Vocal Coach Reacts To John Farnham | You’re The Voice | Live | Ken Tamplin

Hey everybody welcome to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I got a ton of requests for this and I’m honored to be able to finally get around
to doing it it’s said none other than Australian legend John Farnham and of
course the song “You’re The Voice”. He’s you know got a bunch of other tunes out.
I’ve seen John a couple times I have not seen this video so I don’t know what to
expect but John has just always been awesome, his vocals are always spot-on. So
with that said just gonna dive right in, let’s check out John Farnham. A full orchestra. That’s nice Wow. That’s cool. Such memorable melodies man. Just a great high-pitched, high resonant
voice not high-pitched but high resonant and high timbrel sounding voice as a tenor.
This opening has always kind of reminded me of that Mr. Mr. song “Kyrie” you know it’s got that same kind of vibe right. Ken shut up play the song here we go. Kinda sounds like Styx there right. I love that. Super catchy chorus. I love all that percussion. It’s great. Look at that audience man. Wow. So catchy. You know I did.. I have an Australian
student his name’s Adam Spizzo and we did do a John Farnham piece. So I’ll put that
in the description tag. I don’t think we did it the justice that John’s doing it
here but again John has a really beautiful tubular sound and if you
notice when he places his vowels, he places them nice and high and tubular and
he’s not dragging a bunch of weight up in the sound. We talk a lot about that at
Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. How not to drag a bunch of girth up and mass up
into the throat and he certainly doesn’t do that, he’s got really great pitch and
really great vowel placement and you can really hear it as he’s singing going along. That’s awesome. That’s great. Bagpipes are a little tricky because
you can only play in certain keys so I’m not sure if that specific bagpipe played
in that serve key walked out at that section of the song to play the only
thing that that bagpipe could have played in that key so and it’s got a
resonant tone so it’s got..it holds a whole tone. So it’s got to have a whole
tone and it plays off of this whole tone like that so he had to actually have the
key of that song be.. fit the bagpipe which is interesting. I don’t know if you guys
know that or not. That’s true for harmonica and other instruments too. I love his tone too when he gets raspy on the sound. Perfect amount of rasp. Hope that mic stand didn’t hit anybody. I remember one time oh man I had I used to
get a lot of different guitar endorsement stuff and I was awful. So anyway I had a
Fernandez and it was a sustainer guitar and I thought the roadie was off the
side of the road crew and I would always take my guitar off at one point and then
just sing this song and so I take my guitar off not thinking twice about it cause
he was always there I took it off and I threw it and there was nobody there and the guitar just went (sound) and that was it and it made a lot of noise because the volume went (sounds). You know whatever so hopefully someone caught his mic stand here we go. I didn’t know they were going to show
that. I want to be that guy. Oh I guess no one caught it he just had on
the ground and he just kind of kicks it up and catches it. That looks like a David Lee
Roth move don’t you think. He sounds a little like Lou Gramm
there going (sounds) you know listen to kind of some Lou Gramm stuff, and he’s got
some Lou Gramm tone in there too I love Lou Gramm by the way. Wow. That was cool. That was awesome. You know I know I’m
gonna get all this hate mail or hate messages in there going gosh Ken now I
can’t get that song out of my head. So don’t. It’s actually really good
lyric to listen to the lyric of the song. He’s a great lyricist as well so. Anyway
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Working Together 🐦 | Music Video | T.O.T.S. | Disney Junior

( scatting ) ♪ Every part of this machine ♪ ♪ Plays a part
on one big team ♪ ♪ Working together ♪ ♪ To get one big job done ♪ – ♪ It lifts babies up ♪
– ♪ Slides ’em down ♪ ♪ Then the wheel
goes spinning round ♪ ♪ Working together
to get one big job done ♪ ( giggling ) ♪ Every baby
would like to get home ♪ ♪ As soon as they can ♪ ♪ So every part
of this fine machine ♪ ♪ Is lending a hand ♪ – ♪ In they come ♪
– ♪ Out they go ♪ ♪ Happy babies headed home ♪ ♪ Working together
to get one big job done ♪ ♪ Cute! Working together ♪ ♪ To get one big job done ♪ ♪ One big job done ♪

Serayah Crushes “Work It” by Missy Elliott | Lip Sync Battle Preview

♪ Is it worth it?
Let me work it ♪ ♪ I put my thing down,
flip it and reverse it ♪ (backwards)
♪ I put my thing down,
flip it and reverse it ♪ (backwards)
♪ I put my thing down,
flip it and reverse it ♪ ♪ I’d like to get to know ya
so I could show ya ♪ ♪ Put my…
on ya like I told ya ♪ ♪ Give me all your numbers
so I can phone ya ♪ ♪ Your girl acting stank,
then call me over♪ ♪ See my hips, big hips
don’t ya? ♪ ♪ This the kinda beat
that go ra-ta-ta ♪ ♪ Ra-ta-ta-ta
ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ♪ ♪ Work it,
I need a glass of water ♪

Jamie Foxx on Working with Kanye West

– The way I got into music
was a trip Because I-I was always
the comedian, and I used to do this show,
“In Living Color,” and– [cheers and applause] Yeah. And I remember wanting to get
into music, but I played this character
called Wanda, “Hey, fo’ real do,
how y’all doing?” So I played this character
and I wanted to get into music at that time, and Teddy Riley and Guy
at the time back in the day was at, um, was at the
“In Living Color” taping and the were performing, and I said, “Oh, I can get
my music to Teddy Riley and maybe he could, you know,
sign me,” but I was dressed as Wanda
at the time. And they didn’t–and, you know,
I had just got on the show, so nobody really knew
who I was, so I said, “Oh, I gotta–”
I grabbed my cassette tape. [laughter] [cheers and applause] Okay. I gra–now, I-I run out.
I’m there. I got the fake [bleep],
and, like, size– size 22 pumps,
and I’m running, and Teddy looked
and see me bearing down on him. He looks at this–“Who is
this transvestite about to, you know, tackle me?”
And I-I say, “Yo, Teddy. I–I’m into music, man.
I sing.” And he looks at me, he says,
“Impossible.” And I was, like, “Wow.” I felt like I was never
gonna get into music. Until finally, one day, a kid came to one of
my house parties ’cause I would throw house
parties for musical people, and I put a studio
in the house just so I could get
music from them. “Come on, Puff, you know,
leave me 16 bars. Snoop, leave me 16 bars.” One day I had a house party,
and the dude walked in. He has a backpack on, and his jaw was
a little swollen. Who was it? – Kanye. – Kanye West. Kanye West comes to
the party, and I said, “Who is that dude?”
They said, “That’s Kanye West.” And they say,
“He’s the next rapper. He’s the next producer.”
I said, “We got to perform,” ’cause everybody performs
at the house. He does this rap
that was amazing. I said, “Oh, he’s–I don’t know
why you ain’t famous.” And he says, “Well, I got
a song for you.” I said, “Well,
come on in the back. “You got something for me?
I been trying to get in this. Come on in the back.” So we get in the back,
and he said, “The song go like this.
She says she wants a Marvin Gaye,
some Luther Vandross.” Wait, Wait.
But look at me. I been wanting to sing
so much. I said, “I got it.
I got it.” [singing]
“She say she wants a Marvin, Marvin, Marvin, Marvin.” And he, like,
“What you doing?” I said, “I got to put
the R&B on it.” He said, “Don’t do that.” And so, I like–he said,
“Just sing it simple. Hip-hop is different.
Just sing it simple.” So I’m thinking in my mind,
“The song whack.” You know, “He ain’t
gonna make it.” You know what I’m saying?
“This is not gonna work, right?” So I sing the song, right? I leave, I’m gonna go do
a bad movie. When I come back… [laughter] When I come back,
they said, “You remember the song you
thought wasn’t gonna make it?” It was number one
in the country, and that’s how
I got into music. – Wow. [cheers and applause] It was all part
of the journey. – Yeah.
– It’s supposed to happen – like that.
– Can I keep going with it? – Yeah, go ahead.
– So, the–so, then– So, then, so now, we do
our thing. We do–we do this movie
where I play this guy, “You know what? You know what?
I gonna make it do–do–” I played that dude. And then once that movie
blew up, Kanye does another song,
but I’m not on it yet. So my boy said–my boy,
Breyon, who puts all my music together,
he said, “You gotta get down
to the studio. Kanye got a missile.” I said, “What? It’s 3:00
in the morning.” “Get down to the studio.”
So I get down to the studio, and Breyon said, “Follow my lead
when we go in here ’cause you gotta get
on this record.” When we go in,
we hear the record. [scatting] “Now I ain’t saying she–” That’s what’s playing.
I’m, like, “Snap.” I’m, like,
“Ooh, that’s hot.” Breyon said, “No, it ain’t.”
I said, “It ain’t.” He says, “No, ’cause you
got to get on it.” He said, “Foxx, go get
in the booth.” He stops the track. We get in the booth, and I’m,
like, “What am I doing?” He said,
“Just come up with something.” So for about an hour,
we hang in the booth, and finally we get, [singing]
“She take my money” [cheers and applause] “When I’m in need “Yea she’s a trifling
friend indeed “Oh, she’s a gold digger Way over town
That dig’s on–” And that’s how
I got into music. – Wow.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend | Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal | The CW

I mean, baby, lots of people
are on those pills. Like, everyone. Everyone, really? Yes! That’s what I’ve been
trying to tell you. You’re not alone in this. Walk with me. Okay. ♪ ♪ ♪ Fluoxetine, fluoxetine ♪ ♪ Paroxetine, paroxetine ♪ ♪ Citalopram,
citalopram ♪ ALL: ♪ Take once a day ♪ ♪ Fluoxetine, fluoxetine,
paroxetine, paroxetine ♪ ♪ Citalopram, citalopram ♪ ♪ May cause dry mouth ♪ ♪ From the moment that we learn
to walk and speak ♪ ♪ Our parents tell us everyone’s
unique ♪ ♪ Now, I’m not saying that
advice is bad ♪ ♪ But, honey, you’re not special
’cause you’re sad ♪ ♪ Not special, no, you’re not ♪ ♪ The butcher, the baker,
the grocery clerk ♪ ♪ They’re allon 20 milligrams or
so ♪ ♪ The movers ♪♪ The shakers ♪ ♪ The happy homemaker ♪ ♪ You’d be surprised how many of
them know ♪ ♪ Antidepressantsare so not a
big deal♪ ♪ Big whoop, you’re on an
antidepressant ♪ ♪ Sweet cheeks, here’s the deal
♪ ♪ Welcome to the club with open
admission♪ ♪ You’re cast in the play
that has no audition♪ ♪ Yes, everyone is special,
that’s usually the sitch♪ ♪ But when it comes to meds,
you’re such a basic bitch♪ ♪ I lost my job and
for six months ♪ ♪ I couldn’t leave
my bed, yeah ♪ ♪ When my husband died, I
stopped bathing ♪ ♪ And watched Christian
TV instead, ooh ♪ ♪ Now we’re on pills ♪ ♪ And it’s less of a slog ♪ ♪ Just ask any abused rescue dog
♪ (whining) ♪ The origins of life are messy
and imprecise ♪ ♪ We’re all the result of
natural selection ♪ True.♪ So why should I feel
crappy ♪ ♪ About something that makes me
happy? ♪ ♪ Though it may be hard to
maintain an erection ♪ ALL: ♪ Maybe you should adjust
your dosage ♪ I already tried that,
didn’t work. Have you tried another
medication? Yep, but that one made me gain
weight. Oh, that totally happened to me. It got better within a few
months. Thanks. Cool. ♪ Antidepressantsare so not a
big deal♪ ♪ Big whoop, you’re on an
antidepressant♪ ♪ Take two, with or without a
meal ♪ (shoes click on) ♪ ♪ ♪ Fluoxetine, fluoxetine,
paroxetine, paroxetine ♪ ♪ Our lawyers won’t let us
say brand names ♪ ♪ Antidepressants are so-so-so
not a big deal ♪ ♪ Big whoop, you’re on an
antidepressant ♪ (barks) Conor, heel. ♪ Some cry that in the past we
didn’t medicate everyone ♪ ♪ Cool, witch trials and the
Crusades ♪ ♪ Sounded like so much fun ♪ ♪ Antidepressants
are so common ♪ ♪ That taking them is all we
have in common! ♪ REBECCA: Where are you guys…?
Oh, I see, we have nothing else in common, so you’re just going back
to your lives. Okay, cool, I’ll just pose.


– Oh, girl, she looks rough today. Hello everyone I’m Colleen and
this is my little cute son. This is Flynn. Look at his hair, you cute little nerd. How did I end up with a
redheaded blue-eyed son? That’s the real tea. So I’m not able to get out very much because I have this new little cute baby. So I buy a lot of my
stuff online on Amazon, and I buy him a lot of stuff on Amazon, and I have recently found a
lot of weird items on Amazon. So I decided to go and find the weirdest most unusual baby products on Amazon, and we’re going to test
them out, huh buddy. (Colleen burps) Not even fazed, he’s so used
to me burping all the time. Oh, you’re so cute, how am I supposed to do
anything when you are so cute. Okay, let’s see what’s in this box, Flynn. First thing we have, that
I thought was really weird, was a placenta plush, okay. (baby cooing) okay. Placenta, baby’s first roommate. It’s literally a stuffed placenta. This was one of the first
things that popped up when I looked up weird baby products. But here, it’s your first
stuffed thing that I bought you. I haven’t bought him any
teddy bears or anything. So this is the first one, do you like it? (loud drum bangs) Give it a hug! (baby crying) Oh, he doesn’t like the placenta. Some women keep their placenta and eat it. I’m not kidding, that’s very common now. People make them into pills, put it into little capsules and eat it. I didn’t do that. No shame to anyone who does. A lot of women do it now, because I guess it’s really good for you. They say there’s a lotta
vitamins in your placenta, but I just take vitamins
instead of eating my placenta. So, that was my decision,
but a lot of women do eat it. Placenta is essentially what
made you grow into a human, so I thought maybe you missed
the placenta you grew with, so I got you this one. It connects to your belly button. Wanna see what the next one is? Next thing I found was Tooty the bear. This is totally up my ally. This is a bear that just farts. So you push it, somewhere, maybe squeeze it. (farting) What do you think, Flynn? It’s the same fart every time? Little disappointed, I
wish this bear had multiple fart sounds, because
no two farts are alike, but here, you like your Tooty bear? Oh, he does not approve. So far Flynn doesn’t really like either one of the things I’ve
bought, so that’s really cool. Oh! I also got this outfit, which is literally an outfit that turns my child into a mop. So when he crawls around and rolls around he cleans the floor. (fast musical note plays) I looks like it is not from this country, the writing on it, none
of it is in English. However, this size is
way too big for Flynn, so we’re gonna have to wait a while to see I this one works,
because it’s massive. It’s like a spongey rag. I don’t know if your supposed to get soap and water on your kid first or what, but apparently he crawls and scoots around the floor and cleans it. I will give you an update on this later, when he’s big enough, probably
in a couple of months. Next we have diaper changing Glove-Saks. So, in case he’s got a poopy diaper and you don’t wanna touch it. To be honest, most parents, I feel like you just get an immunity to poop and pee, it doesn’t really bother you. But it explodes out of his clothes a lot. It gets on you, it gets on the bed. When you’re changing him, sometimes he kicks around and gets
it all over himself. These are so when you change the diaper, it wraps around the diaper. So we’re gonna have to go try these out. Let’s check it out. I don’t mind just changing
him with my bare hands. I don’t know what parent
would ever do this, but we’re gonna try it because
it was a product I saw. Diaper off. Diaper in a trash bag! – [Man] Maybe if there was a
super blow-out it would be. – No, no one would ever use this. No one would ever use it. No parent would ever take the time to put on that glove to do that. It’s totally not cool, and you can just do that
with regular gloves, you don’t need all the extra space. I think that was silly. (man cooing) (baby cooing) – Yeah. Let’s see what else we got. This is a teether that you
can record your voice on. So while he’s chewing it, it
can be like I love you baby. Or something creepy and weird. I don’t really know why
you’d wanna do that. I guess you can also put
music on it and stuff. So we’re gonna try this out. (baby cries)
Oh, no, what’s wrong? You don’t like the teether? Is it nap time? Okay, so I’ve got this little thingy here. I’m gonna try to record something on it, so hopefully he will like this. I’m going to encourage
him that even though his teeth are hurting
him, that he can do it. So that’s what I’m gonna
record on this thing. Oh no, Flynn, do your teeth hurt? You can bite this thing
super hard, get it! Get it, Flynn, you get it! Oh no, Flynn, do your teeth hurt? You can bite this thing super hard! Here you go, Flynn. You’re doing it! I love you! – [Man] Is that your voice? Oh my god. – Okay, this ones good, but I’m gonna take off my own recording,
‘cuz I just think it’s weird. But I do think this is a good one. This is a winner! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this. This is a beanie for a baby
that has a beard attached to it. I’m gonna try to put
it on Flynn right now. It is getting close to his nap time, so I don’t know if he’s
gonna be into this. Look at that (laughs), what a cute boy! Look at you, Flynn! Don’t eat it! (laughing) Flynn! You’re so cute. I don’t think he likes it, though, so I’m gonna take it off, but that is hysterical. Love that. That is a win. Speaking of weird hats with hair, this is another hat for babies. Do you wanna try this on, Flynn? Oh, look at you (laughs). You’re so cute! Lookit how chunky he looks. Why is this so cute? I am obsessed with this hat, to be honest. Hello. So excited for this. So Flynn is at an age, he’s four months, he’s starting to grab onto
things and hold thing. So this is amazing. It’s a rattle, but it
looks like one of those, what are those things called? People exercise with things. I don’t exercise, so I couldn’t
tell you what it’s called. It’s so cute. It’s kind of heavy, though, and I’m afraid he’s gonna
bonk his own face with it, but we’re gonna try it. Oh, big boy! Oh, he already dropped it. Too heavy for ya? You’re so strong! He’s still learning how
to hold things, okay? Wanna try again? Wanna try the other hand? Maybe you’re right handed and
your right hand is stronger. There we go, strong boy! Not so much. I think it’s cute, and I
think you look strong with it. Hold on. Big boy! He does not wanna hold onto that thing. I think I’ll actually use this one, this one’s really funny,
and it’s super cute, so I think we’ll use this one. I’m excited for this. Okay, this is too big for him,
but we’re still gonna try it. It’s gonna make him look
like he’s all tatted up, so we gotta try this thing out, even though it’s a little too big. That does not look like
tattoo sleeves at all. – [Man] I didn’t think that for a second. – [Colleen] Maybe I got a
size too big, but I feel like even if I didn’t, – [Man] It just looks like a pattern. – [Colleen] Yeah, it just
looks like a weird pattern. – [Man] You wanna flex on ’em? – [Colleen] Now it looks totally real. – When he’s flexing.
– Cool sleeves, bro. Strong boy! – [Man] Flexing. – [Colleen] Yay, strong boy! Okay, I got him a bunch
of weird mustache binkys. I also have this duckbill one,
so we’re gonna wash these, and we’re gonna see how
he looks with different kinds of mustaches. Okay, here’s the duck one. I’m super excited about this. There we go! Duck baby! (laughing) That’s so funny. That’s so cute, Flynn, I like your duck! Oh my god, look at this. (Man laughing) Cute baby, you like that binky? That is adorable. Okay, that’s a win. Let’s try the mustaches. Okay, time to try mustache. It’s so funny how it moves
around as he sucks on it. Okay, hello. That is adorable. Flynn, you look like a gentleman. Okay, let’s try this mustache. Oh that’s incredible. Love, that’s the cutest thing I ever seen. Approved. This one is approved,
I strongly recommend. What else we got in here, Flynn? Oh my god, this is so cute. Okay, this is a teether that
looks like a vintage Game Boy. This is the Game Boy that
I played with as a kid, ‘cuz I’m an old dinosaur. Flynn, we’re gonna try this
but I have to wash this before you put it in your mouth. (baby crying) I’m sorry, it has to be clean! You got your Game Boy? You gonna eat your Game Boy? Yeah, eat your Game Boy! He likes it! You like it? Tell Mommy, I’m not
supposed to eat my Game Boy, I’m supposed to play my Game Boy! Good boy. What do you think? I think he likes it, y’all. I think he likes it, this one’s a win. He’s teething right now. It’s like a week later from
when I filmed all the other Amazon stuff, and he’s starting to teeth. So this has actually come in handy. I’m stoked on this one. What do you think, Flynn? You like it? And the final thing, I’m
so excited about, is this. So this thing, you put on his head, you take a shower with
him, or a bath or whatever, and it keeps the water and
the soap out of his eyes. So I’m really excited to try this. Looking good, buddy. It’s getting on my
camera, that’s for sure. I think it’s working! – [Man] So we’re only
washing the top of his head? – [Colleen] Yeah. Well it’s not like you can
take him in the shower, or pour water on their
head and it won’t get all in their face. I mean, it looks pretty cool. There we go! Totally works. This is not a good product. What do you think? So much drool, Flynn. I love you. Alright, so I need to do
my outro while I’m bouncing because he’s getting fussy,
and if I don’t bounce he’ll start to cry. Thanks for watching. If you guys see any
other weird baby products that you think I should
test out, send them my way, let me know, because I would
love to try out other stuff. Oh my god, he’s yawning,
it’s time to go to do a nap. Huh, pumpkin? But I hope you guys like this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up! Leave a comment, tell me which one of the products was your favorite. I think I like the hat with the hair because he just looked so cute and silly. So I think I liked those
best, but I gotta go. Because I gotta put this
little pumpkin to sleep. Don’t forget to get tickets to my tour. Right now we only have a few dates. We are looking to add more cities, so if you want me to come
to your city let me know. It’s a big, fun, comedy tour. It’s a comedy show with me and Miranda. You don’t like Miranda? Okay, I’ve gotta go give him a nap. I love you guys, and
I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching,
everybody, I love you, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

One Guy, 54 Voices (My Review)

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m joel from roomie official. I’m here with my editor Jonas *and goddamn is he beautiful* so beautiful So my friend black Griffin released a video similar to my voices video. (roomie’s horrible singing) This video is called one guy 54 voices. I actually don’t mind when people do voices videos. Obviously, it’s become a little bit of a trend after I Obviously, it’s become a little bit of a trend after I Well applaud from Jonas I wanted to watch it with Jonas and I want to see what he’s been up to Well applaud from Jonas I wanted to watch it with Jonas and I want to see what he’s been up to I got a lot of views recently. He’s gonna be fun to see how he how he does if it’s impressions are good What maybe though that’s what will happen. Let’s go. “Hello everyone. My name is Gabriel or black Griffin” “And these are my attempted impressions of a bunch of famous singers with background music and no auto-tune. You guys absolutely no auto-tune” “And these are my attempted impressions of a bunch of famous singers with background music and no auto-tune. You guys absolutely no auto-tune” Ooh, no Auto-tune, very nice! (Singing) That one’s really good that charlie puth one’s really good it’s so interesting because it’s so different Like I feel like we’re good at different types of voices. He’s so good with like soft voices I feel like my impressions are the best on like the heavier voice is like no panic at the disco whatever that kind of stuff that he also did like Charlie really impressed so far Shot through the heart and you’re to blame you give I know that’s how it is in the sava. It’s always funny to hear the bad nine Nine you feel like ah, he messed up there and they listen to the reason only like oh There’s so many 80 stars that have this weird weird for now evasion anyway still like really good so far I mean obviously it’s just like with my video there’s like highs and lows but some of these are really really good I’m really impressed doing a good job there Griffen Griffen Boy, I think black different used to be a brony right? It’s this brony name. I think Griffin. Oh, really? I was never like a brownie or like into brony culture, but I know there’s a lot of good musicians from there I know my friend a living tombstone is also a brownie or like an ex brownie I don’t know how they have to classify themselves if that was a brownie. Well your brownie. No, that’s hilarious. Actually I did Really yeah, okay. That’s that’s super interesting. Okay. Let’s keep watching I thought there was a joke coming. Okay. I know I I Me to the moon. Let me play among the stars Awaken Oh Shake what your mama gave you misbehave you. I just want to strip you if you flip you bubble bayth That’s like one we’re like will you say like oh I’m not gonna use autotune and then you do like a fatty 15 wop impressions like his whole voice is odd like yeah It doesn’t sound like it but also I wasn’t expecting you to do that without auto-tune I think it’s the same like Chris Brown and a bunch of different like modern singers that just like if you don’t have audited doesn’t sound like This very mean man, he really goes above and beyond with the like dressing up I never did that I was always personally I would cringe a bit at myself if I dressed it up I am impressed that he’s got them boxed in to in securing your sexuality to do it Exactly. That’s what it is. It’s very funny that the Snoop Dogg dress up was really funny Boop dog is the highest so far from me. I love it It really sounded a lot like him to be I can see that. Yeah somebody No, it’s clear to see but darling stay With me Wow, he really nailed that one again like just one of those like smooth Voices he’s really really good at those I would say that he definitely does a better Sam Smith than I do that was incredible also I have no idea what BTS is supposed to sound like but it sounded dope when he’s I Don’t know anything Man, we’re gonna get a lot of angry BTS commoners. I dare you not listen to songs. You can’t understand history in another language Oh, no, if you’re gonna complain about that Let me know how many Swedish artists you listen to do this inter hawk and help them. I didn’t think so not listening to Horse Colleen Roose, you know. Hey, hey morning. Oh, yeah, everyone knows hey I Mean he’s trying to do a female rapper at some point you started leaning into the comedy more than the impressions for some of these I think that’s fair, especially when you like I feel alone But that people living if I can’t be with you and maybe to bottle up side Why are there so many song perfect she’ll Love me do you never let me go do the Suicide if you ever try to side and lawyer side annoying right eye. Oh I’m taking my time on my right I’m starting to get to a point where I feel like Tyler Joseph from Twitter pilots. It’s just really really hard to do I think that’s one of my weakest ones, too But now we’re stressed out he’s just like got a really weird voice to sing I know all the fangirls for twenty one pilots are gonna love that too I remember when I posted one of my videos with his boys then and was like you can’t own like you at the time I Was like yeah because I’m pretty much like him And now when I listen back on yeah I can’t I feel like he’s the the Christopher Walken’s of singers because he’s such a special voice You can you believe that you’re like sounding like him Yeah, but then when you actually listen to him you realize that you’re just doing a satire of him. Yeah. Yeah, pretty much He’s really alright I definitely don’t shade the Gabriel about not being able to sound like him that close either because I did not it’s just a really hard voice Is fun before I met you I drink too much and that’s an issue Okay, I’m gonna get cocky just for one second. Okay? I kind of feel like that impression was a it was a six out of ten. I kind of feel like mine’s maybe like I Think mine is really close. Actually. He does so many presents better than me You can argue about a lot of them, but I do feel that’s the one I have. I’ve got this chainsmokers impression down That’s my baby More than just your body Life it just begun The face shine on I got a do to get it through your superhuman innovative and I’m made of rubber so that anything you say is ricocheting off of Me and it’ll glue to you. I’m devastating more than ever demonstrating had to give her mother Evan audience a feeling like it’s levitating Never fading in another he does a forever waiting for that is it he can say I fell of the tree celebrating does another way To get em motivated I make elevating music you make elevator music. You’re my go inside. Cool my mobile I Michael can really trust nobody we’re always chewing on your mouth look like a no-show god amun spotted ball or go move to Tony Palmer for Townsend or the bozo and I think That’s one of those voices that is kind of easy to get good but I think you’re really nailed It’s probably better than what I could do. It’s just a really good one. What was it thing with him? People always say that like, oh we had only one vocal cord. I think that’s a lie because then he wouldn’t make it Yes, it’s just sings with a lot of growls. Oh, he’s got like weird lips from playing the trumpet so much I think look at that. Oh, that’s cool. I didn’t know you got that from playing the trumpet keke. Do you love me? Are you riding? So you never ever leave from masai me? Cuz I want you and I And I’m doubtful it always It’s compliments on the wig here that’s a really good wig. I really liked and the gaze is perfect People always say I start into their souls in my videos. This is the equivalent. I know how you guys felt and it’s great I can see why you guys love that I do that Because one day I leave you a Bantam to eat you win with someone Did you’re in the Black Parade? It’s like two ways to judge these impressions now. It’s like the actual impression and the wig How good is the wig that wig score an impression score? If you liked this video feel free to check out some of my other stuff I’ve got more impression videos song covers sketches vlogs and original music the hope and I know a lot of you guys are interested in That kind of stuffs. I’ve wanted to give black Griffin a shout out. He does a lot of very rolling impression stuff So if you guys want to subscribe to him, I think he’s you know, great at what do you guys do? You know, feel free to check that out Okay, let’s once again, I’d like to give a big ol shout out to Romeo officials since he did this first Why Why go check him out? You won’t regret it. That’s so nice. Thank you so much. I actually had not seen this before So yeah, thank you. So as I kind of I mean I already told people it’s subscribe now. I actually mean it Go subscribe for real now establishes profession. Yeah first I was like no Please go subscribe to black Rayford if you like my channel You’ll enjoy a lot of his stuff and I would like to thank you guys very much for watching Please like the video if you already thanked me idiot you already said thanks to Rumi Now you say you guys watch I’m watching. That was awesome Thank you black griffin. Once again for that fun to see more impression stuff. There are more impression videos out there I’ve seen there’s some girls doing it and stuff if you guys want me to comment on some of those react to some of those Whatever. Let me know in the comments. The discord server is up and running (Music) Ooh, no Auto-tune, very nice! (Singing)

Always Open #40 – Barbara Finds Out She’s Big in Japan

What’s up Dudes welcome to always open What is that there you Go Just believe That while i’m doing the intro On today’s show we’re gonna be talking about Mica’s japanese adventure huh Also What trait you find attractive in a partner with skills and Then a question from our Beautiful Very Fancy Still Not provided By The art department box of issues on today’s show you Got me barbara Dunkleman and Hi i’m Mica Burton Chris Damaris and It’s me Friendly Neighborhood Reformed email Kid oh is that What it is Oh no That’s What i am today i thought You Guys They like spin doctor or something uh i mean i am a spin Master But i maybe i’ll Talk about that Later i don’t talk i don’t want like you haven’t Gotten YouR doctorate it’s Been Yeah you’re not A spent doctor i’m like Only I’m Working on my bachelor’s okay Meryl is obsessed With That Bitter Spinner i can’t believe When she Was like i put some WD-40 on it like she Was serious i thought she Was Joking Like Now it’s Been Smoothly but like no She’s a Hundred One Hundred Percent i was complimenting it so nice how’d you do that Ticket Spinner Spun any Spinners yet Oh we have spun spun Lots Of Spinning dude it’s an Addiction So my first time Spinning Was Just Now i tried Mariel Spinner and are you wanting to do it again I’m gonna go Jack some spinners dude i was at With Meryl S and she had that With her and i had like i’ve done? Fidget Spinner Thing a Few Times and like i was watching her do it and i was like yeah Really Becomes like an Addiction and i felt Like so It happened When i was in seattle this past week and i Just Like Saw One and i Grabbed one at The Booth and i’m Sorry I stopped By Like The pax Booth and i was Just like This is so stupid Why would anyone like i don’t get it I don’t get it and i’m Just like oh my god oh my god i can’t stop and Then Bethany Was making fun of me for Playing With It and then she started spinning cuz What happens once you start Spinning you Just can’t Stop and then Later i had a Little Bit had a Little Bit Too much to drink and i was spinning having fun she Was completely sober and she Was like hey put it on my head? and i Was like alright Yeah let’s do that and so i like i spun it real quick and i Just set it on her Head It Just Like Got Caught Here But She’ll Deny It she’ll Say That she never did that but i have Plenty of Witness no Say That Mara was Too drunk and Just Put it on her head yeah no sure every bit i don’t Attach for Just Finished to all their Wheels on Their car? Like Visit Spinners I’M sure someone has if there’s Fidget Spinner Porn on the internet he’s there yeah? I’m watching Later i wonder like do they spin It and then Like Put It by the clit so it like Ooh What would that Be called Collegiate Spinner Well I’m trying to think of like The what you know like the womanizer but like the fidget tizer Digitizer i can Also See the Thing it’s like a balance test with an Erect Penis you put on the tip You’re like you get It going and then You walk Out and you’re like oh yeah? I like that i actually Be impressed and Turned on by Suddenly They did that Yeah like it’s a topic we’ll get to that Later Let’s start off with our shot i almost forgot that we Had a Shot today This is submitted By Tanner and it’s the Lemon Drop Shop Shot i came in drop It Lemon Drop Shot and it’s Got Lemonade sprite and vodka That Makes It delicious Lovely Thank you tanner Cheers Y’All Smells bach ke and Good Morning Good Evening Well That Was delicious Looks Lovely i don’t even taste the vodka i knew That It smells Like vodka It Doesn’t taste it That’s how you know it’s Dangerous yeah oh? Yeah a Lot of Bars i Go to people like Let’s do a Shot and everyone’s like Lemon Drop Yeah why What’S so good about It yet Now i understand i see why now i should So we’re gonna start Things off with a New segment we’re trying out Called Help me out Here yes? And This is a Where one of Our cast members Brings an issue that They’re having or a Concern? And We At The table trying to help them yeah i don’t like a box of issues question but it’s more personal Yeah so one of my Really Good Friends from high school Who i haven’t really talked to in a Few Years She’s Getting Married soon and like we Kind of we We Grew Up together we were really Good friends and then We All went to College and Like Kind of fell apart But Anyway She’s getting Married and She’s Invited me to the wedding and it’s like a Smaller wedding I Grew Up in a Super like Baptist conservative Town and They gave me a plus-one To the wedding They all know i’m gay but I’m having a problem With like Should I take My girlfriend there not because i don’t know that i feel comfortable Myself She’s Like One of My Best Friends from high school We Still don’t We like Don’t even talk That Much and like i know it’s a Thing that i think i’M more in my Head about it um But I’m like i’m like i Just want To make Any more uncomfortable like i don’t Make Myself uncomfortable i have one Having a Good time i would Say a Fuck That? Making Anyone Else uncomfortable Because i love them not on you That’s true Hard Though It Really is It is hard That’s a dilemma Have you talked about It with laura yeah i know she and She’s Like Doing over the fuck you want like i’ll Go with You all right Now and She’s like i completely Understand and you Guys are so close and You can Have fun with Just Yourselves yeah and i Feel like you know weddings are always fun to go with Your significant other and if you Guys Know that you will support each Other and have a Good time Like Barbara Said fuck other People Yeah TV a Few h So i think you have to? Take The Two options in a Way It like What’s important like Yeah are you gonna have a Good time iF Laura’s not there? Probably Because you Know a Lot of People Yeah but IF she is there with you are you gonna Feel This like sense of Uncomfortableness or guilt Having her there that it’s gonna Ruin your experience That’s yeah right also or talk to some friends that you know we’re going and be Like Hey you know thinking about Bringing My girlfriend yeah Judge Their Reaction if They’re Like Your Excuse me well the Thing is is that like all my Friends from high school Pretty Much like i’M i’ve Been Out for Years so They all Know And you know i know that they Wouldn’t give me a plus one Without like Knowing of Course but it’s also Just like Well Their Parents and Their Grandparents Who have Known for Years and it’s Just like you know like but You it’S a Shitty Feeling but it’s yeah I mean What does reporter to your friend Who’s getting Married Was did she say i know i think She’d be fine Jim Carrey Yeah? it’s her wedding Yeah Yeah it’s also like i know you and Lauren You Guys have Been dating for a While you’re not like the most extreme Pda couple in the entire world it’s not like You’d Be like Standing in front of Their conservative Family Like Making Out on the dance Floor we might i Mean you might we might and Not Saying That you Shouldn’t want You Many Lemon Drops Like I’ll be making Out with i’m making Out with some Grandmas yeah i got with your grandma there you go I think if you’re gonna have a Good time With her there i think you Should Bring her yeah i think it’s it’s a I also Got Played a four point two plane Tickets and It Was like you know down the street and i’d Be like oh Fuck about them is it like a Fancy Wedding it’S it’s in a Like a Ski town That means that Little ski Resort There’s Like a Little Ski resort in like you know i don’t know how many People are gonna be there so if it Was like A huge wedding like i took her to my brother’s wedding and i was fine Was a Big wedding and like even though It Was With all my Family Like It Was a Good time Yeah but This is i think it’s like a smaller wedding and like i Said Where there’s Like 20 People there yeah i think if you don’t fuck her on the dance Floor You Probably won’t all Attention to Yourself I’m not planning on doing that i think if Neither of You drop trou in The Middle of The Family and Friends yeah you Should Be okay i think That We Need to be Exposing People Who are more conservative with These Beliefs to Relationships Like Yours and i think they Need to have that Exposure to people and like being Able to see that and like yeah you Guys are Normal People Yeah who are in love and this is your relationship and like Love Is love especially When there’s like The you can’t put two seat Belts together to make a Child Type of You can tie it There like There must be something Abnormal about ease and it’s like Mario and Laura Both Lovely People Who Just are in love well i might Just take Tyler Go i mean he is my real girlfriend it’s trending more People are gonna Be upset about That This Man Cooler and busting Out of His tuxedo yeah Well They think about What’s once at a wedding in General or yeah yeah Yeah like like Regardless of Who you’re Bringing or anything Yeah? Laura Was like Take Your mom’s like My mom ooh? Yeah Briones Like Though i’ll Pay for My girlfriend slate i won’t pay for Yours That’s fine All right Guys Thanks yeah anything That Chris all right i mean i agree with these i mean i think Exposing People to like Other Thought processes and and i think People Serve downs as i grew up on one mhm they They do Think that it’s like oh That’s not real People those are real People there’s not someone i know Yeah Well Wha or Just They have this? Idea of What They’re like it’s like The others Tribal Yeah Like disgusting People and it’s like as Opposed to it’s like oh This is someone i Actually Know and They’re like a Nice person oh? okay well yeah it Just Kind of Like Breaks Thought Processes yeah in a Good Way yeah yeah we’d Actually Help Myself Unless They all hate you, oh? Yeah What if i got an impression What if I’M Just going back to this wedding and They’re Just gonna Carry Me there’s gonna Like Shit Row some Pig’s blood on me then it’ll be a Great story for Always open you’re right We Actually One of The Greatest Things about Doing this Show and We Got This a Lot of R-Tx Was a Lot of People came Up to us and They’re Like I come from a Very religious Family or conservative Family and You Know i like roosterteeth and i started Watching Always open and It Really Like Opened my Eyes to the fact that there are different Types of love and relationships and sexuality and Like all Those Things and He’s like a Lot of People were like Yeah Just i Want to thank you guys for Actually talking about This stuff and like Make Him realize This is like a Normal Part of life Yeah I think it’s Just That Exposure that more People Need to have yeah yeah this Kind of content and to these types of People Yeah? To the Gays? so mica yes Makeup yes Japan Oh You can’t Just leave me can you gotta we can Yes so for those of you who don’t know Miss Amiga Burton Just Spent like a Friggin Month in Japan for a While a Little Over two weeks Yeah it’s Been a little over two weeks Across Doesn’t Say Across The Pond but it’S a little Bit further Than That In in Japan and It Was a Trip That i’ve Been wanting to take for Over 3/4 of My life so It Was it Was a Very long time coming i was very Excited and It Was Kind of Like a lot of People That i know or It’s Kind of a Thing That i Heard of That After senior Year You Know you’re you take a senior trip senior Year of college five Years Later Yeah but i Started At Roosterteeth Yeah three Days After i graduated so I never Really Got You Mean That wasn’t Your trip yeah that was always Thinking trip wasn’t driving i was So and My parents are like you know as a Kid We Always dragged You to the bahamas with us we Always Wanted our Vacation so we’ll give you two Weeks Give us a list of Shit that you want to do and your favorite country in the world and we’ll go and i Honestly Like I’ve Heard of People Like connecting to countries before That They Weren’t. Born and not like i should Have Been japanese nothing Like That But Just Like Feeling at Home Somewhere so far Away from where i was born and It Was at a Really Rough time Leaving That country cuz It Was like i saw Your post yeah i I’m so sorry Anybody that Know it like It Was like The second i touched down It Was i was Kind of in shock for a Few hours Because i’m like oh my god Japan The place that i’ve Been wanting To go for did you Cry oh i cried i the flight attendant Said we’re making our Initial descent into Japan and like Tears started and I Just Started Choking Up a Little Bit Like Thinking about The Whole trip but it’s like i Felt so welcome Every day It Was so weird that This country obviously I’m a Foreigner Like Clearly I’M not from Japan But Everybody Was so nice the little Rudimentary Japanese I Knew that i used everybody Got so Excited and we’re Really like encourage if you Try to speak French There’s like okay it was so cute like Everybody Would Like Really Get enthusiastic When i would Try To speak japanese and i I got to hang out with raina raina Was coincidentally There That’s awesome and so She took me around like Shibuya and we Went shopping We Just had a Girls night We Like Got dinner and Got Drinks and Hung out i bet the Food there Was in The convenience store Food is Better Than most restaurants in America Like 7-Eleven You can Get cold soba and like Fancy coffee And Just It Was it was Just so Mind-Blowing That country Functions down to the Second like All Subways and bullet trains are completely on time There’s a vending machine on Every corner But There’s no litter Because Everybody’s Just clean and Courteous and You can Get Like Hot Drinks in a vending machine Juicy Drinks Underwear in a vending machine is that a Thing That is the Thing it’s not on the streets it’s in most of the like Weird Kitschy Shops but There are underwear vending Machines also Like i got to go to all The Nerd Stores That i’ve Just like Seen Online or Seen in anime and i got to like pile My Arms Full of My favorite Merch and Like i went shopping in Harajuku and Bought like lolita coors and Then We Spent a week in Tokyo in a week in Kyoto and Kiotas more traditional You Know like a Little more Rural We Spent one night in Hakone Which is like an Onsen Town so it’s like Those Natural hot springs and It was Pretty Much Just Like You wear a little Yukata everywhere and you can Get It Massaged and Sit in this medicated Spring Water Dude there’s Like There’s so much Like They’ll Just love and like Just like Genuineness coming from You Right Now like i Just want to put you in and send you back yeah Really Well Is like i’ve Never Seen You smile as Much and you’re like Japanese Adventure Pictures Like You’ve Never Seemed happier and it’s like i Honestly don’t know when i’ve Been That at home and That happy and going to Kyoto and i was like you always Cultural appropriation is Thrown Around so much Here you always like are worried about participating in Other cultures But There’s This festival at the end of or the Middle of August Called The obon festival and for a Week i think it is it’s Kind of a tradition that Japanese Locals welcome The Spirits of those who have Passed into Their Homes and Then At The end of the festival They clean off Their graves and a Nice you know Kind of Ceremony They sometimes i put Sakai out if They were a big Drinker When They were alive you know and then At The Very last night Everybody gets into Their you caught to the like Little summer Cute outfits and These Giant Fires are Lit on the hillside in japanese Characters to send the spirits home and The hotel we Were staying at and was right at The prime location to see the biggest fire of the night and i went to a Shop and i Asked my Lady Even last Right Now because i like Just to make sure like is It okay if i I’m not japanese i buy a Yukata and i wear it to this festival and all The ladies in the shop Freaked Out Their Leg But Let Us dress you like oh my god you look so cute and like that scene from ola On like all of The shop Ladies like Dressing me up and they Pinned up my hair the Way It should Be and i got Sailor Moon Hair Pins For Like My two favorite Sailor Moon Characters and Like They freaked Out and they Kept Calling me cute and i was like What’s cute and Jeff kawaii Just Like Freaking Out and i Was like It was so nice that i could participate in this cultural event Which is like Pretty Significant of sending this ancestor Penny’s ancestors to send home and light These fires but we all are Welcoming There was so welcoming we went To the River to watch the fire be lit and these This japanese Family like? Asked If i wanted to sit down next to them and i was like You don’t know me like an American or They’d Be like They’d Like Movies Where Should Any People so Kind and Welcoming And Even you’re Supposed like it’s Kind of The Hierarchy isn’t like iF you’re Talented or rich or famous it’S some elders so the older You are the more respect you gain even This little old Lady Let me go in front of her in a convenience store Because i had more Stuff in my arms and she did like Everybody at Disneyland Was Dressed Nicely and David Disneyland Yeah Tokyo Dude so it’s my Goal That’s where you Thing Yeah Tokyo Disney it’s my goal in life to go to every Disney and i only have? Hongkong and France Left That Is probably The cutest disneyland in the entire World hong Kong and Japan Yeah Everything So Here’s these i got Ramen in Tokyo Disney and The little fish Cakes were Shaped like Mickey and i was like i Want to move here it was Just? Everything Was so fantastic and If you guys follow Any of my social media You’ll see that i went to this photo studio in Kyoto where they dress you up Technically an Iron Is a Japanese prostitute okay but i didn’t want To go fold Geisha so i went the slight Step down but These ladies in about ten minutes One Girl is Working on my hair that Was all my hair up like That Except for the bangs But she like Whipped my hair into this Crazy nonsense the other girl put like two strips of lashes on each i like Beat My Face Whoo crazy and then They Slapped This like 40 pound kimono on me and tied these giant Bows in the front And the photographer Was so professional like all i got Ninety five Shots in about 45 Minutes Like no retakes None of Those Photos i posted were retouched They were Just Shit So well and she was such a Good photographer and Everybody’s Like Well Isn’t That Like offensive to dress in their culture They’re like no they Put me Clearly Can We Put You on the website because we’d Never Get People of Like Other Nationalities to come do This and They were Just so enamored that i Cared and Respected It and It Wasn’t Like a Halloween costume It Was like i want to participate its Participating in a culture That Like You otherwise don’t get to participate in exact the right Way in the right Way There are like That’s What They do Exactly To show you how the right the right Way to do everything is Exactly i’m like i’ll make sure i knew how to tie my Yukata Right Like Because you’re Supposed to do its Left over right Because the other Way is how you bury a body It’s like Languages Where Words Said differently can Be like Fuck you or i love you exactly Exactly and It Was Just It Was Nice to um Go and immerse Myself Like I know that i’m like There’s no Way i can Spend like a Year Away from Japan Like i have to go back i really want. To go for a month and like i always open Japan Yeah How Eyes open to pitch i mean It’s and it’S so affordable i think that Was Really Frightened Really i was planning on like Man I’m gonna Not Spend a lot not yeah a lot and it Was like hi would you like a Huge meal That’s all Everything Is fresh fish Amazing for Like eight Dollars and i’m like Yeah yes what i have a Friend Who went? Just for like a quick Business trip and she Was like it’s the best Place on Earth she Was like Everyone like iF you’re lost You Can Just Like Walk Up to anyone on the street and be like Hey like This is where i need to go and they Will They won’t tell you how to get the little Just Like They’ll take you yeah okay No, like the way and it Goes the Way to summarize Japan My dad said it really Really Well is that Japan As a Whole Country Of People That Not Only give One Fuck but They give multiple fucks Every day oh? Think of All the Folks like The taxi drivers Wear White Gloves and Their Cars Are Incredibly Clean First of All The Doors open for you and the curtains and the Doors everything Vibrates also The Everybody Been in train stations disneyland all Public Bathrooms are toto Heated Toilet Seats With Bidets That’s self Clean and If you’re a Nervous the Way in such a Good Nice country Yeah cuz everyone’s bottles are clean And if you Keep Your Assholes to clean nothing Bad you’re Nervous appear or don’t want to like be loud pooping in public Every public Bathroom has Bird and waterfall Boys’s oh my god your pa Holy Shit but you Know What’s going in there Make That noise yeah i went to Disney World for the first time last Year and It Was like incredible And i Was like This is literally The happiest place on Earth? I can’t imagine What Disney in Japan is like oh God there’s also area Tokyo Disneysea so my parents were so mad at me Because The Entire time so i’ve gone to Disney World of Disneyland more Times Than i could count like Disney is my thing and so the Whole time we went to Tokyo Disney i kept pointing Out the differences i was like We There’s like 15 Seconds of Extra content in Haunted Mansion They’re Like Mika i Don’t care but we went to tokyo Disneysea Which is a Park That Doesn’t Exist anywhere Else It’S all new content and it’s technically not owned by Disney Japan created It so the production value is like Eighty Thousand Times more Than Disneyland They have a Working Volcano and Like Recreated The 10,000 leagues Under the sea in Disney it’s Freaky and Weird and i walked inside and Because everything Was New content i like Stopped Walking and once Again tears Just Started streaming down my face and the Parents are like Come on Mika oh like You must Got a crying 90% of the time I went to a maid cafe I went to the the number-one maid cafe in Japan Called Maid Riemann Which is what i’ve Been wanting to go to for like five Years and I went in there and i bought the main Package Which means like Two Maids Pay Attention to you the whole time and What is what Does i made What did They give you so maid cafe is like cute japanese Girls Dressed up in these like specific made Uniforms and You Get Like so all the Food no matter where you go is amazing the only reason My parents are like we’re not Mad we went to a maid cafes cuz the Food was fucking incredible Even Though It’s Actually strapped to Girls taking care of you what do they do they yeah yeah we’re Host Club is where Japanese men Will Sit on your lap and call You Beautiful and stroke your cheek and pour you champagne That’s definitely where i don’t want To go right all these i say it’s more innocent like it’s Just like cute Bouncy Girls and They’ll Japanese Hooters it’s it’s japanese Hooters Except Less Sexual and no Wings no Wings Just Really Good Japanese Food and so They’ll Like Bring You the drink and they Let them have you like Make It cuter by like Blood Like Kind of Blessing It But Not Really They do like a magical Japanese Like it’s like They if you buy this Whole package you get to pick like if you know an anime or you Know japanese Band They know a Lot of The Dances so though Like do you know A song you want us to dance to and so i was like you know love live and They’re like we Know all the love Live Dances so i told them My favorite love life song and the Maids got up on stage And did a Dance For me and Everybody Called me princess and It’S a little a magical Like Japan Is a Place i need to die Here’s The Thing Barbara will Just cancel The rest of the season Take The rest of The budget that we have and we’ll Just Go to charge Japan Yeah there we Go so all in all as you Even as you Said like Just talking about Japan Makes Me like you Sound You’re Just You’ve Just Been so happy per the fact i see i have two questions yes one did you go to a cat cafe i did and an owl cafe we do We Need to go yeah so there was an owl and Hawk cafe and i got to luck i got to falcon like a Hawk Came to me and i got to hold Vowels and do Hawks on my arm and pet them it’s Dangerous No They’re all Really Nice i mean I’m Just Saying if You Really like a cup of coffee Daniil i Get Your eyeball Poked By All Very domestic The The Order date That Would be awesome You imagine he has a Little ipad he’s oh you want a cop Just Having His face up yeah or it’s like the What’s it Called What purchase these and came of Thrones Raven Raven It’s like a Raven comes that It Takes Your order Like Flies in it I’m done with this yeah so yes i did i went to a cat and an owl home you see his i remember When Meg Was talking about going to Japan before the attorney she talked about how There were she Heard a Few Times She’s Been a Few Times yeah but there were stores That like sell? Like You used Underwear But There’s like a Restrict Section i didn’t See That’s what i did like Crazy yes i went into multiple hentai Shops hentai If You don’t think like tentacle Is no Just japanese Just animated Porn so hentai shops like can Have They’re Called Doujins Which are like fanfiction but comics of Your favorite in anime So if you wanted to see you know Sailor Moon and tuxedo mask Bangin Like in Really Great Art They probably Sell them for like $2 They’re Really Cheap so i’m Super Than a Hustler you Know how you could Get like Those street arts of People Doing Caricatures of you can You Get like People Doing can’t i of you i bet i don’t think in these shops but i bet there’s a place in Japan to get That so i went to a Shop and i wanted to stock up on some dojin There Was like Yuri ah Nice They were sailing moon i Was like i can’t Get This in America so i’ll Just get It here i was walking Around and They’re Just Dudes in the Shop It Was me and a bunch of Guys and i had my Arms Full and This One guy like Makes Eye Contact With Me and we Have like a Nod of like i see you and he was like all right Random Foreign Girl You’re here yeah did you take Your parents there – no They Stayed outside i Was like? Look What It Was i was like I’m going into this book Shop Just i won’t be long Stay Here and i Got some like Just Books is it so do they mix Genders or is it like or could you Get like What can you get like you can Get like Joey is Guy-On-guy Ureas Girl I’m Girls so i got a lot of Sailor Moon Wait Yuri but yuri ah Nice Yuri Is also a name okay Which is frustrating so they They sell used Underwear Like in ik in like a in store specialist Porn Shop Yeah it’ll and it’s like Know Who’s under What who wore it don’t don’t also Girls can’t Go on that Yeah meg told me that Only guys can Go there is there every girl Wants to buy Youth Underwear well i think She Says That like When we were talking about This Was like During free Play Days and We were all like Yeah she was Like Oh we were all like oh maybe we’ll go to japan and and she and Ryan Ended Up going and she Always do i Don’t know if it Happened To show His Joked about how she Was gonna Make Ryan go and Get her some use under that Would Be Hilarious but Ya Know they’re definitely like Like Actual not hentai but like Porn shops yeah Like Brain and i Actually Walked Into one we were like Now we’re done we’re gonna leave Yeah but It Was a Multiple Floors and probably on One of The upper Floors is where men only can Go my Second question is yes How Much Ruby Stuff did you see i saw so much Ruby i walked Around a Kiba Which is one of the Lake anymore Ruby Port Actually There Was There was porn in that i was like i you Weren’t Allowed to take pictures in they had like no Photo signs everywhere i wanted to take a Snap of The Ruby Section so Badly But also i didn’t want to Spend my money to bring back Ruby Porn so i didn’t take It i write i write my own so don’t so it’s fine you can Actually is the Head of the fanfiction Oh yeah in animate Which is one of the bigger anime Merch Stores at the bottom floor of all of Their manga They had a Ruby Section and i Actually took a picture of It and i was like Moving What Is so cool Really cool it make you Feel Really Crazy You’re an internet i could be i could Say I’m big in Japan you’re big in Japan Yeah Not me personally but You Characters Like tell you She’s Good Well i would like to thank one of our Sponsors of this episode bio Clarity Oh yeah we got i got their product here so shit This episode of Always open Is brought to you by bio Clarity finding The Right skincare routine can Be Tough and It Was for me there’s a Lot of harsh chemicals Out there and you never Really Know What you’re putting on your face i started using bio Clarity and it’s amazing it’s delivered straight to your door and it’s easy twice a day Three-step System That’s Natural i’ve Been using it for like a Couple Weeks Now This is like the Cleanser and then you Got the like acne spot treatment and then This is the restore Thing so it’s like Three-step Thing that you do you can Do It Once a Day or twice a day i do It once a day Because i’m a Busy lady but I’ve Already noticed Like It Looks Great you look amazing i Mean That’s like not Just Makeup it’s also my face Yeah so it’s like a mix between bio Clarity and Texas and i have had Bad Skin for Like my entire life so it’s Been Amazing so far Without Harsh chemicals bio Clarity Helps You Maintain Clear Skin That Makes You feel confident and ready to take on your day Whether it’s Work or Play Bio Clarity has Been Great for me the 3-step system isn’t easy to use and fits Perfectly into my daily routine It Keeps My Skin Looking fresh and Blemish free How much Good i was bets a Blemish three Because it’s three steps i would have Been a Unintentional pun Let bio Clarity Help Your Help You face your day and feel confident with clear Refreshed Skin Just Go to bio Clarity calm and My Listeners Will Get There first month For only Nine Ninety five Plus free shipping That’s a $20 saving and It Comes With 100% risk-free Money-back guarantee but You Need to use my code open That’s bio Clarity calm and use the code open Finally an acne treatment That Actually Works bio Clarity calm Use the code open The camera there it is yes i love it the thing i like i love about the restore one is it comes Out Green When you’re putting on your face it almost Looks like you’re putting like a Seaweed mask on Your face are you gonna put cucumbers on Your eyes to saw i Should and it’s all it’S all Natural It has Like Cucumber Green tea chamomile oh That’s awesome? Yeah Alright Let’S move on to our Next segment Which is ask us anything and This One comes from Alex Our and Alex Writes Is there a Talent you find attractive for Example Music drawing cooking etc and if so have You ever Dated Someone specifically for that reason i Once Dated a Girl Who had a Really cool car i don’t think that means she Was talented Anyway but she drove it well i Mean i think someone who drives Well As a Turn-on is It yeah Really is that like i think you look for it? Shift Well as You Shift well Just a Few People Feel comfortable with them While They’re driving i think is yeah yeah you don’t want A Crazy driver but No i illegitimate Lea Dated someone i didn’t dare i met her i thought she was Pretty Decent and Then Find Out she had a Really cool car so They Dated Stuff Like Shit The car Was like What – the car was yeah it was like a cool sports car she Let me drive it a Few Times I was like fuck yeah did you Guys smoke in the car no, no she won’t shit she Was celibate it was Really Weird She was like It Was like the put That Do It in your fucking cool car yeah i don’t know sex in cars is never like as Good as it oh No
I’ve definitely gotten i Mean By conundrum i can’t stand how like What might be hard Dude but like it’s cool if it’s like Your only option Which for me as a 17 year old It’s cool yeah it’s all you Know Cars are a Thing but like When you’re older it’s like Man It was Just like but also Arriving Out to a little bit It’s at Night There’s a Feel There’s no One Around you guys Get out bend Someone over the hood i Just Said That’s outside of the car But it’S on the car i think the Cars Involved in this keep the engine revved have you ever Gotten Like a What’S it Called? When you get a Blowjob in a car yeah you have My best friend in high school and i close my eyes as i was driving and she Would Just scream the Whole thought it was Very irresponsible But We Hear a Podunk Town there was It Was a Yeah it was like a long trip back and we’re like Driving somewhere and it’s like Why not and then i had to pull over because i like i’m gonna crash It’s like It Was a Weird Thing Either C-Word You’re gonna That well there Was one of the other Thing Was gonna Happen and i had to pull over an Eruption Some sorts yeah yeah i imagine it would be difficult. To have an orgasm while you’re driving uh-huh i Mean It’s Just Like Hard to concentrate your concentration to different the show we’re Talking about Fucking Doesn’t Let You dig Yeah it’s Just like i see it’s like the amount of constant What it it’s too much going on to a stimuli so have you Ever Like Been driving Well Like You’ve Finished Not Well no not Why you had to put Up by me i had to pull over cuz i was like this is If It Was an empty Road Yeah but Because They were like Cars and Like He’s One of Those Weird Things to where there’s Like Truckers driving by and i Was like did i ever tell You about When i saw someone getting Roadhead in la i Was there with Bernie and Gavin and Bertie Got he rented a car That Was like One Looks like Bigger Like Suv cars and I was in the passenger seat and we were stopped at a Red light and I’m Just like Looking Around and i look Over And i look into the car and there’s a Woman her heads Just like in this Guy’s lap and He’s like This with the steering? Wheel yes and he sees me looking and he Goes I was Just Living the la llave i love it good for you yeah but i don’t Know talent i get so Right you Get a car you know head in a car it’s a Great Just It’s a Great Great treat yeah i don’t know i feel like any Talent Is attractive anytime someone is get It something It Shows Like That it’s like That To me there’s There’s a Few Things i find attractive and I’ve Dated a Few Guys and like each of Them had like One of? These i’ve never found a Guy that has all of them mm-Hmm guy Who could cook Sign me up a guy Who’s like Handy in Terms of Electronics or like Fixing Shit in Your house or apartment or whatever it is Super Big Turn-on okay and then a Guy Who’s also Good with like Cars and like more Mechanical Stuff Not Necessarily Like Tech Barb i i can cook and What Was the second one Like Handy Handy You are handy i am super Handy use your picture spinner and i fix my i put some WD-40 on it Works like a Charm Then he Hammered It and i Hammered It in and i Changed i Recently Changed Out the Like a Taillight in My car so guess what yo take me to your wedding There you go why are we dating i’m sure well the Whole dick Thing is like They have One in Japan There so The Shared dick The travel nowhere Else You cannot Find a dildo in any Other no so i met My current girlfriend Through her talent Because she Was a Very hot Cosplayer The fact that she can look like a Hot dude and a Hot Girl no Depending on her Makeup Skills i Was like? There’s no way this hot bitch is single dude shit Surprises handsome handsome Girl Like Beautiful and Like When she does the Cosplays of male Characters she Looks like oh it’s her Jawline and her amazing Contouring Skills Like She’s Literally a Bisexuals dream Because i’m like you can be a hot dude and a Hot Girl yeah Thank you also like i Unfortunately she Does not cook Which is one of my My Turn Ons or Play The guitar Which is wait Turn on a Guitar Playing a Guitar oh my god That’s like My worst night oh My 100% my worst Nightmares everything For Some Reason Like Any time i’ve ever Known anyone who can Actually have like Who can Sing and like? That’s all They want to do like Let me sing to you i’m Just like that Makes me so uncomfortable i Feel so awkward Right Now please don’t i think it’s like old School LIke Middle School Fantasies of like You know dating a Singer Like dating a Rocker But Like That’s definitely Not Yeah like i want applicable these Days But also Jerry Can Pick me up effortlessly and That’s a Huge turtle i like how That’s a Skill So being super somewhat strong She’s also Handy and fixes Stuff in My apartment like you know what Keep her hot dude hot Girl fix A shit Man Like People Who could do Stuff that i can’t yeah i can’t cook i could fix um i’m like Kind of Handy Around My house and Stuff Like That oh? Thank you Um but like People Who could take care of Things that i either like i’m Too lazy to eggs okay do you think That’s Good if You gir like provide for me in that sense and it’s like with you on them on the musician Thing Really With With her you oh Thank god i cuz i dated a Drummer for six Years not a bad Thing but it’s Just like i Find Like and That’s Listen it’s great to be passion about will you know hash about and then Like musicians Very Passion about Music but it’s also Just like I’m here to like don’t forget about me Like You can Play The Guitar Yeah okay so like you’re having sexy Times at Night right mm-Hmm and then you’re like I’m gonna Play Some drums for Years Like Well he would drum on me Seriously i Mean Everywhere like we’d Be sitting like in a Movie and he’d Be like oh? That’s annoying no idea i get it You’re a Drummer we Got It i mean like i Dated Him for six Years i didn’t Bother me but it was Saying it’s like I even had like One of My One of my Very best Friends for My Birthday and She’s Like She’s in a band and She’s like a Very Very Talented singer and can Play Like Every musical instrument Like She’s Like One of the most Talented People i know she For My Birthday One Year she did like a Mash-up of like all My favorite like 90s R&B songs oh It was like the sweetest Thing But Like i Watch It and i have to Watch it like This cuz i’m like alright So awkward but it’s great i don’t know it cuz it’s Just like It’s Just something for like i don’t know it’s like a little more Personal Yeah no i understand i Just like is It not like a musician I’m not like i want To go date a Guitarist but like i Just like someone Who’s Creatively has That has It has a Musical Talent That When you’re dating the Drummer did he ever be it Was like This drum sequence Reminds me of you It wasn’t like That he was in like a Few different Bands While we were dating and like It Was never something That Bothered me but other guys Who Are like Between Him and Other Boyfriends i Dated Like Other musicians he’s sort of and i could i shall Been collecting them Barger and Exes and It Was Always on those Things but it’s like They’re so focused on music in their music and it’s like Again good to be passionate Willing to be passionate about and like IF you’re a Musician fucking Go for it but i don’t know i felt like i was always Not the priority in those relationships and i think that Was like That’s a Bummer yeah a Bit of a Bummer yeah i guess it feels different That’s sure That’s Why i’ve never Been in a Band Because You Actually don’t do you Play – i Play Guitar oh well ooh i’m not gonna like Serenade anyone Damn Know where the guitar Just Recently Learned how to play The Tiny rick song from rick and Morty There you go i’m good yeah Good That You, Chris Has some Skills he, uh Could glue or tape a Stuffed Raccoon to a roomba i That’s some handy work. Yeah, it was sewn I learned how to sew for that. What skills do you have? (Laughs). I’m sorry i meant that in a nice way. (Sarcasticly)What can You do? What are you good for? I don’t know i mean. you’re a writer you’re an Amazing writer. Because let me just preface this don’t have any Fucking Skills and That is something that i talked about being One of My New Year’s resolution it’s Actually like Learn How To do shit Whether it’s sew or be a Better cook or like anything like that. so you’re talking about like Actual cause like You’re Very Talented you’re a Voice actor You’re you’re you’re hosting a Podcast you’re you’re so beautiful and like. It’s the BioClarity You Have talent are you Saying more like practical. Like a trade skill? Like if someone’s like ‘what are you good at?’ I’d be like ‘I dunno’ Pfft. Uhhh, talking in front of a camera? Go do that a Lot of People don’t have public speaking Skills That’s a Class i would Say Well okay we Talk about Things that You find attractive and It’S a Significant other i think Someone Who’s Able to be independent and hold conversations on Their own or if you go to a party or something you know a bunch Of People and They may not Know Like a ton of People They’re Able to do their own Thing yeah Talk to people and i love that yeah yeah versus someone you know you go somewhere and They’re like They’re attached to you and which Is fine but you know it’s like then you happen to Kind of like you Know it’S more Work it’s a Certain Type of social Skill yeah yeah like i it Nothing is Better for me when it’s like if i bring a New friend or significant other or someone’s like a an Event where they Don’t know anybody and i know They’ll Be good yeah it’s like Thank you go me put and like That’s the Way i am like If someone Brings me into a New group i’m like cool i’ll see you Later i’m gonna Go meet these People or like Introduce me To these friends and then Like You could Go fuck off and i’ll hang Out with them or whatever it is and That’s like a Huge important Thing for me saying to someone Just like quico now it’s like No yeah That’s not fun yeah yeah well You’re Talented Barb Thank you you know and also I’m Talented at What are you Driving ooh oh? Sometimes I’m not sometimes i Need to take a Lift oh? 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No, no i’ll get It and then it’d Be like Oh well i don’t know if i would feel comfortable Having the Girl Pay Entirely Mm-Hmm if she Was adamant Why do you think that is do you think it’s Just Because of like The Way i open the door for a Girl Being a Good person yeah and i’ll you know pay for a date and you know it if it’s like a long Long-Term relationship and i think it’s Been it’s okay iF it’s a Little Walk Here you get this i’ll Get that Because you’re not you don’t. Have To have to pay for Every single meal iF you’re like dating long Time? But if it’s date i’m gonna pay for it so you would feel uncomfortable in some Ways like a Girl Insists on Paying What if she Asked you up uh I mean i would still probably Pay for It i mean i think That’s also like What a Lot of People Go with like yes iF you’re a guy out that Was like Yeah it’s she took the initiative to do It so she’s gonna Pay for the date or he did it then he will Yeah i Mean I’m okay with like it’s like It we Go out i’ll buy dinner or something and She’s Like oh Let me get? Dessert or something like Yeah Dates Before Where it’s like all right you’re gonna Get the first Round Drinks i’ll Get The second Round Yeah or like if you get Drinks i’ll Get Dinner or Like vice versa cuz it’s like you’re both Cute like I don’t know i mean i feel like iF you’re both adults who both Have Their own Paychecks and can Both buy Things Who cares Who does It first you know like Yeah Just talk about it i guess That that Does Actually can i bug me is if i’m if i’m going Out and it’s like i’ll Generally like you know pay for Dates And do All That Stuff but if after a Certain Point – or like even after a Second date or something Girl Just doesn’t even offer I’m gonna Say no Anyway i’m like no no i got it i got it but Let’S put It Yeah Just like an i think That’s a like a Nice Thing to do it’s like. Oh? No Let’s split This or here i’ll Get This One it’s like no No it’s fine i got It yeah you like but i like the the idea that there at least you’re like oh i’m gonna Make in It like oh it’s not you don’t Expect It Exactly Yeah right Which is maybe What she was proving By Taking The first initiative of Like This doesn’t have to be a traditional Gender Old Relationship Like we can Be We Should Be Equals Here what What Would you do if you’re going Out with a guy and you Just Ended Up Paying Majority of Stuff i Mean if i was the one Who offered and wanted to do it i’d be fine with It yeah if i Was like No i got that like What Would you do if It got. To the point where the guy was Expecting you to pay That Would be uncomfortable in Any situating as Like They’re Expecting The Girl – Yeah yeah i feel like anybody Expecting a Not Equal relationship and a partnership is Unfair my mode Either Way I’m a Very Honest Person When it comes to that Stuff so if like Let’s Say i went on a first date with someone and i paid for It and i went on a Second date I’d Be like i got the last one you want to grab this oh Absolutely yeah mmm What They’re like Now? okay my last our last day Bye yeah super uncomfortable Well Then It Just Seems Like They’re there mooching off of You and it’s not Like They’re hanging out with you Just tap like the Company Yeah i don’t Know it’s like a Weird Thing but i don’t know Desperate is definitely Not The right Word i think It definitely Shows independence and i think That’s like to me i Feel Like That’s an attractive quality issue especially if the Woman’s like Now i got this like i Think it’s like so i think it’s an attractive quality for a Girl to to do that Yeah yeah it’s cause like the Whole Thing is like being Able to be on your own and like Go to a Party And You Know Function independently right i think this mother is living in the past like Yeah girl catch Up i Throw Mom a Bomb it Always Has Very Classic Morals and Like Yeah ideologies of Like How all These Things Work Wasn’t hard Because I Feel like especially i Mean you know the millennials with Their fidget dinners and Shit We all have Like Very different ideals of like What we want our Lives to be But Like i Mean It Goes something as Simple as Like i you Know Wanted Want a guy to pay for my dinner or it’s if something as broad as like i don’t want To get married for a Few Years Like i don’t Plan on having Kids maybe ever or any time soon really i think our Generation and Know as a Whole has Has like Shifted completely From like even our Parents or like People who are but you know so like There’s so many Things that Have Changed That Like even Now like i Will Talk to my parents about Certain Things and They’re Just like oh like You Know blah blah Blah This is not like my older Brother Like Both of My Brothers are older Than me and They’re Married But Like My Oldest One has Kids But My older Brother He’s like Approaching 30 he’s like? Maybe we’ll Have Kids eventually But like we’re not in any Kind of Rush right so Just Goes back to like Things Have Changed Even From like The huge bigger Things so like Paying for dinner i saw a video The other day? And It Just Kind of Warmed my Heart and Things are Changing sort of Way it’s super Nerdy It was these two Cosplay Nerds in voltron At an anime convention One Was Cosplay Shara One Was Cosplaying a Lara and the Olara proposed to the shiro so the girl for paws to the guy and i was like i Think we Are Tx like That’s the end it Just it it’s not something you Hear about often i think that and it Just i’m gonna Say This in the Nicest Way possible yeah i think a Lot of People do This Still to society in society of Like trying to protect Like The Masculinity Some People Still want to feel and it’s like i get it if you like Feel like Paying for Dinner or proposing Like those are things to make You feel more like masculine but i think like Things are shifting it’s like Things are Very Equal and it’s like iF a Girl Wants to pay for dinner and because she Can or is offering Let Her and it’s like i understand the like Idea wanting to split the bill so it’s Equal and all That Stuff But Like I don’t think it’s any reason someone Should Feel Like They’re desperate or emasculating Someone Because of It it’s literally a Bill for a meal Yeah Like They can Get The next one mom Chill out right it’s like if you Really want to prove you’re the bigger Dude then like i don’t know go to a steak and pay for it then yeah Yeah invite them to like a One of Those Like five Course meals yeah Good like 200 dollars a Person Go to go you know what go to fogo did you Get Last Time When we had Burger King Take take Take That girl to benihana let her get the premium lobster Lobster ooh lots To love to lobster double double lobster steak and Lobster as Well oh Get the surf and turf for yo bitch take her ass to red Lobster shake her ass to red lock it Damn Cheddar biscuits i think you could have her biscuits Later you know i Wouldn’T eat When he does it good then you take it to red Lobster That’s true I didn’t want to say Fuck When he fucks you good you take itS possessor Unless are you trying to make me Formation Right Here right Now cuz like i don’t after we’ll Run the World Girls Alright and Guys an Equal Around the World i’m good i’m good Bye Santa fun all Right Mica Kris Merrill Thanks y’All for Joining me Today of Course Barb if you’re Watching Right Now and want to submit a question for us you could do that At Always open at roosterteeth.com If you have a question for our Box of issues or if you something have something for Ask us anything the worst my first time or a Shot or? If we’ve Answered your question and you want To follow up with us put in the subject line Follow-Up so we could maybe Read it on the show at some point because we’ve had some People who have suggested that that were? Want to do it What’s up guys i Just realized This is a pun oh My God thank you all so much for watching we Will see you next week for another episode of Always something Thank you guys cheers

$20 Microphone Vs. $12500 Microphone

Good morning guys; Beth is still sleeping upstairs, it is… *checks time* 8:45 on Saturday morning. We’re gonna go get a really expensive microphone from a mic rental place today We’re gonna be comparing that expensive microphone (the most expensive microphone I have ever used) to the cheapest microphone we could find on Amazon. So John how do you feel about getting to see a… 6,000 pound microphone or whatever it is.. I don’t even know how much it is ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Isn’t like testing out the best of something always interesting though? I feel like I would try the best of anything.. I would try the best female hygiene product. (oh?) I would try the best.. like, leg wax. If it’s the best, I’ll do it! We found a d*** puddle!! This is the right ball– (lol wtf)*awkward chuckling* This is the left ball, and this.. is.. the other thing. (he gets the point across at least) Content! (whatever you say) I’m expecting quite a difference between the expensive microphone and the cheap microphone I think. Ayyyyy, this is our stop. That’s me, I’m just a hillbilly from Sweden. I don’t know any better. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ We’re finally here. at FX, our destination There’s so much stuff.. Jesus, I wanna know how much all of this is worth must be something insane— *senses theft* they have REALLY good security here, though don’t try anything. *theft averted* Okay, so because we have this microphone now, we’re gonna go ahead and take an Uber back. I just feel a bit… *euuughh* I really wonder what the difference is gonna be between them. The thing is, the expensive microphone is like a vintage microphone- A classic.. if they lose it, they can’t replace it. just watch and loook at dis work of beuty This is gonna be my favorite moment of the day. I’m also looking forward to opening up the cheap microphone just because that’s a new microphone and this one has been used like a million times.. And THAT is what money looks like okay, so I just found a similar one to this one on eBay They don’t make these microphones anymore– JeSuS cHrIsT $12,500! That’s crazy.. I so don’t want to drop this right now. The guy at the rental store actually said that there’s some big artists that’ve probably used this microphone. I may be singing today into the same microphone as someone amazing like, uhh, y’know.. Jacob Sartorius or something! If that was true.. I’d just be *boom* blown away. The AKG C12 is a justifiable legend in the world of microphones. The originals were only made for ten years between 1953 and 1963 with approximately 2,500 microphones manufactured, and we *wheeze* and we have one of these here right now.. Jesus Christ, the combination of the CK12 capsule and the 6,072 tube achieves what many consider the pinnacle of the microphone designers arts. *snickers heartily* And– and we’re gonna compare it to that trash microphone right there! (rip trash mic’s feelings) Quincy Jones used this microphone to record All The Singers, and We Are The World *cue jones singing stuff* Yeah, I feel like tha(ha)t’s the gist of it– this microphone is like, very very good! Okay, so it’s time for us to unbox just the cheapest.. like, proper microphone you can buy on Amazon. Newer logo on amazing packaging. You know you’re getting quality stuff when, like there’s a rip like this in the bag like right here. You know This is the quality that you’ve been looking for..*is interrupted* *damn it my plan has been revealed* Shu…. *intense wheeze action* S-shut up! *nightmare gnome initiated* Here we go! Newer studio microphone! You can see I went for the blue color.. I don’t know why ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It comes with a bunch of stuff. “Pro quality, amateur prices!” Ooh, I’m impressed with that actually(what?) comes with a.. with a cable. Pop filter. Shock mount.. and we have the actual microphone! I’m super interested to hear how this sounds. *blue* I kind of like the color.. is that bad like what do you think John? *Aaa haha wait no* *more friggin nightmare gnome* Okay, so this is the cheap microphone– new air, NW-800 professional studio broadcasting and recording microphone set.. So I