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hi this is Martin and this licensed real estate broker in this video I'm not going to give five tips but eight for starting real estate agents if you haven't watched my previous videos yet you can check out the link here somewhere here these steps are based from my experiences if you could also give tips you can write in the comment down below so these are the 8 tips for starting real estate agents tip number one is check the fairness of the price of the property the best way to do it is have been appraised by a licensed real estate appraisal but in case you're a licensed real estate appraiser and at the same time a broker it is unethical to do it so have it someone not you to check the fairness of the price of the property you can check its location is at a partner not an inner lot are the materials premium or substandard is the property old or newly built how many bedrooms or bathrooms does it have does it have other features like jacuzzis extra bedrooms now you should be transparent of the price of the property to the seller and the buyer if the price is too much it will be really hard to sell the property but you should also explain to the seller why it is overpriced mera naam bina Bantam properties of a entire metro manila manila area but it's very old so it's in abeyance beyond standard now it's very overpriced unfortunately English an election premier and Cheung in a Dana income net income so silly so until now in differential and Aventa it's something that you cannot control us an agent but you still have to notify the sender's again check the fairness of the price of the property step number two is check the restrictions of the title of the property for properties being built inside subdivisions you should consider checking the height of the height limit of the property in any case a memo subdivision a hanumana ten meters or something like new height the house in design the top but modern new houses modern design new houses modern zine or something the materials to be in Jerusalem under restrictions Metapod corner 20,000 first period up up just to say so who may have available term lot my tip a spoon that is the homeowners and ask for these restrictions another is check for DPW each road widening projects a semi chance nama efecto hansha in property Mironov in handle in a property 911 call from the home mcaren Skyway extension so for now indigo Serena offers a blind store because it can backfire to make up on metal your project now if Maranatha informal settlers you should disclose with the seller who will handle the original the excavation excavation evacuated reinforce your name but evaluation evacuation in case Mara informal settlers you should disclose with the seller who will handle the evacuation of they said informal settlers you should also check if Maremma monopoly lines or my radical pose now pending map nakahara Anza frontage no property since it can be very dangerous you should also check for other encumbrances written in the type that the point is to perform again due diligence to the title since it's very important due diligence is one of the things you should master in a realistic a number three sharing of expenses when getting a listing you should disclose with the seller on how will be the expenses share expenses like local taxes for the BIR registration transfer of tax registration fees burial fees survey of the property subdivision of title if only a portion will be bought lawyer fees if needed broker's commission extrajudicial exogenous or exogenous and also if needed extrajudicial like very bite but they should open it my ear Ignacio on the spot nah nah close name deals channel and a discussion sharing of expansion expenses better of course been different since paid him about William except non-cellular F canary western empire national emotional dear ingento so it can can still be compromised but the thing is you should still ask from the cellular company on Oahu stone young buck sharing expenses tip number four is gauge your prospect buyers so when you're engaging your prospects you should know their capacity to pay their interest come on August and design on bhai alone bedrooms and all and you should also know if they're eager to buy a property Ellen if they're foreigners or not you should also know you payment terms enough so if cash man but EB if they're going to pay through bound you should know their ballots come VPI video or other bounds for their interests of the house or the property you should know you style them house Nagisa nella ask for their preferred orientation effects north south east west their preferred location if mr. Nellist malapa amenity smell a bit saggy or subpoena ha Doolin and a subdivision if Gaston Ellen along the main road you should also ask if you along the sanella bedrooms come along gustan de l'homme car garages or Camaros along specific no property no in a Honda the two important things nanda Padma gage is a prospect buyers know first assume capacity to pay a new location new stone Elam property number five prepare when tripping so when preparing for a clipping I suggest you give three options for them but Amina Messiah Norris and youngest oh snap atropine coincidence a location I suggest is to send the details of the properties to be seen such a pain to the client digitally and basically what I mean is digitally you send us a social media F comes to Facebook mendelian ago sub survival through email and physically multiple Kenema sheets of paper Nomura photos and properties and the new details but Melanie Lyon properties afternoon tripping and Malala Cannella a Samaritan up in Havana something also have enough sleep and bring snacks watery a portable electric fan since Sabra minutes on the I am nominating a MIDI hatred miss most a tripping know that the link up a sauce better than clients also this is important coma Corsica you make sure a mega scale it's an experience gonna some baseman creeping on me alone airport a you should also take notes of the selling points and abuse on you indicates a client's from amenities facilities I also suggest Sebelius and hunger sir Mumma creeping through rainy season because it's among a number one concerns to my clients FB naba by appropriately you know garden property so my suggestion is the Lena Xalapa Dumoulin button Ella home vinegar I suggest the initial as the best route using the measure don't in a traffic in the Machado Luba pero first disclose new supplies you know marami from alternative routes step number six is build rapport with your clients build a strong relationship with your clients shaken a Mojave small interest barometer and canal a little personal relationship with it but also be in Kazan dilemma had the horse area so Anika Messiah Poisson work but I suggest you free from talking about religion and politics since very sensitive in topics new Akashvani client Mohini Papa minute that he loves her two topics noon so as per their hobbies coma galaxy Lhasa sports video games news and all technology it's always good to build a great relationship with your clients since spend in Japan in cinema contract and suck in the future anything that was in Africa step number seven is take some time off so Nina mind when doing pure original and pure real estate Nana mock vacation contains Mohammedan para online stress Bahamas money focus car in the future pero my tip communication you still notice the background you know surrounding snow in real estate Mona ba hi mama finishing you know material scanner but at least have an equivocation to productive capital income up the vacation chi or if you're going out of the camerin Kings officials page social media like Facebook it posts new nynuk available a Vedic a available at that time Miranda ko palutena clients and all pero if ever call it entails a being a self confident capable dakara alum denarian timeline my last step for this video is step number eight invest in yourself so when you're investing in yourself you should know your weaknesses so in my case and weakness caused public speaking and anything about gossip in your client but it's it's very weird nobuta Ponderosa real estate since IAM number one disco can happen one no computer science but i don't know how i get the computer lab along some house up but Bobby my circumstances like in realistic group we're also it's a thing I have to accept now kill Aaron Cohen who knew skill score so I have to practice every day McDonald Amana app compat homeworks big better publicly in a try pandering cost up in silico in San Juan I'm a one to be honest Parata caselma ramming in esup so in business even canal on caught up because I know sorry Deepa you should also ask for help some professionals companion your improve newsreel in your it's a great investment for you not only in real estate but in life in general you should also listen to constructive criticisms or since next startanim post a video ceramic appointments come on Yamaha that but improve Kohima real estate terms designs something about interiors architectures so Nadine the uncommon I don't take it personally since a lock on Amana I still have room for improvement I take those criticisms to improve myself and lastly to him to invest in yourself to be better in real estate watch my videos so those are the eight tips for starting real estate agents if you have comments suggest Jones or violate your actions comment down below please like the video subscribe and click on the notification bill to get notified this is my turn and this licensed real estate broker looking for properties for you in the SAP and passive

Real Estate Agent vs. Broker (Updated)

realtor real estate agent real estate associates salesperson assistant these are all terms that you've probably heard of if you've done any type of looking into the real estate industry or even if you've received a business card from another real estate agent they're all different roles within the actual real estate business some of them do the same things and some of them don't are you curious about what they mean and what they actually do because that's what this video is about basically what's the difference with those distinctions I want to take a moment and just point out two of them specifically in this video though in another video I'll do some of the other ones these two are the most common in my opinion and it's the real estate agent and broker hi I'm Jason J miles and if this is your first time tuning in to my channel or your first time watching one of my videos welcome I've been a real estate agent here in Dallas Texas for a while and I have sold millions upon millions of dollars worth of real estate year-over-year and so what I'd like to do on my channel it's kind of giving you an inside look into the actual real estate industry and what it's like working as a real estate agent and so I'm not promoting specific broker or anything I'm just giving you an inside look so if this is your first time here I ask that you give me a thumbs up so that you can let me notice this is your first video that you've watched of mainz and subscribe to my channel because I release videos like this all the time and I'd love to have you a part of my community specifically towards the end of this video I am going to tell you how you can kind of find out if the real estate industry is right for you and which road you should take in the real estate industry so stay tuned for that as well but other than that let's go ahead and get into this topic [Applause] I am what you would call a real estate agent so I have done all of the licensing and courses needed to get my real estate license to be able to practice work to be able to practice real estate so high health buyers sellers tenants and I mean I can do a number of things with it but my actual title is a real estate agent and I also have the realtor distinction so I can also be called a realtor now in my business I actually worked for a real estate broker and so the broker actually holds my real estate license and is essentially responsible for me in real estate you have to belong to a broker so therefore my license is held with a broker or a brokerage you can probably see big companies out there like Keller Williams century 21 Cole banker exp and some of the other brands these are real estate brokerages and each one of these offices is ran by a broker so a broker signs their name on the line saying that I'm going to be responsible for this office which in turn means I'm going to be responsible for these agents so pretty much a broker is someone who is the liable party for the actions that the agents take now one of my other videos somebody pointed out the differences in a broker and an actual owner which in most offices the broker is the owner but it's pretty common to see the broker and the owner be two separate people and that basically just means that there is a broker who still that responsible liable party and then there's someone that actually runs the office or may have put up the money for the office and actually owns the brand name and all of those types of things you don't have to be an owner to be a broker and vice versa you can be both or you can take one or the other now the big thing with brokers is that brokers have to go through a lot more education than just a normal realtor or real estate agent and so a broker most times has been in the business for longer they have done a lot more and they've taken what's known as the brokers exam and so the brokers exam is like 10 times harder than the real estate exam and so they have to have that knowledge and have that education to be able to pass that exam here in Texas they also require that you have been in the business a certain amount of time before you can even apply for your broker's license and so that's one thing to take into consideration now I will say in some states it's pretty common for agents to be known as broker and so don't let that trick you because there's still that education requirement for you to be a broker to where you can manage other agents the easiest way to kind of just wrap your head around this is knowing that brokers are typically more educated and more responsible and have been in the business for a lot longer and have experienced a lot more than your standard real estate agent some real estate agents can be in the business for a very long time and choose to not even get their broker's license for me I don't have my broker's license and I'll talk to you very soon about why I haven't gone down that road yet but I mean it's it's something that some agents get into the business to do they get into the business to just really be an agent for their whole career and some take that road where they want to become a broker and manage other agents there is another thing also known as a broker associate a broker associate is someone who has gotten their broker's license but they still work for another broker so you have the broker here up top then you have the broker associate and then below them you'll have the actual agents and so a broker associate it's someone that does have that education and they did pass that test and they did put that time in but they're not choosing to open up their own brokerages or manage other agents you can only really open up a brokerage and bring those patients in if you have your broker's license unless you're going to become just a financial partner in an office but there there needs to be a broker in place to manage these licenses in in typical transactions and this is just an example and typical transactions any money that comes in for you as an agent is going to be made out to the broker and the broker pays you every listing that you take even though it's your listing it's under the brokers name because the broker is the big responsible person for everything that you do in real estate if you haven't taken your real-estate test yet this is a big part of it because you have to know what things you can do as an agent and what things that you have to have your broker's license to actually do you don't want to get caught slippin doing something that you don't have no business doing because they will come after you they will find you and you know you're just being a little bit of hot water so you have to make sure like even in your marketing and advertising or you bring it on other agents or assistants or whatever it is there are certain things that you as an agent can do and there are other things that you're required to have a broker's license to do so just be sure especially if you're about to take your real-estate exam soon be sure to know the differences of these things I hear a lot of people talk about becoming a broker because they think that there's more money in being a broker and that can be true especially if you are going to be bringing on agents I'm going to record a whole video about this because I want to kind of clear up how that works on the money part with opening up a brokerage and having agents and I'm just gonna really just pour out my thoughts in my mind on it but what I want to know from is if you think it's truly worth it to become a broker so let me know down in the comments below if you think it's really worth it to become a broker so like I said in the beginning of the video I was going to provide you with something that would help you really decide if real estate was right for you and what I've done is I have recorded a free video series that I want to give to you so that you can really decide if this business is right for you before you kind of hop all in because I know that a lot of people aren't a fence and so I wanted to kind of give you a deeper inside look then when I what I really share here on YouTube so that you can make a true informed decision on if you want to get into the real estate business and if this business is right for you so you can click the link below and it'll take you straight there and there may be a waitlist because I only let certain people get in at certain times and so fill in your name and email address and I'll be sure to add you to the list if there is a waitlist but you can access that free video series below and so I hope this information has been helpful to you if you do have questions you can always leave those in the comments I answer back everybody and be sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already so until next time I'm chasing J miles and I will talk to you soon

Do You Need A Real Estate Agent (or Realtor) To Buy A House?

hello everyone and welcome to another real estate video this is Xavier Madonna the real estate YouTube got here in Phoenix Arizona helping you accomplish your home goals so today's video is gonna hit home just a little bit and I know when I make these videos I'm gonna get those comments and people saying well of course you're saying this you're a realtor yes in full disclosure I am a real estate agent so it's a little weird for me to make this video but for anyone that knows me I know these videos you're not getting a realtor you're not getting some do trying to get business you're getting Xavier with Anja and however edina shoots it straight and today's video we're gonna talk about if it's really necessary to use a buyer's agent when buying a house so we're gonna break down the different factors and I actually believe it or not do have one scenario where it might not make sense to use a real estate agent so we're gonna break it down now and get to it if this is the first time you're watching the video welcome to the channel we make weekly real estate educational videos here to help you accomplish your home goals if this video helps you please hit like and consider subscribing and if you have anyone who might benefit from this information a share would be quite helpful so thank you guys again now let's get to it so in this modern world we're starting to get more and more apps and certain things and everyday that are starting to eliminate certain jobs for example the uber is trying to kill the taxi driver turbo tax is affecting CPAs QuickBooks is offending accounting bookkeepers so there's always these websites or apps that are coming and now let's say taking people's jobs but are out here to kind of modernize things and one of the recent ones that are coming after real estate agent specifically are these new home buyers like open door offer pad even Zillow or buying properties and they're making it very easy for people to look at houses without a realtor and as you walk through the house it's very clear and they're advertising that you can make an appointment today you can make it showing me can make an offer all without a realtor so now even if you're not buying a house for the first time you're getting these thoughts and these ideas turn on your head like well do you really need a real estate agent well let's break down the first barrier here it may seem that the buyer's agent job is just to show you houses but there's a lot more that goes into it someone who helps you buy a house they do the first you know occasional part of it then they go she helped me show houses arrange showings and everything but once they're actually in contract that's where their real value comes out the purchase contract is a lot of pages dozens and dozens of pages of addendums and counteroffers and contingencies in play here and let's face it an average person maybe buys a house once to three times in their whole lifetime a successful realtor will see one two five houses every month right so having someone who has this experience of what to look out for in the contract what doesn't seem right what's what is the seller requesting your reminding you where your contingencies are what are your protections helping you arrange and navigate the escrow the inspections the appraisal the lender what to look out for and when things are going great you might think well it's not very necessary this realtor has an easy job but things are going smoothly and easily because they have the proper things have been done to make sure they're going smoothly and easily so a buyer's agents job really is to take care of you and making sure you're not getting screwed over here and the you know what the best part about this is you don't pay the buyer's agent the buyer's agent gets paid a certain percentage of the commission of the person selling the house so that means that you as the buyer don't hire someone and pay the money to help you buy a house they get paid one way or another so really for you as the buyer it's really just a pure gain to have someone on your side let's say you go find a house that you really like you could call the listing agent you could say hey I'm very interested and they can help you write an offer but who is that listing agent really helping yes there's there's a thing called do Linden C which means that the agent is also the same broker not necessarily the same agent so for example I work with a company that's over 2,000 agents and if I show a house that happens to be the same agent as my company technically it's a dual agency because it's the same company but really there's two different people now in this case if you call the listing agent it's the same person helping the seller and you they know what your intentions are what the intentions of the seller is bottom line the bottom line the seller so you could give benefit of the doubt that hey they're gonna look out for my interests or not gonna go tell the seller exactly what's going on right but as I always say in the channel you want to minimize any risk of you getting screwed over so yes there's a chance it could be good however there could also be a chance that because they've known the seller for longer they're out telling the seller what they can do to get more money out of you sure it could be a small percentage of it happening I'm not saying everybody's doing that but there's a chance of it happening isn't it or not so why put yourself in that situation when you could hire a buyer's agent for free you don't have to pay any extra money to help you and negotiate on your behalf you don't have to go be talking to the seller the listing agent a good buyer's age is gonna be the one you're a little pit bull fighting for you also a lot of people think that by calling the listing agent they're gonna get like more of a deal because they don't have to pay their Commission well guess what the Commission for the buyer in the listing agent that's been agreed on that has nothing to do with you so what's happening what could be happening is that leijen that's helping the seller and the buyer guess what their double ending it let me let you in on a little secret Realtors love to brag about this I double ended this deal meaning they got the buyer and the seller and they made double the commission so are they really helping you save any money by you going in there and represented no you're certainly making the realtor happy because he's making a little more money unless they can verify on paper that you're getting that money back somehow like through closing costs but the thing is is that if you had a realtor helping you you probably would have gotten that closing cost paid for with a good negotiation if there's a reason that has them sold is because it's probably over a price meaning that you could have probably made an offer with the agent you had and you probably have got closing costs paid for but you know they're gonna make it seem like oh we're gonna give the Commission we would have given to the buyer – your closing cost it's it's obvious one of the most powerful things you can have as a first-time homebuyer or just a nervous home buyer is a knowledgeable and professional and experienced realtor having your back throughout the transaction they're the ones looking out for you for the things that you don't know they're the ones that can explain things to you just to let you know hey what's the psychology happening here what's a lot why is the seller saying this what do they really mean right it's just it's it's a team effort and robbing yourself out of that opportunity really doesn't benefit you so when is it worth to not hire a realtor well if there's a situation where let's say a family or a friend or a neighbor that's nearby they want to sell their house and they come to you because you know how to buy they know that you want to buy and they say hey I'll sell you my house but I don't want any Realtors involved because we have to pay a certain percentage for each realtor no will rather we will sell this house to you cheaper to save you money if we just do this with me and you and a turning or something now I'm not mad at that right because the seller is going to you know not to hire their agents so they not to do marketing and showings and professional photography they're not paying the Commission for the buyer's agent which means that buyers not gonna have to find the client to help us sell the house they're basically waiving that whatever would it be four to six percent that they would have paid of Commission and let's say the house is uh I don't know two hundred thousand they're saving this off twelve thousand dollars here's the thing you want to watch out for great if it's a good deal do it but how would you have known that that you could have been able to get them to that price initially see what I'm saying if they come to you let's say there's a house for 250 they come to you and say hey we'll sell to you without Realtors let's not get any Realtors involved we'll give it to you for 240 so find out what they were gonna list it for they were gonna list it for 250 that's only saving them ten thousand you know maybe realtors in your area charge for Bob for buying in the selling both Realtors 3% each so maybe six percent I don't know what area is so the you know that they probably would have had to paid I don't know fifteen thousand dollars of commission well then they really doesn't add up there right they would have sold it for 250 that you're saving fifteen grand so why aren't they selling through two thirty five so you talk them down more well we'll do two thirty to do 235 let's say you talk them down at two thirty five well how would you've known that if it would put it on the market for two fifty it would have taken a month or two to sell right there's all these factors that you really don't know you want to make sure that the value you're getting at is a true value you're actually getting a good deal if they're only gonna save 10 15 grand off the price which the price they're gonna miss rigidly listed at is no indication of what price it would have sold that then it's you know it's like and telling you hey I'll tell you my iPhone that's worth maybe what five hundred bucks I was gonna sell this for a thousand dollars but for you I'll give it to you for 800 you're gonna say oh I'm getting a good deal well how would he have known that a thousand dollars would have able to sold that it probably would have stayed on the market for a while and then I would have to reduce the price to that number so you're getting yourself in a position where there's no Realtors protecting you they might have an attorney helping them but you have no one on your side so it's only worth the extra risk and hassle if you're getting a monster deal how do you know you're getting a monster deal well maybe look at house that are selling for that area and whatever the case may be you want to make sure that you're getting it cheaper than that because the houses that's sold in your area account for the six percent of commissions see what I'm saying if you're looking for this house that's you know they're telling it to you for to say 235 they're giving it to you well the house is in that area of sold for 240 245 you're gonna say well I'm getting a pretty good deal if this one there's a house that sold for 240 down the block I'm getting much for 235 great well that one that sold for 240 has those six percent of Commission's in that number so that seller really made about I don't know 225 so even though they silver 240 it's you know they paid Commission's so they've really made only 225 whereas the person you're buying it from that's selling it to you for 235 234 a good deal well they're not accounting for Commission there so if you think about it the true value of that should be closer to 220 230 right so you want to think about these things every house it's sold in America has the commission of the buyer and the seller agent it factored in there so if you're gonna be buying a house without Realtors you should take that out of the equation and then negotiate it shouldn't be well you're saving me this much money so now because of that we're gonna reduce this much money no so to summarise the video do you need a buyer's agent to buy a house well you technically don't but 90 at the time I recommend it a good agent will be a partner they'll be there to watch out for any things that seem odd they'll be there to you know make sure remind you of things make sure you're being taken care of and ultimately it doesn't cost you anything so why not have that it's like getting sued and you're gonna go represent yourself in the court no there's a bunch of documents a bunch of proceedings you just there's a lot of things you don't know why not hire someone for free to help you buy the home now if there's a rare opportunity where you actually are going to get a good deal not necessarily just what's selling in the neighborhood but you're actually getting a good deal then of course it might make sense to go and do it without a realtor however like I said don't use the comparables in that area as indication of the value is because the other comparables have the 6% Commission factored in there so deduct 6% from the Commission of the comparables in the area and try to use that number as the way you should be buying the house so thank you guys that's all the time for they have this is one of those videos where I feel kind of like I'm letting you guys in on the secret and how things really work I so hope you guys appreciate these kind of videos I certainly like doing them and once again if this is the first time watching welcome to the channel we make weekly real estate videos here hit like subscribe do all those cool things let me know what you guys think of the comments below and if you need to get contact with me my contact information can be found below you can also contact me through my Instagram you can email me you can go to my website go to contact and send me an email there or schedule an appointment if you're in Phoenix Arizona so thank you guys for watching I appreciate your time have a lovely and wonderful day