Junk Office – Bad quote? Make it yourself.

(edgy music) – I’m an outdoor educator
at a world class university. These are our sheds
where we store our stuff, our canoes and kayaks, and surf boards. All the kit that takes
you out into the world. We also make some of our stuff. Here’s a junk-made paddle. Students will bring in
whatever wood they can scavange, make up a paddle and then paddle down Australia’s biggest river. It’s very cool. In our shed we also
have this little office. And this little office is
where we’ll go have charts and maps and make lists and basically plan where we’re gonna go. Our office here though is, it’s crap. It’s full of stuff. Becomes a dumping ground. And it’s dysfunctional
to staff and students. We sent an email to our internal people, requesting a new office. We attached fancy designs for our storage and a big wide desk. Put it through to a contractor and they said, yeah, we’ll do that for 12,900 bucks. I nearly spilt my coffee. I said, mate I can do that in a day with people’s old desks. Now, old desks are all over the place. Everyone’s getting new stand-up desks. So, three great
opportunities come together. We’re gonna get a new office, we’re gonna save the uni 10 grand, and old desks get another round of life. (squeaking) Oh, it’s a horrible
squeak, it’s like a murder. I don’t even know what’s in this. Out comes the printer. Oh, and my paddles. They’re worth more than my car. I don’t even know what that thing is. Oh, another bit of desk. I forgot about this one. Based on the quote, I
reckon we’ve already saved about 500 bucks. I’m gonna keep all our screws. I went canoeing in these
and I put padding in them, underneath the velcros
here and I just keep ’em in there now. So, you just become this knee-able man. It’s a bought one, that’s brilliant. Look at this little
fella, she’s on wheels. Look at that, can just go wherever. Oh, there’s money under here. God, academic life’s so
clean and sterile these days, it’s kinda nice to get dirty. Almost an hour, to do the clean out and we’re at, this is the final stage. Don’t breathe, don’t breathe. Ugh. I’m in a bit of a manic state because, ’cause, I think I often
work best this way, just to get into it and so, well now I just make
some raw measurements to see where we’re at with
our inventory of stuff. It’s great, I’m doing more
problem solving in my mind now than I think I do in most days. (panting) (machine running) Ah, I didn’t do it deep enough. I’ve made a cut into the bottom one. Bugger. I need number one. Ah, that’s sweat running into my mouth. Actually tastes really good. Oh, Beau, you d**k. Okay, all good, I’ll
get this one up first. It’s a rookie mistake there, Rookie mistake number two. So, she’s pretty junk-yard, right about there, mate, beautiful. It’s just turning this
super lovely little functional, it’s gonna be the grouse office. (mellow music) Smell that. Smelling hundreds of
years worth of history. Bloody incredible. Verandah post. To office post, with that
lovely beautiful piece of trim across the front. I’ve always had a really good relationship with stuff I think. And I know how hard things are to make, and how easy it is to throw away. (mellow music) but you spend a bit of extra time and you can stitch together
small bits of junk wood that most people throw out and you really can create
something out of nothing. How hipster. Oh, you almost want
to leave the hinges on, just to be cool. Two old brackets and
these are gonna be perfect to hold her up there in the middle. This screw there is off the
roof from my barn. Bank for buck, this is,
this is pretty schmick. I know this is just crap wood, right? It’s just sausage wood. It’s made out of everything that, all the prime cuts have been taken away and this is just sawdust reconstituted. But it’s got, it still
has a really valuable life beyond a skip, beyond one use. I like watching cars go past. They don’t know what’s going on. It probably says a little
bit about my personality, I don’t mind looking like
I’m a bit of an outlier. Maybe I’m the only ever
academic at this university who’s made their own office. That’s a cool claim to fame. I haven’t told them actually that I’ve cut up their old
desks to make something. (laughing) Might get me into trouble. Might get an email in
a couple weeks’ time. CCTV’s captured me, stealing desks. Yeah, that’d be funny. I don’t know. It’s a very simple equation this. You see a $13,000 quote come through and you think, I just, I don’t believe it. I know enough about building stuff to know that that’s gonna
take me, I don’t know, eight or 10 hours which is about right. And no way is it gonna cost 13 grand. Even if it was new materials. Hell, even if it was cedar. Birch from the side of a
Scandinavian hill, you know? Wouldn’t cost that much. So much of my workday over there too. 380 Steps away, is where
my regular office is. And I often come back to this point where I park each morning, and you know what my day
has not really progressed anything in the world. Thin air emails. Whereas this is a real tangible
thing behind me right now that we will use for, I
don’t know, 10 or 20 years? That means a lot. And makes this cuppa tea worthwhile too. Yeah, I’ve earned my cuppa tea, I don’t have to go for a
run right now, I’m stuffed. So, made two shelves to go under here. And eight shelves to go under here. Jesus, I do stink. Get stuck in, I’m just
gonna freehand these, just ’cause for the heaps of it and I trust myself. (mellow music) Something’s gone wrong there. Why are you not the same bloody size? 10 mill short, the old 10 mill thing. When you do, when you
read figures upside down, inside out, you of–,
well, I just cocked up. I was gonna give you a really good excuse as to why it’s cocked up,
but it’s just cocked up. Yeah, good math, Beau. Reading upside down, yeah,
that one’s right, you goose. Argh. Wouldn’t reckon, you’d get
bloody chips in your eyes with these on. There’s gotta be a sausage in my eyes. How the hell does wood
chips get up under there into your eyeball? I don’t know. Oh, lovely fit. No hands, mum, look at that. I feel like I’m on one of
those DIY shows on speed, ’cause I’m in a hurry. (machine running) Ah. Boom. Right, so they’re ready to go, I just need a bit of cleanup. Oh, is that too tight there? Uh-oh. Disaster. How’s that work? So, first and second work. (machine running) all right. Take two. Very satisfying. I can taste the finish line. I’m going for it, I’m just gonna. Right Mr Fridge. Little awkward, but a little bit doable. Well, that’s it. Just needs a nice washcloth now and this is a kick-ass little office. 10 hours of building, bump in, bump out, in this junk office. I’m really proud of it. I think it’s fantastic. I look forward to sitting in here and getting some work done now. (mellow music) What would I make with
all these off cuts now. There’s squillions of them. A miniature office. Maybe a doll house office? Do you reckon they are going to let us now spend and extra $11,000 on canoes? Hmm. Good idea, Beau.

How To Start A 6-Figure Social Media Marketing Agency In 2020 – SMMA 2020

Alright guys, so I have an awesome one for you today This is how to build a six-figure social media marketing agency in 2020 now I get it There’s a lot of videos probably Popping up here in the next couple of weeks on this exact topic Of all these people trying to sell you their course and all these different things. I’m not trying to sell you anything I’m just trying to provide massive value right here of how I would go through and think about my business if I was starting over completely from scratch Let’s say in the next couple upcoming weeks. I lost everything January 2020 this is exactly how I would structure my business this how I would look at it and how I would build a six-figure Business in 2020 and then even on to a seven-figure business within the next 18 to 24 months right now I’m not gonna talk about getting clients or these in basic little concepts a little kind of like front-end business models I’m gonna talk about the core business Plus some back end products and back in the ways and we can go through and make money for you in your business because at the end of day There are so many videos on YouTube even on my channel alone of how to get clients for your social media marketing agency So we’re not gonna cover that but some of these topics might sound a little bit cliche or anything like that But I’m gonna graze over the cliche topics and then dive into the core topics. They’re gonna help you make more money So the first one this one’s gonna sound a little shade, but it’s absolutely critical that you do this and that is first focusing on a niche or specialize Okay, so I’m just gonna write up there So you’re not gonna really make any money with your marketing agency If you don’t specialize if you don’t get a specific niche nailed down Because I remember about four or five years ago when I was not successful. I wasn’t making any money I had chiropractic clients dental clients Network marketers insurance agents real estate Every one and so every single brand new person I brought on I felt like it was reinventing the wheel Right and not only reinventing the wheel but then I bring on like a chiropractic client, maybe like, okay what are some other do you have any other clients that you’ve act hadn’t good results for and I was like yeah this real station over here and they don’t want to hear about a real estate agent or like this dentists is like Do you have any other dentists you work with? Yeah this insurance agent they don’t want to hear they want to hear about someone just like them and So I know this is like really cliche and everyone says it but it’s a hundred percent the truth Then after this, I would not only focus on a specific niche But I would specialize and focus on One core offer right here. Okay, and this is going to be will put a client Work where I am charging one to two thousand dollars per month and this could be a wide variety of services, right? This could be running Facebook Ads doing email marketing SEO building a websites This could be a lot of different things of going through and focusing on this client work right here Now the key thing here, obviously that’s kind of the core of a social media marketing agency and that there’s nothing new This is nothing that probably isn’t new But if you’re not doing this if you’re not having success if you’re not making money right now you’re not doing this and this is as you’re going through and Prospecting doing all the things that all the different videos on YouTube talk about on getting clients. We are building an Email list Okay, no matter what Anyone says the money is still in the list. And if anyone says email marketing is dead. There are a hundred percent wrong They’re not doing it and they’re not making money from it because they’re not doing it, right So an email list is absolutely crucial now I was talking with a friend of mine who is probably watching this video And if you don’t know who you are if you’re watching us, you do know who you are But I’ve been working with him and talking with him last year So now asome just recently was like hey You know how BIG’s your email list is like I don’t have an email list guys If you don’t have an email list, there’s no way to go through and nurture and values and a blog post videos Let them know about new products or offers you have anything like that? And then also when it comes to marketing You have no data to create custom audiences and have the retargeting ads for your own business You might be doing it for your clients businesses But if you’re not doing if your own business, it’s not going to benefit you whatsoever So even at the beginning you’re not spending any money on paid ads you want to be building an email list Even if it’s just a hundred percent organic right out of the gate, okay? Now, this is our core now there’s gonna be three key things that we want to do on the back end of this to help you build your business and make More money. Okay, number one And you’ve probably heard me talk about all these things But I want to dive into a little bit deeper on all of these things. Okay. So one is a youtube channel Okay, and we can make some money right here on ad revenue But let me dive even deeper in on a YouTube channel Now some of you guys watching this will probably be like well Jason You have to have a thousand subscribers four thousand watch hours actually make money on ad revenue well Guess what at the other day like the ad revenue is chump change like if you’re if you only got a thousand subscribers four thousand Watch hours, you’re making like a hundred bucks a month. So You’re not making any money. Anyway, right like I’m making some decent money, but like it’s been growing over the last couple of years But here’s the power of your YouTube channel First of all, there is someone that I was this probably watching this video as well I was talking to and guess what he’s got a YouTube channel did exactly what I told him to do He started a YouTube channel. I don’t even think he has a hundred subscribers yet But from those hundred less than hundred subscribers He is now making $10,000 per month now you might be thinking well, how is he doing that? Well, he is in the orthodontic space Okay, and it’s not like oh now you need to jump to the orthodontic space. It’s pick a niche specialized right pick one He figured out okay, I’m gonna go work with orthodontists maybe he had some low-hanging fruit client that he started working with and then started just rolling off of that and Then he started a YouTube channel Basically showing what he does to mark it and do lead generation run ads for those orthodontist. Well, guess what? Orthodontists the last thing they want to do is run their own Marketing their own lead generation and most business owners are gonna be exactly like that so they might type into YouTube how to generate leads for my Orthodontic practice or how to run ads or whatever it is Then his video pops up and his videos only have like a hundred views max Okay, but they watch them he becomes an expert in their eyes and then he’s got a little link where they can go through schedule A call with him. Boom He brings him on as a client And this is coming back to this core client work where he’s charging 1 to 2 grand per month. That’s how he’s making $10,000 per month Okay Then obviously as he continues to grow this he’s going to be able to double dip and get some ad revenue right there and then an addition He’s able to build his email list. Like we’ve been talking about right here with all organic traffic guys I’ve been building my email list slowly Through YouTube and I’m now generating 60 to 70 organic leads every single day and then another type type of thing off of YouTube that we can do is Now you have these people who’ve already watched our videos Well, we can run retarding as all those people who have already watched our videos bring them back in to our email list and come And invite them to go through and work with us on our core offer Like I could literally talk about YouTube for hours guys how important it is I don’t care if you like to be in front of a camera I don’t care if you’re like not gonna net don’t know how to do it figure it out I like I was terrible in front of a camera I thought I sounded weird But I just did it and it’s been a complete game-changer for me and my business and if you do it correctly And just follow my videos exactly what I do. It’s gonna be a complete game-changer for your business Now number two right here guys. This is through courses and this is gonna be low Ticket courses. Okay. Now this could be in courses that are low ticket that are your own courses. Okay. It doesn’t matter if it’s like Your course or it could be someone else’s course like right now I have all my courses in the real estate space. I pay out forty percent Commission’s on all of my courses So if you’re like, I don’t want to spend the time to go create the courses I don’t want to create the sales pages the checkout that’s just like sounds too daunting We’ll just leverage someone else that already has courses and these are going to be lower ticket guys We’re I’m talking about not the thousand-dollar courses. I’m talking about 50 to 100 dollars because Ultimately, we want then we want to make some money off of the email lists or building right here And if people are like I don’t have the one to two thousand dollars to work with you directly right now Well, we have this down sell of hey, well, here’s a course you can go through learn how to do it on your own right So these courses right here, especially when we start running paid traffic for to get clients on right here This is really nice to help recuperate any ad spend plus at a certain point It’s all gonna be a hundred percent profit. Okay? now the third thing that I would do that you should be doing a hundred percent is software Not billing it, but as an affiliate So, what do I mean by this whatever software’s you are using right here You are going to have your clients sign up for those software’s become an affiliate for those software’s So that you can be making money right here the down cells right here on YouTube you have all these different passive income or these ways of making money that are coming into your social media marketing agency k So you’re not just a hundred percent? Reliant on client work because the client drops you you’re screwed, right? Or a clients like I’m just gonna do it by myself Well, you can still if you’ve referred them to a software that you use Then you can still be making money off that person without even having to do anything same thing with the courses right here game. So arsenal were releasing an affiliate program early 2020 so if you guys were looking for that we’re gonna be paying out 30 percent recurring commissions on that which will be super helpful for anyone in the real estate marketing space, but then there’s so many other software’s like if you look at click funnels they payout Leadpages convertkit all these different software’s they payout and most likely This is not software’s just like to find a random software These are software’s they’re you are using for your core business model right here Okay. So these are this is exactly how I would structure my business right here if I was starting over completely from scratch if I Wanted to go through and build a six-figure business Like don’t have the 60 to 90 mindset. Can you go build a $10,000 per month business in 30 is 60 days Yes, you can I went from zero to 25000 in 90 days. Okay? 25,000 per month But you want to have this long-term Mindset in strategy in place so that you’re not having to work harder than you need to write these things right here This took me a while to figure out I was so focused right up here for so long Where you don’t get any leverage? you don’t really get any free time because you’re going through and building this and all these little so-called gurus courses out there on YouTube They all talk just about this because what happens is one little guru went and watched somebody else’s course like Tai Lopez’s course They went they built their business right here to ten thousand dollars per month They’re like, oh man, I can make a lot more money selling courses on how to go through and do this And so they stopped this core business They’re selling courses and they never actually learned to do any of these things because I never had to because they never actually did it Right. So this is exactly how it would structure it but the key thing is and I can’t stress this any more than just like keep saying it beating into your head is Building an email list, right? I have a decent-size email list. I have a decent-sized facebook messenger list I have tons and tons of phone numbers My email list outperforms all of those when it comes to actual sales and money in the bank Okay, as far as engagement open rates all that stuff Yes messenger performs a lot better texting performs a lot better when it comes to like a New promo new offer and I won’t actually make money. I blast an email. Okay, and it’s a lot less invasive It’s a lot less annoying to people to suppose I hit them with a Facebook message or even a text So anyway guys, I hope this was valuable Like literally this is like this this concept right here If you really understand it is literally worth millions of dollars. Okay? I’m not just saying that it’s not just like the flow this this whole like famous like build up this whole video right here But it is literally worth so much and once you get these core parts down in the backend You’ll end up getting to a point where this is All making you way more money than your core client work where you’re still doing your client work because this is the core That built this so you don’t want to forget what got you there But this is going to Jupp to it and that you’re just having basically doubling and tripling your money Through these little things right here on the backend. So anyway guys, I hope this was helpful if it was Give it a thumbs up. Share it with a friend that you might think Might find this valuable if they’re looking to start a social media marketing agency or if they’ve already started one But they’re struggling whatever it is And also if you’re brand new here Make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell because I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business just like this So with that said guys and thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video

Hector recruits Daniela in his illegal business | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

You know, Tope… When Mama and I almost died, I was so afraid. I didn’t want to
leave Mama’s side. I know she needs me. But, Cass… You can’t hold this load
all to yourself. I know your mom wouldn’t
want you to worry as well. Why don’t you just go back to school? It’s easier to forget the
bad things when you’re busy and surrounded by friends. Cass… That would be better for you. Hurry, Mikoy! This way! Come on. You’re still not done? Haven’t you bought enough? Of course, not. There’s
still more I want to buy. Are you spending
all your allowance because your dinner with
your mom got canceled? I admit, I was hurt when
Mommy ditched me. She forgot even though
it was her idea. But I’m not doing this
to get even. Just let me be, please. Fine. Whatever makes you happy. Okay! – Let’s look in here!
– But that’s the girls’ section! Mikoy! I think this suits you. Perfect! Everything you choose suits me. Alright. Miss, we’re taking this. You don’t have to. Didn’t you say I can do
whatever makes me happy? Daniela… I’m giving you 10 seconds. If I catch you… …believe me,
I will kill you. – Hector–
– One. Two. Hey– Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten. Let’s split up.
You take this side. I need to get out of here. – Got you!
– No! [GRUNTS IN PAIN] Hector! Daniela! Hector, no! Say your prayers. Hector, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have
done that to you, especially after all
you’ve done for me. I should’ve appreciated
everything you did. I’ll make it up to you,
I promise. I’m so sorry.
Please, I’ll do anything. [SCREAMS IN RAGE]
[GUNSHOTS] I’m leaving, Nanny. I have to go somewhere, too. Where are you going? I’ll go see your father. Your mother hasn’t come home
since last night. I’m starting to worry about her. Don’t worry too much, Nanny. I’m sure she’s with
Auntie Savanna Daniela… Don’t even try to
betray my trust. No matter how much I love you, I won’t hesitate to kill you and the rest of
your beloved family. Don’t you dare
lay a finger on them. Just tell me what to do. Get ready.
I’ll pick you up tonight. – You’re going to work for me.
– What? You’re the reason
my business went bankrupt. I lost everything
because of you, and you’re going to help me
get it all back. I’ve been trying to reach her
since last night. What if something bad
happened to her? Then I’ll go with you. Daniela! Don’t worry. I’m here now. This is nothing. Nanny, please, just
get me some medicine. Alright. Mom, what happened? Who did this to you? Good grief, Marga! Didn’t you hear me? I said this is nothing! I’m just worried.
You didn’t have to get mad. Fine! Hello? Cassie? Dad? Sorry to disturb you, dear. I just missed you. How are you and
your mom doing? I’m fine, Dad. You have nothing to worry about. Mama’s doing fine too. What about you?
How are you in there? I’m alright, dear. Glad to know
you’re both safe. Cassie… I know it’s difficult to
communicate like this, but can we keep doing it? Dad, I think it’s better if… …you get Mama’s
permission first. I don’t want her to think
we’re going behind her back. I’m sorry, Daddy… …but I have things to do. I just want to focus
on my studies. Take this to my client. I’ll send you
the address later. What’s this? What the hell?! Why are you surprised? I told you you’ll work
for me, didn’t I? But this is illegal! It’s too dangerous, Hector! Are you serious?! You want a Mondragon to
become your drug runner?! What if I get caught by cops?! Then let them! Just make sure you won’t
tell them about me. Don’t forget what I can do
to you and your family. I received an e-mail
from Maxwell. It’s about the Maxwell
Christmas Family Day. We can go together. It’ll be a nice break for us
after what happened. I’ll see if I can go, Mama. I still have a lot
to get done. Cassie… Is that really why
you don’t want to go? Dear, I know what’s running
through your mind. Even if it’s just you, me,
and your Uncle Neil going, we’re still a family. We’re complete. Let’s show everyone that
despite our struggles, we’re not giving up and that our family
stands strong. Police! Hands up! Positive. Our informant was right. This place is being used
for drug transactions. They even used a woman. You’re coming with us! No! I’m innocent!
Believe me! I don’t know
anything about this! If that’s the case, why do you have this? Don’t forget what I can do
to you and your family. I… I don’t know. If you don’t tell us,
we’ll throw you in jail! I said I don’t know! We can protect you and
your family if you will testify. Your boss will never get
their hands on you. Please! I don’t know anything! I swear! Please let me go! Believe me,
I don’t know anything! That was amazing, Daniela! What a great performance! Hector? They’re not cops. They’re my lackeys. I’m really impressed.
You never mentioned my name. Very good, Daniela. You have my trust again. How dare you?! How dare you do this to me?! See, Daniela? It’s so easy for me to
manipulate you. Get it? Do you realize it now? This will be your life
from now on. You’re under my control. And you really think
I’d want to continue this after what you did?! If the entrapment was real,
I would’ve been sent to jail! What about my daughter?!
My family?! Do you think you
have a choice in this? You’re lucky you
answered them correctly. Otherwise… Anyway, you’re part of
our group now. That means if we get caught… …you’re going down with us. If you go to the police,
you’re going straight to jail. Where have you been? Was Marga with you? She skipped class,
so I kept her company. You see, I was just worried
she’d do something stupid again. Wh– What’s going on with Marga? I don’t know either. All I know is that
she’s having a hard time because of her family’s
circumstances. I always stick to her because I don’t want her
to get in trouble. Mikoy, I understand
where you’re coming from. But love shouldn’t ruin
your character. Instead, it should
make you whole. If that relationship
is ruining you, maybe you need to discuss
what should be done. I’m just supporting Marga… …because I’m all she has left. I know that. But, Mikoy, supporting is
different from tolerating. You’re just bringing her
closer to danger. What’s going on between
the two of you isn’t helping her at all. Marga, is that alcohol? Why are you drinking? Dad, no! Why are you drinking?! No. Is this what you want, Dad? Is this what you want? For everything to break apart?! You want everything
to break apart?! Well here you go! Happy?! Because that’s what’s
happening right now. Our family is broken but we’re forcing
ourselves to be whole! We’re just putting up a facade! But in truth, no one really
cares about anyone anymore, especially about me! Hold on, Marga. Stop! You only worry about me
when I’m acting out! But once you see
that I’m fine again, you’ll return to your world
where there’s no place for me! – Just leave me alone!
– Marga! Marga! Nanny Esther! Care to explain?
Or will you just stand there? Are you keeping secrets again? I’m not keeping secrets.
I was working. Working? What kind of work? That’s not important
right now, Carlos. What matters now is Marga. That’s it.
Keep hiding the truth. Carlos, I’m trying
to save this family. I know we won’t survive
if we just depend on you. You can’t save this family
if you’re always gone. Marga only wants your presence,
for crying out loud. She sees me more often
even if I live somewhere else. Now that I’m already here,
will you please stop? Be thankful that Marga’s okay. Otherwise, I don’t know what
would become of this family. Are you scared of
someone like me… …because you know
you’re incompetent? You must be getting desperate because all your plans failed. You’re a coward. You only attack when
your enemy isn’t looking. You’re a murderer! Go ahead! Hit me! You think I don’t know that you’re behind the
bombing at the hotel?! Your stupid brother
wouldn’t do that if you didn’t ask him to! – You’re a murderer!
– Stop! That’s enough! Just leave! Hello, Daniela? Bernard, are you still in charge of
Dad’s finances? Yes. Why? Marga had a medical emergency. I don’t want to do this, but… …we really need help. Is Marga okay? She’s fine. But, like I said… – We need money.
– How much? Like… 750,000 pesos.
Is that okay? Like… 750,000 pesos.
Is that okay? But I still need to ask
for Robert’s permission. Better make it quick. The Maxwell Christmas
Family Day is coming up. They sent me an e-mail. And your mom and I agreed
to participate in the event. I promise we’ll be there. You don’t have to, Dad. You have a hard time keeping
your promises, anyway. Besides… …selected students have to
come up with a performance with their family
during the event. I’ll just tell my teachers you’re both too busy for that. Just tell us what
we have to do. Your mom and I
will be there. Listen to this. What’s this for, Mama? You mentioned we have to
perform at the Family Day. You don’t have to, Ma. Haven’t I told you before? I used to frequent karaoke
places back in the day. I’m sure people will enjoy
our performance. Cassie… Just because your dad’s
no longer around doesn’t mean we’re
not a family anymore. You don’t have to feel
like you lack something because of the
situation we’re in. I’m doing this for you. As much as possible, just like you did before. Thank you, Mama. Five, six, seven! [SINGS “DAHIL SA’YO”] – You’re not doing it right, Pa!
– I am! [CONTINUES TO SING] Wait, is that our song?! [STARTLED]
What do you mean? We’re using that song
for our number later. Oh my god,
you can’t be serious! That’s enough, Marga. I guess we’re winning this. No, Hector. Because
you’re a lying cheat. Because
you’re a lying cheat. [AMUSED LAUGHTER] Is that right? You heard me. Enough! I just want to ask – do you have access
to our joint account? Yes. Why? You see, Bernard, a huge sum was withdrawn
from our joint account just recently. What was that for? That money was for Daniela. She’s out of a job, and
all she has is the house. Robert gave her the money
because she needs it. Marga was actually
hospitalized just recently. That’s why he withdrew
that much money. Are you sure, Bernard? Because Marga
looks perfectly fine to me. The nerve of her to perform. Shouldn’t you have both
of your parents to perform? What? She’s such a drama queen. – Nika, stop it.
– Cassie. Seriously. Let’s just go. Excuse me, Cassie,
Mrs. Mondragon? – You’re up next.
– Thank you. Okay. This way. Never mind them. Ma, thank you for always
being there for me, even though you’re so busy and our family’s going
through many problems. Cassie. Mama, thank you for all
of your sacrifices and for giving me all
of your love. No matter what happens… …I will never leave
your side, Mama. Even if the world is against us,
I’ll still be with you. Cassie. I love you so much. I love you, Mama.

How To Stage And Sell A $5.5M NYC Apartment Model Unit

Narrator: This model apartment
unit in New York City is listed for just under $5.5 million. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is located in a prime location in Chelsea. Today, Cheryl Eisen and her
team are going to stage it and turn the blank canvas
into something completely new. Cheryl: This is exactly
what we’re looking for. Narrator: Cheryl is the
go-to luxury-apartment stager in New York. For this project, she’s
hoping to create a space with a Scandinavian look and feel. Cheryl: It’s a very minimalist,
light, airy design style. It uses raw natural materials, natural wood tones, monochromatic colors. Think Ikea, but way upscale. Narrator: Once she’s done,
she’s hoping the space will convince potential buyers to, well, buy. This apartment is one of
seven three-bedroom units and one duplex penthouse in
this new boutique development that was put on the market
at the end of October. But before a unit like this is ready to be put on the market, the
developers need an actual place they can show a buyer. That’s where a model unit comes in. Cheryl: So because this giant space hosts the dining room,
living room, and the kitchen, we have to delineate the
three spaces very clearly. So to achieve this, we do three things. One is we use a large area
rug to create the space that is the living room. So then we have the dining
table, which has its own space, and its chairs. And then thirdly, to
delineate the kitchen area, we have the stools. And now we’ve got three
different functions in one large room that create three separate spaces. Michael Kirchmann: Once
we have the furniture in, it actually gives the
buyers a very good sense of how the space feels with furniture, how the space flows with furniture. Narrator: That’s Michael Kirchmann. He’s the architect and
developer for this building and is the one who has enlisted
the help of Cheryl Eisen and the staging team at
Interior Marketing Group. To get a project like this
done in a timely manner, because time is money in this industry, there are a few key players: Alexandra Newman, the
art department manager, Wira Quesada, the textiles
and fabrication manager, and Marissa Eleccion, the project manager who will be overlooking the
design in progress on location. Cheryl: We want to create a Scandinavian sort of clean-lined style, and we’re gonna search the warehouse today for pieces that speak to that style. There’s somewhere in this section… These are a little too
colorful but very cool, sort of also Scandinavian. Definitely Scandinavian. This is the one I was thinking about. OK. So we’ve got the boucle
fabric, which we put on, and this chair is just so simple and clean and classically Scandinavian. I think Michael’s really
gonna love this one. So now dining tables. Follow me. What we’re looking for
is seating for eight. This is a three-bedroom apartment. You’d think, how many guests? How many kids? And you sort of get eight. But also eight actually is the max you can fit in this space. So we’re limited there. This is a 79-inch table. So now you need a base for this. So I saw once on the cover of a magazine when they paired a wood-top
table with a Saarinen base, which is usually a round marble tabletop. I think they’re gonna
look really neat together and just sort of make it
a little more authentic, less matchy-matchy, which
is always nice, right? It adds a little touch of “Who knew?” Now we’re going to art, and I’m really excited
to pick some pieces. Come on! All right, Alex, show me what
we’re doing for this space. Alex: All right, so come on over here. Our artists Pat and Corolla are working on what we call a diptych, which is gonna be a double-paneled piece. It’s gonna be 5 feet high by 10 feet long, which is just gonna
accentuate the massive wall that it’s gonna be living on. Cheryl: Marissa, I just wanted to find out what has been going on while we’ve been gone. Show me what the progress looks like. Marissa: Yeah, absolutely, let’s go. So first we are here in kind
of our main living space, and we have this beautiful dining area. We wanted to bring in this,
like, gorgeous, live-edge table with these really cool chairs that we, like, custom upholstered. So next we’re here in kind of, like, the main living-room space, and it was a bit challenging
’cause it’s kind of tight. Cheryl: Right, so the challenge is, like, this is such a small living room, and it’s right next to the dining room, which is right next to the kitchen. So to define the spaces individually, you use this big rug. Marissa: We created this
really cool custom media wall, and it’s making this
space feel very useful and just, like, very
welcoming to come sit here. Narrator: The furniture is moved in and reevaluated by Michael and
the team in the actual space. Sometimes, things don’t look as planned, and the team works quickly
to make the changes. Cheryl: Right, now tell me the bad news, because my idea about the Saarinen bases Michael didn’t love. Marissa: Didn’t love.
Cheryl: It was worth a try. Marissa: I mean, you know, sometimes we try something, and sometimes it’s great and successful.
Cheryl: So what are you gonna use instead? Marissa: We’re gonna do a nice
burnished-brass classic leg, which I think will just
show off the the table just as nicely. Cheryl: Next, bedding. I wanna stay in beiges and whites, and black is the only
sort of color in there. And I’m gonna choose a couple of pillows that I think are gonna
look nice on bedding and as accessorizing. So the reason I like to choose these very neutral,
calming tones and colors is because we don’t want to compete with what’s really selling the homes, which is the architecture and
the finishes and the windows and the views. We want to make sure that we honor that and speak to it gently, but we don’t want to compete with it. That’s the star of the show. Now we’re gonna head over to fabrication and check out some fabrics
we’re gonna use in the space. Follow me. Wira, what are we doing today for Michael? Wira: Here we’ve chosen to make
curtains for these two rooms out of these two fabrics. This one will be light and airy, and then this one will be nice and crisp, but they’ll both hang really nice and give us the achieved
look that we want. Cheryl: It’s nice to have,
like, a curtain like this ’cause the light comes through but you’re not necessarily looking at what’s outside the window if it’s not the greatest view in the world. Marissa: Here we are at
the final walkthrough. I just want to get some of your feedback and see what you think
about what we’ve done. Michael: I think the
original brief was to come up with a sort of a
Scandi-modern type of look. Lots of soft tones. I think what you’ve done is great. We have all the ochre colors,
the lights, the sofas. So I think, all in all, it’s
come together quite nicely. Marissa: Awesome, I’m so
glad you’re happy with it. We just walked through
the space with Michael, and now we’re gonna have Cheryl come by to add her finishing touches. Cheryl: I wanna start by putting this warm throw on the sofa. It adds some texture
and warmth and coziness. We added this great light fixture, which pulls in the black
color, which is very dramatic. So moving into the dining
room from the living room, we’ve got this gigantic wall. So again, what we did
was we chose this art, which is filling the wall, the scale’s super important, and we’re also bringing
you into the dining room by using these horizontal lines. Again, even the art speaks
to the Scandinavian style by the color palette, which
is very neutral and black. The dining room here, we
changed the table base and these legs look fantastic.
I think it was a good call. And I think this really, again,
speaks to the minimalist, Nordic Scandinavian style. So now we’re gonna come into the kitchen. And when you’re staging a kitchen, here’s the important thing to think about: You don’t want to compete with this beautiful
marble or the finishes. You just want to be very
subtle in the way you stage it. Use just simple little accents here, nothing that’s gonna distract the eye from the real selling points. OK, so here we are in the master. We’re just doing some finishing touches. I’m actually adding extra
pillows in this master bed just because when you layer a few layers it actually feels way more plush, way more inviting. All right, so now I’m gonna
go over here to the drapes, which are now installed. They look great. They’re adding light. The trick to draperies is to hang them as high as you possibly can and then have them just kiss the floor. It makes your eye go up, and it makes the ceilings look taller. So now here we are in the guest room, which is really
sophisticated and beautiful. This really speaks to the Nordic style, not only because of the
warm, deep tone here, which really adds drama, but also because of the natural woods, you know, sort of the neutral fabrics, the natural wood element here. But really my favorite
part of this whole room is the cool rug. It’s a really thick recycled woven rug. Got, like, depth and texture. Really is a wow statement
in a model apartment that you wouldn’t see in other places. So when staging in a new development also, it’s important to consider
dual functionality, or as much functionality
as you can in a small room. So even in a bedroom, we make
space for a desk and chair so you can imagine anything else than just sitting in a bed in a room. So when you’re designing
for a new development, it’s important to keep in
mind not to have the design be too personalized
and too taste-specific. This could possibly
alienate a large percentage of your buyer demographic, and that’s why, especially
for this branded unit, we stick to the minimalist,
neutralized Scandinavian style. So now I’m going into
the youth/guest room, and I’m taking a look. This looks so great. One of the best things
about this room I think now is the dual paint color. It just adds a little wow factor, and it’s a little unexpected, and it differentiates this
room from the other room. Narrator: So now that the
model unit is complete, hopefully it will strike a
chord with the right buyer.


Today we’re checking out a night market in Busan, located by Kukje market. Turns out, they don’t just sell Korean food. You’ll see treats from Vietnam, Taiwan Japan, and Turkey! ( 😊 just to name a few 😊) [ …. ] 안녕 친구!!! (hello friend!!) It is Sunday evening…. About 8 p.m…. And we’re gonna be checking out Bupyeoung (Kkangtong) Market ( Night Market ) Hello , Samgyeopsal Kimbap! It’s a Korean seaweed roll containing grilled pork belly. At another stall is reversed. Pork belly is wrapped around the vegetables. This stall sells kebabs.. OooOoooOh 🔥 Fire 🔥 This one…. It contains a shrimp in the inside… And the outside is made of potato. We have baby crabs for 5,000 won. Gopchang Galbi with some big scallions. I’m starting to drool… But, let’s explore some more, before digging in. This gentleman sells egg waffles… Look at these chunky proteins… Be prepared to have a small personal space bubble. There are two pedestrian walking paths… But, there a bit narrow… This stall specializes in Bindaetteok.
( Mung Bean Pancakes.) Perfect circles are made with a metal ring. The vendor runs their spatula to separate the cooked batter from sticking. 😍 OOooOh 😍 Here, they sell… Vietnamese food, and Spring Rolls, and Pho. You can order Cup Rice and top it off with… Mozzarella Cheese, and Fried Eggs, and Flying Fish Roe… A fruit stall. Oh, and… Here we have Hotteok… [ Speaking Korean ] Okay, so… I gotta pay this lady… [Speaking Korean Again…] Well, she cuts it open like a fish mouth… And, stuffs it… What makes it sweet… Is the brown sugar. Oooohh… They sell Mango Bingsoo here… Movie film angle themes are here as we approach the end The market goes open-air more stalls are lined up outside and are sandwiched between a collage of glowing signs. I see On the left if you guys are interested in eating raw beef You can They serve it in this restaurant. He’s our cue for the Hong Kong style waffles. The outdoor portion is Mostly comprised of restaurants. Let’s go back in the indoor area to get more of the street food. This looks intriguing Nearly perfect huge let’s return to the markets main area. We walked on this side of the market now Let’s take the other Lane. You know what I’m craving That thick juicy pork that we saw earlier that would like bundled up. We encounter another fish cake shop They come in circles triangles sticks almond eye shapes squares and more fruity drinks are served in light bulb shaped cups They appear quite believable If you ask me, oh who a family of sprouting sweet potatoes looks like hair blown by breeze but frozen in time You know these days people driving here, otherwise and then full of colors we know tiny terabytes and has That’s cool, you know, when you drew luckily a restaurant they serve it in this golden kettle we actually put the batter in there In Korea many couples wear matching outfits Sometimes they’re tacky and funny, but here’s a case where it’s done with sophistication like penguin and dress and shirt paired with white Familiar I saw this today in Taiwan I’m craving this actually I miss it so much Cantona. Begonia is a 3501 Sounds like head scratching and dandruff coming off in the most tastiest way She asked me if I wanted to make it sweet and I said yes She spread out the peanut brittle powder was a nice cutting nail She exported this from Taiwan, oh yes wrap it up like a burrito to the desert burrito Oh My dear, okay All right, I’m telling you da the people who work at this doll are super friendly on the other vitamins before it milk Oh Mighty most kill my people all that peanut brittle Thinking about the happy times I’ve had in time I Went on a bus trip to gfn and had this for the first time Now lady here was explained to me that she wasn’t able to bring dice from Taiwan So she just used vanilla ice cream from Korea It’s a little bit different for what I have in Taiwan, but it still tasty nonetheless already onto the second half Easy for president here. We have a couple wearing matching shirts I’ve had this in LA before. Oh, this is the Ice Cream Sandwich Hope doors ice cream a less credit area of the market allows this vendor to sneak in some satisfying stretches. Some cells are clean We already we got three more bites left who stays cold for a while I had it knocked it onto my fingers that no drip in action Doing that, it’s pretty warm in here Trim preps and potatoes things are dropped into the jacuzzi of oil So one basket of these is three thousand one. Well the table top is a little trippy It’s super low. If you want to party they remind me of mummies generously wrapped in cloth. Oh, it’s gonna be crispy The other is not as crispy and expensive it’s all about that shrimp meat overall It’s not so much where we want our last piece when I saw this more far. I was like Oh spaghetti noodles So far my mind hasn’t been blown yet by any of the flavors Scotch eggs so clunk the meat comes in spicy and non spicy and I’m gonna get non spicy just 3501 we’re gonna take one of the skewers Because they they cut it up in fours and then they put a cherry tomato in the middle, let’s step There’s that pizza baked into the hands a little bit of man Lawson And you have a toilet paper as a napkin When you walk on this market that’s a bit warm, but in here 1 2 & 3 fans What exactly is in that fruit sauce and oh, it’s a secret Done we doesn’t have that tomato. The egg. Yolk is up just to let it make chalky. It’s 9:20 time to go home It’s gonna be an hour bus ride back to Hill net beach area Over back to the entrance So there are a bunch of restaurants here But they have closed if you’re looking for a large concentration of authentic Korean Street food I recommend another market maybe like hyung joong. She’s young. Good night night market Should we check it out Well, I’ve never seen the sidewalk light up like this does it say something it’s really abstract there comes my bus To put it in the most loving yet honest way possible I want to say it was worth the one hour drive the most I will give it though is a 15 minute walk However, I have no regrets trying it out because I was curious about the market and we got to experience it together You can’t win all the time. I’ll see you guys in next week’s travel video. And yeah Remember to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more food and travel videos on a weekly basis Check out my other channel miss Meena all about adventures around the world outside of Korea

Best 100 companies to work for

Last weekend, I joined my wife at her
annual company picnic. She happens to work for one of California’s largest
health care organizations, but it also so happens that this organization is
recognized by Glassdoor as being one of the best companies to work for in
California. And I got to thinking, this would be a really good video to talk
about how it is that you can discover what the best companies are to work for
out there, and then take it one step further: How do you land at a position
with one of these companies? Before drafting this video, I went to
Google and I searched the phrase, “Best companies to work for in the Bay Area”
and I think the first hit that I came up with was a hit from Fortune
magazine. But right underneath that, there was another article that was in the San
Jose Business Journal; and then underneath that, there was an article in
Business Insider. And then a little bit further down, there was an article – it was
actually the blog from Indeed Job Board. And this was just on the first page.
I actually clicked the second page and it continued on, and I clicked on the
third page and it was still going on. And these were all unique articles, unique
blogs. Which means that there’s really not a lot of consensus as to what are
the best companies to work for. But also what I’m trying to point out here is
that it gives you a really good start as to what many in say the industry, the job
market, the corporate America believe are you know some of the best companies to
work for out there. On the flip side of this, there did seem to be a lot of
consistency when it came to the least favorable companies to work for. So
another good reason to maybe do some research. But this is key. Research is key. You know, I talked about in the very first part of the video you know that
well two parts. One, how do you identify companies, and then second, how do you
break in and actually ultimately land a job at one of these top companies? Well
the first part is just doing some research out there. As simple as going
out and Googling. But you also probably have an idea yourself as to
what are some of the best companies to work for out there. So you add this to
your list as well. So you have this list, now you have to do some research and one
of the best tools for this research is with LinkedIn. So what I want you to do
is I want you to you go to LinkedIn, and I want you to
type in the search bar the company’s name. And you’re gonna see this come up.
You go ahead and click on the company and then over on the right there will be
a link there that says, “See all employees that are on LinkedIn” and you’re gonna
click on this, and this is going to take you to the list where you have the
people. Where you can list all of the individuals that are part of this
company, and there could be thousands but what you need to do is you need to
narrow this down to your first and second connections. So right off the bat,
see if there’s any first connections there. Those could be golden, but you know
what’s just as important, in fact even more important than your first
connections. It’s your second connections. In fact, there’s a number of articles out
there that talk about the second connections that will be the most
important for you in your career transition, in your career search. So
let’s see what your second connections are. And this is where you can be able to
reach out to your first connection that is mutually in common with this second
connection, and ask them either for an introduction, or even if you can drop
their name. And then once you have that permission, and seriously I would highly recommend that you get this permission because it could
help you in a lot of different ways. I mean what if this first connection you
have is actually the next door neighbor to this individual. You just don’t know
this and to get this permission is paramount. So now that you have the
permission, you go ahead and reach out to an individual. Let me give you an example:
Dear Jim, I’m researching companies currently listed on Glassdoor
as top companies to work for in the area and in reviewing second connections on
LinkedIn I noticed we have a mutual connection with Stan Baker.
I spoke with Stan about my research and he said I could drop his name when I
reached out to you. I see from LinkedIn you are a project
manager with XYZ and I wanted to ask you if you would be willing to have a 15 to
20-minute informational interview with me in regard to working for XYZ company.
I assure you my intention is not to ask for your help in obtaining a job with
XYZ rather I would really like to learn more about the company culture and what
they may be looking for in terms of talent. Would you have the time within
the next several weeks for a call? All my best, Bill. Informational interviews
happen every day of every week using the LinkedIn platform. This is what a
professional networking platform is made for. You’re not out there asking the
individual for help landing a job at their company. Rather, you want to know
what it’s like to work for this company. You know one of the best
questions to ask, “What is it that you love about this company?” And use the word “love” because this will give you some really good insight into what the
company culture is all about. But once you’re on this individuals radar, and
you’ve had a good connection there, then if this person knows of any openings he
or she is likely going to remember you. They’re gonna keep you in mind,
so ping them periodically. This is what networking is all about. In
fact, I want to leave you with one final thought before we close this video down.
Networking is not about collecting people, it’s about connecting with people.
So I hope you found this video informative and useful, and if so make
sure that you subscribe to this channel as I do upload a new career strategy
every Tuesday. And by the way, if you are in the process of interviewing, make sure
that you check out my free download in the notes section below the top five
interview questions that any hiring manager really wants to know about you
and best answers to those questions. So thank you for stopping by, and I will see
you in the next video

Best LONDON STREET FOOD at BOROUGH MARKET | London food market | British food + what NOT to eat

today we’re in London and we’re here to
eat this video is all about eating our way around the best food at Borough Market the best British food makes use of the region’s incredible produce, seafood and
meat this is our first video from London and we’re hunting down the tastiest food
at Borough Market watch out for mouth-watering fresh oysters, London’s
most famous doughnuts and loads more in this three-part series we’ll show you
London’s best British food from heritage recipes to British classics you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas
and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! Borough market is one of the oldest and
largest food markets here in London it’s been around since at least the 12th century now there are tons of YouTube videos out
there where people show up at Borough Market and just eat their way around the
market and there is nothing wrong with those videos there is a lot of good food
to be found here but we have got a hit list, we’ve talked to locals and we
know which stalls are overhyped and which ones are absolute must eats so let’s go and eat I’m super excited about our first stop
we’re at The Ginger Pig which is a famous London butchery but they also do
world-famous sausage rolls so we’re here to grab one of those we’ve got our sausage roll here and
these things look really hefty so as I mentioned before The Ginger Pig is a
really famous London butchery they started as a farm and their whole ethos is
that if you engage in really good animal husbandry and you treat your animals
well then the result is that they will taste better
how good does this sausage roll look it’s hefty we went for the pork and Stilton
so Stilton is a traditional English blue cheese oh man really strong hit of that Stilton
as soon as you bite into it very strong blue cheese but not overwhelming because
the pork has such a beautiful flavour it’s very well seasoned so it’s got a great hit of
salt lots of herbs and then flaky pastry on the top it’s beautiful
gotta go for another bite this is one good sausage roll we actually
have The Ginger Pig cookbook at home and I’ve made these sausage rolls, they didn’t
taste anything like this this is next level ohhhh the meat in this
thing you really taste the quality of it I think
that’s why my sausage rolls that I made at home tasted nothing like this because of
the difference in the meat now I got completely carried away I was so excited about the
sausage roll that I didn’t even explain what a sausage roll actually is so it’s
sausage meat in this case there’s various cuts of pork mixed with a lot of herbs,
spices and also the Stilton and then covered in a pastry so a really simple
flaky pastry this place has a really neat feeling
there’s lots of different stalls lots of people just wandering around having
little samples of food there’s bakeries there’s trains rolling over the
bridge up ahead there’s one right there crashing its way past us it’s a really
neat little market now we’re gonna get some fresh seafood some oysters we’ve grabbed a plate of rock oysters
and they look incredible so we went for some different sized ones to show you
just how different these can be and these are the same sort of oyster but
just different ages so we’ve got some small ones here some mediums and then
these giant rock oysters so these giant ones are about five or six years old so
the small ones would be quite young and so they said at the shop to start with
the small ones and work our way up because they get more briny as they get
older so we’ve come to this particular shop there are a lot of oyster
sellers here in the market we’ve come to this shop because they’ve been peddling
the trade since 1792 they get all their oysters from the coast of Mercy Island
in Essex and they’re all wild spawn so I’ve gotta dive in I’m gonna go over the
small ones first like they told us to we put some pepper on there and we also put
some vinegar and shallots so some red wine vinegar with shallots in it and of
course lemon so I’ll just squeeze some lemon on there let’s get this little guy Wow ohhh beautiful flavour really good saltiness not too
strong at all and a super burst of creaminess and he said to us they will be extra
creamy because at the moment it’s summertime and it’s spawning season so
they’ve got a bunch of eggs in them and the eggs are very, very creamy let’s
get some lemon on this big guy and jump straight in and see what the the taste
difference is like now like I said these are five or six years old he also showed
us one that was about twenty years old so they just had the shell not the
actual oyster there it was humongous let’s go one go with this huge guy ohhh that’s good, much meatier so a lot
more texture in its consistency flavour-wise not too much stronger
is a little tiny bit brinier like he said so a little bit more of that
salty sea taste but not as much as I was expecting with that jump up in size and
age you can tell that these are super super fresh oysters they’re really
really delicious and they go really well with those condiments so just a little
bit of pepper nice little squirt of lemon and I really love the tanginess of
the red vinegar and the shallot over the top that was a great oyster stand to visit
and they’re shucking about two and a half thousand oysters a day so it’s a very
popular stand I love how compact Borough Market is so
you can hop from stall to stall and eat your way around the market pretty easily
we’re just outside our next stop we’re here for a chorizo roll awesome, thank you I’ve got my chorizo roll in hand
so let me show you what it’s made up of so everything is sandwiched
between what looks to be like a ciabatta roll and this is the chorizo sausage so
fermented, cured and smoked sausage with a ton of dried and smoked red pepper
mixed in with the meat it’s a pork sausage, some rocket and then a slice
of grilled pepper and he drizzled some olive oil along the top of it all as well
it was a little bit disappointing because the rolls weren’t cooked to order so the
sausage has been sitting and the roll has been sitting like it was warmed on
the grill and then it’s just sitting there so let’s see what it tastes like the sausage has got a great flavour it’s very
very smoky and that’s the overwhelming flavour that’s coming out of that mouthful
the bread roll is way too crispy and hard so it’s almost painful to bite into and
it’s quite it’s gone a little bit hard so it’s not as soft as I would have
liked the arugula’s quite or rocket is a nice peppery hit and then the pepper’s
beautiful and soft I’ll have another bite it’s okay but it’s not knocking my socks off next up we’re having something we’ve
heard is very very good it’s doughnut time so hopefully these blow that sandwich
out of the water because that was definitely not a highlight of today’s
eating sometimes research doesn’t pan out like
with that last spot but I’m pretty sure that we’re on point with this next stop
we’re here for Bread Ahead doughnuts now Bread Ahead the bakery is famous for
these donuts they have a real cult following and they look spectacular right near Borough Market is the Thames so
we’ve decided to come down to the river for these doughnuts and look at the four we
got this one is pretty special this is an Eton Mess doughnut I’ll tell you
about what Eton Mess is soon this is a custard chocolate doughnut, this is a
classic jelly doughnut that’s using blueberry jam for that one and that is
a vanilla cream doughnut but it’s the Eton Mess doughnut that I want to go go
for ohhh check that out so Eton Mess is a English dessert I imagine named after
Eton which is a place and a school but the dessert is cream, meringue
so you can see there is a meringue sitting on top here and strawberries so
this looks like it might be a vanilla cream I imagine there’s meringue pieces and that
strawberry this is gonna be a mess oh my god wow
oh that is a mess oh man I’m covered in doughnut it’s so good very light doughnut so the the actual doughnut itself is nice and airy nicely fried and then you’ve got the crunchy
bits of the meringue and that is a vanilla cream so it’s a beautiful
vanilla custard basically in there oh I’m so glad I’m covered in this it’s
really good and the strawberries add a nice little freshness it’s a cool little
place too because they’ve got the doughnuts right there in the market stall but the
bakery is right there also so you’ve got big glass windows and you can see all
the doughnuts and bread etc for the bakery being made ohh and look at that I’ve bitten in again
and there’s a whole lot of cut-up strawberry pieces inside that that cream
that is good let’s try the classic jam doughnut now because that is a real measure
of a doughnut’s quality I think going classic so this is a blueberry jam doughnut and
they get the fruit for their jam doughnuts from Borough Market mmm yum as simple as it looks
beautiful jam full of fruit quite sweet that jam maybe a little sweeter than
I like I’d prefer a little bit of tanginess there and the outside is nice the
doughnut’s once again really aerated nice coating of sugar
another beautiful doughnut now I won’t eat them all on camera but let us know if
you want to hear what the chocolate one and the vanilla cream one was like

Prathi Office Lo – Types of Employees || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Okay.
Nice.. So, Ms. Jahnavi.. The cliched question.
Why our company? Well..
I want to dream big. You said it because you saw this?
– Of course, not. I’ve got similar aspirations. Alright. Cool.
– You’re resume looks good. Why did you leave your previous company?
– I know it’s unprofessional to talk about it. But, there were
different types of people there. I couldn’t get along with them. Can you elaborate?
– I can, but, it is time consuming. That’s no problem. We’ve got the whole day.
You may begin. ‘How long before lunch time?
I’ll listen to some songs till then.’ ‘I just don’t feel like working today.’ ‘Five.. Four.. Three..
Two and one! Time’s up.’ Good morning, brother. ‘God! I even had dreams
in this nap.’ ‘So, sleepy I feel.’ What are you searching for?
– Keys of my keyboard are missing. You’ve turned around
the laptop, you Snorlax. I hit the bed only at 4:30 in the night.
– 4:30 in the night? 4:30 in the morning you mean?
– I couldn’t sleep before 4:30. Try hitting bed..
Early.. Good morning, guys. Akhira, I sent you a video on whatsapp.
Check it out. It’s hilarious. What if the manager sees?
– I sent the video to you. Not to the manager. Cut the crap.
Manager is right behind us. ‘All set?
Roll camera.. Action!’ Did you even check it?
– Check what, Narayana? Good morning, sir. I sent him
some files an hour ago. He hasn’t checked it yet. Learn to be disciplined
and hardworking like Narayana. ‘Screw you, idiot!’
– Work like him if you want any increment. Else, I’ll have to replace you
with someone better. Keep up the good work, Narayana.
– Sure, sir. Thank you. Even Kamal Hassan pales out
in comparison with you. Check this out.
I wear the same pair of jeans again and again. I hardly wash my shirts.
But she never repeats any dress ever. She also matches her accessories
with her dress. Had she focused so much on work,
she’d have become a GM by now. Had you not focused so much on her,
you’d have become an AGM by now. Any problem?
Why do you look so low? I broke up.
– So sorry to hear that. You’ll be fine. You’ll get over it.
One gets over everything in life. Please, don’t talk about this with anyone else.
– Of course, I won’t. Trust me, you’ll be fine. The breaking news is that
Gautami broke up! Why is everyone showing me sympathy?
Can’t you even keep a promise? You think I’m a gossip monger?
– Yes! My bad that I told you. What’s wrong in sharing the information
I know with other people? In fact, I should be lauded for that.
But, wait.. Nikhil broke up, so did Gautami. Guys, Nikhil and Gautami were dating
and they broke up! Ms. Ramya, I’ve an error in the code.
Could you please check? See. It is now sorted.
– Wow! I tried to sort it for an hour now. But you sorted it in a jiffy. Few girls with beauty got no brains.
Few girls with brains got no beauty. Only few got both, like you.
– What’s for lunch? I brought nothing. What about you?
– I brought Lemon Rice. Is it? Nice!
Even I love lemons. I can guess that. Good morning, Mr Phani.
– Good morning for you maybe. Peon! Where is my cup of coffee? Didn’t I instruct you that I need coffee
the moment I arrive? You arrived just now.
– But I arrived, right? Fetch me coffee. How careless!
– You seem pretty pissed, Mr Phani. Please, mind your work, Ms. Sujatha.
– Who is Sujatha? His wife. He can’t talk back to her at home.
So, he vents out his fustration at office. Jahnu, no one has arrived yet.
I knew even this meeting would get delayed. That’s why I caught up
with the new movie at the cinemas. Did you see the new project description?
– Did you see Aravinda Sametha? Jones, if we fail to finish
this project on time you and I will have to sell movie tickets
in the black market for a living. From Monday to Thursday we think only about
the new movie release of Friday. If we don’t watch the movie on Friday,
we can’t focus on work during the weekend too. So, if we watch
the new release on Friday we can focus on work
atleast during the weekend. The first 20 minutes of the movie was amazing!
– Jones, please. Karunamurthy..
– Yes? It’s time for lunch. Let’s go grab a bite.
– It is lunch time already? Yes, it is.
– Alright. You carry on with lunch. Buddy, it’s break time.
– I don’t believe in breaks. – Screw you! In this office,
I’m treated like we treat bay leaf in Biryani. I’ve made up. I’ve made up my mind.
– That you’re going to resign? Of course. We’ve to work for 8 hours
for 6 days a week and for 26 days a month. Navaratri is a 9-day festival.
But, we’re given off only for 1 day. And we’re asked updates
on that day too. I’ve made up my mind.
I’m going to resign at any cost. We both know you won’t. You’d know I have, when you’d have lunch
all by yourself from 1st of next month. In case you forgot, today is the 1st.
– So, funny. I know it is the 1st. I’ve postponed my resignation to next month.
In fact, I almost submitted my resignation. But, I took pity on our boss. I can work at another office anyday
but how can our boss manage without me? I’ll wait until December.
If things don’t change, it’ll be all over. Not the year, but my stay at this office.
– Of course. What are you working on, Balaji?
– Sir, a very good morning to you! Good morning to you to.
– Sir, you look different today. Let me see. What are you upto, Balaji? I’m wondering what is more beautiful,
you or the shirt you wore. I guess you are. No wonder
you’ve become the manager. How I wish I can be a quarter
of what you are someday. You’re flattering me.
Surely you’ll be a man like me someday. I doubt that, sir.
I can’t even finish the project on time. That exactly is what I wanted to ask.
Are you done with the project? I’d need some more time, sir.
– Don’t worry. Take your time. But I want the project to be impeccable.
– Don’t worry, sir. I’ll take care of that. Cool! May God bless you.
– Sir.. How I wish I can be a quarter
of what you are someday. Wonder why
you respect me so much. Jahnu, I need a favour.
– No problem. I’ll share your project too. Not about the project.
Could you lend me Rs. 5000? Our salaries got credited
just the other day. And my friends partied with every penny
from my salary just the other day. I don’t have a dime with me.
It is only a matter of 28 days. I’ll pay you back the moment
my salary gets credited. I don’t remember me being invited
to that party. Hello, darling.
What’s up? No one appreaciates the hardwork I put in.
– Take it easy. Taking it easy is precisely the problem.
– What are you planning to do? How about deleting the entire project file?
– Go for it. Are you sure?
– Of course. Yes! It’s been deleted.
I may get fired, but now, I care two hoots. Good job. I love you.
– I love you too. ‘Did this guy say anything?’
– ‘He’s on the phone all this while? Screw it.’ Surya, there aren’t any paper cups here.
– Hello, Ms. Jahnavi. How are you? I’m good.
– Your place was locked when I came by on Sunday. I had to rush out to run some errands.
– Nevermind. A couple of new insurance schemes
have been launched. If you subscribe to those, your family
and even my family would be set for future. This new policy
would suit your finances too. I suggest you take up this policy
and quit these day jobs. I hope you’ll be home this Sunday.
– Sure. And spread the word
to your relatives aswell. How does he find time from office work
to take up this nonsense too? What’s that? A new phone again?
– Yes! It’s not just a phone. It’s an iPhone.
– Yeah, but it still is a phone. You know its cost? It costs Rs. 1,00,000.
– Rs. 1,00,000! How did you pay for that?
– By agreeing to pay EMIs. How much is the EMI?
– Rs. 20,000. Do you realise the EMI
is more than your salary? You and I know I’m broke.
But the society would only see this iPhone. Soon enough you’ll become a beggar
with a golden bowl in your hands. What!
– Ravi, that was only my inner voice. You shouldn’t have played it out loud.
I’m sorry. Guys, the year end national seminar
is round the corner. Who all are interested to represent
our company there? Sir, I will!
– Alright. Slow down. Taking up this responsibilty is no joke.
We need.. I’ll get the approvals. The target..
– I’ll meet all targets. The competitors..
– I’ll stun our competitors with my work. Don’t be in such a haste.
Hear me out. I wanted to say that we should
out do our competitors with our presentation. I wonder why you are..
– Always in a haste? I don’t know either. Don’t waste your money.
Send me the mail. I’ll print it. Are you printing the flight tickets
of your Diwali vacation? You know I don’t use the office properties
for my personal needs. He also wanted a stapler.
He also wanted 4 A4 sheets. He may need more.
I’ll take the entire bundle. Where is the gluestick? I don’t see it.
Ms. Jahnavi, any idea where the gluestick is? You should know.
– Why should I? This firm make Rs. 20 crores a year,
yet, a Rs. 20 gluestick isn’t bought. The rumour is that a person
is stealing stationery items from this office. Shit! I guess she busted me. Good job, Jahnavi. Keep it up.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you. Crap! I helped her write this entire code.
– Is that true, Jahnavi? Not at all. I did this all by myself.
– Are you trying to get promoted by lying? Who wrote down the last 2 lines of the code?
– I only asked her if those 2 lines were right. ‘Only’? You ‘only’ asked?
There is nothing like ‘only’ in coding. Hadn’t it been for me,
you’d have corrupted the files and damaged the system
and burnt down the CPU Wouldn’t I have also burnt the thermal
power grid and pushed India into darkness? Calm down, now.
So, what is your point? You should also appreciate me. Stop it!
Stop it, now! You people shouldn’t be appreciated. I should be appreaciated
for putting up with you all. Sir, what’s happening here?
– Who is he? Who is this guy?
– He is Homely Hari. How come I never saw him in the office?
– He usually works from home. What! We got the option
of working from home? Every office is like that. Infact, in this office..
– How are people in this office? This office has been my dream. Dad, I’m back from USA for good. With the money I saved up,
I’m planning to set up my own IT firm. Think about it again. I’ve faith in Siddu
and in his abilities. She mortgaged all her assets
to finance our project. We’ve to repay her faith in us. We’ve to help our dreams survive. Trust me, we’ll have the best team
in a weeks’ time. You’ve great command over programming.
But, you never landed a job before? That’s maybe because
no other employer saw my potential. What are REPA classes?
– Rape? I’m not interested in rapes. I’m against rapes.
I’m an anti-rapist. Are you Meghna?
– I know you know I am. I’m selected! Rather than looking straight in my eye you can look around too.
– I didn’t know you’re this different on dates. That is all fine.
But what about the practicalities? I went through your profile.
I can offer you a job. Not a project. What’s going on, Hari? I can see my dream collapse
right before my eyes. Don’t forget this office
provided you shelter when you needed it. Streaming now.
Download and watch it for free on Viu app. So, this was my take
on different type of people in office. I hope you liked it. In case you did,
give it a like and share your thoughts too. Did you relate with this video?
– Of course. Every office is like that. What do you think?
– It exceeded expectations. So, where are we to find out
more about this cool office? Download the Viu app. 5 episodes of ‘Ee Office Lo’
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– It is exclusively on Viu. Download the app and watch
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– Subscribe to Mahatalli.

90% of Your Spiritual Work Is Done If You Do One Thing – Sadhguru

There is a very big difference between
doing what I like and doing what is needed. When you start doing what is needed, there is no such thing as what is it that
I like and what is it that I do not like. If you just transcend this one thing that I like something, I dislike something;
if you just transcend this one thing, ninety percent of your spiritual work is over. That’s all, because the karma, the karma generating machine; the basis of bondage is just this
– I like this, I don’t like this. I love this, I hate this. Once you divide creation like this, your ability to touch that dimension which we call
as the source of creation is out of reach for you. I want you to pay attention; all the children also, okay? All of you should pay attention to small
things- a blade of grass, a leaf, an ant. You saw an ant? Huh? Really?
Closely, you must look at an ant. Whoever made this ant, whoever made this ant, has it been made with meticulous attention
or simply, okay, just a bloody ant. Huh? What do you think? Very well-made? Well-made or no? Very well-made, isn’t it? Fantastic ant, actually. Not just a bloody ant. So, if the creator, the source of creation is willing
to pay that much attention to a tiny little ant, who the hell are you to decide,
what you like and what you dislike? (Audience clap) In doing something, beyond what is me is
where a human being comes to a place, where he becomes available for grace. Grace is there, question is- are we available? We like this, we don’t like this. You like a cockroach? Why? (Sadhguru laughs) Suppose, suppose , suppose, Shiva came in the
disguise of a cockroach what will you do, huh? Namaskaram, you’ll do? (Laughter) But how will you know it is Shiva
or just another cockroach? Huh? How will you know? You don’t know. So, better do Namaskaram to every cockroach
(Laughter) because who knows which one is Shiva. It is very simple, this is what this culture taught you. You see a tree, Shiva, you see a stone Shiva,
you see a dog, Shiva, you see a cow, Shiva because you don’t know, you don’t
know today what is his disguise. Better not take a chance, isn’t it? Huh? Better not take a chance. At least start with the human beings. You don’t know in what disguise he has come today. Hmm? Isn’t it? Suppose, (gestures) who knows? This is why, whoever you see (gestures)
because who knows today what is the disguise. If you are like this, grace will be upon you. There is no question. You don’t have to go in search, you don’t have to
go in search of god or truth, it will rain upon you. It will. (Laughs)

BOX FORT CAR STORE WIth Working Cars! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 4

where this rollercoaster down you can
keep your own plate but do something else you too
hey nice hey what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a
brand new video and it is day four here in box fort city keep it down keep it
down on the down low it is currently day four and we are hiding out inside the
arcade because well as you guys know some things are going down here in box
fourth city I mean the mayor is acting extremely strange were not allowed to
leave the city no junk food is allowed no one’s allowed out past 10:00
we found a mysterious book that turns out to be a safe we all the bank money
Jake and when we showed the bank manager the book he knew about it and wanted to
take it from us so it’s safe to say some weird stuffs going down here box for
city but we do have a plan Logan tell him our plan okay well our last plane
didn’t really go according to plan we kind of made a roller coaster that was a
little dangerous and got shut down by the man eat all the gumballs right right
my theory Logan is the Mareth up to something and is trying to attract
people the box fort city for some reason and trapping us here we need to get to
our office guys now you guys have been having a ton of theories as to what is
going on here in box for a city and honestly I have no idea and that is why
we are going to get to the bottom of this I mean not only all the stuff I
just listed but when we were doing our box for a hospital everyone was coming
in with some sort of weird sickness and there is sneezy extremely gross slime
now the one thing that we did find out is the bank manager was storing some
sort of piece of paper for the mayor inside the bank the only problem is we
don’t know the code to the safe also the bank manager is always in the banks of
Logan we need to distract the bank I mean the bank guy we need to distract
the bank guys so that we can pull off the classic Pappa Jake and Logan bank
heist how are we gonna get the bank I out of the bank
if we do get him out of the bank though we are still gonna need the code to get
into his super secret safe so if you haven’t seen our last video go check out
the part where he enters in the bank code and come and comment down below
what that code is why don’t we build something that the bank manager will
have to leave to check out what’s the one thing rich people love tax evasion
no Jake not tax evasion cars right Harv all right all right yeah I get it will
open up a box for a car dealership and then we can lure him out of the bank to
buy a car I have an even better we can give him a test-drive
go go in the car for like an hour that will give us ample time to break in and
steal the documents and whatever is on those if he’s hiding them in the safe
they must be pretty important so all we have to do is build a car dealership
okay come on let’s go to the store now remember Logan we’re just acting normal
which is normal people live in our lives in box fourth city buying groceries
building houses enjoying the Sun well it’s heading to the general store here
hello if it isn’t me two favorite Boise’s how do we do today to buy some
fun stuff we’re gonna be making our very own car dealership here a box for a city
ahh car dealership we need one of them so we’re gonna need probably like a
jillion rolls of tape I’ll need 17 orders of car war
got spine here we got lots of spiky like I said we update every single day here
but dude this is sick well I’m gonna buy this night-vision
goggles we don’t have all the money in the world the oculars motion detector
and whatever this thing does I’ll buy it we could use these two spots why I said
I wanted to buy all this stuff it’s not a bad idea all right before we build our
box for dealership we can get some reconnaissance on the mare you know
figure out her ins and outs find out what she does all day maybe dig some
dirt up on it and guys don’t forget if you want any of this stuff in real life
you better head on over to the Papa Jake store
cuz we got all this spy gear you can purchase in real life and if you use
cold city you get 10% off during serious all right Boise’s well what are you
buying we’ll take all of this i knots right here me favorite customers that’ll
be five thousand five thousand won’t you do fifty five hundred in your colony be
like those you Logan master of negotiations since we’re building a car
dealership ah we’re gonna need cars to sell is there any way to get those in
here I mean I know there’s a massive gate at the front door but because
they’re like an Amazon service here or something
ah cars those are hard to get into box port city but I do do special orders
into box port city for the mayor all the time
I mean disregard that no no nothing leaves nothing comes into box port city
but if you want those cars I can get them for you okay well I guess to start
we’ll need three three cars alright sounds good you start on building and
I’ll get you those cards well we got supplies to build and we got some spire
so I said we head outside maybe we track down the mayor before we start building
see what she’s up to Jake you think you have enough spy gear
Thanks oh look your way hold up I think I got visual on the mayor oh yeah there
she is she’s got some sort of lockbox what’s inside I don’t know I can’t
really see just locking it up though and she has a banana it appears to be she’s
struggling to get up Jake not to ruin your whole spy parade but I can see her
she’s pretty close to us and you need to spiky or else you’re not spying if you
just use your normalizer you’re seeing she must be really old where’s she going
though she’s going to the store buy something what’s this the store clerk
the lockbox I looked a little bit shady Jay looked extremely shady Logan you
know she’s eating the banana and eating it in a very very weird way Jake who
eats a banana like I don’t know arguably that’s more shady than the lock box whoa
whoa whoa did you see that you saw that right did she just jump and do a 180
she’s like a hundred and years old dude she couldn’t even walk down the street
and she just danced that was weird maybe the mayor has more secrets than we
thought in that box she dropped off to the store clerk I thought the store
clerk was a cool guy I thought his wound barb Rose apparently not it’s probably
working with the mayor and I don’t know about you but there was something in
that box I don’t know if you guys saw what it was
comment down below if you did but this is more reason looking we need to break
into that Bank I think we need to grab her supplies and build this car
dealership so we could get that bank manager out there and go in and steal
those documents I think it’s time start building all right guys it is now time
to reveal probably the coolest box for we have ever made in boxboard City the
world’s first box sport car dealership Jake why are you dressed like that I’m a
car salesman Logan I gotta sell cars are you dressed when you sell cars suit and
tie come on get with it hoodie as I was saying the world’s first card you did not mean to sack that
balloon so hard guys check this out we’ve got our very own car dealership we
got cars out front motorcycle inside we even step inside
the car Mart all right so as a customer I go oh hi Jake I’m looking for a car
and I would be like hold up I’m on the phone no actually I wouldn’t
do that that would be the wrong way to sell something I would say that’s right
you are looking for a car you’re looking for one of the best cars and you came to
the best place in town to buy yourself a car at the car market we got all sorts
of cars two-wheeled cars cars cars on cars that’s what we sell here at the
Karma inside here is of course the showroom this is where we’ve got you
know the place where you buy your car with the register and all that over here
we’ve got one of my favorites the KC 16 motorcycle
this baby’s fast furious and completely electric power this is the future Logan
we’re saving one tree at a time and guys check this out
we built the car Mart right next to the box for banks so there’s no chance the
bank manager can miss it and if you decide to buy the car you can
drive it right off the lot I mean this door opens up completely so you can
drive straight on out I like to call it put cars for those not looking for a
massive vehicle what’s better than a car that you sit in the car that you strap
to your feet yeah that’s that’s one of the main things we sell here guys oh and
over here Logan is my pride and joy this four-wheel all-terrain vehicle fully
electrical powered manual gear shifter one two gears three maybe I don’t know
charge this baby up she goes for miles this is the pinnacle of the car Mart
this is probably the nicest vehicle we have
the showroom right now all of these are gonna be up for sale and anyone from the
box for city can come on over and buy one hopefully one of those people will
be the bank manager just check this baby out Logan perfectly well put her into
first gear let’s give it a little test here oh yeah put it in the second and
she flies boo boo box four cities has never seen a vehicle this fast know what
Logan there’s not enough room to try this thing out here I mean this this is
this is a beast we need to go outside we can’t go outside we’re not allowed to
leave box fort City right no one’s allowed to leave bomber city unless we
call the mayor she let us outside to build the roller coaster maybe she’ll
let us outside to test drive this car cuz she knows that the more people that
see how awesome box were city is the more people that will come on in here
I’m gonna call her right now hi this is Papa Jake and Papa Jack’s car Mart just
calling to say hello to the mer-pup Papa Jake the guy that owns the car Mart
there’s a there’s a massive new new car dealership out anyway outlook we wanted
to test drive one of the cars I know we’re not really a lot outside box for a
city but I was wondering if maybe we could get you know just a special pass
to test it out and I think it would really attract more people ya know like
a lot more people okay perfect yeah thought that bass sounds great yet one
hour I thought that is great okay thank you so much mr. mayor I mean mrs. mayor
I mean miss mayor mayor Thank You mayor just like that dude we
got our permit we’ve got an hour permit to go outside box for City and test
drive this car I said we head on out there right now let’s see what this baby
can do alright guys so we got our our permit and now it is time to test out
our vehicle of course we’re gonna be testing out the off-road vehicle first
because every good car salesman has to try the car before you can actually sell
it all it looks like Logan’s coming we gotta sell this thing at the end of
the day dude you can’t break it leave this car is a little dangerous it’s an
off-road piece for real tired top speed we don’t even know that’s how fast it is
electric power this is like the Tesla of off-roaders of course once you get
inside the car you’ll notice the luxurious interior we’ve got plenty of
space for your feet we’ve also got this windscreen here which is protective
it doesn’t come with airbags but that’s cuz it’s so awesome you’re expected not
to crash put it oh yeah look at this thinking it’s bad extremely fast all right guys let’s try
taking this offroad shit in the first gear if we want to
slow down shits in Reverse if we want to break all the way in second for that
maximum electrical speed oh we got a little bit of a dirt path let’s try this
out guys that was extreme thing has been insane she’s holding up what are you
doing Logan I’m trying the off-roader this thing is awesome
we only have an hour we’ve still got a little bit more time come on
not really Jake we’re almost at our hour now where we go over by 15 minutes 20
minutes 30 minutes what’s the big deal when do we ever get to come out
test-driving off-roader plus we’ve been cooped up in box for City for the past
week long just a little bit more than we have to
go back extreme off-roading ball court state police moving in on
target we got two fugitives over there our pass
walking into intercept Jake stick to the plan remember catching the mayor especially within 5 meter range I am
fully camouflaged over you are the tree Jake why is the police officer behind
the tree I don’t know why is it looking this way ok what time is it fuck for
shit police hands up you’re over your 1-hour permit at this point European
label fugitives about for City trying to escape you a broken rule number three a
box for city no one leaves box for city you must come back with me this once or
I am authorized to use deadly force well we’re we’re just having a little bit of
fun we we totally forgot about the hour yeah we’ll come back right now we’ll go
back right now we are we are so sorry sir we did not mean to go over an hour
we’ll follow you right now Roger that suspects are obeying my
commands I’m on my way back that’s fine every new car dealership has to deal
with that uh sure as a peace offering we were thinking
since we sell a police motorcycle what if we were to offer it to you at an
extremely reduced price all right well I have been looking for a new vehicle an
extremely good deal you say I guess we could work something now why don’t you
show me what you got okay well Logan we’ll take you into our showroom and
show you around what we have yeah I’ll show you a vehicle that I think you’ll
be interested in guns all four guns oh I mean we usually say no guns
all right if we just open the garage door like this check it out it’s a
police motorcycle she is a beauty that is quite a nice vehicle if you want we
can take it outside what kind of mileage you got on this couldn’t couldn’t be
exact with you but it goes far it’s a diesel or gasoline it’s electric so
you’re saving the environment futuristic I like it wait what are those things
these they’re like little cars for your feet the old cars fearful what are they
gonna come up with next could you show me how they work
so these shoes will be especially good if you’re chasing after a bad guy and
you need some speed check it out yeah I think I’m just gonna stick to the
old-fashioned car for now it’s a little too futuristic for me you mind if I take
a first spin oh of course test drive it oh yeah well this is more
like it I can feel the wind in my hat you’re
under arrest you’re under arrest that’ll be $3,000 that was my discount
yeah it’s originally $5,000 right I will take the police vehicle thank you so
much sir you were serving the city a fine purpose thank you uh
thanks very much have a great day Jake we got our first fail what you sold it
dude Congrats that is awesome guys we sold our very first car I mean it wasn’t
to the bank manager but either way a sales a sale our business is taking off
I’m gonna put this away in the register he’s here hi mr. Bateman uh how are you
doing today seems you got yourself a nice car dealership going on I actually
happened to be looking for a car myself seeing as I’m the bank manager no okay
yeah we can we can definitely arrange that I’ve got why don’t we uh why don’t
we head on over to the lawn and we’ll show you what we have left that would be
great I’d love to see what you boys have for
sale Oh guys I think we’re in business