E46 Spring Festival celebration at office | Ms Yeah

keyboard sound people mumbiling (What the heck?) tin can sound plastic stretching (Woah) (OBEY MS YEAH) (Nuu not the computerrr) unwrapping from plastic water slash inside container (FIREEEE) sissling sound (WATTERRR) people talking (THINGS) hizzing sound (MEAT) (This will take a while…) meat burned sound music background (CRACKLE) people talikng guy talking boiling oil sound Dag dag dag (chopping ) background music slicing meat plate placed on wooden table people talking and background music edge of ceramic bump each other saute hot oil sizzling announcer talking background music background music crack eggs beating the egg background music background music organ played
background music Background music playing background music
glass bumped each other saute sound
Chopping on a wooden board sound background music
frying sound tin spatula tapped to tin strainer frying sound background music hot oil frying fish guitar strumming sautee sound background music drum beats and background music music continues music continues playing music playing upbeat music steaming sound food is cook with steam Tink hey everybody time to change design it’s time background music
people excite hey food Chow time guy talking guitar playing with back ground music cymbals clang humm yummy i got the big size packing tape unstick (this didn’t need subtitles oof) (have a nice day!

E48 Lobster feast at office|Ms Yeah

Recently, a new colleague joins our office Elizabeth I’ts is said that she has a rich family She was a lawyer before now. As to why she came to our company… Because my dad’s consortium will invest a hundred million to Chengdu. And I am here to investigate for him. eh. You guys have to keep the secret. But the salary is so low in our company. I have never been worrying about money since I was young. Maybe my dad will buy this company soon. Elizabeth always late. I’m sorry. I forgot to wear my Cartier bad