How to Succeed as a New Real Estate Agent within Your First 5 Years

welcome back to the podcast if you're a veteran you might want to listen to this it'll probably make you mad it'll probably get you inspired but if you're under five years in the business and you want to know what for extraordinary new agents have done to stand out to crush the competition and to absolutely cement their place in their marketplace as successful agents you're gonna love this breakout session from the success summit where I had Phil Gerdes mark Keller Alli Vasquez and Patrick ferry yes my little brother no competition there or no pressure there with that last name but these four people shared some extraordinary insights some tactics some hacks and things that they're doing to absolutely crush it so whether you're a veteran or a brand new agent buckle up listen up take some notes and decide how you're gonna grow your business and take it to the next level enjoy this little bonus podcast how many of you in this room how many of you in this room are less than five years in real estate raise your hands really high say aye okay you have four extraordinary people I have just a few questions for them and if time permits we'll do a little audience Q&A get ready we're gonna start with Phil we're gonna go right down can you guys hear me okay cuz it's really weird up here we're just gonna go right down tell him who you are where you're from tell him how you know how long you been in the business and how many transactions you're on pace to do this year you guys got it we'll go filled first just give you guys context go Phil Gerdes from Annapolis Maryland they doing the business for a year and a half and we're on pace to close somewhere around 75 transactions this year okay so second year in the business seventy-five deals get a big round of applause boom Phil sat at the summit last year like right over here right and just got it okay go ahead Marc killer from Niceville Florida going on my fifth year in the business and I'm set to close about 120 transactions so fifth year 120 transactions welcome to the new norm everybody Ali I'm Ali Vasquez I'm from Frederick Maryland this is my fourth year in the business and I'm on track to close 48 48 transactions give her a nice round of applause and this is a little personal for me because I've not have been his entire life Patrick Ferry in the house tell him buddy so Patrick Ferry and I'm in San Diego I live in Carlsbad and I've now I got my license about three and a half years ago and I also have a part-time coach I coached 30 clients and this year I will sell write 18 and I hope I can push to 19 or 20 sales so where I'm on pretty good pace right now I'm pretty excited about it all right give them all a nice round of applause okay there's two questions that I get the most when people say what is it about you know starting new weather I was two months in three years in our brand new in real estate and those questions are always the same you ready what are the most important lead sources I should go after right I'm newer how do I get my business going fast that's the first question I'm gonna ask every one of them right and then I'm gonna go through and ask them to tell you reflecting back on their illustrious career of a year or two or four what were this two or three most important things that they did so the intent is you're gonna get eight to twelve very tactical things that they're doing that you can go deep on so we're gonna start right with Phil Phil top leads so we're just gonna go right down that way and maybe I'll mix it up top lead sources today what do you recommend top lead source for me is withdrawn and expired withdrawn and expired so Phil go a little deeper help them understand from a tactical standpoint what do you do what did you have to overcome are there any tools that you use give us the process go deep and tactical with them so with with drones expireds the reason I started with that and I said that's gonna be my primary resources because I was never a realtor before so I figured I might know a lot about business but I know nothing about being a real estate agent so I let other Realtors educate people for me because they knew more than me and I already knew poles yeah that's smart cool sorry Phil no that's all right do that oh but I let other people educate for me and then I knew that they I knew people were ready to sell because they already tried once so all I had to do was come in and sell those people on my system and once I did that we ended up selling their house for them well what the hell was your system you were brand new in real estate yeah so for me it was about creating a story right cuz I've been watching you for before I was a realtor so I already I was like oh I know what Tom's gonna tell me to do so I started doing that stuff create a story do the best marketing find the best marketing for that house right so not necessarily the best marketing like Jen out of in general and then just find the right buyer for those people and then as we kept doing it over and over again what I found was that my days on market started getting less and less and less and we started selling for more and more and more and then you said something in August I don't remember how you put it but it was about having like a almost a slogan I forget what you called it but for me it was we sell three times faster for more money because the average days on market was 52 and ours was 16 so and then the average sale was like ninety seven point four nine and mine was 98.7 so everywhere I went I'm like look we sell three times faster and yet for more money so give us a go you guys hear that you guys got that give a nice round of applause dude this guy's in Maryland he's a baller baller okay so let's go to mark best lead source Zillow and past clients okay start with Zillow because let's assume let's say no one in the room as or let's we'll go Zillow slash any online lead but for you specifically it was illo Zillow once I was able to save up enough money to spend money on Zillow key distinction what I had what I had was some some reviews and those reviews were end up being critical for me right now I'm up to 126 reviews on Zillow and over the past two years I've had 19 come with me or sell me a house calls that is huge and you know that's above and beyond the spend I'm spending with them on average I'm spending right now about 4,500 a month I've got a lender partner with that yeah that's another thing if you're new get with your lenders they'd be more than willing and happy to contribute to that the other thing I found what the Zillow for me was when they called had that initial conversation and just go show them the house okay let's let's roleplay and I may come back to you on inspired so I'm calling you ring ring ring hello hello this is Mark hey Mark yeah I'm just calling I'd the Zillow people passed me over to you they said you could show me the house on one two three four banana Street yes sir when are you available to see the home we could see it as fast as early this evening or Saturday morning let's go this evening what would six o'clock work uh let me check with my wife I mean it could it could work I mean is the house gonna be ready to go well the house has only been on the market two days and I think they've already had three or four showings today so I think it's critical to get in there as quick as we can urgency urgency urgency that's all you needed you guys got that that house just came on the market they've already had three or four showings you need to get on this now okay killer Ellie hi so my top three lead sources would be my sphere of influence because you know at first at first I didn't want to tap into him Ellie's a cup and tell them like what did you do before so that context when she says sphere right so I was a high school Spanish and Chinese teacher for ten years so now my high schoolers are becoming adults and buying houses and who better than Senor Tobuscus to help them buy a house right you all high school Spanish teacher to sell you a house so I didn't want to tap into my sphere of influence because when I first started I was a little timid and it seemed like they were going with other Realtors but now I've just dug in deep and I'm like okay like you guys know my particular brand of crazy and you've stuck around so let's just do a business transaction together also my other is I have a farm my farm is very complicated in my farm there are 22 different languages spoken I mean I speak Spanish English Chinese so I do I like to think I do the big three but almost all of my marketing is 50/50 Spanish English and that's also the split on my clientele 50% Spanish speaking only 50% English speaking or other other languages really because I got a lot and then this is something I've never heard like Tom talked about ever but I have what I call my big fish so because I'm a teacher I can go into places and I sit like I do care about people contrary to popular belief but I go in and I say hey like I went to the health the day after I got my license I went down to the housing authority and in my town you can purchase a home if you were a section 8 recipient and now I'm the preferred section 8 realtor I go to community festivals specifically Hispanic festivals and I do a lot of church seminars because that's where I find that I get a lot of and then see all you have to do is talk to the pastor you don't even necessarily – you know sometimes they say like listen we don't want the seminar but you you planted the seed they're gonna invite you back and they know that you care so that's kind of how I've gotten my footing she she just gave you guys a lot of things to think about Section eight housing right understanding that your spirit may be in the beginning not gonna be ready for you but you know you just got to get be a bulldog and I love the church thing we talked about seminars in that 33 so it's beautiful okay Patrick best lead source so best lead source right now is open house and a little bit of backstory on this so when I got into the business tom was like you got to do open houses my bill no pressure my little brothers on real estate so you know my father-in-law my my wife and father-in-law are my business partners in my father-in-law's he built his business on open houses so I'm like okay like I got a do open houses so I do open houses literally for two years like almost three a month no kidding and I only sold one home and I was like I totally am screwing this up like what is the deal right and so something happened to me and I I'm actually doing an open house for another agent of vacant property in my neighborhood that was dragging a little bit on the market so I called the agent said hey I live in the neighborhood let me you know do the open house it's been booked every weekend so I said I don't care I'll do it during the week right so I did a couple during the week cuz I got an opportunity to meet a bunch of neighbors and that was great especially in my farm and then I did the open house like three or four times and then she refreshed the listing they painted it they staged it and I was like hey give me the Sunday I got the Sunday and then all of a sudden I had like 30 people come through the open house what I noticed though this was the game changer was I had my hyper local content down hey welcome to the open house Tom hey let me just tell you a little bit about the backstory of this property let me tell you quickly about the neighborhood here's the things that you need to know you know have you seen that property do you know about this one and then hey by the way when you come into the house here's the things that I want you to notice here's a couple of the deal-breakers that I've noticed here's some of the stuff that I the best in this house and then it was weird like I just gave the presentation right because that's I've done the open house like six times and then all of a sudden people were just coming back to me and just started zeroing in on me and asking me more questions and I was like well this is pretty awesome so I sold two houses from that open house for two million in volume and I was like what the heck happened I spent two years did nothing right I'm trying to follow the script get everybody to sign in you know do all this stuff and then all of a sudden it shifted I was like I was saying things that people didn't know they couldn't read it on the MLS and I was engaging him in that content that information then I was having a good time going hey you know what that carpets a little funky don't worry I got a guy right hey the paint that costs about hey those windows this is how much that cost so all of a sudden I started really sharing a lot of the kind of real estate knowledge and then the last thing I noticed was I was able to talk about the comps in the area and have good conversation around that and literally since I've been doing those three things in a presentation when people walk in the door I've literally sold like eight homes in the last one year from open houses it's been off the start great work great work all of you okay so I'm gonna go deeper so I asked all of you to really think about two to three things tactically you did that you know work that you can transfer to the you know the men and women inside this room so whoever wants to go first and if you want to go one at a time I'm gonna just push it to you guys and say fight for it who wants to share first go so when it comes to with drones and expired I and I was explaining this in the back I looked at it like baseball so in baseball if you want to make a million dollars or more a lot of people think that you have to bat 300 I look at it the opposite way you have to learn to strike out seven out of ten times so I walked into this and I said let me figure out how many phone calls I need to make in order to get X amount of people to tell me no because I'm guaranteed someone to tell me yes and then I did the exact same thing the same formula we how many houses do I need to get into in order to get X amount of people to tell me no because I'm guaranteed someone to tell me yes so now I know that I can put in my dialer ten people and as long as I have two conversations I'll get one appointment and eight out of ten appointments I will list so it's it's like math to me so I don't have to sit down and like wonder oh my goodness what's gonna happen I just plug in the ten people and then make the calls and one thing I found out with my coach is that even though those numbers are really awesome there's like a hundred other steps that I'm missing that I'm now gonna be adding in to what I'm doing with my withdrawals and expires I mean it's just gonna go to an absolute different level but I think that's really it and then that leads to my second thing which we chatted about which is hey hold on first you guys want to hear him roleplay yeah yes all right all right so Patrick you're the expired perfect ring hello hey is this Patrick yeah Patrick this is filled with long and falster real estate how are you today man I've had a lot of calls from real estate agents just I'll just save it we're gonna just take a break for a little while yeah that's actually why I was calling and I was about to say you have probably been getting knocked over your head with phone calls and I bet the first thing you've been thinking is where the hell were all these people when my house was actually on the market I've asked that question numerous times so we're happy where were you when my home was for sale and if you have a buyer you can for sure bring them over but I'm not listing my property all right awesome well Patrick listen I understand why you're upset and I totally get it because you walked into this thinking you had a perfect agent and they were gonna do everything you needed to do and then they were gonna sell your house right of course yeah exactly and I'll tell you what I actually showed your house I have a huge buyer pool that particular buyer wasn't interested and I really want to get in there and just learn a little bit more about your house before I bring the rest of my buyers in and then market it to other people because I don't want to market the wrong information so here's what I'm gonna do I'm open on Friday what time by the tire schedules open for you what time Friday can I come by sit down you can tell me the best parts of your house you can and really think about this tell me why your house didn't sell then from there we'll sit down and talk about whether or not I'm just gonna bring my buyers by or you're gonna let me show you what we do to market houses and how we sell them Friday is not a good day all right great what day is a good day for you we can go to Saturday or we can go into next week on Tuesday I got to talk to my wife first I can't make a decision without her perfect and like I said my Friday's wide open but Patrick the truth is the rest of the days are really booked so let's go tentative 10 a.m. on Saturday if something changes I'll have my assistant call you on Friday to confirm but if something changes we'll just switch the date does that sound good that's fair it could you know can you send me some information a little you know I just need to find out a little bit more about who you are before I let you in my house absolutely I'm actually going to send you my Zillow reviews and I'm also gonna send you my pre listing guide so not only you're gonna learn about me but you're gonna learn about my entire marketing plan so here's what I suggest you do and I'm gonna let you go because I know you got 10 other Realtors about to call you so here's what I'm gonna let you do when I send you your listing my listing guy go through it and come up with three to five questions that you and your wife will want to know hey Phil how do you do this and how has it worked so well for you and then we'll go through that and talk sounds good awesome see Saturday attendant nice hey guys that's a year-and-a-half in the business you think he's maybe practice that a few times what do you guys think and here he was just ripping on all that stuff he's notice he also stood up when he started presenting interesting okay Martin let's go next all right so for me the Zillow reviews I think that was that was a big thing one thing I did I created a form that I give to all of my buyers that they sign as we were presenting a contract to the sellers okay mark mark mark mark say this again do you guys hear what he just said this was we all freaked in the back of the room mark tell him again basically I created a form that I give to all my buyers when we're getting ready to present an offer they agree to fill out a Zillow review for me prior to or within 30 days of closing so I give it to them as they're signing the contract it's just another paper to be signed off on same thing with my sellers I give it to them when I'm taking the listing the they agree to fill out a Zilla review for me prior to or thirty days within closing and again it's just part of the package they sign it no big deal I've never had to pull it out and hold them to it every time I've sent them as a review they've just filled it out so there's no one that ever says well wait a minute we're not sure we're not working with you yet and we don't know no and you know part of that comes with the service you know my background is from the boating industry we were the number one yacht sales company in the world at one time and you know exceeding the expectations of my clients that's number one you know I've got they've got no reason not to fill out that review yeah yeah congratulate that's a killer one it what's it give us first of all is that good guys that's like ridiculous that is a ridiculous and if you're in Canada you just say or you say in Europe Google right Google review you just replace with the appropriate review but setting the tone right upfront is awesome Ellie give us one of the Patrick you raise your hand but I'm a ladies first guy so oh here she goes so number one is video marketing last year I was here at Summit and you know I said okay Tom says do video so you know I was doing video and I felt like I was kind of going through the motions so in February I did like a little series like oh prepping your house for the spring market and I noticed that other realtors in my market were filming videos and I was like oh god that's there sucks like it's artificial I'm not really feeling it and then I looked at my stuff and I was like oh my sex like I gotta and so I did what was natural to me and so on Valentine's Day I told my husband please take the kids and I'm going in the bathtub and I'm filming a video and he was like and I was like oh no you're gross I am actually filming a video for my business page and I filmed this which is something that kind of put me on the map I would say showing the video viewer discretion is advised good evening all it's Valentine's Day a very romantic day and I honestly couldn't think of anything more romantic than sitting in a bathtub talking about real estate really gets my juices flowing don't know about you but let's talk about some of the things that I said I was going to cover in my sellers videos the problem is I haven't been producing them because I've been selling too many houses I'm sorry my bad but I won't stop and now I'm gonna tell you hold on one moment you guys got the idea give her a big round of applause so after that I started doing things that were more genuine to me so I have a series with my lender called Thirsty Thursday and we have a drinking game every time you hear the word credit take a sip burping beer that's all in my personal wheelhouse I do a lot of different things and with video and I really think obviously I get a lot of comments that that video had like 3,000 views so yeah for me video has been really the way it's be for people to recognize you and to kind of get yourself out there what did your mother say about no nothing and I know she's watching right now mom where's the comments Carrillo Furillo what a comment said um I also my big thing is integrated marketing so talk about that yeah so I have a farm on my farm you know I said English Spanish the first thing that I did after summit last year was I hired Allison Allison is my former student past client and now she's my operations manager and she does I love her she does all my graphic design she does all of my video she didn't edit that video that was a solo mission but yeah she does all of my video and were you really naked in the bathtub absolutely yeah so integrated marketing has been a huge and I followed what Kyle whistled is did I have a so I told you Spanish speakers is my thing so I have a neighborhood page on my neighborhood page it's only Spanish why to me that is a marginalized group they need a place to go they need a safe spot especially now and that's where I get three appointments a week just being me on that page that's beautiful give her a big round of applause love it Patrick I think I think one of the most exciting things that I've done more recently and you know being Tom ferry's brother you know he's doing all the social media and I'm like I am such a rookie novice at social media and it's driving me crazy so I'm like how do I get this thing figured out I'm super analytical so I'm just trying to like what do I do you know he's posting thousand things he's saying you're supposed to post once a day and I'm like trying to push my clients you got to post once a day but I wasn't and so what happened though is I just heard one really simple bit advice that's really changed my social media just my personal profile was I I figured out all I need to do is is figure out four topics that I'm passionate about that represent Who I am and that's it and so if you go to my you know obviously you'll see my kids super passionate about them then you'll see you know I've been doing stuff with my dog I have a Hungarian Vizsla which is which is a lot of fun and then you know I have like soccer and then I have real estate and it's just it's very easy now is because I have a nice variety people get to sense of who I am and then you know then now I get like way more engagement more than I've ever had and it's just all it is is just me being me but I have my topics like and those are my go-to now don't get me wrong social media to me it's like every post is 100% it's about building my business it's about building my brand I'm not not one post is ever random or or just an accident so for example today right don't miss any more opportunity so when Tiffany Bova was on stage what do you think I did I'm like okay I've got one of the top experts in the world in called Salesforce up on stage how do i leverage that to improve my brand not only to my agent friends but also all my sphere in San Diego who they don't know me from Adam right and I'm not even from San Diego so I'm trying to build a reputation as a guy in San Diego so I grabbed couple shots of Tiffany bova and then I'm gonna write some things about hey learning some amazing stuff from a top expert in Salesforce on how to delight more customers right that was a perfect moment I'm gonna put already I'm gonna already posted it and so that stuff is really starting to make a difference because my sphere that I'm meeting now in San Diego they're starting to go whoa like dude you're up you know like hey how's the market what are you doing and and so I'm starting to get a lot more referrals now because my engagement is way up but I'm also really focused on building kind of the Patrick ferry real estate agent brand in a really interesting way and then again one more thing on the on the on the social media no more open house wonderful you know comes come by and see me right we've all done it and it gets no engagement so I was cracking up the other day I'm going into an open house it's hot as heck right it's I'm going into Vista which is a really hot area of North County the house has no a/c right and it's Sunday I'm like oh man like I am NOT excited about this and I'm like what am I gonna do what am I gonna do what am I going to do so I get to the house I'm sweating I put out a bunch of signs and I'm like just what am I gonna do so I'm like I gotta just go out there and take a picture and I did this super funny face with my sign in the background and I'm like no one can you know you know judge my commitment to sell this home it's 90 degrees and in Vista San Marcos right and I am sweating this house has no a/c and it just went blew up because it was funny it was real now I had the sign in the background but I wasn't like hey housed in this though one two four come visit me mm-hmm right and so that's like one out of maybe five post and it goes bananas and now I'm having a lot more fun with social whereas before I had a ton of anxiety and I was feeling super guilty like I'm not posting enough I'm not posting enough so pick your main topics and then just start having more fun with those that's what would be my recommendation and it's really starting to build my brand as a real estate agent San Diego and that's what I need love it give them all this is really good guys this is really good okay I got four minutes so you got one minute each I either want the next best point Phil next best point mark or I want the biggest mistake they need to avoid this you did that you're like oh you with me because we learned times you know more from our mistakes right so whoever wants to go first Allie mark whoever loves so I made a ton of mistakes in the beginning right it was I've lost way more business than I've ever closed so I just for if you're a new agent and you're like hey I lost a deal I got fired by a client I've got fired by numerous clients right and I'm a coach I've been the industry for 15 years but I've only been selling for three and a half but listen I just want you to know that that's okay but the one mistake please do not make that I made which is once I got in the business I was like I'm gonna try some of this I'm gonna try some of that I'm gonna try some of this I'm gonna try some of that I'm gonna try some of this oh my god this is really cool I'm gonna do some of that and though I need to learn all of that and I need to learn all this and literally I did nothing and my coach was like get your ass on the phone and drop everything and I was like oh my gosh like I haven't sold anything in six months this is disaster so can anybody relate to that by the way the I gotta try this I gotta try that I get ready I gotta start so that's perfect yes please once I narrowed it down and kept it simple and just focused on those two or three things and that's it that's when my production started going up so avoid the distractions yeah whoever wants go next biggest mistake or another killer point I agree with Patrick 100% you know the big thing for me was shiny penny syndrome you know the next new lead source the next thing I got to try this I got to try that instead of just focusing on my database and picking up the phone and making those calls 100% 100% and when did you start with Zillow how long ago it's been about two and a half years so you you started pretty early in this yeah well I ended up getting put in a partner referral program where I wasn't spending the money I was just kicking about 50% back yeah to the other guy who is spending the money to me that was my entryway but as soon as I saw how easy those leads were coming in I got rid of him as quick as I could that was good alley fill biggest mistake or a point you want to share a little bit of a blend even though I know my numbers with with drones and expireds I don't I only probably do 70 to 85 percent as much as I could even though I'm a hundred percent aware of what my numbers are so my tip would be to hustle in every way I have been a business owner since I was 17 years old so when I'm out here working I'm not working because I'm just bored I'm working because I have two kids and a wife that really want to eat tomorrow so the example I'll give and I'll just real quick if you have a hand to put it like this in the air you everyone just work with me awesome now put it down now I'm gonna ask you a question just do it everyone here raise your hand as high as you can and hold it there as high as you can okay right from there just go don't do more just keep it up but go two inches higher but don't do any more than two all right so if you just moved your hand up you're my 20 to 25% because the first thing I said was raise your hand as high as you can so I'll just show you can I show something this would have been the answer you see that's hustle all the time a hundred and ten thousand percent all the time because you want to wife the kids to eat that's it sorry man that was just hitting people like and I was even like going yeah because I knew a year going yeah hustles a factor right or wrong guys okay you are no unrest you say turn your body to say this is my busy hey hey hey I didn't see your hand my business thank you very much don't think I'm not watching all right yeah I would definitely say you have to be yourself if getting naked in the bathtub is not yourself then you do you but I mean so I come from a family of all teachers when I said hold on Ellen could you imagine if right now we have like 17 a kid back but no I came from a family of all teachers when I quit and I said I got two months because I'm on summer pay all I had was me and so you know my dad was a teacher and my dad said no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care and so I put myself out there Tom you saw my brand video I definitely make sure that people know that I am there for them I don't know if you've been paying attention but Hispanic people have been getting on a lot recently and I'm over it and so it is a hundred percent my commitment to be there oye be by my side what look at you use our sway yeah but oh splish-splash though but that's my seat oh come on but my thing is is that you know you have to wanna you know i in my in my market there's a lot of what I call Barbara's and Doug's right Barbara has you know a perm and shoulder pads and she gets all the business because she's been around forever but she's not doing it anymore like she's not doing the business Doug's got tassel loafers and they mansplain everything to you like that's not my bag I got blue hair I got tattoos and I'm batch nuts but I'm also Ali Vasquez Louisville they're the las casas and I'm Abed thank you okay we only have two minutes I got time for one question who's got a question we only got two minutes who's got a question okay I'm coming right to you I'm going right here sir he's the only one I got to do one question okay Virginia hold on yeah okay hi of new agent for months and I'm doing pretty good I've taken 12 listings but when I get it girl when I have lost the listing I usually ask you know why you know why did you choose another agent and I always hear the same thing basically you know we interviewed six it was between you and another and you just didn't really have we didn't see a lot of experience because I don't have any zero reviews or no sales yet and so how do you overcome like what's the yeah so objection handling fill go connection right so if you saw when we were doing that role-playing when I asked him a question I was always doing this you saw that right yeah right so now you're even doing it so my my goal from the moment I get on the phone is to connect for example I said he'll but it was only because I realized he was met so if I was happy I would have irritated him so I just got mad with him right so Connect connect connect I've gotten listings where I know the other agents I personally know them and the flat-out truth is they're better than me and I still got the listing because when I left there those people felt like I just was part of them you know I'm I'm we're family now so connect who else has got a plane what else did you guys say to her I would say that you know I I brought when I first you know a lot of people I told you my sphere of influence they were like Alan you're still a new realtor we know exactly the day you got your license because you posted on social media I would just bring up Toms name I'd be like did you know that I'm connected to a gigantic you know like we're learning these things that like agents in our market they they'd never even dreamed of like I would bring up that like I got all this stuff like it I would take out my notebook and be like look this is all that's going on and like you know you can do your business with Barbara and Doug but but this is cutting edge oh yeah okay so you got a couple tips there all right can we give this panel an extraordinary round of applause well there you have it thanks so much for listening us again live from the 2018 summit it's about getting connected you know what it is I think shows like this and people like you and I we just don't want to reinvent the wheel we are big fans of R & D no we're not talking about research and development we're talking about ripping off and duplicating and certainly in this segment you've got a ton of ideas that you can go back and essentially cut their head off change the phone number hit print and go R&D my friend Rd Rd cuz that's what the best do in this business always thanks so much for listening talk to you on the next podcast if you want more information about this episode including my show notes mentions links and everything else make sure you visit Tom Perry comm slash podcast that's Tom Perry comm slash podcast thanks again and talk to you soon you

Why Everyone THINKS Doing Real Estate Is Easy

the truth behind why everybody thinks Real Estate is so easy what's up everybody this is BC welcome back to another video I wanted to kind of kick back on this video and just keep it real with everybody in regards to a lot of things that I see I wanted to make this video specifically for somebody who is either in the industry looking at the industry someone who looks at real estate from the outside who maybe has no interest in getting in it or just in general okay there's this warped and distorted perception about real estate and I kind of wanted to go over it with you because I believe this is a message that should get out there real estate is not what it seems like on the outside what do we see on the outside we see HGTV right we see all these beautiful property tours we see million-dollar listing you know shout out to a lot of the participants in a million dollar listing I've shared the stage with a lot of them a lot of them are great guys we see this glitz and glamour we see people getting a phone call hey I need to sell my 10 million dollar home can you sell it you know they get on the phone with somebody they talk for five minutes and the contract is ratified and they just made 400 grand and you're like whoa man that seems so easy and and and cool I could just get my real estate license intro but the fancy suit and my phone just starts ringing off the hook everybody knows I do real estate and I'm just gonna be selling homes like hotcakes you know and we need to understand that a lot of what you're seeing is Hollywood ladies and gentlemen you're seeing what would be considered fantasy or the dream now if anybody who's been in the business for more than a couple months a year or two years in my case almost six years now we can tell you of a completely different reality the first thing you need to understand is you're viewing it from the outside through editing through television through reality show through some sort of veil being put over it right so where you're seeing something that is not raw for somebody who actually gets into the business you'll realize it as soon as you actually get your license and you get involved in real estate it's a completely completely different world we don't have deals being thrown into our lap we have to go out and find and hunt for deals we're in an industry now where there is a lot of real estate agents and everywhere you look I mean just drive around every street corner every other street corner you can see and I've said this to people you see some sort of broker or some sort of come I mean take a drive around your city right for like 10 minutes like guarantee you you're gonna spot if you really look even if the signage isn't that good you're gonna spot at least I would say in ten minutes at least a dozen real estate brokerages or companies or century 21 or Bob Smith Realty you know an independent brokers you're gonna spot a bunch so the truth is that there is a lot and the reality is only a few probably ten fifteen percent of the agents in the industry are doing the majority of the transactions so the nine out of ten eight point seven or nine out of ten or whatever the statistic is exactly are failing out of this business within a year – the turnover rate in this industries crazy and now with the the wave of information and YouTube this failure rate has actually gone up a couple percent the last couple of years that used to be 87 now I think it's ninety or around there which is insane okay so again the outside TV fancy luxury all that in reality it's not like that okay just like with the show a lot of the guys that have been on these shows and if you read their books though they'll tell you they never in the beginning especially weren't just focused on these mega luxury properties a majority of their transactions like I remember fredrik eklund shout out to him he said the majority of US transactions even in New York City where all the 5 10 15 20 30 million dollar deals got all the the attention his bread and butter was seven eight hundred thousand which was the median price over there in New York City at the time when he started it wasn't all the fancy 20 million dollar homes he maybe sold one or two of those and that's what you saw on TV but the majority was a seven or eight hundred thousand the average buyer out there for real estate is not buying the 5 10 15 20 million dollar home in the Midwest are buying a 50 hundred thousand dollar home out here in California it's five six seven eight hundred thousand that's the average transaction it doesn't have the glitz and glamour and when we go back and forth with the agents also you have to understand the process of doing a deal a lot of times is in a seamless as the public thinks issues arise there's stuff on title you're dealing with again because the average real estate agent isn't selling that many homes you're dealing with agents who are emotional and out of control and then we have clients who of course are doing a huge transaction in their life a lot of emotions they're getting a little bit out of control so now me as an agent I'm dealing with an agent who's a little bit out of control and their client is a little bit out of control now their logic is a little bit skewed and now we have to negotiate that's not even including the buyer and the seller again this is a huge transaction for them so a lot of times they take everything personal the buyer comes in they write up an offer on the property they send in a request for repairs when they're in escrow asking a seller to fix a few things and let's say it's even minor a couple hundred bucks worth of damages and sometimes we have the seller say how dare they ask me to fix things they already got the house at a great price pause they just took it personally you don't get that on TV you get little snippets here and there where the owner of the property or the buyers talking to the agent hey man I hired you is my agent you're supposed to negotiate you get a little bit of that how about when things get delayed how about when the appraisal comes in low how about when three days before the close of escrow the buyer loses their job and it shuts everything down and the deal falls apart how about when we have a standstill between a buyer and a seller where the buyer wants to cancel the seller doesn't want to and now we might have to go to litigation and both sides don't want to budge how about when you're about to close on a deal which happened to me years ago it's a trust situation the families fighting because everybody wants more money couple of them end up getting lawyers they put a judgment lien on the property and now we don't close for a year and the lawyers bleed everybody dry for all these extra fees and all that extra money that everybody was gonna make now me is the agent I don't get paid until we close and that delayed a year so I didn't get that check which ended up not even being that much until a year later all right these are some of the realities how about the average person who goes on the market with an agent doesn't sell their home does not sell or requires multiple price reduction so again the seller or the client doesn't get their check and money and the agent does not get paid until it closes we don't get paid for effort or an hourly rate and that happens all the time then we deal with the public a lot of us in the public if you didn't know hates us because they have so many bad experiences of Realtors they know Realtors who aren't that good and it's just a mess again I want to bring some some insight because people believe this is all rainbows and sunshine because you see some stuff on YouTube and it looks all glitzy and glamorous you see the guy rolling and riding around in his Porsche or Lamborghini and you're like oh man and it must be awesome I mean there's kind of a reason you know I've had a Lamborghini now for two years I don't really show it on the channel there's a reason because I want to avoid that I don't want to be the guy who just is flashy and this and that just to make people think like oh man this is easy it's not I've been saying it from the beginning for my first couple videos this journey is not easy requires a lot of grit a lot of determination and the public out there who follows me who knows what I've done especially the people around me have a tremendous amount of respect for me because of what I've done and what I've been through that's what people need to see and hear about more this is why when I'm approached by a network to do a show I say scratch that idea about showing the beachfront properties and luxury properties let's show the nitty-gritty of an average agent I wanted them and I pitched this more than a handful of times of course no network ever took it because you haven't seen me on TV but I said hey when I bring a new agent in and I took them through the school of hard knocks and they're out there door knocking and making calls and getting rejected let's show the public that that's what they need to see then their perception will change because the realtor is a 10 15 20 percent that are actually doing the business owner working hard and treat this like an actual business is what people need to see because they think it's the other 80% that that is the realtor now it's us on this side that are working hard that are dedicated to getting better that pay thousands of dollars for training and coaching because we care about the client and we and we want to do good by them we understand the intricacies of a real estate transaction we know what can go wrong we can handle you and your emotions we can handle when things go wrong we can think outside of the box that's what I want everybody to see nothing oh hey let's go ahead and and sign this listing agreement right now in two seconds for 50 million dollars and I'll sell the property in 30 days oh cool we just made a commission of you know six hundred thousand dollars oh it's fast money I made I sold six houses this month it made five hundred thousand dollars I want people to see a little bit more about the reality but there the reality of the situation is you know the public is getting a very fantasy very movie like created image and the reality is much much different okay and again they're only getting viewpoints of Frisco Miami New York LA the big cities end up in the big ticket ones when the majority of the industry is the smaller towns that are selling 50 hundred thousand dollar homes and there's some incredible people out there that get no recognition that are selling two three four or five hundred a thousand homes a year that are all low price point but they're churning and burning they're running multi-million dollar businesses but all you see is the fancy guy in the suit and the Lambo on TV okay so this is the reality of why people think it's so easy and it's kind of worked and I really just wanted to make a video to really give some some facts of how it really is how it is nitty gritty how it's not so pretty you know and don't even get me started with the drama within the industry and people gossiping and and running their mouths and this and that that's completely separate subject that I could do a whole seminar on right but for the people in the industry you know okay so with that said I'll end it here appreciate you guys watching this video if you'd like to like the video subscribe leave a comment below let me know what you think or what people tell you they think that Realtors do right check out my podcast Supreme Being if you are a real estate agent watching this make sure you sign up for our September summit in Dallas tickets are officially for sale now check out modern success my personal coaching a mentorship program which is on my website and lastly the door-knocking challenge that I'm doing we're releasing it very very soon make sure you click that link and get on the waiting list and as soon as it's announced you will know and you can sign up ok that's it for this one guy's TDC see on the next one


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Real Estate Agent Marketing – AMA

What's up guys I see a few of you have jumped on here Sorry about that. Yeah, I've got on one computer This is actually my laptop wasn't plan on doing it on here But I guess if that's the best way some reason it's not working on. My just was working the other day So anyway guys, um, we'll get started here in just a second. I just told everyone on the actual other one What's going on, but is that backwards? Can you guys see that or is that all written backwards? Okay, if it's not written backwards then well I guess either way go ahead type in your name type in where you're from I want to hear where everyone's from and then also we're gonna hit some Big wins if you guys had any big wins lately, it could be with like lead generation It could be really with anything and then also Questions. Okay, so ask me anything could be anything like facebook marketing related regeneration Honestly, whatever you guys want, so we're just gonna give a little bit from for everyone to jump on here And once again, I apologize guys. I see there's 13 of you guys. Looks like you were on right now but it looks like there were like 31 people still waiting for there. Let's see Conor. You can't do both splits of you. Okay? Yeah Let's see. I'm not sure if we got the link over here. So sorry guys. This normally does not happen I'll make sure we nail it down to get it going good But we've got a little bit from London welcome Elizabeth. That's awesome Someone is from Morocco. I can't really read that that riding there, but but welcome Someone is Oh Hannibal looks like from Fairfax, Virginia Peter is from New York City. Awesome Peter. Just there last month it was Nora's from Michigan Very cool guy. So as you're jumping on I'm just gonna chat over here and let everyone know to go to my Channel to jump on here and then we'll get started here in just a second But as we've got right here is this guy is this backwards guys? Go ahead. Let me know is that written backwards? Sometimes? I can't ever tell if it's backwards the right way But first putting your name your city second I want to hear you guys big wind so it could be honestly with anything could be with lead generation It could be with you just closed a big deal something fun like that Or it could even be like a family win, right like my wife's pregnant and she is due on Sunday September 30th And so here in a week or so. That'll be a big win from here I'm super excited super pumped out that then three we're gonna hit questions so I see a lot of you guys already through questions in the other chat and We'll get to those here in a second. And then also if you guys do have questions that you know, I haven't covered yet then Throw them in the chat box guys. Let's let's hang out here for a little bit I'm just gonna plug in my laptop as well cuz as I you guys are jumping on I wasn't planning on doing on my laptop got my big computer out, but Clearly there were some tech issues. So, you know, you can't always get it, right, but it's all good guys You can see my Muhammad Ali over there the corner the view. Most people don't typically see there. So, okay. Let's see we've got Kristina's from Virginia Beach that is like one of my wife's favorite spots on the planet We've got Jen from South Africa very very cool I love South ever. Actually when I went there with my brother and my dad like five years ago love it Okay, someone's putting in some questions. We'll get there in a second So what metrics do you look at when running Facebook Ads to see if it's doing well relevancy score Costco result. Perfect We'll get to that mark is tuned in from Vegas Daniel say right on and Okay. Oh, okay. You guys are responding to like my text was backwards or not. So great I'm glad you guys can actually read that Anthony's from the Philippines. Um Yeah, awesome social media leads by million this year Peter killing it How can we fine-tune and game brand awareness in a specific zip? Awesome Tom is from Huntington Beach Tom. What's up, man? I've seen you I've seen you commenting I've seen you on the channel K Peter saying, how can I have all my friends on Facebook? See my ad so I have to have landing pages Eric's from Clearwater Very cool Jan. How do you get single page real estate sites to rank fast? Okay, so you're talking about search engine optimization I'm a guest and right there right Then tom is saying what is the best way to target buyers general or should we really target? Or should we really target? I want to get the most leads then Ronnie Shumpert on from Finland. Okay I've got two chats going on. This is the chat that I actually set up live DJ so I'm gonna put an insurance agent. Okay head over to my channel this Ok, sorry guys, I would just tell never there's like 26 people on the other one Which maybe it's the same people because there's 26 on the other one. There's 26 on here. So maybe it's the the same people but Awesome, we've got Eric. What have you seen lately for? conversion of Facebook Ads Okay, and Eric just to follow up to that question when you're talking about conversions are you talking about? like conversions is in cost of per lead or Conversions into a closed deal like a closed sale and then even diving deeper Are you a real estate agent or are you in some other business? So there's a few things that we need to follow up on that before we kind of dive in there Tom oh, oh, oh tour. Sorry tom is my saying that right odo tour odor Anyway, I find paul jack but my favorite youtuber by far and thanks for shout out and keep it going awesome. Appreciate it Ronnie's do you think it's possible to start HD and analyzing business ads? Yes, I do a hundred percent conversion close leads Okay. Well guys, let's just jump into this. Let's start. Um Actually, let's go back. And for those you guys just jumping on Um, let's hear some big wins. I know there's a lot of people from all over the place on here And I I've seen you got typing your name where you're from, but number two guys, let's hit big wins Let's let's share cuz I don't about you guys, but I work I work by myself I know there's some single agents here, or maybe you work from home by yourself. And so when you have a success There's like no one to share it with right and like I when my wife comes home from work or whatever She's doing that day. I'm like just like inner-ear. Just telling all the way these cool thing Well, obviously if there's cool things going on, but type down in the chat box like you guys have big wins I want to hear about them Alright, and everyone else wants to hear about everyone once once see them and we want to celebrate together because honestly guys, that's huge That's really important to be able to celebrate together with this and then also if you guys feel like if you guys like this whole idea of doing a Live ask me anything either every week or every other week go ahead and hit the thumbs up on this video I just want to see if you guys want me to keep doing this cuz this is the first time I've really done it I've done a few live streams, but you guys want me to keep doing it Go ahead hit that like that thumbs up button because I want to make sure that I'm giving you guys What you want what you're looking for, right? So anyway, I can be helpful. This is helpful to people great It's not you know, then it's all good. Okay Let's see down here Um conversion close sales. Okay, you got lol. Hey just Lanna Awesome. Let's see Elena's giving the thumbs up Yeah, so goo a thumbs up, but also click that thumbs up button on the right below the video as well Alright. Hey Jason. Thank you for the opportunity every week. Okay, every week you guys are won't want every week. They're Well sweet, well anyone sharing big wins will get into the questions guys, but I want to hear some big wins Like what are some cool things that are happening in your life? Is it some cool things with lead generation some cool things with your business? Maybe just close the deal where you've got a deal about to close or maybe some other cool things in your personal life Like my wife's gonna have a baby sometime maybe this week or next week. So who knows? I'm pretty excited about that um, oh That's awesome Hannibal hit 10k per month that's huge. This is that big way Mike I don't know when you first hit that 10k mark. That's that's super exciting All right Joanne Vegas been using your system out three months just close the deal with the almost 10k commission from one of your ads That is awesome. Joanne That's super exciting. It's honestly Yeah, that that's super exciting their camp. Awesome guys Well, let's dive in keep sharing your wins and then I'll give you guys a little shout out. That was Joanne from Vegas And I'll keep you guys out outs, but let's dive into the questions I see a lot of you put your questions in right here. And then also on the other live feed I've got a lot of people put in questions as well. So let's start from the top All right. Let's see the first one. Okay, is it um? sorry, I have I Have for most of you guys your full names, but on this one, it's just e Li ze ebz allies Or Elizabeth maybe um is asking what metrics do you look at when running Facebook ads to see if it is doing well your Ellefson relevancy score Costco result all that stuff so Really when I'm going through and running a Facebook app, right? it all comes down to like I would say relevancy score is huge because and For those guys who don't know what relevancy score is. That's basically a score I believe one's the lowest if I go to zero, but it goes from 1 to 10 alright and Facebook gives it a score of how relevant it is to your audience So like if you go through and for example, let's say for me I'm targeting real estate agents right and I've got an ad and I'm hosting that and saying like hey click on this about a free training if a lot of people are like Reporting that as like spam or they're like, ah, this is annoying or whatever the relevant score drops dramatically, right? And Facebook they want to show what's most relevant to their audience because they don't want people be annoyed When they go on Facebook, right? And so they want people be having a good experience and everything. And so Don't don't kind of gauge like how many likes and comments all that stuff are going on and so that's that's a big one because if your relevance score is low and what I consider low is probably six or under You're actually gonna be paying a lot more for Your ads. All right, so I try to get it in to get a ten a perfect ten guys That's extremely hard. If you're in the 7 to 8 range, that's that's pretty solid. All right, so that's definitely one I look at and keep an eye on because You want to make sure it's within like you want to make sure you're not spending too much And if you are spending too much or you've got a low relevancy score Then you got to tweak the ad copy to speak to your ideal target audience a little bit better All right so that is a big one that I I look at but honestly, the biggest thing I look at is my cost per lead and Then my conversion rate of those leads So basically to break that down and explain that let's say I'm getting an average cost per lead of $10 per lead. All right, and then for every Let's say 50 leads. I close a deal So 50 leads I spent 10 dollars per lead. That would be $500 and I close a deal right? So let's say you're in real estate You spend 10 bucks per lead and every 50 leads or you close a deal So you're making let's say $5,000 in commissions and you spent 500 I'm 100% okay with that, right? And then also if you go up to you, like let's say you only closed one deal every 100 leads, but you're spending $10 per lead. So that would be $1,000 invested and then you close one deal then I would be ok with that as well So if I made $5,000 and spent $1,000 on Facebook ads I would be a hundred percent okay with that and I would continue to scale my business, but the thing is You get that one closed deal, but you generated 100 leads so you've got 99 other people you can follow up with and Mark it and connect with and then when they're ready to go through and take action. You've got somebody already in the hopper Basically, you've already like built that value and that trust with all right So that's usually where I like to go through and start like for me with my business, you know I'm promoting a webinar. I charge a thousand dollars for the webinar and Usually like I shoot for eight dollars per lead. But if it goes as high as twelve dollars per lead, I'm still profitable But if it goes a little bit above that Yes, I'm still profitable but it doesn't really make sense for me because I can generate leads for lower than that twelve dollar range all right, so that's kind of what I like to look at when you're going through and generating leads I like to look at the relevant score big time and then the cost per lead and then if that cost per lead Makes sense with a positive ROI And you're able to build that list of leads that database for one year two year five years down the road Totally makes sense. All right. So those are kind of big things I look at so hopefully that helped do one has any follow-up question on that hit him up in the chat because I'd love to Love to answer those. All right. Um, let's see here Peter is killing it social media leads five million this year Very cool. Are you just Peter? Are you just doing that all 100 percent from social media? Five million this year. So if you are you are crushing it man. That's killer so Peters also asking how can we fine-tune and gain brand awareness in a specific? zip Okay, guys, this is cool So I want to share the strategy that I do and this is what I if I was in giving a real estate This is a hundred percent the strategy that I would do so and this is I'm gonna dive in a little bit more detail guys than what I do on a lot of my trainings just because I Feel if you guys are on here You guys are wanting a little bit important in-depth stuff a lot of times on my initial trainings Like I kind of focus on the core things that are quick wins like the best way to get quick wins But if if you guys are on the strain, I'm assuming you want long-term success long-term value. So that's my goal That's where I want to give you guys today All right, so Peter and anyone else on this call right now, this is what I would do too fine-tune and gain massive brand awareness Right. So what I would do is I would get a facebook video ad so I would go through and I would shoot a video of yourself maybe 90 seconds to two minutes and shoot it like And I would actually do a test. I would shoot one where you're like sitting in your car talking Okay, and introducing yourself. Hey, my name's Peter Diaz. I'm in think Peter was in New York I'm a I'm a top agent in New York City and Just telling a little bit about like I've been in the business for X amount of years Just telling about like who you are and so they can get to know you right so I do one like in my car I maybe do one of my house or maybe do one like out on the streets of New York That could be cool something like that And the reason why I would do a few different areas and I would be telling the same Story in each one of those is that you'll see Even though you're telling the same story People will naturally be more attracted to different videos, which is crazy. Right? I did one. I didn't want like in my family room I didn't want my kitchen I do in my car and I did the same thing and then the car one just converted way better so now you should shoot that video of 90 seconds two minutes doesn't have to be long and then in the actual Facebook post I Basically put everything you just said in the video. Hey, my name is Peter Diaz. I'm a top agent in New York City I've been in the business for you know five ten years what how long you've been in the business and Just tell a little bit about how you got in the business how you can help them at value But don't like do any pitch like no Didn't like not send them to a landing page. Nothing like this. This is gonna be a complete brand awareness campaign all right, then once we have that that video and We're gonna upload this on our Facebook page. We're not gonna do it through the Facebook Ads manager we'll do it on your facebook business page so that your followers can see that like comment engage as well and Then we're gonna run a Facebook campaign for video views Alright, and you can get video views for literally like a three-second video of you you can give like a penny, but I shoot for the 10-second video views Kake's someone's watch your video for ten seconds or longer it's not someone just like scrolling on down on their newsfeed and then it's just like Autoplays is somebody that like they maybe wash at least a little bit If not, you know potentially like twenty five percent or fifty percent or even the whole thing but then at that 10-second mark you can capture a pretty big audience and Get really really cheap brand awareness for pennies on the dollar and then you create an audience I'll have to do a video for you guys on this because I know I'm probably losing some of you guys about to show you exactly how to set this up and Then once you go through and you're running that I would say I run that for ten bucks a day okay in your community in your in your city, like kind of the Radius that you want to work in and then literally you'll get to a point where everyone's seeing that video Okay, and after now probably after four to six months we'll new, New York That'll probably be a while actually if you're only spending ten bucks today But then when you go through and run your ads your re marketing You're setting up an ad only targeting the people who have already watched that video Alright, so it like they're not seeing you for the first time. They've already seen you and So it's just a lot more powerful. Your cost per leads lower. Your quality of your leads are a lot higher It's just a lot better all around. Okay, so Peter anyway, hopefully that helped and if anyone else has any questions on that Go ahead tap them in the chat Okay, Peter also has another question How can I have all my friends on Facebook to see my ads do I have to have landing pages? um all your friends, so obviously that's different than your Your your likes on your Facebook page you can set up an ad to only target people that like your Facebook page But what I would do is if you have like an address book with your friends emails or phone numbers or whatever it is I would upload I would take that data upload that as a custom audience into your Facebook Ads manager and Excuse me, and I would go through and create that as a custom audience is like my friends Okay, and this this is huge because a lot of people they want to go through and find other but the thing is and I was just having a conversation with somebody about this just the other day a lot of times just because you're an agent and you think that all of your friends know you're an agent they don't remember that you're An agent okay, they're not thinking about you on the daily And so a lot of times people they run Facebook Ads, so you want to get out in front of other people but the truth is like your lowest hanging fruit is exactly what Peter's saying right here is creating that custom audience of your friends your family members people that already know you and Marketing setting up landing pages or send up ads showing to those people Okay If they're not in the market right away next time you see them at like a party or an event or whatever at church, they'll be like Oh, I saw your ad so cool and they'll be thinking about you. Okay, you'll be top of mind Okay, so that's what I would do I get your phone book get their emails phone numbers upload them as a custom audience And I have a ton of videos actually on my youtube channel I'll show you guys exactly how to do that. And if you guys want me to go dive Deeper in then just let me know. Okay? All right, guys, I'm just gonna keep going down to the questions. So hopefully hopefully let me just scroll down if you guys are If you guys are liking this go ahead give it a thumbs up though Because I want to just like kind of gauge gauge how we're doing. Is this like a good format? I'm just kind of like hitting each question going down and answering it So go go ahead. Give it a thumbs up if you guys are kind of liking this Format here. All right. We're getting a couple likes there Okay, awesome guys All right. Let's see here um Jan is saying how do you get single page real estate agent sites to rank fast now? Jan so here's the thing about Getting your sites to rank. Okay now I Back in the day. I was bigger into SEO and getting your sites to rank on on Google and all that stuff I don't focus on that as much anymore just because Facebook ads I like to get the the quicker wins However, you're down the right Road because you want to go through and have both you want to have the quick wins But you also want to get your rankings up there because that's a long-term play rankings can take few months typically But from my experience and what I've seen I've got some friends that still do SEO a lot His single page sites like a landing page Typically Google is not gonna rank them. Okay, they're just not so that's why I Preach so much like Facebook Ads Because Google really is not gonna rank them if you want to go through and get your site ranks You're probably gonna want at least five pages and you're probably gonna want a blog attached to that To that site. So if I remember right they Google wants to see like your your main page They want to see an about page. They want to see a contact page They want to see a privacy page and then there might be another one because I was four and then I think maybe a block right and then you're kind of like putting out blog content and then trying to get ranked for terms like top real estate agent in your city or how to find a real estate agent in your city or whatever the posts are on and then you will pop up there at the top Okay, so single page sites, I want really focus on that if you want to go through and focus on the SEO game Then I would I would plan on getting at least a 5 page site with those 5 pages I talked about and then getting some blog Strategy where you're posting maybe one new blog post every week or one new blog post every other week And that's that's what I would do there Ok tom is say what is the best way to target buyers general or should we really target it? I want to get the most leads. Ok. So for the most leads Tom what I would do I would set up two different campaigns and I actually I dive in deep in their new I just barely shot a whole new six-figure agent 2.0 system So we had this initial six be grading system and and that was good it was all great and but then after I think like two years of having that I went like revamped it with what we saw people are seeing like the best results with and Obviously new Facebook out algorithm updates but the latest and greatest of what I would do if you're looking for the most leads and really like getting the best targeted people is One I would do what I was telling I think Peter is I would take your existing network Upload them as a custom audience into Facebook. So your friend your family a past clients, whoever it is and Set up an a campaign or an ad set targeting all of those people to generate Byerly's using my buyer leads campaign, right and then to go through and expand that even more I would create a 1% look-alike audience off of that custom audience, okay so people that look like that existing network of your past clients past buyers your friends family all that and Then and so your 1% look-alike audience. This is where people get tripped up sometimes is you can't make it specific to your city, but you'll make a 1% look like audience of Your of the United States so your country or like I guess there's some people on here from Finland Ronnie's from Finland Some of us from South Africa we've got some other people on and so what you would do is Create a 1% look like for your country and then when you go into the targeting you would specify Your city with the radius around your city of however big you want that radius to be. All right, so Hopefully that that helps there Tom Okay, let's see. What have you seen lately for conversion of Facebook ads and Eric I asked okay conversion to close sales Perfect, and he is a real estate agent. Awesome. So wait, so I did a video actually yesterday and I'm probably a lot of you guys didn't watch it because actually did not get a lot of views I'm a little bummed about that but it's all good So basically I talked about the conversion rate of leads from three different sources So one was from social media and on average? your conversion rate is about 0 to 4.25 percent and we're going to talk about that here in a second and This segment was referrals in your average conversion rate from referrals from your existing database or other agents Whoever it is is about 25% So one out of every four convert and then Direct Mail was like 0.1% so Terrible is very expensive Doesn't convert so I want to focus on but going back there to the social media Facebook ads and all that stuff You've got and I highly recommend everyone go and actually watch that video not to get like the views up or anything out Honestly don't care about that. It's already kind of a dud but Just to see the breakdown of your ROI with investing into Facebook ad so go check that out Because 0 to 4.25% so that's like obviously a range Typically people getting 0 percent conversion. Those are new agents. Just getting started getting their feet wet They don't really know what they're doing. Don't know how to follow up Don't know how to actually close a deal don't know any of that stuff. We're just totally fine That's typically what I see there now the 4.25% that's someone who's like actively really following up really got stuff dialed in but just for like the average person I Would say if you've got a good follow-up in place And you've been in the business for a little bit. I would say about 2 to 3 percent, okay? So for every 100 leads you you generate your closing about 2 to 3 deals, so And I break this down in the video. I shot yesterday if you're getting about 3 to 4 leads per day Ok, which honestly is really not that hard. You're spending five dollars per day. That's about 15 or if you're getting five weeks Sorry, if you're getting three to four leads per day and it costs five dollars to generate a lead That would be about 15 to 20 dollars a day that you're spending on Facebook ads, right? So over the course of the month Let's say you generate 100 leads So you put in let's say six hundred fifty dollars into Facebook ads and you would close two to three deals now I don't know about you, but like for me, that would be totally worth its spend $650 to close even one deal would be totally worth it But sometimes people they just see that upfront investment of the 650 There's too much risk, they get too scared and they don't want to throw that money in and I totally get it That's how I was when I first started. I'll be like this is precious money. I don't have a lot of money throw in but That's kind of how the numbers works about 2 to 3 percent. So that was kind of a long story to get to your Question. All right. Elle is here from north of Boston Ronnie saying do you think it is possible to start see in analyzing business ads? so businesses Facebook ads, so Ronnie and Ronnie was from Finland. Very cool. Okay, first of all, the answer the quick answer is a hundred percent the second follow-up to that is you've got to be able to establish yourself is a credible authority and Like you gotta let people know What you're talking about, right? So like if I were you and you want to start a business an agency on analyzing people's Facebook Asks, or Google Ads or whatever I would start a YouTube channel Which my wife would make fun of me guess I literally tell every single person I talked to you that they need to start a YouTube channel because it's just like what I think is super fun it's fun to connect with you guys here but – it's like a lot of just like organic free exposure and You're able to share a lot of valuable content with other people so Ronnie what I would do is I would start a YouTube channel or a Facebook page or whatever But I think you choose the best and then go talk about different concept like just like I do you literally copy exactly Exactly my whole channel right? I just talk about Different strategies that work that don't work because people have to know that you know what you're talking about before they're gonna trust you To pay you to analyze their Facebook Ads or their Google Ads or whatever advertising platform, right? like you guys you only like are on here probably because you see you've watched my other videos and you're like okay, Jason has somewhat of an idea of what he's talking about, which hopefully I do right and And then that's that's what where you find the value. So anyway, Ronnie that's yes I think you hundred percent could but with that follow up if you don't have something to like portray yourself as the expert And get people to recognize you as an authority It's gonna be extremely hard for them to go through and put down their their credit card and actually pay you to do something Okay, and then his fault was too much competition. No, there's not so much competition there So like literally so many businesses out there and so many businesses need help Okay Is it Virna Lisi is from Atlanta, what's up? Lena's given a thumbs up. Okay. Eric is from Las Vegas. She said big win is Under $3 cost belief for the month. That's killer. That's awesome So what I would do if I are you Eric if I'm getting a three dollar cost per lead I would scale up my lead generation. I don't know how much you're spending. Let's say you're spending 300 bucks. I Would go out on a limb I would spend 600 bucks like I would go through and scale that if your lead cost is solid, it's good I would keep scaling that but do not go through and if your daily budget is like 20 bucks per day Don't go jump that 250 bucks per day. It'll screw everything up Okay, start a new ad campaign store a new ad set and then duplicate what you're doing at a higher budget Okay, don't commence with it. I've done it too many times There's so weird guys if you have an ad set that's at $20 per day and you're like, oh, this is awesome It's getting me $3 leads. I'm gonna scale it to $40 per day and if you go make that jump Guarantee you that next day? You're not gonna be getting $3. You're gonna get like 15 or $20 leads. All right, Facebook's crazy I don't know why but that's how that works. Okay Okay, Tom is saying I close to online leads not Facebook, but still online using the follow up system You taught I met them one time and boom closed Tom. That is killer man. I gotta have you do some like Testimonial or something like that. That is that's sweet, dude If you're open to it obviously I would I would greatly appreciate that because that's killer man Okay, let's see Jad saying hey Jason. Thanks for the opportunity every week. Okay, that's back to that Okay, I'll lean assay have you attested AdWords verse Facebook? Yes, I have and let me tell you About that. Okay. So so AdWords hearses Facebook guys. This is this is actually really important so Fake so Adwords. Okay. So AdWords is basically on Google or on YouTube when someone types in like You know how to sell my home in Atlanta or whatever it is. You'll have like the organic search results pop-up Well, you'll have the ads at the top and the ads on the side. Okay, so that's what AdWords is and the great thing about AdWords is That whoever is clicking on your ad and whoever is becoming a lead. They're actively searching for a solution Okay, they're actively searching for that solution. So if they type in real estate agent in Dallas, Texas They're literally searching for a real estate agent, Dallas, Texas. So if they click on that and go to your landing page and opt in That person is super hot because they are searching for you, right? The only thing is when you might be like, oh well then why would I do Facebook, right? the only thing is your your cost per lead on AdWords is gonna be Dramatically higher because it is that much higher quality of a lead. All right. So where's your lead costs? Let's say on facebook is five bucks. You might be paying twenty to twenty-five dollars on Adwords Whereas with Facebook, okay, so that was ours over here Facebook You guys know Facebook cast or your newsfeed the right-hand column all that stuff or Instagram? It's it's like a pattern interrupts, right? They're not on there searching for you They're not on there searching for real season or to sell their home or any of that stuff. They're on Facebook or Instagram To connect with their friends the sequel videos or cool post or anything like that So you're interrupting their their train of thought? okay, so that's why you've got to have a really good well-written copy ad and Then you're you're you're catching their attention and you're getting the click off to go through and opt-in now leads on Facebook because of that they're you can get them significantly for less and we've got to do a lot more like tom was saying on the follow up with the email text marketing and Facebook message robots a lot of that stuff But so they're a lot less but you're having to kind of like divert their attention Whereas on Google it's higher cost per lead yet. They're actively searching for you. Okay, so it's kind of like they're both good obviously, and I've Tested I've done both and I would highly recommend if you if you have the time if you have the budget to do both actually Take that back. If you don't have one of them totally nailed down and I would start with Facebook first master Facebook don't Don't do anything until you master Facebook because in my in my experience when you divert your attention You have two things going on even just two It's gonna completely just totally tank everything right you got to focus on just one thing Become the master just one thing and if you become master at one thing like whatever business you're in You're gonna crush it, right? And so that's Gary Keller actually has a book on this that totally changed my perspective on everything. I read like two three years ago before I actually like felt like I was successful and Read his book totally changed like the way I do things focus only on one thing now sometimes to a fault I think But that's really what's what's really made me. I feel like start to see success here. Okay So anyway, I'm Leyna that was along all these. Sorry guys These are all kind of like long explanations to your questions But hopefully I'm getting you guys have value and if you guys are get value hit that like button that thumbs up. Okay. Um Joanne and Vega has been using your system out three months. Just close it. Okay. I read that one. Awesome Joanne close at ten thousand our commission on our system and guys everyone that's on right now We have like our development team. They're finishing up our mobile app. You guys are gonna love this. I'm super pumped It should actually have already been a little released but we've run into some bugs so we don't want to launch something as bugs So I think by the end of October we'll have it. But anytime you get a new lead in our system You'll get notified on your phone. You can email or text that person right from the phone You can add nodes you can import all your contacts into your phone Guys is gonna be killer you guys are gonna love it You can have like the two-way texting so it will have the text automation go through like you guys already know on our system But then like if they text back, it'll pop up on the phone So if you're out and about an open house showing whatever just text them right back add tags, add notes say hey You know talk to this person, whatever it might be Okay, um, let's see here Okay, sorry, I'm trying to get back up to where we were guys Obeah is from Nigeria, what's up? I've done three Facebook ads and got no leads Oh be are you using our our Campaign templates. So if you're not I'd highly recommend to use those because it's gonna shortcut a lot of everything Ronnie's saying Jason. What business are you? so I have a software company called Arsenal marketing and I help real estate agents generate and qualify leads through our software So the software helps them generate leads and it's like a CRM system help them fall can qualify those leads? Okay, um How are you parking high-income earners homeowners individuals who are likely to move with Facebook's new changes Hannibal is asking Great questions. So what I do it goes back to exactly what I was telling I think it was Peter or maybe someone else it was part of what Peter was asking but What I do is I take my existing network. My existing contacts Oh Hannibal, let's say you work with people that normally buy $700,000 homes and above or 800,000 or whatever. The number is I'm going to take that audience of existing leads that existing database that I have I'm gonna upload it to Facebook as a custom audience. I'm gonna create a 1% look like audience based off with that audience and then target people just in my city right because Facebook is gonna go through and analyze that audience you upload it and they're gonna see that there there's a higher income Okay, you know even though Facebook doesn't give you the data be able to track that and do that They still have the data on okay, they still have everything they still have tons of stuff And so if you want to go through and get like the homeowners or high-income earners or whatever Go create the custom audience create a 1% look like off that custom audience in your set Okay And that's how you would go through and target that all right that guys that is honestly the way I would do pretty much everything and Just to let you know in my business, so right now I spend about $2,000 a day on Facebook advertising so I spent a good amount but I don't do any interest targeting. It's a hundred percent everything I do is either a custom audience people who visit my website people who have become a lead or engaged my Facebook page Okay, that custom audience right there or a 1% look like audience or even a 2% look-alike audience. That's it okay, I don't do any other targeting and It's it works extremely well So I want it. I want to make this too difficult Okay I want to make it more difficult than it needs to be a lot of times people think like oh because I have all these interesting options that they should go through and use them all honestly in my Experience like that like a more targeted you get typically the more expensive your ads are and Anyway, I just haven't seen it work better than in other formats or then that for me I just share with you Okay, Tom is saying I'm a a miss an important point. Are we doing Legion or traffic when we set up? Okay, Tom. So let's hit that one quick. So are we doing like the conversion campaign? Are we doing the lead generation? Objective are we doing the traffic objective? So here's kind of the general rule of thumb if Like if you're using a landing page, you're gonna be using conversions, right? And Or if you're then if you're using the lead form you're gonna use the lead generation objective and if you're spending like If I think it's 15 to 20 if you're getting 15 to 20 conversions per week Then you want to be doing the conversions with a landing page Okay, if you're getting less than that, so let's say you're spending only let's say you're doing a retargeting ad Then you're only spending one to three dollars per day. You'd want to do the traffic one okay, so if you have a higher budget you want to do the conversions to a landing page and converges to a landing page or the leave form I do I would split test that because Sometimes you'll see better results playing page sometimes better with leave form so I just put test it and then if you're doing a if you're doing like a retargeting with a small audience of like you know a thousand to five thousand people and you're doing one to two dollars per day, then I would do a Traffic objective. Okay. Let me just grab a quick drink here. Sorry guys Alright Okay, Eddie is from Brooklyn. What's up, Eddie? Jim is a Gil is saying I have 25 k database that is clean and Solid so can I upload the whole list to Facebook at one time 100% Yep Just upload that whole database created one percent look like off that database You're set and then run one ad set to just to that database and then one ad set to The one percent look like of that database Okay. So Gil, that's exactly what you need to do Um e insane live chat on YouTube how to You just go do a live stream In scope go on your channel. Yeah I think the first time you just gotta set up a live stream and then there's the live chats kind of like Facebook live Oh Allanson can you cover the question from the other group also? Yeah, Alan. Sorry, I mean up Okay, Alan say yes, am a love it when setting up Facebook pages. Do you recommend branded or generic community pages? So here's what I would do and this kind of goes back I think Peter was talking about branding as well about a hundred percent. Do your name? So Alan Alan JR so I would do your name and I would do your profile picture now on YouTube Alan it looks like there is an older picture of Maybe a little child and and in a woman maybe sure mom or something I would make it so it's just like I would do like a professional like from here up of Just you, okay, and like on mine if you guys go on my Facebook page, I'm in like a hoodie. I Probably shouldn't be in a hoodie. I probably should be in like a nice colored shirt and all that stuff Don't ever really wear those. So I guess it doesn't really fit in with my brand. But but yeah, that's that's what I would do Okay, do you suggest starting the marketing with cold audience or do you have any tips on tricks on warming up an audience first? So warm at the audience I would go and I would start first with your custom audience upload your existing database 1% look like off that 100% Okay, which objective do you find most success with traffic? And so yeah, we hit that one as well Alina's saying they pay for doing this Do you feel youtube is an equally powerful way of generating real estate leaves or this video a longer term brain play It's a longer term branding play. Okay, so I would do it and Facebook guys gonna get you those quick wins, but youtube is gonna be the longer term. All right Okay Oh Joanne saying please do video on the branding video. I will do that. Okay, I will do that for you. Okay Peterson got it Hell thanks. I have all their emails. Perfect. Thank you actually meant a single property Of a single property site, okay, so Jan sorry on the single property site Yeah, I would just do I want I want to focus on getting that ranked. I would be sending traffic there Facebook ads Um Allen is saying do you recommend phone calls immediately or text only? Okay, I would recommend So here you guys are gonna think I'm crazy. But here's what I would recommend I Would recommend an email a text message a Facebook message a phone call immediately Like all of them. Okay, and with the Arsenal system, you can automate all those except for the phone call But the phone call like yes, there's those autodialers that will go drop a voicemail I don't bite you guys, but I absolutely hate those if anyone does that's me. I'm like don't ever call me again Don't touch me. Don't contact me don't anything so those ones like Make me more mad than anything So if you do have the time and if you can't jump on a phone call right away and call them Out 100% do that. Okay, I would do that and like I would do everything Okay Matt Shields is how to get more qualified leads for agents So yeah, so Matt, it's gonna be it's really kind of like what tom was saying is it's all really in the follow-up, right? and so going in and so you guys are kind of talking about this kind of merchants warrants you like the follow-up play of like Okay, do we call or tax or what do we do here for? More qualified leads one. It is big-time about branding It's about adding the value initially because here's the deal if somebody's never heard of you and they see your ad on Facebook and they opt-in and then go through and You know buy a home or sell their home through and within a week that is not like that's not a super common thing, right? That's the biggest purchase most people make in their lives. And so why should they trust you? That they do they just met to go through and go do a deal back quickly Right is this this is not really a huge thing So what I would do is I would have the follow-up, but I have an email Text if you have facebook Messenger can get those BOTS put in place, which we've got trains on all that stuff I would be doing that as well because some people prefer to connect connect and reply via email some people prefer Texting some people prefer Messenger some people prefer phone call still which is a little crazy, but it's true they do So obviously the phone calls you can't really automate But I would be going through and having a follow-up system where the first like 7 to 10 days You're hitting up your leads on all those different platforms within the the first 7 days every single day Okay until they connect with you once they reach out then obviously shut it off but those are all kind of like Responses to get them to go through and follow up a few right? So more qualified leads first. I would do the branding play video Ii re targeting those people That watch the video to go opt-in. So they're already gonna be warmer leads because they've already seen you alright, and then you have email text and Messenger follow up all in place following up that person. Okay, so that's basically what I would do Yeah, so to get a lot of leads but not our quality the thing is guys the Justification of quality to here like obviously we talked about you know The average conversion rates about 2 to 3 percent of online leads and it's just the nature of online leads, right? we've kind of been talking about this where You can't expect somebody that's never heard of you They don't know who you are To go through often and within two weeks just be totally in love with you that they want to sell or buy a home through You because a home is a large light they can do that if it's like a little seven dollar $50 $100 purchase Maybe but like a home that's a big deal They've got a know like and trust you, right and so it's not that those leads are quality if you haven't qualified them Right, so you got to go through and once they become a leave you got to go through and have that follow-up sequence initially But then over the time maybe like that first month, they don't go through and buy from you or sell their home with you But you've got to have that follow-up sequence in Place to go and add value. Okay, like tell me about who you are Like that's why we have that initial branding video to go tell about who you are how long you've been in business all that stuff Because all this stuff builds value and then three months down the road six months down the road twelve months down the road You're gonna have a lot more people that are going To be like in your community and people that know like and trust you Like I have people that have been on my email list for a year year and a half And because I'm doing these value videos because I'm on Facebook because I'm doing all these things At first they're like no. I don't know who Jason is. I'm not gonna buy from him But then after all this time, they go through and they buy from me because they built that value Okay, I call they weren't qualified They weren't quality qualified leads at the time, but because I've gone through and I've done the brand and I've done all that stuff They became more qualified Okay, Amy is saying do you have any suggestions for follow up once the scheduled emails are finished These are leads that I have been able to reach by phone not even sure if they are valid numbers. Yes so what I would do is every We and we have a sequence inside of arsal is every two weeks. I would draw like a value-add email okay, so like hey, here's like here's some I Can't we've got all the sequences in there in Arsenal, but it's just like adding value just like I was saying, okay so every two weeks Drop in value or if you do a video like let's say you do a video on YouTube or Facebook or like a blog post? Or something that will add value to your community go inside Arsenal Blast out an email to everyone say hey I just shot a video on the like three tips to go through and increase the selling price of your home Okay, go go watch it there. So like and then you're like you're just adding value, right? Thank you. So that's exactly what I would do So every two weeks or so I'd be going through having that automated follow up sequence But anytime you do maybe a new video a new value add content the thing the reason why I like video like this or blog posts or Facebook page like anything like this is because we can do this video and Then like we can blast it out to so many people right? And then your it's one-to-many instead of one-to-one Okay, so that's what I would be doing leveraging technology to go through and qualify these leads and follow up and stay connected um Tom saying for sure sends me now. I don't remember what that is all about Okay, Oh Tom having had a bounce looks like Joanne is saint book my name Book named by Keller. Oh the book name. It's called the one thing Okay, the one thing by Gary Keller Yeah, the one thing by Gary Keller it is it's super good I highly recommend it um Peter say what's up with boosting? And what about Instagram ads? I would not boost post So that's that's my thing. If Peter if you're gonna go through spend money on advertising with Facebook ads I would do the video views campaign Okay So that's the one and then I would follow up with all those people that watch your video with a conversion Ad okay So I want to do boosting and Instagram is pretty similar to what you would be doing on Facebook However, they have different video length requirements Okay, so same concept same type of stuff but instead but like your branding video Peter I'd be doing that on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Okay, just get it out there So people can be seeing you on Facebook on Instagram Whatever platform they're on Um, Matt shields is saying don't either lol. I think he's talking about Peters boosting and Instagram ads. Yeah I want I want boost as far as the Instagram ads you can start playing with them I would focus first on Facebook and then if you want to go through brand branch out to Instagram and invert I like to do Instagram when I'm retard My customers people who already know like and trust me because then I'm like, I'm on facebook. I'm an Instagram I'm like, I'm everywhere because those people it's gonna be higher conversion because You know, they know I can trust you Right. Okay guys, I'm gonna hurry through this because we've already been an hour. I know we start a little bit late, but Anyway, I'm gonna jump to these questions Alison can we get a special deal on your system maybe more contacts on the base plan? So we don't really do special like we have the different promos, okay, so we've got the six-figure ad system Like the the link is just your social system comm so you type in your social system comm That would give you like an unlimited counts as many contacts you need inside there And he'll get a member of our team to help you set up your first three legion campaigns So if you guys start with that that's like our that's our best deal. Honestly like best bang for the buck You get all four leash training three months access to software Remember our team to get you know, help the you get three Legion campaigns set up unlimited leads a little bit of everything So Allen saying do you recommend voice drops are actually calling that's before? I think I explained that don't like voice drops I hate them if you guys like them go for it, but I hate them Um, okay somebody sorry, I I don't know how to say your name Abdel Kouddous saying how many leads would you expect from an average listing? Like how many leads per day or like if you're promoting another scene? so what I would expect is if you're This is what I like to do If I'm spending ten dollars per day on my ads and it cost me five dollars to get a lead I'm gonna expect to doll two leads per day rikes. I spent five dollars per lead and Getting two leads per day And that's basically if you want to get more leads you have you increase the budget So that's basically how I would look at that um Hannibal saying what if you don't have a custom audience to upload to refer to For the look-alike audience. So what I would do there Is I would go through so like let's say you don't you're starting completely from scratch. You don't have any emails no texts No friends. No family. No, no, nobody I would go through and I would do what I was telling Peter about the branding video Okay, I would shoot a 90-second to choose a two-minute video. I'd go through and you know mark that out for video views and You know run an ad behind that And then anyone who has watched 25% or more of the video I would create a custom audience anyone who's watched 25% or more of the video because they are the more qualified. They're more engaged They're more interested in what you have to say. And then I created 1% look like audience off of that Okay, so that's that's where I would start. That's the cheapest best fastest way to get a custom audience That's the best fastest way to get a look like audience I would start from there And then once you have a good number of leads or clients or whatever Then I would create look like audiences off of the leads great look like audience off of the the clients all that stuff Have you tested using a totally untargeted audience and letting the ad copy pick the audience a hundred percent I do it all the time Works great, especially once you've trained up your pixel works amazingly well um Have you tested using a taupe? Okay, I just read that one Hannibal saying when you offer services to Realtors Is it basically I'll help you get more Byard leads Sela leads Yeah, typically, I mean it's typically like hey Your website doesn't convert people visitors into leads because it doesn't just that's how website websites are not Set up to convert people into leads so I walk them through the importance of a landing page and how you get higher conversions on a landing page and then also like as You see it, like a lot of comments here. Like leads are not just you know, not the greatest thing in the world, so it's not just that but it's also Sorry, I lost my train of thought but it's also the follow-up right so you want to have a good follow-up there Okay Allen say this is so helpful. So powerful awesome Looks like we've got Donald Trump on guys saying hello. Let's make America great again That's pretty classic Do you have messenger response in video text in your system? we have a Yes facebook Messenger BOTS. Yes video text No, okay, so you can go through in the text message response You can send a link to like a YouTube video or something like that, but an actual like video We don't do that. It's not really like completely necessary Also, I don't like you guys but like if I get a video inside a text from somebody I have no idea who it is I'm probably I can watch it like even when I send a video like a funny YouTube video to my family and like our family Group message I feel like half the time most of my family doesn't watch that You know, it's like guys is this funny you guys are gonna love it, but they don't. So anyway Okay. The Kemp group is finally here. What's up Kemp group? Insurance agency and independent insurance agent and he helped with that We've thought about going the insurance pace. We just haven't go into it. Honestly, all these concepts are the same exact concepts accepts your Marketing like what you say in the ad what you see on the landing page is just different everything else is 100 cent the same the ad the branding the landing page the fault like Everything is the same the core of it, right? It's just changing up what the ad copy says Changing up with the landing page copy is and changing up what you say in the follow up. Okay Okay Can you provide the training website that you use also do you actually get the buyers listings idx website? If so Who do you recommend the idx site? Um, can you buy the training website that you use? Yeah, i'll type it in real quick guys This is a link to my free lead training it's like the basics of Having this in the chat box. This is all like break down the basics of getting started with lead generation and then at the end we've got our like It's like our best promo both best deal best package with all released train all that stuff And so that that webinar right there walk you through all that, right? Lisa is saying I get lots of likes and not have any interactive comments. Am I setting the adder prom? Whoo? Sorry, let me just get a quick drink real quick Um Lisa short answer. Yes, you are setup wrong. What you are probably doing is boosting the post which is totally fine well it's not fine because your that's not gonna get you the results you want but that's what most agents do so I highly recommend jumping on that training as well that I just put in the chat box because that will Break down what you're doing wrong with your Facebook get set up So you are Lisa you are boosting your post and boosting Your post is meant to get more likes and comments and shares more engagement But what you want to do is set up a conversion app. Okay to get people to convert into leads, okay? That's what you want to do there um Kay is on saying I'm Japanese. Nice to meet you. What's up? Okay, I helped promote the homes for sale on my Facebook for my realtor partners the Kemp group. I helped promote the homes For sale on my Facebook for my realtor partners Yeah, so I would use we've got our listing leads campaign works amazingly. Well highly recommend using that damn Okay, guys that looks like all the questions right now. So we'll do it again next week Looks like a lot of guys want to do this next week. You guys like this give it a thumbs up I just want to get a feel for like if I should keep doing this each week So if you think I should give it a thumbs up we'll wrap it up here cuz it looks like I've got to all the questions and I'll try to be more on time next week. I'm sorry. I don't know what what's going on with my computer I think my my wife I was a little off or something like that But yeah guys give it a thumbs up if you guys are watching the replay of this drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought you guys have any other questions. I'll try to answer those in the YouTube chat and everything But um anyway guys, thanks so much for watching jumpin on here. And uh, Let's see here just once you Checking out something here. Okay, Jan saying thanks Jason. This is great It's great. But getting in was tricky. Yeah a sorry. I liked it set the initial Live stream and then when I try to go live in that live stream has didn't work. So I don't know who's kind of paint Alice a OMG. Yes. Okay, cool. Okay. Awesome guys. Well great. Give it a thumbs up once again if you guys like this guy's found value would greatly appreciate that help get this video out more people get more exposure and with that said guys We'll probably do something next week if my wife had her baby. Well, she probably will have had her baby I might postpone it another week. So am I doing in two weeks but Be on the lookout let you guys know. So anyway guys Tyson's saying yo, what's up? What's up, Tyson? Okay guys awesome Thanks for jumping on today. I hope you guys found some value and With that said have an amazing rest of the day rest of the week weekend and I will catch you guys all later See you guys

New Real Estate Agent Interview – How She Got Her First Deal EXPLAINED

what's up everybody I have a special special video for you we have Val on our newest full-time agent assassin on the team and you got your first listing yes so let's give it a TVC pound if you guys know Valerie's been with us as an assistant originally and you've been finally transitioned as an agent for a couple months now yes so not too long right we all know and you know from my videos and your experience if you've been following me that a lot of times in the beginning it's difficult to get your first listing and those first clients and we've had a lot of ups and downs with you know some clients you've gotten and some of it hasn't worked out but it's a typical stuff you see in real estate so I wanted to highlight this this listing for you so give us a little bit of background on you know maybe the original contact and then how long it took from contacting them what you did like did you door not gonna call him yeah all the way until getting the listing yeah okay so I first cold called this listing and she was previously and expired and she mentioned that she had a high motivation to move out of state in a certain time frame that didn't happen and I really really pitched myself and she just wasn't really like for me so I was in her neighborhood and actually was in her neighborhood and I door knocked her and she was home luckily with her daughter and she was very surprised that I was there she kind of gave me the like stalker look like you came to my house and I was like yeah I just wanted to put a face to the name I introduced myself I dug a little bit deeper as far as what her goals were and you know I sent a text message and she just said about I don't want to sell my house right now thank you and at first I thought she blocked me she wasn't responding the text messages weren't delivering and I was just like I kind of thought of it as a dead lead but I still kept sending her like our holiday text messages and stuff like that and eventually she just hit me up and said hey I am getting out of things with my other realtor I'm ready to list my home with you I was like okay yeah so just talk about yeah so basically it was even though it seems like it's dead you still follow the process you put them in our sis they still got touches from us they just weren't responding to every text and kind of being like oh thanks about yeah and that's a point I've made to people for such a long time is it doesn't matter if they respond or not it's almost like we take it personal like I did like she hates me she thinks I'm a stalker Yeah right so the whole thing with this is so February right February is when we first made the first contact and we're in what July beginnings of July first second week of July so it's a five month turnaround period right now a lot of people go I can't wait five months right what happens is and she's gonna start experiencing this now because you're setting more appointments is all that momentum you build early on will then start giving giving you fruit and then the seed will start sprouting after a couple months and I wanted to bring you on because that that's the key that's the key now in that time you've still been prospecting and contacting other people you said another appointment the same day right so I mean how and this is what they really want to hear how is it helped like your morale and like your mood knowing that hey this this process that I've been told by Brian and Loida that works finally I see it yeah work yeah like how does your spirit feel how does your energy feel and you know how does it feel not to go and then have gotten it and it wasn't really that hard that's why I was so shocked when she hit me up I was like really I planted my seed five months ago and I thought she was dead I just thought she was just not motivated and then it just happened so yeah the process was very discouraging especially after losing some deals that almost went through or just not getting any kind of results at all but still prospecting and you're gonna hit a threshold where you kind of want to just give up a little bit but that's when you really should just amp it up and once I you know got this listing I set another appointment the same day I was like okay here's my hard work finally paying off yeah and now now it seems like more real to you huh yeah because it was really hard to envision myself and I felt like that future self was so far away in reality it was just around the corner and I just had to keep pushing a little bit more yeah and again when you look at this whole situation you didn't do anything special either it was just follow up and then taking the action of making the call and talking to her was there any magical script or some special if you gave her and they got her to call you back or was it just the work and the consistency because that's the number one question I get well you guys say you're doing this but what's really going on like are you guys like giving special gifts or yeah they think we're doing something out of the ordinary to get them to call us back or for them to finally convert I really think I made an impact with her because I showed up at her door I took the extra step and I you know build rapport instantly and just from there she obviously I was the first one in her head when she thought of a realtor so and that's the key that's what we want you're gonna have a lot of people who are not ready yet on the fence who may be ready in six months or a year but if you brand yourself like Valerie did with this person then they're gonna call you or when you happen to circle around again and call him or text them they're gonna respond because they're ready and that's what you're looking for so obviously your spirits are up your Energy's up now all of a sudden it's like let's go let's go yeah all right that's cool that's the energy you want to get into and you want to ride that way we can say because it's gonna continuously happen over and over more frequently now because you've built that momentum so words of encouragement for the people either getting their license maybe they're in it maybe they've been in it longer than you or they still haven't gotten a listening what are you gonna tell them just keep going and it's kind of like survival of the fittest so just you know prove to yourself that you can do it you already started so yeah and already you're seeing from this transaction right after getting the contract sign stuff stuff can happen right I mean we don't have to share it right but you know some clients that you get are gonna be a little bit more demanding other ones they're not gonna be as demanding and you have to you know hold your ground and that's really what it's about huh it's like you can't be like well I'm a new agent I'm just gonna take crap from people right again the listing you got at a full commission yeah a 6% Commission right and we're not supposed to talk about Commission but you didn't break you didn't bend you didn't budge which is another question I get well I'm new I should discount my commission yeah and as soon as she was signing she's like right before she signed she said six percent is really high so high was I've seen and we just stayed quiet and then she signed so it's just like her venting her opinion but we're just like silence fine well yeah because part of it is them venting and you have to recognize the difference between people just expressing themselves versus an actual objection which you know we've been teaching for years now you already went in expecting to get that listing how it was yeah go I hope I get it oh yes yeah so I explained that mindset before we finished because that's a lot of people go in being new I hope I get it oh my god and you were just like this is business like it already happened yeah so what's your what's your state of mind going into it leading up to it that allowed you to just be like okay we're getting it I really don't know what the difference was I think it was just like I was so sure that she was motivated she was first sure motivated I was like you need to be sold as soon as where we meet are you ready to get the ball rolling like for sure she's like yes so I think just hearing that definite yes yeah and already seeing her in person also seeing her in person previously like really big difference so I was walking up to the place like I've already seen it I already know the house and it was just a different vibe and I already I literally walked in as if I already had the job and she's not really I want to sell she's like I have to just I need to sell for that's Kenan so that's another one it's a lot of people are wasting their time with people who are on the fence who don't really want to sell and they're missing people like this who are like I really need to sell I really want to sell you know what I mean sometimes people say that it's better to just go on the appointment anyways cuz you could change their mind or you know you could provide them with actual results which I think our pre-qualifying process does and it weeds out the people who aren't serious and it puts us in front of the people who are serious right and I'm glad you brought that up because a lot of newer people will want to do that you know they're like well if I just get in front of them I'm gonna motivate them which and you might get a listing who knows you know like listen to that language you might get a listing you know anyway it's cool so we are actually and this is a good time to announce it we brought in Jose who's doing our video stuff now so you guys can expect pretty soon starting like a weekly vlog for the team and then he's editing my videos as well and he's probably gonna edit this one so I'm gonna send this one to him so you're gonna see a difference in the quality and I do we've been uploading to the TBC channel right the YouTube channel yes cool I'll link that below I can link your channel below that way people can stay more up-to-date on the day-to-day stuff because that's gonna be more the outlet for that right anything else you want to say yeah nope just keep hustling and just prove to yourself that you can do it words of wisdom alright and how old do you by the way about 25 24 so for all the youngsters out there who were 18 21 22 she's doing it and she's your age alright peace we'll see on the next one make sure you subscribe hit the notification bell icon if you haven't already also make sure you check out the podcast Supreme Being check out modern success the coaching program our summit in Dallas that we're doing September 19th 20th and 21st get your ticket we only have a few left and the door knocking challenge that I'm doing it's gonna be a 30 day door knocking challenge I'm gonna leave a link to that below get on the waiting list alright peace out deuces

My Earnings as a Real Estate Agent (ACTUAL NUMBERS)

what's up everybody Ricky Carruth here welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna go through my numbers for you I want to go through my earnings as a real estate agent actual numbers behind the scenes so why would I do that because I want you to know what is possible in this business okay I want you to know that you can achieve those really enormous goals that you have for yourself okay if you put the work in if you have the best intentions and your patience okay and you just continue trying to help people and build that brand right personal brand is key I want you to know that this is my life this is real relationships are universal before I get into my numbers if you haven't signed up for my completely free real estate coaching program that's at zero to Diamond calm link is in the description there's a 90 day action plan online course there's live training twice a month and you get emails from me daily and you're really deeply connected with me I answer all DMS on Instagram emails any questions that you have just reach out okay so let's look at my numbers so far this year okay right now it's June 27th 2019 and I'm sitting on five hundred and twelve thousand four hundred twenty eight dollars and forty five cents in gross Commission's earned so here's a check stub right here you'll see the gross commissions right there five hundred and twelve for 28:45 I give one percent of all my commissions for as long as I can remember the Children's Miracle Network so that comes out to a little over five thousand also I pay my Remax fee which is five percent okay so that's about twenty five thousand all right and so my net figure after that five percent and the Children's Miracle Network donation brings me down to four hundred eighty one thousand eighteen dollars a seventy two cents so far this year so I'm looking at about the same numbers as last year last year i grossed 1 million twelve thousand dollars okay so this year it's almost halfway through the year and I'm at five hundred and twelve thousand dollars so I'm right there in line with where it was last year the year before okay I did 1 million 60,000 dollars okay so I'm right there around a little above a million dollars a year for the last two years and going on third year this year so let's break down this five hundred twelve thousand dollars that I've made so far this year okay so I asked to mate that I have about twenty five thousand in marketing another twenty five thousand for my assistant and then the twenty five thousand for the five percent remax fee and another five thousand for the Children's Miracle Network donation that brings my net figure to about four hundred and twenty thousand dollars for this year now out of that four hundred twenty thousand I put thirty percent back for taxes so that's gonna be a hundred and twenty six thousand that I've put back in a separate account just to pay taxes with so that brings my net net net figure down to two hundred ninety four thousand dollars halfway through the year in my earnings as a real estate agent so out of the two hundred ninety four thousand after living and all the other expenses let's say end up with two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to save and invest sounds incredible right I know everybody wants to be at a million dollars a year save a half a million dollars to put into whatever they want stocks by real estate whatever they want to invest in I think the problem is is that you're basing your happiness on this million dollars a year and I'll tell you right now when you get there it's not what you think it is okay it's just another day right and then tomorrow you start back over at zero we have to continue on this journey of trying to figure out where our next deals coming from every day when I wake up I'm thinking where is my next deal coming from who can I help please don't base your happiness on the fact that you want to make a million dollars a year and only making that million dollars in years what's gonna make you happy be happy with the process be happy that you put as much effort as you could possibly put into making that million dollars right and that you know you're gonna make it based on the effort you're putting in today don't let this depress you that you're not making a million dollars yet don't let it hold you back don't let it hold you down okay here's the reality of it you make a million dollars okay and based on the numbers I shared with you today you have a half a million dollars to save and invest okay now you made a million dollars you have a half a million dollars left over okay now what are we gonna do well we don't want to spend it because we want that to be our net worth okay we want to add that to our net worth so we have to invest it so now we invest it now we can't touch it because now we have to let that investment grow okay so now we're right back to being broke that's why I say we start over at zero every day because we're gonna take what's left over we're gonna invest it for the future okay we're gonna put it there we're not going to touch it so we're right back is zero yes we have a nest egg yes we're building wealth yes where our net worth is going up however our day-to-day life doesn't really change that much and this is something I learned in the crash journal lost everything I had homers and Cadillacs I had two houses that had so many material things that I didn't need right I didn't invest properly and the investments I did made I borrowed too much money and they were short-term investments so when the market crashed I lost everything so I learned my lessons from that moment of how to invest and now I'm in a situation where I only have one house it's paid for I'm not borrowing a bunch of money to buy a bunch of properties on a short term investments right I am borrowing money but I'm borrowing money against long term investments so there's two parts of this there's the fact that you have to learn how to save money you have to learn how to live way below your means right and also learn that happiness doesn't come from hitting those goals yeah you can be really happy when you hit that goal I'm not saying don't celebrate hell you know I'm celebrating every day because my happiness comes from the effort that I put in on a daily basis so let's talk about the progression of my income over the years okay when I got in the business I made twenty thousand my first year okay my second year I made about a hundred and then third and fourth year made a hundred two fifty a year now I know everybody says well I thought you made a million dollars yes because I was flipping properties on top of this right I was flipping properties on top of this and I had a million dollars saved up okay what did I do i reinvested in a more property borrowed more money at a million and a half worth of debt and then the market crashed lost everything okay so 2005 and in selling properties 2006 and 7 I didn't sell any properties 2008 I got back in the business that was after I read a hundred books and studied the market and really kind of figured some things out about relationships over transactions 2008 I made $80,000 and I was ecstatic to be back in the business off the oil rig where I was making 40,000 to double that doing real estate I was so happy at that point right and it wasn't that I wasn't happy before it was just that I was happy with the fact that I knew that what I had learned through crash was working 2009 I made a hundred thousand two thousand ten one hundred and fifty that was a year during the oil spill it was a down market a mini recession you know everybody's running for the hills and I made fifty percent more money that year 2012 I doubled it I was at three hundred thousand two thousand thirteen I was at four fifty right 2014 I was just a little bit higher than that it was like right at five hundred thousand okay and then two thousand fifteen and sixteen I made six hundred thousand and then I made seven fifty okay and then two thousand seventeen was the first year that I broke a million I did 1 million sixty last year I did 1 million twelve and this year so far I'm at five hundred twelve so that's kind of the progression of it that kind of gives you the whole story of you know the ups and downs of the market and everything I went through so I hope this video helps you out a lot just hear a little bit about my journey and the hardships I had to go through and the lessons I had to learn to get where I am this business is not easy but it's so worth it so just continue to put the work in let me know what in the world I can do for you please subscribe to this channel shoot me a comment let me know what video won't you want me to make next we'll talk to you soon [Applause]

What It's Like Being A Black Real Estate Agent RANT

listen to me carefully I'm black and I sell real estate this is literally one of those off-the-cuff videos that I'm doing because I received a message the other day from a subscriber that watch one of my videos and felt that I wasn't talking about the reality of being black and working in real estate in the struggles of a black agent and you know I almost sat there and wrote a long message but I figured it would be better for me to just record a video about it and so I apologize there is no special cameras for this no special microphones I'm literally just talking to you on my iPhone because I want to bring up this topic of being black working in real estate and I want to tell you where my head is and where my head has been and what I'm doing in my business because yes this does exist we're gonna we're gonna we're going to talk about all that because I don't want anyone out there to think that I'm not living in a reality or that things in my business have been easier than the average black person or the average person who's trying to make it who doesn't have any money because I've been all those places still live in that society today I'm still a african-american male in America trying to make it at the end of the day and so stay tuned keep watching this video because I really want to elaborate on this topic yes I'm just standing here in my in my in my kitchen and forgive me if I shake the camera a little bit I'm literally holding it with my with my hand and I'm on the phone no tripods no nothing and I'll probably be switching hands as one gets a little tired but again being black working in real estate that's the topic that I want to talk about on this video and so I'm just gonna elaborate on this when I first moved to Dallas when I first decided to take on real estate I honestly did not even think about me as an african-american male going into this industry and being able to make it like like that would that that thought was stove so far out of my mind that I mean it it literally didn't even come up now when it did come up was when I was at a place where I felt like I wasn't getting business because I was black and this didn't happen often and when I would get this feeling I would just immediately kind of put it out of my mind because I was like oh no that's not the case that's not the case but I can't lie those thoughts have come in my head before oh did they not hire me because I was black did they not invite me over because they thought I was a black guy and I will tell you 100 percent there was a point in my business where I didn't even put my picture anywhere I didn't have my picture on my business cards I didn't have my picture on my signs on my email signature no nothing the only way that you saw how I looked was either from the headshot on my brokerages website or when I showed up at your door for the appointment and so you know it was it was something that I did because I wanted to see if it truly made a difference and I would set appointments and our going listing appointments I will meet with buyers and there were buyers that didn't hire me there were people who didn't let me list it but my first thought was not that they didn't let me list it because I was black it was it was it was literally like oh well maybe it's because I'm young and I have a babyface or maybe it's because I smile too much or maybe it was because I didn't have the track record that some of these other agents had or maybe it was because I hadn't sold enough yet like those were the thoughts that were going through my mind before maybe it was because I was black and I really started to kind of see things when I started trying to get into the luxury markets and trying to get into the luxury markets in a certain area and I have heard things from people oh they don't work with black agents they don't have black people over there and all these different types of things which you know for the most part were true but that wasn't my motivating factor for not wanting to pursue that business that wasn't my motivating factor for not wanting to go on that listing appointment or not wanting to call that seller or not wanting to send letters there that wasn't my motivating factor for stopping doing anything I never never never never in my career wanted to let race be a factor does it exist do the do the problems occur yes 100% me being a black male yes they do happen and we can sit there we can focus on it or we could say at the end of the day I'm gonna do what I have to do you either hire me or you don't hire me people are going to not hire you for so many different things they're gonna not hire you because you're short or because your hair is too straight or your hair is too curly it could be anything but I wasn't going to let me being black be one of those things and so if you're watching this video I'm here to tell you do not let your race put you in a box okay the boxes exist and you can either get in that box and only serve the black areas and only serve people who look like you and talk like you and hang out where you hang out or do the things that you do just because X Y & Z said it or you can sit there and say I'm gonna be the one to make this happen I'm going to be the one to get this listing I'm gonna be the one to get this bar and if you don't at the end of the day at least you've gotten some good experience because now you can go in the room and you can talk to these people you can talk to whoever you can be s your way through a conversation you can speak their language you could do whatever you want to do and so this is just a message to you yes it does exist I'm not going to deny that the struggles don't exist the struggles exist on a spectrum of different things whether it's your race whether it's your experience whether it's your knowledge whether it's the way that you talk whether it's from the country that you're from there's going to be people who don't hire you from one reason or another but I'm letting y'all know because I just want to say this for myself me personally I have not let that be one of the reasons I have not changed the way that I mark it I have not stopped calling certain people I have not tried to not go get certain listings because I am an african-american male that is not going to be the reason that I stopped or that I go focus on a different area or that I don't chase certain business that would not be the reason for me and for anybody else out there who wants to blame race as being the thing why you didn't get some business or another get over it it's going to happen and if it wasn't your race it was gonna be your height or it was gonna be the word that you said or it was gonna be the way that your papers were lined up it's always gonna be something don't feel like you have to work with everybody if somebody doesn't want to work with you for some stupid reason you don't want to work with them because they are not the client for you I've had the privilege of working with all different races I've had the privilege of working with all different ages I've had the privilege of working with just a variety of clients and for that I know that there is so much more that can push me forward and there are so many more opportunities for me to make money in this business and there are not as many ways to stop me and race is not one of them and so I just wanted to say that I wanted to get that off my chest you know give me a thumbs up if you appreciate this I don't mind a few thumbs down this video because this is literally me just speaking from my experience speaking from the heart and I I mean I just I just wanted to get it off my chest thank you for writing that comment because that really inspired me to write that video I mean to make this video and yeah I hope you enjoyed it I hope you subscribe to my channel but just know 100% I am living in reality and I don't discount anybody else who's trying to make it in this business for any reason or another every video that I do it is to inspire somebody it is to motivate somebody it is to provide somebody with the knowledge and the tools that I didn't get and I'm letting you know that race is not one of those things that I'm gonna let stop my message or that I'm gonna let stop me inspiring somebody else to get out there and really sell some real estate and so I'm chasing J miles and I will talk to you soon