Requirements for business or entrepreneur immigration to Canada (2019)

Hi! Are you a businessman who has had
business experience in the past or are you a senior manager who has managed
end-to-end processes of the business from finance to hiring, to marketing, to
sales and operations? If so, you might be eligible for entrepreneurial immigration
to Canada. One of the two main requirements for
entrepreneurial immigration is, first of all, you need to have business or senior
managerial experience and then you need to have certain amount of minimum assets. And you should be willing to invest a certain portion of those assets in your
own business that you will set up and manage day-to-day in Canada. So most
of the entrepreneurial immigration programs in Canada are not investment
programs. You actually have to set up a business, run that business, hire one or
two Canadian citizens or permanent residents and then give proof that you were living
in that particular province and you were managing your business actively and then
you can apply for permanent residence. Initially most provinces will give you a
work permit so you can come set up your business and then as you show your
progress that you are doing a good job you’re managing your business only then
can you apply for permanent residence. Minimum required assets can vary. For
some provinces it can be as high as 1.5 million dollars for others it can be as
low as $300,000. While the investment amount can vary from 100,000 to 200,000 dollars to all the way up to 800,000 dollars in
your own business. And it varies from Ontario to British Columbia. It also
depends whether you want to start your business in a main area like
Greater Toronto Area or you want to go outside like in a regional area. For more
information get in touch with us today. Thank you very much for watching, till
next time, take care!