The Basics of Business Management – What EVERY Business Owner Should Know – James Sinclair

– Hello, in this video
I’m gonna share with you the basics of business management. Hey, I’m James Sinclair,
I’m a U.K. business owner. We employ hundreds of people, and we turn millions in pounds in
sales every single year. In fact, over the course of our career, we’ve employed thousands of people, and they’ve needed managing. In this video, I’m gonna
share with you my top tips. If you like this sort of stuff, you love entrepreneurship, management, and growing your business,
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help grow your business. Let’s go through now the
basics of business management because if an entrepreneur’s failing, it’s the leadership’s
failing, if they’re not focusing on the management
of an organization. So many organization are talking about, we need leadership, we need leadership. Well no, you actually
need great management to go in partnership with that leadership. And to me, leadership is
the entrepreneurship role. We want the entrepreneur focusing on innovation, marketing, and culture. But what should the management do? Well, it comes down to
a great partnership, and this is the thing that
I strongly believe in. It’s called E plus M equals S. There’s entrepreneurship plus
management equals success. So we’re really gonna focus now
not on the entrepreneurship, but the management of a business. But the entrepreneur needs to understand what great quality management is, and that’s what we’re
gonna delve into right now. When you’re managing a business, don’t put 98 KPI rules
that no one can remember. What you want is simple rules because simple rules can be remembered. Here’s what I do in my business, just three simple KPIs,
this is what I want to know. I want to know my average customer value, and I want what we’re spending on labor, as a percentage compared to a turnover, and I want to know a
monthly profit and loss, so that’s our profit and
our loss every single month. They’re the three simple
rules that I pedal on to all of my senior management team, that’s all I want to know. And that’s so much better than having these 98 different KPIs. Why do people put in loads of rules? Because one little crook has let you down. Here’s a little story that I
remember when I was at school. We all use to have yo-yos,
these really cool little yo-yos. Then one day, someone stole a yo-yo. Now, no one at school was
allowed to have a yo-yo anymore, and they ruined everyone’s fun. There’s a little analogy
there for business. Just because one person breaks the rules, don’t put in another rule
because it disenfranchises the team just ’cause of that one crook. The smart thing to do is get rid of that toxic employee that’s breaking you down. Simple rules are the best
way to manage a business. Not too many, just the right ones that are gonna grow your business. Here’s the next thing. Vision, mission, and culture. This is what the leadership needs to discuss with the management team. A vision, an end in mind. What does the business look
like when it’s finished, what does a best version
of the business look like? And everyone needs to understand this because then the management
can get behind that. Next thing is your mission. How are we gonna get
there to really try and work out how we’re
gonna get to our vision. So you know, this is,
this is the destination, and this is the journey. And the management have
got to come up with how we’re gonna get to that destination, what’s the journey that
we’re gonna take to do it? And then lastly, we want to make sure that everyone has a real
good clear understanding of our culture or our values, ’cause there is always a culture, and there is always a set
of values in the business. It’s just whether it’s
the ones that you want. So what you’ve got to do is
create and put that down, commit it to paper, and for
the owner of the business and the manager of the business, make sure these values
and culture stay on point. The next one is a calm man is a wise man. Or a calm woman is a wise woman. And this is really
important for management. If you’ve got some airy, nasty, dictatorship type management,
then you’re just gonna disenfranchise the
people that work for you. You ought to stay calm
in stressful situations because if you stay
calm, people stay calm. If you get irate, people get irate. You see, mood hoovers make people moody, and you could be a happy manager, and your team can be disenfranchised, but one person with a
right positive mindset can get everyone else on
that positive mindset. It’s a really important
part of managing people. Make sure you stay calm
in stressful situations, and make sure you accept
that as the positive culture that absolutely must happen. In all the businesses that we’ve run, and we’ve run quite a few, I’ve realize that gossip happens. Human beings love to gossip. But when you come in to
management of a business, you need to make sure you’re not getting involved in that gossip. And how do you remove that
gossip from happening? You make sure that it’s just understood that it’s absolutely not accepted. Some people just attract gossip. See, people have come work for me you know, in a senior position, and they start gossiping with the staff, and I clearly state, I
mean quite rudely in fact, that that just isn’t acceptable. If you want to get on and
do that sort of stuff, then you’re not moving
up our organization, ’cause we ain’t gonna accept it. Because that’s not what
senior management do. If you find people gossiping
in your organization, and there will be people
gossiping in your organization, be wary of promoting them above, because they will just create
more of a gossip culture. To wrap it all up and bring
it to a beautiful conclusion, understand this: when you’re in management,
make sure you’re in command, and take charge, because
this is really important. People need to know the
decisions that are being made. When it really comes
down to great management, this is execution of idea,
making sure stuff happens, and making sure accountability happens. You want to make sure
that people take ownership over their decisions, they’re accountable, and believe in the company’s
vision, mission, and culture. Make sure you take command of that. Be assertive, and be in charge, and then great management
stuff will happen. If you’ve loved this video,
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you disagree, do you agree? I’d love to know, and I’ll
get on the comments myself.

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Everything you DON’T Need to Start a Business

– Everyone wants to be
on the top of the step but they don’t wanna do
the work to get there. And this really annoys me, you know. You just need to make a start. You need to get things over the line. Don’t look for perfection on day one ’cause it ain’t ever gonna happen. It just doesn’t happen. Hey guys, in this video I’m gonna tell you all the things that you don’t need when you start a business. They’re the things that you think you need but I guarantee you don’t need them. And I’m gonna back it up with facts evidence, and real life stories
of my business life journey. Today I, on a Facebook message I think it was maybe even a linky dink I got a message from someone that’s finishing their business and they’ve put down a list of all the things that
they think should have done for their business to stay in business. There was one or two things I absolutely wholeheartedly agree with and
I’m gonna share them with you. Most of the cases I
complete disagree with them. One of their points was “our
website wasn’t good enough”. I’ve built businesses
that have turned over half a million pounds in their first year and we didn’t have a bloody website. Don’t think you need some great website to get your business going. Now look, don’t get me wrong! I think a website is hugely
important in 2019, 2020 to have for your business,
but it isn’t the thing that’s the biggest driver of your business because here’s the crucial
point that people forget. They spend thousands
of pounds on a website but then they don’t
drive any traffic to it so no one’s seeing the bloody thing. Hey, if I was sending products I wouldn’t be thinking
about a website first I’d be thinking about
how to get it on Amazon how to get it on Shopify,
how to get it on eBay. Because I would want to leverage off of Facebook’s already got eyeballs on there and set it on Facebook
Marketplace, for example because they’ve already got the traffic. So traffic comes before the website. You gotta think about how you’re gonna get the eyeballs on your website. I mean, gone are the days when
you can just shove something on t’internet and everyone’s gonna see it. Your real plan is how do
we get people to see what we’re putting on the internet. So this is the big thing that I think startups and established businesses have. They think that if they’ve
got the best website they’re all of a sudden
gonna get loads of customers. Wrong, wrong, wrong, I’ve
learned it the hard way. Next thing is branding, they’d just say “Oh, I don’t think our
brand looked good enough.” Oh come on, have a day off, please! I started my Jimbo The Partyman brand, which I was a kids’ entertainer, no brand no brand, full booked within 12 months because I done a good product and I promoted that product
using PR, back in the day newspapers, being on radio
shows, going to schools. I went out and I got customers. This is the difference, guys. It’s not some fancy brand. I mean yes, I also agree,
like website and great but I love branding, guys
I mean it’s all around me. I get heavily involved
in all our branding. Yeah I really like it, but
not at the actual detriment to the core message of actually getting customers for the business. Yes, you don’t need the best branding in the world when you start off. You don’t even need a website when you start off because there’s you could have a mini
website called Facebook where you can actually get eyeballs seeing your stuff for free, for example. People go “Oh, our CRM, we couldn’t invest “in the best software or
have unique-made software”. Come on, guys, there’s free software that you can literally pull
off the shelves right now. You know, you can get MailChimp Excel is a great way of starting off. I mean, yes, obviously it’s not convenient it’s more time that goes into it and it’s a botch job. But, here’s the thing that I always look for in our business, I’m like “Guys, let’s just make a start “and then continuously improve”. Best location, here’s another
thing that people say. “Oh, we didn’t have the best locations”. Yeah, don’t get me wrong, if
you’ve got the best locations where people are gonna see you that’s obviously gonna help. But hey, my first business, we started in an industrial estate where
no one knew where it was. So we went out there and got customers and told people about it ’cause we couldn’t afford
the great locations. But it’s about steps in business, you know everyone wants to be
on the top of the step but they don’t wanna do
the work to get there. And this really annoys me, you know. Yeah, you want the best
branding, brilliant! But actually if you’ve got some customers and you’ve got some cash
flow then you can invest some of that cash in to
get the best branding to get your ideal customers. And this is the thing,
gang, this is the thing. This is gonna wrap up what
I really wanna talk about. Everyone wants their ideal scenario their ideal customers, their ideal website their ideal branding, their ideal CRM their ideal staff, their
ideal locations from the off and it just don’t happen, gang. It just doesn’t happen. You need to look for what
can you do at ease, you know what’s the stuff that you can do easy build up some experience. Disney’s most customers are people that consume their content,
Google’s most customers are the people that
search on Google for free. But because they’ve got tons
and tons of most customers what that allows them
to do, which is actually their marketing, it’s
their entry-level stuff Google Search and Disney content i.e films, TV shows, is
marketing that’s allowing them to shop for their ideal customers. And now, here’s the great thing, guys the SME can do that too. You can write books easier than you ever thought possible now you can make podcasts, you
can do stuff like I’m doing put out great content. We’ve got Partyman TV,
it’s our YouTube channel for our play centers which
is just great, fun content for kids so that people can
start immersing themselves for free into our brand
and then they’re gonna come to our sites and pay us some money which is more of an ideal customer then go to our nurseries which is even more of an ideal customer. And that’s the process that
you need to go through, guys. You just need to make a start you need to get things over the line. Don’t look for perfection on day one ’cause it ain’t ever gonna happen. Let me tell you a little fact about this when Disney World, who is probably the perfection of perfection companies now that’s 100 years old,
but when they started and opened the first Disney World people were walking in,
the tarmac wasn’t dry people’s bloody shoes were in the ground and they couldn’t get them out they were stuck to the ground,
the queues were all full people complained about the food. But they made a start and when you make a
start, perfection happens. So don’t think you need websites don’t think you need the best branding don’t think you need the best
locations or the best team or the biggest and the
best when you start. Because you don’t, you
need to make a start and you need to focus
more on getting customers than operations because
if you get customers you’re gonna stay in business. And with that, I’m gonna round it up. Let me know in the comments what you think ’cause I wanna have a little war on this. ‘Cause I’m sure there’s
gonna be some people going “Well, James, I completely disagree “you need a website when you start”. I don’t think you do, I
think a website’s great I think branding is great I think having a best CRM is great I think having the best
locations is great. I think all those things are great but I don’t think you need
them to start, I didn’t. See you real soon, bye-bye. Thanks for watching the video,
really hope you enjoyed it to help grow your business. Don’t forget you can
watch more of my videos by clicking here and don’t
forget to hit “subscribe” to the YouTube channel by
clicking this button right here. It gets better than that because you can come and see me at one of my seminars to help grow your business. All the details on how you
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Abraham Hicks 2019 – Successful Business Secrets

We are extremely pleased that you’re
here on a practical level can you give me any suggestions I do the focus wheel
where I put the successful business in the middle and that helps a little bit
is that what I should be doing on a daily basis well right now you’re
whining it’s all right and it’s natural and the reason you are is because right
now you’re saying I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do and is there anything
that you could do to get me to do more what I’m supposed to do so that I can
get and we say not right now go have lunch don’t try to do it when you feel
like this because when you feel like this every effort that you put toward it
just makes it worse we’re just giving you the principles and we’re recording
them and so it will be easier for you I can’t wait it will be easier for you at
another time but always a fast solution is to step back and go general here’s
something we’re going to give you an example of something we’re talking with
a person a few years ago who was trying to sell a house and they really needed
to sell the house it been on the market a long time and the needle wouldn’t move
and it was weighing heavily on them and it was worrying them and so we asked
them to tell us a little bit about where they were standing in other words why do
you want to sell the house anyway and so they described a house that they
had outgrown in a house that was sort of falling apart it wasn’t really in great
repair and it wasn’t up to their current standards of desire was obvious from the
conversation so then we said you are sending out an advertisement to the
world that says come and buy from me this house we no longer want for these
reasons and you’re sending out an advertisement to the University says
come and buy these outrageously expensive doggy treats
now you’re sending out another advertisement sometimes you say well you
didn’t actually say it why does my dog want your treats why are
you’re asking me why implies a question why the best dog treats in them but why
why why because they are the healthiest why because they don’t have put any crap
in it later I lie to you and they don’t put dangerous things then why are you
crying these are great dog treats these are great doctors I started this because
my dog got sick because of what she was eating and that made me really angry and
I made something that didn’t exist and I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t
believe me well first of all words don’t teach but most of all you got a push and
pull vibration going on you believe in these things but you’re not in alignment
with it and so there’s not much power or emphasis coming from you
you’re not believable because you got crosscurrents going we believe you that
the treats are good and we believe you that they’re not selling you’ve got this
cross-current going on so you’ve got to just focus upon the part that feels good
when you believe it and not focus upon the part that doesn’t feel good when you
believe it and then the needle will move you see you think it’s about something
other than you and it’s not fun or easy for you to hear us when we say no it’s
only you it’s only you because you’ve watched so many other things without
knowing this that you made assumptions about why things go why do you think
that businesses work well most people have read a lot of books and there’s
just a lot of things that they would tell you and we’ll tell you why
businesses work they work because somebody has an idea that they don’t
shoot in the foot every day with their bogus beliefs
that’s why businesses that work work that’s why anybody gets what they want
they desire it and they don’t contradict it with thoughts that oppose it that’s
all there is to it so it’s not that they’re smarter than me it’s their
beliefs not their innate business acumen that I don’t have know what it is it’s
not what others think about your business is about what you think they’re
thinking about your business it’s you in the process of all the
things that you said to us here today and those listening in canna firmness if
you want to we believe what you said about these treats but the pain in you
is evidence of you shooting yourself in the foot when you say why don’t they
believe me we want to say it’s because you’re not believable and the reason
you’re not believable is because you’re contradicting your own belief with other
beliefs you’ve got to believe in your own business before you can ask anybody
else to and all that requires is just focusing on the positive aspects until
the positive aspects dominate and if somebody said are there other dog treats
that sell more you might say currently oh yeah there’s a lot of businesses that
are doing a lot better than my business but my business is just catching on
are there other dog treats that are equivalent to the value of yours I don’t
believe that there are is there a reason that everybody if they knew what I knew
would like to have my dog treats yes you know how people find Abraham it’s people
telling people telling people telling people telling people it’s not
television it’s not advertisements it’s not billboards it’s people having a good
experience and talking to somebody else about it that’s the best way for things
to happen people saying my dog didn’t feel so good now my dog feels really
good what’s the difference this this this this this this now if you want to
interject a thought you already told us that you’ve put a lot of money into it
and you can only go so far but that isn’t even true trying to justify why
you’re in trouble isn’t helpful but justifying why this is going to work
that does help explaining what is working always helps explaining what
doesn’t work never helps if you accept that it’s all about your energy flow and
you accept that you can do something about your energy flow and you can get
fired up and we can prod you enough that you get fired up if we said and we are
infinite intelligence and if we were so stupid as infant and intelligence as to
say to you your dog treats aren’t that good you
know what you would say to us you don’t know Abraham your
wrong you’re wrong you would argue with infinite intelligence and that’s what we
want we want you all to reach the place of being willing to stand up against
whatever it is to say this is what I want and therefore this is what I will
have and when you are at that place the universe will comply because you’ve been
the only factor in the mix ever anyway you see what makes you feel like you
want to cry a little bit is that you feel powerless well you’re not powerless
but when you don’t know what you’re doing with your power you feel powerless
but you’re not powerless and we know you’ve got this you heard it from us
you really heard it from us we’re really pleased that you’re willing and able to
sit here and hear us talk about something so important and so personal
in such a straightforward way and you got every bit of it and you don’t feel
vulnerable right now you don’t feel sorry for yourself right now you’re not
whining anymore you have a new conviction within you
about your business that says what this is the best dog treat in the world and I will figure it out I am figuring
it out every day I am figuring it out I’m figuring it out I’m figuring it out
unfortunately no one in this room has a dog

Andrew Payne. Six-figure profits with your own push database

Hi! I’m Roman, an editor-in-chief of ZorbasMedia
and I’m standing… …the STM forum. It’s one of the best resources for information… Right now we have a database of about 12 million,
but it’s… Last year we exceeded six figures, into mid
six figures pretty quickly. Andrew, I wanted to firstly thank you for
finding time to join us today. Thank you for having me. Cool. For our audience I guess that you’re mostly
known because of your activity on the STM forum, but, as I noticed, in 2019 you haven’t
started any thread on the STM forum. Is that because you don’t have time or you
just lost an interest to write? Mostly, time. That would be the main thing because when
I got back into the industry I, the first place I went was the STM forum. It’s one of the best resources for information
and I knew that, so I went there. As I started to share my journey along the
way and as I learned and got more busy, it just, I haven’t had the opportunity really
to take the time to post more recently, but I do intend to. Right. And as for your blog, Affiliate Success, it
doesn’t seem to be really active either. That’s correct. It’s the same reason or you just don’t enjoy
blogging anymore? Really, Affiliate Success, it was something
I set up because I started getting a lot of attention on STM and people were asking how
to follow me, where can they kind of find me and I just created a place where people
could subscribe to a newsletter, and when I do send out communications even if it’s
few and far in between, there is a channel their available. I have bigger plans for it at some point,
it’s just never been a priority. So, that would be why. It’s not so much that I haven’t had time,
that would be part of it, but the Affiliate Success was just a channel that when I do
have something that I want to share there’s a place I can post it outside of just STM. But, yeah, at some point I’ll get more involved
with it. Every affiliate needs a tracker. Now I’m going to give you three reasons
why to start using Binom. That is unlimited for only $99 a month. That’s built by top affiliates for affiliates
with precise understanding of what a tracker should be capable of. Binom support team can help you with any question
and usually answers within a minute. Join now and get your discount from ZorbasMedia. Details in the description. You used to run a lot of pop-under traffic
and push traffic from what I read on STM. Can you tell me what is your main focus for
now? Sure, our main focus is still push notification
traffic. When I got back into the industry three years
ago I was working with pop traffic, I was really getting a better understanding and…
of just how to get campaigns profitable again using pop traffic. And then once I discovered push notifications,
I just found that huge potential was in it and I dove headfirst and that’s where our
focus has been, but we also work a little bit with Facebook and native. However, our primary focus is push notifications. And you don’t work with pop-under traffic
whatsoever now? No, we still do but we don’t do as many promotions,
like, campaign promotions with pop-under traffic. We buy pop-under traffic a lot of times to
acquire new subscribers for our push notification. That’s how you build your data. That’s one of our main channels of building
a database, yes. Right. And what was the funnel? How would you subscribe people to..? Sure. So, we buy pop traffic and we would essentially
send them to a landing page, lots of different styles of landing pages that we use and have
tested, but it would essentially say, “Click Allow to continue” or “Click Allow to
watch video” or something along to that effect. Sometimes you’d have like a video player type
of landing page, other times it might be more of a generic page where they can sign up for
like a sweepstakes or something like that, but really the first thing that they have
to do is click Allow, which would allow them to subscribe to our push notifications. So, and how big is your database now? Right now it’s, well, to back up a quick second,
over time we’ve built a large database and then we’ve also monetized it at different
levels of aggressiveness. So, when the more aggressive you are, you
will lose some of the subscribers because of unsubscription rates, the less aggressive
you are, not. So, right now we have a database of about
12 million, but it’s, but it’s specifically in the US, which is one of the more valuable
countries to have subscribers. So, you’re sort of focusing on the US? From the day one we only focus on US. I’ve done tests and we have been running some
other traffic, we do have the database in other countries, but like 98 percent of our
traffic is the United States. And what kind of offers do you promote to
your subscribers? Sure. One of the biggest we’ve worked with over
the last 18 months has been dating, dating segment, as well as a lot of sweepstakes. So, anything from branded SOI type of offers
to sweepstake trial offers. We’ve run some nutra as well. So, the great thing about push traffic is
you have a lot of flexibility with what you can promote. We’ve done a lot of different apps like utility
apps, casino and otherwise. So, there’s really no limitation to it but
I would say dating, sweepstakes, branded SOI offers, those are some of our bigger areas. Does it require a lot of investment to build
the infrastructure for your own database? You do, you do need a fair budget to work
with. You can’t start with just, you know, a couple
thousand dollars, you’ll need much more than that. You’ll need probably in the range of ten to
fifteen thousand dollars if you’re not tech savvy and code savvy yourself like me. I had hired a developer to develop a lot of
our tools and a lot of our push traffic, our push code, but you have to have money for
your ad spend, you know, obviously cash flow and stuff like that. Then, you’ll have to have money put into that,
into resources like hosting or CDN fees and things of that nature as well. And how big is the team that maintains your
database? I have two developers, one media buyer and
myself. So, not a very big team. Cool. And what you are responsible for? Most of it, I’m really just kind of looking
at higher level stuff for our push traffic and then I’m running new ideas and new tests,
that’s what I’m really focused on, finding where we’re gonna take things next, how we’re
gonna grow or how we’re going to expand into other traffic. Have you ever tried to buy push notifications
or you have always worked with your own database? I’ve done a couple small tests with purchasing
from other ad networks but from the beginning what attracted me to push traffic was that
I could own the database ourselves, which gives us a better opportunity to monetize
the traffic more than just once and we have no compliance control to worry about, we don’t
have to submit things for approval and wait for that, so we can run tests a lot more quickly. So, it’s never been too attractive to me to
work with other networks, although there I probably have left a little money on the table
because we could scale campaigns to, using other networks for sure, it’s just not the
approach I wanted to take. Since I got into push traffic, we’ve been
very profitable every single day. Last year we exceeded six figures, into mid
six figures pretty quickly. What are your thoughts on regulations? If you don’t have your own push notification
database, have some hands-on experience with, the first and biggest push notification
traffic source. Over 700 000 000 users in the database. Prices start from 0.001$ per click. Give it a try, make that money! Like, tomorrow is your talk. Correct. And one of the topic that you are going to
cover is how to generate stable six figures a month on push. Sure. That is a number that you see yourself or
where it came from? Six figures a month? Yeah. Yeah, you know, we achieved that last year
just a few months after getting into push notification traffic. I will say not every month is consistently
six figures now because of there’s more competition and things like that, but you can definitely
hit them if you have the right strategy. Last year we exceeded six figures, into mid
six figures pretty quickly. I think our biggest month we did about six
hundred thousand dollars in revenue. Wow. Pretty strong ROI too, but that’s a little
bit more challenging to hit these days because now I think there’s a lot of ad networks out
there, a lot of other affiliates. So, not quite as easy but absolutely doable,
but yeah, so, the main thing I’m going to show is the benefit of owning your own database,
that’s where it is allowed for that, and it’s been very stable, we haven’t had a negative
day since I got into push traffic, we’ve been very profitable every single day because we
have our own database to work with. Do you think that it is achievable, that it
is doable without your own database by just purchasing traffic from ad networks? It’s achievable to hit that, consistently
will be the hard problem because you don’t know where the inventory is being sold, who
else is buying it. Plus, the the biggest challenge is when you
get a good strong offer, it doesn’t take long before everyone else finds out that’s a good
offer, and then they start jumping on as well. So, you’re getting less of the pie at that
point. So, yes, you can, but doing it consistently
becomes a bit more challenging. And lastly, what are your thoughts on regulations? Are you not afraid that once, I don’t know,
Google will eventually take it down? Push notifications? Yeah. So, it’s already changed quite a bit since
I first started, the overall engagement that we’ve received from when sending out a message
and receiving, and the users engage with that, that notification. That’s changed partially because of competition
and others stepping into the space, but also partially because of how Android phones display
the notification now with the different browser updates, but yes, as with anything, regulations
will always step in. The biggest challenge I see happening is Google
is going to get more and more strict with who they allow you, who they allow you to
show that push prompt to in order for them to say, “Hey! Do you want to subscribe or not?” Right now, you know, you can visit a website
and that prompt will show up to anybody but that’s a bit annoying because every site you
go to, that notification shows up whether it’s an affiliate site or or something
like that. What’s going to happen is Google’s going to
change whether the user has to engage with that site first. Right. So, you need to have to spend like a certain
amount of time on the side or make an action toward the site and then they will allow you
to show the gesture. That’s where I see things happening in the
near future, that will impact the cost of getting a subscriber or building a subscriber
with our method and that’s how the majority of affiliates would be building their own
database anyways. Most current ad networks build their database
through their existing publishers. So, their cost to acquire a subscriber is
basically a RevShare. They don’t have to pay for it upfront, whereas
an affiliate like myself, we are having to media buy in order to gain our subscribers
most of the time. For those who want to start from push notifications,
how would you suggest to go? You know, it’s really not hard to set up campaigns
on current push ad networks and you can definitely get campaigns profitable quite easily with
a lot of different verticals like we talked about earlier. After we discussed the alligator meat out
of frame, let’s get back to affiliate marketing. For those who want to start from push notifications,
how would you suggest to go? Sure. I suggest two things. First, it’s probably a good idea if you’re
brand new, especially brand new to affiliate marketing, set up some campaigns on some push
ad networks like PropellerAds, Zeropark or something, get familiar with what they are
and how to run ad campaign that way. But long term I do suggest building out your
own database if that’s an ambition you have. It’ll provide a lot of benefits and control
over how you can monetize things going forward, something that you own. And if you go that approach, start with like
a simple account, like, OneSignal to get set up and get things rolling. But eventually you will have to build your
own system if you want to be serious with it. And there’s some solutions coming out that
might help do that in near future, build your own setup. But, you know, it’s really not hard to set
up campaigns on current push ad networks and you can definitely get campaigns profitable
quite easily with a lot of different verticals like we talked about earlier. But setting up your own database in the future
is something you would want to work towards. What kind of offers would you suggest to tackle
first to start from? So, some of the easier ones to work with would
be like branded offers. So, if you’re promoting something in a country
that has, like, you know, like, in the US Walmart is a very common brand. You mean these Walmart coupons or..? Walmart coupons or things like that, yeah. There’s sweepstakes style leadgen offers but
they’re like branded around Walmart, Target, Amazon, even iPhones and Android versions,
Visa gift cards. Those kind of things are pretty easy to start
with, but a lot of countries will have brands that are specific to that country and those
are great starting points. Dating is also something to get into. It’s a little more competitive now, so it’s
not easy to make it profitable, but there’s a lot of opportunity in dating. And then, there’s a lot of different types
of apps out there, some gaming apps, social casino apps, utility apps, those are all things
that can also be promoted with push traffic. One of the great things about push traffic
is you have a lot of flexibility with the types of offers that you can run, whereas
like in pop traffic, it’s very difficult to make more than just a couple types of offers
work. Right. Yeah. With your database growing, haven’t you sought
to, like, kind of open an ad network probably and, you know, monetize your database? Sure, it’s come across our mind to do that. I guess I just don’t feel the motivation to
go that route. There’s a lot of push ad networks and I think
for now… I’m not saying that we can monetize it better
than everyone but we’re doing a really good job of it. And I like to keep it private. I think that a lot more stability long-term
for us. To have full control… Because then you have to worry about people
trying to do shady things or submit, you know, non-compliant creatives and all that whole
process you have to go through as an ad network would, but it’s not something that we’re interested
in doing. Cool. I know that mainstream native is like very
expensive. Sure. Some guys are doing up to six figures a day
on native and white hat too. Yeah, how we test offers. So, we spend a lot of time kind of researching
what’s currently… Let’s talk a little bit about native. Sure. How significant is that traffic source for
you? It’s, right now, it’s something that we’re
growing more into but it’s something we just started earlier in 2019. It’s probably 10 or 15 percent of our overall
revenue, so not a whole lot. And we’re doing again a little bit more white
hat stuff with that as well currently. So, things like insurance or e-commerce and
things like that. So, you’re more involved in mainstream? Mainstream, yes. Have you tried adult native? No, I haven’t tried adult native yet. I’m sure I’ll get to it and at least test
it a bit but not currently. I know that mainstream native is like very
expensive, it can be up to like 30 or even 50 cent per click. Sure. And how do you, how do you test… We… Offers? Yeah, how we test offers. So, we spend a lot of time kind of researching
what’s currently running and working. Obviously, we get a lot of insights from our
affiliate managers and reps, and then we will sometimes just do some random ideas ourselves. So, like, there’s been times you’ll see like
those listicles where there’s like a list of a bunch of different products and it might
have like a lot of e-commerce type of products something that you’ll find with different
native ad networks, diet pills, those kind of things are still pretty big in a lot of
areas. Brain, the brain sector, brain performance
and all, it’s pretty big sale too in some areas. So, again, it’s something that we’re, not
a lot of our revenue and attention is on native right now, but as far as testing we usually
do very isolated testing. So, we’ll start small based upon information
that we have, or we have found, or we have a good inclination of what would work. And then as we get something profitable, we’ll
expand it and scale it from there. You know, there’s other information out there
where some guys are doing up to six figures a day on native and white hat too. We haven’t gotten there yet, but that’s, it
is a great channel that if you can, if you have the budget for and you’re working to… Yeah, I guess that requires a big budget because
traffic is expensive. To get to that point, yes, because you’re
competing with a lot of big brands. So, it’s a different approach. You have to be, you have to be on top of optimizing
for sure. So, again, just like with anything I think
one of the bigger advantages is if you’re able to get to the point where you’re buying
traffic in bulk, larger quantities of traffic, your overall costs can be lowered, and so
that gives you an advantage too because with native it’s all, a lot of is about your click-through
rate on the ads. That really impacts your costs. That’s right. So, the more traffic you can buy at a higher
click-through rates per device or per country or whatever without limiting how much you’re
targeting. So, like, if you’re targeting just one state
in the US and Android only, your costs are going to be more expensive, but if you’re
targeting both desktop and all mobile traffic in the whole country or multiple countries,
then it’s a little different and you’ll be able to a lot of times get a benefit at a
lower cost. When you are run test, do you run across the
network or you target specific websites? Yeah, initially we’ll target specific websites
but it may be, you know, a couple dozen sites to begin with, sometimes a few less than that. We get some input from our reps and we’ll
go from there. But, yeah, traffic’s too expensive for us
to just want to start testing the entire network on native unless we have a funnel that we
know was proven. In terms of optimization, do you use any like
tools to run native or everything is done by hand, manually? Everything’s done internally by us manually
right now. There are tools like the Optimizer which we
have played with at times but it’s not something we’re actively using. It’s a good tool though. And how do you find new ideas for your tests? Most of the time manually spying is one of
the better methods for us. We do use tools like, you know, AdPlexity
Native and stuff, but I find that I tend to find more current promotions happening, things
that are currently being run if I am manually spying, so… You’re searching yourself? So, yeah. So, that’s what I do a lot of times, I’ll,
again, I’ll find the ideas that we want to test and then pass it on to my media buyer,
he’ll set things up and get some tests rolling, but I’ll spend my time picking the things
that we need to test because I’m really good at finding and reverse engineering what others
are doing. And then once we find something that works,
we try to find our own edge that makes, that where we can make it work. Cool. And lastly, what are your future plans? What kind of traffic you are interested to
try or you’re going to expand what you’re working with? So, we’ve been experimenting… Well, two things. In terms of traffic, we’re moving more into
native as well as growing our Facebook side as well. It’s something that we will expand more as
the year progresses. But something else that we’re experimenting
with is developing our own products, digital products, web app type products. Like, we’ve had, over the last year we built
kind of like an online web portal that’s for games and similar type of things. And so we can promote that to our push notification
subscribers and other assets. So, it’s something that we own, again. I’m moving more towards, I want the bulk of
my business to be something that we can control as much as possible. And then we’ll continue doing affiliate marketing
as well, but I don’t want to depend exclusively on that because the biggest challenge in affiliate
marketing is finding an offer that’s, that’s a strong offer whether it’s a white hat or
black hat type of offer. Yeah, I guess that is getting more and more
difficult to find the right offer nowadays. Like, a couple of years ago it was easier
to pick up an offer. Exactly. So, developing something ourselves that we
own is this one way to build more of an edge for ourselves. Do you think that affiliate marketing industry
in the States is different anyhow from what we have here in Europe? I think it’s a little different. I feel there’s a bit more community outside
the US than inside the US at least in my particular part of the country. I live in Texas. Like, I don’t really associate or communicate
with too many locally but I know there are some groups here and there. But I feel in parts of Europe and other areas
of the world that people are very hungry to learn and like they kind of, more meetings,
more conferences are outside the US. So, that’s where I feel a lot of the community
is really thriving at. And in terms of verticals, kind of offers
that people are involved to? Is it different anyhow? I’m not sure exactly but I do know that if
you’re running a bit more aggressive or blackhat type stuff, you have a greater risk if you’re
based in the US and if you’re not based in the US. So, there are some factors like that that
probably account for things. I know ecommerce is really big in the US for
sure, you know, a lot of Facebook and native stuff is big in the US, but anything blackhat
or more aggressive, it’s… It’s too risky, isn’t it? For most people, yeah, for sure. FBI. I mean there’s still a lot of, you know, rebill
type of offers, nutra, things like that. So, there’s a lot of those, you know, more
aggressive type of offers still being run in the US. So, there’s no lack of it. As far as people are running it that are based
there, there are. I just don’t know how many, I wouldn’t know
how to actually compare the two. I feel like more of it outside the US that
is happening. If we take the biggest US conference, which
is Affiliate Summit, I believe, and the biggest European conference, Affiliate World Europe,
how different are they? Very different. Very different. Yeah, the Affiliate World Europe is very affiliate
focused, like, it’s certainly very isolated around the actual affiliate industry. Affiliate Summit has a broader range of the
affiliate world. So, not just your affiliate side but it also
has like your big brands and working with companies like Conversant and then you have
a lot of different rebill, merchant accounts and that kind of thing. I feel that the quality of talent and attendees
that come to Affiliate World are much higher than the quality you’ll find at Affiliate
Summit. So, Affiliate Summit is, as far as I understand,
it’s more like for traditional businesses and brands and like around performance marketing? Sure, I feel if you want to really be on the
cutting edge or be towards the trending information and be pushing the affiliate industry forward,
the Affiliate World Conference is basically the place you need to come. And do you enjoy Barcelona in general? Absolutely. The food’s great, the women are beautiful,
what’s to complain about.

Advice to a Struggling Business Owner every Start Up NEEDS to Hear

– Well stop because you’re
gonna kill yourself. Can’t do that. Being deadly, deadly serious Kev. I wanna help you out but… But it’s not profitable. – I’m selling my house. – Don’t, please, don’t
– No, please, listen. (uplifting music) Kevin’s come to pitch to me
to invest in this business. He’s brought a basket
with half a loaf of bread and three bottles of… And he’s asked me to help
and invest in your business. And I’ve said I don’t invest
in our own businesses, and not in other peoples
businesses so that one’s cleared there but
nevertheless I wanna help you ’cause I love helping people. All sorts of bread–
– All sorts of bread. – Yeah, well how much do you make a day? – I do, hovers around 300 halfers a day. I do around 30 to 80
loaves of that all by hand. – So every day, so you’re
making about 600 bits of bread a day. – [Kevin] All by hand. – What time do you start work? – 12 to 1 o’clock in the morning. – So you start at
midnight basically, yeah? And what time do you finish work? – [Kevin] Eight to nine. – In the morning? – [Kevin] Evening. – So you start at midnight
and finish at 9 o’clock… So when do you sleep? – One or two hours. – A day? – Go to bed at 11/10. I’ve got a family of three. – What, children? – Three children and a wife. – You’re going to bed at 10 o’clock and getting up at midnight? – Yeah, at the moment it’s crazy. – Do you have a kip
during the day as well? – Maybe collapse on my
chair when I get home maybe. 18 hours a day. – What about Saturdays and Sundays? – Saturday is my worst day. – What do you mean “market?” – The market, farmer’s market. – What, where you sell your own bread? – Every weekend. – Yup. – But you don’t get paid
for the amount of hours you’re putting in? – I’m working a part time job as well. – What? – 35 hours a week on top of this. – What do you mean 30… And what is that? – Cheffing. – So you chef for 35 hours a week? – Pays my mortgage. – Okay, Kevin, I totally understand. So you’re selling loads of
bread, you’re also doing a 35 hour week cheffing
job, you’re sleeping two hours a day. What about Sundays, do you work Sundays? – [Kevin] I do market every
two weeks out of four. – I mean, if you’re working on this, so you’re earning less than minimum wage? – It’s crazy but I– – Why’re you doing this? – Why am I doing it? Because I believe the
business is good, it might not sound good in money terms but I’d rather put the hard work in now than go and work for someone… – But you are working for someone as well. I mean, if you’re
putting all these hours– – [Kevin] I’m only working for that person because I’ve got… I don’t want to do that but
I’ve got to also be sensible. I’ve got a family, a mortgage. – And you’re making 600
rolls a day out of one single oven, or 600 bits of product? So is that why it’s taken you so long, ’cause you have to wait
for them to finish? – Yup, and making it all by hand. – Then the drinks thing,
you wanna now branch out into that? And those drinks are made out of bread? – Yeah, but– – This is made out of drink? – This is horrible, this is
one from Poland or Russia. – But no one’s ever heard
of this before, Kevin. – No, and that’s why I
wanna be the first one– – No you don’t. – I do. – No you don’t. – I do. – No you don’t because you’re
not a multimillionaire. You’re not someone that’s
in a comfortable place. – You do not need money
to start something big. – No but no ones gonna buy it. People you might know, you’re
not gonna sell enough of this. You’re not gonna sell enough
of it and it’s gonna be… Mate, I think you should
get your first business, your bread rolls, sell more that. Get that over the line and then– – [Kevin] Bread’s such a
hard business to crack. – Mate, I’m telling
you now, selling drinks made of bread is gonna be harder. Who? – Kombucha, which is fermented tea, which is– – But I don’t drink fermented
tea, I drink cups of tea with Yorkshire Gold. You know, mate, basically look
at Richard Branson, right? Let’s talk about Richard
Branson, his first business, you know what he did? He sold records. Yeah, he sold records ’cause
everyone wants records back in the 70s. – [Kevin] That’s why I’m selling bread. – Yeah, but then, then he
went on and he moved up and now he’s doing space tourism. But he’s made his billions. – [Kevin] I’ve heard this– – Yeah, but you’re the
same situation, this is, this is not, this, in a
little way, is space tourism. Like, you need to make sure you’ve got a foundation of wealth before you go and do your passions. Like, you’re still passionate
about bread, aren’t you? You say that you love making
your bread, hand-crafted, you know, you could turn
that into 200,000 pound a year business that pays
you 80,000 pound a year. – I dunno how to scale up with it. – Mate, I dunno how to scale that up. Making drinks made of bread,
if you wanna launch a product, it’s like having a baby,
it needs all of your time, effort, and energy, and you’ve already… You’re doing a 35 hour job,
you’re sleeping two hours a day, you’re working seven days a week, you’re running a market,
you’re making bread, and now you’re making drinks made out of bread because
some people in Russia like it. Basically, you know, this
is the way I explained it, there’s six horses at a
race and there’s one jockey, and each six horses
represent an opportunity. And you’re riding your
opportunity, your job that you’re working 35 hours a week. The doors open, the horses
are racing, so you’re riding your job and then you
start riding the next horse which is making bread. Then you go over here and
you start doing market stalls selling your bread, so now
you’re riding three horses, one jockey, and then to top it all off, you now wanna make
drinks made out of bread. So now you’re riding four
horses and you’ve got a family and you’re only sleeping
two hours a night. So to me you need to focus, follow one course until successful. Once that bread thing is
making you money and spinning cash off, then do your
passions and hobbies. Start getting some sleep ’cause
you’re gonna kill yourself. You can’t live on two hours sleep a night. Madness. How can you operate on
two hours sleep a night? – I don’t know. – Well stop, ’cause you’re
gonna kill yourself. Can’t do that. I’m being deadly, deadly serious, Kev. Like, you could easily–
– I’m cursing myself. – You could easy sell 200 grands a year worth of this stuff here in Essex. I’m losing the will to live here, Kev. (laughs) I’ve never ever wanted to… Mate. Now I’m all for entrepreneurialism,
I’m all for going out there, getting stuff done. I am that guy. I’m really concerned. I’m just worried that ya… I wanna help ya but, I like… I work with people that
they’ve got brewing companies, they struggle, they’re really tough, you gotta go really big. It looks great, this looks
like proper homemade bread. – It is. – And you should be
focusing on that because it’s easy to get customers. Here’s the great thing about
that, you get a restaurant on board, they’ll keep your
people in from you, won’t they? – I’ve had people buying. – So people would look at me
and go, well, it’s all right for you, you’ve got day
nurseries, you’ve got farm parts, you got indoor place. I spend a million pound
a year on managing them. So these are people not
to service, I’ve got a fully qualified accountant. We have a strong management
team which costs a lot of money, but it’s just
you and you and you. – That’s why I’m trying– – And you, you’re only having
two hours sleep a night. This is gonna add another
load of thought dimension, just stop it. Just do this. Trying to find a way of how you can do all of this with more sleep
because, yeah, I’m sure you can live on two hours
sleep for a period of time but eventually you will crash. Well I would put a finish
day of when the bread business is finished. You say, what I want the
profit to be when the business if finished, then you
work out when the revenue you need to bring in to
make that profit happen. Then you ascertain what
you’re team looks like, what the culture of the
business looks like, and what do you need to do. What do you need to
become, what do you need to behave and do to have
all those things to happen. You know, I work hard, don’t get me wrong, but I do have some down
time, thinking time, where you’re resting your
body because then you’ll be re-energized to think
and do better next time. Then you need to think, right, where’s the margin in my business. If you’re passionate about
making all these homemade products and stuff like
that, I applaud that. But all of that becomes a lot
easier when you’ve got a core, base business that drives profit
so can really spend time– – [Kevin] It doesn’t make a profit. – You’re not paying yourself a salary? – No. – Right, if I wanted to do
the hours that you are working I’d be probably paying
you 60,000 pound a year. I’m just telling you how it is, ’cause you’re not
accounting, you’re not even giving yourself minimum wage for the hours you’re putting in are you? And I can see you’re
passionate about bread, you’re a fully qualified
chef, you can sort it out. Don’t mess around with this stuff until you’ve got the first thing over
the line, finish successful. You have to start in
the easy stuff, build up some credibility, build
up some profitability, build up some turnover,
build up some customers, and if they love you that much, they’ll come buy from your market stall. You need to be in one
place selling to many. You don’t sell bread one-to-one. How much is a loaf of bread? One pound fifty, yeah? – [Kevin] To sell to? The public? – Two pound/ three pound? – [Kevin] About three pound. – Three pound? So you go and deliver a three pound loaf of bread door-to-door? You need to get them to come
to you, you need to find a busy market stall, you
need to be going to food and craft fairs, and selling en masse. – I do use, my big ones are– – You’re not doing this
delivering door-to-door stuff still are you? – Yeah. – So you go deliver a loaf
of bread for three pound? – It’s just the same. – Just stop doing that, just stop it. But it’s not profitable! You must be just, do you
not just feel exhausted? – Yup, I’ve had so many
people who say I cannot do it and I’m– – No, listen to me,
please, Kev, listen to me. You will make more money
by turning less money. If you stop delivering to
people for one pound fifty you’re gonna make more money. Less fuel, less tires on your car. You’re gonna start sleeping
a few extra hours a night, and you’re gonna be thinking smarter. You gotta work hard, and you
gotta think smartly as well. They both have to go hand in hand. All them people don’t wanna
spend one pound fifty, get them to come to
you, get a market stall in different places, you
should be doing that stuff. – I always have a hunch
that I’m on to something and I’m always then going
back from what I feel. And every time I do that,
I look and I see it, and I’m like damn, why did I
just talk and not go ahead? And that’s why– – What you talking about, this? – [Kevin] Yeah. And that’s why this one– – Listen to me, I don’t
know how many times I’ve got to say this to you. This is not finished, this business. You don’t start a new business until the last one’s finished. No, no, no. Please, mate. Get this one over the
line, get it finished. Forget this then in five
years time, three years time, two years time, and you’ve
got a bit more time back and you’re thinking smarter. – I’m gonna throw a curve ball in here. I’m selling my house. – Don’t, please.
– No, listen. – Don’t put any of your money into that. So strongly advising you,
I never usually tell people not to do this, do not
put house money into this. If you’re gonna put
any money in something, get yourself a bigger oven for this, and do this en masse, and
get yourself some sleep. Any money that you get
now, put into sleep. I don’t know anyone
that’s living on two hours a night of sleep consecutively,
and happening all the time. I really wish you the best, I don’t think you should sell your flat, I
think you should keep that, rent it out and move in with the in-laws so you’ve got income. ‘Cause I think if you
just get a lump of capital you’ll start bloody
spending it on (word muted) that doesn’t work. And you haven’t got
something over the line yet. – [Kevin] So your advice is? Don’t sell, rent? – Yeah, never sell your properties. – [Kevin] Forget about the drink. – Do not do the drink. Sell this more. No one gets a single loaf
from you delivered ever again, unless their spending a hundred pounds with you, don’t deliver. You’re obviously such a
lovely guy but I hope that you have picked up some stuff
from me, like don’t deliver to anyone for less that fifty
pounds/a hundred pounds. And I’m being harsh on ya
because I don’t want you to forget what I’m
saying, I don’t want you to carry on with this folly. You know, I wanna see
you in five years time and you say yeah, I’m having
eight hours sleep a night, seven hours sleep a night, I’m spending quality time with my family. The drinks thing, mate,
just push that to one side. Sort out the bread business first of all. There’s miles more that
you can do with that. Mate, I’ve gotta go now
but hopefully I’ve helped you enough.
– Yeah, you’ve helped me mate. I probably spend more time
of day drinking cups of tea than you do asleep and that ain’t right. (laughs) – That’s awful.

Traits of A Successful Business Owner

We’ve been lucky to work with over 300 business owners now. And what we found is success leaves clues. So here I’m going to share with you 10 traits or 10 things we see in the most successful business owners. So, the first thing is a clear vision or goal, like, where do you want to go? If a space shuttle takes off and it’s going to the moon, if it doesn’t have clear coordinates, there’s no chances that it’s going to get there. So you really, really do need to know where you want to go and document it, you know, that kind of thing? Do you have a good business vehicle? So here we’re talking about Amazon because it’s leverage on a global scale. So with traditional business, you know, selling in a market and then whoever came past that were your customers. Here we’re talking about, well, if we get on a winner, we can literally scale this thing around the world. And very, very quickly, like within a year, realistically. Number three, and you guys are all ticking the box on this, continual learning. So this is so, so, so important. I see some people that think, you know, once they get a certain way along, I’m too good. I don’t need to keep doing this stuff. But I just think just be a continual student of it and just keep getting better and better all the time. Number four, an ongoing focus on mindset. So remember, I said before that your mindset is really your most important part. Tony Robbins says success is as much as 80% mindset. So really, really important. Number five is manage your emotions. So you might think, well, why is he talking about emotions in an Amazon conference? The reason is because business isn’t all smooth sailing, it’s not all just going up like that. You’ve got some real peaks and you’ve got some troughs. And the most successful business owners we meet, they actually manage their emotions like this. They’re not like from really stressed and really, you know, like that kind of thing. So manage your emotions.

Owning My own Business For 2 Years / Would I do it Again? / Should i quit the job i don’t like ?

yoyoyo was goody with it I am super
proud to present this video hold on I know is it label as a AFB is that label
accounting for beginners it’s not accounting for beginner so if that’s
what you want to watch click off now it’s fine this is only my own business
for two years whoo still here baby still be paying our
rent I had a client come in this year and I was doing a personal tax return he
said it’s like the friends parents they might be watching so I just saw you last
weekend what up he’s my friend’s parent he’s like 65 70
years old and he’s awesome he’s he’s a he’s a Jonathan Doran supporter so he’s
one of the few of those around so I got mad love for the guy and his liver
starts all his videos off with yoyoyo and I’m like how do ya like bro howdy oh
my god he doubled I started real up with he’s like whoa subscribe click I will
leave a comment in dogs totally off thing but this is this video is owning
owning my own business after two years and what it’s like so I went back at
first I was like this is kind of weird for a visa but you usually do a cutting
for beginners I’ve been just those are you before I talk about it I talked
about the accounting I love accounting and people watch those so it’s like
those are the easiest for me to make and they get the most views by far right so
every idea when I watch I would such as actually I made a video – I made a video
owning my own business two months in just watch that then a year later about
a year later actually was last October 22nd
Oh first first onto my own business I made was two minutes two months in it
was like August 2015 then like 14 months later it was owning my own business
after one year and that was in October 2016 now we’re just about August 2017
let’s just say another year later I’ve had my business right now uh for about
two years I think August 1st 2015 was like my last day of work I gagging my
two weeks notice for the first time ever felt like a big guy you know like I
wanted to come back the person out who who gave me my CPA license so as you
notice I got my subscribers right there I’m super passionate about the YouTube
that is part of my business and it’s been able to flourish because I left my
job and I’ve been owning my own business so I’ve been able to grow my youtube
channel without fear of somebody saying I don’t like that I’m not I’m not paying
you any more you got to change it because as someone says I don’t like it
no way I’ll give up that y’all will curse a little bit on this one this is
not in kind for beginners this is automotive business this is what you see
are coming for beginners is like CPH strength you know that’s that’s a
character of mine um you know I’m Jonathan Dorn CPA that’s who I am you know I think yeah I used to be a
rapper my Rattray mjd blaze so jumpy left Iraq that’s my my little Slugger
personas J dizzle z’ my machismo best everything I’m saying most money best
women best clothes said so you’ve done for six minutes and you haven’t really
talked about what your business is like in the second year old well let’s go I
watch the first two I watched the first two videos I watched the first two
videos I made about automotive business at first I was like I don’t have to have
those a lot I did because I watched I watched the first one and I noticed from
the first the second one and hopefully I made progression on this just my my
camera presence just the way I’m talking in my cadence it was very hard for me to
watch the first one and I thought it was such trash I was very happy that I made
progress on my second one and I hopefully I make progress on this one
which I think I will because I’ve been filming a lot lately and the only way to
really get better my opinion filming on camera is just to do it just to practice
practice practice practice like hitting up the team I used to play baseball bro
– but that’s what I came to you know lots of practice and hard work they
don’t hit up a tee one thing that caught me by surprise
Oh anyways the gentleman you keep it the gentleman came in who watches my youtube
channel says hey he’s been here for two years you must must be successful at
some degree because you have to rent you’re paying the rent I’m thinking you
know what brah you’re right you right you know I’m saying
despite everybody despite the world try not to let me be great I’m the great
over it’s been great over this know me be great okay I lost two subscribers since I’ve
been talking to you man life is crazy you just gotta keep going I noticed
everything’s everything’s temporary you know you get high man that’s going to
but you’re going to be um below so just try to when you’re really hard to try to
be humble you know try to be humble to try to be nice to everybody and when
you’re low when you’re feeling depressed just just try to get through it try to
be home to try be humble try be nice to everybody and you know just try to get
through it because you’re going to you know you’re gonna be happy again it’s
fine just ride the wave what up I know remember I don’t even care because my
accounting pregunta social structures is supposed to be fun but one of the main
things I said in my own my own business for two months video in 2015 and I would
guess I would know back then I said I was miserable going to my job every day
and I wanted I had I had a passion I was miserable I was miserable going to the
job even though I was making a lot of money I don’t only make much money now –kavitha I’m 40 and I live with my dad
and it is a struggle so in a few years when you’re like Daymond you know he
didn’t in Harry he’s he just ranch in a desert anymore Ackerman man let me tell
you I put other things out of the way I’m in my office I’m in this office like
12 14 hours a day and I love it I love it so I was miserable for and I love it
now I wake up before my alarm at five o’clock half of my days now half of my
days I get up at 3 4 o’clock and I’m just like I’m just so excited about my
day so that’s a that’s a win right there in itself you know was it worth it over
in my own business you have yeah yeah who cares how much money I
mean yeah money’s only thing that matters I mean yes but it’s like money
is the only thing that matters but it’s like are you enjoying getting it that
matters too I mean is that me of all he does a person so check I was miserable
before when I didn’t know my own when I didn’t know my own job check I wanted I
had a passion for YouTube power lifting and accounting and I said hopefully I
can combine all those and make a living you know what it’s two years later and
I’m doing that and yeah the only the thing is so YouTube is my new is my just
new passion I wake up I learn better i love youtube I don’t know if independent
anybody I did a whole process by myself from the idea to filming the idea to
having the furnished product on YouTube I don’t have to wait for anybody on
confer with anybody it’s just however hard I want whatever the work I want to
put into it is the results that I get and I haven’t really found too many
things in life like that cpa test yes so i was miserable before when i was those
before and i have passion for youtube account and power listener i want to
combine all those well yes i’m doing that because if i used to most of my
youtube is teaching accounting and accounting for beginners and so and no
my now my youtube is about a third of my monthly take-home as as much as my
regular business so the youtube’s growing and i’m so passionate about that
and i get to talk about I love accounting and passing road so
thanks to the third one powerlifting well paraffins taking a little backseat
right now because I really just want to make I really just want to grow my
youtube channel in essence make more money so I can afford to kind of get out
of this office get out of my dad’s house and just have one you know a nice place YouTube studio / house / everything and
that’s what I’m working towards everyday and I’m just I’m just so happy I know
this was kind of a roundabout way but a roundabout video I just I feel like
making notes for it I did just want to catch those the facts that call you by
the first ones like I was saying you know the reason why I made a change in
everybody am I going to follow my face or I had no idea two months in I was I
had about a thousand dollars in bills a month and I was making I don’t know like
two or three hundred a month so I was so upside down how do I get clients that’s
that’s what someone will you know how do you get clients how did you get the
money coming in well I’m consistent I get up i I never missed anything when I
first started I answered I answered every phone call and know half of it was
trash every Facebook message every every everything every everything I answer
every email every you know I followed up with everything I said what I would do
I went above and beyond a little – I was a little cheap you know I he every oh
you’re too cheap you’re too cheap well I would rather
I wasn’t doing anything I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs and I have
bills I’d rather be doing something you know honing my craft sharpening my
skills you know games play GP you know referrals for a cheaper price instead of
nothing you know like I would rather I would rather charge somebody 150 bucks a
month to do a bunch of things they think that’s a great deal and they do it as
opposed say oh I need $500 a month and then not find anybody or but I guess I
went artificially low then I turned to wait people last year’s oh so busy and
now now next year or from from now on where I don’t need any more clients
because I’m paying my bills making a teensy bit of money now the price will
go up I only taught this is 16 minutes long generally talking about on my own
business for two years but if maybe I’ll have a better maybe I’ll have a better
video next year some more precise or something like that but you’ve even
talked about the business fine I mean I guess I guess I did the feeling the
feelings of it I think you know I think the main thing is I look back and that
was I made that video the first video two months in you know two months I’ve
quit my job I worked at that job for about two years
hated it hated it hated it yeah and so those were all my job you spend most
time at your job you have so much time at your job so as visible my job
miserable my life now can’t I love my job I can’t wait to get up in the
morning so that’s a win till next time till next year deuces