Someone tried to pay $15,000 for a bag of air from Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game

– People were willing to pay $15,000 for Ziploc bags of air that was captured at Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game. – $15,000 of real money? – Allegedly. – Cool.
– Hm. (soft string music) – So, what happened was during Kobe’s final game at Staples
Center, everyone came out, they were watching the
spectacle of his farewell, and there was some guy just in the crowd filling up Ziploc bags with air. – That sort of fits with how
I remember that Kobe game, like they were playing the Jazz. I wasn’t there, I was watching on TV, but that is the greatest
farce of an NBA game I have ever seen. The Jazz were bad, the
Lakers were terrible, like all of Kobe’s last couple years. No one was bothering to compete, or no one had a playoff spot in mind. There were no stakes at all. The entire drama of the game was everyone just funneling the ball to Kobe. And he scored 60 points, it worked. He finished with more shots than the rest of the Lakers combined, like by a long shot. – ‘Cause he had 50. I know that much.
– 50 shots? – He scored 60 points on 50 shots. – Well, that’s also in line with how that whole farewell
weird tour sort of, that’s very much in line
with that whole circus. – ‘Cause he said goodbye, and there was no hopes of
them being a playoff team. – In the context of baseball having Derek Jeter’s retirement tour and Mariano Rivera’s retirement tour, they would play a road
game and someone would present them with a rocking
chair made out of baseball bats. Kobe was very much, like, no,
I am more dignified than that. Please keep all of your gifts private, and we’re not gonna do that whole thing. – Honestly, there had
already been precedence set for this by the Lakers themselves, who sold $1.2 million worth of merchandise on that final day alone. – Didn’t they have hats
with diamonds in them for several thousand dollars? – [Will] There was a diamond
encrusted hat for 24,000, or you could also shell out
$38,000 for a snakeskin hat. – [Ryan] Oh, cool. – [Seth] Is it real black mamba? – Is that actually a snake? – Yeah, it is.
– That’s a real snake. I’m pretty sure that’s like
a rare poisonous snake. We respect this guy so much
that we murdered his namesake, and now you can wear its skin. – The Lakers were selling all
sorts of garbage like that. Somebody said, you know what,
I bet they would also buy air. ‘Cause, why not? – Do we know anything about this person? – I wasn’t able to find
any trace of this person. ‘Cause basically what happened was they Ziploc’d air, they put a sticky note, or in some photos, masking
tape with sharpie written, “air from Kobe’s final NBA game.” – [Ryan] Cool. – -[Will] put it on eBay with a very reasonable
99 cent opening bid. (cash register dinging) And it took off. Within hours there were 50 bids for $800. Within hours of that,
it had reached 15 grand. – You can’t do that as a joke, right? In terms of actually bidding, you could end up having to
pay $15,000 for a bag of air. – I don’t know. We weren’t able to get an answer because the listing went away. Either eBay took it down because they said you can’t sell air or. – So no one actually bought it? – Nobody ended up exchanging 15 grand.
– They stepped in, and they were like. – But the bidding reached 15 grand, and then the post went away. – I wish that someone
had actually, you know, won that auction and received the air, because I wanna know how
you ship a bag of air. Because bags of air are what you use to ship other things.
(Will laughing) – Imagine getting that and
peeling those bags open that you would get from Amazon, and then accidentally opening the $15,000.
– Oh, shit, shit. (laughing)
(inhaling) Are you breathing the
air in this scenario? – Well, I mean, I think in
that scenario I would panic. I would try and breathe in the air
(inhaling) as a temporary, and then just be like, well,
some of that is mixed in. When I breathe it back into the bag, I would have to explain to people it’s not 100% Kobe air anymore ’cause I accidentally ripped the bag open. – But there’s at least
a molecule in there. – [Ryan] Sure. – [Will] Likely. – And, using that same science,
’cause we are using science, you could also argue that there’s probably a Jack Nicholson fart in there, (laughing) or like some celebrity burpage. – Right, especially for his final game, they had to have come out in force.
– For Jack Nicholson’s final game? – Yeah. – Yeah, so the implication isn’t that this is Kobe Bryant’s breath. – [Will] No, they were careful
about the language there. – Okay. Because you would’ve
had to go up to his face and actually have him
breathe into the bag, and then even then a Ziploc bag is not the most airtight container.
– Right. – Props to the person, identity unknown, who had the wherewithal to put up a bag of air for just 99 cents. – [Will] Oh, yeah. – If that person had put it up and like, I’m selling a bag of air for $10,000, that wouldn’t a gone anywhere. But ’cause I think it was
plausible for enough people at the beginning to be like, yeah, I’ll pay $40 for a bag
that was at the Staples Center. – I’ve spent 40 bucks on a goof before. – Sure, easily. I want to know how this
person was bagging the air, I guess is my question. – Like butterfly net style
(laughing) with the Ziploc bag on a stick. This is something I would love to experiment with a little bit, but you can’t swing a Ziploc
bag around and then close it, and have it be sort of plump and full. Like you have to blow
forcibly into a Ziploc bag for it to really fill up. – Are there pictures of the bags? – Yeah, they’re plump. – Can we see it? – It resembles if you
were to blow up a bag by sticking your mouth into it, and then quickly sealing it.
(Ryan laughing) – Actually seeing the handwritten label that says air from Kobe’s final game, it reminds me of that
Arrested Development bit about the dead bird in the fridge. – Yeah, do not eat. (laughing) – Even though the seller was vague about, it’s air from the game, you
still can’t verify that much. – It’s not outside the
realm of possibility, there’s how many cameras inside of a professional basketball game, right? – Search around for bag boy. – [Ryan] He might be in the
background of one of those wide stadium shots, you know,
a dude and a Ziploc bag, going like. (blows rapidly) – The way I found this story
in the first place was, I was looking into one
story I really enjoyed when I was young of Luis Gonzalez, if you remember him from the Diamondbacks, somebody tried to buy a piece of gum that he had chewed for a lot of money. – So he allegedly chewed
this gum, spit it out, and someone came and collected it. – I’m gonna auction it off. But they weren’t able to verify that he had in fact chewed the gum. So, he chewed a second piece of gum, in a way that they could verify, and in a way that both pieces of gum could go up for auction, and
the money would go to charity. Somebody bought them for $10,000. – What?! – Chewed gum.
– For charity. – For charity. – Oh, for charity.
– They donated $10,000. – Sure, sure, sure, sure. – But for chewed gum. If we were to try to
get into this business, what athlete’s air would
fetch the highest bid? – Michael Phelps comes to mind, just ’cause he is famously
good at breathing. – [Will] Right. – I think the Michael Phelps thing is a little bit more of a reality because if you don’t get the air, then you can at least get
some of the pool water. I think you could legitimately
sell a little vile of like, this is from the Olympic swimming pool where he won 42 gold medals, or whatever. – You just wanna vape the
pool water, don’t you? – I wanna be like that guy who vaped the gamer girl bathwater. – Yeah, I was gonna say, you’re verging on Michael
Phelps gamer girl. – Can we put that as tags
on this YouTube video? – Oh, 100%
– Michael Phelps, gamer girl, bathwater, vape. – What if I vaped it and I became the world’s greatest swimmer, like a Spider-Man sort of scenario? But if you vaped Michael
Phelps, that’s swim water. – Has anyone tried? – No one’s tried it. – That’s actually how Ryan
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