We built the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

the home of the future it's been a dream for decades but can we build wood right here in Austin Texas the Virgin kirb have partnered to bring this dream of the home of the future to life I'm Grant Imahara and our goal is to construct a house that combines cutting edge technology with innovative design we want to see if some of the latest smart home systems and high efficiency design can create a more secure and convenient environment and actually improve our daily living how do we build this home of the future well it all begins in a factory in East Texas construction company evolution builds roughly 85% of its houses inside this 265 thousand square foot warehouse each year they complete about 50 homes these fully constructed modular units can be finished in one-third of the time it takes to build a house on-site the power of prefabs or prefabricated homes is that they can be mass-produced without compromising quality design and structural stability the assembly line construction begins with pouring the concrete floor and once the slabs have been laid down cranes and hoists pick them up and take them to the line but the scale of this assembly line is bigger than most instead of cars its houses how long does it take from when a slab comes in to the finish line we have 17 stations if we were doing one box a day you could have a complete box and anywhere from five to six days haha the house is assembled as it rolls down the line on a track the walls are installed on top then wiring and plumbing it goes from station to station just sheetrock the top is placed on until there you have it a complete unit technically luna house is a prefabricated home for me at least when I first heard about prefabricated homes I have this idea that they're cheap or low quality or do you think that that comes from I think a lot of it comes from certainly post-world War two ERA and the Association as well with prefab with modular housing which we also associate with the mobile home so you have that kind of connection in many people's minds even in so far as a lot of prefab construction is actually quite high-end this is Michelle Addington the Dean of the University of Texas at Austin school of architecture the opportunity to have much more precise control over manufacturing in particular is what enables the greater quality and so by going factory built you have an opportunity not only for higher quality control but the opportunity to use much higher end materials because they can be protected in the factory in a way that they're not going to be as protected on a home building site the downside is that you can't deviate from the design once you begin so you better be sure this is what you want our Luna house has three bedrooms and a sixty feet long and that's not changing and because the factory is a giant assembly line a problem with one house can delay all the other projects behind it in fact our original house was delayed so long that we needed to switch to a house further along the line but even if delays like these the total amount of time from blueprint approval to completion is around six months on average whereas a typical on-site construction could have taken up to a year Architects have actually been trying to accomplish some level of factory built housing for a hundred years and so it's gained some traction and some popularity in the last decade with the increasing popularity of design I think in a general level that happens with Apple that happens in the popular press and in everyday life in everyday life and so I think that that's kind of transmitted over to architecture as well architect Chris Craig ER is the founder ma modular and as the designer of the house we're building we're here at his home our business was founded with a primary goal of making modern that kind of architecture financially accessible the design we're building is called the Luna house floor plan made of three modular pieces modular design means these units can be configured in multiple arrangements they can even be stacked to create multiple floors you can think them like big Lego blocks that an architect can use to create the best design for the needs of the homeowner our house is composed of three main pieces one large module that includes one bedroom kitchen and living room and a smaller module that has two bedrooms connected by a bathroom and a third module for the entryway that acts as a connection for the other two we're working with a framework that is a Mina bowl to open floor plans lots of windows and so I think it is very modern friendly but you also get to choose all of your fixtures and finishes flooring there's definitely adequate room for customization with the finish in the house I got to say I knew that it was modular construction but it really didn't feel like it that is our goal with a design for it to feel not just like not a modular house but to feel like an architect design house if you were to drive on this block you'd say well I think an architect designed that so it automatically ups its cachet but there's still a lot of hurdles before you can really think of this kind of construction as being the future of homebuilding when you deal with something that's pre manufactured there's a tremendous amount of upfront costs in setting up that type of manufacturing particularly if you want to get the economies of scale of building large if we think about single-family homes there is very little upfront investment you can basically build in real time in terms of procurement of materials so the costs are incremental from that standpoint while we wait to see what the future will hold for factory built homes our home has already been placed on the ground right now though it's still just a shell over the next few months we'll work to finish off everything inside of the home create our own power generation and storage and fill it with the latest connected technology for comfort and convenience it'll be hard work but in the end we'll get a glimpse into what it means to actually live inside the home of the future thank you so much for watching now I'm sitting here in our home of the future but I'm curious to know what you think you need in your home in the future let us know in the comments below and we'll see you next week with a new episode

When Software Eats the Real (Estate) World

zo software iets magisch of revery superlaunch en roemenië bel which have met real estate in dat je en hier wil ik hem zie dan de weg met je eens in de future liever een quiz in de president jullie een buyer has found or sell your health twee company and my life ik hier dat is is over de jihad mestkar aan in die voorliefde voor uw er nieuwe ticketactie with dirty in mijn shop on time and mighty ieder ander accent is de in hem gps de driver trok een shortcut internet via lancetti showtec led driver is het charlie experience you never see that taxi driver kan hopefully en en ik vind ik wel wat het minste to buy or sell a house je heb een agents diep in hem nu al in seks for sound for selling huis drie personen drie procent is een badge experience the often do know what i you we en they do the damage transacties voor je hebt at the people and their home i really like the winter en johan frisokanaal is michiel jets die schil je fans is een terrible experience and effectively wat lift it for the right sharing industrie en degli voor de taxi in de groentes media better experience dit is wat snel hapering verhuizing en party for this happens is your head beelden chem-dry benut south america and ice carrière video's jou is een company alle this happens onder de rubriek op de campus en weissenbruch en kabel is een sectie door dus motoriek operations door many reasons why teksten byers elho green so if you buy a house mouse people get a mortgage and fresh produce and heaven overnight wat je bang je huis wat je c4 werk join their homes de harde combine california but the picture 3000 dollars te halen en die heftige remortgage minimum een is the other 100.000 dollars dat ik zie dat voor ivied eerste axel get to you going to by how it's a very popular huis wat je cd hen offers aan de home and usa oké m n o p sorry guys guys en galloping kinderen in ik je video door ether de saus en de alleszins codee financing contingency youtube kanaal hoe dat houdt zo de facturatie such a long time to buy a house is morgen reasons why i this dutch travel experience avioth kan je vergist ride my house before that neither de marge de folie laster first for second or third house has resulted is your fingers die rivier sellingen house and this is for many people their most valuable asset in my thesis on the market for much en jij was een probleem wat denk jij dat ik jou een apple stad in view weather weet six months before i can sell your apple suiker six months before it's all your square starkey yoda verstaat gregory treedt portfolio in mijn kapitaal je botten en idee van mit adhd affleck voor die is very very helpful for people wanneer bh set in the john harrison helsing voor big langs de country you might have four seven cisco en alle regio's lhc dinosaurus impressie carrefour market and might sound of q-dance wat voor muziek entree je mijn hart weet sexy nylons firehouse texas el one i love it i people get ready open hersenen leovinci de module een ander van anderhalf uur in economics or an agency probleem voor de prins place een probleem bye bye bye huis en gaf een serie medisch team compensated meer manier i'm more money fysieke body de baixar age een chip die in charge of getting you the buyer at lower price what we were right now is de more money die u de by oké de mormonen york jets compensated en netjes van een pointer of een switch een ballerina op jongens alcide in sympathie affiche thous'n dollars' more you make your body fashion dollars die gezwets een extra manier at saxion risico's in your pocket watch yourself a region is onder getting griffers en of dat soort for the vaccin militaire dit is van hem want winactie houdt het samsungs iedere shots van de marge het 13 miljoen ready for real estate agency sms'en naar wil ik setting company in seattle en mamie dit die reactie lok tv en pixar de bal de werden solo-cd de agents in washington steeds androidify en de de midi in een mode familie transacties die donkere heersende mode wat is lisa betaalbare fix this is the most frequently acteur number in het dictee glass with your zo rivier final render wil skiregion was mijn stay the highest scheepsnummer transacties de they made laatste risico en house passievol het originele mhd ik support of zelfs of zeker de kavel ik word hier in hawaï en de in een broadhead niks van in al in dollars moving people see dead nooit abonnement windows movie amerika en achter en de challenge afrika in actrice really really hard en doosje acteurs dominique van iemand die is wie emma acteurs en dat is weathers zodat sky and real estate agents for kids wel bella archie november het mos adam maher na wat we cooking for import' en telefonie van de consumer products which you grab a taxi driver dit sommige given the real time zijn de laatste jullie profile iemand hoe justice sir john let's dance europe transacties in de laatste hoop voor na de dit is hollywood door 6% reacties butcher externally handel takken weggehaald dik dat is mijn context of dus industrie in een ladder en andere diensten aan olie dat zichzelf procent van jockey bye bye en er zijn altijd wel wat is is een portal idee dat die homologie breed en america there really change en dan voor de juf zo dollar voor een to work with intensivist nummers op ik check of onze redder napoleon de mark yet but people live in this house dan heb je billen rieten by dan internet is very very far de bekende homo's zo dank u wel dit is big budget residentiële ski life you do seksueel in home zult de medium prices but twitter en veertig duizend dollars en de commission is big green science experts een enorme display folie vitrines alcide age en en de by sheraton zou bistronomie grace helbig is de smart kidzania open up my colleague letter en azure event hubs die tussentijd wel eens een charizard ze hadden don dorsey voor het harde finds that some lesbian actie la capannina han solo wat de medium precies iets 100 biljoen dollar viewer en residentieel steken missions en de put is een context dit is just one max of the guys its me merken jbc briefing sms dispensers they sell their baseball deceleration epos l'immagine in prima jerrycan trainer fx app for may be challenged and the two mothers de korrel revenue for your is 9 april in dollars zo bak je dus een fan but now i beetje slide china blijft individuele ski regions across the country dit is een honderd biljoen dollar markeert of commission zo lang in de guards steeds osx groei china zit in het is als ze op voor de uniqlo united states tegen zo charizard in sweden home onderzoek geen wonden haar procent of demonen saldo huis in canada ar northern over his finger de cel eromheen 3% en actief straat weg en een ander steeds in syrie various cover het 6% en in oh my wife uitharden de half uur dus en experts en een alarm en hij is er altijd samen nu af en sliep op fabrieken checken werd wat je zaait zit is de premie george bernard shaw en in madrid spanje is maar de kaart recessie die oude man al professions of conspiracy dance kleding zo ver warring army cap harder for clients were present yourself if you are themselves a few and the car profession wario harry radius te helpen young professional at each fans in many cases of de lelie en nummers this most read and real estate shiraz jepsen google glass is er iets van de day ago google de portman of justice league steekkap tissuedozen holthees met de justify en en ministers wel karlowsky nations rugby wash and try to make this de meeste een touchpad of industry co sikkel en zo couple examples msg fewer intens steeds wat alabama alaska kennis in banjul audience and it is illegal for your region 2 b uw part of the commission sowieso hij ja dat seks procent samsung gala en hier dus bamihuisje medium en herpes en sansa glad worden gigi have their own zou notepad chance to love you can you were born under the apple watch how one of my religion to sell my health for my brother martin davert huis en de nieuwe schepen red and white om de by facebook edgerank in wat en de deur open house die jerry haar familie was de bij mijn huis dat is wat je doet the wallpaper wordt door sam ik vond een minimum service waar de 12 steeds huis en sexy gentle eye for real estate agency na die u een minimum level of service which has been selectiekader vies worden dus x per se de bal van de wal in iping for this is kennen violist information you provide a les in mooiste areas of the country in andere zal ook hand require some time the real estate agents met de country club en over smokey waren married so just relax persoon aan en is dus van de mediaan home fresh maxxie 5000 en 10.000 arcen much much for your image as' er voor een feestje en daar in try-out this file editor sherman antitrust lcd touch case cover met executed die de predecessor twee naar wat is de national association of realtors en said you can add to this anymore niks mis mee even 1950 dat de supreme court ruled that will grayson smit uitzetten van merk voor perfectie en ik ga danny more and somehow de saus en change noorden finger but this is a heeft delta air lines i got together we financieren lancia en the night i see your site and health and you so much money mission church for the low ekster jfk vrouw debiteuren gel die cassatie graphics en jona te laten duren however i will guide you walk safari feines if you require the summer of iphone alex te jfk somehow al de airpods rodero lines of the seks in prive seks en roze do not try fixing door price matching en net largely worden script voor 1915 tony 10 hoe lang is een regulatory capture laatste blog glas water kan het water die folk en series budget voor de jungle in red bull relations dat kan wat sceptisch kan zo the idea of revolutionizing campagne die internet real estate is nou nieuw jello gestorven 2005 sure you're on the point en is wel en bossen die stoel zwart cup c maat internet want een ander design the aggregate de mens watch lod was de wil je keel te wissen zo nieuws in amazing to op de timed innovation tens of millions of people started using met een defuse large zo msi msi bradley petrie zelfs anders curious aiko desho elke with a smile upon the seminal in donetsk wil ik special night by zelfs dat is funny girl i get some other people started using zelo dus i like ambassadeur ex boyfriend for his power samen gebruikt rtv oost afrika en de char data met een actie waarbij houses at the same time en dat zou zullen gaan alle this game and all this by side treft create something different words they were very very dit seo en neroli deze google wordt een people search for the search for then i am legend is researching verdere growth and if you ever lived for adres van google nieuwe polly van de lengte dat adres voor cl er warm uit die word antiliaanse this with kanaal de one final version of this and graphs apple is like you use boom beach florida is writer at hier is de hel selecteren forwarden tenniscourt voor silver series 7 miljoen dollars aan multitap is het kan het cool is een verzwakking jello ja door ze zeggen consumer internet cards which if you're doing something that one of the seven deadly sins je probleem ontwikkeld rock and like this would really en wo i got content en zijn team in hd make money osx akali eazi chef kok aan huis en zij willen dit cinema week kwam gary glenn ross en glowy je doorklikken naar huis han solo un te your real neem je real phone number your e-mail en dit is een kleine greeley this is really good read this than those you do things or real estate agents they buy this information and is for calling you en door joey nee speakers you this expression interesse buy a house communicatie en de barrière door puncher real estate agents de doos en de cg be my god is afschuwelijk in de bij huis waarin de business en helpen je by so this with wil je wat deden die monetize de grafiek by selling it in the decline industrie is een poster real time to change the fundamentals of in diskrediet in zeeland speelde ebay for real estate décès de real estate is een honderd biljoen dollar markit aan redder is een honderdtal en die zich missions and research and consumers to those regions week in gets a des commissions for celsius wil players lead generation facebook page for everyone een pistool iets op je bord is of conjecture ja dit is about to change and there are three main reasons why' dus de ferris is dat consumers sarge ik vast mtr briefing hand hem en demonen go for gold back and forth lokken excel-spreadsheets alle dit kan het britse pond or the years ago doornroosje ban ander vouwen en tekenaars en zwaar mogelijk een open huis harrison's for christ our hardware 20 years ago jullie hebben nee jean guillaume duchenne like box openen key die you got something like all geslapen dus goin in lucca dit zo the idea of on demand is something you will issue is een fundamental change of consumer behavior redden consumer expectations de second is technologie sangha gravel dit zal ook geen mappen die dr de 16e ze worden de sessie met zijn oog is super accuraat but what the charges will we ever i have station sold in een ebra area dit kan de data science een sfeervol age symbool de chirurg singapore bad guys got forums en ik heb je op read your idea of what is myself or does a company for health care i de duizenden cm zijn zo just be able to get all the stafford eekhoorns en wat de game ook een individueel real estate agents midden bitlocker al bieden van huizen therapy sold but we're on hebben deze science team zo de site i am using all other technologie joshua bell john brand rising er on risk management remind you sell your huisje je staging als alphys techniek en technologie plus een bigbag paar iets hard voor individuele steeds de actie rituals cajun ccc te duwen en elastisch kappen los angelos scharrelei by their first runner familie sebat 15 miljoen dollars met sneeuw die light grey president check in de rode roos g-technology door salades en desserts duidelijk in 2010 is face zodra de laatste economie collapse dus ik heb ik al in dit feestje holmes en we speelden nu wordt in de douche en holmes do this is what they sorry doen in 2000 2001 is nieuw in fine houses daarvoor very very cheap lekkerder en voor prix high premium sophie buyer twitter taal sneller huis in je kunt ridgid voor 20.000 dollar is hier dat ze tempus avatar een netwerk gary cooper charlie glover appingedam many times times altijd dat is perfect er zoal prominente buying single family homes there were able to red en ze niks over de je kunt grand cherokee button zo live couple is de nek spoor in space which allows for this much much more ambition zo pure de baby left wanneer ziggo in worden binnen softwareproduct de binnenzool uw taxi company soort actie dispatch forms and tried it is argued that cigar box 24 of vol schaap dolly barcelona apolo er is een much more factuur consumer experience in actie dit massieve experts de markten en kennis intieme setting for real staat hier al die tijd was het niet naadloos cajun score way i just means the disco en die onder de rubriek over company zo harde reset voor de sinus is een korset garry kasparov finally you think big blue about 2 years ago en dit broers kan ik mijn afro ski regions heb hier charles zichzelf respiration camacho is mijn huis voor journalistiek hallo wat de filmacademie mit en hoop voor een actie en shelley stierenballen van hoop en like a crazy bridge buyer dit voormalige country your shopping grässlin betekenissen china mindless white australische in november granny wire marge van harvard het albert computers joshua fundamentally better job boston people online singapore een de war nu westreenen babytaal stan staging houdt sebiet actor het rooster age and they will tell you you have stayed there has knowledge i have stayed journalisme sympathiek furniture and make up looks really pretty michelle yeoh de studio huis en arno die graphics teder en cheerleaden such a great job is een cel die huizen reviews premium account desk aan of conjectured gopro familie thessalië proef drugs live in dit is trifork slide jfj wie op double-blind study is wie hebt een foto experiment and this is what a large companies to be cyril skate or not using online kwaad wil skinny jeans of op yes you go girl hallux rigidus een huisvrouw which is my sin city en omgeving this presentation and navigation lights ook al wie heeft de by edwin liesbeth als ik dezelfde kapsel ubiworkshop god i know your head edge and if you buy it your company and you doing this professionele you have have it shows a decision which is why agents mijn aow theo die onder de rubriek op kamp is zo wat is coming en de politicus coming out goals goals kerk en mijn video couple examples of what am i show you economy versie van dit is de wonen mijn mansion in seattle schat fly onze waakvlam zus is een dairy supplies trade mark s worden supply chain niet nat amateur mature laatste perfecte barroso cialis van het is markets de theorieën van het is my kids summary lister house for sale in tanki for shopping one by one of the four to those people at war money lk zeg niks aan de mit check red fire wire die manier i like them in the house de yuther nine people might be willing to pay more i did you do not have come back i come to apply for more jades behoorde denk rejex familie vpro van mijn en havens all the time zo de cel er zes andere trek de garen de gel met hessel cash and hope farms die is ik nv a real estate broker door vol chakra limburgers wonnen viadennis is de telefoon is kapot zoë by de health for any dit is right i am very heart for general sedation te duur de sms joe had vijf miljard zinnen van de structuren koud en cda buitenhuis for you you will get a mortgage backed up for the yeah dit is mannen product lines het activeren features the flies ons huis which is why dwingen in een for sharknado meestal arms in de foto gisteren large areas of the country derde mijn kin strand zo if you do with your health in phoenix work you lose your health er ali jona keyless entry d is de tentenkampen neroli facebook employee yoga spires instead the my heart i have seen on the market for cheques sorry hoor nine months we lopen door die is deze spidey help from you grab this legal issues taka niet reeds mri-scan en papa by that summer i might be a market micro uw spekje leidingen aan het tempo rebase is holding a en en zal je december i would buy on a little time verizon en at ik zeker ook een door doos en hoop en door for many je de markies met de re en de deur camper samen de markt neymar gezinsviering setting er is dat je slide people zijn er voor xp your people staan op voor netflix kids bh proprietary supply johanna much game of thrones je heftig you enjoy napier het i wanna do what a great show en netflix lifeguards caligo join netvlies micro-finance ideaal zo beagles open your ex' is een principal and thereby holiday homes deel is de man opendeurdag comic con carne met vlissingen en annie emmer lijsten motto listing service bitches for sale at bos in mijn toys from char c bh beach and building 3 bfg bitches willen xsarius brailleliga in de future they might not be je prinsenbal die mijn actie allah youtube uw huis aan open door een disk seo one percent e30 and very very hard voor een individueel will stay the night you're getting is refrein bijna twee dudes die ontvingen sexy virieusingel of ja het is mijn ex couple company sanchez in de business and replacing grills canadiens oscar grünning volg acteurs in zeddam kleenex free companies waarbij worden changing worden minuscolo zaaien in de helse dit is een graphic om ownership voor de laatste 50 euros en josie is spikes in 2001 ben ik weer in over heb in 2000 zo dit was die rise en wat bizar is familie god en in july netjes chance for use in cambodja bio-esthetiek oscar a bola china mixen slootsmid laatste dus langs een planeconomie zoveelste ownership wapen ladislaus steden goal of the government which you hate people can afford it actually do chemische bindingen zo josh increasing home ownership is naam is charlie je kut denk wat increasing the ability to own homes and what it means you're my guide you go girl gotta omdat jullie ook appel examples and companies georgiana gary vee noteren voor is zo dus capaldi en materie die is agenda voor de bij huisvrouw naam bram lighting hartelijk summer fun funny how it's for sale raina en hij ca icare voor de by but if you buy webform etherische sure why for you or entity over een extra uur of zo green oil siliconen komische series per day by day graffiti furieus en en harde dior en dus twee vectoren je stable show smappee the position de home zullen you're not least burning allegorieën rente op een mens er iemand which makes it hard for people de runtime van de baisemeaux de interieurs you effecten we hebben collaps en de je kan exercise to move into your house en worden de crossing's dat is is dat deze zijn bij hornbach hubert chambéry van de voetjes nieuwe riep hdbuzz yellowcard aan yogi's excuus hiervoor rondom dat we dat er is een race in een with washing er queen in de cockpit snowrental pedicure planning at leading edge interieurs grand cherokee raven zo john changing worden minst uw site summer dus kamille works on record point and simple hier waar arjuna hou eens met wat je zou voor die persoon shitty personen mijn huis daar wil je harder simpele hebben mooie de vdab fifty percent het laatste project for that idea by website zelf 5 personen mijn huis in saville ik doe huurwoning al gauw de persoon of het interieur zal 5% mijn huis hi tic tac mannen maar je ziet opheffen allebei hain't with character death in amerika en bodyguard a microscope roos nike get better creditcard nike improve my kitchen aikido alle beast engels want die for a with cash constrained deze al op de der draaij teken aan everything about art company is of de caprifoliaceae en dtp hebt show forms of finance and the heck wie een test in de company in een ef yo venture dead van huiselijk silicon valley denk en voor most americans their own homes die ander heb jij ben mijn de hebt waymarsh uitbuiting scheppend weconomy dia die hebben opening heb we die is weer importeren dennis wolf ladder categorie zo people might shell technology centre for nature such as a whole series een check-up en is een ander traject is remake concept van en actie duwen in een much more widespread why so you find free bedroom apartment and services you for safe 5000 als iemand en de chine sandefjord winter zal wel een kennen voordat baby usa meeste sociale interactie of cards zien we love it a 3 bedroom and jones crazy gingen voorbij door hem of ipad rem voor 6000 als iemand echt iets super for everybody and you have social centre berry van der made bodywarmer van seffens eens kodaline expansie dus als er chompy snikken dit is wework verhuizing der effectieve us and taking kroonstad and changing wat het xlii er ook al iets configured with increasing the job voor diavola moord op de manage your effecten milde en lord and opens up en nieuw segment for for people or otherwise kunnen voor de en in dit is wikkelingen major major film moetjes en bachelors x mijn holmes 30 day shred agent in 2017 de majority of them or na nieuwe first en van mars the majority of them were people het soldeer old house and body nieuw huis en dit is de meest stressvolle part of any body experience with my love in phoenix en abonnementen san francisco de gel great job binnen 3 's morgens portfolio kabinet moet je haal uw argument zo deathride you like it move into some old house my time at asml zelfs hobbyzaden by een nieuw huis en the meta down camera mijn nieuw huis en niet kaas bron hem huis with all my words with my ons huis te worden want die zijn wat sammy de by the old house gimme that take a step down nemen try and then used by de nieuw jasje dit is een major use case white voor fly jongens open door nek many companies or getting into the space age and agree with cajun greenberger refrein club to display your average very very heart for them to the great war so much kavels emmers professional pricing directie hebben voldaan te laten mate van ons weer huizinga me something that most agents came to business for companies or moving and would think zijn meester very very exciting familie is dat hier knowing how the people there or english ethan iss owner side not before you go beeld of yuan in delta building in miami hier in new york residentieel bargello multi-channel building je kan het uw webshop je kunt wensen ze rent apartment suites elk ander cadeau kan hem door windows live zo imagine you your body building en tokio reed nam en dj mixer in tokyo en 22 médiation cel kan de speakers in december 22 en populair baby get higher' hield dat zijn andere met iemand medische tegen to but i'm fine 3 people they can afford to better maximal remedies en in iedere higher joodse door show me the more ways of actie generating hielden van dus otherwise canary sara in born as a klasse gisteren summer the company to changing wat het nieuws jack zero of grant fritz sowieso mighty car mods find remedies capillair be in the life company snel or taking wat jullie invitational miss podsnap on air bnb 15k dat dat monart studio de is kunnen biedt de man te vatten de discipelen korper house as if you can find your on fire all these questions de kom op diesel nieuw is een make money for willen schiedammers en really changes worden met revanche een jock instructie nooit workshops it's very very exciting and is widely of dynamically of maximus ation voor otherwise there i guess it is not the coming year field is wel zo iemand feestje' wit guilty for most people themes for the board the casino online sale lift naar je artikel fd 3d white magic one yet reden langs europa in de strijd dit zijn very very frequent transactie miljoen really care about that you have their experience you remember en het forces the companies to innovated get our very very quickly to the customers axo light and 100 others with real estate historie is dat je bij je huis was er iets en hier zit je skin heb een eraf en met de think i keep in mind that for my people this is the single most important transactie moslim their entire life like if you buy your first out like you we they turned haar suck my portfolio diego meta jumping mijn microfoon baby have some kaaswinkel i broke this huge repercussions for people avenger aan modellen die in de economie geef aj warmere van finesses en van cisco aikibudo met haar de watch this company it's really really en fysici dus haal de cisco in the change modellen die in een arrestaties wal [Applaus]

How To Make A Viral Real Estate Video

recently there was a real estate video that went viral and it featured a home in Australia that was for sale I don't know if it's been sold but look this video got some heat but I actually kind of love it I might have an unpopular opinion with that said let's take a quick look at it [Laughter] we can hear the control control the cracking up I am I love this video as I've said off air this is pornography for me the dancing of course I love it the interior design the calicut a marble on the floor is like it's all it's no I live for it though you count cotton suitable guys you had her there and then and then the twirl just sealed the deal no there's more there's more good really have three videos on this let's take a look at the next one they come with the house because venom then you got me I'm buying it I mean Gustavo and Arielle do they well his name is Sam nad there so I guess my people will have to take credit for his imagination in my mind the names are Gustavo an area and I would do both of them or either them together write down I want the house I don't want I kind of but I love how they're trying to like show you what it would be like if you're a couple that decides to buy this home right this is the countertop that your husband or your partner might throw you for sweet lovemaking marvel so it'll be a hard throw couch my back honey so Sam matter who's the real estate agent did respond to some of the critics online who wrote about this I don't know if those critics people were clowning on it and he says video gets attraction to the property and the whole point of real estate is to get as many eyes as possible on the property it was supposed to be funny whether it's funny it's rude or it's sexy every video I do is different and I actually really appreciate his creativity right it's definitely better than you know an MLS listing that has poor grammar and yeah misspellings yeah you know which is a lot of that's out there right or red face like slightly upgraded Craigslist yeah I don't like those bad videos where the real estate agent decides that they want to be the star of the show they're like hi I'm Jane crook I'm going to show you my latest property you can't see here it's like oh I'm sorry are you too boring we're seeing here this is this is the ultimate sadness with the West being ignorant about the Middle East because like this is what Arabic music videos look like is this is like the drama on overdrive and the aspirational lifestyle that probably 90% of the people watching would never have like yeah that's a good Arabic music I will say you had not sent me the video telling me that it was a real estate listing I would have been like oh it's a just a cheesy music video Oh throw like a not great song that's totally what I would have thought was happening and then it took me in there like oh you're trying to get me to buy this house oh okay and look for people who are actually interested in in buying a home and people who can actually afford a home like that I would argue most people aren't so sorry for my people I apologize I represent millions and we all apologize do you not need to apologize I thought that was great I thought that was way better than other efforts in India marketing real estate yeah way better it's fun every what is the whole point of marketing to get people to talk about the product we're talking about a product that we have no access to could never afford it's a freaking Australia right but all of a sudden I'm looking at the marble and I'm talking about a house on a show that doesn't really talk about these types of issues but we are trying to do some fun stories here and there to kind of break up the devastating stuff in the news so this is an example about two easy ways for the young turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on youtube you're notified of our videos

11 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Make | Realtor video marketing tips

mosconi as interresants jan corby cover voor apple i was er samen de video's en juwelen cev cup and check the mad king te helpen alberta marketing en wanneer zijn tempels er aan mee from te gaan a real estate is dat mijn video marketing piria deur maitreya managers die de link or greening video en chuma je business and into my marketing en korea to clients en al dat yes i can see if you wanna go back my channel locatie help but they work and they still gummy zoals distillery balloo yami yugi stiekemerd in de comments en en te helpen increase business and grow and grow in microsoft humor guys go back aantrekkelijke die zijn zie jou bij de arbeid de information is bayer en we konden zowel bij de is uw stille evolueert clients to respond to make you some information at demonen zijn ofzo les great inch in de video en versie video die moord uw tabel is cabine my ex limo succesvol video zo niet shallow binnen alsof je nooit lukken bek van de kwaliteit en 2 3 bar is voor meezing first time home buyers morgens programs en wat we deden deze video waarin u barrique en duw is dik en tackelen canary je ziet worden best home mortgage programs euro worden de best aan program that you can use to get to compute hel buyers duidelijk in de pages like niet lief er staan om buyer at peopleware aan de kinderen van hun eten bna om buyer and eating mijn tijd aan die 's morgens program en zal simpelweg en e-bike in google innerlijke die brug in videovorm us a preacher zelf voor mijn buddy lcr de red cloud in is ryan about the strength of het is tabel voor verstaan home by programs het in alles en ebuddy kopieerde qualify for en and if you can go ahead and the dead 2 en de knicks video door aankondiging to talk about dit is de reden om haar first time home buyers club ik de release tdv6 in the night everybody and white eagle zover is worden de kwaliteit die we willen cd's en t is kunnen shares or tambo testimonials uit houten bal experience tabblad knowledge area and knowledge of dat de markt in altijd zo spray die simpel stuff but this information you seek and a terrace uw people dergelijk incident buy or sell real estate zo de nek video die creator dan ben ik over is een humbug eye for verstaan haalbaar is en in deze league step by step to a greeting de first aan ambar is mobiele team 2 keer min dr online angles interview met dr bridging so those working for him to qualify chu looking for houses and men ging en de huizen en de kaart sjabloon of innovations to inspection zijn pre-sales and i'm going to do things and everything within both in de high line proces arm en over in deze video en muziek indische something that i've said you allemaal buyers after my god pony channel en bin helpt en helpt ouwendorp ipo en wonnen de meting cities video's duw in de dissel een specifieke ideeën de held scud en online questions and graphs eist om enkele base is mijn god mayn't maar database kittelaar basis ook van meenen say i know this is something bij dr en familie visser first time and they do necessary know whether you're looking to twitter suppoosten bedoeling zo having thumping like button you work for gigi bij oude jas black aan mijn video card is damage het ook een bella maida video kolonies xxl jack la mise en droog intekende cadeaubon r4i change harry zo we de next video hd hoe we dit is mijn naar de moeder snl team a daily base een heidens at my facebook page file oh dit is dus mijn aderen prima halfvolle testimonials en dit is mijn ethiek incana 213 geef of de griffie sales en isabel en you ever feel buyers daaraan dat work with you may be resellers en chemische manier theorie revery wat hebben jullie budget sowieso briketten testimonial video testimonial zak gb work which i'm your amazing sorry mini files in one burrow distro's grammages ik snij hem een symbolische my boy who may innovatief rekken mijn medicijnen bali aan is het something that you we they give you the chance to and i can do for nursery simpel zo mega oké dit josh aan studenten speed shifter verzwikking refrein en ja baby al die je views economie bielecki pearlys second home in het land pijn in het en fbi dingen de slang en drogue zijn oma was een nek solist videosite reden dat danny pink race mickey video for first iphone buyers van helpt hem een applaus zo in deze video ah weet over al de steps for making off een heus wel kon over de krant chauffeur illustration alle key accounts and their deciding what she wore de pvv huis wordt een marker showing all the simple tegen sobrino bij de real estate agents het is president uw een video voor magic je fout toe klopt uw potentiële client nexon lust is video google over fixer upper saddle are people bad times their eyes cream een baan bij de deze beurs de hsl is iedereen uren santing net zo lief en regio's van chinese fixer upper and network group nieuw bij al die challenge is nou de tanks msi gaming een fixer upper level missie met die we simon ec2 people delen binnen de business voor hier zijn heb ik ben crossbar ai de minnaar able to the je we verlaten de processen of getting een fixer upper blr first aan van basis van necessarily nowhere in olie-can necessarily go and fine de crappy presley en co predatoren marcel go en en dit keer of régler loonnorm die casino de inspectie in een comeback bij sommige chaises barbie terrible hierna kunnen keer wat is er precies voor more than likely zo de jury van be proud of een kans de by first aan je comes to buy effexor over fixer upper and your first time zo deze die zo samen de thames en moderne video and knows you want to give you some guys stuart en choice is wel aan marinade videos then a crazy day wat is dit voor mij database is de president hebben homo's association waarop de kneed het toneel ik en series ximon en of earth videos and photos are terrible back-trap edgar bij de pro's en cons we harmonisch association digitale get this question de likers people would look at home owners association at olie te bijten in jesse deeg en biologie en economie ert ding en kempi loket en nieuws en cm x extra cost and at the same time sometimes be or save you money prl hair and giving you the most money for health mix orde proprietario in een eeuwig rich steeds heisser make sure that your neighbor is een parking 15 cars and their growth and now the major i led a person ex naam is een peter huisprijs black impression on the other side of the pace naar huis pink sodemieter desem you for money in the neighbourhood and make sure that i buy cheap strawberry hi zo everybody twins and and and and after deze video wat ze willen zijn naderende raak geleden oké dit is een keer waarna tanks en mini homo show this is my work alarm people purchase de huis en de ook in medische moe ben en in all day and all of their home furniture and geen al de start de 10 en de nu denk ik oké moulin du nouvel an email and this is also doing for a large met minder first time by skeletbouw middelen cellino berlare health alliance in to resume speciale heeft er symbool er aan dan so the house and the body that really care van jou mis is ook video eruit kregen kon hebben samen de simpels hoe dat je nieuwste duurzaam quick mening first of ehm ehm sorry na amina oldtimer hen die meer en biedt aan every little thing happened technisch epische money no longer an apple id dj booth my barcelona meter for then they techniek briesje de stripe video yamaha zo meer een video gaming over open house en oma mee families motion mogen nou serieus dan make it easy to become necessary i am an age of youtube beest af en open huis is tussen de video's die tree om een open huizen zal posten mijn saai om een facebook page en de haven en ad strunen winnaars en de mail via bij b&b casa share everybody is going to be no1 sarah beneden do lobo nooit op het en jellybean aan willoughby teaching posted is man youtube show where people can see de deze hype zelf ook een heel serieus dat je shirt oh crap ik meeging en het is winter uw killer quick video met mijn kamer en prima joan franka episode els en de nieuwe geur en allebei nieuwe spullen die ze aan de duizend economie takes maybe 1520 medicijnen en therapie shots and you're good to go for major sperma together de tango maar als we mee de video om hun lobo offers en wat je shabby mee ging om een huis en realize en dat je sjouwen sprays retail een huis promotie kennis of zo dus al was de band om een varken dit zelf de kans en area and all the other things go en chewie no metingen trap af te ronden huis en en is rolt langzaam doe je nou eens wil cd te sporen koers wie de basis van rucola bases de europese hij arno necessarily is dus existing de prijs voor de ratio die pijn hoor van mijn chauffeur noord en zuid dit seizoen van de video's en albums and do juma waar is mijn nieuwe be-combi proces uitdrukking houses and let them know de hij dit is begon te bedoelingen en wie dodelijk in houses and this is how bow wow wat mooie shoeby brengen waar je shabby en coachen van p voor derbi like a big enough for whatever you money to buy this is my recommendation en haal je shabby placing en als er speciale bal over house and finally a m e b live video bellen de trap vibe benefits to buy a house and in this video marloes van uw gestoomde de benefit's voor hem ownership and these euro aan premie basic zijn debat er steeds demo's people by just starting and released a journey and looking ik heb een huiszoeking perfecte bijbaan je huis die zo deze thema necessary nobellaan sander wat je kunt rip gaan dus insiders zijn er beetje kanaal soepele items en andere more in-depth anxiety about a little bit more and the deathly hallows voor je buyers and definitely will kimbrough radio aan badr in drive en een de pages for 1 hour méditation binnen europa en it's okay fda beter op apple's will be known and keeping you might add your real estate agents een 2d already know you and like you we en they would likely be willing to give you prefer zo dat is ook prima melissa cassave video's en abonneer en voor je keizersplein je video serie starten dat je kan ik haat uw geld shirley soorten eten je grub camping in zo'n to just send ltd base 2 letter nodig hier insider vele stenen je wil in de help them and now the ball in the subject tijdens een archimedes van de video dus jordi we de like down te loaden techniek efficiënter euro of een nieuw bestuur de subscribe for more videos if you have any questions the third olie vitamine k me sexy below abonnees en alida naar answering questions which my hair and so is mijn naam is michael heks asiel in axel

Real Estate Internet Lead Scripts – Converting Leads to Appointments

hi this is Brian Eisenhower and I am here today with Shelley conics field she is the lead buyer specialist of a real estate team she closed 70 transactions as the lead buyers specialist of that team last year and I've had the privilege of working with her for a few years and watching that production grow and from an agent to a buyer's agent the lead buyer specialist and she has extremely successful and one of the most skilled agents that I've had the pleasure of working with and she has agreed to share some of those skills with us today welcome Shelley Brian's gonna be here well we are gonna talk about and I'm yet to meet anyone as good as you at at your scripts your scripts and dialogues so today even though there's a lot I want to glean from you I really want to talk about how you convert inbound leads whether that be signed calls or internet leads could be buyers could even be sellers how you are able to convert those inbound leads into actual appointments where you meet them in person to Steve there do a buyer's consultation showing property or a listing presentation whatever may be I want to talk about how you do that you willing today great okay well let's talk about your strategy first before we get into an actual rule play now what I want to do is roleplay with you or you're actually going I'm gonna be this inbound lead clueless that I'm flying into your spider web of of scripting and dialoguing and I'm going to end up meeting you in person someday I want to talk about your strategy and the part I want to talk about is how you do it from a place of curiosity how you you do it by leading questions all the way through absolutely I do you know you just got to find your own voice but I do know a lot of agents tend to go right into dialogues regarding the house and try to sell the house itself I mainly want to focus on what's happening with the personal on the phone and discover what it is they're wanting the house itself doesn't even matter I'm just concerned about what's happening with them so that way I can convert it into whatever it is they are listing buying whatever yeah and I think the way you do it you you know you always end every sentence with a question mark don't yeah absolutely I repeat something that they said so that they know I'm listening and then I ask another question just digging deeper into what's happening right so you're actually getting into their needs to try to look out for their best interest the whole time absolutely I want them to know that I care about what's happening with them and that if they were to work with me that's exactly what I would be doing listening to them and asking questions got it okay so yeah a lot of questions and what I love is how you keep asking them and you don't start telling you keep finding out more and more and then tying the ant their answers to the questions into your need to actually meet with them in person yeah absolutely and that and it's not necessarily just to show them a house isn't it actually end up showing any of those people a house I will bring them in for the buyers consultation the only time I would show in the house if it was our listening specifically um otherwise no I don't mean I'm at a house I need am at the office for a consult yeah a lot of reasons to do that you know safety being number one is to make sure you meet them in person in a craft area not at some dark house at night so that you make sure that they sign an exclusive buyer's agent agency with you so you don't waste time running all over town and getting no money and so you can do a more organized search for them in deciding if I want to work with them too there you go there you go and when you close 70 transactions a year you can afford to to use discretion which I like okay so should we start this yeah I'm good okay all right so I'm gonna give you a call ring ring hi this is Shelley with keller williams how can I help you hi Shelley we were looking at a house that we saw online at 1 2 3 4 Main Street we wanted to know some information about the house and maybe take a look at it we're really excited great main story you got really really great house so you're looking to buy some time soon uh yeah I thought you know we're definitely in the market that's for sure I'd love to I'd love to take a look at that house and and see and but yeah we're definitely thinking about it it's a beautiful house for sure um so let me know are you renting do you own now right now we own but and we we don't live quite in the area we just happen to be in town this weekend and so we're just gonna take a look at it right so you're wanting to move to Kansas City what brings you to Kansas City well we actually live just a couple hours outside of the the city talent Lea over in Wichita so we were just in town looking we've got some family in the area we want to be closer to them and our kids are starting to get to an age we'd like to would like them raise them a little bit closer to a larger city and be closer to family at the same time yeah being close a family's so important I I can appreciate that for sure so is your home in Wichita listen not yet like I said we're just looking right now but we do want to move but no we haven't gotten to that point yet yeah I can appreciate that for sure so have you selected an agent that you're gonna work with in Wichita or in Kansas City no not yet we're just starting to look yeah perfect okay so let me ask you a question so here in Kansas City I don't know what your market looks like in Wichita by hearing piensa City we are in a fast moving market how's your market in Wichita oh I hear it's pretty good I hear it's pretty good okay great yes so you have several options one do you plan on listing your home first and then purchasing a home do you plan on doing some sort of bridge loan or are you going to buy first and then sell what do you think uh we were really doing is just trying to look and find a house that we liked and once we found a house that we liked something we would hoping that that would then motivate us to go ahead and say okay we've got something to move into and then we'll put our house up for sale and put an offer on that house and move there's a wait we were hoping this was on Main Street was the one perfect house for you what location are you focusing in on we really just been looking online so we're pretty open to a lot of areas right now we do want to be reasonably close to the city you know we like to be within 15-20 minutes of the city center that's probably where I would be working in the area and we're looking to live probably north of the city probably that's not for sure but that's where we have some family so Ryan a lot of people do like being near the city I can definitely understand that so you determine the budget yet well we're pretty flexible but we're thinking of somewhere around $300,000 like this home is listed at online it looks perfect I mean it's it seems to have everything but we haven't seen you know we haven't we haven't seen the inside completely yet yeah and I'm gonna send you a link to that as soon as we're done so that will be great so you can see more pictures and more information so let me ask you a question I'm sure you have some questions regarding the Kansas City market and possibly what other homes you haven't seen right yeah I mean we've been looking online quite a bit though I mean we've we were really enjoying it a super-fun we also loved HGTV a lot so we're looking at these with a really open mind because we might be able to fix some of them up no I just I just want to say that I know I just about made you sick right there so I did that on purpose yeah no I'm continuing to ask questions so that they know I care about them and I'm like to get off the phone I hear people their conversations at like five seconds I want them to know I really care about them and what's happening and I actually sometimes hear from people Wow no one's ever asked me these questions before think about no one no one bothered to ask them they're on their fifth agent no one cared where they were coming from no one cared if they had a listing no one cared really wanted to be no one cared think about that what what am I telling them I'm telling them that I care and you'd actually be surprised some of the response yeah I mean the way you took control of that conversation was and you knew the questions you wanted to ask – because he you know these are prepared questions so there was no I mean I was I had no choice but to continue to answer them that gave you total control to get all the information you needed to better represent me and it showed me instantaneously that I was okay to let to have confidence in you because you know what you're doing um you weren't screwing around you were just you were coming with all the questions you need to know to represent my best interest which to some might feel like it's too forward but it has the exact opposite effect it actually gives me massive confidence that this person knows what questions to ask to help me so I feel like I can just relax and let you drive what which is which is excellent and that's how you just keep leading through a series of questions now you I know you probably have these memorized right now but at one point you had them all written now I do and I do once I know what I'll go back to and reread it just remind myself in case I am moving too far off of the script right there you go yeah because you need to drive it back the key is to be very quick with that next question and every time you did exactly what you said you were going to do you acknowledged you validated my question you're right that is a beautiful house I definitely want to show that to you how long are you thinking how what what whatever question you asked me at that point so you'd validate it you put a period on the end of it then you said when were you thinking about moving do you have your home listed already so you validated my answer with a statement and then you come very quickly back with your next question direction I need them to yeah yeah you're just guiding them right down this path which is helpful okay so where did we leave off there what did I tell you voluntarily lost we don't usually have to stop in the middle and do commentary I think you did ask me about where I wanted to move and I think it was in the north of town you had a lot of people wanted to live north of town yeah I was asked if they had you know other homes so really at this point this is where I'm going to start to guide them in self discover into you know not all homes are on line and some of the best of the best homes never made it online and that's where we started to have that discussion and then I and I just imagine if you haven't seen the best of the best what I really like to do is bring you into my office and have a discussion about what our market looks like what the process looks like how much money is it gonna cost right I'm sure you have lots of questions about that and let's see if we can put together a good buying plan what time works the best for you got it and so right into a question on the end of that statement so even though you told me all of that I said well is there any way that we could just see this house right now while we're in town I've got my my brother and his whole family here and we'd already shown them photos of this house so we'd really like to see it is there any chance I can get in there and then sometime shortly after we could meet yeah you know I don't you don't okay fair enough okay often that's really few and far between um usually they want to bind plan and they want to get it figured out the people that really don't really don't intend on using an agent you do find that out but longer if you're doing it but I really get it that often I don't get it that much now if it's our listing of course I would have done a completely different scripting to go around that because I want to sell them our home first right okay not falling on me yeah then I bring them in here and I was questions regarding you know are they pre-approved you know and all of that good stuff and pulling that together excellent can we do you mind if we go through that dialogue where we you actually drive me into the or where I tell you well we're looking in this area north of the city and then then you actually close me on the appointment for the buyer's consultation yeah absolutely okay so I'm gonna answer your question right now we're looking somewhere north of the city because that's where a lot of my family lives we just saw this one house online and we'd like to see that yeah I absolutely love the new excellent as well in fact I live and work in the Northland and I've been here for about ten years so I'm definitely an expert in the area um I tell you what my office – in the Northland as well and just take a few minutes we can meet up my office it's at 169 in Inglewood and we could get together and discuss what that would look like so I know you probably have questions regarding what it looks like you know how much is this gonna me let's get together make a buying plan what time do you think whose work the best for you okay so very quickly the movie does anybody object to that one too much you know you do get a few objections and usually I've got to figure out why they're objecting and one time sometimes it's because they simply say they plan on using the listing agent no matter what huh yeah thank God he didn't show the house yeah I did not list that home yeah I track figure out why sometimes it's because they're worried that they're not gonna be able to get a pre-approval and that's when I can definitely say hey no concerns we're gonna figure that out why don't you just come into my office and I can have the lender can write in and have a discussion with you and let's see what we can figure out telling them that there's I asked them wine just try to figure it out usually it's because they're concerned about something got it okay so everything every concern or question they have is come on in we'll figure out in here because it shows your injections are not done by phone at all whatsoever right ever no you're right what we're trying to do right now is close the appointment right the office the light still okay any yeah okay mood lighting going on now right yeah and that's I agree so if we're trying to close that over the phone we are in a wrong cop I'm sorry if we're trying to overcome objections on the phone that's bad we overcome those in person so very quickly everything is right back to that appointment everything we're doing at that point is to the appointment we'll handle that in here we can handle that in person it actually shows that you're willing to spend time on these problems too so they're they're very much inclined to do that muhammad' hope it works out great okay so do you mind doing a salad doing a someone who has their house to sell as well – absolutely yep yeah okay so so you have a home that you need to sell as well as that right Brian that's correct yeah we live south of the city you know Salva city great what neighborhood are you in I am in Brookside I love Brookside when did you buy that home we bought it about six years ago six years ago okay and you happen to know how much you owe on the property we owe I think it's right around $200,000 right and you have any idea how much you want to sell it for well we've seen a few of the neighbors homes go up for sale around 400,000 they seem to be about like ours we've done a lot to it we've done a lot to it because we watch HGTV a lot we have done we have redone all the cabinet's we've done some tile countertops and I'm updated the backyard and a thousand other things so we think it's probably worth that too but you know we don't really know that's why we're calling you I suppose absolutely so you've done lots of renovations and it sounds like what I'm hearing is that you would love to get that money back what we can do is I can have my listing agent give you a quick call and we can come on down and take a look at your property let you know what it's worth and understand the process and what you're going to neck because I'm sure that's super important to you right yeah I think that is the biggest deal because that's gonna help us understand what we can afford when we buy so knowing what we Netz the key absolutely we'll do some time Saturday around 10:00 or two we get stopped by yeah see I love how you go right to the appointment you asked me two questions one was is it important to you to know how much money you're gonna get out of the house that's that's clear I mean there's no way to say no to that that's pretty big deal and the next one is when do you want to meet it's very very hard to object when you're that precise on closing very very hard so and I love in the confidence with which you move into that is so quick it's amazing how a few agents have that type of confidence the ability to close appointments like that so it's phenomenal well great Shelly I really do things you want to add on that one I don't think so I think the biggest thing is just making sure that you again what they say and always end with a question come from curiosity you'd be surprised what you uncover agreed Shelly thank you so much for sharing those amazing scripts and dialogues and objection handlers with everybody that's going to help a whole lot of agents out there generate more business so thanks again good to see Ryan thanks Joey

How to Photograph Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors Tutorial with Mike Kelley

my goal really isn't to take the Xerox of a space I don't want to show it exactly as it looks I want to capture it and I want to capture the feeling and mood and the style of the room so if you've seen my photography before and you've seen the before and after comparisons this tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to take your picture looking like one of those ugly before pictures straight out of the camera to one of those amazing polished and refined final images I can remember when I was getting started I would see these amazingly produced beautiful images of hotels and resorts or cruise ships or what have you and I was just fascinated how do they do this how do they make these images lit so perfectly it's definitely not HDR it's definitely not a single exposure there's definitely something going on the top top guys in this game weren't really sharing their secrets I kind of had to get in and dissect this and break down images myself so over the last few years I've really come up with a technique that creates repeatable results saying over and over and over and I can pretty much you know go into a space and pre visualize it and know exactly what I need to do to get exactly the image I want and you know there's so much involved but I'm gonna break it down step by step and show you everything that goes into one of these shoots years ago I actually shot real estate and I can remember trying to learn how the best in the world were doing it and there is not that much information out there about this I mean you can get a book on how to put a light up and how to use an umbrella but in terms of the stuff that might Kelly's doing there is just nothing out there and so when he approached us and said that he wanted to do this tutorial where he revealed all of his secrets I was so thrilled because I feel like Mike is really a leader in this industry and there's nothing on the market like this at all but because of shooting for an architect we want the home and the furniture to complement the architecture and by moving the furniture around will be much easier to create an image that speaks to the architect you can see what it looks like before what we've rearranged it to look like now as you can see it's a big improvement and everything makes sense in an architectural context I wanted to make this tutorial appeal to people who have never shot interiors before they've never shot inside a house and I want to show them how to use minimal gear to create great photos and I also wanted to make this to appeal to people who have maybe even made a career out of real estate or interiors architectural photography but they really want to take their images to the next level so far we've been shooting with an on-camera flash and one optically triggered off-camera flash we're gonna up the complexity just a little bit and for the first time we're certainly using two lights but we're gonna light a more complicated space and I'm gonna show you how to do that with a little bit of lighting and a little bit of Photoshop now obviously every job you take on is not gonna require hours with the Photoshop you could probably do a lot of images in camera for maybe real-estate but then when you book those commercial jobs where that image is going to be an advertising shot in magazines across the country you're probably going to want to spend more time in Photoshop to make an image that really stands out and as producers of this DVD we wanted mike to share all of that so he's going to teach you how to do everything in camera and produce really clean simple images but he's also going to teach you that Mike Kelley signature look so you can produce images that are on par with his alright I'm looking at these trees outside and I think I'm gonna go try to light them we'll see what happens I don't know if the pocket Wizards will reach through the glass and all that but that's worth a shot so we've broken this tutorial down into three distinct parts we're going to start out with real-estate suits which is where most people get a foothold and get started in this industry we're going to show you the basic tools you'll need and the basic skills you'll have to have to get into shooting real estate and from there we'll build a foundation which will lead our way into the next part of the tutorial which is architecture and interiors and that's where some of the Photoshop stuff gets a little bit involved but I'm gonna show you every step of the way what I do to create an awesome final image it looks pretty good remember this is one light on camera one light in the foyer over here but the obvious problem is that we've got to fix the distortion as you can see the vertical lines are converging and there's quite a bit of barrel distortion from the 1740 so in order to fix that it's pretty quick and easy I'll show you just how to do it right now now I'm most known from my desk light painted images and throughout this DVD we're gonna teach you how to do a few of those but in this chapter in particular we're going to walk you through an entire exterior dusk light painted shot and in addition to that we're going to give you the Photoshop file so you can follow along we'll give you every little layer and I will show you step-by-step exactly what I'm doing in the exact techniques that I'm using so you can create the same image as you follow along by the time you're done watching this thing that'll be no doubt but you will be able to create exactly what I do on a regular basis I'm adding some flash yeah it's my speed light here right to the house shows up on my iPhone so I can check my work what's going along maybe five or six strobe pops like the entire front of this house pretty simple finally I want to show you guys what it takes to shoot commercially so for the last chapter we're gonna go to two amazing restaurants in Charleston these are some of the best restaurants in the city and we're going to show you what it takes to create beautiful commercial images we'll also go into depth about licensing and creating residual income and making the most money you can out of these commercial architecture shoots so just like you've seen me do a couple times in particular at the kitchen at the architectural home I'm going to go through and light each chair individually with the speed light a gel and a grid now if you were here in person you can see all the individual lights on each chair every table has a light coming down onto it and all the paintings have lights on them as well so in order to show that to the camera and make it come out in the final image I'm gonna have to go around one by one and take care about myself HDR is very popular these days with a lot of photographers their real-estate architecture interiors and I tried that to begin with and I was a little bit too satisfied with results I was getting I felt that if I only I had more control over what I was shooting and how I was shooting it I could really take my images to the next step in this image I attempted to manually bring back the view in Photoshop you can see how unrealistic this looks and how different the white balance is in the foreground compared to out the window in this shot I've taken multiple exposures and combined them in photomatix to create an HDR image it's better but I still think it looks a little cheap and here's a shot that I got totally in-camera using four strobes the image looks much more realistic and it required no post-production let me show you how it pulled this one off one of the downsides to being a professional photography these days is that everybody wants to be a professional photographer this field is so saturated with people that are just trying to jump in and buying DSLRs and so if you go online right now and look for wedding photographers I bet you'll find at least a hundred wedding photographers in your city but architecture photography is not saturated at all if you find anybody in your area that's actually doing it they may just be shooting for realtors and I can guarantee you they aren't doing anything like what Mike does this looks pretty done to me but I'm gonna do one more step and like I said it's one super easy trick that'll really take your images to the next level I'm gonna put a light outside and what that light is gonna do is imitate the Sun so we have taken this dull in time of day I think it's like 4 p.m. it's hazy kind of gross out and what we're gonna do is create some sunlight at the top level of commercial photography I'd make the argument that you're not really even producing a photograph anymore you're producing digital art and a lot of clients they just don't care if you got the image in camera or if you produced it using 20 layers of Photoshop and that's what's amazing about Mike's work is he's at that level and he's going to teach you how to produce something that is really gonna wow the audience and that's what it takes to get these high-end paying jobs so throughout this DVD I'm gonna show you all the gear I use I'm gonna show you the lenses tilt shift lenses and how they work how I use big lights and small lights how I tether all the different cameras that I use and all the little techniques in between you'll see all the photoshop techniques so get everything broken down into bite-sized pieces if you don't count my fancy tripod in geared head this is I don't even know it's 200 300 400 that's like five or six hundred bucks worth of gear any tripod will do this is a bit of a fancy one but like I said well under $1,000 to get started in this I think what's most inspiring to me about Mike is that he doesn't really have any training in photography he didn't go to school for this he was actually a professional snowboarder that just fell into architectural photography and then in just three years he is now risen to the top and he's one of the top guys in his field I don't know anybody besides maybe like Joey Elle who has reached such a level of success in such a short amount of time so like most people who get started in this field I got my start shooting real estate and what happened was it just kind of snowballed I just did one shoot after another after another and the property started getting more expensive in the portfolio got bigger and better and on and on and about after a year of that before I knew it I'd kind of reached the ceiling of how much I could realistically charge for real estate in a small community like the Lake Tahoe area so I was at that point where I started going after work from architects and interior designers and I decided pretty much on the spur of the moment I just woke up one day and I said you know what I'm going for it I'm gonna move to Los Angeles I'm going to try to make commercial interior architecture and advertising photography my full-time job we are really excited about this tutorial I know there is nothing else on the market like it and if you want more information about the full eight hour tutorial that Mike's created head over to F Stoppers comm slash store you can read all about it and then with a few hours you can download all the chapters and watch his amazing technique when I think back to my life seven or eight years ago architectural photography wasn't even on my radar it wasn't even a thing to me it really has afforded me so many amazing opportunities I have traveled all over the country I've traveled to Europe I just forgot sex I went to Iceland and spent a month shooting architecture in Iceland it blows my mind the things I've done the people I've met the places I've seen I've shot in everything from you know abandoned homes to 100 million dollar-plus houses that are just they would blow your mind with the extravagance and like I meet some amazing people – I've talked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and we've enjoyed wine and cheese on their back balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean it's just wild I would have never ever thought is what happened to me and like I said it wasn't even on my radar I just popped up and I grabbed it by the horns and I never let go and I owe this all to architectural photography


is the real-estate market crashing right now I am starting to see a lot of information out there on people saying the real estate market is crashing and so I want to really dive into this because this is an important thing the real estate market can sometimes dictate where the entire economy goes for the negative or for the positive okay so real estate matters a lot we don't talk about it a lot on this channel but it does matter a lot to the overall economy so what I want to go through is I want to go through the three main points that a lot of people are also in starting to talk about real estates crashing real estates going down real estate prices are weakening okay we're going to talk about weakness in California in New York those are the two markets everybody's kind of looking to especially here in the United States and that's what everybody's talking about California specifically Los Angeles and New York City okay and you know those are their two big states here you know our two big states New York California as far as the ones that you know have a global appeal across the globe we'll talk about that okay new housing starts is another thing people are talking about new housing starts have been weak recently that's what a lot of people are talking about and lastly interest rates interest rates are going up okay so everybody's pointing to these three things and after I get done giving you all three of these things I'm gonna tell you whether I expect the real estate market to weak in big time here and completely crash or if it's already crashing it and what we can do about it and whatnot so I'll give you that at the end of this video so tella for new New York specifically we're talking about Los Angeles in Manhattan and whatnot that's where a lot of people talk about pricing and a lot of them especially on the high-end side which most of Los Angeles in Manhattan is on the high-end side a lot of that has gone down okay hi inside what I mean by that is basically homes price over half a million dollars okay a lot of these homes especially in Los Angeles in Manhattan and whatnot are priced over a million dollars okay million dollars here in Vegas is going to get you a mansion a million dollars in New York City then get you a cardboard box okay they're two totally different places so these are kind of seen as the main markets that people pay attention to they people look at four numbers oh it's really strong there that means everything's going well for everybody it's really weak they're old man that's about to go bad for everybody okay so that those are two markets something we've got to keep in mind is taxes have changed in a major way okay for these two states New York and California taxes have changed for the worse for these folks especially if you are in the top 10% okay if you're in the top 10% first off you can no longer write off your state taxes against your federal tax you should be able to do that it was almost a way of like welfare for the rich people you could be especially in you know the wealthier people if you pay in a lot in taxes and state taxes you go ahead and rate that against your federal taxes and pay less as a tax impact meanwhile somebody that lives in a no one know tax state like Nevada or Texas or Florida we never pay in any state taxes anyway so we have nothing to write off against those federal taxes now you are capped off at writing off only $10,000 in property taxes okay in some of these markets tend to the top 10% pay on a lot more than $10,000 in property taxes so now you can only write off $10,000 in property taxes so you can no longer write off state taxes against federal taxes on top of that you can only write off $10,000 in property taxes per year those are two massive changes that end up hurting the market okay then on top of that you've got these states always you know I was just watching a million dollar listings like New York the other day okay with my wife we're watching it and all they kept talking about the agents was this 1% feed at New York now charges there's some extra 1% fee and you know the sellers and the buyers will kind of fight against this 1% fee and it's just another taxation in these markets are doing so this just makes for ugly ugly situation with taxes guys this makes for ugly situations so you have buyers that say do I even really want to live in New York do we even really want to live in California maybe I want to move to a market where there are no state taxes okay somewhere like in Nevada you know a Texas Florida or some of those markets or there are a lot of states that just have a considerably less you have to pay in in state taxes versus some of these states I mean if you're a high end earner in California you could be painting up to 10% of your money in state taxes these numbers are high guys same thing with New York City it's ridiculous it's absolutely ridiculous okay so you have this kind of hurting the market the whole taxes and whatnot okay then on top of that you also have a situation where these markets have attracted a lot of Chinese buyers you know especially after 2009 a lot of Chinese buyers have come in all right but what has happened as China has began to get a much stricter in regards to pulling out money and trying to invest it in properties internationally just a year and a half ago the Chinese government put in a policy that if you were to take out a you know a major amount of money you could not buy foreign properties with that money you had a Pledger you were not buying foreign properties with that money they also made it much harder for you you know relatives and friends and family and whatnot to pull out extra money so you could go buy property in the United States so as much as over 12% of the US market in terms of foreign buyers or have been Chinese buyers okay especially since like 2010 to 2015 around the 12 percent plus of foreign buyers or Chinese buyers okay where do Chinese black buyers love Dubai California in New York they also love to buy London okay these when they think International they're gonna think of the biggest the biggest cities out there and I think a lot see Angelo so they're gonna think of Manhattan they're gonna think about London and all those those of those markets have seen unbelievable increases in property's values since 2009 okay a lot of them even going through the recession it wasn't that week okay but the Chinese helped in this thing so all soon you have the Chinese you know what we're getting them to be in a position where it's much harder to pull up money then on top of that you have all these tax things going against the high end of the market and it's pretty natural that in these type of markets you're gonna see values go down okay you're gonna see values go down now keep in mind Chinese buyers weren't buying in in Idaho okay Chinese buyers weren't buying in North Dakota Chinese buyers weren't buying in you know Dallas Texas maybe somewhere but for the most part you know most of them were not okay so a lot of these markets have not really seen that that huge bunch of Chinese buyers come in okay you know a lot of parts of Canada had huge amounts of Chinese buyers some of the big Canadian cities out there taxes have hurt those markets in particular so those markets are natural that they're going to go down okay so the fact that we're looking at that and we're saying that's going to dictate the whole market these have some very special things going on with them that are you know I've helped them and are now hurting them okay something to keep in mind all right guys let's get into point number two so point number two a lot of people like to bring out is around new housing starts and how new housing starts so far this year had been weaker okay so that's what they're looking at they're saying new housing start data is looking pretty weak all right well once again you have to look further than just you know just looking at broad numbers somebody people just want to look at broad numbers and make judgments without looking at the underlying things on why those numbers and everything everything has a you know a cause in a reaction to it okay you've got to look deeper with these things you can't just look at a housing start numbers say Oh looking a little weak oh I guess they're just weak no what we had is 2017 we had an unbelievable year for the home builders and what ends up happening is many of the home builders most of the home builders sold out a lot of their land way way earlier than they had expected to okay I know one of my investments Toll Brothers did this they knocked out of ballpark 2017 they got a ton of contracts lined up they sold out land way faster than expected they kept beating on numbers a quarter after quarter they would beat they beat they'd beaten on these numbers post these unbelievable numbers and they sold out a lot of their land just early okay now you got to understand it's not just so easy to just get land and get up and running with a new development okay the amount of regulation you have to go through even in a market like Nevada which is you know much more business-friendly than most states out there it's a long process first you got a bid on the land then you got to do all the excavation you've got to get a million different permits from so many different state and county officials and whatnot it's ridiculous guys it's a ridiculous process so if you go ahead and you sell out your land faster that's great that's gonna make all your short-term numbers look phenomenal that's what we saw with the home builders in 2017 their numbers were off the charts however the lot of them have land shortages all right a lot of them have land shortages that are just waiting for more and more land to open up all right so that's something we got to keep in mind it's not just like oh I sold out on my homes over here let me just I see some land over there let me just buy it real quick and let's just clear that up it doesn't work like that guys it's a process okay it's a process so what I see is I see a lot of these home builders as I see them being in a position where the back half of 2018 could be really strong for them going into 2019 okay as long as the economy stays strong I can see the back half of 2018 into 2019 being very strong because we have a situation well a lot of them just sold out of their land they sold out much faster than I know Toll Brothers and specifically here in Vegas right followed by a Toll Brothers home there's only like really realistically like one community I can buy all the other ones already sold out so you know that is what happens here at the end of the day okay so housing starts I expect those to pick back up as long as I economy stay strong in the back half of this year going into 2019 getting a point number three now point number three is around interest rates there is always an interesting thing that happens with interest rates when they start to go up and we've seen interest rates start to go up all right so interest rates have start to rise a bit and that always is just something that happens with the market especially when interest rates were artificially low for such a long time all right so many people got used to you know a 3% rate that also know if it rises to four four-and-a-half five your brains like whoa whoa whoa what the heck is going on what I believe is going to start to happen with interest rates is they are gonna continue to rise as long as the economy stays strong the overall economy stay strong we keep growing GDP out of three especially if we go out and grow at a four percent plus clip all right so I'm economies say strong interest rates will continue to rise and I think sooner or later people are gonna start to realize hmm there might be a lot more interesting for me to buy a house now at a four percent interest rate rather than buy it at eight or nine or ten percent rate like they maybe in a few years if the economy stays strong because if the economy stay strong interest rates aren't going down there will continue to rise in rise and rise and rise okay and next thing you know we're having interest rate of seven eight nine ten percent and people are going to be start to go into the mode of fear of missing out like oh my gosh interest rates might go to fifteen percent we need to start buying and whatnot that's gonna start to happen at first you have the adjustment of old man interest rates are so expensive now I got to pay four and a half percent versus three percent a few years ago then all of a sudden this continues to rise and also in you're like whoa maybe I should get in now at a 5% interest rate rather than an 8 percent interest rate a few years from now okay so that's something to keep in mind there interest rates are continuing to rise and it just kind of shocked everybody at first but then everybody gets used to it so in my opinion is real estate crashing and I'm talking specifically about the United States as real estate market crashing is it gonna crash more and what not I do not see real estate market as I think some markets have had to make adjustments specifically on California New York okay I think those markets have had to make adjustments I think the interest rate deal is something that's just going on in the short term here where it just kind of shocks everybody at first and then everybody realizes well I'm doing pretty good in life I'm doing pretty good economically interest rates are probably gonna continue to rise so I should probably buy now so I think this shock of oh my gosh interest rates have also gone up I think that will start to dissipate also a new housing starts I think we're gonna start seeing very strong numbers in the back half this year going into 2019 if the economy stays strong in new housing starts are going to be unbelievably strong because a lot of people love those new homes why because they're more modern and to look at them to feel them people like a turnkey home right and so they walk into one of these new homes these model homes and it's like wow look at this this is awesome then if they're looking for a home and they go to some of the resale market they're like oh my gosh let's look this home looks like it's built back in the 80s styles have changed so much countertops flooring all that stuff oh that that that most consumers look at right if you're a real good real estate buyer you don't look at that type of stuff you look at the bones of the house and you say well we can make adjustments here and adjustments there but you know most people most consumers in general they're looking at the floors the counters and they're gonna be wowed and the ceilings and the high doors like we have they're like 10 feet in the air that's what most people look at when they go in a home all right that's what most people look at and that's what attracts them new housing starts and I think that that will be one of the main reasons why new housing starts will start to pick up in the back half this year the whole real estate crash I think is overblown I think it's having to make an adjustment here in terms of will California in New York continue to go down I wouldn't be surprised that they do continue to go down when you've had as much negative there as many negative things happen in the tax brackets as those people have especially in the high-end they have to lower prices and lower prices on homes so those those markets I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to struggle they've been on the rich welfare I'll call it for a while now and also that's getting taken away and it's like whoa what happened okay I think a lot of these type of people are gonna start to look to other markets that are more tax friendly rather than there states that just take your money hand-over-fist man that's what those type of states do so anyways let me know what your guys opinion is down there in the comments section I would love to hear from you guys as always do you believe it's a real estate going on right now do you believe it's going to get much worse in the real estate market do you believe it's not a real estate crash do you believe real estate prices will start to go up quite a bit going into 2019 and forward what do you think is gonna happen with interest rates I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section that's always make sure you follow me on Instagram thank you for watching have a great day