hi guys it's a Friday today and we are currently three days away from the building work starting in our house I thought I would vlog this weekend and just to kind of show you the preparations I guess and show you me absolutely stressing out about it I'm a little bit like a bit I would be about it I think because yeah it's just it's a lot to think about I didn't think there would be I did it Instagram post the other day like I'm so good I'm not doing a whole house renovation like I don't know how to cope with that because this is been testing like I'm not very good at making decisions sort of sizing tiles and things have been a nightmare anyway the work is like pretty much around the corner now everything think everything has arrived I've little go through it all tonight and take off my checklist yeah it's all becoming very very real and the realisation that the house is gonna be a complete mess for a while has kicked in so when it was like all talk could just nothing it'd been set in stone I'm just very like blase about it like yeah fine we'll stay at our parents houses or yeah it'll be fine and I didn't really consider the fact that Harrison had school still for a couple more weeks until it breaks that summer and that we need home so yeah I'm just a little bit stressed out about those kind of things to be honest more so than the actual bathroom itself I know it'll work out they'll be absolutely fine I'm so excited I've just I feel like I probably most nervous it's so much money to spend and so so much money to spend like we're very much normally and spending out all of that money it's a lot it's a lot right now but it'll be worth it bedrooms to play in and yeah it's quite a compromise switching like a big bathroom for a small bathroom but it will work out it read them I left it till very last minute to order the floor tiles the wall tiles were kind of had set in stone already but the floor tiles were something that I was being readily learnt about but they have arrived now my dad just actually picked them up and shot on the box for me so so grateful for that very very heavy stupidly I said so much time like figuring out what's gonna fit in the bathroom what's gonna work at hoping it's all gonna work together but didn't actually think about Everly's room too much other than like the windows and the electrics and things and I got her a floor fight for tonight I might just do it tonight one might still at work and just take the kids over to being cute and just get flooring because late in the day and I think we are just gonna go for that wooden floor ring because what I had it in our old house and we had it in Harrison's room although here's what my original wooden floorboards but I don't think I really really liked it before it was practical as well and a lot of people have carpets and children's bed rest I know that but dust again which is another worry of life Hanson's chess with the dusty house and so they were gonna say clear from a carpet go practical and I think you look really really pretty anyway with the paint colors that we decide on again how about the size of those back half of our dining room has been taken either you probably see the branding on some of the boxes but most of this stuff here is from Victorian plum who really really kindly I'm gonna be completely transparent really kindly gift me a few of the things for our bathroom I'm just kind of in return some photos and things and it also gave me a discount on some of the stuff as well I'm so grateful for as I mentioned it cost a lot of money and this isn't an ad I promise you this is not an ad I've not been paid to say anything I have no like obligations or anything and it's from big for a plum love the stuff I feel like I should give you a little bit of a sneak peek maybe so yeah I have a whole bunch of tiles down here but the wall and a bunch of tiles here for the floor bag of things here for the dump and yeah a bathtub currently living in my dining room a week I was married very stressed out about like the current mess and the potential meth and just the mess but I do but I do I have just kind of let that go I like it'll be worth it and in four weeks time it will just be lovely lots of work going on and right before and afters little sneak peeks and things over on my Instagram whilst work is that happy because I before videos well life is going to be content on my Instagram I'm sure if you're not following me on there then go and do that now please I've got going to pick Harrison up from school now and I'm pretty sure he's not gonna be in the mood on a Friday night to go to being cute or trying bags or wherever home shop yeah I might have to put that off for the morning and I do have so much to be getting on with here like so much maybe I should just stay in and do that instead some upstairs even a police program right now and I think what I might do is go into my room and kind of make a little bit of washing and say I'm gonna pop that away tied up in there a little bit and then start to move my things do there so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna prep Everly's like storage both storage units have set of drawers and her IQ calyx unit and into my room that way I can still access her clothes really easily look until this is all done and then I think I'm gonna dismantle whatever these bed can put that into her system tidy so hopefully by the end of the seasoning and the straw edginess we'll both be in my room see the bed I might just leave it because I think if I leave it until Sunday night that's two more nights that I know we'll get a good night's sleep this is all very risky business putting them in together um how is this very excited but I don't know how it's gonna work out are we gonna change your bedroom now we're gonna move out of your bedroom bed my bedroom my bedroom look another big friend that buys a big bedroom my bedroom hey mommy let it go well do you know me I'm feeling a bit slightly emotional imagine don't think I was expecting students day and it seems worth there just seems like the right thing to do just because I believe think obsess although I did say about having got a couple of extra night sleep it does give every a couple of extra nights get used to being in school next week wasn't where she was afraid it was there became shooting with that but I remember seeing so excited to decorate this room and excited to have a new bedroom are you trying to put on your swimming costume you're a banana so if managed to get all of Everly's clothes and blankets and everything that was basically key in her room other than her bed and toys into this little space in it which I'm alright with like yes it's a complete I saw in my bedroom but it's only for a few weeks and yeah I think we're gonna keep this forever Lee's new bedroom and the change in like it comes off of it so it's just like three lovely drawers and I'm gonna be getting rid of this I think I think I've had enough of Ikea Alex set in my life I feel like I haven't been away from them the past five years and so it's time for a break the yeah I really really love this so this is staying now everything's pretty much out of there it doesn't seem quite a small getting a little bit more positive about space that gonna happen bathroom Oh bad Everly's room is pretty much empty now but a little Everly watching my phone I just need to sort out hair stuff or the hair shut up switch I mean that's gonna take a minute take the leap tonight like I said it's I think it will just make things a little bit easier just to get ourselves now I guess yeah it's like the teeny tiniest bit too big to get out going get my little tool kit out of half-japanese bed in the house which will make it a little bit easier to get into how this room this is the same that Harrison had and it goes up in like different stages and so I have assembly this bed more times than I care to remember [Applause] don't back down at the bed has now moved into Harrison's room just like we glibness around trying to work at them and yeah it's done any tips like I mean the bed only took like ten minutes and I'm so glad that I get up so hot that's why my like but no I don't got it this weekend good morning guys it is Saturday today and I had rubbish night sleep so I'm not feeling overly in the mood to go like decorating shopping but we have to today we have to tomorrow and out so today is like the final day of getting everything done up pretty late just looking at paint colors notches like I've got my favorite but I just have been drawn to for some time now but more say forever Lee's room and the bathroom I still I don't know what direction to go in with the bathroom if I'm honest and I need like a grey white that hasn't got any blue in it that is more white than gray but not white so this is the little list that I have compiled for mostly like this morning and so I need to go every what's wrong she's not happy about this she doesn't want to go shopping but I get some pain the floor skirting balls underlay all fun stuff guys grout I don't know work to get the rest of the cobbles for the garden I got and like I think 11 bags the other day and they were like but today a lot they weighed so much every you can't just climb up on the table we have just been over to being cute and actually in quite successful I found the flooring that I wanted but they didn't have in stock which is kind of typical and but another local inch shop tea and some think we're going to go seeking oh alright and I got the paint tested in the colors I wanted em so I'm gonna test them out a little bit but first of all I'm gonna get the treasure task of sorting out all of my hoards of products from the bathroom I've got two crates behind me two little baskets out there stuff in the shower stuff for the body stuff in the mirrored cabinet thing and basically I need my as close to no storage at all so really really reading really need to like downsize and not figure out what has already gone off like things have expiry dates we do the back for that let me show you so this one here and it'll always think like twelve in terms of like twelve months after it's been opened originally it's time to get rid and so I need to go through and really be like kind of brutal to be honest with you and figure out what I need what I'm gonna use what I haven't used what I D just kind of be brutal and refined some things and get rid of some things and yeah choose what's gonna stay I did speak about a storage solution I think in my love's like renovation video and that is that we're gonna probably a cabinet for downstairs toilet and just put in a lot of products in there and then just hack in the bathroom what we're using like at the linemen which I think that'll work out better and and that all think it means you to have put ice downstairs so I can like take my makeup and stuff off like downstairs I'm often doing it all up here of an evening I've got some bin bags and I think I'm just gonna [Applause] they're trying to be brutal it's just not going too well I just love my skincare and yeah difficult I have managed to fill up a bag of stuff there that was clearly like got off or just very very old crate behind me now hopefully I can get it all into like one crate maybe and and yeah we'll go from there yeah actually have everything in here down to like from new toothpaste and stuff a lot of this has been used I'm not sure if I'm gonna be keeping it but one supply one side moving so good bathroom once we get the new bathroom sorted and downstairs like bathroom storage and I'll be able to kind of go into this a little bit more and I have kept all the kids stuff set I know it appears like there's absolutely loads in here which there is but both of them use different things on their hair there's a couple of the Oaks our gels in here that I was recently said to try and a lot of these are like half used and I've ended up trying something new for instance but yeah lots and lots of products with the kids hair in here and I'm not gonna get rid of it any of it because I pretty much love it all and just trying to figure out what works best at the moment I'm gonna go through all that toys as well they've got a lot of like squirty toys and they never ever last very well again but yeah I just need to go through and just keep things like that you can pour water out of rather than like anything squeezy the kids yeah it just gets all gunky and horrible inside picked up some testers stay at bak I've got Sullivan paint which is a color I've already kind of set on and must admit just from seeing pictures along with strong white a strong white is another flower and bull color that I quite easily recommend it to work together do more though I wanted to try blackened and probably remember the other one to be honest with you but I didn't have any samples available so I picked that one out we're gonna see how that were most importantly right now are these two so this is so Kingdom pink and this is strong white but there is a little swatch anyway on what will probably be the hold of this wall because right now this is mirrored and then over here this really isn't picking up great on camera I don't if it's like the shadows from the shower right now and but this is a strong white and supplement pink next to each other that's like a really dark on camera so here we have a man ice and then I put a little bit of strong white here for a little bit of a breather because I was having quite a stressed moment and Lisa factum sell the toilet by the way I'm not actually using it and so I went through the checklist finally I finally got around to doing that job going through the whole bathroom Aldermen things and I realized I mean there's always going to be a couple of hiccups it all the way wasn't there I've just realised that the radiator the heated towel rail isn't there so yeah I don't even know if it'll even to my good morning guys it is Sunday tomorrow is a D date or in the work start and I'm so excited I've calmed down from my whole missing heated towel rail episode I have realised actually so what it's not a problem and there's nothing I can do about it right now so I'm just gonna chill out today in London with Harrison all day and today last night was like oh my god they're gonna have to access underneath your stairs to clear out that copper tonight which that's kind of like everything who's in our heart it's like out sight out of mind and yeah now I'm gonna have to tackle that tonight fine I'm just gonna break things up into small pieces then also tonight I need to get really organized for the week just because it's important we're gonna be out of the house really early and then they'll be in the evenings I need to get super duper organized lunches and it's cool utiful P kids football kids everything to be honest so yeah as much as I'm looking forward to going out with Harrison today also got so much it's all empty now um it's Monday morning and we're ready to go headed east room is also completely empty now – yeah ready to turn this room into our bathroom and Fitz room into everybody's bedroom