SharePoint integration into Microsoft Teams for file sharing, storage & collaboration

>>Welcome to Teams On Air, brought to you by Microsoft. Thanks for joining us On Demand. Our episodes are also streamed live every other Thursday at 9:00 am, Pacific Standard Time. During the live show, we give you the opportunity to participate in our Q&A. So if you ever have any questions about our upcoming topics, be sure to join me live and our subject matter experts will be responding in the background. You can also listen to us on the go through Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play and everywhere Podcasts can be found. If there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover, leave us a comment on our latest YouTube video. And remember to subscribe to our playlist to get the latest updates. If you ever like our episode, make sure you give us a big thumbs up. All right, let’s get to the show. Hi. Welcome back to another episode of Teams On Air. I’m your host Delanda Coleman and today, I’ve brought a guest to talk to us about content creation and collaboration with Microsoft Teams powered by SharePoint. And to do that, Mark Kashman.>>Hello. Thanks for having me today.>>Thanks for coming. How are you doing today?>>Doing well, doing well. Let’s dive into this content centric world we live in.>>I know. So tell me a little bit about what you do here at Microsoft.>>Yeah. So, I’m on the SharePoint Team. I’m a Senior Product Manager, and I focus a lot of what we do in the Cloud. I think we all focus on what we’re doing in the Cloud, but I really focus on what we’re doing in the Cloud for the intranet. Building out portals, different site types, and then everything you do under that as far as the pages, news, lists, libraries, you name it.>>How long have you been working on the SharePoint product.>>I’ve been on the SharePoint Team for about nine years.>>Wow.>>Before that I worked in the services side of Microsoft, building a solution on top of SharePoint, SharePoint 2007 at that point. And then before that, I was doing field training with our enterprise sellers.>>Amazing. So, you’ve been working on SharePoint for a long time. So, tell us how it’s evolved over the last several years.>>It’s evolved a lot, and thanks to you, it’s continuing to evolve. Really, it started out with it being just an on-premises server, and we had a small footprint initially when we started, this is about 15 years ago. And SharePoint as a server started to add more and more capabilities to do sites, to do search, to do social, to do business intelligence. You run the whole old SharePoint pie and we really try to do it all. But then, the world of Cloud came and there were other areas where we could start to integrate, or we made some acquisitions like our fast acquisition for Search. So, we baked that in. We bought Yammer as an acquisition. Now that’s a bit more of an integrated solution both with inside SharePoint and across Office 365. And now most recently, you see this continued evolution where we’re starting to take parts and pieces from a services perspective to be the service that then gets used in other applications, just like House SharePoint is used within Microsoft Teams.>>Yeah, it’s really become, Microsoft Teams is, as we position it, as the hub for teamwork. And a big part of teamwork, obviously, is the content that we co-author and collaborate on together. So, thanks for helping us do that.>>Absolutely. Yeah, you gave this great chat space where you can do all of your hub for teamwork. And when it comes to content, you want to make sure that that’s stored, managed in the right way, but then has the added value of it’s easy to share, it’s easy to co-author, it’s easy to version, and that’s a lot of what SharePoint has been doing over the years. And then go beyond that to have great experience with when you want to communicate both with the team, inside a team, inside of Teams, when you want to communicate across the company, in something like Yammer, or when you want to do some of that direct targeted communication and email, SharePoint is really there as a content service to all of those. And with the right use case, it’s really valuable to them, have that be a single source of content delivery for those different services.>>That’s cool. So, talk to me about what happens when a Microsoft Teams channel is created. What happens on the back-end with SharePoint?>>Yes. So, we’re really excited to be a part of that whole Office 365 groups engine of what gets provisioned. So when you created a teams in Team, you get a SharePoint team site. And as a part of the SharePoint team site, there’s some default things that contribute to the Team Notebook, obviously, there’s a default document library in Microsoft Teams, that’s the Files tab that’s there for each channel. And then just for clarity, any time you create a new channel with inside a team, that’s effectively a folder with inside that default document library. And I’ll show you all that when we get to demo.>>Okay, great. Well, how about we just jump right into the demo?>>Sure. So, since we’re talking about the Files tab, we’ll start there. We’ve got a lot of surface area that we’ll cover. But if you look at here, this is the main “Files” tab in the General channel for our Strategy and Planning Team, and they’re working on things in advance of before they get launched. So, there are certainly a lot of teamwork around getting things ready. But if you’ll look at this “General” tab, we’re here, but if I go up a level, you’ll really see it’s the full document library. And since we’ve got a couple of channels, we’re going to have a couple of folders that reflect all of those different channels that we have. So, there’s a channel General, there’s a channel for Benefits, there’s a channel for Office Move, then there’s a few ones that we get created uniquely based on different use. So, this the full document library but for each channel, when you’re really focused on specific content, you obviously really get that window into it.>>That’s great. So as a end user, if I’m used to working in SharePoint and I’m familiar with the SharePoint interface, and for whatever reason, if I want to go to SharePoint, I can see the same content and files in SharePoint and the file structure in SharePoint.>>Exactly. And that’s the complete value right there. It’s not two sets of files, it’s not two sets of how people describe their files or organize them, the team organizes their files in the way that they best want to work together and if that’s a bunch of folders or if it’s just an open flat structure, it’ll replicate in from a view perspective but not necessarily a replication of files. So there are all the same files.>>Okay, awesome. Cool.>>So, if we go a little bit deeper into the files experience, I wanted to switch over and show you if you had created another document library, for a different use case, this team has a lot of media that they use in their different outreach internally, when they get ready to launch, some of these final assets then get moved in to be published and finalized into the public. So this is a completely new document library in the team’s site. It’s just another document library and here, we reference it very easily. It’s called the Media Library. And here is that full media library reference right there. If we go back into the main files, I want to show you one of the things that we have that really was a SharePoint first feature, but because of the integration where it really pulls through the SharePoint richness, it comes to Teams as well. So, we’re going to look at a couple of different file types. One is a GIF, and you’ll see that we stay within the user interface of Teams but it really is going to bring up a GIF and so we support 270 file types. GIF’s pretty easy. Another fun one here is if we look at an X-ray, this is an X-ray of a- and we’ll see it here. Not my foot but somebody else’s foot.>>Oh, man.>>So, really seeing these rich previews. Not just small thumbnails but when you actually go into the content, before you commit to it, especially if it’s something that you think you’ve got the right title, you think you’ve found what you’re looking for. I can stay right here in the context of what I’m working on, and then really nice is if you go into, let’s go into this fun one, it will show you kind of the full power of the viewers, and how that then accrues into the value of Teams, that experience with the files. This is actually loading a 3D object, that if I touch the screen and spin it around, it’s just fun to see but certainly, it’s really valuable to be able to reference that right in line with the discussion and to continue work without having to launch this or go somewhere else to find it.>>Right, yeah. This is a fantastic feature for designers. And one thing you didn’t touch upon but I really love to emphasize for our audiences that you can also start conversations on these. So, not only the Office and Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents you can comment on, but you can also comment on all these different file types.>>That’s right. So you’re going here and start a conversation, which starts the conversation just for the team on this particular lesson. There could be a similar asset that’s spoken or having a discussion around with other teams, and this chat will be just for this particular team.>>Awesome.>>And I’ll show you that when we get to talking about list, pages and news. It’s really nice. The user interface that Teams offers to be able to hold that conversation around the content, specific to just what the team is chatting about.>>Right. Wow.>>So the other thing, just to see what these files look like. I wanted to show you on the desktop. All of these files are also be able to sync these down to the desktop. So, if I’m on Windows or Mac, I can use the OneDrive sync client to sync these files. So, to most people using them they’ll be within the Microsoft Teams’ user interface, or like you said they might be in SharePoint, it’s okay. But when it comes to syncing those files and taking them offline, again, 270 file types or whatever files you have in there will come offline and what you’re seeing here is that same set of files in the main document library for Strategy and Planning to be able to then take my work with me, even if I’m on the point with no connectivity.>>Yeah. I was just about to mention that. Quite often, I go on the plane and I do get Internet access but it’s slow as I don’t know what. And so having the capability of being able to sync my files offline, work on them, and as soon as I’m connected to the Internet, they’ll sync, that’s fantastic.>>Yeah, the value of co-authoring or in almost real time or near time, authoring with other people and having that accrue even if you’re offline, doesn’t stop when you’re using Teams.>>This is so cool. Thank you.>>Yeah. So, let’s continue. Sort of our two are here. One of the other things, just from a files perspective and then we’ll get into some of the other content types, is of course the ability to take a single file. It doesn’t matter what type of file it is, and reference that has a tab of its own. So, this is a handbook. This might be something that the Strategy and Planning Team has for every new employee to reference, or just something that has guidelines that they might want to reference to see what are the ways that they do work. And here it is, a nice full fidelity to be able to go directly into the Word document. And to go to the document library, go into a folder and open up the document. But present it here, because it’s an important document that they’ve reference all the time.>>Right.>>So that’s Files. If we switch over, and we actually look at, what does it look like to see more of a rich dashboard? In SharePoint, we talk about these as pages or news articles. And the first one I’m going to show you here is sort of in the context of a Q1 Report. Imagine this will live around for a couple of months. And then in the next quarter, we’ll have another tab or replace it with Q2 Reports. So, I’m here and I want to review what it is in this report. So instead of having multiple tabs that I go to, you might use SharePoint to build out a whole page, like a mini dashboard, and here’s a mini dashboard for quarterly reports. And on it, we have, of course, title, below the title we maybe have an embedded PowerPoint that’s here on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side or sort of the report outlets, this is actually an embedded Excel file. As we go down the page, you might have some things that are actually being auto rolled up by our Search Web Part, but it really is to represent only a certain subset of content here of program. So, it just shows Q1 Reports that have to be the Word document file, because that’s what we did them in. But then over here, to give you an experience of what this is to actually be an integrated experience, this is actually pulling from Microsoft’s stream, a video that was a TownHall about the Q1 Reports, and this is a fully functioning video to not only be able to watch it, but to be able to do some of the higher-end features that Microsoft’s stream gives us. And there’s a fun element that’s within this that I’m going to do a deep search and it’s going to find that exact spot as what I searched for. So, that’s a lot of the riches. The other thing you can see here is at the bottom, we’ve got a good people experience. And you have a great people experience as well when you think about it hierarchically from this perspective. Through Q1 Reports, this is really targeting, who are those subject matter experts that we want to reference? And in the page, like the mini dashboard, here is CJ, if I hover over Andy. And I can go in and learn a lot more about them right here in line. Who do they report to, what work are they working on, how can I contact and those kinds of things. And these people experiences are getting richer and richer throughout the suite but it’s really nice to see it pull through here right in the Microsoft Teams experience. One other thing that I want to show here, like you said, we’re in this massive experience, but right alongside you can have a chat. So this is a full page in SharePoint that you’re going to have a chat here and teams, and we’ll just do the quick hello and just get this done. And right there, I’m having a really unique chat with my team in the specific channel referencing the Q1 Report.>>That’s awesome. And you can also @mention the team so they’ll get a notification that this has popped up. And so this is a great way for teams that have status reports and rather than having a meeting about the status report, you can pin this to the Channels tab and whoever is creating this status report can have a real time or near real time report that anyone can go and look at.>>There’s a lot of ways you can get to this report. And like you said, if you @mention somebody, it’s going to be a call for them to reply to that or at least react to it. And when they go to it, they’re not going to get punted out to a web browser or they’re not going to be forced to get out of the context of where their eyes are and where they’re working. And so, to be able to go from a discussion, just in the channel has no concept of the Q1 Report yet, when somebody clicks on it and then they’re writing here. Especially, if they want to add to the chat, they can do it while they’re referencing side by side.>>Yeah. This is such a rich tool and use case for Teams is just how to be more collaborative, how to be more communicative and how to be more open and transparent about all the things that it’s easier to be discoverable.>>Yeah. And that’s exactly what we mean. We want that full experience to come into play and not only is it I’m just viewing the content, but I’m actually interacting with it and then beyond interacting with it, I’m engaging with my team about it.>>Awesome. All right. So I know you have more to show us so let’s go.>>We got a new feature that’s coming out. It’s already turned on. But I’ll show you how I turned it on. So anytime somebody publishes a news article like the Q1 Report we saw there, and I can show you a few others if we have time. But any time somebody publishes news, which is kind of a special type of content in SharePoint, it’s going to get published and go to a couple of end points. It’s going to go to the SharePoint Home, which I’ll show you to start up new piece of news, but also goes to the SharePoint app. We’ve got a News tab within there, but of course it’ll come here as it’s relevant to a team. All that news that’s getting created on the team’s site will flow right into and if you want, start new threads that people can then talk about. But it’ll happen automatically. So I already have this one configured and it’s called SharePoint News, just like all the other connectors that you offer. Once you turn it on and add it, you configure it essentially to anything that flows from that team’s site. And now if we go back into the conversations, you can see the one that I published not too long ago which is called Big Features Come to New Programs, just like when we were looking at the Q1 Reports. That’s a page in SharePoint and of course, you can see here it automatically did that. It comes and it’s posted from SharePoint News and now, I can go and actively start replying, mentioning, doing the fun mean stuff like great article or something like that. But let me take a step back and I want to show you how that news gets there. So then we go back in SharePoint land, just for a second here, and you start from SharePoint Home and I’m going to create a really simple news article just for the sake of time. But from SharePoint Home, I can go and create a news article. Here’s that team site we’ve been working in, Strategy and Planning. And then that’s going to go in and take me right into authoring the new news article. And then choose a quick graphic here. You tell me if you see one, we’ll just pull it from Bing, because now we support Bing. So once it’s in place, you can do a number of different things as far as adjusting where the eye-line is. And then we’ll add something that just kind of adds a lot of content pretty quickly, which is using our Content Search or Highlighted content web-part. You can add images, you can add Bing maps, you can do a whole bunch of stuff but just to get there a little bit quicker, we’re going to click “Publish” and then from a SharePoint perspective, you can see here’s our new article. And now, it’s starting to go out into the news service I mentioned to the different endpoints. But if we switch back to our Microsoft Teams’ user interface. What’s there?>>There’s a new message.>>A new message. So when you got the connector working and somebody actually publishes a news article, there it is, in pretty real time, after I published it. It can automatically start a thread for people to discuss, share and bring other people in with their thoughts and ideas.>>That’s so great. So if I went on a trip and I wanted to make a summary and share that with my team, I can go to SharePoint, create a news article and then it automatically gets posted to the associated team.>>Yeah. And you can create a really well oriented lots of media, lots of different sections and layouts like you saw in the Q1 Report or like you said on the go from your mobile phone, you can create news, grab an image, maybe you’re watching a presenter announce a big piece of news or something. You’ve got some thoughts, a bulleted list, something like that. You can attach a document and when you publish that from your phone with the news connector connected, it’ll just show up and the rest of the team, even if they’re not at the conference, can share and start to think about, ‘Oh, if Dalana thought it was a good idea, well it was a good enough idea to make news. Let’s continue to talk about it.”>>I usually agree with that.>>So, two last things, if we’ve got time they’re pretty quick.>>Yeah. We have plenty of time.>>So if you go in, just like you’ve been seeing. I’m going to click through a couple of other news articles that I’ve got already programmed. But to add a news article or a page as a single tab like you saw with the Q1 Report, you would just go in, select the “SharePoint” tab and then bring it in here. And the couple that I have, just to show you a couple of examples are full pages. This is a pretty rich article, it’s actually a page on the Where We Travel site. And as I scroll up, you’ll see we’ve got an embedded Bing image, we can support tables. Here’s a list of documents and if we get some of these images that actually have multiple images that you scroll through, all this content is stored in SharePoint including the documents, including the images, the reference to Bing is just storing where do we want the Bing map to show. And it’s all something that then you could easily create these. This is not a designer or a developer creative page, this is you and me just creating the news that we want to share with our team or more broadly across the company. And you can see the ability to again support embedding a full video. So if I go into one word just to kind of show you some of the formatting again, if you treat this not just as a single document but as more of an info rich mini little mini dashboard, again go into the full area. You can lay out the content however you want full width, three sections. And you can highlight a lot of different content and bring that through. So those are a few examples. If you add a news or page directly in as a tab of its own. The last thing I wanted to show you is a huge thing that people have been using for years with SharePoint which is SharePoint Lists. And we want to make sure that when somebody brings in a list, they bring it in with the full fidelity and the usability of a list. So again, I’m going to go full note here so we can see all aspects of the list. I’m still in the Microsoft Teams’ user interface.>>Right, you haven’t left.>>I’m a member of this team, I haven’t left.>>You still will never have.>>And to do this, I just grab the URL of the list and I plug it in as a new tab. But if you see one of the things that disappears and it’s really a pervasive way we bring content into Teams, is we take a lot of the crumb away, you don’t see the Office 365 app launcher or some of that top navigation and you don’t see the left hand nav of the team site. We want to focus on just the list so, here’s the list. But it’s a very functional list. And just to show you a few things when you’re in the List, you can, if you want it to reorder it, you’ll see it looks a little bit more like a staircase because we did smaller to larger. We want to focus this down and filter only on things that really maybe need our attention which are things that are blocked. So if I apply the filter on all the blocked items, you’ll see that we’re minimizing that down and then we remove this if I click on one particular item, I could also see the full history of that item. Who has touched it, who has access to it. Those kinds of rich information that you would expect from a confident management system. The last thing from a list perspective, if we clear this, is we support views and we have for a long time in SharePoint. And within Microsoft Teams’ user interface, you can easily switch views. So I’m going to go from seeing all the blocked elements here to something that’s more of a program view to show me all the things that are in progress or in review. And you also see a lot of our new formatting that’s coming through. So again full fidelity of a full featured SharePoint List, coming through very usable and referenceable right in the context of where people are talking about the items in the list.>>Wow. That’s pretty amazing. You showed us a list, you can filter that list. You can sort that list and then you can also see the color coding that you’ve built in automatically.>>And these are things that are based on. If it hits a certain how many efforts, how many days or if it hits a certain status it will change visually. So you can always clear this and go right back to all items and these things change as people update their items or make progress in workflow if you’d programmed against a workflow. But to see this all come through within the UI of Teams is a lot of work that the SharePoint Team and the Microsoft Teams have been doing as they collaborate, to give a great end user experience, but also to bring the richness of why people use SharePoint and give them more of a use why not to go over to SharePoint if they don’t need to.>>That is a pretty amazing. Thanks, Mark for that demo. Now let’s take a quick break and go into a Teams Tip.>>Hi, I’m Anne Michels. Welcome to Teams Tips. In this segment, I will give you some quick and easy tips on how to use Microsoft Teams more effectively. One thing that I personally really love about Teams is how easy it is to stay on top of your chat messages and how easy you can truly ask them. So, I am here in the “Chats” tab, and with every message, I have the option to favorite it. When you favorite a chat, that will pin that message to the top of your list so that you always have it easily accessible. Another option is to mute a chat. When you mute a chat, that means that you will not receive any notifications for that chat anymore. And that is especially helpful for those chats where there’s a lot of activity happening and you don’t need to get a notification every time there is a new message, but you still want to be able to go back to that message and read through it. The third option that you have is to hide a chat. When you hide a chat, that will remove that chat from the list of your chats in the left. But no worries, that chat is still there. Whenever there is a new message, it will pop up in your list again, and you can also search for it. And for those chats that go into a direction where you’re not interested anymore and you really want to leave that chat, we have that option for you, of course, as well. That’s it for today, for more Teams Tips, follow us on Twitter #TeamsTips.>>All right. I hope you enjoyed that Teams Tip. Welcome back, and now let’s get back into SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Before you leave us today, I’d like to get understanding of the future of Teams and SharePoint. Can you share a little bit about what’s happening in the future?>>Yeah, the future is bright. There’s a lot that the teams are working on, both the SharePoint Team, the Microsoft Teams team, are really working together. Hopefully, as you saw today, they’re making really great progress. But they want that full fidelity to be able to come through into the files experience. Today, when you go to SharePoint, there’s some additional capabilities you can pin documents to the top. We talked about the different content types in the previewers, there’s a nice tile layout that shows through it. Before you really even commit to opening, you’ll see the full richness of the file. So, a lot of those things are going to come, they’re going to continue to make that files experience even better, same as with what you saw with the list, we want that top experience to be within Teams. A feature that you’ve recently released, we’re starting to take a little bit more advantage of, which is the external guest. To being able to bring guests into Teams. It also means that you have then guests in SharePoint. And so we want to make that crossover of a guest experience in Teams to be able to then be a similar experience if not the same when they’re working in SharePoint. So, just enabling guests across the whole suite from an app to app perspective, we’re definitely excited about guests in general. And the last thing is when you go to add content into the Microsoft Teams at channel level or across multiple channels, we want to make that super easy. Today it might be a few clicks, grab URL, we want to actually be more radio buttons with pages that come up based on what’s available to you. You can always program via URL, grab any URL and put it in as a tab. But we want to make sure that if you’re adding news, you’re adding a list, if you’re adding an item within SharePoint, that it’s really click the tab to add, choose radio button because you have a list of items that are available to you.>>All right. Fantastic. Now, I know that there are lots of SharePoint fans, so many that you in fact have a conference. Talk to us a little bit about the SharePoint conference.>>Yeah. So, you asked about the history of SharePoint. There has been a SharePoint conference for many years, in 2007, 2009, 2011, and they’ve always gotten bigger and bigger. Last one just before Ignite started, was around 12,000 people.>>Wow.>>So, they’re kind of a great and crazy in a good way community. As I see, your growing your community as well and it’s a great increasing community. I’ve seen a lot of the activity in Microsoft technology community, the community site, but the SharePoint conference is a way to bring everybody to be super focused on what you want to accomplish with SharePoint. And we’ve been talking a lot about what’s going on in the Cloud. We’ll have a big focus of what’s going on-prem, we’ve got a big server release coming with SharePoint Server 2019, we’ll share more details there, all the integrations, you will have the Teams team, we’ll have about six or seven sessions to share more about what’s coming, to share more about best practices, to kind of reiterate some of the things that we talked about here today. And it’s also just a great place for the community to get together. There’s a lot of events in the morning, midday, sessions, workshops, just a whole host of people both people who are very new to SharePoint to people who have been around for a very long time. And we always host a lot of our MVPs. So, for Microsoft, there will be about a hundred people coming in that are experts and revolve around SharePoint, and with MVPs, we’ll have about 60 to 80 the MVPs who focus on those same areas. So, it’ll be a big time in Vegas, May 21st to the 23rd, definitely register, join us, it’s going to be a great time.>>Yeah, definitely. If you want to check it out, make sure you go to All right, before you go, I have a couple of questions for you from our audience members and they would like to know, first question, do you use Microsoft Teams or SharePoint team sites?>>So, hopefully with the demo that you just saw, you see it’s not an either or, it’s an and. So, we think of it as deep integration between the two, where you manage and store your content, where you maybe build out your rich layers and pages, to then present in Microsoft Teams, to hold the discussion around it. That’s where it’s an and. SharePoint is where you manage your content and Teams is where you chat about it as in a hub for teamwork. So, we don’t see it as an either or. A lot of people ask when do I use what, and we think it’s a combination of both. And we’re trying to give you that best user experience to keep you very focused.>>Awesome. Second question that I have is will a team members have to switch back and forth between Teams and SharePoint?>>No, and a lot of times you think about it as that 30/70 rule. Some people might be working on the content but a lot of people are more in the consumption role, so you might have a few people who start in SharePoint. But for the most part, they’re going to go into Teams and stay in Teams. So, it’s not a lot of switching back and forth. And really, that’s the whole point of a lot of the work that the teams are doing. So that’s right there in the context of your work, you see the content right next to the context.>>Okay, and the last question that I have, is this a full SharePoint experience and feature set in Teams?>>It is. Really, the team is wanting to make it so the same controls or the same experience that you would have or have had in SharePoint for a while is no different when you go into Teams. So today, we talked about there’s that little delta of the Files tab to the whole document library, but pretty soon it’ll just be a one to one experience. If you know how to work with files inside of Office 365, if you go up to that level, you’ll know how to work with them within Microsoft Teams, you’ll know how to work with them in OneDrive, you’ll know how to work with them in SharePoint, because that working with documents, working with lists working with pages and news is going to be an innate way and really, it’ll be the same experience.>>Okay.>>And we’re working as hard as we can to make that true.>>Okay. Thanks, Mark.>>You’re welcome.>>You’ve given us a really rich and deep overview of working with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, and the other thing that I want to emphasize is just how Office or Office 365 customers can get the full value of their subscription using Microsoft Teams because we bring all these experiences like SharePoint and Exchange and et cetera into the experience. Thank you so much for a wonderful demo and overview of Teams and SharePoint working better together.>>Yeah, thanks for having me. Thanks for letting me share a little bit of the SharePoint site and thanks for all the work that you all do in the Microsoft Teams side.>>All right guys, that’s it for this week’s episode. We’ll see you in two weeks.

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In our modern datacenters, we prefer IBM infrastructure. For our environment we have a mixed platform from Intel, Linux, Power i and AIX.
For this we use the various IBM Power P, Power i and Intel servers. All these systems are linked using the capabilities of the IBM San Volume Controller, FlashSystem V840 and V7000. As central storage solutions we use the V3700, V7000 and V840 storage systems, because of their excellent speed, reliability and low operating costs. The San Volume Controller is used to easy tier, real time compression and mirroring. With these standard techniques present at our systems we are redundant and thus high available. To insure continuity, we are using Tivoli Storage Manager software on most platforms, fully integrated with our SVC solutions. Together with IBM we can offer all possible cloud solutions for our customers, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. The SAP platform used by Beeztees is hosted by Databalance Services. Databalance advised Beeztees to put the database servers on IBM Flash Storage. This IBM V840 Flash Storage delivers more than 400 thousand IOP’ s. The other servers have been placed on Easy Tier Storage, resulting in an optimal mix of speed and capacity. In practice the generation of reports, lookup jobs and batches are processed much faster. Databalance is a key partner of Beeztees in the field of automation. Throughout the whole migration Databalance has been involved and has advised and supported us. The result of the last months is a very modern and “state of the art” ERP platform based on SAP software and IBM hardware, which enables Beeztees to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. IBM Spectrum is based on software-defined storage and it enables users to obtain increased business benefits from their current storage products whether from IBM or another vendor. IBM has pioneered in this field since 2003 and supports more than 265 storage systems from several brands. This give you more value from earlier storage investments. Databalance is making use of the IBM Spectrum family in serving its clients. The IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a giving maximum flexibility and reliability by virtualizing the storage. You can also get more benefits by using features like Real Time Compression and Easy Tier. And of course you can create a disaster recovery environment by implementing remote mirroring. With IBM Spectrum Protect you enable a reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Ubiquity to enable IBM Spectrum Storage in Containers (Docker & Kubernetes) by Robert Haas

As the CTO for Storage Europe in my previous update I had mentioned I had mentioned that we intended to deliver a way to integrate our Storage in container environments such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Well, this is now a reality, and it is called Ubiquity, thanks to the hard work of a team involving our Research and Development labs across the world. Ubiquity is available as open source, in experimental status at this time. Let me briefly explain here where we see the adoption of containers, and what is this Ubiquity technology enabling in a bit more detail. Many surveys are showing that the adoption of containers, and more specifically Docker, is accelerating, also in the enterprise environments. You may have noticed the announcements by many large companies intending to adopt container for most of their infrastructure. This covers many use-cases, such as traditional applications, HPC, cloud, and devops, for instance. In HPC, the portability of containers ensures that a workload can go from the testing laptop of a scientist to the big supercomputer without changes, that is from quality assurance, to staging, to production, with the same code. In a cloud environment, whether on-premise or not, containers are attractive because they deliver the best resource utilization and scalability, with the smallest footprint and the highest agility. Finally, for devops, containers simplify and accelerate application deployment through the reuse of components specified as dependencies, encouraging a micro-service architecture strategy. In summary, containers are a standard way to package applications and all its dependencies; they are portable between environments without changes; they isolate unique elements to enable a standardized infrastructure; all of that in a fast and lightweight fashion. Now, with the adoption of containers increasing beyond just stateless things such as a load balancer or a web application server, there is a need to provide support for persistent storage, that is, storage that remains after containers stop, so that data sets can be shared, so that the output of analysis can be retrieved by other processes, and so on and so forth. For many adopters of container technology, the persistent storage and data management are seen as the top pain points, hence storage vendors have started to support ways to enable their products in the Docker and the Kubernetes container environments using what is called plug-ins. With the technology we call Ubiquity, because it is targeted to support all of the IBM Storage, in all of the types of container environments, we have now released this ability as well. As I said, it is available at the moment in experimental status, so we’re welcoming feedback, and you can download it as open-source from the public github. In a nutshell, Ubiquity is the universal plug-in for all of IBM Storage. With this plug-in, and the underlying framework, storage can be provisioned, and mounted directly by the containerized applications, without manual interventions. This is key to enable the agility in an end-to-end fashion. This allows you to take advantage, for instance, of our Data Ocean technology such as Spectrum Scale in container environments. This way, you can also take advantage of the unique capabilities of Scale, in terms of performance, scalability, and information lifecycle management. And you can also seamlessly integrate our block storage such as Storwize. We are convinced that containers are going to play a role as important as VMs, if not more. Containers are already the norm in the IBM Bluemix offerings, and have been adopted by our Power and Z products. With Ubiquity we’re now able to close the loop with Storage. We’re collaborating with a number of clients testing Ubiquity already now, so that we can develop this technology to match our clients’ needs. Among many other things, we intend to adapt Ubiquity to the rapid changes occurring in the container frameworks such as the CSI (for Container Storage Interface), currently worked on by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) storage working group. To conclude, with this you will get the best of new generation applications with the performance and enterprise support of IBM Storage.

IBM All-Flash Solutions Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize

If your workloads could talk, they’d say being stored in a traditional data center is holding them back. They’d tell you that integrating all-flash technology while virtualizing your storage infrastructure is the secret to revitalizing your environment. You can maximize performance and connect to any storage infrastructure with one solution, revealing valuable benefits, or dealing with data that is outgrowing budgets. All-flash storage with IBM Spectrum Virtualize is driving the data center transformation. With flash drive optimization and management you can deploy the right all-flash solution to meet your unique business and IT requirements. You’ll be able to balance efficiency and performance with multiple storage services increasing the value of your data strengthening data security and eliminating storage complexities welcome to a world where you can drive innovation

Comprehensive hybrid cloud data solutions for any business, any data type

your business is unique your data is unique but there’s one universal truth your data needs are growing faster than your IT budget like other forward-thinking enterprises you’re seeking hybrid cloud solutions to efficiently and flexibly store the data needed for new generation applications with the hybrid cloud capabilities of IBM spectrum storage a cost-effective solution has arrived systems built with IBM spectrum virtualize modernize your unique data infrastructure smoothly integrating enterprise class capabilities to nearly any existing storage infrastructure without new hardware investment now with IBM spectrum virtual eyes you can use cloud storage to store snapshots or even archive copies of on-premise data freeing capacity for new applications combined with existing hybrid cloud functions in the IBM spectrum storage family and IBM Cloud object storage you can create a comprehensive data and storage solution for all your data everywhere so you can build your business’s cognitive future around the core of your evolving data IBM spectrum storage with hybrid cloud capabilities taking what makes you unique and making it better on the cloud

WRSR – How the Vehicle Manufacturing Works

hello comrades its premier River and I am back at the river stand Motor Speedway it's not a voter Speedway it's a motor producing speed test way how's that sound in any event I have set up a little bit of an experiment here you know I've been playing the game quite a bit have a lot of hours into it and I've never done the automotive so I had set up in my regular series a bit of a test or you know set up a manufacturing and got different comments one was that I didn't that you have to put materials in in specific places so I'm not sure if that's true or not but this is our motor vehicle production and I just sort of stuck things wherever I thought they'd fit with no intention because another comment I got was well you don't have to worry about where you stick things in they'll just go in so we're gonna find that out first I think what I've done let me go through the whole setup here here we first before we go through the whole setup let's go over you have to purchase cars now I'm on easy mode like super unlimited money sandbox mode I think that'll be good enough this isn't about making money this is just about learning how the car manufacturing goes so apparently we can you know we can manufacture any of these vehicles personal car though let's pick a cool-looking one how about this one 38,000 all right so I assume that means we can then start producing that right there we go in vehicle in production how can we do more than one let's pick a red f1 25 right let's just say can we now it sounds like we can only do one at a time which is fine let's do the black one first then one more question answered right so you can gather that you know I don't know all the answers I you know obviously very familiar with how things generally work so I can make a lot of good assumptions but you know where assumptions tend to get you so here's the setup we have this town and I have two trains going back and forth and I should have it there's 400 workers maximum oh we need engineers hmm well the good news is you know we can we can't really get rid of people – well we should have a few engineers anyway let's see how that goes i didn't even I'm assuming they need to be the educated folks and we should have educated folks throughout the thing here now I do have yeah you know what there's nobody in here you know let's get let's get one house that's they're all set to go there but let's get one of these houses where we let's clear this house out and we'll get one house with just all nothing but educated kind of people in there not this one this one all right just to make sure we have enough of that we should have enough we got eight eight houses total which would be 1600 which even if we have three shifts at 400 that should be enough all right so those guys will leave eventually because they won't get too happy these guys should have everything they need here all but this house I left not specified so that they can go work here all of the buildings should be purchasing what they need so people should stay happy and I also over here just to kind of simulate bringing things in and out just to kind of get some idea of you know is this number of trucks you know how many trucks do you need coming in and out of here to keep up probably more than this but I'm okay with that – right this is not some maximum efficiency test you can obviously make some you know judgment calls now I also did this because I want to see if if they'll flow through here right like if we fill this one up with cars will it come up to this one in this one that makes sense now we can also just go right in there and get cars and then I have this whole other town where I've set it up where they have a few parking lots the different sized parking lots right these people have no way of getting there unless they get cars and then if we look at at least this slot anyway so they can make it over there can they make it over there from like the little lot they might not be able to about this one yes so see I'm curious to see if these people start just going over there right it eventually will get them some cars now another thing is I'm curious to see if we can use the road depot to get cars to here I'm out you know this is the regular car overflow lot or do we just drive the cars and put them in the car dealership right and again it's I like to use these because if you have multiple trucks you don't fill up your waiting spaces so we'll see we'll see so let's start playing time and see what happens well at least get the thing running right now we don't have any people now another thing I want to point out was that it's a little bit deceiving when you go to buy the train sets right so I was wrong earlier believe it or not I know it's hard to believe for the people that follow my series that I might have been wrong but when you buy the train set let's go over to the depot and come over here to purchase right and we'll come to trainset look how it says like it points at this right this is ones we bought it says 105 however when I actually bought the train said and there was two of them there right like so I bought two of them and then stuck them back to back in here like this there we go see like it doesn't look like you can do that but then you can go and like stick them together and they act like one train if you didn't know that but it's actually you know this guy will hold just as many so this is definitely cheaper so I'm sorry about that if I misled anyone this each one of these cars holds 105 which i think is a little deceiving the way they did it but in any event we have a train set there are we getting a few people in here no why are we not getting any workers definitely get in and out load and unload we don't need students right we have people on the platform number of workers waiting let's specify that they should go 200 okay sup sup sup yeah there's always something when you put this together why don't we attach this with an actual fancy Road some of that by the way I crashed a lot of times a lot of times trying to do this especially when I was putting down these tracks so and I know I'd already built this at one point so is it because because they have no place to go specify where citizens think is best well this would be we do that right so we can't even get the basics right well we've got a lot of people over there waiting don't take any students there we go so that was it you need to actually be good it's good that they're smart enough to know that they couldn't get out the other end right now how are we doing on supplies here now we have a supply issue where you go it you have eight tons of that okay well we should have the stuff you know at least marginally attached here right though I don't see it in there which is kind of a thing with this game in these these warehouses so there we go look oh man look at all those people that's a lot of people alright we've got a lot of engineers current production yet we are making a car so let's make sure yeah I don't think we're gonna keep up with our we're operating with that issue but I don't think we're gonna keep up necessarily with our with these few trucks but that's okay that's all part of the test right and we can always double the trucks up while we're sitting here running around looking at it all right so we're with our trucks our cars will come out here right I would assume least I hope they go out to there now if they don't they're gonna come into here now does it say you have finished vehicles there we go we've made a car and it didn't automatically go into here yeah I don't really oh there it is okay there's our car all right well now let's see I want to just see if we come over to our Road Depot and I'm assuming we would need an open halt right so let's go ahead and get an open halt and I want to say go to here and pick up vehicles we don't have a road cargo station attack directly to this but that's okay so then let's to go ahead and test this right so I don't want you to load anything I just want you to load cars then we will keep an eye on this guy yeah there he goes so this I expect this test to take a little while I don't know you know we're already 10 minutes into the video I don't know how long exactly it will take and we have four spots here so I don't know that we need this but I'm curious for like we'll let this guy overflow now how much does each one of these weigh I want you to wait yep good suck them right out of there so the good news is I'm sure we can get him out of here too but yeah so how many I guess he could just keep loading them up right it doesn't look like he could carry any more let's just see what happens with that as we produce more cars right we're still operating with that issue so you know we're doing pretty well with just these few few trucks doing their thing now they might have had a little bit of a head start so I don't want to get too excited at this moment about why don't we just for the sake switch him to go into here just so they don't call the traffic jam in the long run okay here he goes where is he going oh that's right he's got to go this way you know what we could probably use let's I love having all the money in the world it's it's pretty nice yeah let's let's auto-transfuse so you know that's not part of the problem good so we're producing cars now let's see can we actually dropped them off over here very curious to see if this works that way he's headin in there but they do head there for yes good road cargo station works now look their groups a couple people are they buying cars now I'm curious to see if they'll buy cars and then go to work yep there they go I think okay there he goes she's gonna go to park at his parking lot yeah you know I don't know where they live so we're gonna take a little time here okay now this is our truck now I just want to see let's switch where this guy goes that's a I want you to drop off here and just make sure though I'm reasonably certain this this is gonna work all right so go get some more cars and then bring them back and drop them off in here so how many cars we made in the mean time three right yep yeah so this going pretty well kind of as expected at this point you know as far as you mean I don't see where any particular thing would have to go in any particular place right so now another thing that I want to try to do here next will be I know we can attach this directly to there right well but we can't like you can't get this doesn't have any railroad connection this space for vehicles which would be nice if they did and there's no rail connection to here so after we kind of prove that this will fill the dealer up with cars I want to then come over here and send him to go to here to see to see if he'll the train will then start loading up cars right so it's a little bit backwards there unload load but you know he is wait yeah so well then we'll see if he waits for that now we're getting a little behind on cars which is good what are you doing tell me there's no power it seems like the story of my life all right let's uh I got I got all kinds of look it's right over there you know all right let's uh come here that's gonna be a little bit awkwardly close to that other thing let's just come out here they're good it's not not at a bad angle right yep you have power so you should have power so you're gonna fill back up very good and then yours on his way did you actually get fuel yes good yeah we're making cars in a pretty good clip actually like as far as I mean we're 300 people right you're not gonna I mean you could do better but you you're hard pressed to a whole lot better than this little setup would right I mean we're definitely true you know coming close I would hope to maxing out the number of people you could you could produce or get cars to go so why don't we get another open halt since we do have some extra get another open halt close that but that's okay we click here so I want you to you know what can you come from here and then just to see if that loading through there would work right so in other words he's gonna try to pick up from this furthest one and I want to make sure that he actually can you know wait wait for your vehicles now how are we doing as far as like look yeah look they're driving over there up there they are yet they're going over to work in the UH in the factory yep there he goes it's not the most efficient way of moving people around but you know it is a way of moving people around and it's certainly good for things like if you have a concrete plant or something that's just really little right so how are we doing yeah this is what I was afraid of yeah so it won't load through those I'm okay with that I kind of didn't think it would right because in other situations I've had the same problem all right so let's let's add a new you see quite as well come to here you know what now you know I could go to here week that cars right now where you're going back okay that's right he keeps faking me out cuz I'm thinking he's going this way but the road yeah okay these people came back from we just have more people who bought cars I see so did we miss a trip and this is actually working just like I expected it probably would let's let's switch over to some red cars now here's a question do we lose all that progress yes so you might want to finish a car now I don't know if you lose the materials or not but you might want to finish a car out before you before you click that button yeah so we should see these guys come right on into there yep yeah so it just takes it a second but they do get sucked into there now the our people are off driving their cars and there's our shiny new red car nice now the other thing that's pretty interesting about this then I didn't really everybody keeps talking about oh you can get cars cars cars cars I think it's pretty cool that we can get other stuff cuz you know my map some of this other you know in the regular series this stuff is expensive as all get out to buy a new dumper right let's see can we get the license for a KMZ dumper and then what happens with that do we just I guess we could just select it and send it over to a Depot or there you go we're loading up more cars now does the train have some cars on it yet yes there they are it's hard to see we should have done the red cars but if you guys can see but we have black cars on the train and so the trains first thing is going to be let's see which what are you building is without power supply saying story of my life yes we're gonna try to see if we can't unload at a train station right into a car dealership but we need to get some power I think so let's yeah that should cover everybody on this side who's not already covered and where is well it's just it's all free ish those are no that's not you come you know like that come over to here good so we got ahead of that one a little bit all right so now yeah we definitely have plenty of buyers and sellers but we don't have any so I'm also trying to get an idea with all of this like you know the speed with which things happen as far as the loading so how full are we doesn't really tell you a percentage does it so I guess it uh it looks like each one can hold four which is pretty each one of that that one holds three yeah and then in a second here I want to just send them what I make do is just run it for a little while and look at that very nice we can give you a footpath hopefully we don't crash the game right let's give you guys some back door foot pads right so they can get around to their parking spots a little bit easier probably could close one of the eight windows there you got a little faster way to the catch there that's right we got flip pass throughout although they don't really like when they built when you build the fancy roads they don't really need too many extra footpaths that time we got four cards on there okay yep this guy's going over here to pick up the cars still have good workers so you know eight houses here yeah like CA we're getting all the way up almost a four hundred I don't see how we're gonna do too much better than that how are we doing running out of materials yet these guys aren't waiting so you definitely we're producing I like all right so let's take we're quite confident that this is working either every which way right let me that guy's already dope let's come over here and I just want to take all of them to this stop right and that is this yes yeah so now we'll just take all the all the cars over and then that way we'll fill this train up and we can see if that goes now of course if you guys have any other questions let me know but I mean I think we're simulating pretty well how the cars will work and like I said what I may do is just let it play for a while and just you know show you guys when it fills all up with cars and what the people are doing with them and just in case you haven't experimented like myself yeah well we already know this works right yeah because we've already done this and there's no way to I think I meant to I don't know I guess if this didn't work I could do this just to get some cars over here like there's no other way to get cars to these people but they already had the Train so this was sort of a whole secondary thing until I thought about yeah let's just see you know kind of two separate ways of getting you know vehicles to the two different place like here we're supplying them by truck and then here will supply them by train so the only real negative thing is that there's no way to directly get cars from the factory right onto the train you have to truck them over to here see how many do we have I might be able to hold more we're gonna find out right I think this does it tell me now it shows me how many there's we got 15 so far it comes another truck load yeah so this is definitely the way to move them I'm still not full parent cargo value only 30 what did these cars worth doesn't really say what they're worth click on here does it this is not the purchasing price and we could sort of questioning that that price right let's go to cars like in other words doesn't it seem like it should be more than 30 mm well these guys are only worth 1,400 that's what it is and I'm gonna beat this one yeah mm okay that's about right especially considering a lot of them are now the red ones nice people going to work already now I guess we should have the sky yeah you know what wait to unload just in case I'm I will just set them on cars nothing matters wait to load wait to unload moving yet now you hold quite a few cars now there's five on each so for this one these guys are both getting back at the same time you snot set the way head back there a sense of you being empty well you get another car on is that why you're waiting so it looks like now okay he just decided to wait a little extra while I guess so if he did the visuals at all accurate we should load one more car so I guess we should have this guy wait – for what the Train is gone now they just keep getting smaller like keep shoving them on and keep getting smaller which is okay with me I mean I'd rather them rather and get more but see what I mean like this this looks like it's full with five cars but then if we come up here we got six cars on this one yeah it does this thing again to look like I bet you the next one goes to dislike it prefers one over the other for some reason I don't know it didn't that time well maybe it did maybe it didn't yeah these guys sit there for a little while I'm not sure why see I don't think he should like he's not gonna get another car but he's just sitting there and now this guy's getting cars here let's do we can do fast forward I think double you know yeah yeah why is he still sitting there it's almost like there there he goes no idea why he waited that long there he goes big to do because our train let's come back up to this train station so this is quite a few cars and how many can the car dealership hold so if you're gonna do this oh you can okay nice so there's plenty of cars in storage so you don't have to worry you know one of the things you could do is put like an extra car storage there but I'm not sure if that's necessary you probably better I'm just building it's like some kind of Depot someplace else where you you know where you load up cars from like one of these like you know see there they're putting them in there and it's kind of a buffer right here so I would say I would just make a bigger buffer storage someplace else and then have a train going around yes we have a lot of cars coming in here now look at I'm moving out so I'm like hotcakes there you go so that answers that question yeah we can drop right off from there yeah that's really I think almost all the questions I had I think like I said now at this point if you guys have any more questions or things you think I didn't test I mean I know there's like you know a bunch of possibilities for what we could do here but you know I don't I don't I didn't attach anywhere in particular I just touched or whatever everything seems to be work and this is a waste saying with this don't do that but other than that you know I think everything else is working working just fine so let me uh we just let it play forward a bit you know and we'll just see what it looks like you know in in some fairly short period of time see if I have any other issues when I'm off camera for a minute here there you go that's how you want to set up your set up your car manufacturing it kind of any you know if you're familiar with the game I wouldn't sweat it right everything should kind of work like everything else kind of works there's no gotchas for me anyway right like you know being having built enough different little factory setups I'm quite satisfied with the way this is alright let me pause the video and I'll come back to say goodbye when we're all jammed up with cars how's that saying see you guys in a minute hey guys at that time play forward and then it started to get a little bit jammed up with cars mostly over here and the reason is is because I didn't have these things selected so if you just by default is just university-educated right so there's only so many and then you get this message no no no this is no free parking places but you know you can prefer university education prefer younger only under 30 under Lander 40 any so you can you know mess with how many people have cars which is good idea though the other thing is no free parking places not sure a hundred percent what the issue is with going a little bit higher I imagine it's that if this is 75 percent full I'm wondering if it's not counting like these cars right so in other words you may end up with too many cars in the lot if they half of them are going to work or however many are going to work I would think you should be able to get away with like 2/3 right like for the different shifts now this guy I'm gonna send the police over here we actually don't have police but if we did cuz I think he got drunk and just that might be a girl left her car in the middle of the lot they are for some pretty soon so yeah I mean I'm not gonna even try to say that name but in any event yeah I think she's in trouble we need to go check her out for DUI but other than that going pretty well I did put another truck on the route over to here but yeah I mean it it's it's working pretty well now the only other thing to other things to say one is let's let's switch over to make dumpers and I definitely think I have a lot of overkill on the supply and I'm thinking of even redoing my design because of this like maybe when you get into doing other vehicles but you know we just have a lot of we're way which is four trucks were easily you know supplying everything we need to these this factory the steel is building up I mean it's still going back and forth but it's such a big steel yard right just gonna take him a while two feet up so we really don't need like trains going in-between and my other series like you know you really don't need a ton of supply for one of these but if you had you know trains coming into here offloading your steel and other other parts that's probably a good idea keep it local right but that's just that's up to you you could probably even get away with supplying them from afar with trucks you just you know be a little less fuel efficient so they're not sucking down some massive amount of steel even with a good you know look we're up 375 at 85 we have plenty of people working now I just want to like let that want the dumper go and then we'll just see what happens with them and the only other thing that I wanted to point out was none of these vehicles actually seem to require the electronics so you know for me in my regular map it's not a big deal but just know that at this point you don't actually need the electronics the electrical components you need but but I went through literally and just kind of look not one of them needs electronics that I could see now if I'm wrong please leave a comment but there you go so let's take a step backwards so yeah let's just say I guess we could actually load I'm wondering if it'll load yeah looking he loaded on to this truck okay yeah so that's that's a little bit of an issue so if you're gonna make these you might want to cut your trucks off first right so we could say yeah let's just see go to Depot right yeah so you might want to keep that in mind right there that's one of the reasons kind of little things that you kind of figure out as the game goes on but yeah so now well we unload the car there as well now can we just send the car that's another question I have yeah I'm kind of glad we're doing this here let's fast forward then when it gets there it was a good click yeah so he unloaded the car now can we change depot and tell him okay so we can send them to a parking lot but we can't send them to one of those that was that wasn't the truck that was the the loan car so there we go yeah now we have a dumper that we made ourselves so yeah I'm pretty excited I think you know I may make a few passenger cars but you're gonna see me producing a bunch of different Road vehicles on my regular map I'm pretty excited about that there you go well let me know if you have any comments I'd be happy to come back to this and and test it for you guys even if I don't make another video so all right well thank you for watching let me know if you have any questions or comments please subscribe or leave a like if you enjoyed the video thanks guys take care


hi everyone welcome to my room the reason why we are filming here today is because I am going to renovate Noemi renovate my room for the first time the reason why I want to rid of it so badly is because number one I moved in 12 years ago I was a p1 kid and my mom was super nice because she would let me choose what colors are one for my cabinet and as a p1 zinnia I really love fishes so that's why my window grills twelve fishes swimming around the worst part about my wardrobe is this little knot where you can open up and the knot I chose that design to be a teddy bear so in total I have two four six eight twelve small teddy bears looking at me every single time I walk into this room at age of 25 so it's getting really uncomfortable and I just want them out of my room so the second reason is my mom has been nagging at me for the longest time if Marie Kondo would come from room and ask my mom what's that's choice she would say nothing just clear everything out of a room and clear this girl so lastly I really wanted to have this extreme makeover because I don't really do anything in my room except for sleeping it's almost like a hotel for me my room is a mess and I feel just as chaotic so I wanna change that is the reason why I engaged a interior designer and I'm gonna pay for myself so this better looks good I kind of have a bit of an idea so I really like something that's a little bit Moody and white just because my room is so small I want to make it look as big as possible and secondly because I have so many things in my room I want to prioritize on creating smart spaces I definitely need his brains to help me think how to hide this mess from my mom in a suit the heated manner so I don't get nicked anymore so we gotta meet him now but first you see the before version of my room so this is basically the teddy bear donor and when I see this is how I feel so this part of the room is called I have tried when I was designing this part of my room the theme is is basically Singaporean floor oh girl daddy's girl yes and as you move on to see other parts of my room the theme is I don't give a yeah so um I hope you had fun just viewing the gallery of my work my two excipients one is Singaporean floral daddy's girl and the other one is I don't give a dude yeah so the entrance fee will be about $15 because it is really hot but la it's not easy to create such a mess I hope you guys are the same you can peel out beating on me after a few days and a lot of help from these people I finally cleared my room and oh my god by right I don't have to be here because my interior designer you'll be here to supervise and make sure everything goes according to plan but I just want to be here and see them head down every single thing especially this freaking bear hey hello we are gonna go shopping later for fan night cuz we're gonna change everything and it's gonna be an extreme makeover and I hope everything goes according to plan oh okay I don't think I can do that okay I do this one you try to what okay yeah yeah so right now we are testing the fan I actually really like this one it's small and quiet and I thought the wind was not bad until I step away from it and I realized that it is only windy when you are directly under it so now we are testing this one is quite expensive that's fine I'm not very keen on getting there I know it's been so long actually my room was renovated in just three weeks it's just they're moving in itself to monitor you it's because of this thing called procrastination and also I haven't gotten everything that I need so as much as I shopped for my lights and my fan with my interior designer and got me a good price yes a lot of connections you know and no bombs and whatnot but some of them are throughout my budget and I was very honored that I was like being stitched to expose me I think I'm just gonna like be quite fine for what and he recommended me I cure so yeah I went to shop and I got my cousin from Ikea and in so much cheaper is less than hundred fifty dollars any look amazing and also shopped online and so did we to get things so that I can better organize my wardrobe I actually got them just a few days because I reorganized everything for this and I'm ready to the show yeah so the first thing that of Bin's was can you make my room as dry as possible because back then I felt like it was too gloomy so first thing that he did was he created some space at the ceiling area and although my thing is like – and the second thing I told him was that I won a l-shape wardrobe as big as possible to fit all my clothes the safe space this is my mirror I also got things like this from Saudi so that I can organize them properly this is the best it's only that makes me feel good so this is how I keep my sports bra next movie my intimate know I saw a cry cause that is organizing my stuff by the NCP we just need like a plate or something why don't you come yeah not cool and you are seeing and these days even more cool next is the second part of my wardrobe and this is a sliding door the safe space and I'm quite a basic person ah I don't wear anything fancy is it a black way of white at times where if you happy home have some red yellow orange green that's about the cool part about this door is so you wouldn't spoil anything this is amazing this one my favorite like most favorite part of my wardrobe just cause it's so easy to just like pick which they mean by one the cause of this wardrobe to be honest is not cheap but it's because there are a lot of details that people don't know and that is I can actually customize them still by using these texts and extra planks and also the software then that thing that I don't bins was a lot of trees in my room where I can just you and do everything or nothing at all but cannot be on my being and also when my friends come over you'll be a nice place for them to sit down have a wine with me and have lunch in HD HD in comfort the best part about this is smart spaces right below this is where I put my bags as you see is a natural another of these boxes these are like my small pouches then when you put them inside it looks them neat and my handbags okay these are not very dreamy I think if you keep up like so I think this is the part you are most excited about and there's my dressing table so these are masks and these are products that I use in us is an omen of meaning and I have been for example right before great one that she would use my sleeping oil and these are things that you see so these are my my fishy area these are like my foundation my face brushes let me got spots hold on I got it yeah and this is where I stole my injury so I can really just met you and give me everything I need he says oh my god oh one I teach and I can become so Vince suggests that one thing for my room which is now easily my favorite thing and that is I can steal from you so I direct the lies you should off there go back promise good night yeah it's amazing it cuz I hit the a life to switch off the lights sometimes I'm so lazy did I just reached on and then like I know my day was a shadow for me so a curtain and hang out here other things there I didn't follow Vince's connections or exhaust recommendations and he was very nice to lie on my Teddy check cuz I was saying you mother is one super moon the colors in see him like mention aura and he will reply me in a very excited manner also I think I always have a misconception that interior designer will be like angry if you want to choose I've grown so close to things that I can just make all this video hit it I really think it's our budget and I'm not feeling the boiling and he's cool because if you don't have a TV designer then you have to suck it up with liason with your contractors directly if there's something wrong to try that would then you have to do it in your sampler but the thing is I haven't been home for long during the renovation just cause I'm still working mom so having him to supervise every single thing for me and blaming him if everything goes wrong best we've ever seen doing the renovation process an interior designer doesn't just help you with design your room they are also your guardian to make sure everything is well taken care off so if you are looking to renovate your room you can quote my name and contact the interior affairs and they will draft out a design according to your floor plan for free then honestly the best thing I can do for you because truth is renovation is not cheap but it's worth it I paid for myself and I'm really happy I think you'll be happy to move in condo will be happy to Irene you're my mother will be happy too okay that's all for me

How to Build a Utility Cart | This Old House

we are gonna build ourselves a pretty simple utility cart it's gonna sit on four wheels it'll have two shelves in a handle and it's the type of thing that you might push around the basement or the garage and Tommy you're gonna save us a few bucks because other than the handle you're gonna build the entire thing out of one sheet of plywood exactly it's gonna be Tildy car that looks like this it's gonna have a bottom and a top and the handle with the four casters gotcha and how do you wanna get started let's get started by cutting the bottom and the top what we'll use them for plywood is three-quarters of an inch thick it's also a grade of called AC which means it's good on one side this is the a side and the C side is underneath all right so now I've marked 30 inches that's gonna be the length with a straight edge on the marks and we'll set our with 20 inches all right we have a toppling bottom cut now we're ready to cut our leg take the first one and use that to mark we've ripped all the material for our legs now we're ready to rip down the materials for the sides the front and the back the overall height of our card is 34 inches so I'm going to take my tape measure and measure from the edge of the plywood up and put a mark at 34 inches now I have to subtract for the height of the caster so hold the caster even with the edge of the plywood and I put a mark now I measure between the two lines to get the height of the legs 29 and 3/4 we should start cutting them yep I'm Mike 29 and 3/4 but I don't want to cut on the line I want to cut it a little bit longer making it a rough now I'm gonna take all of my pieces and stack them on top of one another making them even on this end right here so this ensures that with one cut all four leg pieces are exactly the same length exactly each leg is being made out of two pieces of plywood and we cut one of them three quarters of an inch wider than the other one that's because we are going to put them together with a butt joint and we want to make sure that this dimension is the same as this dimension and to secure these two pieces we're going to use pocket screws to drill the holes for the pocket screws I have to use this jig right here this will hold the drill at the right angle I have to use a special drill bit at the beginning of the drill is a small diameter for the shaft of the screw the larger diameter is for the head of the screw the stop right here will stop the drill for the right depth of the pocket put the wood in my jig clamp it drill a hole I know my pockets are drilled now I'm ready to put the boards together first thing I want to do is I want to run a bead of glue down the edge I'll take the other half of the leg and position it on the side keeping it even and flush on the face and I'll tack it with my finish gun now these nails are actually just for clamping the board's keeping them tight and true slight breathing together all right Sami I have cut all of the sides for our two shelves the length okay so now we have to attach the top and bottom shelves to the sides and the legs using pocket screws so I'm drilling holes under the bottom of those right now drilling pocket screw holds about every four inches around the perimeter of the shelves now what I want to do is I want to attach the legs to the bottom shelf using a little glue in my pin nailer now we're going to tack one of the sides to the bottom shelf I use the nails basically to clamp the sides and legs to the bottom but to secure it I'm going to use pocket screws now to give the cart some strength I'm going to screw the sides to the legs also using pocket screws to support the top shelf and actually give the unit more strength we're going to add these four pieces in each corner okay a little bit of glue in the corner this is the back piece of the top shelf now we have fastening the top to the backside let's see how we're doing here here's the bottom shelf the top shelf and the sides and this is where the handles gonna go right here so here's my side right here going in here's the top shelf now these front legs run long the back legs run short so that I can run the side on top of it it also runs by the cart so this is where we're going to mount our handle right where the snail is so I want to drill a hole for our handle but before I do that I want to round off the end so we don't have any sharp edges and to do that I'm actually gonna pivot my router around that nail pull the router tight against the nail make the hole for the handle I'm gonna use a one-inch spade bit and I'm gonna drill it in about a quarter of an inch okay now we're ready to cut the other side now we have left this end of the side loose so we can move it out to attach our handle all right now attack along the bottom i pre-drill holes in the bottom shelf to accept the carriage bolts we can fasten the casters to the bottom of the shelf we have bolted four casters to the bottom of the back tore fix the front to swivel and they've got these locking mechanisms on them the shelf on the bottom has nice high side so nothing will fall off and the same thing on the top it's got a nice handle in the back to grab it and steer it a good smooth ride let's see how this guy locks up right there there's one there's two it's not going anywhere that's nice work Tommy well done thanks for the help you

Building a Gambrel Garage stage 2

we're back working on the gambrel garage today listed in the 80s again I stayed that one wall up we've made the window openings ahead of time day two of framing of the dormer walls up we have the back gable end wall and tomorrow see if we can start getting sort of the steep rafters up on the side and then we'll put the trusses up on top Hey day three we have the dormers framed in just have to do the front part and then we'll have all the plywood on have three windows on the front upstairs there's two windows in this dormer and another one on the other side [Applause] this is the upstairs all framed in closed in pretty well should have most of the roof on tomorrow