2015-Aug-3 九龍寨城公園 “導賞團” Kowloon Walled City Park Guide Tour

good morning, my name is Lee Shing Man, but people called me “Uncle Man” everyday I will be in this Kowloon Walled City Park, and will I use Cantonese, Mandarin, and my Chinese-English to explain you about this park for anyone, thank you Walled City Park is the only Historical Garden Park in Hong Kong since this park had opened 9 year, it became one of top ten scenic spots also, this park was awarded a merit of German Garden Design Expo in 1993 this award is made proud and inspired of Chinese society many visitors from oversea praise this park is beautiful of course, the most often come here is the Japanese tourists also, I talked to some Japanese people who can speak in little Chinese I told them Japanese visitors are the most often come guess what do they said to me ? he is understanding, his friends also want to come this walled city park, to learn how their army treat “foreigners” in WW II the term “foreigner”, not only indicate to Chinese people, but also included people in South-east Asia where hurting them ordinary Japanese people do not know the facts about WW II, so they come here to study in fact, what you see this sculpture is also made by a group of Japanese research team Chinese manufacture the most outstanding is: Japanese who published a book about the walled city where earlier than Chinese does this sculpture is very extraordinary in additional, the drawing is also made by a Japanese painter which location? In this sculpture, the golden row with building called ” Longin Road “, a sectional view how can be done? because in 1992, all residents were compensated by the government and move out the Japanese research team were invited by the NGO back here again to perform final research you will ask me why this Chinese place had asked Japanese people to come? it’s because during the time with no government jurisdiction this place except the residents were willing to walk into, at that time there were no other outsiders would brave enough go into but because of the boast of Kowloon Walled City notorious, it attracted the people from Japan their characteristic is: the more mysterious place, the more they want to go so often there were different groups came in and research over time therefore, Japanese have sufficient information than anyone once the compensation and move-out were done, a final survey should be performed before the demolition why this city must be demolished? when these 350 buildings were tore down… there should be 350+ building, because the total area is 29,000 square meter including the center ancient building, it is the Yamen (Government office) you can see how density of this walled city I tell people that this drawing not only a nice drawing but also about the living, and the painter choose a tallest building to show us the construction is keep going what does this mean? not only this building had no piling, only supported by three-face-wall, but also showing this house is building higher what is three-face-wall construction? let’s look over the red brick on the ground what is this red tile ? the park’s designer found that is the place where located with two smallest building, the floor plan this marking is telling people what is three-face-wall the middle wall is common wall of two buildings so that residents could able to walk across between these buildings on the rooftop the painter also indicate this situation here what you see over there, a quad-wall of sunk with concrete base is where? it is the floor plan of this building the granite stone and the ditch are over 165 years old what is it? this is the old walled city’s south entrance and some buried wall base which not found by Japanese soldier in WW II this old ditch was used to be a sewage but now it is underground clear stream what about the “funny” concrete base are kept for people cherishing the memory of the pass history the central building is Yamen ( government office), these two buildings are the red brick that wall base, and concrete base is this building all three sites are on scale the native residents told me that there were only 3 lifts in 3 different buildings there is a English book wrote about this Walled City, is called “City of Darkness” the writer came to Hong Kong last year, he wants to write next chapter because many information haven’t published then I was introduced to him by a news reporter who knows I am an volunteer docent the purpose was to exchange information between us in fact he didn’t know there were 3 lifts instead of 2 because he didn’t have information about the last lift which three building had lifts ? the north-west direction, “Tung Tau Building” “Hop Yick Building”, the ground floor is a textile factory, so the lift was located on 3rd floor the last one and it was the newest one, “Hop Hing Building” that the writer doesn’t have this information whenever the residents who live next to one of these three buildings, they would intend to take the lift to the top and walk across the rooftop to their building and went back home however the residents lived in lower floors would not have this advantage inside here there were so many secret passway the drawing is already show there are many if someone knew someone each other who lived upstair or downstair, the normal stairway is somewhat far, and I want to share food with the neighbor friend so they decided to make a pass-hole and exchange food in fact this was a very harmony small community, also it was Autarky with factories, shops and all kinds etc.. how harmony? it’s because the secret pass it was real no-door-close, why? they believe there were no worthless furniture to be stolen there was no way a outsiders could carry a bulky thing away the kowloon walled city, besides, you couldn’t find way out they strong believe disappear items will be returned, because somebody borrowed it moreover, the biggest reason is that when you closed the door, your neighbor could not back home, if your neighbor closed the door, you too couldn’t back home water wasn’t supply to upper floor, if you and I live on same floor, and if I go out usually I will bring an empty bucket, and ask you if need water, then I will carry water back which community can do this? here ! how come this Yamen (government office) can be preserved that well you can see no government jurisdiction this place, Chinese Government, English Government and Hong Kong Government didn’t want to take control once the Chinese soldier were scared by English soldier, and escape away, if one of these government took over, there would not have this “no government jurisdiction” happen then the problem happen: people could easily moved in and occupied the land without any government’s permission of course rich people could re-build housing, the funny thing is that in early time, house was low, thereafter if next neighbor has higher building, they’ll built even higher and higher, there were no piling and three-face-wall of support at early time, residents needed material to support their life there were two church organization who could support the residents immediately one, Pastor Lau, the only Chinese pastor who established a medical clinic also established a youth center for more normal activities instead of other bad activities in neighborhood Pastor Lau passed away in 2014 next is Hong Kong Anglican Church, they used this Yamen to distribute material to people here, that’s why the preserved well inside the Yamen, what you see there are different color walls it was because the original houses were crushed by the demolition and can’t find the “black” bricks besides the bricks found at Yamen, there are many bricks in this park because it was brought from China, the size is shorter and thicker, whereas bricks in Yamen is longer and thinner this officer was a low-rank, not even had right to be a court judge this Yamen even was a deputy court-house what you see these two cannon even older than this Yamen it was built in 1802, over 200 years old where did they belong? it was in Sai Kung it was told that these two cannons had never opened fire why? the pirate passed Lei Yu Mun into Hong Kong instead of Sai Kung of course it would not open fire in here because the English army were in Hong Kong Island these couplet and stela with carved inscription are over 120 and 160 years old why is English on a Chinese building? do you see the left alignment? it isn’t a single word it is two words it spells Alms House it’s because the Chinese stonemason didn’t separate it do you know the different of these two little yard? the biggest yard is held for household activities, no need go outside, whereas the small yard is given rainwater and sewage to drain away the officer who stationed in this Yamen was a General Cheung, before he became a General Officer, he was a scholar he had a good hand of calligraphy, not only with a brush but he could use his fist and finger to strike the calligraphy also that one on the wall this house had collapsed and just rebuild with the specification this whole wall and roof were also collapsed during the demolition these two statue were not belong to this Yamen, the General was low-rank Officer shall not have these, so where did they come from? I had been followed two group of professors from Beijing in separate time, their conclusion are these two statue were belong somewhere in this Walled City this model is illustrate the date in 1902 when the Chinese Soldier fled away in 1898-1899, they were actually scare because the English opened fire to them only left with the tax collect, and given the right to Lok Sin Tong, after that it became a empty city now we are here in this building that is the school that is the south entrance including the concrete foundation, the stone and the ditch are leftover in this model, you can find no cannon on the north side of the city, why? it’s because there were a hill, no need from that side what hill is that? Not many know, do you know Lok Fu MTR is used to be what? people only know it is a slope where the landmark of this hill ? it is Hau Wong Temple, I always tell people to go there, right behind there is a stairway with no sign, but there is a stela with carved inscription of “a crane” this hill is called “white crane Hill” this “White Crane Hill” was located within Wang Tau Hom and “Tiger Rock” This Junction Road used to be a road for Officer, very narrow, and there was a side road called “Temple Road” the road designated for people go to the temple and worship I tell people go there and have a look, besides the word “a crane”, there was another word “a goose” it is sad because it was destroyed by Japanese Soldier and used for airport land reclamation also this “crane” almost to be destroyed too, but somehow the war had them left away, and it can be preserved let’s talk about the south entrance, it was the south entrance where used to be, but since the excavation then the park south entrance had moved away in order to have room for the historic site in fact, the North Entrance is also moved, it is because there is a crosswalk the park’s designer doesn’t want people cross the road right ahead whether go in or out the park so he moved the entrance 3 meter away There is a Western Entrance in this park, but why not being used? the park’s designer knew Chinese people are superstition of “die in west direction” when the park opened, there were two awards, one is the garden design, another is the recycling water inside of this western entrance, there is a water pump facility where water filtration and recycled back to the pond this map was surveyed by a native resident named Mr. Chan Cheung Chuen you see the pink color line is the secret passway the blue color is the well an English lady called Jackie Pullinger, in 1966 she came to this walled city in her 21 she disliked two things: too many drug addicts and too many prostitutes she established a center for drug addict recovery and a place for homeless prostitutes to make new life she told me that in high peak there were 36 drug dealers and their eye-watchers who kept watching and respond to light up the candles for those addicts around the clock so this is called “Brightness Road” Jackie Pullinger has her officeand church in Shatin and she dedicates all her life to the Walled City you can see that the street light has a cone shape cover, this was the hat of the old Chinese Army the short wall, stair, drain cover and lights are new the park designer also care about the children, so he made this small window for them to look into this concrete foundation is only about 50 year old, and over the old granite above, it is not an good idea for remove these foundation because of possible damage so let it kept, and the biggest reason is to proof for those who against to demolition these people against to build a park, now this is evident to shut their mouth up ! you see no piling and rely on three-face-wall why we have to look at here this direction? from the past, the King is located in North side, where people must face to him from south direction also south entrance is always being a main entrance of a park most important is that this way you can see a stone where can’t see from other sides this stone has a fillister for the door latch this is one of the pair, that no metal nail for Chinese tradition architecture this is the passway this ditch was sewage now is clear underground water on the left granite, not being discovered by Japanese soldier the first found by the engineer was that highest one once found and surveying right after and all are here today


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Mooji & friends at the doctor’s office / Mooji & amigos no consultório médico

Mooji and friends at the doctor’s office November 2019
(with subtitles) The doctor’s office in our village
needed a face-lift. Mooji and the Sangha dropped by for a few days and this is what happened … [music] ‘I Pray’ by Prem Sweeney, performed by Prem Sweeney,
Brahmdev Malewicz & Omraj Dosoudil [Mooji] Also, add a bit of white in it
to lighten it up a little bit. [Friend 1] That is pretty good, no?
[Mooji] That is beautiful. [inaudible speech] [Mooji] How do you paint? [Mooji] You paint like this. [dances]
[Friend 2] Guruji! [laughter] [Mooji] Roll it back and back again. That’s it. Beautiful, just cover it up. [Friend 3] We came here around five days ago, and most of these things were not here. So everything was painted and decorated
in the last few days. And a couple of nights before,
Guruji decided to paint something. So he painted these pictures
and chose some quotes. [F.3] They were done in maybe
just half an hour each, [F.3] with full love and attention. [Mooji] Beautiful.
[F.3] This is amazing! [F.3] This is beautiful! [F.3] This is for the doors. [Mooji] She is too much!
[laughter] [Mooji] You can start with this,
like this, on here. [Mooji] This is 40. [Mooji] That is going to go up a bit. Just make sure you don’t confuse the positions. [Friend 4] Only half an hour.
[Mooji] Only you! Only you! Only you! [Mooji] Look at that. That is amazing! [F.4] Look.
[Mooji] Wow! [F.4] Taller on the top. [Mooji] Just like this bench. This one. What do you reckon?
Cream or varnish? [Mooji] What do I call Eric? [Friend 5] ‘My hero.’
[Mooji] My hero. [Mooji] What do I call Eric?
[Friend 6] Eric the Great. [Mooji] Eric the Great.
He can’t take it. Look, look. [laughter] [Mooji] This is the man. We want to know
if we should put that one over here, or this one? [Mooji] How is that? Is that nice? [Friend 7] 576 and a half. [Mooji] Put one here. [Mooji] Put another one on the front. [Friend 9] Now I am painting the notice board. We have done it in bright yellow, but we feel now that we will change it,
and put a nice cream on it. [music] ‘This Little Light of Mine’
by Harry Dixon Loes, performed by Krishna Prasad [F.6] Is that better for you? [Mooji] To the right, a little tiny bit. [Mooji] How does that feel?
[F.9] Now it is perfect. [Mooji] The first piece is 200. [Mooji] It just needed some love.
It’s such a difference. I hope they will be very happy
when they come tomorrow. They are going to come tomorrow and see. [Friend 10 translates] It is a 5 star hotel. Copyright © 2020 Mooji Media Ltd.
All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced without Mooji Media Ltd.’s express consent.

Try Not To Eat Challenge – The Office Foods | People Vs. Food

– (Kevin) Ancho chiles.
– Aw! – Oh, just scoop it in!
(laughs) It just gets worse! – Look at how extravagant
this dish is, and if I pass on it,
I’m gonna feel so terrible. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we wanna
thank you guys for coming in to our office, because we’re gonna be trying
not to eat Office foods. – Oh!
– Wait, from The Office? – Oh my God.
– Like The Office, with like, with Michael Scott? – (FBE) Yes, we are not like
grabbing food from our break room or anything, this is foods
from The Office, the show. – That’s like my favorite show.
– Same, oh my gosh! Are we gonna get Jell-O? – (FBE) All of these foods were either featured or inspired by
moments in the show. Since this is
a Try Not To Eat Challenge, if you make it through
all of the rounds without eating, there will be a reward Office food,
but there is a punishment for losing! For every food you eat,
you’ll have to take one bite of our punishment food. – (gasps) Oh no, okay. – And you know the punishment’s
[bleep] way worse. – Yeah, yeah, okay. Well, we’ll see what happens. – This is my Get Out
of Punishment Free Card, so I get to eat all the foods,
including the reward. So I’m hungry,
so I want to use it. Exchange this card
to skip a future episode punishment and take the reward instead. – How do you get one of those? – I won it when I did the
Try Not To Get Scared. – Oh, when you went to Horror Nights. – I love The Office,
love it, so great. – (Michael) You got it? – This is funny.
– This looks so good in the show. – (Michael) Fettuccine alfredo! – Oh, I love fettuccine alfredo. – (Michael) Time to carboload. – Carboload. (laughs) – That looks [bleep] good. – I love fettuccine alfredo. – Oh my God.
It’s in the container, too! – (FBE) Yes, so we’ve got
some fettuccine to start this challenge off right, as Michael says,
it’s time to carboload, and this not from a restaurant, this is still prepared
by our gourmet chef. – Gosh dang it!
– Oh. – What, this is torture.
This is literally torture, okay? – Does it count if I open it? – (FBE) Please do.
– Okay. – Oh, it looks so good. – (Ashby) I’m gonna go for it. – You’re gonna go for it?
– I’m gonna go for it! – It’s worth it? (buzzer rings) I don’t know what to do.
I’m so conflicted. – Oh my God, it is so good.
– Stop! (buzzer rings) – Wow.
– Oh my gosh. – It’s so good!
– It’s so good! (laughs) – Ooh!
– Yes, bitch! – (laughs) This is,
he just gets to eat! – It was like… – For every food you eat,
you have to take a bite. – Yeah.
– Ugh, man. I wish it was just like
one punishment, one and done,
’cause I would eat everything. You know what I mean? I don’t want it.
(Danny laughs) I don’t want this one. – Ugh, am I gonna eat this?
Are you gonna eat it? I’m carb-loading for the marathon
I’m not running tomorrow. (buzzer rings)
– I’m starving. – Mmm, that’s good stuff. – I’m gonna pass on that one. (sighs) Restraint. – Oh [bleep] me!
– Oh my God! It smells so good. It’s nice, and like
the right amount of creamy. (buzzer rings)
Oh my God! It’s so good. This is worth whatever’s
coming my way. Oh my God.
– I’m gonna hold off. I’m in it to win it
this episode. – Congrats to you. – (FBE) You ready for us
to spice it up a bit? – Oh.
– It’s chili. – Oh no.
– It’s the chili. It’s Kevin and chili. Yay!
(Ashby laughs) – (Kevin) Some of my
Kevin’s Famous Chili. – This has happened to me
in real life, by the way.
– Has it really? – (Kevin) Undercook the onions. (both laugh) – He’s so close, yet so far! – He’s like right there.
– Right there, oh! – (Kevin) I’m up the night before.
– (laughs) He’s so… – (Kevin) Dicing whole tomatoes. – (laughs) And then the scooping of it. – (Kevin) Ancho chiles. – Oh, guy just gets…
– Oh, just scoop it in! It just gets worse! (laughs)
– (Kevin) It’s a recipe passed down from Malones
for generations. (both laugh) It’s probably the thing I do best.
– Oh [bleep] Kevin. – You know what’s crazy
about that scene? Is like, that was probably
first take, one take, ’cause you can’t
[bleep] up the carpet and have a huge stain. – (FBE) While we’ve been able
to keep ours off the ground, we do think that Kevin
would be proud of his famous dish.
(Ashby gasps) – Oh, look at that goodness. If these things weren’t attached
to one of my favorite shows, this would be easier. Kevin, this one’s for you, buddy. – I always like to see
what he says about it first. (buzzer rings) – Mmm.
I’m so happy right now. Welcome to the failed group,
it’s the best! (buzzer rings) – (FBE) This is his exact recipe. – Mmm.
– I don’t believe that. – Yeah, it’s smoky,
it’s good. It is damn good chili. – I like chunky.
(buzzer rings) No, no. – That’s really good. Are you sure you don’t want any? – I think I’m sure. I don’t think you know.
– It’s so good, that I wanna take a bite
out of yours so that they have to send it
home with me too. – (FBE) (laughs) And you have a cold. – And I have a cold,
so I know you guys can’t use it. Oh, I should’ve…
Very good. – I’m in it to win it.
So I’m not gonna eat it. – I lost already, but like I said,
at this point I just, I don’t know,
I wanna resist and like make myself proud.
I’m gonna pass on the chili. I’m. (laughs)
– No! No, not today. – Well how about we do
the short tour, and then I’ll start dinner. – Oh yeah.
– Some of my favorite episodes. – It’s great. – (Jan) No no, just the osso buco
needs to braise for about three hours. Everything else is done. – Oh no, I love osso buco. – I love this episode so much.
– It was so cringy. – Three hours? – (Jan) They often don’t even
start eating until midnight. – (Michael) When in Rome. (Sharon laughs) – This is one of my,
oh, this episode is so good. When she throws…
(laughs) Into the television. – I just love how awkward
Jim and Pam are. Like okay, can I go now?
– Yeah, yeah yeah. They like represent
all of us watching. This is how it feels. – (FBE) This dish that Jan serves
in the Dinner Party From Hell episode consists of delcious veal shank,
white wine, vegetables, and broth. – It’s veal?
– (FBE) Veal. – Wow, you guys are spoiling us. – I just hate he can just
dig right in. – Oh yeah.
Ooh, oh, I didn’t even have to cut it. (buzzer rings) I’m just a person that, when’s the next time
you’re gonna have veal? – That’s right! (laughs)
(buzzer rings) Mmm, delicious. – I’m looking forward
to watching her do the punishment. – Ugh. – Part of me like feels bad,
because look at how extravagant this dish is,
and if I pass on it, I’m gonna feel so terrible.
Alright, what the Hell, I’m gonna do it, okay.
– Oh. (buzzer rings)
I can just tell Ashby’s gonna like it. – I actually like this
because it does like… – It just falls apart.
– Fall apart. – I’ve never had veal,
and I don’t want to. – I can’t eat that. I won’t eat veal. – Mmm.
– I’m good. – (FBE) Really?
– Yeah, I think I’ll pass. I love osso buco,
but yeah, I think I’ll pass. – It, yeah, it looks
really good though. – (FBE) For your final challenge,
we decided to kick things up a notch, we’re actually gonna be
combining foods… – Ooh! – (FBE) From two of our
favorite Office moments. – Okay! – (Michael) I enjoy having
breakfast in bed. I like waking up
to the smell of bacon, sue me. And since I don’t have a butler,
I have to do it myself. – Same, it’s so hard! – (Michael) So most nights
before I go to bed, I will lay six strips of bacon out
on my George Foreman grill. – Yeah!
– (Michael) Then I go to sleep. When I wake up,
I plug in the grill, I go back to sleep again.
– Genius. – (Michael) Then I wake up
to the smell of crackling bacon. It is delicious, it’s good for me,
it’s the perfect way to start the day. Today I got up,
I stepped onto the grill and it clamped down on my foot.
That’s it. I don’t see what’s so hard
to believe about that. (both laugh) Look at that. Nothing like grilling
in the great outdoors! – Oh no.
– The George Foreman, again. – (Ryan) Is it the same grill
you grilled your foot in? (both laugh) – (Michael) Yes, but I got
all the foot off of it. – I got all the foot
off of it. (laughs) – (FBE) For our final tempting dish,
we decided to combine two out of the three things
that Michael famously cooked on his grill.
– Is that bacon wrapped steak? – (FBE) Just not the foot. – Shut up!
– It’s bacon wrapped steak! Yes!
– (Kendelle) Shut up! – (FBE) Instead, here’s
bacon wrapped steak. (buzzer rings)
– Oh! This is the best one.
This is the reward. – Mm-hmm!
– At least I think, this is delicious!
– Mm-hmm! This is delicious.
– Mm-hmm! (both laugh) – I took a big bite. – And I already know that
all of this meat is cruel, so don’t, you know,
kill me in the comments, but… (buzzer rings) That’s some good [bleep]
right there. – What’s the sauce?
– I’ve never had bacon steak. Like this.
It does not suck. At all. God damn it, that’s good. – I made my decision. – And this point, you’re gonna
go for the… – Yeah.
– Good stuff. – Yeah, I’m gonna go for it. I’ve been craving bacon lately. (buzzer rings) Mmm. Mmm.
– Aw. – Bomb.
– Damn. – That sauce, actually
is so good, too. – Damn.
– Oh my God. Yeah, this is good. – I had steak yesterday.
(Kennedy laughs) So I’m gonna say no. – Alright, here we go.
(buzzer rings) Mmm.
– Is it good? – Mm-hmm.
(Chelsea laughs) I can’t get over this sauce. It is so good. – I don’t know, it’s just like
does it seem worth it? And then the mustard,
I’m pretty sure that’s be more of a punishment,
for me, anyways. – I hope all this was worth it. (both laugh) – (FBE) Congratulations,
you have made it through all of the rounds of food
without eating any of them. Are you ready to see
what you’ve won? – Yeah, please tell me it’s good. – (Pam) Once a year,
they bring in a little cart, and they give away free pretzels.
– (gasps) Yes! – (Pam) It’s really not a big deal. – Oh, pretzel!
Pretzel Day! – (Pam) For some people it is. – Oh.
– Yes! – (Michael) Please tell me
you have a sweet pretzel left. – (man) We do.
– (Michael) Thank God. – (man) And we have
18 different toppings. We have sweet glaze,
cinnimon sugar… – Oh! – (man) Fudge, M&M’s, caramel dip,
mint chip… – They’re so happy
about the pretzels. – (man) Toffee nuts, coconut,
peanut butter drizzle, Oreos… – Such a good actor,
it’s insane. (both laugh) – (Michael) Is there any way
that you could do all? All of them?
– (man) The works, you got it. – Can you just get ’em all?
– This is great. – (Michael) Thank you. – We probably could have had
any pretzel we wanted. – Oh no!
– Any pretzel! My heart is broken today. – I am so depressed right now. – (FBE) With our gourmet prepared
dessert pretzel, here are all the toppings
and fixin’s you could possibly ever want in
a Pretzel Day pretzel. – Wow.
– Nice. – I’m gonna be making this.
– We can do it. – (Danny) I’m gonna…
– (Kendelle) While he makes it. – I am particular.
We might go over time. (Sharon laughs) – My mouth is like glomped shut. – Mm-hmm, so,
this is so good. It’s working really well
into my new diet. – I still feel like a winner. I mean, I don’t know
what the punishment is yet, so I feel like I can’t
speak too soon. – (Michael) Judges in session,
what is the problem here? – (Dwight) They put my stuff
in Jell-O again. – Jell-O, okay, okay.
– Okay. What’s in the Jell-O? – (Dwight) That’s real professional,
thanks, this is the third time. – I hate Jell-O! – (Michael) What is that?
– (Dwight) That’s my stapler! – (Michael) No no no no,
do not take it out. You have to eat it
out of there. – (Dwight) I do own property. My grandfather left me
a 60 acre working beet farm. – Oh, yeah, oh beet Jell-O?
– Together. – Oh my God,
am I eating beet Jell-O? – (Dwight) Stores and restaurants. – Someone’s clever. – (Dwight) Sometimes teenagers
use it for sex. – Oh my gosh, it’s beet Jell-O. It’s beet Jell-O! What the heck?
– No! (laughs) – Oh my gosh, no!
– Oh no! – I feel like it’s
gonna be gross, ’cause of the Jell-O, but I don’t know, we’ll see.
I’m nervous. – (FBE) So, as you’ve
probably predicted, we have your beet flavored Jell-O. – Oh, that looks like heart. Like it just looks like
a pure heart in there. – (FBE) Yeah.
– Oh, I love the mug! – (FBE) But if you’ll note,
when Jim gives Dwight his Jell-O, he doesn’t really give him
any utensils to eat it with, so… – No! – (FBE) When we say you have to take
two bites and four bites of Jell-O, you’re gonna have to eat it
the way that Dwight did. – Oh! (laughs) Alright, here we go. Ugh, oh. – Too weird.
Go for it, just go for it. (Ashby moans) (both laugh) – Ew, look at that, okay. – Looks delicious. – I have such mixed feelings
about this. – Get that, mm-hmm!
– Shh! – Is it bad?
Oh, nice. Oh.
– Oh no! (laughs) – My man, mm-mm. – (gasps) This should be illegal. – I might throw up. – Oh, mm-mm. – That noise,
are you [bleep] kidding me? – Ugh, this grosses me out. I don’t hate it. You know what it is? It tastes a little bit
like candied beets. This is why I didn’t
wanna eat it, with my hands, because beets stain
the [bleep] out of everything, you a-holes! (Danny laughs)
(Kendelle slurps) – Oh I didn’t, the sound effect
is what’d get me. It sucks though,
because I am that person that’s like you want an M&M?
She can’t have an M&M. (Kendelle smacks lips) – (laughs) Disgusting.
(Danny laughs) – Thanks for watching
us Try Not To Eat… – On the REACT Channel! – Subscribe! – We have new shows for you
every week! – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. Hey, if you liked this episode
then be sure to follow us on Twitter, because we have reactor and stuff
Q and As, and so much more! Or just tell us
what you thought about this episode or The Office in general.
Bye guys!


Good evening everyone!
We’re in Dalat! And this is our first time here. And we arrived a few hours ago, took a nap at the hotel, it’s nighttime now.
Pretty chilly. We’re at about 1,500 meter elevation, it’s about 5,000 feet, so we’re pretty high up in the mountains. But behind me in the distance is the Dalat Night Market. Very, very famous location here in Dalat and we’re going to go check out all the street food and night market scenes, and just kind of see what’s there. Let’s go guys! When you enter the market, the first thing you’ll notice is all the food. There are sit-down restaurants and tons of street food vendors. Our first stop was this street cart loaded with all kinds of meats, seafood, and veggies on skewers. You pick the skewers you’d like to eat and then the vendor will grill it up for you. Here’s the different things we ordered. We got, it looks like, beef with a bunch of veggies on here. Here’s beef wrapped in some kind of a leaf. Got some hot dogs, got some chicken underneath… Ahhhh, it went into the sauce. Filming fail! And we got pieces of okra. So that’s going to go well with these various dippings sauces. Hot green chili, normal red hot sauce, and I think that’s hoisin. Alright, first one we’re going to try here is the beef wrapped in I believe this is Betel leaf. I’m going to dip this in the green chili spicy sauce, go straight for the hotness. So good. *crack* Oh! Got a piece of bone. I think I just cracked my tooth! Actually, the beef is minced with some other things. It’s very spicy by itself, there’s a lot of seasoning in there. With the Betel leaf, it’s like a nice green, like Earthy kind of flavor to it. But because it’s minced, you do have to be careful there’s pieces of cartilage and bone in there. So chew carefully, so you don’t crack your tooth. Mmmm, yummy! Got some okra. Just going to use my hands because I don’t care. I’m going to dip it in that hoisin. Grilled okra man, that’s awesome! And this is just a normal pork and veggie skewer. Woah! Smells really good. I’m just going to have this by itself, no hot sauce. Let me get some of this bell pepper here, green bell pepper. One of my favorite BBQ items. Here’s some straight up just chicken on a skewer. Chicken is very fatty. The most iconic street food snack in Dalat is definitely Banh Trang Nuong, also referred to by many as “Dalat Pizza.” We’ve got the famous, “Dalat Pizza”, on the inside it’s got all kinds of things. It’s got egg, it’s got green onions, it’s got ham, it’s got hot sauce. It’s got some kind of ground shrimp stuff, it’s got cheese. Look, what is that? Mayonnaise? I have no idea, but this is going to be epically awesome. Oh, and it’s wrapped in a rice paper like tortilla. This is as big as my head, it’s steaming hot. And it smells good, it smells awesome! It’s like an omelet burrito or something, let’s try to eat it and not burn the roof of my mouth. Oh my god It’s so crispy. Mmmm I have to take another bite. The egg and the hot sauce, man, this is like breakfast. Breakfast pizza burrito, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s so good! Woah! The cheese in there too, guys, really yummy. I love that they just have some piece of paper wrapped around this. It’s so savory, a little bit salty, but really good. Mmmm! Alright, we’re going to finish this and keep looking for some more food. One side of the market focuses on selling clothing and souvenirs while the other areas sell tons of fresh produce from all the abundant farms of the Central Highlands surrounding Dalat. A popular street food I didn’t expect to see were the French-style breads eaten along with hot soy or corn milk. When you sit down, they give you a plate of one of each kind of bread that they have up on display. This is essentially a fried doughnut stick. This one looks like a nice ball with sesame seeds on it, I’m sure it’s empty, like full of air inside. This one looks like shu puff, shu cream puff? Like from Japan, but I don’t know. These are like very French in style, like this looks like a croissant. Like that looks pretty proper. And this looks like some kind of a mini pastry thing, which is pretty cool. And on your table there’s also a cup of sugar, so that way when you get your drink, you can add sugar to it if you want to make it more sweet. Ok, we got our drink order, and this one here is corn milk, and this one is soy milk. And they’re both really hot. In this glass – I don’t know why they put hot drinks in glass, like that is soooo hot to the touch. This is one of the most simplest ideas for street food, but it goes very well, like everybody is drinking soy milk or corn milk, and munching on bread. Alright, we added some sugar into the soy milk, and the corn milk as well. Just cause they were very bland by themselves. I mean, they taste good by themselves, but we wanted to sweeten it up just a little bit. Yeah, that’s really nice with the sugar in there. Mmmm! I’m going to take a piece of the doughnut bread, I’m going to dip this one into the soy milk. Dunk it. Woo hoo! Steaming hot, OK, I’m holding the hot glass. Woooo! Look at that. That’s good. I’m going to try that corn. Doesn’t smell like corn, though. Oh! Wow, but it does taste like corn. I want to try this croissant little bun. It does have the paper on the bottom, so you gotta peel that off. Let’s go ahead and rip that apart. Yeah Alright, dip this one in the corn. Yummy! Mmmm I like that bread, nice soft bread. Mmmm.
It’s like a sweet roll. I’m going to break this one open, and my prediction it’s just full of air. Let’s find out. Is there a way to reveal it like a clam? Can I…?
Can I do this on film? Is this going to work? Ta da!!!
Ok, yeah that’s fail. It’s very tough on the outside, empty on the inside as I predicted. Let’s soften up this tough bread in the corn. Not my favorite. This is very airy, there’s a lot of pockets of air in the bread itself. It’s kind of tough on the outside, even dipped in the corn milk. Yeah, not a winner for me. So I think this is a shu puff, the shu cream puff thing. Cause I can see some custard in here. See that there? Custard inside tastes like there’s almost like coconut or something. Hmmmm, not bad. Last but not least, is this little pastry thing. It looks like there’s crushed coconut inside. What is that filling? It tastes alright, the outside is really hard though. Like way too dry for me. Another popular area of the market is the giant stairs near the monument circle. Many people enjoy sitting on the steps while eating street food snacks and watching the market scene from above. Dalat is super famous for all of the agriculture around here. The soil is super rich up at this altitude, and there’s all kinds of stuff growing around here. Coffee especially, like coffee… oh my god… so much coffee! There’s also a ton of strawberries, so everywhere around here we see strawberries. A lot of amazing produce. And one of the cool street food items that I really wanted to try here is this very simple strawberry with sugar and syrup. Yeah, here it is. As you can see. It’s super simple guys, it’s just strawberry with sugar and some syrup. Mixed up. And this is a really cool snack. Alright! Mmm! Yeah, good!
Super good! It’s like my childhood dipping strawberries in sugar. Mmmmm Ok everybody, we hope that you enjoyed this Dalat Night Market street food tour. It’s just been such an amazing time. Really great environment, lots of amazing food. Really good vibe around here. If you guys want to know how to get here, all the Google Maps and information, all that stuff is going to be in the description box down below. Give the video a Thumbs Up! Make sure you SUBSCRIBEto the channel, and we’ll see you guys in the next video. BYEEE!!!!

Welding to Work

The program is called Welding to Work
and we take guys who have a release date and are soon to be re-entering the general population and try to give them some useful skills. The Athens-Clarke County Department of Corrections is all about taking adult male offenders who are in the prison system and what we typically do is give them an opportunity as they’re starting to segue towards release to work in the communities. We were able to partner with Athens Tech and put these guys who are very deserving in this four-week program. They had an instructor on site and these guys all now have certifications for welding. We work for two weeks and by the end of
it, the goal is to have them employable in local companies and businesses. I’ve been dreaming of getting a welding certificate and it finally came. I mean, I’ve been welding for seven years and I’ve been trying to get welding certificate and I ain’t been able to get a welding certificate and here I am now getting one. The whole program is four weeks. They spend two weeks in the classroom learning the soft skills in terms of employability, resume work, and then some math and English. And then they’ll come out to the trailer for two weeks and just put their head down get under the hood and get busy. I’m actually working on a portfolio, a resume, a cover letter – all the things that I need to actually get me in the door somewhere. I am preparing myself to further my education in welding to actually become a master welder. They worked harder than I’ve seen anybody work in a classroom setting because they know this is their only
really opportunity, only real opportunity to get out there and find a job immediately, get back on their feet, find a place to stay, and their work ethic has shown that they are they’re really ready and they’re really serious about this and it’s really been impressive. We have great instructors. They’re really bringing us on to where we need to be and I love it. You know, and I appreciate them guys a whole lot. I really want to go back to school now. I want to change my whole life. I want to do something different and this is a great way to do something different. The idea is to have them ready to be able to go out, go to an interview, pass a weld test, and hopefully get a job. So these new programs, like Welding to Work, they’re becoming more and more present all over the state but for us to have this dynamic with Athens Tech – this is pretty innovative, this is very exciting. So, we’re able to now do something that is kind of unique. So we’re filling a gap in the community while giving somebody probably the best opportunity they’ve ever had to prevent coming back in the system. My next step, I’m going to be working. I’m trying to participate in Athens Technical College and that’s the college I’ve always wanted to go to. Always wanted to go to. I want to thank everyone that has made this possible because you know, without them, you know, there’s no telling what the next step would have been for some of us. So I just want to thank them for this opportunity. This program will make you make it to the next step in life, man. I mean, you’ll succeed. So long as you got Kyle teaching you, you’re gonna make it. You’re gonna make it.


hello everybody welcome to Mehdi Scent
Channel in this video we gonna talk about top ten great office fragrances
safe -office fragrances for fall and winter if you are curious to find out stay with me let’s
start by Mancera wind wood! at Number ten spot if you
are into vetivery pink peppery and undertone sweet leathery type of Frances
this peaceful fragrance is absolutely for you one of the very underrated
fragrances from house of mancera by a very great performance and polite
and average projection and sillage if you want to understand better the scent profile of this fragrance I can give some examples Givenchy gentleman only
Givenchy gentlemen only intense Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive in between these
three fragrances is not unique something between these three great fragrances not
wind wood that much it is woody but more leathery and vetivery peppery type
of fragrance rather than being woody very great leathery fragrance for office
situations because it is not when we say leather remember such Animalic
leathery fragrances is not like them very peaceful polite by smooth
projection and sillage absolutely one of the again I have to say very underrated
fragrances from house of Mancera number 10 spot Wind wood at number nine
spot Dunhill icon absolute Wow if you are into OUD leather pepper and darker
stuff and RESINS for sure this fragrance is absolutely for you the only
issue of this fragrance is performance it is not a great performer eau de parfum
concentration can last five six hours but at all cannot project I have no idea
why is fragrance is very bad in terms of projection this weak projection makes
this fragrance a very great choice if you are into dark side of fragrances for
office situations… indoor and office situation so
pepper big-time black pepper oud skanky leather
some frankincense resins but this is not smokey it is resiny and ambroxen
ambroxen makes this fragrance designer if the perfumer was not putting
ambroxan in this fragrance was smelling very niche or more niche compare to this one…
right now it is because of that Ambroxan smells very designer next one of
the best jobs from house of Versace hands down Versace Oud Noir Eau De Parfum wow! one of the best designer ouds out there… immediately reminds me
of Tom Ford oud wood in that genre sixty seventy percent near to each other
I can say highly inspired by that fragrance so also reminds me dunhill
icon absolute why I put this one in this list? if there is similarities? but not
that much similarities … there reminds me of each other this one is heavy on oud you
can catch oud here better compare to Dunhill icon absolute there is not
Ambroxan in this fragrance which makes this profile more niche… more outstanding
not that popular I love amberoxan but not everywhere in any DNA I don’t
believe that ambroxan and oud works great together
this fragrance is sweet but when I say sweet don’t imagine Paco Rabanne 1million
undertone sweetness you can get some sweetness very well-balanced undertone
like sweetness of vanilla or cinnamon performance of these fragrances a bit
better compar to Dunhill Icon suit i can not say very vibrator a little bit
five hours longevity on my skin by first one one and half of our projections
church in terms of projections here is a bit better
next we have at number seven spot bentley form their regular one not
intense version this fragrance is boozy resin in leathery and a bit
well-balanced sweet type of fragrance and buy some back genus which comes from
resins so sweetness in this fragrance is more compared to the intense version a
bit like cinnamon in sweetness in this region’s not tonka vanilla type of
sweetness cinnamon and very well-balanced type of pussy fragrance
very manly very masculine I like the bussiness
the trainer’s a bit more compared to the intense version the boos eNOS is here
more into your face in the intense version you have more reasons as smokes
and booze eNOS is a bit under thunder I don’t wanna make a comparison right now
here this one is a great choice for office because of projection and search
we have not as potent as any Malika’s intense version projection search is
very polite I can get five to six hours maximum longevity by this Riggins on the
skin on the clothings can stay three four days a bit as secure under loadings
but can make also spots be careful and projection and search for first one on
half two hours very polite smooth manly boozy undertone sweet very sexy
fragrance AB number six spot another great fragrance for office situations
for Ted situation cysts don’t jangle one of the one the king
so this fragrance is also smashed my nose Busey but it’s interesting when I
read the note breakdowns I cannot see anything booze in this fragrance like
ROM like whiskey or something else I have no idea smells boozy by cardamom a
bit ginger coriander tobacco very manly complex and stinky
thick type of smelling fragrance absolutely which is interesting
why it is interesting because this fragrance is right now smells boozy to
my nose but then I sneak this fragrance a boozy fragrance a very great pussy
fragrance then don’t hang governor the one is not at all boozy right now it’s
interesting right now I can catch Basel than this redness basil mint look very
crazy but people are sniffing bountiful mountains I cannot catch basil or that
minty undertone vibe than this ruins this very interesting right now happened
to me I’m very excited so for first time in my life I had I have to say this
witness as smells like undertone basil mint tea at opening ginger coriander and
not pussy right now it is not pussy what after half an hour one hour bananas
smell is written as a sneaky smell the smells somehow boozy card the Momotaro
fragrance anyway this is more sexier compared to
this one this one is not a sexy very manly masculine compliment either but
this one is a bit in the sexy side of fragrances a bit more seductive I have
to say compared to this one and also a very great fragrance for date situations
and office dolce gabbana the one ETP if you don’t want to smell closed serious
like math teachers at office sometimes you need some sexy material sky is one
not lady colleagues so on turrets from house of processes a very sexy polite
fragrance very great for date situations and office situations projection is a
bit louder compared to the other fragrances abt this is a spice sure but
also it is sexier it’s very sexy a spicy oriental type of fragrance not
that modern not that much older school something between it’s very great
masculine sexy type of fragrance not Juvenal sexy type of fragrance
absolutely this module very great performer 10 hours plus type of
performer at first our very big projection and search after that a still
big but more transparent project in 10 frames
I suggest you one hour before going to office situations apply this rings so
performance fantastic scents 10 out of 10 price true in the autumn because 25
bucks for 100 and we cannot go wrong by the springs at number 4 spots a great
fragrance new hype Rocha mustache or Pasha mustache if you think this
variance is very manly various smoky woody lady
woody type of fragrance that’s why they put most posh name on this fragrance to
make you afraid of this fragrance no I believe because they don’t know what is
marketing what is the business they put justice name on this release is
nothing about massage I would put her name of for example rose candy rose and
candies yeah something like that why not it smells like can
Rose sweet candy ish Rose based fragrance by some fruitiness like orange
very less undertone you can get some florals and raisins but mostly other
Flora’s compared to the Rose I know so mostly rose and candy Shui I can say
this for against this raw space fragrance performance is good not great
not bad seven hours on my skin some says they can get through hours plus blonde
red wellies figures I personally can get maximum seven hours by this fragrance by
a very good project and search for one and a half hour two hours you can check
out my free wellness fitness projection of this one is very polite very smooth
very dusty Airy somehow that’s why I love it for dates and office situations
also great for date but because of rose maybe I would not prefer it that much in
the date I want in the date as smell sexy and masculine Rose is not that much
as smelling masculine to my taste I would prefer another notes for it right
now this is a great choice for office situations and very sexy
Osia mustache at number three spot my lovely dear on a regular one before 2019
no thank you to 2020 version this lip a sticky cacao or chocolate
iris very polite gentleman is modern masculine type of friend after this much
inspirations is still outstanding still modern still I love it so I can get six
hours performance to play do Rome by first one and half two hours project
massage in the very smooth way after that we’ll be asking sent in not a
strong strongest isn’t normal pool exclusions I love the way that the
smells I loved the way that projects and draws down at number two spot the king
of great memories for me harmonica the regular one it’s a great fragrance for
date situations also but I prefer a bit absolution of this fragrance for death
situations it’s small in the sexy side this one is a bit in the more polite
side of the fragrance i preferred in the situation
I still grating that I don’t like in the newbies or average people’s been some
nervousness came out they jump on it right now if you ask what is the best
date let me say hormone called absolute for office or monocled absolute for
indoors or Monica drops ago for everything there is a one fragrance why
because this new and they forget so fast order in masterpieces don’t be like that
for every situations we have some another great fragrances I prefer this
one for office situations promo version for clubbing situations and for date
situations absolute at number one spots at the top
of the list if you enjoyed the video guys don’t forget thumbs up it means a
lot for me subscribe the channel to get notifications by my new uploads Prada
loan absolute is a great choice for fall and winter of his situations reminds me
of your online yes but there is a lot big differences also the only mutual
vibe is that iris in domestic vibe which in this one will be disappeared after
half an hour this is more heavy on pepper and huncle a little bit and very
very much on Cardinal Cardinal and pepper is very big notes here which is
not available in regular euro the difference between this and you buy this
one I can get 8 to 10 hours run Davidi sometimes at the spring time 12 hours
even very great performer very sticky type of fragrance by big and smooth
projection a search for first three hours performance longevity scent
profile channel attend this between something between intense version and
long version not as animalic as the intense present not as smooth as the
loan the regular one it’s very good for fallen in terrible situations if you
want a great fall and spring and summer office situations pregnancy long version
is better compared to this one this video is about fall and winter of his
fragrances so guys don’t forget subscribe the channel that was my top 10
fall winter of his fragrances in the collection if you have any opinion
suggesting question let me know in the comments below I will answer you

💃 LA ROSALÍA: Un marketing CON ALTURA. (Análisis: Lo que nadie te dice)

Hi cuties! Yeah! im still alive! I was just too busy working so, since you’ve been waiting for me with so much love and support I would like to start this new channel era with a video you’ve been asking for The marketing of… La Rosalía! if you want to know how Rosalía went from this.. My name is Rosalía, I’m 15, I come from Barcelona… :V Host: I’m sorry but i gotta say No To this Rosalía: Oh my god! Oh my god! Watch until the end of the video 🙂 well, lets see the marketing of Rosalía, because there is always marketing There is always marketing let’s get right into it First: She is not a common artist she is a purple cow a purple cow? are you calling her fat and weird? nope I’m not calling her that a purple cow is a marketing term created by Seth Godin Just imagine yourself driving on the road and suddenly, you see a cow! You may think: oh look what a beautiful cow! you keep driving and you see another cow and then you think: oh yep another cow, alright nice.. then you see another cow and another one… and then you get sick of the cows and start thinking about weird stuff like freaking cows, are they black with white stains or white with black stains? anyways you get sick of the cows but all of a sudden a purple cow appears! and you get shocked! Yeah it is still a cow and does what every other cow does but it is PURPLE! well this is Rosalía, a purple cow I mean, her music and products were way different from any other thing we were used to see that way she stood out She is from catalonia and she mixes flamenco with urban rythms and she became iconic using the spanish brand and this is the second point 2. Iconic When I say iconic i mean when an artist gets people to recognize him by using just words, signs or images attached to his brand for instance who do you think about when you see this? or this? or this one? well Rosalía did a great job because she has used all the spanish cultural references like flamenco to create an iconic brand So lets divide this in three cathegories to se how she did it first one: The words! many spanish top artists use latin words using their words like keloké or bacano or papito, yatusabe (dominican slang) most of the spanish people dont talk like that! So we, spanish people needed someone that used the spanish slang to connect with us the youth OUR WORDS like.. (malamente) Badly illo (short for “chiquillo” that means kid) Perish the thought! i got Camarón de la isla’s tapes in my glove box Oh my god, it was so emotional hearing: I got tapes of Camarón in my glove box! get me killed if I’m lying (a spanish idiom) Rosalía connected with Spain with these words 2. Images Like Toros (bulls) the christian symbols we see in Spain also she uses the red color which is the color associated to the flamenco dancers She did a great job! in the third category we have the gestures like whipping her hair like flamenco dancers do her hands and nails, so important in flamenco look, these gestures are so related to Rosalía that even people acussed Karol G of copying her because of THIS She also made herself this clapping style Trá Trá! and the bull gesture (which I don’t really know how to do it) also it doesnt look good on me :S the way she connected all of these things, the words, the moves and the colors made her brand too easy to recognize Believe me, this is one of the most difficult things in marketing when creating a Brand making communication easier the kiss concept! Keep It Simple Stupid it just doesn’t make the communication easier for us, the spanish people but also for the rest of the world because Flamenco is very well seen internationaly this give us a very well built image of Rosalia in our minds Brands do not exist they are only living in your head (lol) she didn’t just make it easier lets see the third point she owns the spanish market do you know what caused that she used the spanish brand? it made us want her inside Inside of Spain (lol) and when they love you inside (Spain) it is easier to be loved outside This happens in many other countries like Puerto Rico or Argentina where the local artists get a lot of support from their people and that way it is easier for them to become international artists Spanish! support other spanish! meme: what are you talking about? Owning a market is so important not only to be loved but for other artists to collaborate with you To get your fans and your market and your country too like her collaboration with Travis Scott where you can see that most of the comments in the youtube video are in spanish Travis took benefit from this collab getting into the spanish market and Rosalía upgraded her level and I know you may be wondering: Neus what viral marketing strategy did Rosalía use? lets see the fourth point Four: Viral buzz Cuties! you dont know how much I wanted to show you another way to do viral marketing besides the controversial there are a lot of technics but in this channel I just told you about Mcgregor or C Tangana which they both use the controversial viral marketing so, what is Viral Buzz? this is the classic mouth to mouth but massive! Why? so simple, because INTERNET EXISTS if you say something mouth to mouth your message will only get to the person you are talking to it wont remain in time BUT if you type a tweet about something happening it will be there for a long time and will reach several people and they lived happily ever after… unless someone reports that tweet Twitter deletes your tweet You get your account deleted you get canceled You go viral then you get fired from your job Your wife leaves you your kids won’t talk to you anymore even your dog hates you that happens a lot of times a lot! anyways this marketing strategy is amazing because it doesnt look like marketing people talk about your product and they dont realize that you had sale purposes behind all that that your intention is to sell so this strategy is a bomb We can see this in everything Rosalia does for instance 1. The “Mal querer” Album this album was Rosalía’s end of grade project wait..you didn’t know that? well, Rosalía is a musician She’s been studying music since she was a child and she was 13 she especiallized in flamenco music ow look at that cutie :3 well, this album “El mal querer” is a complete work every song is connected it is inspired by the book “Flamenca” this means that each song corresponds to a chapter in the book I want you to think that there is a whole story when it comes to produce this album and also inside the album itselft do you know what this caused? all of these stories? it made us want to tell other people about them so everyone has talked about how this album was produced and if that was not enough Rosalía paid the traditional media so everyone could know the story behind this album 2. the videoclips The videoclips are full of symbology for people to analyze them Youtube explodes and gets full of analysis every time Rosalía drops a new videoclip like these ones and you know what this means? free advertising 3. Live performances You can watch rosalia’s performances in the news of foreign countries! also Billie E ilish said this after watching Rosalia performing I know you must be wondering: Neus, why every artist dont do this viral buzz strategy? Yo are telling me about free advertising that doesn’t look like advertising simple, because it depends on the brand each brand has its own strategy Do you imagine Anuel AA… Anuel AA: there are even millionaire homosexuals or Daddy Yankee doing this? creating deep videoclips full of symbology to be analyzed nope, maybe sometimes but this is not the strong of their brands, that is what I mean their whole marketing strategy is not based on this you catch me? in brief, the viral buzz strategy is pure marketing but customers are not aware of it that is when marketing really works I always tell my customers that the best marketing is when people don’t know it is marketing now we talked about “El mal querer” album lets see the fifth point 5. the f** freemium boss as I already told you this album is a full project not separated songs You must listen to the full album to know the whole story Because as humans, we LOVE stories and we must finish the stories we start You know these days, when an artist releases a new album it is odd that people listen to the whole album or buying the full album we are used to buy singles but we can’t do this when it comes to Rosalía you have to listen to the whole album But why did I say f** freemium boss? Free + premium The free part makes you listen to all the songs but, what about premium? see, to sell the album she adds some extras How? If you buy her album the vinyl format it is signed and if you buy the cd it has some Tarot cards inspired by the “flamenca” book also the cards are so beautiful and it connects with the Trap mainstream Neus doing free advertising Neus doing free advertising Neus doing free advertising She is the Freemium Diva Did I say Diva? lets go to the 6th point 6. You have to look like it You have to look like a diva not just being a diva

Testing 9 VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Work!

we are testing the most extreme viral
take on my packs do they work or do they not work go first tick tock let’s go I
don’t understand what are they using oh it’s foil they’re using foil they set
off their school alarm I think okay so it looks like this applies to need you
just need gum wrapper and then you just need a I think you can use a triple-a or
a double a either way and then I’m being handed a pencil so I’m assuming I need
this for something should we have water or something yeah let’s get some water
oh by the way don’t try these tick tock Y packs at home okay I will tell you
this though this life hack works Maddie has to go buy a hundred dollars with the
press in Salzburg okay that’s fine oh why can’t she just agreed to it make
sure you guys use the foil side so this is the inside of the gum wrapper you
don’t use that I think it’s just like regular paper material the outside is
what we’re trying to use so how we’re gonna put this down to get the minus on
it and you’re gonna want the positive side of the battery on the top this is
dangerous Oh Oh what already started smoking it
already started smoking wait a second Oh oh my god but so cool I can’t believe
this is actually working if they all work I will literally go out and jump in
the cold plunge pool naked if you ever look your keys in the car
here’s a way to get it unlocked and all you need is a tennis ball so
there’s no way in impressive because the chances of this one working is like the
equivalent of like Cal’s writing for this guy Matty there’s no way like
you’re not gonna cut a hole in a tennis ball and then the shirt gets it open
Betty but we’re not like in space how much air pressure can a tennis ball
really create to change or unlock a mechanical lock the first one was cool
it actually worked the chances of this one working slim to none but you know
what regardless of that ladies and gentlemen I’ll take this moment if it
does or does not work to take your device you’re watching this video on
turning like this make that red subscribe button grey alright so if we
want to really test this Maddie you should let me lock your keys in the car. No! Preston, no no. Do you have spare keys? No! How am I ever supposed to get take talk famous come on Maddy no well just lucky I’ll go get high and
get you an uber yes it’s perfectly safe look at his with a giant open parking
lot that’s a hard caste fine all right so I don’t know like all he did in the
video he cut like just cut a small hole in the tennis I think that’s safe we
think you should stab towards it but so like how many Preston’s does it take to
cut a tennis ball okay Johnny to make like an incision help get
these sisters are tough enough okay we upgraded yeah we had to get a box cutter
which is very dangerous by the way bro okay this tennis ball better give us the
air pressure so now I think we have to cut like a circle right like in the
video they had a circle cut in their tennis ball I don’t know how they did
that so well so use the box cutter make a hole in the tennis ball then use some
scissors to kind of make the hole a little bit bigger oh yes she on the
money buffaloes but whatever Miami Buffalo Miami Buffalo someone does
not watch football but I watch anime that is almost identical to the tick
tock we just watched the car is locked does it’s not gonna work so don’t get
your hopes up so he puts it on here pumps it like twice do it again there isn’t Maddie I could
do this a hundred thousand times do it and this won’t work
I’m literally rocking the car this woman I think this one’s a myth guys this week
I know she just did Maddie I saw that that’s a myth this one has been busted
Bree what are you watching the Jonas Brothers just made a new tech dog and
that was hilarious oh my gosh I love them I actually found a life hack on
tik-tok that I think you should try oh I need all the hacks of life what what is
it it’s how to solve a Rubik’s Cube but oh I think I can impress my husband
without lying down he’s literally just going up and down and everything’s
changing well that’s easy enough why didn’t my mom tell me that’s an
elementary school I would have been the coolest kid in class do I have a Rubik’s
Cube do you just carry this in your purse I already mixed it up for you is
it up up down I think it’s up down why are you facing away from me trying to
show you the Rubik’s Cube it’s the most important part up I don’t know why he
was calling this up because it’s going to the side down unless I’m doing it
wrong no I think that’s right hey any moment now
up down there’s more bread there’s more bread
up down you’re a lot slower than he huh down am I doing this right up down up
yeah Mattia don’t like your life hack hey
guys president Bree are having an insanely good time with these life hacks
and I don’t want to figure out a good one that I can use – let’s see what life
pack is show you guys how to get out at times in 60 seconds if pressing – Briana
– I don’t know if you’re gonna have enough time to do all this pull it
through here we go see it’s through the other side so I tied my shoelaces
together off-camera because I want to save some
time ready guys I need to get my hands if tied right now who’s gonna zip timing
it all right finally Nick got me zip tied let’s go see if we can get this how
do you he also have to be flexible for this life hack let’s test your shoelace
just your fine nose I gotta get the lace around Nick how do I get the lace oh
what’s not gonna help but my laces aren’t as long as the dude in the video
I only have like three-inch laces you can see that close up there I almost
have the lace all the way through use the wrist there we go
this guy’s way more flexible than me how in the world I have to bite that lace I
know I got to get my teeth down there hops are cramping monkey life and death
kidnapping situation you need to flex yourself out of this I’m not flexible
enough think I don’t know but I feel like whoever kidnapped you would have
noticed you doing this by now no they’re probably out grabbing lunch or something
what if the kidnappers just left your shoelaces tied like this like what if
hypothetically the kidnappers tied your shoelaces the way that the guy in the
video did not knowing this life hack would let you out you’re saying what if
my kidnappers were stupid oh my gosh my kidnappers left my laces tied around my
zip-tied that works so easy that was so
incredibly easy if your kidnappers leave your life this is it time for your zip
tie you gettin out no problem Nikki are you feeling okay you’re not in
your pizza merch Matty all my pizza merch is dirty so I have to buy more
pizza hoodies from Preston style calm obviously and then after I’m done wanna
buy some stuff from Raleigh B – or you could just buy stuff from oily B I mean
can’t shoes I have more than one love in my life one is pizza hoodies and one is
really be merch there’s two things that I love tick tock life hacks
I’ve always been testing those today and I think I deserve a chance to test them
so look I found this on salt absorbs glue oh I didn’t know that
hey he’s putting a lot of glue into that and there’s the salt okay Madi in it
right it was right on no that’s just gone the glue just disappears I think
you need to try that okay you just you just have yes Matty I have it okay relax
your roll there’s no one else think that’s a little strange
this is important stuff how would I do this trick talk if I didn’t have this
stuff and I’m always prepared so you’re struggling a little
what is this childproof oh it’s the other side the other side so now you
have to put glue in there first the smart Maddie this is why I have you here
okay so he did a lot of glue so I’m gonna do a lot of glue as well yep keep
going hey even more than that I mean this
looks like pretty okay yeah that’s as much as the glues I really hope the salt
absorbs it cuz it’s starting to get real cold okay
moment of truth just there we go this is oh you’re making a mess just it kind of
worked no it did Matt it didn’t work at all no
my hands are just covered in Brussels oh you this life hack
no no one that gave it to you because this is a terrible time I’m just gonna
leave you clean that up I’m gonna go are you gonna eat guys life hack busted
uh-oh we’re watching another tick tock and I don’t know who this girl is but
she’s she’s got the favorite Alan Red Solo cups okay so she’s unwinding an
entire this is so wasteful it’s an entire roll of paper towel dude this is
too much what no it’s not it’s just enough this
is a one minute tick-tock wait you can make a speaker with a roll of paper
towels and two Red Solo cups no hold on okay and let me see if this works if
this works I’ve got a bone to pick with this one we will not be wasting all of
this beautiful paper towel we just need the roll at the end okay so now that
we’ve got the roll what you want to do is you want to make an incision right
here in the middle there we go yeah I gotta make okay so once you have
the incision made for the size of your cellular device then we have to make two
more incisions on these plastic cups oh my gosh this is actually plastic cups
are not be easiest to make cuts in one more incision on the cup over here so
now you got to squeeze the tube inside the plastic cup where you made the
incision there is no way this works what are we gonna play now with our amplified
speakers I’m not gonna play one of my own videos because that would be too
cliche so I’m gonna play one of the videos from this very humble handsome
man named Preston plays no affiliation alright hold on the phone is going into
this oh no do not make a deep incision push like a reverse pregnant woman right
now oh it’s in this is the most Scott thing I have ever seen in my entire life
okay here we go three two and one it works really well
can you guys hear that it’s actually so loud it kind of actually really work I
can’t believe this word that does work the Sheep is attack today oh but it’s
trash Bri what do you have going on here I have found an amazing tick tock
because when I was in cheerleading we have like days where you’d randomly give
football players a lot of watermelon now what I mean thinking about it that’s
kind of I’ve never heard of that ever in my life but I would love to learn how to
cut a watermelon more efficiently you know I’m really bad with my knife skills
well here let me show it to you okay oh it kind of looks gross at the same time
I don’t really know that I like it being cut that way I’m gonna just be honest I
have absolutely no knife skills and this is making me tear up my skills does it
take out numchuck skills let’s take an expert to cut a watermelon apparently it
does watermelons even in season this time of year no it was very hard to find
this one but where is it from did you ship it in from night cards you crew the
one I didn’t teach me okay so we now have an empty Pringles can just like the
tick-tock that I’m hearing today I don’t know oh that was Ricky I think I’m done
I’m done so now do I just lift it off I pull it sideways no don’t lift it up cuz
it’ll fall out why oh hold on no it’s there it’s totally gonna come out success that sounds like success okay
you got a really good clean cut in there well apparently this hack is busted we
do have a large hole in the watermelon but Mady if you don’t help me clean up
after this you know what’s gonna happen nope free I make it alright guys since
the last hack works only if you’re extremely flexible which I’m not I got a
second chance so another life hack I’m a check out right now we’re gonna put to
the test and hopefully this one doesn’t require any flexibility all right how to
unlock a phone without a passcode the glove wears a glove that give me a glove
yo yo wait yo hold on a small problem your phone requires special recognition
ain’t no glove press on your phone but maybe if we put the glove on our head no
I don’t think you’re gonna fit that all my head’s too large wait now we have it
open is it working nope still locked seriously man
all these tick tock life hacks are all trash first one you gotta be flexible
this one they don’t even sell gloves large enough to go over my head
second tick tock lifehack completely busted Nick Madi I found the best tick
tock life hack in the world and also I got my new delivery of Preston Styles
calm Pizza shirts so here’s the light back it’s something to do my laksa
oh she heard you trying I thought the robot’s hear me Oh
quantity of a conceptual substance by the way when you teach me your voice I
can start making your Alexa experience more personal would you like to take a
moment to do it now no I don’t have them these in my house for that reason so
supposedly it’s something to do with this so let’s just watch the tick tock
up up down down left right left right be a start supera let’s a little super
Alexa mode hey Alexa up up down down left right left right B a start
super Alexa mode activated starting reactors online reactor in a long
advanced systems scary that’s why we unplug it because the robots can’t take
us if they don’t have their batteries here we go what’s the next hack Oh how
to have conversations in class wait what trade air pods type something in Google
Translate wait does this actually work there’s only one way to find out oh so
to test this out we both we both give a left 30 years I’m not afraid of you
search your pods okay let’s do we do it oh this is so now you go to google
translate I think breeze should be in her office
for this yeah yeah go in your office go your office
no don’t erase it don’t erase it no listen if you don’t follow my tape talk
to your Krusty if you don’t follow breeze you can’t use my joke okay wait hold on
I’m going to enter I don’t know what the secret message should be maybe we’ll say
something like can we say Pokemon will that go through whoa did you hear a translate we breed you or me
it’s my boombox you just hold on she said I’m stupid stop it freak it is okay
no I don’t like this live back anymore my wife is literally killing me stupid
over and over again hey give me my give me my ear plug back would you just say
she said I’m sorry haha such a good right the greatest
thing about this is I get to time it I don’t like the evil laughter okay
breathe and there goes we’re going into bata to elope fine they won’t allow them
to marry a stuffed animal this is the finale of the viral life hack Tech Talks
ladies and gentlemen this is what we call the matchbox rocket oh no that’s
one of those pliers foil this is already above my paygrade
wait you get the wrap you have to what you wrap the matches in the foil wait
he’s using bolt this is like a what like a tnt cannon for Minecraft literally a
bomb I might need some backup come here Keith
you need to help me do this wait what is that what I want to do okay yeah I’m
game you want to separate the match head from the match I’m gonna save this so
then we use foil you have to fold it really really really tight boy we really
thought I was we’re criticism on my tik-tok lie back
okay one the video what the person does is they take two match boxes anyway well
on they stack the candle on the two match boxes they may take another match
box they attach it on the inside which you can’t do because we got a busted
match box they light they basically light the candle and then like point it
like this come on kind of scared bro I’m a little scared bro awesome it’s busted
really really these experts to ruin my take on video is shaving the match outer
ring on to the on to the tinfoil folks Nick what do you have to say about your
process here this is this is how you do it
amazing don’t try this at home put that in your nose and light it this is a
terrible idea for the records do not do this anywhere hottest point of the
flames at the dip it’s working it’s working do you know it’s working I know
it’s working dude Oh happen it’s about to happen we used way more than the regulated size
of gunpowder while we’re finding where that landed don’t forget to kondeh
within the first 60 minutes of a video being uploaded because your comment will
be featured right here let assume you want to see more take dog viral eye
packs have a great day god bless it we’ll see you all next time

5 Business Casual Winter Outfit Ideas | How To Look Stylish At Work

– I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style. And today, five winter
business casual outfit ideas. (upbeat music) Up first, if I had to pick just one outfit to wear for the entire winter season, I think it would be this one right here. Other than something formal, I really feel like I have pretty much all my bases covered here. This is something you
could easily wear to work, out to a nice meal, on a date, cocktails. It’s dressed up with a
bit of casual nonchalance, and made up with some of my
favorite pieces for the season. Starting off with the jacket from the HSS Michael Andrews collection, Fox flannel fabric, glen plaid
pattern and patch pockets make it just a super versatile jacket. Adding in some texture and some
casual elements underneath. Also from the collection
we have a denim shirt paired with a classic navy
grenadine tie by Drake’s. Flannel pants with the
subtle houndstooth pattern are by Pini Parma. Pocket square is by Drake’s. On my wrist, we have the Vacheron
Constantin Traditionnelle. And finally anchored by a pair
of burgundy tassel loafers by Johnston and Murphy. Second look here, it definitely
emphasizes the business side of business casual but
since it’s not a full suit, but rather a blazer with trousers, I’m gonna throw it into
that category anyway. This is definitely a winter
menswear uniform of sorts, both in terms of the
colors and the fabrics. We’re talking menswear 101 here folks. Navy jacket, gray trousers, both flannel. Double-breasted jacket is by Ring Jacket. And the pants are from the HSS collection. Since this is such a classic combination, I wanted to keep the shirt and tie combo along the same lines. So we have an ice blue Oxford cloth shirt from the HSS collection that I’ve paired with this burgundy striped tie by Drake’s. I like how it has a little
bit of that Trad flavor without being super overt. A few more details to mention. First, the pocket square also by Drake’s. On the wrist another classic, my Rolex Datejust with
the Jubilee bracelet. And then finishing off the look, we have a pair of G.H.
Bass kiltie loafers. Next look, gonna be totally honest here, absolutely inspired by
seeing one of my friend Jonathan’s looks at the
most recent Pitti Uomo. Jonathan is @milanstylelive on Instagram, definitely give him a follow. This look to me is all about simplicity, comfort and casual elegance. It’s always good to remember
that the simplest looks can often be the most impactful, especially when you’re
dealing with darker colors. Foundation of this look here
is a dark gray turtleneck, which is from Uniqlo. And these navy flannel
pants are by Pini Parma. So I’ve really been into
the tucking the turtleneck into the trousers thing this season. I like the clean look of it, and especially the way it can show off the sartorial details of your trousers. Up top, adding in some pattern with a classic chalk
stripe flannel jacket, also from Pini Parma. This creates some visual interest, and a focal point for the entire look. On my wrist, we have the
Cartier Tank Americaine. Up top, the flat cap
is by Goorin Brothers. And then on my feet, we have these suede
tassel loafers by Morjas. Menswear doesn’t have to be that hard. Get some great basics, and there’s a lot you can do with them. Even a very similar looking outfit can be completely transformed by just changing one single element. I bring this up because I
feel like this is a look that I wear fairly often
in some form or another. Add a tie, change the collar
type, remove the pattern, and you’ve got something
completely different. Here though, I am indulging in some very simple pattern mixing. First we have a windowpane
plaid in the jacket. This is by Reiss from many many years ago. And then the shirt from our
collection has a wider stripe. This look is more casual without the tie, but I also think it loses a
little bit of focus without it, which is why I decided
to wear some glasses just to try to balance things out. These are by Tom Ford. On the wrist once again,
the Cartier Tank Americaine. And then finished off with the Johnston and
Murphy tassel loafer. Finishing things off here
by bringing back the jacket from the first look. I’ve told you it’s one of those pieces that I would wear every day if I could. Guess there’s nothing holding me back other than that I like a little variety. Here though, I’m going to cast it as the hero piece of the entire outfit, much like the third look
where the chalk stripe of the jacket kind of
commanded your attention. The focus here is also on the pattern. Remember, when you’re
dealing with a single piece that’s more of a statement making piece, best thing to do is to keep
the rest of the outfit simple, so that piece can be the focal point. Underneath we have a
simple brown turtleneck that’s by Ted Baker. Mid-gray flannel pants are from the HSS Michael Andrews collection. Pocket square, also by Michael Andrews. My glasses which you guys ask about all the time are by Cubitts. JLC Reverso on the wrist. And then anchored by these
penny loafers by Allen Edmonds. As always, full outfit details
and links to everything are down below in the description. Leave a comment, let me know
which outfit was your favorite. Thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe. And until next time, thanks
for watching and stay tailored. (luxurious music)