‘Lovett’s Soul Food’ Heats Up with Makeover | Small Business Revolution – Main Street: S3E5

– We’re here in Upper Alton. We’re about to surprise Lovett’s. Merry and Brad do not know that we’re about to walk in and tell them that they’ve been one of
the businesses selected. – Yes. This, I’m really looking forward to. They’ve got some delicious food, which, hopefully, we can also
snack on while we’re here. – Hopefully, we will get
some of their famous snoots. – I get the feeling they’re going to be very excited to see us. – I think so. Hey, guys. – Hey, guys, we got some news. You’ve been selected. (people shout) Woo-hoo! – Oh my god. (uplifting music) – [Narrator] Small towns across the country are fighting for their survival with the odds stacked against them, but what happens if we join that fight? If we dedicate a little money, a lot of experience and thousands of hours of work into one small town, focusing on the businesses that are the heart of their main street. What started as an idea became a national movement, with over thirty thousand towns nominated for the $500,000
makeover, and more than a million votes cast for the winner. – [Mayor] Good evening Alton, Illinois. How is
everybody tonight?! (people chearing loudly) – [Narrator] Now, in our third season the team is taking on its
biggest challenge ever. The town is three times bigger than any we’ve helped before, and the hurdles Alton faces
will put to the test the very idea of main street America. So, Amanda Brinkman and her team of
Marketing Experts at Deluxe are going to work for the people of Alton, Illinois and they’re not alone… New season 3 co-host Ty Pennington will be
working with the team to rehabilitate the town’s buildings while a whole cast of Experts helps rehabilitate its businesses. Every episode we’ll be working with a new small business, to see if we can change the odds… if, together, we can start… a revolution. (jazz music) – [Merry] A lot of the items
that are considered soul food, that’s the food that the slaves had. – They had to think with that. Slaveowners threw it out,
they don’t want these greens, “Okay, what can we do with them?” It takes love, just
like a sweet potato pie. You have to get your potatoes right, and love them and caress them like they’re your women or
your man, you know what I mean? If you don’t have any love in your food, it’s not soul food, it’s just food. – She’d say, “Come here, Tom. “You the only one that
can keep this baby quiet. “I’m-a give her to you if
you can’t hush her up.” (laughs) – Know that, when you
dine in to have soul food, there’s gonna be some talking
going on at the table. – Yeah, it’s family-oriented. Any time you deal with soul food, you usually with your family, and that’s what brings people together. We’ve been coming to the Lovett’s ever since they existed. – The food is great, some
of the best soul food that I’ve ever tasted. I love the snoots. – [Brad] You go here. Snoot’s a pig nose, it’s
this, it’s that, the other. Comes down to, it’s a homemade pork rind. Like my mom always said, pig is nothing but a big pork rind anyway. I’m the king of snoots. Me and my mom run this joint here, but the family is big and strong. – My father was a pig farmer, and you had to be some kind of farmer to feed 19 children. (laughs) I have 18 siblings. The grandkids, we lost count. I think it’s probably close to about 200. – I think 10% of the population of Alton has Lovett as a last
name, so great family, great family care in that business, and absolutely tremendous food. In Upper Alton, they were one of the first to come in with a full-scale
restaurant up there. – When we moved up here,
it was just the barber shop and this loan place next door. Now you see all the
buildings up here are filled. I guess everybody started believing that it can be a good
place to start a business. – [Customer] Looks good, thanks, man. – Brad’s here all the time. He’s either out serving the people, or he’s in the back cooking. – [Brad] This place was
my grandfather’s dream, but it turned into my dream, so now, I’m 10 toes down, seven days a week. – I work 12:00 and night
to 8:00 in the morning, and around those shifts,
I fit in the restaurant, but if I could do anything, I would love to be at
Lovett’s full time, yeah. (soft trumpet music) – There’s been many times that we have struggled to stay open. There’s been months going by without me even making a paycheck. The longest vacation
I took was three days, you know, in the last three years. – [Merry] I wish we were
making more, of course, but when people come in here and say they ride past here every day, and they didn’t even notice we were here, yeah, we got a problem. This is my life. This is everything that I
didn’t know that I wanted. – My grandfather’s name
riding on this, you know? When I get tired, I just think about, he told us how he picked cotton as a kid for 18 hours a day. I can push through this. Why wouldn’t I put blood,
sweat, and tears in it? – Most entrepreneurs don’t start with a pile of capital
and a business plan. The Lovett’s story is much more common, a strong family, a passion, and an insane amount of work,
but making the transition from informal beginnings to a
carefully-structured business can be incredibly difficult. The brutal truth is, most places never make it over that hump. Merry and Brad are obviously
doing something right. They’ve made it three years, but they seem to be treading water, and a business is like
a shark, move or die. It’s time to take Lovett’s
to the next level. (funky music) Enter celebrity chef Deborah VanTrece. Her recipes have been featured at the legendary James Beard House, and her restaurant, Twisted Soul, is one of Atlanta’s
most popular hot spots. Zagat named her on their list of 15 badass female chefs to know, and as owner of a
successful catering company in addition to the restaurant,
this lady clearly knows how to make things run. – Good morning. – How are you guys? Welcome to Lovett’s. I’m Merry Lovett, nice to meet you. – I’m a hugger. Nice to meet you. – I’d love to show you around. – Yes, we’d love to. – Sounds like a plan. – This back here is considered
my house right here, ’cause I live there. – [Deborah] Can we come into your home? – Yes, ma’am, you’re invited. – All right, let’s see what we got here. – Right now, I’m boiling some snoots, want to get them nice and
tender and everything. That’s one of our coolers right there. We just work with what we got. – Is that a functioning fridge? – Yes, it is, that one’s functioning. – [Deborah] This one works. – [Brad] We can only hold two or three days worth of product. – [Deborah] And to get the best price, you have to buy in bulk. – Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am. – I’m definitely worried
about what we can do. Looking at the kitchen,
it would be something, I would love to just gut it,
and start all over again. I think some other pieces
of equipment will help. They have, like, home deep freezers. It would be nice if they
had a virtual freezer. Do you guys have additional storage? – Yes, we do. As you see, it’s jam packed. – [Deborah] Your dry
goods, your paper products. – We have this freezer over here. We put stuff in this one too. – What are we looking at here? – This is the old-fashioned soda fountain. When we first came here,
I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was just a
beer tap or something. – It’s not functional right now. – Not functional at all. – It’s using up a lot of
real estate right now, right in your front area. Just walking around the restaurant, we can already see plenty
that needs to be done, but as far as the kitchen, I feel like I need a little
more first-hand knowledge, so I’m stepping into Brad’s house for a crash course in snoots. – Well, welcome to cooking with the king. (Amanda laughs) – Does that make me the queen? – Yes, you’re the queen today. – [Amanda] (gasps) Oh my gosh, like, the actual nostril. – You lay it out, turn
it over, and slice it. – I’m making snoots. – Yes, ma’am, slice and dice. – I feel like I’m nailing this. – Amanda is a natural. She is a natural snoot wonder. Gonna walk over to the fryer, and just throw them in there. When you don’t see any more bubbles– – That’s when you know it’s done? Is all the air coming out of the nose? Get it, it’s a snoot, air? I’ve got, like, five snoot jokes, and that was the best one. (Brad laughs) With the snoots in the fryer,
it’s time to get serious. – You’ve been in business three years. – [Merry] Three years. – Are you making a profit yet? Are you feeling good
about where it’s going? – I do feel that we are
making some headway, but I need to really sit down, and really get into it. – Okay, okay. You’re working somewhere else also, and then you’re here all the time. – All the time, yes, ma’am. – [Deborah] The goal is
to get you some help. – Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am. – Because you’ll burn yourself out, and that thing that was so fun, that you were proud of, will become like a boulder on your back. – Let’s talk a little bit about, what do you want people to know you for? – I don’t want you to come in and be like, “They serving snoots, and they trying “to be all fine dining.” Snoots are like, get your hands dirty. I want you to feel almost like you going to the circus when you come in. You gonna come in, you gonna feel happy, you might get you a chocolate soda. I might be all over the
place, but that’s just me. I got my new ice cream I want to invent, my fried Kool-Aid ice cream. – But that’s not what you do. It’s like, stay focused
on what you do, soul food. – This happens to business
owners across the country. Part of what makes you a
successful entrepreneur is that attraction to new ideas, and creativity, and inventing things. – You can confuse people. Focus on what you do first. It sounds to me that it is a lot about family and friendship here. I think your place should
reflect all of that. I don’t think that it is. I don’t think it’s hitting it on the nail. There’s a lot in the window, to the point where you
can’t see in the space. The photos of the food, I don’t think they’re helping you sell food. It’s a beautiful space, so I think you should play up to some of
the aesthetics of the space. – I agree, the ceilings are gorgeous. I think there are parts of it that we want to definitely preserve, but clean them up a bit. I think it can happen a
lot in your own house too, where you start to not notice that you have things randomly placed ’cause you live in it every day, but that is kind of that
customer experience. – [Deborah] It’s, like, clutter. It’s like clutter, yeah. – I notice that there’s a broken window, and there are some spots on the floor that seem more like they’d be in line with things that should be
covered under your lease. Have you talked with your landlord about either of those fixes? – Oh yeah, we’ve discussed
it several times. Like the awning, it had got so bad, and he was like, “Okay,
I’ll get around to it, “I’ll get around to it,” and he never did. I called one of my brothers. I said, “Get the awning down.” – How long is your lease? – We don’t even do a lease with them. We just here month to month. – That might be something you want to fix before you start putting
money into repairing things, ’cause you don’t want something to happen after you’ve upgraded,
and in some kind of way, they push you out. I think that definitely is
something you want in writing. – We’ve got to get this
lease situation figured out, because Upper Alton needs Lovett’s. The area’s up and coming, but it’s been a long, slow climb. On our very first tour of Alton, we learned that this
neighborhood’s businesses haven’t always gotten the same kind of support that others have. – Do you feel like this area gets as much attention as other
parts of town or not? – Not at all. We’re in the lower income parts. These were predominantly black areas. – These guys work hard every single day, and like a lot of other
African American businesses, they’ve got more challenges
sometimes than anybody else. They’ve never given up on the dream that their neighborhood
is gonna come back. They’re the light at the top of the hill that makes people want to come up, but at the same time,
they’re not turning a profit. – There are plenty of challenges here, but they all get a lot
easier if sales go up. That means getting more
people in the door. Like the restaurant itself,
Lovetts’ marketing strategy has always been pretty informal. It’s our job to make sure the brand, the space, and the online presence feel as professional as the cooking does, and that starts with a pretty big ask, the name of the restaurant. When someone types in, “Lovett’s Alton,” you are the initial links
that are showing up. That’s great. We did some research, and soul food has five times more searches
than the term southern food. The word soul food doesn’t
appear within the name itself. – Can I give y’all some
education real quickly? Snoots are real big in this area. That’s why snoots first, it’s
snoots, fish, and chicken. That’s why the name was like that. I’m not trying to shoot you guys down, but I was just giving you my opinions. – Okay, ’cause there’s other places, too, where we can make sure
we’re listing things. That’s why your website’s
gonna be so vital, because we can add all these key words so, when people are searching
for snoots, fish, chicken, pork, anything else.
– The tags. – Exactly, hey, look at you, speaking web style language. – I used to do them a little bit. – I’m with the whole Lovett’s Soul Food. That sounds great to me. – From a marketing perspective,
we really want to make sure that your personalities come through, that the brand truly reflects what you want Lovett’s to be known for. Take a look at what we have up here. – Yeah. For me, the colors are too dull for me. I need bright, I need
flashy, I need happy. – I don’t know if, for
me, I saw bright colors for that particular space. I think I would use it
more maybe as accent. I particularly love that vintage feel, and I really do think, in that building, you need to play up on what
that building is itself, because that look is what was made for you and what you’re doing, even if we have to keep the pig. (all laugh) – Let’s talk about the pig. – [Deborah] Let’s lay
the pig on the table. – Let’s put Al on the table. – Is that the pig’s name? – It’s named? Oh, that makes it harder. – My dad’s name was Albert. – Oh, man. – It’s not so much that we’re
against featuring a pig. It’s just, we wanted to
bring to your attention that it communicates
more of that pulled pork, pork sandwiches, and
all these other things that you don’t currently
have on your menu. – To me, if you come up
with something better, then I’m with it, but
if you can’t at least be right there with it, then
I will be shooting it down. I’m-a tell you right off the top. – Maybe an updated version that would coincide
more with the direction of where everything else is going, and then adding some
more pork to that menu. – So are you saying it’s all right for me to bring back my
snoot pizza then, right? – If it was selling,
then yeah, bring it back. – [Brad] Just wanted to ask. – Yeah, I’m like, snoot it out. (all laugh) – I think it’s a great American myth that there’s equal
access to opportunities, to capital, to funding, and Merry and Brad have done a remarkable
job building a business out of basically just a love for food. – But once you go into
a restaurant atmosphere, it becomes a profession. – It’s a business now. – It’s a business now, but soul food came from
people who got creative, worked hard, and kept going. That strength will continue
to wrap itself around them, and just move them forward. (rock music) – [Amanda] One thing we know for sure, because we’ve heard it from pretty much everybody we’ve talked to in Alton is that we don’t need to change anything about Lovett’s food. It’s already great. It’s the experience
that surrounds the food where we can make an impact, and that means everything
from the online menu, to the tissue paper in
their snoot baskets. Deluxe will hire local contractors and work with Ty on
renovating the building, creating an atmosphere that will actually help them draw customers in. Deborah will continue
to advise on operations and getting them ready for
the traffic we hope will come. The Deluxe team will
handle the marketing end. Our job is to amplify the brand while holding true to
who Brad and Merry are. – How about Lovett’s,
amazing family-run business with a cool history. I think we have a lot that
we can do for them online, especially around soul food. – There’s over 60,000 searches for soul food near me every month. That’s a huge opportunity for them. – If you’re trying to look for a soul food restaurant
in the Alton area, Lovett’s is tough to connect to. We need to make sure that the marketing that we’re doing is focused
on how people can find them. – [Amanda] Before we can
get to work on renovations, the restaurant needs a real deep clean. Fortunately, the Lovetts
have plenty of help, and they all have the same last name. – Working in a kitchen, sometimes, you have to undo what
somebody else has done. It’d probably been a few
years before we got here of a lot of buildup, so
it does take some time to get where it needs to
be, but we’re gonna get it. – Like a lot of business, they’re piecemealing things together, so the biggest thing
that we can do for them is to give them a new
fridge and a new freezer. – I think the efficiency of the kitchen will become a real key to success. – [Merry] The refrigerators
have just arrived. I can’t wait to get them inside. Thank you so much. – While the entire Lovetts family gets the restaurant cleaned, equipped, and ready for it’s new look, we have to figure out what
that new look is going to be. That starts with the logo, and in our experience, that can be one of the toughest decisions
for a business owner to make. – We’ve got four different
logos to present. You know, Brad loves color,
and we’re not losing that, it’s just smaller doses of
it, but still impactful. We’ll have to see how he reacts to that. – I don’t know. The one with the circle
around it, I love it. – [Brad] I like the top
left, the one with the color. – I mean, we can go with it. It doesn’t matter to me. – No, no, let’s do what you want. Let’s just make a decision. Is it possible to turn the pig red? – [Amanda] It is. We actually have a take
on that right below here. – I love that one. – So we have a logo? We can keep moving? – We got a winner, yeah. – All right, okay, logo decided. We’ve got a logo and a color palette, which means we can get to work on something Lovett’s desperately needs, a fresh coat of paint. – What I see right now,
there’s way too many colors competing with each other. Here’s what I would do. Because they have so many windows, and there’s so much natural
light that comes in, you can actually risk it a little bit, and go a darker, like a gray. Everything else pops off of that. Your burgundies, you can still leave, because that’s your accent. The other thing is a big awning that’s got their new
logo and their new look so people can see it from the street. – [Cameron] I agree. I think it’ll drive a lot
more traffic into the area. – The people that already love their food are gonna come there. The people that have never been in there are gonna be a little weary of the way the exterior
looks, the way the sign is. Some things need to change to get a few more people in the door. One of the eye-soars that we’re
gonna have a challenge with is that gigantic crack in that window. – As a leaser, you shouldn’t be fixing the structural things,
so we have to help them get a solid lease in place. – Lease problems are one
of the most common hurdles we see entrepreneurs face. Luckily, one of Alton’s
most-respected firms, Sivia Law, is volunteering their services to guide Lovett’s
through the negotiations, so we’re pushing pause on the fun part to deal with the necessary part. In some ways, everything
else rides on this. – The current lease that was proposed had a number of onerous clauses. One had to do with the term. It was only for one year, and then went to month-to-month. Also, if he sold the building,
then he could give notice that they’re terminating the lease, which is very unusual. – That’s the thing I was
worried the most about. They’re gonna beautify it, and he’s gonna put it on the market. – Another concern is,
typical renter provision is insurance for the contents, but his is set up for insurance
for the entire building. – Let’s just play out a scenario. If we don’t get them insurance, and there’s a fire in the entire building, are they then liable for replacing the building for that landlord? – Well, that argument could be made. – Oh my god. Does that scare you? That scares me. Insurance feels like,
we just have to do that to make sure that you’re protected. – I can’t say that these
negotiations have gone smooth. – He has made it sound to us that you’ve been behind on rent, and when that happens,
you do lose your leverage. – The thing about that
is, I could see the guy in the back of the building, and tell him, “I want
to pay you the rent.” He’s, “No, no.” I have to wait for him to
engage me asking for the rent, and then he say it’s our
fault that it’s late. – What? For real? That seems weird. – [Merry] And he doesn’t give a receipt. – Actually, we have this
product called E-checks, which takes out that element of waiting for a physical transaction, so it would provide the record. – Absolutely, that would be
a excellent way to do it. – That way, he won’t get out of it. – [Merry] We’ll bring Jack. – Jack the Muscle, do they
call you that at the office? – No, they do not. (all laugh) – Regardless of the
outcome with the landlord, this meeting has already
changed our strategy. We’d earmarked some of the money Deluxe is putting into Lovett’s for improvements to the building, but insurance looks like
it’s the more urgent need. With the future at this
location less than certain, we’ll put whatever is left into things like tables and chairs, things that the Lovetts can
take with them wherever they go. On the legal front, we know
Lovett’s is in good hands, which means we can get back to work. – What we’re thinking of doing is changing this blue to bring
some of the yellow out. – You really want to be
able to tell their story. Any time you can humanize a business, that’s always a good way to go. We want to get photography
of Merry and Brad interacting with their customers, that warm interaction
that you can expect there. – Also build a structure around it that they so desperately
need to have people know that they can do takeout,
what their hours are, and when they’re available to come in, and what are snoots. Teach me a little bit
more about soul food. – When I was researching on Facebook, they post a ton of pictures of their food. Andrew was able to create
this awesome tissue. Isn’t that fantastic? – Oh, that’s awesome. – Now, imagine their pictures on Facebook, but with this great tissue
behind it, screaming Lovett’s. – We started an Instagram
account for you guys, and we linked it to your Facebook page. – Do it automatically come, or do I have to do
something to make it come? – Do you have your phone with you? I can show you how. We can really use social media to tap into and build some hype around
specials, or around seasonal or different menu items
throughout the year. – Speaking of the menu, what
the Lovetts currently have is pretty long, and fairly confusing. Julie’s working with Brad
on a less is more approach. – The next one says a half
pound burger and fries. What’s the difference? – [Brad] It’s one and the same. Keep the Midwest and drop the half pound. – We got a Midwest with
onion rings at 8.99. – [Brad] No, no, no, no, no, we gotta raise the price on that dish. – That’s what I would think, because typically, onion rings
are more than french fries. – It doesn’t seem like there’s been much science to the food
pricing at Lovett’s, and we haven’t seen any hard financials for the restaurant yet, so we’re sending in Damon Fieldgate to work with Brad and
Merry on the numbers. – How much is a snoot sandwich? – $7.58 with tax. – How much does that sandwich cost you? – That sandwich cost
me, I think, a dollar. – How much does a snoot weigh? – [Brad and Merry] Four ounces. – I love that. I love to hear that. – In unison. – I’m hearing good margins, but I don’t see it. Something’s amiss. – Something else is pulling it. – There’s other costs in your business, so you’re not capturing
the costs correctly in your business, and that being reflected on your statement. I think that we just have
to really understand, what is the true cost of
producing your product, versus what is an operating
expense within your business? Really focus on these elements. Don’t guess, and don’t look at it at the end of the month and be surprised. – I’m excited, I’m ready. – I always loved numbers
growing up as a kid, and I like making money,
so if you telling me I’m making more money, now
hey, you my best friend. (Damon laughs) – There’s a program
called SCORE Mentorship that would be a huge benefit to you, helping you work through these financials, and helping you understand
where your key drivers are. – Do you have things like
inventory control on your books, or do you just order when
it gets low on the shelves? – Basically. – Yes, sir. – I think we can help you set up an ongoing system if you don’t have one. We partner up, and we work on
how to solve those problems. – Maybe my favorite part of all of this is that an entire community has formed around supporting Lovett’s,
and we’ve all done it because we can see the value that they bring to Upper Alton. That, and we love the food. Human beings spend so much time
focused on their conflicts. It’s easy to lose sight of
just how much of our lives we spend working together. It’s been a joy working
with Merry and Brad, and we can’t wait to get back to Alton to see the new place, and to deliver a few last surprises to
set them on their way. – Hi, welcome back, you guys. How are you? – How you doing, Ms. Amanda? – How are you? – [Amanda] That’s unbelievable. – [Merry] I know, a big difference, on the whole block. – [Deborah] It does, it does. Look at the new logo. – I think they’re so
jealous, I know they are. – Let’s go and see inside. – [Merry] All right, let’s go. – (gasps) Oh my goodness. – No more blue. – It looks incredible. – [Merry] It does, it does. – [Amanda] You cleared
off all the shelves. – [Merry] Yes, we did. – [Deborah] It looks wonderful. – What do you think? What do you think? Do you like it?
– We love it, we love it, of course we do. – You do?
– Yes, yes, yes. It looks like a real restaurant. – It’s incredible, the new logo. – It looks modern, it looks authentic. – [Merry] It does look modern. – It still is very warm and inviting. Merry, Brad, this is incredible. – Oh my gosh, look how
great this counter looks. – It does. – I love it. I just love it. Look at the new tables and chairs. Wow. We added a waiting area for takeouts. – I think that’s probably gonna be an eating area as well. – We’re gonna have to turn people away, they’re gonna be so busy. – [Merry] I know, sorry. – They took down the pictures of the food. – Uh-huh, thank you. (Deborah shouts) I don’t know how Erin
got all of this in here, but she did it, she did it, Erin did it. She fit it in her perfectly. – Perfectly. – Your life is so much
easier, I already know. – [Merry] You’re telling me. – You guys, this is incredible. I love it, I love it. It’s absolutely wonderful. – [Merry] Thanks to you guys. – The future looks really bright. – It does, it does. – This is just the beginning. – Now that the space is ready for all these customers,
we gotta bring people in. – That’s right.
– Yes, ma’am. I think we went from
ghetto to bougie overnight, but I like it though. I like the direction it’s going in. – When we talked before,
we talked about the lease. What happened? Where are we? – We’re still probably where
we were when we talked before. We still don’t have a lease, per se, but I think he’s gonna let us stay here. We did get some insurance. – Wonderful, wonderful. – That was a long
discussion though, right? We had our whole wish list
of physical improvements to the space, and then we looked at it, we said, it’s far more important to pay for a year of insurance to take some of the financial relief off of the business and make
sure that you’re protected. – [Deborah] That’s great. – [Amanda] I would love to show you some of the marketing things. – [Merry] Aw, I love it. – When people come in her to dine, they feel like they’re a
part of the Lovett’s family, and we wanted to
communicate that visually. We’ve updated the pig. We heard you, that the pig was really an important part of the logo, but we modernized it a bit. – [Merry] Yeah, I love it. – [Amanda] What do you think, Brad? – It’s great. – Good.
– It’s wonderful. (all laugh) It’s wonderful. – One of the other things
that was really important is, Google actually has a
designation for soul food, so we added soul food to
the qualifier of restaurant. – Soon as that happened,
people were calling. – Yeah, that’s the day I
learned to trust the process. I asked everybody, “How
did you find out about us?” “We Googled soul food.” I said, “Oh my god.” I can’t believe I was wrong. You know that never happens, right? – Every now and then. It happens to me too. – [Amanda] This is the new website. – [Deborah] Oh, wow. – That is gorgeous, that is gorgeous.
– A lot of restaurants lead with food imagery, but
we’re leading with love. – Aw. – [Amanda] That’s why we have
you guys front and center. Down home soul food filled
with flavor and love. We want people to really understand. That’s your differentiator, is the experience that they get when they come in here,
and they spend time with the two of you. – The website makes people take you more serious as a business also. – The two most visited pages
on a restaurant’s website is the home page and the menu page. – [Deborah] I like how
this menu is designed too. It’s a lot easier to read. The photos are really, really beautiful. – Some days, I just want
to bite that screen. – [Deborah] I know, it looks so, so good. – One of the other things we got for you was a sandwich board, so we can put this out on the sidewalk. (hums) (all shout) – I saw that on the grid. I was like, “Where did that come from?” – We made them really nice and large so that your to-go
boxes can fit within it. This just elevates you
as a business so much. This looks like a legit restaurant that knows what they’re doing, right? That is so great. We also thought it would be really fun to have custom boxes for
your fried Kool-Aid too. – Cute, cute. – [Amanda] Then we have,
ta-da, the new menus. – Oh god, those are nice. – [Amanda] The weight of
the paper, the coating, the way it’s been organized. It just feels like a
different kind of restaurant, and a different kind of experience. We wanted to make sure, on the back, that we’re telling your story. Let’s make sure that people know about how incredibly special
the Lovett’s family is. – This is amazing. – It sure is. – You guys have a whole new restaurant. – We do, we do. It really actually
looks like a restaurant. – It’s, like, mind-blowing, because the Lovett’s
name might not have been the best name growing up, ’cause there were so many kids, and they might’ve been
a little less fortunate, and that’s the fire that’s inside of me to prove everybody
wrong, that we own this. This is us right here. – I bow down to your
determination, and your faith. I don’t think that this could’ve
happened to better people, or more deserving people. Now don’t cry, ’cause
you’ll get me crying. I’m so proud of you two. To see people of color succeed in any business is very fulfilling. What needs to happen is for more of us to step out there on faith, and be real CEOs of our story. – We have one more surprise. We love your family story. Brad, you talked a lot about being on your grandfather’s farm, and remembering what that felt like. You talked a lot about your dad, and how much he has meant
to your entire family, so we had this custom poster commissioned. – Oh my god. (Brad gasps) – [Amanda] We noticed
that you had a picture of Grandpa Lovett behind the counter. – [Merry] Sitting on
the edge of the chair, like he always did. He’s getting ready to tell us something. – That’s amazing. – To know that people
cared enough about us to come in and help us is amazing. – It was my grandfather’s dream. Now I know I can’t let him down. I gotta keep pushing now, you know? – This country is not that old. Grandpa Lovett was a pig farmer. His grandfather was a slave. Four hard-fought generations later, Merry and Brad are entrepreneurs. That family journey is
nothing short of astonishing, but it also makes sense. The food they cook is all about creating beauty in the face
of adversity and oppression, and their willingness to
share that culture with us has truly been an honor. – [Brad] There’s no turning
back, there’s no nothing. My grandfather watching over my shoulder, then nothing is impossible. – [Narrator] Bluff City Outdoors is a riverside bait shop
with rich history in town. – This a landmark. They treat you with love
coming through the door. – [Narrator] But online
competition has snagged profits out from under them. – We just have not been able to get back on track. – [Narrator] The Small
Business Revolution team is diving in to help. – I’d say this is our biggest task. – [Narrator] Can the
Small Business Revolution bring new life to an old standby? – I have one more surprise, but I need you to follow me outside. – [Narrator] On the next episode of Small Business Revolution Main Street. – While Brad and Merry were hustling to keep their restaurant running, they put marketing on the back-burner. Visit deluxe.com/lovetts to learn more about how the Deluxe marketing team built an online strategy that’s turning Lovett’s into a soul food destination.

Airstream and Avion Renovation: 1963 Avion Tour

hi this is Jim and Angela from renewed ventures we love to renovate vintage RVs so today we are at sunshine acres and we were going to give you a tour of our Avion rental we are so glad that you came to our site today and we hope that you leave feeling renewed and refreshed so to tell you a little bit about us for years we've been renovating houses together and we loved it then a few years ago we went away on a vacation with the family we rented a camper and we had a blast we had a great time with friends and families and we really liked the amenities and especially the beds so we were inspired on that trip to find an RV for our family so we fell in love with the 1968 Airstream that we've completely renovated and now we use all the time so that's how we came to be in the business of renovating vintage campers so we found our time in our Airstream to be so incredibly rejuvenating and restful that we decided that we wanted to renovate another for others to come and enjoy we have a 1963 24 foot Avion that we ran out on outdoorsy calm Airbnb and free new adventures down when we found the Avion the interior had been completely gutted it was a blank canvas we brought it back to the shop where we put it up on blocks we removed the belly pan we were eager to inspect the frame which turned out to be in really good shape underneath the camper we cleaned and painted the frame brand-new trailer wiring installed new brakes and installed a brand new belly pan on the outside we patched lots of holes we cleaned and we rebuilt the adorable jealousy windows and we installed all new lights meanwhile on the inside we removed cleaned and sanded the inner skins we removed all the old insulation mouse poop and wiring then we cleaned and waterproofed the outer skins we ran new 12-volt wiring and 110 volt wiring reinsulated the walls and put the inner skins back in place then we could finally get to work building out the interior spaces which is the fun part our goal at renew adventures is to set an atmosphere for people to come get away and be still we wanted to create a fun atmosphere where people could rest renew their mind and get refreshed we loved to renovate RVs for others to enjoy so come on inside and take a look in this place we wanted to create a sense of openness in this small space and so we created the the breakfast nook which is perfect for building relationships for great conversations for having food together playing games and ducking out of the rain when you need to we have our entertainment center which is our stereo that connects to your phone and over on this side is just open for storage which is great you always need storage we have a 110 volt power over here and then you can plug your phones in over here at your 12 volt power under here we have a 12 volt converter and the battery is underneath there and this is our table which underneath it's a gas assist powered lift that you press down and it turns into a bed and then the great thing is is under this cushion here we have the cushions that go on top so it's really easy to store and then you can put your clothes here who ever sleeps on this bed usually puts their clothes here and here and so that is the the breakfast nook this over here is our favorite spot in this camper it opens up for a great sense of conversation it just makes it more like living room feels so you go from being at the table to more of a living room atmosphere and it's also great for grabbing a blanket and grabbing a book which we have stored up here so you can just get cozy and just really relax which a lot of times in the busyness of life we don't always get the time to do so we want to create that time where people can just chill and be themselves and just get refreshed get renewed so that's what this is for and we love it this is our kitchen we have our cute fridge here and it's got great space for lots of groceries and a little freezer on top we have a propane two burner stove which is great for cooking soups or whatever you want I love this little sign let's stay in let's go out you gotta get outside when you're camping but this is such a cool space that you pretty much want to stay inside so we got to remind yourself to get outside this is an adorable fan cover that we found and we searched far and wide for one of these we tried so many different options and we finally came upon this and we loved it so that helps ventilate and make it nice and airy in here we have this sweet little stove that we love it has coffee which is most people oh and this you can put breakfast sausages you can do little breakfast sandwiches or pizza rolls or toast or whatever you desire and then Jim made this custom countertop which has lots of space which we really enjoy and then a deep nice deep sink this sink is set up with a really cool water system that connects to city power or city water so if you're at a campground you just connect to their water supply and it comes in from the outside but if you don't have that you have the option of this little seven gallon tank under here I'll just go like this and so what you do you untwist this and if you never can't before this makes it really easy we wanted this to be something that someone unexperienced a camping could just easily figure out and run the whole camper by themselves so you would just fill this up with water fill it on up be done and then there's also one in the bathroom so this holds seven gallons the one in the bathroom holds five I believe and that's how that works on the other side we have a Bosch water heater and then there's great storage here for clothing this usually goes to whoever's on the back bumps they put their clothing and their supplies in here and then we have the pantry and so here we put food in these and this is like our tablecloth and towels and so forth and then clothing can hang up in the closet and then there's also shelves down below so that is our kitchen and our pantry for this last part over here is our cozy nook is a bed and it's also a great spot to just have a seat read a book you could also have someone in the bat reading so you could have two people reading at one time but my amazingly creative husband he created a special hiding place for a cat that goes up here but you'll see at the end of the video and you'll see a special hiding place where to which it was pretty cool so yeah so this is a great place to stay and relax read or sleep at night there's a reading light up here that you can use and then under this cushion is a great amount of storage space which is accessible from the outside and so that is great for your coolers your camping chairs things like that so yeah so this is our sleeping area our heating air conditioning unit is connected to this external thermostat which we love we have a Dometic penguin two air conditioning unit with a heat pump and it works excellent it just needs to be connected to shore power at a campground so this is our little bathroom we have a porta potty which is very easy to use and empty it will accommodate up to 50 flushes and it does not stink and they camper which many people want to know that this is a truck mayor which my husband was very fond of and we have just a cute little atmosphere with a little sink some storage under here and a little more storage back here and that's it for our bathroom so we really wanted this RV to sleep for people but we didn't necessarily want to give up this openness of the space to an upper bunk so what we did is we came up with a solution to where we could hang a cot in these aluminum brackets there's four of them mounted to the walls and then there's one more here that really bears the burden when a person is actually getting into bed so I'm gonna set that up and then I'm gonna get to work setting up the front bed but first this is my secret hiding place for the bunk you just flip that out of the way this slides out and comes right up this way unroll it put the other side in and you have an upper bunk and you can sleep for people we love this giant cozy bed we read at night and it's just nice and cozy in the morning our kids tend to pile up and we cuddle we wake up slowly we read aloud together and it's one of all of our favorite spots so if you have an avian or an Airstream that you'd like us to renovate or if you'd like to rent one of ours contact us at renewed ventures calm and keep a lookout for upcoming videos on our airstream or others to come so we hope to hear from you soon at renew adventures calm thanks for visiting


for today's video started I just wanted to have a little chat very short chat we've made some change in student or 599 meet-and-greet hang out with us take pictures with us come meet us it should be fun for 2995 you get a copy of the book you get the two soft toys and you're going to get some exclusive merchandise which is something we haven't released yet when I get someone pre-made for you guys to have at the event the events not massive because I wanted to create an event that was more not about queueing if you have a parent or a guardian or a helper or a care or anyone like that that you need assistance with uh needs to come with you we're not gonna move on make sure you don't pay you just make sure that you select the free guardian ticket the universal calm for toxicology always run your ticket and if you've already purchased a $29.99 ticket you will be automatically upgraded to a VIP ticket always about the value Donna Jonathan Emilio Eduardo well let's see yeah Andre is now before they've got six dogs in name a folks that really so much fun to watch tune in every day to see more oh look Mikado made its own way here today I guess it's a walk here itself good job shopping that's the future autonomous shopping how about you they just walk here itself this may be a terrible idea or a great idea I'm not quite sure yes it's gotta be a challenge but I can do it first thing I looked into was the block paving which i think is really pretty I think would look really nice in the house you know expensive block paving is paying like it's not it's not like ridiculous but I my front area of my front driveway is about 340 square meters that's the main problem square meters of block paving square meters of sub-base type 1 sand the stomper the machinery every so I said no let's not do that I looked up lots of different alternatives that we could do instead and some of them turned out to be even more expensive how can I go and do this myself is a lot I believe in me all right I believe in me I have to I'm just chilling with my baby I was looking in andreas mouth and he has two teeth under his gum like I can fully see them they're the two bottom front ones now my kids generally get their teeth all of them get their teeth really early around four months I mean I don't know if that's really early for most people but I kind of think it is so around two months or at least they start teething party rare in two months actually and then about four months they have their two front bottom teeth the fact that I can already see his a gonna be seven weeks on Wednesday is crazy but I don't know if that would have been the same I can't remember if that was the same for all of them so maybe he's just gonna get them out like four months like all of these days or maybe they're gonna come sooner than that who knows but I know you want to go for a little walk now don't you yes we're gonna go now no I'm gonna go Oh Kerry Oh Harry Carrie okay Carrie [Applause] here we go all right finally just um ultimately experience where is it oh my lord oh oh oh look here we got what's the wrong color Mesa makes it it makes it that is just so good in it you like it I think you should probably put a top and a bottom on that one and maybe sides on that one this is a pretty good May it doesn't it just it just it makes it it makes it it's hard to see on caped a poem that was white and stuff in real life May it's so good I know you've ruined my floor and all but I sell day heshes I had so much volume to a wall like yeah yeah that's what it is look at this yeah thanks I was so good it's so much better my carpets a bit ruined there you know there's only dust yes why is it so warm up here oh my goodness yeah well the heat is I yeah the heat is not I think it's just oh this is gonna be interesting I don't evoke being up here during the day tonight I decided to make chili I was gonna make something else but then we had leftover beef from last week that didn't get used and it goes off like pretty much today so I'm going to use that instead so quick little read Jake up actually do have a menu but I haven't come to that yet since what happens when you go away for the weekend you don't do it right there like although I did on Friday I did like weekly shopping the meal plan and everything I just picture that but this is what my chili looks like this is what my today looks like so far we've got some veggies you've got carrots onions celery garlic olive oil and chickpeas I didn't have any kidney beans they would be going in there but fortunately I didn't have any I've also got some spices cumin cinnamon and sheepherder and then I'm gonna add in tomatoes and then add in the meat my chili is ready I let it cook for a bit an hour so it is looking a little bit dry it may add some water in there just to kind of soften it up a bit I'm making the rice right now I just make the rice with a little bit of pink Himalayan salt boiling water obviously and then a touch of olive oil as well just to make it kind of just like not stick together as much when it comes to serving it because obviously we do serve it a little bit later oh he looks so cute just looking at his toys can you see your toys hi Andrea can you see them Wow oh you know what my needs to do mommy needs to get alessia's playmat from down the basement and you can play with it now Oh God the cuteness the cuteness guys I'm dying I'm dying here alright it's a couple hours since we were last inside in the office we didn't tons of other stuff right and he just called me and I went inside and I looked at it and are you ready for this it was all under coated and painted it sting of beauty it's all my paneling dreams have come true all my dreams already oh my goodness what do we think guys do you get it you get actually didn't even understand me at the start when I said I wanted nobody nobody understood me no one believed in me it's so good just like it just makes the war like it's gonna look so good and the rest of the house feel like I got my paneling fixed it's happened I paneling in my head nobody molding money I can't say – its molding money I want to see moldings today all rights so good it is all done upstairs slide your scopes there I'm a that is so good that is so good do you guys understand do you see it do you let me comments let me know she's going trick-or-treating bring here a media for execute okay yeah are you gonna take a cheating Oh take it back fine take your scepter a man nice I think you wrote it might be the same size as you thank you yeah Thank You Amelia I thought let's see that media is going on a school tour tomorrow and exciting and Alessi has our first day of school this week bye guys thank you phone I don't know if you guys remember when you never didn't say okay because we didn't even know about you and you were about no but immediately your skin that's all three of my children school was having a go he's been a great big brother I think he's gonna get in trouble with left here now unless he thinks that is her baby like someone's sitting there socket wardo there once was a girl who loved to twirl and to sing dance and to wear mommy's ring she had a big brother who had a big sister and when they would laugh they would hug and they kiss her mm-hmm all right I see messy messy dicey tell them about the story what happened at school well I have to admit names though you know we can't be counted stories about other people because you know they might be watching and you know an unnamed person was being mean to me today in school we're not naming the person you might be best friends again tomorrow would you get your pajamas on short boy wears the wrong guy to bring one gang look bring your ID birds I made a big one even can't bring blankie can't bring LeBlanc's blether I can ride in school today guys well it was a nice unnamed person but this person would know we just we can't tell other people like the person because quit everybody we look doesn't matter it doesn't matter it's still hundreds of thousands of people around the world really care about you and it's not know with great power comes great responsibility okay you can't you can't send your little army after somebody yes because you've had a bad day all right are you fair anything why not open the button on the top of our toe antenna sure work fine this is no no Callahan our chain that's what it's like hi I am Amelia and I have to say she chews in his name you don't understand I have a question where is Alessi Messi oh my goodness yes yeah have you been emptying on Amelia's doors yeah she won't sit there all right anything honest Amelia's fours skies sure why are they there oh no put them all back boys and girls [Applause]

13 Differences Between US and UK Home Renovation

hi everyone I'm Billy Anna and I'm Felipe we are the postmodern family we are Americans living in the UK living a traditional life should we move this out of the way because it's showing it shows in the bottom right there okay yeah we make 3d videos a week so we encourage you to subscribe follow us on Instagram Twitter and Facebook today we are going to list you 13 differences in renovating a house between the u.s. and the UK so before we get into this we have been in the middle of moving some of you may have noticed that when we post posted some old videos because we have been in looking at new content for you guys and it has been 2 and 3 months or something – its mid-december yeah it's been a long time – since for buying a house and then deciding to renovate it and in the process of renovating we have learned a lot of new terms and just differences in buildings and how people build things and since so many of you really enjoyed our list of differences between us homes and UK homes it was just one of those videos that was thumbs up so many times that we figured we touch on this topic once more yes so in response to the gist the general feeling behind the commentators in that other video in response to that which is the main one that I kind of annoyed me was if you don't like the houses here in the UK then you should just go home and we found that really funny because to me the house that you live in shouldn't affect what country you want to live in does that make sense like oh I want to live in France because the bathrooms there just spectacular or I want to live in Japan because they squirt your bum with water from below where's that in France – they do that they do that in France and then in Japan in Japan I don't know but what like for example in Korea everyone sits on the floor most of most of the tables are low and you sit in the floor for your dinner and sometimes you have to convert that to your bedroom at night but look we aren't living in the UK because the houses are fantastic and it doesn't mean that we don't like living here just because the houses are smaller here yeah so we really do like living here which is why we're making this video yeah and we're sharing with you guys that you should be proud of the country you live in so this differences because after all you should take pride that even some Americans decided to come live over here no there are no garages that fits your car people wondered why would you want to put your car in the garage let me see you in America now I'm not saying America's the best place to live but the garages in America are usually attached to the houses so once you drive into the garage you just close a garage door you get out in the nice warm garage that's safe from snow and rain it's dry in there wait before you go get confused do you mean that the garage is warm by air content relay heating sometimes cousin usually not okay well anyway if you get to the garage you close the garage door behind you so you don't have to get out of the car and leave the garage through the garage door there's another door that leads into the house and I know so it's like you don't have to even put your shoes on until you leave it I don't know how I'm going it off the garage is another room in your house except that has a massive door that you get to from the outside it's just hard to explain I guess but the garage is here that we have seen are always detached from the house if you have to it's like his own little little box right whereas in America they are attached to the house is this a garage video and you just walk through to go inside the house so you don't have to go in the rain and snow or anything mmm you don't have to you can go you can take your shoes off in the garage even and then just go into the house a lot of people do that in America anyway this is not a video about the garage okay so number one the difference is that we've seen is that the word for a countertop in America is worktop in the UK number two the word for taps which is what you use in the UK is faucet in the US so we would use faucet but here you use taps no one would know what faucet is here number three is crown molding in the u.s. is coving in the UK in the US there isn't really that I'm aware of a standard paint color for rooms if you have if you have like you know you want to be bought a house that you want to turn into a rental property you want to paint it some safe color that everyone accepts a safe and normal I don't know what there isn't within the UK Magnolia is the safe go to color that they sell by the bucketloads number five there is no such thing as a lease contract without a break clause in America but here there are leases that have no break clause and that's new for us number six is there's a company that rents out vans help you move and stuff called u-haul but that's now becomes just the word you use for renting of and to move even though there are more companies than one than u-haul so not if you're moving people say oh you want to get a u-haul they don't mean the actual company to just mean a thing to move so here it's not u-haul it's self-drive u-haul versus self-drive number seven is the popular stores that you would go to that are known as like DIY stores or home building stores and in the u.s. they were Home Depot and Lowe's and here in the UK they are B and Q and wicks number eight are these warehouse type stores here in the UK that are is just awesome and they sell you every bit you know all the tools and supplies you can imagine they have the biggest catalogs but all you do is just walk up to a front desk and you put your order and they go fetch the stuff so talking about tool tool station screw fix those sorts of stores that we've drawn drudes if not thousands of pounds on in this home reno project but i don't know where i'm not aware of an analogous store in the US where you know you have your Home Depot's and Lowe's where you walk through aisles upon aisles of stuff and you collect it yourself and then go pay for it but a store that you would just walk to a front desk and order and they bring it to you I don't know that there is one number nine is the word for drywall in the u.s. is plasterboard here in the UK number ten is the prevalence of plastering or putting plaster board and then plastering over brick here in the UK in the US as far as I understand and and I've lived I've lived in the southeast I've lived in the West Coast and I've lived in the Northeast I haven't stretched my time in the middle but it seems like in the US all we do mainly is drywall and you sort of plaster a little bit at the seams to smooth over the transition from one plaster board to another but here it seems like it's standard practice to plaster the whole surface number eleven is the difference between the use of brick and wood for building houses in America is very common to have wood frames for the entire house you would have like a concrete base and then wood for the rest of the house whereas here you have a concrete base and then brick for for all the everything the walls in America the use of brick for walls was usually just a facade if you've ever seen brick houses in America it's it's usually a wood frame drywall you know walls and then you have a brick facade number 12 is the word used for what you call here a cloakroom or toilet or water closet in the u.s. we would say a half bath even though there is not half a bath in there and number thirteen is the difference between the word anchor and wall plug so these are things that you would drill into the wall and put into the wall before putting a screw for support so we would call them anchors in America but I think I would have if I want to redo this list I would have maybe added the difference in customer service of contractors next video as we rant about working with builders different one would be the coving and the crown molding I think the other ones maybe make sense I can like wall plug makes sense you plug the wall with yeah like they make fun of us for calling it walkie talkie but they name things sort of normally as well wall plug uh-huh it plugs the wall yeah yeah the worktop though I found that confusing hmm why countertop because it's like the counter what is a counter is someone who counts it's no a counter is yeah and that's why so I think it came after the word counter and then the counter top the top of the counter maybe the counter is where you count money you know like Joe to the teller [Laughter] so the countertop would be that makes sense to me whereas worktop I just got confused because I was like were these four workspaces only like businesses and I thought why would you have a worktop in your kitchen yeah yeah okay thank you so much for watching we hope you enjoyed this video leave a comment below and check out our t-shirts at to spring comm become a patron at patreon.com slash the post-modern family thanks for watching

GRAND LUXE – Passion Rénovation Ep34 – construction maison travaux DIY

alors aujourd'hui c'est parti pour les joints g m2 soit taxée soit lé bon tu viendrais à l'étuvée des scénarios ont fait vingt deux mètres du coup moi je vais pas chez elles quand elles n'ont pas tu fais le nettoyage des coeurs ronnie [Musique] allez pour les petits conseils une fois qu'on a un sol bien propre et sec ont fait une mixture assez liquide et derrière on étale avec une belle statue en caoutchouc fréquenter une baie spatule en caoutchouc et fait comment et une fois que c'est bien rentré partout dans les joints on tire à 45 degrés par rapport aux joints ont la sécher ont passé un peu d ponge les joints faut être patient parce que si on fait pas bien et ben c'est de la merde [Musique] ok ça passe ta seconde en terme de nettoyage parce que sinon ça sèche trop vite c'est des joints en ciment une fois que ça sèche c'est fini et c'est les petits juin déclare et on n'est pas bien avec un beau juin un homme a déjà mis à peu près deux heures ses affaires en tout quatre heures pour 40 mètres carrés alors sans voyons quand ça se passe [Musique] [Musique] hostias et qui a été joint il faut pas avoir peur de nettoyer re nettoyer et re nettoyer la troisième coup d'épongé [Musique] c'est bien de voir et voilà maintenant les eyestone seuls les vrais savent que c'est pas encore tout à fait propre c'est juste que c'est mouillé que ça fait beau ça faut gratter encore non mais ça c'est soutient vraiment mettre un grand tapis sur toute la surface merci swan de thomas d'apprentissage alors pour la suite tu la mettes une poutre qui va faire un peu semblant que c'est ça qui tient le linteau sauf qu'il faut que je les vides donc il faut que je calcule les angles les prix une feuille et un stylo de le voir trop noté tout ça [Musique] voici mes deux poutres pour les deux côtés et je vais devoir les évider sur un car pour que ça s'emboîte dans l'angle et pour ça j'ai pas vraiment les outils adaptés par contre il me reste une vieille machine à boire à l'ancienne triphasé gérons cm de profondeur de l'homme sont celles là cependant les problèmes quand j'ai le guide arrière qui est beaucoup trop du coup faut que je démonte mais je vais quand même essayer avant voir si la lame est bonne ça fonctionne mais je pense vraiment compliqué donc je vais essayer de faire un trait de siècle scie circulaire d'abord et pourquoi pas après repartir un petit peu sur la profondeur avec celle là ça fait beaucoup de boulot mais c'est pas grave [Musique] je [Musique] pour les enfants même si je le fais aujourd'hui parce que c'est exceptionnel ne jamais travailler son capot de protection des cumuls main là c'est fini à aller ça se tente [Musique] [Musique] il manque un poil là c'est pas avec un petit ciseau à bois pourquoi pas et voilà l'intérieur du poteau et ça ça va venir englober le mur que tashnaq deux heures pour une poutre mort est une autre allez je vais présenter l'enfant à sa mère pour la troisième fois en faudrait passer cette fois nous colle au mur puis c'est à gré est comme 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Tearing Out our Nasty Living Room | Home Remodel #24

welcome back to the home remodel today we're moving onto a new project the living room / third bedroom as you can see we're standing in a long corridor living room it's just super long and it's totally unnecessary the reason it's so long is because there used to be a third bedroom in this house but somebody took down the wall it was right back here and open up the living room we're gonna be putting that wall back up so we can have a third bedroom for our son and that's the main focus of this project so here's the rundown of this project first of all we got to take all the drywall down believe it or not we have drywall in the front part of this house the rest of the house was just paneling this part is double trouble we got drywall over paneling the drywall has to come down the paneling has to come down the ceiling has to come down we're gonna pull all the insulation out and then the nasty carpet and then the goal is to start working on that bedroom back there which entails just framing we have to reinforce the ceiling for drywall we're gonna be beefing up the walls for to bring it out to five and a half inches for more insulation and then we also have to build that wall to divide the rooms and that walls can be a little tricky because we're gonna have some closets built in for the entryway for their bedroom we'll figure that out later so yeah that's all we have to do that's the rundown of the project if you guys aren't subscribed subscribe because you're gonna miss out we're not gonna get this all done in one day ready Ashley yeah we parked our trailer here so that we can just load the drywall right up and take it right over to the dumpster nice and easy let's come out good keeping it clean I just find my first sign of mold behind the wall here I got some old in the wall and on the drywall so I'm gonna have to find out why the water is getting behind the drywall we are getting a lot more mold over here in the wall where the chimney is behind this wall we just got mold running all down the wall the paneling is shot this is exactly why we got it and redo it from scratch instead of covering up like everybody else does look at this they covered this with the with the the drywall and you would have never known this was going on behind that drywall we just need to know what's happening inside the walls this is the chimney from the outside right behind the wall here that's all coming down that is it drywall is done we're down to the paneling and hopefully the paneling comes off pretty smoothly it's glued and stapled but it does come off LED bulb roar crew up to make it happen yeah and those fans are going back in Oh getting ready for round two all the drywall is down and now we're left with some nasty paneling covered in old wallpaper covered in paint covered in mold wires to do this the claw as always we like to clean keep a clean workspace there's a nest they dragged all that in there yep somewhere an attic probably so there's one rodent nest well we found some more rodent damage nesting materials and this is rodent damage you can see these wires where they're all dirty brown like that that's from mice crawling out on the end making a mess we're gonna be stealing all these gaps going up in the attic so they cannot get into our walls anymore Curtin's [Applause] another big disgusting mouse nest and there's like nuts in here well actually whoa this goes behind the slab whoo this lab has to come up should we do that now yeah this lab is just a big block of concrete there's somebody forward for a wood stove and yeah that's probably gonna be heavy okay and that's what it looks like underneath yeah a lot of rod that's actually a lot worse than I expected not only is it rotted there's insect damage lost our bee nest and the wall looks like an old one pretty cool enough when we did our bedroom remodel we built a new wall right here behind the old wall because the old wall was not where we wanted it and it was garbage we're gonna be taking down this old wall right now [Applause] there it is guys that's a day's work we got all the walls coated insulation paneling and drywall out so it's looking good except for over here there's a lot of rotted wood over there and that's a bad place for it that's really the top sill that holds the roof that's gonna be a little bit of a pain we'll figure that out soon coming around here oh I'm so glad that we got this wall right here that's our bedroom wall that we built that's gonna be easy to work with the rest of it I've been scraping it down and trying to get all the staples out if you ever got a trailer a mobile home you're gonna realize that glue and staples are such a pain so we're gonna be calling it quits for tonight we got a lot done it's looking good next time we're gonna be working on the ceiling and floor so the rugs coming out the ceilings coming out the insulation is coming up we left the rug in so there'd be less stuff to pick up it's gonna collect a lot of this dust and debris but you just roll it right up and all those screws yeah everything and we knocked out another goal of July what'd we say about July's goals getting a dumpster check guarding this check so we're right on track July is not over we're hitting our goals and finishing Belle's room which we did yeah so we'll be coming back soon with another video but until next time take care bye you

MOVING DAY: Vintage Airstream Argosy Renovation

what's up guys I'm Olivia and I'm Kyle and we're driving invited today we are hoping to move the Argosy we have no idea what to expect so stay tuned welcome back to our channel everyone thank you so much for joining us today and if it's your first time here please subscribe and join the vibe tribe because we've got a lot of fun stuff happening and we are trying to pick up our new to us vintage Argosy yes we showed you guys the video tour of it last Monday we'll link that video above if you didn't see it but pretty much it is located five miles from where we are stationed right now so we have to prepare it to move which includes if you can hear it in the back there's a generator going we're inflating one one of the tires and really securing everything yeah we have lots of different parts and items that we have to collect too so we have the water take some interior skins all of the emblems anything that was taken out during the demolition part of the inside when they were gutting the interior so we're gonna try to reinforce and secure the frame the shell to the frame today we brought some like spare pieces of wood and things like that because it is a little more if II now that the subfloor is gone to move it so we're gonna try to make sure to be as careful as possible we're not going very far and we're going to take it very slow but we just want to be prepared so this beam behind me right here is supporting the shell and the frame while the subfloor is out and it is actually super sturdy I was shaking it around multiple times could it get us a budge I feel very secure towing it with this in place because it is all screwed into place and it will provide the support we need between the shell and the actual body of this trailer while we're towing it so right now we're just kind of zip tying things secured that are kind of loose and disconnected any pipes wires some of the underbelly have been detached and we just pulled it up and tacked it and just trying to secure everything as much as possible so it doesn't rattle away or fall through before we didn't bring all the tools we needed to try to lift the frame up to get these wedges in but we're able to stick some boards under the little joints here and there and I think that should be enough we're not done yet so we'll see we might have to take a trip to a workshop and borrow some tools but it's getting there all right so one of the other challenges we were having to get this thing towed is that right here you can see the jack right here and it is an electric jack but it's totally dated so it wasn't working whenever we first got it the button would do nothing so we got our dirty hand tools generator we use this one specifically because it has a DC 12 volt adapter right here unlike the version of the Honda we have doesn't have that option so I wired it up and just connected these directly to these ports so you can see here let me make sure it focuses there you go you can see them to connect it to those ports on the back and there's the button and whenever it is set up like this in the generator is running I can actually get that thing to go up and down so yeah it was a challenge to figure that out but I'm glad we did it so now we can make sure we get it high enough to tow on the way home so we just stopped by the storage unit and dropped off a ton of the stuff that we collected from around the trailer and now we are going back to get another vehicle so I can follow behind Kyle and be his brakes and hopefully we will have this trailer moved by the end of the day we still have a lot of sunlight out but we need to keep moving so wish us luck everyone all right so here comes the moment of truth how did it look when it was coming out of that spot it looks fine I'm a little nervous right now but we're going to take it slow and try to get there with this last little bit of daylight left we should have enough time to get backed in and situated where we want to be but we are tired I've dropped so many things on my feet and like I feel disgusting right now so it'll be awesome if we can get this back in a very peaceful yeah there's like two ways it can go down easier than we expected or as bad as we expect so always work always a think about the worst option and hope for the best but alright let's see what happens here we go so we got it back I was freakin amazed it we did have a parade of vehicles behind us but that is all right it turned easy enough we were able to make every turn we needed to it is so awesome I can't tell you how joyful I am to have this right next to our fibrous tree you can pan over and see how close it is just right there we have no excuse not to get some work done on it yeah so we will get this unhooked and I am just rejoice like I said it is amazing that it's out here so yeah that's about all I got today it's time to eat some dinner I think so we made it back with the Airstream and it was a little nerve-racking we were going very slow it was bouncing around a lot over there but it was fine we were just moving slow there's lots of potholes out here in the country so we made it home okay and everything looks intact we didn't destroy anything so thank goodness for that and thank you guys for coming along with us today and for all your moral support and tips along the way despite a few injuries it'll be a good day I think overall but if you want to see the tour of the Airstream when it's gutted just watch this video right here that'll give you all the details if you aren't subscribed already please subscribe and follow us along on this renovation process it should be a lot of fun and a little difficult but mostly just a great learning experience and we're super excited to get started all right guys we'll see y'all later on bye guys