Episode 31 | Marketing Matters | Pick & Mix Marketing | Tuesday Social

– Hi, and welcome to Marketing Matters. I’m Sally Parker, and
today’s topic is networking. So, we all know networking is a vital part of promoting our businesses. Obviously it gives us an opportunity to meet people, develop
existing relationships but I think it’s about finding
the right networking events for you. And I have so many
conversations with people about what event to go to, and you know it is difficult because there’s that many events that we could be networking
every single day. So it’s a fine balance. Obviously we’ve got our
client work to do as well. But what we’ve noticed
is there isn’t any event that really talks and helps
people learn about social media. So we decided to create an
event called Tuesday social, and this is going to
be held at Bedding Hall on the 11th of February. You can find all the details
on our Eventbrite page and there’s a link shown on the screen. But what It’s gonna be a very, very informal event. So welcoming anybody
really who has an interest in networking but also an
interest in social media, whether it’s that they’re
in a marketing role. So you might be working
within a marketing team, you might be responsible
for the social media for that company, you might be a business owner, or you might be in a related business. And you actually just want
to expand your knowledge and know more about social media. So Jess is running the event, it’s gonna be really informal, everyone’s welcome. But it’ll be a bit of networking, and then some updates. So we’ll be bringing you
updates on social media, what’s happening, things you should perhaps
be thinking about. Bit more networking, maybe some other surprises
in the mix as well, a few hours long Tuesday, the 11th of February. So we hope you come join us. And, you know, it might be
an event that you come to and you decide it’s not for you, but I think every event
is going worth going to and seeing what it’s like
and if it can help you and hopefully with the
social media updates, this will be an event that
can help you in your business. So, hope to see you there. If not, hopefully see you watching my
next marketing matters vlog. Thanks for watching.

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The Social Media Secrets Behind DMEXCO – Europe’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event

I’m responsible for the overall marketing
and communication activities, which include social media, side events,
PR, content and marketing. This year, we wanted to make the social media buzz around the DMEXCO
a bit more tangible and visible to the visitors. Therefore, we decided to install two big social walls in the middle of the DMEXCO Boulevard. It is basically the main access between the different halls, and it’s where you get the most traffic and the highest possible attention. We are also here today
at the DMEXCO social media booth. It’s been launched this year and it’s basically the on-the-ground homebase of our content team. And for them we also installed
the social media wall behind me. There’s another wall upstairs in the press department, especially for the journalists and the media influencers. So we have multiple pitch points with the social media walls at the DMEXCO this year. Each year, we define a different hashtag. So this year it’s #DMEXCO19. Plus, we have a yearly motto, and this year it’s “Trust In You”. So we use those two main hashtags. And we usually start very, very early
to educate the community about what kind of hashtag they should use, to invite them to use the hashtags. And on the ground at the DMEXCO, we use the social media walls to kind of engage people, let them know: okay, use the hashtag #DMEXCO19 to show that you are present
and engaging with the event. The moderation of the walls is handled by our social media team, and we use the wall in unmoderated mode. We only edit single posts, in case they don’t meet the quality
that we expect from them. In general, we have very positive
mentions on social media so this is the perfect solution for us. But just in case some kind of a sh*tstorm comes up, I think it’s very good to know
that you can switch to moderated mode, where you can just publish single social media posts and be fully in control of what’s being shown.

Fare Marketing Con Facebook

Facebook as a marketing tool Opening – Connection – Sharing have always been Mark Zuckerberg’s goals. Facebook has grown and keeps on developing continuously and nowadays, it presents itself as a composite marketing platform. Traditionally advertising message was used in a passive way since the first appearance of social networks such as Facebook there has been a revolution in this dynamics. Messages are seen, re-elaborated and shared by users. There are two main consequences: Firstly companies improve their ranking because through this virtual word of mouth they gain visibility secondly they strengthen their brand reliability and trustworthy Facebook customer’s page is the departure point together with posts… which have to appear systematic on users’ walls where already competitors’ web contents are. The aim is to create a consistent clear company content … in order to become more and more visible by being shared read and seen by followers. The more they read the easier it will be to highlight products, which keep increasing your business in an unstoppable way. Visibility is a milestone for brands on social media as well as traditional ones because it enlarges brands identification and value Consequently, products attract people so followers become customers. Moreover, we must always consider that the “mobile market”… Is constantly growing! Page post is a vital advertising format on Facebook which can be placed both in the center and on the right of desktop or either on full screen on mobile phone. Central advertising on wall is one of most influential place where posts can be seen… as it is the most inspected by its users. Much of the efficacy depends also on the image … that will have to be chosen carefully to promote the engagement and the interaction. Page posts have different layout Page post photo, composed by title, text, URL and image The option Multi Product or Carousel allows inserting more images (with titles, description and diversified URL) in a single post. Page post video, which proposes the visualization of videos that are… also from an historical point of view, the advertising format par excellence. Facebook recommends to upload videos directly on the wall instead of write down a link from other platforms In return it values them a lot in terms of bulk and of auto play which guarantees an high rate of interaction “CTR (click through rate)” and of visualizations at the 100%. Page post link: it has the purpose to bring the buster towards a specific web site. Page like ad: it is the most “ancient” tool … that allows to “make fans” and to increase the number of “likes” on the page to publicize it. Mobile app install: it allows the installation of an app in the users’ smartphones giving a great visibility and diffusion to the company’s app. Nevertheless, when a good message has been created, how can you reach the right addressees? In the digital world, there are two basic approaches: cookies and identities. The cookies are small fragments of code … code sent to the user’s computer, to trace the navigation but if the user changes device or browser, the cookies cannot profile him in a specific way … and they cannot convey appropriately the advertising campaigns. Facebook, instead, considers people’s identities and works on the information provided by the same users … post, like, groups, friends… that keep on existing without considering the device or the browser in use it allows its customers to reach easily the fixed target… also thanks to the existance of about 500 pre-defined targeting categories. The creation of a campaign on Facebook is based on a series of steps such as define the targets… specifying the page which contains the page post… identifying the target in an extremely detailed way… and setting the budget and the period of the campaign. Everything is very, very easy! What is extremely important for all customers is the possibility to measure the results of a campaign. For this reason, Facebook makes available the Conversion Pixels and the SDK to its customers. it deals with slivers of codes to insert respectively in the pages of a web site or in the apps … that follow the visitors’ actions coming out from Facebook and the users who are employing the company’s applications. Moreover it is possible to use tools created by third parts… and external marketing companies approved by Facebook.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

SEO Services uses a variety of strategies
to help our customers achieve a successful internet marketing campaign. Social media
marketing is a powerful marketing tactic that offers benefits beyond the capabilities of
search engine optimization and pay per click. In the next 3 minutes we’ll list the advantages
of social media marketing and how it can help your company reach new customers.

media marketing for businesses is best known for it’s brand and reputation management
capabilities. Businesses can use popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook to maintain
their brand and product’s online reputation.

Using a blog, companies can establish themselves
as experts in their industry. A blog functions as a company’s social homepage which points
to each social platform by which they publish their content.

A diverse collection of social
platforms beyond just Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube is important to gather a variety of
links from many different sources. These social extensions of your company brand leads to
advantages beyond what SEO and PPC can provide.

Social media marketing differs from search engine
marketing because social distribution leads to product discovery. Countless Google searches
take place every day, but if people haven’t heard of your company, then they’ll never
discover the value of your products.

Unless your product is compatible with social sites,
you will miss out on the value of social marketing. Blogs and social platforms are built to be
shared, discussed, and bookmarked. Only social media marketing can provide constant updates
to your fans, followers, and subscribers. Using constant communication through blogs
and social networks you will reach customers that would have never performed a Google search
for your products.

Our social media marketing packages include the following features
Social account setup of all major social networks as well as relevant minor social networks.

Constant reputation management of social networks, blogs, review sites, forums, websites,
and directories.
A custom wordpress blog designed to mirror
the look of your website.
Daily or weekly written blog posts that are distributed to
your social networks as well as social bookmarking and social news sites.

Custom made videos that are distributed on your blog, social bookmarking sites, and video
sharing websites such as YouTube.
Using advanced search features we constantly
monitor for people that might be interested in your company. Much like SEO and PPC, this
social outreach is a great way to put your products and services in front of a customer
at the critical point of sale.

SEO Services is a full service online marketing agency
specializing in pay per click, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to
help you compete on the internet and win.