Why Everyone THINKS Doing Real Estate Is Easy

the truth behind why everybody thinks Real Estate is so easy what's up everybody this is BC welcome back to another video I wanted to kind of kick back on this video and just keep it real with everybody in regards to a lot of things that I see I wanted to make this video specifically for somebody who is either in the industry looking at the industry someone who looks at real estate from the outside who maybe has no interest in getting in it or just in general okay there's this warped and distorted perception about real estate and I kind of wanted to go over it with you because I believe this is a message that should get out there real estate is not what it seems like on the outside what do we see on the outside we see HGTV right we see all these beautiful property tours we see million-dollar listing you know shout out to a lot of the participants in a million dollar listing I've shared the stage with a lot of them a lot of them are great guys we see this glitz and glamour we see people getting a phone call hey I need to sell my 10 million dollar home can you sell it you know they get on the phone with somebody they talk for five minutes and the contract is ratified and they just made 400 grand and you're like whoa man that seems so easy and and and cool I could just get my real estate license intro but the fancy suit and my phone just starts ringing off the hook everybody knows I do real estate and I'm just gonna be selling homes like hotcakes you know and we need to understand that a lot of what you're seeing is Hollywood ladies and gentlemen you're seeing what would be considered fantasy or the dream now if anybody who's been in the business for more than a couple months a year or two years in my case almost six years now we can tell you of a completely different reality the first thing you need to understand is you're viewing it from the outside through editing through television through reality show through some sort of veil being put over it right so where you're seeing something that is not raw for somebody who actually gets into the business you'll realize it as soon as you actually get your license and you get involved in real estate it's a completely completely different world we don't have deals being thrown into our lap we have to go out and find and hunt for deals we're in an industry now where there is a lot of real estate agents and everywhere you look I mean just drive around every street corner every other street corner you can see and I've said this to people you see some sort of broker or some sort of come I mean take a drive around your city right for like 10 minutes like guarantee you you're gonna spot if you really look even if the signage isn't that good you're gonna spot at least I would say in ten minutes at least a dozen real estate brokerages or companies or century 21 or Bob Smith Realty you know an independent brokers you're gonna spot a bunch so the truth is that there is a lot and the reality is only a few probably ten fifteen percent of the agents in the industry are doing the majority of the transactions so the nine out of ten eight point seven or nine out of ten or whatever the statistic is exactly are failing out of this business within a year – the turnover rate in this industries crazy and now with the the wave of information and YouTube this failure rate has actually gone up a couple percent the last couple of years that used to be 87 now I think it's ninety or around there which is insane okay so again the outside TV fancy luxury all that in reality it's not like that okay just like with the show a lot of the guys that have been on these shows and if you read their books though they'll tell you they never in the beginning especially weren't just focused on these mega luxury properties a majority of their transactions like I remember fredrik eklund shout out to him he said the majority of US transactions even in New York City where all the 5 10 15 20 30 million dollar deals got all the the attention his bread and butter was seven eight hundred thousand which was the median price over there in New York City at the time when he started it wasn't all the fancy 20 million dollar homes he maybe sold one or two of those and that's what you saw on TV but the majority was a seven or eight hundred thousand the average buyer out there for real estate is not buying the 5 10 15 20 million dollar home in the Midwest are buying a 50 hundred thousand dollar home out here in California it's five six seven eight hundred thousand that's the average transaction it doesn't have the glitz and glamour and when we go back and forth with the agents also you have to understand the process of doing a deal a lot of times is in a seamless as the public thinks issues arise there's stuff on title you're dealing with again because the average real estate agent isn't selling that many homes you're dealing with agents who are emotional and out of control and then we have clients who of course are doing a huge transaction in their life a lot of emotions they're getting a little bit out of control so now me as an agent I'm dealing with an agent who's a little bit out of control and their client is a little bit out of control now their logic is a little bit skewed and now we have to negotiate that's not even including the buyer and the seller again this is a huge transaction for them so a lot of times they take everything personal the buyer comes in they write up an offer on the property they send in a request for repairs when they're in escrow asking a seller to fix a few things and let's say it's even minor a couple hundred bucks worth of damages and sometimes we have the seller say how dare they ask me to fix things they already got the house at a great price pause they just took it personally you don't get that on TV you get little snippets here and there where the owner of the property or the buyers talking to the agent hey man I hired you is my agent you're supposed to negotiate you get a little bit of that how about when things get delayed how about when the appraisal comes in low how about when three days before the close of escrow the buyer loses their job and it shuts everything down and the deal falls apart how about when we have a standstill between a buyer and a seller where the buyer wants to cancel the seller doesn't want to and now we might have to go to litigation and both sides don't want to budge how about when you're about to close on a deal which happened to me years ago it's a trust situation the families fighting because everybody wants more money couple of them end up getting lawyers they put a judgment lien on the property and now we don't close for a year and the lawyers bleed everybody dry for all these extra fees and all that extra money that everybody was gonna make now me is the agent I don't get paid until we close and that delayed a year so I didn't get that check which ended up not even being that much until a year later all right these are some of the realities how about the average person who goes on the market with an agent doesn't sell their home does not sell or requires multiple price reduction so again the seller or the client doesn't get their check and money and the agent does not get paid until it closes we don't get paid for effort or an hourly rate and that happens all the time then we deal with the public a lot of us in the public if you didn't know hates us because they have so many bad experiences of Realtors they know Realtors who aren't that good and it's just a mess again I want to bring some some insight because people believe this is all rainbows and sunshine because you see some stuff on YouTube and it looks all glitzy and glamorous you see the guy rolling and riding around in his Porsche or Lamborghini and you're like oh man and it must be awesome I mean there's kind of a reason you know I've had a Lamborghini now for two years I don't really show it on the channel there's a reason because I want to avoid that I don't want to be the guy who just is flashy and this and that just to make people think like oh man this is easy it's not I've been saying it from the beginning for my first couple videos this journey is not easy requires a lot of grit a lot of determination and the public out there who follows me who knows what I've done especially the people around me have a tremendous amount of respect for me because of what I've done and what I've been through that's what people need to see and hear about more this is why when I'm approached by a network to do a show I say scratch that idea about showing the beachfront properties and luxury properties let's show the nitty-gritty of an average agent I wanted them and I pitched this more than a handful of times of course no network ever took it because you haven't seen me on TV but I said hey when I bring a new agent in and I took them through the school of hard knocks and they're out there door knocking and making calls and getting rejected let's show the public that that's what they need to see then their perception will change because the realtor is a 10 15 20 percent that are actually doing the business owner working hard and treat this like an actual business is what people need to see because they think it's the other 80% that that is the realtor now it's us on this side that are working hard that are dedicated to getting better that pay thousands of dollars for training and coaching because we care about the client and we and we want to do good by them we understand the intricacies of a real estate transaction we know what can go wrong we can handle you and your emotions we can handle when things go wrong we can think outside of the box that's what I want everybody to see nothing oh hey let's go ahead and and sign this listing agreement right now in two seconds for 50 million dollars and I'll sell the property in 30 days oh cool we just made a commission of you know six hundred thousand dollars oh it's fast money I made I sold six houses this month it made five hundred thousand dollars I want people to see a little bit more about the reality but there the reality of the situation is you know the public is getting a very fantasy very movie like created image and the reality is much much different okay and again they're only getting viewpoints of Frisco Miami New York LA the big cities end up in the big ticket ones when the majority of the industry is the smaller towns that are selling 50 hundred thousand dollar homes and there's some incredible people out there that get no recognition that are selling two three four or five hundred a thousand homes a year that are all low price point but they're churning and burning they're running multi-million dollar businesses but all you see is the fancy guy in the suit and the Lambo on TV okay so this is the reality of why people think it's so easy and it's kind of worked and I really just wanted to make a video to really give some some facts of how it really is how it is nitty gritty how it's not so pretty you know and don't even get me started with the drama within the industry and people gossiping and and running their mouths and this and that that's completely separate subject that I could do a whole seminar on right but for the people in the industry you know okay so with that said I'll end it here appreciate you guys watching this video if you'd like to like the video subscribe leave a comment below let me know what you think or what people tell you they think that Realtors do right check out my podcast Supreme Being if you are a real estate agent watching this make sure you sign up for our September summit in Dallas tickets are officially for sale now check out modern success my personal coaching a mentorship program which is on my website and lastly the door-knocking challenge that I'm doing we're releasing it very very soon make sure you click that link and get on the waiting list and as soon as it's announced you will know and you can sign up ok that's it for this one guy's TDC see on the next one

How To Become A SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent

right in this video we're going to talk about what normal real estate agents do and then what's successful real estate agents do right there's a lot of agents in the United States that make 30 40 50 thousand dollars a year and then there's a lot of them that make 300 400 500 or more thousand dollars a year okay so what is the difference by the way you know what is the difference between one versus the other and why can some make a lot more money than others right I mean you're probably asking yourself right now now how you can make more money right if you're a real estate agent you watching this you want to become a real estate agent kay right now currently in the United States I believe there's somewhere around 1.4 million real estate agents and the statistics aren't very good right you know your average agent I think 87% of agents are not licensed in two years okay out of the 13% I would love to know how much money the average age and makes it's not that high right so let's just kind of jump right into it okay so basically you don't want to be the average real estate you know what is the average real estate agent doing okay here's a couple of things that they're doing obviously they're late all the time okay they can't show up to a meeting on time they're not ever at the brokerage they're not at the team they're not seeking out support right they're not making calls they're not doing the things that they should be doing now however they think that they are right see you talk to a normal real estate agent you're like hey they're like what are you doing blah blah blah and they're like aw man I'm so busy I'm working all the time I'm busy all the time I'm getting leads right I'm making it happen and the reality of it is that they're supposedly busy all the time but they're not closing any deals right and what's interesting about that is that if you were actually busy aka you were doing money-making activities okay you're MMA's and you were moving that needle in your in your career right then ultimately you'd be making a whole lot more money than you are okay so let's talk really quick about you know what you can do right to become more than average better than you're having real estate right step number one is you have to use systems and processes okay so what do I mean by that well here's what I mean are you implementing systems and processes right so let's say you get a lead okay you get this lead and you get the lead from an open house right you get the lead from expired calling calling expire it's calling fizzbuzz right however you get the lead okay you're actually busy you're moving the needle forward you're doing money-making if it is an aioli okay what are you doing with that means I would say that out of 10 or 20 or 100 leads not that many of them are ready to buy yourself right here right now today okay so are you using systems and processes to follow up with the leap okay so you might have a CRM okay a CRM that is gonna follow up with that lead for you on your behalf right it's gonna send emails okay a good CRM will send emails it might send text messages okay it might even drop voicemails on your behalf literally every single day every week every month whatever you tell your CRM to do it's gonna do okay on your behalf right and so now ultimately you're staying in contact with all of your leads without actually having to do that every single day that way you're focusing on again the money making activities and then ultimately when a lead goes from cold to warm to hot then you can personally reach back out follow-up aletan get in contact and ultimately make the sale obviously this is just one example if you have a system or a process that you can use but I encourage you right you're watching this video to Google systems and processes for the real estate agent space okay and what is that one could feel like right obviously this is big CRM I can tell my CRM to tell me what to do right what do I mean with that I can say hey CRM I wanna I need to follow up at this lead in a month and then I can forget about that lead for an entire month and in a month I'm gonna log into my serum because I do that every morning at 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock or whatever the time is and my CRM is actually gonna tell me what to do that day rather than me tell it what to do okay so again got systems and processes okay maybe it's people right maybe you build big enough team to where you can get an assistant you can get a transaction coordinator so you're not doing your documents right you're not filling out all these crazy freaking documents and somebody else can do that for you can moving along social media right are normal agents using social media okay I'm just curious our normal agents using social media I would I would imagine that they're not right so what did I mean I mean you can get on to Facebook right are you on face are you in every face of a group right are you going in to the groups in your area and adding yourself into the group's going to the meetups right talking to people networking with people are you on Instagram okay are you branding yourself as a local expert okay you're the local expert in Atlanta Georgia or in in New Hampshire and freaking wherever it is okay are you the local expert when somebody associates your name when they think of your name do they associate it with real estate right with buying or selling real estate okay are you on LinkedIn okay linked in okay after shirts felt their own are you on the LinkedIn okay and are you leveraging this LinkedIn right now is still wide open right there is no algorithm on LinkedIn unlike Facebook and Instagram so what does that mean that means that everybody sees your posts okay that also means that you can reach out to people there's emails there's phone numbers right you you have literally you have contact information for buyers and sellers that other real estate agents right maybe you reach out to other agents in other markets and you research the top ten markets where people are moving from into your area right so you live in it you live in Phoenix Arizona Kay where where do people where are people coming from to Phoenix where Phoenix is one of the fastest growing or sorry Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing if not the fastest growing County in the United States of America right where are people coming from well they're coming from Sacramento right they're coming from Texas they're coming from okay where are they coming from and then are you reaching out to agents in those areas saying hey I'm the guy writer I am the girl send me your referrals I'll pay you a 25% referral fee I'm gonna keep 75% and I'm gonna take amazing care of the client okay are you on YouTube right YouTube is obviously not an easy algorithm to crack but you also don't need to make informational videos you could just make a much simpler video targeting your demographic whoever it is that is gonna buy or sell real estate in your area right in your location okay so maybe within 10 or 20 or 30 miles of your area you might be talking about hey here's the home values in the area here's the median price here's you know what what that what the rates are doing right here's the the growth of the market okay is inclining is a declining is the time to buy now is the time to sell now right should you be renting should be buying these are things that you can make videos number you can go to a local title company and you can get these statistics right take this statistic and literally just make a video on it okay so you're not good in front of the camera then maybe you blog about it right you write about it or maybe you post it on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube okay Twitter right are you tweeting okay random things throughout the day throughout the week throughout the month again guys this is just a very simplified version of what you could be doing on social media can I encourage you if you're not on social media okay you should be so go ahead by the way speaking of social media and like the freaking video okay before I keep going did you like it I'm serious like just just like the video right now I really appreciate it alright that's moving on main objectives right what what are you what is your duty and our obligation and responsibility as a real estate agent kay when you're representing a seller what's your job right you're your fiduciary to this hour is to net them the most money possible as quickly as possible that's it right that's your job so you're representing the seller what are you doing what you're negotiating on their behalf right you're presenting all the offers you're guiding them and showing them what offer could potentially net them the most money right here you're taking everything into account you're figuring out the difference between the terms and the price and the down payment and what type of financing the buyers trying to use etc etcetera right if you're representing the buyer you're trying to get them the best deal possible right you're trying to net the seller the least amount of money possible okay you want to get the buyer the best deal possible right so who are you representing what is your objective and are you worthy of the commission you're about to make right and these are questions that I'd be asking myself by the way okay so you know understand this right what are you what are you doing and what value do you bring to the marketplace that other agents aren't bringing right because of other agents are just sitting there scrolling through the MLS all day not really doing anything twiddling their thumbs and you're you know doing ten or fifteen different things on a daily basis literally going above and beyond for the seller for the buyer when negotiating right and you're taking all-out massive action then do you or do you not deserve to make more money okay I'm short that the answer is that you do deserve to make a money pit who are you connected to right most agents you're like hey man do I need a good lender they're like log yeah I don't really know a good lender but I'll Google one no you should be going out there and making relationships with lenders right title companies inspectors okay cool guys freakin termite guys okay loan modification guys right you should have connections with everybody that way when your client buyer or seller says hey Austin hey hey whoever right I need I need a blank you're like hey I got a blank right and he's the best of the best or she's the best of the best hey this lender is the best of the bed maybe have three lenders right and that way you're never thrown under the bus you're like hey I tell you what I'm gonna give you three lenders that way you can pick which one you like the best but by the way I know all three of them are awesome okay that's exactly we should be doing right you shouldn't wait until you till you get asked the question to make the relations also what can these connections do for you they can give you freaking leads okay your lender should give you leads especially if you're giving them leads okay so if you're giving your lender leads they should be giving you leads right if you're giving your title company leads they should give you these if you're giving your inspector leads they should give you leads okay so guys this is a total it's a two-edged sword okay at the end of the day you know real estate is pretty simple right it's pretty freakin simple it's a consistent action day in and day out of just making it happen and doing things that other people aren't willing to do right at the end of the day and by the way it's that way with any industry okay so understand that what are some things you need to doing I would take notes if I were you okay right here right now you need been making phone calls right are you gonna call expires are you gonna call fizzbuzz are you gonna call who you gonna call are you just gonna cold call do you want to skip trace a certain area right this goes back to what we were talking about before tech your vendor can literally get you a list of people are sellers or homeowners in a certain area you can skip trace they'll help you right that's what they're for they're gonna spend their marketing money make them spend their marketing money and then you can make phone calls to those people in that area that you're farming or maybe you're holding an open house on inviting to an open house right you're going above and beyond you're doing this again how many calls you to make a day right Senegal okay at the end of it if you don't have a number of what you're gonna do every single date it's not specifically outlined you're just dreaming in the clouds right you gotta have a number for it to be a goal okay what are you doing meeting with clients right are you meeting with clients okay are you taking your bodies out I'm doing a buyer consultation getting the coffee buying Emma coffee buying them a frickin beer whatever you need to bind right go build-a-bear add the build-a-bear workshop okay whatever you got to do studying the market okay do you know what the hell you're doing if you're if you're if you're persons like if your clients like hey you know what what's the average price point in in nine nine oh two one out right what is it okay you should know that right you should know the questions or the answers to the questions again previewing hums right are you going above and beyond all by yourself and looking at houses before they even realize that it's on the market so you can call you say hey Sally you know I know that we talked last month you you're looking at it for a three-bedroom two-bathroom here and Gilbert Arizona well I tell you what I went out today I was in the area this this one hit the market I didn't want to tell you I wanted to go look at it first but by the way I think it fits your criteria perfectly but here here's some pictures here's a link and I talked to the seller or the sellers agent and we can go look at it tomorrow between 3:00 and 5:00 okay open houses are you doing open houses three open houses four or five a week okay these are things needing client appreciation okay are you doing client appreciation events right you closed ten deals last year what are you doing to stay in contact with these people okay networking with other agents right are you networking with other agents like what we talked about before in your in your area and out of your area okay these are just a couple of things by the way that you should be doing I'm happy to make more videos on things that you should do as a real estate agent but guys at the end of the day if you're not doing things to elevate you a tip to get you to the goal okay then what are you really doing right you're not an entrepreneur you're not a business owner and you're not a good real estate agent right and you're never going to succeed at any other business if you can't succeed as a real estate agent if you can't succeed at one to remember how you do any is how you do everything okay so if you can't do it here what makes you think you're gonna be able to do it somewhere else right it's just not practical it doesn't make sense it's an unrealistic expectation to set on your life and your business guys with that I appreciate you watching this video drop in the comments section down below what you would like to see in a future video and I'd be happy to potentially make that for you guys smash that like button smash that subscribe button and I look forward to seeing you in the next one

New Real Estate Agent Interview – How She Got Her First Deal EXPLAINED

what's up everybody I have a special special video for you we have Val on our newest full-time agent assassin on the team and you got your first listing yes so let's give it a TVC pound if you guys know Valerie's been with us as an assistant originally and you've been finally transitioned as an agent for a couple months now yes so not too long right we all know and you know from my videos and your experience if you've been following me that a lot of times in the beginning it's difficult to get your first listing and those first clients and we've had a lot of ups and downs with you know some clients you've gotten and some of it hasn't worked out but it's a typical stuff you see in real estate so I wanted to highlight this this listing for you so give us a little bit of background on you know maybe the original contact and then how long it took from contacting them what you did like did you door not gonna call him yeah all the way until getting the listing yeah okay so I first cold called this listing and she was previously and expired and she mentioned that she had a high motivation to move out of state in a certain time frame that didn't happen and I really really pitched myself and she just wasn't really like for me so I was in her neighborhood and actually was in her neighborhood and I door knocked her and she was home luckily with her daughter and she was very surprised that I was there she kind of gave me the like stalker look like you came to my house and I was like yeah I just wanted to put a face to the name I introduced myself I dug a little bit deeper as far as what her goals were and you know I sent a text message and she just said about I don't want to sell my house right now thank you and at first I thought she blocked me she wasn't responding the text messages weren't delivering and I was just like I kind of thought of it as a dead lead but I still kept sending her like our holiday text messages and stuff like that and eventually she just hit me up and said hey I am getting out of things with my other realtor I'm ready to list my home with you I was like okay yeah so just talk about yeah so basically it was even though it seems like it's dead you still follow the process you put them in our sis they still got touches from us they just weren't responding to every text and kind of being like oh thanks about yeah and that's a point I've made to people for such a long time is it doesn't matter if they respond or not it's almost like we take it personal like I did like she hates me she thinks I'm a stalker Yeah right so the whole thing with this is so February right February is when we first made the first contact and we're in what July beginnings of July first second week of July so it's a five month turnaround period right now a lot of people go I can't wait five months right what happens is and she's gonna start experiencing this now because you're setting more appointments is all that momentum you build early on will then start giving giving you fruit and then the seed will start sprouting after a couple months and I wanted to bring you on because that that's the key that's the key now in that time you've still been prospecting and contacting other people you said another appointment the same day right so I mean how and this is what they really want to hear how is it helped like your morale and like your mood knowing that hey this this process that I've been told by Brian and Loida that works finally I see it yeah work yeah like how does your spirit feel how does your energy feel and you know how does it feel not to go and then have gotten it and it wasn't really that hard that's why I was so shocked when she hit me up I was like really I planted my seed five months ago and I thought she was dead I just thought she was just not motivated and then it just happened so yeah the process was very discouraging especially after losing some deals that almost went through or just not getting any kind of results at all but still prospecting and you're gonna hit a threshold where you kind of want to just give up a little bit but that's when you really should just amp it up and once I you know got this listing I set another appointment the same day I was like okay here's my hard work finally paying off yeah and now now it seems like more real to you huh yeah because it was really hard to envision myself and I felt like that future self was so far away in reality it was just around the corner and I just had to keep pushing a little bit more yeah and again when you look at this whole situation you didn't do anything special either it was just follow up and then taking the action of making the call and talking to her was there any magical script or some special if you gave her and they got her to call you back or was it just the work and the consistency because that's the number one question I get well you guys say you're doing this but what's really going on like are you guys like giving special gifts or yeah they think we're doing something out of the ordinary to get them to call us back or for them to finally convert I really think I made an impact with her because I showed up at her door I took the extra step and I you know build rapport instantly and just from there she obviously I was the first one in her head when she thought of a realtor so and that's the key that's what we want you're gonna have a lot of people who are not ready yet on the fence who may be ready in six months or a year but if you brand yourself like Valerie did with this person then they're gonna call you or when you happen to circle around again and call him or text them they're gonna respond because they're ready and that's what you're looking for so obviously your spirits are up your Energy's up now all of a sudden it's like let's go let's go yeah all right that's cool that's the energy you want to get into and you want to ride that way we can say because it's gonna continuously happen over and over more frequently now because you've built that momentum so words of encouragement for the people either getting their license maybe they're in it maybe they've been in it longer than you or they still haven't gotten a listening what are you gonna tell them just keep going and it's kind of like survival of the fittest so just you know prove to yourself that you can do it you already started so yeah and already you're seeing from this transaction right after getting the contract sign stuff stuff can happen right I mean we don't have to share it right but you know some clients that you get are gonna be a little bit more demanding other ones they're not gonna be as demanding and you have to you know hold your ground and that's really what it's about huh it's like you can't be like well I'm a new agent I'm just gonna take crap from people right again the listing you got at a full commission yeah a 6% Commission right and we're not supposed to talk about Commission but you didn't break you didn't bend you didn't budge which is another question I get well I'm new I should discount my commission yeah and as soon as she was signing she's like right before she signed she said six percent is really high so high was I've seen and we just stayed quiet and then she signed so it's just like her venting her opinion but we're just like silence fine well yeah because part of it is them venting and you have to recognize the difference between people just expressing themselves versus an actual objection which you know we've been teaching for years now you already went in expecting to get that listing how it was yeah go I hope I get it oh yes yeah so I explained that mindset before we finished because that's a lot of people go in being new I hope I get it oh my god and you were just like this is business like it already happened yeah so what's your what's your state of mind going into it leading up to it that allowed you to just be like okay we're getting it I really don't know what the difference was I think it was just like I was so sure that she was motivated she was first sure motivated I was like you need to be sold as soon as where we meet are you ready to get the ball rolling like for sure she's like yes so I think just hearing that definite yes yeah and already seeing her in person also seeing her in person previously like really big difference so I was walking up to the place like I've already seen it I already know the house and it was just a different vibe and I already I literally walked in as if I already had the job and she's not really I want to sell she's like I have to just I need to sell for that's Kenan so that's another one it's a lot of people are wasting their time with people who are on the fence who don't really want to sell and they're missing people like this who are like I really need to sell I really want to sell you know what I mean sometimes people say that it's better to just go on the appointment anyways cuz you could change their mind or you know you could provide them with actual results which I think our pre-qualifying process does and it weeds out the people who aren't serious and it puts us in front of the people who are serious right and I'm glad you brought that up because a lot of newer people will want to do that you know they're like well if I just get in front of them I'm gonna motivate them which and you might get a listing who knows you know like listen to that language you might get a listing you know anyway it's cool so we are actually and this is a good time to announce it we brought in Jose who's doing our video stuff now so you guys can expect pretty soon starting like a weekly vlog for the team and then he's editing my videos as well and he's probably gonna edit this one so I'm gonna send this one to him so you're gonna see a difference in the quality and I do we've been uploading to the TBC channel right the YouTube channel yes cool I'll link that below I can link your channel below that way people can stay more up-to-date on the day-to-day stuff because that's gonna be more the outlet for that right anything else you want to say yeah nope just keep hustling and just prove to yourself that you can do it words of wisdom alright and how old do you by the way about 25 24 so for all the youngsters out there who were 18 21 22 she's doing it and she's your age alright peace we'll see on the next one make sure you subscribe hit the notification bell icon if you haven't already also make sure you check out the podcast Supreme Being check out modern success the coaching program our summit in Dallas that we're doing September 19th 20th and 21st get your ticket we only have a few left and the door knocking challenge that I'm doing it's gonna be a 30 day door knocking challenge I'm gonna leave a link to that below get on the waiting list alright peace out deuces

How To Be A SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent

so you're looking to be a successful realtor well here's your steps stuff everybody DC welcome back to another video I wanted to shoot a quick one for you just to give you some easy simple tips and tricks anybody can apply to ultimately become successful as a real estate agent and what army buy successful well successful means you're living life on your own terms and you're building a business that you're not stuck in right you can step away from it you can do what you want you can live the life that you want while still producing and making money for some people that's 25 transactions a year for some people it's 50 some people 100 but you can apply this formula and see success in any of these categories because they're simple and they're easy okay the first thing is you need to understand that you cannot take things personally in this business when you talk to prospects when you're working when you're doing this you're doing that a lot of times the emotions flare up and things happen and we have the tendency especially when we're new to take personally stop okay you need to understand there's a business you and a personal you and when people are rejecting you or telling you no and this and that it's not a personal attack on you okay it's not I don't care how much you think it is your mind makes you think it is it's not they're just saying hey I don't need your product or service right now and you need to accept that and be able to move on otherwise you're gonna be stuck in this no man's land where most agents are stuck where everything is personal everything is emotional you've done and dealt with these people I know I have they make negotiations that nightmare and they just add something into the business element that should not be there now it's still going to be there of course because most people have no emotional intelligence or mastery but you wanting to be successful have to understand this and it's not easy at first it's going to take practice it's going to take dedication but once you're able to now put your emotions in your own self to the side and deal with what's at hand and you'll be okay you need to be able to step away mentally and see it from the outside okay number two is you need to just be upfront and honest with all your clients and all the people that you deal with not only in the way that you educate them but in what you tell them when you meet with a client okay we're not supposed to tell them what they want to hear so we can get the business and be all scarcity and desperate you tell them the truth I've lost count of how many times I go meet with a customer and they say wow like as far as the price that you're giving us it looks accurate right but so and so and this person this person all quoted me higher prices well why why would they knowingly falsify that number that they're giving the client well because they're desperate to get business and they feel the only way they can get businesses by being dishonest and being crooked why would you do that okay so again you wanted to be successful you don't do that because we respect the person who's honest you tell them what they need to hear not what they want to hear and deep down inside they respect you too because in a lot of cases they pick us to work with them even though in almost every case we're quoting them especially a seller the lowest price and the highest Commission okay so again we have this tendency sometimes to want to do whatever it takes even if it means being again a little crooked and dishonest just to get business from a client you don't have to do that okay it takes a lot of courage and it takes a high level of standards to be honest and upfront with them but just do it okay it may in the beginning seem like it takes you a little bit more time to get momentum however you're building your business on the strong foundation and it allows you to start putting in practice having standards which is kind of the next point but it's tied in here so I'm not going to cover it okay always tell them the truth learn to communicate in a way by the way that is more advanced than everybody else a little bit more polished your delivery is better your usage of words is a little bit better okay you know how to emote better right meaning your emotions you know how to tell a great story if you do that while simultaneously being honest and really telling them how things are you're gonna do very very well okay so those are two big points stop bullshitting them start being honest all the time okay number three is this you need to realize that the Internet is not going away right and all it's really done is forced us to step our game up okay remember these websites are algorithms okay a lot of them like Zillow they're behind 30 60 90 days behind it's up to you now to be more up-to-date on the information and the market and what's going on so you can remain an asset okay if you're lazy and you're not studying your market and you don't know what's going on of course people are gonna trust the website more than you but that comes down to you that's why I'm not worried about all the online stuff because myself and my team we stay abreast on what's happening in the market we stay up-to-date and we're looking at it on a constant daily basis so it's impossible for one of those websites to know more than us okay you as a human being are much more capable than an algorithm okay now I'm not knocking the website that's cool I think it's great for people can get some information now because like I said it forces us to step our game up I'm not complaining at all and I'm not scared which is many people they're scared oh my god the Internet's gonna take us out well to me that would signal that you don't have a lot of confidence in yourself and you think that a computer can give everybody all the information they need and they don't need you which i think is false because we're utilized and much more than just getting information on the market okay but that comes to your level of understanding and mastery of this business and what it entails and what's involved with it and with me I'm not just a machine that spits out market facts I can do way more than that let's see how a computer can negotiate with me we'll see right so understand that that's why I'm always telling people go preview some homes go take a look at what's happening in the market look at what's pending what's coming up for sale alright what's sold take a look at the trends because you have first-hand access right there ground zero every day updated like this any websites gonna be delayed some websites like Zillow and all those don't have relationships with some of the MLS's and they're not getting all the information or it's very delayed use that to your advantage and understand that hey I am an asset if I choose to be and I need to be okay so we have a few easy ones for you right there now of course communication being honest staying ahead and understanding the internet and those kind of things another thing that you need to do is understand that it's up to us always to be the example okay because what's gonna help us is being the example and allowing other people to follow the lead so if you're coming in you need to understand the majority of the industry is amateur and that kind of stuff well if you start practicing if you putting your best foot forward if you start executing everyday and demonstrating to the world your office and everybody around you what it is to be an agent then other people are gonna pick up off that example and you're gonna spread you're gonna spread this this right way of doing things and that's how you do it you be the example you don't force people you just be the example okay now the last thing I want to cover for a minute or two before we wrap it up is the whole online thing right we seem to be in a transition period where people are either jumping only to the new school stuff or only the old school stuff myself and a few people like that summit we're gonna have in September which I recommend you go to we blend both we do a lot of the old school stuff which you can consider traditional prospecting right or farming right making calls going door to door doing the email stuff like that's all the old school stuff right but the new school stuff is some of this social media like YouTube and Facebook and Instagram a lot of us have blended this and harmonized it and utilized it to our advantage you can do the same so I would highly recommend that you learn to use both now if you're still in a position where your business isn't too big and yeah you want to really buckle down on the old school techniques to build that real life real world real business experience and skill but at the same time you don't want to completely ignore this you should be putting out at least a little bit of content on Instagram and Facebook and and YouTube you should be a strong constant representation of your brand because that's the beauty in this this is like a diary that's public we can say this is like a vault where you can inform the client you can put testimonials you can't educate your audience if you want you have every right to do that if you're working and you know what you're talking about and now even if you're in the beginning and you're not an expert yet you can document your journey so people see what you do right there's never an excuse not to put stuff online all it does is that allows you to build your brand now later on you have the ability to transcend beyond just real estate but we'll save that for another video for now understand that hey every day every post every video is building my brand and this is what I need to do so if you do that on top of doing all the old traditional activities of making calls you know networking going door to door and doing a lot other stuff you're really just gonna supercharge your success because a lot of people are going online now and if you're constantly in their face whether they need your service or not they're gonna know who you are and that's branding 101 I get messages every day from people who I haven't talked to in years but who see me post all the time and they're like dude I can't get rid of you but that's cool because it shows me that you're hustling and that you're doing your thing remember to the public that may use you as an agent the more they see you the more they're gonna assume that you're doing well so it's a good positive way to build your brand by simply just being consistent with putting your stuff out you need to understand that the perception is everything okay and if they perceive that you're consistent and that you work hard they're gonna at least give you a shot to sit down at the table and interview you and at that point you demonstrate your skill and your ability and your competency in real estate to help them as a professional and you'll get the business most of the time okay so blending the old school with the new school successfully will give you a leg up over everybody else okay now I may turn this into a series and go a little deeper but these are some basic tips to help you guys become a successful real estate agent regardless of where you're at some people need to brush up on this stuff some people need to do everything but I'll leave it here for you so you can take some notes and apply a lot of what you learned if you would like to ask any more questions go to the comments section if you'd like to add anything if you'd like to I don't know maybe make any other suggestions if you're a veteran agent watching this or you've learned something the hard way go ahead and do so because this is a good place for you guys to connect in the comments section so we'll wrap it up here I mentioned earlier the summit and Dallas for all the Realtors make sure you go to the link in the description and get your ticket it's gonna be amazing blending the old school in the new school we're really going to go deep on that for you guys number two supreme being my podcast and make sure you check it out it's on every major podcast platform in the description and lastly in the description is modern success my personal coaching and mentorship program for the planet this gives you the most all-encompassing type of coaching that you can find guaranteed I don't care if you're in real estate not on real estate you're licensed for not licensed get on our success that will change your life we have our second Members Only live event August 10th and you definitely want to be there I have some dynamite dynamite speakers going ok with that said like the video subscribe if you haven't already hit the notification bell icon so you could be know fight every time I have a new video okay that's it for this one team you see peace out see y'all next

The 5 MOST IMPORTANT Decisions EVERY Real Estate Agent Will Make

five tough decisions all you real-estate agents are gonna have to make at some point or another so ladies and gentlemen BC welcome back to another video I wanted to do this particular video because there's a lot of pivotal points in somebody's career real estate especially in the beginning and I want to cover four or five of those pivotal moments and decisions you're gonna have to make that will shape your destiny in this business for sure okay let's get right into it well real quick actually before we begin in the pin comment below this is last minute but we're doing a free virtual summit this week July 3rd and 4th so I put the link below you can register for the webinar and it's super quick ok let's get into this five things five things the first one is huge ok and for many of the newer agents it's picking who you're gonna work with and where you gonna hang your license write a brokerage write the broker that you choose to eventually work with through the licensing process a lot of people who have been following me and maybe some other people have already chosen one or they're already kind of looking and as important as it is you also have to understand that it's ultimately gonna fall on you you're gonna be responsible for your success you can have the best broker and training and then step-by-step process that they give you but if you're not plugged in you're not willing to put in the work you're not willing to fail over and over again as you learn you're not gonna make it so I also want to make this huge warning that it's not up to the broker anybody else for you to succeed it's up to you and I want to say that first before we get into this because a lot of people still feel that the mentor and this person and that person is supposed to hold her head no one has to hold in your hand okay I wanna make that very clear to you we can help short we can look over your shoulder and guide you we are not going to hold your hand though you need to accept that and know that before you get into the business okay that's gonna help a tremendous amount of you alright so when you choose your broker a lot of people come to me oh well you know we want the hands-on training and this and that and most brokerages aren't going to deliver that or to the level of what you thought and perceived it was going to be you thought again somebody's gonna hold your hand the whole time not gonna happen so you want to go somewhere that has your back and has the ability for you to connect with people and find people to help you okay now obviously I'm gonna promote Brokerage exp I've already sponsored in like 130 agents and most of them are doing very well the ones who are dedicated but ultimately that decision is up to you fine one locally use exp keller williams century 21 whatever it is go look in person to some of these offices talk to some of the agents and connect with them and see what's up go to some events maybe some pre events if you don't have the money and talk to people from different companies and get a feel for it cuz again remember that most of these bigger companies are franchise models so the quality is gonna vary from city to city and state to state so if you ask me hey bc house century 21 i cannot answer that question you need to go and look at your local sector 21 offices to see if they're good or not okay so that decisions obviously going to be important and you want to make sure that you're getting into the right environment but at the same time and then this is the biggest weight and the decision you have to know and understand no one's gonna hold your hand training and all that is up to you especially now in 2019 where you can find channels like mine where i give so much content most people say that what i teach for free is better than what their brokerage taught them okay so there's really no excuse however you want somebody to have your back teaches them ins and outs about your local area and state as far as contracts laws and all that that's fine but that can be done easily okay just make sure that when you do your due diligence on a brokerage you take a closer look and you don't just accept things at face value so it's definitely gonna be an important decision okay number two is going to be your decision whether you're gonna focus your time and energy and efforts on listings or buyers now i've always been a proponent of going after listings I was taught listings is the name of the game I don't care for in a buyer's market or seller's market listings are how you last and how you build a repeatable a duplicatable business okay if you want freedom if you want to be able to not work 24 hours a day seven days a week the listings is the way to go so I may be a little biased in this however I'm gonna do my best to stay neutral okay if you want to join a team maybe you are somebody who's working and transitioning from a part-time or full-time job into real estate maybe you have a lot of dependents you have a couple kids you look into transition money's low you want to go the team route or maybe you work with a couple buyers just to get your feet wet and do that or maybe hey you just enjoy working with buyers more maybe that part of the the transaction or that part of real estate fuels you sparks you more then go for it then work with buyers but you're gonna have to make a decision okay you can play both sides of the fence you're still always gonna have to lean towards one though okay you may be 60 70 percent listing you know thirty forty percent buyer or vice versa or you might be seventy eighty listing you know twenty thirty buyer or vice versa so you're always gonna lean one way now each one has its benefits right you can go the team route like I have where you build your own team once you start doing more listings and that kind of stuff however for the sake of simplicity and for you to be more effective in this business make a decision and say okay I want to focus on buyers I want to focus on sellers and just so you know an advertisement again working with sellers is much more difficult yeah it's a different skill set you're gonna have to prospect you're gonna have to go out there and hunt listings so to a lot of people the buyer route is what they choose simply because it is a little bit easier because they can join a team or just work with buyers and get a paycheck okay but what you need to understand is look at both really critically look at both based on your situation what you want your future to be like in this business and then make the decision but again it's pivotal because a lot of people start with buyers because it's easier in their mind and then they want to flip and go to listings or a couple people go listing route because they think it's going to be super easy then they're like oh man I have to make calls and and handle objections and work on sales skills I don't want to do that I just want to work with buyers so make the decision okay you know what it's fine just make sure you take a look at both maybe you study me and some other people who preach listings maybe you study a couple other people who preach fires whatever just make a decision and be able to walk this way or this way okay it's gonna make your life a lot easier in this business and it's gonna make your tactics and systems and strategies a lot more clear because you know where you're going and where you're headed okay so that's two number three and this is huge this is huge is there's there's gonna be a day where it's gonna dawn upon you I've been saying this since day one but you have to make the decision sooner rather than later you have to have a standard of how you're gonna run your business okay you may hear it for me as some other people who you follow some coach that's training you your mentor what it is what I mean by standard is this if you dedicate your morning's to making phone calls and the moment a client says well I want to meet you in the morning and you drop everything and you meet them in the morning you don't have a standard okay you need to have a standard so at this point you make a decision I'm not gonna have a standard and just run around and do the business that way or I'm gonna have a clear-cut standard I'm gonna commit to it and it's gonna be set in stone mr. client I'd love to meet you in the morning however I'm completely booked in the morning I have openings today at 12:00 and 2:00 or tomorrow at 1 or 3 which works better for you that's how you answer that because you already have previous commitments your schedule okay this also has to do with the people in your life who say well you're in real estate you don't have a real job you can take me to the doctor tomorrow you know what I would tell my family and friends no I'm working I'm in the office at that time find somebody else because guess what they can find somebody else they just know you're the easiest route to say yes and they know you're gonna say yes and that's why they keep asking you okay get a standard set of standard I'm not gonna tell you how to set it because that's entirely up to you however you need to have a set of standards of how you run your business whichever route again once you pick listing or buyer it's gonna be easier to do that so it's one of those first decisions you need to make you need to have a standard though okay two more for you number four is gonna be and I named this branding because when it comes to branding you're ideally as an agent going to want or cater to or attract a certain type of clientele which is what I've done and many other people do okay now I'm a little bit more chameleon like in the sense because of my skills that I can connect with a lot more people however in general there's gonna be a certain type of clientele that likes me more typically people who are a little bit more not as politically correct are gonna like me people who are a little bit louder athletes like me right typically people who aren't as square if we're gonna use that term right like me so I already have a type of person who's attracted to me and who likes me and so do you so you need to understand that and if you want to attract more of those types of people then you create your brand and everything around that or if you want to attract a completely different type of person then you create a mold your brand around that but that decision has to be made okay cuz then for example if you're like me and you have piercings and you have tattoos then if you want to appeal to the people who don't have it then you're gonna have to make some measures and some adjustments maybe when you make videos you're gonna have to show less of your tattoos and maybe take your earrings out and that's a choice that you made but again you have to make that choice from a position of cause not affect not oh I need to cover everything up I'm not gonna get a business no no not like that you make the choice saying I'm going after the person who may be on the surface judges people who wear tattoos so I'm gonna cover it up and make such a great impression that when they see my tattoos it's gonna make them change the way they think about people who are tattooed ah now we're talking strategy that's a difference but you need to figure out who you want to cater to because in the beginning especially later on you can extend but in the beginning you're going to attract that type of person that you want to attract so start using your mind start using some strategy and build your branding and everything around that so it's easier for you to get that type of client anybody else you get in the meantime it's just icing on the cake yeah and the last one and this is huge that's why I saved it to the end for the people who actually stick to the end of the video and this is taxes okay you're gonna have to make decisions based on how you spend your money when you make it many of you are gonna get that first second or third check that's huge that you've never seen numbers like that and at that moment it's gonna determine whether you succeed or fail in this business okay now I almost failed in the business because of being stupid with money so I learned my lesson put money aside for taxes and budget your money and understand and learn about money and allow yourself to be able to make a good income and build wealth long term this is key but that decision is made after your first or second check and if you fall into bad habits odds are you're gonna continue down that route but make the decision now especially if you're watching this and either you've gotten one two three four or five checks or none yet because you're a new person who's getting licensed make the right decision pick up a money management system I've recommended plenty of books I have my broke two millionaire series which I can link here for you it gives you a basic money management and budgeting system that's super easy and simple follow that please but this is a a detrimental or super-positive crossroads and in most cases it's the path to the underworld for most people when it comes to this subject because they have a bad relationship with money and then when they start getting their checks or not thinkin taxes your Commission checks have not gotten taxes taken out of them remember that especially if you didn't know that you're watching this so you have to be responsible for that and put that money aside and remember that because Uncle Sam will come after you and he will with the vengeance okay with his hands out like this and give me your money it's gonna happen okay so when it comes to taxes be prepared budget your money properly and spend wisely not foolishly okay with that said we'll end the video here a couple of quick announcements again check out that pin comment I'm not gonna put in the description that's in the pin comment that free virtual summit we're doing this week click that link get registered and we'll see you there again it's a 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These Real Estate Websites are lying to you…

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리볼 있자 슬로프에 마스크 박주미 좁은 로깅 데코 않기 때문에 넥스 도어 승원 더 세냐 of point s 펜 듀스 도주 재능에 따 3배 높게 낮게 어려서 뽑은 워킹 앞에 5 모으며 킬 왔어요 죽어서 오늘은 백운 설에 cd 오면서 서화 sbu i-pin 쏭 메리 팝을 이자벨 향후 스알 묘미 5로 보다 홈스 위 롤 다운 새로운 ce 우장을 잠 없애 줬어 ok 수월 뭐 있나 홈 싸울수 테런스 림이 우노 아센 좋았어요 앱 보잉사 파파의 싶어 스쿼트 애브리씽 고어도 퍼 믹스 데쎄 움 때 오히려 홈 사드 20 미오 앤데 씩 내 덕에 및 6세 뭘 파이프 수박 볼 우리나라 추앙 어릿 sok 메뉴 악성 을 슥 영원성 어덯게 네스트 오면 좋을 수도 미명의 waste 티모르 부터 퍼오면 3 4인 드린 한드 canceled 아도 없는 쏙 j here to go 미추 명이 너를 스피커 쓴다 레시피에 파이트 주 수밖에 net 퍼플 서울 수 이승의 셀 dist 매트 cosy 트 주먹 fist of 아브르 msc 풀꾼 에휴 되니 맞춰준 후에 퍼져서 아래 와 세디 보아 루프와 브리스 파이터 듣다 우선 얼 3 실험 2 따져 나올수도 x 이나 뭐 하는 서버 우냐고 뜯어보니 이렇게 추는 뽑아버리는 보안 유물 독립한 되실 분이 거였지 애니의 줄기 3 eten 수 스펙상 어머 아스트 및 뜨거운 바이오 c 또 시퀀싱 11월은 와이스 솜 성은 불쌍한 하루는 데다 올 oem 에 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 연승 업 보고 어느 스탠스 듯싶어 코이 맹 테루 쏠수 maven 큼 vigor 꼭 쏘우 notes 크림스프 rtls 베컴 얼마 못 그 사슴의 d 스스로 링 볼텐트 설계 쎄로 얻어먹기 땡큐 케스 eaton ex oo 양 숙소서 호오 나도 뭐 아쉬울 진법을 스위스 문제 충분히 수표 없네 아주 켜면 내고 미학은 적어서 안 쓰면 좋다 올때는 파이 paul's wiimote it out on are too loose tee route to make me ooh 커뮤니티 looser soo soo exid 파이프 code file io on a flat out on paper 왜 아무리 3tb 모든 속 말에 폴 4월 소성 free or 초안 팁 울산 점 들 사슴의 li 좋아 우리 스튜디오 죽어야 될 나올 모아서 co 와 싸울 순 저와 스튜디오 오픈 비리나 먹어보세요 이한성 언듯 아우디 로프 아부리 restore people was quite 싸움을 장어 뭐좀 어찌 거 없어 불 색 30초 아니 색상에서 10 뭐 추세인 콱 10월에 폴 냉채 웃다 웃음 됐나 하우시스 아쿠아스토리 perform 1 9 다운로드 어려서 뭐 하고 볼 적엔 는 포옹 델의 품어 dry 스트 살고 에 의해서 다 얻은것 곳이 bu young 왁싱 쓰고 맞추어 로 주된 수출된 보았다 of he received 4.2 않습니다 퍼갈 수 있는 보았어요 mrt 행서 데어 는 갱신 oma 를 라스트 장은 오빠 usb 터뜨 사슴의 무쏘 아오 해도 뭐 쉬고 자 깨닫게 찌르자 큰 빙어 백파 범골 싸울 bdsm food is too too 나 켄 작동이 듯 켜 봐요 숨 앞으로 나 하이 of repose 즉 뽀미 원래보다 이 말씀이 이 외에도 올라왔 제자교회 woods to pou powers 스튜디오 쉬프 사투 얻겠다 홈 쓰자 하우 베이지 더 월 iso 악사의 사물이 배 춤 설을 합니다 겸 30조원 수도의 치울 수도 있어서다 받고 lee open 미래 이거나 팀스 를 하고 있으니 무사 홈으로 조절할 볼수 있어서 락커 배 뜻의 파파 2co 있어서 4 글로벌 or 2.5 숨어 멘트 달 즈음 주스나 쪽에 좀 하듯이 포커즈 tesco 있게 주초 restore x 중에 큰 목소 배우들 sce 노의 소광리 pen 헤어 per 교수한테 게임스 를 우리는 위스 문화 속에 한번씩 소포 야다 장 mv so i were tv 의 강제 포와 후암 대역 endorse or 홈즈를 위성이 쏘나 샘의 어디에도 타면 뭐 어때 있소 그랬더니 와트 워키 인 ddos centos cater to 검프 도 머니 웃기냐 포인팅 스타즈 앓고 의 창을 접수자 파울볼 이렇게 맞춤식 많이 내리지는 나와 2 그 3 메이 fin 스즈카 스트릭 양주의 oscar to 얼마로 그런데 아까 그 유주 온다 유대를 아톰 오디오 라오스 싶어하고 이 거 안 너한테 푸세요 없어도 처음에 냈다 니스 날수 든 원 이루어 계약 4xl 캘리퍼 & 이상 슈퍼 분이 있다구 케이션 따른 비우 따로 패션쇼 o 파이 쓰는 원 되길 겁니다 뭐 아악 홈 써먹게 푼 모어 등 노모 한데 이 울수도 스크리머 재즈 바 누에 listen to me the booth free how 파보니 5 s 펜이 우리집 모아둘 수 아이폰 좋은 위에 오스 이불 첸 미 우세요 아니 of seoul open 줘서 sc 쥬드 rfid 읽는 감소는 뭐하게 아기옷 sort of real as to the boot 5ml 특허 블러 율포 앞 어린아이 킹스 로 맞서 x pool 조수 smokers 펀딩이 오 거야 다운 오딘 큐에 보이스 고파 블리드 소 컴파일이 남원 2번으로 알몸 어디냐 옷 이라고 된 하우스 저는 뭐 하게 암이 우승에 보트 게임 빼어 대학교 nrg 에 뭐 다 그 거지 뭐 이의수 호텔의 프라이스 wing 주 풀사이즈 더 잡 조 쌍이 나와요 4:00 썸띵 들이 미소를 가오 골든 예수님만 0db 입니다 그 듀 베이스 on q 슈퍼보드 아크 이나 스펠링 온오프 워킹에 저 본 어촌 과연 저서 아스트 맨 초원의 감싸듯 i'm a fool 페니 큐 스틱 농어 들면 자유도 out 우승 포인트 제이메이크업 에스 오 무예 얻어 개념 하우투 탱 다운 b 3 목사 스웨터 우린 어찌 dj 팀별 있어 유스 케이스를 냈어 title 울트라 wai 헴 냐 보호원 cos 위 qc 로 책임 찍힌 쓸어 왜 쉬운 섹스 팀의 나버리고 l 면에 oie 에서 뭐 안 했냐고 원 씬 애니 엄마의 몸 팅 용인 도울 미우 쓰인다 시조 거의 그룹의 고르고 째는 섹스 맨 개개인의 날 thou in 내복 r 애니멀 마이포 i'm 쓰고 뭐든 말 굉 입어 오디는 사스 매 m 이걸 미로와 다 파 분이 1 이전 트 전적을 퍼갈 수 있는 캔 어플이 개업 later 빨 음냐 보원 치냐 아이라 볼 수 nex-5n 뉘우스 g f 게임이 김수로의 쉬운 죽을 4.1 뭐 이 길 땡큐 벌써 으 50 불성 오른쪽은 1 oil 선배 윗 1스푼 이에요 생활고 swan 더 of rs 때 응원 흥행 배우 그 나오고 얻음 주 프로젝트 디아 주었어요 스페이스 펑 인생의 4 인데 이 루소의 스텐 주님은 뭐라 qrp 추울수록 엔저 원의 즈 오브 퍼티 에센스 빙질 아이 오비완 내 명인 떠 올 수 배출 매출액의 답 쯤에 이쁘게 미니 di 뒤에 듣지 워 즉 발송이 지고 아 이새끼 쏭 오토 학생이 iv 쉘 잎이 가진 조회 들이 어서 이 패스 매출이 그들이 5y 있다지 우리도 향후 바로와 버스 lb 고아처럼 튜나 어 베리 수치가 앳 맥스웰 치유 스마 cispr 뻔 없으나 스타일 요렇게 게임 마우스 잊으며 로파이 지원이 장마 버스 들이에요 그래도 5회 뭐 이래 1 아트 비디오 2 나는 슈퍼 쇄빙선 액션을 패턴을 토끼 10명 어스 맥슈 lie in comfort 프리머스 되어 있어 boomer 붙들 피어 peer 일을 하는 852 f5 페이셜 급 에너지 주 긁힌 풀리니 오는 쥬얼 쓴 휘호 3 2 위 소스의 이준 책 면서 의도 세상에나 수정 new heru 수 없다 2 opnet 수가 퀭 땡큐 계부 학생의 엔진 정말 짱

New Realtor Builds EPIC Real Estate Team In 18 Months! : GSD Mode Interview w/ Andrew Coca

what is up my peeps Joshua Smith you with another GST mode podcast interview the number one podcast in the industry for real estate agents to learn how to get done make sure to check us out at WWE SD mode com2 check out other GST move podcast interviews in other additional free content free webinar trainings and more epic content that i'm always putting out there to help you real estate agents like you crush your real estate goals just a few quick plugs before we begin if you are a driven real estate agent has big goals big dreams and want to create greatness then check out my personal mentorship coaching program at WWN I am a street comm where you can see how it works what you can expect see a ton of testimonials about the massive success other Realtors just like yourself have experienced with the program and learn why thousands and thousands of real estate agents have decided to join my personal coaching program to help them change their business and live forever alright so is real estate agents hands down by far the number one most important tool in our real estate business is our current if you want to use the exact same website and CRM I use that provides you with all my personal following drips that allows my team to join thousands of leads each and every month and close two plus homes every single day check us out at www.imtcva.org going to sign up make sure to go to perfect storm G sed calm you want to make sure that you prove their register perfect storm GSD calm well you can get the registration free waived and only pay on a nine dollars a month by one last quick thing your support truly means a lot if you find these interviews and any other DSD mode content powerful please make sure to share with anyone that you feel can benefit from this content alright it is time to jump on into today's GST mode podcast interview what is that my peeps Joshua Smith you within the GSD mode podcast interview who ever seeing a week we interview top real estate agents top entrepreneurs in strip top badasses they're out there dominating their space these are people choosing to not live a life of mediocrity but instead to go out there and create big amazing epic lives for themselves for their families as well as a big impact on others and that's why they take time of their busy days to come on here with us and share all their brilliance with us so then we can go out there and grow and expand and kick ass in our own businesses so you guys today we were obviously those of you watching this and not listening to this we are in the studio which we don't do a lot of these anymore this is pretty dope I always get excited what do we do one every six months anymore thank ya yeah we used to do them all the time and it was like the energy just different you know right but I get it's it's tough right and then people can't you know I'm not Jill Roman so people are in the job but once in a while we get blossom the guest like you guys that wanted to do that income and so on but we're in the studio here I'm joined with it with a couple badasses you guys either um a couple guys that you know I've had the pleasure and the honor of being able to I guess witnessed from afar all the growth and success and they've had just some young hustlers I mean with Jonathan I'm sorry Andrew you're gonna be real say this is 20 and you're 23 today yep right so so I got into real estate at 23 so like you're boom like certain where I got started right and man you're just killing it you're crushing it so um they are the co-owners or guests that you guys are the co-owners of the coca group which is real estate team in Denver and again man I I think I don't remember exact timeframe but about a year or so ago that you're in the office you're a half probably year and a half ago and and that was your you flying solo at that time right flying solo no agents actually so we had zero just me with the logo coming here to learn from you and then it's it's time just flew yeah in 18 months so solo single agent which is where we all start right now they have dude a pretty badass amazing team that that's that's doing some epic things that we're gonna talk about today but they have 10 agents on their team and grown massively we're just talking before hit the record button of you know the next few months anticipating be at 25 agents with the recruiting strategy giving and have going on and they're just growing in skill and massively um so I'm Lou Stockton honored and excited for this interview and to have my good friends Andrew coca and Jonathan Martinez on the show come show guys thank you yeah that's dope dude so on alright so before we jump into what you guys are doing it cuz you're doing a lot of cool things man here right you're you guys are you guys are doing what real estate agents need to be doing today yeah right and what I mean by this is you know no longer is it good enough to just be a great real estate agent I gots the ante to be in the game right now I'm not do like if you're not gonna be a great agent take care of your clients like you know the contracts and bail service your clients you know which I believe is just the anti I'm like just get a business school teachers episodic something like get the out right so but but that a lot of agents got away with that for a lot of years um not treating this as a business yeah right and put the agents that that understood that that was the ante but also treated as a business you know right those were the mega producers that always kicked ass but now look at it today and as the industry's involving that's no longer enough that's like that that's the anti now that's the new in yeah what used to make you a mega producer was just it's just that auntie to maybe you know just to do okay and survive in the business so I can addition to that man you really got a master technology you got a master technology systems processes automation and just be methodical of different revenue sources and and think outside the box you know right and you've got a really evolved what you guys are just frickin crushing it out right which is which is really impressive so once you get into all that here shortly before we do that though when you give this guys a little background how did you each get involved in real estate because I know you guys both came from different spaces so so go back on on what led you into real estate each but then also I'm really interested in how you guys met like how to have that that connection happen absolutely so I guess I'll start I got in first on our team and I was in college I remembered the day actually I was in my business law class I went to school in Massachusetts I was in a business law class in my second year and everyone's talking about what they're gonna do for the summer and out of nowhere some girls like oh I might get my real estate license and I was like huh that could be a good idea so I got I went home got my real estate license and I went to a seminar by I think Gary Keller and then that was that I didn't have any family I didn't have any friends didn't have anyone in real estate didn't really know what the heck I was doing but it just felt right when when she said it in that class it's stuck in my head I went home that summer got my license and kind of just fumbled around didn't really know what the heck I was doing and then I think my first year went okay my first full calendar year I sold ten homes and I think 21 and then after that things were a bit rocky up and down we had a few good quarters a few bad ones and I just couldn't really do it by myself and so this is where our partners come in we have another partner that's actually not here with us too but meeting these guys our skills just complemented each other so so so well and whereas I was maybe having the long term vision and I had all the things structure how I wanted them there just wasn't enough gusto in the team until I want to say John and Dylan came in and then actually Jonathan and I met one day I met his little brother you can take it up from here yeah so um I think just kind of like piggybacking off that so we actually met at like like he's like a little brother of mine but anyways this guy met him at a bar and then it up and like like the next weekend my little brother was like yo like come meet this guy he's really cool and at the time I was like I guess I was in corporate tax and then at the same time I was like heavily involved with a lot of companies in New York City in the in the startup space and so here's a yellow you really need to meet this guy is really cool so we met we actually end up spending the entire dinner was like an hour and a half two hours like just sitting there chatting at the end of the table ignoring like everyone was like poor I ignored his birthday but um yeah so that's how we met and during that whole time what I was really you know going through I like to say I don't have a cool story of dropping out of college but I did go to college did accounting and finance and then realize went into the industry and just was like this is not me this is not what I want to do and at the same time I was working with these startups and had a taste of true entrepreneurship and what that really meant and what that embodied and so I think at that time was like a very strategic time if you want to call the university or whatever putting us really in the same room and then it wasn't until about a year later I was like I completely walked away from the financial space and stepped in to really kind of like just not knowing what I was going to do stepping away from all that identity and stepping into like okay I want to be an entrepreneur I've kind of seen it I've done it a little bit worked with some people like that and then purely out of boredom really got into real estate and was like yeah I finished the course in like five weeks just like completely killed it and then really just called him I remember he was he was still in real estate and I was like hey I was like what's up you know and he was eclipse meet up we met up at a coffee shop and then actually ended working with him concurrently and this is when he was just like he had just like really began to like start taking his business seriously from my perspective and so actually end up going away on to a few other brokerages I did some more consulting and then mom it was like it was like last May we met in a rock bottom and talked for like three hours about like paradigms self-development and then like collaborating on a potential real estate venture and at that time that's what we had fully intended and then eventually he was like hey man like I really want you to come on the team I think he'd be a great asset and so I was like yeah you know we can like you know I really want to you know do like a real estate tech company with you but like maybe and then we just came really good friends got introduced was introduced to Dylan cloud our other partner and we thought oh Dylan but then yeah and then like we just vied really well a lot of the I guess from the social dynamics to what everyone else was bringing into the table was just really good and the synergy was there and yeah I mean in through through the ups and downs of you know recruiting agents building out systems and being in a room for like 16 hours a day with you know in a 10 by 10 we call it a war room yeah it's it definitely builds definitely builds character between you know your relationship to the other people so we actually have that or that exact one we do have that same and so from that standpoint yeah from there we just you know started growing the real estate team I pretty much handle you know he was gracious enough to kind of let me be the CEO well he handles you know I'll jump in here because when I left school at at my school is a very entrepreneurship focus school and they made us do this survey one time where they basically asked us like eight or nine questions didn't really tell us what it was for and then at the end we basically like rated at one through six how it applied to us and then we they give us a little sticker and like made us go put it on the board just like the lower scores are here the top scores are here and I had the very like lowest score by like a foot and then you started seeing like other people's and then I come to find out that it was a fear of failure test and I just I had the lowest fear of failure of the entire class by like a ridiculous margin yeah and then the reason I say that is I thought I had such a low fear of failure and then I go out there when I you know I even I go do real estate I think I can go door knock and do all these things and I start to walk up to the first house I'm like like stomach drops don't know what I'm gonna say kind of just sit in my car for an hour I could turn back I didn't know what the heck I was doing and I meet this guy and I and I I see who really doesn't have a fear I mean this guy defines how to go out there and just just crush in I didn't have that aspect that might know deep down that it was all gonna work out and so I could take that action but you know developing these things and giving that to other other people that we bring onto our team is is just so crucial and so it really worked out well I mean our strengths just were so different at least at the time we've kind of just built together so maybe maybe a few a fear of failure was so great that you were like succeed you know right cuz it's one of those things like yeah you can't have here Yeah right when I say can't have fear of failure like you gotta be willing to go out there and fill but you know having a little bit of fear is good too right keeps yeah and a great book out there as Andy Grove who was the CEO of Intel um from multiple multiples that go decades which is only the paranoid survive you nobody talks about like how they grew and expands like you gotta like you gotta have at least somebody the organization that is you know that is constant at worrier and not worry in a negative manner you know right but a good banner of understanding you gotta be relevant you know right yeah so I love it dude so on one side because real quickly before we talk about what are you tactically doing inside your realistic team when it comes to partnerships yeah because we see so many real estate agents partner and and so many I mean most that I see very few do I see their apartment for the right reasons it's almost like a lot of people just don't want to go at it alone so like they might be oh hey you know I'm closing 25 deals a year this a jump here is closing 25 deals here like they're almost like a clone of themselves yeah but they just would rather be together than be alone so and a lot of times you know I made this I did this when I first got started to of a short-lived partnership where it was just like well you're doing your production I'm doing my production it started off as just let's share expenses let's share an assistant let's but then it's just that got muddy didn't then I just Mason so let's put everything in a pot right but then it doesn't always out you know way itself out so you gotta you have partnerships it becomes so critical right because you gotta have skill set fits like you guys are opposites right so like your weaknesses are your strengths and vice versa right and sit with your third partner right so um but then from there you know you also had the other component which is like gotta have the same core values gotta have the same vision you gotta be willing to sit in at 16 hours a war room each and every day sacrifice personal levels and like even visited we talked about big goals but nobody talked about big sacrifices yeah what are you willing to sacrifice and yeah like there's so many little moving parts here that come to a successful partnership and you guys have done such a good job at it what advice would you give our audience um that's thinking about partnering that's me you know thinks it might be a way to go of how do clubs identifying and like what are you guys done like what's the secret sauce gosh I was like I could think of so many things you would say that I like couldn't say the right way so I would definitely say from the standpoint of like when you're thinking and walking into a partnership my the way I feel we've all addressed it is one talk about the big things are really the things that potentially are gonna be your pain points and like understand like how that where that person is operating and how they operate and that's just getting to know that person but also understanding like keeping yourself in check would probably be the biggest thing and I'll let you elaborate on this one because you explain it way better than I do but as far as like just understanding letting go of your ego and like willing to like get outside of yourself and that is like the most ridiculous thing like from the outside looking in but like when you're in the moment and it's like him and I is so funny we when we like clash and we have our moments we fight or whatever it's crazy it's like sometimes we'll like yell at each other for like 10 seconds like yelling and then it's like dang like I would get 50 seconds later is just like I'm sorry man I should have said yeah you know I mean I wish I was operating here and so we like that sounds super technical to start breaking down like every argument like there if you feel far between but we tend to definitely put everything on the open from what's bothering us both personal and professional what struggles were coming up against and we really air it out like it's almost barbershop talk almost sometimes the way I would liken this because a lot of people say do or don't partner with friends or family or anything like that and and part of the reason is when you're with family it's like you're you too close to tell them certain things you're just gonna fight or things to go wrong there I don't really operate within any of those methodologies personally the way I see it taking a step back from all of that is if you like how bad does someone want it and what are they made of and what are they willing to do and where are they going and the four of us I mean it's the three of us then on another couple companies we have a fourth partner so the four of us in this war room we want it and we just we have that same drive we're all drivers there and the way I see it when you have that if you're willing to learn what you need to learn if you're willing to do what you need to do to get there honestly the the strengths and the weaknesses they don't they don't matter me it's it's are you willing to get there and are you willing to learn what you need to learn to get there and so that's why we have such a huge focus on personal development and when he said you have to get beyond yourself really what we mean is when when you go into any partnership you are a somebody you have these likes these interests these identifications and this is who you are but if you can recognize that there's a reality beyond then you can break from who you are as a personality and and kind of get beyond yourself in a way there's just these if you can commit to doing that and leaving the ego at the door and who you identify is at the door and we become a team in that room that's that's what matters to me and to be honest we're all very very good at then we do a lot of advanced personal development work there to be able to do that and aside from that everyone's driving all day long and so it it really works out and then if we do have a conflict we're very very open and honest with each other and if we disagree that's why it comes to a head and then it just fizzles up because we're we don't we don't let things build up in that way and I think that's very important as well I know you said that it's it's you know what their drive is it's a way well here's the endgame goal like how bad do you want it you know but then from a skill set component I know you you mentioned that that matters more than the skill set and I agree in that like look we if you want it bad enough for you learn the necessary skill sets right but there's only so many skill system can learn and then expand and I'm just guys do all have unique skill sets Vanegas says the reason bringing it up is because there is some component to that yeah like you have other in game those skill sets but if you all have that same house all have that same Drive all have that same want and desire but then you have the unique skill sets like dude it's hard when you're starting to visit somewhere no that's you know compared to like ya got your your other part on sand you know brilliant badass at marketing yeah right like you're really badass at technology and systems and automation and yeah right and you've got the real estate experience absolutely no other elements of it where you can each you kind of wear your own hat and like have extreme ownership of these things you kind of talk to us about that too of you know because I'm guessing that that is a lot of Umesh person I rise and drive wise but also like would that have been enough to partner if it wasn't the all like good if I partner with Jonathan we would then explode because he brings this to the table I would say that there's a lot of unknowns when you partner in terms of how it's going to count like your skills are going to compliment each other it's really hard I think to partner because you think your skills are gonna complement because you can say that from the outside but then the second you partner it's like well you don't know how they're gonna mesh together until they mesh together and that's really hard that's where a lot of partnerships fail is they don't know how it's gonna be when they get together and that's truly why I think you're right it's it's like you have to look at can the technical skills complement each other can the personalities complement each other in different ways and that's a very very good way to look at it but then from there I think what matters and keeping it alive is that you know that drive to that vision and then that ability to get beyond yourself but you're right it's like they do have to mesh it's just hard to see how it's gonna happen until it happens you know it's it's like when you mix two ingredients together you can say they're gonna do this but you put them in the same thing it's like do you have that well one thing I think to elaborate and just to I guess put an analogy I guess to simplify things it's like if four chefs in the kitchen right and so it's like at which point do I you said extreme ownership and so it's funny as I'll be doing sales calls recruiting and whatever I'm doing on this and then you know he's definitely like oh the instructor he knows the systems and he built out coca University so he's working on that and then you have Dylan and he's doing branding and yada yada yada out right and he's building out that and then we have another partner and he works on a separate business but he's doing his stuff and so because we all buy into the same vision and what we're doing for chefs in the kitchen it's like you know whether someone's cooking a main course and everyone else is doing the size or whatever at a moment's notice any one of us could switch and do exactly something else um gets increasing us and getting us to that vision that we all have together and I think that's I mean I don't know if you want I would a little because a lot of the time people don't like to have multiple chefs in the kitchen but I think what's cool here for our partnership is when we bring on a business partner I don't want to partner with someone in that way at that level if they can't be a chef in their own right but if we're gonna hire employees or have people come in under us that aren't you know having an ownership then they don't need to be a chef they can do that one rule so we really do cross train each other a ton and then we might have different strengths and weaknesses but we really work hard on overcoming those weaknesses and at least having some level of competency where once we had a weakness it's like you have someone whose strength is your weakness why not learn from them too so so we do help each other grow in that way too so we don't even I don't look at his like my old weaknesses that I had before I partner with him I'd say I'm a lot better and in those areas just from learning from from him and our other partners in those ways as well so it's like you're my I'm so uncork so by my partner hammer this dough right I just brought her on as a partner last year she's my first hire ever so you know 4 bucks an hour admin you know this was 2006 yeah right and you know last year I uh I mean she grew and built the whole team with me all right over the years and you know she's leveled up and did an amazing job at anticipating who she needed to become and you know so I gave her ownership last year and brought her as a partner and you know and and you're right I mean I gotta jump in and do her role yeah right she could jump in and do mine and she hasn't I have yeah right but it's like you know she runs all the operations for the support side you know right and then anything contractual when it comes to that and then I run all the kind of the coaching and training aspect of it so we have those roles but I mean yeah we can jump in be cross-trained whatever and then it becomes cool cuz then you know how to support each other that much or – yeah when you're cross-training you can relate with what the other and and I so I have a tip for any real estate partnerships as well because there's so many different types of partnerships different businesses because I was talking to a friend of mine and then another I was talking to two different people with the same problem in terms of partnership people who partner in real estate tend to try to make it really complicated and I think it's as simple and I and I learned this from you back in the day was when you partner you're a new entity and you you're essentially building a team or let's take the coca group for example it's not let's say Andrew does a deal how much of that deal does Jonathan get it's how much of that deal does the new entity get and then from there that entity can net that commission against any expenses and at the end of the day you have partners with whatever interest but you have to build the business and so if there's two people partnering in the real estate industry often what they'll do is say well how much of each deal do I get or do you get and they don't look at it as a third entity getting that that percentage and then splitting it so and just from what I've seen people who are partnering at least in real estate don't tend to treat their partnership as an entity I think that's the first problem yeah LLC and parasail payroll yeah I couldn't agree more yeah and roast is every business is a little bit different you know like when we're talking or you guys were talking about the skill sets yeah right um yeah I just started thinking about my supplement company yeah right well my partner myself only come here we have three three total partners but one my partner's is about chemists Yeah right like he's spent 20 years 'lord formulations and like I cannot do that yeah right so he comes up with the formulations yeah right my job is I run back in systems and operations like dude I like oh you know we have a supplement out right now i'ma take it I don't work so I can tell you from the ingredients in them 1 what each one does you know right now real cities is all over the different different beasts you know it's not technical some other spaces with some of that so on you know Jonathan I'm curious do with your with your background if we got in real estate with consulting and helping me startups and you know which is super cool right cuz you got to kind of test drive entrepreneurship to know it was for you and you felt that pull towards it what were some of the things that you learned from what my startups come sure you saw some kill it in some filling what were some of the key components like if you had like I know two or three biggest learning lessons that you learn of like like here here are the ingredients that you make you make you make it or break it for you that you've been able apply here gosh I would probably start at the top on what partners you're choosing and who you're choosing to work with at the early stages and that like the the person all that you bring on we definitely implement a very family atmosphere and that's not like in a way like like the typical like family business it's more or less like you treat others with so much respect and you do unto others the way you'd want them to do to you arm and one examples like for our group I always tell when I mean with age and some like this I'm like okay so a lot of the times when you're gonna you're in it hey I can't show up to showing da-da-da-da-da and the person's like how much you gonna pay for that it's like no like just go do it just go help that person cuz they're gonna return that later and having people that are always looking out and understanding like putting themselves in your shoes and understanding where you're coming from and that's just anyone from personnel like anyone you're bringing on to really just your partnerships and understanding like you need to have this energy and one is like hugely trust if you don't if you don't like trust that person to have your have your back and a dog fight like why why would you even like step into business with them because this isn't easy it's never gonna be easy you're gonna be in predicaments whether its financial or you know your personal or your business just anything you need to be willing and open and honest with each other and always transparent that would be first thing the second thing I would definitely say surround yourself with it's it's all people I'm primarily going to talk about people it's I don't really think it's ever the product it's all people and the next thing I would say is when you're bringing in personnel and this is literally what I say every meeting when I walk in and talk to other agents is only sound I don't want to work with real estate agents I don't want to work with and essentially I don't want to work with an employment tell you and work with business owners and entrepreneurs and the reason I say that is because those are the people I am going to be spending time with and surrounding myself with and likewise with them and so I wouldn't haven't have it any other ways that's what I live eat breathe and same with my team and my guys and we all do that and so from that standpoint the people who bring a business owner mentality tend to weather the storm tend to innovate tend to bring you know creative solutions to whatever you're doing whether it's the most technical monotonous thing you can think of to just like hey like you know maybe we do this for our culture event like just all around I would definitely say it's all it's I think it's all people thing for me so yeah love a dude so um Andrew so I did so I'm gonna get like deep into just a straight real estate now right so with with what you guys do and from a you know tactical system strategy standpoint your team well you went from being the business prior and you know decent first year then you had some ups and downs you to where you guys are on fire right like you never grow and expand doing it right outside of the partnership as we talked about the power there from an actual like taking action tactical implementation standpoint what are what are the differences that you are doing now verse I used to operate that as a longing you create the the rapid success I think the number one thing that I have now that I didn't have her we have now that we didn't have is Koch University and essentially with all that is is our team training so what happens is when a new agent joins we essentially put them through 20 plus hours of team training and they learn in my opinion one of the most your paths for success but on top of that they'll also learn all of the little things that they have questions about when they first joined because we're talking earlier off-camera everyone says they have the best training and I've gone I mean so is he being at different brokerages we've had the opportunity to go through a lot of people's training and while there's a lot of good training out there the one problem I had noticed was that it's not chronological enough for someone whose mindset is fresh and new or whose mindset is someone who's not producing to being somewhere where they need to be a world-class realtor and so I think the chronological order of things is lacking usually you have libraries of training that people can pull from but they don't know where to start and it's very confusing so what we did was we have step by step for 20 hours it's all in order an order that we think they should go through and then that is just so easy for us as a business because we put an agent in that training and we don't give them leads until they complete the training we don't we don't order the business cards we don't do anything until they complete the training and when they complete the training they'll have far less questions they'll know exactly what they need to be doing and then piggybacking off of another thing we have in place is the tracker we didn't have our numbers tracking dialed in until very recently within the last three or four months and so we have Koch University we have the numbers tracking for our agents and these systems can now scale and that's why we're recruiting so heavily and you plugged someone into them they come out the other side a world-class realtor with all the tools in their possession and weeds and the ability to go and generate business for themselves all you need is the right people at that point and before when I was going up and down and before we partnered I had some videos I had some form of numbers tracking but it wasn't dialed in and it wasn't scalable to the point where we're talking dozens or hundreds of people could use it at one time it was more like you can maybe have a handful of people use it at once but now it's really scalable and dialed in and that's overall the difference I would say yeah I mean it's um you know unfortunately the training in the real estate industry is pretty poor yeah right for I mean industry-wide and you look at you know people that are known for training might like would say Keller Williams yeah right which would you look at the big franchises has the best training agent training out there right but it's still like you still end up either having to pay for the advanced training even they're like you got a paper bold or pay for you know whatever um and even then it man it stop it because it isn't like you're yeah it's so overwhelming it's shotgunning and you said the methodical approach of it I look at it like you go buy a piece of Ikea furniture right and they give you looking at yeah all these thousand pieces scattered out yeah I was like what you can do it all that right like you need the instructions like you follow step one that leads you to step to step through it's like building Legos almost right um with this and doing it in a pound way you know Mike who a huge mistake I see so many needed to make is they do buy the business everybody is obsessed with leads right now am I going to feed on your truth like number one to have your tracking down an observer to your CRM dial then and when I say dial then like a CRM dial then means all you have to do every single day is show up and clear your task you like you do that every day you're kicking ass right um your buyer listing presentation I'll then and then your spear of influence you know strategy I'll then like you and I probably take a new agent a full 30 days right now same accounting like spinning an hour every single day learner you know going through the MLS and getting to you know like we have you know plan in place for new agents for that stuff but it's like yeah I'm at first three days like slowing down enough everyone wants to go fast it's like you got to slow down in order to go fast right and I get there impatient whatever but um like you like leads I always agree with if you jump into Legion without having those those elements in place I got it soldier like dude you're either gonna go broke or you're gonna burn out and probably combination both yeah right so it is there is get put the cart before the horse right and and I'm now you show me University for price of screenshots if you are upset yeah absolutely so uh give you guys a sneak peak of well that looks like so you can see this yeah if there's any agents and yeah so then um because I've got an online university as well Oh which I know you've seen it yeah we're comparing universities before jumped on but anyway with that like I've done it where I've went so hands off well it's like I've went everything digital yeah right but then we found that mandated it's gotta be kind of like a mesh of some live in person and some digital a little bit with that so do you guys have outside of the online university which is great for mastery they can do it on their own ours got a bio consultation model you can state you know get done working then go tell your family and then from nine o'clock to midnight rehearse it and roleplay it and go up and kick ass the next day so it's great for all those things but is there do you have an integrated kind of like alum but what do you do for the Lionel yeah absolutely we and you can talk to us too we have four we have basically weekly class three or four classes a month in our training room so and then we actually do have our first team party coming up and so we have meetings as well but what we do is we treat these parties as like a 20-minute meeting talk about business and then we have food we have drinks we have everything that at the venue I think we're gonna explore venues but we have one coming up in a couple weeks actually and what's really exciting about that is I don't know that the entire team has met each other and on top of that I don't know if the entire team has met all of our vendors yet so what I like about these is it's a chance for us to all connect and do some business but then ultimately meet everyone and if I can have all 11 agents talking to the lender we use and the title rep and the insurance people and just everyone knows each other face to face I think that's very important as well so you can talk a little bit about that too yeah so I think just from the stand point we actually just the beginning no towards Santa last year we started taking these classes and teaching we are with color Williamson so what we did was we started we just like hey we want to teach and and we had the training Coca University done the branding was done and it was all cleaned up and so Andrews definitely like the instructor like he bisects things and says things in ways that is very technical and very applicable to I think the real estate industry as a whole but what we're finding and what we're doing is we're opening cocoa University not just to our group but to the people that you know whoever wants to come if you want to come you can come in and basically learn and learn how we do things in the way we operate and kind of see a little bit of our culture at the same time and so I think that's a great element for us as well and I totally agree with the fact that it can't the training can't all be digital there has to be this element of one being personal and I have agents like call me not only regular but you know sometimes they're like hey I got this like one-off situation like what do I do and then you coaching them through that and usually we try to limit that to like 15 minutes but like it definitely does work I mean adding a little bit of a hybrid as you if you would um definitely speaks volumes and it builds that relationship not only with your agents because they like you really genuinely care that you want them to succeed but at the same time it's like they have this like framework and it's like robust like coqui University they can always look back on when it's like they're writing a contract at 11 p.m. and it's like they're obviously they're not gonna pick up the phone and call me but they can go in there like hey I have this right here I need to write this traditional provision blah blah blah blah blah tells me everything they need to know so overall I think what we're doing is we're really trying to create a culture and from that that goes outside of cookie and oversee online that goes basically our hands in our ecosystem as far as our vendors and who we use and having that relationship be built for each and every aging yeah so then I take you to you know look what what are the four classes that you guys teach on our monthly based term and why though is for so we have you're doing social media wrong because I think that's probably the most obvious one we have a lot of I think the average realtor is a 50-something year-old yeah I mean we're in our early 20s and and I think we're just more naturally gifted with social media being younger because we grew up with it so it's one of those we can help people understand the ins and outs of it all also more in-depth things for the younger people that maybe they're not doing that they can do in a real sense we have know your numbers the path to 100k we have is su we have how to generate leads through Facebook lent through Facebook advertising and then we have yeah high level negotiation so we go into more structured negotiation principles that you might not know but then we also start to apply it in different depends on the audience we apply to the actual industry and how it applies in maybe a Commission split negotiation or maybe it's just a real turd realtor negotiation we we try to get three or four of those in a month so that we always have it rotating for newer agents or agents that haven't gone to the last one and things like that it's pretty dope is that it means that really tracker base you talk about having tracking something I'm really going because it's it's funny man because we and we have our universe as well and then we have four live classes that we do as well and you know our our four are and what we started doing is we just stripped away of okay people that go through it like what were their homes and they struggled on you know right had a lot of questions that was kind of hard for new agent plugging in or or I should say a new a new agent to our team they can be seasoned the computer this is six years ten years it doesn't matter right I mean those things for us was tracking his is always been a huge one like people just don't get it they don't understand it they Realtors naturally freaking hate numbers and Excel sheets and but tracking CRN you know right like really like just we had to have just more advanced putting in dummy leads and like just more advanced and person training on that CMAs has been a big one for house so we have that you know so these are these are every week so Monday through Thursday it's an hour same place they can choose show up or not and then the other component is you know just a high-level business plan which goes into tracking but just really getting to understand their business because we'll do initial business Lagos don't understand it you know right of a brave that break down um so kind of talk to us cuz dude no in your numbers I mean Jeff Bezos says you know who's the richest dude to ever exist the planet right first did break a hundred bill right so he's like look man if you do not know your numbers of business if you don't know your data you are going to fail but there is no like oh you're gonna struggle it's just like you are going to fill and we see all the time like you might hide get lucky and have a comparable news market like you gotta get a know your yeah right it's gonna walk us through today that's so important well what happened at first was I had this tracker that I loved and I'm like oh I can track my numbers now but I didn't and it's like well huh you can have all the systems you want but if you don't work them you're screwed and I would say the I've had coaches I've had mentors I was in a mentorship program at Keller Williams and stuff like that and I think at the end of the day with all my coaches all my mentors they could never force me to track my numbers and no matter how much you know you don't really get that and so that was such a big focus for us in building the team was I know they're independent contractors I know we can't force them to do anything but one thing that we talked about this a bit earlier but why we offer leads in part and why we love offering leads is if they don't track their numbers and if they don't do the calls and they don't do these things well there go the leads and so just incentives to to make someone for their own benefit track the numbers is so important and it's just how do you how do you get them to do it so that's that's why we we that's why we we get them to do it and it's yeah you're right it's so important until you actually follow through on tracking numbers it's I don't know how you can scale you know yeah yeah I couldn't agree more man you got it yeah I think we all go through it I was as bad as anybody yeah right and do not spend time on you right so um from year one I was like six or seven months in the business I had a agent that was like had the office right across the hall from me you know I've always been a big believer in like dude having a pert like an office at the office and just show up every day right okay first one in last one I'll show off every friggin day right that's yeah it's true dude so much to my personal success I mean even now today like I don't need me area pretty sick but I'm still my most most days it's very rare though I'm not um but this new comes mean he gives me some Jim Rohn CDs and I never do that until up on my life Twitter's old like I never actually read a book in my life like I never saw felt and you know but then once I started getting into Jim realm and I got hooked and from that point on I never went without a mentor coach and and it's like back then like it's crazy to think about 2005 when I got the business student there's no smartphones or so he's like razor foot phone there right we were just certainly in scanners you know they always do there's no DocuSign there's no facebook there's new youtube there's no podcasts nothing yeah right on so there's no digital programs either like you had husband young yeah 30 40 50 grand a year in coaches and gets old and now that's like a million today that I paying coach thing consultants but um I just keep leveling up with it um but even though dude no matter how much I paid them they all told me track your numbers tracking numbers chunking hours right even though I'm still going to check to him out I'm true them is my mentor my coach I knew better and I was in track of my numbers until I had enough paint delivery yeah I was like your number four and the business man I was ready quit and I the best year of my life financially netted like 780 that year or whatever not rich one quit because I was gonna for him to midnight no quiet life my wife and my wish had our first daughter lived right across the street like there's less than half my why I go to three days bail seeing them but it was just it was just this like I couldn't stop it couldn't slow down I couldn't his energy sucked I guys ready to go back to make it 30 grand 40 grand a year Yeah right of course I don't wanna walk away from the income but now only solution to solving that problem was to know my numbers so I could only make the waste and scale it and and but I had wait till like for me it's been this hopefully those watching and listening um can like it's great to learn from your own pains and mistakes but the smartest way to learn from others right I've had this yeah like I didn't start taking care of my health until I became morbidly obese and lost my health right didn't start taking care of my finances until you know made it and I lost everything and put myself 100 thousand dollars a credit card debt and whatever didn't start tracking until I like I'm like this guy that like I keep my ass beat get knocked down before I listen I'm trying to improve that but uh you know right you have these little moments on yeah I think we all go through it but you like once you implement like man it was like I realized right on the gate about 90 days into ever if you've experienced it I guess about 90 days into it or so do about half of all my time energy was spent on useless like it was irrelevant right Wow I think that was a huge huge problem for me and that's probably the biggest problem for all new agents they there's just sitting on their hands not well not not all the time but and sometimes you're accidentally putting into the wrong thing you think what you're doing is the right thing to be doing right and then it's not and then other times you do have the agents that are just sitting on their hands but either way it's like here's the plan follow it yeah so yeah I feel kind of blessed I like I've got licensed in 2005 to not have the distractions are today because there's no YouTube yeah I like it so easy today back oh I'm working and they're watching youtube videos from other top you know or they they think of top filters in YouTube I I think there's one try three actually youtubers that real stages they're actually legit charlatans that makes them so look legit but so easy to get caught up in that right now I don't want to say don't listen to podcast rats I GSD mode they're all don't listen to me that's truth point there's some other ones out there that my good content but uh it's so easy at caught up in that today Yeah right like you get busy but not unproductive things like we should be found that pavement right so what do you do then to ensure let's just say they go through the training they've gone to these meetings now and they're plugged in like what how do you ensure that they are taking action what they need me taking action you mean you mean how do I ensure other than the tracker or yeah we'll get a five and let's just say dude I went two weeks I haven't showed up for a meeting and I haven't but what does this look like from there I know you have leaves and you can take away the leads but like what I I guess it comes down to accountability right like what does that look like to – because we can't force them but but you want to and you can't motivate people yeah alright but you want to facilitate an environment where they become inspired like what do you guys term from that element you know I I think I am more of the guy that can walk someone through whatever the heck their problem is that they're trying to deal with I know who you're joking about it earlier because you have your business partner is better at that than you but I think in terms of where we lie if someone is hitting zeroes on everything and they're they just don't know what the heck they're doing I think it's important to just figure out why I mean are they disillusion to that point where they don't want to even go out of their house and knock on doors if that was their plan well why they're getting zeroes I think matters sometimes and if you can help beyond just a professional scope that goes that I mean I think that's more important honestly in terms of how we can train our agents because if you can break that professional barrier and you can help them in a way that they never thought you could help them because I think we are able to do that I think that will not only help their career but that I think that goes above and beyond so I think why matters if they're disillusioned or if they're just not motivated like why because I've been there I I was there really bad for a few months and it's just if if it's if it's one reason versus another there's going to be completely different approaches I think you need to take so I think I think it's a one-on-one type of meeting that we would have but typically people will hit their numbers or at least track their numbers so it's like it's not always like like that so far but I'm sure as we grow to maybe like dozens or a hundred agents you're going to get people that are just ghosting and not even tracking their numbers not doing anything and then and then what do you do I think but definitely one-on-ones are huge for us for anything like that I would definitely I just piggyback off that what I would say is I tend to keep like I'm really like I assume familiarity with all our agents whether I'd like really know them all right maybe not as close with them as I maybe another agent or whatever but I'm always like if from really just texting someone just like hey what's up what's going on and like completely I look like it'll be like I haven't talked in few days and I'm like what's up how's it going can we get on a call and just jump on a call and just like talk to them about their life what's going on and it's like not they're not long calls but like just really showing that like hey like I care and from a standpoint when someone's not you know making their calls I I just very upfront with them I come from like I guess let me put it this way it's a quote I heard as you can inspire a person because it's like trying to push a rope so I can never give them I can never instill inspiration inside of them the only thing I can do is motivation and motivate them and that's that's fleeting right so then getting down to like why they're not making their calls or like you know what failures that they had how did that make them feel like how could they be better and turn it into something that's productive rather than like throw my hands up it's you know it is the way it is let's talk through it let's I actually have a very technical process for this and the way I see it no matter if they're producing or if they're not producing or if they're motivated they're not motivated they have a frame of reference they have basically their their awareness their consciousness how they perceive reality and from within that frame of reference they create meaning they build the model of understanding everything around them and some people's very limited frames of reference if maybe they're caught up with in certain paradigms they create the meaning such that life sucks or I shouldn't do this or I hate this or this is terrible and if we can expand someone's frame of reference if we can find a way to get them to accept certain information that would cause them to evaluate the world around them differently there you go and so that's what a lot of the advanced personal development topics include that's a lot of this stuff that we do outside of of real estate that I think is very important for people like that but it's also important for the high producers as well I would say yeah couldn't agree more and I'm gonna put like a bookmark that right so I don't know the technical term because I want to go deep into that here in a moment cuz I know you guys i mean obviously any but it's listening this right now and tell that that's a passion and you're really good at it now my talk about your new program and all of this stuff here in a moment but before I get in Batman because you guys are in we're in the stage at urine with the growth mode that you're in you know and you you Andrew you made a comment to me before we hit the record button soreness of like you're like hey BAM build not all this stuff man was straight-up true GST Yeah right like when I give porn all in I understand like you have to put this thing because it's you know it's I mean to be honest like I didn't have my own line University toss out of production or then that's my full focus but here in the balance of hey man your production your your but you're also recruiting agents plus you're building out the systems plus your coaching plus your training you're all right and I hate the work balance because there's there is such a thing as balance you know as Gary Keller talked about it's kind of a counterbalance but you know do like get in order to go out there grow and expand have a true business and and continue growing that business on to get the point we get a higher production like you've got to make it happen yeah right so walk us through on the reason why I asked this to you guys because it dude to be honest a lot of my systems they want what they are today until I got out of production Yeah right I mean until I did I mean I'm we were like a 10 agent counting myself team doing four or five hundred deals a year yeah I almost did not doing that much short production we're doing right now with you know 50 60 agents but so much that production was from me and it's just massive hustle and you know uh viruses do if you sell my systems six years ago what the f dude yeah right it was I mean we just lived out a Google Drive and and I mean they were they were enough to get by but they're like they are now so but I also can't fathom you know like I didn't I didn't have him dialed in when I was in production for a reason you know I mean they were good enough to get us by but nothing like you guys have I can't fathom doing all that production all the other things that come with it and building those kind of walk us through like what does that look like oh and how do you balance all those hats dude honestly it was somewhat similar I haven't done as much production personally in the last six months I probably did more homes in one month before that then I did in the last six or seven months building all of this and so I did take a step back from the actual real estate production and I think if I hadn't thought to be honest with you yeah I don't know how how you'd complete that because you're right there are some nights one night in particular where I think the you know in the program we were going to talk but I think we have 58 videos and I pulled an all-nighter and I think over the span of the eight or nine hours of nighttime I only finished like six videos because it's so hefty editing all of these hours of content down into something that's a final product and then and then that's not even Cokie University when we're doing coke university it's like you got to plan on all the slides you have to build out everything you have to go and figure out what you're in a talk about and then you have to record it after that and such as hours and hours and hours and it's thankfully I wasn't doing as much production when I when I built it but yeah it just it never ends it feels like you know there's so much content that you're building well I think that's a good point though important to bring up and understand is like a spill of people think like oh well like when this happens I'll start that or or like oh when this is done it'll be so nice so yeah but I compare like systems it's like it's like people that paint the Golden Gate Bridge star on one side it takes a year to pan to get the other side enhancer all over X to paint in tires flaking right it's like you know the last time that I built our Vista view which has been about a year now we replaced some videos we know we keep it up to date but I'm getting ready three scrape and revamp it again um and it was three hundred hours you know over three hundred hours last time that and we built it up because if you said every mean like everything's that coincide be perfect and then you got to be so methodical with it and you know so much that good and then you got a friggin build it you know like from a technical aspect and you know all that stuff on but knowing what you know now if you were to like out of the gate as a new agent started you know three years ago doing this stuff like in a boot camp which you've been doing that so we met um you know talked about the daily power our oh my guys like this thing gonna happen overnight but if you just set up yeah Monday through Friday your daily powerhouse where you are building your systems yeah right now after 12 months 24 like but it just it's always ongoing it never stops I hate doing it well like everything breaks you system yeah thank you thank God you told me that a year and a half or two years ago and because that was the thing we honored every day no matter what I mean maybe we did bad or B did good on certain things the one thing that was always honored was this empower our I remember seeing a little cubicle with our first agent Mitch and and he'd helped too and we just work on systems and it was one of those like 90 minutes a day two hours even sometimes it just be built systems built systems built systems and the funny thing is you can't create a university until you have systems because all the systems and the processes you have for for buying selling all of this stuff have to go into the university so you don't build the systems while you're building the university you have to build the systems before you can even start to plan out like training videos for university so it's just it was one of those like we probably spent a year building systems before we even started trying to build a university so yeah it's just thank God that we honored that though because I don't know how I'd build a university without the system's yeah it's like make me think back on it wow that's like like nothing is too small yeah right like when you order business cards like just anything yeah let's you develop a process in the system or you know you know just even the most my new little things yeah I don't think you would realize like with our team you know we run on about half if not 1/3 of the staff that most teams my size operate on yeah right like our average transaction coordinator can handle about 35 closings a month before that capacity people like how do you do that you know rightness is like what we obsess over like if there's any melons ever similar than once we have templates for now yeah right like every little thing like we obsess over like if we got a copy and paste this yeah and this is what's dope about technology was ap or whatever of okay how do we put a comment here and have a create a custom template email automatically so you know how many do you like I'm trying to make two clicks down the one click on the mouse you're right that it's out all that adds up over time right absolutely and it's a little things that you don't realize to that then we have to go back and create another video in another and so that's kind of process right now is actually at the time I created the login to one of our systems it was different than it is now and we had one of our agents Daisy the other day bug and I was like hey with it did you change its login why can't I log in and and then now we have to go back and record videos for that too so it's just the little things that you don't realize that will either break or that you have to do more than once that you're not being efficient in that you have to go back and start adding more so I'm sure that 20 hours will jump too far cause it's you know we're talking before this you mention how like you're adding into your training as far as like a fake use that you get from your agent so that was like things that you may like wasn't exactly clear in your training and that's exactly what we're doing we have like a list of like Oh new agents are gonna ask this and here's what they're asking and like maybe heard some new questions that we don't even have in the in Koch University let's add that in there and so we have like this running less heavy we have a sheer white board and we're just like writing the questions up or like where we can potentially add some more detail to clarify those types of things and it's just like yeah one thing after that it's like I would take daily we have something new that we could probably add when the cool thing about it though – and then I guess this is for those that are watching less then that might be freaking out right now about like us geeking out and processes but it's like look you just build it you build them as you go right so go yeah you know I just I just got off the phone with a potential seller and I set a listing of what were the questions that I asked well we found script that I use and you can just record yourself and then transcribe it okay what how do I prepare for this listing presentation what point do I show up what do I say when I knock on the door what do I what's my – like you just do it as you're going oh man I gotta order professional photos okay you screencast it and you're you're you know right in those steps as you're doing it so it's not like yeah I take all this time to just create them at least a start you know right it could just be creating them as you go it really that's you know so I teach you to boot camp and that's that's you know my recommendation agents so they don't have a freakout they can don't show you an ad all section work right but it's like where do they start day one yeah right because by the time you need just like my class some of you like oh I'm not gonna start putting systems in place to that level you don't already start a team or I'm like well by the time you're ready for a team you'll be so busy like you don't yeah you just did just create this just ball down the middle chases ball down you can never catch up then you know you see a tease a lot when I was doing this because I built the Koch group logo with my little brother when I was first starting and we just had the coca group logo and it was just me and I started at the same time as some other agents and you know I just people are just back a group has that go in and and stuff like that and be like why why are you working all these systems like what's the point it's just you and I just had this vision in my head of what I wanted and how was gonna happen and and how to go about doing that and it's like why can't this I don't have this I can't yet if I don't have that so it's like well I have to build this right now even though I have no bakery you have you know what yeah before I even got like my official license I think I had like a mapped out piece of paper I don't know what I wanted I think at that time I wanted to like own that Colorado Avalanche or something I'm like well to do that you need like eight hundred and fifty million dollars in two thousand twenty something and it was just like one of those like reverse-engineered maps of like how you could go about doing that and I had just all of that but I didn't necessarily have the like I don't know what other word thank gussto to just see it through every single day and so I struggled with that for a while and then I think it just personally helped a lot to have Jonathan Dylan crag all of our business partners just everyone there building it together is something that really really added the energy behind the vision so it's like some people like vision they don't like energy but then I maybe lacked enough energy but I didn't lack the vision yeah so that was that was really cool for us I would say you know if you guys are attraction the book traction it's such a dope it's great for partnerships you know with with the whole meeting cadence and planning cadence but it talks pretty heavily in that book of like most businesses you have the visionary and then you have the implementer you know usually a visionary is the implementer but they you know need to come together to combat each other and for a lot of people right it's very boat so made me think of that so before we get into mindset perspective the lens paradigm whatever going to call it there to frame it what is like the number one or two things that you guys are doing right now today I'm in 2019 that is kicking ass for bringing a new business I think we're getting a ton of Facebook leads I know Facebook's probably not so cutting-edge right now in terms of Lee Jetta was really a thing a few years ago building funnels and click funnels became a thing and building funnels that just entire sales process put on the web I think we got into it a bit late but we're still just crushing it with Facebook leads so I'd say we're probably generating about a wall I think last time we tracked is 1% just about even in conversion with Facebook leads and so that averages out really well for the numbers and we didn't start we didn't hop on the train until a bit late in terms of like using the facebook leads with our agents and so now that we finally had that in place I think having the Facebook leads coming in and having them followed up within a certain time frame within first five minutes and having that all dialed in is really the top légion source for us because to be honest with you when people get into this business they're not twenty usually they have some firms sphere of influence they're able to go and talk to old co-workers old colleagues but it's like I got into this business I didn't have a lot of friends in Denver because I went to school in Massachusetts and I didn't have any co-workers because I didn't have a job before and I had some friends but they were also 20 years old not buying a home and so it's like how do you go and get business how do you build a sphere of influence and so that was the first thing as Facebook leads another thing that we did really really well in that we continued to do pretty well is I would say giveaways giveaways have been around forever but I think what people don't realize is that you can do give giveaways really well on the internet or on social media because you can target the giveaways to maybe the interest or you can find groups of people interest in certain things you do a giveaway you capture a lot of information I think my first year I did a giveaway and probably I like 400 people enter and so like six of those I think give us like okay that one that you did right so sure so yeah for more people to opt in your list syncs closings mmm how much did you spend on the gift for the giveaway like six grand but I also didn't give away six so what it was is I bought season tickets for the Colorado Avalanche with the intention of giving them away and I don't really know how it was gonna work back then you know I I figured I'd go with people that's kind of what people think when they buy sports tickets but something ran just occurred to me cuz I didn't really have any people that I thought would be cool to go with I was like what if I just give them away they don't want to go with me anyways they probably want to take a plus-one they'd have more fun if they went with them so I was like okay how am I gonna do that and I ended up having them I just built a forum and then posted it and so I ended up you know throughout the course that season having about 400 people in turn and the cool thing is you can ask whatever you want for them to enter the forum and it's just one of those like I pride gave away $3,000 worth the apps tickets that year and probably went to half the games myself because I was twenty year old kid relishing and having apps tickets as fun it's a sleigh that's just it was screaming yeah at six closings now you're a more the place with a little bit hyper price point so it's a your average admin right now dude that's like sticking a dollar into an ATM and getting $10 spit back in yeah right so you just got nine dollars for free so if you're like oh well I don't want to put up six grand six grand makes 60 I'll take that you all the owner yeah right so can you walk us through when you say like for them and you know for those like I've never done a giveaway not not for real estate clients sure I like I'll do well like I just did my first uh like I gave away a free bootcamp membership give away a free MacBook Air like I had like four grand prizes on my last webinar right what can you have well oh my god if you know you know jump it on there for a few hours and you're spend a few grand to go out there and make you know 30 grand right so I've just never done it for real estate so when you talk about posting forums and different things I'm gonna walk us through to give us an idea sure well I mean first of all you need a good Google like a forum and I just use Google forum it's very it's simple Oh see yeah yeah form about form so you build a form you ask whatever you want to ask to make them a good lead right and and then really it's just where can I post that form to get entries if I'm doing a skiing giveaway or something you know are there any skiing Facebook groups that I can join and post I know someone did maybe I forgot what they do we've had our agents explore some of these different routes because right now I'm I'm personally crushing it in the ABS group and like I don't think anyone can really go in there and post is the same for maybe they could but I'm just doing so many giveaways in there so it's like we just need to expand to me find other groups where we can do that too so for anyone watching it's like yeah we're probably give away some concert tickets but the thing I really liked about it was the value upfront because a lot of people usually the advertising is you know some kind of advertising for their brand but it's like if you can give something up front it's it's the sales funnel that you teach you know it's it's you have to get a lead you have to exchange something of value for their information and so it's easy when you're exchanging something of value in a giveaway it was just the easiest way for me to mine that sales funnel I would say so you're not you're not because you're posting some free groups and other methods so you know are you throwing any money and actual ads so the I mean is quite good but I mean if you were spend you know five or ten bucks of lead on those 400 you know right diverse the price and they did you get everybody off then you get the information data that you need yeah right you're like you're asking like you know age gender yeah you can ask um she asked anything man you can ask a lot of I don't know if you want to elaborate I'll let you do this but like it's there there's almost like a craft and like when you're posting these things on how to like manipulate inside like a group on how to get your posts to the top so everyone sees it there's like different nuances to it and then also to along with like warmly again like I don't know if you want to talk more about it but it's more of an ecosystem of like hey we're not only just getting sales for us but we have an opportunity to cross l2 so that's really cool yeah that's true if you want to put your your vendors or your insurance people or your lenders info in there we priced them to cover some of that cost but at that point it's like it just gets kind of kind of complicated because who owns the tickets can you actually do that so we haven't actually tried to get anyone to cover that but it's just cool for us to be able to add value to them because that's never bad thing so sometimes we'll just ask like hey do you need insurance or would you be interested in lowering your monthly insurance bills just stuff like that is one of our questions too and I think one thing I would say is if anyone does a giveaway do a giveaway for something you're actually passionate about because you'll convert a lot better it's not like you're always gonna get six out of four hundred and maybe you will maybe you'll get more but why I did without knowing anything at like 20 to 21 years old was because I love the ABS I just grew up playing hockey so is one of those like if I talk to someone on the phone I could genuinely talk to them for like 15 minutes about why we should or shouldn't trade one of our goalies because we're losing a lot of games or something like that and it's like if I can talk about that aside from real estate build a genuine relationship that isn't me just trying to mine their business and get their business and be fake in that way and put on the sales face and get you to like me so that you go with me if it's genuine it just is so much better and better over the long term too and so I really liked that it was there was a half stick instead of something else like we could have done other sports teams tickets but personally I just don't follow the Nuggets a ton he does maybe we'll do that but it's like the fact that we gave away something I was super interested in myself helped a lot so and then when you cover him as a client they're like you mean you become home easier yeah no none who your ideal client is and work with people that you have interest for the enjoy work and that it changes the game yeah right when you get it feel like you're just helping your friends go out there find homes and sell homes and get paid a lot of money for it you know definitely raises the enjoyment factor now it's probably good I love it on anything else outside of light sports tickets or concert tickets that but you guys have had success with with a prize head like me one other thing used to I'm just trying to get sometimes we would eyeball what we're in my area if I'm not in sports man yelling no TVs or trip or anything I wonder I want I mean I've been more focused on the I guess if you were like Asian acquisition yeah to be honest with you where our focus has been this years is more working with our agents to help them be productive so it's I mean I know what I did last year in the year before and that worked pretty well but right now it's like my head's not even in that space it's more in like a a what could we do to attract agents to want to work with us how could we add more value to our agents it's all that gonna say it's you need are all realtor group somewhere to do that that would be cool I think the biggest thing is I don't care really where you're at but I think like we stand on this and this is just like the pillar of like our success in sales you should offer value like offers so much value upfront or a perceived value maybe to that person or whatever and that's in conversation or just just in general like dives tickets are value when I go and talk to an agent I offer them I calibrate based on the person I think then I think they are gonna be and then what I do is I adjust and I find out what's important to them and so I highlight key terms that I feel would offer value to them before I'm even talking about it and those will be at the forefront even though those may not be the most important things that I feel they're important or like he would but they feel it's important and they feel is valuable so therefore I key on that and I think if you do that whether it's ticket giveaways or I don't know what have your table events that you know some taco festival and how could work – wrong from that standpoint I just I think always if you're always coming from a place of like groundedness and like truly offering value you're never gonna lose yeah Dan for recruiting agents you know right for those their broker owners your team leaders men it's like I'm sitting thinking like how many tools even state yeah right like it's like that you know I just got the smooth mobile like that thing's badass or I create your own video content or iPad for listening presentations or there's so many things out there that can expand their business and that's well about like you're you're always recruiting right we're the recruiter buyer seller or recruiting an agent or a combination of both oh yeah a transition point but it's really the same process right like what works in one works in the other one so love it dude that's awesome Anson but you first you I've met that have crush it and killed it with that at least I'm aware of that's that's dope dude don't you let's jump into we've got about 30 minutes before we got to get jam in here but I want to spend some time going into you know the self development and like you talked about with was shifting the paradigm and and you know that call really analogy I always uses is the lens that you look at if like like no city in this moment or it can be or can be epic and amazing it's just a lens that you look at like I can make my wife and I deserve button heads if I want to focus on maybe the 10 or 15% that isn't that's bad but not shift my focus to 85% of epic and amazing yeah right like we'll probably never bad marriage or like the rusyn agents right when it's like hey man you got you got like you got these two clients that are clients from the Hetal right but your focus is on them and how you know just nasty they or how nasty that situation is but you might have these eight other clients that are just such a blessing they're so epic they're so amazing appreciate you but if we're not careful right focus on those two and not give those blessings and gratitude those eight right then we came back all this energy sucks and I think we've all been there where we allow ourselves didn't want to drop out because of but we're not focused on the 80 percent of the amazing out there so cuz I actually put that do 90 percent of this game of all success is up here like you control your mind you control the war right so at least you want world right so um kind of walk this cuz you got awakening right yep isn't working on foot enough it's it's launching in the next three days okay yeah by the time this is post it'll be alive so he's out so um okay so we'll have links below to it so yeah I mean let's just go there then do like what is awakening and then what would you guys's journeys that led you to there cuz I absolutely this is like when we start talking about real estate but this is where you go this is where your true heart is yeah not that it's not real estate absolutely what allows you to do real estate well right sure I think I think I was someone who studied under a lot of people yourself included and there's just a lot of frameworks that I was studying under and thinking that whoever I was under and learning from was like some kind of God or like separate from me and in the way that they built their methodologies whether it was an actual program whether it was reading a book I mean when you read a book you think that author is so knowledgeable and I kind of realized along the way was that these are all just human beings creating meaning and the meaning they creator the model they build is their book or their program or anything that they put out and they create that meaning from within their frame of reference which is their entire scope of awareness of reality and from within that they build a model of understanding and that model is usually their Booker program so the methodology I take here because you brought up the example of lenses or paradigms or how you could see the eight good clients versus the two shitty clients when I would compare a paradigm to a frame of reference I'd say maybe imagine a house a house has a lot of windows in the front in the back and the sides of stairs dancers there's a lot of windows now if you were looking at one window and you saw a certain thing and you were looking at another window and saw a different thing ultimately both of those things exist but let's say you're operating within one paradigm you're looking out of one lens and you see the two shitty clients in the backyard right if all you knew or all you were aware of were those two shitty clients you'd be like well this sucks I hate this but if you looked outside the front window and you saw the eight good clients you'd be like well that's awesome I love this but ultimately there's more than just one or two windows there's all of these windows and we can I think what most people do is they say hey stop looking out this bad window look out this good window but what I say is if you choose to look out of one instead of the other you're just deluding yourself or brainwashing yourself or hypnotizing yourself to one or the other whether it's for good or bad and now what a lot of people do is they say well let's do it for good and then that's all we have to do but what I say is why not expand your frame of reference why not break from the paradigms see them for what they are see the meaning you create as a construct see the identities and the things we identify with as a construct for what it is and realize that you're separate from it and then ultimately you can expand your frame of reference and since we create meaning from within our frame of reference you can create more accurate meaning throughout life one wanting easy example I'd say of an identity is I identified so hard with say the Colorado Avalanche as I was growing up and like when they lose I'd get pissed off because an attack on your identity and neurophysiologic am sure you know this but it's you can have these survival istic fight-or-flight emotions and chemicals going through your body when something is a perceived threat to your identity or your ego just the same as if there was like a lion in your environment you can get all worked up and there's really just no threat outside of you and so when we identify with things and someone attacks that identity we get worked up in the same way and so what I'm saying here is if we just realize that that's a construct I mean that's not real it's it's made up and you can detach from that you have so much more power and just like when you identify with the certain paradigm and this is where we kind of start to cross line so I want to talk about it too much but if you talk about a methodology of thinking whether it's a religion or whether it's a political ideology it is by definition a paradigm that you're choosing to operate within but if you were able to remove yourself from it by diss identifying with it you'd be able to have a larger frame of reference and so it's like you see all the the left and the right in terms of politics for example people are butting heads it's because they're operating within certain paradigms and instead of getting out of your paradigm and having an expanded frame of reference that you could then go and see both sides they'd rather still operate within that one and then backwards rationalize from there why they're right or wrong and then they look for everything's like the reticular activation system you look for everything that could support your side just because you feel a certain way instead of just dis identifying from it and not feeling a type of way yeah it's like that ABC was the first person I heard the the same from but there's nothing original that exists out there right at the point so give me a book I read it's just like regurgitating like the point he'll write but he's like hey man you gotta learn to be an open-minded skeptic like be open-minded about everything but question everything shouldn't you know like you can be open-minded enough where it's like okay you got this religion this religion like I'm gonna study both yeah right see both from the points of views might be skeptical enough we don't I accept that is the truth and you can ask the right questions and you know being a hardcore skeptic is a bad thing right but then you can also be maybe overly open-minded where's that a little bit of a balance there and I can't remember who it was I know that Debbie for I think was like a Debby Ford in Deepak Chopra book um that they co-wrote together but it was talked a lot about what you were just talking about of like learning to remove yourself from yourself in any situation like and just visualize like yourself like leaving your body and coming up here and you're like Wan down or self act in that moment and observing yourself in that moment right so really just detach from those emotions and you just become an observer you know with that and yeah it's do you ever study Robert Chiellini yeah I read influence yeah yeah so and then is I don't lose influence or pre persuasions newest book I haven't read that book blow your attitude you know cuz he way he realized with influence is he's like III messed up he's like you know like influence I could do all those things you know what he is trying to be true but he's like what I didn't take in the reference was the thing that happened right before so like pre persuasion it's all like like they would test like it walking in a mall and they'd have like a good looking guy walk up and ask out like a good look good little girls and like the percentage of that would say yes first no compared to if they were in front of like a Starbucks inside the mall or Victoria's Secret right like just the you know things around you right like that environment how yeah that's what Spri persuasion like what happens before this stuff you know right um in fact awesome I just said it before on you know he talks about in there with police interrogations right he talks about and they've hit his science team they went out there and vetted this hard and spent years with this Nev all that dated back it up but he's like you're like police officers can't go in there and tear it there's like specialized rules right what they found though if the the camera is and I don't remember who it was focused on more but if the camera is focused in a certain angle on that person versus another angle right in this day's test this furniture is like hadn't walked Therese right at this angle the jury voted that person to be guilty like exponentially a higher percentage compared to this angle so he's like look he goes if I don't know if if if cameras on your face and not on the cop on there interrogating you increases your chance of being guilty so he's like if you ever get charged for crime you didn't commit and they weren't doing in the interrogating room it's being film he's like move your chair like move your chair over to where the the copper lawyers blocking the camera they can't it can't be on your face like just so that it's same interrogation same questioning same everything nothing change other than the camera angle right in our are all eyeballs are just cameras right so it's like there's not one world there seven point four billion yeah right like but with that being said at some point you have to make up your own truth right like you're gonna you're gonna detach yourself you're gonna listen to all these different opinions and whatever but at some point like you get to a point where I mean you know because we all at some point have the truths that we choose to operate by like you got to make up your own mind decision of what you feel is right to be open might understand it's not right for other absolutely yeah right like like gonna walk us through that like at what point cuz you bright take it too far otherwise yeah absolutely I think the biggest thing is I think in relating it maybe back to a paradigm with let's say someone was raised within a certain religion and that's their truth I'm not necessarily saying anyone's truth is wrong more so I think your truth might be better understood for your own benefit like let's say someone's raised within a certain religion do you take what you were conditioned to on blind faith or do you go and explore reality outside of your paradigm and if you explore reality and you expand your frame of reference and you still come to that same meaning then you're better off for it you understand it to a greater degree you're more grounded in it you're more empowered to even express your own truth because you understand outside of your truth and I think when people are raised within certain conditioning or certain paradigms all right they identify with certain things they're unwilling to go beyond them because they identify with them and if they identify with them then going beyond them is almost like killing their identity and if an attack on your identity feels the same as an attack in your physical environment then killing an identity is like it feels like death so if you attack someone's identity I mean look at all the the racial stuff and the sexist stuff in this like anything that's going on in today's political climate or anything that's going on in the world I mean people are killing each other or or flam bashing each other based on attacks on identity alone and this this identity is I think a huge issue because a lot of the times when you identify with something you don't realize that that's what happened you think it's more real than it is and so I think when people can get beyond their identity they're able to move beyond these things and then ultimately yeah I mean if you come to the same conclusions after doing so you're more empowered by your truth yeah so it's almost like like okay like be open-minded enough to go out there and you know go come up with your own truth as you just said but then also have the awareness to just just not attached it to give up judgment right essentially I'm like like okay like so for me Taco Bell is my jam right that's on this planet so I'm in my opinion right like if I was on death row my last meal would be Taco Bell like there's nothing that compares even close yeah right to me with that um yeah that's my truth right my tastebuds obviously like that Bobby's like no dude Jimmy John's crush it is Taco Bell like I'm not gonna get an argument with him so it's almost like that being open-minded I I think that's a very good comparison but I think where that gets lost is let's say someone takes like a religion now where this gets it into the weeds is like you might like Taco Bell he might like Burger King or whatever the example is but the second that you say Taco Bell is the right way is the second word we might have a conflict because then he says no Burger King is the right way and the only truth the only way now you have a problem and then you have to go figure out well let's look at this objectively can we dis identify from certain things so it's like at some point that could be okay but then people don't just leave it at that you know what I mean so it's it's not like you guys just let each other live in peace with your different taste buds it's one of you end up saying this is the only way and then you have a problem I get so many if they like it'd say sue me you know I know there's let's just say it's a specific country and they indoctrinate you know from the youth to it like they just don't have the exposure you know right like there's certain places where like there's no internet you can't have any outside exposure like the government it's the cartoon is that like you know right yeah I don't know anything other than that you're right but like for us they're like what we are at yeah it blows my mind the 2019 with technology and exposure we have that people would get that hard core onto a judgement yeah I or it'll hold you their own truth and not have that understanding or awareness oh well it's a lot of herd mentality with that too because I think most people are so unaware of their conditioning to the point where they don't think they're conditioned a certain way and that's a huge problem in and of itself because if you don't think that there is a reality outside of what you perceive are you ever going to let go of these identifications and it goes a lot deeper because we just quickly I mean we have so much information blast at us at once that it's like how do we evaluate at all I mean especially on social media you have average so much information and again like how do you evaluate it it's there's just these filters that we use and if everyone is saying this thing and and and someone's really sure in what they're saying and everyone agrees with it then it's like oh that must be true but then it's like we grow up I mean especially people in in countries like this where there's information is easily accessible not everyone goes and looks in information that's why you know most people who are raised within a certain paradigm whether it's like a political party or religion I mean you're raised within that and you end up being that when you're 20 30 40 years old you don't break from your identifications usually yeah people just and it's it's a little bit deeper in that those just easiest examples for me I think to just communicate what I mean by that but I think it goes beyond the obvious I think it goes like you could be identified with almost anything it's kind of scary know if somebody has extremely low IQ idiot so let's just let's just pretend that they have a decent level of intelligence and they be able to grasp yeah you know the fact that hey like you know people have different booking systems right outside of that man um which I'm not spreading most people most people are smart enough to understand that do you think then because then there's their smarts understand it but they still don't understand right um for a lot of people unfortunately right like you know people you just like you mentioned with you know somebody's sexual orientation or yeah right like I somebody gets a sex change or well like if you just get people that just you know it has some pretty hardcore judgments to it do you think that it really comes down to ego Yeah right like pride like pride is you seem to stifle every element of success out there like you guys talked about a new partnership of hey look we had to give up ego to have any successful partnership right like in any type of relationship like spouse whatever it's like you can either be right or you can have agree but ya know like give up being right if being right is what is most important to you you never gonna have a great relationship right um and then if you look at you know ready to study one seven camera war but always about prisons and it's like 90 percent of people are in prisons did it it was a pride and ego like somebody bumped into him at a bar and spilt their drink and then you know said something to him what what the you just spilled my drink right well now I feel cuz me my homies room with me my buddies are with me and I go under act macho and stick off myself some guy dude I'm so sorry man I I was a pay attention till I miss you let's do that's come up the ball with me I'll buy I'll buy you a beer right now I'm so sorry but instead my pride kicks in and and they're like well what the do you know Michael you me you know you just gives back for the next thing we had a fight and manslaughter but I do think it relates to because let's look at that guy he's probably identified or he considers himself someone who isn't pushed around and if you see so yourself someone knows I'm not Laney walk on me and then someone says that to you that directly attacks that part of his identity you know what I mean but it's like when you realize that that's contract you can't beyond it because I used to identify like that if someone did that to me I'd probably instigate I was at a chip on my shoulder when I realized it's just all a freaking facade like I don't have to act like that I don't have to identify with that that's not real then it's like you have the ability to step beyond that and be like oh yeah let me buy you a drink I'm sorry so it's like but it's like I said it's that you don't realize sometimes that's just something as subtle as that yeah it's like most have the intelligence to be able to do this kind of work yeah right um but their pride you know do that again I'd rather good at them right whoever is so deep that just blocks they don't have that awareness I agree with that so then how does this apply to real estate Yeah right like you've heard me in the boot camps absolutely thousand times of look there there's there's no best the generation source right and there's a thousand ways to create success right it's it's whatever that you align with with your strengths so your energy luck whatever you want to consistently do each and every day that you're gonna be committed to is gonna be the best right so but so many people were like oh no this is the best source oh this is like they don't like you know oh I'm just gonna do cool calls I'm gonna become a cold call coach verse like hey man like there's a thousand ways to want them create success like how well does this kind of stuff benefit offices we're going to real estate man I'd say this is the reason I'm still in real estate because a lot of people don't just drop out a real estate because they're unsuccessful a lot of people drop out cuz they just hate it it's stressful it's hard the interpersonal stuff for a lot of people is hard too and I'd say as far as interpersonal stuff goes you can tear your hair out with a lot of frustrating people because the average person might frustrate you a lot but if you like what really deep into this content and you just had to your core the understanding that someone that would have previously frustrated you is simply a human being who has a frame of reference who creates meaning and evaluates everything around them from within that frame of reference it would be like well why would I ever get frustrated with that person they're just human they have a reference they create meaning from within that frame why am I going to let that upset me and instead you can understand the situation a lot better instead of identifying with your part of the situation being like oh screw that guy it's like okay well this guy clearly just has a limited frame of reference here doesn't understand this and then you can evaluate it as okay well I can either do this to help them see or I can just move on and not wasting my time or energy worrying about that person and this goes for clients this goes for and everyone other agents it goes just everyone you ever come in contact with and real estate such a stressful industry that it's like people age quickly they drop out to hate it it sucks but it's like if you just had that knowledge throughout your day it's like what's gonna throw you off and people can feel that off of you to just buy state to state transference I mean if you feel grounded and happy and confident they'll feel it from you and if you don't and you're getting agitated they'll feel it from you too and it just helps you more than I think you could know and anything interpersonal I would say I think this I guess the framework that he was just talking about and understanding like how it like I guess more political situations it would be like in our negotiation class we talk heavily about like calling the other agent and like assuming familiarity making sure like you're you're understanding where they're coming from calibrating and understanding like what where they operate also to I guess a big thing that we talk about is like competition versus cooperation and like how a lot of the time in the industry it's like you get in it's like neither see you like who's gonna negotiate the better deal and it's like no we're actually cooperating and we're actually come into something that's um I guess I guess fair and on either side or from that standpoint that would be more applicable like a day to day like when I came to industry I was like oh it's so competitive on me like beat this guy I'm better than this person and like no things actually started flowing a lot better and things were less stressful I understood more people when I implemented this frame and was like hey like it really is a cooperation we're both trying to just get to where a closing table that's it and that making our clients do what's right for each of them and if you view it from that perspective it profoundly makes the entire process like that much easier and then also to I mean it's I mean just for us just being um I guess like being young and in in the real estate game and trying to innovate and trying to find all these new solutions we there's a lot of pushback and it's easy to get frustrated and understand like hey like the whole industry is like this way and get frustrating like Oh throw my hands up I can't do anything about it and so do the understanding that it's the way it is and that's because of people operate in these paradigms and they move this way but that doesn't mean I have to because I can essentially get outside of that and I can see and understand everything in their awareness the way they're moving in the real estate and the traditional solutions that we now then can innovate and start adding and estar adding value in a different way and started with for our agents or adding value to them beyond just a traditional yeah although that didn't so much begin seems like it's just circles back to the whole pride thing right so I can't tell you how many deals that I've put together over the years would I jump on the phone another agent and I'm trying to you know be in cooperation converse competition but there's been a total jerk right um but allowing that like hey like I don't need to be the one controlling the car like like them to be then right and even if I got to come in there and like be like I'll do you're soft like you don't like oh you just apologized you caved in you apologize am i saying caving like with my clients on a dollar amount yeah right but if what's in my clients best interests to let them feel like they've won yeah yeah exactly moment argument like I'm gonna win by getting my client to home and go out there creating success or zero step right yeah we we have a very strict killing with kindness policy in a real sitting with her support staff cuz you know is this support staff do like you kind of become a human punching bag you know we you know do a lot of training and mindset training with our staff and I'm like look guys like you can't and take anything personal man like this agent like you don't know what's happened behind the scenes with the average agent you haven't so according to any are the average agents in the business for six years Bruce is like thirty four thousand dollars a year that's not even net yeah right as before broker splits or whatever some I do like this deal if it's delayed three days that means that they may not be able to make the mortgage payment like there's all these other stresses or maybe they just got a phone call if their kids sick like you don't know what's happening in there so we're just gonna have a hardcore kill them with kindness like there's no reason to ever get upset ever to get angry and I'm liking it didn't do something like a mmm-hmm means like you like a code word so you guys now giggle you know with their or whatever but like just kill the kindness no matter what I just always be kind you know hey and goes a long way dude really does so then because we got to wrap this up unfortunately that's all day long but I got a meeting at yeah so I see you got weakening but I'm the this podcast yes and we have awaken ago on so if you could give like the the sixty second elevator pitch on on what what is involved in what's included term I don't have the link below with that well the way we kind of presented it was everyone is conditioned beyond the point that they understand their conditions the point where they don't think there's a problem because you're right it's like if everyone's so intelligent that this is obvious then why is it so hard for everyone and so the goal with the program is to help people be more aware of this in their lives because the second you're aware of it you're right people are smart I mean the second you're aware of how it works you can kind of adapt you you can you can move forward you can unplug from it but it's just people just don't understand how bad it is in their lives sometimes and just how it all works and so awakening the goal that is to literally wake people up to that pull them from the system then they're there they able to operate independent of their all this BS around them they can unplug from that so you know love it oh why so a weekend we're gonna have a link right below for everybody to click on and and I don't know if you have something you're selling yep and actually it's we're about to charge a lot of money for it but the thing is we want people to I'd rather have a lot of people do this and I rather the more people go through and we're gonna charge 300 bucks for it but we will need and charge 97 bucks so it's to be honest we are charging 97 bucks because I want people to have skin in the game I don't think if people don't pay for a product they're not gonna care they're not gonna do anything but if they put some skin in the game they will but I wanted to charge enough for skin in the game and then other than that I want people to learn I want this to help people I want this to actually be adopted by people so that they can take value from it as many people as possible so that's a goal yep yep we had real estate agents set that watches podcast so maybe they have a referral they wouldn't since yeah it's moving there or you know maybe it's somebody that's in Denver that once thought he has about join your team like what's the best way to get ahold of you guys for your real estate team we can drop a couple of emails in description probably Andrew at the coca group comm or Jonathan at the Koch group comm website about your team too right well yeah then go to Koch University comm coop University of cocka cocka cocka University in coca-cola Oh God University all right awesome those watching listen I know interview podcasts through this but information without implementation truly is the start of delusion information isn't power it's taking that information taking action on it that creates the power in your life or you let them drink the life that you know you want and deserve and Andrew Jonathan shirt so many amazing piece of ice with you we've got pretty deep on this one today man damn that's the chef well your ears the thing everyone wants I buy I call man what's the best expire scriptura and I'm not saying its immense that doesn't matter but this is the that truly matters like like when you start expanding in this so when I go hang out with you know a lot of my you know top producer mega agent friends you know when we get together mastermind did nine percent of our conversations this right here it's not you know all the other is just it's no that's not important but it it's so in significantly less like a lower than the this stuff this stuff so important so um but yeah make sure you guys take action on what you learned today so you let them Creek the life that you know you want and deserve and Andrew Jonathan man this has been awesome – appreciate you guys I'm signing out and then Venus no sir absolutely hi guys I guess fix you for watching listening and we'll see you next time peace

From Solo Agent To Real Estate Broker With 23 Agents In 3 Years!!

alright what's up guys Jason worked up here and I'm here with Ashley Ashley thank you so much for joining me here today yeah so for those of you guys who have been following me for a while now you probably recognize Ashley you've probably seen her before because she actually got started with Arsenal way back in 2016 I think it was like the late summer fall of 2016 so it's been a number of years now yes yes yes I know since that video has gone out I would probably say like 200 people between email text singing hit me up on Facebook calling my office well I think I think that video on Facebook now has close to a million views if not I think it might have even already passed a million views so let's just for everyone watching right now that maybe didn't see that video let's jump back over and I'm just gonna show you guys that video hey everyone its Ashlee here in Memphis when to shoot a quick video for Jason and just tell you yes the program does work I've gotten a ton of messages asking it doesn't work it does work I made it add uploaded it on Facebook and the leaves started coming in and Arsenal has really helped me just keep track of all the leads that come in arsenal I love Arsenal because I'm to follow up feature if you are not using the follow up feature use it I promise it's awesome I have actually gotten probably close to at least 90 something leads so far I don't know if you can see my computer screen but I have about six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 pages leads with people's names email and phone numbers so it definitely brings the leads in and I think one of the biggest things in our field is the follow-up so I definitely used Jason's follow-up I also use his appointment scheduler that he talks about in his videos if you have not watched the videos go watch the videos my appointments come straight to my phone I love them I recommend the system follow it's I use canva to create my ADD canv a canva looks like that kind of really simple program canva make the ad will just probably the video file the video upload the ad and do what Jason says okay I realize how bad my video quality was probably just the exported video on my side of things but well fast forward now three years I mean you said you've got 90 leads or something like that and all the videos it works what you actually made a post just a couple days ago maybe last week inside the Facebook group kind of given a new update and I know that this was going crazy tons of comments so just tell everyone what you say on that post what happens happen recently and kind of what's gone on over the last few years okay so last when I when I did that video I was a real estate agent of course so most people know I've been in real estate since 2006 so I've been in real estate for a while now I'm actually the principal broker Alec from here hello home we have about 23 agents so now on top of helping people buy and sell their home now I'm recruiting and training and motivating all the agents at the company so so cool yeah so that is changed since that video so yeah I did posts in the group because I still kind of I follow the group and I lie something some that is activist I could be in there but I've been I mean changing up my facebook ads a little bit and I sometimes I do engagement posts and just get traffic to my page and I get a lead generation post and Arsenal caked right on in I got alt likely she started coming to my email and so like I that's why I posted I said it still works after all these years all my email bundles kicked right on man he was emailing me how to get started and surprise me what didn't surprise me but you know everybody's like how do I get started and I was like oh my email photo kicked in like everything that it still it still works it's the works that's awesome that's awesome so so I know a lot of times agents are like they see someone that's successful just like you and they're like all right Ashley what does your ad look like what like how are you actually having success how are you actually generating leads and so I just wanted to kind of pick your brain and talk to you about that and I know you've done some cool stuff because like one thing for everyone watching one thing there's a she's done that I've absolutely loved if she's taken like the core templates of the ads that a lot of people have seen and stuff but she knows her mark like I don't know Memphis like she knows Memphis right so she knows that there are a lot of renters in her area and so she kind of tweaked her ABS a little bit to speak more to the renters and saying like hey look you're probably paying more in rent than you could if you like just bought a home and so I mean I remember that having that conversation a few years ago and that that's kind of like the one of the ways that you tweaked and target your ads so anyway talk a little bit more about your ad creation how you like come up with these ideas and you know get results like that so yes so I do to see if you can clearly telling them video how country I can but yes so Memphis is like I think about 49% renters we are a huge rental market investors love Memphis so I recognize this so in my ads a lot of times when the answer is running right now is I had like one of my friends who is happens to be like a single mom with two kids she's been renting for like seven years and she closed on her house so I have a picture like a boomerang of her holding sold signing her two kids are standing there in their new kitchen and I ran that adds an ad and of course I gave some details on her like single mom two kids renting seven years paying $1,100 a month bought her first house today you can do it too you know it's those ads that people can relate to and there later seven years you know I have that could be me you know so I have to keep it creative I know people love videos they hate just paragraphs on paragraphs you know they love videos they let me see somebody who looks like them maybe in their same situation and I cracked my eggs to that or here we have some loan programs to give you downpayment assistance so I'll post a picture one of my clients on the sole time and say she moved into our house with zero down you know worth it FedEx overnight you know it's kind of you have to know you're the market right so I know my market I know what people like and I could see when I post regularly if I get a lot of likes or a lot of comments or letting the shares I'm like okay this is what people like this is where I'm getting a lot of attention and attraction and then I'll just make it into an ad and that has worked for me totally has worked for me that's awesome yeah one thing I like is you're talking about knowing your market and that's I feel like there's kind of two fold of that it's knowing the people like the demographic like who are those equally renters then also you mentioned like knowing that like there's downpayment assistance that like is like every market is going to be a little bit different so what Pro they have to help the people so it's like knowing your market of the people know your market of the programs and then one thing that I love that you've done which a lot of people don't necessarily do is you took a little bit of extra time like yeah it takes it like a couple extra minutes to make a boomerang takes a couple minutes extra to go through and write out the story of like you know renting for seven years it takes a little bit more brainpower which not everyone wants to go through and do but obviously it's really paid off for you yeah it totally it definitely works people like a story people like people use people who they trust like I've learned that you know I'm not always like sale sale sale buy from me pick me pick me you know it you have to have that trust um I post consistently you know and I just it's just part of my marketing plan and you know like I use a variety of things like I don't only use Facebook ads I don't you know I use a variety of things to grow my business and it just takes time and consistency and effort for sure you got to put in some kind of effort you know just throwing up an ad and hoping somebody bites it's you got to put some time and effort into it and do it consistently oh yeah and like you said I mean I feel like there's a compounding effect like obviously it's great to start somewhere so it's great to get some Facebook Ads going but obviously if you're doing other things like even if you're marketing on Google or at doing SEO stuff or billboards or you're on buses like all that stuff's are compounding the fact where you're just super branding yourself which the great thing about Facebook is either you start with no money you're brand new solo agent you could throw a few bucks a day and get that exposure and like you're saying make a post on your Facebook page and test the engagement see if there's an even one even interacting before you even put money behind it which is kind of dangling that's what I do if people are always like actually I see you ever where I'm like I know they're like you're on Facebook I get something in the mail from you you know you're like that's that's the way and like I need you to see me everywhere yeah so yeah definitely tested see what kind of nation when you get before you put some money behind it for sure totally so do you have like an example of a Facebook ad that you can show everyone watching because I know we talked about the ads and sometimes on these interviews we talked about and it all gets them down in the comments can you just show us the ads oh let's check it out visual people if I can do this you know guys Jason is like you got it can you see my screen I can see your screen okay so Jason you to pay for your channel yeah you're the one who taught me how to like target and do all all the things you're the one behind that which Ashley is gonna be starting her YouTube channel here and so if you guys want to check out her YouTube channel out a link down in the description so here's one okay so I run multiple ads so here's one of me like at a property that I have for sale and I'm just talking about the property walking through it great way to start your portfolio then you can see you see like how many people it's reached how many plays it got like that that's an example of one it just depends on who I'm marketing to I have let's see the one that everybody loves is let's see if this works here it is here's one so like I said him a good friend of mine Horsham made a sign because her daughter's new house actually ran a video and it showed her daughter walking into the house and her reaction when getting her first home in that video I've got a time abuse like I had my phone was blowing up just showing a little reaction to our first house a new room but here's one and so you can see like you can see online I'm showing you I'm being transparent right here no this is awesome this is great stuff so you know well done girl woman powers so yeah just and it's just a quick boomerang you know and there's what I've said so this right here you are running because this one's not linking out to any really landing page or anything like that so this one you were saying you're running it as just a post for engagements right to get likes and comments on that post right right it's keep me top of mind like my direct messages are overflowing at the moment right now of just people who have seen this hey Ashley you know help me to you know even though they go here they still click on my page and send me a message tone oh so totally engaging I think let's see if I have any more they always people reacted to your video I don't know if it's the same video oh so I always run videos of me talking about the home buying process okay go ahead Jason oh no I would just say I was just saying okay that's great like so you're and this is another key thing that I think that a lot of people where they fail is they're always just going for the the kill they're always just going for a give me your contact information and give me this give me that where it's like I love videos like this and honestly this is why I started my youtube channel because most of my videos it's not really like I'm not saying buy this buy that opt-in here it's like it's just literally just pure value or at least that's my goal with it where it's like right here for your target market it looks like you're just giving value you're not really trying to go through and get them to opt-in or saying like hey message me to buy this or buy that or whatever exactly like I said you gotta built that trust before people use you so I was just waiting on my clients to pull up I was it the closing office we were about to close on a house and I was in the car and I just like hmm let me and it was a smooth process a really smooth transaction close in like three weeks and the people were super organized so I pumped on the video sitting in the parking lot and said hey the best way to go about is to get organized you know don't rush and all your paperwork together just offering a tip on how to make this process as smooth as possible and then you can see like the engagement how many people have reached you know so I'm just I run multiple ads if they don't get any engagement I'll stop my test you know I test my hands to see what works and this helps people come to spring-trap into my page they end up liking my page they'll go to my website they'll ask me questions so now I look like the expert in my market you know so they'll come to me when they have questions and in return they end up buying from me or if they know somebody looking for a house they'll say Ashley you seen Ashley in the video so that means not me saying pick me pick me but it's kind of like saying pick me without saying it you know because I mean she's offering the volume yeah so that's the best advice I'm probably give all my new agents have a lot of new agents you know you have just got to make yourself give out value you need to be the expert in the field especially new agents who don't have any clients like you don't have it kind of vouch for you or refer you know so you start offering value start offering knowledge to make people trust to you know so that's what I do that's what I do so once me let's say that I'm an agent and I'm watching this video right now and I'm like oh man well Ashley super good on camera she looks great on camera yeah but I'm like too shy like I don't want to get on video I don't want to do like what would would be some advice or tips of somebody's like maybe doesn't want to be in the limelight doesn't want to be on camera there's a little bit shy to be on video I know I get that all the time I don't want to know what I'm actually I don't like the camera and I get it like I used to number wanna go live I totally get that the main thing I'll say is you know really like just do it just get out there and the more you do it the better it gets like let me say that and so for YouTube a lot of times I think YouTube might be better because you don't really have anybody watching you you just talk to the camera you don't have to worry about you know people watching you basically at that moment because I'm go live like all the time so I can see when people like come into the live and I'm like oh no it's like two people now it's 20 people in here you know so that can be like going live I need it that's scary so maybe start with video or maybe do like a short video or talk about something that you know really will so maybe you know if you to house maybe at an open house just walk through the house or just practice like I shoot videos like five and ten times until I get the one so I'm taking a selfie like ten Sobeys before I get there right so you know practice and it's like like honestly and Jason this is me being transparent like yeah lot of times I don't want to do videos or I'm a little scared to post something but I just remember my why like I have a daughter who is six like and if I don't work she won't eat so it's kind okay actually it over remember you're why most people who are doing videos are nervous like you are yeah but just just get outside your comfort zone that's where the magic happens no I'm totally with you cuz like I most people don't really know this cuz like you know have a youtube channel and I do videos all the time now but like I'm super introverted and I remember a couple years ago I was like scared to death to shoot the videos but I was like well there's no one following me anyway so might as well reshoot the video so you go back my videos are super crafty towards the beginning and even talking like you're talking about doing lives like when I do lies I'll do lies inside of our groups and like even just like people that know like as soon as I see that number tick up like there's one person on two people on three people on I like I can't look at that number because like just gets in my head so like I mean that I i 100% agree with you you just got it you got to do it you got a practice and even still like as you go through and do it more and more like even after you've done it for a while there's still like you still get that little like yeah nervousness in your head like self-conscious or whatever and so you just got to do it just do it like it's just one of those things just I don't know you just have to do it now I'm with you like as soon it's it's like live my little red button start my okay I just have to turn it on and now people are like Ashley why are you not nervous or how are you not nervous I'm like I'm still nervous I just do it nervous like I still do it nervous oh man so what else what else do you want to share what other feedback or yeah some tricks that you want to share it look so you know it's legit I want to make sure you hear Jason dump Amy videos but this is like what my email looks like when I posted in Facebook and said hey you know it still works my funnel still works so these aren't my emails that have come through on the lead generation and it's just I don't make my lead generation capture too long I just really ask for their email first name and phone number yeah because I think if it's that too many it's not do it mostly you know so in after they do this they go into my funnel and I think I have about five or six emails that they get maybe every day or maybe every other day that just tells them how to get started with buying a house how they can reach me offering some advice or some tips sharing loan programs even if I have a house that maybe just hit the market I'll put that in the funnel so hey check out this house it's coming soon and it hits all my clients you know a lot of times they might not be interested in the house but they'll say I don't really want that area but I am interested in this area can you send me some houses in this area I'm like yes of course I can you know just to get that engagement that dialogue that communication going so it works but that takes time like I had to sit down and think about my email funnels the order I put them in what I wanted them to say yeah you know so it take it does take time but it was easy you just but you just do it you know the thing the thing we're like I like whenever I'm working on a project or something like that and you know putting together an email funnel or anything like this yeah like I I get more motivated if I know it can be leveraged out so what I mean by that like if I had a go spend four hours write an email follow-up and it's just looking for one person it's a little bit but if it's like hey this is good like every single person the next hundred or thousands or tens of thousands of people that come through this funnel are gonna see the same thing it's like man that for hours super leveraged exactly exactly I like because honestly I think the most agents are like this thing if I can have you almost converted by the time I directly talk to you the better like if I've already kind of weeded you out like okay you're thinking about fine thing about buying a year from now okay we really don't have to you know have a sit-down face-to-face conversation because you're not trying to bang for another year or two totally oh it kind of helps me weed out and filter who's ready right now okay your lease is up at the end of the month okay yeah we need to get a face-to-face sit-down gameplan those house hunting you know so it does some of the extra legwork for you if you get if you take the time and instead your buns up we're sure well any any last tips or advice that you want to share with anyone that before we wrap up here um just it takes time it's not overnight I know a lot of people new agents get in the business seeing other agents thinking you know they're gonna be rich overnight and it happens overnight it doesn't even though a lot of times I only posted good a lot of people think that's all it is no I still have deals perla part I still have you know I missed some clients but it takes time you got to be consistent you got to be disciplined I am a hundred percent full time agent um and I'm a mom and I still have to be disciplined like I work at a nine-to-five like it's just it is what it is so um no stay consistent I hope every I'm here if you have any questions subscribe to my youtube channel that's right go check out her you teach and you've got a couple of digital courses right they kind of break down exactly what you do and what you do on social media to tell us a little bit more about that yes so I'm came out with to ebooks basically one of them is for new agents because I know when you get started maybe you don't have a huge budget or you don't know where to market to so I made like a my top ten budget-friendly marketing ideas so you can grab it there I made that super easy it's not open houses not co crawling it's not door knocking for the record I never door not like that was just not something I like to do so I can find things that work for me in my personality so I'll put them all in the e-book you can grab it creative ways and I made a workbook for agents who hate to post on social media that's what I always did I don't know what supposed I don't know how to post so I made a workbook I even put like a Content calendar in there so it tells you what to post for 30 days awesome oh yeah just go grab it give me your feedback tell me if you like it you know I know there's a need so when there's a need I still try to help where I can as a campy hard or discouraging get into the business and not knowing anybody or what to do so you know yeah so Ashley Pickens calm and I'll add all the URLs down below this video so if you guys want to check that out Channel she's just getting started so make sure you subscribe so you can check out all the latest of somebody that is actually putting this into action like we were saying three years ago she was a solo agent now she had she's a broker you have 23 agents right 23 on your team 23 agents a lot of them are super node just to the test so everything I got teach them I try to share it with other people so kind of get leads how to market how to time manage so you know yeah that's what I'm doing now 23 agents and we are growing we just got a new office so we're growing yes I love it well actually thank you so much for taking some time and sharing with us and being super transparent showing us the ads and like telling us exactly what you're doing and same thing guys like go check out her channel because she's just as transparent over there she's gonna keep making video showing you guys exactly what she's doing so if you want to see what success looks like in real estate go check out her channel see what she's doing see how you can model what she's doing and implement into your business and really be able to grow your business in next three years maybe you could be a broker with 23 agents on your team I know god is good let me just say that so yeah and I'm here if anybody wants to reach out ask me any questions I'm always available clearly you all everybody already knows that because you're a much okay awesome well actually thank you so much again for joining us and appreciate you spending the time of course of course against Arsenal it still works after all these years it still works

How to Retire Early from Financial Independence and Real Estate Investing

hey everybody welcome back to my channel my name is Henry in today's video we'll be discussing how you can retire early the average American retires at the age of 62 years old but there are many people that have retired at a much younger age some people retire at the age of 50 40 and even 30 so if you want to learn how to tire early make sure you guys like this video subscribe to my channel and click the notifications bell so YouTube notifies you whenever I post a video now let's get started the first step to retire early is that you need to learn how to properly budget your income and your expenses a lot of times when people receive their paycheck all they do is spend spending the spend they buy things they don't necessarily need they buy things like new clothes new shoes and even go to expensive restaurants just to treat themselves out but if your goal is to retire early this is something that you definitely cannot do do not spend your money on things that you don't need invest and save your money even if you receive a raise at work it is important to save your income and if you receive a raise at work make sure to limit your expenses there are many athletes and lottery winners that go broke within a couple of years this is because they do not know how to properly budget their income and expenses as their income increases their expenses also increase and that is the reason why they lose all their money so what you need to do is make sure that you're sitting money aside for retirement and savings when you receive your paycheck the first thing that you should do is save your money you can do this by putting your money into a savings account you should do this before you spend money on anything whether it be your needs or your wants a strategy cut to fifty thirty twenty rule is a strategy that can help you properly budget your income by utilizing the fifty thirty twenty roll it is almost a guarantee for you to retire early so this is how the rule works fifty percent of your income is medical towards your needs things such as food shelter and clothing on your necessities in life fifty percent of your income goes to things that you need in your life they keep you alive and healthy and thirty percent of your income goes towards things that you want this is money that goes towards something like your netflix bill and then we have 20% going towards a retire counts your savings in your investments and if you want to retire even earlier you can switch the 20% and the 30% so instead of the 50 30 20 roll it would be the 50 20 30 rule so 20% goes towards who wants and the things you might want to do and then 30% of your income goes toward your savings and investments that build up your assets just by switching those two numbers it can increase your chances of retiring and early age so properly managing your expenses as well as your income can help you in retiring early before we get to the second step of this video make sure you guys like this video subscribe to my channel and click the notification spell the second step to retiring early is they should find a way to increase your income there are many strategies that can increase your income one way you can increase your income is by finding something that you love to do and then monetizing it for example if you love painting and creating art then you can find a way to monetize that you can do this by selling some of your paintings online or if you don't have any hobbies then think about working the second job this should be a side job that doesn't take much time and effort because you don't want to be working 60 hours a week for your normal job and then doing that again with your side table another way to increase her income is by investing in real estate so by spending 50 percent of your income on their needs and 20 percent on your wants you can invest some of your money into real estate before investing your money into real estate you have to make sure that you have enough money in the first place make sure you have enough money for down payments and monthly expenses from the rental property but investing in real estate will take a lot of time and effort that is why it is best for you to find something that you love to do so it doesn't seem like work and monetizing that hobby to generate more income the third step to retiring early is that you have to be smart with your investments for example let's say there are two brothers John and Jack John and Jack are both twenty years old each month John puts five hundred dollars into a savings account for the next 40 years John does not just the banks and he does not make any investments but he saves $500 a month for the next 40 years John does not have to pay any interest but does not gain returns John is now 60 years old it has $240,000 now could John retire off of his $240,000 he probably could but it's going to be a little difficult John's going to have to live below his means and he's not going to be able to spend a lot of money but it is possible for him to retire with $240,000 especially if he has social security coming in but retiring at sixty years old with torture $40,000 and Social Security each month it's not going to be very easy now let's go to John's brother Jack but he decides to invest $500 a month instead of saving it Jack is smart with his investments and gets a 7% annual return Jack invests his money into real estate stocks or other investments that are able to give him a return so Jack finds a way to makes em percent per year on his money after forty years of investing five hundred dollars a month and making his 10% return Jack has around 1.2 million dollars at age 60 jack has four times the amount of money John does in his retirement account an odd Jack had to do was invest his money into something that would give him a return this example shows that you have to be smart with the money you're investing and saving and again if your goal is to retire at an early age make sure you save your money and use the fifty thirty twenty role or the fifty 2030 role and second find a way to increase your income this can be done by working a side job or monetizing a hobby that you love and third be smart with your investments and thank you for making it to the end of the video I hope y'all enjoy if you did it make sure you guys like this video subscribe to my channel and click the notifications bell so YouTube notifies you whenever I post a video thank you so much for watching and until next time you