How to deal with Tilt. Why we get such bad team mates.

Hi there my name’s Dong Huap What tilts you? What triggers you? What triggers a League player? Different things trigger different people Conservatives are triggered when you talk about socialist programs Liberals are triggered when you talk about gun violence Feminists get triggered when people say words But what triggers a League player most? What causes a League player to go on tilt the easiest The thing that tilts a league player, is the same thing that tilts every player in every other type of game And that is random luck beating skill For example poker Poker you could be playing very well, you could be counting the cards very well, you could know your percentage down to the decimal But sometimes your opponent gets a little bit of luck And even though they have no business of winning, they still win Poker stuff Guy: That’s bad Poker stuff (This guy should lose) Poker Stuff In this guys head: Oh my god lose already (Holy sh*t) (He wants two aces to win) Poker Stuff Commentator: Oh Boy (Nothing) This guy needs one more ace to win (No way he gets an ace) (NO F***ING WAY!) Commentator: Less than 1% on the flop (Utter amazement) Commentator: I’ve never seen that There is a similar experience in League of Legends You shit on your lane You absolutely destroy this guy You make him go zero and five But someone else on your team goes zero and seven And that tilts you! Cause this shitter in your lane Has no business, no business, whatsoever Winning this game And yet you who worked so hard Who played so well Loses this game That is the number one cause of tilt in League of Legends And Why? Why does it feel like almost every single game you play There seems to be a feeder in this game There always seems to be some kind of feeder How do you deal with something like this? What you first have to understand, is the basic chance in League of Legends Here’s how RNG affects Solo Que In League of Legends there are three lanes In these three lanes you have: Mid, Bot, and Top Lets assume for a second that you are the mid laner Now as the mid laner, you have direct control, mostly over mid lane in the early game That means that you have a 50% chance of having a winning top lane… And a 50% chance at having a winning bot lane (Yeah Right) So basic statistics demand that you have a 25% of having bot and top win 50% chance of having 1 winner and 1 loser and 25% chance of having 2 losers This means you are going to lose at least 25% of all of your games played No one And I mean no one Unless they were smurfing or elo dodging Has a win rate above 75% Most challenger players hover at around 60% And this theory works in reverse aswell The worst players Generally do not have a win rate, lower than 25% Because in those 25% Their teammates will carry them no matter what I know it’s super frustrating to win your lane, to play well And, and To feel like you deserve this win But sometimes RNG will still fuck you over if you get placed in that statistical bad 25% RNG doesn’t give a fuck about what we deserve Now on the bright side the statistics actually work in your favor Because you have a 75% chance Of getting a good or neutral outcome But this also means That you have a 75% chance Of getting at least 1 feeding lane in your team That’s why it feels like you have a feeder every single game Because 75% of the time, you are going to have at least 1 losing lane Now how do you actually get off tilt And what does being on tilt even mean? Being on tilt basically means, that you’re just playing on auto pilot What do I mean by: “Auto Pilot” Uhmmmm I’ll give you a for instance For Instance Uhhmm Has this ever happened to you? You, you, you Wake up Uh, you eat breakfast You brush your teeth You take a shower, you take a shit You do all that And then you go to school or you go to work And When you get to school or you get to work (Pauses for dramatic effect) You don’t fucking remember the car ride over, do you? That’s auto pilot! That’s You’re not thinking about doing something that you do every single day You’re just Doing it And you’re not even conscience while doing it You sometimes think to yourself (Thinking to yourself) Did I teleport to school today cause I don’t fucking remember the vehicle ride over… That’s auto pilot! A lot of people play on auto pilot and that’s why they fail They’re not thinking about the things they learned on streams Or read in guides Or just learned from past experiences They don’t focus on the minimap And they don’t remember what they’re supposed to do in their matchup They don’t think about their item builds They’re just…. (Breathing) They’re just on auto pilot They’re not thinking anymore They’re just… doing The first thing you do when you’re on auto pilot Is to stop playing Once you’re done with that game Just log off and don’t touch League for the rest of the day Don’t fall into that trap Of wanting to play even when on tilt Think of league as a casino A big ass casino And think of your league points as your money How much money are you gonna lose before you stop? Are you just going to lose 20 or 40 points You know, just the pocket change that you have on you? Are you going to lose several divisions? Are you going to lose your car? Are you going to lose your mortgage? Are you going to lose your kids in a divorce? Do you wanna do that? No ya don’t So stop playing! Don’t even play a different game (#1) Don’t even play a different game (#2) Go, go do something relaxing Go, go Go take a shower Go take a shit Go take a nap, go take a fap (Thinking about fapping) How do you know if you’re on tilt? Ask yourself 1 simple question Am I on tilt? If your immediate answer Is not no… You’re tilted Getting tilted is just a state of mind And ya only need a little bit to be really tilted Cause here’s what happens Even if you’re just a little tilted You’ll probably play A little shittier than usual And if you play a little shittier than usual You’ll get upset at yourself! And then you’ll play EVEN shittier than usual And then your teammates will shit on you for your shitty play And you’ll play EVEN shittier! It is just a spiraling hole of shit Here’s something that you should never do While you’re taking your break Don’t go and tell your friends, about the shitty game that you just played This does not help you relieve tilt And let me tell you something, your friends are too nice to tell you No one gives a fuck about your shitty game Except for you No one gives a fuck Really No one gives a fuck I would rather listen to my friend Tell me about his shitty, abusive parents Then listen to his shitty, abusive game Because at least Then he would receive genuine sympathy And some people might say Well, well, they’re just, they’re just, trying to get it out They’re just You know Expressing. and Tryna Tr-Tryna Get that anger out of them How does getting angry Make you less angry? That doesn’t make any sense I-If talking about the things That make you angry Make you a more calmer person The-Then by that logic Every single feminist Should be a zen master The way you get over a bad game Is the same way you get over an ex-girlfriend You stop thinking about her You shut yourself down emotionally You go to the gym You go get buff and sexy And then you go fuck her mom (LMAO) That is how you deal with tilt

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Overview: Exceptional Optics & Smooth Pan/Tilt

logitech® What does simplicity mean in the context of technology. Simplicity is elegance. Simplicity means obvious answers to tough problems. Hi I’m David Zhai product manager at Logitech. In designing the PTV pro 2 we set the bar high. To improve one of our most popular video cameras. To do this, we manufacture our own lenses to create a camera with exceptional optics, brilliant resolution and outstanding color. The mechanics were we re-engineered to enable direct preset preset movement for an even smoother pan and tilt that captures all the action. Video quality was improved to achieve greater clarity whether up close or across the room. So every person in the room is shown naturally and accurately PTZ pro 2 is the smart choice for conference rooms,
classrooms,auditoriums and medical facilities or as the ideal complement to your existing audio conferencing system. Using the PTZ pro 2 couldn’t be easier, a power adapter and USB cable is all you need to get started. Just plug and play. And at half the price of comparable models, the PTZ pro 2 is surprisingly affordable. Simple yet elegant, PTZ pro 2 is the answer to all of your video needs. logitech®

USGI Magazines by OKAY Industries (5.56/.223)

going on guys this is birds won't talk to you a day about usgi magazines more specifically okay industries the bass played one of these go ahead and get a shot of that okay industries this is actually I believe a subdivision of cult manufacturing and what this is is one of the contractors who actually produce disease for the military and I actually got these over at funk amacom I'll go ahead and put a link down below to where I got that was really the only place I could find the okay industry is one which is one of the ones I trust him in there's a ton of different brands out there there's dnh there's all kinds of different kind of brands out there as far as usgi you got to be kind of careful what you're doing with when you're going out and buying usgi some places will claim the be usgi you know but the drunk okay industries is definitely not junk like I said they're actually one of the guys who are you know have contracts out there to build these for troops so you know you're getting a good deal and you're getting a good magazine when you're buying ok industry is manufactured magazines you know one thing people say is you know why I want a polymer magazine you know and and if that's the case you know there's power magazines out there like for some reason I always go back to a usgi aluminum that's what these are in case you're unsure of you know usgi magazines they're aluminum so they're pretty lightweight they're made of metal obviously but the thing about the usgi that I like a lot is just the feel of it you know it's slim its trim and it just it just feels right and you're gonna get a lot of use out of them the only thing you got to pay attention to is making sure you get anti-tilt followers good Springs if you get ok industries magazine you're gonna get a good spring make sure you're good Springs but the biggest thing is getting you know you SGI's with an anti tilt follower so the ones that are being sold over funk amacom they have anti-pill followers you can see I have one broken down over here go ahead and put it over here in case you're wondering how to break them down just go ahead and get up underneath this tab and pull it back make sure you don't have anything in here and make sure that you hold the bottom when you pull it out because you're gonna have some spring tension there but as far as what's on the inside you can see it's just like any other magazine but what you want to make sure you get is an anti tilt follower and the reason for that is you know the original magazines came back in the day without anything on the front back so what happen is you would get stoppages because you would tilt the follower would tilt and get caught up and then your magazine would no longer work so you know over the years they've kind of come up and devised the anti-tilt for which means that this cannot really move back and forth it follows the track all the way up you don't have tilting of your follower so the reliability has increased dramatically over the years but as far as okay industries you're gonna get good stuff you can see you down here this is a nice you know stamping the bottom area of a base plate which is also metal so you know usgi magazines are gonna be all-metal they're gonna be durable you know some people don't like them for this reason or that reason I really have never found a problem with my usgi magazines you can get into the whole you know do you put thirty in do you put twenty-eight et cetera as a whole another video but as far as you know magazines go on usgi you know dnh also makes a good magazine but as far as okay industries I've been using these for you know a while now current ones I have purchased here you can see you can also you know you can paint pretty much anything but you can see you know this is how they come for the most part you're gonna have some scratches etc I went ahead and took some aluminide – and paying this one just up to here because I like the top part here to be nice and smooth as far as you know entry into the magazine well but you can see I went ahead and painted that one so you can kind of do whatever you want if you want to repurpose them if you guys are in the market for some magazines you know usgi ones the ones that I'm recommending are okay industries and you can get those over func amacom I'll put a link down below like I said so if you guys have any questions or anything let me know if you guys have some experience with okay industries magazines go ahead and put them in the comments down below or better yet make a video about it until next time later I recommend ok industries it's definitely the recommended brand and manufacture it's definitely the recomment it's definitely the manufacturer I recommend what's funny it's not funny at all