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Repeated employee absences can be frustrating and difficult to manage clear communication is key to resolving the issue, as an individual may be experiencing bullying or discrimination at work or they may have a serious illness whatever the reason for absence there are four steps business owners can take to reduce absenteeism Document company policy on leave and absence in the employee handbook and ensure all staff are aware of the details Enforce the policy fairly and consistently Record and monitor leave to identify any patterns or high absences Conduct training for both managers and employees on leave policies and potential outcomes of non-compliance If an individual continues to be absent
without proper explanation the next step is to arrange an informal meeting to discuss the employee’s health and welfare This meeting must include an opportunity for an employee to tell their story with a support person present if requested if the issue cannot be resolved or if it continues without proper explanation employers may consider starting a formal disciplinary process to resolve the issue for more information about how to conduct a
formal disciplinary meeting or for advice on managing absenteeism Speak with Employsure today

What can I do to expand my tourism business into Europe?

What can I do to expand my tourism business
into Europe? (Internationalisation) What is Internationalisation? A set of activities
that any business develops outside their “natural” geographical markets. How to plan going international? three strategic
dilemas: What markets should I enter?; What market penetration strategy is to be carried
out?; With what type of organisation should we enter? You need a strategic plan: analysis — risks
and opportunities. And an international marketing plan: Guide
to foreign market adjustment – New market penetration strategy and new market operating
strategy Franchises: The transfer of the trademark,
name, and know-how to a foreign company for a specified time
Joint venture: Creation of companies by two or more companies from different countries
for the joint development of an activity Strategic alliances: Companies who usually
compete, team up (with a cooperative agreement) to enter new markets or achieve higher rankings
themselves Management contract: Operational control and
management of a company abroad is done by another. It is a fairly common method in the
tourism sector Acquisitions: A company buys another company
using various methods, so that they acquire control over the said company.
Mergers: Two or more companies, generally of equivalent sizes, agree to join together,
creating a new company using all their resources (assets), and then dissolving the two or more
primitive companies. Takeovers: A company acquires another company
and the acquired company usually disappears. How to choose your internationalisation method.
You must take into account: The specific variables of the destination
country. The specific variables of the destination
country. The characteristics of the sector or area.

Sigma Technical discuss growing a business in Exeter

My name’s Mike Badley, I’m an engineer I run Sigma Technical and Luminous Show Technology. My background is in movie special effects. I’ve spent the last 15 years working on blockbuster movies. So, we got in touch with SETsquared and were introduced to Joe Pearce. We met with Joe for a coffee and he ran us through all the services that we can access. SETsquared introduced us to Spacetech. Sigma Technical went in with open eyes hoping to learn something from Spacetech. We came away with a great plan and a lot more confidence in what we are doing. Through Spacetech we got £5,000 of grant funding to evolve our concept and our product and following on from that we were able to access £250,000 worth of grant funding from Innovate UK. The robotics project we’ve been working on is designed to measure athletic performance. We’ve also been awarded a seal of excellence from Horizon 2020. We have a mentor called Stephen Moore, he’s an experienced entrepreneur. It’s really useful to have somebody with that kind of level of experience that you can access. Following the grant funding, we were able to take on a couple of employees and since then we’ve developed Luminous which is now doing very well and we’re now up to seven employees. We’re located at the Exeter Science Park, it’s a great facility to have access to it’s got meeting rooms, all sorts of different sizes of offices, so your company can grow without having to move. Whilst Sigma Technical has been developing its robotics hardware several opportunities have come along for us to exploit which SETsqaured have been instrumental in helping us with. We’ve created a spin-out company called Luminous. Luminous now sells special effects hardware worldwide.

London Business Report #8 Hold Everything Virtual Offices.

Fraud against small businesses has led to
the loss of up to 50,000 UK jobs, according to research by Barclays. A study carried out by YouGov on behalf of
the bank found that 44 per cent of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) had been targeted
by fraudsters and almost one in four (23 per cent) had fallen victim to fraud. UK consumers at risk of fraud because British
bank security ‘lagging’ The study showed 10.6 per cent of all SMEs
surveyed had suffered a cyber-attack, with 8.58 per cent of those making staff redundant
to cover the cost of cybercrime. Based on a total of 5.687m small businesses in the
UK, that equates to 52,120 jobs lost. The average cost of fraud to a business was
£35,000, which means the total cost could be up to £40bn to date. Ian Rand, chief executive of Barclays Business
Banking, said: “Fraudsters are targeting hard-working entrepreneurs, in some cases
impersonating suppliers and staff, intercepting emails and sending fake invoices. One month till GDPR deadline Research from international law firm says
nearly half of firms will not be compliant in time The deadline for businesses to be GDPR compliant
is one month from now (25 May) with around 40 per cent of firms not expecting to be ready. Law firm McDermott-Ponemon surveyed US and
European companies on their understanding of the impact of GDPR and their readiness
for it. It found that 52 per cent of firms would expect to be compliant on or before
the 25 May deadline, with 40 per cent expecting to become compliant after the deadline. 8
per cent were not sure if and when they would achieve compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
aims to strengthen EU citizen’s data rights and hold firms more accountable to data breaches.
If you own a company registered somewhere in the EU or own a company that deals with
the personal details of EU citizens, then GDPR applies to your business. Essentially,
(GDPR) is all about giving customers the choice to opt in or out of marketing emails and it’s
taking a long time to contact them all. Getting a quick response from customers and suppliers
is proving more tricky.

London Business News Report #7 from Hold Everything Virtual Office

If you own a fast-growing, revenue-generating
business in London in technology, life sciences, creative or urban infrastructure sector and
are actively looking for a launch pad to grow internationally, the Mayor’s International
Business Programme (MIBP) is tailored perfectly to fit your global growth vision. Celebrating some of the fastest-growing, innovative
companies in London, 2017 was a stellar year with cohort members expanding into new markets,
creating jobs, closing deals and opening new offices overseas including Century Tech, Yoti
Ltd, McLEAR & Takumi. This exclusive programme provides a bespoke, on-the-ground mentoring
scheme to SMEs. Expert advice is delivered by leading entrepreneurs and business leaders
along with access to targeted trade missions, live leads and opportunities. Sometimes it seems there’s nothing but doom
and gloom on the UK’s High Streets. New store openings are at their lowest level
for seven years. And mid-range restaurants are closing branches left, right and centre. But there are still some retailing bright
spots. Primark
fashion chain is leaving rivals like New Look in the dust by sticking to one principle. Price is the main thing, say experts. Price
is always front and centre. Sometimes you hear that to survive retailers
must have a strong online offering, or should provide in-store theatre to keep customers
coming back. Primark does neither. Instead it’s the Lidl of clothing retail:
pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap. And it works. This week Primark reported higher UK sales
and plans for two new stores. But Kate Hardcastle, retail analyst at Insight
With Passion, says there’s more to it than that. “If you look at their Instagram they have
a following of 5.3 million. “They’re connecting the public with what’s
in store and creating a conversation. “There’s no big ad campaign, no supermodels.
They’re just getting customers into the store.” At Hold Everything we want to engage with
you so follow us on twitter and subscribe to our Youtube channel

Managing Casual Employees | Employsure

Many businesses hire casual employees to help manage busy periods throughout the year. A casual employee works on an irregular basis with no expectation of ongoing work But this doesn’t mean they miss out on the entitlements permanent employees receive. Regardless of the type of employment all workers must have an employment agreement and for casuals, this should outline the expectations of the role. Casual employees are entitled to four weeks of annual leave, but if work is too irregular to allow an employee to take holidays employers may pay upfront each pay cycle instead by adding an extra 8% to the employee’s gross wage. Employers should assess the work pattern and if hours become regular, a new employment agreement must be signed changing the annual leave entitlement from up-front payment, to accrued time. If an employer continues to pay 8% extra despite casual hours becoming regular, they may not be able to recover this money. Casual employees are also entitled to sick and bereavement leave after six months if they have worked an average of at least 10 hours each week and at least one hour a week or 40 hours a month. For more information about casual employment,
speak to Employsure today.

SME Digital Leap Awards 2019 Winners – Shun Zhou Hardware Pte Ltd

I joined soon so hard when I was 16 years old I drop our school enjoy my father as an apprentice during the year 2000 we needed more inventory but there was disastrous because we didn't have the capability of having digitalization of keeping track of the in-and-out movement of our inventory when we built our distributions and I decided that I want to go for a digital ready technology ready building we customize our software system to be used together with our RFID system to trace our inventory and that gave us almost 100% of accuracy and up-to-date inventory it was a Google bus that was 0:04 it a bit skeptical he led by example PSAP the RFID he himself who is the first person to be hands-on doing it to have the efficient cycle for day to day operation every delivery vehicles that we have are being equipped with a tractor customer can also login to a simple app to know where the vehicles are so they will be able to arrange their own operations and their own logistics we are the only company in Southeast Asia with this kind of a so called dancing robots because it moves we do not need a very big space and a lot of robots to do the same thing we actually invented special tooling for the robot work because well we still need human intelligence to intervene artificial intelligence the biggest change that I've seen after the digitalization is we actually see greater output with this Lin what first we have been around for 31 years the digital live or what meant a lot to us because from a company with zero technology zero digitalization to what we are today I think that is awesome

[SmartBiz Accelerators] INSANGA, manufacturing bamboo salt and its applied products

싸이와 있어 어째서 최저 # 웃는 하우스 메이트 알쌈 튄 하루를 되고 있어서의 써봐야 인상과 스크류 s2 링 단 분석한 분이 따라주면 보류 싱 나무 수업 nf 하이프 rx4 폰즈 love 션 스 ls 웨딩도 뭐 학교에 발 속사 소인 조수용 환승 남부 수업 난 이웃사촌 행 글로벌 cr mn 그 후야 악한 뿐이란 싸인 채 2 구입 보유 dirt 켜 쓰인 카페 문 썹 윅스 월 인상과 더 usa 면서 다음 눈썹 거야 [음악] 린 상가에서 뭐 걘 함양군 경상남도 푸아 벤스 남부 서 어둠의 이발 베이킹 수업 4 5 차암 수적 좀 뱀부 인성과 헤디 컴의 일인가 은 an 쥬리 맡아 표가 있습니다 문 수업 인상과는 32년 전인 1987년 8월 27일에 국내에 최초로 죽염을 산업화한 바이오 벤처 기업입니다 이인상 김유정 선생의 저서 신약의 이 제시된 죽염 홍화씨 유황 우리 등의 재물의 약성을 활용하는 다양한 제품들을 출시해서 국민건강 인류 광경에 기여하겠다는 예 그런 자연 지향 건강 기업입니다 인상 감 x y lee soo 맨즈 페이스 주스 승표 쓰 남부 서다 주익 박스 데 이름 파워가 된 온에어 에서 터렛 야치 가수왕 위쪽 조찬 초 인산죽염 은 국내산 천일염 을 가지고 9번 의 열처리 로 만드는 전 세계적으로 유래가 없는 특수 가공 소금입니다 어 여러분 열처리를 통해서 어전 열매의 포함된 각종 불순물과 중 금속들이 제거됩니다 다양한 종류의 미네랄 등을 함유하고 있고 어 일반 소금 에서는 관찰되지 않는 발 카리스 활용성 그리고 높은 항산화 능력이 나타나고 있습니다 인상과 유스 어미 음원 한글 풀 싼 먹고 잎은 유선 라이스 어 좀 축구의 하이코 그립 나눌 수 없습니다 5 tom cos 썬 라이즈 에서 어떻게 이 예외 제 블루스 때랑 으 앞쪽 once fps cf 서 어디에 촛대 안부 으 국내 세안의 염전에서 재치 1천 유전과 궁에서 농대 나무 를 사용합니다 채 잃는데 가수를 빼내는 작업은 중금속 제거를 위한 중요한 기다림의 작업입니다 공해서 농대 나무를 사용하는 것이 역시 옹 대나무 속에서 유용 성분을 함유 되어 있어 좋은 조개 몸을 만들기 위한 재료 입니다 스키 ours 자프트 싼 활석 뭐 절대 매력 들은 srf 1집 옻은 쥬스 자프트 colors of loves 와 싶을 간츠 펑펑 인양 조회 다 매긴 파스 않습니다 현재 작업하고 있는 공중은 대나무 에서 명 이상 간수를 뺀 천일염을 다지는 작업을 하는 중입니다 이렇게 대나무 속에 잘 다져 자 주 개미 제대로 꺼져 나옵니다 이 또한 이 선생님의 가르침대로 전통 방식으로 생산하고 있습니다 및 포인터 메이킹 쓰려 la 에서 파일 아빠 차 아벤트 자금이 이 언어가 요렇게 엄 무웅 조리 파이핑 봤으나 미디안 쓰 으 nds 웨이 파이크 하우리 인삼 난 눈썹 데스 캠프 일에 어머니 앞으로 베이킹 해야지 liter 있습니다 이제 편 증언도 좋구여 삥 남부 copious reis 끈 나인 메이킹 수 답 s 자 버블에코 파인 바이 웬 승려 채 물 좀 몰 덴 쌈지 다들 되고 있어 어스 였음 죽염을 구워내는 최대 1700 또 이상의 용용 작업은 위험천만 하기 때문에 작업자들은 잠시도 긴장을 놓을 수가 없습니다 열을 1700 또 까지 끌어 올리면 죽염은 마치 생물처럼 펄펄 끌고 완전하게 녹아내립니다 이 과정에서 소금 속에 잔존하는 불순물이 사라지는데 세 문 의 이 과정은 무엇보다 중요하고 예민한 작업입니다 인상과 헤딩슛 user 초 2수저 요법 학교중 나눠주면 제너 2존 라이팅 이어 럼 rx 9이닝 였나 센스 좀 없다 무서 다진 9일 수입해 50 씨 어떡함 불이 2 4째 쉔 된 자 up 역시 eng sub 우 션 캠핑엔 추구에 래로부터 뭐 악하고 쓰시죠 현재 대다수의 작업이 수고로 진행된 바 인상된 이 관계의 부담이 커져 단계적으로 부분 자동화 기술을 필요로 하고 있습니다 동시에 관리 운영에 있어 새로운 시스템을 도입해 운영하며 업무 효율성을 극대화할 수 있게 되었습니다 우리 폐 이르는데 3 주어 스스로 얼 자와 킁 나라 주말 듯 한 번 a5 제 시리얼 스캔 스웨이 srx 앞을 파인 상가 어음은 완투 알겠어 5 aerosoles 4mc 컹 c 컵 밀리 kes cern 줄 닭 cn pu 주입 싼 헉 마셔요 쓰 [음악] 기본이 되는 죽염과 장유 판매가 많이 이루어지고 있고요 또 최근에는 이제 주가 응용한 커피 라든가 건빵 이라든가 또 생활 용품으로 는 비누나 취약 등으로 해가지고 많이 구매가 이루어 주시고요 저희가 판매 같은 경우에는 매장 뿐만 아니라 백화점 고객센터 온라인 등 특판 팀으로 해가지고 많이 판매가 이루어지고 있습니다 [음악] 인상과 쌓인 제피 크기 않아 와인 센스 입방 순서 빼 무섭 렌즈 더 없앤 1128 xr [음악] 1 s 두어 m you've 찰 covering 대협 마켓 쿼드 없죠 그 2 아 인상과는 지난 해 코스닥 상장 을 계기로 글로벌 헬스케어 선도 기업으로 성장 발전하게 따는 전략을 추진하고 있습니다 항노화 농공단지 조성 을 계기로 전 세계에는 식탁에 인체 필수 미나를 60 애정 을 함유한 프리미엄 소금 죽염 을 올려서 인류 건강에 이바지 하겠다는 계획을 갖고 있습니다 무용 업어 월 추듯 고의를 와우 더 빈상가 우주 싶어 페어 이젠 초에 달구어 봄 하기에 to toes 대한 부서 웃으 으 [음악]