North Korea-U.S. working-level talks resume in Stockholm Saturday

it’s late Saturday morning over in
Sweden where North Korea and the US have just started their working-level
discussions although details are sketchy our eg1 tells us what we can expect from
the talks North Korea and the u.s. agreed to resume their working-level
talks on Saturday at the villa a fixture and inland Ingo northeast of Stockholm
details are not yet known about the meeting but that is what’s been
reportedly agreed by the two sides at their preliminary discussions today
before it is known that the US special envoy for North Korea mark Lambert and
Kwon jungin the former head of the regime’s North American Affairs
Department carried out Friday’s exchange as the discussion was in preparation for
Saturday’s meeting the two sides only met for a few hours Friday morning to
reportedly work out the schedule and administrative tasks for the actual
working-level sit down regarding general atmosphere it’s been
reported that the US thinks proactive talks were exchanged in an amicable way
while not much is known about saturday’s talks ji myung-gil will be heading the
North Korean delegation while US Special Representative for North Korea Stephen
vegan will do so for Washington there was speculation that the talks could go
on for more than a day should there be more to discuss but there are no
indications of that happening as of yet this is the first time that the two
sides have sat down on the negotiating table since the annoy summit fell apart
in February with President Donald Trump recently having mentioned the possible
new calculation eyes are on whether the two sides can agree on the
denuclearization steps and their corresponding measures first the main
sticking point of Saturday’s meeting is expected to be whether North Korea will
give up anything more than the young banned nuclear facility and whether the
US will give partial sanctions relief or security guarantees in exchange
Time magazine citing two US officials said Trump is prepared to offer Kim
jong-un a three-year waiver from UN sanctions on textile and coal exports
should Pyongyang agreed to dismantle its main nuclear facility at Young Gun and
hold its production of highly enriched uranium easy one

U.S.-China trade talks going for “small deal”?

Is a trade deal in the making between China
and the U.S.? The much anticipated trade talks between the
world’s two biggest economies kicked off on Thursday in Washington… with the two sides
still working to narrow the gap. Lee Kyung-eun reports. The stocks on Wall Street saw an increase
in response to rising hopes for the ongoing U.S.-China trade talks, which kicked off in
Washington on Thursday local time. Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He is leading the
Beijing delegation… and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and trade representative Robert
Lighthizer are on the American side for the two-day meeting. This is the first such meeting in three months,
with the previous round in Shanghai ending with no deal. As of now, no details have been revealed,
but President Trump hinted at a positive outcome. “I think it’s going really well. I will say, I think it’s going really well. So we had a very, very good negotiation with
China.” On the same day, he also tweeted that it was
a big day of negotiations with China,… and added that he will meet China’s Liu He on
Friday at the White House. Given these optimistic comments by Trump,
there’s rising possibility of a small deal. Bloomberg and foreign reports say, the two
sides may agree on a partial agreement. It could include a currency agreement and
additional agricultural purchases by China… in exchange for a delay of the tariff hikes
by the U.S. Washington had previously announced it would
impose a 30 percent tariff on Chinese goods starting next week. China had also echoed the optimistic sentiment
of the U.S. Liu He said that China has come with great
sincerity and is willing to make progress with Washington on trade balance, market access
and investor protection. Meanwhile, the industry’s general consensus
is slightly more pessimistic with many saying a big deal seems very unlikely. However, with the two sides proactively engaging
in talks, the world is paying close attention to the outcome on Friday. Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang news.

U.S. media outlets dissect Stockholm ‘no deal’ talks

now after North Korean the u.s. failed
to reach an agreement during their working levels talks in Stockholm over
the weekend news outlets have been analyzing the possible reasons behind
their collapse our conn-young wu has more US media outlets were quick to
offer their take on lack of results from the working-level talks in Sweden the
Washington Post raised the possibility of the North Korean side coming to the
negotiating table with higher expectations with the u.s. appearing to
send signals of a changed stance for one prison Trump dismissed John Bolton his
former US national security adviser who was well known for his hockey style
toward the north on top of that Trump had mentioned a new method for the
denuclearization talks with Pyongyang with President Trump likely to face a
bumpy election campaign in 2020 the chief executive of the korea risk group
Chado car also said it appears the north may be hoping that the combined effect
of the ticking clock and american fears of long-range missile and nuclear tests
in the year ahead will stimulate a significant shift in US strategy at the
last moment however VOA looked at the breakdown as if it was just a regular
tactic for North Korea matera Oba a former US diplomat focused
on Korea was quoted as saying the North Koreans have a long history of being
tough negotiators willing to cancel or withdraw as a tactic he added this isn’t
necessarily the end of working-level talks saying it’s far more likely North
Korean officials conceived the breakdown ahead of the meeting so it was not a
spontaneous decision The Wall Street Journal voiced concerns over the u.s.
looking too eager to get a deal done coating a former CIA analyst and North
Korea expert at policy think-tank the RAND Corporation sue Kim the report said
Washington risks looking too overzealous given the State Department’s statement
about leaving the door open for future talks the report also included analysis
from professor Jung Jung a Korea expert at Tufts University who said North Korea
take their time and keep raising the stakes adding that Pyongyang has the
upper hand at this time Daniel Arirang news

“Different deadlines” may have led to breakdown of U.S.-N. Korea working-level talks

Now amid numerous speculation over why the
talks fell apart… some foreign experts say the two sides might have lost their footing
as they headed into the negotiating room with two very different timelines. Oh Soo-young reports. North Korea and the United States are working
on different timelines to hammer out a “creative deal” on denuclearization. That may be the essential problem that led
to the breakdown of the recent working-level talks in Stockholm. “We’re very focused on sanctions relief and
on some kind of security guarantee, but I think there’s a third kind of piece and that
may be playing into these working-level negotiations as far as these summits and what would be
required to hold the summit and that gets to the second point which is timing. When I look at these statements, especially
the North Korean statement is very focused on the timing and actually if you if you peruse
their phrases, they were frustrated that they didn’t hear enough from the Americans and
Americans stressed the importance of having lots of meetings.” While North Korea has set the year-end as
the deadline for the U.S. to break the deadlock in the stalled negotiations,… President Trump has said repeatedly that he’s
not in any rush. Most analysts say Trump’s own timeline is
likely set for November 2020,… in time to give him a boost for the next U.S. Presidential
Election. But to clinch a deal that’s worth supporting,…
experts say Trump needs to get involved – and fast. Dr. Mark Barry says no negotiations between
the two sides have succeeded on a working level without intervention from the top leadership,…
citing how it took former President Jimmy Carter to convince Kim Il-sung to freeze the
North’s nuclear program in exchange for light-water reactors and heavy fuel oil in 1994. “So it seems to me that they’ve been looking
back at the past hundred days and through all their other means of measuring and detecting
what’s going on within the thinking of the Trump Administration. They don’t see much change if any since Hanoi
and I think this is the Crux of the problem. My perception is that the N. Koreans have
a lower view of this state department’s negotiation capabilities than the N. Koreans on the S.D.
under the Clintons or under George W. Bush. I think personally that the United States
needs to treat the Korean issues more as the United States had treated the Arab-Israeli
issues as an honest broker having Camp David Summit such as was done in 1979, the Camp
David to Summits between the Israelis and the Palestinians that President Clinton invested
two weeks of his time and that’s how it has to be done.” It’s unclear whether the U.S. can convince
the North to return to Sweden for talks in two weeks’ time,… but experts say any further
discussions may require a personal touch from President Trump. Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

North Korea-U.S. working-level talks to resume in Stockholm Saturday

now it’s early Saturday morning over in
the Swedish capital of Stockholm and in a few hours the highly anticipated
working-level talks between North Korea and the US will get underway on the
previous day the two sides also held a preliminary discussion and to tell us
more about how that went our foreign ministry correspondent eg Juan is
joining us on the line for us Jiwon tell us what you know Mugen it is known that
the US special envoy for North Korea mark Lambert and Kwon jungin the former
head of the regime’s North American Affairs Department carried out
yesterday’s discussion now as it was a preliminary discussion in preparation
for today’s meeting the two sides only met for a few hours Friday morning to
reportedly work out the schedule and administrative tasks for today’s sit
down regarding the general atmosphere we hear that the u.s. thinks constructive
talks were exchanged in an amicable way now while we do not know when and for
how long the top of the two sides will meet today we know that ji myung-kil
will be heading the North Korean delegation while US Special
Representative for North Korea Steven vegan will do so for Washington it’s the
first time that the two sides have sat down on the negotiating table since the
Hanoi summit fell apart in February so the main sticking point of today’s
meeting is expected to be whether North Korea will give up anything more than
the younger nuclear facility such as freezing its nuclear program and whether
the US will give partial sanctions relief or security guarantees in

N. Korea, U.S. working-level talks may take place in Sweden

North Korean and American officials are
set to restart working-level discussions on denuclearization over the weekend and
many are wondering where they’ll hold the talks according to our own see on
the clues so far point to Stockholm Sweden may once again be the meeting
point for North Korean and US officials for their working-level talks set for
Saturday according to media reports a beijing airport employee revealed that
the North’s top nuclear envoy Kim younger was listed among those boarding
a plane to Stockholm stopping over at the Chinese capital Kim is expected to
board an air china flight on Wednesday afternoon after departing from Pyongyang
in the morning he will reportedly travel alone meaning that the North’s first
vice foreign minister Chetan he may not attend the working-level talks as she
did earlier this year Chan US Special Representative for North Korea Stephen
vegan held four days of prep she talks in Stockholm in January to arrange a
second summit between Donald Trump engines onan she had announced on she
say that the northern the US would finally hold the store discussions over
the weekend but did not specify the location the resumption of the working
level talks comes nearly three months after Trump and Kim met at the
Demilitarized Zone that splits the two Koreas and agreed to continue working
level discussions but since then North Korea has been reluctant to choose a
date for the talks continuing its launches of short-range ballistic
missiles however in recent weeks both sides of Shame willingness to return to
dialogue will see young Arirang news

N. Korea-U.S. working-level talks break down as differences remain unresolved

despite hopes for a breakthrough and
negotiations between North Korea and the u.s. their working level talks on
Saturday broke down as the two sides failed to reach a compromise Pyongyang
says the u.s. came empty handed which Washington countered by saying it
brought creative ideas at the table our eg1 has a full story the
much-anticipated working-level talks between North Korea and the u.s. fell
apart without any tangible results as the u.s. won in the negotiating table
empty-handed according to the North Korean delegation the u.s. raised
expectations by offering suggestions like a flexible approach new method and
creative solutions but they have disappointed us greatly and dampen their
enthusiasm for negotiation by bringing nothing to the negotiation table Pyongyang’s chief nuclear envoy Kim
myung-kil made these remarks outside a North Korean embassy in Stockholm after
his negotiations with US Special Representative for North Korea Stephen
began collapsed Saturday evening kim went on
to say that the breakdown of the talks is entirely due to Washington’s failure
to abandon its outdated stance and attitude he added North Korea had
offered to start earnest discussions on the next steps for denuclearization
should the US reciprocate their trust building measures including the seizing
of nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missiles the chief negotiator
then said the new calculation they seek is for the u.s. to retract all measures
that threaten their safety and impede their development hinting at the need
for the u.s. to provide security guarantees as well as sanctions relief
and whether North Korea will continue to suspend nuclear tests and ICBM launches
depends on the US said Kim who then told the u.s. to think more thoroughly until
the end of the year this comes as the two sides met for the first time since
the Hanoi summit fall apart in February despite the reportedly amicable
atmosphere the two sides shared on their preliminary meetup the day before the
breakdown in talks came as a surprise to many US State Department spokesperson
morgen Ortega’s released a statement denying the North’s account of what
transpired saying the u.s. brought creative ideas to the table and had good
discussions with its North Korean counterparts she added that the US
delegation previewed a number of new initiatives that would allow them to
make progress in each of the four pillars of the Singapore joint statement
she also pointed out the difficulties in overcoming a legacy of 70 years of war
and hostility on the Korean Peninsula in the course of a single Saturday why
lourdes said the u.s. accepted an invitation from their swedish hosts to
return to stockholm for another meeting in two weeks time it is unclear if the
north will do so as well Lee Jiwon Arirang news

N. Korea’s top nuclear envoy in Stockholm for working-level talks with U.S.

our top story this morning North Korea’s
chief nuclear envoy negotiator has voiced high expectations and optimism
for the regime’s upcoming working-level nuclear talks with the u.s. that will
take place in the Swedish capital of Stockholm this comes as US President
Donald Trump brushed off North Korea’s latest test fire of a claimed any way
submarine-launched ballistic missile saying the talks with Pyongyang will
continue as planned our Eason J starts us off North Korea’s top nuclear negotiator kim
myung gear and his delegation arrived in Stockholm on Thursday ahead of this
weekend’s working-level demonization negotiations with the u.s. they arrived
at Stockholm Arlanda Airport at around 5:40 p.m. local time on a flight from
Beijing before his arrival in Sweden the North Korean envoy said he was
optimistic the talks will go well North Korea and the u.s. will hold
working-level talks with the new signal from the US we leave with great
anticipation and optimism the two sides are said to have a preliminary contact
on Friday before holding the working-level talks on Saturday the US
Special Representative for North Korea even vegan will lead Washington’s
delegation the two sides are expected to focus on trying to find common ground
between us demands for the regime’s complete and verified denuclearization
and the Norge demand for sanctions relief and security guarantees with
North Korea’s firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile in
the East Sea this week there were concerns that tests could derail the
upcoming working-level talks however president Trump on Thursday downplayed
the firing saying the north wants to talk and the US will be talking to them
all eyes are on the first round of formal negotiations between the two
sides since the second North Korea u.s. summit ended early in Hanoi in February
focus is also on whether president Trump’s previously touted new method
will give the negotiations some momentum and possibly lay the groundwork for a
third summit easing J Arirang news

Expert’s take on N. Korea-U.S. working-level nuclear talks

now let’s get an expert’s take on this
weekend’s meeting in Sweden between working-level officials of North Korea
and the United States on the regime’s to neutralization I’m glad to say we are
joined on skype by dr. mark Pete berry an independent Asian affairs analyst who
has followed us North Korea relations for nearly 30 years now so mark I’d like
to start by asking these two sides the u.s. and North Korea haven’t sat down
since the Hanoi summit collapse with no deal around eight months ago now given
that this is their first face-to-face since February what are your
expectations for these discussions in Sweden well we expect the mark to meet
for about a day day and a half obviously nothing’s going to be solved in a day or
a day and a half but if they meet weekly or every 10 days and they continue that
process which was kind of the pattern of the talks that began in 1993 in Geneva
under the Clinton administration where there were regular meetings that went
all the way on through the agreed framework of October 94 then you can see
some fruitful product but I think it would be absolutely incorrect to have
expectations that everything will be solved in one or two meetings but the
fact that it’s the foreign ministry in North Korea that’s leading the
negotiations at this time and the fact that the US side is has a new National
Security Advisor then I think that there’s a much hopeful sign for for
progress now as you touched upon briefly there things really have changed quite a
lot since Hanoi President Trump has floated this new method of moving
forward I guess a job John Bolton is out of the White House kim yeongcheol is no
longer the head of the North delegation and we are edging ever closer to the
2020 US presidential election so Trump really wants a big foreign policy win
that he can sell to voters do these factors mean the US will provide the
flexibility North Korea has been demanding from Washington for so long
now well it’s going to be a rough nicosia
if the media reports are even largely correct that the u.s. is prepared to
allow three years of of sanctions lifted on the exports of North Korean textiles
and coal in exchange for the freezing enclosure of young beyond nuclear
facility and possibly something else that may be seen by the north as a
lopsided bargain that’s why it’s going to be a hard-nosed negotiation and if I
were President Trump I’d be hoping for some meeting this year but it may not be
possible because the north will dig in its heels and make the u.s. pay a
greater price than perhaps it’s expecting but nonetheless this is the
way to make progress but it has to be a lot of really careful and considerate
bargaining without either side giving up wellyes talks are better than no talks
at all now many were really surprised when North Korea launched a ballistic
missile just days ahead of this meeting in Sweden as we know in North Korea the
timing of these launches are never a coincidence why do you think the regime
pulled this potentially risky move so close to these talks there are multiple
reasons but the most important reason is not only to gain leverage but it’s a
sign that North Korea cannot be mistreated so it’s always about the
prestige of the state and the fact that they want to be seen and and and dealt
with by the United States almost as equals even though the there’s such a
huge disparity between both countries so the firing of such a missile with its
potential lethality certainly upon the entire Japanese nation is a very very
strong signal for for Northeast Asia and it’s their way of saying to the United
States you have to take it seriously you cannot mistreat us and you cannot ignore
us so to me that’s a not inconsistent message with how North Korea has been
bargaining with the u.s. since the early nineteen
it’s not a bad sign but I think it is a bright product of the of the unfortunate
events in Hanoi including a lot of miss reading of each other’s intentions in
the month of August now before we let you go do you expect Kim jong-un and
President Trump to hold a third summit soon and if so when do you think it’ll
happen and where and also do you think there’s any chance at all of Kim heading
to the United States or Trump going the other way I think Kim wants to have it
in Pyongyang and of course he’d be happy to have it by the end of the year we
don’t know if there’s a next year Kim that’s been very clear in his own words
that really something has to be settled by the end of the year so I do think
that’s North Korea’s deadline otherwise they may pull some interesting stunts
that will be very upsetting to the United States and its allies on the
other hand President Trump may be the most he can do is invite Kim to Honolulu
but Trump would prefer a third country I don’t think Kim wants to go to any
country where he could be sent home unexpectedly certainly not Mongolia and
if he were to go to anywhere in Europe whether it’s Stockholm or Geneva the
reality is that he could still be sent packing but have to take an Air China
flight back home which would be even more embarrassing if I were Kim I would
want it in Pyongyang and president Trump may find that he has to relent to that
but it all depends on what kind of deal he can sign and that’s always the
million-dollar question what kind of a deal does president Trump have and that
he can politically accept in order to use that to buttresses campaign into
2020 well seeing a president Trump in Pyongyang would be quite something but I
suppose with the way things have been developing over the past year or 18
months you can never second-guess anything these days you never know yeah
exactly well thank you very much for your perspective we always appreciate
your insight welcome yeah and we will see how this weekend
unfolds and hopefully we’ll invite you back for a
breakdown of how these talks went that was dr. mark P berry thank thank you so
much for joining us sure