Door Knocking Guide: How To Deal with NOT INTERESTED

so you guys want to know how to deal with not interested when you’re not going one of these stay tuned what’s up guys it’s BC still feeling a little bit under the weather but I wanted to create this video because I still get this question a lot now for 10 seconds before I get into the video number 1 my first door knocking product gives you one or two tips on how to do with this more so on the unconscious level purchased versus conscious which we’re gonna go over in this video it’s gonna be more verbal number two I have my new door marking product coming out volume 2 January 1st so stay tuned for that so you come to this door you knock and the person says not interested what do you do well before I even answer you guys have to understand something that for a lot of reasons people are going to tell you not interested right they’re busy things are going on in the background they didn’t hear you write or understand what you said how many times have you guys heard something from somebody right didn’t quite understand what they said and they were trying to sell you you told them not interested or if they’re trying to engage in a conversation with you or do something you were just like yeah and you’re not it right then you really don’t understand think about that for a second you see everybody’s so busy they don’t even want to acknowledge you sometimes and especially if you’re a sales person coming to the door people just think automatically you’re gonna push something down their throat that you’re gonna take up a lot of their time so that initial unconscious response is not interested how many times have you guys gone to the store or the mall and when somebody even approaches you and you even smell or get the hint that they’re selling something you immediately just fire off not looking not interested or something like that just that alone is gonna help you tremendously because now as a sales person coming in you know it’s gonna happen and you’re ready for it alright so next what do you say well first and foremost I can tell you that it’s not what you say it’s your delivery if you say the best line and it’s delivered unconfident ly unclearly it’s not gonna work one thing that I do and I suggest for all of you who maybe are not selling a product on the spot maybe you’re selling a service or something like that like us the Realtors tell people right when they write when they open the door if they already look or give you the hint that they’re gonna say not interested say hey I’m not selling anything and don’t pause there this is critical don’t pause get immediately into your pitch another thing you can say is if they say not interested you acknowledge that say hey got it well I’m only gonna be here a second pause that’s called the false time constraint I’ve talked about it before I learned it in pickup and what it is is hmm it’s an illusion because you’re letting the person know that you’re only going to be there for a couple seconds now you may be there longer however you’ve just eliminated that fear in their mind of you staying there for a long long time now some of you may get right into your pitch and then after that hmm they tell you’re not interested right so in my case in real estate I will tell them look I know I know you’re not looking to sell your house and I don’t pause they’re right this is this is a key point that is can be applied universally everywhere else so sometimes you guys get hit with not interested or something like that and then immediately you answer and then you pause so you give them time to think or say something else at which point you relinquish your control and you give it to somebody else you need to answer ask a question keep the conversation going so you’re in control because now the second time or what I’m in the conversation and they say not interested I can’t say look I know you’re not looking to sell and then ask the next question I’m acknowledging their previous not interested but I’m keeping the conversation going now a very small amount of people may close the door on you or say look man I’m really not interested in the conversation big deal that’s the exception to the rule that’s gonna be one maybe two out of ten the other eight are gonna continue in conversation with you now what’s unconscious like your body language and that kind of stuff in your tonality is much more important and I’ll cover that in depth as far as and more techniques of course on my new product but real quick just some applicable stuff is what I’ve gone over it with this video with you guys and I’ll give you a little bit more but just keep in mind that you don’t need 20 tricks one or two good ones that you master is all that you really need now I’m more often than not especially I believe after you get really good you’ll tend to get the not interested after your first initial line or two I’m gonna challenge you guys to do something make it tweaked to your tweak sorry make a tweak to your initial script so in the beginning you’re giving some sort of value an update on the market if you’re in real estate or something that will grab people’s attention not give them the opportunity to say no right and throw they’re not interested off the table or if they throw it it’s almost like it’s ridiculous and you can keep the conversation going because you didn’t trap yourself into saying hey do you want to sell your house and they say no now I can get past that pretty easily but for the average person going door to door who’s not really advanced it’s gonna be a lot more difficult for them to get around that right or even outside of real estate so what I’m saying is tweak the beginning so you’re setting yourself up for more opportunities and less distractions and objections all right all in all guys remember that experience is going to be your best teacher pick a few of them look forward to my door knocking product January 1st is I’m gonna go really really in-depth to help you even more but even these basic tips are more than enough for you to get out there and do some real damage at the doors again less people are doing it more people are skeptical about it I’m still getting questions asking oh is it visit legit does it really work are you kidding me man door-to-door sales business to business face-to-face is some of the best connections you can ever make not only for the sale but for business relationships networking or anything else nothing ever will be face-to-face remember that so get out there even if even if you’re not a big door knocker get out there and do it a couple days a week for like an hour and tell me your social life doesn’t get better your life doesn’t get better and especially your sales alright make sure you guys subscribe to the channel share this video and I will see you on the next one [Music]

Structuring Deals #1:”Subject To” Deals

Hey, it’s Joe Crump. In this series I’m going to do, I’m going
to explain the different zero down structures. There’s five of them that I’m going to focus
on that encompass just about every different type of structure that you can use. And there’s a hierarchy based on the type
of offer that you’re making, whether you’re buying or whether you’re selling. I’m going to try to explain some of those
things in these videos. The first five videos in this series are going
to be explaining each of those different structures. So you’ll probably want to listen to them
all eventually, one after the other. But right now we’re going to trickle them
out, you know, once a week or whatever, and you’re going to be able to listen to them
that way. After that, I’m going to do some example deals
and I’m going to show you here is a situation, here’s how much they want for the property,
here’s how much it’s worth, what kind of offer can you make on it that would work as a zero
down structure that would make you money. So that’s how I’m going to go through this
next series of about 15 videos or so. So let’s start, first of all, with subject
to. What is buying property subject to the existing
loan? Essentially, what you’re doing is asking the
seller who already has a property and has a mortgage on that property to transfer the
title to you. Transfer the deed to you. And so they sign over the deed to you, you
take over the property, and you start making payments on their existing loan. You’re not going to qualify for that loan,
you’re going to take over that loan payments. You’re also going to transfer the insurance
into your name and you’re going to start making the tax payments as well. So you’re going to be paying principal, interest,
taxes and insurance on that property. And you’re going to go out and find someone,
probably, to lease option that property. And they’re going to make payments to you. So you’ll, let’s say you have a property and
it’s got $150K mortgage on it and it’s worth $160K. You turn around and sell it for $165K,
$170K maybe. You get $5,000 as a down payment and you’re
going to get let’s say $1,200 a month for the income for it. But the payments on it are $1,000 so you put
$1,000 towards the payment, the PITI, plus you take $200 for yourself as cash flow for
that property. So that would be one scenario where you could
keep this property and pay it off over time, using the existing loan on it, getting, having
no money into it, making $5,000 pretty much when you close that deal because you’re not
going to close it until you find a lease option buyer to move in. So you’re making money immediately on it. But the way you’re taking control of that
property is having the title. This is the strongest way to buy a property,
having control of the title and not having your name on a loan. Now you don’t have to qualify for the loan,
you don’t have to have good credit, you don’t have to have any down payment and you have
full control over this property. The seller has no control over that property. You now have control over it. If you don’t make the payments on that property,
you trash their credit. So you’re obligation, your ethical obligation
is to make sure you make those payments. If you take that property, start collecting
rent on it, don’t make the payments, that’s considered fraud and they can put you in jail
for that. So don’t do that. It’s also not the right thing to do. I’ve seen people do it before. I’ve also seen a guy go to jail for it. So make sure that you do this properly and
you watch out for the people who you’re buying the properties from. If you get into a position ever where you
can’t make the payments, my promise to our sellers whenever I take a property from them
is that they won’t ever have to worry about this again. But, I tell them if I ever get into a situation
where I can’t sustain this property for whatever reason, I will give it back to them in as
at least as good a condition as I what I took it over at. And I won’t have, you’ll also get it back
without the payments being late. So even if it’s a few days before the next
payment is due, I’m going to do that. And if the next payment comes do, then I make
that payment so that they, so it’s never comes late on them. So you have to take responsibility. So by learning these things it gives you a
great power and with great power comes great responsibility. I feel like Spiderman’s dad, or grandpa. Anyway. So, use this stuff wisely. It is the best way to buy property and you
can build a whole portfolio. The likelihood that you could put together
ten of these $150K properties in one year, one a month even, is very high. That means that you just built $1.8 million
worth of property and it’s probably worth more than that. So, you can probably get close to $2 million
worth of property in a year doing it this way. I’ve had lots of students that have done it
that way. And a lot of these things you can get with
some equity in them. A lot of times you’re buying them without
any equity where you, like I said, you get $150K mortgage, and it’s got $10,000 of equity. Okay, $10,000 of equity isn’t real equity. You can’t turn around and sell it and pay
a realtor and get out of the deal. You’re going to have your expenses to sell
that are going to be higher than that. But if you keep the property, you’re going
to get some benefits from it. You’re going to, every month, you’re going
to get a buy down on that note, you know, ,maybe it’s a couple of hundred dollars down
on that note. You’re going to get tax depreciation which
is over 27.5 years on the tax basis of that property so it’s about 3.64% of the improvement
value of that property. So, on a property like that you’re probably
talking about, I don’t know, $4,000 or $5,000 a year and, which is you had, you’re in a
30% tax bracket, that means you’re making about $1,500 per year in you know, your tax
benefits. You’re also going to get appreciation on that
property. The properties typically go up over time so,
if it goes up just 1% in a year, it’s gone up another $1,500 in value. So you get the buy down on the note, you get
appreciation, you get depreciation and of course you get the rental income on the property
as well. And eventually, and you’re also going to get
the lease option fee. So anytime somebody buys it on a lease option,
they’re going to give you a down payment. So, let’s say they give you $5,000 and you
can get anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 on a deal like this, on a lease option. Let’s say you get $5,000 so you get that cash. You probably want to put that in an escrow
account and hold that as a reserve because you’re probably going to get that property
back. The likelihood that they’re going to exercise
that option when they buy it is very low. Less than 30%. And if they do, then, and you sold it for
$165K, that means they still owe you $160K on it, you owe $150K, they give you $160K,
you get $10,000, you make a profit if they buy it. If they don’t, you get the other benefits
of owning that property as a rental property for as long as you own it. And you’ll pay it off eventually. If it’s 20 years left on the mortgage, in
20 years it’ll be paid off. If you’re making more cash flow on it and
as time goes by, you’re rents go up typically, and as your rents go up, you could start paying
more down on your principal and pay it off instead of 30 years you could pay it at 20
or instead of 20 years you could pay it off in 10. And you can get to that place where those
things are paid off a whole lot quicker. Or, you can just keep the cash flow for yourself
and use that to live on. Just make sure you keep a reserve on these
properties. I’ve seen too many people buy a bunch of subject
to properties and then they’d have vacancies and they wouldn’t be able to make their
payments because they spent all of the money that they got in lease options to live on. And that’s a mistake. So, don’t get into that situation because
you don’t want to default on these properties if there’s any way that you can avoid it. And you don’t want to have to give it back
to that seller later if you can avoid it. One thing, though, when you do have to give
it back, if that ever happens, it won’t damage your credit. It won’t cost you anything other than what
you promised them that you would do which is keep it current. So, that’s how you do a subject to. That’s the basic structure of this and all
it takes is them deeding you the property. Now, we have a whole package of documents
that we ask them to sign, you know, disclosures, and you know, giving us the right to have
control over the insurance policy, you know, those types of things that we have on every
subject to property that comes through. We also have the right to talk to a lender,
which we get in writing, we ask them to give us the password to their online account, their
bank account that shows the mortgage account so we have access to the mortgage. We can pay it online if we want to and do
it that way. One of the things I’ve talked about in previous
videos is the due on sale clause. A lot of people are concerned with subject
to because of the due on sale clause. Every lender has, or every mortgage has a
due on sale clause that says if you transfer that property they have the right to foreclose
on that property. There’s some ways around it by using a land
trust or doing things like that or hiding the fact that it got transferred from the
bank by not recording the deed, you know,. We’ve done those things as well, but I’ve,
we’ve done so many of these subject to’s, hundreds, and with my students, thousands,
and when I look at over all the years that we’ve done this for, I’ve never seen one bank
every foreclose using the due on sale clause as its reason. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about that happening. Of course I can’t give legal advice. I’m not an attorney, so, take my advice as
from my experience, not because I legally have the right to give you legal advice. I don’t. I don’t even play one on TV. So, anyway, hope that helps. That’s subject to. Next time when we come back, I will talk to
you about multi-mortgage as the second in the hierarchy. All right. Hope that helps.

The Customer Experience and Critical Business Growth Strategies | #TomFerryShow

– Hey, today we’ve got
the legendary Tiffani Bova talking about client experience, and differentiating yourself
from the competition. (bright rock music) – Hey, welcome to Tom Ferry Show. I’m super excited that
the legendary @tiffanibova make sure you follow her on Twitter. Evangelist of growth and innovation at that little company called Salesforce. – Yup, small little
company, small little town in San Francisco. – All these extraordinary
people that are watching this they’re in real estate,
they’re in mortgage, they’re in insurance,
they’re in title sales. But they are like you and I, they are cut from that
interesting cloth called sales. – Yes.
– So, take just a second and share with, you know all the people
that are watching this, who is Tiffani Bova, why should we care? Like I know you’re a baller
when it comes to sales and certainly in marketing. But give them a little insight on, who’s Tiffani Bova? – So I were just to describe myself, I call myself a recovering seller. – Oh, I love that. – Because I no longer carry a quota. But I wake up every day, – Yes. – you know fighting the
fight to try to help sales people out there around the globe, – Yes. – be better and be more
productive and hit their numbers. So that’s what I spend my days doing. So I vicariously get to
sell through everybody I get in front of which is, I feel like I carry a global quota. – So I get to do it for
the real estate industry, you’re doing it for Salesforce, and then all of their gazillion partners. – Yeah it doesn’t matter what industry, it doesn’t matter what industry. – All right, so let’s– – I think sales is sales. – But let me, so check this out you ready? So, most powerful women and
influential women in California by the National Diversity Counsel, top 50 marketing thought leaders by Brand Quarterly Magazine. Let’s see real fast here
there’s one of those that just moved me. One of Inc Magazine’s 37 sales experts you need to follow on Twitter. – Yeah. – We’re talking like you,
Seth Goden, heroes of mine. I mean, you know you are a legend. And check this out I just got a new book. I got the advanced copy,
it’s insanely great. Inc Magazine already quoted it yesterday as the four best books to
read before the end of summer. – Yes. – There are all these
incredible Growth IQ strategies. You know I’m all about growth mindset, helping you grow your business. Tiffani’s gonna help us do it today. The first chapter though,
you go right into something that is critical for the
real estate world right now. They are suffering from this lack of identity. There’s eight million real estate agents, everybody’s got nine
friends in the business. And how do we differentiate ourselves? And you go right into
this first growth path as, like the customer experience, which I think is one of
the great differentiators. So could you maybe just
speak to the audience on like what is sort of
the overarching message? And then let’s get into some granule stuff on what they can do. So what is this first growth
path, this customer experience? – Yeah I think it’s interesting right, because you have a product that you sell and many people don’t view
themselves as a product. – Yes.
– Right? But I believe that the greatest advocate and the greatest
sales force out there is your customers. – Yes. – Your past customer, – Yup, yes, yes, yes.
– Advocating on your behalf. So if you’re differentiated
and you give them this amazing experience what do they do? They go tell 10 of their friends. – Yes. – And, there’s lots of research out there that says people are 60%, 65%
through their buying journey before they ever pick up the phone and call someone like a Realtor. – 100%.
– So, having that advocacy
out in the marketplace, – Yes. – where it’s someone
else telling your story. You can’t pay for that kind of marketing. No mailer is gonna beat word of mouth. – We have talked, so they have heard me for at least the last 10 years saying, it used to be written
letters of testimonial. – Right, right.
– Right? Then we put those on our website. Now today between Zillow
and Google and other places, we call it, it’s like
the review based economy. We’re reading reviews to decide, do I like this agent or not? So do you have any insights on reviews, any more stats that
they need to know about? ‘Cause I’ve been (smacks
fist) pounding them on it. – Yeah, I would say this. I think it’s the subtle side of having people advocate on your behalf. You know if it’s too much in your face, then it doesn’t feel authentic. It has to be that kind
of natural conversation that someone’s having with
a friend or a colleague and they’re talking about, “Hey I’m thinking about moving.” And then they say, “I’ve been dealing with “this amazing Realtor.” It’s like, “Oh who are you working with?” That kind of just natural conversation is very–
– Yes, true word of mouth. – True word of mouth is very different than blasting out what
someone says about you. All right so there’s–
– Are you saying we shouldn’t be blasting it? – No, I think there’s
the subtle side of it, which has a lot of impact. – Yes. – Then there’s the very
prescriptive side of it, which is also necessary as
people go through that journey and they find you, they want to see what other people say about you, right?
– Absolutely. – So you need to have both. But I still think the greatest sales force for anybody who’s out selling something is their past customers advocating on their behalf full stop. – Agree 100%, 100%.
– Yup. – So let’s talk about
the customer experience. So I wrote down this
question like customers, you know inside the book you talked about they remember the experience
they had with a brand longer than they ever think
about the fee or the price. – Yes. – Right so, a lot of our clients watching this, they’re in marketplaces where the fee is now an issue. – Yes.
– Right? So how do we help them? Like what are two or
three things they can do upfront to create a
better quality experience so the fee becomes a no-brainer? – Yeah, so I love to use this example. So if we were in front
of people I’d be like, “Okay how many of you in the audience, – Do it yeah, yeah let’s go. – “rode an Uber 30 days ago?” You know pretty much everyone’s hands are gonna go up right?
– Yup. – And then I say, “Okay
leave your hands up. “How many of you remember
how much you spent “on that Uber ride?” Do you remember your last one? – Uh, – No, yeah.
– No, no, I’m thinking, no. – Right? So Clayton Christensen says in his book, Competing Against Luck, everything’s a job from point A to B. So I need a ride, a taxi ride, or I need to get from one
place to the next place. That’s the job I need done. So why do I pick an Uber over a taxi? – Yes. – Right, because the job still gets done. So for me it’s three things. One, I travel around
the world, I don’t have to carry currency. Or I don’t have to have money on me if I’m in the US.
– Yes, yup. – Okay, and I don’t have to worry about a credit card machine not working. – Yup. – The second one is,
that it directly connects into my expense report now. – Yes. – So it removes this other
stuff I’d have to take. And a lot of times when I catch a cab, it’s like I think it was
$6.00, and it was really $16. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause I don’t remember how much I spent.
– Do you need a receipt? – Yeah do you need a receipt? – Remember hearing that? Do you need a receipt? – And then fill it in yourself, you’re like, uh, – Throw it in the trash.
– somehow I’m always on the wrong side of that equation. And the third reason is
’cause I travel alone a lot. Someone will know where I was last. – Yes. – So those are the three reasons. Oh–
– Not so good for people like Jameson Winston, whatever the football player right now.
(Tiffani laughs) Sorry, personal note. (laughs) – But if you think about those two things the reason I chose one brand, – Yeah.
– over another was totally experienced based. – Yes. – And I have stood on a street corner, in the snow, when it’s freezing,
with my phone in my hand, watching taxis drive by, waiting for my Uber. – Yes. – During surge pricing. Which means I’m actually
willing to spend more. – Yes. – So customers have told
us in a lot of research. We’ve done in a lot of
research that’s out there, that they’ll actually spend a premium of up to almost 15%, – Yes. – for a better experience on a brand. – Yes. – Think hotel, think
home you’re gonna buy. – Yes. – One condo, over another condo, and one condo has a pool and a gym, and a concierge, and all of those things. That’s all experience based. – Yes.
– Because your apartment, right, it’s still the
place you live and sleep. The job is being done. The rest that the building has or the other amenities a home has, is the experience someone puts in it. And you know many people will say, “Careful how much money
you put in a house, “you might not get it out,” from an investment standpoint, right? Because the other person
might not appreciate that experience
– Yes. – the way you appreciate
that experience, right? – Yes. – But that’s all experienced based. So I think that when you start to realize that you, and what you deliver is also part of that experience, – Yes.
– it really changes the game. Really changes the game. – So think about it like this. So much of what, what our clients are dealing with today is this on demand environment, right? So last year, Amazon
put out a page one day and said like, “Thinking
about real estate, “looking for some real estate needs?” And people freaked. Because the fear, of not having my phone, of just being able to go, buy it, ship it here in 30 minutes. And many companies have
moved toward obviously that on demand experience, whether it’s buying direct, or buying online. And what agents are doing now is they’re finding themselves, how do I create the illusion that my experience is on demand? Any thoughts on that? – Well I think there’s a couple things. I think that we can not
be afraid of the fact that technology is changing the way we,
– Yes. – Market, and sell, and
buy, and act as consumers. – Yes. – You know every day in our
personal lives, we’re consumers. And you know, I would say, once again, how many of you have bought
on Amazon the last 30 days? Everyone raises their hand, right? – Yes. – And then I’ll say, “Well how many of you “went through the training
of how to buy on Amazon?” – Yes.
– And it’s a trick question, right? There was no training, because it’s super easy.
– It’s too easy. – Right?
– It’s too, yeah. – And so then you say, “Well
how am I going to compete “against whomever is
coming in the market?” – Yes. – Like that Amazon example you gave. I’ll just give an example from Australia that I learned some six years ago in the real estate industry where someone came up with a IOT
device on the real estate signs. So as you pulled up, if you had the app, it would recognize that you were sitting in front of the house,
– Yes. – and it would push you content. Right, and say here,
take a tour of the home. – Yes.
– This was six years ago. Right and then people are going, “Well no, well wait a minute. “Then I don’t need broker’s opens, “and I’m not gonna physically
show them the house.” Then I go, “Yes, but me as a consumer, “maybe I don’t want that experience.” I like sitting in front of a house and getting a feel for the neighborhood and actually having it all push. I can turn it down or not turn it down. – Yup.
– So we have to find a way to embrace what’s coming
at us no matter what. The harder you dig in your heels, the worse it’s going to be from you. But you don’t need to
say yes to everything. You know you have to
see what works for you and your teams.
– Yeah. – I’m not saying everyone
has to go put IOT on a sign. I remember a very dear friend of mine–
– Internet of things. – Yeah, internet of things.
– Internet of things. – Sorry.
– Yes, yes, yes. – A very dear friend of
ours was the very first to put pictures – Yes.
– on their real estate signs. – Yes, yes. – And by advertising at
the beginning of movies. – Yup! – And that was 15 years
ago, if not a little longer. – Yeah, yeah.
– And then everybody does it now, right? You just have to find
something that’s gonna really differentiate
you in the marketplace. – So one of my mentors,
Mike Vance, would talk about the experience economy in the context of, like run everything
through the five senses. Right, from the first
time they meet with you. Right, you think of like,
sight, taste, scent, all these different senses. Is there anything, and again,
going back to the book, do you have any insight on again, the experience, the time
that I meet that agent? What advice would you give to
have them really stand out? – Yeah, so this is one
that I find fascinating, I’ve been actually doing
some work in real estate over the last couple years now, since I’ve joined Salesforce. You know I would say
understanding who your existing customers are, who are they? Are they mostly families, are they mostly single, are
they mostly, what are they? Men, women, – What’s your avatar, right?
– couples, right. – Your perfect customer. – Who’s your perfect customer? And why did they choose you? – Yes. – And find out what that is. – Yeah.
– What they think. – Yes, their perception. – Their perception and
how do you take that and weave it into your marketing? – Yes. – Do you just want to just
sell anything to anyone? Or do you want to be really
good, and known for something? – Yes.
– You know condos in a particular area, or
homes, single family homes, or duplexes, or whatever it might be. – Communities. – Communities, whatever.
– Right as an example. – Dominate Corona del
Mar, or whatever it is. – Whatever it is.
– Beachfront stuff, yes. – You know owning something,
creating that beachfront and creating that reputation, right? That’s that flywheel effect
and that multiplier effect, right?
– Yeah. And so, I’d say a lot of
Realtors may not even know the answers to those questions. – Yes. – And so they’re not
capturing it in something. You know yes, where I work, we obviously can do that. – A lot of data.
– Right, you know A lot of data on the CRM side, from a Salesforce perspective, but I just want it captured somewhere. You have to capture it somewhere so that you get more intelligent with who you’re working with, and what’s going on,
because then you’re smarter about the decisions that you make. – And it could even be just a, you think about the power of CSAT today, like customer satisfaction surveys. – Yes. – “Hey we just engaged with each other, “you were on my website. “What did you think? “What did you like? “What did you not like?” But if you’re not today doing
a post transaction survey, using Survey Monkey,
something super simple. What are three things you
liked about the experience? What are three things that maybe, you wished we did different, or better? To get that feedback, cause
at the end of the day, it’s like sell people what they want in their model of the
world, and you’re gonna win. – Yeah.
– Is that kind of part of it? – Yeah, and I’d say
two sides to that coin. I’d say one, for sure,
ask customers who bought from you, why they bought from you. – Yes.
– But I would also go out, and reach out to
people who didn’t buy from you. – Yes. – Because then, what was it
that didn’t resonate with them? – Yes. – And is it something that you’re willing to fix, and pivot towards?
– Yes. – Or you going, “That’s okay, I’m glad “they didn’t buy from me.”
– Bingo. – And then move on, right? The one thing I’d say
around doing the survey is that we find different kinds
of results, and insights when you do it on your own
versus hiring a third party to do it on your behalf.
– Yes, yes. – If you’ve got the
funds, and the interest in really digging into what
makes you differentiated because I would tell you once you know what everyone else thinks of you, that’s where you have to win. – Yep. – And just ignore the rest of it– – Yes. – until you get that stuff really right. – Yes.
– Right? And so you also have the what
didn’t they like about you. Right, so maybe that’s something you need to lean away from, whatever it was. But people tend to say Survey Monkey as an example–
– Yeah. – of going out and surveying, right? You surveying, people may
not give you the truth. – True. – Right, and so having
a third party do it, and maybe not even online, but actually doing it over the phone. – Yep.
– You’ll get those insights. – And that can be your title
company, your escrow company, your lender–
– Yeah, everybody. – your brokerage on your behalf, just as long as it is not
just directly coming from you. – Yeah. – Like, “what did you like about me?” – Yeah. – “But please don’t tell
me what you didn’t like.” – The whole experience.
– That’s important. – But in the real estate
industry, just like in technology, the challenge is, is that we have a very long supply chain. – Yes.
– Right? You have a lot of touches
through the sales cycle in real estate.
– Yes. – Right, a mortgage, the title company, the realtor–
– Yep. – the inspector–
– Yep. – the contractors, I mean there is a lot of people touching a deal. And then the realtor
is in the middle of it, and so if one, or two of
those people go awry on you. Or give a terrible experience
that’s reflective on you. – Yes. – And so you have to figure out, how do you tighten that experience around that supply chain. Ya know, do you always work
for the same mortgage broker? Do you always work with
the same title company? Who do you recommend? Is everybody on the same page? And that has a lot to
do with communication, and collaboration.
– Yes. – Once again going back to
very difficult to scale, if you’re doing 25, 50,
75, a 100 deals a year to scale on an Excel
spreadsheet, and Post-it Notes. – Yeah.
– It’s just impossible. – Yeah. – So you need to start to take advantage of some of the tools online, whether it’s collaboration,
or CRM, or whatever. – Yes.
– To manage that team in a way that gives the customer, remember, the best experience they can have. – Okay, that’s the whole thing. So now I’m gonna switch gears just, – Yep.
– For a second, inside the book you talk about the guy that started Shake Shack, and – Danny Mar.
– Right. And gonna go brain dead
on him, Ray Kroc, right? – Right, McDonald’s. – He didn’t actually create McDonald’s, but he turned it into what–
– Yes. – we know it as. So both these guys talk about
the product being secondary. – Yes. – Right? And yet, the assumption is, like in real estate, is
the house the product? Is the agent the product? And which one is secondary? Give me sort of the
tie in for real estate. – Well that goes back to what I just said. Right?
– Yeah. – Danny Meyer is like, “Look,
I’m selling you a burger. – Yeah. – “Right across the
street is another burger– – Yep. – “from that other company.” Right?
– Yes. – “Or somebody else, why
would someone come in, “and buy my burger?”
– Yeah. – “And why would they
spend two dollars premium, ‘or three dollar premium for my burger?” – Yes.
– Right? So now in this case I
use a Starbucks example. – Yeah.
– Right? So if we were at an event, right, if we were standing at your event, you were giving free coffee outside which everybody does at events. – Sure. – And there was a Starbucks downstairs, I guarantee you there
would be a line downstairs. – Yes. – So someone is willing
to spend seven bucks– – Yep
– versus free. – Yes.
– Free, seven dollars. – Yes.
– Right? And what is it? Well because I get to
order my half-caf soy; this temperature, the
same way, or on my app, and I go back to the Uber example. – Yep.
– I can order online. – On demand, super easy.
– I don’t have to, I don’t have to carry the–
– Yeah. – Right, I can do all of those things, and Tesla has proven that
people will spend a lot of money online sight unseen. (laughing) – In seven minutes, and buy
your car. (finger tapping) – Yeah, and seven
minutes, and buy your car, and then on many, the New York real estate guys, you know, they absolutely push online. – Yes. – Right, all of the things
that they are doing. – And they tout how much they’re doing. – Yes. – Via Instagram, and Facebook– – Absolutely
– et cetera. – With sight unseen for
international buyers. – Yes. – I would go back to, it
goes back to the experience. – Yeah. – And even big companies
like Ford is now saying that they’re much more
interested in pivoting towards the experience inside the car– – Yes. – because they know that the
quality of their car is fine. – So now they’re pivoting to the inside. – Is there a charger for your iPhone? – Is there a place to put your iPad? – Bluetooth.
– Bluetooth. – How does it feel?
– This and that. Right?
– What does it smell like? Right, yes. So, it’s experience. What’s fascinating is
last year, Greg Schwartz, Chief Revenue Officer of Zillow, or now Chief Business
Officer of Zillow said “We are shifting everything towards “a better quality experience.” – Yep.
– Right. Unfortunately in the real estate space, when you look at the consumer
reports, and the feedback that the vast majority of agents get, they put them really
low on the list in terms of customer satisfaction, and yet many of the people that are watching this– – Use them. (laughing) – have 700 views on Zillow. You with me?
– Yeah, right. – Like this is the creme of the creme. – Right. – If there was one other thing that they could do to
differentiate themselves. What’s one, like, is it doing more videos, is it getting out in front
of them, and sharing more? What other advice would you give to just create that separation? – Yeah, so I’d say one thing,
and it comes down to this. Be where your customers are going to be, and greet them when they get there. – Yeah. – Sort of where the puck is going. – Yeah.
– Right. Now I don’t need you to be Steve Jobs, or Marc Benioff, or Jeff Besoz. I don’t need you to be
out years in advance. I need you to be out, like, a half a year, a year out, ahead of, right. – Yes. So thinking about what do you think someone is going to want next. I mean I remember when it was like, we’re gonna do, what about
virtual reality of seeing homes? – Yes. – So three years ago that’s
when no one was doing it. – Yes.
– Right. So, and if you believed in it, and go, well I’m just gonna try it. Because maybe there is a
specific kind of buyer, that this is what they want to do– – Yeah.
– and I’ll test it. – Yeah.
– Right. I’m not saying pour all of
your eggs into that basket. – But you need to ahead of where you think your
customers are gonna go. That goes back to then you need to know who your customers are. Are they tech savvy? If they’re not tech savvy, then that’s not where
you want to be investing. – Yeah. – It needs to be a face
to face relationship. – Yes, yes. – If they’re younger,
and they’re millennial, and this is their first home,
they may be more inclined to do virtual reality,
and do things online, and have a lot of that journey happen– – Yes – before they ever meet you. – Yep.
– Right. If it’s kind of your in-between, then what’s the balance of the two. – You gotta play them both. – But I go back to, ya know I feel like, Zillow is a great example. I remember initially it was
like “Whoaahh, this is.” Almost like the reaction of Amazon. – Yes, yes.
– Like this is gonna totally disrupt us.
– Yes. – Right, and it hasn’t.
– No. – It’s made realtors better, it’s made the customers more empowered. – Yep. It’s using technology
now; real-time, on-demand, in your hand, you can find out
information about anything. – Bingo. – So they’re smarter, which
means you have to make sure you stay ahead of them, because
if you show up to someone, and go, “Let me tell you
all about this house. “It’s three bedroom, it’s
two baths, 1500 square feet, “it’s all of these things.” And the customer is looking at you like, “I know all of this.” – “Like I got all of that.”
– ” I got all of that. “Tell me something I don’t know.” – Yes.
– Right? And so you have to up your game. – Yep. – You have got to be able
to provide information that your customers
cannot get on their own. – Bingo. – Making the assumption that
they’re already two-thirds through their journey before they ever pick up the phone to call you. Even if they’re a really
good friend, right? – So this is so great,
cause you just validated probably ten Tom Ferry episodes. – But now they’ll believe it
because they heard it from me. (Laughing) – Well, c’mon, look at her
all-star list of, you know. (laughing) So, kind of just tightening this up, I just wanna say really fast,
everything she is saying here, you’ve heard speed to
lead is a massive degree of separation, the
on-demand economy, right? Meeting your customer where they are, which really today is on
their iPhone, and quick. Right, some of these key
to distinctions we talked about for now 18 months,
many of you are adopting. I would challenge you, I
would really challenge you to get honest with
yourself, and say are we in the on-demand culture. The answer is yes. Right, are we in the review based society? 1000 percent. And if you haven’t move the needle towards these things, my friend, you’re just missing a
segment of the market that they’re going to find somebody else whether you do these things, or not. Right, so I just wanna, kind of talking to my viewers, reminding you. The head coach. And I give you an example. So let me just pick
millennials as an example. – Yes. – So millennials now are saying that they want to buy from brands– – Yes. – or people that actually
agree with their values. – Yes.
– Right? So are you socially conscious? Are you giving back?
– Yes. – Are you doing something
in the community? So if you’re going after
millennials, I’d say like what is your give-back strategy? – Yes. – And maybe that is your differentiator. – Bingo. – And the fact that you
sell homes, is sort of “yeah, I sell houses.” But what I’m doing is I’m trying
to clean up this community. – Yes.
– Right. And I’m doing everything I can, and a percentage of my
proceeds goes back towards– – Bingo.
– cleaning up the community. – Bingo. – And so now you’re really
speaking to millennials. – Yes.
– Now what’s the product? – Yeah.
– Right. – Who cares?
– The house? Who cares, right? They’re going to say,
“Hey, look, I like you “better than this guy, or girl– – Yep. – “Because this one is all about like “I’ll get you the best deal. “We’re gonna find you the best house. “And you’re like yeah, it’s
not totally about that. ” Like I wanna work with someone who– – Yes. “agrees with my values,
and my convictions.” Right?
– That’s a key distinction. – As a great example, right? Once again, you have to know who your customers are.
– Yep. – Who you’re going to go after. – What’s your value proposition? And then you need to be where they are, and then you need to have
a message that resonates. – And then integrate that beautifully into your marketing
message; into your brand; into the stories that you’re putting out in the market place,
because at the end of the day that’s the stuff that people remember. – Yeah, it’s noisy.
– Yes. – It’s noisy.
– Yes. – Ya know, there’s no
shortage of realtors. – No. No, no, no.
– That’s not a problem. – Hey, we only dug into one. I don’t know if we can
get a close-up on this. I am loving this, I highly recommend it. You need to go to Amazon,
or Barnes and Nobles. – Yeah, 800 CEO Reads,
Indie, Walmart, Target. It’s everywhere, yeah. – And this right here, Ink
Magazine, four best books to read before the end of summer, you’re gonna see her live at the summit, whether you’re with us live, or, certainly on live-cast as well. Tiffani, I really appreciate this. – Aw, it’s such a pleasure, Tom. – Yeah so excited ya.
– Thanks for having me in front of these great realtors, ya know. Help them fight the fight. – Get this book.
– Get this book. – Alright guys, remember
always, your strategy matters, and now more than ever your passion rules. Go get ’em. Hey I’m Tom Ferry, and I wanna
say welcome to real estate. Now, there’s a pretty good
chance no one’s told you there’s a 87% failure rate every five years in this business, and there is only two factors: agents don’t have the tools, and they don’t take the right action. I’m gonna invite you to
click the link below, and get access to the tools, so you can win in this business.

Investing In Real Estate With A Full Time Job?

All right, what’s going on everybody? In today’s video we’re going to be talking
about, can you have a full-time job and still invest in real estate? I would say absolutely you can and, not only
that, but you should have a full-time job. If you’re looking to become a full-time real
estate investor, I would actually recommend that you have a full-time job and then do
real estate investing on the side before you gain some consistency to the point where eventually
you could quit your job if you wanted to. There’s a couple of reasons for that. Number one, just like any business when you’re
getting started, it’s going to be hard to be consistent and do consistent deals when
you’re first getting started. Now, some people, they might start doing two
or three deals per month but other people, it might take them a little while to get started. From a pure cash flow perspective, you might
save up some money but if you’re not making consistent income, like you would from a normal
job, that money can dry up pretty quickly, ask me how I know. I would definitely recommend having a full-time
job. Ideally, a full-time job in the real estate
industry so you can gain even more experience before you even think about quitting your
job. The next thing I would keep in mind is, when
you’re getting started as a real estate investor sometimes you can do extremely well in your
first couple deals, and it might even just be dumb luck. If you’re doing marketing sometimes you can
just … I know some investors that have made 100,000 on their first couple deals, which
is definitely doable but it’s, I’d say that’s, I’d probably consider that pretty rare in
the real estate industry. You want to be able to have done at least
a minimum of three deals but ideally more like five or six deals before you think about
quitting your full-time job. The reason for that is, yeah, some deals might
be amazing, other deals might take a little bit longer and you might not make as much
so you want to have a wide spectrum of deals under your belt before you decide to quit
your job. Sometimes you get cocky too after you maybe
do two or three good deals but then your fourth deal, because you’ve done so well in those
first couple, you think, “Oh, I’m going to hit another home run,” and then that deal
doesn’t go so well. You really want to see a wide spectrum of
deals before you think about quitting your job. Another great reason to invest in real estate
on the side, while you have a full-time job, is to build up assets. By that I mean you want to build up … You
can even buy rental properties. It’s going to be significantly easier to purchase
rental properties if you have a full-time job rather than if you’re just self-employed
doing the whole full-time real estate investor thing, so that’s one reason. You can buy two, three, four, five rental
properties with your full-time job income before you take the leap to being a full-time
real estate investor. Then, in that case you have cashflow coming
in that would help to stabilize some of the months when you’re first getting started. Not only that but you also want to extend
your credit lines and potentially get new credit lines as much as possible when you
have the security of a job. Myself personally, I have over 100,000 in
credit and I’m trying to get over a million dollars in personal credit and possibly business
credit as well. When you have a job that’s going to be 10
times easier because they just look at the income, they might look at your taxes, and
they’ll give you sometimes a pretty quick approval. You should have, I’m talking about credit
lines with the bank. Sometimes you can just get a personal credit
line with your bank and you can apply for 50,000. Now, they might not give you 50,000 and they
might say, “Hey, what are you spending that for? You say, “Hey, I might be making some large
purchases soon.” You don’t really need to get too specific. I don’t want you to lie or anything like that
but, generally speaking, if you have good credit and a steady job you can ask for a
personal line of credit, which is essentially like cash. It’ll just be in your account and you can
use it whenever you need to. You should do the same with credit cards. You should have three or four credit cards
and try to extend the credit lines on those as much as possible. Most people are not even aware that you can
probably just call your credit card company today and ask, if you’ve been paying on time
and you have a steady job, probably ask them to double your credit limit. That could give you a lot more financial security
when it does come time to quit your job. What will happen is when you’re self-employed,
especially when you’re getting started, you’re going to have amazing months where you’re
like, “I’m a genius, I’m going to be a millionaire next month.” Then you have months where you’re like, “Crap,
I need to get a new job. I need to get a subsidized apartment. I need to make some serious life changes.” Having all that built in, credit lines that
you can rely on if you need to. I’m not saying get a credit line just to go
buy a boat, which theoretically you could, but use those credit lines as security or,
potentially, if a buying opportunity comes around sometimes you might … Maybe there’s $100,000, you need to bring
$100,000 to the table and you might be able to finance that in creative ways with credit,
your credit line, and savings, for that matter. Okay. The next reason why I recommend investing
in real estate part-time, while you have a full-time job, is you can get good at outsourcing. Being a real estate investor, being a full-time
real estate investor, you actually don’t spend as much time as you might think. A lot of my business is outsource. You should outsource these three things when
you get started as a real estate investor. Number one. Your leads. Some investors purchase leads, you can purchase
different motivated seller lists. You can also pay a researcher. I have a virtual assistant that I’ve trained
to basically pull different motivated seller lists for me. You want to have somebody get the list for
you, the list of motivated sellers, the list of people that you’re going to be marketing
to. That’s just for my business, some people have
other ways of getting deals. The way I get deals is I basically have a
long list of people and I send them a lot of direct mail. Now, there’s other ways of getting deals. You can do a ton of networking, you can just
search the MLS, but in my experience I think direct mail is definitely the best way to
go. You would outsource getting the list, and
I have different videos on how I get lists and different things like that. If you have questions about getting lists,
just drop them in the comments and I’ll respond. The next thing you should outsource is having
somebody answer the phone. You should have a business phone line with
your business. You don’t want to just put your cell phone
on different marketing pieces and things like that, it doesn’t look very professional. If you’re working a full-time job you’re not
going to be able to just answer every single phone call. There’s plenty of, there’s countless services
where you can have to get a business phone number. Then, I use a call service called Dedicated
Office Systems. They just basically screen all my calls and
send me leads, essentially. They notify me via text message as well as
email and it just says, just has the lead info sheet which basically has the property
address, the name of the seller, how soon they’re looking to sell, the address, and
the amount they’re looking for. I know pretty much within 30 seconds whether
it’s a good deal or not because they’ll say, “Look, I want to sell fast, the house needs
a lot of work, and I’m looking to sell it for 200,000,” which might be an amazing deal. You should outsource the calls as well so
Dedicated Office Systems is good. There’s Pat Live, P-A-T Live. There’s also Answer First, and then there’s
also you can hire a virtual assistant. There’s plenty of other services but those
are really good for real estate investors. Then, the third thing you should outsource
is your direct mail. I do a lot of direct mail. If you’re doing cold calling, you can do that. If you’re doing networking, that’s obviously
more in person. If you’re searching the MLS, maybe you can
just pay someone to search the MLS for specific types of properties like TLC, Handyman Special,
Investor Special, things like that. Then, maybe they could send it to you every
single day. For outsourcing my direct mail, I use a service
called where the person sends me my list that I’ve already outsourced. I basically upload that list to Click to Mail
and it sends out postcards for me. I basically just do that once a week and I
send out a lot of postcards. I get about a 1% response rate but out of
that 1% response rate you’re going to get some very motivated sellers, especially if
you get 10 phone calls. If you can just make your phone ring 10 times
in a month, you’re going to get two or three pretty motivated off market sellers, that’s
also going to help you. Once you go full-time, you’re going to have
a good idea of building a team and things like that. Once you go full-time, you’re going to want
to have a steady source of leads coming in, a steady source of deals that you can evaluate. You can practice with that, with outsourcing
those three things. Then lastly, before you become a full-time
real estate investor, it’s good to have a job in terms of the cashflow. You can also say, “Look, a year from now I’m
going to be a full-time real estate investor and I’m still going to have a job, I’m still
going to have the cashflow coming in. Maybe within that year you say, “Look, I’m
going to network. I’m going to meet 100 different people in
the real estate industry.” You can say, “I’m going to try three different
strategies for finding deals.” Maybe one would be direct mail, maybe one
would be cold calling, maybe you set up a YouTube channel, but you should try three
different marketing strategies during the time just so you can test and tweak and see
what works because once you go full-time you’re pretty much going full-time. It’s kind of hard to go back to work in a
full-time job. You need to be sure that your marketing strategy
is scalable, and that it works for you, and that you can get predictable results. That’s what I like about direct mail, it’s
very predictable. I know if I send out, let’s say, 500 letters,
I pretty much know how many phone calls I’m going to get. If I send out 1,000, it’s going to pretty
much be the same percentage. Obviously, if I send out 100,000 there might
be some, eventually it’s not going to have the same percentage but, generally speaking,
you can predict how many leads you’re going to get. Use your full-time job as security. Maybe you start buying some rental properties,
maybe you start flipping, maybe do at least five deals before you really jump in. Use that time to network as much as possible,
go to RIAs, meet up groups, anything like that. Try to meet at least 100 different people
in the industry and then try different marketing strategies while you’re working a full-time
job. Maybe you just wake up an hour earlier and
you send out some direct mail. Maybe you wake up an hour earlier, you make
a YouTube video, you do different networking, you reach out to different people. You really want to have tested some market
strategies before you jump full-time into the business. There you have it. Hope I answered your question on can you have
a job, a full-time job, and also invest in real estate. I would highly recommend that you do get a
full-time job before you think about becoming a full-time real estate investor. Especially, if you can get a job in real estate,
it’s even better because there’s going to be a lot of things that will carry over to
your own business. Thanks for watching. Please like, please share, please subscribe,
and I will see you in the next one. All right, bye.

My First Deal Earned Me $13,500

My name is Adam Campbell from Windber, Pennsylvania. I was doing some research on the internet
and couple other mentors online, looking through different scenarios. Joe seemed to share everything that he knew. He shared it very well and he portrayed himself
as a genuine person. The first deal I’m going to be making $275
cash flow a month and that ended up being a subject to deal. So, I’ll be, whenever that’s cashed out
I’ll be making no less than $13,500. So, it being my first deal, that one probably
took me in the neighborhood of thirty hours of work, I would say. I was all hands on deck when I started the
program and you know, didn’t limit myself to just the Automarketer. I would reach out to various you know, wherever
I could find houses for sale. So, I did, like, let go apps on the phone,
I did craigslist and basically a bunch of cold calling. So, that’s where I found my first deal,
on one of the cold calls. Went and saw the property because it was about
a forty-five minute drive for me. And so, yeah, I checked it out. There was an investor, another investor that
I learned that they were talking to at the time and they couldn’t get it, apparently
they were working with this investor for a couple months prior to meeting me and I explained
what – how we did it, and how I could help them sell their property. And they decided to give me a shot and within
the first day of marketing it, it was sold. So, yeah. For sure it was the first deal. It was originally going to be a lease option
deal and like I say, there was another party interested and I could sense that nervousness
with the sellers. So I went ahead instead of keeping it zero
down, I know that they, from conversations that I had the seller, they were willing to,
you know, they kind of gave me a figure because they wanted a boiler for their new house which
he said cost about nine thousand. So I just offered subject to existing mortgage,
plus the nine thousand. They called me an hour later and said let’s
do that deal. So, I was only going to make four thousand
dollars as a lease option. Now I’m making no less than $13,500 plus
the $275 a month. My goals moving forward are to acquire one
unit per month. So, having the tools in my tool belt that
Joe has taught me and you know, along the way he’s helped me, even, through emails
from, you know, within one day he’ll get back to me if I have a question. That’s what I like about being a mentor
– him being, mentoring me. He’s always at my disposal. Be it, it’s not just going after lease option
deals. It’s whatever I can help the seller get
out of their situation with. So, whatever structure best fits their needs,
now I can, I have a broader range of tools to use. So, the impact on my life that it has, it
definitely, it will help out financially. My goal is to eventually have this be the
primary source of income for me. I want to be a full time investor, eventually,
but you know, as of now I, like I said, I’d like to acquire one unit per month and eventually
build up to the point where it can exceed my expenses and become financially free. The most appealing aspect of doing this full
time is that it gives me the freedom, the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I can make the calls whenever I want, you
know, you know, I can spend more time with my family and just the freedom all around. I do plan to automate more. I started with the Automarketer when I began
this and that helps some, but still a lot of my time is spent talking with the buyers
and I realize the moneymaker is talking to sellers. So, I would like to definitely automate the
buyer side of it. The advice I would give to a real estate investor
starting out is just do it. Whatever you’re thinking about, just get
started. Doesn’t matter what it is, just do it. Additional information would be, you know,
it doesn’t have to be just the zero down structure. I still work with a real estate agent and
I still buy properties off the MLS. But this just helps add to that repertoire
of tools, like I said, to be able to help the seller one-on-one structure the best deal

Is owning a home still the American dream?


How to Create Real Estate Lead Magnets ⚡️to Reach Your Target Audience!

hi there how are you doing how is your day going here's the deal your day is not going good and kind of gets like see you guys better say from this point on that it's going to be great and it will be it's all about how you start your day in your mindset so are you guys looking for some how to get some high quality seller leads and creating lead magnets that actually make people want to click well that'd be useful for you today of course it will so I've got a great little PDF to send with your messenger if you'd like to get a copy of a lead magnet form that tells you what lead magnets you can utilize and what topics and what you can give away to sellers to create seller leads with your campaigns and your marketing endeavors just comment below and say yes Chris I want what what I'll do is I will get back to you the messenger and you'll have access to it you got it very I'll get that to you and today for sure it'll be out in an hour or so and you'll have access to it after the training so getting seller leads and how many of you if you're watching for first seller leads over buyer leads a lot of people say they want seller leads because many times seller leads turn into buyers obviously we also find that about 40% of buyers actually our sellers so that's why we also like to do seller campaign buyer campaigns because about 40% of buyers actually are sellers as well so you get to you delete kill two birds with one stone we'll get that to you when you'll get that to Denise no problem so we like tooling with sellers and here's the thing you've got to create campaigns that are going to get a seller to want to get into your world if that makes sense and one of the things that we teach then it's very very important for everyone to understand is that the more that you develop a relationship with your community the more that they know you they like you they trust you the more they feel comfortable with you the more that they see you as the expert authority figure the more likely that they are going to actually want to click on your lead magnet they're gonna want to actually fill out the information that you want them to to get their information meaning they're gonna be more likely to give you their name their phone number their email address if you if they know you and they feel comfortable with you and as you know what's the best way for that to happen it's for them to see you and for you to kind of bring them into your world the easiest and most this effective way to do that is through video marketing right it's through utilizing video in conjunction with social media Facebook Instagram and when they start to do this people start to feel as if they already know who you are you are bringing them into your world think about me right now okay you're sending me on video right and I'm talking to you you kind of get an idea look at that together you kind of get an idea of who I am right you can kind of tell that I've got a lot of energy I'm very passionate about my subject I have a lot of enthusiasm I know what I'm talking about right you can see that I'm very confident why am i confident because I know my material and so you're kind of developing a relationship with me so if you've been watching me on a regular basis I picked you a lot of you kind of feel like you know me if you kind of feel like you know me say yes like I I feel like I know you Krista and the reason being is because you're developing a relationship it's not just that you're looking at my picture right it's not just you're looking at this it's that you're getting to know my personality you're getting to see Who I am and it's because I'm utilizing video now I could just give you all this information and say hey if you want a copy of my lead magnet on what are the best lead magnets to provide to get seller to get seller leads and to get sellers within your in your pipeline on a written form that would be easy right but utilizing video I'm developing a relationship with my community I'm getting you to get to know me to like me to trust me I'm develop I'm showing you that I have an expert authority in the social media marketing and digital marketing space and the real estate space right that's my objective is to we'll get that to you Mary for sure that's my objective I know I could just did a post on Facebook or I did it did a blog and put it on my website but that's not nearly as effective as this okay so that's what I want to get you to really understand is that for you to stand out we get it to Sarah for you to say thanks for watching you when I appreciate it for you to stand out as the expert authority figure in your area for you to get people to want to fill out their information for you for them to want to give you their name phone number email they've got to feel comfortable and what we have found through this program is that we teach people how to not just generate leads but to generate high quality leads we teach people how to be able to get their community to feel comfortable with them to know them to kind of bring them into their world it's kind of like when I go on appointments now people are hugging me like hey first are you doing I go to the store somewhere and people think they know me because they've been seeing me and I bet you that if I see you at a conference I'm going to be getting a lot of hugs because we're developing a relationship and I hear so often I feel like I already know you that's why I want you to start doing in your community I want your community to get to know you to like you to trust you so we actually have the April challenge coming up where we teach you how to utilize 21st century marketing strategies we also teach you a lot of mindset tricks to get you more comfortable and to show you how you can develop a relationship with your community so they know you like to interest you utilizing video and social media strategies it's only a hundred dollar program it starts in April we have had hundreds and hundreds of agents across the country go through this training and we they are seeing massive success it's actually based upon this book three clients in 30 days if you had to start from Ground Zero you knew no one what would you do to generate three clients in 30 days and we are helping people in just a two week challenge it's a two week 15 a challenge showing them strategies that they can do to pick up clients just in that 15 days and they are getting massive success and that's what we can help you do as well so if you'd like to sign up for that program you'd be great again it's only $100 it doesn't even cover the cost of the program I'm basically doing it to offer as much value as I can and also to get you to know me to like me and trust me right why am i doing that because I want to be able to get you into my world to show you that I'm the real deal and hopefully have you join one of my um higher level programs so I can really get you massive success in your business so again I'd like to get you a copy of that of the seller lead magnet ideas and strategies that you can utilize to pick up seller leads and that we've got about 10 or so ideas on the other work very very well with us but remember to make it as effective as possible what do you have to do you've got to start utilizing video you've got to start utilizing social media social media and video combined doing it the right way meaning properly utilizing the video on your social medias your social media platforms is going to robust your business like crazy if you haven't yet read where's that book of mine hmm I'm stealing you haven't read so so 100 homes a year yet we give you a ton of strategies in that book to tell you exactly how to do that where is it kept right here so it sell 100 homes a year using technology and engagement marketing so look it up on Amazon it's 1999 I'd love for you to say yes Chris to get me the information on here I can get you information for sell 100 homes we actually sell it for free it's free plus shipping we just charge you $9.99 for shipping takes a little bit time to get it but it's an awesome book it talks all about engagement marketing and how to utilize video and have it really come from a serving mindset serve serve serve the more that you serve you inadvertently sell we teach you how to become the community market leader in your area hi Matt hi Tracy look at that G that's we teach you how to become a community market leader in your area so that you can actually not just generate generate leads but actually get people to want to give you their name phone number and email the idea is for you to become the community expert hi Jamie good morning to you how to teach you how to become the community expert so that people see you and really value you as the community expert we had an amazing training chat it's got off with my students and we talked about location domination have it truly truly dominate an area I showed the multiple strategies on how to dominate one certain area remember if you'd like a copy of the these strategies on how to get do seller Matt lead magnets and actually bring in more sellers let me know but remember utilizing video in social media in conjunction will help those leads become more qualified leads and they're more likely to actually give you their information if you utilize those strategies in conjunction ok as always make it a great home selling and buying day I hope this is valuable to you if you liked it let me know please and please be sure to share it with your friends and invite people to come see don't worry about whether it realtors in your area I'm competing with you he's got to have an abundance minds so share share share and thank you for watching and I'm here to help anything you need hockey soon make it everything okay thanks so much for watching my video you can learn more about how to be a successful real estate professional by watching other videos that I have and be sure to subscribe to my channel and as always make it a great home selling in mind day

Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say

this is gonna cost me more than the Commission can't have enough kids I can't have two little pigs come on I asked them to leave the top lock open the dishes they leave missing how about we press it to waste my time I'll waste about how about 8 to 10 Sundays did you have any trouble finding it it's gonna be a bidding war because I'm already getting offers a task are you working with an agent if you decide you don't want to work with an agent you know we can talk about that because it's your decision I assume that you've seen other properties in the neighborhood and you understand how competitively priced this is how about upstairs you're going to see upstairs let's go the Eastern window also is a partial view partial view of a wall and partial view of construction you could definitely fit a queen in this room a very flexible queen you may be able to have the air rights for this place there was a major celebrity who's been living here well not this time but the owners before one buyer is all it takes but you have to be a buyer you know what I'm saying oh I know let's do a lot of mailings other people in the neighborhood they already have a house it's a very flexible property you got to look at the floor plan you're thinking now maybe it's expensive how about talk to yourself in five years I have to make sure she I definitely need a wide angle lens specialist they have been repointing these bricks non-stop you're a cash buyer hold on a second it's absolutely usable space maybe someone plays an instrument this could be a rehearsal room it's a flexible space it's a flexible floor plan morty half hour late for the other appointment and bending myself $500 that they're gonna come down and say I'm not in a rush and then meanwhile you know the city is turning into an apocalyptic sinkhole you know how about I wait for that we have a great lawyer so just to recap you're gonna make a highball offer you do not want to insult these sellers you're gonna want to write them a love letter I'm gonna need reference letters from your friends from professionals from dental records your psychiatrist record including a credit check in my office by 9 a.m. and 12 copies of everything oh my gosh I think the owners are coming home so it's not officially my listing yet they haven't quite signed me exclusive so let's just go out the back

Mistakes I have made as a new real estate agent

hi everyone welcome back to my channel this is Lauren over here so in today's video we're going to talk about the mistakes that I have made in my first year with in real estate so it is my second year selling and take a look of the overview of how I did my first year and I came up with those seven mistakes that I have made and I hope you guys won't make any of these mistakes or if you have any other insight you can leave a comment down below so let's get into the video [Applause] all of you guys know that 87% of the agents fail within their first year in real estate so it is definitely a very challenging career especially the first few months it's super crucial I have made a video that talked about my the first 30 days as a real estate agent I will link it up there so the link of the description it's going to be in the description box below so the first mistake that I have made is definitely chasing that one big sales in your career so oftentimes especially when you first started your first couple clients are most likely going to be fired so when I first started I did work with a young couple I thought that you know we know exactly what they're looking for and I have been spending a lot of times like over four months helping them finding their dream house we did end up finding them what they were looking for but they ended up purchasing it on their own so it's pretty tough a – for another truth because I nearly wasted four months but also I want you guys to realize never really put all your eggs in one basket don't expect so much just from a one sale and never really chasing in that big sale what's gonna come back is it will you know it doesn't mean to set me back it's gonna hurt my feelings but I try I learned – you learn from a mistake and move on so the second mistake that I will say is to focus too much on the buyer leads not sellers because if you guys have been in the business long enough you know listings are the key the things are leverage for you to be a success successful real thing agent b1 maturity of your business to focus on listing so when I first started I think it's just easier to get buyer leads I purchased Zillow I was paying 700 per month at a time majority of the lease that I'd be receiving our buyer leads so it's really hard for me to qualify which ones are to buyers which ones aren't not true bars so it really takes the time to kind of figure out who is seriously about buying so right now for my business I only work with a seriously like serious quality fires those are the clients that I'm only working with and move on to number three is not invest in a real estate coach so I know there's a lot of coaches out there I don't have the experience with any coaches just yet so I can't really put any recommendation but I definitely will say for you guys to do your own research and invest in a real estate coach or mentor because those good habits it's really good to have it when you first start versus later on you've made the mistakes and then you invest in coach you have to change those habits it's gonna be harder the fourth mistakes that I have made I will say is to overprice listening I'm sure a lot of agents still doesn't even those experienced agent they still overpriced listing what I come across with overpriced listening is most the time they are going to be expired listing so once they goes expire that all the work and hard work that you have done you're not getting compensated so it just feels more like a dirty work I have a story where I've got the seller leads through Coke Hall she is not a direct seller she's actually a remember that was the trustee from her mom's house so we were able to print it put it up on the market but because she currently isn't living in occupy in the property it was her family member who is actually also not cooperating with the showing time and for people to come in and take a look it just became extremely hard for me to get qualified buyers in and there are investors who are willing to put up a offer price but then she wouldn't pick up the phone therefore the offer contract just went expired so that became my first expired listing and it was just really hard I put in so many hours I was contacting him I was contacting you know the person who lives there at the time it just I spent a lot of hours and then end up not getting compensated so I would never really you know overpriced our listing and then also I would not spend too much time working with sellers who are not ready or they have difficulties of providing them access to the property so the next one of the mistakes that I've made is not getting on the phone for prospecting so I've had issues with getting on the phone and get rid of my fear when I first started cold calling people it's just the unknown that makes it extremely hard because even before I start doing even before I start trying to get on the phone I would have all these like negative thoughts of what people would think about me what they will say on the phone but in reality the more you do those fear just became like it I wouldn't say it's not existing anymore it just become a lot easier to manage because I have came across a lot of angry people and most likely I you know I ask them if they want to sell their house and they start cursing and I was like okay well no no worries you know have a good day because it clearly they're not interested in selling so just move on to it and that you know it would just become a rejection nothing more it's just a phone they're not in it you know they don't they don't know who what you look like they're not gonna come to your office or like none of these things exist it won't happen to you so obviously the more practice that you're going through you're going to sound a lot smoother and better on the phone so number six is not to have a structure and a business model so in one of my recent video I have talked about my daily routine of like how I prospect and what my daily activity looks like and I found it became a lot easier for me to stick with it so basically for a Monday to Friday it is my prime prospecting time I would go on listing appointment you're my goal is to get five listings per week so I'm tend to schedule those listing appointment after like six o'clock I would go to the office from ten to six o'clock and then take one hour lunch break within those hours most the time in the morning I'll set one hour or 30 minutes to do to followup with the lead that I've been follow up with or the clients that I've been nurturing those sellers who are you know see their update when they're ready to sell and then I will accept all like five hours just dedicated on prospecting to find potential sellers in the future so typically one to two years of the seller is going to be categorized as the hot lead and anything after two and five years is going to be my warm lead and after five years it's going to be not yet interested on mojo so and I found it's really easier you know just with my personal life also is Monday Friday I'm just going to work and Saturday Sunday if I have appointment I'll go to my appointment if I have previews I'll go to my previews and quickly I don't really do anything on Sundays I used to host open houses but not really like hosting open house anymore on Sundays I tend to just you know pay more attention with like YouTube and planning off what I'm going to do the following week and just kind of relax on Sunday and enjoy you know my life and not really have to worry about too much of like showings so I think having a structure is definitely really important for people to kind of balance your personal life and your work life so number seven is spending money on advertising and purchasing leads when you first started and I have a made of videos about purchasing Zillow leads when I first start selling and I think it's definitely a waste of your time just because two reasons one you don't know how to prequalify the buyers and two is their majority buyer leads not seller leads now that I'm in the business almost two years I know I wanted to focus more on sellers so therefore it just doesn't make sense for you to purchase the leads or spend too much money on advertising because the return is not that great so here are the seven mistakes that I have made I hope you guys can learn a lot of things from my video and not to make any of those mistakes if you have any other mistakes that you have made when you first start selling please leave a comment down below thank you so much you guys for watching my video please be sure to subscribe I will see you guys in the next one

The Single Parent's Guide to a Successful Real Estate Career | Tisha Janigian Ep. 138

hey they get for visiting our YouTube channel today we have a great guest we have two tissues one of our past students she's gone through some challenges but now she's having a fantastic roasty career check out the video you don't love it I'm waiting for the nonprofit thing I submit it I submitted a business plan and the forms to the state in January and I'm still waiting for that to be approved once that's approved I'm gonna start fundraising buy an apartment building don't open up your own brokerage all negative stuff yeah well I'm working on the brokerage now well should I was nice to have a lead former California Realty training stood in front of me again from the initial class oh my god so it's been about four years yeah that's crazy yeah it's crazy it is crazy so so what what inspired you to get into real estate you know what I just always want to do my father always was like you need to get your real estate license I've been in sales all my life so my father always thought you know what there's would be great business for you so I finally made it happen eventually I want to get into it full-time but right now I'm juggling a lot trying to help try to help my kids I don't get a lot of support from my yeah uh-huh anyway yeah yeah so when you joined when you're doing the brewery with now how'd that go how's that going it was good yeah so now I need to let them know everything I mean they know what I've been doing so I've got to let that go because I'm starting my own like I have just incorporated have submitted the forms to the state as far as so how long did you have your real estate license for years I had to wait four years oh oh because it's four years part time it's two years old yes it was supposed to be two years okay two years full-time yeah four years part-time yeah so when you got your license you already headed in your vision I'm gonna get my broker's license oh yeah oh my god yeah yeah well you never told me this from our first class you know what I mean like a couple times I thought this is ridiculous you know my ex had filed for divorce and all this stuff went through and um and I knew we were done at that point on this this was seven years ago seven years ago you're not living at California then I'm originally from Boston I want to go too fast and I love the fact this tomorrow Boston please it goes to LA Dodgers I don't know yeah I heard back at Boston what the World Series last when you came when you came here after we've been here seven years and what happened yeah well I started over it's funny kids when I knew I want to come back to LA I was in well from here I went to Arizona because my ex was finding himself I'm trying to figure out what he wanted to do so I left everything supporting him with his practice when we got married and then Arizona I supported us while he was deciding if he wanted to still be a doctor so I was running around doing odd jobs and then I finally got him going with mobile podiatry practice so we ended up having kids we waited 10 years to have kids because of all the stuff that was going on two kids I had a lot of health issues a lot of little surgeries and things so that was stressful but that's when I really opened my eyes and said hey we're not doing things right so what happened Joe ended up here you said yeah tell me about what happen when you got here so when I got here we had actually moved to Oklahoma okay I got a job for my ex with the VA and so we went there but we were in transition because he thought he was gonna take another job in Kentucky so everything we had was in storage I had enough of I had three weeks of clothing and toys with my kids in a hotel and my ex decided he was gonna decline that offer at the job offer so we didn't know what we're gonna do my mom had an abnormal mammogram so I was nervous they said she had breast cancer so my kids and I went back to Arizona to help her and be with her through this process that ended up turning out okay but find then I knew the marriage was done once and for all got it so she headed west yeah so I had it my parents were like let's get out of Arizona they didn't like it they ever been there have you ever been in California yeah I lived there when I originally got engaged and my parents did too they moved out to Arizona after I had my first child Oh have you ever been have had you ever been to California though yes thirty years ago when I got engaged to my oh I see so we were only here a few years we have to Arizona stay here with your parish yeah well no my parents weren't able to sell their house so I came alone oh man with your kids yeah well I first came to find an apartment with my father we drove in one day and we went all around the valley cuz I was familiar that's where we lived before and I figured it was more affordable no one wanted to rent to me cuz I had no credit and I had no money I had no job and my father had credit but they were retired so and they didn't want a cosigner the last stop of the day we just looked at this manager and we were both pleading with her and she said listen this again started policy but we're gonna go I'm gonna go ahead and take a chance on you because of her I was able to you know sign a lease and a few weeks later I moved into the apartment with the kids and then I had to get on food stamps because I'm looking I got the kids settled in school my youngest was starting kindergarten my was in second grade I got them situated spent a lot of time at the school and couldn't find a job nobody wanted to hire me they said you're overqualified because you have a degree and I said I need a part-time job because I can't afford before and after school childcare uh-huh so finally I got a break with this one company that I've been with all this time and once I got a job for 1225 an hour for a few hours a week my food stamp benefits went from $200 a month to $10 a month Wow the system perpetuates you to stay on it right so I knew I didn't want to be with that situation and I knew I had to get out so I started hustling and finding free things on Craigslist freecycle yard sales and reselling them to pay the utilities petition you really started over yeah I really started over him yeah I know I had nothing I you know when I had gone back to Arizona before I moved to California I was going to Goodwill for dollar days cuz I had no interview clothes I got nothing and the kids were growing like crazy I took their stuff to consignment stores had to swap out clothes cuz I had no money it was great it was very difficult you do what you need to do yeah and you find you do well so how does this whole real estate thing get involved yeah how'd you do that well I knew I wanted to get into real estate you're going through all that okay you know I really I knew I needed to at some point but I was struggling trying to make it and just trying to breathe financially I was very fortunate to get promoted within six months of getting this one job so that was my break and I was really thankful and that's when I started really looking into things and initially I took an online class but I'm not an online study or you know I just got distracted at home and everything else so my friend and I signed up for your class and it was much better you're fantastic instructor it was a lot of I mean we really enjoyed it I really set you know stayed with me passed the exam on my first try so I got my license and like I said I started with Keller Williams initially but the commute was very difficult and I wanted to attend all the meetings because they're full of terrific information and so ended up switching over to Pinnacle once I had an interview with them so because a lender got me involved with a wholesome love is working with them so are you part-time or full-time I can even decide I mean there's an ism a little of everything I'm technically part-time with real estate and the brokerage right now because I still have to maintain my full-time job and single mom and helped take care my parents know me tayo yeah let's go back to when you took the class yes tell me about that expert it was great well no I like I said I knew I wasn't doing well with online I just couldn't concentrate I kept getting distracted I'm more I'm a more than in person type of sorry uh-huh so going to your class it was just terrific you had a great personality you made things easy to learn do you think if somebody was planning on getting the license they should consider life instead of online absolutely really and I say that I've actually been mentoring a lot of people with credit repair everything that I went through because I came back I had no credit no money no nothing no assets so I had to repair all of that but I also had to learn real estate so a lot of the single moms that I've gotten to know they're they're thinking about real estate so I've been mentoring them and I told them my experience and I said it depends on what type of learner you are you have to know you know what I mean and I didn't know at the time until I started taking the online classes and I thought I just am NOT absorbing anything but in person it was much better what do you get your energy help me cuz just seems like you're so I mean seriously this is awesome he seems so like energetic and life's good now it is you know what I like everyone I've been through a lot my parents have been through a lot my father was an only child he was born here but raised in Armenia they went back during the McCarthy era his mother wanted him to be a priest got him baptized at Etchmiadzin that didn't end up working out so he came back when he was 23 and he had been through a lot II Olivia you grew up in a third world country so he's seen and been through more than most my mom had a tough childhood her father died of cancer when she was 17 so her mom was a strong independent single mother that raised her and her siblings so my parents have been through a lot but they've always been kind and given back anytime they could and that's a lesson that stayed with me yeah if I was like to ask you what's what's your motivation what drives you know I just after you know I've always wanted to be a good example for my children obviously okay but more than anything after what I've been through I don't want anyone else to have to deal with that it was incredibly difficult it shouldn't have been that hard to start over so I want to bridge that gap that's over poverty and help others succeed because a lot of people don't want to leave these situations therein because it's too difficult financially huh so if they have a little support and that's what my nonprofits about they're talking about a non-profit it okay called she is hope Ellie she is hope Ellie is there like a website or something you know yeah there is she is hope la dot-com org morgue category all right real estate company the brokerages she is hope Realty so I got both going now but um she is hopefully is an acronym for single moms housing and empowerment inspiring self-confidence through hope opportunity perseverance and education Los Angeles that's awesome yeah so how are you gonna connect your brokerage then with the nonprofit so what I'm gonna do is target single mothers to come work for me anyone that wants to work for me can come work for me as an agent all to mentor them and train them and do what I've been learning all this time with the other brokerages that I've been with so we're gonna be offering a truly unique experience a much more personal one um and my target is to help these single mothers start over so they can provide for their families so with the nonprofit I'm going to buy an apartment building once I get the 501c3 approved through the state so we're gonna buy a small apartment unit and provide affordable housing and childcare so they can get back on their feet for single mother Ariel yep so like a year to to your thing while the kids are in school just get their moms back on their feet because a lot of times they're um their morale and their inspiration has just been shot down so I just want to be able to boost that nurture them mentor them have you met many have you met many people who are in your situation before I have quite a few that actually worked for me currently so I already know there's a lot of people that I can help and I've done a lot of research there's nothing out there for targeting this particular group so there's a lot of assistance for those that are homeless and those that are already broke but there's that gap right over poverty and a lot of people fall there and they just don't get the assistance you need Wow so that's gonna be my little step up so I'll offer them a job with real estate I'm gonna open a thrift store to help fund the nonprofit they can work there they can work with the company that I'm with if I have anything available and they can help around the apartment complex so I'll offer all these job opportunities if they don't want any of them will do job coaching interview prep and anything else so you guys are like this close again that opened up them yeah Wow ya know what's funny is when I was teaching I met a lot of single parents believe it or not with children and and you can see the desperation their eyes slightly wide like they're they they say this has to happen for me I hope this real estate thing happens right how'd you make it happen you know I made it happen because it just had to but that's you have to survive you neither you've got two choices you can either let these hardships bring you down or you can choose to grow from it and I chose the latter how do you do that you know what looking at the kids more than anything they were my inspiration no I'm looking at these little faces playing I brought them into this life it's the most terrifying job but the most rewarding job ever I love being a mother but I wanted to be a good example and show them that if you work hard you can make your dreams come true it was your father involved in real estate at all back at it now though my father was a rug dealer an oriental rug dealer not a trendy play that very very slowly rug dealer God no I grew up going to auctions and flea markets and yard sales so I am very well acquainted with the fine art of the deal and negotiating uh-huh so I grew up doing all of that and I loved it so I've always loved treasure hunting and finding a good deal uh-huh so with that being my background I've always been in sales you know with every ever since I graduated Babson College I've got a bachelor's degree in business management there and so every job I've had since has been sales and customer service related or I've had my own business or I helped my ex with his practice got it so that's where it all stemmed from so let's go back to you or your nonprofit these women that come in the single parents yeah how do you push them to get involved in real estate if they don't have a sales background is that MS that possible it's sure you know it depends on what their goals are you know everybody I find that I'm 51 now and I feel like I'm just getting started you know a 51 51 I just turned it a couple days ago a few days ago 51 in fabulous it's doing about 51 right yeah you know I've had a lot of women talk to me now and they see what I've been doing and they're calling me their beacon of hope and I said listen you just need to work for it you know nothing is easy in life if you work hard you can make your dreams come true so I said for me I know I've always wanted to give back my parents have both been through a lot and they've always given back they have both of the biggest hearts I've ever seen you know what I mean they've always been kind and generous and that's something that stayed with me so I knew I would give back I've always volunteered throughout the years you know whenever I could but this was going through what I did after my divorce was my inspiration yeah it was really really hard you know it shouldn't be that difficult I feel like the system is broken and I want to fix it Wow so let's talk about then you got your real estate license that was a bit of challenged but you got not a big deal you got your broker's license yeah you got your broker's license so in the sense now you're going to be above all mostly above in a stance you're going to be supervising Realtors Realty does that intimidate you is this garys exciting there's some people out there who want to possibly do the same thing here they don't right so like I said I have about 50 part-time merchandisers under me right now with a full time job that I'm in a lot of them are single moms or almost single moms and I have a lot of you know talks with them I get to know them they're like my family so I'll sit down I'll talk to them about what I've been through I'll talk to them about what they're going through and what they can when I see in them you know to mean I'll be able to see you know hey this is something you want to do I'll mentor you so I have a few that are gonna take me up on this once I get things started I'm actually officially incorporated sent everything in with the state I'm just combining now the my name the broker you know it's brokers license with the incorporation name which is she is hope Realty so and then once I'm getting onto all the boards and getting my Arizona missions insurance quotes right now so just on the cusp of all of it so sorry lambs day I love the name she is hope Realty yeah that is so cool now you be the broker yes I'm going to my educational background do you feel somewhat like a counselor to these I do you know and that's something that I've always done you know I look at people and I see the good in them I try to pull that out and give them inspiration and give them hope so the name really is perfect I got together with a bunch of women a lot of friends we all put our heads together and came up with that name and I call them my tribe because as the old adage goes that takes the village so we're doing this together what do kids think about all this stuff they love it they it looks fantastic and I tell them I'm like boys we're gonna change the world so you got two sons I have two boys they're 12 and 14 I'll be cool in the world yeah how bout your parents how they feel about this they're excited it really are yeah they're back they've always supported me a hundred percent so that's wonderful yes without my family without my friends I wouldn't be here right now because the other thing when I started over here besides doing all those crazy you know getting the things free and reselling them all of my friends that I got to know we're starting to give me like babysitting jobs pet-sitting jobs helping with artwork you know they all really saw what I was going through and they were also supportive so without friends and family I wouldn't I'm really thankful that's incredible so do you think I'm just want to ask do you think that your past your struggle do you think real estate mano made it easier is making your life easier is giving you hope it's changeling I love real estate I think it's very rewarding and my advice to anyone that wants to get into this career is to go for it you know if I find that if the ultimate way to help others because it's the biggest investment it's the scariest investment someone's gonna make but it's also the most rewarding it's the most fulfilling you know just last week I got I was speaking to a couple that I sold a house to last year and they're expecting and they said we wouldn't have done this if we didn't have a house and it's all because of you and I got goose bumps I'm getting goose bumps now I'm thinking about it and it's just wonderful I'm so honored to be a part of this you know yeah that goose bump part is why I did it it's just it's just again the Commission comes after you just run with the deal you know helping them out and I love it let's talk about you're doing this all these projects that's the single pair of yourself yeah is that uh how's that been it's been crazy yeah it's been a ride you know what just I'm inspired I'm motivated I want to do this I want to be successful I'm not done you know I'm just getting started like I said so I have a long way to go I've got a vision I'm going to make it happen and I'm hoping to make this all happen soon I mean on your own yeah yeah from what I remember you told me your parents lit up and when I remember your parents I'm about an hour away yeah hour and a half away um so in a sense you're this is a project that tisha is doing yeah yeah and you don't know the big smile and I spend anything so I love it the pressure and all the friends that are assisting me too yeah so I mean it's mostly on me but I don't throw out ideas to them I have a group text on me like what do you think of this what do you think of that and they've all been you know helping me out and we're all they all have connections I've been attending a lot of them nonprofit fundraisers just so I can get an idea because like I said as soon as I get this 501c3 I'm gonna have to start fundraising cuz I need to buy an apartment building so I can provide housing and child care for these single mothers and then I can offer them these job opportunities and if they don't want that I'll work with anyone else that wants to work I have a bunch of people already on my teams that are interested in real estate and some friends from the school's you know other moms and even the father's that are looking and interested out train and work with everyone I love it yeah that's what's gonna ask you whether single mother single father's yeah it helped baby exactly right I mean ultimately Sunday I wouldn't mind doing something with single fathers I'm I'm focusing on single moms because of one of what I've went through and I'm familiar with it and I see the need for it you know any me but I am talking to more men that are saying that they've had a lot of difficulty starting over so that will be down the line as well uh-huh and once they get all these started I'm gonna fix the homeless situation too and help the elderly so you know it's just a few projects are you looking to get in well I realize I need to do one at a time so I am focusing I want to make sure I'm successful then I'll keep moving definitely driven and get accomplished here I've always been a fixer you know what I mean so that's what I'm trying to do I'm fixing the system now but real estate has always just been a passion but you know I've been I've been enjoying it I love it I enjoy negotiating and making a deal love finding a home or condo or investment property for people it is incredibly rewarding yeah yeah you know let's talk about the single mothers yeah who might be watching this video and and they're thinking there's no way I can do it cuz I have a baby or I have a two-year-old I have a kid in school how do you time manage yourself you know the beautiful thing about real estate is it's a very flexible you can make it happen when it's good for you uh-huh you make the appointments when it's convenient for you when you have childcare or you know someone to watch the kids it's a very flexible very rewarding job and you can do it on your own time yes you know I've been doing it part-time all this time when it's full-time it'll be a lot different you know it'll be more of an investment all throughout the day a lot of the door-knocking a lot of the calling and a lot of imperson things a lot of the open houses you know I did do open houses a lot in the beginning but my kids were young and it was difficult to be away yeah and I had to pay someone and I wasn't me you know nay mean it was the thing you have to juggle so you need to have the support and I really did I had support from my family and friends and that's what got me through all of this yeah but you can do it you just need to learn how to juggle but one of the benefits would be the the scheduling when it comes to real estate is very very flexible extremely how about when you're a broker though yeah well that's gonna be a little more tricky about it's not a problem but having a support team you would say of course is extremely absolutely my kids are older now so they're a lot more independent than they're supporting me and I'm T I want to teach them the business so I may be dragging them with me what does especially learned as a real estate agent you know the lesson is go for it you know you if you want it bad enough you can make it happen oh you know anything you want so don't be afraid don't be intimidated just be you how do you mean and then as far as people getting into the business interview your brokers make sure that you click make sure you have the same goals that they're advertising if they look if they're community oriented if that's something that you want to do that you find a broker that does that so that gives back most of them do in some way or another so you just want to make sure you click because relationships are key and real estate both with your clients and with your office so that's what helps you succeed what's been your your happiest moment in real estate uh like I said this one just this last link you know I've been in the business for and a half years now but just getting that that comment from this couple they've been they've been together a long time they got married the year before last and they're a little bit older they're innovating about having kids and the fact that they got the house they were able to make it happen and she got pregnant right away and it was thrilling because they're able to start their life and then you know just selling homes selling them to families and just seeing them in their at the new home in their environment and they're so happy some of them it's a forever home some of them it's a temporary home but either way I love being a part of that and I visit with all of them and I keep a track with them because it's building the relationship you know it's lovely I'm sure there's another song about me you had mentioned the negotiation portion of it which is the business side yeah why is that so fun for you you know it's something I've always done and I've always enjoyed you know what do you mean so for me it's like I just want to also get the best deal I can for my clients cuz it's a lot of money that you're talking about so anything that you can save or any deal we can make as far as you know like with condos if they're storage units maybe you could get a storage for free for a certain time there's a lot of different ways you can look at everything but you have to look you have to be educated you have to be knowledgeable about the thing you want to do your research how you want to do your due diligence diligence yeah you know I guess I'm getting amazed at all these things that you're doing and get I really am again I've met a lot of well I've met a lot of students I've followed through with a handful we'll come back and visit and they're doing amazing and I'm trying to figure out what is the it factor that you guys have that many others don't could you put your finger on it mm-hmm I would say a lot of it stems from my family yeah yeah I really do they've been a terrific example like I said they've been through a lot but they've always stayed positive they've always given back and I want to make them proud I want to make my kids proud too but it's just something I want to be able to you know give them all my parents and my kids the world you know so I want to provide for them how about financially now I'm guessing in a completely different place in your work seven years ago yes how how's that change feel it's so rewarding it's it's wonderful yeah my friends joke about it cuz they they joke about my name being Wonder Woman so they're like you know strike your Wonder Woman take on the world and I'm trying to do that you know I just it's fun I love being the inspiration and trying to help others I've really been talking to a lot of people and it's just phenomenal because like I said you work hard enough you can make anything happen ah yeah so but they're only able to breathe yeah definitely financially rewarding yes that's not being in real estate yeah yeah you know even part-time like I said it's just been that extra thing you know that I've been doing every year it's that extra income gotta pay the taxes on it make sure you don't forget all of these them aside independent contractors right but it's been like wonderful yeah it's fantastic yeah and then when it comes to part-time full-time but now that you mention that um I've always believed that it's it's a job where it's all the time meaning you're almost on call so there really is no part-time there really is no full-time it's a very good point it's one you can you know kind of timely um so the reason is yeah yeah because some people can do 20 deals a year right you know the limited time and some can do just two deals and this much time right so it's the quality of time that how do you prepare for your you know listings and buyers and all this I guess I do a lot of research I run comps on everything I will talk to the title company I'll get you know preliminary title report you know I'd like to get all the information so that I'm you know what's going on and then when I get there I'll Drive around hood I'll talk to neighbors you know do you mean and just get as much info as I can I want to make sure I don't miss anything I want to be a good guide I don't want someone to get into a home and be like Oh our neighbors or this or this is a bad neighborhood you know damina a lot of times because California is like that one block is safe one block is you know do you really need to like look into everything yeah Los Angeles is beautiful great but it's a great city yeah so I um how are you enjoying I'm just curious now how are you doing the valley I used to live in a valley yeah I like I Drive all over the place I mean I'm all over LA but I love the valley you know all my closest friends are there the kids schools are there phenomenal schools for the boys so they're both proficient in math and science I'm trying to push that my one wants to be an anesthesiologist the other one wants to be an attorney so I'm trying to promote that and help them out but they also know they're gonna be part of the real estate business too so they're they're ready to start juggling they enjoy real estate at all yeah they do they see what I've been doing and they understand and they're excited to become a part of it you think you think energy is addictive I do yeah yeah tell me more of why you know I think when you're surrounded by good people and high-energy people it's just catchy you can't help but be affected by that you want to do that you want to feel what they're feeling uh-huh you know so as a leader would you I'm gonna assume you're gonna go ahead and share that with your absolutely Realtors oh yeah how are they feeling about this do you see some changes in their widow under-eye and you see that oh yeah no I definitely see the spark when I speak to them yeah you know and that's wonderful that's also rewarding I love being able to do that and give people inspiration you know some of the examples with even just a credit repair that I had because I was I had nothing when I started over here seven years ago I just you know I've been getting little notes from people that I've been helping over the years that have been thanking me for because I gave them the advice and what I did you know with that with real estate you know what I mean so actually one of the ladies that I helped get into real estate I talked to her about coming over to my team so we're meeting next week we're gonna have lunch and discuss it Wonder Woman you're going at all let's go back one more time to being a single single mother again those who are have they're in a situation that's really difficult yeah and they're living off of say public assistance nothing wrong with that right but I guess at the end of the day most people would rather be off of it absolutely that's where I was seven years ago what the best advice you can give someone in that position the best advice you can give them don't give up stay positive you can get out of it if you want to don't settle because a lot of times people will be like oh it's just easier if I stay home stay with the public assistance I don't to pay for the car or the gas the insurance problem is you're never gonna grow you know you have to hustle you need to be positive you need to look at ways you can make it happen so that's why I did get the part-time job I was hustling selling things that I was able to get for free on the side cuz I didn't have enough money to pay the utilities you just need to stay positive and look at the end goal and seeing where you want to be you know especially if you have children you you want you don't want them to be in this situation you don't want to perpetuate right you know now you said something that was key to me you said they have to find ways to make it happen look for ways to make it happen give them examples like like what right well like I said I was looking on freecycle Craigslist okay I was going to yard sales I was picking up things that were free you only could go within a certain radius cuz I had an old car that I was using I couldn't afford gas so I would go within a certain radius I'd pick up three things because I have an eye for that I grew up with the antique business you know what I mean and it's an oriental rug so I knew when I could resell and what I couldn't so I would do that and it would give me enough money to help pay for my utilities even though I was on low income like I looked at everything I looked at I was on WIC when my son was under five so there's different programs and that's the other thing I'm able to help with these single moms so I was on food stamps I was mortified it's like it had to go on with all this stuff they're looking at me and I'm like oh I can't believe I'm here but I had to me you know any me no one was hiring me at the time it was terrifying you know what do you mean they're like you're overqualified and it was really tough so those people that that's why I'm focusing on this group those people that have want to get back into the workforce it shouldn't be this difficult of a process so I want to ease that because honestly the rent and childcare like housing and childcare were the two things that were holding me back I started looking at section 8 housing but the waiting lists were ridiculously long and I thought what are we gonna do you know cuz I realized I wasn't able to afford the rent much longer and I thought oh here we go I was lucky I got promoted you know and I mean so just keep looking you know don't give up because I kept going on interviews and people were like you're overqualified and I'd explain the situation and they just don't like you know what you're you a degree and not gonna stick around with a part-time job and I said trust me I'm very loyal give me a chance I finally got a break with a nun company so don't give up so looking for ways listen is this this just separate this was looking for ways to make it happen is yeah is this almost a survival mode right is making is this just to get by how do you how do you chase your dream while you're doing that well you know what I like I said I had a lot of support from friends I got to know a lot of moms when I I was new here I didn't know anyone so I met these people during its schools or different events that I would attend mostly the school zone so cuz I volunteered there a lot initially cuz I wasn't getting hired by anyone and I thought well if I'm gonna be anywhere let me be at the school and help the kids right so I was able to meet a lot of moms and teachers and they saw what was going on they heard my story and they were offering me babysitting jobs pet-sitting jobs art jobs you know I mean I took anything that I could get and it was lovely that they did that but like it takes a village like I said it really does so we helped they helped me and like I wanted what I want to do is give people a hand up instead of a handout so and that's kind of what they were doing for me you know right so you just have to learn how to hustle say you know do anything I joined focus groups I learned that little trick you know day me and so I was able to make extra money doing that I mean I took clothes I was taking them to consigning stores and switching them out you just have to and I've actually written a small ebook about this about what I went through to kind of get people advice I've got another ebook about credit repair and how I you know fixed mine so I think you know talking to friends talking to family just getting the support and learning how to juggle because as a single mom it is very tricky and if you want to work you have to be able to have the child care these days once the kids hit second grade there's the after the bell program but before that there isn't and childcare is very expensive and it's it's tough because a lot of people will pay child care and that's about with the same amount of money they're making while working so it's kind of a wash so why not just stay home with the kids right so you have to kind of think outside of the box and try to see what else you can do yeah yeah Cara Lee my wife and I went through the same thing yeah you know babysitting paying for a babysitter but it's just yeah it is crazy you mentioned the e-book yeah what is that all about and what kind of people find that well it's gonna be on my website soon so I'm gonna be putting it on the Shia's hope and leigh website so it's for the nonprofit it's geared to the single moms anybody that wants to do the credit repair so it's in process where you know like the website is set but there's a few things that we're adding on I'm also trying to get in touch with vendors that we and help promote and sell things that will also assist people that were helping as well so but yeah it's an ebook about credit repair another ebook about eating on a budget and another one about just surviving being a single parent you know just ways to get out of it and ideas and suggestions Wow well you've been busy and single parents deserve to have fun what do you do for fun oh I run around with my friends and my kids I have playdates constantly I have as many kids as I can come over and it's just so much fun I love that there's nothing like the sound of children's laughter I know you just got back from Mexico so yeah you'd like vacationing I do yeah yeah I like to get away and Mexico was a nice and expensive one because I'm trying to save most of my money to start all these businesses so I thought do I go away do I not and I thought mom and I had some extra points because I one of the other things that's on for advice is signing up with credit cards that you can get points on or gift cards so I've been getting mileage points for air flights and that's what I'm doing to go to Austin and New Orleans in the next few weeks before my kids come back sold more than the last seven years your whole life has just made a complete 180 oh yeah definitely ya know initially I couldn't do anything I just say I couldn't afford gas you know in a me and so I would stay at home and I would make the best of it I would find like free meals you know for the restaurants for different occasions like the birthday meals I have playdates I just think of anything I could to stay at home but make it interesting for the kids and still have them socialize now I get out I love going to art shows and art openings farmers markets museums whose name is in the beach are definitely my two places to go decompress so well as your former instructor I'm really proud of you tisha believe it or not you're in aspiration I'm seriously oh thank you yes briefings I mean you know what it does is it allows people who see it know that there's more to life than just work and worrying that's right you know you can enjoy life as simple as the activities you're doing that gets going to the beach yeah we can have fun still absolutely any last leg any last words for us that you'd like to share with our students no just go for it go for well the best advice you can get them go for it and I dig it well thanks for coming I appreciate thank you thank you thank you great to see you where can people find you your website your contact information all that good stuff we may have buyer's or seller's who want you to represent them absolutely so I'm on Instagram and Facebook Instagram is she is hope la or she is hope Realty and on Facebook its Gia's hope LA and you can reach me with email and tisha tisha at she is hope Realty calm this was awesome thanks for coming by and sharing this with us hey thanks for watching this last video hope you enjoyed it I sure did hey do us a favor if you think a family member or a friend would also enjoy it why don't you share it with them I guarantee it they're gonna get something out of it in addition to be have any comments questions or a topic you want us to discuss hey leave it down in the comments section and one last thing if you haven't subscribed yet what the hell you waitin for it do it right now hope to see you next week