Building BeasttrollMC's First Custom!

hello hello Illume whoa dropping frames detective is my stream all like laggy you guys seem dropped frames this might Internet her computer dying on me stream is good audio is good camera is laggy mmm this is dropping frames now oh it's going down it's going down mmm I guess I can't handle uploading my vow'd as well as streaming I can see it getting better it's the dropped frames percentage is slowly going down yeah well looks like my odd upload will have to wait okay yeah looks like yeah the drops frame rate it wasn't like 91% now it's down to 50% yeah it's slowly dropping sorry about that Shifu dark first one hello do I have a streaming schedule yes and no so Saturdays and Sundays I will stream on 3:30 p.m. Pacific time I am also streaming once or twice additionally every week during the weekday but those are not set yet who else do we have we have ham time Jack was XYZ talking crayons shenanigans subnet goofy sorry on paper sign sage vibe throwing bricks BBT 887 the 6 5 2 PP munch broken paradox eat my Nintendo mister Munich nezzie hello how did he start with engineer pump you heat it up and as you're heating it up once it's not melted you suck it up calling me dr. Kip do you know where I can get a row to to you a row 2 2 unit cherry profile artisan not sure that's pretty specific my boy MC getting a custom is beast here I don't know I did let him know I'll be building his board today we'll see hopefully I'm guessing him and I I'm guessing most of his viewers don't watch me I hope he doesn't get mad i titled it this and yeah I wish you would say my name ray how do I say your name why Jack is it not Jack was jacquez X Y Z Jackie's Jackie's X Y Z Jack quiz Jack was do quiz honey and water hello Madge ecologist hello dr. dhw hello people munch on Jolliffe BTM see I've been watching it for like two years now two years staying that's more than I've been streaming generic one nine three hello hem kenobi yo we out here to knee some MXC silence right now who who is on that hello what's up cutie pie Derby Lucia yay made over to the extreme nezzie technically Zakas Zacchaeus hello Kim ha Jung Nima hello hey lar Karp's I most certainly watch him watch him Ock rise up okay let's see what mr. Jack kiss Jacque oh this is Chuck like a high school jock I'll I'll call you a jock sy is XYZ from the law is that better Jacque Jacque Jacque Johnny Paulo subha hello least a Miller please no my bunk tonight thanks yeah today's not a month bum what switches is it gonna have it is gonna have Z Leo's V to hand lubed by yours truly we will have another truly uncase spec keyboard my parents are having a party and I'm here hiding from the world has my meeseeks but whoa it's early today what it pinged it at 6:50 final kid oh give it seven more minutes start at 7:10 what some people rolled in I know I didn't give you guys too much of a heads up on what I was gonna stream to them look I made it back in time I can't watch they but I hope everyone has fun Thanks Solid Snake Drive I'm half French that was funny I'm ginger hello was the build from last night for a customer Bendi asks yes it was actually for Lark carps here's my leak nice nice leak we got a close-up of those keys in the top right what is his board gonna be you guys will see you guys will see ma'am my camera's autofocus is trash I switched to Sony thinking that their autofocus will be amazing where can I get a kit of holy pens I've looked everywhere and Connor find them what so I don't know what you mean by kit of holy pandas but if you're looking for a prebuilt board with holy pandas that does not exist holy pandas only exist as loose switches and if you are to look for them you got to go to mass drop I just joined that I'm already hard named that color is cool yeah the color is really nice that's why I collected it quadric hello I miss you quadric I don't see you as much around anymore have you ever hand wired a keyboard before thinking about doing it for my next custom-built no i've never hand wired and i'm hoping i never have to hand wire Devki to you why they used to follow seal tracks hello alik f2 hello oh man of interests hello oh and you do I need a VIP man of interests I think that just worked hopefully you should be a ooh don't hand wire it's a mistake yeah I mean I I've considered hand learning some of my vintage ALP spores just so I could use them but I don't know if I want to I'd rather I'd much rather just pay someone to hand wire for me yeah Jacque XYZ thank you so much for the twitch prime sub the gr z f YJ Nathan ignore me GG or all or ass or the example to follow man of interest I was the dumpling was a dumpling dink so will this Olivia be the new beater no this is not it will not be a beer I just pulled it out to flex because I love this desk Matt I do have to Olivia desk mess so technically I could make one of them a beater should I make chocolate chip cookies or fudge brownies oh I say chocolate chip cookies flexing the black one and not the pink one SME well I used the pink one yesterday so today I'm going to switch it up waltz samurai mm hello Georgie this how many desk desk pads do I have I have I think I have five desk mats talent solutions hello Wow thank you so much for the 111 it's just one off from 5000 gang stopped one thank you so much for the tier one sub as well what mouse pad is that this is the Olivia desk mat available from novel keys whoo-hoo I have linked in my panel down below I want to try making a Nutella lava cake sometime that sounds pretty good too I'm definitely creating some something sweet but not too sweet right now some ice cream would be nice agent of sarcasm my girlfriend just bought me my first mechanical keyboard and that's a vortex poker with MX speed and I really love it look forward to build my first custom keyboard soon oof are you already going to ditch your keyboard that your girlfriend got you it's a little rude I'm just kidding that's always exciting building your first one you always remember your first how long have you been using that kind of mouse not too long I think I switched to this last October August September oh man of pictures thank you so much for the tier one sub four months in a row I'm not in our all four months okay it's 8:10 so I don't I'm guessing beast trills not here I don't see him chatting today but today we are building a board for a super super VIP his name is beasts troll MC he is a big-time post player and we're gonna am I having dropped frames are there dropped frames on my stream right now are you guys experiencing dropped frames I hope there's no dropped frames okay but yeah we're gonna build this there beast roll a boy I already piece what keycaps he got I will show off that cap later right Jack ku5 thank you so much for the follow and K what was your first custom Kievan one I guess like my custom do you mean like a fully DIY custom key or just like a nice mechanical keyboard in general yeah we are going way to the poner hello I haven't even opened this yet estate poner is this love powder that is indeed the poner who designed a Z no resi hd5 thank you so much for the follow as Oh Powter with that BM it was so toxic cancel my Z no please what Madame interests thank you so much for the 1000 bits if you guys were wondering why today's stream was potentially a maybe and why couldn't give a time dedicated time because I actually drove down to San Jose today and then hung out with the people over at input Club /ko know as well as mister man of interest yeah he drove up three hours just to see us yeah but unfortunately I had to ditch them for dinner for you guys so we have here today can anyone guess what keyboard based off this Zain yard hello way 67 is it 80 60 easy 60 RGB tofu 6v – this does KBT fans even soli 60 – Razer BlackWidow chroma Blade stealth keyboard xD 64 OTD no one has said it yet so far this is the PCB we are going to look at this is actually my first time with the DZ 60 hot-swap is this considered the V – no I just called DZ 60 RGB with hot swap so this has / switch RGB JK j cole yh8 thank you so much for the follow yeah so this is why I pulled out my Olivia desk map because there won't be any soldering today it's hot swap so I can use a nice desk mount without having to worry about solder this final this PCB honestly looks kind of nice I I'm digging this purple PCB I am digging this purple oh it's USBC gg but I have my USB see cables they don't know I could get turned on my a PCB know that layout why Nathan um okay so I know you you elitist enthusiasts are going to be like why this build so Bistro gave me a budget and I talked with him and a must for him was hot swamp and RGB for a 60% keyboard and his budget wasn't that high and this is what we settled on oh he USBC was also a must for us BC RGB hot-swap 60% and this was the best I came up with J and ly being thank you so much for the follow oh I don't know how to pronounce that but I recognize that name from Instagram gently be Jin Lee Lee Jay I'm Lee beam I didn't recognize that name to you shift arrow key what no this I don't think this takes to you shift doesn't is it to you shift no I don't think this is to shift and really there's this PCB to shift you got yeah as 1.75 oh it's Ginelli being wonky I would not have guessed Ginelli from J and le bean hello Ginelli bean I wish more Koreans you see us we see instead of many but in the end it doesn't matter well why targeting why you got a target Koreans like that even even Heine went with USB many grind box thank you so much for the follow sir Rizal hello i lo i lo han prof thank you so much for joining hey everyone how are y'all doing I'll tell you hello I know as their doctor cute camp can all be wat thank you so much for the 1500 bits and he wants to guess the boys just I don't think I've seen the board yet so we are going with another KBD fans wait as well a Chow back someone hit him with the playlist command oh look at this KBD fans plate oh gosh my camera has autofocus so bad tofu no it's not a tofu it's not I believe we have so yeah we did see this plate when I built the otoku not many people have said it we have this board oh my gosh blasted we have we have a duck Viper today no I just kidding it's a Tina this is the first time I've actually seen a Tina I think yeah but her head held on by Knox forgets beat me I wanted everything is almost for the sub Nathan did you see that matter of interest got cut by KBT fans plate in one of the screw hole area I did I did I did hear about that it happened on stream there's a heavy paper cutter – it definitely feels less sharp on the tofu yeah it's still kind of sharp but it's definitely not as egregious egregious as it the tofu yeah this is much nicer at least the rounded corners there we're gonna be building a tofu turns out that we got sent a cyan or teal colored wait I didn't get to choose what color wait this was when I bought it so I'm not sure if this is orangey but luckily we got sent a teal color and this is actually like one of the colors of his like branding scheme so it turned out nicely that he be fans sent us this peel slash blue color so that is the theme that is like that's like the color scheme he has stuff oh it's all random okay yeah I was like huh I wish I could've chosen it but it there was no choice I was just surprised I was pleasantly surprised that the Claire was correct so we have screws on bonds does it come in many colors Janel e-beam asks oh boy and it has silver great yeah there are aren't too many colors for it and I guess according to chat the other color weight you can receive is orangey I guess yeah nearly got this case I have a tofu acrylic right now but I want a Tina now does it have a diffuser on the back it does have a diffuser just a small tiny piece here you can see this piece of acrylic this is the diffuser wait how is this kept in the board oh yeah yep set this aside for now we're going to work on the steps we're gonna do full left shift six to five enter full backspace nice thing with hot-swap at least this one fixed what skate skate oh one rod thank you so much for the 1000 bits what switches for this bill boilers for price we're gonna build it with some Helios v2 I forget what weight I believe is 67 around 67 or 62 I forgot and I I personally lubed these myself with krytox 205 great zero what trackball is that do you recommend it yes I do recommend it I do have a mouse command is the acrylic heavier hole or ha the piece of acrylic itself isn't acrylic doesn't weigh much well PCB is that the DZ 60 hot-swap yes this is this is the DZ 60 hot-swap from KVD fans the their latest PC I believe this is the latest one that they've released it has the kale hot swap sockets it's heavier than I thought it would be it is I mean this is an all aluminum case that's pretty heavy I have interests hello friends where are those Amazon Prime subs that I want to see some Amazon drives Pau people IG Saviour thank you so much for the twitch Prato just as I say it I do save your subscribes or the twitch prime so thank you so much prime so I don't I don't like to plug-in twitch Prime I feel like most people who are on twitch know about touch program so but if you haven't which prime stuff that you aren't using consider supporting me oh we have the man himself Bistro MC Bistro I just unboxed all parts well this is the PCB I won't go too in depth I already unboxed it but we have the plate here this is the case case came to me in nice great condition my lights kind of blowing out the silver book yeah we get this teal-colored wait it goes perfectly with your new colors not new I guess but your new lotta new what am i keeping you your your channel theme I suppose so do any of the holes not line up on the standoffs I can I can check that for you nope they align perfectly except for this extra mounting what what is this mounting point oh there's also enough wait what are these two extra mounting points is that normal for treatment but wherever there is a mounting point it must fine okay that you guys ready for some arse jeez bees sea-ice a lot of the keyboards phione stole aren't USBC so this is where a limo comes into handy I just take out my connector and I just got these troll mci I even have like a slight this is for you I got some slight cobalt blue on my hair for you as well this is this is a stream dedicated to you I couldn't go like as ham and fully dye my hair but I set up my light in my room and blue today okay so let's see I'm hoping that the PCB works all the RGB czar showing up so let's see that's oh can I not test with tweezers on a hot swap board they don't go in I have to use a I have to actually plug a switch end to test it okay escape works one works to this gonna be a long time of testing guys because I can't use my tweezers gotta stick the switch in to test it it's gonna be a long night guys so far so good yeah I'll just do the first throw okay should be good the RGB are all showing up I'm gonna kiss it's correct I'm gonna guess it works okay I'll work on the stab I'm just kidding today's stream won't be shouldn't be too long I don't need to solder anything I don't need to worry about straightening switches either because you can't really straighten too much with a hot swap board if it has straightness issues and there's a 60% show shouldn't take too long Rayo hello you know I'd like to hear some opinions reasons not to go oh hot swappable um that's a pretty good question in the community right now V stroll but one of the biggest reasons is that with the current state of hot-swap right now so one of the implementations as you can see here they have these special sockets they're called kale hot swap sockets there are other ways to implement it but this is currently unanimously agreed as the best way to implement hot swap right now they're not rated for they're not like hot swap isn't rated to last forever so you pull your switch out in and out a couple times it's not a couple times but like it it won't outlast the switch like I'm pretty sure if you're gonna use a hot swap board to like test switches I'd say after like a couple hundred times maybe even shorter depending on how how aggressively you pull it out the hot swap actually stops functioning at that point in addition every time you push it in and out there's a high chance your this socket dislike hot-swap socket it's gonna end up popping out and enough if this thing pops out you have to solder it back on which kind of defeats the purpose of hot swap so that's that's one of the biggest issues you install something like this but after a few tries there's a there's a good chance this thing is gonna pop off which is what make sure is PCB hot swappable so if this pops up you gotta solder it back on but at that point you might as well just have soldered the switch yeah I don't think hot swap affects the feel of a typing experience like if he told me to type on a board I couldn't tell you if it's hot Sabra no I don't think it affects the feel does it affect sound I'm not sure I'm not a sound engineer I don't know how much this affects sound but it's much more from a durability perspective like it's just not worth the extra money you pay for it so that's why people recommend that if possible avoid hot socket if you can because it won't last you for that long like my one of the reasons people want hot-swap is because let's see a switch dies you can easily replace it there's probably a greater chance that your switch will outlast the hot-swap socket but another reason might be just want to try different bores without having solder it every time but if that's your purpose and hot-swap perfectly fine well hot sauce is also great for people starting off I mean ideally for me I would build a new board with a new switch every time a new switch came out if I could but no one's damaged yeah so I think hot swap ever everything littering these ones with the fall of hot swap is are kind of like the training wheels and their keyboard community my training nails on a bicycle like everyone starts off riding with training wheels but the the goal is to eventually move off of it so we're going to begin flipping the stacks aim each form see if you want new switches give Nathan more money and get new boards easy I haven't talked to will cookie in ages extreme is next stream is Bistro second board is that a penis see it is a Tina I don't know if it's a C or B the only difference between the a B and C is just the what at which talk to us about the only difference as far as I know necrodancer thanks much for the fall you should hop into Nathan's this corner Bistro already in like this I think Lucas Bernard's doses oh this is definitely a game that I super addictive your improvement is really a dictated by how much you practice this very easy effort over a board game I have been on Twitch for a year and I get bored and tired of gameplay your content is the only thing that I couldn't want to start to watch restarting toxic 8 are you talking about me or Bistro I'm hoping it's me but I'm guessing you're talking about bistros content it's beast beast trolls streams are pretty dank not gonna lie I've never played or touched osoo in my life but I still tune into bistros streams I also don't know anything about boxing all I know are like initials like PP HDFC DT SS I thought I thought HD stood for hidden at first no sorry no I thought I thought DT stood for barked theme at first when I saw someone playing OCU I think it was view real ryouki we're like the little little the circles disappear I thought that was DT I was wrong that was apparently HD I'm guessing HD for hidden I thought DT was dark-themed DT equals Dark Templar that that one I know I did play Starcraft like yeah the og DT for me is Dark Templar I hope this keyboard doesn't get pooped on what who poops on a keyboard how to start argument in chap OC bad lmao what is there an argument in chat right now I love the rankings and oaths ooh South Korean South Korean South Korean Chinese South Korea Oh will do South Koreans dominated Oh see I don't know anything about those who sin if South Koreans are dominating and oh see that's great we got a lot of 205 grade zeros tonight what switches are going in we're gonna build this with zeros v2 I believe 67 gram I forget the weight 67 or 62 yeah I have hand glued them myself with 205 grade zero for mr. beast roll so he's gonna get a fully encased backboard they used to be the best Millie birdy holy caught us a lot of Lube Ellis's whoa kicker first time I see kicker in chat woah L oh I like this music hello can someone give kicker a shadow how is your night going kicker it must be pretty late no just kidding I like we are on the same time zone how is your Saturday night going kicker today we are building a board for a famous osoo streamer slash gamer slash personality I don't know if you play host to kicker I think talisman solutions is also in chat you probably know talisman solutions oh man none of my mods are here today I fish my keyboards also not plugged in okay I will plug it in I will plug you guys both afterwards hey Nathan you know Permatex dielectric grease would be safe if it hits rubber domes planning to use them for my dope for sliders dielectric grease should be safe as far as I know I also use this doc dr. cam here are some slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp nor con thank you so much for the 500 bits all he pandas aren't great thank you so much for the 200 bits kicker I don't know if you remember but I asked you if he could make some originals the reason being so I could play it on stream I don't I don't entirely like the music I play but I don't know if you've heard of epidemic sound I pay for epidemics sound big jazz jazz lover so I just made a playlist of whatever whatever the best jazz I was I could I could find on at the denser because I do upload my vods on YouTube so sadly I could only play royalty free music I have originals I just have a recording W yeah you did say you're gonna start uploading to youtube again same with Bistro Bistro also only streams right now but he's come she's planning on coming back so we have a couple new people and chats what I am doing right now is I'm currently I'm moving the stabilizers and on a keyboard any switch that is super long like a spacebar your shift Keys enter backspace they all have something called a stabilizer inside there and chances are if you bought a keyboard just off the shelf it's probably very noisy and rattling so what I'm doing is I am moving those stabilizers up so that when I build up the keyboard in the end I shouldn't create any of those nasty rattling this all of this is thick white stuff you see here that's Lou Cox 205 great zero yes true my YouTube hiatus needs to end actually I've been uploading to YouTube consistent for the past three weeks turns out the channel isn't the oh well hey for the past three weeks maybe I just haven't turned on the the bill notification for you or me I thought I followed when I saw it can you / loop stabs because it seems like you're adding a lot you definitely can't over loop stabs I am NOT adding a lot oh I forgot to clip one of these okay Kelly is just mad Tom Brady won't come deflate this bull is that Lube only good for tactile switches no this Lube is good for everything I might say it's probably better for linear but because the CEOs v2s are so tactile you can use two or five grades you want in my opinion I'm personally not someone who wants insane tactility I will be sending beast roll both in stock zealey Oh sweetie you and of obviously these lubed ones and you can see a few bikes which one he likes better but you should be able to tell the difference between a lube and unmoved switch I think the CBO's fee – you can get by with movie that's how tactile is mass impatient teeth NK didn't heed tech notifications oh it's because when I first saw Beatles channel like the last upload was from somewhere sometime ago I thought I thought maybe he doesn't upload here anymore and then I started watching his streams and then he said I will come back to YouTube I've even seen a couple of his videos I've never played Oh sue but I know what I think it was called key sounding I know what a key sounded map is now boys and girls or keep eating key sound keep eat key sounding I think I'm a child I can't be here yeah switch up the cable real quick and all my mods are gone today lot parks is busy making cookies and I thought I saw and sovereign but why does this a beast role is streaming makers and crafting is that the lasting be strong stream makers and crafting did he make something on stream today maybe it's Maya command I might have set up Maya variables incorrectly one of the switches on the Singha I actually built up yesterday it has holy Jesus switches lubed with krytox not quite ox true BOCES 3 203 my last one was music okay it also said kicker strings makers and crafting maybe it is probably my command that is screwing up because apparently neither of those people street makers and crafting but my variable is pulling it out as makers and crafting I recently switched to stream labs chat bot from night bot because I wanted to be able to rename my bought but night bought doesn't allow that and apparently stream labs chat bot does so that's why I switched but the variables are slightly different from my blog like the API is it uses are different kicker finally meeting tells and solutions yeah I don't know if you remember kicker but when I rated you for the first time I found out about you because of talisman solutions he suggested that I raid you after one of my stream so I found out okay we have one step done NGB hello long time no see oh I am pretty behind on charm so sorry but is not talking to me right now apparently Wow 191 viewers that's pretty high for me tell types where do I get details on your building services you can check out my website it's just hair types calm I have a Commission's page I am currently closed for Commission's unfortunately I am looking to reopen in a week or two I will announce it on my disk well I do announce on my discord as well as on Mac market whenever I do open up so yeah does your chat not autoscroll sometimes it does like if I had to scroll up to read someone some old chat I have to manually scroll to scroll it to the bottom for it to auto scroll which switch do you prefer holy jesus for zeal v2s I'm guessing you haven't watched my helios feet to review but I I personally prefer holy jesus any Holy Panther variant because I find Z Leo's fetus to be too tactile for me I am a weak fingered boy and the tactility of the Zinio CVT is just a little too much for me that is why I like the holy jesus better a evil thank you so much for the follow some say there are issues with middle standoff being blocked on hot-swap DD 60 sir I can test it out later after I do the stabs Byron hello I am better for knowing you're here Ben Katie did you Lube the springs on the holy jesus I did I lubed it with three 203 as well normally I just use whatever Lube I use on the switch on the spring as well I'd like to try holy panda Sunday still waiting for them to come back to master don't don't worry Beast roll I have three holy pandas left I will send you all three my friend you yeah I'll send you all three I will give you the last of my holy pandas for you Eero panda what switches are going in this bill we are going to build it with Zee Leo's v twos today that were lubed with to 5 great 0 67 gram is what I have been saying all stream I actually don't remember the weight it's either 62 or 67 but I'm pretty sure it's 67 three Nathan Kim special I forget if they're lose actually bestir whole hem seem never lose them Bistro MC or actually anyone new fun fact this switch right here that you're looking at oh my gosh my focus is so bad today oh my gosh okay I give up this switch here this one single switch a couple months ago used to go for six dollars a switch can you believe that this switch was basically Bitcoin of last year if you wanted to build a board that was of this size six dollars per switch yo B stroll just donate it to me thank you so much feast roll appreciate it yeah it used to go for six dollars switch and then math cuz so the story behind it is that the holy Panda is actually a Frankenstein of two different switches this salmon-colored stem here is a stem from a halo true and this like this off focused thing is annoying me quite a bit okay this salmon-colored stem is from a halo true this white housing is from a panda switch so it's called a holy panda because it uses the panda switch housing and it's from a halo true switch so halo holy I think that's where it comes from but yeah these panda switches were pretty limited for almost a year it was kind of a one-run thing and then apparently supposedly they were never coming back so people are going crazy over this switch they're like oh we can we can never get this anymore I want it and for somehow it drove the price drove up to six dollars for this single switch and the master comes along and they're like you know we got holy pandas and then this master up crashed the market the cheapest you could have made a holy panda for I think you could have made it for under like a dollar fifty so yes you could you could have been a maybe a million I don't know I don't think that many pandas were Fayed okay last step they hadn't even though there could be different keyboards there are tons of different key words kicker if you ever like to dish some money out they aren't cheap in its current state they are probably a bit more expensive then you might be willing to pay but if you ever wanted one let me know can definitely help you get a nice keyboard okay gotta go but this is very relaxing I'm happy I stopped by thank you for stopping by carrier glad to see you in stream for the first time I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening I'll try to stop by this week as well you always stream when I work so sometimes it's not possible for me to tune in but I do try when I can can i buy your TDR a17 from UW key Chris's I don't know if I'll ever saw that tbh Rae oh thank you for hosting my stream with one viewer I'm guessing we still don't have a mat of interest you crazy man what are you doing thank you so much for the 1,001 bits yeah I don't know does this happy I'm guessing having a bigger does having a larger sub count help twitch expedite your twitch partner application I don't know twitch is baiting me hard I feel sad I think I think this is week three of not hearing week three or two of not hearing back and they said we usually follow up within seven business days not word test fit the PCB first I'm not sure that's how it works I don't believe so thing it's cuz I just got to wait until twitch to reviews my application for you by the way slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp schnapps North Bay's lips lips lips lips lips will absorb slurp Kelly thank you so much for the 1500 bits holy moly you guys also don't know Holly pandas aren't great started streaming as well became an affiliate this week so congrats to Kelly she can also start accepting donations and bits and subs now v underscore dgg how well the hot-swap sockets actually work in practice I just saw them on zeals pcs website if you're if you are careful with pulling your switches out and how you handle your keyboard theoretically it should last you a couple hundred pull and push ins but depending on how strong you are how much of a strong away you are it could easily just last you one time and then the socket just pops off and then you got to solder it on back where do you buy the plastic washers for the staffs from I have it linked on my Amazon storefront underneath my panel some Doge thank you so much for the tier one setup subs represent the conversion rate for followers just as followers represent the conversion rate from lurkers III – have quite a bit of lurkers I believe the venom my zeal Stas make a clicking noise at the top of upstroke only on the space bar though there are lewd with to five grains there any idea why are you using a PBT spacebar tibi Benny if you if you are confident that you lubed your stops and tuned your steps correctly are you using a PBT Sam I've asked like nine pushes and you haven't responded to one I am sorry Lucas Bernard step of if you tagged me at hopes I haven't been I have quite a bit of viewers today it's hard for me to chat oh yeah name your questions are not tagged me it's it shows up easier on my screen if you target did you turn off bit cheer or rolls what are bits cheer holes no I haven't turned anything on I don't think there was a twitch update recently some mushroom I'm using GM cakes to capsule their abs hmm well if they're gmk they most likely aren't warped but it could be possible that my guess you haven't moved it properly it's hard to diagnose without seeing it and first seeing it seeing and feeling it in person assuming you did the right things but it's not something that's like specific to Zeile stabs it can't happen to any other steps potato cloud hello Lukas Bernard stead would I recommend the Gator on yellows and what are your favorite key switches I would recommend the Gator onions for their price and also just in general later on yellows are a pretty good linear and they have a really nice spring so fun fact if you don't know some a lot of enthusiasts will buy gate on yellows just to harvest the springs from them and then put it on another switch if you want to know what my favorite switches are a heavy command for my favorite switches where are the we huh oh I'm gonna save I'm gonna hold off on using the we haul bits until my my like we Hawk bit holders come in so I have I don't want to open and close the fat thing up every time it's pretty moist you recommend the Rama works I'm 68 yes I would recommend it I think it is a beautiful-looking born if you want hot spot that has hot swamp doesn't have large in for you right it doesn't have our duty right I don't think so but yeah someone said check the fitment what are those stabs these are gmk screw and stabilizers oh shit unscrew these first before a tv7 thank you so much with a 100 bits someone sell me at Alice please what case business monster going in this is going inside a tina case from KBD fans there might be an issue with the middle standoff I see kissing is that a Tina this is 89 indeed how's the solution if you were to publish a parts list for each of your builds VI D viewers could follow along and attempt to replicate your build more in the distant phone yeah I have considered doing that oh my the center standoff looks fine to me let let us see I won't tighten it yet yes now I don't know screw so far are going in perfectly fine with this one this one has no issues with this standards maybe it's a tolerance thing out of them shall I should I pull the trigger on white on black or jamon I would say pull the trigger on jamon if you really want both white on black is a set that will always be around it will be rerun in the future as well it's just just like a basic neutral set that you can always sell so I would see him I would choose jamon over a white on black personally but like if you absolutely only have to buy one that's kind of hard you're comparing like a pretty neutral set to a pretty like specific color that you have to plan your colors around ah well I didn't I didn't test this for a rattle and most likely cuz I'm a beast I probably built it correctly put some switches and do you prefer Tina or tofu you know I the new tofu honestly looks pretty nice and I might like the tofu the new tofu over the team I mended Athena the tofu first the new one but it just wasn't in them yeah I forget if it was a budget thing or an aesthetics thing but there is no right and wrong with the sticks if you like something you like it – angry cats – thank you so much for the followed hey huh hi other zeal such as crazy expensive or am I looking at the wrong side what you are looking at it is currently one dollar purse which it's not I forget what the pricing is but whatever that pricing is it's for ten switches not one switch but yes deal switches are expensive compared to I can see which are just a normal Cherry MX which or a gayu do you prefer 6 – 5 or 7 you space bars I don't have a preference actually there are some sets that require me to use 6.25 I'll use it gladly well like let's say if you're if you're talking between a 6.25 tkl versus a 70 TKO I will I would probably prefer the 7ut kale she's not hyper fuse this is hyper fierce oh man so many questions so much chat going on those snaps is that a Polycarp singer yes this is Jay I built this up yesterday this has the holy jesus what are those key caps these are GMT hyper fees let me put in like one more switch I'm just getting a little more than another switch [Applause] and think it is think the board sounds a little hollow though I don't know if I have space to put shelf liner in but we can continue with the rest of the build Oh see this is one of the reasons why I don't like class one you pull out a key cap this what you comes out with it you know I I switch key caps quite frequently well that's a personal thing not everyone switches keycaps all the time like I do are the switches lubed or no they are loops they are doing the tool 5 grade 0 you are lured by me I'm probably going to Maine Gator on reds or browns on this board tom is confirmed here by the way just PM me tomorrow earlier tonight or sell me the finalized okay I will PM you I see kids to name glad to hear it is here but you cannot deny despite the switch coming out just the ease of building a hotspot board all you do is just just stick it in that's all you do you just stick it in sometimes you just gotta stick it in all the way a 1 a 1 m/s oh and V hello so I actually do have a black switch keyboard but that was frustrating to play on what I am X are one of my favorite switches yo beast roll do you have any boards do you have any heavily used MX black boards that you don't want to use can i buy some off you hey just a question do you lube the rubber dampeners on silent switches I do I do indeed but just because I I do you don't have to some people may not like it with the rubber dampeners lubed sharpie 994 thank you so much for the follow of all you want to ask if you've been able to notice the difference we cloth optics wishes in the French bar no so in terms of typing feel I doubt you you can't tell the difference in a feel if a board is hot salt or not I would be hard pressed to believe that someone out there if you tell them to blindly type on a keyboard that they could guess not guess that they could know with certainty that it borders hot swab or not oh we have tech Zoomer here hello holy paw is gone and looked nice to see Ed using this board I don't know he I would bet I would bet $500 ed will hate playing OC with this so I don't know how much of an appearance this keyboard is gonna make on his dreams like like like seals aren't bad that's not what I'm saying but for osoo this switch won't be good Zero's v2 are heavier than blacks oh so beast roll on if you're looking if you're playing if you're basing that weight based off what's on his website that is the bottom out weight not be not not actuated weight did not sound I burped five to one things which would follow so what is tonight's bill tuk-tuk foof says this is a tina with the DZ 60 RGV PCB and the KBD fans brass plate with CBS v2 I believe 72 let me confirm no they are there 67 in Graham I was corrected 67 grand bottom out force not actuate enforce loomed with too high talks 2:05 great sir oh man so many questions what's your opinion on Gator on clears I don't have too much experience with Gator all clear as unfortunately but I can't tell you they are not that popular and the keyboard enthusiast community motto 90 things which we follow how do you know which way to put the switch inside the case it's like a pleat if you look here there's only one orientation that the switches can be in you have to make sure the pins line up with those sockets yeah so there's only one orientation installing switches is not orientation agnostic they only go in one way what have phones are those they look like master op X sign high Sennheiser's you are correct I am wearing the HD 6 xx the big Shalom thank you so much for the follow at the end of the stream instead of a typing test can we cut it close you test I don't even have you installed I don't even know how to install OS e KP Ghul thank you so much with a subscription is also even free-to-play or do you have to pay for it where does one install low soos team that did not feel like you when I'm right oh that is that's it going correctly also Oh see with a trackball I can't even I'm not even like a fully accustomed trackball user yet I only switch to trackball I get couple months ago I will help you it's easy and KOC master Oh Oh cease free okay it's free to play free to win oof wait but beast troll I don't have a tablet I'm just kidding I'm just trying to trigger you I saw your rant on tablets I was there for it beast gets 800 PP play with this keyboard trap ball OC stream 1 oh also fun fact I don't know if you guys heard but affiliates they now get to emote slots so I I submitted my second email slot as a as the NK POG face but you have to wait for like you have to submit your emote and it's pending like twitch has to approve it to make sure it doesn't like break their Terms of Service and they don't work on weekends so hopefully next week all of you subs should have a NK POG emote it turns out pretty nicely if you ask me it is available on my disk or if you want to see what it looks like I'm genuinely surprised you don't have partner so it's just hates me I swear it's because of that one mukbang stream I did they saw my mukbang dear life they were like wTF is this guy do you have a favorite box switch the real answer to that would be I don't use box switches but if I have to use a box switch it would probably be either a Jaco true or clear or a box Jade so what caps were using Teja tuk-tuk foof asks you'll wait and see I did unbox it on a previous string our box royals box rules are pretty good too they're two tactile for me oof we have finished and this one extra loops which be straw you can have it in case one of them died on the element of war thank you so much to the follow Hakone on amis for Jaco roiled I haven't had too much time with the Jaco Royals but I do like the Jaco normies I personally really like the the Jaco true and clear don't undo that can Nathan successfully build a hot-swap board in one go what wait how did the question mark trigger huh where's the question okay so this is an FN key huh did you guys just see that it went from how does that happen this key is simultaneously triggering all the additional standoffs my short the additional standoff might short huh that's annoying what why are those two additional standoffs there let me just confirm well so now this is question mark but now it's shift Oh question mark interesting this is like Schrodinger's question work let me see if let me try covering that extra standoff and see if that helps is it the layout that yes I should also check the standard layout standard layout oh wait I am big dumb hold on hold on wait a minute I think I think it's a tap dance feature it comes over and with tap dance you press it once it's right shift twice it's question mark right shift question where ah big brain whoever suggested that that I checked the original layout I've never built with this so we here we have tap dancing at its finest you press it once it's right shift hello but why is it triggering so fast what now it's just constantly question why is it only triggering question work Oh shift question one it might be there is an extra standoff here that I have not screwed so that might be the issue of blocking its hold to shift oh I I assumed one on the layout it has one dot and two dots so I assumed it was ah is that how it works because on the bottom image it has one dot two dots so I thought it was once and twice okay if you do hold it it becomes right shift okay but yeah I mean this is something I can work out with B stroll to get his desired layout yeah but you got it you got to tap it pretty quickly and then you hold it what I'm holding it okay yeah this is something I can work out let me just make sure it's not the standoff do we got we got time we've only streamed for an hour and a half we got some time don't worry he plays oh so he can tap fast true I miss is there something still screw-on missing hmm how does one take this out I have removed all the screws I not take this out without taking apart the plate a USB port is like stuck in there I'm just lost stuck like it is where it's supposed to be but I can't like now I can take off the top part but I can't like I can't maneuver the PCB out of there because of the the middle no the middle screws out there are no screws I can pull it out here it's just the PCB cutout is there and because of the plate and the switches it's too rigid for me to like maneuver out I feel like this shouldn't be a problem how do people who don't have hot-swap take apart 13 afterwards oh there's gotta be a way to be able take apart I don't think I'm missing yeah I took out all the screws here oh wait I'm gonna kill myself there's a screw here that I put on that's why it won't come out kill miss it's got to be gentle they're gonna be put on the entire board because I accidentally screwed on that extra standoff that should not exist there but does for some reason can't be a Nathan Kim stream without something going wrong what's your go-to linear switch vintage blacks or retold blacks it's because someone told me to test the center stand off and I just blindly screwed on all of this who did that who told me to do that this one screw that should not be here mic knob thank you so much for follow and now now it comes out easily how can we cover these can I put is there space underneath you for a shelf liner hmm there isn't much like I can try it sounds a little echoey probably because it is also Tremont this is what I do for train mods I just cut a piece out and then just cut slits for where the standoffs ship then you left the standoff show like that no I'm just gonna not let it show on the standoffs that shouldn't exist I'm not sure why they do okay yeah so now it should not Emma to things much gonna follow let me also spacebar sounded a little I could could use a little bit of help to see a lot of familiar names here from the Beast roll and real extreme gravity says hello I'm Matthew that play more emote is honestly pretty thick pretty jostled it but I'll never be partner whoa forever affiliate a little or you know let's also tank puts press why's everyone spam and play more Oh cuz stinks yeah it's trying to be sneaky but I guess I do need to take us out the shellfire actually worked she got some free tofu um it depends on the case pens on how much space there is to be honest I don't know that this Tina sounds a little bit too Hollow for my liking so I am going to click one liner because that's pretty much all that can fit don't see if it does anything hhk be in my peepee thank you so much for the follow and yo D thank you so much for the follow as well now that s Carla's cute behind his back I was not expecting a hot swap 60% bill to go over to ours but we might be breaking the two-hour mark today because of these dumb standoffs that shouldn't have been there back to square one now we go back to putting these on what do you think the keywords you build is it just a hobby or do you write or do you do something that involved a lot of typing Lukas Bernards Barnstead sounds most of the keyboards I build are not mine they are customer Commission's so the answer to your question would be I ship it out to the customer after I build the keyboard like today's keyboard is not mine I am building this for someone we try the 35 gram cobras if so what do you think which topper is your favorite I haven't tried 35 grams I do like 55 grams but I've been trying and just stock 45 grams lately and it's been refreshing if I'm being honest 45 grams ain't so bad I used to be all about the 55 gram life but I know the more I stay in this hobby the more I'm starting to prefer lighter switches Takia what's the difference between the vintage and retail blacks a vintage blacks are smoother and they are more used and well worn in what do you think of Cherry MX Reds they're all right but yeah Lucas bars homicide charge light what's the minimum price I used to charge per hour moving forward I was change to a flat price I'm just because my streams I not that I interact with chat super a lot because I'm building but I am trying to interact more with chat and it I think it's unfair to charge the customer or time spent interacting with chat while I'm building their board so I plan on moving to a flat rate price and which thought that just depends on the size of the board I think I'm gonna start charging $40 for a 60% and then it just scales from there the stoppers have weird bottom out don't know what you mean by that but it would that's a very vague question I don't think taubira has overbought amount Oprah is one of my favorite switches dear dr. Nathan Tahoe types can please VIP Kelly aka holy paws are great he has nollie a big persona to keep a community I think that he deserves to have that diamond best that is that is correct I will VIP you after I plug his keyboard what do you think on the 78 grams Evo svt's verse 62 and 768 7 a 78 grams Elios I don't know it's too much for me man I already finds Elios to be a little bit too tactile for my taste so 78 gram just making it heavier doesn't help me but once again that is not to say that zeal switches are bad I just there's just too much tactility for my preference but you know some people like and crave tactility that is what you want Zeno's v2s are right up your alley you feel like a cheese KB's and Tokarev boards feel like a break from meki words are they worth it in your opinion or are they a little hyped oh listen man chats asking some hard questions to me for me personally I don't think they are overhyped right for me they are very much I mean it depends on what you consider worth right like for me I really liked Oprah so I find it worth it because there are only so many top rewards out there but that's that is not to say that Oprah is a switch that everyone likes just because some people liked Oprah doesn't mean you have to like it so it is it's kind of hard I I don't think they are overhyped personally I think Torah has its fair share of supporters and people who don't like them yeah I don't think they're overhyped overpriced I think that's personal forty dollars including lubed stabs toxic 8-ball case as you don't get the board for forty dollars you have to supply the parts customer supplies the parts but yes I lose the stabs for you and solder and assemble the board for $40 for a 60% keyboard it can vary it can go up or down from there depending on the size of your board sub the last three months where's my VIP actually envy is a mod of Warren case so I guess enemies does deserve VIP I don't know how should I handle VIPs that means I got a MA and all the other arm came laws as well how do I should I make VIP strictly for sponsors or like other fellow streamers I don't know did you ever get the cream switches after the weird leather you feel issues fixed if so what do you think yes I did and they are nice the leathery feel is pretty much all gone you don't need to worry about that I haven't built a board with them Mikey I haven't fully built a board with them yet so I can't comment too much on it but at least from feeling the switches dang it loose they feel nice how much for loops which is I do not loops which is toxic eight that is the one thing I don't do if you want loop switches you will either have to lube it yourself or paste pay someone else to Lu your stamps or Lube your switches sorry what the VIP give you is it just an append badge surah and 22 thank you so much Oh Poehler gifted a sub to store and thank you VIP gets you the badge and then if I ever do slow mode I think VIPs are exempt VIPs can get their own chat room I don't know how I don't know if people like use other chat rooms so Nathan charges $40 for 60% I think moving forward that will be my price I haven't solidified yet but I am thinking that's the way I'm gonna go it will definitely be a flat price smaller okay it works nice if yeah I think it sounds a little better too now if I say so myself if I say so myself is bistro gone I'm about to put the key capsule whatever it is the policy needs to be transparent you're gonna get past having the stream simply be a cult of personality I suspect yeah I mean my rules section I have added a rules panel once I have my rebranding and everything out I will definitely make it fully transparent in the time as well as state upon stream when it becomes enacted okay so mr. beast roll wanted a specific set a search that he purchased so here we go what is Bistro McDonald's what is this Bistro McDonald's you speak of is that a joke or will it really be 40 dollars for a 60% that can definitely make you a lot of money I charge $60 for KI but I'll board since I have to do the styled and sorry the pro micro I don't know about it joke I mean previously I was targeting $18 an hour and my streams the most I've ever charged a customer was three and a half hours for a CP build my 60% builds tend to go around two hours assuming nothing goes wrong so yeah I don't I probably could be charging more but KY Bell's thank you so much for the follow I don't think there really is a market for like charging a lot I don't think people are willing to pay a lot that is afk by the way feels well what if the customer wanted to buy one of your key cap sets or your switches would that be possible unfortunately not unless I am willingly looking to sell my key cap sets or keyboards I don't really post I don't really sell my stuff I have someone Oy stuff in the past what are your thoughts on the Tina I'm thinking of using the Tennessee for an upcoming build the Tina is a great starting board yeah I would expect it around 60 $60 for a 60 60 percent should I really succeed you have to value your work you should do way more than 18 really is $40 to cheap I mean you guys are the ones that are ultimately paying I I would love to be paid more just my assessment of the market and how much other people charge I thought 40 was a lot maybe my assessment was wrong maybe I can charge more what key borders is this is a tofu no this is a Tina yes the sides do this is the indication that is a Tina yes this is a Tina is it worth building your own keyboard definitely assuming you build it well and nice I think so I think it doesn't make a difference I'm not saying you shouldn't do it just be aware of the collateral consequences if you choose to have some class deal with them yeah top talent solutions definitely know I have definitely been thinking about it definitely 40% $40 for the premium MK experience someone is charging me $50 for a safety is a gamer in 19 thank you so much for the follow mmm so I guess builders do charge a lot I thought I was charging a lot from my build services but apparently I'm pretty cheap maybe I shoot up my prices I don't know that's $40 includes shipping though so when you buy parts shipping is paid both away by the customers what people will generally do sometimes a lot of times is that they'll just directly have it shipped to me so they don't have to pay for double shipping but yeah yeah I mean for keyboards like this shipping will be at least ten bucks at a minimum I'd say there a specific name membrane keyboard you've enjoyed I don't know about purely membrane kocha driver you should charge at least five no please I want you to build my board is it bought on you is it bought what is bought on my website you purchase the parts with the money or do you only take the parts delivered by the customer I I don't purchase parts for customers it is up to the customer to purchase the parts and send it to me okay I was kind of all trying to stall for Edie to come but I guess that is gone but this is the key cap set that it has we have Maxie's children that I'm going to bed good night babe thanks for stopping by Esther in depth I love you too have a sleep tight mr. Chu on that [Applause] laughs spacebar sounds pretty nice should we use a teal escape or three which one to use up there this could also do a fighter jet enter or this Oh backspace can also be this as well what should i do guys wait this is a sec yes well it's from Max keys but it is an SI profile sounds pretty dink oh man that could already feel my typing school are going to drop today I cannot type on sa regular return key please max key f-22 what does aren't these both f-22s use all the novelties teal escape and enter yeah I think that's the way to go he'll escape and enter and then let's put this guy I don't know if Ed is into fighter jets everything but might as well show off the novelties it's not often you get a si set on my channel soon I have an island plate at the moment butter spending money on a brass plate for an acrylic tofu with mod and a good I think mod M's do sound good with a brass plate that is up to you the plate will be stiffer than a thali plate have I tried them too few yes I have for brief briefly I don't own mp3 do you do 80 do you go 80% at 100% what do you mean with it do I build 80% 100% my you use 80 percents I don't fall in a hundred percent but I would use one if I had a nice one any advantage of SC apart from looking good some people like the weight prefer the suede a sound more than GMP yeah 1 2 5 one two five one two five did you just get this set well this is not my set this is a customer set I have been sitting on this set for about two weeks to three weeks I was waiting yeah but the these key caps came in first the SE is the worst for typing for me at least no I've never actually done a like typing test with the exact same board with just the profile chain with just the key caps changed so I can't say for certain that like one set I type the worst on I do think I enjoy typing on ESA more than si I I don't like the scooping of se but si looks nice I will give it okay how does this bottom I know these are the arrow keys here so how to arrow key [Applause] [Applause] FN key does it have a hmm I don't think this is the right proof it's not the right proof let's put the question mark here we need two more one your keys here which should go bubble air force how about that double air force right there and then short shift boom we cap this up for now Ed's still not here I'm about to do a typing class [Applause] okay you guys ready this is one fuck you boy we have the finished build today this is a tina a silver tina a teal / cyan colored accent aluminum wait oh I forgot the bump ones I just realized with a DZ 60 RGB PCB and brass plate from KVD fans don't with Z Leo's v2s 67 gram Lube lubed with 205 grade 0 by me with the max key f-22 key CapSense community-type racer game oh yeah we can see how how we do that hole we have 227 of years to a what oh no one but I can't keep up with chat I'm surprised the OSI player wants tactiles um it is he doesn't want a free game he wants this for normal typing loss yeah but it is hot-swap so he can't change it if he wants isn't where you place the actually where the FN key is that is true salty cos I just don't this kit does not come with a one new FN key or if it did I do not see one in the right profile have I tried split keyboards I have I used the ERG locks was one of my first few customs that I ever had well most caps fit this layout most high end caps will I don't know about non high end caps like this short shift might not come with a lot of key cap sets but other than that you should it should be fairly easy to fill up can I make a nice keyboard for under $100 no unfortunately that is not possible $100 well maybe get you a nice key cap set yeah you could buy a okay budget starting off keyboard case but it would still be like a budget option it wouldn't be a nice it could be nice but it wouldn't be super high-end let's split gator on switches gator on point all the Gator on blank Pete he gives $100 gets you some JT keycaps yeah Jack me gherkins our sub 100 yeah all right let us see how this looks with the RGB Zhan I do think the shelf liner actually helped oof look at that what switches these have Helios Ritu's Tejas cable is $95 alone that is true okay that's one Huey away from my mic everyone place your bets as I turn off my music who is going to buy the lottery what is happening what why is it registering all these keys that was weird huh why is Beth not register away what happened to this I was working fine last time now six is there for some what Oh this entire column is dead hello okay what happened okay this is why you don't go hot-swap guys let me see the free plugin fixes anything what how is it shorting Oh stress I just put the key caps um how is that shorting all of a sudden cool stuff gay me they guess work for the host Bistro you are here I put on the key caps and then for some reason your for some reason the keyboard is now why is 6 y/o they're being registered it's not power 6 why it's constantly being outputted by what do loosen the screws does loosening the screws do anything are any of the normal standoffs touching the hot-swap sockets I don't think it should be there's a case touching the PCB it should not be let me try a loose move the screws to see if that doesn't wait what why does loot why does loosening the screw make it work what is this f is probably not put in correctly nothing hmm no the F pen was not bent why is the F not working there let me try a different switch good good old solder wins again yeah this is one of the reasons why people like soldering okay that was a switch huh I wonder why the switch had an issue okay I think we're good now supposedly you can't over tighten this knot that I over tightened but you shouldn't tighten your lukina too hard cause in mine it might make your PCB short against the case I guess this was happening when F is the dead one can I can I get an F and chat for the dead F so okay I think we have been saved yeah ed if you are back this is the RGB and the keycaps in all its glory I don't know what keys you wanted to use for what but this is what the builds looks like Edie might have had a heart attack I was gonna have a heart attack t is the RGB customizable um yes there they do have a software to customize it our BZ 20 thank you so much for the following yeah you can customize like the animations the glow the saturation how fast you can do all that I might teach you how to do it though but it is doable it's not hard but it is doable okay place your bets everyone hopefully the keyboard works as intended now so we have Z Leo's v2 s lewd with 205 grade 0 with max key f-22 keycaps what does the PCB this is using the DZ 60 RGB from KVD fans isn't the RGB from chunky yet the DZ 60 is on qmk as far as I know is it DZ 60 or is it BMC I forget okay here we go oh I forgot to change the mic someone here way now okay three two one oh my gosh really really really is something not triggering again it seems like my keys are not registering I'm typing correctly what oh why why is it doing that that's 6q stop making excuses and accept your Bennett I am correctly I am typing correctly hmm okay let's let's retry that I swear I'm hitting loosen more screws okay I'll loosen more screws once again there's also a school up here I give it two turns hopefully that's enough unscrewing unscrew the middle one two little bits and there should be one more up here oh it's all be dinner make sure snap twice I feel like when you go too fast this keyboard can't handle I think I'm just typing too fast I'd if I goes if I go slowly it's fine yes [Applause] yeah see you I think I think it's the PCB not being able to that's weird though the non house swap DZ 60 I did not have an issue with but this one does for some reason try flashing it I will flash it later okay I'll just types I'll type slower today who can guess my slower typing speed okay let's do typing let's do a full typing test oh whoops okay three two not my fastest speed ninety-eight anyone just 98 no one guessed 98 come on lady try these watch for the father okay I'll try I tried to speed up in the middle and then that caused me to get errors so let me let me just I'm just gonna type at a consistent speed without typing or speeding up so let's see how we do 8 3 2 1 what hot I swear I typed that correctly and you have to mmm 104 now see if I didn't go fat like still break Gandalf the man Oh II did guess well for one last try they were one last try let's see how far I can push the limits of this PCB without having it miss my registers key so does the keyboard drop inputs if you go too fast Bistro MC arm right now it does it is yeah what I did not know this was possible wait oh I can't show this let me share browser sure that's do you guys see this you made more than 20 mistakes your score has not been saved I did not know you could get this message to show up the main thing I'm worried about is if it drops in place when I play I'll see you at its current state I don't think this is a syllable but you know I'm gonna try to debug it offline beast to see if like flashing any new layout works I'm hoping that flashing in a new and better layout is better than the stock one so we'll see it was good that feels and sounds good what you also used to span these two keys right a and D hopes for also you just mount a nd right I can just try spamming and D alternating for you Z and X [Applause] [Applause] yeah maybe some of the PCB components aren't soldered yeah it's also possible I can try and re-sod er all the hot-swap sockets to see if that fixes anything yeah I might just reflow the whole bottom to see how if they fix anything but there we go at least the keyboard functions it could be worse it could be worse but yeah I will I will need to do some debugging offline I've never had an issue like this – we're going too fast causative to do this keyboard itself looks hot though yeah it looks pretty nice yeah the RGB looks super nice to you the the keys are kind of tall so you might not show well on stream but like if you use if you ever decide to switch it to something skinnier or less taller yeah this is some RGB in-your-face listen to the ragin Asian take it out of the case and see if the issue person yeah I'll do that off stream I don't want to take it up again on stream I'll probably flash any newly up as will yeah that is it that is it for today's video let me let me turn off the lights to see how well the RGB looks first I still have a couple lights here but Adie changed already beyond this is it not programmed with something to guess it's not as interesting keyboards is developing and takes look nice pp underscore please thank you so much for the follow got any regular DD sixties if the issue persists you might just be able to make a bore with no max hot swaps where his play keys are I do have a regular DD 60 it doesn't have our GP though Edwin's RGB ally at least pick one one sorry if I ignored you what was your first mechanical keyboard how old were you when you got it my first mechanical keyboard was a the top row real force 104 ug high pro and I got it in 2015 so four years ago pilot XJ thank you so much for the 200 bits as top brahmic no yes it is top it is Mick I think at least and I'm sure most people consider topper to be a mechanical keyboard element times 6 8 – thank you so much for the follow would you Lube gator on Browns with 2 5 way zeros for both Street till 4 3 2 3 I only got 205 grades are at home right now and I'm not sure if you different yeah 205 grade 0 will kill tactility on gate around browns especially considering Gator on Browns don't have all that much tactility so I'd recommend something lighter yeah three-two-three probably the best way to go for Gator on Browns I also there to spam the Marquis one of these I guess it's not good for the visuals [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay well that is it for bistros build I will let you guys know tomorrow if I fixed it or if it is something wrong with the PCB but yeah how Bistro enjoys this I don't know how fast you types we'll see if he can use this Rose you know worst case away but is this fixed plate if I forget have to plate I'm pretty sure the plate was universal I think I can just rebuild it with a DZ 60 but it won't be hot swap or RGB that'll be the worst case but hopefully I can debug it off stream something is wrong with the PCP use a sauce what PCB working when we are using a easy 60 RGB DZ 60 hyperbole I can't type a boy with this something wrong with me yeah there's definitely something wrong with me too smooth brain Lauren LMAO WTF blow first time watching your stream thank you for stopping by hope you enjoyed it hyung hyung I think 2 or 5 grade zero is too thick for holy pandas I just used three toes three easier to play I agree as well I would check solder joints there used to be at issue where the hot swap terminals will just sort of break off yeah that is a possibility it's possible that I mean it is it is it isn't an expensive PCB so it's possible that the solder job was poorly done I might just go and reflow all of the hot swap sockets is it possible to get my hands on a kid board or is it basically impossible you would have to check eBay I know at one time there were a bunch on eBay I don't know if it's still there yeah ciao bear you're heading out thank you for stopping by okay any any questions comments concerns we near the end of today's build stream I wonder if the microcontroller isn't scanning the keyboard matrix fast enough I would assume they used the same thing from the DZ 60 though I don't think something's wrong with the board my hs6 tv2 did the same thing and my creepy huh Lily birdied the you ministry and sponsors oh I did not I there was no soldering today so I forgot the sponsor segment but yes I do have sponsors who make streams like these possible I do have a panel for them underneath the stream so please go check them out we have dixie mech who i have an affiliate link for who will give that who if you use my affiliate link and will get you five percent off your all future orders novel keys as well use promo code NK space X Space NK to get 5% off as well on your orders we have kono cone without store you should go check them out they have tons of goo pies for key sets and keyboards switches sometimes I believe yes and so yeah go check go check on kono dot store as well and finally zo PC we used deals CBO's v2s today please consider using my affiliate link for zeal as well as it helps me out what is your job IRL I am a software engineer loosening the screws and putting electrical tape on the PCB supports to fix it what do you mean PCB supports the ragin Asian name of the mousepad this is the Olivia mousepad here it is available on novel keys one of my sponsors down below the extrusions on the outer edge of the inside of the what you should post this Oh our mouths review to get those internet points Elise picks so interested in my personal life pretty sure that Tina doesn't have I don't yeah I don't know what you mean by the extrusions there are no extrusions I don't yeah I don't know what extrusions you're talking about m-matt one these much further follow well I will also be streaming tomorrow 3:30 p.m. Pacific time so if you guys are interested as well oh I see what you're saying no it doesn't have those it just has a stand offs the region agent yeah it only has standoffs he will be putting what the Olivia desk might have sold out yes all that pretty quickly if I remember correctly is it possible to open Kail speech which is without removing them from the board not that I know of good to know things missed a field drop so I'm getting a canoe instead where's the best place to get GM case sets novel Keys is definitely one of them kono that store definitely one of them org e CAC why the ball Mouse just ergonomics just wanted to try it out I don't really game anymore so I thought might as well gift strap ball a try I've been liking truckball so far originated ACOs all yes although originated in trun as many sets as novel keys anymore be original it also that has they run gym case at this wall yes mass drop yeah I suppose mass drop yeah mechanical keyboards I'll calm actually sells them to now okay origin a nervous good for in stock GM K sets that is very true as well original tip has a it has a decent amount of in stock cassettes you know thanks for the stream does this is the first one I actually watched I was pretty entertaining anyways I'm gonna go Alert anywhere else somewhere else thanks for making my day better take it easy peace thank you for stopping by and thank you for enjoying the stream what switches would you recommend I just like cookie switches in general if you like clicky switches I would recommend you check out the box Navis Jade's pinks or whites I need gmk camp gym key camping is a very nice set easily one of my top three sets less mhm didn't recommend boo laughs I'm not gonna recommend blow-ups to something starting off that that puts them too deep into rabbit holes what are your top three key since that's hard I don't know gmk camping is definitely up there I don't know about the other two you recommend the white Alps instead but even still they have to find key caps PCB I don't think there's any in stock 60 percent PCBs anymore for Oh Huey you're here maybe you could help me debug this Huey Huey so I just built this with the DZ 60 RGB which has hot swamp if I go too fast it doesn't register correctly and it starts dropping inputs you know what that's about you go too fast and it starts dropping inputs beast roll y'all gotta go see ya dudes thank you for stopping by a beast roll I will give you an update on this after the stream or after I work on it after the stream Olivia going for 300 yeah Olivia is pretty expensive in the aftermarket right now have I tried to Lin yard I have not I did not join in for the Linea [Applause] is this a problem with just hot swappable Boers I don't think this is an issue with hot swap like all ha swaps the bounce rate properly how do you check the bounce rate is that a qmk thing I've never played around with the battery it's PCB response rate and D bounce rates something you can change though have I heard anything about the linear switch they're just recolor Gator ons so there is nothing special about them in my opinion what happened to this keyboard some issues one issue if I go too fast it starts dropping inputs thoughts on the glow switches what are glow switches also if anyone has someone they would like me to read none of my friends are online let me know we can raid someone tonight as well all the dungeons whoops I have not received the glow-in-the-dark switches so I don't know what those are about yeah I haven't received any of them to taste-test play around with could you raid me llamo when you check this user [Applause] who is llamo this man is playing apex red legend great swage sack rage sack who is this person whoa is he playing VR games someday I'll have Nathan read me Oh No sometime on twitch thought I heard Santino's work I live okay look this llamo guy he has no viewers so we can go raid mr. llamo we're gonna go make mr. llamo stay happy oh he has four viewers all of a sudden okay but I am streaming tomorrow guys at 3:30 p.m. Pacific time so if you guys want to watch another build stream be sure to be there so until then until tomorrow I will see you nerds we're gonna go raid mr. llamo and thank you for watching me build Beast roll MCS first custom today hopefully he likes it and my stabs and my building okay so see you guys you

Building my first mechanical keyboard

– There's this recurring joke in the mechanical keyboard
community about endgame. (keyboard clacking) Even though you know
that the right keyboard could last you pretty
much an entire lifetime, actually finding that keyboard
is another matter entirely. I've tried everything from
traditional keyboards, to really retro keyboards, I've even tried some
more eccentric designs. But they're not quite endgame. And so today, I'm gonna try
building one from scratch. (techno music) So, I've swapped out
switches, key-caps, cases, one time I switched out
a PCB microcontroller, which was a whole thing, but I've never actually
built one from scratch. And really what I'm looking for is just something that's
completely unique to me. I want it to be compact, I
want it to be hard-wearing, and I want it to be
absolutely amazing to type on. So the main components of the keyboard are a PCB, or circuit-board, got some key-switches,
key-caps, stabilizers, we got a mounting plate, although this one's technically optional, USB cable to plug
everything into a computer, and then a case, for everything to sit in. So a keyboard isn't made
up of too many parts, but actually getting your hands on those parts is another matter entirely. They're not really something you can just go into a store and buy, and to be honest, even Amazon might be a bit of a stretch. The Chinese retailer AliExpress has a huge selection, but it can feel like a bit of a wild west, so
what I found really helpful is using popular
mechanical keyboards forums like the Mechanical Keyboard subreddit, GeekHack, DeskThority and
find their recommendations. Tools-wise, also pretty straightforward. We've got: screwdriver, soldering iron, plus a couple of soldering
iron accessories, and of course, the solder itself. Oh, and I'm gonna say
solder rather than sah-der, because, well, you get it. Keyboards come in all
different shapes and sizes, but there are two main types. You've got full-sized keyboards, which include pretty much
all the keys you'd expect, and then ten-kilos keyboards,
which omit the numpad. But there are also some
more esoteric options which you can go for if you don't mind having to deal with occasionally some weirdly sized key-caps. These are tend to be
described in percentages. And the higher the percentage,
the bigger the board. So common types include 60%, 65%, and 75%. We're gonna be building a 75% board, which I think strikes
a really nice balance between compactness and functionality. Also, for me, it's really
similar to a lot of laptop-style keyboards,
so it feels very familiar. Step one: we're gonna wanna test the PCB. It's a good idea to test
that your PCB is working before you solder anything to it. In order to test it, you wanna just use anything that's metallic, that can connect the contact points and act like a switch will eventually. There are online keyboard
testers that work great here, so just plug your PCB in and test each switch position one by one. Once we know that it's working, we're gonna install the
stabilizers into the PCB. Now any key that's the equivalent of two letter-keys or wider,
like this backspace-key, needs a stabilizer to stop
it from wobbling around. We're using Cherry stabilizers. We just clip them together, slot them in to the PCB, making sure we use the right holes, because this PCB supports
different layouts. Costa stabilizers are
another popular option, but I found that they can
be a little bit fiddly to attach key-caps to. Personally, I think both feel fine, but there are plenty of
other opinions out there. Some people like to
modify their stabilizers to make them feel less mushy and you can also lubricate them to reduce any stiffness or squeaking, if you're so inclined. So I'm not going to lie guys, this bit is a lot more fiddly than I thought it was gonna be. Not only are there quite a
few more holes in the board, but also just getting all the right pieces and parts of the stabilizer together before clipping them together
is a little bit tricky. So we're actually building
a U.K., or iso layout, because I'm in the U.K. and I
mean, also it's just better. But what that means for the
purposes of the stabilizers is the enter stabilizer is gonna be vertical
rather than horizontal and we're also not gonna
have a left-shift stabilizer cause our shift key just
that little bit shorter. We're also not gonna have
a right-shift stabilizer because that key is going to be shorter to accommodate an up-arrow
key to the right of it. So next we have the switches, which I think are the most
fun part of the keyboard. I mean they're literally the thing that makes it a mechanical keyboard. It's the thing that defines
how it feels and sounds, and there are so many different kinds. I mean, there's Buckling Spring, there's Alps, and there's Topre. But, Cherry MX are
probably the most common and they're what most DIY
kits are designed to use. They each take different
amounts of pressure to press and they actuate in different ways. It's what gives them their
different sound and feel. Now I think Cherry's
website does a great job of explaining the differences between their official switches, but the great news, although, maybe not if you're Cherry, is that their patent has expired. So now loads of other
companies and hobbyists are making their own takes
on Cherry's iconic design. One such company is Zeal PC, who manufacture their Zealio switches in partnership with Gateron. We're gonna be using a set of their 65 gram Zealio switches, which I've been using on
one of my other boards for a little while now. It's got this really
nice tactile bump to it, kind of like a Cherry MX clear, but without the
scratchiness and stiffness. It's a little bit more
of a bump than a brown, but there's less of a click
like you get with a blue. I think the slightly in-betweeny design gives them a really great feel, and it means that they're perfect for whether you're typing or gaming. So actually installing your
switches is fairly simple, but because this is my
first build, I'm gonna take little bit more time to
make sure I get it right. Remember, this PCB
supports multiple layouts, so what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna test each
position of the switches with key-caps before I commit to getting solder on them and everything. So if you find your PCB
doesn't have little holes needed for these plastic legs, then the internet says it's
probably fine to snip them off, unless, of course, you
don't have a mounting plate, in which case you should really have a PCB that does support them. It's finally done! Now it's time to flip it
over and get to soldering. I'm kind of terrified, I'm no soldering expert by any stretch and I'm not gonna pretend to be. I've linked a video
down in the description which I've personally
found really helpful, but, for your benefit, here
are the general rules I found. Apply heat evenly to both the switch's pin and the electrical contact, and then apply solder
so it connects the two. We're looking for a nice, neat cone. Don't use so much that
it turns into a dome, but use enough to get
a good solid connection between the two. And take your time. If the solder isn't flowing properly, than don't continue to
apply loads of heat, because you could break something. Take a moment to let things
cool down, re-adjust, and try again. You got this. Next we're gonna put it in it's case. Cases come in all
different shapes and sizes, but generally you'll find they'll either be made of aluminium or, sorry, aluminum, or acrylic. This case is kind of
a best of both worlds. It's part aluminum, which
means that its nice and sturdy, but it's also got this
transparent acrylic layer, which is great, because
this PCB has lights, baby! Which of course, I'll be turning off, because I work in an office, with adults. Anyways, now we place
the PCB and the acrylic inside the case, screw the PCB to the case, and finally just screw
the whole thing together. (deep sigh) So finally it's time to actually put some key-caps onto these switches. Now, when it comes to key-caps, if you thought we had a lot of choice when it came to switches, then you are gonna lose your mind at the amount of options here. You can even spend hundreds on
individual artisan key-caps, but for this build, I'm going to keep it on more
on the understated side. I've got a set of EnjoyPBT 9009, or nine thousand nine key-caps, which I just love the retro look of. Now assembling them is quite easy, you just put them onto
the switch and push down. Now these key-caps are
made of PBT plastic, which is slightly more resilient than cheaper ABS plastic and the lettering is printed on using a dye sublimation process. That's not quite as good
as double-shot key-caps that ensure the lettering will literally never rub off over time, but it's a lot better than
cheaper laser-etching, where lettering can wear
away in less than a year. But what's important for our build is that this kit came with plenty of non-standard key-cap options, which will fit our weird 75% layout. Now that everything's assembled, we can just plug it into a computer and test that everything's working. If we were being extra, we could maybe buy a
custom braided USB cable, but, to be honest, for our purposes, any old mini USB cable will do just fine. We can plug it into a computer, and use that same keyboard testing tool that we used in the beginning of the build to make sure that
everything's still working. And then, fortunately if
anything's not working, which, you'll have to open it up and re-solder those switches once you know which one's the problem. (keyboard clacking) Good keyboard design is timeless, and, I mean, if you can resist the lure of becoming a bonafide keyboard collector, buying the right model can
last you the rest of your life. So this is my first build, and I know there are some things that I could have done better, but I want to hear your thoughts. What's your advice to
firsttime builders like me? How do you build a keyboard first time and make sure that everything works? Let me know in the comments below.

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