Three Birds Renovations – Home Office Reveal

it's Lana from three birds renovations and this is an exclusive walkthrough of one of my favorite spaces there are many of them but of my home office that I've actually put in arguably the nicest place in the house but for me this is just such an inspirational space to do my work I've got beautiful air flow from the open bi-fold doors and the best view in the house the unique aspect of this space is the picture window we created so this was always a piece of glass but it was a climbing piece of glass so we put in a nice new single pane that looks great and built out artificially built out of blocks we timber framing and blue board and then we rendered it and use special details like curved edges to create this curved rendered feel and that really makes the view the star of the show an outside to our King living sofa that can be changed into different shapes and banana lounge sun beds so relaxing and a beautiful way to take a break from work get some fresh air and look down to the pool you


we're homeowners guys hi everyone I just thought I'd check in with you guys hope you all had a really good thing skimming I'm not sure when I'm going to be posting this video because we're kind of it's kind of gonna be a whole week long almost a week-long montage of things I decided I would just kind of document a couple things and put it all in one video since we're really busy and I thought that'd be easier but I'll just give you a brief I guess overview as you saw we were having Thanksgiving with both of our families not all four sides or anything but we had it with NICs side of the family and then a little bit last night with my side of family so yeah Friday i'ma see what is today today is Saturday so yesterday for noon we traveled up to Holmes County was had a little family thing last night and then we left the boys there with the rest of my family and this is Saturday noon ish and Nick and I came home again this morning because we plan to leave for Florida early in the morning like three o'clock maybe or something 3:00 3:30 you are going down to have closing on the house so yeah this is going to be a pretty quick truck we're actually driving down this time we have been flying all the other times where we're driving down with our car and then we're gonna leave that one there that way we have one less vehicle to drive down when it actually comes time to move so we'll drive down and then fly back again it'll just be a really quick trip Sunday to Tuesday basically but yeah we hope to get in the house a little bit and do a little bit of work tear up some of the carpet and some things like that so we are just here at home right now we're also selling our table this afternoon to I think one of my subscribers I don't know for sure but she follows me on Instagram so she bought it off at there so we're getting rid of that thing today and I just got a package in the mail so this video is really random but yeah I just got a package in the mail from red tank and they sent me three different t-shirts and I just I'll show you guys the unboxing here they talked but I'm not sponsored anything but I'm super excited about him I've seen them before but I have never actually gotten any from him or anything but I got three different kinds and they're just like the basic I stuck to the crew tank like the crewneck kind so I'm excited the one is kind of a deep rose mom color almost and so I'll do a try on haul for you guys too and show how it looks at least one of them I think they all fit the same so I thank you thread tank I really love them and they look super comfy and durable and I'll make sure to leave the link down below if you guys want to go check them out there's a 10% discount for you if you want to go look they've got tons of different varieties of like lettering they have different styles of necks they have some sweatshirts tank tops you name it I'll see if I can get this to work okay I sized up a little bit for a looser fit this is a medium and so it's just kind of a boyfriend cut I'd say but yeah if you'd want it to fit smaller I'd say they fit true to size probably so here's the other shirt and this one is in just a regular gray raising my tribe and then the last one is say yes to new adventures and this is just a nice Heather black color oh the lights playing games on all the counters and window pays we're homeowners guys we just got done closing on the house this morning and so now we actually got the keys to the house right away and we're planning to kind of just start right and we've got the rest of the day today around I don't know it's at 1 o'clock it says 110 that seems a little late to me but it might be so we're gonna try and rip up some flooring today and maybe take out a couple of other things just kind of do as much as we can who might jackhammer some of the tile if we get to it and I don't know we'll just see what we can get done hopefully yeah we'll just get a head start and that'll help the progress move we're not going to be laying the floor ourselves brand engravers gonna be doing that he's our real estate agent and also he does construction and stuff remodeling so he's gonna be doing the floors and so we're just walking around in here trying to get some ideas and figure out what we need to do and that kind of thing but it's hard to believe that were actually it's actually like finalized so it actually has the keys so we're excited I'm excited and yeah I don't know we'll see what we can get done today I guess out with the old in with the new yeah well oh you wanna oh yeah you scored it already okay [Applause] so I have very big visions of a nice black like metal stair railing here sleek think like the cover of Joanna Gaines is home body book I like down something like like that but that's gonna wait until later for now we're just focusing on getting rid of these lovely pores here so it's gonna be this carpet and everything downstairs I guess but yeah ceilings are gonna get scraped because they're popcorn ceilings so there's gonna be a lot of mess and stuff so I think we're gonna wait to take this carpet off I'm guessing so so weird to see cement as the floor like this is not typical for Ohio because we'd have you know wood floors plywood in anyway we're getting there [Applause] [Applause] this man is then versus the work simply because I'm barely strong enough I tried I did a little bit of it so we're gonna stop for a little bit take a little break and we gotta go figure out some things with the utility companies make sure all the power and everything stays on and do whatever we need to do to get that put into our negative stuff so we're gonna do that and then he'll probably do some jackhammering later and I'll keep you posted [Applause] so so proud of Nick he got all the floor tore up down here there's a couple loose ends here and there yet but yeah that was a lot for one afternoon and evening I wish I could help more but anyway you're done for I know you are you worked like a mule and I just went and got some paint from Home Depot so I got that done we ordered our floors and it's looking pink over there huh I think it's just the camera but anyway we are gonna head out and go sleep and eat all right it's the next morning and we're getting ready to head to the airport Brandon's wife Esther is gonna take us up there she's making a run further north anyway we're flying out of Tampa I guess the next time we'll see the place is when we move which is her right after Christmas we have to be out of our house by the 15th of December actually so then we'll just kind of stay at mom and dad's until we leave so that's the plan so the next few weeks look a little crazy I really have not done any packing yet so my video schedule will probably be a little bit inconsistent I hope you guys can just bear with me in that but I'll do my best so yeah I'm gonna head home and try to get my brain organized and ready and that sort of thing but I hope you guys enjoyed the video and that you kind of follow along and stuff so we'll keep you posted thank you guys so much for all your love and support it really really means a lot to us so thank you we've got a feel of about 13 degrees it says it's 25 it feels like white snow welcome to Ohio you came to get us did you come along where's Kanan and Chris he didn't want to come no


they're coming along the shelves and the rest is all white I'm ready for day two of Reynolds just finishing up my coffee we already had a slight change of plans this morning but that's okay because I've been here getting a lot of things done I actually edited a vlog but besides that I did bunch of like moving things that I needed to do I needed to like finish booking the elevators at my new place and just like different coordinating so I got all of that done and then I'm actually starting to pack I'm getting a little bit anxious about how overwhelming it is and how much I think I'm under estimating its going to be to move all of my stuff my parents are on their way down again this morning because today we're actually starting to paint last night was just like cleaning and prepping so today is gonna be the big day while I'm waiting for them to get down here I'm gonna start clearing out some things in here I have a bunch of old furniture on my balcony which actually wasn't even mine and was already here when I moved in so I just kind of kept it out there I don't use my balcony I don't think I really talked about this but this current place faces and other buildings so if I'm on my balcony people can see me so it's not really a place you want to like go and lounge anyways so I never really went out on there and so now I'm just gonna clear out that furniture it's all dirty and old and like starting to rust does never mind to begin with and not worth any like resale value so I'm just going to bring that down to the garbage room here and I think that'll make me feel better about like starting to clear things out then I'm gonna pack up the rest of my things there's a few more things that I need to bring over so I got like my chandelier delivered here so I need to bring that over I'm really excited to open it up and check it out hopefully nothing arrived broken that's like my big fear and we're gonna dive right in we've been here for a little while and we are making progress what I'm doing right now is my light bulbs that I got for my pendant light switch my dad is working on installing right now they have writing around the ball and when you screw it and even still see that writing so what I'm doing taking a really sharp blade like this and going around like all them scraping it off it actually works being very careful not to scrape the glass so you can see I guess it's hard to really see because it's clear but this side doesn't have any more writing and this side is all about attention to detail we still need to do this to two labels and that's the finished light bulb number rating we have so we're here for day two and half of Renaud's these are some of the updates in here we got the closet all kind of like built-in so there's gonna be two shelves and then the whole things are the shelves here not too much in the bedroom here if that is different over here is where we've made the most improvement so now we have pot lights there and two pennant lights here good morning welcome today for renovations it's coming along but I I feel the way I look like exhausted and so tired and my body is so sore but today is officially move-in day so most of the renovations are done we're just finishing up some things this morning 9:00 a.m. I'm waiting for my internet person to come install I guess this is my first time being here by myself but most of the painting is done we're cleaning up today finishing off a few things and then moving all of my stuff in which is the most stressful part in my opinion but I'll give you guys a quick tour and update of everything so far so starting from the door we have the pendant lights that are up they look so pretty and makes such a big difference in the kitchen and the pot lights are officially installed so there's five of them and this side is all white the walls and then when we move on to this side we have the gray and then the gray follows to here the entryway and the rest is all white everything was like a yellowy cream color before it looked not as fresh and then in here the washroom is just white as well so my new faucet showerhead is being installed later today the shower you won't really notice but this part got redone not that you really care and then in the closets we installed new shelves and new bars in the bedroom here there's not as many updates the walls are all painted white but this wall here so this was what the color was before you can tell it's like so much more cream this wall wasn't painted because it's going to be wallpapered I don't think we're gonna get to it today so this will probably be a weekend project these are the doors that go in the closet so again new shelves and a new bar in the closet here and the doors go back on at the carpets getting ripped up and installed later this week and then these blinds here these are all cleaned they were so gross and they're not that cute I don't love the texture on these blinds they're expensive to replace so for now they're staying I just clean them scrub them it took me so so so long yeah that is about it for updates I'm so excited everything is coming together nervous for the actual move like I said but I'm excited that everything is coming together one more thing I wanted to show you in the kitchen here I cleaned all the cabinets and wiped everything down really really thoroughly so I'm ready to move all my stuff in today but look I got I got new dishes and they're so nice they are like a low plate like this and then they just have a little rim so that is the end of this renovation vlog much more to come in the next vlog I move out of my apartment and go back and clean it and say goodbye and all of that many more vlogs to come I hope you guys all enjoyed I do just want to say a huge thank you to my family for helping me through this move and all of the renovations because they are champions and it was a very tight timeline I should have planned differently but that's what happened so thank you so much to my loving family I am so so so grateful for all of their help and just for everything that I have I'm just so lucky and very grateful so I hope you guys all enjoyed this video thank you for all of your positive feedback and congratulations and everything so thank you so much for your sweet comments I've been reading every single one on these vlogs hope you guys all enjoyed and I'll talk to you guys very very soon bye


hi guys welcome back to my channel so today we are doing where we start in the utility room won't we lucky you got a trading port yeah Mark's gonna be starting to me to bring my dad you actually put the play mat in here that is a mirror for the new toilet and this is just a boxer so Feeny like still like hoard boxes yeah a pendant and then one things what do you mean water it there's a plan isn't there oh I just need lots of them well I think we should have like one here so you can turn their washing machine and tumble dry on and off yeah well suck it so like a plug then a switch what switch next to it yeah cuz that's gonna be like a tool cupboard in there and then this is the downstairs toilet situation where we have ordered everything should actually be arriving today we've gone for like a floating toilet with like you have to like build something out the wallpaper before the toilet comes in mark thinks is going to be the easiest thing to peel that is not gonna be easy to peel that yeah at least he doesn't wake up like we can in the night not yeah we need to pull this all off it's easy that you're keep it going also you paint your now another yeah that's that matter yeah really yeah because great paint off which can paint squeaking it's quite satisfying not in the form of the calendar the week of May yeah but we've got a new under stairs covered now don't you I think you just keep it white actually now yes that would be nice to go to see yeah so yeah that's what we've got going on today and I'll give you a little update later on as the units start going it's gonna be good to see them go in isn't it gonna be loud oh yeah so just mark that where we're doing the sockets there and then over here so I could go make you paranoid but calm make any noise yet because the baby's snoozing and he's snoozing from since well time to put down for a nap now buff's perfect eight o'clock and it's like caught at ten I still got do nothing mommy's got new tapster to another delivery today of the plumbing stuff frenzy cute swing as it's toys in the box mommy's going for a blush play so got laser dancing laboring but she's whinging because you don't look damaged and nails look come on also I need like regular cups of tea a tradesman coming now now big things up and annoy getting steamed run a scraper excuse is that [Laughter] yeah oh I don't want to put up on there really extreme oh let's move all this now so we just in the living room whilst all the work is going on at the moment we were gonna go out to stay but friends I woke up when he wasn't very well well it's not they wasn't very well but he's just got a bit of a temperatures really really hot so we thought we should stay in for today even though it's pretty loud might go for a little walk later if it gets too loud just changed your land oh he's over to bounce in the jumparoo now aren't ya are you in the jump through I don't look very well today do you have a little sleep in a minute yeah my dad is just put in the kitchen units together at the moment they look so lovely he's just bitten the leg songs actually they do come fully assembled and then they need to like be fixed the walls and stuff right so the underfloor heat into working now and we've got a few units then walk Sonny's clean the floor it's my sensation that dust in it in the other room but yeah these the units now they're all in well they're not fixed or anything we just put in there so yeah so we're gonna have all this mash but he did say that tonight yeah so they've given us another replacement door oh you know what the handles on there games for the crunching back oh yeah this is the like tour Lada whatever its called that's it cool just a unit but I don't know I was I wanted to put my Hoover in here on my vacuum even yeah I think you could do that I wish you could move but you can move that we can't move that one can you that's stupid in there so yeah I don't know what to do this yet but then we've got we're gonna have a sink here and then this is obviously gonna just go all the way across like worktop and then we have the washing machine tumble dry there I think this is gonna move over a little bit okay look this is basically like a spice rack for my kitchen you could use it as a spice rack but I'm gonna put like there's a flora in there things like that just like small like cleaning products then we've still got the wall units to go up so we've got like a half wall unit there and then like a larger wall unit there and then the worktop so this is a progress so far of the utility I'm really happy there so obviously we're having all of this tiled and so they've been stripping the wallpaper today I'll just need to clean the floor because they're done for the day now on Friday I think the plumbers are coming around so they're gonna have a look and do some of the plumbing bits that need to be done but yeah that is the progress in this room today there has been loads of progress today I need to clean all of this look at all this dust now oh my goodness so yeah I think I'll leave the vlog there this is just going to be like a little bit of a renovation update for you so I hope you enjoyed or watching this video thank you so much for watching guys don't forget to subscribe if you're not subscribed already and I'll see you all in my next video bye guys

Mafia 3 Sign of the Times DLC – All Sammy's Renovation Missions [No Commentary]

thank you God you grew that mill better see you again but I'm about ready to get off my feet where's your car take me to Sandy sure I'm sure father Dean told me about your brain and Anna she passed away who is rid of gone hmm patch the land West Annie Annie grew up they lived on farm sharecropping right Sylla daddy got her couldn't work no more Sammy bought the land a few years that Lincoln never underestimate the value of a black man Bowie was here I wanted to come see you after you know did right make them folks thinking I didn't make it out Salman Khan he'll you see to it I mean right at will oh no what do they do to this place just to go in through the garage let me the damage then didn't leave much to work with but the structures more or less intact going to have to cut the interior you want to reopen service I want you to do it I'll just help you get the place back into shape maybe some improvements here and there too what do I know about running a bar and Lil it's important enough for you to figure it out people in the holla need to see black folks owning their own just like Sammy did look if you won't just get me the cash I need to start repairs it's in rough shape but I've handled worse citizen curlers in the early days just let me know when you want to kick off the renovations around here let's get started hey this is wild how did you spend a lot of years husband's then we make this place what it was just came natural putting it back together might be good to fix up the back get a pool table in there like Sammy always wanted you can do a lot here Rock Records attract yeah man lil you starting to make Sammy's look like something boy this is all you you put your mouth on any you Coons old up and down better come out right now y'all hear it we ain't a virgin sit onto the crowd Dixie mob aunt lil I need you to get these people downstairs I'll slip out through the garage and deal with this oh look you bad boy just learn to shoot this awesome piece but I see one more Dixie piece of shit coming after Savi and it's your ass yeah yeah whatever you say big man goddamn right night night motherfucker Dixie boys shouldn't be a problem anymore honey as long as you're black angry white boys will always be a problem wrong well at least you ain't sleeping rough down there anymore fell at the bars Reggie's a new bartender well he's supposed to be but he needs some help dealing with the car he lost in a race Reggie's alright just gets mixed up in that sometimes Reggie Sammy's boy right nice to see the place up and running again Thanks now what's this I hear about you losing your car got my dumb ass and a pink slip race why our names sure they wanna down in the bayou okay if I get you ride back from shorty you come work for me if you win the mystic Late Show they will be driving my car to lose like a goddamn rocket but that means you can overtake her around the corner get yourself something fast I can handle turns I'll do that man hold tight Reggie get my car back and sure I don't work for you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] nice wheels man she just a show fuck son I'll race you for pinks right now that's a fast car son then we could take it from [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sure [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] holy shit man you showed surety I see you with the ball no doubt documents Lily when you ready to bring me off ah go left hook remember Sammy all he did I know that look you know little Ernie we've been talking about his band playing here but nobody's seen him for two days where it is he likes to smoke a little grass out in the body with some white boys what I hear one of them is the Dixie boy you scared off shit probably laid hands on little Ernie Dixie is always trying to send a message I'll head down to this spot see if I can catch sight of little Ernie I'm worried about little Ernie go see to him would you where've you been [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] go deal with looks like you wanted he's right without god damn I know you got a body you do golf here somewhere I know it don't like music right let's just go too far Mickey Bernie ain't done nothin to nobody give me the key and I'll cut him loose ask me to let that Coon go one more time that fucker Sam is too got our boy one oh fuck shit I am ready to die you should listen when I told you not to fuck with me thanks for your help brother probably you gotta cut me loose shit you Sam you boy hey little Ernie you alright nothing a shot of whiskey won't fix yeah you work those Dixie boys had it out for your ass yeah I got that impression I told myself little Arnie send me Roberts with boy won't let you down it's not you're gonna be all right getting home yeah and hit me in the boys up whenever you want us to play a fast Hey so it occurs to me we need to show off all our work I know we're open but I mean really opening the doors wide for the Hollow let them see it is your place I agree look I'm proud of what we did here so let's have a big opening night all right why don't you go get dressed and come and talk to me when you want to get the party started most of y'all know me go I'm linking clay and I paid the bills around here the real person you want to thank for this is Lily Robinson and Lily come on up my brother Sammy was a complicated man he sure wasn't perfect but he did something rare Sammy carved out a piece of this city for himself there was a piece of Nouveau dough where a black man was in charge we're reopening Sammy's to keep black owned businesses in the hollow hiring folks from the hollow serving folks in the hollow this city can turn on us or just forget about us but we aim to have our piece of it for now and for the future thank you what's left to say I don't make a lot of speeches and I bet y'all want to get back to drinking Sammy would be glad to have you all here tonight so let's raise a glass to him and to those we lost both Sammy you

Leslieville Basement Apartment Renovation — Episode #123

hey everyone welcome to Beach investing i'm your host audrangea kofsky we're here in less people around queen and broadview and we have a two special guests one is benim rad who's purchased purchased this property or in the basement and then we have his contractor Peter cloth from premier quality renovations who's going to be doing the work down here so what we're gonna tell you here is what we're going to do the numbers and everything so denim how you doing I'm good how are you today I'm gonna congratulations thank you forever if you see him get our you get good you awesome so I'm just kind of ducking here sir so basically what we have here is it's this is the basement apartment it's kind of feel grin gian kind of short a little bit i'll at least wonder here here is kind of fun not very old yeah it's alright what were they getting approximately in rent before but they were getting around 750 okay for ya and what what are your intentions to do yoga well the intention is to actually change the floors and then we're going to put dry walls on this ceiling and then there are more stuff than over there you have the stairs we're going to get remove the stairs and had a really good closet over there add washer dryer which I wasn't here before then I'd wash or dry and so we do all these things that I change the kitchen cabinet new stove everything will be new so we can actually get a better rent for this place because the location is very good is crying you're a few studies have your interview or in the corner of Queen and broadview answer it's a prime location and so we just know that it has a potential for getting more rent so what it means the renovation over here ok so the regaining will 750 a month as it is it is a one bedroom well what are you anticipating after you do the renovations to get everything you can get up to maybe 1100 a month yep for the renovation on its board the rent after doing the renovation ok and the renovation costs maybe Peter you can answer that here well you know what I think we should be able to do everything here it may look like a breaded place where summer around the 25 thousand dollar mark and that's going to getting their complete place taking out the old ceiling tiles the flooring the baseboards the walls here making a closet and that's going to include mutilations your new kitchen absolutely hope everything's okay so we'll be drilling a hole to supply water line and new drainage for the washer dryer machine i don't have before with your hands needs will be ripping out this wall over here which is gonna be guns oh just like that it's just i cut them and we're going to put a nice closet in here for the chest which they don't have right now with a ceiling it's a mess you can see it slow nothing's boxed in so we're going to raise the ceiling by taking of the ceiling tile fixture we're going to strap the ceiling where do drywall everywhere with new pot lights on dimmer switches so all the ball hits for the heating systems that all be closed in so when you look at it every beautiful white ceiling and nice pot lights everywhere then with a kitchen brand-new kitchen going in here new appliances the washrooms going to be fixed up a bit and the bedrooms gonna be all like brand-new so by the time you're done you're gonna have a variety of bringing the bedroom apartment on bedroom apartment yes thank you so we didn't really we did we didn't really talk about upstairs and we're not showing up stairs cuz there's already a tenant up there and it's a three-bedroom you made its main apartment there it's like a it's a house and they're getting 2750 for rent so 2,750 yeah plus utilities yes and so after you finish this basement you'll get approximately eleven hundred dollars of rent which will get your gross rental income to about 38 yes all right that's correct yeah and want to share with our viewers what you bought this place for oh yeah we bought this place for 630 and Andre and I start looking for a property back in April and that was the time that I do any serious about doing this and eventually found this place end of June and then Andre was the way there engine was the way and then the owner was the way so it eventually end up to closing it yesterday and which is was 22 sep tember yeah so it was a long journey to get here but I'm very glad it was a really good deal Andre helped a lot really yes thank you I'm so Gigan hey you're going away I'm going away yes and then Peters gonna take care of all the renovations pjs gonna take care of everything so I'm not gonna be back hopefully it'll be everything is be gone and and have really good bedroom apartment so I can rent it out quickly excellent anything else you want to add regarding the renovations or I see you found a few Dirty Bubble Boy dad it was an awful lot of mouths or rep degree initially so it's a good thing we do take it that's gonna give you a horrible smell all the time so be all strip don't cleaned out and no more smoke awesome awesome so good luck thanks thank you thanks very much awesome congratulating him venom hundred thank you Peter and we will do that after video right doctor today what's the Vista before and you'll see the after and you already surpassed it but what a month stunning i would say some will be done yes all rights / thanks guys thank you

Three Birds Renovations – Ensuite Reveal

it's louder from three bits renovations and I want to give you an exclusive look into my ensuite so it runs straight off the walking robe as all good on sweets do and the whole idea around this ensuite was to create a relaxing feel as if you're up in the treetops a few things that I've been to create that one was bringing as much natural light as possible so these are the existing windows of the original kitchen if you can believe it a window here in a window there for lots of natural light and then a skylight so a skylight in a bathroom is a luxury but actually you know really shouldn't be too hard to achieve and I just dress of wanting to shower outdoors but the indoor sort of skylight really helps achieve that so with all the info shops that I found online and on daily lifestyle I knew I wanted to stand out if countires respectable so we found these fish scales and amytal they're huge they come in individual pieces and a really important thing to remember when you want your feature wall to stand out is to keep everything else pretty muted exactly right feature wall so with the bright turquoise colors we've gone for the beautiful muted whites and cream of the rendered look all the way down to these maxing fluorine so is most on sweets you'll see a nice big vanity and two vases a his-and-hers basin in this ensuite it's really been designed for what I like which is a lot more than space I love to bring greenery from the outside in we've got these gorgeous little faux hanging plants they're not real but all knows well be they look so nice I couldn't think of anything nice that having science hanging about my relaxing bath in the ensuite you

Breakfast with Mama + A Renovation Sneek Peek! | VLOG

the lights look into each other sides I'm really glad that we came out here to eat maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone just a little bit more and this is definitely doing that really pretty now I hear the sound of that des streets yesterday is gone asleep so all that's left you and me I can promise y'all only thing I see guys morning we don't know for in shadow or not but we are currently at her house and we're just picking up a couple of things and peeking at the progress to see how we're doing I thought I would take you guys on a little tour let's go see how it's going well get in here the workmen are here I hear noise it's so exciting you want to say hi say hold say hey lifers you gotta tell them your company name Alexander designs Alexander designs I will link all of his information in the down bar below so if you were in the Toronto area and you need a renovation I know he's honest I know that much I can vouch for that and he's doing a great job I think are you working by yourself at this today yeah wow you got your guys he's got his crew anyways you can't have them until we're done okay now my mom is gonna have a walk-in closet it's so big like I can't tell you like this is huge mom you have a literal walk-in closet when I sketch this out in my mind it made sense when you see the actual wall that's amazing I that looks so good mom it's gonna be great it's gonna be great it doesn't look like much yet but here's the before how exciting how exciting and then the light-colored walls and the like floor it's gonna be it's gonna be great I'm really excited for you guys pretty cool we just took our first mini tour of moms lower level so she's got two levels in her space and then my sister has two levels it's a back split house I don't know if that translates to other places oh there goes the machines I might get loud now but anyways so her lower level all the walls have been ripped out her laundry room has been shifted all our plumbing is done her walls are out for her walk-in closet it's really hard to kind of show how it looks right now cuz it's really just framing like it's just wooden framed in there's no drywall yet but electrical is coming I think he said tomorrow which means all her pot lights will go in and then drywall can finally go out which means we'll be able to see the shape of the room a little bit better really really exciting she seems happy I'm happy it's really really bright down there too a mom with just the one window it's gonna be really really nice I'm so excited the contractor him and his wife have a business together I will link all of his information in the down board below if you were looking for an honest contractor to get some work done I can vouch for him we belong to the same congregation so I know that he's an honest person I will leave all of his information that down bar below like I said they can definitely help you out so yeah anyways mom is digging through her boxes looking for her passport because I think we're going to be making a trip to the United States of America we're gonna go to Buffalo and probably do some shopping I'm excited because I want to go to Trader Joe's so badly I'm gonna take a cooler I cannot wait and I think we're gonna probably go to Target I really am excited to go to Target and find some boxes and bins and things for her new office space we have so much shopping to do I'm gonna cut it cuz it's really loud as soon as she finds her passport we are gonna go and explore her tiny baby town so that should be about two more minutes of footage this is everything that was originally downstairs everything's just been kind of piled up into this one space what a disaster my poor mother could not live like this it looks like a hoarder lives here it is not her fault hello say hi this is not the life I'm living I decided that we are tackling Mama's makeup collection because it is atrocious so she's grabbing all of her makeup stuff while we are here let's see what she's got tons and tons of goodies look at this bed like are you kidding mom this is a strong no look at the condition of this bag everything in here should be condemned you can't put it on your face I can't believe your face hasn't fallen off yeah just give me a second man this is a really nice palette you do not I do too mom not bad I wonder if this has a lot of fallout I use that all my brushes this is not bad you are lost and you need to be found I'll pray for you that's a really cute bag but it's messy identity though a big mom it's either my storage bag honey I love you I have smaller bags oh thank you you are a bag lady Rumpelstiltskin I told you already here's a bag lady bag mind your bees yet no I need to help you mirela this is belly oil pump sweet like it is bouncy for who girl well you never know this and serve God and give you a boy listen my mom had like this woman is a straight order look at all her containers and mix girl of course okay listen grab all your know all of your makeup because I knew that you might have decent things but you're just not using them right do you have too many things you got the poor people mentality like now you got five cents you're just buying in five you boys bought and put things in my collection is happening what powder to dust things down dust it flex mattifying powder listen what I need you to do is to grab all of your makeup and put it this is empty why do we have an empty bottle well it probably just got empty mom this is listen we're gonna you literally have another bag yes it's for other things what things hmm see this one is for your mmm this is a lovely visit say maybe she disgusting you know when the world ends you can't take any of this crap you be this and then when you press it what is it for your beer you've got some tiny little people that you don't want to see but they're not big enough for cooking you so so why are you always asking me to pluck your face if you have that sweetheart how often do I ask you this is when I'm every five minutes you will drive an hour out of your way for me to pluck Jed cuz you look at Mike's abuse is what it is I just don't understand and it's a mom gonna cheney for my maybe grab all your makeup it's an intervention this is hmm no no no no back away do not hide your disgustingness this woman is a straight hoarder what is happening sometimes things get to make kids what can I tell here's another bag today for Oh mom come on are you kidding well this is my thing when I color my hair now you mean rubber gloves that you're supposed to replace every time that is a special glove any sense get out of my business everything is packed up because the the workmen are working on downstairs so I've had to move things and put them differently so mind your business life that's really cool for your flat irons the rail except not when you put it right by toilet paper that can light on a tire these are my extra they're not usually there but you have paper by a hot iron and these so the iron is never hot and you are putting God to the test you would you want getting on my business okay do we have all of your makeup now I mean all of it mom I want all of it this has to end that mom that is it is another container no it's been my grandchildren came and I would have different hair fixes for them oh this is hair fixes I am organized organized okay let's see more hair fix is what it is all right this I'm in they what twisty curls they want twisty girls okay sure mm-hmm what's s knobs wired so that those can be changed from gold to white to silver they all came to white so you change them seasonally know that there are you kidding me Lisa so are you changing that it better I changed the color of paint or the decor I might just so why am I gonna throw it away if I keep them okay so I decide yes nobs with hair accessories no but but yes because that is hair accessories my issue is why are major business because they're looking good though that's bringing some more fresh ears all the air and atmosphere ten bags ten bags make it by my house makeup from 1963 mom I don't understand how you can have this in your arsenal and then this like what okay well we have an hour drive so we better get moving mm-hmm are we ready as ready as we'll ever be