Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle Cloud Apps: Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Highlights

speed of change is ever-increasing now a day goes by where I'm not talking to a customer who has an opportunity to disrupt or change the way they've done business or who have a competitor who are disrupting for changing the way they look at the competitive landscape we built the world's most complete and now world's most innovative software suite of applications with innovation and machine learning and business intelligence for business outcomes across the board in every product area we've used machine learning to give you new applications or new features with an application we could have built for and across the board we are improving and putting tremendous focus on our overall cloud experience improving and ratcheting down those times of updates a tremendous focus on the maturity and the service element of these applications for cloud services we have now thousands of customers who've gone through this journey now including ourselves Oracle runs all of our CX sales service marketing all of our EPM and ERP all of our HCM and just this year we went live on our supply chain manufacturing we are over a hundred and thirty thousand employees we are in essentially every country in the world all in the exact same cloud version of software and in fact exact same data center all with the same updates and cadence has all of our other customers and we call this the last upgrade you will ever do because once you move to our cloud you get those constant innovations and we update the software for you it's a foundational set up forever and so as we are in this model now whether we're talking about something else in two years a year and a half other the machine learning the same rapid adoption technology is in place and our customers in cloud are ready to take advantage of that whatever that may be the focus and the effort from our team is all about the customer and all about making you successful and we try to pride ourselves in that every single day