Hearthstone: The Meta Is Nuts (Mage Constructed)

you asked for it I would keep caring for major if I also had the secret I guess Wow hopefully he doesn't have 1x oh my god oh he's got an ax very sad and much sadness was on this day this is actually it could work ancient watcher oh my very anti I grew where I like the science here oh wow we got some serious science going on here super cereal Wow Thank u so G so much damage harvesting servos engaged Wow feel like I just got hard encountered that's cuz I did what in the world my magic will tear you apart well that's pretty good one portal what's that's another one of these pretty good but haha that Kazan mystic values insane – 5 6 7 8 9 don't want to kill this first alright wait 3 6 8 9 10 yeah just go fast another mirror deck is all over the place now did I jump into this deck one turn one daily well that's good you asked for it no boy shall wear of a young hunter delicious enjoy its the aggressive under superdelicious sergeant fluffy asks would it be wrong to run double mystic the metagame needs to be a pretty extreme before that's right Wow you want face that it's actually kind of a gross go face smooth it's actually really really gross Wow nice come on dissatisfied with his face his facing right he's going for the face allowed me to kill Misha two can play that game I have to keep going Belcher is pretty good this I think will be a pretty close finish next I have to think for a moment on whether or not I'm gonna call this fire four eight nine sixteen seventeen hopefully no skill I wonder if unleash the hounds would have had lethal frame usually no oh yeah counterspell Wow think of all the cards on the list I was most skeptical skeptical about counterspell and seems to be pretty good right there little versus scientists in it great yeah silly actress Wow spectacular fantastic shark asked what is the most annoying secret to have to deal with as an opponent to that secret it depends on the matchup but usually mirror at any is why you see miss than the dextran mirror it's actually not bad yeah let me think about it I've basically gotten nine free mana worth of stuff in the form of three secrets but it's still not looking very good I might have a hand and oh and the opponent still holds the coin actually hmm oh my coin might have actually been important for him so I guess it's okay crumble this date so I give him the axe first maybe the role is quite bad for me I feel the pressure to play this card also it may have been better from the color sludge belcher first and then brawl crafty ass on the previous turn why not instead do the flame cannon and hero power the reason is you only spent four mana only have a small window to actually kill your opponent so you have to spend all your mana the tempo down but I am new to the deck and Eunice craps that line of flight is better by killing me a phone that's pretty important as it turns out oh my god second oh that's bad this is ultimate champion ah flame cannon or dr. boom one choice the organizing decision definitely disastrous sometimes I survived two brawls a big-game hunter the fiery one acts both of them feels like it's been so uphill but Sylvanas survived both of them and I've gotten the curve which is lasted until turn 10 more so these are all good news things but it looks like a warrior being able to stabilize here I even a unstable portal need to address which is fantastic let's do better ragnar s14 fireball fireball fireball fireball alert what pow I'm sorry Wow looking at this hand you'd think I was control major or something a lot of warrior up there small sample size after this game that it'll be 4 out of 12 that's a lot of warrior ok opponents got fiery one axe in his hand what is my best answer best response it might be holding the coin no real reason to speed out to extra damage I think given that this curve works perfectly without the coin it just means I deal one less air to less damage it's taking a freebie I just like giving them freebies hmmm so bad against some cards this is tricky face guess the meta right now is really really really interesting it's kind of the Wild West nothing established maybe I just feel that way because I'm playing a new deck but it's more of the decks I'm facing off against it's very unexpected to run into this mini warrior but this small sample size also the right temple is patient assassins kind of tough I certainly don't play it into death spite with one charge into it I don't think I don't know yet also maybe this turn I've been right no six mana well it gets the shieldmaiden watch oh that is the thing maybe I should have played it I wonder whether or not he wanted that result it's not very clear okay this is where boom can happen so kind of hard counters boom going down getting all set it's alright 13 damn and the spirits are very powerful today so many slugs vultures the big card that I can't deal with format is so unusual right now but I do more to play this back mainly do the science tres science oh well please your magic shall not see Thank You pyromancers shaman interesting all right not really my favorite one well on this turn this actually is pretty useful have a good chance of hitting this turn my choice is our Belcher or Prentice portal and the Prentice portal is probably better don't even talk at the moment the Beast hopefully he doesn't have the Beast in his sights well that actually might be okay what a tease the Beast will punish you for that people are so edgy right now it's really cool pyromancer Farsight it all makes sense then kind of good for you for making it to reggae or the Farsight duck good for you Wow he's farsighted heck's good for you that's amazing actually I'm not even that they're only slightly thinner and yes that is the first time I actually hovered over in the garden realized created by far side is apparently a thing now – I haven't seen that in forever probably was made along with unstable portal got a question that would cereal Arcanist run well in this deck or is it not worth the secrets don't stay alone enough for it to work this is also an aggressive base spec you can't really set up there situations to come up so probably a poor idea more practical in a deck with duplicator ice block where the secret stay long longer stay around longer

How to Market a Lawn Care Business – The First 10 Steps

hi everyone and her here again with lawn care marketing expert and today I was going through all of my different videos that I have on YouTube and I realized that there is one critical video that I hadn't even done yet and I think you'll find it very helpful and that's that's the first 10 things that you should do to market your lawn care or landscaping business whether you've been in business for five years or five days these are the exact order that I would do them in and we're only specifically talking about marketing right now we're not going to talk about the business aspects these are the the first 10 things that you need to do to start marketing your lawn care landscaping business effectively so let's start with number one and the first thing is you need to let all of your friends and family everybody that you know that you've started a lawn care or landscaping business send them a personal message on Facebook anybody living in your target markets tell them what you do that you've started a business that you're looking for clients these are the services that you provide and why they should tell people about you make them a special offer do whatever you need to do to convince your friends and family to give you a shot and to tell other people about you this is a very quick and simple thing to do to to get those first few customers if you're just a start up because oftentimes especially in the Facebook age our friends on Facebook they don't know what we're up to at any given day they don't know what we're doing in business if we haven't talked to them in a while they don't really know what we're doing I'll get you know I'll give you a perfect example you know people I went to high school with you know they're friends of mine on Facebook but they don't know what I do because I haven't talked to them on a regular basis and they're not on my Facebook page and looking in all my posts and different things like that so we need to reach out as as business owners we need to reach out and let people know and say hey new business I can help you I can take care of your property I can do these things for you do you know anybody else that needs my services so that's the first thing is letting everybody know next step and this is very effective if you do it right is set up a Google Plus local page for your business this is completely free it's easy to do take you about 10 minutes 15 minutes to do it put some effort into it complete the entire profile answer every question on there link it to your website if you already have one put up a nice professional photo of you a headshot tell people a little bit about your business tell them about your guarantee the different things that you offer and get that online as quickly as possible it's going to take some time for that to start showing up within the Google search results even after you verified it via a postcard phone number or whatever they they step you through so you need to do that as quickly as possible set that up once that's up once you have lots of satisfied clients you need to implement a system to get reviews positive reviews on this page the more reviews that you have on this page the more effective it's gonna be the higher its gonna rank the more money it's going to bring you from new leads and new traffic from that page showing up within the Google search results so don't set it and forget it you're gonna go back and add reviews to it or have it excuse me have your clients and reviews to it after you've started to do great work for them and we have a fantastic system the ultimate review system that will get your reviews on your Google place page your your your Yelp page your City search page all that that's available on care marketing expert comm check that out if you already have clients the third thing to do is to buy a domain name and and get a professionally designed website built and specifically it needs to be built to convert visitors to your website to customers this is very important because unfortunately we live in a day and age where design and websites are commodity and unless you've done research in took scientific advertising and in conversion optimization and all the different things that us a geeky marketers understand you don't know how big an impact on a website that's designed and built to convert a website visitor into a customer meaning they give you their contact information they pick up the phone and call you or they fill out an estimate form that is the whole reason we have websites so if you're just going out there and setting up a freebie website or you're you're you're using a template that's built for a blog and it's not built to sell you're gonna be losing money in the long run so you only want to use a temporary solution for as little time as possible if you're just starting out and you don't have you know you don't have the thousands of dollars it takes to design a custom professional website by somebody like us who knows what they're doing well you're gonna have to opt for a temporary solution you're gonna have to you know service autopilot they offer template websites that are good there's other options that you can that you can use however as soon as you can't afford to make that investment you need to switch your website to something that's custom built for your brand that represents your professionalism and the quality of service that you're going to deliver to your clients and is built to convert visitors to customers everything that you do how you lay out the website where you position forms where you position your phone number the information that you put on there the credibility factors the guarantee all of that stuff plays a part it's not just a pretty picture your website's not just a pretty picture it's a salesman and you want your salesman to show up in a suit and tie and not in a wife beater and flip-flops in cutoff jean shorts it matters invest in it wisely hire the right company to build something professional for you the let's in in the same line of discussion let's talk a little bit further about domain names so domain names you might have you might see a lot of companies buying domains that are like lawn care city name calm lawn care you know a lawn cared also calm and a lot of companies were doing this in years past and it's something that we recommended in years past as well because it had an impact on how well you can rank and how quickly you can rank in Google when somebody search for that key phrase those days are over Google is down graded that ranking factor and so it does not have as big an impact on your rank as it once did you have to implement a real search engine optimization program to get those top rankings you can't just buy a bunch of domains that have the keyword in it and expect to rank on that first page it's not gonna happen so by domain that represents your brand that represents your company and stick with com or.net domains don't stray into dot u s dot info dot biz any of those other what we call TLDs any of those other extensions buy.com or dotnet and Google doesn't admit this but they do not rank dot-com excuse me they do not rank dot us dot biz that info all those are other TLDs all those other domain extensions as well and as quickly as they do ComNet or GDU etc stick with net stick with com find the best domain that you can that represents your brand and your company name and it build your website around that secondly o your domain do not buy it from an agency whether it's my marketing agency or or another marketing agency buy it yourself go to Go Daddy go to register com go to network solutions go to a domain registrar buy it own it only you should have the username and password and I spring this up because a lot of I've come in we've worked with I don't know how many thousands of companies and time after time every year we will come across a new client who's switching over from some crappy competitor who did lousy SEO in there ditching that company and they're coming to work with us well guess what that previous marketing agency they bought the domain and it's registered in their name and it's in their domain name account in that client who comes to us can't get that domain because the company is holding it hostage or they went out of business so they have to completely throw in the trash that entire website and all the work that they've done previously because they can't get control of that domain name it's very important think think of it like a trademark you need to own it you need to control it a third party should not control it it needs to be in your account you should control it and that's that's how we treat our our clients domains as well we make sure that they go and register them that they own them that they're in their account and we just change the settings when we need to point it to our to our to our web host so keep that in mind it's and it's kind of off topic but it's really critical that you understand that the next thing you need to understand is that you also need to have control over of your website so don't let some third party or your your brother or your uncle or your your your teenage son build you a website in pure HTML with what we call static HTML files it needs to be a dynamic site and by dynamic site I mean it has a login and password protected area where you can go and you can edit the content on any individual page yourself that's a modern website it should be built properly from the first from the first day and you should be able to go in and edit any individual page yourself that's how we build all of our clients websites that's best practices anybody trying to sell you a website that you can't control you need to run the other way because they probably are still working in the dark ages and they're doing web development design that people are doing 15 years ago so we need to do things right we need to build modern websites and you need to have full control over so keep that in mind as well so just for just to recap if you don't have much of a budget you can use a template site you can use a service autopilot template site for a for a brief period of time your first year your first six months but as soon as you have that investment as soon as you have the thousands of dollars it will take to build something custom you want to move to a professionally built website that's designed to convert visitors to customers that's the only reason we have a website to get people to give us their contact information and to pick up the phone and call us that's it so how we got our site is so important fourth the fourth thing you need to do start getting video testimonials from all of your existing quat clients as quickly as possible if you're just starting out you're not gonna have a whole lot but you are going to start to accrue clients especially at the start of the season and you want to put make this a process make this something that happens consistently every month every two months you call every client you visit them at their doorstep and you get reviews and testimonials you get reviews on your Google Place page you get video testimonials that you shoot in their in their driveway whatever you need to do that social proof that proof that you do fantastic work is hugely valuable and and it's something that if you make it a process if you make it a system that happens on a specific day of every other month it's going to it's gonna reap big rewards for you you're gonna find soon you have 25 reviews on your Google Local page and your next competitor has zero which is the case for most lawn care companies they put no effort into this stuff so so make a point to do that get testimonials ask them if you can use them as a reference ask them if you can have B people give them a call to see if you do quality work and get a photo at the bare minimum pretty much everybody has a Facebook page these days and they have a profile photo that they're happy with so if you ask the client can I get a quote can I get a testimonial from you if they were to shoot video ask them if you can use a photo off their Facebook page they have a photo that you can use and then you can feature them on your website you can feature that testimony on your marketing materials that proof those testimonials are very valuable they help convince other people to give you a shot and it's another area where you can differentiate yourself because your competitors aren't doing this stuff so so do that number four number five go ahead and set up a Facebook page just set up a simple Facebook page reserve a page with your company name put up your logo put up a photo of you put a basic information about your company what you do and but don't yet start investing a ton of time updating the page you don't have to post every day you don't have to you don't have to do half the stuff that these social media gurus tell you to do that are trying to sell you expensive social media plans the thing that you need to understand about Facebook is that it is a cave advertising platform so if you're going into Facebook in you think that all you need to do is post photos of your work everyday or post an offer and not pay to have those those posts or advertisements displayed to your followers you're mistaken you're gonna be wasting a lot of time in order to have an effective social media strategy you have to do more than post you have to pay to play each of your posts can be a paid ad you can run special ads on Facebook but that's not something that you need to do yet unless you're a more advanced company and you're farther down the road in your marketing strategy so for now reserve your page post occasionally once twice a week whatever don't invest a whole ton of time in it until you have a budget to advertise on Facebook and that's gonna be one of the last things that we're gonna do in fact I'm gonna break it to you that's step number ten on this list number ten get into Facebook advertising get into social media marketing and implement a real strategy that's number ten we skip that oh well but for now reserve the page and the reason that we're going to go ahead and set the page and reserve it now is that we want to start collecting followers okay we want to start collecting followers so when we're ready to start advertising on Facebook when we're ready to start selling on Facebook six months from now a year from now two years from now we're already gonna have a good base of followers that we can advertise to so right now we're just in a collecting phase will post occasionally on our Facebook page and then when we have a budget to advertise on Facebook and we're doing steps one through nine successfully then maybe we can get into some Facebook advertising and implement a full social media strategy that generates new resident revenue for our business so that's number five number six you need to have some professional door hangers made and this is something that we typically only offer to our larger clients but in a partnership with service autopilot me and Jonathan over that we've created a whole door hanger system that teaches you the best way to go about this and it also includes some some some door hanger templates that you can customize with your logo your information all that and they've been tested they're built to sell you don't have to buy ours if you want to buy our as you can or you can go and create your own if you're gonna create your own you need to test and track how well they are performing because that's the only way you can improve your door hangers over time and I've seen some really crappy door hangers out there that look and sound the same as every other lawn care company you need to you need to put some thought into it you need to put some thought into what are your potential clients objections to using your services and address those objections within your door hanger if you're just starting out and you have time your time is money one of the most effective things that you can do put on some sneakers put on a nice collared shirt go knock on doors go sell yourself go make some business by beating the pavement you can do it I know I know that most of you are probably scared to do it I completely understand that I remember the first time I went knocked on doors when I was starting a new business I was freaking terrified but after you get rejected a couple times and you will and after you get those first couple sales and you will you're gonna feel a whole lot more confident and you're going to build your business quicker then somebody just passively sending out direct mail pieces or relying strictly on the internet and do you kind of get what I do you kind of see where I'm going with this we are we are traditionally an online marketing agency but the game plan that I'm spilling out for you is I'm telling you don't just rely on online marketing that's one aspect that's one thing that you need to be doing but you want to be able to reach your clients your market in as many different ways as possible so long as they're effective in they bring you new clients for a cost-effective dollar amount that day is obviously less than their their lifetime value and gives you a healthy profit so we don't even though we live in the Internet age we don't rely just on online marketing in my own business to sell lawn care marketing expert services I do offline marketing as well you'll see me in magazines you'll you might get a direct mail piece from me I do a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with the Internet in it generates revenue for me and the same is true for you the marketing some marketing that people were doing you know 20 years ago Direct Mail is the perfect example still works but you just have to do it right if you're not doing it right it's not gonna work how you execute is critically important both online and offline so door hangers have professional door hangers created for you if you want you can use our system that's available for purchase knock on doors we already talked about that that's a that step number seven and let me just reiterate when you're knocking on doors whenever you're appearing in front of a client to rest professionally get a logoed shirt they're not Spence it costed 25 bucks put your logo on a shirt have a caller dress properly wear some khakis tuck in your shirt comb your hair speak directly look them in the eye and hand them a door hanger be a professional and you'll be surprised how many people will be willing to listen to your offer and give you a try when you're trying to sell your services so number eight number eight is reinvest your new profits from the new clients that you're starting to get from these offline and these basic starter online marketing strategies reinvest that into more aggressive online marketing programs and there's three in particular the first one would be local search sites Google Local is one of those that's something that I just directed you to set up I think in like step two or three and that would also include Yelp Citysearch Manta other business listings like that for our clients when we do this for our clients we use a list of probably about 50 to 80 different sites we set up all of them for clients with optimized information their logos their photos all of that takes us forever takes us it probably takes us a month to complete that just for a client it takes a long time but it's important that you do a lot of them but you have to do the right ones and you have to have consistent information across the different local listings otherwise they're not going to be very effective for you and I talked about this in some of my other videos so I won't spend a whole lot of time on that but that's one of the first things that you you need to hire somebody to do the next is you need to implement an effective SEO program and I also talked about this in many of my videos one of the most common mistakes I see is that every lawncare company out there finally knows that they need to be implementing an SEO program but the mistake that I still see happening every week is that companies lawn care companies are hiring the company that says they'll do it for 500 bucks 200 bucks for 300 bucks for $5.99 if you're going to hire based on price don't expect the best results don't expect any results just think about that how many man-hours can somebody possibly dedicate to your account – search engine optimization if you're paying $500 a month that's I mean that's that's ridiculous that's for to hire a technical person to hire an Internet professional a search engine optimization professional $500 what is that going to be two hours three hours that's not much time to dedicate to your project each month so you need to make the best decision possible on my website I have a free SEO guide that's available you can download that it tells you I think 10 critical things you need to watch out for when you're making a decision between SEO companies obviously I'm partial to my team and my services we only do lawn care and landscaping companies we are the best at it hands down but we're not for everybody and we are certainly absolutely not the cheapest company out there and we never will be because we we deliver services at a higher level than anybody else out there in this market which also means that a lot of companies can't afford it yet especially if you're just starting out and that's okay if you just start now you have a tiny you know budget that's less than a thousand dollars a month you know you're probably not even ready to be doing online marketing you should be focusing your effort on offline marketing on door hangers I'm hiring somebody to pass up the door hangers on picking up the phone and calling leads and following up and doing all the things offline to build a base level of customers that you can then take that revenue in reinvest in more aggressive online strategies so it's really one step at a time you're gonna take put one foot in front of the other step after step step after step and your business isn't going to build on itself and you're gonna reinvest in your marketing and you're gonna go slowly grow your business that way the next thing that you want to get into after SEO and we do this in conjunction with we do a couple different strategies for our clients at the same time concurrently so we would do pay-per-click advertising with SEO and local listings and all of these different things that we do but pay-per-click is something that you want to do in addition to SEO it's a supplement for search engine optimization with pay-per-click you can target key phrases that are less frequently searched but just as important to your clients pay-per-click advertising would be the text ads that you see in the top and on the right on Google and Bing and this can also include image banner ads as well you've seen me you've probably seen my lawn care marketing expert ads all over the Internet that's a very effective program and that's something that we roll out for our bigger clients as well and we might roll that out for you one day so that would be step number eight the step number step number nine would be to implement a nurturing and upselling process that happens every month in your business and this is I got to tell you probably the number one place where companies are missing out on a huge percentage of profits in their business because just simply by picking up the phone and calling your clients each and every month once a month you can make additional cells every single month you should have some sort of upsell that you can be offering your clients it could be mulch it could be a pest control service it could be a fertilization weed control service every month you should dedicate one day to making phone calls sending emails implementing a nurture and upsell strategy that helps you bring more profits into your business not just doing your weekly cuts step number 10 and we talked about this this isn't a secret implement a social media strategy this isn't the first thing that you do this is one of the last things that you need to do after you have maximized your other channels after you've maximized your pay-per-click after you maximize SEO your local listings all the other things that you do you can start to get into social media have a a full feature program that updates your pages that does upselling where your advertising on the different social media platforms that are effective and start to build additional revenue stream through social media so those are my ten steps I hope you found them helpful if you have any questions feel free to post a question below this video you can shoot us an email info at lawn care marketing expert com or if you'd like to sign up for service you can call us at seven eight six three zero nine seven eight nine eight now you have ten steps you have ten things to do get started start taking action start putting one foot in front of the other and make forward progress if you dedicate yourself to do that each month you're gonna be much further ahead in the next six months then you work the past six months go make it happen you can do it

Constructing an Angle Bisector

the key points to an angle bisector is that it does almost lost dirt is that it does a couple things the first thing is it bisects the angle creating two congruent angles so if I have an angle that's in blue here and the red ray is my angle bisector then it has created two congruent angles so notice that this red is a rape so that's another key thing now it also could be a line segment if you're talking about something in a nice ah sleaze triangle perhaps perhaps so we could say or a line segment and every point along this bisector is the same distance from the two rays that make up the sides but how do we measure distance well the shortest distance from a point on this ray to a ray that forms the angle is along a perpendicular so if you're to construct the perpendicular from the angle bisector to a side and if you did that down here then you would say that these two segments are congruent so that's the key parts to an angle bisector is that bisects the angle creating two congruent angles that it is a liner or it is a ray or a line segment and that every point on this ray is the same distance measured along the perpendicular from the Rays that make up your angle but how do we actually construct them well to do that let's grab our compass and our straightedge and head over to this angle right here so we know that we're going to create a ray that creates two congruent angles so the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna swing an arc just like if you were duplicating an angle so from the vertex I'm going to swing an arc so that I create two points of intersection now I want to create a point out here that is the same distance from these two points of intersection so if you want to you can change your company but you don't have to for the sake of argument I will and you're going to swing an arc from each of these end points so there's one arc from this intersection here's another point of intersection that I'm going to swing an arc from now this point right here is the same distance from both of these endpoints so I'm going to connect this point of intersection with my vertex thereby creating my angle bisector so I'm going to draw this connect my vertex and that point of intersection and what we've created are two congruent angles then when they sum you get the angle that you started with

Aquaponics System – $75 – How We Easily Build Aquaponics Garden

you hi I'm drew Hopkins and I'm John Parr we are veered Asarco ponics we have a vision put an aquaponics greenhouse in every school in the United States the way that we've been dealing with food on a global scale neat needs a change with this greenhouse and this volume we can feed everybody with a tiny footprint we're here in the middle of this great big commercial greenhouse and we'd like to take all the components that surround us and bring it into a small greenhouse that can fit in a schoolyard you'll see there's a current in the water and it's circular the aquaponics greenhouse project provides a perfect learning platform for teachers and students they can study anything from agriculture and biology science chemistry and because ancient civilizations use this method to grow in thousands of years ago they can study history also so you guys what do you think of aquaponics they're foods yeah less chemicals in my food yeah the fact that one of these systems could exist in an urban environment was a huge draw to me and interest in aquaponics they say it takes a village to feed a family and that's certainly been the case here my wife and our three kids and Drew and his family have been instrumental in getting this thing done John had a great deal of knowledge he's a guru of aquaponics and matt has made amazing technological advances our plan was to start with 5,000 square feet per month and just expand into it but then for months we've completed this 90,000 square feet 2 acres that's so I think that's what let's blow our hair back the most is how much this can produce and how fast what can we do to change agriculture to make our planet better and right now there's so many people that are passionate about green Living recycling composting and eating better and more healthy that it's the perfect time to introduce aquaponics aquaponics is the combination of two industries aquaculture and hydroponics it all starts right here for the tank of fish this fish was planted nine months ago at an inch long and that beautiful sturgeon the sturgeon provide the nutrition by eating the fish food which then is passed through a number of filters finally it falls into this ladder sea this is a bladder bag of water it's just a big bag of mud and as the water flows through here it's available to these plants which wick the water up and grow like crazy it comes across here under the ground into the stream of water and it comes up here like a spring where everything that a plant needs is bioavailable in this teeth of water flows back and forth through these streams until it's deficient of nutrition again and then it's circulated from here right back up to where it gets bubbles and Falls like a waterfall and oxygenates the fish again so the entire system is closed and healthy because clean water goes in and fertilizer water comes out this is aquaponics I would say the three things over conventional farming that aquaponics provides is one sustainability aquaponics must cherish the ecosystem so we're really conscious of that we don't put anything on these plants that we couldn't eat to the yield per square foot out in the field they get three heads of lettuce per year here we do four per month three the water conservation we're using five percent of the water of all the farms around us to produce more food there you go to bite into that thing so this area of the table represents five thousand seats which are planted every day we plant five thousand seeds a day and we harvest five thousand plants a day in each acre with this greenhouse and the capacity to grow food at this scale is an amazing gift to put in the hands of children teachers and communities okay here we are same system really being used and here is a review let me see if I can catch some fish there as you can see we got tilapia look at that catfish some goldfish goldfish are great if you say help prevent mosquitoes then here's that second one I was telling them look at the plant styrofoam you can buy that at Walmart thought you'd buy containers they'll hold up I used a big container of ice anyway you want to there you are but we're working the system there it is again as you can see it goes down here and right there putting air into it see it's nice and close and what I did here is I did something a little different because those straight pipes the water was going all the way in here I didn't want that so I just put again I spent 25 cents oh no 35 cents for these and look at that it just goes straight there this is where it was I just made it just in case the second one in case it was too powerful because there's a pump again a fifteen dollar pump as you can see it's just doing it to the filters on the outside instead of inside and as you noticed personally I'm using the food grade tubing right here because I want people to see what's going as as we teach them and as you see it goes straight there right there all the way down into the system let me back up and it's on a pilot just like there those are something I found you can find anything you want to hold it up can be a table it can be anything and there we are is an aquaponic system that you can build and I'm gonna stake realistically I say 70 75 dollars thank you very much this is chaplain Ian Perry wishing you very much luck as my son is saying goodbye if you have any questions feel free to email me at ki4 ngz that's a numeral number for ki for ng z at yahoo.com and may God bless you and your family

Hearthstone: Praise Jaraxxus (Warlock Constructed)

life shall bring victory your soul shall be mine is someone injured in some ways it's a tougher game just because there are so many different viable decks right now I think the Damned stand ready my choice to coin out this guy or take it a bit slower Oh with no other giant in hand I think this mind if I roll need kill off the dark cultists and silence whatever lands problem now that's the best target could a tap there he seems to be playing it fairly quickly so I will play quickly as well to match pace also by getting that guy out it allows me to double defender of argus which is going to be quite good here chose not to attack me for two probably wise my seal dangerous step me down to that amount of house yeah we'll play game we'll play ball here I have no time for games bring out your dead damn stand ready my choice of mountain Joyner sludge belcher if I play Belcher I can also play son theory no I could play ancient watcher sunfury or I could play and shouldn't watch her shadow flame it yeah I think that's best given my lockup the wind state of bored my fire what I didn't sound uh wow this is where you have to decide how much heart do you actually have I had his face I almost certainly win the next game if the turn gets passed to me it would seem to me like if I hit the face I have like ace at worst a 66% chance to win if I do this trade and I drag it out longer the question is do I have any higher than 66% chance to win and given this hand I can't really say that with great confidence and that's only in the worst case do I have a 66% chance to win that would mean he has to have like holy Nova and he has to deal with the five nos pretty unlikely or awk a nice little priest or something most of the cases I have a 75% chance actually greetings embrace the void I greet you here we go well play shall bring victory your soul shall be mine I'll keep the ancient washer as a card to play in the middle since I'm going ii have to play a card on a turn where i don't tap this is shaping up to be quite a strong start the damned stand ready hand is a need to be extremely strong now fortunately kind of like xue all this early game damage is not that important and kind of moves me towards my wind condition sometimes sometimes is someone injured playing scared oh no that's a very strong turn for him and one of the major swings which might lead him to victory soul fire so fires likely worth it here so I'll go to 17 yeah worth hellfire it's powered shields they make like 479 if I actually just killed this it's not bad hi there well there's the greedy play and then there's the safe play uh I respect this card so much all right I should be able to recover and I don't think he can kill me embrace the void oh okay thank goodness he can't possibly because that zombie Chow is five health face hold yeah this is where I'll face some pain I won I do want to play around black night and I may not want to talk to these giants so perhaps I talk to the two guys off to the side I hate soul firing only one health I think this is correct surprise hand locked is someone injured they drawn to shadow or death all right so I want to tap first order of business I think it's okay to take this slow and use that against that and I think I do want to continue tapping I'll drawn to jaraxxus eventually there's nothing he can actually do to get past me I think there is the slight possibility of holy fire but that's not very popular at the moment probably should have hit his face for a instead of hitting the Northshire cleric then we've set up for lethal this turn that's way too much respect for Northshire cleric that's late game when he already has so many cards I'm a little scared of putting taunt on this he thought so much means he could have stolen Black Knight 8 11 14 if I do nothing I'll win the next turn I should say if I do nothing I think I have the highest chance of winning fight uh if I'd hit the face last turn so North sure he did nine which is actually not a win stone eight ten eleven fifteen Wow well all right back on the streak here Mike she'll bring victory your soul shall be mine phalion asks my favorite play style tends to be the more passive control answer the opponent's threat sufficiently style but really my favorite play style is one where I would more often mind if I roll need it seems sick well it's playing around mortal coil I can understand that I suppose the damn stand ready I got Twilight Drake before mountain giant especially against the priests they have much fewer ways to deal with the drink is someone injured circle the strong start from I mean not as strong as possible but pretty strong owl excellent um not that great two six seven all right I'm going to be willing to tap and just play Mountain Jack it's fine excellent the choices I like how recklessly it's possible to play against these priests because this line you can only be described as reckless Hellfire I like that in tap it's very fun uh actually have four and one um I could kill one of my cards to kill one of his cards maybe Hellfire isn't right now Hellfire is correct I guess I just passed hello Roy I asked do you think that thought steal or mine vision is overpowered considering they add to your card count so basically they're arguing they're too strong because they give you the ability to have like thirty to thirty four cards in your deck you pay a mana cost for that and it is fair two three six not unfair by any means Wow if you want to see unfair decking the definition of unfair plays for men at 8/8 for men at 410 and has it constantly big hand of course everything has its weaknesses good answer is someone injured all right here I choose not to respect this Northshire cleric 4:8 damn well actually I might my respect to the Northshire there's no bounds no that's ridiculous 8 10 14 18 absolutely uncertain even blog about it well thinking about it is never absurd carrying it out filler ayahs pushing the idea that thoughts deal is so much better I came to like because you draw them out from a magical part of the world my shield that's the priest thing and in addition it's not very it's not that strong because it only matters in that games where you go to fatigue which happened to be a very very small percentage of games 8:11 actually don't have lethal I think now I have lethal most of the time when you're playing ham like sometimes you feel so powerful your soul shall be mine here we go with a UH bad matchup although the changes in this deck have made this matches better Wow who still runs unbanned elemental old-school you slightly tempted to just soul fire this yeah I should before it gets out of swole fire range the Drake doesn't matter as much let's see all these cards none of them matter too much to be discarded this card first jar axis that might matter alright time to play B hopefully he does not have heart okay I got the health that's good it doesn't have the arishok that's good not have the air shock actually means I can heal this thing see is top decking before the years fire elemental here that is far worse of a play than I thought Oh got the air shot there unless he had the air shot getting rid of the azure drake is good my seal foot out and be scary my feel kind of Hellfire range black nights all right that's all fine lovely few cards that I don't bonus is one of them okay he has used no hexes yet I'm reluctant to play the Ragnaros 8 12 14 although if I hit his face and practically win I go for the aggressor he all right it's got a Dodge dying this turn which is possible I shall bring victory your soul shall be mine or than ring farces all right to keep if you already have the floor but not in this case an average hand slightly below average but not disastrous own turf I should coin tap I probably should since I'm looking for the a card I can play before giant alright still the same case this hand is now quite hit back bring out your dead Justin he drew that in the wrong order Wow Sam it's turned from a below average hand into you of the nuts hand highly likely to win whoa no play at all but one my shield for argus is someone injured mind if I roll need Thank You T but I didn't have the Hellfire that have been trigger cold see mother Wow reckless all right so Hellfire is a possibility too bad I got rid of the out didn't look like it was gonna be very important to posture than a little scared to put defender of Argus on because I could then get black knighted I could defender of Argus and send both of them in the Karen and then they'll have gotten their value one my sealed for target solo argues that it was incorrect a coin tap on the first turn because on turn through I could fly son fear but I would argue that I really don't want to play son carry on turn three we've got the three health sport which I only care about since I seem to be holding health I Coyle if I tap the mountain giant cost three not that useful I don't think I need to tap anymore okay so I think the chance of me losing randomly it's greater if I tap I'll play the mountain giant and then pass I also thought about some hearing this but I think my chances of randomly getting black knighted are significant enough it's inconsistent no it's not that inconsistent imagine get some direct damage on me so I'm a little tiny bit afraid of shadow madness let me change your all right got my jaraxxus it looks to be someone that can clean house here could he'll fire but I dropped down before which is most likely not going to matter but you never know Traxxas it is one that's true that's somewhat unfortunately both Moulton's haven't come to me yet but Drax is gonna jaraxxus let me change your dad Hellfire is soul fire and then Inferno Hellfire mortal coil feels slightly better no thanks oh well whoa oh yeah infernal still better I could do no no yeah Drax this is really good against priest because priest cannot mind-control Drax's I have no time for games okay so I can set them at nine which is unfortunately not good enough it's actually a little bit problematic right here if I play rag roast and I hit Sylvanas could actually lose the game how safe do I play this I think the answer is very safe because Oh shall I destroy because I am jaraxxus all right Ragnar us bring it home well played that's courage will show during Riven there it's weird oh my gosh haha Oh

Hearthstone: Anti-Mech Mage Lock (Warlock Constructed)

do I like this deck hmm certainly has its place can I think of something better to be playing right now there had the fortune of running into three paladin's so far I think there's gotta be something better at the moment I try this this uh this warlock deck all right let's give this one a touch this one a track it's pretty spicy never would have been spicier if I ran it five days ago and I would have done really well with this deck five days ago I'm quite certainly but that is the benefit of being the first mover in these types of decks so I'm going to be playing this deck pioneered by Jeff Sam who came up with a brilliant anti meta game card deck a few days ago and performed really really well with it it's less good to be running this deck now but it might still be good you've uh seen me matchup against this deck here and there every so often and of course it has both mel ganas and der axis in it very lovely this is the this is a warlock deck which runs probably some of the most amounts of warlock decks uh most the most the highest quantity of warlock cards were like class cards I've seen out of many of the decks out there anyways there runs so many of my favorite cards like zombie chat when I first looked at this list I was like what in the world does this even do that just happens to work I'm not gonna question it even though I'm new to this deck I anticipate like doing pretty well since it's pretty much the hand lock style kind of sort of a lot of utility one of those decks of so many cards in it that I have to scroll how do I know there's actually probably quite a lot of room to change cards up in this deck and I've seen a lot of variations and I'm actually surprised at the exact construction of this deck now that I see it that Nick's the siphon so for now I'll add another duck bomb or maybe an abusive this is fun so it's basically hemlock except it can compete in the early game and doesn't run Giants and a few other things and it's shocking how good the void colors are actually shocking called control warlock it's unfortunate because I missed the Train the Flint it's not that I missed the Train it wasn't widely publicized until recently but I missed that moment in time where like 6 where a 50% of the meadow is managed you just gotta move faster I guess I'm disappointed in myself for not moving faster I'll try to stay ahead of the care of next time but I do know that like two days ago I said but really I needed to act even faster in two days ago but two days ago maybe like three days ago I said something along the lines of I feel like mecha mages days are numbered it was partly because this deck instead and it was partly just because I was playing mech mage for the science and then like learning that the matchups well good in general don't beat everything so here's the deck the deck has a lot of ways to change I even hypothesized as I control were like deck a while ago but there's no prizes given to those who have taught the size about things and then don't act tisk tisk me well sure hope I'm up against a zoo it's the mirror exciting the best the thing that I've realized is that in order to do well you have to play a deck that has no mirror because that means you're on the forefront of technology and it does hurt my soul little bit to tag onto this deck on what I'm going to say is the tail end of it being good in fact I'm probably going to switch decks tuna and it doesn't know I me that's the first game that I get matched up I face what is the year but it's okay I want mirror the sky hopefully it's gonna be really hard for the stars to align into having a format that's quite as degenerate as the early days of this season and I don't mean degenerate as in like that deck was out of control good I just mean the deck was really really open player legend has it that just sand went 33 and free against neck mage with this day and then I can't help but be super jelly over his success jelly jelly it's like recipe R or they're like those periods of time where items are super hot we've got a move to stock your shop up with that item got to play the right deck for the time why don't I think control warrior would be better in current meta it could be this evening I will take some time to consider what to play for tomorrow but I think we're moving into a meta where things are roughly balanced and it's gonna be time to play a deck which is just good by default and what that deck is is difficult to say cuz I'm not sure all right so if I hit two on the implosion or four on the implosion I'll be happy three I'll be a little annoyed because then I have to dark bomb a 4-1 other options just trade and then do what yeah it's bad alright good luck it makes no sense that I'm happier that it hit from – because it's a strictly worse outcome but in terms of efficiency that's really done but I'm happy about it for to them three beam attack face right what do I think about control hunter is it viable now the other control versions are better feel free to try it out for yourself that's what I was afraid of dr. Bellin strikes again shall be mine you're so self near or hand block which I leveled a mirror it appears see no reason to start it's a different card this Hellfire is pretty good here culture it's also a different card looks like this guy took the deck and made it more controlling interesting I have no time for games it's gonna get garbage that's fine actually maybe I should implosion then it'll really get garbage having played hand lock for a very long time look at you you were just super edgy I like that I admire science Spyder Valley is back again oh I don't value oh I have abuse of plus DGH I should use that I almost went with a different path kill this for safety well at least it's not sacrificial attacked unbelievable Oh shall I destroy I'm quite surprised that deck runs Harrison James but looks like he's just ahead of me then give him all the cards he just drew and certainly risky to put something in seven maybe I shouldn't have corrects this is sad maybe the opponent decided to forego lord jaraxxus in manga and it just built a control deck very interesting well the bright side is I'm going to see a lot of cards out of what seems to be a quite cool deck no fair three six twelve probably has a Hellfire that doesn't run anyhow fine six eleven okay there's no way to survive here unless needs can somehow give them a negative legendary which I don't believe exists wait five eight nine now there's no way oh wait oh wait plus two that have been won off of one for lethal I'm gonna take a moment to consider that deck so first off it has nothing that can be BG aged it runs to abuses in a dark iron Dorf only one card was not seen harrison Sylvanas kel'thuzad means what would that one card be I think that card that deck is possibly better than this deck at this moment in time I could design my own deck which took elements of that deck in this deck in hand look I'm deck was Hamrlik without Giants and without ancient Watchers wait he didn't play any son fears or defenders it is true that this deck can be said to prey on mech mage and I hope this is how that's managed on the wings and stats and how many cards he kept that I think it's mech mage deck is so cruel it's like a collection of these are the cards that mech mage really doesn't want to see let's put him on one duck that's pretty much the duck well I actually have a very bad hand defender of Argus this guess it'll slow him down it'll kill a guy or I can play this and hit him that play has a lot of upside and I'll do this because you can always be up there is this guy really willing to risk no ganon / jaraxxus that'd be insane then he was just sacrificing that I guess you're insane if I have those two cards in hand and seven that's tragic I refuse to lose to your mech mage not this matchup not like this not like this so much damage coming in 14 play it play it know what play know what plus-one don't think no subject no no okay this fire of although it's kind of a problem jaraxxus saved me fireballs athena's him not like this not to that deck lair why did I just keep this egg and I guess it's capable yeah and this deck is capable mines thanks for right [Applause] I must safeguard I have no time for games I must safeguard that is both silence this is down I'm just good now warlock versus warlock games still running through my ad I need to actually get the deck construction after this game remind me if I forget I probably won't have the time to play in the deck but I'd like to at least attempt to reconstruct it yeah those are some sharp moves there fortunately do you have a shed of flame unfortunately so many applause I guess I'll use this because you might not have anything which triggers it you might not know how far would be so good could always use the out and then shadowflame that the only thing really to owl is Sylvanas which is a thing but I will tap because I am optimistic optimism hallo get off to an extent for three fourteen eighteen twenty one twenty three twenty five so if I played this card actually don't die to come back fourteen eighteen twenty-one twenty three twenty five thirty eight [Applause] not sure if he even runs for savage it possibly doesn't possible or 2 4 6 14 1 T 22 24 so I do need to dark bomb the other thing too so you guys 14 18 that's already 22 TVs so I can tap cuz I never need to use both dark bombs it's gonna be very very complicated when lord jaraxxus can be played probably never I'm probably I'm trying to taunt it'd probably be good 14:18 21 now I playing the coil I actually leaves begin if he has 4 7 14 18 21 whoops well I'm just gonna have to hope he doesn't have it I mean it's really hard to keep sustainably playing around force and savage though so I think even if I have played around it would have eventually been too much to uphold fortunately it looks like I dodged it this turn I have no time for games there's nothing I can draw to here

PEG ratio – what does it tell us? – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

so in today's video we're going to take a look at the PEG ratio for many investors and improvement on a standard p/e ratio and a great way to work out whether a share is cheap or expensive it's not perfect no single ratio is but we'll be taking a look today why some investors consider it to be stronger than a p/e ratio how you calculate it and also some of the things to bear in mind that might suggest it's not perfect in all circumstances so what is PEG well it stands for p/e to earnings growth ratio so it uses the p/e ratio and takes it one step further now p/e ratios are one way of telling whether a share is cheap or expensive it's the relationship between the current share price and one year's earnings per share now in this video we're not going to spend a lot of time on either of those two concepts I'm asked for one reason there are two other videos in this series which deal with them so for anyone who's not sure about p/e ratios take a look at my video talking all about p/e ratios for anyone not sure about earnings per share have a look at my video on earnings per share and for anyone not sure about earnings at all there is a video called what is profit so going to take for granted that most people watching this video will understand a little bit about earnings per share and a little bit about the p/e ratio okay so what is this thing the PEG well p/e ratios are fine up to a point a basic plain vanilla p/e ratio is a current chair price over the latest earnings per share figure this is normally last year's earnings per share figure although in fairness you can look one year forward and make an estimate but essentially it says you know if the share price is 20 times one year's earnings per share then you're going to wait about 20 years to get your money back if earnings per share doesn't change and such as it is p/e ratios are quite commonly quoted and quite widely used so what's the problem why can't you just say well if I can calculate a p/e ratio of say 20 I can then do some comparisons and work out whether that's cheaper expensive relative to other shares and so on there were problems with p/e ratios how useful is that number number one it's quite difficult to use p/e ratios to compare firms in different sectors different sectors have different p/e ratios utility companies for example typically have fairly low p/e ratios technology companies and telecoms have high p/e ratios so cross sector comparisons can be quite difficult because you'd always expect a telecoms firm to have a higher p/e all other things being equal than a utility company that's a given so really that in itself doesn't tell you much about which one you should buy if either of them so there's one drawback a p/e ratios secondly um p/e ratios really give you a little indication about earnings growth I mean saying I would expect earnings per share to increase if I'm buying a company with a high p/e ratios they all very well but will it and basically p/e ratios are fairly static particularly where earnings per share is taken for the last 12 months really or just looking at the past as a guide to the future so a couple of fairly big criticisms of the ratios there other criticisms this tells you nothing about the size of the profits you'll expect to earn doesn't tell you much about dividends either and also it doesn't really tell you whether this firm can ever turn earnings into hard cash um so for a number of reasons some investors say will be your ratios for an okay starting point though they've got limitations so the PEG goes a step further now the PEG ratio is built on one key it is built on the assumption that the reason you buy a share is because you expect to squeeze future earnings out of it in other words today's share price is simply future earnings lumped together and discounted back for the fact that there's a thing called time value of money so a pound received in 20 years is worth less than a pound now thanks to inflation so essentially a share price represents a string of future earnings if you're not sure about that think about a property in theory a house is only worth the future rental income you can squeeze from it otherwise what's its value um so shares are viewed the same way by fans the PEG ratio and as such the PEG ratio goes a step further than the p/e ratio a peg says actually what we really want to get a handle on is future earnings growth because that really is the reason to buy a share so the PEG ratio is the relationship between the p/e ratio and the firm's earnings growth rate and it gives you a number just like the p/e ratio so you get a number up like one for example okay so how does that work well let's say that I have a firm with a p10 I also know that earnings per share r10 pee now and are expected to be 12p next year as a forecast so just looking at those two years I could say well the earnings growth rate is simply how I get from there to there well that's to pee over 10 P that's 20% so the expected earnings growth rate is 20% and therefore for this company with just two numbers the peg is 10 over that earnings growth rate of 20 and that's not 0.5 so mechanically it's the p/e ratio everybody expected earnings growth rate now in fairness to just look one year ahead is a little unambitious a lot of pegs are calculated by taking an average of the expected earnings growth rate over five years straight away of course you've got a problem which is how do you know what anything is going to be over five years and the answer is you need a forecast okay so if I can crunch out an earnings growth rate and I can get to a PEG ratio of 0.5 so what what does that tell me well fans of the PEG ratio would say that what that reveals is that the share is cheap in other words here's a rough summary of how to use it basically if the PEG ratio is 1 then the share is fairly priced so for example if the P ratio is 10 and the earnings growth rate is 10 percent that mechanically will give you an answer of 1 and that would suggest to peg fans a fair price in other words all shares will tend towards a price to earnings growth ratio of 1 logic the p/e ratio and the earnings growth rate are in kilter and the words of p/e ratio of 10 suggests an earnings growth rate of around 10% okay so but it's not 1 what's my conclusion um if a peg is less than 1 you buy if the peg is above 1 P so very crudely that's the conclusion the PEG fans would draw for our 1/2 strong by more than two strong sell in other words when the peg is less than 1 and just now it was not 0.5 in effect what we're saying is you in theory can pick up future earnings growth for less than it's worth by buying the share so why wouldn't you an equally if the PEG ratio is well over 1 you're paying too much by buying the share of the current price for future earnings growth um so basically by combining the p/e ratio with nurnies growth forecasts we can come up their conclusion about whether the share is cheap or expensive in other words we've got a step further on if you like to just looking at a pure p/e ratio now if investing was that simple I wouldn't be standing here and you wouldn't be sat there so clearly this can't be perfect it cannot be as simple as I screened stocks on this basis and I'm guaranteed to make fortune ah so what are the problems with this thing the PEG ratio and there are two or three let's say number one it's based on earnings forecasts and earnings forecasts prepared by analysts working for banks are notoriously inaccurate so you need to be fairly confident that the earnings growth forecast will enter to the bottom of the formula is in some way meaningful so the first thing to do is to challenge the assumption is it realistic to expect a firm to grow earnings at 25 percent a year for the next five years and usually in the technology sector you get some crazy valuations and when you need to ask some hard questions about whether the earnings growth rate isn't anyway realistic so that's the first problem number two like a p/e ratio this ratio tells you nothing about dividends really it works best on low dividend yield stocks and for anyone not sure about dividend yields take a look at my video on that topic really if you're a dividend investor an actual priority PEG ratios are frankly of limited use the length of that point Peg's tell you nothing about cash flow okay can the firm turn this earnings growth into hard cash and also of course we're making a big assumption that share price investment is driven by future earnings growth that's not true in all all sectors for example in the investment trust sector or the property investment sector book values of assets held on the balance sheet matter more than earnings growth so in those sort of sectors you do something like a price-to-book ratio probably ahead or something like a peg or a P so the ratio needs to flip the sector and finally our PEG ratios like p/e ratios are pretty useless if a firm is lost making but then if a firm is lost making consistently it is pretty useless essentially why would you buy into a firm in any sector that's currently making losses technology sectors investors should take that on board so I would say if a firm's loss making I'm not going to apply any ratio to it because I'm not interested personal just be aware that you try to apply peas and pegs in that situation you'll come unstuck

Hearthstone: Someone Cast Stupify on Trump (Shaman Constructed)

I'm the skill that shaman deck that GreenEDGE stole from me I don't know if this is his list but I'm copying a list right now from the tenth I start and then I'll have to look up his nose and then I'll compare the list and then we'll see what whose list is better he's got cog master and nitron mech warper whirling is a thematic spider tank that stuff going on doesn't want this terrible lava shot guard supposedly terrible I mean this deck is fun I guess this deck is even faster maybe I didn't even realize this deck existed to be honest I was looking for a ring nablus I found this list instead I don't know which ones better so this one that's basically face 1.0 credit out to Luffy I believe it's a luffy's aggro shaman goofy face this season it gets real because this season the latter points count for the hearthstone world championship and at the very least they're in the next three months they able to get at the very least 100 and top 128 in terms of points gotten in order to participate in the regional qualifier for the season that's as simple as doing loam ladder for these three months easy game I've got my coin knife into knife or tome going into knife knife go on knife this so the goal this deck is pretty simple you hit the face and then draw spells and then your spells at the face the ideal draw order is that you draw the minions first since they do the repetitive damage early and then at the end you hit the face with the spouse those usually do more damage than minions in one shot but in the early game you want that repetitive damage here we go the goal of this initial deck is to rank up quickly so we're gonna be playing fast fairly simple deck to play wanted brawl me no understand importance of Umbro why card exists why stall no do damage don't misspell they rolled this game how there was a version pop popularized by Reynaud yes it's more BEC the fact there's more minions in it means it fights for board control a little bit and then overwhelms with minions this one the cards are a lot more fast and one-shot II like you don't really expect the minions to survive alone now that said I drew a hand which is composed of a lot of the more durable minions and spells well feral spirit simply mage y-you have to think this game easy faster convert nothing is starting enough to get rid of they happen to have the perfect answer yes don't worry guys not miss play I know that looks very unusual strange play must happen sometimes easy a decision play around a OE nope I know this looks weird too but using weapons 5 7 9 sorry me beginner wrecks are me beginner smorc no really understand polenta's version is better I'll have to take a look at it is there a particular reason this deck plays a wolf rider and stuff are tingle I mean you can compare the two they both have pros and cons like bug next bug it's very good [Applause] good enough fix this mechanic is diminishing my luck of the game play game has meant to be played forsen played this version of the deck with arcane golem which might influence the amount of questions about my card choice I see is he playing the same exact list except with arcane golem he's smart we have lethal I actually should have uh what's the word I should have crackled last turn yeah that's a Miss play I wasted one mana by not crackling Western three six eight and nine so this is on average four point five six eleven damage double crackle face is not very likely to succeed here I think we tried to delay one more turn no more frame he's unlikely to have six I mean it's a lightning bolt first read um a real dump sorry me new me new hunter shaman face me new orc be kind of stupid or shocked no go face is useless spell if a deck was extremely good but he didn't like playing it would you still play it this he isn't absolutely just playing a face back two three all I need to do is no we get one three five seven that's five starting to deal eight that's uh that's within the range have lethal last turn he's so dumb [Applause] original orc me stronger work now that do you hate face Dex no I don't hate face Dex they're just a part of the metagame like any other duck it's possible this deck has a lower wind percentage rate than other decks I might play it but it is very fast climbing the ladder fast makes sense good choice card I agree good card now else why you think so much wrecks are way smarter it used to be that running a face Decker's risky these days it's that if you don't go face stacks it's riskier that's incredibly false I'm actually playing in duck but I think has a lower win percentage and another deck guy might choose right now but it is fast unless you meet these low face decks now what point of slow face deck you know understand why you do this do have the combo at the end that is 10 damage or 4 damage on turn 5 and then 10 damage the next turn so you can start doing advanced math alright I played this on turn 5 I over lived for – so turned 65 4 minutes I played this and this that's a 4 damage here and then 10 damage + 5 damage so that's 19 damage so all I need to do is put him to 19 which is 8 more to enter but you gonna kill me if I scream six so is problem so basically the goal is this have five men available to play a doomhammer on turn 5 which means on turn four I must play no overload cards and get him to turn get him to nineteen somehow without with all that I don't think that's possible but we'll see my regrets this damage coming in is not a lot okay so that is the ten you play that on turn six come on sit 17 that's eight opponents at nine deal no their fourth this points at five trickier part is killing him before he kills me now we have cards in hand makes no sense I have so many little try rules I'm not sure I'm not keeping the feral spirit but I have the tunnel truck needs a turn to play which doesn't suck rock butter it's alright I'd have kept a hand of hmm feral spirit into knife juggler into feral spirit you might have to shower death this is someone injured so I'm playing knife juggler next turn unless I'm playing abusive the question is whether or not to hit it to set up and the answer is yes if I can clear the more sharply convenient captain Jeff is important I'll get to it being longer term damage as always pills before going in this is basically the Fe has fully known it's just some in life well played we'll still new 100% of time I could have saved the to one drops and just one turn and if that would have been better I mean if I knew it fully no that would have definitely been better well the question is is it overall better most of the time I would only have us to spirit wolves in a knife juggler Blackman technician takes out a spare wolf and that's not enough pressure would you consider bloodlust in this stack now if not as long you'll never have a board you'll rarely have a board if you have a board you've already won oh that might actually pull off that's cheating them Oh reverse cheat it's waiting for that spell damage 2 4 7 10 10 to 13 I think I have to kill the 5 4 and then we drag the game out longer since I have another Doomhammer unless I don't think I'm going to lose if he doesn't own 2 damage I think he would have played know what if he had it give him the risk of him dying right he's gonna risk everything wait he can also have the ball Shadow Priests I think the chance he has to damage is too high or something that can take care of them all I need to win is three damage it's pretty likely I got two damaged okay all I need to do is 25% this I mean to be fair I tried to roll that spell damage to the with you does Mulligan those cards they lost chance of a full taskmaster fire war axe I wonder if I should do leper gnome much like we're girls spirit on gold if I speed it up with coin told him Gollum into a leper gnome into a feral spirit into last job there's like a few different ways to order it I mean it turns out the leper gnome likes getting fired whereas the only card I didn't identify were actually snapshot of everything it looks like playing the current in this order I wanna make it clear also that despite the last game we in ridiculous – oh it's patron way I'm only playing this duck because it's fast like the games are fashion generally don't care about that when you're climbing up from rank 15 to like whatever with the bonus star system having fast games is pretty good like win or lose you lose a few percentage points of 1% but they're fast enough that you make it up with volume that's why a lot of streamers are playing face decks on the first day yeah marnik once I don't usually play face decks they make sure I use that word correctly cathartic cathartic yes providing psychological relief through the open expression is strong cathartic I don't use that word in a long game they went up to 17 I had to do for us a game like 21 feels pretty bad I wanted to keep this around for rockbiter st. the last charge you need to have these minions do quite a bit of damage I done got robbed this game no but what not a 16 chances happen this is where you want to draw the ancestral knowledge Asst two four six Wow I only need the five oh my god there's justice hi guys [Applause]