How to Work with Filtering Options in Vue Grid

Hi everyone, welcome back. Are
you working with huge collection of grid records? You might be looking out for a
best way to filter and display the precise information out of
the huge collection of grid records. In this video I’ll show you
how to filter grid records by using different filtering
types and built-in operators in Syncfusion Vue Grid. I will also show you how to add
custom filter template to the filter bar in Vue Grid. First, I’ll start with enabling the
filter option in Vue Grid, which you must be already familiar with. If you have
watched my previous video. Those who have not seen it yet,
can find that video link from the description section below or
the card shown above. So I’ll open my existing
project and begin with small intro about how to enable
filter option in Grid. You can also download this
existing project from the link shared in the below
description part. Here, I’ll open my existing Vue
application where a simple grid code is added and the local
Json data is assigned to the grid data source property. To enable the filter import the
filter module from the EJ2 Vue grids package and inject it into
the provide section. Here in the grid code the
allowFiltering property is enabled. Let me run this example
and show you the output. Here you can see the filter bar shown in the grid. I will
type the text value and based on that grid display
the matching records. Notice here, the grid records
containing a diacritic value. And when I type a text value
‘BO’ in the filter bar. You can see the diacritic
value is not filtered. So let me show you how to
filter grid data with a diacritic character. Under the data method of script
section, define the filter options variable of object type. And include the ignoreAccent property. And set its
value to true. Then assign this filterOptions
variable to the filterSettings property of the grid. Now you can see grid records
are filtered with matching diacritic characters. Now let’s see the various
built in filter operators available in Vue Grid
and it’s supported types. Notice here, the operators
startsWith, endsWith, and contains supports only
string type. Operators like greater than,
greater than or equal, less than and less than or equal supports
number and date types. Equal and not equal operators
supports string, Number, Boolean and Date types. In this example, I will show you
how to use the startswith operator for customer ID column
to filter grid records. Inside the filterOptions object
include the columns property of array type. I will add the field
property and set its value to Customer ID. Then I will include the
operator property and set its value to startswith. Include the value property and
set its value to ‘v’. Now, I will show you the output. You can see the grid records
are filtered based on the Customer ID column value,
which starts with ‘v’. Apart from the default filter
bar displayed in a grid you can also change the filter type
to menu, checkbox and Excel like filter. Here, I will comment unwanted
code snippets from the data method of script section. First, let’s see How to have
the filter option in a collumn header with a menu? I will define the type
property and set its value to menu over here. Notice here, the filter menu is
enabled in the grid column header based on its column type. Now let me show you how to have
the filter option in checkbox? I will change the filter type to
check box over here. Now we can see the filter
options are available with checkbox in the menu and you
can filter the records by checking or unchecking them. Now, I will change the filter
type to Excel over here. You can see the excel like
filter options shown here with checkbox and operators. You can also enable the checkbox
filter option for a specific column in a grid. For the Customer ID column,
I’m going to display filter menu with checkboxes. I will define another object columnFilterOptions
with the type checkbox. Then I will assign this option
to the filter property in the Customer ID field under
the columns directive. You can see the Customer ID
column has the checkbox based filter. And other columns
have the Excel filter. In real time scenario, you may
be required to add custom component to the filter bar. So I will show you how to add
the drop down list component to the Customer ID field using the
filterTemplate property of column directive. Let me remove the filter
Settings property from the grid code and it’s relative code
snippets in the data method to render the grid with the filter bar. First install the ej2-vue-dropdownlist
package from Syncfusion. Import the dropdown list plugin
from ej2-vue-dropdownlist package and register it using
the Vue.use() method. Inside the methods object, I
will define the custom template method and define the template. Inside the template I will
return the drop down list plugin. Now I need to bind the data
to the drop down list accessing from the grid’s
Customer ID field. I will use the dataUtil
function to retrieve unique customer ID values from the grids data source. To use
the dataUtil function I must import it from the
Syncfusion EJ2 data package. Now inside the computed property
of the template, I will define a new method with the name
customerDistinctData and return the unique data values
from the Customer ID field using the dataUtil function. Then I will assign this method
to the dataSource property of drop down list. And assign
the appropriate mapper fields to the drop down list as per
the grid data source. Finally, I will assign this
custom template method to the filterTemplate property of the
corresponding column directive. Now I need to filter the grid
records manually while changing values from drop down list in the filter bar. For that, I will
include the change event and assign the getdata callback
method in Dropdown List Code. Let me create a global event
bus to transfer data between these two components. Inside the getdata method, I
will emit the event with the value selected from the drop
down list. I will turn on the event
and add the filterCustomerID event handler. Now I will add the ref
property to the grid code and set its value to grid. Inside the methods object, I
will define the filterCustomerID method. Using ref I will access
the filterByColumn method from grid instance and pass the
required details like field name, operator name, and event. Let me save this example
and show you the output. Notice here, the drop down list
is rendered in the filter bar. By selecting value from the drop
down list will filter and show the matched records from the grid. Now let me make a quick summary
of what we have seen so far. I have shown you how to enable
a filter bar in the Vue Grid and filter grid records by
using the built-in operators. I have also shown you the
different filter types in the Vue Grid. And to add the custom
components in the filter bar. You can check our user guide
documentation link provided in the below description section to
learn more about filtering in our Syncfusion Vue Grid. Post your comments below if you
need additional information about any grid topics. Thank you for watching this
video. If you found this video useful give it a like and
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How to backup Office 365 Mailbox from Microsoft’s Cloud to Local Hard-drive

Before creating an Office 365 backup set, read the Office 365 Backup and Restore guide from our Forum. Go to page 6 of this document Go through the steps in “Granting Permission to Accounts for Creating Backup Set”, and “Granting Permission for Application Impersonation” Then, you can backup all the mailboxes within your company’s Office 365 account with your administrator role. Open your CloudBacko Pro software, and click “Backup Sets” to create a new Office 365 backup set. Enter your Office 365 administrator credentials here. Here, you can select the Mailboxes and Public Folders to backup. In this Schedule section, define the time that you need CloudBacko to start the backup automatically. You can define multiple schedules. E.g. you can have another Weekly schedule. Now, we have 2 schedules created. Next, define the Destination for storing your backup data. In this demo, we are going to use Local Drive as the destination. You can backup to multiple destinations simultaneously if needed. You can encrypt the backup data with an encryption key for security purpose. With the “Default” encryption type, CloudBacko will generate a 256-bit full length encryption key to encrypt the data. Or you can define your own key and algorithm by selecting “Custom” encryption type. This is the 256-bit full length encryption key generated by the software. Save this key securely, and ideally outside your existing computer so that when you need to recover the backup data on another CloudBacko installation, you can do it with this key. Ok, the backup set is created. We can trigger a backup now. When backup is completed, you can click the Report icon to see the backup details. Thanks for watching.

Inside Adobe’s Colorful, Redesigned Headquarters | Open Office | WSJ

– We’re here at Adobe’s
headquarters in downtown San Jose. And this gray scale building behind me might not be what you’d expect
from the makers of Photo Shop but let’s check out the inside. (percussive music) Adobe built its San Jose HQ in 1994. After 20 years, it came
time for a redesign. Designer Natalie Engels
said it was in need of a more colorful update. – You know when we first
ventured to the space, it is exactly what you would imagine, from the outside. It was very bank, institutional like. And that’s not what tech is. That’s specifically not what Adobe is. – So when I walk in here as
an employee during the morning and the first thing I see is
this vibrant orange color, what is that doing for me? – It should have the right
amount of yellow in it actually to have this happiness, a vibrancy, but not too vibrant to agitate you. And so we really wanted,
especially after people are stuck in traffic, to
come in here and just feel refreshed and vibrant and
ready to start their day. – [Adam] Color is more
than aesthetics at Adobe, it’s their business. So Engels and Adobe used color theory throughout the space to
think more scientifically about how hues and brightness
levels inspire work. – So when you think about it
from a scientific perspective that orange, that’s very much kind of an invitation for community. What we find is, we find
people working down here on their own, they’re opting in. It’s a place that they want to be. It’s be active since we’ve opened it. – [Adam] Beyond fresh
color, Engels designed a variety of spaces to accommodate
different types of work. Before the redesign, Adobe
had only closed office spaces. The focus then was on giving engineers the quiet space they needed for work. Floors looked like this one. – As work has shifted, as
generations have changed, it became pretty obvious that they needed to be together. – [Adam] So that meant opening offices up. But Adobe isn’t a full
open office environment. – We really want to create
balanced work space. Do you have the right meeting rooms? Is there a place where
you can make phone calls where you’re not disturbing others? A work station or a desk is
actually about task work. – That’s why each floor also has spaces for group and
individual focused work. Adobe has these phone
booths that are dedicated to special moments in
Photo Shop’s history. This is 1990, the year
Photo Shop was invented. And they actually have the first version installed on this Mac right here. Let’s check it out. Suppose a color picker
doesn’t really matter when you’re operating in gray scale. Each floor at Adobe is different. Some, like this one,
were more experimental, tests to see what worked for employees. So now we’re into this more
open office environment. – Yes, I think something
that’s fascinating about this floor is that
there are no offices. While everything, everything
in life is an experiment, we don’t know exactly what’s gonna work better for you, that’s gonna work for me. And so there is a spirit of innovation. – What we’re trying to
do is be more innovative and to do that you have
to experiment more. And you have almost create a culture and an environment
where you can feel that. – [Adam] In a modular room called Lab 82, named after the year Adobe was founded, the company tests ideas
in work place design including how plants, sounds, colors, and scents can change a meeting. – ]Eric] And what we’re
looking to do is identify the best possible future ways
of being able to collaborate. – [Adam] And when something really worked, Engels and Adobe listened. These booths are really popular? – Oh they’re so popular that we had to come back in and add this whole row. – [Adam] One of the
most noticable upgrades Adobe made in the
redesign was the addition of two new cafes. They went from one, to three. – This space is their
cafe called Pallettes. It’s farm to fork concept and it really harkens back to what this land was. You know this whole area was orchards. And so we really wanted
to give people a place that recognized what the community was. Appreciate it; don’t just
brush it under the rug. – [Adam] The cafe gets some of its produce from the company run garden located just outside its doors. – We’re able to grow about
5000 pounds of produce that we use in our cafes and
in our learning kitchens. And what’s really great about it is, we have employees come
and grow their own produce here on site, we bring master
gardeners to teach them different things that they can grow, and provide them seeds
that they can take home and grow on their own. – [Adam] Adobe wants
employees to be healthy, and that means more than eating well. In its wellness center,
employees have access to cardio machines, weights,
classes, and this: So Adobe has this thing
called the Soma Dome, which is basically a guided
meditation experience in this pink egg. I have to try it out. I’m getting ocean waves. It’s relaxing. Adobe’s redesign continues on some floors, but across the street the company is more than doubling its capacity with a new tower set to open in 2022. Is the new office space going to look like this space inside? – There will be a lot of the essence of what’s happening here, but
also trying to think about how people will be using
devices differently. How they’ll be commuting differently. If you design perfect space for now, for a tower that’s going to open in 2022, you can guarantee that
it’s not going to work. – [Adam] Sounds like the
experimentation will continue.

Office 365 ProPlus Introduction

The way we work is evolving daily. To keep up, your organization needs more more security, more mobility and more ways to collaborate. Plus, you need to manage new tasks, projects, and growing amounts of data to do your best work. So how do you deal with the challenges of today, while preparing for the future? With Office 365 ProPlus, you get always up-to-date apps that enable enterprise-wide productivity. It comes with the productivity apps you know and love, pluse new apps that enable innovative ways to collaborate. Allow teams to connect and work together from anywhere using any device they choose. Create professional documents and presentations, backed by powerful AI that provides design ideas and data insights. And protect your work against threats with top-of-the-line security. Elevate your productivity. To learn how, visit our website.

CAREERS IN IT– Information Technology,MNC ,Software,Jobs,Institutions,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in IT The job role IT
creates a buzz and is the hot job which is
in demand these days. With the assistance of information technology all tasks related
to business and also other fields are made simple with their programming. With IT, work
is executed efficiently and productivity is also maximized. Communication with speed,
storage in electronic means and safety of records are few aspects IT was able to do.
With IT into the scenario every field today is computerized. The powerful field stands
to be the backbone for any nation. IT people take initiatives for developing,
designing, support and management of hardware and software. In other words IT deals with
computer applications. Up gradation and development of software is accomplished by IT employees.
Since work related applications have been automated, IT plays a key role in today’s
situation. IT has developed globalization with hindrance free communication across continents.
The main advantage of communication is cost effectiveness for many industries. There are various diplomas and IT courses available for IT aspirants. To enroll for
BSc (IT), 10+2 with science subjects is mandatory. For B.Tech (IT), 10+2 with science subjects
is required, for the same course certain reputed colleges require students to pas IIT, JEE
exams. In the same manner MSc (IT) is also a degree course for 2 years. And finally MBA
in information technology is another post-graduate course. Higher studies can be pursued abroad
too depending upon the individual’s interest. Distance learning and online study can also
be achieved for information technology courses in India and abroad. Each university has their
own eligibility conditions and criteria to get enrolled for distance education programs. The field keeps elevating and has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years. For the ones who
are hunting jobs are a number of options in the IT field. With appropriate key skills
and knowledge getting into IT field can be easy. IT graduates can work as application
developer, games developer, information security specialist, IT consultant, IT technical support,
software tester, system analyst, system developer, web designer, multimedia programmer and lot
more opportunities. There are legion of companies which recruits
masses of IT graduate in India and abroad with a high pay salary than any other field.
Here are a few companies which recruit IT graduates on their knowledge basis.
• TCS • Infosys
• Wipro • HCL technologies
• Mahindra Satyam • Tech Mahindra
• Microsoft • Siemens
• Accenture • Infosys
• IBM • Oracle financial services
• Yahoo • HP
• Dell • Google
• Mind tree And many more IT companies recruits graduates
based on their aptitude and reasoning skills by screening them. A graduate of IT with full time course from recognized university can gain government
jobs in India. There are many government companies which hire IT graduates for their various
technical functionalities in their company. Few government companies are
• Power grid • Rites
• Coal India ltd • BPCL
• NMDC • Mazagon dock
• BANKS And many more government jobs stick to the
list. They conduct an entrance exam for passed out graduates to test their eligibility level
and recruit skilled graduates. The website is an informative
website which offers complete details for freshers, graduates and job questers. It provides
all details and applying method for ones who desire to apply for job whether it’s government
or private jobs we will be back with such more videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

Tutorial of Salary module part 3 (attendance and salary payments)

Keep your Subtitles/CC ‘ON’ Staff>Salary>Leave Config>Staff Shift Manage your staff’s salary Define the start time and end time /day of the shift. Define the buffer time Click on Map Shift on the same page to assign it to the employees Define the leaves that you want to provide your employees here Define the criteria Accumulation rule would be defined here Salary>Leave Config>Late Rule Define the late rule of the entire institution Staff>Salary>Leave Config>>Initial Leave balance You can define the initial leave balance for the new employee Staff>Leave Config>Special Shift This is for the the staff members that would be available only for selected shifts or guest faculty. Click on ‘Add special rule’ Fill in the necessary parameters You can define special shift for emergency not an Holiday exclusive to that staff member.

Novell – Micro Focus Jobs,Careers,IT,Salary,Recruitment details,Eligibility

Hello All..This is Manju Thomas from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career and jobs in Novell Novell or Micro Focus was an American multinational
organization software that has its headquarters in Utah. It was founded in the year 1978 and
has a personal website of its own. The products of Novell include Novell Vibe, Novell GroupWise,
Novell Open Enterprise Server and Novel Zenworks. It began officially in the year 1979 and is
a hardware manufacturing and producing system. The founders of Novell include George Canova,
Darin Field and Jack Davis. Initially the company wasn’t doing well but with time
it developed its pace and started to give more competition to its competitors. Today
Novell has reached all over the world and has set up various offices as well. Novell
also had an agreement with Microsoft in the year 2004. It asserted that Microsoft had
earlier participated in some of the antitrust violations with regard to the Word Perfect
Business of 1994 through the year 1996. Novell’s lawsuit however was dismissed in the year
2012 by the United States District Council once it concluded that the claims were not
with merit. The objectives of NOVELL are quite simple.
They aim to build and design software in such a way that the audience can make more use
out of it. They are very secure and can be handled very easily regardless of wherever
people might work. They also have been supporting and reaching out towards thousands of other
organizations all over the world with products that help you work better. Some of the solutions
could include collaboration and file or networking solutions. Other products that were released
by NOVELL will help you reach better and new levels of productivity which will definitely
reduce the cost and make it less risky. Even the complications shall be reduced in the
process. It is their commitment to help you utilize the value much more from the software
that you are already holding. This will help you create better products that may help you
get along in a world that is complex and filled with several platforms. Speaking of the support
system, NOVELL has a wide range of phone based support options for most of its customers.
The NOVELL support website has been there repeatedly as one of the best support websites
by the Association of Support Professionals. It also has received several awards such as
the Outstanding Website Award when it was competing in the WebAward Competition for
some of the best solutions they came up with for the website. Some of them include tools
and problem fixes. NOVELL also has quite a set of wikis where
information is updated on a regular basis about its productions. For example, when the
NetWare service packs were release the NetWare wiki also came up with tips as well as some
other known issues along with the service packs. There are some cases where the service
packs themselves have their own wikipedia along with information given from the responses
that were already given in some of their support forms online. In short, NOVELL is one of the
first and best computer companies to exist. Novell offers job opportunities for those belonging to IT sector or would like to work with software companies the candidate has to be B.EBCAB.TechM.Tech graduates if heshe wants to land a job here they are walk in interviews available through out the country especially in cities like bangalore,hyderabad,kolkata,Delhi,Noida and chennai the salary goes upto 3.2 lakhs per year minimum the selection process includes writing , personal interview and HR interview is the website to log on to all details including the job and selection dates are given we will be right back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

How Does a GRAPHICS CARD Work? | Basics

With cryptocurrencies growing more and more
in popularity, it’s easy to see why there’s a buzz around graphics cards, which are a
remarkable technological achievement of mankind and may perform incredible calculations. Graphics cards are in many computers, but
top-of-the-line cards are for graphic designers, gamers, and multimedia enthusiasts; a video-game’s
graphics require an unthinkable amount of calculations for processing like depth, trajectory,
vertex coordinates, and face coordinates–something only a graphics card can handle. It’s for this exact reason graphics cards
are used for cryptocurrency mining, which requires an enormous number of calculations
to track and verify transactions on blockchain technology. The workings of graphics cards rely on translating
binary code from the computer’s Central Processing Unit, or CPU, to color-in on-screen
pixels. But most of the body of a graphics card is
used to cool the huge amount of heat generated by the GPU, or graphics processing unit. Here is where the magic happens. Unlike a CPU, which has a small number of
cores to perform more complex operations, the GPU goes for quantity over quality. GPU’s may have hundreds of cores to process
more simple information that enters in bulk–for example, all the coordinates of a 3D image. Like Computers, which use RAM to hold temporary
memory while tasks are processed, a graphics card also uses RAM to store temporary information,
like from completed pictures. The RAM hands over the information to a digital-to-analog
converter to send an analog signal to the monitor for its screen. If you’ve got the big bucks to drop on a
graphics card, you could go-about the task of installing one. It’s as simple as locating the Peripheral
Component Interconnect or PCI Express slot on the computer’s motherboard, plugging
in the Graphics Card, plugging in the monitor cables, and installing the latest driver-software. Application Programming Interfaces also need
to be installed, which act as ‘middle-men’ for communication between software, or ‘instructions’,
and the graphics card’s hardware, or its ‘physical components’. Just make sure the motherboard is up to the
task for all that energy-consumption, though, and the CPU is advanced enough to match your
graphics card. An out-of-date CPU coupled with an advanced
graphics card would not be great because performance is limited to what either may be able to handle. Graphics cards have come a long way since
the first one launched in 1981 by ibm, which could only provide a display for text on a
black screen. Even so, the need to support better and better
graphics for gaming means graphics cards will continue to advance.