Precision Group Modernizes with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

precision is actually a manufacturing company based in UAE remanufacture the moles and dyes we manufacture the plastic packaging products for major players like PNG you nearly were precision was running on a legacy system we had that issue of scaling up we had an issue of processing efficiencies we decided that the cloud would be one of the best solution because that comes with a lot of flexibility lot of agility we understood that Oracle as a cloud leader in the market has got much more capabilities compared to this ap or any other product like even integrating that with the manufacturing shop floor in terms of the smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence or IOT everything coming embedded in one package was much more efficient and easy to use it all is integrated and it comes as a service so that's the beauty of it you just need to subscribe it and you can start using it and also it is quite cost effective right now we have much more visibility of our order to cash cycle as a whole we can have real-time visibility on the shop floor from day one we are able to use everything on the mobile like all those quirky little dashboards which are available in the system which is quite impressive by having the system right now we achieve more efficiency in terms of by having more visibility into the shop load by having more visibility into our inventory organizations so that they don't go out of stock for our key customers so that's something which is very key for a business like us to sustain manufacturing industries are prone to be reluctant when it comes to the change kind of concepts our passion is to make sure that we continuously innovate and come up with progressive and innovative solutions for our customers with Oracle we expect to serve our customer in a much better fashion than what which we do earlier

Manufacturing Transparency in Automotive

[MUSIC PLAYING] Global passenger car sales are
forecasted 102 million by 2020. Growing 3% on an
average year-on-year, the automotive industry today
is turning towards a disruptive technology, such as
blockchain, to solve problems related to traditional supply
chain and product recall mechanics. Counterfeit parts
are a $45 billion nightmare for an
automotive industry. Yet, few manufacturers
have mechanisms in place to track the parts entering
and exiting the supply streams. Most commonly,
counterfeit parts include airbags and brake pedals,
which play a crucial role in ensuring vehicle safety. Often when defective parts
enter the supply chain, they are only detected
when things go wrong. To compensate for
that oversight, manufacturers have
started recalling vehicles of a particular
make or model as a whole. Inefficient recalls
were a $22 billion dollar cost for automotive
industry back in 2016. To tackle the menacing problem
of counterfeits and inefficient recalls, we have
built a solution using Oracle's blockchain, data
visualization, and mobile cloud service. The demonstration we'll
be showcasing today involves tracking spare
parts, right from when they're in production to when they
enter the supplier distributor ecosystem and on their
entry into a vehicle. Given the high level
of trust and security offered by blockchain,
automotive majors are able to create
security records, like time stamps,
authenticity of parts, and the suppliers involved
in the transaction. Using these immutable
records, companies contracts track spare parts
across the supply chain and reduce the amount
of counterfeit parts in the system. The solution makes use of
Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service to create distributed ledgers
with immutable records across a supply chain. Parts are tracked right
from the date of manufacture until they reach end-customers. We also leverage Oracle Data
Visualization Cloud Service to deliver insights and
pixel-perfect reports. Mobile Cloud
Service is also used to quickly build, deploy, and
manage the mobile application showcasing [INAUDIBLE]. With a blockchain-based
system tracking, manufacturers will be able to
identify their defective parts directly to the source. The difference this
can make is massive. Manufacturers can move from
recalling thousands of vehicles to just recalling the
vehicles that might contain the defective parts. I think this is a really
great example of how Oracle can help automotive companies
get some disruptive use cases going. Enterprises values things like
security and availability, and Oracle's Blockchain
Cloud Service provides just that, [INAUDIBLE]
service-scalable and reliable platform. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle Cloud Apps: Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Highlights

speed of change is ever-increasing now a day goes by where I'm not talking to a customer who has an opportunity to disrupt or change the way they've done business or who have a competitor who are disrupting for changing the way they look at the competitive landscape we built the world's most complete and now world's most innovative software suite of applications with innovation and machine learning and business intelligence for business outcomes across the board in every product area we've used machine learning to give you new applications or new features with an application we could have built for and across the board we are improving and putting tremendous focus on our overall cloud experience improving and ratcheting down those times of updates a tremendous focus on the maturity and the service element of these applications for cloud services we have now thousands of customers who've gone through this journey now including ourselves Oracle runs all of our CX sales service marketing all of our EPM and ERP all of our HCM and just this year we went live on our supply chain manufacturing we are over a hundred and thirty thousand employees we are in essentially every country in the world all in the exact same cloud version of software and in fact exact same data center all with the same updates and cadence has all of our other customers and we call this the last upgrade you will ever do because once you move to our cloud you get those constant innovations and we update the software for you it's a foundational set up forever and so as we are in this model now whether we're talking about something else in two years a year and a half other the machine learning the same rapid adoption technology is in place and our customers in cloud are ready to take advantage of that whatever that may be the focus and the effort from our team is all about the customer and all about making you successful and we try to pride ourselves in that every single day