Cities Skylines – How To Industries (Updated for 2019)

what's going on move the mouse here back in city skylines with another episode of a how-to series and in this episode we're talking about the industry's DLC now this DLC is perhaps the most complicated out of all of them so I'll do my best to give you a quick recap in this how-to series but if you want a lot more behind-the-scenes and in-depth footage check out my latest let's play season 6 where we build the city of wood garden from the ground up we started with some basic farming added in some forestry set up our ore industry and even though there isn't any oil on the map we were able to import oil and upgrade the industry that way first things first though we need to define an industry area very similar to the way that we did parks in park life DLC this works very similar to the district tool but it can overlap multiple districts or no districts at all to define an industry area next the type of main building that you drop in will define what type of industry area it is and if you're planning on pulling resources from the ground make sure there are those types of resources in the area where you want to build your industry to check that out we can go to the info views and natural resources tab to see where the best places are once you define an industry area and dropped in a farm main building you'll be able to grow crops fruit and animal products these can be stored at factories or grain silos sent off the processing buildings in the form of the flour mill or the cattle shed and eventually those goods can be shipped off to factories to produce actual goods to sell off into the market forestry industry works the exact same way you define a main building drop-in resource buildings like tree plantations and sapling fields drop-in sawmills and log yards to process those goods which again will get shipped off to factories later on your playthrough or industry can pull or out of the ground process it into things like metals and glass to be used later on in factories the map that I'm building on is called wood garden and that's also the town's name that comes with the industries dlc but one thing the map does not have is oil what you can do in those cases if you don't have a natural resource on map or maybe we want to build an industry area away from where that resource actually is you can create storage containers or rare houses to import those goods too you can interact with one of these buildings with the inspector tool on and if you ask it to fill it's going to try and keep that filled as best as possible in this case with oil from off map so even if you don't have a particular resource you still can get those Goods onto your map build processing facilities to turn it into things like petroleum and plastics and again those can be used by the factories to create goods to sell off to the commercial marketplace with the inspector tool out you can interact with the main building and bring up industry area info now you can also do that from the industry area inspector tool and that can be really useful if you don't remember where your main building is from here you can get a look at the production chain to see how much you're producing of various products and what those get turned into to level up industry areas you need to meet a certain number of workers as well as hit a number of produced resources as you level up each of the industry areas you'll unlock various unique factories that will use those components created within the areas you can interact on factories of the inspector tool to see what it needs for goods from a production standpoint and what it's actually producing going out the production rates ladder can be adjusted to encourage these factories to produce even more at a higher production value cost but also providing more benefit to your bank account when those goods are actually sold off and exported off map another new addition to the industry's DLC are toll booths and these can be used to charge cars and trucks money to pass through various interchanges on your highway now they do slow traffic down a little bit so keep that in mind but if they're placed in the right spot it shouldn't matter what I've done here is move it just far enough away from the highway to make sure there's no back up onto the highway itself from the cars slowing down to the toll it's a nice way to generate some extra income for your city and it has a nice aesthetic appeal because you'll generally see these in real life industries also brings with it a cargo Airport where the regular Airport handles passengers this handles cargo so you'll have a lot more truck traffic coming to this one there's also the cargo Airport hub which is an airport for cargo with a train station mixed in so this can be great for adding the certain industry areas to get goods in and out without having to hit the highway an interesting mechanic that can contribute to the happiness of your citizens is the post office so you can drop these it'll send out post trucks to deliver mail the post sorting facility is a larger version where local post offices will deliver mail could then be passed on further along down the chain it is kind of a neat idea but anything that adds traffic to your city without a real tangible benefit is something that you really might want to consider before you dive in and start dropping those all over your town but that's a quick look at industries hopefully that gave you an idea how to get started or just an understanding of whether or not the industry's DLC is for you it's by far the most involve DLC though so we can't really cover everything in a quick video like this if you have questions let me know in the comments down below or better yet check out the step-by-step building of this entire city from the ground up I started let's play season 6 for the town of wood garden on the map of wood garden which is an industries map on the day that industries was released on consoles so check that series out for much more in-depth information and to see me learn along the way piecing all these different mechanics together for the first time if you did enjoy this video likes comments and shares all helped the channel a lot and are greatly appreciated if you're new here subscribe and consider hitting the bell to get notifications so you can see updates in this and other series follow me on Twitter and join the discord if you want to get involved in the discussion but until the next one this is move the mouse signing off you

Deadliest Journeys – Panama, business in the jungle

come on guys wake up hey don't break my canoe go ahead throw in the water Darien is a region where there are no roads everything is handmade everything depends on the river get moving trillion seater go Pablo go ahead come on come on whoa whoa we followed these everyday heroes for whom every trip every movement as a struggle against nature careful okay anything broken everything in Darien is wild savage danger lurks at every moment look at sir jag was dead on the flats where they hide this is a land for adventure and fantasy as well as greed whatever gold people will kill it's also the gateway to the United States for illegal refugees who dream of a new life for the simple eight hundred bucks nobody told us this we'd agreed in Bogota they're at the mercy of the smugglers whose only Creed is the dollar in this Green Hell an impenetrable jungle whenever he knows the way to the border humans and destiny intersect in their own way everyone struggles to survive in the Darien it's the region of the impossible the Twitter rivers the Gateway to this region at the end of the world where time glides past as slowly as the water here the river is the tarmac the canoes are the cars and trucks nothing is mechanized it takes brute strength to travel loading and unloading can take hours a truck full of goods has just arrived from Panama City it belongs to a woman they called the queen of the river – IRRI the queen is Gina a 55 year old store owner it's hard to believe but Gina shows us that her pigs and two and a half tons of merchandise will travel on this little boat everything there is mine it's for my supermarket rice sugar gas beverages oil what's the value of these Goods turn 1/2 thousand dollars come on sweetheart every ten days the Queen transports our merchandise to a little village a full day's to River journey away food and also fuel it's the region's most precious commodity so the most expensive there's 1500 liters on board are you gonna sell this – no – the people in the community in my village because they need fuel in addition to a shop gina also acts as a freight manager on behalf of others it's a set for the lounge and the dining room lounge in a dining room there were very well packaged and we'll deliver them to the owner I get paid a commission to carry them Gina employs 12 men even so the loading will take almost an entire day now the loading must be done quickly the chicken won't survive in the heat and in this region the weather is unpredictable and this table can be put there under cover the table and and the living-room furniture you'll need to carry it good just like that – the right way up do you always supervise this yourself oh yes it's part of my job if I don't look after the merchandise who will nobody that's the thing a fellow in Bandung loading the cans of fuel is the most dangerous operation there are seven 200 kilo cans with no machines to help they do as best they can Gina has spent over half her life on the river building up her business she has four children and is now grandmother to young Chui he's only four but the Queen has made him her heir she takes him everywhere she says to teach him the job Chui if you eats everything I'll give you a soda it's the end of the day at the Harbor time for a break for the family to watch a spectacle on the river – IRRI that occurs only twice a year Chu he loves it it's also the end of the road for the cows the truck cannot go further to get the cattle into the fields there's a chance for some rodeo it's physically taxing and dangerous the cows seem to know they won't be traveling first class and these latest passengers are not treated with kid gloves [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] these girls will take 30 minutes to reach their new pastures the cows don't suffer no they don't they used to it they like the water it's cool but isn't it dangerous for them now it's dangerous for us not for them they can swim we can't well may them a drowned no no oh yeah last time one did drowned oh yeah she died and we ate her how much do you earn doing this job MA good worker and six dollars a day plus food and alcohol what do you drink rum and that's free to the rum the Gauchos are hot this afternoon they've started early to celebrate the weekend a way of building up courage another hundred animals have to be transported when they arrive the heavily built cows are exhausted we'll put them in their pens tonight so they can recover and tomorrow will let them out into the fields to get them out the Cowboys sometimes take extreme measures not forgetting a little local touch it's 5:30 in the morning in the port of yeah visa and gina is stirring to ensure a good night's sleep she keeps her merchandise as close by as possible before the boss gets up everything must be loaded the meet included for nosey I'm wide awake thank God I need to get on with my work the PPO why should I set the canoe come on you have to I'm tired excuse me you're not afraid of falling no I'm used to it for me it's natural I've never fallen in the water by a visa see you soon bow Kelly Cooper Gina small village is a three-day journey from Panama City a day by truck to you visa then no more roads and things start to get complicated in winter it takes seven hours to reach Boca the cooper close to the border with Colombia in summer when the water levels are much lower the trip becomes a more than 12 hour long nightmare Gina's Kinnear is 35 years old it's 12 meter long-haul weighed down by the two and a half ton load and powered along by a small 40 horsepower engine at full throttle the old canoes so low in the water that the wake of any boat it crosses causes a flood on board [Applause] now many canoes have already been sucked that way by being flooded by passing boats some don't care just trouble too fast and too close to make sure they stay afloat the owner has instructed one of her clerks to bail water all day long so that she can relax the first stages of the trip along the tree are worthy of a tourist river cruise a trip through primeval jungle and a chance to glimpse wild animals many might pay good money for after two hours the relaxing break comes to an end Gino gets back down to business insuring her merchandise gets to customers on the waterfront this brand-new living room and dining room will soon be in their new home is this a good deal Oh whenever I have the space in my canoe I do it we come past here anyway so it costs us nothing it's an extra $40 now which is better than nothing a few kilometers away on the other side of the border is the small village of Alto Baldo wedged between mountains it's one of the most remote parts of Colombia tomorrow the school is due to open but the teacher hasn't arrived yet she has a good excuse the path to school is long and steep Delphina mascara has arrived from the city where she spent the summer holidays the first leg is a few hours journey by canoe here too there is no road to the village where she teaches on the other side of the mountain the mayor himself has turned out to greet her now I believe how are you good thank you so a treat do you have in store for me today oh my affection as always the mayor has a surprise for his special guest the second part of the journey she will travel courtesy of a unique transportation company the company employs the most resourceful and strongest men from the village come on the chairs are nearly finished okay let's go the schoolteacher all her school supplies and her two assistants will all travel on the backs of these professional Porter's Aceros where's my rifle okay let's go these are scenes from another century the colonial era when the Spanish used the natives as human mules when slavery was abolished the Paseos disappeared except here men continue to carry other humans to earn a penny by and large their fares are women the infirm or the weak the first hours are a long climb in 35-degree heat through thick forests and on trials only these men can take dharia put me down please I want to light some candles for the Virgin at the top of the mountain pause in front of the madonna provides reassurance to some and a welcome break to others the hardest part of the journey that descent is still to come it's the first time I'm going this way in a chair it's very scary it's horrible I was dizzy you get the feeling you're gonna fall off the chair any minute but still it's better than walking the skill of an acrobat along slippery steps the Pizarro's have dug into the rock over the centuries we're going down horses and mules couldn't go this way like this path isn't made for horses and mules now there's no room for everything okay nothing broken carrying more than a hundred kilos on one's back is a miraculous balancing act it's very dangerous people have fallen into the ravine because of the weight well simply because they lost their balance there been many accidents here it's very hard work but we used to it after a half day of effort the little village of Alto Baldo and the school are finally in sight till a bit on time the teacher will be there for the new term to celebrate the arrival of the teacher the village has hosted a race the strange race only to be found in these parts these physically powerful men are respected and looked up to in the village carrying a child the races complete a circuit [Applause] then what's he done 21 minutes the man of the day is one with a two-minute lead over the others and the result of its superhuman effort a man carrier a trade from another era it's a job that allows the village of El Toboso to survive and Delfina the teacher to educate children in the depths of the jungle the scene is surprising for this remote area queen gina has received a call from the village hello daughter yes we've just left your visa last business meeting with her secretary and in a few minutes the phone will no longer work going deeper into the mountains the danger rises as the water levels drop at this junction of rivers the skill of her boatman makes all the difference he must weave between the tree trunks carried downstream as a result of violent storms when the river is clear you can see the tree trunks but even if we see them the canoe might still hit the wreckage you have confidence in your husband oh absolutely a hundred percent he's worked for me for sixteen years and naturally no one on board has a lifejacket at midday it will be time to sit down to lunch and in order not to fall behind schedule I'm making salad Gina has thought of everything in case of the unexpected with no more gas what's wrong with him I need six gallons of gas to get to the village okay calm down well we'll get you something see they didn't buy enough gas for the trip and now they've run out the engine uses a lot of gasoline so I'll give him a hand it's a blessing from God if you hadn't been here what would have become of us would have never made it to balk at the Cooper before nightfall Gina queen of the river tuara is also its guardian angel rise some chicken and sauce accompanied by a small green salad Gina the boss is also a chef lunch break for the whole crew the village of Pinot gana marks the midpoint of the journey everyone must stop here it's a typical quiet town with a military garrison all along the river the Panamanian border police search each boat a short distance away as Colombia it's a country that's been a war for 30 years and the world's largest producer of cocaine the military are looking for drugs and guns and food for the Colombian guerrillas even the Queen must show her papers the search lasts an hour as her canoe is thoroughly inspected la policia second let me say it's a routine check of the goods line carry but since the border with Colombia is closed by the police suspect we may be supplying the guerrillas but we've never even seen one a guerrilla Ramos on this stretch of the river the police have imposed a curfew at 6 p.m. all traffic is banned in fact the military also trying to stop the flow of illegal immigrants heading north for the United States for some life seems to be a bed of roses but not for these men and women who've come from far away these illegal immigrants from Africa have entrusted their lives into the hands of three smugglers and their canoe now in the jungle comes the riskiest part of their passage to the United States they need to cross one of the most tense and hostile areas in the world at any time there might be seized by the army and sent back to their own country it all started 48 hours earlier in Turbo northern Colombia it's the point of departure for the well-organized human traffic after several days of bargaining the head of the smugglers confirms the illegal immigrants will leave the same evening at 11 p.m. on board one of these fishing canoes at the appointed hour we quietly leave the city with the smugglers ostensibly to go fishing at sea our presence makes the crew nervous fearing it might alert the police lower your light and your camera careful and watch out for the branches there there the smile is there hiding over there waiting in a marshy areas 16 they're legal immigrants 12 men and four women they've been here for two weeks hiding inside a house come over here come over here get it get in the front once away from the city the boatman steps on the gas we must travel the greatest possible distance at night to foil the army patrols it's a three-hour crossing on a rough sea then through the night along the Rio su tío the saltwater river the helmsman navigates blindly submit we has a tree trunk and there's panic on board you see one of the eretrians is about to explode no problem be quiet it's okay okay Oh Dan look a second tree trunk nearly impaled the boat we avoid being sunk though why why is there all this water in the boat oh it's always wet look see comes in here and there it's fine it's normal that's water tonight the illegals have once again escaped death they've crushed with death several times since starting their ordeal they come from Sudan Eritrea Somalia even Bangladesh first they flew or sailed across the Atlantic for a quad or a country for which they don't need a visa from Ecuador they head for Colombia on foot by boat or by truck their final goal is the United States and the hope of a new life the immigrants have left the city of turbo in Colombia to reach Panama without getting caught by the military they have to cross the near impenetrable jungle the Darien in the morning fatigue adds to the tension after the Rio sucio there's a swamp infested with crocodiles the vegetation is so dense that it wraps around the propeller the engine heats up and threatens to break down 13,000 kilometers from home and completely lost these men and women nevertheless keep going they're canary trust there are in faith and the smugglers these new unknown masters of their destiny the Sun has been beating down since dawn the water levels continue to fall and progress is slow in this little corner of the world we have no idea where we are but Roberto the leader of the smugglers seems to be enjoying himself he's planning to hike the prices who speaks the best Spanish you yeah the guide needs half the money half the money he needs half the money now guide to get to the border how much $800 now and 800 other border there's a discussion that it will be brief resigned all talk of revolt is quashed everyone takes out their dollars 800 for 16 people they're reluctant but have no choice fortunately there's $800 the boatman receives his share with no qualms and proud of its work leaves happy the group starts off it will be a long day the border with Panama is closed further north in the forest another group of madness on the move towards another paradise these are not immigrants but prospectors returning to a mine in this jungle full of surprises it's best to be armed to defend themselves and to hunt for food is that look what is it it's a pelican toner good oh yeah to make soup it's very tasty their weapons are not only for hunting but also to repel predators it's hard to walk here the road is dangerous there are many snakes Jaguars and many Pumas in this jungle there's a Jag was den over there we kill them in those holes that we shoot them well get them out of their holes and then we kill them this is where they sleep mercury parts are Cohen and Rubens have come from their small village where they partied for three days there's a small camp a little base but since they have no more money they return to work on this River the Rio Salado the natives know this river well and for centuries have been looking for the most precious of minerals gold using this homemade machine which is essentially a vacuum cleaner they plunge under water to scowl at the riverbed they suck up the sand which then settles into a sieve after two days of work the moment of truth will they be gold and how much now think I see some specs how much you think you've got that I don't know it's hard to say this traditional method of panning may reveal some golden flakes potentially lots of gold doing it that way no if you do it gently the gold run wash away the heavier gold remains at the bottom of the bowl that's more than one gram surely it so good oh yeah $25 a gram look at how the gold shows up so I guess you're happy yeah it's taken two days to finally find something the gold will fetch barely fifty dollars but it's enough to celebrate with before returning here and beginning work again at any moment we could find a lot of gold if we do then I don't know what we'd do we get straight back to the village go a bit crazy and spend drink dance if we find fifty or a hundred grams we'll go crazy it's like Gold Fever yeah Gold Fever gold crazy too much gold is evil you don't know what to do you go mad you know for gold people would kill it's the fifth hour of the trike and the immigrants had no idea such a living hell was possible America is still far away are you my moon are you feeling in this forest way even hardened adventurers have given up they only have their city clothes their light shoes and their entire belongings carried on their backs whatever they have or don't have they must press on they walk without knowing exactly where suddenly the black tarpaulin indicates signs of life it's a base camp the group will have to wait here for several hours for a new smuggler to guide them where are we okay where are we the location is unclear but what is certain is that the camp regularly accommodates illegal immigrants for now neither the Army nor the guerrillas have discovered its existence problem is the army to prevent the military are arresting on the illegals are taken here and then we get them across the border you idle or did it time in Tooele frontier in the late morning it's almost 40 degrees 40 degrees of humility mosquito weather the sleepless night and difficult walk have left their mark bruises on both body and soul one of the illegals agrees to tell us a story on condition of anonymity for six months then from that I escaped it from the jail and I would not come back to my country how was the price of this much more money about $15,000 or $16,000 to finish line to finish the line yeah some of them by working and have them just leave peacefully in America yes leave peacefully to work collect money and to help my family the hours tick away and there's still no sign of the new smuggler the other major concern is the quantity of food and drinking water both of which are now dangerously low Roberto the chief smuggler shows us that water can be found all around us no problem this water is safe to drink no problem it's like fruit juice you can drink this no problem in the afternoon the second smuggler finally shows up at the camp in his canoe but once again there's confusion and another crisis meeting why you leave us here then you put both parents tell you how much wanted no circumpolar by a cobra reality Lord I paddle gear and tell him to tell that the border when we finish the boat will give the rest vanity painting okay okay for once and this is the first time the migrants are successful it's a small victory the smugglers forbid us to film any further or to continue with them to keep the border crossing secret it will be four months before we have any more news these Somalis Eritrean Sudanese and bangladesh's did finally achieve their dream their American dream the hardest thing to take on the river is the Sun burning stultifying almost 40 degrees for Gina it's time for a siesta the rest is all too short the engine cannot do it alone the river is very dry now we'll have to get in the water and raise the canoe against the current it's always like that in the summer in winter it's not like that at all but now in the summer it's very hard very difficult the entire crew apart from little Chui is forced to get into the water they have to use brute force to push three tons against the current in the village they know Gina is on her way a boatload of children is on its way to lend a hand we're trying to head up fortunately they're people in the village who will pick us up Pablo go ahead well no kena give into the wars and grab the rope start to bullet hush the canoe is two lights and can't make it and now the engine stalls and the canoe begins to drift Gina sees that the canoe is heading straight for her own vessel they narrowly avoid a collision come on harder til your seat oh you need to put it down in this canoe come on this side and grab the can [Laughter] twelve hours to cover just 30 kilometers it's now three days since they left Panama City hey we've arrived at Boca the coop a hooray now we must untie and unload the other bag out as usual the village children jump for joy when they see Gina and her team boca de koopa is a typical easygoing Darrien village with a population of some 2,000 in this little paradise in the middle of nowhere afro and native panamanians live peacefully together in a village where there's neither running water nor telephones people live here from agriculture primarily bananas these these bananas are plantains they're very nice they're the best the plantations are located a few hours walk from the village the work is tedious in furnace-like conditions and the pay's poultry just five dollars a day per person Gena escaped this life of slavery to to her business she's become the richest and most important woman in the village welcome to my little palace this is my grocery store this is your life's work right Gina oh yes this is my pride and joy because I work for Darian and for the people of Darian and this is my husband together we've made all of this possible but success comes at a cost while her husband Minds the grocery store Gina the Nomad lives on the road in two days to refurnish her stock she will leave once again for Panama City another challenging journey fraught with pitfalls all the sacrifices I have made in my life are on behalf of my children because tomorrow or the day after when I finally close my eyes they will inherit everything I didn't have that opportunity so at least when I died I'll die happy because I've left something for my children they will have something to raise their children with because God has given me that possibility you must never tell Gina that she's a great woman her answer will be that for the people of Darien nothing is impossible

Cities Skylines – How To Industry Area – Episode 8 (Updated for 2019)

what's going on move the mouse here back in city skylines with another episode of the how-to series and in this one I thought we could start looking at planning out a more efficient industrial area this is really just kind of a sloppy grid that we zoned off to kind of meet that demand when our map initially started up but now that we have trained access there's a couple different things we can do to make a much more efficient industry area now whether or not you have the industry's DLC there are some specializations you can do and we talked about these a little bit before but anytime you paint a district you can go into industry specializations and basically stamp it with forestry agriculture or or oil and if you don't do anything or if you want to reset it back to generic industry that's the last option here but that just basically means that any of the buildings that pop up in here are gonna adhere to that certain standard but it's still kind of just gonna Auto grow those buildings just based on the zoning and the type of specialization that you define on it but the other thing you can do if you have the industry's DLC if we go over to here to this tab we can actually paint an industry area and right away that throws us into the views so we can see that you know there's farming here in yellow forestry and green and and obviously the thicker the trees the better the the forestry area will be and this is up here what we've set as kind of that auto specialization so we've defined it as forestry and it's just going to grow that way if we wanted to though we could paint an industry area to define it as something basically works very much like a district we're just painting an area logical area of the map that we want to be an industry and then depending on what type of building we drop in that defines the industry type so same as before with the specializations forestry farming or an oil in this case though you don't necessarily have to zone anything because you're gonna choose what buildings to place down and the more goods you produce the more workers you have in an area you can unlock bigger and better buildings which basically manage the entire production chain from pulling a resource off the map now farming and forestry are both renewable or an oil are not so you'll eventually drain those resources unless you're playing with the unlimited or an oil cheap turned on you also have options for warehouses where you can store goods and then eventually you'll unlock unique factories which take multiple types of resources from different industries to assemble them into products which can be exported off map for a profit so here Furniture Factory uses paper and timber both pulled from forestry a bakery uses assets from farming so crops flour and animal products and as you get further and further down the chain some of these get more and more complicated so something like a soft paper factory is going to use paper plastic petroleum and crops so you would need forestry oil and farming in order to make the goods that are necessary for a soft paper factory now if you don't have what you need on map let's take a look at our resources here so we have zero oil on our map if you did want to do an oil industry you could do that but what you'd have to do is plop down a road and connect it to the highway and then you could do an oil main building like so and that unlocks a couple things that unlocks a pump which you would pull oil from the ground but since that's not an option on our map you do have these storage buildings that you can drop down and when you put those in you can actually interact with those and say for example I want to fill this facility and it will do that with goods from off map so that'll come in via train or via a truck into the area and that will fill up on oil and then you can use that to produce actual goods but in this case let's just do generic industry I just wanted to cover some of those basics with industries DLC if you want to see a more detailed guide on that or more specifically a let's play my season six that's going on right now kind of goes through everything that you might want to know step by step episode by episode as I build an entire town around all the new industries but I will do a DLC focused how to is pretty soon but for right now I just want to talk about making a more efficient industry than what we have over here now in order to do that we need a couple different things and Highway and rail are both fantastic starts so let's find a spot to cram it in and I'm thinking right over here by the river not too too close that it's gonna pollute because regular industry is very high polluting unfortunately but what I want to do is let's first of all pause the game I'm gonna break a bit of this rail system here and we're gonna reassemble this we're gonna do kind of an expensive upgrade here so you want to have a little bit of money in the bank if you're gonna do something like this first thing we're to do is we're going to delete a good section of the highway here so we can drop an intersection in and I'm gonna start with the t-intersection we're gonna make some changes to this let's see how that looks kind of line that up just a little bit different I think that can work and then let's hook this in a little different so I'd like to delete a little extra space on either side it kind of helps hook these in better with less less awkward bends so we'll go back into roads we'll go over to highway and in this case I'm just gonna use the default three lane highway that everyone has access to if you have mass transit you have some other options in the form of two-lane highways four-lane highways two way one way each time so so there's a lot of different options but to just blend in with the highways that are on map I'm gonna use the three lane highway I'm going to switch to the curve tool actually I think it's gonna be easier to come from over here so it will actually light up this little arrow when you're kind of on path to intersect with out of the road so if we click to anchor our point here you get a pretty smooth transition not too bad I'll do the same thing here we'll reverse those directions after the fact but let's finish over here now I'm just gonna do the same thing hook it in like that trying to keep them relatively parallel and now we can go into our reverse direction tool and fix those highways that we kind of made backwards here okay so we've got a highway interchange I'm going to connect this a little bit further out just so we have some straight shot of highway coming off of here because I'm actually gonna delete some of this this one make sure it makes in parallel so I'm gonna delete those two segments but we've got a way to kind of hook it back up exactly where it was what I want to do is and this is just purely an aesthetic thing but I like to show that there are options if we want this train track to come over the highway we could do that by just simply going trains go one of the tracks and then when we get to the roads we can go up and over and then back down that's kind of a quick sloppy way to do it the other way we can do it is by kind of carving a little value here for us so if we go into the landscaping tools and I'm just gonna lower the train it's a little bit here that should be plenty and then I'm gonna level the terrain based on that point right right there I'm gonna switch to a small brush and I'm just gonna make a little valley through here and we can smooth this out afterwards I'm going to go out further than I need on both sides and then let's get the train tracks through there first triangle right up the middle of the valley here and now we can connect this highway back up so what I'll do is I'll I'll smooth this out it will kind of it'll kind of stick where the the train tracks are as you can see it softens the terrain up a little bit and now we should be able to connect those highways back up okay if it doesn't let you do that what you can do is raise it if I go to my snapping options you can actually choose how much those elevation steps are so how little do we want to go up every time we click the button we go to the shortest option here we can make that a little less drastic you can see we can just barely get over the highway there or the the train track rather so it's just enough room to get some trains under there and we'll do the same thing we'll come up one click if you want to look from this side you want to keep your pillars nice and even you can actually kind of snap into the same point so right there those pillars should be even we come over and then we connect it wow that actually looks like that's that's eating the train there it's like I came up higher on the other side we've added two clicks on the shorter on the shorter distance yeah I did it's a little tight but if it lets you place it technically then the train could get under there but this is just one way you can make things a little bit more realistic if if you drive around your town you'll probably notice that a lot of highways are like this so you'll have just a little bit of a cutout where the highway dips ever so slightly you may not even notice it if you're just paying him to the highway but if you look at the sides of the road often there's a little tiny little Valley or tiny little mounding where a cross street that's crossing the highway goes up and over and you have these little cutouts where those bridges are it doesn't drastically change the height of the overall in this case train track or highway but it's a little bit more realistic in terms of build so we've got a trip so we've got a train and a highway handy here so let's fix our directions again and now we want to start laying down some roads for the actual industry area but in this case we wanted good access to Highway and rail and I think we've got both those things right here so we've got this highway coming off now for industry areas I like to use a lot of one-way roads for this workflow that that I tend to do but just to show you how things can get a little bit more efficient moving traffic through the zone so you've got a lot of trucks coming in going you want to keep the traffic flow as smooth as possible in that area and one ways are a great way to do that now with just the bass game you do have two lane one-way road and that is perfectly fine it's $40 per cell and it accomplishes what we want if you have the industry's DLC you also have a small industry road which is the same thing it's two lanes one-way traffic $30 per cell it is cheaper it's also noisier though it generates more noise pollution so that is something to keep in mind that it's a noisier Road but that's totally fine for what we're doing here so we're gonna have traffic coming from the highway here and we want to kind of dump it into this zone so let's do this we'll switch to our straight tool and I'm just gonna come down ten units we're gonna change this piece right here in a minute but I kind of want to lay the foundation for my grid work here so for this I'm gonna come out four and then I'm gonna make these really really tight blocks so we're just gonna zone everything we can and the flow here is really important so we've got everybody coming into the zone this way and then what I'm gonna do here is just continue this one way down this way then back up over here and again here and all the way down here we can go right up on top of the train tracks the industries you're not going to mind the noise and then I have these coming back up so I'm just gonna delete those last two segments there because what I want to do is force the traffic on the highway into this zone I'm going to do that with a two-lane highway so they're basically gonna merge down to two lanes to then become two lanes down here so we've got this traffic coming into the zone now we want to give the traffic a way out of the zone I'm gonna freeform this so I can kind of s bend it back into itself like so now I guess the other thing you could do is if you do have the industry roads you have two lanes coming off the highway you could force them down to two lanes here this would be totally fine and would save you tiny a little bit of money on the initial creation of the roads I think not a lot but so we're bringing traffic in you're filtering one way through and then you're leaving the zone now there are times when you may need to make a return trip into the zone when a business needs to deliver to another business or for our service vehicles to come back through so I'm gonna do a little exit ramp if I'm leaving to export goods I can go that way if I'm coming back into the zone I can go that way now at the very least we're gonna want to have fire coverage at an absolute minimum and we can do that right here on this block we can kind of use this as a service block and then I'm gonna do the same thing with a small police station right next door and they're gonna need garbage service too so here I will throw for a cycle plant they're not gonna mind the pollution because the industries themselves are gonna be polluting quite a bit hopefully not too close to our water I will have to keep an eye on that I may have built this a little bit too close so keep that in mind that it will pollute the ground and if the ground has water that could get in your water supply that is flowing downstream towards our pumps so we will have to keep an eye on that you can see pollution on the info views and make sure that the kind of dark pollution bubbles like this aren't stretching into the water like this one is very close right over here so this might be a little bit close over here we can we can keep an eye on it and we could always use the landscaping tool to bias a little bit of extra terrain over here just so the waters a little bit further out and we can put the ground without affecting the water so that should be fine and we aren't really diverting the river too much you'd see holding up a little bit there but that will settle down pretty fast we throw on three times speed there you go so we've raised our land there and now we don't to worry about pollution let's let's do this let's zone it as standard industry have some businesses start to move in and then we can power and water and figure out the rest of this now I'll show you where we don't want to zone you may not want his own well I guess you know what we can hear so zoning all this area is fine but we might not want to zone over here that will show you why let's rethink our train line here we want to give this all connected the same way we're gonna make a little bit of room to hook in our cargo train here so I'll do it right there so we've got some room here and I want to bring this track out on this side so we've got the station connected for trains coming this way but those are only trains from inside the city right now so we need to connect from outside so this is a little less than ideal but we can make it work by connecting like that trains are gonna have to slow down quite a bit to come in here but this is long enough that a train can come in and when we eventually hook up the other side we can send it to other cargo stations around the map and then that can actually help us deliver goods into commercial areas so rather than a truck driving from here all the way up to our commercial zones to deliver goods to sell we could actually have a train station up here that does cargo and then the trucks will pick it up from there and deliver it into the commercial zone so that can reduce some of your road traffic which is nice this also gives you the ability to import export and it provides usually a level up for the buildings that are here because it raises that land value specifically for industry capabilities it's ok I've been ignoring the actual problems down here cuz we didn't fully hook this up into our grid yet so we need to get water coverage and power over here sloppy pipes but that's fine for our example here if we look at power a couple things we could do we've got good wind and water turbine power over here so we could do something like that but these generally eat up a lot of electricity the the industry areas so let's just actually hook it into our grid we can come right across the water with it we'll do that and then we'll try and hook it in right over here I think that will that tiny little overlap should spread to the zone that did let's go back double check our zoning because I think I broke a few pieces over here when I was moving stuff in so let's let this build up real quick well time-lapse this hopefully we have enough demand to fill the zone but I want you to see kind of what this looks like once we have all the industry traffic in there the flow of traffic again keeping things constantly moving and having one-way intersections means that we don't need any stop signs or stoplights so there's nothing here that's gonna slow down traffic other than a truck pulling into a business now we've got the emergency service vehicles here at the beginning of the entranceway so that they can drive through the zone go where they need to go and then they can report back home by taking that exit ramp and just looping back through and it's the same way for trucks trucks are gonna come into this area to deliver goods they'll follow that same route or maybe they are picking up goods to bring to commercial or to export off map via the train station and again we've hooked this up over here so that we can eventually have another cargo station up network but keep in mind that this particular train network this isn't actually hooked up to an outside line over here so if you're gonna only hook it up one way it's more important to have that hook up going back into your routes that go to the outside world now if you'd really plan the space up better you don't have to do these kind of sharp turns like this but the principles are exactly the same regardless of how much space you really give it the only really important thing is making sure that these have enough space and the triangles for an entire length of train to slip by that way you don't get this infinite gridlock so we've actually got a train coming into our cargo station and that should spawn trucks to them yep there we go and then deliver those goods let's see where they go I'm guessing they're gonna come into our zone so they might take that highway all the way around up to the hair to come into here because we don't have that actually connected anywhere just yet but that is a viable route now right now people are complaining that there's not enough workers over here so two ways we can solve that problem are curing a road network over here I guess these are a few ways we can bring a road network over here we could put a passenger train station over here and we could of course hook up metros so let's do a quick metro line just to hook this area in it's a nice quick easy way to do it so let's bring them maybe to here this corner that way they can walk easily enough throughout most of the zone and I'm going to curve this out and just get it connected into our other metro line here now it's tough to tell but you have the same issue with train tracks as you do with metro tracks so if we look over here at our triangle intersection when you have a corner like this I can't come this way and turn left I can only kind of go with the flow of the curve so in this case with the metro line this one can only go up this way can't turn left so if we do a line here we can connect this station which is actually right next to our passenger network want to make sure we're creating a new line come down to here you can see the curve that the the trains gonna hit there with that line and just keep an eye out for that it'll tell you if you're not able to make a bend that you thought you were gonna be able to make but now people can get to this metro station on foot or from another metro station anywhere in the city and then they'll jump lines and come down here to work that should help our worker problem relatively fast but we'll let this zone keep filling out for a minute and again just so I can show you kind of the traffic flow now I've built much much larger versions of this but it's a really effective way to do things because again none of the traffic is is really stopping for other traffic so I'll leave this playing on three times speed for a minute let me go into the cinematic mode so that there's no UI and you can just see that you know as the trucks get heavier and heavier and there's more and more traffic coming through here it's still able to turn pretty well one problem I do see happening here is that they think this is a good way to get to the train station from here so they are turning kind of left and immediately straight and maybe slowing down traffic over here but when I build a larger version of this my cargo train wouldn't be right here on the edge of this street I would put it somewhere further up before this turn around and that way if people are picking up goods need to come back into the zone to deliver to another business they can take that same loop around that we use for things like the to service vehicles so it's the principles that are important here so you can scale this up much much larger if you want to in fact I'll try and find a shot of one of the zones that I did in another city but you can scale this up and as long as you keep with those same ideas one ways have that loop around have the Train area off to itself you can make a really efficient industry area now this is for default industry but there's no reason that you couldn't do this with either the specializations or if you have the industry feel seat any of those industry areas as well if you did enjoy this video likes comments and shares all really helped the channel a lot are greatly appreciated if you're new here subscribe and hit the bell to get notifications follow me on Twitter and join the discord if you want to get involved in the discussion but until the next one this has moved the mouse signing off

Miami's Real Estate Market is Benefiting from Rising Sea Levels (HBO)

[Applause] so Shane this house was built Delta spec home and then lenny kravitz bought it that right there that lantern he found in an antique shop i want to let his friends did that with a sharpie Wow exactly there's beautiful plants and trees and everything all around the property and so the water is right here just out front right and the land here just for a typical lot would be eight million if you're on the open water it might be 18 million you're about ten minutes from the ocean here the water fronts here are phenomenal the land is priceless I mean we just sold a few doors down recently a lot that's on the wide bay for just about 25 million just land if they're saying that you know in the next 50 years you have a foot and a half to 3 feet of sea level rise and it's going to come all the way up so the people take that into account when they buy houses here we're all aware of what's going on here but I have not had really one conversation with somebody considering moving here that's spoken about it it it hasn't affected our business still very hot yes confidence in the market remains high in part because of Mayor Philip Levine math infrastructure efforts to mitigate the flooding there's a four hundred million dollar stormwater infrastructure program there's a pump there's sea walls you know dunes so there's so much that they're doing right now and they actually raise the street we've you know because we're at sea level and so everything moved up so they're doing a lot to protect this little island so far Miami Beach has raised 21 city blocks above sea level and built a dozen functioning pumping stations with a total of eighty plan by 2020 with all of that infrastructure cost money and Robert Myers the co-director of war school of businesses risk center explain that the only way to maintain funding levels is to convince people that it still makes sense to keep buying these homes at ever increasing prices we have this kind of strange paradox going on where on the one hand we have a growing risk that's associated with Swift climate change in order to fix that risk we need money state of Florida's orange doesn't have a state income tax so the money has to come from real estate taxes so as long as it's the case that the property values are going up and people keep moving in the area we're all right but at the same time you don't want to scare away people wanting to come and live there which will be the source of the money to fix the problem my greatest worry for South Florida is that we may be looking at this bubble and I think what will happen is the next time we have a major hurricane to come through that area all of a sudden that's going to be a huge wake-up call people say I'm out of here and suddenly you have this immense collapse where you have billions and billions and trillions of dollars of real estate suddenly is is that very real risk of being valueless now although the jill's remain optimistic that Miami Beach will persevere they're also realistic towards the challenges that Florida faces going forward you have a very progressive mayor that's saying hey you know we got a problem you probably got a brown conversely you have a governor you think you can't use the word climate change or global warming has terms right so you're in the real estate business right what is that it doesn't get political for us I think anyone who doesn't understand global warming or doesn't know what's happened in the universe it just has their head in the sand it goes beyond just property so in this dark blue area there's 2555 miles of road 35 public schools what is six people put you have 16 thousand miles of road three hundred schools and fourteen power plants I don't know what it costs to rebuild the school in a different locations but it's a lot

New Services with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 6 | Cities: Skylines

الرجال G'day صلصة 20 هنا ونرحب مرة أخرى في صناعات أفق المدينة اليوم سوف نلقي نظرة على خدمات الشحن الجديدة وخدمة مكتب البريد الرائعة جدا التي تحصل عليها مع DLC الجديد سأبدأ بالحديث عن المستودعات لذلك كنت أستخدم المستودعات لتحويل أجزاء من المدينة إلى مراكز شحن حيث يتم استيراد الموارد وتصديرها داخل وخارج المدينة وإلى أي مصانع في المنطقة بشكل افتراضي ، سيحاول المستودع الاحتفاظ بسعة تخزينية نصف سعة تقريبية بحيث سيكون هناك دائمًا ما يكفي من الموارد للتسليم ومساحة كافية لتلقي المزيد من الأشياء يمكنك أيضًا تغيير هذا الخندق لملء الفراغ. على سبيل المثال ، تحتاج هذه المنطقة إلى المزيد من الورق للمصانع الفريدة لذلك سوف أقوم بتغيير الوضع لملء والآن المستودع سوف بقوة قم بالاستيراد من الوصلات الخارجية والمستودعات الأخرى للحفاظ على مساحة التخزين ممتلئة ومع ذلك ، في هذا المجال ، تكون المستودعات ممتلئة دائمًا ، لذا سأغير الوضع لإفراغه بحيث يتم تصدير المستودع تدريجياً إلى جهات أخرى المستودعات والاتصالات الخارجية ، وبالطبع ، لدينا كل الصناعة المضافة. طرقي بدأت تفشل حقًا هناك طريقتان جديدتان يمكنك من خلالهما نقل البضائع خارج مدينتك لذلك هناك مطاران جديدان مع DLC جديد مطار الشحن ومركز شحن البضائع ويمكنك العثور عليها في قسم النقل سأذهب مع مركز للشحن في المطار لأنه يأتي كل شيء في محطة القطار وأعتقد أن السكك الحديدية ستكون على الأرجح أفضل وسيلة تربط الصناعة في أي من نهايتي المدينة والآن بعد أن قمت بتطهير قليلاً من حركة المرور مع مركز المطار أعتقد أنني قد تسد الشوارع احتياطيًا مرة أخرى بالخدمة البريدية التفكير في الخدمة البريدية كشيء تحتاج مدينتك مثل صيانة الطرق أو الحدائق أ الخدمة البريدية الجيدة ستعمل في الواقع على تحسين حبوب العالم المدنية لذلك من المهم التأكد من أن السيارة يمكن أن تصل فعليًا إلى كل مبنى قبل ملؤها وبمجرد ملئها ، سيعودون إلى مكتب البريد حيث سيتم استلام هذا البريد بواسطة شاحنة بريد و تسليمها إلى اتصال خارجي رغم ذلك. تأتي شاحنات البريد هذه مرة واحدة فقط في الشهر ، ويمكن لمكتب البريد امتلاءها لذلك إذا كنت تجمع الكثير من البريد قد يكون فكرة جيدة لوضع مرفق آخر للفرز وبهذه الطريقة يمكنك أن تبقي لطيفة مليئة بالبريد و تجنب أي تراكم ، ولكن هذا كل شيء في البرنامج التعليمي اليوم. آمل أن يكون مفيدا. سوف أراك في المرحلة التالية