acceptable to live in a duplex triplex anymore in the basement because my girlfriend at the time and you were renting to mostly girls right girls yes all girls there was there's been years tips here take tips from this guy he's doing it right yeah you got University stuff in your town and your 25 bio get a sorority house exactly look at the basement okay so I'm living for free in the triplex and I thought okay it's nice here but you know there's six bodies moving in and out up and down the stairs all the time it's not that quiet I'm getting a bit older why not I can live for free in the triplex but why not rent out my unit and buy another unit with another rental unit and live for free and another property so I ended up buying a duplex end up renting out the upstairs for a good good dollar value yeah so now I'm living in the second property for free now I have three properties what I really wasn't overly working I only worked to get the mortgage or the loan for you guys so you need a job so you need to show that income statement so I literally got this contract with the army so that I could buy the next duplex the problem is I was doing all the cool stuff overseas and all that and it's like what do you want to do – I want an office job and like I was just trying to find out what I wanted in my life real rent my now wife seeing you should be realtor other people it's got three units in it however the city only sees it as a duplex you want to go well you're a part of it I'm driving around I could be there yeah okay right so a few suggestions with that call I would have gotten his number for sure so I always like asking what is it that you're looking for find out if he's oh if he's just literally in town just driving by just curious bored nothing to do or if he's specifically looking for something like that and he's driving around different places on the market try to get an idea of what he's able to buy when he's ready to something like that somebody that's calling back and then say by the way I forgot to tell you I might have a few that these in the market what is it they were looking for oh please you know it sent him a text of course it's the one time we call it as in pick I hate when people like you know they're on their phone right now yeah realtor tips realtor tips right in the field so let's check out this one of his listings here it is single-family house but it's actually a pre potential flip I'm listed at 330 across the street just sold for 455 I believe and it's a gorgeous house so London sees the potential here it just needs a lot of work you can ask for big bucks after you uh so how did you get this listing he got my name because I'm heavily involved in investor stuff so then when he had to sell his London Ontario property the last one in his portfolio he ended up just reaching out to me through word-of-mouth so he called me and said hey I heard you're an investor realtor can you sell my properties no problem it's awesome right so it started off with always being out to the social meetups and just meeting people number I told everybody tell everybody are gonna be a realtor and then okay when you're brand new you don't know how to do anything or write an offer or like strategize to get the house for the good price but what you can do is pick up the phone and send anything that your clients ask for remember one complaint oh I can't get ahold of my realtor that was insane to me very early on I was talking to some Realtors of thinking the realtor you must be the end-all be-all of knowledge base and I started talking him about rentals and this and they're like I don't know so right away I found a niche become the investment realtor so I don't know what that is for you maybe it's commercial properties maybe it will review the high-end listings right that's what I originally wanted to do but for me the money was going to the investment properties because trying to sell the million dollar listing in year one to make the hundred thousand dollar sounds great but you need crazy connections to make that happen I didn't have that but everybody loves HGTV and they want to buy properties and flip them and be a landlord and make passive income and that's what I'm selling as a realtor is like let's go to these properties let's turn these into gorgeous properties let's rent them out for top dollar and then you have passive income and then you can travel with that so maybe you can quit you nine-to-five so that's like picked up a lot of clients literally selling that dream of it one of the things too is finding a niche mine has been leases was like high-end licenses and then that like transfers to something else yeah Jeff's was just just investment real estate so you got to find a niche and then when you find that niche just completely run with it you just like Graham's doing a Craigslist a lot triplex yeah putting that in Toronto which seems very cheap to a Toronto person they call me oh I like that $200,000 triplex they like okay and you get their information and they say oh but I can go up to 1.8 million and you're like we're doing we're in the residential real estate could you get a client that quickly when you're new they don't care that I'm new because I'm the one with the product and I can get them the deals and then I can speak for myself just owning and knowing the rental laws and anything but zoning yeah and nobody cares either if you're new or not I've never had people question it people just assume if you're selling a house that you've got to be experienced you got to have like usually people just assume me out like five years experience is automatically yeah that just comes a coffin stick at first you're kind of nervous about a few things but it's usually behind the scenes and the public doesn't see it see for me it's so much different I might get just a like you know a few at a time maybe play between one and three listings at a time it's just a different price point like I don't do a lot of volume I do more just like you know it's it's the price point so I do fewer in a higher price point than a lot of volume this one over here she's trying for six hundred so I'm three hundred she was four fifty six hundred so it's like by mine renovated up to the six hundred but she hasn't sold just yet so I want to talk about how I made the hundred K in the first year picking up the clients well one of the things before also I was an agent I helped rent out it's just like you're doing the leases I did leases for other landlords that needed to and then I met property managers and property managers take care of your property managers they have their ear to the ground and they know I get a call pick up the phone and he says hey Jeff I know a landlord that's looking to sell and I heard you just got your real estate license you should give him a call give the guy the call I was pretty nervous during this call because like now I wouldn't be nervous but you know I'm fake it till you make it I was like oh yeah there's gonna be my first listing and and and that's so true about faking it until you make it the beginning and I was so nervous just to pick up the phone and call somebody your heart starts racing it you hope they don't pick up because then it's like good advice he's just like Tom we'll get the sign on the lawn and I'm like okay now I'm learning the speed is important yes I think that's what I was pitching a bit hey if you want this old I can have to sign up in one hour and I can actually do that do it yeah rather agents might do it tomorrow or later so the guy's like okay let's sign on the lawn fire them off the paperwork later on the speed is everything tuned and people sometimes are in the moment for something and when they're in the moment you got to get it and sometimes the next day even though they'll change their mind Dewar's it's not for them and you're just gonna run with it when they're in the mood when they're actually willing to do something you've just got to be available right there to do it I got that one and he had another property right beside Fanshawe College and he wanted me to sell it to all of a sudden I have two signs within two or three blocks on Oxford Street in my first such a pimp to people and then they could till you make it they give me a call even if they didn't want those properties what do we do we get a find something else find something else also the we're coming in so that's how I started off in the first couple months that is so true by the way about having multiple signs in the same area and people start to see you over and over and over again and then you build up your brand and reputation people think if three people are using him to all sell their home at the same time you've got to be good you got to be like you got to know that area better than anyone else and that automatically gives you an edge that if you go into a listing appointment in that area people automatically trust you because three other people have shown and put in their trust in you so then very early on – I learned that social media was super important and I just I knew it would not be overnight but I knew I had to get started because all these everything that the realtor in your office here is doing the older one if he doesn't adapt he's gonna be dead in the next we were probably gonna you're gonna do a video on like the future of yeah yeah exactly you gotta adapt do anything to know like if a person was from out of town I'd be like I already have a video of it do you want me to send it to you and nobody was doing that at the time and now people are starting to emulate that a bit just give give give give give in your first year do you not ask do not be needy do not do three showings and say which one do you want to buy search for is so true keep providing providing providing because you want to sell the guy one used car and it breaks down and then I got the house is shitty and then they say Jeff sold me that houses just he wanted to make his Commission so it takes a bit of money to back to not feel so needy in a sale yeah like it's such a catch-22 because it's like you want this sale there's nothing you want more than that sale but at the same time if they sense any sort of like I gotta make the sale I got him and they feel pushed in a way that they don't want to feel pushed you kill it it's not it's a long-term thing or it's not like a short-term how are they sell a house yeah to the next deal but that just advanced me as a realtor as well because I was out looking at the product with these guys yeah and even if they didn't buy you you know other people I'm like oh how about that one yeah I've been to it yeah at the beginning I think it's really just experience the more you're out there the more people you meet the more houses you see it just helps you in every aspect even if that doesn't necessarily make you money it's something that just goes into the into the knowledge base and that so the 100k in one year yeah every day you should be doing something I don't understand if you're just sitting there playing video games and you have no clients what are you so if you're just out there and you're doing something every day like what can I be doing at Facebook at liking people's posts liking all the baby pictures like whatever you're not even talking about real estate you're just just talking with your people kijiji lots of ads on Kijiji that is free what the listings up ask a guy in your office hey can I help you sell your house he's gonna say yes and then use it brand it right that you're a sales rep and then they will call you and then you bring that person to that guy's property making hundred km one year is not easy you gotta be every day doing something be the go-to realtor for everything if your client says like I need to call these carpets for the listing we need it cleaned I choked I say I got a guy I got a guy for everything and if I don't it doesn't matter I just know where to call or find out so you need to make it so streamlined clean for your sellers or even if a buyer is asking like Oh like what's up with this roof well let me just call my roofer and then you know like always has his customer assistance customers a lot of customer service far and again speed like sign on the lawn I can get my photographer over there take photos get a inspection guided to a pre inspection or inspect like just be that concierge service to your client and then that's gonna help you get more clients after that I totally agree with that so anyway dude that was amazing thank you so much for doing this video and I really hope this is helpful for all of you guys watching from somebody who's really just passed their first year and already killing it I mean I think it's incredible what he's done so far so I'll link if you guys want to add him on Instagram and follow what he's doing on social media and see what he's doing himself and what's working for him I'll put his Instagram down below so feel free to add them on there also if you guys haven't already subscribed you know you want to subscribe so if you make sure to click that subscribe button and you can also follow me on my Instagram and snapchat if you guys want I post it pretty much daily so if you want to be a part of it there you know how to I'm just gonna put it over your face here but dude thank you again I appreciate thank you and thanks for watching guys Graham's channel is amazing so yeah we might do some more collaborations in the future so stay tuned that's the next one yeah cool thanks guys

From Solo Agent To Real Estate Broker With 23 Agents In 3 Years!!

alright what's up guys Jason worked up here and I'm here with Ashley Ashley thank you so much for joining me here today yeah so for those of you guys who have been following me for a while now you probably recognize Ashley you've probably seen her before because she actually got started with Arsenal way back in 2016 I think it was like the late summer fall of 2016 so it's been a number of years now yes yes yes I know since that video has gone out I would probably say like 200 people between email text singing hit me up on Facebook calling my office well I think I think that video on Facebook now has close to a million views if not I think it might have even already passed a million views so let's just for everyone watching right now that maybe didn't see that video let's jump back over and I'm just gonna show you guys that video hey everyone its Ashlee here in Memphis when to shoot a quick video for Jason and just tell you yes the program does work I've gotten a ton of messages asking it doesn't work it does work I made it add uploaded it on Facebook and the leaves started coming in and Arsenal has really helped me just keep track of all the leads that come in arsenal I love Arsenal because I'm to follow up feature if you are not using the follow up feature use it I promise it's awesome I have actually gotten probably close to at least 90 something leads so far I don't know if you can see my computer screen but I have about six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 pages leads with people's names email and phone numbers so it definitely brings the leads in and I think one of the biggest things in our field is the follow-up so I definitely used Jason's follow-up I also use his appointment scheduler that he talks about in his videos if you have not watched the videos go watch the videos my appointments come straight to my phone I love them I recommend the system follow it's I use canva to create my ADD canv a canva looks like that kind of really simple program canva make the ad will just probably the video file the video upload the ad and do what Jason says okay I realize how bad my video quality was probably just the exported video on my side of things but well fast forward now three years I mean you said you've got 90 leads or something like that and all the videos it works what you actually made a post just a couple days ago maybe last week inside the Facebook group kind of given a new update and I know that this was going crazy tons of comments so just tell everyone what you say on that post what happens happen recently and kind of what's gone on over the last few years okay so last when I when I did that video I was a real estate agent of course so most people know I've been in real estate since 2006 so I've been in real estate for a while now I'm actually the principal broker Alec from here hello home we have about 23 agents so now on top of helping people buy and sell their home now I'm recruiting and training and motivating all the agents at the company so so cool yeah so that is changed since that video so yeah I did posts in the group because I still kind of I follow the group and I lie something some that is activist I could be in there but I've been I mean changing up my facebook ads a little bit and I sometimes I do engagement posts and just get traffic to my page and I get a lead generation post and Arsenal caked right on in I got alt likely she started coming to my email and so like I that's why I posted I said it still works after all these years all my email bundles kicked right on man he was emailing me how to get started and surprise me what didn't surprise me but you know everybody's like how do I get started and I was like oh my email photo kicked in like everything that it still it still works it's the works that's awesome that's awesome so so I know a lot of times agents are like they see someone that's successful just like you and they're like all right Ashley what does your ad look like what like how are you actually having success how are you actually generating leads and so I just wanted to kind of pick your brain and talk to you about that and I know you've done some cool stuff because like one thing for everyone watching one thing there's a she's done that I've absolutely loved if she's taken like the core templates of the ads that a lot of people have seen and stuff but she knows her mark like I don't know Memphis like she knows Memphis right so she knows that there are a lot of renters in her area and so she kind of tweaked her ABS a little bit to speak more to the renters and saying like hey look you're probably paying more in rent than you could if you like just bought a home and so I mean I remember that having that conversation a few years ago and that that's kind of like the one of the ways that you tweaked and target your ads so anyway talk a little bit more about your ad creation how you like come up with these ideas and you know get results like that so yes so I do to see if you can clearly telling them video how country I can but yes so Memphis is like I think about 49% renters we are a huge rental market investors love Memphis so I recognize this so in my ads a lot of times when the answer is running right now is I had like one of my friends who is happens to be like a single mom with two kids she's been renting for like seven years and she closed on her house so I have a picture like a boomerang of her holding sold signing her two kids are standing there in their new kitchen and I ran that adds an ad and of course I gave some details on her like single mom two kids renting seven years paying $1,100 a month bought her first house today you can do it too you know it's those ads that people can relate to and there later seven years you know I have that could be me you know so I have to keep it creative I know people love videos they hate just paragraphs on paragraphs you know they love videos they let me see somebody who looks like them maybe in their same situation and I cracked my eggs to that or here we have some loan programs to give you downpayment assistance so I'll post a picture one of my clients on the sole time and say she moved into our house with zero down you know worth it FedEx overnight you know it's kind of you have to know you're the market right so I know my market I know what people like and I could see when I post regularly if I get a lot of likes or a lot of comments or letting the shares I'm like okay this is what people like this is where I'm getting a lot of attention and attraction and then I'll just make it into an ad and that has worked for me totally has worked for me that's awesome yeah one thing I like is you're talking about knowing your market and that's I feel like there's kind of two fold of that it's knowing the people like the demographic like who are those equally renters then also you mentioned like knowing that like there's downpayment assistance that like is like every market is going to be a little bit different so what Pro they have to help the people so it's like knowing your market of the people know your market of the programs and then one thing that I love that you've done which a lot of people don't necessarily do is you took a little bit of extra time like yeah it takes it like a couple extra minutes to make a boomerang takes a couple minutes extra to go through and write out the story of like you know renting for seven years it takes a little bit more brainpower which not everyone wants to go through and do but obviously it's really paid off for you yeah it totally it definitely works people like a story people like people use people who they trust like I've learned that you know I'm not always like sale sale sale buy from me pick me pick me you know it you have to have that trust um I post consistently you know and I just it's just part of my marketing plan and you know like I use a variety of things like I don't only use Facebook ads I don't you know I use a variety of things to grow my business and it just takes time and consistency and effort for sure you got to put in some kind of effort you know just throwing up an ad and hoping somebody bites it's you got to put some time and effort into it and do it consistently oh yeah and like you said I mean I feel like there's a compounding effect like obviously it's great to start somewhere so it's great to get some Facebook Ads going but obviously if you're doing other things like even if you're marketing on Google or at doing SEO stuff or billboards or you're on buses like all that stuff's are compounding the fact where you're just super branding yourself which the great thing about Facebook is either you start with no money you're brand new solo agent you could throw a few bucks a day and get that exposure and like you're saying make a post on your Facebook page and test the engagement see if there's an even one even interacting before you even put money behind it which is kind of dangling that's what I do if people are always like actually I see you ever where I'm like I know they're like you're on Facebook I get something in the mail from you you know you're like that's that's the way and like I need you to see me everywhere yeah so yeah definitely tested see what kind of nation when you get before you put some money behind it for sure totally so do you have like an example of a Facebook ad that you can show everyone watching because I know we talked about the ads and sometimes on these interviews we talked about and it all gets them down in the comments can you just show us the ads oh let's check it out visual people if I can do this you know guys Jason is like you got it can you see my screen I can see your screen okay so Jason you to pay for your channel yeah you're the one who taught me how to like target and do all all the things you're the one behind that which Ashley is gonna be starting her YouTube channel here and so if you guys want to check out her YouTube channel out a link down in the description so here's one okay so I run multiple ads so here's one of me like at a property that I have for sale and I'm just talking about the property walking through it great way to start your portfolio then you can see you see like how many people it's reached how many plays it got like that that's an example of one it just depends on who I'm marketing to I have let's see the one that everybody loves is let's see if this works here it is here's one so like I said him a good friend of mine Horsham made a sign because her daughter's new house actually ran a video and it showed her daughter walking into the house and her reaction when getting her first home in that video I've got a time abuse like I had my phone was blowing up just showing a little reaction to our first house a new room but here's one and so you can see like you can see online I'm showing you I'm being transparent right here no this is awesome this is great stuff so you know well done girl woman powers so yeah just and it's just a quick boomerang you know and there's what I've said so this right here you are running because this one's not linking out to any really landing page or anything like that so this one you were saying you're running it as just a post for engagements right to get likes and comments on that post right right it's keep me top of mind like my direct messages are overflowing at the moment right now of just people who have seen this hey Ashley you know help me to you know even though they go here they still click on my page and send me a message tone oh so totally engaging I think let's see if I have any more they always people reacted to your video I don't know if it's the same video oh so I always run videos of me talking about the home buying process okay go ahead Jason oh no I would just say I was just saying okay that's great like so you're and this is another key thing that I think that a lot of people where they fail is they're always just going for the the kill they're always just going for a give me your contact information and give me this give me that where it's like I love videos like this and honestly this is why I started my youtube channel because most of my videos it's not really like I'm not saying buy this buy that opt-in here it's like it's just literally just pure value or at least that's my goal with it where it's like right here for your target market it looks like you're just giving value you're not really trying to go through and get them to opt-in or saying like hey message me to buy this or buy that or whatever exactly like I said you gotta built that trust before people use you so I was just waiting on my clients to pull up I was it the closing office we were about to close on a house and I was in the car and I just like hmm let me and it was a smooth process a really smooth transaction close in like three weeks and the people were super organized so I pumped on the video sitting in the parking lot and said hey the best way to go about is to get organized you know don't rush and all your paperwork together just offering a tip on how to make this process as smooth as possible and then you can see like the engagement how many people have reached you know so I'm just I run multiple ads if they don't get any engagement I'll stop my test you know I test my hands to see what works and this helps people come to spring-trap into my page they end up liking my page they'll go to my website they'll ask me questions so now I look like the expert in my market you know so they'll come to me when they have questions and in return they end up buying from me or if they know somebody looking for a house they'll say Ashley you seen Ashley in the video so that means not me saying pick me pick me but it's kind of like saying pick me without saying it you know because I mean she's offering the volume yeah so that's the best advice I'm probably give all my new agents have a lot of new agents you know you have just got to make yourself give out value you need to be the expert in the field especially new agents who don't have any clients like you don't have it kind of vouch for you or refer you know so you start offering value start offering knowledge to make people trust to you know so that's what I do that's what I do so once me let's say that I'm an agent and I'm watching this video right now and I'm like oh man well Ashley super good on camera she looks great on camera yeah but I'm like too shy like I don't want to get on video I don't want to do like what would would be some advice or tips of somebody's like maybe doesn't want to be in the limelight doesn't want to be on camera there's a little bit shy to be on video I know I get that all the time I don't want to know what I'm actually I don't like the camera and I get it like I used to number wanna go live I totally get that the main thing I'll say is you know really like just do it just get out there and the more you do it the better it gets like let me say that and so for YouTube a lot of times I think YouTube might be better because you don't really have anybody watching you you just talk to the camera you don't have to worry about you know people watching you basically at that moment because I'm go live like all the time so I can see when people like come into the live and I'm like oh no it's like two people now it's 20 people in here you know so that can be like going live I need it that's scary so maybe start with video or maybe do like a short video or talk about something that you know really will so maybe you know if you to house maybe at an open house just walk through the house or just practice like I shoot videos like five and ten times until I get the one so I'm taking a selfie like ten Sobeys before I get there right so you know practice and it's like like honestly and Jason this is me being transparent like yeah lot of times I don't want to do videos or I'm a little scared to post something but I just remember my why like I have a daughter who is six like and if I don't work she won't eat so it's kind okay actually it over remember you're why most people who are doing videos are nervous like you are yeah but just just get outside your comfort zone that's where the magic happens no I'm totally with you cuz like I most people don't really know this cuz like you know have a youtube channel and I do videos all the time now but like I'm super introverted and I remember a couple years ago I was like scared to death to shoot the videos but I was like well there's no one following me anyway so might as well reshoot the video so you go back my videos are super crafty towards the beginning and even talking like you're talking about doing lives like when I do lies I'll do lies inside of our groups and like even just like people that know like as soon as I see that number tick up like there's one person on two people on three people on I like I can't look at that number because like just gets in my head so like I mean that I i 100% agree with you you just got it you got to do it you got a practice and even still like as you go through and do it more and more like even after you've done it for a while there's still like you still get that little like yeah nervousness in your head like self-conscious or whatever and so you just got to do it just do it like it's just one of those things just I don't know you just have to do it now I'm with you like as soon it's it's like live my little red button start my okay I just have to turn it on and now people are like Ashley why are you not nervous or how are you not nervous I'm like I'm still nervous I just do it nervous like I still do it nervous oh man so what else what else do you want to share what other feedback or yeah some tricks that you want to share it look so you know it's legit I want to make sure you hear Jason dump Amy videos but this is like what my email looks like when I posted in Facebook and said hey you know it still works my funnel still works so these aren't my emails that have come through on the lead generation and it's just I don't make my lead generation capture too long I just really ask for their email first name and phone number yeah because I think if it's that too many it's not do it mostly you know so in after they do this they go into my funnel and I think I have about five or six emails that they get maybe every day or maybe every other day that just tells them how to get started with buying a house how they can reach me offering some advice or some tips sharing loan programs even if I have a house that maybe just hit the market I'll put that in the funnel so hey check out this house it's coming soon and it hits all my clients you know a lot of times they might not be interested in the house but they'll say I don't really want that area but I am interested in this area can you send me some houses in this area I'm like yes of course I can you know just to get that engagement that dialogue that communication going so it works but that takes time like I had to sit down and think about my email funnels the order I put them in what I wanted them to say yeah you know so it take it does take time but it was easy you just but you just do it you know the thing the thing we're like I like whenever I'm working on a project or something like that and you know putting together an email funnel or anything like this yeah like I I get more motivated if I know it can be leveraged out so what I mean by that like if I had a go spend four hours write an email follow-up and it's just looking for one person it's a little bit but if it's like hey this is good like every single person the next hundred or thousands or tens of thousands of people that come through this funnel are gonna see the same thing it's like man that for hours super leveraged exactly exactly I like because honestly I think the most agents are like this thing if I can have you almost converted by the time I directly talk to you the better like if I've already kind of weeded you out like okay you're thinking about fine thing about buying a year from now okay we really don't have to you know have a sit-down face-to-face conversation because you're not trying to bang for another year or two totally oh it kind of helps me weed out and filter who's ready right now okay your lease is up at the end of the month okay yeah we need to get a face-to-face sit-down gameplan those house hunting you know so it does some of the extra legwork for you if you get if you take the time and instead your buns up we're sure well any any last tips or advice that you want to share with anyone that before we wrap up here um just it takes time it's not overnight I know a lot of people new agents get in the business seeing other agents thinking you know they're gonna be rich overnight and it happens overnight it doesn't even though a lot of times I only posted good a lot of people think that's all it is no I still have deals perla part I still have you know I missed some clients but it takes time you got to be consistent you got to be disciplined I am a hundred percent full time agent um and I'm a mom and I still have to be disciplined like I work at a nine-to-five like it's just it is what it is so um no stay consistent I hope every I'm here if you have any questions subscribe to my youtube channel that's right go check out her you teach and you've got a couple of digital courses right they kind of break down exactly what you do and what you do on social media to tell us a little bit more about that yes so I'm came out with to ebooks basically one of them is for new agents because I know when you get started maybe you don't have a huge budget or you don't know where to market to so I made like a my top ten budget-friendly marketing ideas so you can grab it there I made that super easy it's not open houses not co crawling it's not door knocking for the record I never door not like that was just not something I like to do so I can find things that work for me in my personality so I'll put them all in the e-book you can grab it creative ways and I made a workbook for agents who hate to post on social media that's what I always did I don't know what supposed I don't know how to post so I made a workbook I even put like a Content calendar in there so it tells you what to post for 30 days awesome oh yeah just go grab it give me your feedback tell me if you like it you know I know there's a need so when there's a need I still try to help where I can as a campy hard or discouraging get into the business and not knowing anybody or what to do so you know yeah so Ashley Pickens calm and I'll add all the URLs down below this video so if you guys want to check that out Channel she's just getting started so make sure you subscribe so you can check out all the latest of somebody that is actually putting this into action like we were saying three years ago she was a solo agent now she had she's a broker you have 23 agents right 23 on your team 23 agents a lot of them are super node just to the test so everything I got teach them I try to share it with other people so kind of get leads how to market how to time manage so you know yeah that's what I'm doing now 23 agents and we are growing we just got a new office so we're growing yes I love it well actually thank you so much for taking some time and sharing with us and being super transparent showing us the ads and like telling us exactly what you're doing and same thing guys like go check out her channel because she's just as transparent over there she's gonna keep making video showing you guys exactly what she's doing so if you want to see what success looks like in real estate go check out her channel see what she's doing see how you can model what she's doing and implement into your business and really be able to grow your business in next three years maybe you could be a broker with 23 agents on your team I know god is good let me just say that so yeah and I'm here if anybody wants to reach out ask me any questions I'm always available clearly you all everybody already knows that because you're a much okay awesome well actually thank you so much again for joining us and appreciate you spending the time of course of course against Arsenal it still works after all these years it still works

The Truth about How to Convert Internet Leads for Real Estate Agents – Kevin Ward

hi there it's Kevin war the founder of yes masters real estate success training and the author of the number one best-selling book the book of yes the ultimate real estate agent conversation guide and today I want to talk about the future of real estate well not really but yes really because everybody knows that the Internet is a permanent fixture and a major component in real estate now I'm going to say this upfront that it is not the end-all be-all of real estate because most of the things that make make real estate happen is not the internet but I'm going to talk about it and I'm going to kind of help you understand it but the topic that I'm talking about today is how do you what is the best way in the truth about converting internet leads because it's really a hot subject in the real estate market today or among real estate agents and brokers and that is how do you generate and how do you convert internet leads now I want to be crystal clear that this video is not about how to generate internet leads that's a totally different conversation and the reason I do very little training on video about internet lead generation is because the internet is constantly evolving and so the strategies and the methods of internet lead generation are evolving so quickly that if I do a training video like this on my blog or on YouTube I on a podcast six months from now it's going to be largely obsolete or out-of-date so what I'm talking about in how to convert internet leads are things that will not change over time whether no matter whether you got the internet lead from a paid service or from a real estate portal like Zillow or or Trulia or any of those or whether you got it organically through marketing on social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter or wherever it came from that it's it it's not stuff that changed over time these are principles of converting internet leads that are dynamic that are powerful and that are that are fundamentals of skill and strategy that you must master regardless of where the internet lead came from how do you convert an internet lead and turn it into money how do you turn it into actual income as opposed to just getting a lot of traffic and then it all just kind of sputtering out and dying which unfortunately happens for way too many real estate agents so let's let me let me say this first of all about rules about the real estate about real estate agents and the internet a lot of the talk at there is today is that the internet is completely changing the way real estate is done and it is definitely a dynamic it is definitely a factor in the way we do real estate but it is not does not change the fundamentals and basics of real estate because here are the key parts of real estate number one is a house a piece of real estate right that's the main thing that we're talking about and on both sides of that there is a seller who owns the house and there is a buyer who wants to own the house so you've got a buyer here a seller here house in the middle and the transaction is that transaction of the seller selling it to the buyer and there's a real estate agent your job is to facilitate that transaction and as an agent to represent the interest of the one that is your client so all of that being said everything that's happened in the internet in terms of the real estate has not changed that dynamic still a buyer has a house they want a buyer wants to buy a house seller wants to sell a house there's a house to be sold boom they make it happen and still to this day virtually all of that transaction happens off line okay that transaction does not happen online now it's absolutely true that over ninety percent and the statistics are constantly changing or at least changing gradually up but 95 96 97 98 percent of all buyers start their search to buy a home on the internet absolutely but they buy it offline they do not buy the house online they may find the house they may find an agent but they're going to make the decision they're going to make the purchase decision and consummate the purchase process offline so the goal for you as a real estate agent is to understand that and understand that with all the changes in the internet the skills and of mastery and being a professional and some massively successful real estate agent still are the same it's all about connecting with people communicate with them building the relationship building the trust helping them find the right house and buy it or if they're a seller helping them put them out position house in the market right represent them and help them sell it for the best results that's the name of the game so the real estate industry is not changing when it comes to how buyers and sellers do deals does that make sense the Internet's a factor it definitely has changed some things but it has not changed the game so having said that it does change has changed how a lot of us are getting leads just because we're getting leads from the internet and this didn't even exist 15 20 years ago in terms of being a serious metal for lead generation so how do you convert internet leads from the internet into actual transactions to sellers to buyers to closings and so forth so there's five steps five key elements that you've got to understand and that you're going to want to master to be effective with internet leads once you generate an internet lead here's what you have to know number one is that as you generate it what you're actually getting from the internet typically is a prospect not a lead see a lead is someone that you know is going to make a decision in the near future in the next who I define it is any time in the next 30 days whenever they first come online I don't know where they are in the process but most of them are not ready to buy a house today they're not ready to sell their house today and it's important that you have a clearer perspective than what I'm getting and from the internet that these these leads are really before I until I talk to them they're just prospects they're their potential buyers and sellers and if you if you understand that that these are prospects not leads it helps maintain a perspective of where's my where is my business what is where are the where are the pipelines in my business filling up because if I can have 150 let's say you again 150 internet leads a month what does that mean how many deals is that converting into well those 150 of those there may be only five that are actually going to buy or sell a house this month so initially I have 150 prospects I have converse with them and I realized you know what 145 of them are going to take some time they're not really leads today they're going to be leads they're going to be buyers and sellers down the road but they're not leads yet now the way I the way to me the way this plays out so you have a perspective of it is anybody that is ready to do something now they're going to give you an appointment enough appt that's what I'm looking for with a buyer or seller when the best thing is to get an appointment with them which would be a listing appointment or a buyer consultation appointment you're going to set an appointment with them they're going to go by they're going to sell okay if they're not that's if they're ready to do something now now if what if they're not ready to do something for a while but it's near it's it's it's imminent here's what I look at a lead is somebody who will meet with me have an appointment in the next 30 days or less less than 30 days they're less than a month away from actually setting an appointment making a what I call signature decision which means to list their house or to buy a house that's hope that would be a lead anybody that is over 30 days out okay so it's 30 or more days out than they are what I call per your personal circle they are a future lead but they're not a lead right now another reason that's important is this is my funnel I'm kind of drawn it from farthest away from making a decision to closest to making a decision these are people that will make a decision right away these are people that are going to make a decision sometime in the next month or so and these are people that are over a month out if I understand that these people right here these are internet leads these are real leads these are prospects they're down the road a bit then it helps give me a perspective of what can I count on in terms of business immediately and understand you take them through the process do a conversation of pre-qualifying them so that I can find out are they a are they immediate business or are they future business and it just helps you have a great perspective that if when people start out and they start getting these internet leads and they go I got a 50 new leads I'm so stoked or 20 new leads in a week and they're like yes I got I got it made and then a month later none of those 20 has turned into a single deal and another month goes by none of them into a single deal or only one of them and they're going like maybe this is the wrong way to go well maybe or maybe it's just you had an unrealistic expectation that you are going to get internet leads what you're actually getting is internet prospects who some will be leads and now and mostly of them will be leads in the future okay so just have a perspective of most of what you get on the Internet there's not leads what you get is prospects now how do you convert them from a prospect to a lead and here's the answer number two you've got to talk to them the key to converting internet leads is to go from online to offline as fast as possible the faster I can get them from the internet into a one-on-one conversation with me the faster I that not only the faster can I get business from it but the stronger the connection is the more likely I am to get business from them at all now or in the future so as fast as possible you want to take the conversation offline off the internet portal as long as it's still on the internet portal you don't really have a strong connection because there you're probably not the only agent that they that has them on their radar because if they've gone to your site they put in some information they've asked for some information or whatever they've probably done it with more than one agent and they are there they got four or five and they're moving along from this Web site to this web site they saw this property it was your listing they put in your information asking for information on it and then they went right on to the next one so you got to understand that the key to converting and this right here if I'm going to say there's a big one this is the big one get the conversation offline get it personal okay how do you do that call if they're if they've got phone numbers boom I want to be on a cotton farm phone call with them immediately know if it's if it's just an email I want to be talking to them say hey Greta saw that you were looking at this property great what is the best way for us to connect and see what I can do to help you you want to take it from online to offline as soon as possible number three and this is another huge one if you want to convert an internet prospect or an internet lead will call but it's an entry in' internet prospect if you want to convert them to a future client it is the speed with which you connect with them speed is critical it is very important that you get in touch with them quick now here's what I'm seeing with my coaching members and I've got several coaching members that are that are generating tons of business from internet leads and some of them are generating hundreds of leads a month from the internet here's what they have found out you need to talk to them within two minutes from the time they put in their information especially if you get a phone number boom you want to talk to them within two minutes and the best those that are going to having the best impact are the ones that have themselves in a team member either a customer service person or an ISA and inside cells agent another licensed person who can make the call immediately if you can't so they're literally getting notified boom you just have an internet lead immediately the agent you want to call them which is a little bit of a challenge can be a little bit of a bit of a challenge because what happened is they went on to your website or they went on to a website they found your listing boom they put in their information well they're looking at that house that they put in their information on they're looking at it they're looking at it they're looking at it they're looking at it boom phone rings it's been less than 60 seconds or less than two minutes they're still on your house they're still on that property and they're like wow how did that happen but now they talk to you there's a connection and they'll actually answer the phone and boom now you've got them but what happens is they're only on that page looking at that house for about two minutes and then they're going to go to another house and they're going to see that agent that pops up on it boom they're going to be putting their information in then they're they've gone they've moved on the further away you are in calling them back from the moment they put the information on the less likely you are to get a connection with them to actually get them to answer the phone and talk once they've got off the internet looking at houses they're not they they're much less likely to actually answer the phone at all so speed to connect with them to call them back and actually make the effort to talk to them is critical call them immediately and then call them multiple times that day three or four times that day if you don't get in touch with them to do everything you can to connect with them quickly the first agent that the first agent to contact the first one to make the connection is going to win the battle most of the time because now you've taken the conversation offline into a live relationship where you've not connected with them off the internet portal that they found you on all right that's number three number four is simply patience again you have to understand that the average internet prospect the average internet generated leads it at the incubation time for them is 6 to 24 months most of the time when they come to you online they are just beginning the search they're just beginning the process of getting ready to sell their house or getting ready to buy a house they're not ready to do anything today and so when you have the conversation you contact and you immediately get in touch with them there is a high probability they're still not ready to do anything today now there's always going to be some that are ready to do something right now beautiful awesome get an appointment with them boom you got business now you have converted the internet lead because you took action immediately and they were a lead you talk to them you took it offline you connected with them fast and now you can generate you can convert them into a listing or a buyer but you've got a plan on it's not going to happen fast now another thing is a lot of the way internet leads are set up internet lead generation models are set up the vast majority of internet leads on most portals are buyers and one of the things that I do with my coaching members is is that you learn and Bill learn to build a strong listing based business and to to focus your internet lead generation toward getting sellers as opposed to getting buyers because it's it's just way the way you control your business listings are the name of the game and if you're going to do a lot of lead generation and you get a ton of buyers that are prospects and they're six to 24 months out you can fill up so much time and especially unless you're really skilled at how do you how do you work only with buyers that are ready to do something now you can spend your you can spend 60 80 hours a week showing non buyers in other words showing prospects who are not going to buy for six to 24 months and you're literally wasting your time and starving and going broke because you're spending all your time with people who aren't actually ready to do something today okay I hope that makes sense so you got so you've got to be patient and be realistic that when I'm getting these internet leads most of them are prospects it's going to be six to 24 months I've got to be willing to nurture them and not get frustrated and quit if you're going to do an internet lead generation model you've got to know that in general it's not a turn-and-burn boom boom boom you know get a lead convert it get a lead convert it it's going to be get illegally get illegally and it's going to be nurturing our generator nurture nurture convert and it may take you six months before you convert a single one now you'll probably if you're consistent and you're generating enough leads you'll probably convert one a little bit quicker but the numbers and odds are it's going to be on average 6 to 24 months with any online generated prospect so number 5 if you're going to make all this work and you're willing to be patient with it the fifth thing that makes the patience payoff is that you must have a nurture system in place to take care of them for that 6 to 24 months until they are ready to do something so it go it goes this way I've got somebody they come online they find me they're interested in selling their house but not today I talked to them I made a connection with them I cut I got in touch with them quick boom conversations offline but they're not ready to sell a house right now they're not ready to move I can I can do one of two approaches I can either try to convince them to move now which typically just leads to frustration and resistance they're going to resist you and avoid you because you're pressuring them to do something they're not ready to do now you can try to BS them which is what some agents do but that's the work of amateurs not a professional or you can't build a relationship with them and be ready when they're ready the trouble is you can't do it with a ton of people if you don't have a system because what'll happen is you're getting 100 leads a month boom boom boom all those hundred leads turned into one deal this month there's 99 that could be a deal in the next year or two but I don't how do I stay in touch with them you create a system and again one of the things that my coaching members learn and what I teach is you'll learn what's called my personal circle system and what it is is what it is is his if they're not ready to do something now they're not a lead today they're just a prospect they're a future lead I've got to have a system to nurture them that will work for six to twenty four months that does not they that allows me to build that relationship with them in a way that doesn't overwhelm me and where they don't fall through the cracks now I'm just going to lay out for you the basics let's say you've got somebody that is six to 24 months out how do you nurture that relationship here's what you do you put them in what I call a personal circle in that personal circle I want to talk to them now they're not a lead yet they're not ready to do anything yet but I want to talk to them one time per month until they are so I may have to call them once a month for six months once a month for 12 months once a month for 24 months it doesn't matter and my goal is to be constantly building credibility in the relationship and positioning myself as their go-to realtor that's your goal so when they are ready to do something you're the one that they're actually calling one time a month you're actually going to talk to them you want to be sending them again this is the nurture system is you want to be sending them an email two times a month now I recommend the two emails every month are very simple it's something that you set out to everyone in your database everyone in your personal circle one is a market update what's happening in the market in your city in your town and in its better if it's itemized by suburb or by market area so that when if it's their specific area they can click on it and get more details and it's basically a simple market update here's how many homes are on the market what's the average days of the market how many homes sold in the last 30 days what's the average list price average sales price and and so forth very very simple but it's a graphic that they can it just gives them an update on what's happening in the market but it mainly reminds them that you are in the real estate business that you are their agent the second email is simply a my featured listings of the month and it's basically a an email that has the front pay the front picture of each one of your listings in that email with a hyperlink maybe the address and the price and the picture of each listing whether it's one listing your ten listings on that email so they just see Wow and and they're looking at it one like Wow Kevin Ward's in business he does real estate and he's got listings he's got featured listings if they're a buyer you got something they want which is houses for sale if they're a seller they go like wow he has featured listings when we're ready to sell we want our house to be a feature listening and either way with that what you're doing is you're establishing credibility with the seller with the prospect until they are ready to do something and that's that's a very simplified but I want you to understand if you create a system that for everybody in your personal circle whether if they're looking to do something the next six to 24 months I just simply know I need to talk to them once a month on the phone and just say hey wanted to touch base I know you guys we're not planning to actually put your house on the market until August after your you know your youngest son goes away to college I just wanted to touch base and see if you're still on track with that timeframe and they go yep we're still on track with that time frame still six months away great well is there anything you need right now any questions you have any information I can get for you no we're good all right awesome well I'll look I'll look forward to talking to you soon in the meantime if you know anyone else or who do you know this looking at buying or selling right now that I can help and you can ask that question occasionally the key is I'm not trying to convince them to do something that I want them to do I'm simply positioning myself as this as someone who's there to help them I'm professional I'm consistent and I let them know Here I am when you're ready and they like that and they're that consistency tells them they can count on you that they can trust you that you're a professional and so when they are ready they're not going to be calling anyone else you're going to be their go-to agent because you had a system in place that allows you to nurture them without them falling through the cracks and yet you are realistic that they were a prospect now future lead not a lead today and if you'll do that then you've got the time and you've got the perspective and you've got the structure and system in place to know that as these leads come in they're going to convert some are going to convert fast some arcane going to convert slow it doesn't matter the key is when you build it right and and I'm going to say right in here the ones that are leads you've got to have a good lead follow-up system when you have a good lead follow-up system and you have a great personal circle system in place it allows you without people falling through the cracks to convert all the potential business whenever they're ready I'm ready to make it happen for them so let me know what you think about the video if you like it give it a thumbs up make any comments or questions that you've got put it here be consistent stay focused and always expect yes

The HARD TRUTH About Being A Real Estate Agent Today

five hard truths about being a real estate agent today what's up everybody BC welcome back to another video in this video I wanted to give the five hard truths about being a real estate agent today some of the stuff you've heard and the stuff you haven't heard and I'm excited because as we see a new wave of people coming in or people who are newer in the industry who haven't had more than a couple years under their belt and have kind of cracked the code and figured it out there's a few things you need to keep in mind and I don't say any of this as a negative or a positive I'm just giving you the facts and giving you a different perspective so you understand how the outside world views us what factors are in place and you can better prepare yourselves to go into battle okay so the first thing is the presence of what we can call the disruptors right and what I mean by that again isn't in a bad or a good sense it's just the stuff that is online right we talked about Zillow Trulia every country has their own versions of it you know the consumer now from their perception has more education on the process they can see some stuff and it's not just 100 percent up to us as a realtor as far as what we can disclose and having all the answers they feel like they can do something they can look at public records and even some consumers feel like they know more than us which in some cases they're right because the average realtor doesn't really put in much effort and they're not that skilled now what this means for the person coming into real estate or the real estate agent basically means you just need a separate gamma right we can't just lollygag around we can't just you know do the minimum bare minimum effort like you see a lot of people do when they get jobs and they're just kind of like well I'm here I'm just I'm gonna do just enough to get paid that attitude has to be struck from the real-estate agent and the industry for us to do well right now for me as an individual if somebody watches or they know about me whether they like me or not I don't care this is the type of message that I always put out because again whether you like me or not we have to step up as an industry and I'm one of the people who's been saying that for a long time and this is why I always preach mindset you know honing your skills perfecting your craft and that's what I represent this is what you need to do so if you become more knowledgeable in the ghost Asians the market and all these other factors that have to do with being a real estate agent you have zero concern or fear about any type of online thing because you know as an individual as an agent you're irreplaceable buying a home and selling a home for most people the majority of people is a huge thing it's not like buying a car buying clothes or jewelry or something like that it's a huge decision and you have to remember that so with the presence of disruptors it's gonna force you to step your game up so if you thought you were gonna come in here and kind of just do the bare minimum effort good luck you're gonna be weeded out like most people are and that failure statistic is staggering we know it is and I don't have to remind you of it okay and that's number one number two is the public it doesn't like you okay and I don't mean that in a sense like they dissing all that kind of stuff no I would say it's kind of like the dentist right like we appreciate the dentist but we only want to talk to the dentist and deal with them when something's wrong with our teeth room we have a checkup and even then we're kind of like we're kind of cringing like I don't want to go right public views us is the same way they don't want to be your friend news flash they look at you as an unnecessary part of the process of middleman when it comes to selling the home and because again the average agent and a person in the business doesn't put in much effort and everybody not know somebody a friend a cousin the family member who was either a failure in real estate or isn't taking it serious and working hard their perception of you and this career is hey you're over pay you're an amateur and they kind of view us in a negative light and you have to remember that because knowing that it forces me to step my game up now I'm not almost like out to prove something though but I understand hey you know the public isn't expecting much from me so I'm gonna deliver much more I'm gonna be super sharp I'm gonna be super expert I'm gonna be lethal with my communication I'm gonna make sure they have the best damn experience it ever had if their expectation is 5 out of 10 I'm giving them a 20 out of 10 that's that that's my whole goal in mind and that's my intention and when you view it like that knowing that the public thinks of us in general I'm speaking in general here from such a low standpoint when you do come come across the sharp and when you know your stuff and when you make a great first impression and you lead people through the process it's gonna change that very quick you're gonna get a lot more respect and Trust from them and it's gonna make it easier and again just like the first one I'm saying this is a message to the industry because it forces everybody to step their game up and now things change okay things change one of the biggest complaints that I hear agents making is the people and the public are constantly pushing on them at least that's the perception from them about Commission and fighting for the Commission look people have been complaining and cracking about the Commission since the beginning of time right I studied Mike Ferry when I started they've been getting the Commission objection since the 70s and 80s and even before that it's not a new thing it's not a new thing okay it's just become the world has become smaller because of the internet and you're hearing it from people in different places versus before you didn't have that so it's not this huge spread thing it's just a normal thing and you have to understand that but if these first two are our face meaning we step our game up and then the image or public perception of us as an industry changes and hey guess what you're probably going to get less Commission complaints okay number three is you need to treat real estate like an actual damn business how many people come in to real estate think I'm gonna have a bunch of free time it's gonna be easy I'm gonna make a ton of money just like the shows I'm gonna get a phone call and the seller is gonna be like come sell my three million dollar property we're gonna negotiate it get it sold in two days and boom I make 100 grand or 150 grand or whatever it is newsflash that's not the way it is if they treat this thing like a business treat it like a business okay you are the CEO to the janitor you gotta step your game up you're the one that opens up your business and closes it every day you better show up on time you better be sharp you better do your thing you better manage your money well big meaning which is a big one that people mess up you have to understand that if you don't put in work and you don't open your office doors quote whether it's your home or your actual office every single day you are not going to be getting paid you are not going to be selling homes and you will be broke and you will fail out of this business like most people treat this like an actual business study the people who are running actual businesses if you know somebody who's studying runs a business take a look at what they're doing and the responsibility that comes with it okay too many people come into this thing thinking it's a walk in the park you will be slapped hard in the face with reality do not treat this like a business okay look watch my old videos I've made mistakes when it comes to money and the beginning stages of all this stuff I've been one of the few people online to admit it I up a ton but I share that with you and I give you a warning be studious when it comes to this be like an apprentice working under a master absorb learn apply that's the attitude that's gonna take you very very very very far in this business okay and when you can do that you're gonna you're gonna have a lot more success now you have to understand also that because this is a business it takes time to get off the ground which is kind of tied to number three you have to put in a sustained consistent effort over time okay even if you learn from me and all the top people who are giving you a lot of the mistakes and things that we did you're still not gonna suddenly get in the business and and take off the first month or two you may have some success sure but for most people it's gonna take time it's gonna take a lot of hard work and grit to get that momentum and get things going so with that said okay how that studious mindset treated as a business and then put in the consistent effort and know that your efforts will be rewarded over time it's not gonna happen overnight okay so stop watching the guys and Bugattis and all that thinking oh in two or three months I'm gonna get my Lambo look dude relax okay I've been making videos for four or five years and I really didn't start creating my team and seeing major what other people quotas major success till after three or four years okay it took time it took a lot of effort go watch my old videos okay number four as we start wrapping this thing up is man who you spend time with whether it's virtually online social media and in person is going to be pivotal and Industry and the majority people in this industry will steer you the wrong way okay be very careful of these Facebook groups that are online most of them are so toxic and it just has people complaining okay that's why I've removed myself for most of them okay there's a lot of Facebook groups where I know the owners we're not super cool friends but I know them and I know they're successful and you know I support them of course because I support any person who's hustling and has created some success for themselves now some of the other Facebook groups that I'm talking about aside from them it's just people complaining bashing each other look now I kind of see that as like an attention of the corporate world in many cases and for those of you who have been in the corporate world you know what it's like now I really haven't but I've heard stories from other people on how it is I've only had a small taste of it we can say from my past even though I technically wasn't in the corporate world but just the whole job feel right get away from that okay get into a coaching group do something right get in the proper Facebook groups if you're gonna get any get around the right people in person if you can even if you have to online find three or four people across the planet and you guys get on the phone with each other once a week for 30 minutes or an hour to support each other to report your numbers to hold each other accountable do that but understand that the average people in the industry because they're not doing good are gonna give bad advice a lot of people in this industry think that because they've been in the industry 5 10 15 20 years they know what they're doing most of them don't because they don't have any results to show for it and they have no skills so that's gonna make or break you okay don't get caught up in this drama and gossip I see the majority of the industry bitching and complaining about Commission's and zillow and this and that instead of actually putting in work so you have to remember this and you have to understand this and if you expose yourself to the wrong people and you get caught up in the good luck okay you have to rise above it if they get around the right people you have to do whatever it takes to create this environment again virtually and in person that supports your progress and your improvement as a real estate agent period okay end of story and that is one of the most important ones because a lot of people slip into what I just said without even realizing it now they're caught up in the drama okay I people that when I go live on Facebook Instagram had been following me three years and all they do is talk now they're not having any success but they make it their their thing to just follow me on a live and talk about ba ba ba ba ba blots I do focus on yourself and get some success for yourself stop worrying about me because your hate isn't doing anything but ruining your success okay those are for a fifth one if I'm gonna say one even though I think this video has already gone too long is it's up to you right it's up to you you're gonna be doing an industry that has a lot of risks and question marks on it and the people around you initially are not going to support you any to be okay with that now some of you may have that support good I cheer for your family and the people close to you that's awesome very few people have that luxury however you can bank on that and on the flipside if nobody supports you in they say you're crazy like they did with me doesn't matter stick to it but you have to realize that you have to be willing to and understand that you probably will walk this path alone especially in the beginning and you have to be cool with that you have to embrace it and you have to know that hey whether I walk alone or not I'm going to get to the other side of the rainbow and get that pot of gold okay that's it for this one guys I don't want to make it too long supreme being my podcast make sure you check it out link is in the description it's on every major podcast platform as well Supreme Being and lastly modern success you want to master the mindset you want to execute you want skills you want some of the know-how one of some of my secrets right when it comes to real estate and life in general and some of these skills that I have I recommend to get on moderate success so my website Frank Acela calm on the front 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