Vocal Coach Reacts to Susan Boyle & Michael Ball ‘Million Dreams’ #whatwentwrong

Hey there and welcome back to my channel. My name is Georgina and I am the honest vocal coach Today is what the fu. If you haven’t seen it blah blah blah blah. Basically what we do is we look at mistakes, so things like lip-sync fails, dodgy costumes, bad choice of arrangement. Stuff like that just to, not to have a laugh. Maybe a little bit, but to sort of look at what’s not the right thing to do. Try and avoid these things if you’re trying to make it in the industry. So let’s take a look at today’s. Today’s has been suggested by……. Suggested by my honest children. This is a Michael Ball and Subo on Britain’s Got Talent 2019. Let’s dive in. Teeny bit dodgy there my ‘hown’ my ‘hown’? my own. It’s alright though. It’s not bad so far Just a teeny bit cringey for me as he leans over to her let’s have a cuddle. Okay, I wouldn’t have done that. I would have just left them in two places for a bit longer. Then maybe brought them together I don’t know. Do like Michael Balls voice. Can be a little bit over vibrato at times But he’s had a long career, you know. Successful musical theater guy. I think he realized he was out of tune on the harmony. So he stopped. Good choice. I’m sorry. It’s to cringey. Why is he doing this up next to her. Separate, focus. Perform to the audience. It’s just a little bit cringey. Plus it seems that there’s a real lack of, like rehearsal here. They’re not entirely in sync Again it’s still cringey. Move-move-move my God. Just separate, you know. Perform out to your audience It’s cringey the way they kind of cuddling one another in it. Oh, no, it’s not working for me. Not the best vocal there from Subo. It is lovely that they’ve got the choir there. That’s kind of nice. It’s like young voices. All the UK moms watching this. You’ll know what I’m talking about Young voices where they get all anyway. They’re totally out of time with one and another. Again out of time, his voice cracked He seem very warm like. Like he was overheating a little bit. Okay, so it wasn’t really that bad. Vocally, it wasn’t gray, but it wasn’t a horrendous. I just saw it was staged badly. Really nice idea to have the choir. I get that. Maybe have some of them on stage. That would have helped. Like surround them a little bit. But the fact that they were cuddling one each other. I found that cringey. And their vocals did not match, throughout. Literally no performance practice. I think no rehearsal. If they did it was for five minutes. Because that just wasn’t synced together very well. He oversong her. His voice broke in certain places. She had bad breath control. Oh dear, yeah real lack of rehearsal. They it could have been so much better Anyway, do you agree with me on this? Did you enjoy the performance? Let me know in the comments below. And if you want to work with me, you can do. I can react to your singing via wisio. The links are down below. I’ll see you next week. Bye loves

work smarter, not harder

What’s up? Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m hoping I can add value to your life, if not something you resonate with. And, yeah. So today I will be speaking about uh passion, work, adding value, not creating more suffering; It all connects in a way, so bare with me. So the only reason you’re seeing me now, the only reason that you were able to click a link, or do what you did to reach this video is because essentially I am doing what I love. I’m doing what I’m passionate about. I’m doing something that brings me enthusiasm, and I’m doing something I accept. So thank you to Eckhart Tolle. He mentioned in his book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,” (a good read) He mentioned the three (3) modalities. It’s what I got out of it most. And those modalities are important for reasons. So the three (3) modalities are enthusiasm, enjoyment, and acceptance. I realized sometimes we find ourselves in situations, or we even put ourselves in situations that we aren’t enjoying, we don’t find enthusiasm in, and most importantly, we can’t accept it. If you can’t accept something, then the first thing we’ve gotta do is deal with the resistance. Why are you resisting it? Why can you not accept it? Because we all know sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we aren’t able to enjoy, that we aren’t finding enthusiastic such as: having to replace your tire on the side of the road ’cause yours just went flat on ya. Of course that’s not fun. Of course that’s not enthusiastic, but the least we can do is accept it okay? With that being said, I see people working for jobs, applying for jobs, high-paying jobs, that they don’t like. Office jobs. May be high-paying but it’s an office job, working at McDonald’s, being a cashier. Not looking down upon any of those jobs because some of them are other people’s passion. But if it’s not yours, Why are you applying to it? You’re only going to burn yourself out. So thankfully, I learned this lesson at a young age. I’m 19 years old, and I found myself working six (6) days a week. My only off day was Sunday. There was nothing wrong with my jobs. I liked them, but it wasn’t my passion. It wasn’t something I saw myself doing, and I know if I continued, that would only lead to a burn-out. ‘Cause I was already starting to feel sad, you know, stressed. A little bit depressed every time I woke up. Even though it wasn’t hard on, it was just that subtle feeling that always stuck with me, so I had to stop it right there. I’m too conscious for that. Yeah, so when you’re finding yourself in a job you don’t necessarily like that’s causing you pain and suffering, and anxiety that’s because we are creating that. You’re not accepting it, it doesn’t cause you enjoyment, it’s not giving you enthusiasm, so you need to leave it. And what we can do after we leave it, or what we can do instead of working a job we don’t like is finding something we’re passionate about. Finding a skill that you know you love doing. Like playing the drums or playing violin. Just any skill that not everybody has. Something important I forgot to say is: If you’re unable to leave the situation or leave this job now, if you’re unable to accept it or enjoy it, what you can do is find something you do enjoy within that vicinity, within that area. It doesn’t even have to be connected to your job. You know, if you’re working a 9-5 office job that you absolutely hate, but hey there’s a cup of coffee waiting for you at the office.. stick with that. Stick with that cup of coffee. Be like “okay let’s GO GET this cup of coffee,” okay? Work that 9-5 and get that coffee. That’s completely okay. As long as you’re getting by. As long as you’re able to not create so much suffering for yourself that you can’t see the good in some things, then we’re okay. You’ll know you’re passionate about it because it’ll spark something in you. It’ll spark something in your soul and you’ll never get tired of it. You can be working, you know, instead of a 9-5 job that you absolutely dread, you can be working from nine (9) to 9AM to 8PM just by doing something you love. You will never get that burn-out. You will always have that energy backing you up. The universe will always back you up in that sense. Not only that, doing something you’re passionate about will give you that extra energy, but then the necessities that you were looking for when you got the high-paying job will come to you easier. It’ll just start flowin’. You know, if you find that skill and you get better at the skill either If you learn more, if you grow more at that skill, and then add value on top of that and you monetize that, all of the things that you need will just start flowing your way just by doing what you like man. Just by doing what you like! And that’s essentially the goal. That’s the goal at the end of the video. Right now we need to plant the seed of finding our passion if we don’t know it already, growing in that, focusing on that passion, and then adding value. Not every- body can play the violin. Not everybody can play the drums. Nor everybody can whip out a camera, speak confidently enough to post it on the internet where anybody and everybody can see and then KEEP doing that. Growing at it, Monetizing it.And just going with the flow. You know, i’m not doing this cause i’m looking for something. I’m doing it because I like it. It gives me energy. You know I like the whole process. Making the video, editing it, transcribing it. That gets to my soul, and that’s what I want everybody to find. What strikes your soul in a good way that you can do and see yourself doing everyday, every other day that’ll essentially help you in the long run when you add value to it. So that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you so much! Wrapping up the video, you wanna find something you’re passionate about. If not you wanna find something you can enjoy, find enthusiasm in, and if you can’t do none of those, the least you can do is accept here and now. When we don’t accept here, when we don’t accept the present moment, we’re thinking about how our life could be better in the future. “Oh what am I gonna do? When I have this and that it’ll be better then.” Or we think about how we got here from thinking about the past. No, that doesn’t exist. Think about now, accept now. If not, deal with the resistance. So, thank you so much for listening!! I hope that resonated with you, or helped somebody out. If so, give it a like, give it a dislike, comment, don’t comment. I’m here for the fun and to add value so. THANKYOU!

Ombuds Office

My name is Jennifer Schneider and I am the
student Ombuds here at the university of South Florida. I help student service as a neutral
third party resource for students who have complaints or concerns or challenges with
the university. The Ombuds office operates under four general principles. The first one
is confidentiality, everything that students share in the office is completely confidential
and that includes issues related to title 9. The second one is independence I am not
necessarily part of any other group or department on campus umm the third one is impartiality.
My job description requires that I not necessarily always act in the best interest of the university
but also that I don’t advocate for students. And then the last one is informality we don’t
use banner we don’t keep university ID’s, we don’t keep names we don’t keep contact
information. I think sometimes students come to the Ombuds office because they want an
advocate they want someone to fight for them they feel that they’ve been wronged and
they want someone to go to the party to the department to the faculty member and say fix
this for the student and I don’t fix anything that’s not my role so I can listen and I
can help the student see varying points of view and hopefully help them empathize with
the other party and the policies that are related and help them understand the bureaucracy
that the University of South Florida and every other large public institution is. USF I have
to say is really good about listening and understanding special circumstances and special
situations and recognizing that we see students who have academic concerns we also see students
who have issues and concerns that aren’t necessarily related to grades. We see that
a lot with first year students it’s just hard to learn hard to learn the systems and
the timelines and the deadlines and so I would just really encourage the parents to encourage
the students to keep up with email and to check OASIS constantly because they’re often
assumptions that students make. I know my son is heading off to school soon and I’ve
been helping him navigate just the admissions processes at universities and its easy to
want to just jump in and navigate that on the students’ behalf I would strongly encourage
parents to get the students involved in those processes so that they understand what’s
necessary and what goes into that. GO BULLS!

HIGHEST PAYING ONLINE JOBS + PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS 2020 | Make $100’s per day from home

if you want to learn how to earn income
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welcome back to my channel and if you’re new my name is Mary Kate I’m a mindset
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you want and deserve so 2020 is your year to align with your purpose and
figure out what you are meant to do and I promise you the money will just start
flowing in when you follow your purpose so like I said at the beginning of this
video this is going to be part of a new money series I’m doing on my channel so
if you want to see all the videos in this money series there’ll be a little
playlist down below that you can click through and watch all the videos my
number one piece of advice on how to earn the income you desire is to align
with your purpose sounds easier said than done I do have a whole video on
alignment how to get into alignment how it works I’ll leave a little link up
here and a link down below so when I tell you to align with your purpose in
order to earn more money you need to figure out what your passions are what
are you good at what are your gifts that you can give back to humanity that are
unique to you what drives your passion what excites you what makes you want to
get out of bed every day things like that help you align with your purpose so
to start off get clear on what your passions are and what you’re good at and
what excites you you can write down anything don’t limit yourself if going
to the beach is what drives you and excites you and makes you want to get
out of bed every day write that down because I guarantee you there is a way
to earn income doing that and doing what you love
so for example if you like waking up and going to the beach every day why not get
a job as a lifeguard or find a nature conservation group who patrols beaches
or join a beach cleanup group or start teaching paddleboard lessons or start
teaching surf lessons or take up a hobby or teaching swim lessons there are no
limits if the beach is your thing go for it full force and you can earn an income
and align with what you’re meant to do that was just one specific example but
I’m just showing you that way you pick things that excite you and you enjoy and
things that make you want to get up out of bed every day then you can really
find a job in a way to support that passion and when you support your
passions you become an energetic match for more more abundance so just keep
that in mind so here are some side hustle in
some ideas that allow you to work your own hours or work from home or just be
flexible to earn money on your terms so the first website I want to talk
about is care comm on care comm you can sign up to do a child care pet care
senior citizen care housekeeping business services and so much more it’s
a really great website because you can create your own hours you can do
something you’re passionate about if you really like babies or pets it gives you
an opportunity to do something that you enjoy doing well helping out people that
need it I’ve heard tons of amazing things from care comm it’s easy to sign
up I think you can make your own schedule online you can decide what
hours you want to work how much or how little you want to work you decide your
rate you are in control of all those different aspects and you get to do
something that you enjoy doing and on that note there’s also a website called
sitter city comm and at sitter city comm you can sign up to be a babysitter or
nanny and I think they might do housekeeping as well so on that’s just
another opportunity to sign up make your own hours find babysitting jobs nannying
jobs local if you happen to pride yourself in being a type a and organized
why not provide your services as a home organizer it’s the new year and
everybody wants to get their lives organized so why not jump on that
opportunity why not organize people’s houses their kitchens their closets
their bedrooms people don’t want to do things that don’t excite them so that’s
where you come in a lot of people don’t really know where to start when they get
organized and if that’s one of the skills you have why not provide that
skill and something you’re good at and make your own hours and on your
terms and decide your rate it’s such a great opportunity because it’s flexible
and you can charge what you want based on what services you provide and if it’s
something you’re good at you’re giving back a service that helps other people
and makes everything convenient for everybody so if you want to be a home
organizer that’s another great opportunity if you’re more interested in
working from home there are a ton of great websites and so many resources
available I wanted to start off with Rev comm Rev comm is an online transcription
service so if you’re really good at typing
and really good at dealing with audio rev.com is a great opportunity so how
Rev works I think you sign up and there’s a couple of paid online
trainings and then from there they send you audio and you transcribe what you
hear and type it all out and then send it to them and then you get paid so you
can work as much or as little as you want and the more you work the more
money you get paid so rep comm is a great opportunity if you’re a night owl
if you just if you’re a stay-at-home mom if you’re someone who just wants to earn
a little extra income on the weekends rep comm is completely flexible there’s
no minimum I think amount of work you have to do you literally just can pick
up and work whenever wherever I think once you start a project they do have
time limits for certain projects so you just have to stay within that time limit
but it’s just such a great way to earn income whenever you feel like it you
don’t have to make any kind of schedule you get to work from home you can stay
in your pajamas if you want so that’s rev.com I’ll leave a link down for all
of these down below so you can just click on them and access them something
I’ve actually been using a lot lately to hire people is up work comm on up work
you can find people to do so many different things you can hire social
media managers you can hire people to do your website you can hire people to do
video editing you can hire people to do virtual assistant work so I’ve been
hiring people on there and having really great luck lately so if you have
interest in being a virtual assistant if you’re really skill oriented if you’re
really good at social media there are so many different opportunities to jump on
with up work then also there’s fiber so fiber comm I think I talked about one of
my other videos fiber comm is really great if you’re a graphic designer video
editor you know pretty much almost the same as upwork if you have really any
online skills to share fiber is a really really great way to earn extra income
doing things that you’re good at doing projects you’re good at so many people
are looking for virtual assistants so many people are looking for online help
they do copywriting there are just so many different opportunities online on
Fiverr and upwork to get hired doing something that you are good at when I
tell you to align with things that you are skilled at do it because you never
know what opportunities are available you never know if you could start
working a full time from making your own hours and making the
same money or making now you really never know where the road will lead you
so start off doing projects see how you like it see what work you can get there
are so many different opportunities I know I’ve said that so many different
times in this video but I just can’t stress it to you enough in this day and
age there is no reason to be stuck at jobs you hate or not earning the income
that you desire if you enjoy cooking why not offer meal prep services or personal
chef services so many different people it’s the new year like I said are trying
to be healthy this year they want someone to meal prep for them they want
someone to take the guesswork out of healthy eating so if you’re really good
at cooking why not offer these services to other people and if you’re good at
cooking why not create an e-book with all of your recipes you can now create
ebooks and sell them online you can even sell them on Amazon Amazon now has a
thing where you can self publish your own books they print it and send it out
for you so make your own eBook make your own book with all of your recipes there
are just so many different opportunities where if you follow your skills you can
make money on your terms doing exactly what you were meant to do it’s giving
back your skills in exchange for a service that people need and want I also
talked about it in one of my other videos if you are skilled at making
crafts making furniture making beautiful artwork why don’t you start opening an
Etsy store and selling things on Etsy that you create I won’t even get into
all the opportunities available on Etsy because there are just so many different
ways to make money on Etsy but if you’re good at making things or if you have an
idea to make things candles artwork furniture paintings clothes embroidery
if you have a Cricut machine you can start making money on Etsy so I’m just
gonna leave that there if you’re really good at art if you have an idea go for
it on Etsy this is the year that you get out of your comfort zone and you go for
it what is stopping you there is nothing stopping you Etsy is a great way to earn
passive income because once you make the object or once you make whatever you’re
gonna make it just gets bought online and all you have to do is ship it that’s
it sorry for the lighting change I feel like this video could go on forever so
I’m going to quickly end it with some passive income ideas I talked about
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such a great passive income source Rakuten com use the link down below
another great way to earn passive income is through teaching online courses there
are tons of different ways and platforms you can use there’s websites like
Skillshare com I think you’ve got two weeks free I’ll leave a link down below
for Skillshare but you can teach online courses and make passive income and what
I personally use is kajabi com I’ll leave the link down below for that too
and you get a month free trial coach ami calm is a place where you can
host your website you can build your email list it’s basically an all-in-one
you they host your website they you put your courses up there you get your email
list up there it’s all in one so instead of
– you know – a wordpress thing here in an email listing here kajabi is an
all-in-one I have a length I’ll share with you for a month free so that is
income you can earn from doing one course and you just keep making or
income over and over again so that’s passive income so end this video quickly
with how to manifest money I have some really great money meditations that
people have amazing results with I’ll also link some videos on how to manifest
more money I’ll put that all in description box below but I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to
my channel hit that Bell notification leave me a comment below I love hearing
from you and I would love to know if there’s anything specific you want to
see in this money series that I just created and be sure to check out my
instagram @ MK magick mindset and my website and k magic mindset calm and I
will see you in the next one

Dominance Hierarchy: Understanding The #1 Thing Women Hate in a Man

Uncle C
back in the office. And today I wanted to speak about a topic
that I do not think is talked about very much when it comes to dating and when it comes
to masculinity, fellas Now before we begin, registration for my attraction men’s masterclass
is now open. Meaning if you are struggling in dating, what
I’m going to do in this free live event today is I’m going to break down every single pitfall
that’s going on in your dating life right now and show you exactly how to get out of
it. Now this only runs at certain times. So you’re going to want to actually click
into that and get registered because I have a limited amount of seats available on my
software to actually help you and this is going to be the number one trait that women
despise in all men is the number one thing that they cannot stand. And there’s a lot of fellows that are running
into this. There’s a lot of fellows that are constantly
finding themselves in this spot. There’s a lot of fellas that are wondering
why they can’t ever just get on the horse and get going. Fellas, in the long run, the number one thing
that women are going to despise and men that is going to turn her off is going to be low
motivation. It’s going to be a man who is not motivated
in life, who does not keep her on her toes. Who does not make her feel as if he is a leader? Now, here’s the thing, the most attractive
thing to women is going to be masculine drive and ambition. A lot of men fail to understand this though,
if we break this down step by step logically, why women would be attracted to a man who
is highly ambitious and who is highly motivated. It’s because of the fact that he does not
settle. Okay, this guy is a warrior. This is the type of guy that wants to take
life by the balls and kick ass. This is the type of guy that probably has
something to show for himself, one of the biggest things that pisses me off when it
comes to dating is this. There’s men who stigmatize other men for being
wealthy or for being rich. When that guy gets the majority of the women
and what they stigmatize them with his ego all he just gets the women because he has
money. It’s like, No, dude, wake up. Why does he have that money? Why does he have it? Well, he has that money because he has value. Because you see what a man learns how to be
motivated when a man learns how to be ambitious, and not only just be ambitious internally,
but actually take action with it, provide value with it to himself and to show others
that he’s worth that money. What happens is that he carries himself differently. He has different social skills and you have
because nobody just shit out a million bucks and gave it to the guy. Nobody gave the guys some Success. Nobody gave the guy anything. Unless he’s a trust fund baby. I’m talking about the normal people that have
to go out there and work for what they have. The reason why they have more value is because
they’ve learned how to maneuver themselves through life. Do you get that in order to acquire the wealth
in order to acquire the money, you had to have a value in yourself skill service or
product that was good enough that people wanted to pay for not only that you had to convince
them to buy it, which means you had to move your words the right way. You had to connect with people on an emotional
level. All of a sudden, that man has more value. That’s why she likes him is because his demeanor
is different. He’s driven, he’s forward. He’s direct. He’s a man and people go always a rich provider. That’s why she wants him it’s like okay, maybe. Maybe that’s true a little bit. But that man is going to walk talk look and
feel different than you will ever make her feel. It’s because he’s doing something. The number one thing that women are going
to despise long term ism in a man is A man who has low ambition and low motivation, a
guy who is not focused, because she’s going to be looking at that man going, okay? What is this guy doing with his time? What is this guy doing with his life? What is this guy doing as a man You see, women
always need to be stimulated. They need to be stimulated. She is an emotional woman. If she’s moving at a quicker pace than you
and you appear lazy, that is going to kill her attraction. They need to be stimulated because their mind
is all over the place. The thing is, is that if she sees that you
are settling, if she sees that you have low ambition, if she sees that you are not willing
to go out there and fight day in and day out and keep that ambition and keep that drive
if she sees a guy sitting on the couch all day watching drinking football, watching,
drinking beer, watching football, what type of signals Do you think that’s going to To
bring in her head, she’s going to say what can this man do? What can this guy bring? And you can’t blame women for being hardwired
like this. Genetically, they want the stud. Genetically, they want the guy that’s killing
it. Let me flip over to the whiteboard quick to
explain this to you, and how this actually matters. Now you see men and women date differently
on both aspects. And this is called the dominance hierarchy. If you guys watch Jordan Peterson, he speaks
a lot about this. But the thing is, is he tells it to you on
this intellectual level where it’s like, dude, just get to the point. So here’s the thing. This is how men date men date across
and down the hierarchy. Meaning if you have a if you have a dealer
right here that works at Mercedes Benz and he sells 250 grand a year. He makes two 50 grand a year, and his social
status is high because of his occupation. The fact is that he will still hook up with
date or marry a girl if she is cute, and sexy and flirty. Even if she is a waitress at the diner. It’s because men do not qualify women on that
status. And on that success, they’re going to qualify
her on how fat harasses and how curvy she is. Hate to be truthful, but that’s just how it
is. That’s why men getting all asked her because
she doesn’t like you for you. It’s like bro, you don’t like her for her
either. You like her because she was shaped like a
Coca Cola bottle. And that’s what you’re attracted to. So don’t hate the player hate the game. Just understand how women and men date. Then if you flip it to the other side, women
are going to date across the hierarchy and up. This is how women do it. Meaning that if she is a normal, average everyday
girl, she’s going to want a guy who was a pretty good salesman. If she’s a girl who’s a dentist, she’s going
to want the CEO of a fortune 500 company and if she’s riana Okay, if she’s riana up here,
she is only going to want ASAP Rocky, you have to know how this works. If you can understand how this works, you
can actually start to play to your strengths and weaknesses. This is why low ambition literally kills a
woman’s drive for you her sex drive goes down she does not appreciate you
so you guys are going to hear this saying a lot. The thing is don’t hate the player hate the
game. And this is why I don’t like pill colors. These pill colors are telling them this is
female nature. This is female dynamic. They all hook up. They all cheat they all straight. It’s like Dude, no, no. What you believe in comes true. It’s the law of attraction. It’s the law of everything. The energy you put out is the energy you get
back. Okay, well what does that mean? If you’re not on that moral ethics, Bs and
the energy you put out as Energy you get back, guess what type of women you’re going to attract,
dude, you’re not going to attract a girl that wants to actually put her best foot forward,
you’re going to get SL ups. You get that all of these men that try to
hook up with women and get them in the sheet so fast and just get to that point. That’s what the whole interaction is based
on is how fast can we smash? How fast can we slam? Do you get what that’s doing? That’s enabling them to be more sexually provocative
that’s enabling them to be more promiscuous. And then the same men that are sleeping with
these women are then bitching and complaining because these women are straying. It’s like Dude, all you did was qualifier
on how fast she can sleep with a dude, how fast she can sleep with you. What makes you expect that she’s now supposed
to reciprocate loyalty and good quality traits to that, dude, not only do you have to understand
how women date, you have to understand that the energy you’re putting out is the energy
you’re getting back. If you’re a low ambitious, man, you’re not
going to deserve a high quality made because men and women date differently. The number one thing that is going to kill
desire Any woman for a man is a man who is lazy and not ambitious. If you liked this video, I want you to subscribe
to this channel hit the like button, share the URL with a family friend loved one somebody
that needs to see this and we will see you in the next one.

NPS strengthens supervision of companies that pay high salaries to their executives

South Korea’s National Pension Service, as
a major investor, is strengthening its supervision of companies that have raised the salaries
of their executive directors. The ministry of health and the NPS say the
pension service will exercise its voting rights and oppose plans that hurt shareholders or
negatively affect the fund’s profits. This includes remuneration that’s excessively
high based on considerations like the company’s size. According to Chaebul.com, around 300 registered
executives at South Korea’s top ten business groups received an average salary last year
of around one million U.S. dollars.

I Quit My Office Job and Nearly Doubled My Income.

How much were
you making at your office job? I was working for a marketing agency, and I was making $35,000 a year. Growing up, my mom was a flight attendant,
so we got to travel all over the world, and when I got into an office job that only had
10 vacation days a year, I realized that it wasn’t quite for me. I was really passionate about the travel industry,
and I knew there was a ton of income growth there. And were you scared to
quit? Terrified. And how much money are you making now? I
made 60,000 this year in commissions from trips that I sold. How did you
prepare to quit your job? I saved about $17,000 to hold me over while I
built my client base. And what did you do to save money? At
first I lived with my parents, so I was able to save a lot of money that way, but then
I moved in with some friends where my rent was $750 a month, and I had to really cut back on my expenses. I created a budget spreadsheet, and I also used an app to track my spending. I budgeted $120 on groceries, and really cut back on spending money on clothes. My cell phone bill was on a family plan, so
it was just much easier and cheaper for me to pay my parents for that bill. In my first year, I only made 12K, and I was
draining through my savings. As a travel advisor, you also don’t get paid
until 30 to 60 days after your clients return from their trip. The 20th of every month I’m like, “When is
the check gonna come?” So how did you pay your bills? I had
a freelance job that brought in about $800 a month, and then I had some odd jobs like
transcripting, and babysitting that brought in around $100 a month. Now that I work from home, I only spend about
$75 a month on gas, whereas at my office job, I could be spending up to $150. In Atlanta, we just sit in traffic, and we
burn through gas. How did you find clients? I networked. I had a ton of friends who were getting married,
so I asked to plan their honeymoons. I built a website, which cost around $300. Social media really helped me get clients
all across the country by sharing my travel photos, using hashtags. Also, it’s free. (laughs) So do you get to travel
a lot? I get to travel all the time. Tours and hotels will offer us complimentary
or discounted stays so we can become an expert in that destination, and in turn, we bring
them a lot of business. So how do you manage all that new income? I
have an account for income, savings, and business. I save a third of each paycheck for taxes. Taxes don’t get taken out of my paycheck. After all of my bills are paid, I put about
$500 into my account for savings each month. Are you proud of yourself? I’m
beyond proud of myself. I can’t even believe what I’ve accomplished. I was really bad at sales before I jumped
into this, but it was my passion. Send the email. Make the phone call.

Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities | Invisible Disabilities

and our final award tonight it’s the
corporate award oh yeah yes it goes to big round of applause Paula Vieillet and
Employment Options they’ve been selected to be the 2019 recipient of the
Invisible Disabilities Association Corporate Award through her
passionate leadership as CEO of Employment Options Paula has helped to
create successful resources which provide employment opportunities in hope for people living with illness and pain and disability daily ladies and
gentlemen a big round of applause and dang does that dress look cute Paula
Paula Vieillet Employment Options who would’ve guessed back in 2002 when I first started doing ticket to work and helping people on Social Security Disability and
Social Security Income and I placed 16 people that year who would guess that this year already we have placed double the people in this room [audience applause and cheers] thanks to my staff thanks to Invisible
Disabilities for this great honor and privilege I didn’t just start doing job placement it kind of found me and for me invisible
disabilities has always been part of my life my family I have to thank my family
my mom died when I was 16 from an invisible disability and before she died
she she had a really great job somebody a dentist that hired her to
be a receptionist and that just made me feel so good and then my dad had
invisible disabilities he was Type A times five he had a heart
attack at 40 well I’m a chip off the old block I got his entrepreneurial spirit I’ve got his fire I would say that I’m only
about a Type A one and a half though right Emio so I thank my family my sister who’s
been with me all the time and helped us grow as a company
I thank my board of directors who supports me and gives me great advice
and their Toastmasters too so thanks Toastmasters for making us such great
speakers and I have to thank the Ticket to Work Program the Social Security
Administration I’m gonna thank the Social Security Administration for this
incredible program that helps so many people by providing choice of providers
now you can choose who you want to help you go back to work it’s great I thank I so support the mission of Invisible Disabilities of awareness advocacy and resources and we are just delighted to be able to be a resource to
this community [audience applause and cheers]

Does Smash Pay Enough?

Does Smash pay enough? Yes and no. … Oh yeah, I need to elaborate. On October 6th, when the supermajor Big House
9 ended, Smashers around the world were filled with delight. Mang0, a fan-favorite Melee player plowed
through singles, defeating amazing players like Hungrybox and Zain, eventually winning
the whole thing. Zackray took Smash Ultimate over Dabuz as
his first, and well-deserved S-Tier victory. Fans of both games couldn’t have been happier,
that is until the payouts were announced. Mang0 was awarded with a sticky hand for his
efforts, while Zackray received a frisbee. This quickly shifted the discussion from happy
positive “I love Smash” time to a talk about Benjamin Franklin, or rather the lack
thereof. Smash tournaments have traditionally been
known for not paying an amount of money proportional to the time and effort top players put into
the game. People will grind for 8 hours a day to get
second at a huge tournament, and barely make ends meet. Even simply profiting off a decent placing
like 5th or lower is very difficult if you don’t have a really good sponsor who pays
for your travel costs. My goal with this video is to go over some
of the most common suggestions for how to either fix or at least mitigate this issue. I’ll also, of course, be giving my personal
takes on everything mentioned. I feel at least decently qualified to talk
about this kind of thing, as Smash videos are currently my main source of income, so
how about we get started? Nintendo pot bonuses So let’s get this elephant right out of the
room. OK, now that we’ve done that, how about
we try to answer the question that’s on a lot of Smasher’s minds. Why doesn’t Nintendo support us financially? They clearly know about our scene, I mean,
with them tweeting about big tourney results ‘n stuff. Some have theorized greed to be their reason,
but I don’t see it that way. I’m pretty sure the reason, and this explains
a lot of decisions the company makes, is that Nintendo’s behind the times. Remember the Wii? Stupid question, Wii all do haha, but how
many games on the system can you honestly say had an enjoyable online experience? There was definitely Mario Kart, Brawl sort
of if you were both using like, Google Fiber, Animal Crossing? Okay, that one was actually kinda fire. Well my point is that during the Wii’s mostly
offline lifecycle, online play was thriving on other platforms. Blockbusters like Call of Duty and Halo taught
gamers around the world how to cooperate with each other, play in a competitive environment,
and learn words that I probably shouldn’t say unless I want my account terminated and
limbs removed. Meanwhile, Nintendo was just busy being Nintendo,
not jumping in on the craze but sticking to what was working at the time. This demonstrates why they’re really one
of the most boomer developers out there. Although, what’s to stop them from changing
their minds? Just about every single one of their consoles
has done well (not you) because of their family-friendly business model. Yes, maybe there could be some benefits to
their company from running their own events or collaborating with already-existing tourneys. For example, it would be amazing for publicity. I’m just saying that when that one kid won
the Fortnite cup, everyday people were buzzing about it left and right. But Nintendo isn’t ready for that yet, and
understandably so. As much progress as we’ve recently made,
most eSports still aren’t that big. There’s nowhere near the same sense of security
when investing in them compared to regular sports. Americans grow up playing soccer in school,
seeing live basketball games, and watching the Superbowl at home. It’s ingrained in their culture, so when
a company invests in ad space at a sports game, there’s always money to be made, unless
it’s bowling. Meanwhile, eSports are still kinda niche. It’s risky to try and profit off of them. Thankfully, Nintendo’s definitely trying. Remember that tournament they had in Kyoto? If not, that’s ok, but I mean, what Smasher
wouldn’t want a free trip to compete in Japan? They’re also holding another online tournament
where the winner gets their travel to Genesis 7 covered, so that’s definitely a step in
the right direction. Still doesn’t fix the issue of low payouts,
but it is cool of them to cover someone’s hefty travel costs. Regardless, it’s Nintendo’s choice what
they do with their money. We’re not entitled to it in any way, so
what can you really do? How about we raise the entry fee? This suggestion has been pretty popular lately. Most big tournaments cost a set venue fee of
around $50 or so plus $10 to actually enter yourself. Some have suggested a raise to $15 or $20
entry. So let’s take a trip to math class real
quick. Mang0 earned this much money for winning Big
House with a $10 fee per player. Multiply that by 2, assume we keep the same
number of entrants and bam, there we go. Doesn’t look as bad, but it’s still eh. It’s also not considering that a price increase
could easily lower the amount of entrants, and a percentage of the payouts would likely
end up going to more top 16 players. Increasing the entry fee won’t magically
make every Smasher super well-off. Still, it’s not like I’m against at least
helping. Like, as long as people still go to stuff,
I see nothing wrong with supporting top players a little more. Tournaments could maybe even disguise some
of the venue fee as a pot bonus to keep the higher entry fee from scaring people away. Instead of paying $50 venue, you pay $60,
and 10 of those dollars go towards a pot bonus that no one knows the source of. Actually, that might have already happened
a bunch of times and we never knew about it. There have also been suggestions for alternative
methods of funding. One that’s already seen a decent amount of
success in another game is selling character skins. If the creators added DLC alts like Metal
Mario, Dry Bowser, or Summer Palutena, there’s no doubt in my mind they’d sell like hotcakes. Rivals of Aether does this very thing to fund
their big tournaments, and have actually a good amount of success with it. The Rivals pot at Genesis 6 was higher than
Ultimate’s at Big House. So it clearly works really well with a much
smaller game. Is this the kind of thing Nintendo would do,
though? It’s hard to tell. They’ve always been a little conservative
with how much DLC gets put into their games, so I don’t see it happening any time soon. Also, if they do make a ton of profit from
it, it’s not our right to demand that money goes straight into our beloved EVO pot. But let’s theorize for a moment. We’re going full MatPat right now. Say we lived on another planet and actually
did raise an enormous pot bonus for a huge tournament with 10 million dollars on the
line. This would be amazing, and I’m sure it would
create one of the hypest Smash tourneys ever that people would remember for years to come. Players from all around the world would willingly
pay their expenses for something this big. As amazing as it sounds, there is one important
thing to keep in mind before running any event with the intention to succeed. Simply throwing money into a pot and expecting
people to show up doesn’t seem to work. Everybody needs a reason to show up, not just
the professionals who have a shot at winning. There are many ways to make your tournament
appealing for a large pool of Smashers. For one, you could round up a pool of Smashers,
literally. Smash n’ Splash gets thousands of entrants
every year, because, well, it’s at a water park in the summer, even your grandparents
would want to go to that. Not that you’d want them to tag along but
just saying. Splashing is only one of the many incentives
that can help get more Smashers to come to stuff. Others include a 24-hour venue, cool vendors,
holding it at a convention, redemption bracket, the list goes on. Now it’s not as simple as it sounds to run
a great event, but hard work certainly can pay off in this case. In general, holding tournaments that lots of
people go to will help a ton with increasing payouts. Smash doesn’t seem to be dying any time
soon, so there’s always going to be a wide range of potential entrants, as long as the
tourney looks cool enough. This does however mean that we, meaning you
and I, might want to consider supporting whatever big events come our way. Now I’m not saying everyone has to travel
the world 3 times a month just to get 129th consistently, no that’s a waste of money. Instead, I recommend focusing on what’s
near you and then going to at least one or two events a year. If you live in Wyoming and there’s a regional
in Colorado, go to that. If lots of Smashers in your state are carpooling
to CEO, tag along with them. I get that money is an issue for a good amount
of people, but most big tourneys I’ve gone to have been well worth the cost. The experience of attending a regional or
supermajor has almost always been very fun for me, and there’s typically something
for everyone to do. You can money match, grind friendlies, socialize,
witness passionate crowds going crazy for offstream matches, and of course, play Magister
to win a poster. If you’re 12 and can’t attend majors because
your parents won’t let you, then okay that’s a valid reason. But for the general Smasher aged 16-24, even
going to one big tournament a year will not only help the top smashers you love get paid
more, but it’ll hopefully be a lot of fun for you too. Finally, I can’t end this video without
talking about the new amazing money-printers that Smashers are turning to, YouTube and
Twitch. Now, I don’t know much about streaming,
but I do like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about Smashtubing. Doing YouTube in addition to competing can
either be super fun or frustrating depending on the type of person you are. The nice thing is that anyone can do well
with it, as long as you have good enough ideas that a lot of people will watch. You don’t need to be a pro player or anything. However, there’s a catch in that not everyone
has a passion for this sort of thing. I personally love making videos and sharing
my ideas, but I can definitely see how some would find it extremely boring. You have to grind a lot, especially when it
comes to editing, so if you don’t enjoy the process, then doing YouTube might not
even be that good for some people compared to a regular, more enjoyable job. But for those of you who do have an interest
in making Smash, or any other kinds of videos, here’s the best advice I can give right
now. If you have an idea for a channel that you
genuinely believe in, please, by all means go for it. I know this sounds cliche, like just do it
XD, but I’ve seen so many people put it off because of the endless stream of excuses
that keep coming up. The biggest one I know of is how it’s 2019
and getting discovered is completely impossible. That’s just wrong. I made my channel just under a year ago, at
a time when it seemed like corporations were the only ones with a remote chance of succeeding,
like hello, YouTube Rewind? But because my channel was interesting to
enough a good amount of people, I’m doing pretty well right now thanks to my amazing
fans. I’ve talked to many individuals who want
to make channels but don’t for whatever reason, and it just makes me sad. If you don’t know anything about video editing,
learn it as you go. If you don’t know what you’re even doing
and feel like all the other YouTubers have it figured out, trust me, none of us do. Anyone saying they know how to cheat the algorithm
is either lying or making scummy clickbait, literally just have a good video with a semi-decent
thumbnail. Now, making a solid, original piece of content
might not be the easiest thing to do, but if you think you even have a chance at ever
producing something remotely decent, absolutely go for it. Just switch YouTube time with something less
important and the least you’ll get from it will be a fun learning experience. Oh, then how do you become a successful Twitch
streamer? I’m no expert, so ummm, just follow Ludwig’s
example? Nobody knew who he was practically yesterday,
but he’s been growing so fast it’s not even funny. As of right now, those are all the methods
of earning money with Smash. Sure, the game’s no cash cow right now,
but making a living solely off Smash and content for it is at least a sort of possible. If you place well at locals and regionals
consistently, that money does add up. Then, of course, making some extra, more reliable
income can always help whether it’s through YouTube or Twitch. This is definitely a complicated topic, though,
and I’m not pretend I have all the answers to the issue. But hopefully this video served to either
inspire or at least educate you guys on what’s going on. The way I see it, both YouTube and competing
are a hobby, and the money is just a bonus that lets me put a little more time into them. Okay, I think I got most of my thoughts out
there. Let me know if you guys have any, as well. Maybe some other suggestions for making money
through this game that I haven’t talked about. Ok goodbye.