What I’m Working On

I just got back from a convention, I met lots of fans, and it’s great to hear how many people enjoy the videos. That’s always important to me. And naturally, lots of people ask me questions And I noticed I was hearing a lot of the same questions regarding videos like “What videos you have coming up?” “What are you working on now?” That type of thing, so I figured why not answer it in a Youtube video? That’s probably a good idea right? Reach a lot more people that way. So let’s talk about the movie reviews first. You probably noticed that I’ve been posting movie reviews every Friday I really like doing those, especially for the fact that most of the content on the channel is video game related. Which is cool, but it can’t all be video game related because it’s “Cinemassacre.” That’s where it started way before Youtube. I think most people know I’m a movie guy, so I hope you enjoy that I’ve been putting the “cinema” back in “Cinemassacre” During this time I would normally be working on Monster Madness So what you’re seeing is the same output except I’m releasing them now as opposed to saving them all up for October. That’s exactly what I said in my announcement last year. I’m discontinuing monster Madness at least in a Marathon form, instead of blasting 31 reviews out in October you’re seeing them spread out over the year, and they don’t have to be horror. So I’ve been true to my word. Theoretically this could amount to 52 movie reviews if you count every Friday although some of them are reruns. That always comes in handy when I’m working on some big video, and I can’t finish it in a week, but more importantly lots of people haven’t seen those videos; they were from the website Cinemassacre.com. They haven’t been on YouTube before so this is a chance for more people to see them. It still takes some work I have to locate all the original files like the voiceover, the Photoshop images, whatever so that I can re-edit the videos and minimize the amount of movie clips turning them into stills mostly Because the copyright holders have given us lots of trouble so that’s a whole other topic. I know Doug (Nostalgia Critic) and Channel Awesome have done some videos about fair use on YouTube, so I suggest you watch those. Anyway, there’s the James and Mike Monday videos which don’t seem to be going anywhere I meet up with mike a couple days out of the month, we play a bunch of games Then I go back to working on the other videos. So that’s kind of like my break to play games I have fun with that. So there’s no plan to stop it yet. I’m also doing some music related videos I’m a big fan of rock and metal So this is something I’ve been itching to talk about. I’m doing a series called Playlist Junkie every Tuesday, or every other Tuesday. It’s as basic as it gets I just sit down with a list and say “Here’s some cool songs to listen to go check ’em out.” So just counting the videos I’m in this means: games on Monday, music on Tuesday, and movies on Friday. That’s pretty good, I think. The whole idea is to keep up with consistent… (Stutters) Consistent content with different topics. Forgive me; usually I do countless takes until I get it all right, but I don’t have that kind of time right now I got to go back to working on other videos. So let’s talk about AVGN and what’s next for the Nerd. Well, It’s scheduled on my calendar. I have a certain amount of days blocked out for the next Nerd production I don’t know what the games going to be, all I know is I have a stack of games, and I have this specified week to pick the game, play the game, write the episode, shoot it and edit it and then I go back to working on movie reviews for a little bit, which are much easier, and then I go back to AVGN so it’s a cycle. Most of the time spent I’m actually working on AVGN. Even though it doesn’t seem like they’re coming out that often. For me, I’m working on them a lot. They just take a long time to finish, but they’re still coming. AVGN is not going anywhere. If it- if it is like if I ever quit, I’ll let you know. After 145 episodes there’s no reason to rush them out and do a shitty job. I’d rather the episodes be good. I know back in the old days, I used to have two a month that was before I had kids. Life was completely different back then. I have a four year old daughter and another one on the way so things are going to get even crazier. Every year, I have less time than I did the year before, so it gets harder and harder to make these videos. And I can’t just record them whenever I want, when there’s a child in the house making noise, and I don’t want her to hear me yelling “fuck!” There’s always emergencies and doctor visits So I have priorities here. Anyone who has kids knows exactly what I mean. I think most people understand, but there are some out there who are rather… impatient. When I work on AVGN, I work fast. I found every possible shortcut in making these videos so what you’re seeing is me at full power This is the fastest I can get them done unless I shut down everything else and only works on AVGN and at that point I would get so bored with it that I wouldn’t even know what I’m doing anymore. The videos would be terrible, and that’s bad for me and it’s bad for everybody else. So at this convention this past weekend surprisingly I got a lot of questions about Board James. A lots of fans said, “Hey is bored James coming back?” And that’s awesome because that’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, especially that last episode nightmare… That was one of the biggest cinemassacre productions ever. So if I’m ever going to do more, it’s got to be even better. I’m happy to leave it on a high note, I still stand by what I said in the mythology explanation video that It’s done for now; the door’s still open, I still have ideas but, at this point things are too busy. For it to happen I’d have to take AVGN off the schedule, and that’s not happening. I already took Monster Madness off the schedule, and that’s the time still full. So maybe another year. One of the projects that I really want to bring back again is You Know What’s Bullshit? I have a list of ideas But again, it’s the same problem. There’s no time whatsoever. These are easy to write, they’re short, but they’re time consuming to find all the images and edit it all together. It could come back it- will come back at some point, but I have to… replace the movie reviews or move some stuff around in November, maybe? You know, I could get some out by the end of the year maybe, but I don’t know yet. For now let’s just give the movie reviews a chance and then hopefully I can get back to You Know What’s Bullshit and find a way to squeeze that into the schedule somewhere. Lots of people asked me if I’m doing a sequel for the AVGN movie. Huh, well, no. We’ve had ideas, we’ve thought about doing it based on the legend behind the missing treasures of Sword Quest but the first movie took eight years to make that was the hardest I ever worked on anything in my life if you count writing the script all the way up to exhibiting the final film, that was eight years of my life right there, and I almost killed myself getting that done. So the only point of doing a sequel would be to top the first one to make it even crazier and even more ambitious. So what if that turns into 20 years? That frightens me actually! I’d rather give attention to my other film ideas, which have all been waiting on the sidelines. I want to make an atmospheric horror movie. There’s tons of other movie ideas, but that’s most likely the one that’s going to win. It would still be a lot of work, but anything is less work than the AVGN movie. Instead of 80 locations (or whatever), it’ll take place in one small room or something like that. It will be very minimal. So that’s where my mind is at right now. Nothing is happening with this yet because I’m just busy keeping up with all the web videos. That’s the priority. I wish I could do everything… but I can’t the internet is about quantity, not quality. I always try to give you both. But that’s really tough to do. I might do some more short films if you saw the Jekyll and Hyde movie trailer I did. The Fucker Nuts vs. Astral Bastards and Mimal the elf, you’ll know the different kinds of genres I do. It’s all different. I have something written that’s short, but there’s no opening on the schedule yet. I’m also writing a book about all my experiences, but it’s the same situation. It’s on the list like everything else. I just haven’t had a chance to finish it yet. I started writing it a while ago, and I’ve always tried to do a little at a time like “Oh, maybe every Friday I’ll put in a couple hours to write a little and…” No, it just doesn’t work that way. I need those couple hours to work on finishing the videos so I plan on finishing writing this at some point, so it will happen eventually. So the short answer: what I’m working on… I’m trying to work on everything but obviously I’m only one person so I can only work on one thing at a time. As soon as one project is done, I move immediately onto the next one. At the start of every year, I make a priority list of all the videos I wanna make Then I estimate how many days I think it will take for me to finish each video. And then I find there’s not enough time in the year so many videos get taken off the list It’s hard to estimate the time it takes to make these videos, even with years of experience and finding every possible shortcut to get the videos done as quick as they possibly can. After all these years I’ve gotten really good at it. But still they usually take longer than I estimate. Let’s say I have four days to do one video. The video might actually take five days, And I don’t know how many doctor appointments and unexpected things are going to pop up or how many technical issues I’m going to have to solve so it might even be…. But more than that, I don’t have any special luxury with time. I have the same type of distractions as any normal human being. I can’t predict what’s going to take time away. So anyway when a video takes longer that means the next video can’t start till later so the entire year gets pushed. One video gets delayed, the whole year’s delayed and yes, I have my entire calendar booked with video production all the way to December Except weekends, I spend those with my family. Keeping up with videos on a consistent basis is a challenge I face day in and day out, but it’s what I do. I hope you keep watching and enjoy all the stuff I have coming up. [HEARTFELT LOVE FROM JAMES]

David Spade Deals with Hecklers During His First Show – Lights Out with David Spade

All right, everybody,
welcome to the first episode of Lights Out with Me. -(cheering, applause)
-Thank you. That’s your cue. Yeah. Thank you. A lot has happened this summer,
so let’s catch up. First thing– the movie Dark
Phoenix bombed in the theaters, and Caitlyn Jenner
was a jerk on Instagram. -(laughter) -It’s been
a rough time for X-Men. (laughter) You get it. After two crashes, the
Boeing 737 will get rebranded. They’re saying it’s perfect for
people who don’t like flying, because you’ll be back on
the ground before you know it. (laughter) (man continues laughing) (laughter) Jersey Shore mom Snooki
was criticized for posting a pic
of her drinking wine while feeding her newborn baby. Snooki, of course, responded
to all the mom shamers, or, as we like to call them,
doctors. (laughter) They’re called doctors. Jeffrey Epstein… Did you just get that one? (laughter) -That was a good one.
-Okay. This one you might not like.
Jeffery Epstein may have tried to hang himself in prison
but failed– in fairness, he’s used to having a Girl Scout
tie the knot for him. (laughter, groans) Yeah. That is an A-plus joke. Oh, you like it? Okay. That’s embarrassing,
but I guess if he were hung, he wouldn’t need to chase kids. -(laughter, groans)
-Yeah! Coming in hot, Whitney. -First show.
-(scattered clapping) (man speaks indistinctly) (laughs) Scientists
have made a new brain implant that restores vision
to blind people. Great. Now can we touch
your (bleep) dogs? (laughter) They’re so weird about it. Taking it to the blind! -(laughter)
-Those blind, I’ve been waiting
to pound ’em all summer. Uh, a teenager from Pennsylvania
won the Fortnite World Cup and a $3 million prize. This is the most money a kid’s
ever gotten to play video games that wasn’t
on Michael Jackson’s lap. (laughter, groans) I feel like it’s a record. -Even that one seems tame.
-Too soon. -It’s too soon?
-Hey, hey, do you have any… do you have any jokes
that aren’t about pedophilia? -(laughter)
-And is this the format? We’re supposed to heckle you
during your monologue? It wasn’t gonna be the format,
but it suddenly is. (laughter) Uh, I thought you’d behave.
All right, the, uh… Okay, they’re toning down. No, this is another subject. Okay, the president
of Planned Parenthood was forced out
after eight months. That joke kind of writes itself. (laughter, groans) Right? Yeah! Yeah! -It’s okay.
-We were… we were…
we were checking our phones. -(laughter)
-Okay. An Amazon delivery driver
was caught on camera defecating on the lawn
of a home he was delivering to. My question: Why was Neal
Brennan delivering for Amazon? What a burn! You’re Neal Brennan. You won’t get away with this. Easy cut. Netflix has lost
a lot of subscribers after they raised prices. Times are tough–
it’s gotten so bad, they only released 800 movies
yesterday. That still seems like
a lot to me. By the way,
I thought this was crazy. Harvey Weinstein’s team
filed a motion to dismiss
the sexual assault case.
00:03:19,199 –>00:00:00,000
the motion was this: Yeah!

A CAM LIFE – Hulu | Official Trailer (2019) New Documentary

It seems like we live in a time where everyones
increasingly becoming afraid of being themselves sexually. Because in real life, you’re deemed a pervert
or even a predator for wanting to see a girl naked. But on cam.. That’s what we’re there for. He’s waking up everyday thinking we’re going
to change the world. It’s a very unique feeling that you actually
creating something that you have millions of visitors everyday. It wasn’t until a year ago that I saw all
these articles that were coming out about like camgirls and they were talking about
how much money these girls were making and it was just crazy to me. I was working a waitressing job but I was
also camming but I couldn’t cam at my house because I still lived at home with my parents. Anytime I wasn’t working I would just put
my uniform on and say hey mom I’m going to work bye, I’d really go to my friends house
to go cam. Theoretically we’re supposed to like lets
imagine that cam is a person that’s a guy thats them. You just need to act like that camera is your
boyfriend. We teach our models by example not to anything
for free but don’t ask for money either. And to be very charming, tease, we teach them
a lot how to tease the guys, and how to you know provoke the guys to want them to take
them to private. You have fans right then and there that are
seeing it. They love that personal connection that they
get with you because it’s live. There’s a lot of creativity that comes into
it, no one’s going to watch the same TV show over and over and over, so every time they
jump online they need to come up with something new. Being a site owner, I get to have insight
into these relationships that are occurring with other people. Watching the depth of them, watching how they’re
watching each other sleep, paying for things that you would never think somebody would
pay for. I think our society has gotten to a place
where we all feel very, disconnected, lonely, I think that’s a big reason why the webcam
world is getting, bigger and bigger. When you have thousands of people watching
you and you’re naked, it feels great, you feel worshipped, it’s really nice.

WRECK IT RALPH 2 Trailer 2 (2018)

[RALPH]: Hey kid! [RALPH]: Wake up! [VANELLOPE]: Ralph! What is wrong with you? [RALPH]: Start churning butter and put on your church shoes, little sister, ’cause we’re about to blast off! [VANELLOPE]: Ralph, what is it you’re trying to say? [RALPH]: We’re going in the internet. [VANELLOPE]: What?! (VANELLOPE YELLS) (VANELLOPE YELLS) (RALPH YELLS) (RALPH GRUNTS) [VANELLOPE]: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the internet! (RALPH SCREAMS) [RALPH]: Woah! Coool. [RAPLH]: Wow, look at all this stuff. [VANELLOPE]: This is the most beautiful miracle I’ve ever seen. [MALE]: Welcome to the search bar. What can I help you find today? [RALPH]: Um.. [MALE]: Umbrella? Umbrage? Umami? [RALPH]: No- [MALE]: Noah’s Ark? No doubt? No, it’s from- (RALPH GROWLS) [MALE]: Ergonomics? Urban Outfitters. Auricle? [VANELLOPE]: I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to guess what you’re gonna say [MALE]: My auto-fill is a touch aggressive today… [VANELLOPE]: Lemme try; take me to a website that’s super intense and really nuts! [MALE]: Oh. I only found one result. [VANELLOPE]: Aww, come on. [VANELLOPE]: Princesses and cartoon characters. Barf! [EEYORE]: Hey… [VANELLOPE]: Woah! [VANELLOPE]: Cool! [STORMTROOPERS]: You’re coming with us, kid. (PRINCESSES GASP) [VANELLOPE]: Hi. [VANELLOPE]: Woah, woah! Ladies! I’m a princess too! [POCAHONTAS]: What kind of a princess are you? [VANELLOPE]: Uh… [RAPUNZEL]: Do you have magic hair? [VANELLOPE]: No… [ELSA]: Magic hands? [VANELLOPE]: No… [CINDERELLA]: Do animals talk to you? [VANELLOPE]: No. [SNOW WHITE]: Were you poisoned? [VANELLOPE]: No. [TIANA+AURORA]: Cursed? [VANELLOPE]: No! [RAPUNZEL+BELLE]: Kidnapped or enslaved? [VANELLOPE]: No! Are you guys okay? Should I call the police? [RAPUNZEL]: Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big, strong man showed up? [VANELLOPE]: Yes! [VANELLOPE]: What is up with that!? [ALL PRINCESSES]: She is a Princess! (SNOW WHITE SINGS) [MALE VOICEOVER]: Ralph Breaks the Internet [RALPH]: Shouldn’t it be ‘Ralph Wrecks the Internet’? [VANELLOPE]: Yeah, since he is Wreck-it-Ralph. [FEMALE]: Uh, yeah, but ‘break the internet’, It’s like a thing. [RALPH]: Right… It’s just ‘Wreck the Internet’ kind of sounds better, doesn’t it? [FEMALE]: You’re not wrong. [MALE]: All right, let’s get you plugged in. [RALPH]: Whiffy! Or… is it wifey? [VANELLOPE]: Why don’t we just go in…? [MALE]: And we are online… [RALPH]: Woah… Cool! [VANELLOPE]: Ralph, isn’t this great?! [VANELLOPE]: We are going to the internet! [RALPH]: Super excited! [RALPH]: Just one minor thing, what is the internet? [RALPH]: Holy cow! Look at all this stuff! [FEMALE]: Congratulations, you’re a winner! [RALPH]: Really? [MALE]: These 10 child stars went to prison, number 6 will amaze you! [RALPH]: That sounds interesting. [VANELLOPE]: Ralph, come on! [FEMALE]: Redirecting to ebay… [MALE]: Ladies and gentlemen, the next item up, a black, velvet painting of a sorrowful kitten [RALPH]: It’s like it’s looking into my soul… [VANELLOPE]: Yeah, that one’s really gonna haunt me for a while… [RALPH]: Woah! Games! [CHILD]: Pancake [CHILD]: Milkshake [RALPH]: Out of my way kid! [RALPH]: Pancake, milkshake, milkshake… [RALPH]: Huh. I’m starting to understand why people like this game, really zen! [RALPH]: Milkshake! [VANELLOPE]: Hey! Look what I found! [VANELLOPE]: More pancakes! [RALPH]: Let’s speed it up! Pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake, pancake- Eat little buddy, eat eat eat! [VANELLOPE]: Uh… Ralph, you might wanna try feeding the kitty for a little while… [RALPH]: No! The kitty gets the milkshake! [RALPH]: The bunny gets the pancake! (POP) (GIRL SCREAMS)

GTA Online: After Hours

[music] I ran the 1980’s… I was the 1990’s… I’m Gay Tony and I’m back. We’re going back to what we do best… A dance music paradise. You can do whatever you want down here… Set up a hub for your other businesses… I know nothing. But get me a DJ! Let’s get to the disco! Great music, great crowd. Big up the London massive. I love narcissism… Make way for talent. But there’s a limit here. Spared no expense. That was a cheap plane but whatever. Tony, I don’t think you can say Gay Tony anymore. It’s not PC. The internet will go crazy.

WRSR – How the Vehicle Manufacturing Works

hello comrades its premier River and I am back at the river stand Motor Speedway it's not a voter Speedway it's a motor producing speed test way how's that sound in any event I have set up a little bit of an experiment here you know I've been playing the game quite a bit have a lot of hours into it and I've never done the automotive so I had set up in my regular series a bit of a test or you know set up a manufacturing and got different comments one was that I didn't that you have to put materials in in specific places so I'm not sure if that's true or not but this is our motor vehicle production and I just sort of stuck things wherever I thought they'd fit with no intention because another comment I got was well you don't have to worry about where you stick things in they'll just go in so we're gonna find that out first I think what I've done let me go through the whole setup here here we first before we go through the whole setup let's go over you have to purchase cars now I'm on easy mode like super unlimited money sandbox mode I think that'll be good enough this isn't about making money this is just about learning how the car manufacturing goes so apparently we can you know we can manufacture any of these vehicles personal car though let's pick a cool-looking one how about this one 38,000 all right so I assume that means we can then start producing that right there we go in vehicle in production how can we do more than one let's pick a red f1 25 right let's just say can we now it sounds like we can only do one at a time which is fine let's do the black one first then one more question answered right so you can gather that you know I don't know all the answers I you know obviously very familiar with how things generally work so I can make a lot of good assumptions but you know where assumptions tend to get you so here's the setup we have this town and I have two trains going back and forth and I should have it there's 400 workers maximum oh we need engineers hmm well the good news is you know we can we can't really get rid of people – well we should have a few engineers anyway let's see how that goes i didn't even I'm assuming they need to be the educated folks and we should have educated folks throughout the thing here now I do have yeah you know what there's nobody in here you know let's get let's get one house that's they're all set to go there but let's get one of these houses where we let's clear this house out and we'll get one house with just all nothing but educated kind of people in there not this one this one all right just to make sure we have enough of that we should have enough we got eight eight houses total which would be 1600 which even if we have three shifts at 400 that should be enough all right so those guys will leave eventually because they won't get too happy these guys should have everything they need here all but this house I left not specified so that they can go work here all of the buildings should be purchasing what they need so people should stay happy and I also over here just to kind of simulate bringing things in and out just to kind of get some idea of you know is this number of trucks you know how many trucks do you need coming in and out of here to keep up probably more than this but I'm okay with that – right this is not some maximum efficiency test you can obviously make some you know judgment calls now I also did this because I want to see if if they'll flow through here right like if we fill this one up with cars will it come up to this one in this one that makes sense now we can also just go right in there and get cars and then I have this whole other town where I've set it up where they have a few parking lots the different sized parking lots right these people have no way of getting there unless they get cars and then if we look at at least this slot anyway so they can make it over there can they make it over there from like the little lot they might not be able to about this one yes so see I'm curious to see if these people start just going over there right it eventually will get them some cars now another thing is I'm curious to see if we can use the road depot to get cars to here I'm out you know this is the regular car overflow lot or do we just drive the cars and put them in the car dealership right and again it's I like to use these because if you have multiple trucks you don't fill up your waiting spaces so we'll see we'll see so let's start playing time and see what happens well at least get the thing running right now we don't have any people now another thing I want to point out was that it's a little bit deceiving when you go to buy the train sets right so I was wrong earlier believe it or not I know it's hard to believe for the people that follow my series that I might have been wrong but when you buy the train set let's go over to the depot and come over here to purchase right and we'll come to trainset look how it says like it points at this right this is ones we bought it says 105 however when I actually bought the train said and there was two of them there right like so I bought two of them and then stuck them back to back in here like this there we go see like it doesn't look like you can do that but then you can go and like stick them together and they act like one train if you didn't know that but it's actually you know this guy will hold just as many so this is definitely cheaper so I'm sorry about that if I misled anyone this each one of these cars holds 105 which i think is a little deceiving the way they did it but in any event we have a train set there are we getting a few people in here no why are we not getting any workers definitely get in and out load and unload we don't need students right we have people on the platform number of workers waiting let's specify that they should go 200 okay sup sup sup yeah there's always something when you put this together why don't we attach this with an actual fancy Road some of that by the way I crashed a lot of times a lot of times trying to do this especially when I was putting down these tracks so and I know I'd already built this at one point so is it because because they have no place to go specify where citizens think is best well this would be we do that right so we can't even get the basics right well we've got a lot of people over there waiting don't take any students there we go so that was it you need to actually be good it's good that they're smart enough to know that they couldn't get out the other end right now how are we doing on supplies here now we have a supply issue where you go it you have eight tons of that okay well we should have the stuff you know at least marginally attached here right though I don't see it in there which is kind of a thing with this game in these these warehouses so there we go look oh man look at all those people that's a lot of people alright we've got a lot of engineers current production yet we are making a car so let's make sure yeah I don't think we're gonna keep up with our we're operating with that issue but I don't think we're gonna keep up necessarily with our with these few trucks but that's okay that's all part of the test right and we can always double the trucks up while we're sitting here running around looking at it all right so we're with our trucks our cars will come out here right I would assume least I hope they go out to there now if they don't they're gonna come into here now does it say you have finished vehicles there we go we've made a car and it didn't automatically go into here yeah I don't really oh there it is okay there's our car all right well now let's see I want to just see if we come over to our Road Depot and I'm assuming we would need an open halt right so let's go ahead and get an open halt and I want to say go to here and pick up vehicles we don't have a road cargo station attack directly to this but that's okay so then let's to go ahead and test this right so I don't want you to load anything I just want you to load cars then we will keep an eye on this guy yeah there he goes so this I expect this test to take a little while I don't know you know we're already 10 minutes into the video I don't know how long exactly it will take and we have four spots here so I don't know that we need this but I'm curious for like we'll let this guy overflow now how much does each one of these weigh I want you to wait yep good suck them right out of there so the good news is I'm sure we can get him out of here too but yeah so how many I guess he could just keep loading them up right it doesn't look like he could carry any more let's just see what happens with that as we produce more cars right we're still operating with that issue so you know we're doing pretty well with just these few few trucks doing their thing now they might have had a little bit of a head start so I don't want to get too excited at this moment about why don't we just for the sake switch him to go into here just so they don't call the traffic jam in the long run okay here he goes where is he going oh that's right he's got to go this way you know what we could probably use let's I love having all the money in the world it's it's pretty nice yeah let's let's auto-transfuse so you know that's not part of the problem good so we're producing cars now let's see can we actually dropped them off over here very curious to see if this works that way he's headin in there but they do head there for yes good road cargo station works now look their groups a couple people are they buying cars now I'm curious to see if they'll buy cars and then go to work yep there they go I think okay there he goes she's gonna go to park at his parking lot yeah you know I don't know where they live so we're gonna take a little time here okay now this is our truck now I just want to see let's switch where this guy goes that's a I want you to drop off here and just make sure though I'm reasonably certain this this is gonna work all right so go get some more cars and then bring them back and drop them off in here so how many cars we made in the mean time three right yep yeah so this going pretty well kind of as expected at this point you know as far as you mean I don't see where any particular thing would have to go in any particular place right so now another thing that I want to try to do here next will be I know we can attach this directly to there right well but we can't like you can't get this doesn't have any railroad connection this space for vehicles which would be nice if they did and there's no rail connection to here so after we kind of prove that this will fill the dealer up with cars I want to then come over here and send him to go to here to see to see if he'll the train will then start loading up cars right so it's a little bit backwards there unload load but you know he is wait yeah so well then we'll see if he waits for that now we're getting a little behind on cars which is good what are you doing tell me there's no power it seems like the story of my life all right let's uh I got I got all kinds of look it's right over there you know all right let's uh come here that's gonna be a little bit awkwardly close to that other thing let's just come out here they're good it's not not at a bad angle right yep you have power so you should have power so you're gonna fill back up very good and then yours on his way did you actually get fuel yes good yeah we're making cars in a pretty good clip actually like as far as I mean we're 300 people right you're not gonna I mean you could do better but you you're hard pressed to a whole lot better than this little setup would right I mean we're definitely true you know coming close I would hope to maxing out the number of people you could you could produce or get cars to go so why don't we get another open halt since we do have some extra get another open halt close that but that's okay we click here so I want you to you know what can you come from here and then just to see if that loading through there would work right so in other words he's gonna try to pick up from this furthest one and I want to make sure that he actually can you know wait wait for your vehicles now how are we doing as far as like look yeah look they're driving over there up there they are yet they're going over to work in the UH in the factory yep there he goes it's not the most efficient way of moving people around but you know it is a way of moving people around and it's certainly good for things like if you have a concrete plant or something that's just really little right so how are we doing yeah this is what I was afraid of yeah so it won't load through those I'm okay with that I kind of didn't think it would right because in other situations I've had the same problem all right so let's let's add a new you see quite as well come to here you know what now you know I could go to here week that cars right now where you're going back okay that's right he keeps faking me out cuz I'm thinking he's going this way but the road yeah okay these people came back from we just have more people who bought cars I see so did we miss a trip and this is actually working just like I expected it probably would let's let's switch over to some red cars now here's a question do we lose all that progress yes so you might want to finish a car now I don't know if you lose the materials or not but you might want to finish a car out before you before you click that button yeah so we should see these guys come right on into there yep yeah so it just takes it a second but they do get sucked into there now the our people are off driving their cars and there's our shiny new red car nice now the other thing that's pretty interesting about this then I didn't really everybody keeps talking about oh you can get cars cars cars cars I think it's pretty cool that we can get other stuff cuz you know my map some of this other you know in the regular series this stuff is expensive as all get out to buy a new dumper right let's see can we get the license for a KMZ dumper and then what happens with that do we just I guess we could just select it and send it over to a Depot or there you go we're loading up more cars now does the train have some cars on it yet yes there they are it's hard to see we should have done the red cars but if you guys can see but we have black cars on the train and so the trains first thing is going to be let's see which what are you building is without power supply saying story of my life yes we're gonna try to see if we can't unload at a train station right into a car dealership but we need to get some power I think so let's yeah that should cover everybody on this side who's not already covered and where is well it's just it's all free ish those are no that's not you come you know like that come over to here good so we got ahead of that one a little bit all right so now yeah we definitely have plenty of buyers and sellers but we don't have any so I'm also trying to get an idea with all of this like you know the speed with which things happen as far as the loading so how full are we doesn't really tell you a percentage does it so I guess it uh it looks like each one can hold four which is pretty each one of that that one holds three yeah and then in a second here I want to just send them what I make do is just run it for a little while and look at that very nice we can give you a footpath hopefully we don't crash the game right let's give you guys some back door foot pads right so they can get around to their parking spots a little bit easier probably could close one of the eight windows there you got a little faster way to the catch there that's right we got flip pass throughout although they don't really like when they built when you build the fancy roads they don't really need too many extra footpaths that time we got four cards on there okay yep this guy's going over here to pick up the cars still have good workers so you know eight houses here yeah like CA we're getting all the way up almost a four hundred I don't see how we're gonna do too much better than that how are we doing running out of materials yet these guys aren't waiting so you definitely we're producing I like all right so let's take we're quite confident that this is working either every which way right let me that guy's already dope let's come over here and I just want to take all of them to this stop right and that is this yes yeah so now we'll just take all the all the cars over and then that way we'll fill this train up and we can see if that goes now of course if you guys have any other questions let me know but I mean I think we're simulating pretty well how the cars will work and like I said what I may do is just let it play for a while and just you know show you guys when it fills all up with cars and what the people are doing with them and just in case you haven't experimented like myself yeah well we already know this works right yeah because we've already done this and there's no way to I think I meant to I don't know I guess if this didn't work I could do this just to get some cars over here like there's no other way to get cars to these people but they already had the Train so this was sort of a whole secondary thing until I thought about yeah let's just see you know kind of two separate ways of getting you know vehicles to the two different place like here we're supplying them by truck and then here will supply them by train so the only real negative thing is that there's no way to directly get cars from the factory right onto the train you have to truck them over to here see how many do we have I might be able to hold more we're gonna find out right I think this does it tell me now it shows me how many there's we got 15 so far it comes another truck load yeah so this is definitely the way to move them I'm still not full parent cargo value only 30 what did these cars worth doesn't really say what they're worth click on here does it this is not the purchasing price and we could sort of questioning that that price right let's go to cars like in other words doesn't it seem like it should be more than 30 mm well these guys are only worth 1,400 that's what it is and I'm gonna beat this one yeah mm okay that's about right especially considering a lot of them are now the red ones nice people going to work already now I guess we should have the sky yeah you know what wait to unload just in case I'm I will just set them on cars nothing matters wait to load wait to unload moving yet now you hold quite a few cars now there's five on each so for this one these guys are both getting back at the same time you snot set the way head back there a sense of you being empty well you get another car on is that why you're waiting so it looks like now okay he just decided to wait a little extra while I guess so if he did the visuals at all accurate we should load one more car so I guess we should have this guy wait – for what the Train is gone now they just keep getting smaller like keep shoving them on and keep getting smaller which is okay with me I mean I'd rather them rather and get more but see what I mean like this this looks like it's full with five cars but then if we come up here we got six cars on this one yeah it does this thing again to look like I bet you the next one goes to dislike it prefers one over the other for some reason I don't know it didn't that time well maybe it did maybe it didn't yeah these guys sit there for a little while I'm not sure why see I don't think he should like he's not gonna get another car but he's just sitting there and now this guy's getting cars here let's do we can do fast forward I think double you know yeah yeah why is he still sitting there it's almost like there there he goes no idea why he waited that long there he goes big to do because our train let's come back up to this train station so this is quite a few cars and how many can the car dealership hold so if you're gonna do this oh you can okay nice so there's plenty of cars in storage so you don't have to worry you know one of the things you could do is put like an extra car storage there but I'm not sure if that's necessary you probably better I'm just building it's like some kind of Depot someplace else where you you know where you load up cars from like one of these like you know see there they're putting them in there and it's kind of a buffer right here so I would say I would just make a bigger buffer storage someplace else and then have a train going around yes we have a lot of cars coming in here now look at I'm moving out so I'm like hotcakes there you go so that answers that question yeah we can drop right off from there yeah that's really I think almost all the questions I had I think like I said now at this point if you guys have any more questions or things you think I didn't test I mean I know there's like you know a bunch of possibilities for what we could do here but you know I don't I don't I didn't attach anywhere in particular I just touched or whatever everything seems to be work and this is a waste saying with this don't do that but other than that you know I think everything else is working working just fine so let me uh we just let it play forward a bit you know and we'll just see what it looks like you know in in some fairly short period of time see if I have any other issues when I'm off camera for a minute here there you go that's how you want to set up your set up your car manufacturing it kind of any you know if you're familiar with the game I wouldn't sweat it right everything should kind of work like everything else kind of works there's no gotchas for me anyway right like you know being having built enough different little factory setups I'm quite satisfied with the way this is alright let me pause the video and I'll come back to say goodbye when we're all jammed up with cars how's that saying see you guys in a minute hey guys at that time play forward and then it started to get a little bit jammed up with cars mostly over here and the reason is is because I didn't have these things selected so if you just by default is just university-educated right so there's only so many and then you get this message no no no this is no free parking places but you know you can prefer university education prefer younger only under 30 under Lander 40 any so you can you know mess with how many people have cars which is good idea though the other thing is no free parking places not sure a hundred percent what the issue is with going a little bit higher I imagine it's that if this is 75 percent full I'm wondering if it's not counting like these cars right so in other words you may end up with too many cars in the lot if they half of them are going to work or however many are going to work I would think you should be able to get away with like 2/3 right like for the different shifts now this guy I'm gonna send the police over here we actually don't have police but if we did cuz I think he got drunk and just that might be a girl left her car in the middle of the lot they are for some pretty soon so yeah I mean I'm not gonna even try to say that name but in any event yeah I think she's in trouble we need to go check her out for DUI but other than that going pretty well I did put another truck on the route over to here but yeah I mean it it's it's working pretty well now the only other thing to other things to say one is let's let's switch over to make dumpers and I definitely think I have a lot of overkill on the supply and I'm thinking of even redoing my design because of this like maybe when you get into doing other vehicles but you know we just have a lot of we're way which is four trucks were easily you know supplying everything we need to these this factory the steel is building up I mean it's still going back and forth but it's such a big steel yard right just gonna take him a while two feet up so we really don't need like trains going in-between and my other series like you know you really don't need a ton of supply for one of these but if you had you know trains coming into here offloading your steel and other other parts that's probably a good idea keep it local right but that's just that's up to you you could probably even get away with supplying them from afar with trucks you just you know be a little less fuel efficient so they're not sucking down some massive amount of steel even with a good you know look we're up 375 at 85 we have plenty of people working now I just want to like let that want the dumper go and then we'll just see what happens with them and the only other thing that I wanted to point out was none of these vehicles actually seem to require the electronics so you know for me in my regular map it's not a big deal but just know that at this point you don't actually need the electronics the electrical components you need but but I went through literally and just kind of look not one of them needs electronics that I could see now if I'm wrong please leave a comment but there you go so let's take a step backwards so yeah let's just say I guess we could actually load I'm wondering if it'll load yeah looking he loaded on to this truck okay yeah so that's that's a little bit of an issue so if you're gonna make these you might want to cut your trucks off first right so we could say yeah let's just see go to Depot right yeah so you might want to keep that in mind right there that's one of the reasons kind of little things that you kind of figure out as the game goes on but yeah so now well we unload the car there as well now can we just send the car that's another question I have yeah I'm kind of glad we're doing this here let's fast forward then when it gets there it was a good click yeah so he unloaded the car now can we change depot and tell him okay so we can send them to a parking lot but we can't send them to one of those that was that wasn't the truck that was the the loan car so there we go yeah now we have a dumper that we made ourselves so yeah I'm pretty excited I think you know I may make a few passenger cars but you're gonna see me producing a bunch of different Road vehicles on my regular map I'm pretty excited about that there you go well let me know if you have any comments I'd be happy to come back to this and and test it for you guys even if I don't make another video so all right well thank you for watching let me know if you have any questions or comments please subscribe or leave a like if you enjoyed the video thanks guys take care

Can We Meet the Deadline?! Caravan Renovation Part 3

now I must admit I'm actually they're not actually that bad I mean yeah the pattern isn't the color scheme that we've gone for but that doesn't look awful but guys I will be improving these cushions in a very simple way what a lovely view I need to take the tape off the bottom actually but yeah so I'm gonna be doing something to these cushions now to make them look a little bit nicer so so yesterday we got some slabs and some little bricks for the caravan we've moved her into her permanent home but we're going to move it over ever so slightly basically to where Theo standing and then we'll put her on the bricks so all of her feet are nice and sturdy Theo is just sawing it out now yeah it's not necessarily really soft around this area but obviously it's grass and if it rains hard it can sink so when it's on the slabs it'll be nice and firm nice and level ready for the guests and then we're gonna put the awning up all right yeah this motor is so much fun the caravan can just move itself I've left my mug on the front of the little test to see how smooth is look how well it is off-road though guys this is a proper 4×4 Caravan so Theo is just leveling out the ground before we put the slab down and then we can reverse the caravan onto the slab Omega technical as you can see we geeking out we've just reversed it onto the blocks and look at that there bang level so now we just need to do the forwards and backwards but sorry – sorry she is level so that's inside and this is this slab there isn't a cracking job so we've just put the awning up for shelter from the Sun and shelter from the rain so this is really nice space outside the caravan now we are going to make a deck outside at some point but for now we're just gonna have it as a little outside extra space for guests for this for whoever and I think we're gonna bring we're gonna bring ouch I can't talk we're gonna bring this sofa up so let's try and get that on the car and there we have it a grubby sofa that still needs some TLC still needs sticking down is here in the awning with the caravan praying a nice comfortable space and it needs cleaning I mean look at that it's dirty ok so we're really making progress with the caravan it doesn't look it but it is so we've got it moved into the place we're gonna keep it forever we've got the awning up we've got the sofa outside and I've put the handles on they look so nice let me show you so I've got a nice array of handles that lie still hanging down I need to put that back up so I've got all of the handles on above I've got these beautiful leftover knobs that we used in the van I got these from Amazon I think and I didn't realize when I ordered them at the time it was a pack of like 15 wasn't think maybe less but they're beautiful they're brass and they came from India so they took two weeks for us to arrive so it's really nice to have some left over that we could use on there they go lovely with the blue I love that and then look at the ones in the kitchen they're just glorious so lovely the colours works so nice but all right now run out of door knobs I didn't realise but I didn't actually take them all out of the caravan so I've just quickly grabbed the ones that I found the last four sprayed them gold only did the edges spray gold because the rest gets covered in the swine so they're just drying so I can't put them on yet so next I'm gonna put the furnishings back in now I must admit I'm actually they're not actually that bad I mean yeah the pan isn't the colour scheme that we've gone for but that doesn't look awful but guys I will be improving these cushions in a very simple way what a lovely view I need to take the tape off the bottom actually but yeah so I'm gonna be doing something to these cushions now to make them look a little bit nicer so there we have it that was easy nice fast and simple so check it out these are the cushions reupholstered and that's the original now let me just get back I definitely think that they look stunning so I'm going to show you guys how I did this it was super simple literally no sew at all just needed some scissors these are some IKEA urns that we picked up really like the color and the texture in the material nice and thick so yeah I literally use glue and scissors that was in let me show you how I did it or show you on a small piece because that'd be easier so these are the supplies we've got the curtains which are lender for anyone who is interested and I've got some impact multi-purpose glue that's amazing and some scissors so excuse the noise of the miter saw in the background Thea shop in wood I need to get out and put that on top of it step one lay your fabric out on the ground I've got it bottom side up so inside out step two lay your cushion face side down on the material and now what I will need to do is basically make sure there's enough around each side if it's a wrap round basically so that needs to come up a little bit this is more than enough I might bring it back a bit and then this side I will need to trim it and this side I will need to trim it so I'm just gonna cut that out I've just spun it that way it's easier and got a little bit of lavender poking in from under the awning there so now basically the next step is to wrap here like a present so each side we want to put up this is hard with one hand you want to put it up like that there we go and you just want to make sure that it's nice and taut no bagginess like that so what I'll do is I'll make sure that the first one is easy because you can always pull from the other end so this one happy with that nice and straight what I do is flip along here run a bead of glue all the way along and then just stick it back down and that's it so it's all wrapped and glued down I did it really neatly on this side I folded it over mail it lovely I forgot on that side now to slapped it down but there we go it's done Theo do you want to pick it up and show them how wonderful it looks tada look at that face he's my helpful assistant now I am gonna sew these down at some point I just don't know where my sewing kids I'm having to use glue which is working this is the first time for us in the kitchen yeah I love the blue and the white handle so that is it that is the caravan renovation completely done totally finished I'm not gonna show you anymore because I don't want to give away everything that I've done in it so the next video he's gonna actually be the tour of the caravan my mom is currently staying in it right now she spent the first night in there last night it's so comfortable in there really does feel like a home especially with our bits and bobs in there it's really nice if you can't wait until the tour we have been sharing up today images of the caravan renovation on Facebook and Instagram the links are in the description for both of them we are the indie projects on both those platforms so check them out if you can't wait but yeah the caravan tour will be next week and I cannot wait to share with you I'm so happy with how it turned out all of your comments and suggestions have been taken on board and I really do appreciate all of you with your comments so thank you very much for that thanks for watching the renovation series as well and a lot fun to film it's been a fun challenge I can't believe I done for my mom came so yeah thanks for watching and I will see you next week head over to the indie politics comm /op and check out our new merchandise join us on patreon for exclusive content and don't forget to subscribe and hit that vacation button so you never miss a video thanks for watching and we'll see you on the next video