Cuomo administration minimum wage report gives green light to $15 an hour increase for NYC small bus

Gov. Cuomo (left) is joined by then-Budget Director Robert Mujica at a press conference (Susan Watts/New York Daily News) ALBANY — A Cuomo administration report to be released Thursday gives the green light to minimum wage increases slated to go into effect next year — including the expansion of $15 an hour pay in the five boroughs  New York’s low unemployment numbers, economic expansion in the state’s leading industrial sectors and a moderate national economic slowdown mean the planned pay increases scheduled for 2020 shouldn’t be a problem, according to the report, penned by Cuomo budget director Robert Mujica Advertisement  “Although the economic forecast is not without risks, the current outlook for continued growth in employment and wages at a moderate pace should allow the State labor market to absorb the minimum wage increases scheduled for 2020,” Mujica writes  That means employees at city businesses with 10 or fewer workers will join those at larger companies and fast-food workers in earning $15 an hour starting Dec 31. On Long Island and in Westchester, the minimum wage will rise to $13 per hour The wage in the rest of the state will increase from $11.10 to $11.80 an hour.  The report champions New York’s low unemployment rate, which fell to 3 8% late last year and has remained around 4% through most of 2019. It also notes that household income in the state rose 2 5% in 2018 compared to a nationwide increase of 0.8%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau [More Politics] Nancy Pelosi plans major statement on Trump impeachment »  The percentage of part-time workers is projected to drop from 52 1% a decade ago to 41.2% next year while the age of the minimum wage workforce has gotten older and is more likely to be working full time, according to the report  The percentage of workers between 16 and 24 is expected to drop to 31.3% in 2020, compared to 41 4% in 2009.  Opponents argue that hinging the increases on unemployment numbers is misleading [More Politics] De Blasio worked an average of 2.3 hours a day during bulk of his failed presidential campaign »  “New York State has regional economies that are vastly different,” said Ken Polasky, vice president of government affairs for the Business Council of New York He argues that population declines across the state mean that some counties are “losing people as quickly as they are losing jobs ”  Other opponents have expressed fears that raising the minimum wage would cause workers to lose jobs and prompt restaurants, retail stores and fast food joints to raise prices Most Read Former NFLer Larry Johnson accuses ‘Freemason’ Dwyane Wade of sacrificing his son for ‘the doctrines of demons’ George Zimmerman files $100 million lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s family Daniel Jones’ ankle sprain can’t be the real reason Eli Manning is playing on Monday night  Mujica’s assessment, which is mandated to assess whether increases move forward as scheduled or if there should be a delay, is backed by several studies that show jobs have not been lost as a direct result of New York’s gradual rise in wages from $7 25 starting in 2009. [More Politics] De Blasio worked an average of 2.3 hours a day during bulk of his failed presidential campaign »  “New York is leading the fight for economic justice, proudly setting a national example by raising the minimum wage,” Cuomo said “Nearly three years after the first minimum wage increase went into effect, we are seeing the benefits all across the state as we’ve achieved record low unemployment rates, fewer people living in poverty, more individuals working full-time jobs and more families now have the opportunity to live a decent life ” Despite the glowing report, Cuomo has admitted one negative side effect of the minimum wage increase has been its contribution to an uptick in Medicaid spending, which in turn has resulted in a budget hole for the coming year that stands at $6 1 billion.  Polasky said businesses are facing a similar situation with rising labor costs  “They have hard decisions to make,” he said of lawmakers trying to come up with ways to close the budget gap “It’s the same kind of thing employers are facing when they see increases in operational costs ” Advertisement Latest Politics Return Home Bloomberg releases new ad blitz to blanket all 50 states

Check out tonight’s special market video analysis

Hey gang, filling in for Rob, he lost his
voice. It’s Z here. Let’s take a quick look at markets and see what we’ve got up
next for the next day. Markets have been in a bit of a dive over the last couple
of sessions and perhaps recovery today. We’ve broken an uptrend formation as you
can see on the SPE minis that uptrend broke on the backs of some poorer PMI
data from the US some manufacturing data that came out earlier in the week, Monday.
It was followed up with some negative headlines on trade yesterday and today
we did get some more data, it didn’t come out pleasantly but there were some
headlines that came out suggesting that things between the US and China may
actually be better than Trump had suggested yesterday morning. Yesterday
morning at about 10 a.m. Eastern time we got headlines saying the US and China
are looking good and then Trump said “well we may want to do the deal after
the election”, and down, down we went 5 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time yesterday. From
about the 3120 level on the ES down to the lows that we suffered yesterday
3069.5 the gamma pin in the market allows institutions to
stay long and swing traders looking for that next bounce but was today really
the day where we got a recovery signaling up, up, and away we go from here.
We had some interesting trades today on the SPE minis that I’d like to walk
you through today and give you a sense of how we traded the morning and how we
traded the close and give you some hints on what we think is gonna happen
overnight and into the open of trade tomorrow morning with a couple of
tidbits and goodies on what you can do yourself into tomorrow morning. So, I’m
going to pull up a chart of the SPE minis on a 5 minute basis and what you
can see over here is we did take a nosedive at the beginning of the week
that nosedive took us down to lows those lows were about the 3069
and a half a point area and what we saw yesterday afternoon was a
grind up, grind up, grind up flatlining overnight a dip down and then we got
this big, big pulse up. Now, this pulse up got us into a sideways range ahead of
the opening bell today and what we did in our Active Trader Room was
some guidelines for what we do as a starter trade for the day our suggestion
to our community was very simple. We were looking for a breakout above 3107 for a
buy we were looking for a break down below 3100 even
for a sell and as you can see on the chart we did move up in the pre market
that happened around 4:05 a.m. Eastern Time with some Bloomberg headlines broke
suggesting the things between the US and China are getting a little bit better.
That did not carry the market much further beyond 3106-3107. We ended up
breaking out and that breakout happened on the 935 am candle we then went into a
flag or a consolidation pattern – I fumble the ball a little bit during this area
but I staunchly stood by the side of unless this market takes out 3118 we’re
not likely going higher. Why is that number so important? Let’s take a little
look at what happened the day before when we go to 5:10 a.m. Eastern Time
right over here on December the 3rd in the wee hours of the morning the
headlines broke and Trump suggested that the deal between the US and China may
actually happen after election. So, markets didn’t take that very well and
went into a tailspin as we saw when we were waking up yesterday. However, that
grind overnight it throughout the day and then overnight did leave us in a
positive enough spot to look for a breakout we had a couple of push highers
the one at 4:00 a.m. the one over here at 9:35 a.m. and then we flag sideways.
Unfortunately into the end of the day, the market that had strong breath 4 – 1
advancers versus decliners on the new york stock exchange for a good chunk of
the early morning didn’t last for the entirety of the day. What we saw into the
close was people moving and rotating into defensive names like, Pepsi for
example. We saw Staples get a bit of a bigger bid and we saw the market price
darndest to get above that 3118 market which again was the breakdown point. So,
we had a breakdown point right at that same line as you can see over here and
that’s the area that the market is now challenged against it’s that
battleground. We need to get above that 3118 area in tomorrow’s market just
just continuation higher now I did mention I did trade the moves in the
market from the beginning of the day and I’d like to take you on that journey and
show you what the results were. So, starting at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time we
were ready to short the market getting below 3103 to 3101 and we were ready
to buy the market on a rise up to and through 3107. That’s exactly what we did
we executed as you can see a buy over here my buys kicked in at around 3109
and a quarter of a point and that carried us up into the flag pattern for
the day where I’d extracted about a hundred dollars worth of profit from the
market. I then fumbled the ball a little bit – it’s
not always perfect and we saw a bit of a sideways move occur in the markets until
I decided nope it’s going down we’re not likely going to be able to carry this
load into the close and I saw a negative profit for a little while until
we got up to that 3119 area and got rejected and as we came into the close
and shortly after the cash market closed down, down we went, I closed my short
trade which was taken on at thirty-one thirteen point five that was closed at
3108.75 and it extracted from the market a total of all of the
moves today $217 dollars and here’s the live cash account
that it was traded off of you can actually see over here when I click on
this button what the net P&L of the day was two hundred and seventeen dollars
and 20 pennies USD that was a trade on the S&P E minis for the day and our
thought process for Mr. Market overnight is we haven’t gotten a convincing signal
that we are to rise it looks rosy but a few things have not actually capitulated
that we need to see capitulation on. Capitulation on gold, for example,
breaking down below a key support structure 1477 – that hasn’t happened yet
we may simply be in a pause right now in this downtrend on gold after it broke
the neckline of a double bottom pattern on a journey back up to 1500. We have not
seen capitulation as of yet on the usd/jpy the usd/jpy didn’t break above
that 108. 9 marker and stay above. In fact, in the very
timeframes we’ve seen the yen gets stronger and break this up trend
formation add to that the volatility index for the S&P 500 which did give us
a big scare at that 5:10 am marker yesterday and we saw
that big move up and then a big, big selling week if you will. We ended up
with a VIX candle yesterday that suggested continuation up. Today we did
open up with a little bit of a higher VIX print but throughout the day ground
down. We tested a key support structure and bounced right up off of it.
Capitulation comes in with the VIX below that 50-day moving average the S&P would
then be clearing the 3118 area and we would suggest to folks that at that time
when we’ve got that signal the two days of scare that we’ve seen which have been
the two most negative days since October the 8th, start to get overturned. It’s a
time to either be in cash wait or short and look for inverse trades overnight
which is counterintuitive to the bullish candlestick print that you’ve got on the
day. Ideas like SH like PSQ like RWM and we’re gonna be managing those in our
live Active Trader Room first thing in the morning tomorrow if we see the
market above 3118 into the open and it’s up up and away from there with gold
capitulating the USD yen capitulating VIX capitulating it is back up to retest
the highs. We know that we have seen a couple of negative days that has not
broken the big upthrust that started on October the 3rd but, if you remember back
on October the 3rd the reversal was instigated on the heels of bad data that
implied Powell was likely gonna take deeper and sooner rate cuts. We did get
the rate cut at the end of October and we did see the market rally on an
uptrend that is now broken this market has been overdue for a bit of a pullback
and that started early this week. Is it finished?
We hope to continue the journey with you in the next nightly video

06.12 .2019: USD perks up amid robust employment (USDX, USD/CAD)

The US Department of Labor released nonfarm
payrolls which surprised both pessimistic and optimistic analysts. The labor market revealed much stronger employment
than expected. Most market participants were braced for weak
hiring in November, bearing in mind downbeat data from the ADP payroll processor posted
on Wednesday. However, the government data revealed surprisingly
strong employment growth. Last month, the US economy added 266,000 new
jobs while analysts expected a modest increase of 181,000 new jobs. Moreover, the reading for October was upgraded
to 156,000 compared to 128,000 originally reported for the previous month. Investors also cheered an unexpected downtick
in the unemployment rate. The figure edged down to 3.5% in November
from 3.6% in October. Nevertheless, traders took little notice of
such upbeat data. Investors were also encouraged by acceleration
in the annual rate of wage growth to 3.1%. This information signals that headline inflation
could gain momentum soon. In other words, the Federal Reserve could
put monetary policy on hold at the nearest meeting next Wednesday. Inspired traders resumed buying the US dollar. As a result, the US dollar index rebounded
from a one-month low with an effort to regain losses. At the moment of recording this video, the
index won back 20 pips, having approached the resistance level of 97.70. The greenback is asserting strength the most
against its Canadian counterpart. The USD/CAD pair is steadily climbing to 1.3280. The loonie is losing ground in light of a
weak report on Canada’s labor market. Defying the forecast for employment growth
in November, the number of employed people is still declining. This time, Canada’s economy lost 71,000
jobs. Apparently, Canada’s economy is not as healthy
as it is viewed by the Bank of Canada. The new trading week is likely to start on
the positive note as investors are going to react to the strong nonfarm payrolls. So, the US dollar is set to extend growth. We wish you a nice weekend. See you back on InstaForex TV channel on Monday!

CRC Welding Student – Cameron

I would definitely recommend taking the
welding class at CRC. It’s definitely worth it. What I like most about the program is
the professor. He’s really knowledgeable in what he does and he doesn’t play around he really knows his stuff. Definitely the the equipment here is I mean is top-notch you get really good equipment it’s all the best stuff you can get. It’s definitely something you see out in the field.

S. Korea’s working mothers still face low pay, job instability

convert the past Korean women have more
opportunities to work after starting a family but government data shows many
have to settle for unstable conditions with relatively low pay one in ten make
less than eight hundred forty dollars a month
Kim J help us look beyond the digits according to data released Friday by
statistics korea 2.8 million mothers with non adult children had a job this
past april and the vast majority of them nearly 2.3 million had paid jobs but
more than 40% of moms who earned money had relatively low monthly incomes of
less than one thousand six hundred and eighty US dollars around 10 percent of
them earned less than a hundred and forty dollars a month and 33 percent
were somewhere in between only 13 percent made more than three thousand
and three hundred and sixty dollars another issue they face is employment
stability while seven and ten paid workers are employed full-time three in
ten were contingent whether a mother was employed or not was also correlated with
how many children they had and how old they were those with multiple children
had a lower employment rate than those with just one child and the younger the
child the less likely it was the mother will be working mothers whose youngest
child was below six years old had an employment rate of under 50% but for
those whose youngest was between 7 and 12
61% had a job and that rose to 66% for moms with kids aged 13 to 17 meanwhile
moms were working fewer hours a week on average compared to a year earlier the
decline according to statistics Korea was caused in part by the new system
limiting the workweek to 52 hours Kim Jae Hee Arirang news

Introducing “Making Your Website Work”

Hi there. Guess what? My book “Making Your Website Work”
is finally published and available on Amazon. And in this video I
would like to tell you who is it for, what’s inside, how is it structured and
how you can use it to improve your website. Who is this book for? This book is for
business owners who have a website, obviously, and if you’re writing you copy
yourself and create your own pages you’ll learn how to write better copy
and what design mistakes to avoid. And if you hire copywriters or designers to
help you with your website you’ll learn how to spot poor copy and make sure the
design isn’t only pretty but is also effective – something I’ve seen many times
going wrong with business owners who hire people to help them just
to end up with really poor copy, really poor design.
Because they couldn’t distinguish, you know, what makes copy effective, what
makes design effective. This book is also for copywriters to use it not only for
your own business but also to work with your clients. For copywriters who want to
sharpen their skill and learn how to spot bad design decisions and discover
powerful arguments to use in conversations with clients and designers.
Because sometimes you work on a team
and sometimes the website does not perform the way it should. But it’s maybe
not even your fault. Maybe the design was bad but now you
would know and you would be able to point to your client that something is not
working out and it’s not actually a copy. And plus, you get to charge higher
rates for your services because now you know more, now you understand not only
the copywriting part of the website but also the design part, right. And it’s also
for web designers. It’s the same as for copywriters. For web designers to use
it in your client work because now you will understand, first of all, what
makes effective design so you will be able not to design just pretty websites
but websites that work. And you also will be able to warn your clients if you see
that the copy on this website you’ve been working with
with your client and their copywriter, that the copy is not as effective as it
should be and at least warn them or at least not be the person to blame later
when something goes wrong. So how is
this book structured? What bothered me in many business books that I never
finished reading was long chapters, a lot of theory, a lot of words that could have
been omitted where I was thinking, man, I got your point, come on, let’s go talk
about something else. But it’s like unnecessary words, it’s
like everything is long and not as actionable as I wanted it to be. So, this book is
different in the sense that it has all the words that do not help you take
action removed. It’s divided into 100 chapters that are independent from each
other and each chapter deals with a very real issue on real-life websites that
I’ve seen several times, and it helps you improve your website on the spot. So, it’s
snackable format, very actionable and you can read it in any order
you like. I thought about it as a kind of gamification in the
sense of that you will be or may be surprised by the next tip. You will be
looking forward to it. It will be like unwrapping candy and not knowing what
the what flavor it will be. You would know it would be a great flavor. You just,
you know, will be surprised. So it’s less monotonous. But of course I wanted you to
be able to find everything quickly. It’s not like, you know, it’s like it
disconnected tips that are just scattered all over the book. So, I made
sure you can also find things that you are looking for. For example, you have a
problem with your homepage, so, you will be able to find all the tips about the
homepage. Or you would like to read tips only about copywriting. You can also do
that. And I did it in two different ways. First of all, each tip has a sign, like a
letter in front of it, like, “C” for copywriting, “D” for design, “UX” for user
experience to give you an idea what the tip will be about so you can just skip
the tip you aren’t interested in at this point. And also it will have an index
at the end of the book that organizes tips by topics. I will
show you a screenshot of it later. Another thing that I was missing in
other business books are examples. Real-life examples. Many, many, many examples.
Almost every tip has an example. Every third tip has an illustration to
make the point stronger that I’m making or give you an example
of, you know, an ineffective design or effective design, because it’s difficult
to describe design problems, right. So many tips that are about design also
come with an illustration. So let me show you what I mean. Here you see
table of contents and you can see that every chapter, every tip deals with a
particular issue. For example, why you should hide “follow me” social icons, why
you should delete your testimonial page, or how you shouldn’t make headings
look like buttons. And you see that you can read them in any order. They are
not necessarily connected. And this is an example of a typical
chapter with a practical tip about a call-to-action button. The big letters
“C” that I already mentioned at the beginning indicates that it’s about copy.
And you also see an illustration next to it that contains examples of effective
and less effective CTA copy. And here’s another tip about subheads
written on a page that demonstrates the effect of vague subheads
and compares it to what happens if actually your subheads are clear. So you
can really see what difference it makes. And when you go on Amazon it actually
gives you so many other examples that when I looked at it I was like, come on,
Amazon, don’t give everything away. They will show you at least I think 10 tips
and the complete table of contents and the complete index, which is this. As you
can see now you see topics and pages. Here, for example, under copywriting
you’ll find tips about benefits, how to write copy that resonates, tips on
headlines ,questions in the copy and so on. So, if this sounds like something that
can help you get more clarity as to what makes your website work, to help you become
more confident about your copy and design decisions, and help you actually
improve your website, get this book on Amazon. And when you do, once you start
reading, once you start implementing its advice, let me know what you think, how is
it going. Because the most I care about is not that you buy it, but that you use
it and that it helps you. So at the end you will see this happening to your own


For a vulnerable adult affected by illness
or disability, having the Office of the Public Guardian on
your side to help make decisions, can be a source of peace and comfort.
Protecting the rights and interests of adults who don’t have the ability to make their
own decisions is a big responsibility. The Public Guardian can be appointed by the
Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal as a decision maker of last resort for personal
or health matters if there’s no one else who can help in this way.
Where possible, the Public Guardian will make decisions in consultation with the adult concerned
and with loved ones and friends of the adult. And if there has been an allegation of a vulnerable
adult being abused, neglected or exploited, the Public Guardian can investigate the complaint
to ensure their wellbeing For fact sheets, and more detailed information.
head to the website. The Office of the Public Guardian. Protecting
the rights of vulnerable Queenslanders.

5 Affiliate Marketing Lies That Are Holding You Back & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve!

Hey Miles here… In this video you are going to learn the five
lies about affiliate marketing that are keeping you from earning the income that you desire. So I started making money online as an affiliate
in 2003 I’ve generated millions of dollars online in profits and today currently I earn
hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate. And I’m seeing there’s a lot of lies being
passed around by the fake gurus and on forums and Facebook groups that are keeping you from
having the right mindset to truly create the success that you desire. Affiliate marketing works when you do it the
right way. So let’s break down these five lies and give
you the positive alternatives so you can build a proper mindset. Number one is that it’s easy. Now this comes from a lot of sales messaging
from the fake gurus who are selling you how to courses. And if they sold you the reality, which is
it’s a three to five year plan, it’s a ton of work now. It’s a lot of late nights and early mornings
and banging on your keyboard solving problems. And that ain’t very fun, but they can’t sell
you their thousand dollar course, their $500 course or $2,000 course with that truth. So what do they do? They make it sound easy. And here’s the problem with making affiliate
marketing sound easy is when you get engaged with the process and you realize this is extremely
difficult, you might give up and if you give up, you’re never going to earn the income
that you truly desire. Okay? So that’s how this kind of unrealistic expectation
that’s passed around from it being easy is really hindering a lot of people because ultimately
it is a three to five year. My best analogy that I use all the time is
that we have gigantic pile of manure that we need to move and we have a spoon to do
it. So we might as well roll up our sleeves and
get to work the magic when you get it right, the lifestyle can be incredible, but it’s
a three to five year game. You need to publish hundreds, if not thousands
of posts, hundreds if not thousands of videos and iterate on everything you’re doing right. You got to work hard and you gotta work smart. So that’s number one. Number two is that it’s passive. Somehow. This world of affiliate marketing is passive
income. And as someone who’s been earning income online
for over 16 years at this point, I can tell you nothing about it is passive. Your server’s going to get it on at certain
points. Your WordPress site is going to need updates. Your WordPress site is probably going to get
hacked at some point. You’re probably going to get an SQL injection
at some point. Somebody is going to take over your website
and redirect people to um, unmentionable websites happened to us multiple times. There is, you might think, well, I could outsource
the whole thing and I can let other people run it. Well, who’s going to hire those individuals? Who’s going to manage those individuals? What happens when they stop showing up because
they see the owner isn’t showing up? The truth is that there’s nothing passive
about the world of affiliate marketing. It takes a lot of work and that’s okay. What are we doing with our time anyways? Right? As an affiliate marketer, we focus our time
on creating helpful, valuable content for our audience. This video here is an example of me just taking
some time on a Wednesday afternoon to create some helpful, valuable information for you. Am I going to call you to action in this? Am I going to try to sell you something? Absolutely not. I’m just giving some value to build trust,
to help connect with new members of my audience, et cetera, et cetera. And with that said, if you are new to my channel,
if you haven’t seen my videos yet, hit the subscribe button, hit the thumbs up and let
me know you’re new in the comments or if you’ve been around for a while, subscribe. Anyways, I appreciate you. So knowing that it is active, it’s a real
business. It’s an active business. It takes constantly refining your skills. It takes constantly publishing new content. We have to stay ahead of the game. You have new competitors entering the world
each and every day who are all vying for that number one spot on Google or YouTube or whatever
platform you’re on the day you try to coast on easy street is the day like me, ambitious
and individuals like myself and like the millions of other people here who are hungry. That’s when they’ll start to overtake you
and anybody who tries to treat this as passive is lying and you can see all the people selling
you passive income lies. They’re blogging, they’re posting to social
media, they’re sending emails to their list. All of this is active work. Embrace the work, do the work, and you will
be rewarded if you stick with it and you’re strategic and intelligent enough. Number three is the biggest third biggest
lie is that it’s all about finding the right product, okay? So many people are like, well, what network
is the best network and what products should I go after or what niche, what this, that,
the other. That is the wrong way to look at it. Okay? Affiliate marketing is not about products. Affiliate marketing is about helping people
accomplish their goals, solve their problems, and really, truly achieve more happiness in
their life. And when you realize that as an affiliate
marketer, you’re literally taking on the role of problem solver for other people, you start
to align with the right way to do affiliate marketing. What do I mean by this? So let’s use this channel and let’s use my
current miles Beckler brand and business. I have six different websites generating cashflow
right now, but let’s use this one as an example. So within this one website, people are trying
to figure out how to rank a YouTube video, how to rank a blog post on Google, how to
do keyword research, how to do Facebook ads. Okay? And what I’ve done is I’ve taken my time to
learn the process from my 1516 years of experience, digital marketing online. I’ve taken all of this time to learn all of
these tactics and processes. And then I take the time to create content
that shares how to do this. So I’m not only learning how to overcome other
people’s challenges, I’m taking time to craft content that teaches them how to overcome
their challenges. And the truth of the matter is people buy
from those who they trust. And if you’re helping your audience members
get on the path to their goals, get solutions to their problems, get answers to their questions,
you become their trusted advisor. And when you are their most trusted advisor,
you are the one who is affiliate links. They will click on, you’re the one who’s recommendations
they will pay attention to. And that is how you ultimately make affiliate
sales. So the world of affiliate marketing is literally
committing to an audience of people and saying, you know what? For this group of people, uh, it could be
racing drones for racing drone, new racing drone enthusiasts who want to build their
first racing drone. I’m going to take the time to teach them how
to do it. I’m going to take the time to discover the
wrong ways to do it so I could teach the right way to do it. That’s what we do as affiliate marketers. And really, truly embracing that it’s not
about the product, it’s about the audience, their goals, their needs, and how you can
craft the right kind of content to help them on that path. Number four, biggest lie is that there’s a
shortcut. Now, I’ve said many times in other videos
that the shortcut is really sticking with one thing for three to five years, but what
happens is so many people in the world of affiliate marketing think that there is some
magic system or there’s some magic traffic source or there’s some magic thing out there
and what does this lead to? Well, it leads to reading sales letters late
at night, feeling overwhelmed and hopeful and dopamine hits and anxious. It leads to watching webinars, thinking that
the person on this webinar has some magic secret that they’re going to teach you and
that they’re, they’re back to number one, right? Their explanation of how easy it is with their
system and all you do is copy and paste everything that they’re doing. It’ll work for you. It’s just not true. That’s how they make their income. And when you think that ultimately there is
a shortcut, this opens up a seed of doubt. This is an opportunity for the fake gurus
to get in your mind to help make you think there’s that. You’re missing something and without their
system, their tool, they’re this, they’re that. They’re training their 500 $902,000 thing. Without that, you’ll never figure out the
game and I can tell you firsthand, my wife and I started our first business that’s still
running to this day with nothing but web hosting and a domain. We installed WordPress. It costs us less than a hundred dollars and
that website has brought in millions of dollars. Why not? For many fancy courses, I couldn’t afford
it. I was flat broke. I had to move back in with my parents at 30
I had $50,000 in student loan debt. I did not have money for 200 400 for a $50
course. I had no money at all. We did the work. We committed to crafting the kind of content
that our audience wants, likes and enjoys. That helps them, that answers their questions. And sure enough, we built trust with this
audience. And then when we started recommending specific
products and tools and services, et cetera, they took our recommendations, they clicked,
they purchased, we earned money as an affiliate. So there is no shortcut and that’s a good
thing. It’s active and a passive and not a good thing
cause we affiliate marketers are ultimately helping other people solve their problems. We take their challenges on for them, we do
the research for them and we craft great content that helps them get what they’re looking for. Number five biggest lie is that it’s too competitive. And this is amazingly incorrect. Now I do a lot of, got a little inner circle
membership and I do a lot of niche research and I’m working with hundreds of different
individuals right now. So I’m able to see inside of many different
niches and I end up doing keyword research and, and niche research in dozens if not hundreds
of niches and am astonished at the major niches that have maybe three or four big time players
in them. And that’s it. And these are what I would consider major,
major niches. There is always room at the top for ambitious,
hungry, hardworking people willing to outwork their competitors intelligently. You know, there’s this old adage of, um, you
know, we’ll work smarter, not harder, hate to break it to you, but the game is about
doing both. You need to work smarter than your competitors
and you also need to work harder than your competitors. There’s not too much competition out there,
but there are people who have a headstart on you and that’s all it is. You’re never going to go to Google and type
in a search phrase or a YouTube and type in a search phrase. You’re never going to find zero results, right? It’s just never going to happen because Google’s
one job is to deliver you something and Google is going to deliver you the most relevant
piece at that moment. What can happen, you can actually step up
and create better content. You can be more optimized with how you create
it. You can outwork and out strategize your competitors
and you can take over the top spots. I don’t care if it’s the world of podcasting,
if it’s on YouTube, if it’s on Google, the playing field is wide open. Now you got to remember it’s kind of like
playing a professional sport, right? If you want to play in the big leagues, if
you really want to go up against tiger woods and you’re trying to think that weight loss
is going to be, that’s your key. Rephrase. You’re going after. You need to realize that that’s a heads up
match against the best golfers in the world and 99.99999999% of people can’t do that,
but when you get down into these little sub niches of how to hit straighter drives for
men over 50 or how to hit longer drives for women in their forties et cetera, they are
wide open and there really isn’t too much competition. I’ve said for years, there’s always room at
the top. I was able to take this channel into one of
the foremost digital marketing channels on YouTube in three years. Out of nowhere. People had decades worth of headstart on me
and I currently rank up with some of the best search engine optimization and video marketers
in the world. Three years of hard effort, not too bad. My blog is now generating 55,000 visits per
month in the same way in some very competitive spaces. Remember, I’m going up against digital marketers
and when you focus in on racing drones or quilting or knitting or whatever it is you
are interested in, um, old home style, Hungarian recipes, whatever that is that you’re into,
you realize that the quality of competition goes down drastically and the number of competitors
go down drastically. Then you need to be more strategic than they
are. All 570 videos on this channel are designed
to help you with just that. And then you need to outwork them. And this is the truth. And I’ve been working 60 70 plus hour weeks
for over a decade now and I love it because all my time is focused on helping you understand
how the game works to get the tools, the tactics, the techniques you knew you need to truly
create the business of your dream. I wake up at four or five in the morning,
every morning driven, no alarm clock. I’m just excited to get up to give more value
to you and when you find that level of for your audience and you’re engaged in doing
the active work and you’re excited and you realize there is no shortcut, that this isn’t
easy, and that’s okay because you just love racing drones or or a Hungarian cooking or
whatever it is you do and you just, every day you get to publish more great content
for your audience. That’s the mindset then you need to just stick
with it. Okay, so you need to publish more frequently
than your competitors do. If they’re doing two posts a week, you need
to do at least three posts a week to start to catch up and overtake them if they’re optimizing. At a C level, you need to optimize at a B
level or an a level, right? You need to work harder and smarter than your
competitors, and then the key is to stick with it long enough for all of your results
to compound. And that’s why it’s about a three to five
year plan. Those are the five big lies of affiliate marketing
here on the end screen. I’m gonna have a video pop-up. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, I have
a one hour long free course here on YouTube for you. Click on that. Watch that. If you have questions for me, that’s what
the comments for below. I appreciate thumbs up. I appreciate comments. I appreciate you and I look forward to seeing
you on the next video. Be sure to subscribe so you get notified when
that comes out, till we see each other again. Be well my friend soon.

Digital Marketing News 12-6-2019: What’s the Best Channel for B2B Marketing?

Welcome to the digital marketing news,
I’m Tiffani Allen. And with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Hey,
we are in a different location. We are. We wanted to show you guys a little bit of
the super cool office that we work in you can see we have our bright pink
cloud chairs I want to call them not inflatable those are courtesy of our
clients Adobe thank you for this amazing Christmas gift and feeling sproingy yeah
I think I’m ready to go yeah all right well our first story this week
is there has been a major report on Instagram brand post engagement and
frequency so this is focusing specifically on brands and whether
people are paying any attention to them on the gram as I have been informed the
children College today yeah it’s a social insider research they looked at
7.4 million posts and they found sadly engagement has been declining a little
bit since last year so we’re talking about a 3% decline year-over-year not
major but in the margins that we work in and social media still makes a bit of a
difference what I thought was interesting though is they found that
the highest engagement comes to the smallest accounts alright so up to about
5,000 followers gets the most amount of engagement and it goes down steadily
from there the more followers you have Wow that makes sense the more folks you
have out there the just kind of a numbers game that way yeah but if you
are one of those big brands and you are looking for more engagement and they
found that carousel posts actually sparked more engagement than just a
regular picture post or even a video post Wow
so carousel posts kind of like multiple posts and one still not as fun as an
actual carousel but definitely something to look into if you’re a brand looking
to boost that engagement rate and we are we are we are another News Twitter
publish their 2020 marketing calendar excellent very excellent indeed so this
is going to help marketers keep their tweets timely and includes major
holidays media events sports political events all the things you might or might
not want to tweet about as a marketer it also includes some high-level tips
things you might want to do to make your tweets more successful get that our
engagement what have you and you can use Twitter ads tools to
check on the engagement of these posts and the volume stats for events is worth
a download check out the news post or a link to access this report yeah it’s
kind of a handy little PDF thing you can just print out and keep on near your
desk or if you’re a paperless office like ours keep on your desk top haha
personally I’m going to be waiting for Twitter to roll out their advent
calendar for next year where you open a little door and get a new hashtag every
day Oh have you thought only especially if
the hashtags are made out of chocolate they should be it’s the only good kind
for our next story I have to tell my Generation X folks that there are birds
and snakes and aeroplanes and that Lenny Bruce is not afraid because this is a
report on the end of personalization as we know it how do you think that makes
me feel fine not bad for a millennial thank you loving it I do have a bit of a
tummy ache but that has nothing to do with the report this is Gartner for
marketers their research team is recording a prediction that 80% of
marketers will stop investing in personalization period by 2025 just five
years from now Wow they said marketers are observing a lack of return on
investment in their personalization efforts they’re having trouble dealing
with customer data and an age of legislation about customer data and
customers just getting leery of why do we have all this and what are we doing
with it so these are things to keep in mind but I do think it’s worth pointing
out personalization in this case they were looking specifically at allowing
users to customize marketing assets so brands attempting to have customers make
these things their own so upload a picture of yourself using this tool and
add it to this picture of our mascot and move I hope it’s not the weird mascot
guy from the Phillies the Phillies flyers or a politically insensitive frog
you know any of these things and thousands of them now are just baby Yoda
so I know just take a moment for baby Yoda so that doesn’t mean though that we
should be giving up on making things personalized and relevant for customers
targeting segmentation and brand personalizing content for the user such
as dynamically generating content for a website based
on browser history and also of course in your email no yeah getting email that
you might send to a user that should all be personalized email hey do you do you
want to talk about email oh I had no idea you wanted to talk about you know
hey I do if it looks okay great so big news get ready the biggest email tops
b2b channels for b2b customers no I know it’s crazy
so the b2b digital experiences report just came out by EPI server
they said that b2b buyers prefer email over any other channel for brand
communications 54% want brands to communicate more frequently by email but
marketers list paid search and website as more effective channels than email
that’s it is weird but 49% of companies plan to invest in email marketing
systems by 2022 so we have picked up on my do say none we may not think of that
as the most valuable Channel but it is definitely worthy of continued
investment exactly also I hope it is a new fresh email marketing system and
you’re not just sitting there manually sending emails we’re going to pay Bob
two more dollars per email to write and individually personalized email for each
person it works I wouldn’t recommend it but of course the purpose of all of this
marketing that we’re doing and personalized as it is is to try and get
some customer loyalty going right right well there’s some good news there too
there’s a new survey from some folks called yopo
perhaps a multiple why OTP oh they did a survey of 2000 and 100 adults and 89% of
them consider themselves loyal consumers to at least one brand that’s super cool
but 67 percent defined loyalty as just I tend to buy from the same brand not I
love the brand I want to invite the brand over for Thanksgiving dinner you
guys I’m so tired of eating turkey by myself right but I tend to buy from the
same brand but eighty-seven percent said that they needed to have at least three
purchases before they consider themselves a while so I think that’s a
pretty decent indicator right what I thought was interesting you know we talk
a lot about custom experience in this particular survey 78%
of folks said that the product itself was the driver of loyalty that price was
a close second and that customer service so that customer experience was kind of
a distant third only 26% said that that experience was really what was driving
that loyalty so that’s something that’s worth keeping on yeah customer service
was up from 7% of responses last year though okay so that is a pretty big jump
looks like customer experience is starting to close hey keep an eye on
them and then you know if you think about if you’re buying a product and
it’s really really bad but the service is really good you probably still aren’t
gonna buy that product again right like them but my cars on fire you know it’s
not good all right fair enough but what we really should ask ourselves as
marketers and we don’t ask enough is what will customers do for a brand
loyalty even mean what’s an impression so 59% said they’ll join a loyalty
program a gun great way to nurture contacts through email 59% said they’ll
recommend the brand to others which is ultimately the goal is our customer
advocacy right yeah 36% said they’d spend more money and ignore cheaper
alternatives which on the one hand that’s less than half on the other hand
that’s a third yeah those are all factual accuracy that’s how numbers work
only 10 percent said they would follow or engage with a brand on social media
though even being loyal customers so that’s a challenge that we’re gonna have
to look at that’s a challenge or you can think about the other way if they’re not
engaging with you but they’re buying your products mm-hmm okay you know five
percent said that they would do anything for love but they wouldn’t do that we’re
still trying to figure out what that means we will google it and get back to
you this is all the news we have for you this week if you need more of course you
can follow top-rank on twitter at top rank or me at tiffany underscore Alan
that’s right you can find me on twitter at nitrites that’s ni te w rit yes and
please do subscribe to the blog and to this your YouTube channel and we will
continue to bring your awesome stuff all through this year and 2020 and beyond
and beyond we will see you next week thanks for tuning in bye bye

3 Google My Business Hacks To Get Ahead In 2020

Hi in this video I’m going to look at
three things that no one seems to be doing in Google My Business. By doing
these three things on a regular basis not only will increase your traffic and
help you rise up in the rankings. But it will also enable you to get ahead of your
other competitors Hi I am Zane from Zanet Design and I help
businesses grow their business on the web. I use my 20 years of experience to
help people like yourself to take your business and to see how you can improve
it. Now Google My Business is certainly one of the tools that can really help
you grow your business when it comes to gaining local traffic. There are many
videos I’ve produced in this area, so do make sure you subscribe down below in
the corner and then click the little button or the the bell as well, so
notifies you of the next update. So we’re looking at 3 ways in particular that most
businesses don’t seem to be doing when it comes to Google My Business. This
is a chance for you to get ahead here. So take each one and try it.
Practice it. Go out and and take your website and your Google My Business and
work together and see if you can improve your presence in the coming few weeks by
trying these three things. So what’s the first one we’re going to look at? Well
simply put it’s just “Add more photos that are relevant to your business” Now
you’ve probably already got some photos added. You’ve added your logo. You’ve
added a couple of pictures of who you are who the team is for your business
maybe even one or two of the areas where you work. But what I’m going to say is add
many, many more photos. Why? Well because photos also have their own
search results. You no doubt have come across the fact that websites have
search results but also images do. So if you’re searching for something, people
often will just search for images instead and those images can take people
to your business to your website or to your Google my business reference so
what I saying is the more photos you add, the more traffic will come to your
Google My Business listing. Now if you don’t believe it then let me show you.
I’ll show you here in the analytics of how these photos have produced more traffic. So what I’ll say to you, in my case, I’m a web
designer. So adding photos of what I’ve done.
Designs I’ve made. Customers that are happy with their websites. Websites that
are looking great on a mobile as well as a laptop. All these are ways of adding
the images even though they may be on my website it just gives a chance for
traffic to come to Google My Business by means of images too. So why not try it if
you’re electrician company, then show several wiring diagrams that you’ve used recently.
Show some references to some of the happy customers with their wiring or
with their new lampshade or whatever it is. If you’re a plumber show the work of
a plumber. Whatever your business just look back through small photos maybe of
customers and clients and upload them and that will be my first tip to see an
increase in traffic as statistics show for 2020. Now the second area that I want
you to look at when it comes to improving your Google My Business
presence is to look at posting on a regular basis to Google My Business so
okay maybe you’ve added a couple of products, you’ve added a couple of
services even, you’ve put a description. You’ve done all the things that have
been mentioned in my previous videos that are just essential. But have you
considered once or twice a week, writing an article that includes some keywords
so in my case I’m a web designer so I’d write about web design I’ll write about
hosting, about graphic design, about logo design, but when I write about it just
think of a few keywords that are relevant to my locality too. So I perhaps
mentioned a couple of the towns nearby. By doing that on a regular basis, it
just lets Google know that I’m still here, these are my keywords. This is my
relevancy. So when you talk about web designers in this area think about me. By
updating regularly the posts and there’s different type of posts you can have to
and by adding a couple of images. You’re giving Google a lot of information about
your website, but a lot of information about your relevant business that’s
looking for business too. So on the regularity of it of posts that’s my
second tip for 2020 that most people don’t do. They post once or twice and
then they just forget to post again. My final tip is a video I made earlier
today actually so you may want to check this out and it’s the fact that most
people haven’t got a virtual reality or a 360-degree photo of their premises. Now
in the past I always thought that you’d have to have 500 pounds in your pocket
to do this. In most cases if you want it done really professionally which I
would recommend if you’re an important business that has maybe several rooms Or is much larger and it’s really relevant to see how your premises looks. Well then
500 pounds is well spent because it does also officially tell Google that you
exist. But on the other hand if you haven’t got that type of budget, you can
still do a 360-degree photo video for free if you want to know how to do it
well have a look at the the link above now that I put in the video for you. But
simply put, you download an app from Google. So Street View and in Street View
you can take a 360-degree of your premises and then it just recognises the
business because your GPS and you can upload it straight to your Google My
Business account. Now on the majority of Google my business locations and
listings haven’t used a 360 degree yet. So maybe they’re in the future in 2020
that will become another factor that Google uses to put you above other
businesses. And of course if you make the top three of your location and your
business then you will see a load of traffic coming through from local
customers inquiring for your business. So I really hope those three things are my
favourite three things at the moment. The majority of people I’m
doing website critiques for don’t seem to be doing. If you can do them you’re
going to benefit your business in the coming weeks and months ahead in 2020.
Thanks for staying with me make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you again on the
next video