Iloilo Business Park Site Update February 2016

Iloilo City embraces the vision of a fast rising metropolis that beautifully preserves its glorious past amidst highly elevating progress and developments. One of its significant phases of progress and claim to fame is Iloilo Business Park a 72-hectare business township in the old Iloilo airport of Mandurriao district — developed by Megaworld Corporation, the country’s leading real estate developer and township pioneer. Let’s take a look at the recent developments in this exciting business and lifestyle destination… We start our tour at the Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center, where you can see the impressive and luxurious model units. This is touted as the biggest and grandest lifestyle showroom in the region where visitors can have a glimpse of the classy lifestyle. Welcoming visitors in the township is the biggest Mcdonald’s branch in the region. Next is the Festive Walk Mall, the township’s lifestyle shopping destination. Soon to house the biggest brands, restaurants, events center, food hall, and eight world-class cinemas. It is scheduled to open in the last quarter of 2016. Right now, let’s take a glimpse of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo. Its interior design is conceptualized by Getty’s — the world’s popular designer of international hotels. It has 149 rooms and 12 floors with luxurious amenities including a grand swimming pool. We are looking at the iconic Iloilo Convention Center. It can accommodate 3,700 guests. Complete with modern venue facilities and an exterior architectural design inspired by Iloilo City’s two major festivals — the Dinagyang and Paraw Regatta. Straight ahead is the Courtyard by Marriott — the first brand of Marriott in the Philippines. It boasts 314 luxurious rooms, stunning amenities, and classy bistro. This business hotel is expected to elevate the world-class hotel accommodation in the region and is set to open this year. Take a look at Iloilo Business Park’s Boutique Hotels and Commercial District. A 9.2-hectare prime property composed of 60 commercial lots in 10 blocks. The district is envisioned to become the next central business district of Visayas. More than 70% of the commercial lots are already sold to bank institutions, local entrepreneurs, and companies.
As we take a turn, we can now see the Two Techno Place and One Techno Place. Both are 4-storey BPO office towers complete with modern facilities ready to open this year. Straight ahead is Two Global Center — the operation site of US-based BPO company, StarTek — providing quality jobs to local call center workforce. Next is One Global Center. The first BPO office tower that opened in the township. This is now the operation site of two BPO companies, TransCom and WNS. They are currently employing hundreds of call center workers and professionals.
Right now, you are looking at the Street of Festive Walk. Considered as the longest retail, shopping, and dining strip in the country where topnotch restaurants, bistros, bars, and boutiques will soon rise to provide ultimate pleasure in the township.
This is the Mall Annex — standing right across the Street of Festive Walk. The Mall Annex is an extension of the Festive Walk Mall, another exciting destination in the township.
To elevate the lifestyle perspective of Ilonggos, Iloilo Business Park showcases its first class residential towers…
Let’s check the site of One Madison Place — a 3-tower cluster condominium with 10 floors each — boasting with high-end amenities. One Madison Place is fit for those who are outgoing, dynamic, artistic, and enthusiastic in life. Next is Lafayette Park Square — the 16-storey European-inspired condominium tower — stunning for its standout units and amenities. The tower evokes passion for life and romance in classical perspective.
Finally, the first of its kind in the region. The Palladium is the tallest residential tower with 22 floors showcasing the Skygarden Lifestyle. The tower is stunning for its infinity pool and loft units in its topmost floor.
Iloilo Business Park swiftly embraces the vision of being the centerpoint of everything beautiful about Iloilo City. This is where the best of lifestyle, leisure, and business take shape to create a promising future. Where else would you be but at the center of a passionate lifestyle — Iloilo Business Park.

Door Knocking Guide: How To Deal with NOT INTERESTED

so you guys want to know how to deal with not interested when you’re not going one of these stay tuned what’s up guys it’s BC still feeling a little bit under the weather but I wanted to create this video because I still get this question a lot now for 10 seconds before I get into the video number 1 my first door knocking product gives you one or two tips on how to do with this more so on the unconscious level purchased versus conscious which we’re gonna go over in this video it’s gonna be more verbal number two I have my new door marking product coming out volume 2 January 1st so stay tuned for that so you come to this door you knock and the person says not interested what do you do well before I even answer you guys have to understand something that for a lot of reasons people are going to tell you not interested right they’re busy things are going on in the background they didn’t hear you write or understand what you said how many times have you guys heard something from somebody right didn’t quite understand what they said and they were trying to sell you you told them not interested or if they’re trying to engage in a conversation with you or do something you were just like yeah and you’re not it right then you really don’t understand think about that for a second you see everybody’s so busy they don’t even want to acknowledge you sometimes and especially if you’re a sales person coming to the door people just think automatically you’re gonna push something down their throat that you’re gonna take up a lot of their time so that initial unconscious response is not interested how many times have you guys gone to the store or the mall and when somebody even approaches you and you even smell or get the hint that they’re selling something you immediately just fire off not looking not interested or something like that just that alone is gonna help you tremendously because now as a sales person coming in you know it’s gonna happen and you’re ready for it alright so next what do you say well first and foremost I can tell you that it’s not what you say it’s your delivery if you say the best line and it’s delivered unconfident ly unclearly it’s not gonna work one thing that I do and I suggest for all of you who maybe are not selling a product on the spot maybe you’re selling a service or something like that like us the Realtors tell people right when they write when they open the door if they already look or give you the hint that they’re gonna say not interested say hey I’m not selling anything and don’t pause there this is critical don’t pause get immediately into your pitch another thing you can say is if they say not interested you acknowledge that say hey got it well I’m only gonna be here a second pause that’s called the false time constraint I’ve talked about it before I learned it in pickup and what it is is hmm it’s an illusion because you’re letting the person know that you’re only going to be there for a couple seconds now you may be there longer however you’ve just eliminated that fear in their mind of you staying there for a long long time now some of you may get right into your pitch and then after that hmm they tell you’re not interested right so in my case in real estate I will tell them look I know I know you’re not looking to sell your house and I don’t pause they’re right this is this is a key point that is can be applied universally everywhere else so sometimes you guys get hit with not interested or something like that and then immediately you answer and then you pause so you give them time to think or say something else at which point you relinquish your control and you give it to somebody else you need to answer ask a question keep the conversation going so you’re in control because now the second time or what I’m in the conversation and they say not interested I can’t say look I know you’re not looking to sell and then ask the next question I’m acknowledging their previous not interested but I’m keeping the conversation going now a very small amount of people may close the door on you or say look man I’m really not interested in the conversation big deal that’s the exception to the rule that’s gonna be one maybe two out of ten the other eight are gonna continue in conversation with you now what’s unconscious like your body language and that kind of stuff in your tonality is much more important and I’ll cover that in depth as far as and more techniques of course on my new product but real quick just some applicable stuff is what I’ve gone over it with this video with you guys and I’ll give you a little bit more but just keep in mind that you don’t need 20 tricks one or two good ones that you master is all that you really need now I’m more often than not especially I believe after you get really good you’ll tend to get the not interested after your first initial line or two I’m gonna challenge you guys to do something make it tweaked to your tweak sorry make a tweak to your initial script so in the beginning you’re giving some sort of value an update on the market if you’re in real estate or something that will grab people’s attention not give them the opportunity to say no right and throw they’re not interested off the table or if they throw it it’s almost like it’s ridiculous and you can keep the conversation going because you didn’t trap yourself into saying hey do you want to sell your house and they say no now I can get past that pretty easily but for the average person going door to door who’s not really advanced it’s gonna be a lot more difficult for them to get around that right or even outside of real estate so what I’m saying is tweak the beginning so you’re setting yourself up for more opportunities and less distractions and objections all right all in all guys remember that experience is going to be your best teacher pick a few of them look forward to my door knocking product January 1st is I’m gonna go really really in-depth to help you even more but even these basic tips are more than enough for you to get out there and do some real damage at the doors again less people are doing it more people are skeptical about it I’m still getting questions asking oh is it visit legit does it really work are you kidding me man door-to-door sales business to business face-to-face is some of the best connections you can ever make not only for the sale but for business relationships networking or anything else nothing ever will be face-to-face remember that so get out there even if even if you’re not a big door knocker get out there and do it a couple days a week for like an hour and tell me your social life doesn’t get better your life doesn’t get better and especially your sales alright make sure you guys subscribe to the channel share this video and I will see you on the next one [Music]

Which Business Model for Real Estate?

If you’re a real estate agent navigating the
mine field of setting up your own real estate business, no doubt, you’re considering which
business model will suit you and your budget best. What’s the most important thing? Is
it choosing the right business model, or is the individual agent and their ability to
attract listings more critical? At One Agency, we believe it’s the latter. It’s the individual
agent that’s behind the business that is the most important and key element to success.
Our members have the freedom to grow with their own business in their own way and at
their own pace, but with the support and systems we provide to give them the foundation from
which to succeed. Principles, who already have established businesses
and who are dissatisfied with the big franchises often make the move to One Agency and find
that they can make it more profitable and have more freedom with our business model.
Sales agents, who have spent years working for another principle find themselves earning
up to four times or more their current sales income, working fewer hours and enjoying real
lifestyle balance. Most agents who join us, have looked at the figures for setting up
a traditional franchise. They know that they’re going to be up for really big dollars to get
started and then they’ll have to operate within tight constraints. They will also have considered
setting up as an independent brand. We know a lot of people think of doing that and know
that that will be costly and time consuming and put unnecessary strain on a brand new
business that’s just starting up. They also understand that it’s likely to take
far longer to establish themselves in the marketplace and that once they are out there,
they are out there alone, without support, without people to share ideas and experiences
and without a tribe or a family. They’ll be a tiny fish in an ocean of established competition.
That’s where we come in. If you want to retain control, as if you are an independent business
and yet gain the advantages of an international, established brand, then you need to talk to
us. Utilizing our proven branding and marketing eliminates the uncertainty of untested, independently
created businesses. Being a part of something bigger, where there’s support from other real
estate business owners is extremely powerful. Since 2008, One Agency has attracted a very
close-knit family of agents, who work together to grow their businesses. We are seriously
disrupting the way real estate businesses have been traditionally run. Why don’t you
consider joining the revolution?

Take your business to the next level! |The Rescue Ronnie Show | Episode 95

Hey this is Ronnie and this is the rescue Ronnie show today, I’m here with Ken connect of local market expert Digital marketing master here. This guy’s a wizard on the digital marketing side So we’re gonna dive into what he does and let’s check it out All right, Ken we’re back so really what I want you to display to people is really who you are as a person and then also What you do? There’s so many people that are promoting and then the big thing right now is digital marketing Dive a little bit into that like what do you what do you actually do? Yeah Well, first of all, thanks for having me. Of course. I had to be here. Yeah So yeah, you ventured everybody does digital marketing pretty much it seems like anybody that owns a computer Market al are they are its so somebody always has a cousin or an uncle that does video or SEO or whatever. Sure So I’ve run into a lot of that. I’ve been doing this a long time. Yeah I’ve been at it since really the start of the internet so Don’t do it over 25 years Really just a change in it. Yeah, I go. I’ve been I started out in the within the development space I was developing websites web apps and then I got into the marketing aspect of it. Probably 10 years into my career So I’m one of those unique people that have experience on you know the development side and the marketing side so build it and then And then actually what is happening to get it out there right actually so uh, so yeah. I’m coming unique in that way So that’s gonna give me a lot of experience maybe pretty well-rounded when it comes to digital marketing. Sure so so just like I mentioned it before I Mean, it seems like everybody’s doing this now I get contacted a lot in the real estate space and I’m sure other people in other spaces and their Sales or whatever I can get you more leads I can get you this I can get you that what do you do that actually separates yourself from that run-of-the-mill guy But also with your twenty-five years of experience that definitely helps, right? Well, I’ve been through probably every scenario with every different type of industry, you know right now I’m focusing on real estate, but I’ve worked in every industry every type of business. So I’ve seen it all I mean, I’ve got a buddy that does real estate and he just recently bought some leads He said it’s you know paper lead. I think I can it’s pretty good deal. Sure. So I’m gonna see what I get Thank you. Why not getting a ton of leads but if none of them were you know, we’re follow, you know, none of them had Really in any quality. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they really kind of get them So it wasn’t he was buying really in my opinion bad leads so sure I think what sets me apart is I work with directly with the advertiser or the customer to Work on getting good quality leads and not just, you know doing a kind of a set it and forget it campaign Yeah Really working and monitoring that optimizing that campaign as because you’re actually vetting the leads so they become a much more qualified lead when they get into the Your clients hands. Absolutely. I think one of the biggest problems is the Timeliness of the communication with that lead people reach out. They get them to commit to filling out a web form You know, it’s time to you know That’s a often time to follow up and reach back to them and follow through with that lead I think what the problem that I see a lot is people will let that lead to a cold It’ll say a few days and and people are so bombarded with different messages and your contact information nowadays online They might forget they even contacted you. So by the time you reach out to them, they might say hey, I don’t remember Oh, yeah, you know that was all the time so you’re kind of streamlining the process where it takes away some of the load for say a real estate agent or an insurance agent or somebody in that space Where where you’re kind of taking some of the the burden of following up and that type of stuff as well. So Using using the tools that you have Speaking of some tools I wanted to dive into a lot of things right now are very Facebook Instagram and and people are doing the the lead ads and now the big thing is chat BOTS Yes chat BOTS so dive a little bit into lead ads and how those convert and then also How chat box are really changing? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So Facebook’s got this really cool thing. It’s a it’s called the lead ad For those that don’t know about lead ads It’s basically when a consumer sees your ad they click on it and present it with a form right there Sure, and what’s cool really cool about it is? You know a typical contact form you ask for a first name last name email phone number? And since Facebook has that information on those people. All right, it’s morally Cayden, right? That’s right there. So it just pre-populates that data Yeah, F warm. So all you have to do is hit submit, right? So that’s I mean, that’s I call it instant You know, it’s an instant lead. It’s great and it’s you know, it’s with the right information, right? It’s it’s right because it’s it’s stored with Facebook and people don’t typically put false information on their Facebook profile. Sure You’re gonna get good data now now dive into what that actual it’s a big word right now chat box. Okay chat BOTS is another way to capture leads, but what’s cool about chat BOTS is everybody that uses Facebook knows about facebook Messenger, right? Right, and so a lot of people are using messenger to communicate Well smart brands now are using messenger to communicate With their customers in a way that is really conversational right engages them right off the bat. So You can actually go from a from a Facebook ad right inside a chat bot conversation, right? so it’s almost like It’s a instant follow-up and to my knowledge you can dive into this deeper and it sets you into different categories Correct. It does you. Can you can relate for a real estate agent? It’s great because you can really prequalify a lead right you know, right? Somebody’s looking you can set them up with a with a message saying you’re looking to buy yourself They select one of those options and they’re presented with oh, you look in the self. Yeah How soon are you looking this out, right? It kind of leads them down the path, you know When you call somebody up that must have sold her home you have to ask me all these questions Right, right. This kind of gets them down that path. So by the time you talk with them, you’re pretty much nowhere We know exactly where they’re at and that and that’s really big for Conversion absol right. That’s really big So yeah I’m super happy that you could come on because this gives me knowledge and I actually personally use can for for my digital marketing space So I want you to tell everybody what your contact information If they want to take their business to the love, absolutely you can you can visit us online at WWE And you can email us at info at Local market expert and phone numbers 911 six four seven four one one seven two can mr Ken, connect its digital marketing master. I appreciate you my friend And as always how the best day alive and adios

Are You Ready To Start Wholesaling Real Estate? 1st Deal Challenge

Hello’s Kevin Gibbs and if you’re interested in starting real estate wholesaling business Then you’re in luck because today I’m gonna give you my seven step system. My seventh step 30-day first deal Blueprint. Alright, let’s get straight to it first and foremost. What is real estate wholesaling? we defined as the art and science of Finding deeply discounted properties and locking them down under contract and assignment for a lucrative Assignment fee write that in a nutshell If you want to know more about real estate wholesaling, you can watch any of my videos I have a lot of videos on my channel Also, let’s get to this on 30-day. It’s a 30 day challenge. All right, 30 day challenge to help accelerate. How booth Help explore you real estate wholesaling business so that all you can hit the ground running, right? Because we know this is a game of momentum All right, and I’m consistency So the first thing you need is the script alright and you can get the script on we have everything that you need and um If you download if you look cooking on the description below and you could download two free books real estate money on real estate money secrets and smart real estate wholesaling And um, he watched a video it will show you how to become part of our mastermind. We have a real estate investing mastermind wholesaling mastermind and digital market mastermind We’re on UK own network with a what a lot of people have been in the game for a long time Right, and I experienced people and you also could get a mentor if you need a mentor, right? so, um first thing you need is a script right we have scripts and um, Especially if he’s just starting out. We always recommend using the first thing is on Cold calling, right? Well, we got coca-cola in a certain way and um There’s a we use a power dialer, which is number two, right? But the first thing you do is you need a neat you need a script You need to know what you call them for and what’s your goal? What’s your objectives and how to dig and try to find motivation? That’s the key thing that you’re looking for You’re looking for motivation, right? You’re looking for a motivated sell it. So you’re looking for motivate motivation You need to know ask questions to find the motivation that you’re looking for right in There’s seven different outcomes that could all happen when you call someone right? They could say yes and They could say no they could say maybe maybe there’s no right. Like I said, how’d you get my number, right? And you could just tell them that it’s public records Its public right was when someone owned a home right that people always wondering how you got that number most times and pre-foreclosure That’s a lot Alyssa Nicole and I said, I’ll tell them I said well you you know You do know you’re in pre-foreclosure and then you know, we could start developing a conversation I had many conversations just developed just by, you know, just, you know being honest with people and you know leading with value right If you if you’re going through any of these on courses that we’re offering then you will know that Value, right. If you’re watching my videos you continuously hear me talk about leading with value. Right? So, um, you also could have Maybe later, right which is usually know but you never know right? Um, also, um if the offer is right, All right, and then you know, like I said, these are just little points where you could develop More of a conversation to engage and really try to find that motivation Right and a lot of times someone else a su right get on my face and they will come on phone again But it’s just part of the game and you gotta have thick skin All right So you gotta have your script, you know, whatever script there’s no one perfect script But you gotta no one. Would what you looking for when we looking for motivation in this case, right? Second thing you knew you need is a dollar, right? I use the Mojo power dialer we could call eighty people in an hour right on they also have a three line data But for this case, you could just use the single dial especially just starting out All right, um and just use that dollar it loads up eighty I mean it calls eighty numbers right and on in one hour, which is great um So number three is that’s number two number three is you got to download 1000 download and skip trace 1000 records per month minimum right minimum 1000 per month And that’d be a good place to start in the first month. Um, we also have skip-tracing services like I said Just click on the description below you can basically get all of our services and On all of our products that really help you in your business and really help with celebration and put you ahead of the game Right. That’s what we’re here for is to help you stay ahead of the game right, and I’m gonna create good partnerships and create good education platform for People to learn this game won’t really say wholesaling, right? I mean that 1,000 records are really gonna you know help you out on and give you some skill development cuz you’re certain skills that you get that that you need to develop if you want to be a real estate wholesaler and Question-asking is one of the biggest skills that you can you can own obtain You just want you want to get quick right? You want to get straight to the plan? Um Get what you’re looking for cause you want to be speaking to a hundred people in One minute and not spend 100 minutes on one person. All right, um, Number four is if you have a team, right? Over your individual you could dial one hour per day five hours per week, right? but if you have a team you can maximize that that’s a good thing about the way that I’m teaching how to set up your Business you could always scale this business up But you can always leverage and on these tools if you know, you can leverage the tools different tools You know sometimes you know new tools come out, so I don’t want to get so You know stuck on the tools but I’m just talking about the system the business system that I’m giving you the seven step system that I’m giving you to close a Deal in 30 days, right? And it’s not no guaranteed You gonna close you’re dealing 30 days but if you go out this like this for 30 days you’ll be ahead of the game and I Guarantee you’d be another 30 days or another 30 days that if you keep it going at it You’ll be ahead of the game You have a lot of skill development where you know You’ll be a lot closer to closing your first deal the second day or third day But you’ll have a business set up right where you’ll be able to scale it and you’ll have sustainability Okay, so on that’s not goal for you Um number number five is on track your progress with a CRM Right on I said the Mojo is also used as a CRM. That’s like such a great tool You can get you get a lot of bang for your buck. You get a power dialer you get it on My CRM also like I said You can add different dollars like when you want employees and you want people to own as you start scaling your business You can get on Agents on there that could work under you for a very small, right? So you keep your same system and just keep teaching your system over and over and over and this is what I’m trying to show You right how to keep your system going over and over and over so it could work like a machine That’s the digital age. So this is this is this is the first step for you opening up those doors Alright, this is just you getting in the game You wanting to learn how to be a real estate wholesale the most people get Um getting a game and they don’t learn the right way to set up their business and operate their business They get out there freestyling wasting a lot of energy wasting a lot of time That’s why I said seven step system save yourself time energy and money. That’s what I’m trying to do, right? You’re gonna spend more money not listening Than just listening, right? Okay, so I’m number seven is Number six is share. Your results are number six is share your results, right Facebook Instagram. Share your results. Tell people what’s going on Even if you didn’t close the deal like right let people know what you experience You know that it’s a it’s a journey that you want. It’s a challenge It’s a 30-day challenge where you could get that deal in the thirty days you’d be real happy You know, that’s what I’m trying to help you do but you know, that’s that’s that’s up to you But um, if you follow this blueprint, I guarantee you be successful and number seven is on finding Network right Your network is your network? But you want to be around people that some more experienced than you right? You want to be mingling iron sharpens iron? So get around somebody that’s Sharper iron so you could sharpen your skills and then you know you sharpen somebody else’s skills but if you’re not sharp, you can’t shop in no one else so There you go. That’s your seven step System that I’m giving you that I gave you seven step blueprint Actually, I’m gonna put this in a download you could click in the description and you’ll be able to UM see the seven step system And I also want to tell you about the three C’s right you want to stay focused on the seven step daily? Um the seven step system for the 30 day challenge to get your first deal is you’re gonna take commitment consistency and confidence this will do the three C’s that this Training so to sort of speak training why are you going through bootcamp is that it’s going to develop inside it’s going to value the confidence to speak to people that know what you’re talking about and know all the how to handle all the Objections that may come your way It’s going to teach you to be consistent because you’re gonna show every day for a certain period of time and and you’re gonna know your numbers and I was also gonna um, See if you really commit it right commitment lasts way longer than after you start something Commitment is is you show up to work every day no matter um, if you feel like it or not, right? So there you go. Um, if you like anything I send this video, please like share subscribe You can click on an almond Bell to receive Notification of more videos also, please click on the description below If you want to free books smart real estate wholesaling, and on real estate money secrets. Thank you

The Customer Experience and Critical Business Growth Strategies | #TomFerryShow

– Hey, today we’ve got
the legendary Tiffani Bova talking about client experience, and differentiating yourself
from the competition. (bright rock music) – Hey, welcome to Tom Ferry Show. I’m super excited that
the legendary @tiffanibova make sure you follow her on Twitter. Evangelist of growth and innovation at that little company called Salesforce. – Yup, small little
company, small little town in San Francisco. – All these extraordinary
people that are watching this they’re in real estate,
they’re in mortgage, they’re in insurance,
they’re in title sales. But they are like you and I, they are cut from that
interesting cloth called sales. – Yes.
– So, take just a second and share with, you know all the people
that are watching this, who is Tiffani Bova, why should we care? Like I know you’re a baller
when it comes to sales and certainly in marketing. But give them a little insight on, who’s Tiffani Bova? – So I were just to describe myself, I call myself a recovering seller. – Oh, I love that. – Because I no longer carry a quota. But I wake up every day, – Yes. – you know fighting the
fight to try to help sales people out there around the globe, – Yes. – be better and be more
productive and hit their numbers. So that’s what I spend my days doing. So I vicariously get to
sell through everybody I get in front of which is, I feel like I carry a global quota. – So I get to do it for
the real estate industry, you’re doing it for Salesforce, and then all of their gazillion partners. – Yeah it doesn’t matter what industry, it doesn’t matter what industry. – All right, so let’s– – I think sales is sales. – But let me, so check this out you ready? So, most powerful women and
influential women in California by the National Diversity Counsel, top 50 marketing thought leaders by Brand Quarterly Magazine. Let’s see real fast here
there’s one of those that just moved me. One of Inc Magazine’s 37 sales experts you need to follow on Twitter. – Yeah. – We’re talking like you,
Seth Goden, heroes of mine. I mean, you know you are a legend. And check this out I just got a new book. I got the advanced copy,
it’s insanely great. Inc Magazine already quoted it yesterday as the four best books to
read before the end of summer. – Yes. – There are all these
incredible Growth IQ strategies. You know I’m all about growth mindset, helping you grow your business. Tiffani’s gonna help us do it today. The first chapter though,
you go right into something that is critical for the
real estate world right now. They are suffering from this lack of identity. There’s eight million real estate agents, everybody’s got nine
friends in the business. And how do we differentiate ourselves? And you go right into
this first growth path as, like the customer experience, which I think is one of
the great differentiators. So could you maybe just
speak to the audience on like what is sort of
the overarching message? And then let’s get into some granule stuff on what they can do. So what is this first growth
path, this customer experience? – Yeah I think it’s interesting right, because you have a product that you sell and many people don’t view
themselves as a product. – Yes.
– Right? But I believe that the greatest advocate and the greatest
sales force out there is your customers. – Yes. – Your past customer, – Yup, yes, yes, yes.
– Advocating on your behalf. So if you’re differentiated
and you give them this amazing experience what do they do? They go tell 10 of their friends. – Yes. – And, there’s lots of research out there that says people are 60%, 65%
through their buying journey before they ever pick up the phone and call someone like a Realtor. – 100%.
– So, having that advocacy
out in the marketplace, – Yes. – where it’s someone
else telling your story. You can’t pay for that kind of marketing. No mailer is gonna beat word of mouth. – We have talked, so they have heard me for at least the last 10 years saying, it used to be written
letters of testimonial. – Right, right.
– Right? Then we put those on our website. Now today between Zillow
and Google and other places, we call it, it’s like
the review based economy. We’re reading reviews to decide, do I like this agent or not? So do you have any insights on reviews, any more stats that
they need to know about? ‘Cause I’ve been (smacks
fist) pounding them on it. – Yeah, I would say this. I think it’s the subtle side of having people advocate on your behalf. You know if it’s too much in your face, then it doesn’t feel authentic. It has to be that kind
of natural conversation that someone’s having with
a friend or a colleague and they’re talking about, “Hey I’m thinking about moving.” And then they say, “I’ve been dealing with “this amazing Realtor.” It’s like, “Oh who are you working with?” That kind of just natural conversation is very–
– Yes, true word of mouth. – True word of mouth is very different than blasting out what
someone says about you. All right so there’s–
– Are you saying we shouldn’t be blasting it? – No, I think there’s
the subtle side of it, which has a lot of impact. – Yes. – Then there’s the very
prescriptive side of it, which is also necessary as
people go through that journey and they find you, they want to see what other people say about you, right?
– Absolutely. – So you need to have both. But I still think the greatest sales force for anybody who’s out selling something is their past customers advocating on their behalf full stop. – Agree 100%, 100%.
– Yup. – So let’s talk about
the customer experience. So I wrote down this
question like customers, you know inside the book you talked about they remember the experience
they had with a brand longer than they ever think
about the fee or the price. – Yes. – Right so, a lot of our clients watching this, they’re in marketplaces where the fee is now an issue. – Yes.
– Right? So how do we help them? Like what are two or
three things they can do upfront to create a
better quality experience so the fee becomes a no-brainer? – Yeah, so I love to use this example. So if we were in front
of people I’d be like, “Okay how many of you in the audience, – Do it yeah, yeah let’s go. – “rode an Uber 30 days ago?” You know pretty much everyone’s hands are gonna go up right?
– Yup. – And then I say, “Okay
leave your hands up. “How many of you remember
how much you spent “on that Uber ride?” Do you remember your last one? – Uh, – No, yeah.
– No, no, I’m thinking, no. – Right? So Clayton Christensen says in his book, Competing Against Luck, everything’s a job from point A to B. So I need a ride, a taxi ride, or I need to get from one
place to the next place. That’s the job I need done. So why do I pick an Uber over a taxi? – Yes. – Right, because the job still gets done. So for me it’s three things. One, I travel around
the world, I don’t have to carry currency. Or I don’t have to have money on me if I’m in the US.
– Yes, yup. – Okay, and I don’t have to worry about a credit card machine not working. – Yup. – The second one is,
that it directly connects into my expense report now. – Yes. – So it removes this other
stuff I’d have to take. And a lot of times when I catch a cab, it’s like I think it was
$6.00, and it was really $16. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause I don’t remember how much I spent.
– Do you need a receipt? – Yeah do you need a receipt? – Remember hearing that? Do you need a receipt? – And then fill it in yourself, you’re like, uh, – Throw it in the trash.
– somehow I’m always on the wrong side of that equation. And the third reason is
’cause I travel alone a lot. Someone will know where I was last. – Yes. – So those are the three reasons. Oh–
– Not so good for people like Jameson Winston, whatever the football player right now.
(Tiffani laughs) Sorry, personal note. (laughs) – But if you think about those two things the reason I chose one brand, – Yeah.
– over another was totally experienced based. – Yes. – And I have stood on a street corner, in the snow, when it’s freezing,
with my phone in my hand, watching taxis drive by, waiting for my Uber. – Yes. – During surge pricing. Which means I’m actually
willing to spend more. – Yes. – So customers have told
us in a lot of research. We’ve done in a lot of
research that’s out there, that they’ll actually spend a premium of up to almost 15%, – Yes. – for a better experience on a brand. – Yes. – Think hotel, think
home you’re gonna buy. – Yes. – One condo, over another condo, and one condo has a pool and a gym, and a concierge, and all of those things. That’s all experience based. – Yes.
– Because your apartment, right, it’s still the
place you live and sleep. The job is being done. The rest that the building has or the other amenities a home has, is the experience someone puts in it. And you know many people will say, “Careful how much money
you put in a house, “you might not get it out,” from an investment standpoint, right? Because the other person
might not appreciate that experience
– Yes. – the way you appreciate
that experience, right? – Yes. – But that’s all experienced based. So I think that when you start to realize that you, and what you deliver is also part of that experience, – Yes.
– it really changes the game. Really changes the game. – So think about it like this. So much of what, what our clients are dealing with today is this on demand environment, right? So last year, Amazon
put out a page one day and said like, “Thinking
about real estate, “looking for some real estate needs?” And people freaked. Because the fear, of not having my phone, of just being able to go, buy it, ship it here in 30 minutes. And many companies have
moved toward obviously that on demand experience, whether it’s buying direct, or buying online. And what agents are doing now is they’re finding themselves, how do I create the illusion that my experience is on demand? Any thoughts on that? – Well I think there’s a couple things. I think that we can not
be afraid of the fact that technology is changing the way we,
– Yes. – Market, and sell, and
buy, and act as consumers. – Yes. – You know every day in our
personal lives, we’re consumers. And you know, I would say, once again, how many of you have bought
on Amazon the last 30 days? Everyone raises their hand, right? – Yes. – And then I’ll say, “Well how many of you “went through the training
of how to buy on Amazon?” – Yes.
– And it’s a trick question, right? There was no training, because it’s super easy.
– It’s too easy. – Right?
– It’s too, yeah. – And so then you say, “Well
how am I going to compete “against whomever is
coming in the market?” – Yes. – Like that Amazon example you gave. I’ll just give an example from Australia that I learned some six years ago in the real estate industry where someone came up with a IOT
device on the real estate signs. So as you pulled up, if you had the app, it would recognize that you were sitting in front of the house,
– Yes. – and it would push you content. Right, and say here,
take a tour of the home. – Yes.
– This was six years ago. Right and then people are going, “Well no, well wait a minute. “Then I don’t need broker’s opens, “and I’m not gonna physically
show them the house.” Then I go, “Yes, but me as a consumer, “maybe I don’t want that experience.” I like sitting in front of a house and getting a feel for the neighborhood and actually having it all push. I can turn it down or not turn it down. – Yup.
– So we have to find a way to embrace what’s coming
at us no matter what. The harder you dig in your heels, the worse it’s going to be from you. But you don’t need to
say yes to everything. You know you have to
see what works for you and your teams.
– Yeah. – I’m not saying everyone
has to go put IOT on a sign. I remember a very dear friend of mine–
– Internet of things. – Yeah, internet of things.
– Internet of things. – Sorry.
– Yes, yes, yes. – A very dear friend of
ours was the very first to put pictures – Yes.
– on their real estate signs. – Yes, yes. – And by advertising at
the beginning of movies. – Yup! – And that was 15 years
ago, if not a little longer. – Yeah, yeah.
– And then everybody does it now, right? You just have to find
something that’s gonna really differentiate
you in the marketplace. – So one of my mentors,
Mike Vance, would talk about the experience economy in the context of, like run everything
through the five senses. Right, from the first
time they meet with you. Right, you think of like,
sight, taste, scent, all these different senses. Is there anything, and again,
going back to the book, do you have any insight on again, the experience, the time
that I meet that agent? What advice would you give to
have them really stand out? – Yeah, so this is one
that I find fascinating, I’ve been actually doing
some work in real estate over the last couple years now, since I’ve joined Salesforce. You know I would say
understanding who your existing customers are, who are they? Are they mostly families, are they mostly single, are
they mostly, what are they? Men, women, – What’s your avatar, right?
– couples, right. – Your perfect customer. – Who’s your perfect customer? And why did they choose you? – Yes. – And find out what that is. – Yeah.
– What they think. – Yes, their perception. – Their perception and
how do you take that and weave it into your marketing? – Yes. – Do you just want to just
sell anything to anyone? Or do you want to be really
good, and known for something? – Yes.
– You know condos in a particular area, or
homes, single family homes, or duplexes, or whatever it might be. – Communities. – Communities, whatever.
– Right as an example. – Dominate Corona del
Mar, or whatever it is. – Whatever it is.
– Beachfront stuff, yes. – You know owning something,
creating that beachfront and creating that reputation, right? That’s that flywheel effect
and that multiplier effect, right?
– Yeah. And so, I’d say a lot of
Realtors may not even know the answers to those questions. – Yes. – And so they’re not
capturing it in something. You know yes, where I work, we obviously can do that. – A lot of data.
– Right, you know A lot of data on the CRM side, from a Salesforce perspective, but I just want it captured somewhere. You have to capture it somewhere so that you get more intelligent with who you’re working with, and what’s going on,
because then you’re smarter about the decisions that you make. – And it could even be just a, you think about the power of CSAT today, like customer satisfaction surveys. – Yes. – “Hey we just engaged with each other, “you were on my website. “What did you think? “What did you like? “What did you not like?” But if you’re not today doing
a post transaction survey, using Survey Monkey,
something super simple. What are three things you
liked about the experience? What are three things that maybe, you wished we did different, or better? To get that feedback, cause
at the end of the day, it’s like sell people what they want in their model of the
world, and you’re gonna win. – Yeah.
– Is that kind of part of it? – Yeah, and I’d say
two sides to that coin. I’d say one, for sure,
ask customers who bought from you, why they bought from you. – Yes.
– But I would also go out, and reach out to
people who didn’t buy from you. – Yes. – Because then, what was it
that didn’t resonate with them? – Yes. – And is it something that you’re willing to fix, and pivot towards?
– Yes. – Or you going, “That’s okay, I’m glad “they didn’t buy from me.”
– Bingo. – And then move on, right? The one thing I’d say
around doing the survey is that we find different kinds
of results, and insights when you do it on your own
versus hiring a third party to do it on your behalf.
– Yes, yes. – If you’ve got the
funds, and the interest in really digging into what
makes you differentiated because I would tell you once you know what everyone else thinks of you, that’s where you have to win. – Yep. – And just ignore the rest of it– – Yes. – until you get that stuff really right. – Yes.
– Right? And so you also have the what
didn’t they like about you. Right, so maybe that’s something you need to lean away from, whatever it was. But people tend to say Survey Monkey as an example–
– Yeah. – of going out and surveying, right? You surveying, people may
not give you the truth. – True. – Right, and so having
a third party do it, and maybe not even online, but actually doing it over the phone. – Yep.
– You’ll get those insights. – And that can be your title
company, your escrow company, your lender–
– Yeah, everybody. – your brokerage on your behalf, just as long as it is not
just directly coming from you. – Yeah. – Like, “what did you like about me?” – Yeah. – “But please don’t tell
me what you didn’t like.” – The whole experience.
– That’s important. – But in the real estate
industry, just like in technology, the challenge is, is that we have a very long supply chain. – Yes.
– Right? You have a lot of touches
through the sales cycle in real estate.
– Yes. – Right, a mortgage, the title company, the realtor–
– Yep. – the inspector–
– Yep. – the contractors, I mean there is a lot of people touching a deal. And then the realtor
is in the middle of it, and so if one, or two of
those people go awry on you. Or give a terrible experience
that’s reflective on you. – Yes. – And so you have to figure out, how do you tighten that experience around that supply chain. Ya know, do you always work
for the same mortgage broker? Do you always work with
the same title company? Who do you recommend? Is everybody on the same page? And that has a lot to
do with communication, and collaboration.
– Yes. – Once again going back to
very difficult to scale, if you’re doing 25, 50,
75, a 100 deals a year to scale on an Excel
spreadsheet, and Post-it Notes. – Yeah.
– It’s just impossible. – Yeah. – So you need to start to take advantage of some of the tools online, whether it’s collaboration,
or CRM, or whatever. – Yes.
– To manage that team in a way that gives the customer, remember, the best experience they can have. – Okay, that’s the whole thing. So now I’m gonna switch gears just, – Yep.
– For a second, inside the book you talk about the guy that started Shake Shack, and – Danny Mar.
– Right. And gonna go brain dead
on him, Ray Kroc, right? – Right, McDonald’s. – He didn’t actually create McDonald’s, but he turned it into what–
– Yes. – we know it as. So both these guys talk about
the product being secondary. – Yes. – Right? And yet, the assumption is, like in real estate, is
the house the product? Is the agent the product? And which one is secondary? Give me sort of the
tie in for real estate. – Well that goes back to what I just said. Right?
– Yeah. – Danny Meyer is like, “Look,
I’m selling you a burger. – Yeah. – “Right across the
street is another burger– – Yep. – “from that other company.” Right?
– Yes. – “Or somebody else, why
would someone come in, “and buy my burger?”
– Yeah. – “And why would they
spend two dollars premium, ‘or three dollar premium for my burger?” – Yes.
– Right? So now in this case I
use a Starbucks example. – Yeah.
– Right? So if we were at an event, right, if we were standing at your event, you were giving free coffee outside which everybody does at events. – Sure. – And there was a Starbucks downstairs, I guarantee you there
would be a line downstairs. – Yes. – So someone is willing
to spend seven bucks– – Yep
– versus free. – Yes.
– Free, seven dollars. – Yes.
– Right? And what is it? Well because I get to
order my half-caf soy; this temperature, the
same way, or on my app, and I go back to the Uber example. – Yep.
– I can order online. – On demand, super easy.
– I don’t have to, I don’t have to carry the–
– Yeah. – Right, I can do all of those things, and Tesla has proven that
people will spend a lot of money online sight unseen. (laughing) – In seven minutes, and buy
your car. (finger tapping) – Yeah, and seven
minutes, and buy your car, and then on many, the New York real estate guys, you know, they absolutely push online. – Yes. – Right, all of the things
that they are doing. – And they tout how much they’re doing. – Yes. – Via Instagram, and Facebook– – Absolutely
– et cetera. – With sight unseen for
international buyers. – Yes. – I would go back to, it
goes back to the experience. – Yeah. – And even big companies
like Ford is now saying that they’re much more
interested in pivoting towards the experience inside the car– – Yes. – because they know that the
quality of their car is fine. – So now they’re pivoting to the inside. – Is there a charger for your iPhone? – Is there a place to put your iPad? – Bluetooth.
– Bluetooth. – How does it feel?
– This and that. Right?
– What does it smell like? Right, yes. So, it’s experience. What’s fascinating is
last year, Greg Schwartz, Chief Revenue Officer of Zillow, or now Chief Business
Officer of Zillow said “We are shifting everything towards “a better quality experience.” – Yep.
– Right. Unfortunately in the real estate space, when you look at the consumer
reports, and the feedback that the vast majority of agents get, they put them really
low on the list in terms of customer satisfaction, and yet many of the people that are watching this– – Use them. (laughing) – have 700 views on Zillow. You with me?
– Yeah, right. – Like this is the creme of the creme. – Right. – If there was one other thing that they could do to
differentiate themselves. What’s one, like, is it doing more videos, is it getting out in front
of them, and sharing more? What other advice would you give to just create that separation? – Yeah, so I’d say one thing,
and it comes down to this. Be where your customers are going to be, and greet them when they get there. – Yeah. – Sort of where the puck is going. – Yeah.
– Right. Now I don’t need you to be Steve Jobs, or Marc Benioff, or Jeff Besoz. I don’t need you to be
out years in advance. I need you to be out, like, a half a year, a year out, ahead of, right. – Yes. So thinking about what do you think someone is going to want next. I mean I remember when it was like, we’re gonna do, what about
virtual reality of seeing homes? – Yes. – So three years ago that’s
when no one was doing it. – Yes.
– Right. So, and if you believed in it, and go, well I’m just gonna try it. Because maybe there is a
specific kind of buyer, that this is what they want to do– – Yeah.
– and I’ll test it. – Yeah.
– Right. I’m not saying pour all of
your eggs into that basket. – But you need to ahead of where you think your
customers are gonna go. That goes back to then you need to know who your customers are. Are they tech savvy? If they’re not tech savvy, then that’s not where
you want to be investing. – Yeah. – It needs to be a face
to face relationship. – Yes, yes. – If they’re younger,
and they’re millennial, and this is their first home,
they may be more inclined to do virtual reality,
and do things online, and have a lot of that journey happen– – Yes – before they ever meet you. – Yep.
– Right. If it’s kind of your in-between, then what’s the balance of the two. – You gotta play them both. – But I go back to, ya know I feel like, Zillow is a great example. I remember initially it was
like “Whoaahh, this is.” Almost like the reaction of Amazon. – Yes, yes.
– Like this is gonna totally disrupt us.
– Yes. – Right, and it hasn’t.
– No. – It’s made realtors better, it’s made the customers more empowered. – Yep. It’s using technology
now; real-time, on-demand, in your hand, you can find out
information about anything. – Bingo. – So they’re smarter, which
means you have to make sure you stay ahead of them, because
if you show up to someone, and go, “Let me tell you
all about this house. “It’s three bedroom, it’s
two baths, 1500 square feet, “it’s all of these things.” And the customer is looking at you like, “I know all of this.” – “Like I got all of that.”
– ” I got all of that. “Tell me something I don’t know.” – Yes.
– Right? And so you have to up your game. – Yep. – You have got to be able
to provide information that your customers
cannot get on their own. – Bingo. – Making the assumption that
they’re already two-thirds through their journey before they ever pick up the phone to call you. Even if they’re a really
good friend, right? – So this is so great,
cause you just validated probably ten Tom Ferry episodes. – But now they’ll believe it
because they heard it from me. (Laughing) – Well, c’mon, look at her
all-star list of, you know. (laughing) So, kind of just tightening this up, I just wanna say really fast,
everything she is saying here, you’ve heard speed to
lead is a massive degree of separation, the
on-demand economy, right? Meeting your customer where they are, which really today is on
their iPhone, and quick. Right, some of these key
to distinctions we talked about for now 18 months,
many of you are adopting. I would challenge you, I
would really challenge you to get honest with
yourself, and say are we in the on-demand culture. The answer is yes. Right, are we in the review based society? 1000 percent. And if you haven’t move the needle towards these things, my friend, you’re just missing a
segment of the market that they’re going to find somebody else whether you do these things, or not. Right, so I just wanna, kind of talking to my viewers, reminding you. The head coach. And I give you an example. So let me just pick
millennials as an example. – Yes. – So millennials now are saying that they want to buy from brands– – Yes. – or people that actually
agree with their values. – Yes.
– Right? So are you socially conscious? Are you giving back?
– Yes. – Are you doing something
in the community? So if you’re going after
millennials, I’d say like what is your give-back strategy? – Yes. – And maybe that is your differentiator. – Bingo. – And the fact that you
sell homes, is sort of “yeah, I sell houses.” But what I’m doing is I’m trying
to clean up this community. – Yes.
– Right. And I’m doing everything I can, and a percentage of my
proceeds goes back towards– – Bingo.
– cleaning up the community. – Bingo. – And so now you’re really
speaking to millennials. – Yes.
– Now what’s the product? – Yeah.
– Right. – Who cares?
– The house? Who cares, right? They’re going to say,
“Hey, look, I like you “better than this guy, or girl– – Yep. – “Because this one is all about like “I’ll get you the best deal. “We’re gonna find you the best house. “And you’re like yeah, it’s
not totally about that. ” Like I wanna work with someone who– – Yes. “agrees with my values,
and my convictions.” Right?
– That’s a key distinction. – As a great example, right? Once again, you have to know who your customers are.
– Yep. – Who you’re going to go after. – What’s your value proposition? And then you need to be where they are, and then you need to have
a message that resonates. – And then integrate that beautifully into your marketing
message; into your brand; into the stories that you’re putting out in the market place,
because at the end of the day that’s the stuff that people remember. – Yeah, it’s noisy.
– Yes. – It’s noisy.
– Yes. – Ya know, there’s no
shortage of realtors. – No. No, no, no.
– That’s not a problem. – Hey, we only dug into one. I don’t know if we can
get a close-up on this. I am loving this, I highly recommend it. You need to go to Amazon,
or Barnes and Nobles. – Yeah, 800 CEO Reads,
Indie, Walmart, Target. It’s everywhere, yeah. – And this right here, Ink
Magazine, four best books to read before the end of summer, you’re gonna see her live at the summit, whether you’re with us live, or, certainly on live-cast as well. Tiffani, I really appreciate this. – Aw, it’s such a pleasure, Tom. – Yeah so excited ya.
– Thanks for having me in front of these great realtors, ya know. Help them fight the fight. – Get this book.
– Get this book. – Alright guys, remember
always, your strategy matters, and now more than ever your passion rules. Go get ’em. Hey I’m Tom Ferry, and I wanna
say welcome to real estate. Now, there’s a pretty good
chance no one’s told you there’s a 87% failure rate every five years in this business, and there is only two factors: agents don’t have the tools, and they don’t take the right action. I’m gonna invite you to
click the link below, and get access to the tools, so you can win in this business.

How to Analyze a Multi-Family Rental Property | Deal of the Day | Lewiston, Maine

Hey, Everyone, I’m Dave Meyer with and today we are analyzing a 4 unit multi-family to see if it makes a good investment on this episode of Deal of the Day. Thank you, everyone for joining us. Today’s Deal of the Day was submitted by BiggerPockets user Al Smith, who lives in Indianapolis, but is looking at a deal in Lewiston, Maine. Before we jump into the numbers and the specifics, how to analyze this, I’m going to talk a little bit just about the details of the house that Al gave us and some of the questions he asked us specifically to address. So, the house was built in 1881, definitely
a house on the older side. It was converted into a fourplex at some point after its original construction, so we know it wasn’t designed this way, but that’s not
necessarily a bad thing. It’s listed at $110,000 and has an estimated monthly rental income of $2,250 per month. Taxes are only $2300/year for 2017. So, I’m already liking the numbers on this
deal before we really get into any of the details The location is in an older part of town which isn’t really a bad thing, but something to think about. And as for Al, our BiggerPockets member, he’s a first time investor. He has $40,000 saved up, so great job Al,
but he prefers not to put that $40,000 all towards the down payment and is looking to use a conventional 30 year loan with 20% down… which definitely would be possible with
these numbers… (Volume Up)

Self-Employed? 3 Tips to Get A Mortgage

If you’re self-employed, getting a mortgage can be a lot harder than it is for someone who has a full-time job working for somebody else. So what can you do if you want to buy a house but don’t have a full-time job? I’m Ilyce Glink with today’s Real Estate Minute The good news is most lenders are willing to work with self-employed borrowers once they’ve taken a few extra steps. So I want you to follow these tips to smooth out your mortgage application process. First, you’ll need access to at least the last two years of your personal tax returns that show enough income to qualify you for the mortgage you want. And, depending on the type of business you own, you might have to provide a corporate tax document. Be sure to let your accountant know about your plan to get a mortgage well ahead of time so that you can decide how your tax return will show enough income to qualify for a mortgage down the line. In addition, you’ll need all sorts of other documents, including personal and business account statements, a profit and loss (also known as a P&L) statement for the business, and even a business tax return, if applicable. You can expect to see lenders take a deep dive into your business docs, especially if you’re not wildly profitable. And, if you have a small ownership interest in other companies, you can expect them to ask for documentation pertaining to that business as well. Anything special or different about your financials means lenders are going to do an extra-deep dive, they’re going to be extra-interested, and they’re going to require all kinds of more detail. Next, lenders like to see that you have some extra cash in a savings account. It’s called “reserves” and when you’re self-emplpoyed, having even more cash on hand, such as 6 months’ worth of mortgage payments, may actually improve your odds of getting a mortgage. Keep your documents as organized as possible. A lender will want to see where certain deposits – like a cash gift may have to be documented with a letter stating no repayment is needed – where those came from and how you paid for major expenses. All of that is going to be top of mind for lenders. Now, if your credit isn’t perfect, you should think about offering the lender a higher down payment in order to offset a lower credit score. Or, consider an FHA loan, which allows lower credit scores and a higher debt-to-income ratio. Or, if a business partner or relative is willing to help ask if they’d be willing to co-sign your mortgage. Talk to a mortgage broker who deals with different sorts of lenders, different sorts of borrowers, some of whom may be better suited for self-employed individuals. I’m Ilyce Glink. For more details and links, visit my website, where we’re rebuilding America one house at a time.

Investing In Real Estate With A Full Time Job?

All right, what’s going on everybody? In today’s video we’re going to be talking
about, can you have a full-time job and still invest in real estate? I would say absolutely you can and, not only
that, but you should have a full-time job. If you’re looking to become a full-time real
estate investor, I would actually recommend that you have a full-time job and then do
real estate investing on the side before you gain some consistency to the point where eventually
you could quit your job if you wanted to. There’s a couple of reasons for that. Number one, just like any business when you’re
getting started, it’s going to be hard to be consistent and do consistent deals when
you’re first getting started. Now, some people, they might start doing two
or three deals per month but other people, it might take them a little while to get started. From a pure cash flow perspective, you might
save up some money but if you’re not making consistent income, like you would from a normal
job, that money can dry up pretty quickly, ask me how I know. I would definitely recommend having a full-time
job. Ideally, a full-time job in the real estate
industry so you can gain even more experience before you even think about quitting your
job. The next thing I would keep in mind is, when
you’re getting started as a real estate investor sometimes you can do extremely well in your
first couple deals, and it might even just be dumb luck. If you’re doing marketing sometimes you can
just … I know some investors that have made 100,000 on their first couple deals, which
is definitely doable but it’s, I’d say that’s, I’d probably consider that pretty rare in
the real estate industry. You want to be able to have done at least
a minimum of three deals but ideally more like five or six deals before you think about
quitting your full-time job. The reason for that is, yeah, some deals might
be amazing, other deals might take a little bit longer and you might not make as much
so you want to have a wide spectrum of deals under your belt before you decide to quit
your job. Sometimes you get cocky too after you maybe
do two or three good deals but then your fourth deal, because you’ve done so well in those
first couple, you think, “Oh, I’m going to hit another home run,” and then that deal
doesn’t go so well. You really want to see a wide spectrum of
deals before you think about quitting your job. Another great reason to invest in real estate
on the side, while you have a full-time job, is to build up assets. By that I mean you want to build up … You
can even buy rental properties. It’s going to be significantly easier to purchase
rental properties if you have a full-time job rather than if you’re just self-employed
doing the whole full-time real estate investor thing, so that’s one reason. You can buy two, three, four, five rental
properties with your full-time job income before you take the leap to being a full-time
real estate investor. Then, in that case you have cashflow coming
in that would help to stabilize some of the months when you’re first getting started. Not only that but you also want to extend
your credit lines and potentially get new credit lines as much as possible when you
have the security of a job. Myself personally, I have over 100,000 in
credit and I’m trying to get over a million dollars in personal credit and possibly business
credit as well. When you have a job that’s going to be 10
times easier because they just look at the income, they might look at your taxes, and
they’ll give you sometimes a pretty quick approval. You should have, I’m talking about credit
lines with the bank. Sometimes you can just get a personal credit
line with your bank and you can apply for 50,000. Now, they might not give you 50,000 and they
might say, “Hey, what are you spending that for? You say, “Hey, I might be making some large
purchases soon.” You don’t really need to get too specific. I don’t want you to lie or anything like that
but, generally speaking, if you have good credit and a steady job you can ask for a
personal line of credit, which is essentially like cash. It’ll just be in your account and you can
use it whenever you need to. You should do the same with credit cards. You should have three or four credit cards
and try to extend the credit lines on those as much as possible. Most people are not even aware that you can
probably just call your credit card company today and ask, if you’ve been paying on time
and you have a steady job, probably ask them to double your credit limit. That could give you a lot more financial security
when it does come time to quit your job. What will happen is when you’re self-employed,
especially when you’re getting started, you’re going to have amazing months where you’re
like, “I’m a genius, I’m going to be a millionaire next month.” Then you have months where you’re like, “Crap,
I need to get a new job. I need to get a subsidized apartment. I need to make some serious life changes.” Having all that built in, credit lines that
you can rely on if you need to. I’m not saying get a credit line just to go
buy a boat, which theoretically you could, but use those credit lines as security or,
potentially, if a buying opportunity comes around sometimes you might … Maybe there’s $100,000, you need to bring
$100,000 to the table and you might be able to finance that in creative ways with credit,
your credit line, and savings, for that matter. Okay. The next reason why I recommend investing
in real estate part-time, while you have a full-time job, is you can get good at outsourcing. Being a real estate investor, being a full-time
real estate investor, you actually don’t spend as much time as you might think. A lot of my business is outsource. You should outsource these three things when
you get started as a real estate investor. Number one. Your leads. Some investors purchase leads, you can purchase
different motivated seller lists. You can also pay a researcher. I have a virtual assistant that I’ve trained
to basically pull different motivated seller lists for me. You want to have somebody get the list for
you, the list of motivated sellers, the list of people that you’re going to be marketing
to. That’s just for my business, some people have
other ways of getting deals. The way I get deals is I basically have a
long list of people and I send them a lot of direct mail. Now, there’s other ways of getting deals. You can do a ton of networking, you can just
search the MLS, but in my experience I think direct mail is definitely the best way to
go. You would outsource getting the list, and
I have different videos on how I get lists and different things like that. If you have questions about getting lists,
just drop them in the comments and I’ll respond. The next thing you should outsource is having
somebody answer the phone. You should have a business phone line with
your business. You don’t want to just put your cell phone
on different marketing pieces and things like that, it doesn’t look very professional. If you’re working a full-time job you’re not
going to be able to just answer every single phone call. There’s plenty of, there’s countless services
where you can have to get a business phone number. Then, I use a call service called Dedicated
Office Systems. They just basically screen all my calls and
send me leads, essentially. They notify me via text message as well as
email and it just says, just has the lead info sheet which basically has the property
address, the name of the seller, how soon they’re looking to sell, the address, and
the amount they’re looking for. I know pretty much within 30 seconds whether
it’s a good deal or not because they’ll say, “Look, I want to sell fast, the house needs
a lot of work, and I’m looking to sell it for 200,000,” which might be an amazing deal. You should outsource the calls as well so
Dedicated Office Systems is good. There’s Pat Live, P-A-T Live. There’s also Answer First, and then there’s
also you can hire a virtual assistant. There’s plenty of other services but those
are really good for real estate investors. Then, the third thing you should outsource
is your direct mail. I do a lot of direct mail. If you’re doing cold calling, you can do that. If you’re doing networking, that’s obviously
more in person. If you’re searching the MLS, maybe you can
just pay someone to search the MLS for specific types of properties like TLC, Handyman Special,
Investor Special, things like that. Then, maybe they could send it to you every
single day. For outsourcing my direct mail, I use a service
called where the person sends me my list that I’ve already outsourced. I basically upload that list to Click to Mail
and it sends out postcards for me. I basically just do that once a week and I
send out a lot of postcards. I get about a 1% response rate but out of
that 1% response rate you’re going to get some very motivated sellers, especially if
you get 10 phone calls. If you can just make your phone ring 10 times
in a month, you’re going to get two or three pretty motivated off market sellers, that’s
also going to help you. Once you go full-time, you’re going to have
a good idea of building a team and things like that. Once you go full-time, you’re going to want
to have a steady source of leads coming in, a steady source of deals that you can evaluate. You can practice with that, with outsourcing
those three things. Then lastly, before you become a full-time
real estate investor, it’s good to have a job in terms of the cashflow. You can also say, “Look, a year from now I’m
going to be a full-time real estate investor and I’m still going to have a job, I’m still
going to have the cashflow coming in. Maybe within that year you say, “Look, I’m
going to network. I’m going to meet 100 different people in
the real estate industry.” You can say, “I’m going to try three different
strategies for finding deals.” Maybe one would be direct mail, maybe one
would be cold calling, maybe you set up a YouTube channel, but you should try three
different marketing strategies during the time just so you can test and tweak and see
what works because once you go full-time you’re pretty much going full-time. It’s kind of hard to go back to work in a
full-time job. You need to be sure that your marketing strategy
is scalable, and that it works for you, and that you can get predictable results. That’s what I like about direct mail, it’s
very predictable. I know if I send out, let’s say, 500 letters,
I pretty much know how many phone calls I’m going to get. If I send out 1,000, it’s going to pretty
much be the same percentage. Obviously, if I send out 100,000 there might
be some, eventually it’s not going to have the same percentage but, generally speaking,
you can predict how many leads you’re going to get. Use your full-time job as security. Maybe you start buying some rental properties,
maybe you start flipping, maybe do at least five deals before you really jump in. Use that time to network as much as possible,
go to RIAs, meet up groups, anything like that. Try to meet at least 100 different people
in the industry and then try different marketing strategies while you’re working a full-time
job. Maybe you just wake up an hour earlier and
you send out some direct mail. Maybe you wake up an hour earlier, you make
a YouTube video, you do different networking, you reach out to different people. You really want to have tested some market
strategies before you jump full-time into the business. There you have it. Hope I answered your question on can you have
a job, a full-time job, and also invest in real estate. I would highly recommend that you do get a
full-time job before you think about becoming a full-time real estate investor. Especially, if you can get a job in real estate,
it’s even better because there’s going to be a lot of things that will carry over to
your own business. Thanks for watching. Please like, please share, please subscribe,
and I will see you in the next one. All right, bye.

Chatting with a 23-year-old Stock Trading Millionaire

Hey, I made her Hales welcome to another edition of chatting with I’m here with Umar. Hey, how you doing guys My name is omar ashraf and i’m a stock trader. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me man Let’s see stock trader. Is that different from stock broker? Yeah, it’s a lot of people get that idea very confused. They Confuse me with the stock broker But there’s a huge difference between them a stock broker somebody that allows that kind of purchases shares for you You give them a call they purchase itself for you and stock traders somebody who does it themselves, you know for him or herself Yeah, you’re like buying and selling stocks like the same day, right? Ah, not not always I’m sometimes buying it and holding for two three weeks. Sometimes I’m buying it and Buying the same day selling it the same day. It’s just different strategy some days. I’m day trading some days I’m swing trading it just it all depends. How old are you? I’m 23. Oh Wow So this could be 23 year old. Are you a millionaire? Yeah Yeah, this would be the title then. So basically I started trading when I was 18 That’s when I first got into the market and when I first started I literally had no idea What I was doing was just like hey, I want to dabble into stocks I want to make money and I know so many people make money off stocks. Hmm So I was like, let me jump into it I had about 20 grand saved up at the time and the money I had saved up What I did was I put all of it into the market without having any knowledge. So I took all my monies rusty Yeah, but at the time, you know, you’re young you kind of wanna you think you know it all mmm So I’m like, oh, I know everything I know what I’m doing Let me just take all my money and dump it into the market Okay I dumped in too much was that how much is what how much did you have that you 2010? That was all the money. I had to put one every day exactly everything Wow. So now once I put everything into the market Next thing, you know is I made a few trades. I remember the first stock I bought was JCPenney So the first trade I made was around It was it was a January because that’s when my birthday is and I turned 18 I opened up a brokerage account and I bought JCPenney and I made 25 hundred on that trade so now After that, I kept taking all my money and dumping it into one stock. No risk management not okay. Hold on Why did you choose JCPenney? Absolutely, no reason I just saw the stock and I was like, oh, I think it’s a good buy and I bought you spam Why did you think it was a good buy? I I just looked at the charts and I had no idea what he was telling me but I just felt like it was a good Buy and I and I put money into it anyone else. Yeah, like with me not knowing anything I see like what it’s normally and if it’s low then I’m like, alright, it will probably go back up It was something like that because I know retail at that at the time was having a huge problem Retail was falling. So I was like aha JC Penney. They’re never gonna go down. Let me buy them So I bought them and next thing, you know They went up two days later and I made about twenty five hundred bucks and you sold it Yeah, and I sold that made twenty five hundred bucks now Oh you put 20k into one stock Wow and it went up I think interesting new percentage and As they went up it might might before you when I’m twenty-five hundred bucks is the the fee what were you doing etrade? what I Scottrade Scottrade Okay, that’s like one of the many yeah Scottrade They got bought out by teaching now, but at the time, you know, it’s like $15 per traders It was seven seven dollars of trades 7 2 by 7 to sell. Okay, no percentages or anything. No, no, no. No, okay There’s no just seven seven seven four. Yeah, that’s about us when you’re 18 Yeah, so I’m in high school right now. Cuz I like I said, I have a early birthday So I just made 2500 off one trade. Yeah, so now I’m like, wow, I’m in high school. I made 2500 Oh man. This is it This is what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life and it kept going well for me. It was all beginner’s luck So my account went from the 20 grand to 35. Okay a matter of two months Then you put 35 into one thing everything into one thing. I knew no risk management. I’d had no idea what I was doing So it was working for me right like every book I’ve read on it says don’t do that don’t Exactly, but I didn’t read anything. I just dumped my money into into that one stock over and over again The sun’s like too good to be true. Yeah, and then I mean obviously everything that’s too good to be true goes downhill Okay, so now once I built my count to thirty five thousand in two months What do you think happened? Next you the loss at all? I lost it. All everything went down everything everything went downhill in a matter of six months bad trade here bad trade there bad trade here bad trade there and Everything just went down and my account finally hit about 2000 bucks. Okay in a matter of four or five months Mm-hmm and now once that happened I took a step back and everyone around me was like stocks or risky stocks at gambling and don’t touch stock. Stay away from stocks So I’ve started you know, it kind of got to me. I’m like, ah man maybe stocks isn’t the right way to go It’s something I should stay away from. Mm-hmm. But uh, I was like, you know what? I know so many people that actually make money off stocks So let me actually keep focusing on this. I didn’t know what I was doing So now let me take a step back and actually try to learn the right way Because in the stock market, there’s always a winner and there’s a loser. So if I lose 2,000 you made two thousand So it’s like you’re kind of taking my two thousand from me and the broker just makes his or her Commission. Mm-hmm So I was like, okay. I lost it. Somebody beat me they beat me at the game. So I just need to get better Yeah, so now long story short. I for the next six seven months All I did was I was focused price Li just on the market. Okay, I just focus Directly in the stock market how it’s moving. I was watching youtube videos, whatever. I was watching. I would apply it with real money So yeah, you got down to two thousand. You’re like 19 or still 18 still 18. Okay. Um, did you ever have a job? Uh, yeah, I was doing delivery at the time. Okay, so starting from 2000 you worked way back Oh, yeah, so starting from 2000. I worked my way back up, but I Started my account in the next January when I was 19. Hmm. But now when I restarted my account I started with started with 5,000 okay, so I saved the money I had 5,000 and now when I had 5,000 I kept trading and he put it all into what Now I was a little little bit smarter. Okay. Now I knew what I was doing, huh? So instead of me putting all 5,000 into a trade, whatever what I was doing was I was taking smaller positions Hmm, the purpose of that was for me to learn I was like, okay You know instead of me putting 5,000 and losing five six percent Let me only put a thousand now if every five six percent on a thousand fifty sixty bucks But I’m getting the learning learning experience, okay? so now once I started doing that I gave that about two three months and I would learn so many new things on my own like, oh, wow when this line crosses that line the stock moves up Yeah, when this goes here the stock goes down So I started picking up all these things as I was reading books because I was reading and then I would apply it Wow Now as that started going more and more I was like I need more money Hmm. So the best one of the best things I ever did was I open up a credit card when I was 18, so When I opened up the credit card, they allowed you to have balance transfers. Mm-hmm So what I did was I took a cash advance check which it’s only a 3% fee. It’s not like 25% fee There’s a three percent fee. You don’t pay for 18 months. So I took that and I had a twenty thousand limit So I took fifteen thousand out of that and put it up my bumhole To put it into the market Okay, because I was like I was like I need more money. I five thousand is enough I need to diversify our map my account and things like that So once I took all of that amount, I just started training my first year wasn’t the greatest I made money But I think it was maybe I made around 20-some thousand. It wasn’t this is all short-term stuff all short-term Yeah, all short-term and now you’re a millionaire. Yeah, it took me Three years by twenty twelve million. Was there any big break like where like Yeah, I have you a good I had big breaks with gold last year gold Yeah in 2017. Ah gold this ETF for gold. Mmm. They were spiking up like crazy I remember it went from like 18 bucks to 80 dollars in a matter of a month So every day I would be trading it Wow It would go up and I was margining the whole trade margin is when you borrowed the brokers money Why was it going up? You thing? I it was going up at the time. I don’t remember I know the US dollar was taking a hit I don’t remember the exact reason it was I was going it was going up But I know the US dollar was taking a hit There’s a lot of stuff going on with the feds and and yelling and interest rates, which was so many factors There’s a lot of factors. Yeah, but it was just on a solid uptrend So I was like just buy buy buy buy it is always a gamble at the end of the day. Not really It’s not a gamble. That’s where a lot of people are wrong They think stocks are gambling but the way you have to look at it is you have to look at it from An aspect where how much you’re looking to lose and how much you’re looking to make? Right. So now think of it like this, let’s say you make 10 trades, right? You make the total 10 trades each trade. You have a ratio of three to one Meaning you make 3,000 you’re right and you lose $1 when you’re wrong Okay. So now then out of those 10 trades, even if you’re right only three times you make nine And usual if you’re wrong, I mean you lose seven you see what Wall Street. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s broken, right? Wolf of Wall Street is yeah. They’re brokers. And oh, yeah. Yeah, they just They don’t care whether it goes up or down there. They just get the Commission exactly like that That was how they made McConaughey part. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, but yeah, he so but he you know, he claims no one can knows whether it’s up or down It’s relatively impossible for you. Don’t know if it stocks when we go up or down Yeah, so the whole concept of it is to manage your trade. Yeah What do you think of Bitcoin I? Think personally, I think it has it has long-term potential. Mmm. I just think right now Crypto is being used more. So as a way to make money Yeah, and as a form of currency, of course, you know, so with that being said there’s too much fluctuation is going on but I do think crypto itself will be big and I think one of the biggest reasons is blotching. Blockchain is is enormous. Yeah. Yeah. Well Do you think Bitcoin will eventually replace the dollar? I don’t know if there will be Bitcoin cuz I don’t see anything special about Bitcoin, but I do believe Long run crypto will have a place in the market. I don’t know if it’s gonna replace it I think it should because the dollar just value just keeps going down So it’s it’s relatively that’s where the dollar keeps going dollars value keeps going down inflation If you look at what what the relic could have got gotten you a hundred years ago poster now again, it’s insane. Yeah, interesting Do you think the banks will regulate Bitcoin banks That’s the biggest problem banks don’t want Bitcoin or crypto to be a big thing. Right? But I Personally feel like it just eliminates so much stuff like paying fees it’s like you have to pay fees to take your own money out and Banks don’t have control which is the biggest thing that they’re facing which is why they will try to regulate Yeah, but it’s just tough to see how they’re gonna regulate it. Yeah. Yeah because it’s blocked chance. It’s like that’s the weight of the other way exactly the way they did I know change try to Regulated was they weren’t allowing any transactions to Cohen base go through them. Mm-hmm. So they have they have contact So if coinbase is one of the brokers to you know, buy bitcoin and stuff So if you made a transaction to put money into coinbase, they would block it. Hmm I don’t know if they’re doing that now, but I know they did that a few months ago. Hmm Do you own a Bitcoin? No, I have like coin I have ripple and I have you doing Bitcoin I don’t have any Bitcoin one week. I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin bitcoins the rock star, isn’t it? It is the rock star but a long term, I don’t see anything special in it. Hmm. I Feel like the biggest ones probably gonna make it. It’s like, oh not in the long run it’s it’s probably I personally feel like it’s probably gonna keep going up and then You know eventually once it does come become a form of quantity, I don’t see anything special in Bitcoin Well, what difference does it make it’s all electronic, right? Yeah, but some of them is some of them are quicker Some of them have more features more benefits things along along the lines of that. Mm-hmm. What’s the best book? For someone just getting in for them to start one of the dead folks I read was Trading for a living. I don’t remember the author’s name. Okay Trading for a living. Yeah, I think that’s that’s actually a very good book I’ll link that in the description is actually my very good book with my Amazon link Yeah, that’s that’s actually a very good book train : you have a million dollars in cash or assets or now stocks right now my brokerage account I have 600 in my brokerage account from building that up and I I constantly keep taking it out now I have other cash that I’m sitting on. Mm-hmm where I’m looking to invest but now this is my dilemma with investing right now I personally feel like the markets going to crash well within the next year or two Doing all right, and I feel like it’s very extended So what I want to do is I’m trying to accumulate a lot of cash. Yeah, and Save it purchased, you know a lot of stuff at that time How why do you think is gonna crash? I just feel like it’s very extended it’s it’s for extending yourself out like it’s it’s kind of like a Extent, what’s I mean? so we we we’ve went through we went through cycles in the market where You know when the market runs for a very long time it needs to pull back or come into recovery mode recession But not a session, but it needs it needs to come into mode for recovery mode that hasn’t happened but now the factors I think that’s going to drive us into hitting recession or – one is Student loans. Yeah student loans are it’s a very high and they’re not. Yeah, I don’t see them getting paid back There’s no jobs out there for them to get paid back Yeah, and second auto loans auto you can literally anyone can go buy any car without having any proof It’s the same thing that happened with the housing market in Oh seven, you know you don’t need to provide proof of income and proof of employment anything. So people are You know putting on more depth on them and they’re they’re purchasing these vehicles which is kind of out of their reach So I feel like that market is kind of Oversaturated so then we’re gonna need another bailout from the government. Uh, We got to see what’s gonna happen, I just feel like it’s everything is building up And as soon as one thing is pulled out anything’s gonna fall anything. That’s like I Ivan We’re so a year two years and this is a crazy part. I think the only reason it hasn’t happened sooner it’s because of Trump Wow, I think Trump has been doing a great job with the Like Peter car. Yeah. No, I don’t know agree with a lot of stuff he does but with the economy I think he has been bringing it up You know, if you look if you know this with the market and housing market, everything’s been going up. That’s a great office. Yeah Hmm. What are some I guess techniques So some techniques that I feel like a lot of people mess up on. Mm-hmm is people go right into indicators Such as the RSI MACD and they look at that to buy or sell stock I think you should gather as much as information as you can from the chart. Mm-hm and see the trend Stop see what direction the stock is going yet, like did a feeling so it’s kind of like this It’s kind of like this. Right and this is like the easiest to explain it So think about it as in you’re driving from here to New York Right, so if you’re driving from here to New York You’re gonna take breaks, right? You’re gonna you’re gonna because it takes for three days, I think Mm-hmm, right, so you’re gonna take gas stops. You’re gonna start to sleep and things of that nature. I Stock is very similar You have to understand where it’s headed. You have to know. Hey the stocks headed from here to Miami here to California I mean here to New York here to Philadelphia. Whatever. What is the trend? What is the direction the stocks going yet? How do you know where it’s hurting? All right, when you look at the chart it shows you if it’s going up or down so there’s really three directions There’s an uptrend meaning starts going up There’s a downtrend meaning the stock is on its way down and there’s a sideways trend and use trading between a range Okay. So once you understand the overall Trend of the stock. Mm-hmm. Now your job is to focus on when it’s gonna take a break. Yeah When is it gonna pull over for a gas stop when is again? Uh, but when is the person gonna sleep when is when it’s stopping to sleep for quite some time? Mmm That’s the next step. You have to look at What people do is they look at look at the RSI or MACD or technical indicators, but they don’t know the trend They don’t know where the car is going Yeah, if you know where the car is going It makes the whole process that much easier you think Tesla will keep going up Tesla’s very tricky Yeah, very tricky very tricky because um Elon was very tricky. Yeah. He just started some shit like a week ago Yeah, he made that he made the tweet. Yeah, the tweet is uh, He’s gonna get in trouble for that. I feel like he shouldn’t he can’t really make that tweet. He couldn’t put that tweet out I didn’t even see the tweet. I just saw like an article He just wants to go private private But you can’t announce it because now what if they really are going private let you say hmm It’s gonna boost up the stock price to four or fifteen or whatever. He’s taking in private at so now Anyone can literally buy the stock and make money off it if they go private Wow, which is why he shouldn’t have made that tweet Yeah, it goes against SEC rules for him to do so SCC SEC there, they’re like the cops of the stock market Wow What are some no nose for SEC like insider trading? I had biggest one insider trading, uh People get two people to do it people get away with it. Well, that’s a big no-no Yeah, you can go to like prison. Yeah, a lot of people have you done any shady shit. I Don’t know Yeah, great. Great place to ask that. Yeah a lot of ah No, I’ve gotten there’s actually a funny story about that There’s actually a funny story about about that thing with the company. I’ll talk about it right now. Mmm-hmm So, yeah, actually I didn’t do anything shady, but I did get into trouble for something. So this was two years ago and There’s a company called Sun works right there. They they work with solar solar panels and snoring so what I did was I was invested into a stock and the company was getting a project from Fresno a ten million dollar project Mm-hmm, but nobody knew about the project. How did you know, so now I knew that they’re bidding with the city They’re bidding with the state. So if you’re bidding with the state or city, it’s available to the residents Right, so I figured that out that it has to be somewhere out there So I kept digging digging digging I made accounts in this and that to you know Get access to the bidding portal and I finally got access Right and I saw that they actually benefit ten million and they had the job Where I messed up was I actually posted it on StockTwits so StockTwits is a Twitter for stocks, stock trade Yeah, so I posted it on StockTwits. Now what happened the people on StockTwits started calling him Fresno They started saying hey when we’re not there gonna win the job When are they gonna get the project bla bla bla and now they got fed up with it Because they’re dealing with the public company so they cancelled the contract Now as they cancel the contract the stock plummeted. Yeah, and now I get a call one day from this CEO of the company Right his name was Jim. He… and I remember I was driving and I get a call from like a California number and I’m like California and I pick up he’s like hey This is Jim. Is this Umar speaking? This is Jim from Sunworks Yeah. Hey Jim. He’s lke yeah how you doing? How’s everything? I just wanted to update you about Fresno You know, we’re still working with them, but you know, please stop posting stuff It’s like it’s really getting to them and they’re there. They’re probably not gonna give us the project if they keep getting bothered So, please stop putting information out there and please don’t tell anyone I even called you so That was really it but that that wasn’t anything with SEC but uh that that turned out to be a huge thing How did you first hear about some words? I was just trading it just popped up you scanned So you do something called scanning when you scan you’re looking for certain indicators certain stocks? So when I was scanning some Brooks popped up. Yeah as it popped up was it kind of like a penny stock? No it was This is thing with penny stocks lot. Uh The the actual term of penny stocks or any stocks under $5, right, right I look at penny stocks anything under a dollar. So it just depends on where you’re going And with the stop is priced around 250 280 at the time So technically yes, it was a penny stock. But in my book it wasn’t couldn’t you like post like, oh, I think So and so is going down on stock twits and be like not a better sell like people do that Try to get people people do that. That’s why if you’re somebody that gets influenced by others easily Yeah, stay away from stock – it’s okay. Because now if you’re going to stop – it’s you’re gonna see crazy comments Hey, the stocks can go to 10. The stock can go – ah, yeah, so anyone can say sure Yeah, so what’s the point of stock twists? There or there is that 10% Of stuff that that is valuable out of the hundred Yeah, there’s very few stuff that is value like somebody does research and they find something so they post it But it’s very little little stuff. So it sometimes what did you go through it with your knowledge. You can come. Yeah Yeah filter out all the bad stuff. You have any other investments? Uh I have stock market lab I am working on an app I do have money, you know into tech stuff that I don’t make no I really can’t speak about right now Okay, they are like I’m trying to get into tech industry. It’s related to investing know It’s it’s it’s yeah, it’s a game. Yeah I want to make it like it just a simple like yeah Yeah blowing up insane I have like a like eight youtuber friends that have their own like a little game app Yeah, there’s this that app call. What’s that? What’s that company called? Twitch. Twitch is blowing off Yeah, but just blown up. I’d still need to get into that which is it’s insane for unit. Twitch man. That’s that’s something else Hmm, you have some stalking twitch note Which is owned by I believe Twitter know Amazon Amazon owns him Amazon owns twitch, okay They the Amazon bought at twitch. So Amazon owns. And so if you own twitch you own Amazon. Yeah Amazon I heard took him like 10 years to be profitable No, they were profitable all the time. Only thing is they would take the profits and reinvest it right all in a research and development You have some stock in Amazon. I traded it, but I’m not really I don’t long-term I’m not I’m not even anything long time right now. How did you find me through just three? I actually yeah III was watching YouTube and and you came up and I saw you into because I remember I saw you and YouTube Three years ago. Yeah, ah, are you doing something completely different new pranks? Yeah pranks and stuff and then I I saw you on YouTube for you were doing interviews and then I saw with real estate and this and that and I was like, oh Let me reach out to you cool, right? That’s how I can cause you yeah, I appreciate it. No, I appreciate you man Thank you. Um, I need any last words anything you want. Shout out your Instagram uh, yeah if you guys have any questions about stocks or you know, I want to ask me anything you guys can my Instagram is Omar uh sure if you ma are a sh RAF or almost Yeah so you guys can DM me ask me any questions you guys have about stocks and I’ll To help you guys out as much as I can sweet Well, yeah, that was totally wraps it up. Yeah. Thank you so much Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Let us know what you think of everything we talked about here and I will see you next week