This Email Marketing Campaign Generated a 25.2% Open Rate & 7.2% CTR – Without An Offer

And this obviously gave us pretty good results,
25.2% open rates, 7.2% click rate Step two, you wanna start building a VIP list. A list of priority invites to people who are genuinely interested in your brand and genuinely interested in
what you have to offer in the coming days. You can do it in one of three ways. You can
incentivise them through an opt-in. Tell people, put in your email here again.
I’m gonna send you tons of discounts, tons of offers, or you’re gonna get first in line access to a limited stock, a limited edition product, when our BFCM offer, a promotion begins. Number two. Threshold qualification, this
is pretty interesting. Now if you have a very limited stock or if you have a
limited edition drop of of products in your brand, you may want to limit your
products, and limit your launch to only those that qualify for a certain
threshold of customer value. This is very unique to brands that play on
exclusivity as a core value. Now if your brand is exclusive to a certain
group of people only, threshold qualification is going to be a great way to do that.
This segmentation is also a great tool. The different ways that I’ve showed you,
the three ways that I’ve showed you beforehand, that’s exactly how you
can segment out people that qualify for your VIP or priority list. In a nutshell, the VIP list is a self opt-in or segmented list of highly excited subscribers. They are high-value. They’re also customers who have
purchased recently and/or frequently. These are brand evangelists. People who
are highly excited about what you have to offer, and you want to get them first
in line access because they are gonna queue up. They’re gonna be there when you launch. So this is an example of an email that
I’ve created for the Easter weekend. Save up to 70% off. Click here to opt-in to
our Easter weekend sale. This automatically sends them to a landing page that says welcome, you’re invited to our priority list membership, you will get first in line access. And on the back end, what you can do is segment people who have clicked on this link, into a separate segment in your email service software, and using that as a separate launch.
And this obviously gave us pretty good results, 25.2% open rates, 7.2% click rates, and we even generated some revenue from this surprisingly, I believe it was just slightly
under $2,000 from one email, and it’s insane because you’re not actually
offering anything in this email.

The JNF’s efforts to evict the Sumarin family

My name is Diana Sumarin, I’m 15 years old And this is the home of the Sumarin [family] There’s three family [generations] here There are 20 people here, in the home We say to the JNF: do not remove our family from our home It’s a bad feeling – to leave our home: we were born here and we stay here many years So it’s a big problem We say to all the world: help us My name is Rabbi Arik Asherman, I’m the executive director of Torah Tzedek (Torah of Justice) I’m asking everybody who sees this video To do what you can If you do not tell the JNF – the Jewish National Fund Not to evict this family, they are not going to be here in a few months The JNF has been trying for years and years to evict this family In 2011, thousands of you wrote letters to the JNF in your countries And the JNF froze the eviction of this family But now it is imminent. The government of Israel took this home through something called The Absentee Property law, in a way which the government itself later admitted to the Israeli high court was wrong and promised not to do again but it was too late for this family. The Israeli government then transferred this property to the Jewish national fund who’s been working to evict them The Jewish National Fund says they cannot afford to allow this family to stay because they know that the people over here, the City of David, who have already taken half their property covet this land Will pay millions of dollars for this house Which is right next to the entrance to their visitor centre which is their base for Judeaising all of this Palestinian neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. And therefore, if you believe in justice, if you believe in human rights If you believe that every single human being is created in God’s image every single human being counts then you must, tell as forcefully as you can, to the JNF Do not evict this family. This is wrong. Do not evict this family. If every one of us does that then maybe some day you’ll come and visit, and see this family in their home And if you don’t, they won’t be here. So, G-d willing, we’re going to do this together. Thank you.

60 Secs Hairstyles for School, College & Office Girls – High Puff Ponytail, Braid Hairstyle | Anaysa

Hey guys!! this is Neha Today I’ll be sharing some easy & different everyday hairstyles & you’ll create each hairstyle in just 60 seconds so lets get started with today’s video centre partition your hair grab some hair from the side now create a normal braid secure it with a tik tac pin repeat the same on other side as well create a ponytail create a gap like this now pass this ponytail through this gap & now secure both the front braid along with the ponytail & done with our first hairstyle grab some front hair secure it with a rubber band pass that secured hair creating a gap grab some hair from side & tied it with the first one Repeat the same process other side as well create a normal braid create a braid this side too & done with the second hairstyle side partition your hair grab some hair & start creatin a braid like this continue with the braid taking hair sections like this continue the braid till the tip secure this braid at the crown area with tik tac pins flip hair like this to hide that pins done with the third hairstyle centre partition your hair grab some hair & start twist like this fix it with tic tak pin repeat the same this side too now create a high ponytail secure it tightly with a rubber band pull it like this to give it a volume done with fourth hairstyle side partition your hair create a normal braid grab some hair & again create a braid create a braid again create a braid below the first one secure these braids at the back side & done side partition your hair secure front strands like this fix a hair clutcher at the back secure those front sections at the back flip these strands creating a gap like this divide the hair into two equal halves create a normal braid with the first half again create a braid with the other half section & done with our sixth hairstyle grab hair from front slightly push towards front to create a puff like this secure the puff using pins now start creating braid taking hair sections like this continue this braid & secure it with a rubber band & done So have you liked these super easy hairstyles?? If so then get this video to 25,000 LIKES tell me in the comments which hairstyle you’ve liked the most?? don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel ANAYSA So will see you in my next video

Park a Toyota Camper To Avoid Paying Rent in NYC | Carspotting

– So, how do you feel about
the East Village changing? (funky music) – Hello and welcome to Carspotting. This week we’re right in
the middle of Manhattan, right by Cooper Union. We’re right next to this
really big weird building. And you always find
interesting cars parked next to this thing for some reason. So I’ve got a good feeling
we’re gonna find something cool. Let’s check it out, yeah. I lived in this neighborhood
when this building went up. And it was really funky and
I would always come here looking for interesting cars, I think because the building
had a power of attraction. But it would draw people
who owned weird cars because they wanted to make
a pilgrimage to the building. If they were gonna park
in the neighborhood, they were gonna park near
the big weird building. So you’d see things like a Porsche 356 used to park over here and
one of my favorite cars of the neighborhood,
happens to be right here. A Porsche type 986 Boxster. This is actually a very cool
car, one, because it’s yellow. And two, this car has been
parking on this street for as long as I’ve been in New York City. This thing is an absolute
survivor as it becomes more and more vintage
with each passing day. Come rain, come sleet, come snow, this thing is parked on the street, just totally living out
a regular New York City commuter car life even though
it’s a mid-engine sports car. Because I appreciate our cameraman, and I want to elevate Carspotting, I made notes, seriously scribbled notes, so that I would remember things about the history of the Boxster, because it’s a very interesting car and I can explain sort of why. The Boxster came out in 1996. It’s a product of the
early 1990s from Porsche. So in the 1980s, if you go
all the way back into the 70s, Porsche, you think of having
this golden age in the 70s, but really it wasn’t doing
a lot to modernize itself. Finances by the late 70s
really started to drop. And in the early 80s
they took in a new guy running the show, who was an American, who really modernized
Porsche, the company. Started making it the
Porsche that we know today as being super tech-y and super modern. And in the yuppy years,
Porsche was very successful. But the board, or whoever was
running Porsche at the time, really didn’t like this American guy, I imagine, because they booted him out. And the problem was, by
the time the early 90s had come around, all of that momentum they had from the early
80s in those yuppy years had fallen by the wayside. And they were back where
they were in the 70s, with cars that were behind the times, struggling to meet noise
and emissions regulations. They needed something to
revitalize the company. Now, in the late 80s,
Mazda had shocked the world with the Miata, with a car
that was unbelievably popular and though it was a niche
sports car, very profitable. And the whole automotive world looked to the Miata for inspiration and Porsche decided to
make a Miata of its own. And Porsche being Porsche,
they couldn’t just simply make a little boring front-engine sports car, so they made a mid-engine tribute to their old 550 Spyder, 1950’s glory days. And this is what we have here. It’s mid-engined; this is with a– It came out with a 2.5-liter flat six, even though the current
ones have a flat four. It had about 200 horsepower,
weighed only about 2700 pounds, and was very successful
and actually did help revitalize Porsche and make it the more successful modern
company that we know today. Though a lot of Porsche hardcore guys were not happy with the Boxster. If you come over here, come
look at the front of the thing. It’s got these, they called
them fried egg headlights. These were pretty much shared
with the 911 of the time, which was a very
controversial car at the time, because it was water-cooled. And instead of being designed with traditional German
durability, they partnered up with Toyota and the cars
were much more made to cost. And they were profitable, but not really supposedly as long-lasting. They went from air-cooled
to being water-cooled. If you look up on Porsche forums, you’ll find a whole thing about
how the length of the bolts became shorter when they
were making these cars. But you still find ones
that are being cherished and taken care of that are
surviving in spite of everything. This one having really lived quite a life. Clearly someone has
driven straight into it, maybe because they just
focused on the yellow. But I think this is a really iconic car for New York City, showing a lot of grit and determination and
a little bit of style. One of my favorites. Oh yeah, hey, oh there he is, what’s up? Welcome to Carspotting,
the show in which I forget that I’m on a show and just
wander away from the camera. It’s good. I was watching some of the
last episode and I realized most of it was just my
back, just wandering around. Whoa, look at this! I think this is a– I don’t know if this is an
after-market grill for a Corolla or for a Nissan that the guy
just sort of squeezed in there. It’s probably fine; it’s fine. Who says you can’t modify cars anymore? Here’s a very nice M3. I can’t talk about that,
it’s a boring car; it’s new. People aren’t tuning in to see a new M3. That’s crazy talk. Let’s turn this around
and let me point out this big old Jeep, choppy fenders. A couple of years ago,
it was like a Jeep summer in New York City and absolutely everyone had one of these things. And then there was a BMW summer. And I feel like in the past
two summers there hasn’t been a one car of New York
quite like these things. Anyway, they’re funny to see in New York, because you really don’t need them. They’re the opposite of a useful city car. Look at this, look what we’ll get to see! You get to see one of my
favorite neon signs, wow! Sign watch, sign-spotting
in New York City. Check this guy out; this
is a classic original. Lots of people are making new neon that looks old in the city. Mm-mm, let’s see the OG stuff. Welcome to dog-spotting, New York City. Found some very good dogs. Look at frigging this! Check this out, we lucked out! Aw man, this thing is sick. I would call this a dolphin
trailer, but it’s not. I think it’s another variation of it. Look at this, this is an old 1980s Toyota with an RV back; this
thing frigging rules! Look at this, it’s still
got California plates. Look at how minute this thing is. This thing is tiny and yet there’s a full
little house in here! This is amazing. Look, look, you can clearly
date when this vehicle was made by the tape stripes alone. Nothing says early 80s like
brown on brown on brown. Though it’s more like a golden rod. This is the color of all of the textbooks I had in elementary school. Wow, look at this, this
is actually a manual. Manual transmission, low RV. You’ve got a little sleeping top thing. This is super nice. Let me see what year it is. Oh my god, it’s got a beach parking pass, from Huntington Beach, can you imagine? This is like a Jim Rockford vehicle. They could be solving
crimes in this thing. These are bugs, man; this is
the Midwest, I assure you. Nowhere in America has bugs
like that other than the Midwest This thing probably drove here! Look at these super
useful bumpers as well. No one makes a bumper like this. Just solid steel, so good. It should be, of course, also no surprise that this is a California car, because it’s an old Toyota
and it hasn’t rusted away. Nor has it been bought by some wannabe vintage dude and over-restored. Even though this thing is
clearly from the early 80s, it’s being used just as a truck, not as a vintage experience
lifestyle vehicle. This is just what
someone is living out of. This thing rules; this could be us. This could be us if you
had your life together. You too could be driving around
in an unbelievably slow RV. So how do you feel about
the East Village changing? Think things are different ever since the new Cooper Union building came in? A lot more money in the area? (falsetto voice) Yeah, it’s really different than it was before, yeah. Thanks, Maserati, good to hear from you. (falsetto voice) Welcome, thanks man. Alright, thanks for tuning
into this week’s Carspotting. I think we found some
interesting vehicles. And I think we’ll find some
even better ones next week. Maybe all red vehicles. Or maybe they’ll be all blue. Probably not, but who knows, we’ll see. Time will tell; stay tuned, next week. I’ll go– I’ll be right there,
just give me one minute. I’ll just, get right– Alright, there we go, yeah, cars. So, in the 1980s, if you go
all the way back into the 70s, (high pitched voice) Porsche, you think of having this golden age
in the 70s, but really, it wasn’t doing a lot to modernize itself. (higher pitched and faster)
Finances by the late 70s really started to drop. And in the early 80s– (very high pitched
incomprehensibly fast speech) Isn’t that neat?

Funny Video: Do Essential Oils Work? Are Essential Oils B.S.? | MomCaveTV

“Oh my goodness, Have you heard of
Essential Oils?” Well, yes, Judy. Yes I have. I heard of them when you texted me that
they could cure cancer and I heard of them when you Facebook messaged me they could help with my kids hyperactivity. I’m kind of OVER essential
oils! But, as long as we’re imagining that essential oils are a cure-all, let’s think about some essential oils we could actually use. Essence of F-Off! Somebody a
little too up in your business? A couple of drops of Essence of F-Off will take care of that. Apocolyptus. A little whiff of Apocolyptus will whisk you away from
any reminders that everything sucks and we’re all doomed. You Lane My Lane. Diffuse some of this in your car to take care of those idiot drivers who keep cutting you off Crankincense. Instantly calms colicky
babies AND angsty teenagers! Sorryander. Do you have a partner or a co-worker who’s never wrong? A whiff of this will help them own up to their mistakes. Remberol. Where are my keys? Why did I come into this room? A little dose of
Rememberol takes care of that. All Nice. Seriously kids, can’t you get along? A little whiff of this will turn the house into a den of “I love you”s. Stay the F Clean. Spend all day cleaning your house and then your family comes home and
destroys it? Stay the F Clean will keep it clean a little longer. Bitchronella. A drop of this gives you the ability to complain completely honestly to anyone you want with no consequences whatsoever. Metabomile. A drop of this in your food makes you be able to eat all the Doritos you want. Rage Oil. Someone leave the toilet seat up again? Step in cat puke? Basically, whenever you say, “Are you freakin kidding
me?” Rage oil will take care of that. Cheermint! Feeling a little down? Cheermint has you covered like Target on markdown day. Well, science is science so none of these things things actually exist. But a mom can
dream, can’t she?

The Office: Billie Eilish como Pam

Pam, could you come in here, please? Seat. Well, there’s no easy way of saying this, so I think I will just drag it out. -Since the dawn of time, there have been…
-Just tell me. I gave Ryan the sales job. There just weren’t enough clients for the two of you. So I had to… -I’m sorry. Sorry.
-No, okay, okay, I get it, yeah. Why are you giggling? Is this a joke? Michael, is this… Did I get the job? Yes. -I did?
-Yep. For real? You’re not kidding? I did? No, you’re the best person for the job. You’re going to be great. -Oh, Michael, thank you!
-Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
You will not be sorry. You should have seen your face. Oh. Man! That was classic. I really thought I didn’t get it. Oh. Really? -Yeah.
-Man. -That was really good.
-‘Cause you said I didn’t. That was really good What about Ryan? I don’t know.
I offered him his temp job back We’ll see. He was not happy at all when I offered him this job, and then I told him that he didn’t get the job, so… Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t fake-fire people anymore. I don’t appreciate you telling me what to do, so clean out your desk, you are through. -Thanks, Michael.
-Oh. What’s our receptionist’s name? Erin. Could you send her in? Erin, Michael wants to see you. I want you to meet my family. Come on. Oscar Martínez. Accountant extraordinaire. This is Justin. -Hey.
-Hi. This is Darryl Philbin. Isn’t he big? And you already met her. Pam Beesly, office hottie. She will do you. No, no. But she has already dated two guys in the office that we know of, so… This could be number three, you never… [whispers]
Come here. I would never say this to her face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist What? Why why wouldn’t you say that to her face? So

I Transformed My Office Into A Beauty Room For $100, $150, & $250 | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

Hi, I’m Thatiana, welcome to my home. This is a shoes-off household, so be sure
to take off your shoes. But also, be sure to subscribe below. Come on. I’m a beauty writer born and raised in New
York. I live in Harrison, New Jersey. I moved here because I was looking to escape
the high rent of New York City. So, me and my boyfriend decided to move to
New Jersey where there was more affordable apartments and we found a beautiful three bedroom that we knew that we could not pass on. The office right now is just set up for my
boyfriend. It’s very bland. It’s just a desk and a calendar, and I feel
like it really could use some light, color, and feel just as homey as the rest of the
apartment. So today we’re transforming our office into
a coexisting, creative space that has a beauty station, and we’re doing it under a budget
of $500 with three price points of $100, $150 and $250. So let’s get to it. To start off I’m focusing on organization
with the price point of $100. First, I’ll be going through all my products and seeing what I
can donate or recycle, and then from there I will be building drawers and putting the
products that I am keeping into those drawers with dividers. It’s a lot of pieces so we’ll see how this
goes. I’m really excited to transform this space
because it’s going to inspire me, in which I will be able to inspire others with my job. I used to freak out in high school and I really
wanted to find the right products. And in doing that, I would go to the drugstore,
I would look at the back of the packaging, look up the ingredients. And for me, that really sparked my interest
in skincare. I started doing pageants at the age of 15. I was Miss New York Teen USA and I became
obsessed with makeup. I just feel like… there’s so much more pieces. It’s alarming how many pieces there are. Under a $100 I was able to organize all my
products and now I have so much space. A lot cleaner. Let’s go to the next step. We’re focusing on inspiration with the budget
of $150. I am measuring out the contact paper to be
the length of the wall. Don’t make fun of my cutting skills. So this contact paper was a little long, so
I had to step out and cut them, and now we have them all set and ready for each of the
six strips. I love this wall. So I have a photo from the first day I was
crowned Miss New York. And I feel like it really adds to what this
station means to me. Getting started in beauty. And then I have one of my favorite photos
of me and my boyfriend, which was taken at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, along with my
new real plant. I remember having a vanity when I was younger. It was like this Barbie vanity thing. One of my favorite pieces that I snagged was
this hand-woven multicolored rug that was only $40. For just $150, I was able to transform this space into something that I could have never imagined. This is really nice. You got some color on your side. At least I get something. For the last step we’re at a budget of $250. And I’m hanging up a mirror and getting those
fancy lights around them, a ring light, and finally getting a chair. When I tell you guys I did not have a chair
and I used to do my makeup standing up. So this is huge. What I love about these is that you just stick them on. This is the ring light, and this is going
to help me not only just do my makeup with brighter lights, but also produce content
for social media. I love this! I could see myself working here, doing my
makeup, doing just anything. I don’t see myself even leaving this area. That last phase was $250, which I found to
be really impressive. Thinking that you have a ring light, and you
have lights, and a mirror. Altogether, that makes for a total of $500. And to me, with how much this room has transformed
and how different it looks, it just feels like a whole new room. The lighting is beautiful. The color on the wall just takes you
to the Caribbean. I just can’t wait to do my makeup, I can’t wait to work here, I can’t wait to create content. It’s exciting. Hi everyone, I am trying out a new product that I am loving, and I wanted to tell you guys about. It’s full circle being able to have my vanity
as an adult, that’s not a toy. It’s my area. This is exactly what I wanted creativity-wise. And it’s just small changes like this really
do make a difference. This is a dream come true. Thank you so much for following along on this
journey. To subscribe to Refinery29, click here. And to watch other videos, click here.

[아두이노 결제시스템 만들기] RFID 연동하기

Hi everyone, this is the Idea lab Goblin. It is the first class to build the arduino RFID payment system. and we are going to make an interface between this small arduino board with this RFID card reader First of all, let’s check how this RFID reader is used in this station. When a user place the RFID card with credit charged, the station detects the card and waits for 5 seconds and it powers up the device for the user. Les’t see what’s inside of this station. You can see all different circuit boards It might look complicated but we only take a look two modules The RFID reader and small Arduino Pro mini board

Make Work Human | The Imagine Series

The most satisfying aspect of this journey
is that it is allowing everyone to make work human. Ask any leader that is on this journey and
they’ll tell you this is the most satisfying aspect of this journey. They all will say that. You’ll hear them in the next two days. When you automate every process that can be
automated, you start using computers for what they were designed for. Computers were designed to be used for processing
things. They were not designed to be used as a system
of record. When you automate every process that can be
automated, it allows you to use machines for what machines were designed for, so it allows
ourselves what we are good at. Using our creativity, empathy, to solve complex
problems, work with people. It allows us to do what we are good at. Can you imagine this world? Can you imagine this idea of digital enterprise? Do you believe in this ideas of bot economy,
that India having the potential to become an automation capital? Do you believe in it? Can you imagine it? Why I ask that? There’s a very famous quote that says “the
trouble is, you think that you have time.” And if you’re not started on this journey,
very soon you will find that you are late, if you’re already not finding it. If you started on this journey and not accelerating
your part to become a digital enterprise, very soon you will find you are late. And if you can imagine that digital enterprise
for your company, you can imagine this idea of a bot economy, if you believe in it, enough
expertise exists in the market with 800+ partners and enough experience and enough validation
exists with 100s of Automation Anywhere customers sharing their story, more than 75 of them
sharing in the next two days, enough experience exists that as pioneers in this space, as
leaders in your own industry, the only question you need to ask yourself: what role will I
play in this bold new Bot Economy? Thank you very much, have a nice day.