(Travel Vlog) A Day In The Life Day 3 Itinerary Welcome Back To Osaka Japan Travel

good morning so it’s day three here in Osaka, we’ll see what’s outside we are planning to go to Kobe Sanda, it’s
Sunday today so we’re still thinking if we’re going to push through to our
Premium Outlet So now we are heading to Kobe Sanda Premium Outlet, we’re gonna do
some shopping and we’ll see what’s in there and this ride will take us 42
minutes to get there Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets is 30 minutes
away from Kobe so we’re going to make a separate video
of the entire tour for the Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets, it will be up after
the day 3 in Osaka video vlog what you need to do is just present your passport
and they’re gonna give you some coupon for additional discount first things first, we have to eat but as you can see, there’s no seat available and it’s really not a good idea to come here on a Sunday It’s 3:12 pm and we finally got our seats, so we’re trying to eat at Ippudo Ramen
Express we have at Ippudo Ramen Express so some ramen ofcourse and the best gyoza this outlet is that they are very pet
friendly and you don’t go here when it’s Sunday because a lot of people
are really eating especially at the food court so that’s it we’re back here in Dotonbori, we’re
just gonna have our dinner. We just got back from our trip from Kobe Sanda Premium so we’re gonna have our dinner here We’re here again in Wanomiya, our favorite Kobe beef in
Dotonbori, Wanomiya For tonight, we’re just gonna have our dinner outside and
then tomorrow we will be lunching inside we got ourselves a rice bowl which is
the premium Kobe so it has rice and some veggies on it
and unfortunately we were so hungry that we’ve got three rice bowls so we’re
coming back tomorrow for lunch. Now at Can Do where everything is 100 yen and the
only accept cash the best place to hang out at night when
you’re in Osaka is really here in Dotonbori, you will enjoy the best
food and the crowd Back at the hotel and this is a haul for our
100 yen, Can Do shopping so this is all we got
so we have this zipper bag like if you have M&Ms or anything for your kids this
is actually a good one it’s like a ziploc but it has designed and we also
have the super yummy and good it’s like picnic I’m not sure if you
have that in your country but just what we have I bought like super lots, we got
the bendy straw and we also have this Calbee fries, this is actually good and
we also have this chip star potato chips and our kid and bought this balloon some of these like squeeze balls and he
has this night lamp, it’s a cloud , 100 yen and he also has this balloon pump of
course for his balloons and some rice cake not sure familiar with it but this
is actually good it’s my first time to try this brand, but i thinks it’s good. and yeah that’s it. And this one the Calbee fries. So that’s it for our Can Do haul which is a 100 yen store Ivy Round The World

The Working Men and Women of Our Nation

Earlier this week the Missouri Department
of Health issued a new report that shows that life expectancy actually declined in the state
of Missouri last year. The department says 2018 vital statistics
cite an increase in deaths among younger people. The report says the cause is usually external
like drug overdoses suicides or homicides. All Americans suffer from deaths of despair,
but we know from the evidence that it is working people and working families who are hit the
hardest. And so now the working middle of this nation is facing a struggle to survive. You don’t have to look far to see it. I’ve seen it in the small towns of my state.
In the places where TV cameras never go. Where towns square sit half empty. Where businesses
stand shuttered. Where you can buy fentanyl with the snap of a finger on any street corner. I’ve seen it in the faces of young farmers
who put a crop in, and pray for rain, and pray for sun, and pray for fair prices. And then
wonder if generations of family farming are going to end with them. I’ve seen it from young mothers, raising kids
alone, and working a job, and trying to go to school at night, and trying to shield their children
from the drugs and from the pathologies online. You can see all of this if you’ll look. The
problem is this town won’t look. This town is obsessed with partisan theatrics This town is obsessed with money
and influence and status. This town wants to keep its own
good times going. The political elite here live in a world where
the struggle of working Americans is just a human-interest story that you read about
right along with the gossip page. But it’s time for this town
to take some responsibility. You know, working folks don’t ask for much.
They work hard. They love their families. They love God. They love the place where they
live, and they want the opportunity to build a home there. And a way of life that is prosperous
and that is secure and that is meaningful and that they can pass on to their children. And, Mr. President, that is not too much to
ask in the America of the 21st Century. That is not too much to expect. It is not too much
to stand for and to fight for. Because it is the working people of this country that
built this nation. And it is the working people of this country,
their future and their families, that are going to define the future of our country. This is what we should be debating. This challenge
is what we should be confronting. This crisis is what we should be
looking to and addressing. Because this is what is going to define our time.

Torque Converter, How does it work ?

Most of us enjoy the smooth and effortless feeling of driving in an automatic transmission car The driving is effortless because you don’t need to worry about gear changing, and you don’t have a clutch pedal to operate in An automatic transmission car the work of the clutch pedal is automatically done by a hidden component Which is truly an engineering marvel the torque converter. The torque converter can even multiply the torque. Let’s see how this purely mechanical device performs its tasks Assume you are driving along smoothly, and you have to apply the brakes When you press the brake pedal the vehicles drive wheels stop turning This means that the drive shaft and the Associated transmission should also stop spinning But here comes the issue by applying the brakes you are not stopping the engine So at the time of braking if the engine and transmission are mechanically connected This would lead to a serious mechanical failure or the engine will stall You need a motion isolator for this purpose. this motion isolator is the torque converter? The torque converter is able to efficiently isolate the engine rotation from the transmission at the time of braking In normal driving conditions it transfers the engine rotation and power to the transmission Let’s see how it works This is a really simplified torque converter. It is basically a pump and a turbine immersed in transmission liquid The pump is directly connected to the engine so it always turns at the engine speed The liquid surrounding the pump will be pushed outwards due to the centrifugal force and it’s pressure increases The rotation of the pump adds a swirl to the liquid leaving the pump The turbine sits near to the pump and the high energy fluid coming out of the pump turns the turbine The turbine is connected to the transmission This way the engine power is transferred to the transmission via the transmission fluid? More specifically this configuration is known as a fluid flywheel When we introduce a component called a reactor between the turbine and pump it becomes a torque converter One of the main duties of the reactor is to send the fluid from the turbine back to the pump efficiently We will discuss more functions of the reactor later With this configuration even if the transmission comes to a sudden halt it will not affect the engine rotation Slippage between the pump and turbine is allowed here since they are connected by the fluid During normal operation the pump will be able to transfer motion and power to the turbine It should be noted that the turbine turns at slightly lower rpm than the pump due to energy loss in the fluid This is a simplified torque converter But you will never find this kind of configuration in any actual torque converter The pump and turbine of an actual torque converter is shown here In an actual torque converter the pump sits near to the transmission And the turbine sits near to the engine Let’s give proper colors to the components for better understanding Rotation from the engine is transmitted to the pump with the help of a cover The turbine output Rotation is transmitted to the transmission using a central shaft However, why is this arrangement made more complex than the previous case the answer for this comes from mechanical rather than fluid mechanics For the efficient operation of a torque converter the pump and turbine should both rotate in line with the crankshaft centerline The pump is directly connected to the engine crankshaft, so that will always be centered However, the turbine is independent of this unit this means that a bearing has to be used between the turbine and the crankshaft as Illustrated in order to make sure the turbine is also centered to the crankshaft In the current configuration one can achieve this quite easily however in the previous configuration This is very difficult since the turbine is far away from the crankshaft Now you might be wondering why this device which isolates motion is named as a torque converter This is because one of the most important functions of this device is to multiply the torque as the vehicle starts to move Let’s see how the torque converter does this The reactor is connected to a stationary shaft via a one-way clutch this means the reactor will be able to turn in one direction But not In the opposite For ease of understanding let’s increase the spacing between the components Now consider the situation as the vehicle starts here the pump is spinning at the engine speed But the turbine speed is lower and is slowly increasing This means that the fluid which leaves the turbine travels almost axially as shown This fluid when it hits the reactor blades will try to spin the reactor as shown But the one-way clutch in the reactor prevents this motion So what happens is that the fluid will be diverted in the same direction as the pumps rotation due to the stationary reactor as shown? In short the pump which adds swirl to the flow receives an already swirled fluid This makes the work of the pump easier and a greater pressure addition happens across the pump this highly pressurized fluid generates an amplified torque at the turbine and thus the transmission and the vehicle receives a greater level of torque as the vehicle starts to move However as the turbine speed increases The fluid leaving the turbine becomes more inclined as shown and at one point of time the inclined flow hits the other side of the reactor blades The reactor is free to spin in this direction so the reactor spins in the same direction as the pump and the turbine You can see that the swirl generation of the pump Inlet is lesser than the previous case And the torque multiplication ceases Here the turbine will be rotating at almost 90 percent of the pump speed This is a brilliant design As the vehicle starts to move when the driver needs maximum torque The Torque converter Multiplies the torque when the turbine attains a threshold speed the torque multiplication automatically ceases Thus the reactor plays a crucial role at the vehicle start? But without the reactor the torque converter will not perform well even in normal operation Let’s see why You might have noticed that the blades of the turbine are curved They are curved almost 90 degrees to absorb maximum energy from the fluid This means the turbine blades will always force the fluid to leave in a direction opposite to the rotation of pump and turbine due to this even at hide turbine speed the fluid swirl at the turbine outlet will be minimum If we do not use a reactor this very low swirl will affect the performance of the pump and the whole torque converter very badly With the introduction of reactor the flow gets diverted again, and the pump receives the fluid with improved swirl Even in normal operation you will find that the turbine turns slower than the pump in a torque converter This is due to energy loss within the coupling fluid To eliminate such energy losses modern torque converters use a lock-up clutch By activating this clutch during the normal operation The turbine will be mechanically locked with the pump unit and they will turn at the same speed This eliminates energy loss due to the fluid friction Before winding up the video, let’s summarize the uses of this brilliant mechanical device Thank you for watching the video and don’t forget to be one of our patrons

Allison Opens Her Enrollment Materials | Humana

Hi, I’m Allison and I just became eligible
for Medicare so I signed up for a Humana Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan. I’m excited because it covers my medical
and prescription needs all in one plan. I take medicine for high blood pressure, so
I need a plan that covers my medications. And since I’m new to Medicare, I’m making
sure to look through all the information I receive from Humana, so I don’t miss out
on anything. Let’s look at what I got from Humana as
a part of my new plan. Pretty soon after I filled out my application
with a Humana agent, I started getting my items in the mail. First, I got this letter about a week after
I submitted my enrollment application. It basically says they got my application
and were processing my enrollment. This letter says, “Details of Your New Humana
Coverage” and it says my enrollment was approved and it has my member ID number and
plan effective date. I got this letter about a week after the enrollment
verification letter. Here, I’ll set these aside for now. And this is my Plan Coverage Package. Inside I find my Evidence of Coverage and
other important documents. It also says I can set up a secure online
account called MyHumana on Humana.com and choose to get some of my plan documents online
instead of mailed to my home. Let’s see what’s included in this book. This page gives you a list of the documents
included in the book: Evidence of Coverage, Summary of Benefits, and Medicare plan rating. Now, let’s look at the Evidence of Coverage
section. On page five, it says this booklet gives the
details about my Medicare health care and prescription drug coverage. It explains how to get coverage for health
care services and prescription drugs I need. And it also says this is an important legal
document. I’ll keep it in a safe place so I can find
it when I need to. Around the same time I got the big book, I
got my ID card. On the front of my card it has my new member
ID number and on the back, there’s the number to Humana customer service if I ever need
to call them. And next to my card it says, “Call today
and let us know you received your card.” Let’s do that now. I reached an automated system. They asked me to enter my member ID, just
the eight numbers. No need to enter the “H” before the eight
digits. And they asked me to put in my five digit
zip code. Now, they’re giving me information on how
I can activate my online account called MyHumana and that’s where I can view most of my plan
documents online. It sounds pretty easy and judging from this
stack of paper on my desk, getting all this online might be just the way to go. Oh, and I forgot, in the envelope with my
ID card was this Benefits at a Glance document. It shows a list of benefits and costs, like
how much my monthly premium is and what my copays will be for a doctor visit and lab
work. And on this other page, I can see what my
prescription deductible will be for the year and it shows me this comparison of costs if
I go to my pharmacy or if I use a mail-order service. So looking at this, I can see where I can
get medicine the cheapest. Looks like if I use mail order, I might be
able to get a 90-day supply of my medicines at the best price. This is really good information to have. I’ll definitely look into the mail order
option. I hope what I shared with you today was helpful.

İş Yerimde Bir Gün | Sıkıcı Olmayan Kütüphane Turu

Hello again everyone, I keep saying that I’ve been working in the library for months. Let’s spend a day with me at the library today. I promise you won’t get bored. Because this is a very different library from other libraries! Honey, it’s too cold While doing my master’s degree in Canada, I also work as a stacks assistant at the library. We are like 20-30 students in total. In fact, our student visa allow us to work unlimited hours on campus. But due to library’s policy, we work 20 hours weekly i.e. part-time during schooltime. We earn $1000 per month on average as we work at minimum wage. In summer, we work full-time i.e. maximum 35 hours per week. So we earn around $2000. Now, let’s walk around the library and I’ll explain my responsibilities. Our first stop is Library Help Desk because most of the work we do is actually done here. Check-in and check-out books, pay fines, answer phones and all other questions… In short, we can actually say this desk is the heart of the library. Besides all our routine work, I want to tell you about two services that I like very much here. First one is ILL. If the book you are looking for does not exist in this library, but it exists in any other library in Ontario province, we provide you free shipping service. You request the book and when it arrives, you come and take the delivery from here. I think it’s awesome! The second is the complaint e-mail box. When patrons encounter a problem anywhere in the library, they send us anonymous e-mails and we communicate with each other via radios so that the person on that floor is informed and intervenes instantly. This is a very effective service that I wish libraries in Turkey would have that as well. Next stop is Reserves desk. Here I spend at least 1-2 hours a day. And you will be amazed with the services provided here too. Just like borrowing books, you can actually check-out PlayStation games, textbooks, board games, emerging technology products such as Go Pro and an infinite numbers of movies usually for two weeks. Another service that we provide in Reserves desk is to loan textbooks without any charge in favor of equal educational opportunities. It works like this. Usually professors leave their own copies and students borrow these books usually for 2, 4, 24 hours. The beauty here, If a student holds the book for more than 2 hours, he/she is getting fines because the aim is for everyone to benefit equally. Students can check-out board games as well. There are really all the box games you can think of. If it does not exist on the list, they can make a request. There is a large collection of comic books. I just want to lose myself here. Look, I feel like I haven’t underlined this part enough! When I said PlayStation games, I meant all the games you can imagine! Play Station 3, 4, Xbox, Wii I mean all of them! Every time I come to this section, I go crazy. I still can’t believe they provided such a service. One of the library’s favorite features is that not all the floors are silent. Only designated floors are quiet. Now we’re going to one of those floors, the 5th floor. This is the best place to enjoy the landscape. It is spectacular to watch the snow fall during the winter here. Generally speaking, we are usually responsible for patrolling on quiet floors. Sometimes I sit at that table over there and glare at people. For example I warn them when they talk. Sometimes I walk around in the floors to check does anybody eat scented food? Does anyone speak too loud? and I warn them. Something is quite funny with patrolling. When I’m walking around, if students are playing games or if they are spending time other than studies, they stop all of their extracurricular activities and go back to their studies. I love to see their faces when this happens. Helped eliminate waste from disposable plastic bottles Now let’s take a look at a not silent floor. Unlike libraries in Turkey, Canadian libraries were designed as more areas of social life. Thus, they are so active, engaged and intertwined with the public and students. This floor is designed exactly for this purpose. I call it ‘trap floor’. I mean, their mentality is that let’s provide so many good and interesting services so that the students get used to come to the library. It’s like a trap. There are TV booths, There is a treadmill with an amazing view etc. but the biggest bomb of this floor is a Gaming Room! In this gaming room, all of the game consoles and such VR glasses are available. You can borrow games you just saw and come here to spend fun time with your friends. But the thing that I don’t understand is this gaming room is usually empty. If we would have such a gaming room in Turkey, that room would be full all the time and most probably there would be fights about who is going to book it first, for how long etc. I mean this room is usually not in use. I just don’t understand why. Maybe everybody is rich enough to afford those game consoles. They already have it in their home. I can’t think of any other explanation unfortunately. Of course our job is not always about light duties, games and chatting. Now I’m going to take you to the proletarian works that we do. Come on. * If there’s something strange in your neighborhood * * Who you gonna call? * * Ghostbusters! * Let’s come to the proletarian work we do. Since we are responsible for the overall layout and cleanliness of this place, it is our responsibility to dust the books and shelves. That’s why you can often see us on the floors with this portable vacuum machine. My responsibilities, of course, include placing books back on their shelves according to a special classification system called Library of Congress. My favorite part while doing this is to find notes, love letters or something frequently. I guess that’s the most romantic part of my job. Speaking of love letters, as we are ready for some romance, I brought you to the archives as well. Since this is not a frequently used area, they implemented semi-automatic compact shelving systems to save some space. I think this is a perfect place to play hide-and-seek or shoot a horror movie. I want to show you as well as I like it too much. Unfortunately, we have come to the end of our library tour. If you like our video, please state that in comments so that we can have a mutual chat. Otherwise, I feel like I’m talking to myself all the time. Thanks for watching.

How does a Transformer work – Working Principle electrical engineering

Hey there guys Paul here from the EngineeringMindset.com. In this video We’re going to be looking at how transformers work now this follows on from our series on Electrical Engineering So do check out the other videos if you’ve not done so already links are in the video description below Coming up we’ll be looking at how to create a magnetic field with electricity, why only an alternating current can be used in transformers, how a basic transformer works, then we’ll look at step up and step down transformers, and finally we’ll finish on three phase transformers Now there are two types of electricity AC and DC, but transformers can only work using AC or alternating current now if you don’t know the difference between these two then please first of all watch the video on electricity basics first Again, you can find links to these videos and other useful videos in the video description below When we connect an AC generator to a closed loop of cable a current will be able to flow through this cable and the direction of the current will alternate backwards and forwards with the rotation of the generator The alternation means that the current reaches its maximum and minimum point during the cycle which gives it its sine wave pattern when connected to an oscilloscope and you can think of this as the tide of the sea as it changes direction and reaches its maximum and minimum point. As the current flows through the cable it will emit a magnetic field if we pass DC current through the cable the magnetic field will remain constant but if we pass AC current through the cable then the magnetic field will increase and decrease in strength and changes polarity as the current changes direction. If we place multiple cables together and pass current through them then the magnetic fields will combine to create a stronger magnetic field. If we then wrap the cable into a coil the magnetic field will become even stronger. If we then place a second coil in close proximity to the first coil and then we pass AC alternating current through the first coil then the Magnetic field it creates will induce a current into the second coil and this magnetic force will push and pull on the free electrons forcing them to move. The key component here, is that the magnetic field is changing polarity as well as intensity. This change in intensity and direction of the magnetic field constantly disturbs the free electrons in a secondary coil and this forces them to move this movement is known as electromotive force or EMF Electromotive force does not occur when we pass DC current through the primary coil and that’s because the magnetic field is constant so the electrons are not being forced to move. The only time it will cause EMF is very briefly when the primary circuit is open and closed or when the voltage is increased or decreased and that’s because these actions result in a change to the magnetic field. Therefore we use alternating current as this change occurs constantly. Now the problem with this setup is that a lot of the magnetic field from the primary side is being wasted because it’s not in range of the secondary coil. So to fix this engineers place a core of ferromagnetic material such as iron in a loop between the primary and secondary coils. Now this loop guides the magnetic field along a path to the secondary coil so that they will share the magnetic field and this makes the transformer much more efficient. Now the use of an iron core is not a perfect solution some energy will be lost through something known as eddy currents where the current swirls around the core and this heats up the transformer and this means that the energy is lost as heat. To reduce this engineers use laminated sheets of iron to form the core, and this greatly reduces the eddy currents. Transformers are manufactured to be step up or step down transformers and these are used to increase or decrease the voltage simply by using a different number of turns within the coil on the secondary side. In a step-up transformer the voltage is increased in the secondary coil and this will mean that the current will decrease, but don’t worry too much right now about why that occurs. We’ll look at this in a later electrical engineering video. To increase the voltage in a step-up transformer We just need to add more turns to the coil on the secondary side than the primary side. In a step-down transformer the voltage is decreased in the secondary coil which means that the current increases. To do this we just use less turns in the coil on the secondary side compared to the primary side. For example a power station needs to transport the electricity it has generated over to a city some distance away. The power station will use a step-up transformer to increase the voltage and reduce the current as this will reduce the losses for the long transmission cables. Then once it reaches the city this will need to be reduced to make it safe and usable by buildings and homes so there will need to be a step-down transformer. The transformers for commercial buildings and power stations are usually in a three phase configuration You’ll see these place around your cities and towns, and they’ll look something like this. These three phase transformers can be made from either three separate transformers that are wired together or they can be built into one large unit with a shared iron core. In this setup the coils will typically sit concentrically within one another with the higher voltage coil on the outside and the lower voltage coil sitting on the inside. Now these coils are Insulated from one another so that only the magnetic field will pass between the two coils. To connect the two sides there are many different configurations but one of the most commonly used is to connect the coils in a configuration known as delta wye sometimes refer to as delta star This refers to the primary side being wired in a Delta configuration and the secondary side being wired in a wye configuration The center point of the wye side where all three connectors meet is often grounded which allows for a neutral line to also be connected. We’ll cover transformer connections and calculations in other more advanced videos as this can get quite complex so for now simply focus on how they work to build your base knowledge. Okay, that’s it for this video. Thank you very much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this and it has helped you if so then please don’t forget to Like subscribe And share this video you can also follow us on facebook instagram twitter and google+ as well as our website TheEngineeringMindset.com

6 Ways to Deal with Stress | R – Redesign | Web Series: Ep 4/7 | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

So, next is ‘R’.
‘R’ for Redesign. Redesign is very important. You have to revisit your beliefs,
your concepts, your values, your priorities. If that is your mood, you want to
live as per your whims and fancies. Redesign. That has led me to this mess,
so now this should be my value. You will have any kind of mood.
Value. This is my concept. You do all the wrong things and still, tell,
“Oh God! I love You.” This is the most idiotic
thing on this earth! Where are your values?
Where are your concepts? I am saying that you can
revisit it and redesign it. There is so much inspiration
you are getting. So, redesign your beliefs,
(Values, concepts) priorities. We were fed with this belief that
if you are going out for some work, And if a cat passes by,
it is unlucky. If you get something that is numbered 13,
we want to change it if we can. Because 13 is an unlucky number. Okay, now when you have kids,
feed them with the belief, If a cat passes by, that day is going to
be the most wonderful day of the year. Your kids will start hunting for cats.
I wish I see a cat! Or else, they will make a ‘group cat’
not a group chat – cat! Whenever we leave the house,
this cat must be made to pass by. Why? Because you are
fed with that belief. So you start feeling that way.
And you start responding that way. You start behaving that way. So, all your behaviour
depends on your beliefs. Are you clear?
(Yes) All your behaviour
depends on your beliefs. So if you redesign your beliefs, It’s going to be effortless
wonderful behaviour. There was one court,
with the king, Once he comes in his
court and says, He got 2 pieces of
diamond and he said, “One of these is diamond and
one of these is pure glass.” “Whoever can differentiate between them –
which is glass and which is diamond,” “Will be rewarded.” Everyone was seeing but
they looked so similar. If you say ‘similar’,
that makes sense. If you say ‘same’,
then this is this, and this alone. One blind man,
he takes up this challenge. “Give me these 2
pieces for 5 minutes.” “I want to go out in sunlight.” “And I will tell you which
is diamond, which is glass.” He goes out. After 5 or 10 minutes,
he comes back. He says, “This is diamond and
this is glass.” And it was true. So, the king is astonished
and he is asking, “How did you differentiate?
Those who can see, could not.” “You are blind and you could! How?” Listen to this now.
This is so important. He answered, “I took both the
pieces outside in the sunlight.” “I kept them in the sun for 5 minutes.
The piece that became hot was glass.” “And the one that did not
heat up was diamond.” If you become negative in negative
situations, you are glass. If you are not negative in negative
situations, you are a diamond. So, if any situation happens,
do you want to be soda – reactive? Or water – responding?
Beautiful, right? Tell me one thing, do you want
to prove or you want to improve? (Improve)
Ah! A unanimous answer! Right now you don’t have to do anything so might as well answer! You always want to prove you are smart.
You always want to prove you are beautiful. You always want to prove you are good.
For once, improve. Improve your life not
only your lifestyle. Improve your quality,
not only your quantity. Increase your transformation,
not only information. You got it!

Instagram Model’s Disgusting Deal EXPOSED and Why People Are Arguing About It

‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday Welcome back to the Phillip DeFranco show, and uhh before we jump into it You may notice we have two special guests here today Because I’m giving the team a bunch of holiday time off, last night was our company Christmas party and I may or may not be hungover But we’re gonna get through my poor decision making together; let’s do this And the first thing I wanna talk about today is a story around Instagram models. When it comes to Instagram models, especially these smaller, don’t have a large following yet Instagram models, people are often wondering, how are they in this amazing situation; Penhouse villas, private jets, yachts. And it’s very easy to assume, well, they’re probably putting part of a very rich person into their mouths, and/or other stuff maybe they’re doing it because of a cool trip, part of promotion because they wanna get bigger on Instagram or maybe they’re getting paid But if you just take a peek at people like Dan Bullsarian’s account that guy has just launched women’s careers because they were just there, Like the world might not know about Lindsay Paris if it wasn’t for Dan Well separately from that I learned today that there is a site called “Tag the Sponsor” that is dedicated to exposing Instagram models, And the nasty stuff they will do. Recently they had one of the biggest stories to blow up, And that was about model Alaina Gonzales. There were leaked DMs where Tag the Sponsor is acting like a multi-millionare in Dubai. He’s asking, you know, How much can I purchase? I want you to have sex with me, I want you to have a threesome, I want you to have a threesome with my thirteen year old virgin brother. Then it gets pretty raunchy, but he convinces her to make a video make a video saying like, what are you willing to do? Saying I need this video to show that there is consent. “Hi, my name is Ariana *unintelligible* Gonzales, and um I’m twenty six years old, I’m willing to come to Dubai to to *unintelligible alias name*, we are having unprotected sex and I will let Mr. Ali lick *unintelligible* off my feet I will also fuck his virgin brother who is thirteen years old and I will let him lick my pussy and fuck me anal So two things there, for one I am now going to call it “an-all” And two, not the best look in the world to be video taped saying that you’ll have sex with a thirteen year old- I wouldn’t even say that jokingly, out of fear that someone would take that out of context, that joke, and put it somewhere else. And this video isn’t shocking to me obviously this happens. The most shocking thing about this story this story is he was even able to find this girl. She only has 1500 followers How did- How? but I mention all of this because now there’s a debate online. Is it wrong that this video was released? That’s the question, people are saying this is essentially slut-shaming Other people are saying, well, it’s not slut shaming, it’s the exposing of someone who’s willing to commit a crime. This exposes prostitution and a deal being made to have sex with a minor. I’ve seen some people saying this is the same as To Catch A Predator. I pass this question off to you, do you think it is wrong, or it’s right that this video was released? What are your thoughts on it in general, I’d love to know? And from there I’d like to talk to you about some stuff I Love today in Today In Awesome Brought to you by squarespace.com/phil squarespace of course the fantastic place to go if you want a fantastic blog online store, or whatever squarespace lets you use their simple, intuitive process where you can create and arrange content and features with just the click of a mouse if you want to check it out and make the smart move like many from the nation already have go to squarespace.com/phil, start that free trial and if you like it use coupon code PHIL for 10 percent off your first purchase and the first bit of awesome, it’s for those people who love westworld as much as I do- the entire album of songs used in this season of westworld is now on Spotify They previously released 5 but now you have the full 34 tracks Then you got to see some new Breath of the Wild playthrough thanks to Jimmy Fallon, Nintendo hopped on the Tonight Show to show off Super Mario Run, and Zelda. Then we got a new video from *jibberish* I can’t- uhh. my tongue’s too fat, my brain’s too stupid right now. a fantastic channel which, oh, apparently I was unsubscribed to – resubscribed. Umm. *laughing* Wow. Put out a new video called “A new history for humanity- a human era” fantastic video, i’ve become a big fan of this channel it’s one of my favourite channels on youtube this year so I support their patreon, highly recommend it, fantastic videos. Then in awesome that’s less “head-y” unless you wanna make a sex pun Madonna was on carpool karaoke and it was actually good! then we got a brand new trailer for baywatch, which I’m gonna watch because the Rock’s in it, okay? The Rock’s my Beyonce. I wouldn’t go and harass someone on Instagram for him for an unjustified reason, but uhh I like him. and it doesn’t hurt that Alexandra Daddario’s in it. This might shock some of you, but for me that’s an upside. and remember if you wanna see the full version of everything I shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links as always are in the description down below. then in the first time in over 20 years the life expectancy for an American just dropped. keep in mind it was a very small drop, the reason it’s news is it’s the first drop in a long time but it went from 78.9 years to 78.8 years. Ok I knew they always said women live longer, but holy crap Average male 76.3 years, average female 81.2 also the death rate rose, in 2015 2.7 million Americans died and the breakdown of how they died is fascinating, 45 percent died from either cancer or heart disease. the death rate for cancer actually dropped while heart disease went up. unintentional injuries went up, that includes things like car accidents as well as overdosing. stroke went up, diabetes went up kidney disease went up, suicide went up death from Alzheimer’s disease really went up, although people believe that is because there is greater recording of it. not necessarily because there was a drastic change. and the point of this story is- well there’s not necessarily a point my hope is that this is just a blip for life expectancy and it continues to go up. and the death rate is going to continue to go up as there are just more and more people in this country also makes the drop in cancer amazing. and now a story involving a man who probably wouldn’t mind a lower life expectancy. reportedly this man, 37 year old Gassi Rahm he came home late one night, he was drunk he was trying to get a little sex from his wife she was not having it, she rejected it and he reportedly cut off his own penis in a fit of rage And Gassi, I gotta say dude, if this is true, I get it why would you wanna have sex with such a drama queen You don’t wanna have sex with me? guess I don’t need this well- calm down! maybe it’s just who I am but you didn’t marry a vending machine reportedly they have been married 18 years he said in an interview, which- he’s just he’s on the bed, it’s all so weird, but he said we haven’t had sex in 10 years ok, that sucks, but maybe like, get a divorce. i’ll just never understand this, I’ve never been so angry at someone else that I was like I need to hurt ME. By hurting ME, that will somehow change them. No! All you’ve done is given her an even better exuse to not take it. You dun goofed, Gassi, you played yourself! And now let’s talk about the shooting that happened at Hug High School in Reno. if you haven’t heard there were reportedly students having a fight when one took out and threatened with a knife. some reports said the boy started threatening people with the knife, that the campus police was there, he drew his gun he told the boy to drop the knife, he refused to do so, and then the officer shot him. the boy was taken to the hospital and as of recording this video, is in critical condition. since this happened the boy’s father has identified him as 14 year old Logan Clark the police officer’s identity has not been released and he has been put on paid administrative leave police reportedly have a video that they haven’t released to the public but there are several videos of this incident online the video I personally saw on live leak is of Logan Clark with a knife not only brandishing it which is what ive seen a lot of places reporting, but actually you can see him swipe with it. then at around 22 seconds in you hear a single gun shot which is him being shot, and since this story blew up more background has been given. reportedly Logan’s dad posted to Facebook “To idiots that think Logan was wrong, know he was being bulled, he is not the kind to back down” “He brought the knives because he knew he was going to be jumped and he was. The school knew and failed to act [sic]” so there was a story that he was being bullied so that’s why he brought a weapon there are also people getting angry at the officer who shot Logan because he just had a knife and that I have to say, it is horrible if this kid was being bullied and nobody was doing anything about it, But when you have a student with a giant knife, who has not just held it but has slashed, that student is a threat and that threat has to be stopped. and no doubt is this happening a symptom of a much larger problem, but that police officer had to do what he had to do and bullying is wrong but so is attempted assault or attempted murder I think if “he was mean to me” was a legal defense, we’d have far fewer people in prison now there are also people saying the school shares blame and is somewhat to blame with this child if they did not actually protect him and they knew he was being bullied. And so with most of this story is this isn’t just a news show, it’s a conversation I’d love to know your thoughts on it you think the school and alleged bullies are also at fault, or no, you think it comes down to a person who made a decision and then having to deal with the ramifications of it? I’d love to know your thoughts and where you’re coming from on it and that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show and remember if you liked this video, like what i do on this channel hit that like button, if you’re new here hit that subscribe button but that said of course as always my name’s Phillip DeFranco, you’ve just been filled in, I love your faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Getting to the UFO Tree Hotel in SAS Business Class | Have Points Will Travel Episode 1

– I was sitting on 55,000 Amex points. I wanted to indulge a
bit on the trip to Sweden at the Tree Hotel. My name is Ian Agrimis, and
I’m obsessed with traveling on miles and points. My adventures have taken
me around the world in style and comfort, and I’ve learned you don’t have to be a
millionaire to travel like one. This is Have Points, Will Travel. Hit it! I transferred 55,000
Amex points to Aeroplan and booked a business class ticket to northern Sweden on SAS. If you’re lost right now, don’t worry. Although this is one of the most valuable redemptions I’ve made, earning these points
is easy with cards like the American Express Gold or Platinum which offer bonus points
on dining and air fare. Availability can be sparse
on the Aeroplan website, but with a bit of advance
planning and patience, your wallet will thank you. My ticket only cost me
$5.60 out of pocket. (upbeat music) Despite being in business class, I don’t expect to sleep a lot. It’s a pretty short flight. On flights like this, I like to skip some of the meal service
in favor of sleeping more, which helps me avoid jet lag. (upbeat music) So we’re well on our way here, and, for reference, I’m six five, and this seat is super spacious and sleek. It’s like a flying IKEA. (upbeat music) Airplane food does not have to suck. I like to change into comfortable clothes for the bulk of these flights. Well, you wouldn’t know it by
the way it looks out there, but it’s the morning. (upbeat music) That was a beautiful cabin. Kind of a bizarre meal
schedule, but good service, and impossible to beat for 55,000 miles. Anyways, wait till you
guys see where I’m staying. (mechanical hissing) Holy crap. Wow, all right. Well, I’m in northern
Sweden at Tree Hotel. That’s my room, a tree
house called the UFO. Since I got my ticket on points, I figured why not splurge
a bit on the room, so I’m guilty, it’s not a points hotel, but, guys, this place is amazing. Check this out. (upbeat music) First things’s first
is the control center. This shows everyone that’s
been abducted by this ship. And there’s a decent-sized bed. There’s even a closet. There’s a dining table. There’s even a bathroom with
a fully-functioning toilet and sink. But there’s no shower. For that, you need to leave the room. And they look like this. That’s the Tree Hotel. As the name suggests, it
is supported in a tree, so when I’m shake, I
can feel the whole room moving in the trees
which is kind of bizarre. Anyways, that’s it, it’s
just this circle here, so, pretty simple, but pretty cool. Enough about the room,
I’ve got something special planned for today. Well, initially when I came to Sweden, I wanted to see the Northern
Lights, but I figured horse-drawn skiing was
the next best thing. How’s it gonna go, good? Do you feel good? More confident now? I think this is gonna be good. All right, here we go. This is crazy, man. My balance is being tested. (upbeat music) What is this place? This place is crazy! It’s like the wild, wild west. Speed. Very fun. – [Man] Are you OK? – [Ian] That was a good one. (upbeat music) Oh, my god, my legs are killing me. Hurry up. (upbeat music) An amazing time. Skijoring, right? – [Man] Yeah, Skijoring. – Skijoring. – [Man] Yeah! – All right, thanks, man. (upbeat music) The sun is about to set. I know what it looks like here, but I think I’m gonna go to bed. If you’re thinking that
it seems way too early to be going to bed, well, it’s one p.m., but the sun already set,
so since I had a long day, I think I’m gonna call it. (upbeat music) (alert beep) Oh, turn! Oh, missed the bushes. Whoa! On the next episode of
Have Points, Will Travel I eat a sandwich in
Tokyo that costs far more than my first class ticket home. That would be amazing. (upbeat music)

EU to put retaliatory tariffs on US