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Hi, I’m Chitra with Microsoft Accessibility
Team, and today, I’m here to tell you what
to do if you’re using an assistive technology
like JAWS or MBDA, and noticing that
some Office applications are not being read by
assistive technologies. If you’re having this issue, you may need to repair Office. Before you contact disability
incidents for for support, please try the following steps. To launch Narrator, press
control+windows+enter. Starting Narrator. Now press Windows+X and select Apps and Features
to open settings,. Context. Apps and Features. Android Settings. Settings.
Allow Apps from Anywhere. Now that I’m under
Apps and Features, I’m going to tap down to
the search field here. Map. Search Box. Search
this list. Editing. And once I’m in the edit field, I’m going to search for
My Office Installation,. I-C-R-O-S-O-F-T,
Microsoft O-F-F-I-C-E. In the search results
that appears, I’m going to select
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. And I’m going to select the Modify button
using my tab key. Modify button. Enter User Account Control. When the user can
control pops up, it’s going to ask you, “Do you want to allow
this app to make any changes to your device?” I’m going to select Yes. Yes button. Settings, Open. How would you like to
repair your office programs? Repair button. When it’s prompting
to select the type of Office repair,
choose online repair. Online repair. Radio button. Pair button. And to confirm
repair, select Repair. Enter. Ready to start
an online repair. Repair button and Desk Top One. Repairing Office pane. The repair hold on
in the background and you may still continue
to use Office applications. Office will let you know when the repair is
complete and all you have to do is select Close. If this doesn’t
resolve your issue, you will need to repair
your assistive technology. Check out a video
on repairing JAWS. If you’re not a JAWS user, contact your
assistive technology manufacturer for
additional help. If you enjoyed this video, please select the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos related to
the assistive technology. Microsoft Logo in high contrast. Logo in Braille. Logo
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