The Incomparable Joaquin Phoenix

– How are you doing, Joaquin? – Just great.
– Yeah, just great? I know you love doing
talk shows, so thank you for being– – This is my Styr–
packing peanuts. – Yeah.
[chuckles] – Yes.
– This is your Styrofoam? – Hey, you said it.
– I said it. I can say it
if I get through it. That’s what I thought
I would do when I– anyway, yeah. – Okay. – Do you have
one of those things? Do you have a thing,
or is this it? – This is it.
– This is it. – This is it.
– So why is it that– – This is very nice Styrofoam
though as far as Styrofoam goes. – Thank you. See, I can hear the word. It’s okay for you to say
the word. – Oh, okay. – I just can’t say it
or touch it. You know what I mean?
– Uh-huh. Yeah. – But now–and so– but I do appreciate you
being here, ’cause I know that
you’re not really– – I had to.
– How come? – Well,
my family insisted on it. – Okay.
– Yeah. No, I have to tell you, it was my birthday recently,
and my– – Happy birthday.
– Thank you. And my sister and my mom
came out and visited. And we had
a really nice birthday– like, hung out,
a little dinner. And I didn’t want
the party to end, and so I said to my sisters
and my mom, “Listen, why don’t you guys
stay in my bed, “and I’ll stay on the couch
in my room, and we’ll watch a movie,
and we’ll just hang out.” And so we ended up watching
your comedy special. And it was this amazing time.
I went to sleep. It’s kind of
a backhanded compliment, ’cause I did fall asleep. But it was really
towards the end though. I mean, I watched–
I’d seen it before. – Okay, all right.
– Right. So don’t–you know.
Several times. – How many times
have you seen it? – Two–well, I want to say
three or four, but it’s probably two–
maybe one. [laughter]
No. No, no, no, no. Several times. – You have watched it.
What’s the name of it? – “The Beginning.”
– Yes. Okay. – [exhales in relief]
– All right. [chuckles]
– Oh, God. – So you watched
“The Beginning.” – I watched “The Beginning.” – That makes me feel good,
even though you fell asleep. – And I went to sleep
with my sisters laughing. It was really nice.
– Well, thank you. Well, that’s a big compliment, and I believe you. – It’s true.
[laughter] You said “I believe you” like– – Because you have a tendency
to make things up. – What do you mean?
How? What? I–what?
What do you mean? – You lie on talk shows
every time I’ve ever seen you. – Everybody lies on talk shows.
What do you mean? – No, they–no.
– Yes, they do. – No. – Nobody’s ever–
that’s what you do. – What’s the last thing
that you– you said you were engaged to– you told Letterman
you were engaged– – [slurping]
– [chuckles] [laughter] – I’m sorry, what?
I couldn’t hear you. – Did you think it would just be
a good story to say you were engaged? – I wanted the audience
to like me, and they always like you
when you get engaged. Everyone applauds, so… – That was hilarious. So you said you were engaged
just to get applause? – Sure.
– See if it works now. So I understand you’re engaged. – I am.
I actually just got engaged. [cheers and applause]
Thank you. Thank you.
Thanks so much. – You’re right. – Amazing, right? So, you know… – You’re right.
It does work. No, are you shy–
would you say in general as a human being out in life
you’re shy, or is it just a situation
like this? [laughter] – I just wanted to see what
it was like if there was a lot of time… – Yeah, that’s okay.
– It’s interesting, right? It was real quiet.
– When it’s quiet. A lot of people don’t like
spaces and pauses. I don’t mind it.
– Okay. [laughter] You look great.
– You look great too. – Thank you.
– You look really– – I don’t know if I– you know, maybe I’m shy. I don’t know. – And this movie– it was directed by
Paul Thomas Anderson. – That’s true. – And it takes place
in the late ’60s, hence the pork chop sideburns
that you were wearing. Like a hippie
private investigation going on to investigate a drug cartel. And the character– there’s a lot of pot smoking
for that character, and I know that you get heavy
into, like, preparing for a role. [laughter] – Yeah.
– Did you prepare for the role? – I actually started preparing
in the late ’90s. [laughter] But I don’t prepare
in that particular way gearing up for the movie because it can get in the way. – And then you were barefoot
a lot in the movie. I find it hard, personally,
to walk barefoot ’cause it hurts my feet,
but did you– did you mind walking barefoot? – You know, it was all right. I mean, there’s something
kind of fun about getting up and not having to worry
about shoes and just walking out the door, but I did have, like,
some meetings at, like, Beverly Hills Hotel,
and that was strange. Did you notice that
I just turned into, like, a Valley girl? [laughter]
Did you notice that? I was like…
[as a Valley girl] “I was at the Beverly Hills
Hotel, “and I was, like,
walking around barefoot. It was so weird.”
[laughter] [normal voice]
That’s weird. I don’t know–
– I did notice that. – Where did that come from? – It did–totally changed
just a little bit. – [as a Valley girl]
Yeah. – No, you know what
I was thinking about is that you said
there’s something really amazing about getting up and not having
to worry about putting shoes on. Like, is that a big hassle
to put shoes on? – Oh, yeah.
Are you kidding? That’s not for you?
– No. – You got to find them. You got to put them on
and tie them. Notice–
see, I don’t really tie. I leave these loose just so
I can slip them on and off because the tying part gets
very, very confusing. – What a hassle.
– I know. – And, anyway, it’s over. Wasn’t that so–
it was harmless. Wasn’t that easy for you? – Oh, completely.
It was great. – Yeah, great.
It was great. – It was.
It was great. – No, and I want to–
’cause I want you to come back ’cause I love you and I love
the films you choose and– – That’s my New Year’s
resolution. – To come back?
– Yeah, all the time. – Oh, good. I’m glad.
[cheers and applause] All right. Anytime. Uh-oh. Did you want to see more videos? Hold on. [static hisses] – These two girls got up in the middle of my Q&A
and left. And I have a mic– [screaming]
Oh, you– [cheers and applause]