Ethiopia opens Africa's largest industrial park

July 2016 an aggressive work of putting together an industrial park was underway here fast forward April 2017 the result is a world-class industrial park on area of 1.3 million square meters of which 300 thousand meter square is factory shed build up area here they are already about 16 globally recognized government in textile manufacturers operating three objectives to sublet this park the first objective is to generate foreign currency this is the first the second is employment opportunity the served is it technology transfer as we know these companies are world-class companies they have technology they are know how they are market and this is the objective the garment and textile manufactures are mainly from United States China France Belgium India Sri Lanka and more they say he open state-of-the-art industrial park located in Hawass city give them every reason to move their plant from Asia to here for them from availability of cheap and skilled labour to less bureaucratic government system o is vital ATP is coming up very fast so when you when you see the new market example the US market is opposed to the US market here the few we get a look in the African market yes it will be at the best place and because also the labor cost here and what he called electricity and other costs are very late that's what we have decided to come to the table so perhaps the population is very suitable for the garment industry so we we after we considered so many kind of the factory unless I mean I will make decisions to investigate this is the largest industrial park in Africa it houses 52 shades and is able to generate export revenue up to a billion dollars and hire close to a hundred thousand people to assure success here the government has a one-stop service center and vessels can even get their visas and resident permits here few metres away from their factories the investor should should not have to go out as a part of a service all service banks are meeting even visa service will be provided very that is our aim and our objective just to give all some ship this eco-friendly hub also an industrial park according to the government is serving as a prototype for the industrial parks being built in other parts of the country currently topes building nine more specialized industrial parks across the country many of the projects are being built in partnership with China based companies the soon to be completed industrial parks are hoped to bring about 30 billion u.s. dollars to the country and employ hundreds of thousands of locals ito Pia wants its industrial growth to play a leading role in making the nation a middle-income state in a decade's time group Dallas is en Addis Ababa Ethiopia

How to construct a sentence properly 3

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